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Comments 22

  1. Donald J Johnson says:

    Claude, I WOULD NEVER THINK OF UNSUBSCRIBING FROM YOUR SITE!! BUT, I’ve got a friend that may want to subscribe to Askaprepper. Maybe I’m blind, or just too danger old, I don’t see anything anywhere for them to subscribe on. Where is that done at? Thanks for all you do at Ask A Prepper, I doubt I could keep up with you if I were 16 year old TRIPLETS. THANKS AGAIN!
    Take care!

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    • Steve Bohman says:

      Been trying to unsubsidized. Take me off your email list

  2. Valef says:

    I wish you would provide a transcript of your videos. Whenever I see that I have to watch a video to get info, I click away. Reading allows me to skim quickly to the kernel of your message.

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  3. Betty hatter says:

    Cancel now

  4. Becky Floyd says:

    I am losing my job and need to change my email address to

  5. L M Tarris says:

    cancel your bull shit now

  6. Carolyn Ellis says:

    I’ve been trying to unsubscribe for awhile. Unsuccessfully!

  7. Carolyn Ellis says:

    I keep trying to unsubscribe! I haven’t been successful yet. Please take me off your list

  8. Linda Liberty says:

    Remove me completely from your mailing list effective immediately.
    Thank you, Linda Liberty

  9. Sandie Nies says:

    I love all the information that you put out. I want to keep receiving it. But now you’re starting to get like infomercials and we have to watch a Videos to find out what you’re saying. Can’t you just print it and tell us. It’s not gonna make me buy it anymore by watching a movie, then it is to just see it in print. I don’t watch movies. Like I said, I’ve enjoyed everything you put it but you’re getting a little bit too commercialized now.

  10. Tara Bice says:

    Although I am a subscriber, my mom emails me certain articles she thinks I would be interested in. So, her email is the one listed for unsubscribe. I read this article on ragweed, always looking for info. I use your books for many things. I’m subscribed to probly every email you send. However, I was shocked and entirely dismayed that you would fold to the notion of climate change. Seriously, with all your work in prepping, foraging, herbal medicine, etc.. I would never have guessed you would embrace this idea.

  11. Linda J Roulston says:

    Wish to unsubribe as I never received books or info needed and info coming in not friendly user but ty

  12. Ed Moser says:

    Please unsubscribe me

  13. Ed Moser says:


  14. Lesley says:

    How do I update my email address?

  15. Bob says:

    Please take me off your list . I have never registered. I can not Unsubscribe .

  16. Stacey Bray says:

    The unsubscribe link is not working, It allows you to change your preferences to what you would like (i.e. unsubscribe completely) but the email address says “” and will not let you change it to your email so that you are in fact unsubscribed. Please unsubscribe me.

  17. SoCal Sombich says:

    The prepper stuff is okay sometimes, other times not so great, but on the average its useful. What is a pain are the insipid ads for bullshit products that cost way too much for somebody to try on a fixed income.

  18. Linda Napier says:

    Take me off your list, now!!!!! Take my email off your list

  19. Tom Cloud says:

    I bought your book “The Lost Ways” but indicated I did not want your emails. I received email today 2-3-2024. I asked to unsubscribe and was sent to the following page :

    I clicked unsubcribe button but the box would not let me enter my email. Thank you. I admire your enthusiasm and research but I do not want more emails.

    Best Wishes,
    Tom Cloud

  20. CRAIG says:


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