Do You Know Your Rights Under Martial Law?

James Walton
By James Walton September 27, 2019 06:06

Do You Know Your Rights Under Martial Law?

In 1861, following a riot and the destruction of the transportation system Abraham Lincoln enacted Martial Law in Maryland. 12 voters from the General Assembly were arrested and prevented from voting on secession. The scars of the civil war are so deep that many of them are hard to believe. Its very hard to understand the necessary evil that was required to keep the nation whole.

We have seen glimpses of what Martial Law might look like in America. After the nightmare of Hurricane Katrina, the desperate people of Louisiana had to deal with the threats of looters and hand over their guns to armed police. Curfews were put in place and, in my opinion, it made a bad scene even worse.

We are fast approaching the 2020 Election and there is a lot of talk about radical action leading up to and after the results of the election. If we see a new level of civil unrest and disobedience, flavored by extremist violence, will we see some form of Martial Law in our biggest cities?

What Do You Lose Under Martial Law?

It’s been said many times, many ways, Martial Law is the suspension of most of your rights under a regional military leaders’ rule.

From the moment it was enacted in the civil war, all the way to 2005 Martial Law has been used sparingly in times of disaster and rebellion. It was part of the war of 1812, the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, the Dock Workers Strike of 1934 and even Hawaii was placed under Martial Law after Pearl Harbor.

While these instances were swift, Americans will never come to grips with the idea of Martial Law. Even if it results in turning chaos into order. That is because the sheer loss of rights under this militaristic rule are many and are invasive.

Worst of all, it’s a situation that has the potential for radical corruption and abuse of power.

In Martial Law the suspension of many, or all, of your constitutional rights is possible.

  • Do You Know Your Rights Under Martial LawGun confiscation is common and your right to bear arms is infringed
  • Your right to free speech is also at risk
  • Your free travel will be impeded or suspended
  • You will have no protections against search and seizure
  • Curfews are often instilled

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Do You Know Your Rights Under Martial Law?

In 1863 Lincoln imposed the suspension of habeas corpus through a congressionally authorized martial law. However, that wasn’t the last word on the subject. Through checks and balances, the president’s proclamation was opposed, and the Supreme Court ruled it unconstitutional.

While this might sound like a victory for the people, this small battle was far from over. What happened next is a very important lesson on government overreach.

The counsel for the US swayed the court and the man who brought the issue to bear, Lambden Milligan, was sentenced to be hanged. Milligan was tried by the military commission under the current Martial Law.

Milligan was not going to go quietly into the night and petitioned the circuit court arguing his arrest and conviction were all unconstitutional. This put an end to military leadership being judge, jury and jailor in a Martial Law situation.

Do You Know Your Rights Under Martial LawWhile the average American loses more rights than they retain in Martial Law, this standout circumstance assured our constitutional right to our day in court. Of course, nothing is set in stone and you could still be arrested but likely not sentenced in Martial Law.

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Martial Law is a Numbers Game

Remember, Martial Law in the America is about regional tactics. It has been successfully implemented on regional levels in this nation to stop unrest and aid in recovery from disasters. In small areas the numbers are on the side of the imposing force.

In these circles there is this idea that the whole of the nation will be subjugated to Martial Law. This makes for fear inducing YouTube videos and blog articles, but the reality is there aren’t enough soldiers, police, national guard members or even hired heads to conduct a nationwide Martial Law. Keep that in mind.

There are 1.2 million people in the city of Philadelphia alone. Do you know what kind of presence it would take to place the entire city under Martial Law? That is not to mention surrounding suburban areas and counties. Some counties outside of Philly have as many as 500,000 people in them or more!

Now consider the numbers if we added NYC, Chicago, Boston, Miami, Austin, LA and Phoenix. That is nearly 20 million people in those 7 cities alone. It’s a numbers problem. There is no force capable of inducing something like Martial Law on a National level.

If it got to the point where foreign armies were being brought in by the government, then that is no longer Martial Law. I say to you, that is war by any definition.

Two Bullet Proof Solutions for Dealing with Martial Law

There are two great ways to avoid Martial Law. You cannot be sure that your region will not be affected by a disaster that could create calamity. However, there are some steps you can take to make it less likely.

Small Cities and Towns

In large scale disasters, small cities and towns will be last on the list when it comes to Martial Law. These areas will struggle with the same number issues we mentioned earlier. They do not have an unlimited number of resources to pull from.

This means locals will likely take action to restore order, with the help of the police.

Get Rural

Do You Know Your Rights Under Martial Law

If you wanna take it even further, get away from people altogether. If you live in a rural area where town is a bit of a drive, well, you will never see Martial Law. NEVER!

There is no benefit in rolling the military into a stretch of road that is 5 miles long and has 4 neighbors on it. There is just no reason for it, and it will never happen. At most, you might get a knock on your door from the sheriff and he will be asking you for help in town.


Looking at the clock and worrying about curfew is not going to be fun for anyone. Hiding your guns, because you damn sure aren’t giving them up, is also not going to be a good time. However, that is what could be and what has been in Martial Law in the US.

Understanding your position and the population density in your area will help you understand your risk.

Maybe it’s time to make a change in terms of your living circumstances! If you are hell bent on avoiding Martial Law at all costs, it can be done. Remember, this is merely a numbers game and a population game.

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James Walton
By James Walton September 27, 2019 06:06
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  1. Jim September 27, 13:58

    If Martial Law is declared all of our rights will be null and void. It will be the beginning of the end and will go down hill from there very quickly.

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    • jabba September 27, 15:20

      you are correct. Who is going to protect any rights that are left? no-one… GOOD and get low. Avoid people. Martial law can’t effect you if there is no one to enforce it.

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    • Raven tactical September 27, 15:43

      I welcome it. Let’s clack this off and get the party started.

      Remember the right thinks they have all the guns, police and military. Which isnt even close to the truth.

      Anyways when you think of the government remember national guard 4 Kent state 0

      Reply to this comment
      • Desert Dweller September 27, 17:35

        We on the right don’t think we have “all the guns” … but we do have a clear majority of both guns and qualified marksmen. Of that I have no doubt. A gun battle between “The left and The Right” would end quickly and the left would be devastated.

        Regarding Kent State – you left out an important fact:only one side had the means to protect themselves … and it wasn’t the students. Not saying the students were doing the right thing or not … they just had no effective means of fighting back. We do.

        Reply to this comment
        • Raven tactical September 27, 18:44

          That has to be most typical and dumbest statement of all time. Oh we got guns and yet we dont run the port cities… both air and sea. Wait….you mean the left could bring In actual military’s to come over to assist.

          Oh yeah sure we have a few people who own firearms and took the time to train with them. That Is all you have. I’ll wait for the well people hunt and that’s the largest military on earth. Sure a gun who hunts. Who never aimed at a human who fires back. Who idea of hunting is a 100 yard shot from a tree stand and has a box or 20 shells to his name.

          Or you got the people who bought ar15s and have no idea how to use them

          It’s not a simple shooting war. You be lucky if it ends in a statement in a decade.

          Reply to this comment
          • MJ September 28, 06:25

            Raven–your above statement is riddled with grammatical and spelling errors. Not sure you are intelligent enough to handle a weapon.

            Reply to this comment
            • Raven tactical September 28, 23:59

              Why don’t you come on over and find out

              Reply to this comment
            • red September 29, 23:17

              Well, at least Raven’s not whining and cry like a grammar nazi. How many times are you going to change your name so you can attack people on this site? Your post shows a definite lack of thought. Your post shows very strong lack of maturity, and I hope we never meet. After SHFT, you’ll be the first to start shooing people in the back, just like you do here.

              Reply to this comment
            • red October 2, 08:42

              How many times will you give yourself a thumbs-up, JustMe or MJ, whatever you call yourself at the moment. Your post shows you to be someone who wants to see people quit this site. Who are you working for, what branch of the government?

              Reply to this comment
              • JustMe October 9, 14:29

                RED. Your fight isn’t with me. I’m JustMe and it’s the only name I use when posting here. Fight it out with MJ if you must but leave me out if it. I save my energy for the fight that is coming with the leftist vermin that despise freedom , liberty and self determination. Keep up the good fight in the Arid Zone, we are holding the line here in the SE.


                Reply to this comment
                • red October 9, 22:17

                  My mistake. No, I don’t fight with you and some of your posts have been good to excellent. I want us to co-exist in peace as much as possible, to grow this site and help each other grow. Sounds mushy, but like Franklin said, we either all hang together or most assuredly we shall hang separately. Stay free.

                  Reply to this comment
          • Old Iron September 28, 13:07

            You are right we that love freedom and hunt are bad at murdering those that want to take are stuff(life,liberty,and the persuit of happiness). We sit on web sight’s and claim we are ready and from my cold dead hands or over my dead body but many do have the heart and guts and have planed to protect what they love and hold dear. Judging us all to be rambo is the same as calling them all snowflakes.History as humanes is allways the same and the results are the same sombody try’s to concure the town,county.state.contry or the world it allways means fail,and dealth. Calling on anyone for help after all this time of seeing and hearing about those crazy preppers maens you die and we use what little you had to help us the living get to the end and rebuild.

            Reply to this comment
          • TSgt B October 2, 05:22

            Raven, you seem to dismiss the fact that the GREAT MAJORITY of military veterans, active duty, and police (line cops) would be on the conservative side, and most of us are at least minimally trained in arms, and some of us, yours truly included, are not only EXCELLENT MARKSMEN, but possess the will to do what is necessary to defend and protect ours. And believe me, I have a bit more than just “a box or 20 rounds”.

            Reply to this comment
            • Raven tactical October 2, 12:14

              One no… the military and police are half and half politically. So dont count on that.

              Excellent marksmen lol have you seen police and the military shoot… they get one day out of a year to shoot. Some are great but not the majority.

              Lastly they will be home with their own family because they will not leave their home unprotected.

              Reply to this comment
              • red October 3, 03:47

                Maybe, maybe no. Like military, cops tend to group, buying or renting close to each other for mutual protection, at all those I know do. Most, as well, are avid marksmen, and many like to hunt. Both cops and military is expected to maintain a minimum of marksmanship, or they can get in trouble. My stepson used to grumble at how easy the targets were. So his unit got to use a higher range. Most of his unit were good before they went in, country people, most of them metis and gvnaki (Native American with some black ancestry). All family, tho, and all skilled. Army honed what was there. City people might have problems, but when you have a sergeant gentle guiding you (with his boot threatening your virginity and scream at the top of his lung 🙂 you tend to straighten up. Military and cops tend to vote conservatively. Remember people were kicked out under the Clintons for refusing to wear UN uniforms. I’m not saying a lot of them will hang out when SHFT happens, but they’ll know off-duty will be keeping an eye on their family. niio

                Reply to this comment
                • Raven tactical October 3, 09:57

                  The data again shows a 50/50 split on voting. You eliminate pay or a military personal can’t rely that is family safe.. well good luck getting them to report in.

                  The rifle qualification range is the same standard across each branch. I been in charge of running a range and seen the people suck at zeroing. So you spend time doing pmi and helping. Or they go to quall and suck their as well.

                  Put it this way they will use their skills to defend themselves and family. Whenever the big one hits.

                  Reply to this comment
                  • red October 3, 23:13

                    I’ll take your word, you know. But, most military and ex- I know are pretty solid against the neolibs, and getting more so as the congressional clowns yammer from empty heads. I’m a lousy shot these days. I qualified, no problem, when a teenager, but today, forget it. My stepson, wow! Him and his kid sister are experts. No one in their units got away with “good-enough”. Same with a cousin who was an lt.

                    BTW, I see the closet whiner is lusting for you, again. Ignore him. His type only attack those they’re afraid are more of a man than they are. 🙂

                    Reply to this comment
            • bsstopper October 11, 16:36

              Tsgt B, thank you for your service, it will always be appreciated. Due to medical reasons I was not eligible for service. My wife and I are both approaching 80 and in wheelchairs, I was amazed at how people will impede us. I trained with firearms pistol, rifle, shotgun and could do what it takes to protect.

              Reply to this comment
            • Raven tactical October 17, 18:43

              Yeah … again you are the minority….

              Reply to this comment
          • Tom October 17, 18:23

            You are a flaming IDIOT if you think the Military will whole sale slaughter American citizens! The Military will side with the citizens. I know many of them, and they would take out the “Officers that order them to shoot citizens.

            Reply to this comment
            • Raven tactical October 17, 18:41

              How that work out in Katrina and kent state…. oh yeah

              Reply to this comment
              • red October 18, 03:43

                Raven, no. Kent state, the cops were threatened and attacked. Katrina, the dems were in charge and it was screwed long before the hurricane hit. Why do you think the dems can’t hold the South anymore? They’re flakes. I have fam in the military, and while under the Clintons and Obama, soldiers were trained in house-to-house, and trained to fire on US citizens (dem fear of Y2K), most would not do it. Not unless attacked first. A major sign of that reluctance is seen in how few officers get fragged these days. Military see themselvaes as Americans first, and belonging to their home state a distant second. It wasn’t like that when I was a kid. niio

                Reply to this comment
      • JustMe September 27, 18:31

        Raven. Get the party started? You’ll be on your knees crying to mommy when the first shot is fired. I can tell that you have never been under fire because those of us who have don’t relish the thought of carrying our brothers out in body bags. War is hell and no one understands that until they have been there and done that. Something I’m sure you have never done And as far as your ignorant comment about the right and guns…. yeah, I see and hear the left supporting 2A because they love guns and they don’t want their guns confiscated so they only vote for people who support 2A. NOT! You’re as bad as the righties. Neither you nor they have a clue as to who has or doesn’t have a gun. Put down the pipe, stash the bottle and come back when you are sober and coherent. You might want to consider writing fiction. You seem to have a natural talent for it.

        Reply to this comment
        • Raven tactical September 28, 00:29

          Considering I didn’t piss myself when the rockets landed next to us nor the gun fire.

          This is comical. This country needs a hard reset and while I am not thrilled to put my kids in it. I rather we hit the button and get it going and their isnt a guarentee we win either. I rather at least fight while I am still able to and unlike you. I don’t put my faith in the government to solve my problems.

          Reply to this comment
        • red October 2, 08:39

          My oh my, MJ, still hanging around? Still trying to force people off this site? Hmmm.

          Reply to this comment
        • MASTER SGT HARDASS October 13, 23:37

          WOW these comments are telling for sure. as a Vietnam vet with the 101st ABN and our training was and is under FIRE,

          our famous cliche: ONE SHOT ONE KILL has literal meaning,

          during my boot camp training on weapons range i zero’d my M16-A1 with in 1 minute, and shooting a grouping of 9/16″ (dime size) at 100 yrds

          oh did i say i am from northern minnesota lol.

          during my undesirable stay in nam, my skill sets proven to keep me alive as well as my unit. example as first sgt: i did not allow my platoon to wear hard soled combat boots, but rather moccasins from water buffalo’s hides.
          it is these type of leadership skill sets that will keep us alive during SHTF

          Reply to this comment
          • Raven tactical October 14, 12:17

            That’s some funny bs.

            One your zero was 1 moa and then at 100 yards its shooting almost half moa.

            One shot one kill is a myth

            So you where the 1st Sgt who took away boots to run around a nam jungle in fake moccasins… also why Is the 1st Sgt going on patrols….

            This had to be a funny joke so nice one. I am cos playing military works well.

            Reply to this comment
            • MASTER SGT HARDASS October 14, 17:15

              dude u one JAFR; FUBAR
              dumb cluster f**k
              u ain’t old enough 2 know ANYTHING about nam.
              A 1st dgt. ALWAYS went out on “patrol” 1st sgt. in my time 3 chevrons one rocker, ou could not hit the side of the barn.
              as stated i grew up in Northern Minnesota so shooting was-is our way of life, i can still nail my targets with a grouping using my iron sights bet we go to the range y
              it is evident that you have no none idea about the booby traps, trip wires, pungi sticks-pits we had to endure in nam. hard sole boots CANNOT feel any trip wires, or indentations in the ground where there are pungi pits.

              ONE SHOT ONE KILL was (in my day) was a real thing that was taught in our training Nam was the purest form of gurellia warfare something u don’t know anything about

              Reply to this comment
              • Raven tactical October 14, 23:06

                Oh your actually serious about making this up.

                Ok well one you clearly dont understand marksmanship or you wouldn’t have a better grouping at 100 meters not yards then 25 meters zeroing.

                Secondly one shot one kill is again a myth and even unless your claiming you only do head shots which is also bs…..

                You made the m16a1 more accurate then it ever was from the factory which was impressive.

                No if you served you sat way behind at a desk pushing paperwork. I am impressed how you ranked up to 1st in less than 10 years… your claim not mine… boot camp…shooting m16s would of been late 60s…. and the war ended mid 70s.

                I know this was a attempt at trolling but man go do some homework. Oh I’ll see you on veterans day is my guess… I bet you rock a hodge podge uniform trying to scam as much free stuff.

                Reply to this comment
                • MASTER SGT HARDASS October 15, 04:00

                  well well, again ur still a JAFR. in my day the firing range was set up in YARDS. NOT meters.
                  OUR one shot one kill was and is by using a .308 bolt action. dumbass.
                  MY CLASS “A”‘s ARE STILL CRISP.
                  DUMBASS NAM WASN’T OVER UNTIL 5-MAY-1975, M-16-A1 WAS INTRODUCED IN THE 1960’S.


                  Reply to this comment
                  • Raven tactical October 15, 09:32

                    So now your changing your tune and rifle… so your now going to claim nam sniper?

                    M16 was introduced in 66 to 68. Nam ended in 75 . Your claim is in 9 years you climbed the ranks to first Sgt……. that is funny. Did you also become sgt major of bs for your lame claims of accuracy.


                    That’s a copy of a m16a1 zero target….

                    Anyhow have fun at the local bar impressing nobody .

                    Reply to this comment
                  • red October 15, 22:11

                    Dad, when I was a little kid, took out a deer 300 yards from out porch with his Garand. I watched that buck jump and fall in the corn. Mom, who hated deer meat (she was raised on it) smiled when she cooked it up. He trained for sniper in WWII. He never did say how he got his Garand home thru the mail… 🙂 But, I knew a lot of WWII vets who could shoot like tat, and never had more training than they got on the farm or ranch.

                    Reply to this comment
                    • Raven tactical October 15, 22:53

                      Not to say your dad wasn’t a great shit but 300 meters with a garand should be pretty easy with a deer. The army trained them hit targets at distance and even now they teach you to hit 300 meter human targets.

                      The dude is just either stolen valor or just a bullshiter vet who dishonors the entire military

                    • red October 16, 03:27

                      Raven: Yards, not meters, and I’ve been called a liar for relating that to military people, including my stepson, who aced out in every weapon he trained in. Dad was dead drunk at the time and Mom and an older brother had to hold him steady to aim.

                      No, I don’t expect you to take squat from anyone, but this is still family. It’s like, we’re all injuns now. One bug, unhappy family. It’s supposed to be, mess with one, you take on all. Yes, he’s more guilty than you. If he isn’t respecting you, then stay respectful and you win. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with busting stones, either 🙂 nio

            • red October 15, 00:39

              Raven, sorry, but I can’t agree with you. He’s right. niio

              Reply to this comment
          • red October 15, 00:37

            Old timers would sew a stiff fringe to the heels of their mocs to brush the print, to make it look older.

            Reply to this comment
      • Wannabe September 27, 18:38

        raven you are an idiot to wish this to come to pass. You welcome it? You want death and destruction and downfall and suffering? You welcome it????

        Reply to this comment
        • Raven tactical September 28, 02:12

          What other options do you have in mind ? Voting doesn’t work

          Reply to this comment
          • Wannabe September 28, 16:49

            Yes, vote. When was the last time you had campaigns to bring in people to vote. To plead your beliefs to sway their thinking and political affiliation? Have you ever helped in a political candidate you really believe in? We are not at the point of war yet. That is the last resort. Right now the House of Representatives is a joke but the senate is still with reason. And we have a president with veto power who will use it. The system for the most part still works. We are not living in full fledged tyranny. My God man, we are not there yet. Do your part other than wishing for death. It’s not just your kids facing it it is mine and millions more as well.

            Reply to this comment
            • Raven tactical September 30, 10:37

              So you think if you put one clean cup of water into a well of poison…. would you expect that cup to remain safe to drink?. That’s what your doing but believing that a voting one person in will change it

              Reply to this comment
              • red October 1, 03:16

                Vote, if only because enough of your family shed their blood for that right. Most states allow for a write-in ballot on primaries. That’s how Barletta (R) won the position of mayor in Hazleton, PA, in a dnc one-party county. Curanderos were talked to by Native Americans and the Hispanics voted enmass for Barletta against a former mayor slated to win by a landslide. DNC Hispanics trying to rally votes failed, badly, because people started to talk against the dems. Vote because it’s your voice. Write letters, complain (politely!) because politicians know one letter is worth a thousand votes because only one in a thousand or more will take the time to voice their complaint. Anyone can email, one out of a hundred call. The impeachment is falling apart. Politicians are frightened because people are writing letters of complaint against the clowns. Vote because your life depends on it. niio

                Reply to this comment
                • Raven tactical October 1, 11:52

                  If I actually thought they would read the letter I would. Sorry they no longer care about our little slice of the world.

                  They dont need your votes to win a election it’s all won by fraud anyways.

                  Voting for the two party system got us into this mess and voting will not get us out.

                  Reply to this comment
                  • red October 1, 18:51

                    Raven, predators never respect those they see as weak but fear the strong. Where is impeachment going? why do they keep trying new tactics? Voters are writing in and complaining to the clowns of congress. Every time they try, they get a new wave of anger. Right now, thanks to voters, Joe Biden is in hot water, and that loonie, Fake-a-hantus, is in the lead because of it. Voter did that, and voters will force her to make outrageous statements and that’ll knock her down more. Get registered and vote like your life depends on it. niio

                    Reply to this comment
                    • Raven tactical October 2, 12:16

                      It’s all a smoke screen to cover the economy collapsing

          • ENIGMA6 September 29, 21:46

            Convention of the States is primary on my next to do list. In that, the states hold the cards. The Government is bound by the Constitution to abide by the results. They may ignore it at their own peril.

            Reply to this comment
            • red September 30, 02:05

              Old saying goes, Conservatives believe the Constitution is carved i stone. Democrats see it as another piece of toilet paper. Arizona declared herself, under state and federal law, to be a sovereign state. Get another Babbitt in office here and we’re back to unwanted province. Get another FDR in office, and we’re property of the state because even conservative states had to grab ankle for him. The dnc is trying to put us in a Wiemar Republic state. You know what happened when Germany collapsed under them. And that the new government was legally elected, then turned on the people. My best to you

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      • DOUBLETAP September 27, 19:07

        remember this the students of Kent State were all unarmed!

        Reply to this comment
        • Raven tactical September 28, 02:08

          Depends on the who is telling the story. Some say the tossed rocks or fired a gun

          Reply to this comment
        • red September 30, 02:11

          No, they weren’t as I understand. they were making threats at the police, who were trying to do their job, nothing more. Pieces of bricks were thrown, and so on. The rioters were told to stand down and disperse, and got worse. While it was bad, it happened, but I think the cops had every reason to believe their lives were in danger. Mob mentality. Unarmed mobs stormed the French royal castles and took them. niio

          Reply to this comment
  2. Jabba September 27, 15:14

    “If you wanna take it even further, get away from people altogether. If you live in a rural area where town is a bit of a drive, well, you will never see Martial Law.”

    I have always said that in a WROL world people will always be the problem and the greatest hurdle to over come.
    Get low, get concealed stay that way till the die off (starvation)/burn off (epidemics) stabilizes. This not only means hide but also to include minimal light pollution,no odors from cooking food and/or fires. Both can be detected for miles given the correct circumstances.
    This will probably take 2-3 months, as it will take people that long to starve to death. In the winter, I suspect that the time will be shorter as people will freeze to death. If they don’t have water, even less.
    I know, I know, the rule of 3’s, 3 weeks without food. Some people will have enough to stave of starvation for a little while. Most don’t and it will be hell till the starvation deaths are done with. Desperate people will do desperate things. That is why you need to stay concealed and away from them.
    Then and only then peek to see if the coast is clear and proceed cautiously.

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  3. tuesdayissoylentgreenday September 27, 15:44

    Hope it never happens nation wide…

    Reply to this comment
  4. Dave September 27, 15:56

    If placed under Martial Law…all bets go out the window on any ‘rights’ we think we might have.

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  5. Mic September 27, 16:04

    An excellent article, well thought out and factual.
    It is nice to see something other than the fear mongering and half truths that are so often marketed to Preppers and Survivalists.
    Keep up the good work.

    Reply to this comment
  6. Maltjake September 27, 16:09

    I appreciate this article and each of the daily messages I receive from “Askapreppoer”. They are informative, useful and pragmatic. I save many of them in a special file I call “Survival”.

    Reply to this comment
  7. Leanybean September 27, 16:30

    Martial Law means you can’t leave the country; you’re locked in. So it is my suggestion that you leave now as I have done so you don’t experience Martial Law.

    Reply to this comment
    • Justme September 27, 18:43

      Leany. So the US is the only country that can impose martial law? The country that you ran to will never impose martial law? These colors dont run. America didn’t get to be the most advanced civilization in history on the backs of those who ran from a fight. Want to know why third world shitholes are shitholes? It’s because their citizens run instead of fighting for freedom and liberty.

      Reply to this comment
    • Raven tactical September 27, 18:45

      Go for it….enjoy finding a capitalism funded society.

      Reply to this comment
    • Wannabe September 28, 01:55

      Leanybean, so what great country did you go to?

      Reply to this comment
  8. TacObserver September 27, 16:33

    I would like to apologize to you guys in advance because you’re probably not going to enjoy what I have to say. But for the most part, everybody who thinks that martial law suspends their constitutional rights is incorrect.

    Extremely incorrect.

    United States constitution, article 1, section 9, paragraph 2, states:” the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in cases of rebellion or invasion the public safety may require it.”

    What this means is is that under situations where there are rebellion or invasion, the standard judicial system will use in the United States may not be able to convene. And in such cases, martial law is declared and a military commander will be the person who will be the law and order temporarily until peace is regained enough to maintain courts of law.

    Something extremely important that you need to understand about the United States Constitution is that there are seven articles in it they government how they’re supposed to run.

    Directly after that, there are 10 amendments that are called the Bill of Rights. These 10 amendments amended to the entire Constitution. Very start out by saying that Congress shall make no law, and point out that human beings who reside in the United States have inalienable rights that government can absolutely not touch ever.

    So if your rights are suspended during martial law, because the writ of habeas corpus has been suspended, that does not suspend your constitutional rights. The constitution is the highest law in the land and there is no other law that can countermand it.

    Habeas corpus (/ˈheɪbiəs ˈkɔːrpəs/ Medieval Latin meaning “[we, a Court, command] that you have the body [of the detainee brought before us]”)[1] is a recourse in law through which a person can report an unlawful detention or imprisonment to a court and request that the court order the custodian of the person, usually a prison official, to bring the prisoner to court, to determine whether the detention is lawful.

    Martial law is a local situation. If in a locality, courts of law cannot be conducted because of rebellion or invasion, the military commander on the scene becomes the law and order. Those officers are sworn to follow the Constitution as well. Protect and defend it. They do not have, no single human being on the planet has the ability to suspend constitutional rights.

    If any Battlefield commander comes to you and says that you need to fork over your firearms, I’m no attorney, but they just might receive mine hot and empty. Because no man on this planet has the authority to take my firearms. Nobody has the authority to resend any of the rights that are enumerated in the Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights has never been amended. Go read it, and understand that it means exactly what it says.

    And while you’re at it familiarize yourself with the constitution because you don’t need any Battlefield commander sent to you by leftist politicians to steal your liberty. They were never authorized the power to do that either. The politicians work for us. And if they don’t follow the Constitution, your Second Amendment right to preserve liberty may require the use of that firearm.

    Do I sound like I’m a little over-the-top here? Not at all, go read the constitution learned and use it to protect and defend everything you have prepped for. It’s your legal remedy, as long as you can keep it.

    And I assure you that if you fork over whatever they tell you to during martial law, you are being lied to and cheated out of your liberty and after that, it will be difficult for you to arbitrate.

    Don’t take any crap off this government. Learn your constitution and know your rights.

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    • Govtgirl September 28, 09:18

      Sounds like you know what you’re talking about, but I’m not sure any usurper of my rights is going to stand there and listen. I am very uncomfortable about a government that has built places with the barbed wire run to imprison people. Still, I agree that voting is not the way if people don’t exercise their right to vote or vote in the idiots we see on TV every day who are not doing their job. These clowns wouldn’t make it even one day digging ditches or scooping French fries into a sleeve. A whole bunch of them need to be fired in Nov 2020.

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    • Spike September 28, 18:49

      Do you really think that they will listen to your constitutional rights argument while they are abusing them? Did they following Katrina?

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    • Plain Jane September 29, 23:05

      I understand the law, but laws are merely words on paper and thus dependent upon honest men and women to enforce them. As we have seen in the last few decades, even POTUS (not calling out Trump) does not mind breaking the law and/or lying to the public. Laws are only as good as those who enforce them. I wasn’t always a cynic, but I have become one. I have zero faith that our elected officials will enforce the laws of our country as written. They have raped our constitution and used their positions for personal gain. It has been going on for so long that it is impossible to imagine but a small handful of them remaining honest enough to be truly in service of “The People.” So yes, laws are laws, but these depraved people who have cemented themselves into the District of Criminals are mostly willing to sell their souls to the devil and our back sides to the slavers for a dollar. Laws be damned!

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      • red September 30, 14:47

        Well said. Right now the impeachment is turning into another dem disaster. Biden’s use of office as VP is now exposed, in part, to the tune of over a billion dollars from the Bank of China and 3 million from Ukraine. Power and wealth, and the poor be damned was always the dem strategy. God love us, but let’s hope the conservatives take control–then not turn into neolibs. niio

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  9. Romeo 6 September 27, 16:34

    Can’t get away from people that easily I’m too sick need to have ambulance service available along with the doctors and the hospital that the ambulance can take me too. If it comes down to an EOTWAWKI then that is just to bad it has been fun and it has been real but it hasn’t been reel fun. But till next time this is Romeo 6 I’m gone.

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    • Miss Kitty September 28, 11:02

      I’m in the same boat, Romeo 6. My mother’s health issues and our economic situation prevent our relocation to the country.

      But aside from that, someone mentioned that the US is too populous and too spread out to impose a general martial law, just a regional one.
      But doesn’t that depend on the circumstances?
      Martial law is often employed during regional disasters to “suppress looting” and make it easier for authorities to keep track of people, but look at the case of say, the German occupation of France in WWII. They enforced martial law by randomly executing people if the French didn’t comply. Fear is a powerful tool for making large numbers of people do the will of smaller groups. If there was a junta or foreign take over here in the US, I doubt if they will be worrying too much about habeas corpus.
      If the ruling party threatened to use the military to wipe out the entire city by say, dropping a bomb, AND just randomly wiped out Swan Lake, Mississippi to prove their point, most people would be scared enough to comply and to make sure their neighbors complied as well.
      Being in the country doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be able to avoid martial law, either. Government troops will have to move between locations, and they may have to move through your area. Isolation also means fewer witnesses if they decide to use your place to reprovision their group and decide that you are “resisting” their seizing all your food for “redistribution”. Not that having witnesses will really matter at that point, but there are people with cellphones everywhere.

      Which leads to another point…in case of martial law, I should think they would shut down area cell towers and local media outlets (or force them to broadcast propaganda).

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  10. randdog September 27, 16:35

    I personally think and HOPE that common sense will prevail and our leaders in gov’t will understand the ramifications of such an action. However, what I have seen lately with the leftist extremists and the influx of douche bags who are hell bent on destroying Capitatism, my hopes may soon be dashed. I say to all, have a plan B. Some sanctuary outside the city where your core group can congregate and regroup with a survival plan. When SHTF everyone go here and hunker down till we figger thia aht! Great food for thought article. Thanks.

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  11. Siouxma September 27, 16:37

    1)Paradise California – annhilated by DEW-created fire
    2)Mississippi River Valley states of Iowa, Nebraska, Dakotas, annhilated by geo-engineered relentless rainfall
    3)Hurricanes manufactured out of nowhere annhilate the Bahamas, Florida Panhandle, Carolinas
    Dress rehearsals for showing the Peasants the might of Satan’s minions. Nevertheless, to the author’s advice, Jesus himself warned people to get out the cities and head for the hills when the SHTF. Don’t look back. Put your faith in the one true God.

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  12. TacObserver September 27, 16:38

    One another interesting point that you need to understand about the Constitution and martial law.

    Just because there’s been a federal law that may somehow modify how martial law is to work, if it isn’t constitutional it isn’t the law.

    The Constitution forbade your rights to be taken. The Constitution is the highest law in the land and it says so in article 6 of the Constitution.

    So no matter what is passed in federal law, if it tries to suspend your rights without amending the Constitution, that’s unconstitutional. You will not find in the constitution anywhere that says during martial law your rights are suspended. And so therefore, they are not, and it is as simple as that. There is no federal law that can usurp the constitution constitutionally.

    Anybody who tells you that it’s different than what I just said is a lying sack of crap who is looking for a way to steal your power and authority as a citizen of the country and as a human being.

    Again I know I sound a very brash, but I assure you if we are having this conversation and there is martial law, the people who will be coming to talk with you will be bringing firearms and their intent is to disarm you for sure. So that you can be subjugated. And I assure you you will not be given a receipt for what they take.

    So you’d better get on the front page of this if you want to continue to maintain your liberty. Because not knowing the difference is going to cost you your liberty.

    100% of your legal rights are contained in that constitution, you should familiarize yourself with them. They me exactly what they say, and they say exactly what they mean. No lawyer required. It takes more than an act of Congress to change that.

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    • Stormin September 28, 11:39

      If you think a military cabal or dictator or junta is going to respect the constitution or your rights under it you are sorely mistaken. Martial law is a coup against the people. Along with it comes slavery of everyone affected by it. Disagree with them and you are liquidated. They don’t need to bother with a trial because they have granted themselves supreme power. How many millions died in Cambodia, China, Russia, etc, etc, etc, As soon as Marshall law is implemented it’s over for America as a nation.

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      • left coast chuck September 28, 23:47

        Yeah, you can quote the Constitution all you want as you lay on the ground with combat boots on your neck and a .223 barrel pressed against the back of your skull while your hands are being zip-tied behind your back.

        By the way, for everyone posting to this list, it is MARTIAL law, meaning pertaining to the military. It is not Marshall Law. Marshall Law is a deputy sheriff in the Idaho Panhandle. It is not capitalized unless it is the first word in a sentence, ie., Martial law was declared in New Orleans after the hurricane. The governor of Louisiana declared martial law enacted in the City of New Orleans.

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  13. Shar September 27, 17:03

    Not enough military / police personnel? That’s when we’ll see all the technology that has been under development for decades, tested on domestic [mentally “ill”, homeless] or foreign [small, broke, island & ignored] populations, and long obscured that can successfully round up and/or contain a great number of individuals without too many staff needed to do it. It won’t be a man-to-man numbers game in the end. Don’t let that be your blind spot.

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    • Energetic1 September 29, 01:52

      Two words. Boston Dynamics. Have you seen what the humanoid robots can do? What they can’t do is understand our Constitutional rights. But they can do back flips and walk through snow. These robots are being created for DARPA by Boston Dynamics for military support situations. They would be ideal for maintaining martial law.
      and they know how to party!

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      • red September 30, 15:50

        If any part of them says Made in China, I don’t think we have a lot to worry about, not after a few rainfalls or a dust storm. For that matter, what happens if they’re not protected by a Faraday cage? Foreigners, many of them fighting age men, are border jumping. It’s mojado season in the Southwest. All summer they were coming down from Canada. It’s the same each year. I’d be more worried about them. the neolibs need to take our arms before they can take us. The UK went so far as to try to outlaw butcher knives. niio

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    • Miss Kitty September 30, 16:46

      I’ve been hearing disturbing rumors about 5G technology… I don’t know if it’s true that it can be weaponized, but the implications are horrifying. There was a podcast on the subject on the YouTube channel Adapt 2030 a couple of weeks ago that you might want to check out if you’re sleeping too well at night.

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  14. left coast chuck September 27, 18:22

    I have a real problem with people who are non-lawyers discussing constitution law as if they had made the study of same their life’s work.

    A truly meaningful article on what can and can not be lawful under martial law would be better written by someone with some gravitas on the subject. No, Barry Obama was not a constitutional authority even though he supposedly taught constitutional law at some diploma mill in Chicago.

    Even the average general law practitioner is not an expert on constitutional law. For a meaningful article on martial law, we should have an author who has argued cased before the Supremes write such an article.

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    • Siouxma September 27, 18:58

      Judges, including SCOTUS, no longer give a hoot about Rule of Law or the Constitution – that is our reality. Way back when, the courts at least made a good show of caring about the Constitution. Not so much post-Lincoln’s devastating our Republic, ripe with Liars and Cheats who say one thing and do the opposite, including the current POTUS.

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      • left coast chuck September 28, 00:49

        Sorry, Siouxma, the courts in this country have never given a whole lot of consideration to the Bill of Rights or the Constitution. Starting with the Sedition Act that was signed before the country was even 25 years old and later reinforced and expanded during WWI under Woody Wilson.

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        • Siouxma September 28, 17:39

          I agree with what you are saying about the real history of our country. Look up the name Jacob Schiff and his mission to young America funded by the “globalist” Rothschilds to ensure America remains a land of vessels and not Free people. His legacy is carried on by descendant Adam Schiff, the California commie congressman, with a host of others in all levels of govt. Constant Chaos is the goal for America by our internal enemies. There are no political solutions left. You don’t get in or stay in office for long if you aren’t helping the NWO oligarchs get what they want. The few who do appear to be the ‘good guys’ are so marginalized,they deemed the crazy ones. Louie Gohmert comes to mind. And he ain’t crazy. Who else is in our elected govt. worth their salt? As far as SCOTUS goes, only Alito and Thomas are consistent constitutionalists. None of the others are. Career service SES “employees” run the show for the NWO. As we see now, that is one Swamp no one can drain even if you really want to pull the plug.

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      • Raven tactical September 28, 02:14

        Trump is a anti gun president so I am sure his grand plan is going to be confiscation. A shame beto over stepped and told the people the truth about government.

        The economy is in the tank as well

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    • Tac Observer September 28, 03:27

      That’s Funny Chuck.

      40% of the members of the Supreme Court don’t follow the Constitution even though they decide cases for it.

      The ninth Circuit Court of Appeals is full of a bunch of judges that don’t follow the Constitution at all, but the cases they hear have everything to do with what will be heading to the Supreme Court.

      0% of all legislatures follow the Constitution. None of the countries executives have in at least a hundred years. And yet they swear an oath to protect and defend and follow it.

      Reading is pretty fundamental, you think I’m making a joke? Read the constitution. It’s not obtuse.

      You are to read the Constitution yourself and then you’ll have a better understanding about who you think should teach it. You might not know when you’re talking to a constitutional scholar and when you’re not. P.S., we are not all lawyers.

      The person that you seek out to teach the Constitution to you you will probably lie to you. Like most lawyers. Your best bet is to study it yourself.

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      • left coast chuck September 28, 23:41

        Tac Observer: It is well and good to read the Amendments and the Constitution for yourself. However, whether you agree that rulings by the Supremes are relevant or not, the courts in this country are SUPPOSED to be bound by its rulings and in order to understand what is happening in the court system one must also read the original Constitution and Amendments in light of how the Supremes have ruled on those provisions over the years.

        There is a book written by a lawyer here in the PDRK who represents the California Rifle and Pistol Assoc. in matters argued before the PDRK appellate courts. It is very interesting reading because not only does he quote the provisions of the various codes pertaining to firearms, but he also talks about the practicalities of how various enforcement departments interpret them and how the courts have interpreted those provisions.

        There is a case by the U.S.Supremes about providing ID upon demand by law enforcement officers. In the case that finally reached the U.S. Supremes, the individual was asked to provide ID by l.e.o. He refused. He was arrested, convicted and served time. He appealed to the various levels of appellate courts and finally his case was accepted by the U.S. Supremes. Anyone can appeal to the U.S.Supremes but they are not bound to accept your appeal. They pick and choose which cases they WANT to hear. So saying, “I’ll appeal to the Supreme Court” is all well and good, but that may be a dead end.

        The ruling was mixed. Basically they ruled that in states where statutes did not provide that an individual must produce ID upon demand, the individual did not have to so provide. In states where statutes provided that an individual must produce ID upon demand, the individual must so provide. The appellant’s conviction was confirmed as the state in which he resided had a statute that required him to provide ID upon demand by law enforcement.

        So, if a cop asks you for ID, you’d better know the law in the particular state where the demand is made. You can refuse and you may well find yourself on the ground in handcuffs waiting transport to the local bastille.

        Why is all that preamble important?

        Because the U.S. Supremes have ruled in certain cases, whether we agree with their thinking or not, that becomes the de facto and de jure law in these United States (Notice I use the old way of referring to the country)

        I once won a case in small claims court where I disagreed with the California Supreme Court. However, their decision made the judge’s decision mandatory in my favor. So I happily accepted their split decision in my favor. I agreed with the minority opinion, but fortunately for me, he and I were overruled by the majority. It’s a two-edged sword.

        So knowing the case law and knowing the U.S. Supreme’s thinking as announced in judgments they have handed down is as important as your interpretation of what you think the Constitution says.

        That’s why it is important to have a lawyer who has actually argued cases before the Supremes write an article about what the Constitution say and not what some non-lawyer whose only experience in court has been traffic court or divorce court thinks the Constitution says if you are to be guided by the actual words.

        That’s why I object to articles where someone has read the subject document and then tells others what it’s meaning and effect is. Without reference to decisions and thinking, it is just words blowing in the wind and folks are ill-advised to base their actions on such talk.

        As with all things, you are certainly still free to either take such verbiage and use it to guide your actions or reject it as you are my postings.

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  15. DGAF September 27, 22:51

    Would suck if jackboots fell through a covered up pit on walking up towards the front door, one with containers of gasoline in it that can be remotely tripped or set to trigger.

    Most jackboots don’t expect to die screaming as they are burned alive.

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    • Raven tactical September 28, 02:10

      It would suck but… I avoid the traps as I have animals.

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    • Miss Kitty September 28, 18:07

      And then those who remain use a rocket launcher to blow up your house, shoot your boy children when they run screaming from the wreckage, rape your wife and daughters and then shoot them, and then they douse you with gasoline and burn you alive after making you watch your family die.
      I should think that in this modern age most military would have the equipment and knowledge to avoid boobytraps such as the one you envision.
      Why call attention to yourself? Hide the wife and kids and the preps and the weapons. Greet the “jackboots” like they were your long lost brothers…”Thank God you’re here! Do you have any food with you?”…
      Make them think you’re harmless sheeple like everyone else. Maybe have a copy of “Inconvenient Truth” or “Becoming” on the coffee table instead of the Bible.
      In other words, hide in plain sight and try to get in with them so you can help destroy them from the inside out. You’re only one person against a well armed military force.
      Unless you are suicidal, in which case just ignore my comments and have a nice day.

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      • Govtgirl September 28, 21:04

        Soul-sucking, but smart.

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        • Miss Kitty September 29, 01:47

          I worked in chain store retail for many years…I have practice! 😁

          Kidding aside, the goal is to stay alive and passably sane. I’ve been doing some reading about the French (and other) resistance during WWII….just in case.
          I honestly don’t think it will come to this extreme , but with the political situation so unstable it never hurts to be prepared mentally for the worst case scenario as well as physically. Will it happen here… probably not. COULD it happen here… maybe. If certain parties get control of both houses and the presidency….. let’s just say it’s better to keep a low profile and hone your sucking up abilities.

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      • red September 30, 01:41

        You’re wise for such a young kid. The next step is called sales resistance. There’s an old joke called 7 Rules for Dealing with Whiteman: 1) Smile, nod, agree with everything they say and maybe they’ll go away. It progresses from there to Rule 7, feed the hogs. (Best place to hide the bodies 😉 That’s how a people survive and then revive and drive them out. Keep the peace, mind your mouth and make sure the kids know what to say, who to fear and why. Best thing I learned growing up was, emotions get you killed. Next, someone always sees something and will rat you out. Calm, cool, smiling, and then you will own them. If it doesn’t happen in your life, it will for the grandchildren. niio

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        • Miss Kitty September 30, 11:11

          Exactly! It operates on the same principle as black families having “the talk” with their kids as soon as they are able to understand.

          If you get pulled over by the cops, this is what you need to do…
          Don’t go to these neighborhoods alone.. Don’t go to these neighborhoods at night… Don’t go to these ones at all.. Etc.

          While it sucks that anyone has to live like that, the reality is that most of us DO. There are people out there who are going hate on you just because of what you look like, or what your religious or political affiliations are, or because they are just mentally unstable. Some of them are police and military, unfortunately, just because of the law of averages and law enforcement seems to attract people who like to power trip. Psychological screening weeds out only so many.
          There are neighborhoods you need to avoid, people and situations to avoid, certain ways you need to conduct yourself in certain situations so as to avoid bodily harm. It’s just another survival technique.

          I would love to hear the rest of the joke, btw. I have the feeling there is a lot of wisdom concealed in the 7points. 😉

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      • Raven tactical September 30, 10:39

        Not really the Afghans and Iraqis where able to prevent the us from victory .

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        • Miss Kitty September 30, 11:50

          What does being black have to do with getting pulled over?

          In some instances, nothing. You’ve got a busted taillight. In other instances, it’s the reason for getting pulled over – driving whilst being black. Depends on the cop, the location and the (local) racial and political climate.
          Unfortunately, it does happen. Happens to other people too, Hispanics, Asians, people with out of state license plates driving in certain areas late at night. Sometimes the cop is just bored or needs to meet a quota.
          My point is that there have been documented instances where minorities are assumed to be perpetrators based solely on skin color and circumstances/location.
          In any event, it’s better to cooperate with the authorities (or avoid contact if you can) and not give them an excuse to beat you up or kill you no matter what color you are.

          Reply to this comment
          • red October 1, 03:32

            Driving while injun is a common one. But, yeah, it’s true of all races. It’s a ploy to cause people to hate the state, to work against the state and nation. A divide and conquer strategy. If you hate the state, are you going to vote for the law and order crowd, after some bigot reams you? Or the clown who screams hate against the state? niio

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        • red October 1, 03:25

          Both nations are tribalized. They’re divided into tribes, just as the US was being divided. They’re ruled by terror, but look at all those women who dared vote for the first time, ever. We won, then the dems grabbed defeat out of the jaws of victory by treating the military like evil children. The dems always did love he terrorists. They support them. niio

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  16. IvyMike September 28, 00:25

    A friend of mine’s wife is an ER nurse who traveled from Texas to NOLA after Katrina, while Martial Law was in effect. She was working in an ER there and complained to some soldiers that they were killing innocent people. The team leader told her, expletives deleted, that they were from JSOC, it was martial law, and they could kill anybody they wanted to.
    What is legal? Whatever the Government can get away with, like the Indian Removal Act of 1830, Hoover refusing to rescue plantation labor from the Mississippi levees in 1927, the internment in concentration camps and confiscation of the property of American citizens by
    the American government in WW2, the out and theft of land titles from American citizens in Texas carried out by Government officials and the famous Texas Rangers in the first half of the 20th Century. Waco, Ruby Ridge, Cheney and Rumsfeld lying us into a war in Iraq. My Dad taught me, never ever trust the Government, the military, or the media because they are all lying to you.

    Reply to this comment
    • Raven tactical September 28, 02:11

      At least a few people understand it

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    • left coast chuck September 28, 04:26

      The internment of the American citizens during WWII was upheld by the supremes. So much for protection from government excesses by the supremes.

      Almost every week some federal judge rules that the Second Amendment is a limited right, not a full on right like the uhh — uhh forget which amendment it is that is a full on right. Just compensation for government seizure of your property — nope. The supremes ruled that the government can use condemnation to seize your property to sell to developers for general over all good of the government.

      Seizure of personal property without due process. Yup called red flag laws or in the case of drugs, The United States vs one 1947 Cadillac — the supreme strike again. Probably cause for a search warrant. Not under the FISA courts. Any lie will do. Just ask Trump about FISA warrants. Double jeopardy? Oh no, that went out in the 60s with the federales creating a whole new class of crime called violation of civil rights, so that if you are acquitted by a state jury of the real crime, the federales can try you once again for the same crime but call it violation of civil rights. Carry a bunch of cash? The cops can seize it under the RICO act. That was great when it was used to violate the rights of organized crime figures. Not so great when you are traveling to attend a car auction that only takes cash and you get stopped for speeding in a local jurisdiction speed trap and the cash gets seized by some local cop in a small county in Oklahoma.

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  17. red September 28, 03:47

    Ha’, yo, I love this article! But: If a president want to, he can disband the Supreme Court, replacing them with his own people. Jackson did it when the Cherokee Nation took him to court. The court declared the Nations to be independent countries. The army was told to withdraw from them. Jackson laughed and told them to get their own army to enforce the ruling. Big money backed him, and the court was helpless.

    All it takes is one bad president backed by sycophants in the military and the nation becomes a dictatorship. It’s happened countless times, and often to nations no one thought would fall. Mexico, Venezuela, Germany, S. Africa. This is why we vote. Even if the better one seems a little creepy, vote! Having lived under one-party rule, the dnc, for years, I will not vote for one, ever. If you study what Hitler did no matter what he said, then see what the dnc is doing, you see him running things. Green eco-fanatics, anti-tobacco, gun control (meaning, they control your access to any guns), land grabs by the parks/forestry department, nationalization of industries, pro-terrorist, and now the hatred of Israel and contempt for anything Jewish, including Christianity.

    If you were in the military, you can be forced to return to the military. Marines are best known for that, but it can happen to all of us. Word was, when the OK City bombing occurred, the Clintons were all set to declare a national emergency and take over. The military refused, but how many leaders were replaced by his friends?

    Under 9/11 the feds stopped everything for 3 days. I was stuck with family in Ohio, but by the time I got to Mexico, we were mostly back to normal. Mexico, though, was under military law and I was taken off a bus once, to question, and my luggage checked. Several times I was questioned while on a bus. Anyone not Mexican, or anyone who looked too Native American, the same. No la mordita demanded (the little bite, a bribe), just why are you here and so on. A kid from Australia very nearly got a beating for arguing with an ell-tee. Someone whistled out the window and he shut up. You live with it. It was humbling but not humiliating, and for the most part, the solders were respectful, but in another scenario? The kid might have been shot for acting like that, and it has happened in the US. niio

    Reply to this comment
    • Raven tactical September 28, 11:50

      Mexico has a new government every 3 years

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    • Justme September 30, 13:38

      Red. You’re name should be Brown because you are so full of it your skin and eyes must be brown I always knew that you are the poster girl for ignorance but never thought of you as a liar. the president CANNOT disband the SC. Only CONgress can create, abolish or split a court. Your public school education is showing ya ignorant liar. Yeah, it’s justme, loser.

      Reply to this comment
      • red October 1, 04:54

        I don’t deal with ingorence, but I’ll talk to you, anyway. You’re a backstabber and a coward. When the day comes we all hit the fan, you’ll be banging your head on the floor to your owners and handing over all you know about family and acquaintances. You’ll accept castration if you have to, and thank them for it. Your posts show a definite lack of maturity and something very shameful that happened to you when a child. Get over it before it rolls over you. Stop trying to be lordling over the peasants. Jackson got rid of every justice on the supreme court who dared fight him. The president has that right. Jackson replaced 6 men. In the event of an emergency, the president can force congress to its knees. Yeah, justme the eager beaver to be a loser.

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  18. Govtgirl September 28, 14:24

    I am big on law and order, but I found Sinclair Lewis’s 1935 book, It Can’t Happen Here very sobering. In it, due to some unrest, the government began to get tough. Slowly local authorities got stricter and stricter, martial law was imposed and soon the lowliest bureaucrat became more of a commandant. Movement was restricted so you were stuck and author is right, fear of reprisal is very controlling.

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  19. Jim September 28, 15:12

    If we experience Martial law, we had better be ready to fight. Freedom isn’t Free.

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  20. Jim September 28, 15:13

    If we experience Martial law, we had better be ready to fight. Freedom isn’t Free. I have never said that hear because I have never commented on this site before.

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  21. Grizz September 29, 16:10

    If I recall correctly, Lincoln enacted Posse Comitatus after the civil war. It said basically that our military could not be sent against us. Again if I remember right, obama neutralized PC with an executive order. The point has been made in several comments already that in the times we are headed for the Constitution will not be worth the paper it is written on, so to speak. Being former military and LE I have never worried as much about them as I do about the ad hoc vigilante groups that will form up to rape and pillage the local areas to regain “control”🙁

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    • Miss Kitty September 29, 20:32

      I agree with that assessment, Grizz. The people that I worry about are the gangs as well as the vigilantes. They already have the ‘me first” mindset, the lack of regard for others rights and privileges, the weaponry and the ruthlessness. Add in recreational drugs and alcohol and the lack of prescription psychiatric medications not only for them but for common crazies and random criminals and the whole thing is going to be chaos.
      Look at the looting during every weather related disaster – barely had the rain stopped but looters were picking through the rubble in the Bahamas after the hurricane. And most of them were probably just desperate, not desperados.
      Other people are the greatest threat in any shtf situation.

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  22. Govtgirl September 30, 10:32

    The folks who read this are the real resisters, not the sheep. If those who can fake being meek will inherit the earth, a lot of us are doomed. What you speak of are the real survival skills.

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    • Miss Kitty September 30, 11:14

      And like any skill, they are learnable. Step one is not to let false pride get you killed.

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      • red October 1, 03:38

        As most of the scars on my body can tell you! 🙂 Emotions get you killed. that’s the gist of the 7 Rules. Meekness keeps you alive in the face of an overpowering force. Roll with the punches or get rolled over. Then, begin a slow resistance and work towards victory. niio

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    • red September 30, 17:13

      Fake meek? Meek means humble. Moses was a meek man when he took up the sword and battled hundreds to the death. Jesus, very meek when he told his followers to sell a cloak and buy a sword. Israel is a very meek nation and so are their nuclear bombs meek. So are their troops, men and women, who sent their enemies home to lick their wounds and bury their dead. The meek will inherit the earth by putting the arrogant in the grave. Stay meek, and keep the knife sharp. Clergylady’s husband is at the doctor’s now, and she could use your prayers. niio

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  23. Wannabe September 30, 12:23

    I learned over the weekend that New Orleans mayor hired cops from California who were used to go door to door confiscating guns.

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    • Miss Kitty September 30, 16:39

      Doesn’t sound good for our brethren in NOLA, or the rest of the state, for that matter. Better hide the guns and report a “robbery”.

      Where did you see this information?

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    • red October 1, 03:46

      Wannabe: Why am I not surprised? Most ‘gun collectors’ in Penna like to play with concrete and stone. In Penna, it’s not unusual for a bulldozer to knock down stone fences and find a cache of arms from Indian days. They kicked out the Susquehannock in 1868 and a lot of people greased up their weapons and hid them, rather than be shot for owning them. Old house walls can hide any number of things. With metal detectors so cheap today, a little concrete and rebar does a nice job, as they can tell you in the Land of Taxes and Dead Dreams, Penna. niio

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  24. Govtgirl October 1, 09:08

    Okay, red. You and Miss Kitty make a lot of sense. Will practice. “Soft skills” is a misnomer.

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  25. red October 1, 17:11

    having psychologists in the fam, you grow up learning what’s normal. Nothing is. Normal is not acting too nutty 🙂 One thing I learned, how to deal with bad bosses and in-laws making problems. When they are yammering: Look at them and very, very slowly strip off each article of clothes but socks and shoes and see how silly they look standing there acting like idiots. A few decades ago, cooking for a chain restaurant, a bad boss stopped snarling at me to ask me why I was smiling. I told her. She started to burn, then shouted a laugh and used it on her bosses. Her whole attitude changed and people worked harder just because she was cool after that. If it worked on my drill sergeants, it’ll work on any-un (do not, never ever allow facial expressions around them! 🙂 niio

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  26. Trying my best October 3, 18:33

    Let’s get back to the point about Martial Law. I have given this great though. Would I take a life to protect my own meaning my family, let’s wait and see.

    I have prepared as much as I can. I live in the country, stored years of food for my family, can cook and heat in a wood burning stove with over 15 cords of wood ready to go, have almost 10,000 gals of water in storage with a solar pumping system that supply’s our home, barn and fields. Have a armorer of guns and ammo storied in walls, hay stack and containers with the most cheapest in sight to give to the invading government. Along with EMP proof contains to protect farm equipment and trucks along with over 1000 gals of fuel. Have a military truck with trailer and two other trucks that are EMP hardened and run on any fuel that can be burned. Raise my own food and meat. Also have many generators from 900 watts to 15,000 watts PTO driven from a tractor. Along with a 13,000 watt solar system.

    I even have much cash, gold from 1/10 – 1 ounce and silver one ounce coins and junk silver in storage knowing quite well I can’t eat it but for just in case.

    Along with lots of clothing in sealed containers for all ages and sewing supplies with a treadle machine to make cloths or repair. With in minutes to a few hours my family knows their way here to our safe house even if they have to walk. We have many guard dogs to sound the alarm, knowing they will be sacrificed. Also my family are great shots, may be not in combat, but could adapt in time of need.

    Now to answer the question. My neighbors are like minded, our police force are religious honorable men. By talking to them over the years we all have the conviction it would be better to give our lives in protection our family and love ones plus those thing that prolong life then to die like a coward.

    As you can see instead of talking about what we would like to do we have done the preparation and made the commitment.

    For you readers of “askaprepper” each week I take 2 articles using “word” and massage them making them available each week to my Church group for over 2.5 years now.

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    • Raven tactical October 11, 08:33

      Eh government will roll up and take everything you have. Your now a red flag risk and have supplies they can use

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      • red October 12, 02:17

        I was born under one. The government did it several times to the family in Penna. If you don’t comply exactly, they’ll shoot you, take what they want and kick you in the face when they leave. Cafe standards and all other mandates are just that. A kick in the face. niio

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  27. Posterity October 4, 02:10

    You are right that there will be no rights under Martial for martial law is lawlessness. You are dead wrong that martial law may be enacted. Martial law was in fact put in place by Lincoln by him calling up 75000 troops to invade the South. It has NEVER Been repealed and ALL presidents since Lincoln have perpetuated a constant state of Martial law or a state of emergency which Congress has made NO DISTINCTION. See Congressional Report No. 93-549, 93rd Congress…
    According to the Supreme Court, “Congress has made little or no distinction between a state of national emergency and a state of war.” Brown vs. Bernstein, D.C. pa., 49 F. Supp. 728, 732.

    According to the “Law of Nations”, “the most immediate effect of a state of war is that it activates the Law of War itself.”

    And according to the Law of War, “martial law is obtained during a state of war and in truth and reality, is no law at all.”
    FACT: you have lived your whole life under martial law and don’t know it.

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