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  1. Donald J Johnson says:

    Claude, I WOULD NEVER THINK OF UNSUBSCRIBING FROM YOUR SITE!! BUT, I’ve got a friend that may want to subscribe to Askaprepper. Maybe I’m blind, or just too danger old, I don’t see anything anywhere for them to subscribe on. Where is that done at? Thanks for all you do at Ask A Prepper, I doubt I could keep up with you if I were 16 year old TRIPLETS. THANKS AGAIN!
    Take care!

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  2. Valef says:

    I wish you would provide a transcript of your videos. Whenever I see that I have to watch a video to get info, I click away. Reading allows me to skim quickly to the kernel of your message.

  3. Betty hatter says:

    Cancel now

  4. Becky Floyd says:

    I am losing my job and need to change my email address to

  5. L M Tarris says:

    cancel your bull shit now

  6. Carolyn Ellis says:

    I’ve been trying to unsubscribe for awhile. Unsuccessfully!

  7. Carolyn Ellis says:

    I keep trying to unsubscribe! I haven’t been successful yet. Please take me off your list

  8. Linda Liberty says:

    Remove me completely from your mailing list effective immediately.
    Thank you, Linda Liberty

  9. Sandie Nies says:

    I love all the information that you put out. I want to keep receiving it. But now you’re starting to get like infomercials and we have to watch a Videos to find out what you’re saying. Can’t you just print it and tell us. It’s not gonna make me buy it anymore by watching a movie, then it is to just see it in print. I don’t watch movies. Like I said, I’ve enjoyed everything you put it but you’re getting a little bit too commercialized now.

  10. Tara Bice says:

    Although I am a subscriber, my mom emails me certain articles she thinks I would be interested in. So, her email is the one listed for unsubscribe. I read this article on ragweed, always looking for info. I use your books for many things. I’m subscribed to probly every email you send. However, I was shocked and entirely dismayed that you would fold to the notion of climate change. Seriously, with all your work in prepping, foraging, herbal medicine, etc.. I would never have guessed you would embrace this idea.

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