What Will Your Rights Under Lockdown Be?

James Walton
By James Walton April 14, 2020 09:00

What Will Your Rights Under Lockdown Be?

We will never forget COVID-19. The year 2020 still has a powerful hurricane season, an economic vacuum and a presidential election to get through. We are far from out of the woods.

In all transparency, April 5th was the first day we saw a decline in daily cases, since the beginning of this thing. Many of you have been concerned that the lockdown would come to cities, based on a rash of infections and the inability of American citizens to comply to slow down infection.

Unfortunately we are not yet through with the wrath of the virus. There will be new cases in the tens of thousands each day for weeks. Most troubling is the fact that we will then be forced to face the economic effects of this virus.

Civil unrest in cities is a much more likely scenario for a serious lockdown. Sick people, unemployment approaching 6 million, political discourse, fear and struggle could break our cities down.

Problems with Lockdown

While the idea of Martial Law has incited fear, inspiration and filled the pages of many prepper novels, the reality is it’s a numbers game. It’s a numbers game that the 300+ million citizens of the United States have the edge in.

This massive population and the way it is spread out would make it impossible to lockdown the entire nation. That said, major population centers could certainly see tanks rolling down the streets and a militaristic presence.

What Will Your Rights Under Lockdown Be?The National Guard has been deployed en mass in New York City and while they are playing a crucial roll in recovery, what could happen if the city devolves into chaos?

Who would be there to take that control back? What would be the upper limits of their power?

The ensuing chaos of a few will undoubtedly affect the many. If you are in a big city, you can expect many of your rights to go missing during a serious lockdown.

America has never seen a real lockdown that was enforced. For the most part, we have had glimpses of such events after the Boston Marathon Bombing and Hurricane Katrina, Katrina being the closest thing to a mandatory enforced lockdown.

A Hypothetical Federal Lockdown in a Major City

We have basically been suggested out of our rights in the face of this pandemic. Many of us understand that in the short term this is for the greater good. However, the American people are quickly becoming agitated with this idea of state-imposed restrictions.

Much of this has to do with our income and our routines being affected for nearly a month now. Without income and the small pittance that the government is sending out in checks, many are falling deeper into economic despair. Many have lost jobs and we were an erratic society going into this thing.

There is a reason blocks of stores are being boarded up in New York City. Those shop owners know what comes next. They understand that this could get violent in a hurry. So, what would a lockdown do to your rights?

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#1. Curfew

Curfew is one of the restrictions on your rights that has already been put in place by some states. If you aren’t out for essential things, you could be fined in places like Boston. This is just the beginning. In a true lockdown situation breaking curfew could have serious consequences.

The youth are tasked with sticking to a curfew, because they have a track record of breaking laws or becoming victims in these hours of the night. Of course, you have a history of rebellion all your own and our governments know that.

#2. Real Quarantine

Self-quarantine is an interesting concept. As of this moment, you get to stay in your home and enjoy your creature comforts while getting better. If things get out of hand and transmissions continue to increase, we will see real quarantine where people are taken away from their homes.

This terrifying situation can be brutal on a family and on the psyche of Americans in general. In a true lockdown, quarantine will not be about staying home and getting your family sick.

#3. Eyes on You

What Will Your Rights Under Lockdown Be?Perhaps the very worst of the lockdown would come in the form of a next level surveillance.

Currently, places like Kentucky are going as far as placing ankle bracelets on people who break their COVID-19 quarantine. This is happening to sick people only.

Others are tracking people using their cellphones. This heightened state of surveillance would only get worse. It would be used to enforce your curfew and your daily activity could also be called into question.

#4. Search and Seizure

We have caught wind of illegal search and seizure from the government already. Don’t forget this remark from just a couple of weeks ago:

“We’re talking about people hoarding these goods and materials on an industrial scale for the purpose of manipulating the market and ultimately deriving windfall profits… If you have a big supply of toilet paper in your house, this is not something you have to worry about. But if you are sitting on a warehouse with surgical masks, you will be hearing a knock on your door.”

At this moment it’s PPE that the government has deemed essential. If the food supply is affected by the illness and people cannot get food, would they consider all that extra food you have essential?

Your rights to your property are but an agreement. If men with guns come to your door to take those 5-gallon buckets of stored grains, well there won’t be much you can do. It’s not to say it will happen, but if it does you don’t have a lot of options.

#5. As Far as Firearms Go

What Will Your Rights Under Lockdown Be?The confiscation of firearms is something that most localities would not undertake, even in a serious lockdown. I could see smaller problem areas put through something like a gun confiscation.

Honestly, it would probably be easier to ship the people away from their guns, than it would be to go into homes and take them.

Still, second amendment rights, like buying new guns or having access to ammo, have already been taken away in many states by considering these things nonessential. Even more sinister is the quiet legislation being written and passed, while we are all dealing with this virus. Here in VA there is a proposed 35% tax on all gun sales and 50% tax on ammo!

So, what will your rights in a lockdown be? In one word: Limited.

COVID-19 and social distancing are the perfect opportunity to gobble up massive amounts of power. With all that power in the hands of the state and federal governments, your rights will be at risk. If they can disguise these restrictions as something we all must do for the ‘greater good’, many will comply.

Americans are suffering right now, not from the virus. They are watching their lives come apart without an income and the mental struggle of isolation. It’s easy to forget that your rights are being trampled. We just assume the government will lift restrictions, but what if they don’t? Will they let us go back to our routines?

What about re-infection? What about civil unrest? What if they tighten restrictions?

We must all watch our representatives over the next few months. There has never been a moment, in recent history, where the rights of free man all over the world have been in such jeopardy.

Remember the words of Lord Acton: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

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James Walton
By James Walton April 14, 2020 09:00
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  1. A R 15 April 14, 10:30

    we will have to go to work and shut up

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    • Ted April 14, 15:13

      Speak for yourself!

      I have not yet begun to speak!

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      • Lplp April 14, 21:32

        Do ever forget the story of the man who didn’t speak up when they came for his neighbor on the right. Then later he didn’t speak up for his neighbor on his left when they came for him. So when they came for him there was no one left to speak up. We have freedom of speech in this country still. We must always use it. Don’t ever think the best course of action is to shut up.

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      • red April 14, 22:14

        Ted: This is about a hypothetical lockdown. Look at American Indians. We do not rock the boat till we’re in power. Listen to Silent Running. It’s wisdom. they say the biggest mouth gets the worm. fine if you like worms, or a bullet. Try to push, they shove. Make threats, they shoot first. Slow and certain, fast and failure. An inch and no one notices. A few more and the abusers get nervous. Still till they calm. then an inch, then two. Eventually, freedom happens. We warned you, SS medicine was deadly. Now, at last, the world is listening. We warned decades ago the dems were moving deep into nazism. No one listened. Now people are comparing the dnc to nazis, and do not like what they see. An inch, then still. Keep low profile and you can move mountains. Jesus said, we as size as serpents. A snake never opens its mouth until it’s time to strike the rats. niio

        Reply to this comment
        • IvyMike April 14, 23:23

          Dang, Red, the final war against the Indians was prosecuted in a merciless genocidal fashion by founding members of the Republican Party. The Dawes Act was written by Congressional Republicans and signed by a Democrat President. Neither side is on the peoples’ side, politicians are in service to the rich as Catamites, always and forever, nothing more. And when has a Nazi Democrat ever stood up in a podium and said ‘I have absolute power”?

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          • red April 16, 13:27

            Hmmmm, nope. These are all dnc activities–why we do not as a people vote for liberals:
            Many reservations still listed as POW camps.
            Look up Joint-Use lands, Navajo/Hopi
            Sterilization programs
            Loss of millions from the Indian Trust (this is monies paid into a federal trust by the reservations, not a welfare program).
            Cuomo invasion of the Mohawk rez.
            Forcing Indian casinos to pay 80-85% revenues meant to go to medical care and local schools.
            Reservation termination.
            Acts of murder and rape leading up to the Wounded Knee standoff.
            Peltier still in prison when he did not shoot the FBI agent.
            Tarahumara famine by Monsanto/soros’s company.
            Forced schooling from Carlyle Indian School to modern Alaska.
            Refusal to allow Eskimo to sell their oil in Alaska.
            Reservation in PA taken for an elk preserve.
            Lands leased out by dems to dem supporters for pennies on the dollar.
            Ft. Sill, taken to support WWII and never returned.
            Onondaga rez taken and leased out.
            Nixon destroyed because he declared most leases of Indian lands illegal.
            Mineral rights taken and handed to dnc supporters.
            Water rights taken for same reason.
            Reservation lands taken to lease out to dnc supporters.
            Logging rights leased out.
            Attempts to shut down coal mine on the Navajo Black Mesa.
            Gov. Babbitt’s invasion of Maricopa Apache rez.
            Gov. Babbitt’s replacing potable water in Tohono wells with sewer water.
            Loss of fishing rights.
            Hatred of the Bush family.
            Half-million slaves in the US, most of them injuns, baby.
            I’d list more the dems are doing or did, but my fingers are getting sore from typing.
            Then we get to Southerners, most of who are Metis: KKK, Nazi Party, Waco slaughter of 27 people, treatment of southerners like unwanted mongrels. Driving while injun in liberal states (wanna see my scars? 🙂
            You live in a state founded by half-breeds and American Indians run out by the dems. How to neolibs see Texans? Are you taking notes? Russel Means, Vietnam vet, said, Welcome to POW Camp USA and the dem nazis. The war is on ALL native Americans now. Welcome home to POW Camp USA.

            Reply to this comment
          • red April 21, 04:25

            Mike: What evil are you up to lately? I just ate part of a pig something murdered 🙂 niio

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        • Butch April 20, 18:09

          put a frog in warm water and slowly bring the water to a boil, it just relaxes until it is done and dead, Great comment, thanks.

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    • Robert Wilson April 15, 01:29

      I am mad as hell, and I ain’t gonna take it anymore !!

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  2. Tac Observer April 14, 12:10

    FYI, From a Legal/Constitutional Point, NOTHING, Nor NOBODY has the Legal capability to remove any Right that the Constitution Enumerates.

    Rights are not given by the Constitution or the Government. They are Natural, You are born with them until you die. Rights in the Constitution are Enumerated, A numbered listing for the Government’s information so they do not violate them. This is not allowed. EVER.

    The Constitution is a document with Articles that regulate and limit the Government. The Amendments , firstly with the Bill of Rights Amend the Constitution limiting the Governments power to do anything with peoples rights.

    The Constitution does not have an “off” Switch. The Government has no authority to disobey the Constitution, EVER.

    All Martial Law has the legal authority to do is suspend the writ of Habeas Corpus. If Courts of law cannot function, a Military Commander can control a local situation until Courts can function again. PERIOD.

    If anything else happens, the Government is usurping power and let the lawsuits begin.

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    • TruthB Told April 14, 15:48

      All very true ,but the rights you re referring to were earned by patriots dying for them since 1776. Yes , they are bestowed by God, but can only be preserved by those who are able and willing to do so. That requires G & G*
      Rights, Law, and Freedom mean nothing if those who have them are not willing to do what is necessary to defend them.

      * Guts & Guns

      Reply to this comment
      • TheSouthernNationalist April 14, 21:31

        @TruthB Told
        I’d have to disagree with you on the rights being “earned part”.
        Those rights are given to all men endowed by their Creator since the beginning of time.
        Being involved in a war has nothing to do with it.

        While we do thank those that fought back in 1776 and 1860 for fighting tyranny, we the people would still have those rights whether there was a war or not.

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        • Shula April 16, 14:13

          While it is nice to consider that our rights are natura etc the truth is that for most of history human beings had no rights at all but lived only at the whim of their earthly Masters. We have had it good for a few hundred years in this country but if you look at other countries people’s rights evaporate very fast and God is not very interested

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          • red April 17, 05:39

            Shula: Nope. God is always interested. America is supposed to be the star shining on the world. when america goes bad, so does the world. Mine had the right to vote, then that was taken. We got it back, then lost it again. We kept fighting and in 1922, got it back. Then the dems declared us all wards of the state and changed the race laws. But, we’re back 🙂

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    • Kohavah April 14, 19:01

      Tac Observer, I appreciate your well written post. However, natural rights are not recognized in any court I have experienced.

      If truth be told, most ourt cases would be illegal if courts recognised natual rights. It seems that the merchant courts of today would be abolished if natural rights were recognized.

      Most people do not have the money or support to lawyer up in lawsuits to protect their natural rights.

      Again, your post was a pleasure to read. Unfortunately the guns for hire and the mafioso system do not agree with your interpretation of law.

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    • Freezer April 14, 19:41

      “Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

      Benjamin Franklin

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    • Ruralguy April 14, 20:42

      OK. My apologies for those patriots I may herewith offend, for, though I am not American and do not live on American soil, I am surely a man of heart. My parents were Americans, for what it’s worth.

      Reading this above, I have to break my silence. I may not be American, but I have researched a thing or two, and you all should, too. Check out your Emergency Banking Relief Act and your Trading With The Enemy Act, from 1933. In them, all “US Citizens” – that means, in general, members of the “public”, are now legally held as foreign enemy belligerents, and have been for the last 87 years. No, I’m not joking, or incorrect. In other words…. no, you do NOT have any Constitutional rights whatsoever in force protecting you, because as a public citizen, you have been excluded from them, 87 years ago, by statute, and you are now and have been since then, held in a state of emergency war powers, the conquered territory of a MILITARY de facto government. It is clearly stated right there in those two acts, if one reads carefully and knows what one is seeing. I know this, because similar legislation was enacted in my locality, too, about the same time, and for the same purpose… but by educating myself, I have learned the path to rise past it, as any worthy individual might do.

      Do you not notice that you have two different “American” flags… the original, 48-star banner flag, and the modern, MILITARY 50-star flag, hanging on a pole? There is a reason for this change, folks, and a reason why both designs still co-exist, and why they are used in which settings. Watch closely, and you will perhaps see.

      Do you ever wonder why someone who is a free member of the public, guaranteed to be “innocent until proven guilty”, can be stopped at roadside by some unknown actor, over essentially nothing, with no harm done to anyone, and then forcibly ripped from his private property, be restrained, forcibly searched, detained, humiliated, threatened, his property confiscated and impounded, himself imprisoned, charged financially, charged criminally and then given process in a tribunal without any protections, and have it seem as if the court cannot hear a word he says, and doesn’t seem to consider any real facts, but simply selectively excludes or misinterprets aspects of the testimony and manipulates the remainder to create the story they decide to force onto him?

      Doesn’t that sound more like a MILITARY attack, conquering and tribunal, rather than a constitutional, just, fair court? How could that happen in free, happy, good ol’ Constitutionally-protected America?

      Do any of you wonder why you are always told this fable of freedom, and how it is that your kids are all inculcated with all the “freedoms” they have “guaranteed” by their Constitution, maintained by blood shed by the “bad guys” who were finally stopped by those who “fought for our freedoms”…. but yet, you clearly experience something so opposite, every day of your lives? You are “free” to get a job, work, sleep, eat, walk in a park if they allow it to be used at their option, drink water and breathe air… but… pay taxes on everything, including your private labour, license this, pay that, we’re adding a “fee” for this and “rating” the other, we’re fining you for a headlight out, we’re stopping you for a roadside check, we’re detaining you, because of suspicion, no, you are not allowed to enter the road to your own home because we say so… and, we’re arresting you for failure to pay all your parking tickets. Free? Innocent until proven guilty? Why does no one question this?

      Do you know that the definition of a constitution, is a promise to pay the debts of another? And you wonder why you’re all enslaved in debt, as if you had accepted that. News flash… you did accept it, as a condition of your citizenship.

      Mind, do you know that the legal definition of a “human”, is, “a man, with some attributes of a lower life form”? Black’s Law, 4th ed. We aren’t human…. we are “man” and “woman”. Period. Why would we ever claim otherwise? But I digress…

      It disheartens me every time I read an American going on about all the rights he has guaranteed under his Constitution. Why it takes a non-American to tell so many of you this, I don’t know. Please, research these Acts and facts for yourselves, and don’t expect straight answers on this from the BAR. This is the root of one of the biggest deceptions you all live and struggle under, and it is not exactly publicised… yes, pun intended.

      The solution, is to choose to no longer be a member of the “public”, and that is a perfectly viable option, but one that requires considerable learning, which I will leave up to each of you. One must know, who one is.

      That said, this concocted “plandemic” might be a good time to start learning some real truths about your lives and society and status, before they have you all right where they want you, by your own consent.

      Ignorance of the law is no excuse. Don’t forget that.

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      • Tac Observer April 15, 02:55

        No Act Of Congress Supersedes the Constitution Ever.

        Article Six Will clear that up for you.

        You are not American, so… There’s That.

        The Constitution is undebatable other than by Articles Five and Seven, and only Americans can play. And it takes a supermajority of Americans to agree, or it is what it is, in spite of Congress Judges or anyone else.

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        • Ruralguy April 15, 03:26

          No act superseded it, Tac Observer… it simply removed you from its protections… the Constitution didn’t change… they changed your citizenship standing under it, from private citizen to public enemy, by statute.

          There are still folks with full constitutional protections… but no member of the public has those anymore. Check your legal definitions of words like, “public”, and don’t presume you actually know what any of it means. It’s not the English language… it just looks like it. Research the actual Acts I mentioned for yourself… I’m not American, but I’m not wrong, either. Similar legislation was passed in numerous countries at the same time, for the same effect.

          Don’t believe me? Go and file for a requisition, requiring the court to assert that they will uphold your constitutional rights in an at-law proceeding. I dare you. Won’t cost you much to find out from the horse’s mouth. You will be very upset with the answer, if you still maintain yourself to be a “US Citizen” and use their identification as your own. Oh, and, don’t forget, that the constitution makes you liable for another’s debt, as per the definition. No disrespect intended, but, look it up, Tac Observer.

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      • Govtgirl April 16, 09:05

        Dear Ruralguy,
        Sorry to hear you are so disheartened.
        Since, according to you, America is not a free country-
        Shut your pie hole.

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    • red April 14, 22:19

      I agree, but in 1802 or so, the S. court took on itself to be the sole arbiter of Constitutional law. How do you guarantee each judge will follow the Constitution? Before Justice Black, the feds used to have a Bible program for disadvantaged children. Today, even in the military you need to ask. Under the Const, states rights take supremacy over federal law unless they’re breaking the Const. How easy is it for judges to claim foreign laws belong in the Const? they do it all the time.they treat the Constitution like toilet paper. When you hear them talk living document, that’s it. gone. niio

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      • Tac Observer April 15, 03:01

        Courts can not alter Constitutional Law. zthat’s Unconstitutional.

        Courts often get Constitutional findings wrong. The Judges are not always constitutional following, nor do they know it. Other times they willfully disobey the constitution by impressing their own will upon it, but again go re-read Article 6.

        Many Judges are on the wrong side of Constitutional Law.

        Remember too, that the Constitution is meant to be an unwavering Edict which is difficult enough to change that it is nearly absolute. The misunderstanding in most of it is that it was always up to the voter to be the force behind it and to defend it.

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        • Spike April 15, 16:23

          Am I inaccurate to think that the Constitution is only as good as the current members of the Court are? Seems to me that the aborted babies don’t anything close to Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness.

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        • red April 23, 11:42

          Tac: courts ‘interpret’ the const any way they please. that’s how they overrule states rights and allow governors to delete parts of the Const at will. What Virginians were battling is now in congress, gun rights. Dems call the Const a living document and no matter original intent, do as they want. niio

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    • Miss Kitty April 15, 02:26

      That’s true until the government decides to amend the Constitution. The Congress is currently Democratic…if this fall’s election goes the way THEY want, going into next year we’ll have an easily manipulated President to rubber-stamp whatever the Democratic party wants to put into play. Rescind the Second Amendment? Sure! Put restrictions on free speech? Yup…Bye, bye ! (Except for the propaganda arm of the government, AKA the MSM.) Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness? Only if you are a good little party member in good standing. Grow food? Ohhh nooo….that’s not allowed because “reasons”.

      Please remember to vote in the upcoming elections… And document any shananagans that you might witness…like boxes of votes being mysteriously “found” or door to door vote collection all somehow having every ballot identical to the next….

      Reply to this comment
  3. TheSouthernNationalist April 14, 14:16

    I feel bad for those folks that didn’t get prepped in time.
    Even though most of them laughed at us and called us “tin foil hat wearers”, conspiracy theorists, and other names.

    Those that used to roll their eyes at us aint rolling them now.
    Most of us have our gardens planted and are waiting for harvest day.
    Our families will be fed.
    On another note, when the soldiers come looking for food to steal, its amazing how many folks don’t recognize food it in natural state, (don’t plant in rows)

    Reply to this comment
    • Govtgirl April 16, 08:53

      Maybe everyone here knows this except me, but I think your suggestion to not plant in rows is positively brilliant. Short of a cornstalk or beefsteak tomatoes, what a golden idea!

      Reply to this comment
      • red April 17, 05:48

        Gov: the old-fashion way, mixed crops. And, you have a young mind. 🙂 Like I tell Miz Kitty, ClergyLady and AR, stay young. Stay sharp. niio

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  4. Ted April 14, 15:09

    The really sad thing is, none of this had to happen. And none of this should have happened!

    There were well over 60,000 deaths, in 2018, from the same seasonal flu that the Planet Earth has been dealing with for decades! Why no panic-demic for the flu, which has already been proven to be much worse than the enemy Chinese covid19 BIO-WEAPON.

    Not a peep out of the enemy fakenews media, nor anyone else for the millions of flu deaths that have occurred over the decades!

    There have even been thousands of cases of people being killed by tainted Chinese flu vaccine, but again, not a word about those Murders!

    There is something far more sinister going on here than just a mild case of the flu Folks! That’s the part of this phony panic-demic that everyone should REALLY be worried about!

    Reply to this comment
    • Don Spilman April 14, 19:45

      “There will be new cases in the tens of thousands each day for weeks“
      Pure fear mongering! ….
      “and the inability of American citizens to comply to slow down infection.“
      Ridiculous statement!
      This whole thing should be thrown over and rebelled against, because it is doing NOTHING but strengthening the GLOBS agenda.

      Reply to this comment
    • Spike April 15, 16:30

      This DID need to happen. Why can’t some people get through their heads that a new disease that we all are susceptible to will sweep the globe rapidly unless we do what we are doing. If everyone got this disease within a couple months then most of those 20% who need to be hospitalized would die because our health system would be overloaded. Isn’t Spain close to 10% death rate?

      Reply to this comment
      • left coast chuck April 15, 20:41

        I haven’t done a compilation since Sunday evening, but as of Sunday evening the highest death rate of 5 SoCal counties was Los Angeles County with 3% of THOSE INFECTED. The death rate for the total county population was .0027%. Out of 10 million± population in LA County only 267 people were infected. That’s pretty low. I wonder in the same period since they started counting how many people died of other causes?

        The real kicker is that is not a real figure. It is an inflated figure. If your uncle who has end stage renal disease is admitted to the hospital for palliative care until he dies and contracts CoVD while he is in the hospital, which is not all that hard inasmuch as approximately 2 million hospital patients who are admitted disease free get some kind of infection while in the hospital. Out of that 2 million who get infected, 90,000 die from the hospital induced infection. These figures are from a book by the epidemiologist that I quoted from before. I don’t know if they are accurate, but they are the best I have right now. I don’t have any strong suggestion that he lied about those figures.

        Now, your uncle who was admitted to the hospital for care and support until he died gets CoVD and together with life-ending renal problems finally dies. That death, without further ado is recorded as being from CoVD. No autopsy, no conference among the doctors, no consideration that maybe, just maybe, your uncle died from his life-ending renal pathology.

        I didn’t mark on my calendar when the authorities started tracking CoVD deaths, but it seems that it started around the first of March. That’s six weeks of deaths. It’s hard for me to believe that the number of deaths in a city as large as LA with the gang violence that exists in some parts of the city doesn’t exceed 267 in six weeks by a large margin. I could go back and see how many people died in my county to the north of Los Angeles since the 1st of March but I know it is way more than the very low two digit number that is reported from CoVD in this county. My county percent .0012% of the total population of this county. LA county is a little over twice as much but the population is 10X as much.

        Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.

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  5. Dave from San Antonio April 14, 15:18

    “Lockdown”. A scary word with all kinds of implications. A ‘local’ or even a ‘State’ lockdown can be restrictive in nature, but in many cases will be hard to enforce unless a person is just flaunting or ‘thumbing their nose’ at authorities. A Federal lockdown can be tougher. The worst will be if a military lockdown occurs. Commonly called ‘Martial Law’. At that point all civil liberties can and most likely ‘will’ be suspended. The military will augment civilian law enforcement or replace it all together. Military courts will take care of all offenders…at least the ones they can catch. Not a good situation to be in.You will be judged by the court without a jury or maybe a ‘jury’ the court has ‘prepared’ for you. Most likely all this will start slowly as the situation goes from local, state and federal…to, finally, Martial Law. Fear mongering will be rampant and the end result will be people demanding the government take more and more control of the situation. We are starting to see this now, with ‘concerned’ citizens complaining of people breaking ‘social distancing’. Fear mongering is usually a slow ‘indoctrination’ process, but the more people who succumb to it the closer we get to the ‘end’. Once we lose our liberty and freedoms…do not look for the government to give them back.

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  6. RK April 14, 15:18

    Tac, You are of course correct. The problem for the majority of people is $ & time which also equals $. It can become very expensive to fight the gov. esp. with all the lib. judges in the system.
    Under the pretense of “health safety” states & counties are suspending, via penalty of fines, some constitutional rights. Such as being out for unessential business or limiting access to purchasing firearms & amo. It is done by decree & although they are standing on trembling ground it continues.
    I am a board member of my state’s gun rights org. & we are fighting these state & county decrees but your avg. citizen doesn’t have the deep pockets an org. has. Even we are struggling financially as a result.

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    • Mike April 14, 17:47

      1. If a fine is based on violation of a right – that would make it an illegal fine. Two wrongs doesn’t make it right!
      2. All this talk of suing; if the courts don’t have enough judges to hear cases against those who defied the law, just when are the cases going to be heard?
      Besides it would be very reasonable to assume that the courts would be very one sided like when you go to auto fine courts.
      So thinking your rights are all of a sudden returned to you in court should be thought as a myth!

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      • Tac Observer April 15, 05:26

        Mike, The Constitution disallows the government from infringing on your rights in any way, as such, the governments laws are also illegal because they are not in accordance with the constitution.

        The people of America are governed and kept docile by a crap ton of illegal law. The Government cannot in any legal way take anyones rights, not, ever.

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  7. TheSouthernNationalist April 14, 15:26

    I feel bad for those folks that didn’t get prepped in time.
    Even though most of them laughed at us and called us “tin foil hat wearers”, conspiracy theorists, and other names.

    Those that used to roll their eyes at us aint rolling them now.
    Most of us have our gardens planted and are waiting for harvest day.
    Our families will be fed.
    On another note, when the soldiers come looking for food to steal, its amazing how many folks don’t recognize food it in its natural state, (don’t plant in rows)

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  8. TruthB Told April 14, 15:56

    “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety”
    From 1776 to 2020 the American people deserved Liberty and Safety.
    No longer.

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  9. Sal April 14, 16:54

    “From time to time, the tree of liberty must be fertilized with the blood of patriots”

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  10. Dan April 14, 17:29

    Lock and load folks. Keep your powder dry.

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  11. left coast chuck April 14, 18:55

    Historically there have been periods where civil liberties were infringed. During the War for Secession The great white other Abie Lincoln suspended habeas corpus. He used troops to put down the New York draft riots. He aggregated the property rights of slave owners in the South by his emancipation executive order. That is the first instance that comes to my mind.

    The next instance was during WWI, you know the one that Woody Wilson kept us out of — that is until it was convenient to get into it. The U.S. deliberately provoked German U-boat attacks by shipping arms to England on passenger vessels in violation of international rules regarding combatants. The Lusitania was carrying a hold full of munitions and other war material for England when she was sunk. It was a righteous sinking.

    During the war there was a lot of agitation because most of American was dead set against being involved in a European war. That was how Woody got elected in the first place like Lyndon Johnson many years later, he campaigned on the plank that he would not involve the U.S. in a foreign war. I always say, Thank God we didn’t elect that war monger Barry Goldwater. Why if we had elected him we would have sent Marines to Viet Nam. We would have increased the draft. We would have bombed Hanoi and Haiphong. We might have even hand as many as half a million troops bogged down in a land war in Southeast Asia. Thank goodness Lyndon saved us from all that.

    Anyway, back to Woody and WWI. Because there was a lot of agitation against our involvement in a foreign war, many agitators were tried and convicted under emergency legislation passed that made speaking out against the war a federal felony. Eugene V. Debs spent most of the war behind bars in a federal penitentiary. He was joined by many others who felt we had no business being involved in a foreign war.

    I think we skipped WWII as there were not many agitators against that war. Lots of folks who were suspected of evil thoughts were rounded up and spent considerable time chatting with friendly FBI fellows but I don’t recall any convictions except for actual acts of espionage. Of course, we rounded up several thousand U.S. citizens just because their ancestors happened to come from Japan. They were placed in concentration camps although for public relations purposes they were called relocation centers. “Sure, get on the train” said the man in a military uniform with a rifle with a bayonet mounted on the end of it. The only difference between the U.S. and Germany was we used passenger train cars whereas the Germans used boxcars. We fed our prisoners better than the Germans but then we fed German prisoners better than they were fed in the German Army, so not a whole lot of difference there. And we didn’t gas them although they had to help construction with their prison camps. That’s irony for you. You have to help build your own prison.

    Then we had Vietnam. Ah, yes, Vietnam. I almost cry every time I think about it. We gassed dissenters with tear gas. We even shot some. We certainly clubbed them and hauled them off to the pokey. What was that about freedom of speech? It was only when the crowds vastly outnumbered the l.e.o.s that they desisted from beating and gassing and shooting.

    So don’t think it can’t happen again. Some churches in Kallyforniya have already sued Gubinator Gabby Nuisance for his edit closing down houses of worship. Of course, by the time the federal supremes rule on those lawsuits this silly nonsense will be a distant memory.

    Personally, if I get busted for being out and about I am not going to pay a fine. I will tell the judge to put me in the slammer. They can feed me their bologna sandwiches for however long it takes them to come to their senses.

    I take far more precautions than the average person when I am out and about to protect primarily myself and my wife when I come home and incidentally my fellow citizens.

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    • left coast chuck April 14, 21:22

      Jeez, my post reads like it was written by a third grader. I knew I had made a mistake by hitting send before proofreading it. My apologies to all. I hope you can read through the atrocious errors.

      I wish there were a way to turn off predictive. I don’t mind when I make my own errors but I surely don’t need any help.

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      • IvyMike April 14, 23:29

        ‘s okay, we just thought you had been enjoying some of that PDRK Victory Gin.
        Day to day life we enjoy maximum freedom. When things get bad the Government has plenty of power to start taking those freedoms, and history says Dem Or Rep makes no difference, Lincoln and Wilson might as well have been the same man.

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        • red April 16, 13:31

          Mike: Lincoln changed things back ASAP. Wilson stayed drunk and had a stroke. His wife took over and refused to pass a law allowing women to vote citing most women were not intelligent enough to make such a decision. She must have forgotten Texas and Wyoming 🙂 the difference is a rock and a hard place. We know liberals and pray for conservatives. niio

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      • Govtgirl April 16, 09:10

        You were as articulate as all get out. No need to apologize.

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  12. Heidi April 14, 19:12

    I agree. if people don’t wake up to what is going on in the background of this ‘pandemic’, there will probably be not enough stirring to prevent further actions that further restrict our freedoms (surveillance, control, digital currency, mandated medical interventions, ….)

    The ‘pandemic’ is up-played. Death rates are inflated: death certificates reflect corona case reason even if test was absent; tests still don’t work reliably; a car crash victim who dies but tests positive for cov-19 is certified as coronadeath. A lot of deception. A lot of panic and fear mongering by both politicians and the MSM.

    Voices with evidence that opposes the official scare narrative are being censored and or suppressed.
    From fear, people crawl into their corners and obediently obey even the stupidest ordinances and rat others out who don’t distance enough, while remaining unwilling to look at evidence.

    Some links I find extraordinarily valuable to understand the scope of this viral outbreak better.
    I hope many can read/look at them as this might help understand this in a perhaps better, more complete way:

    An article that has been updated throughout he epidemic in Europe and the US and data from health institutes, virologists, epidemiologists, ER docs and staff etc are described with source references:
    44 min video on how the measures taken by most governments may be completely the wrong thing to do as they 1 prolong the epidemic and 2 prevent a complete disappearance of this virus.

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    • Butch April 20, 18:53

      Thanks, just thought that I would add some CDC numbers to prove your point.
      Current flu numbers first, 68.3 per 100,000 hospitalizations, 11.9% above epidemic threshold of 7.0 %
      Covid 19 numbers: 32.8 per 100,000 hospitalizations 18.8% above the epidemic threshold of 7.0%. So basically a little stronger flu virus.
      Note, These stats are mixed with with influenza deaths for pneumonia for the week ending 16 April. Se the slight increase over the flu is a mixing of numbers. Keep in mind too, many of us that have had the flu have self treated at home without a doctor visit as is the case with covid 19 virus. Those of us that are generally healthy just take over the country medications or home remedies, recover and move on. These stats were pulled today because I’m so tired of the sheeple response and living in a liberal college town lead by a socialist mayor and city council you can image. To me, it is a stronger strain of the flu, which the corona virus is, a flu virus. Be safe and well and thank you for your comment.

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      • red April 21, 04:29

        Butch: You did your research, much thanks. I was told NYC has been padding the stats to make it look far worse than it is. why a lockdown for this, when we don’t for the flu? More, now they’re saying corona was making rounds in Sept. Best bet, always, stay away form sanctuary cities. those are always the epicenter for any plague. niio

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      • Govtgirl April 21, 05:17

        I believe we have done the right thing so far because we knew so little. I also believe that testing stats will show that what we have done is an over-reaction because we did not know much about the virus, that so many of us got it and we’re a symptomatic that the percentage of deaths or even serious illness is really low. This means that subsequent bouts of it could be death with by guarding those at risk.
        My fear is that our over-reaching politicians will not learn and just over-reach and over-reach again and again. They will do this because it means power or because it follows the “If all you’ve got is a hammer, everything looks like a nail” rule. If this occurs again next winter, our response should be more measured, but I doubt it.

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  13. Lisa April 14, 22:02

    Trumps dictatorship amerikkka. Get use to it folks.

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    • Km April 15, 03:50

      Trump is not the issue you idiot. It is your leftists in Congress like Pelosi who thinks her pet projects and social justice needs to be part of the relief bill. Really? $25 mil for Kennedy Center? Of course the following day they laid off the musicians.

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      • red April 16, 16:41

        Km: Lenin said, make the West hang itself with their own rope. They never pay for their projects themselves, but make us pay. Upwards of 80% of money earmarked for any neolib project disappears into pockets of their supporters. niio

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    • Nolcon April 15, 18:40

      Sorry Lisa… you have ingested way too much left wing MSM news.

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  14. red April 14, 22:31

    the only rights under lockdown will be those some judge decides. this is why we have to take a stronger part in local government. Now, not after it’s too late. Everything ever done to the American Indian was a test case for how people would react. Our parents turned their schools over to the feds, and now our freedom. Like Russel Means, a die-hard patriot would tell you, welcome to Prisoner of War Camp 334 (Pine Ridge Reservation; still official war dept designation). People are rebelling. Talk, discuss, do not mock. show them the dems are America’s nazi party. Soros is still wanted for war crimes as a Gestapo agent. Dems laugh at us who know that. they mock those of us fighting slavery. But now, people are open to listening. niio

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  15. James April 15, 16:10

    It scares me that at this late date anyone is willing to underestimate COVID-19 and the effect it will have on this nation. We have not yet started widespread testing of people who do not show symptoms so we simply do not know very much about how the virus is spreading out to rural communities. I live in a small town and like most small towns all too many people act as if COVID-19 is a big city problem that will not come here. As I write this our county has recorded and handful of cases and one confirmed death to Covid-19. So it is already here in my county. We are fortunate to have hospitals and equipment here as many small towns in the United States are not so blessed. The normal supply chains are catching up and as long as you are not looking for masks or sanitizer, the store shelves have mostly recovered.
    I remain concerned that this has led me and my fellow citizens into complacency. Like most of you, I did not have to make large purchases in advance of the lock-down. I could use a few more of this or that but I am far better prepared than most and have skills directly applicable to this situation. But I am still concerned that we are not thinking far enough ahead.
    Odds are covid deaths understated rather than overstated. If you are in a car wreck and die due to delayed or nonexistent care because covid used up the ventilators how should that death be counted? It will probably take years of looking at small town obits before historians can tease out the difference between overall death due to covid from other factors. For instance, the deaths from gun violence have decreased during the lockdown so far, but this may not last as people get hungry and frustrated. So far people are more or less remaining orderly. If covid causes significant causalities among the farming community or the food distribution network and city folks get really hungry the bets are off and we may get to a real SHTF situation.
    The virus is already spreading to rural areas and rural areas lack the medical resources to care for a significant number of patients. Ventilators could be easily shipped from urban areas where rates of new cases are declining but it is much harder to transplant burned out respiratory technicians to operate those ventilators. It would also be necessary to rotate those ventilators to service technicians for refurbishment, repair, and re-certification. Doable but a royal pain to get organized and the leadership in Washington does not seem to be up to the task. We can expect the virus to eventually reach even the most rural parts of this country and rural deaths may not be noticed until the mailman sees the mail piling up in a mailbox.
    Covid-19 has a nasty habit of seeming like the usual seasonal afflictions that farmers catch every year without breaking their routine. Then it suddenly turns deadly in folks with preexisting problems. Guy dies and his stock goes hungry until the sheriff notices.
    Bad news in a small town but not just a local problem as it affects the whole food supply chain which keeps the cities calm.
    I for one do not want to see city folk leaving their homes like a flock of locusts. Remember that most of the rural covid hot spots are the result of rich city folk carrying the plague to the communities in which they have their vacation homes. Preppers who bug out from the city will also be a threat as some of them will also carry the virus with them. It is an ugly truth of the Prepper movement that if the SHTF then the most dangerous threat many preppers will face is not the unorganized hordes of city folk that movie makers delight in but their well armed and far better prepared fellow preppers.
    States and individual communities are already using the police and national guard to deter outsiders including out of state landowners who do not live in the community year round. These protectionist measures are a major threat to the Constitution yet enjoy wide spread local support. This is the problem strict Constitutionalists face. A scarred public will follow someone who offers simple answers whether it is a democrat who wants to restrict guns or a republican who wants to build a wall and claim authority over the governors of the states. Both destroy the system set up by the Constitution. Scared politicians will do or say anything to survive and while we worried about Obama’s vision of American rights, it is important to remember that most successful coups and dictatorships have arisen out of the conservative side. This may be due to the fact that conservatives tend to be better organized than liberals and that militaries almost always align with the more conservative elements of society making coups planned by conservatives more successful.
    My point is that all politicians and big businessmen become corrupt by the nature of their occupations and if one wants to remain free one must always question the long term implications of what a politician proposes because history indicates that those on the right do a more effective job of taking away freedom than those on the left. No president has taken away more liberty in the United States than the wartime restrictions of President Lincoln and he can scarcely be considered a liberal. Remaining free is like crossing a road, you need to always be looking for threats on both the right and the left.
    But even ignoring the long term political threats, we are now in a world where it is hard to stay safe as your friends and family members offer a greater threat to your life than the strangers you can keep your distance from. We must recognize the reality of this threat and develop the habits needed to counter this threat as we have hedged our bets against other threats we may face.

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    • left coast chuck April 15, 20:55

      Influenza has always been a deadly killer. The figures I quoted earlier from the epidemiologist’s book were that anywhere from 4,000 to 30,000 people die each year from the common garden variety influenza that sweeps the country every year. We seem to be close to that figure, but with the phony figures being generated by the hospitals, it is hard to know how accurate the actual count is. As I tried to point out in my earlier post on this list, the number of dead from CoVD doesn’t even come close to the number of folks who dropped dead during the same time period from things like stroke, heart attack, dying of just plain old age(but nobody dies of old age any more.)

      Dying of old age isn’t political and won’t get federal funding. Everybody dies of something else. You’re 107 year old and your heart just tops beating. In other countries you died of old age. In this country you died of congestive heart failure. Adds to the stats for more federal funding for heart disease funding.

      You have always been more at risk from friends and family than from strangers. Most murders in this country are committed by family or friends. While we obsess about getting knocked off by some villain sneaking into our house in the nighttime hours, if you are a male you are more likely to get killed by wifey or son. If you are a woman, you are way more likely to get killed by boyfriend, husband or son. Sometimes daughters get into the act too but less frequently than the others.

      You are more likely to get killed by friends or family by other means too. Dad drinks and drives? He is justifiable to take someone with him the next time he crashes. Dad really enjoys deep fat fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy and hush puppies? Mom loves to fix them for Dad because he raves so much about them? Dad drops dead from clogged cardiac arteries at age 55. Whodda thunk? The list goes on.

      So, yes, some family member is liable to bring the virus home. That’s why it is so important to take protection every time one goes out into the public area, so that you don’t kill your loved ones at home.

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      • red April 17, 03:44

        chuck: I agree 99%.

        If it ain’t deep-fried, is it food? Old injun saying and I know it is because a lot of very old injuns said it. If we stay off gluten and refuse to allow stress to run us, we can live well into old age. BUT, also please remember, for untold generations we ate 80% meat (including fat) and very little grain. Grain eaters, especially those who eat wheat or barley tend to be diabetic. niio

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    • red April 16, 18:03

      No, NYC is now accused of claiming 56% more deaths from corona than they have. A county in Ohio claims every death since this started was caused by corona. It’s a panic-demic, based on feat and a desire f the libs to keep us at a distance. Aside from that, it’s now believed corona made itself known in December with flu-like symptoms. Sweden and a lot of nations are refusing to do any lockdown, even social distancing.

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  16. Nolcon April 15, 18:38

    The sole individual who stood up to a tank in Tiananmen square rings a bell! He had courage! We will too!

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  17. left coast chuck April 15, 21:08

    The scariest politician on the scene today in my opinion is the present gubinator of Kallyforniya, Gabby Nuisance. That guy looks so artificial to me watching him on TV makes me wonder if he is really a robot inside programmed by minions of George Soros.

    Everything about him looks plastic from his carefully moussed hair to his ultra bright, dazzling artificial smile.
    Ah, yes, that grimace that he thinks looks like a smile. That really makes me pause.

    He is poised just right to run in 2024 after donnie finishes his second term.

    Even if Uncle Joe should win in 2024, Nuisance is young enough that he can wait for for whoever takes over after Uncle Joe is declared non compos mentis and Nuisance can contest the VP cum Prez for the nomination in 2024. Then we are in big trouble.

    Another danger I see is Cuomo and Nuisance teaming up at the dem convention and blowing Joe out of the water. New York and California together with a few other states and Joe is left wondering what happened.

    That’s a long shot but with Uncle Joe teetering on the edge of full blown senile dementia, anything is possible in the next 7 1/2 months.

    Scary times ahead folks. Make sure your voter registration is current and VOTE ! ! !

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  18. Ron April 15, 21:49

    HI everyone, does anyone know an off-grid community to join. I live in Northern California and ready to move.

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    • left coast chuck April 16, 00:50

      No recommendations other than just be careful you test the waters before you dive in. Especially before you invest any money. When my son was in college he gave me a piece of advice which astounded me but was sound. I mean, what college kid can give his old man advice, right?

      He said he never lent money unless he could afford to make it a gift. If he decided to gift the money to the borrower, he just wrote it off the minute he handed it over. That way if he didn’t get paid back, it was okay he gave it to guy anyway. If he did get paid back, well, it was like finding money in the street. He said he never asked the borrower for repayment because it was a gift. If he couldn’t afford it that’s what he told the guy.

      I was really amazed at his, at least what I considered mature attitude toward lending money. If the guy wasn’t a good enough friend to gift him the money he said no. If the guy was, he freely gave it to him. No lingering doubts, no hassles trying to collect. No lost friendships trying to collect. Blew me away.

      Anyway, if you have to make an initial investment, I recommend you follow my son’s advice with regard to loans. If you can afford to pop the money and you think of it as a gift and can walk away without regrets, then you might want to make that “down payment” to gain more insight into how the community is run and what the real rules are.

      If you can’t do that, walk away or better yet, run away.

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  19. MrHoliday April 17, 19:56

    As always brother, great educational article. I would suggest a follow up on escalation on events from the community which will inform to the millions not only in the #USAOFISRAEL the rest of the infected continents. More than ever the info age plays a critical role against evil and evil has been running rampant on the planet. Communities have the power to be more united than before yet alone having a friend, a family member, or a colleague living in another country where the same is happening and the same evil is present. It’s time to turn the page and preparedness is priority and gather the community because otherwise failing to prepare you are only preparing for failure.
    P.S. Activity of Fighter jets roaming your cities on a more than frequent routine is not a routine is an escalated level so prepare because the powers the are hanging on will not tell you what’s really going on, Gather the community and unite for strategic planning use any means possible social media, word of mouth, virtual meetings, etc..
    *** I would also add that know is the perfect time to know evil on your planet and educate your loved ones as more than ever it is warranted because evil will not stop. More info (The true history you have never been told about) The compounded wisdom of truth of what the ancients have said UNSLAVED.COM
    The inner truth within LLOYDPYE.COM, BRUCELIPTON.COM
    Tracing your ancestors from near complete extinction to today; (YOU ARE ALL FAMILY)

    -It is your time to grow up ~ Mr Holiday

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  20. Butch April 20, 18:06

    You are spot on. Many have just given up. Many 35 to 45 year olds, indoctrinated by the current school systems are willingly allowing these lock-downs to happen, and telling those of us who see the test of will with the government that’s going on to just go along for the sake of society. Sadly, many of those in charge are power hungry politicians that are in the process to see just how much the people will take, and now, at last we are seeing that they have exceeded their power and are refusing to play anymore.
    Look, we all have been thru a bad flu season and know how to stay safe and don’t need governments to direct our lives. I have looked at CDC data and surprise, folks are dying from the flu at a higher rate than this virus and the CDC has combined the data on flu pneumonia and this virus, driving up the death rate, see. 66% are still saying it’s to soon, my answer to them is stay at home then and live like a subject, and not as a free citizen, as for me I intend to live as I want, I owe no man for my freedom except those brave men and women that gave their lives for it, my brothers and sisters as I served 21 years in the military to be free as well. Stay well all who see this and God bless you all, be free my friends.

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  21. A R 15 April 23, 00:07

    guys i just came back here and saw all the comments. Anyway i do not live in america and i’d say that freedom is much less here than in the us. seriously a cop beat up a pregnant women with his police baton or what ever and the government gave him money to get out of jail. during said beating of a pregnant women a guy who was a boxer tried to help and he when to prison although i’m not sure he might have been released cuz of the backlash. the cops dressed as civilians and broke stuff during the yellow jacket riots to put the riot people at fault for things they didn’t do. they have done loads of other stuff to but i thing that’s enough.

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  22. A R 15 April 24, 19:30

    also the government tried to take retirement money from the people.

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  23. Procius May 5, 00:38

    I have been around this old world for a long, long time, and from what I have seen, read, & researched, this whole situation appears to me to be not much more than a regular flu season blown way out of proportion in order to conduct an exercise in population control in an effort to determine how far they can push the general public before they trigger serious backlash.

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    • red May 6, 02:25

      Procius: It’s a viral pneumonia. I thought it was the flu, but it lasted for a couple of weeks. that was November, before the dems remembered there’s more to life than shrieking impeachment. So far, neolib states are in shock that people dare protest. It’s snowballing, thanks to the lamestream news whining about protesters. 🙂 niio

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  24. Govtgirl May 5, 01:17

    I agree that it’s overblown, but I think you’re giving them way too much credit. These guys couldn’t organize a hayride. Still, the longer this lasts, the more confident they’ll get that they can push us around so we need to open up and shut them down.

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  25. A R 15 May 9, 22:06

    red is it normal that there havent been any articles since this one. just wundring bc i’m used to seeing a new article evry week.

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