What Do You Think About These 5 States’ New Gun Control Bills?

Chris Browning
By Chris Browning February 14, 2019 08:08

What Do You Think About These 5 States’ New Gun Control Bills?

Following the tragic school shooting early last year at Parkland and an unprecedented wave of public activism, we have seen new gun control laws take effect at a faster rate than they ever have before all over the country.

At the Federal level, we saw President Trump direct the United States Department of Justice to prohibit the possession and sale of bump stocks while also signing into law the Fix NICS program.

But at the state level in particular, we have seen even more restrictions become law and put in place… including in several states with Republican governors and legislatures.

In this article, we will go over the most significant gun bills that became laws in states last year.

Here is the latest gun control laws that we have seen occur by state, presented in alphabetical order:


California’s gun control laws were among the strictest in the country if not the strictest already. The state outlaws the sale of all firearms listed on the California Department of Justice’s list of classified ‘assault weapons’ such as the AR-15, prohibits the selling of magazines that hold more than ten rounds, only allows the selling of handguns on the California DoJ’s roster of ‘approved handguns,’ has a ten day waiting period for firearm sales, and has set very strict laws regarding concealed carry and the transportation of firearms to name a few other things.

That being said, they became even tougher in late September of last year.Democratic Governor Jerry Brown signed a number of new gun control bills into law then, while simultaneously vetoing a couple of others. Now that the bills have been officially signed and officially became law in January 1st of 2019, we can more carefully analyze exactly what these bills do and the implications that they will hold for the future of Californian gun owners.

The most notable of the bills that Governor Brown signed into law include the following:

  • Raising the age limit to legally purchase a rifle or shotgun in California from 18-21, with exemptions for those in the military and law enforcement
  • Ban firearm ownership for life for any California resident convicted of specific domestic violence misdemeanors
  • Ban firearm ownership for life for California residents who have been in a mental hospital for over a year
  • Require a minimum of eight hours of gun safety training for applicants of a California CCW (concealed carry weapons) license
  • Require California law enforcement agencies to insert information on stolen or lost firearms into a statewide database a maximum of one week after the firearm was reported lost or stolen

Governor Brown also vetoed a piece of legislation (AB 2888), which would have allowed employers, co-workers, and school personnel to request that law enforcement confiscate firearms from those they believed to be a threat to themselves or to others.

In a written statement, Brown argued that the bill was unnecessary because under current California law immediate family members are already allowed to request a firearms restraining order from law enforcement, and that those family members would be better informed to request a firearms restraining order for a specific person.

Another gun control bill that Governor Brown vetoed Bill 1177, which would have prohibited any California resident from making more than one application to purchase a firearm every thirty days.


Following immense public pressure following the Marjory-Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in February of 2018, the then Governor of Florida, Rick Scott, signed into a law a number of bills that passed the GOP-controlled legislature, including raising the age limit to buy semi-automatic rifles to 21, prohibiting bump stocks in the state, and instituting a three day waiting period for the sale of any firearm.


Maryland is one of the bluest states in the country, but it also has a Republican governor in the form of Larry Hogan.

Nonetheless, Governor Hogan signed a number of new gun control bills into law in the state back in April of last year.

Among the bills signed was a ban on bump stocks in the state, revoking gun ownership rights for residents convicted of domestic violence, and installing extreme risk protection orders in the state.

New Jersey

In New Jersey, a ban on bump stocks was implemented by Democratic Governor Phil Murphy, in addition to expanding background checks, a ban on magazines that hold more than ten rounds, and implementing extreme risk protection orders.

A risk protection order, also known as a red flag law, essentially allows a law enforcement agency to obtain a court order to temporarily restrict the access of a designated individual to firearms for a certain length of time. It also enables people, such as educators, medical professionals, or relatives or close friends to obtain court orders against people who are deemed to be a threat to themselves or others as well.


As with Maryland, Vermont is a deep blue state with a Republican governor (Phil Scott).

Nonetheless, Governor Scott has been an advocate for gun control, and proved it when he signed into law a ban on magazines that hold more than ten rounds in the state, a ban on bump stocks, expanding background checks, and implementing domestic violence restrictions.

As we can clearly see, just because a state has a Republican-controlled government does not necessarily mean that that state will not be subject to receiving new gun control laws.

And furthermore, none of this means that we can expect to see no new gun control bills be turned into law for 2019 as well.

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Chris Browning
By Chris Browning February 14, 2019 08:08
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  1. Graywolf12 February 14, 14:01

    We will destroy you one small cut at a time. Communism marches on one small cut at a time.

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    • Hoosier Homesteader February 15, 10:54

      I agree Graywolf, a “little” change in the law here, a “tweek” to this law there; next thing you know, our right to keep and bare arms will be gone.
      I grieve for America, because I can see the majority population being brainwashed by those that have control. We The People, are being stripped of our rights, and only a few of us care. The media says, “Guns are bad. You shouldn’t have one because they’re dangerous. But don’t you worry about being defenceless, you can watch football!!!”

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    • T- Ozzy February 15, 19:16

      WELL, the SOCIALISTS are paving the way… and the STUPID…. WILL get EXACTLY WHAT “THEY” deserve!

      Reply to this comment
    • Pooh Bear February 21, 22:47

      Graywolf 12, I have been trying to say this on another prepper site. It won’t go through . One of the men said when SHTF he would shoot me. Is this the kind of people we are fighting to keep the 2nd Amendment for. He scares me

      Reply to this comment
    • fuck you October 17, 16:27

      Hello graycoward, your little communist ass is now on my radar. Good luck!!!

      Reply to this comment
  2. Rooster February 14, 14:04

    Ask the Jews from Germany

    Reply to this comment
  3. Nita February 14, 14:39

    I just got done reading “One Second After” by Joe Barrett. A good read if you want to see what COULD happen. The guys with “illegal” guns are the ones who would survive.

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  4. Kosmic February 14, 15:05

    The whole left coast should be included. Oregon legislators are socialist by vast majority. Life east of the Cascade Mtn range carry the state in votes. Bunch of commie mommies on the west side of the Cascades. There are several restrictive bills up for grabs now. Pray for us!!

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck February 15, 02:54

      That’s because Oregon and Washington have been infected with Californiaitis. Oregonians used to like a bumper sticker that read, “Welcome to Oregon. Now go back home.”

      It was a response to the many equity fugitives from California, who, having sold their homes in the PDRK for an outrageous sum, and seeking a less restrictive (read less socialistic) state moved to Oregon, upsetting the housing market by paying way above real value for homes and then immediately setting about voting for the very same kind of politicians they had fled the PDRK to escape. If you look at a voting map, you can see that Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington, all contiguous states to the PDRK have all been infected with Californiaitis. The disease has even spread as far east as Colorado and New Mexico which are infested with Californicans. Texas may be in danger of infestation too. Personally, I think Texas should ban all Californicans from purchasing homes in that state — wait! I haven’t moved there yet. Wait until I can move there, then ban them.

      Reply to this comment
      • PB- dave June 21, 12:19

        Chuck it is moving faster than you think….Oregon and Wash are so screwed up now that the Californians don’t even move there now. The latest targets are Idaho & Nevada. Home prices in Boise have double in 3 years. The I-25 corridor in Colorado has been totally Californicated, AND Texas was just 200k votes away from electing a proclaimed socialist for US senator….

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  5. Wilbur Mills February 14, 15:17

    In my book this is treason against the people and against our Constitution. Our Federal Government goes after Pot growers because of Federal Law, If the Constitution is the Federal LAW OF THE LAND then shouldn’t the Federal Government arrest state officials that try to and/or succeed in destroying a God given / Constitutionally backed right to protect yourself. To me this is TREASON! and should be treated as such.

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    • Auckland Escapee February 14, 15:54

      Wilbur, you are completely correct, but also completely wrong. The naked (no personal weapon) people rule this country, sure they have armed guards all about, but they have no gun, so they think maybe you should also have no weapon, just hire a squad of armed guards, maybe you can claim them of your tax, good luck with that

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      • Mitchell February 14, 17:20

        Chezgury pack animals like wild boar don’t go down so easily and usually are 600lbs of 7 or more season pending that if you take one down they attack the attacker. Boars are no joke but if you want go try and kill just one and when you run out of 5-10 rounds and still get chased by a 600lbs animal that runs faster than you and can bite through a car door don’t come crying to everyone else you’ve lost an arm or leg. To say a hunter is reckless is more of the left wing unintelligible rantings. It’s not an automatic rifle for hunting and to even use the idiotic phrasing of why not use a rocket propelled grenade better known in common terms of an RPG is beyond lunacy speak as their both illegal for ownership let alone hunting. What you don’t understand is this also applies to handguns for home defense which I guess you don’t understand why 12-15rds is needed as well since a single bullet isn’t always going to stop an attacker and what if theirs 3 home Intruders you really want to keep going or sit back down and rethink this. Headshots even in self defense are illegal before you even mention that as well.

        Reply to this comment
        • IvyMike February 15, 00:58

          Howdy! from Texas, the feral hog (wild boar) capital of the world, estimated 3 million piggies, with the girl pigs slinging up to 24 shoats a year. There are no 600 pound feral hogs, they average about 70 pounds, Hogzilla was a hoax. I have personally seen a .357 magnum round fired from a slightly deranged pistol totin friend of mine fail to penetrate the breast plate of a big male but they are commonly hunted with .556, and killed with one shot so you don’t ruin the meat. Check out the website of the great Motor City Madman Ted Nugent for interesting 2nd Amendment talk and the best way to prepare the game you harvest.
          The Supreme Court, liberal or conservative, has always upheld the right of State and Local governments to enact reasonable restrictions on gun ownership. That is why we vote, and if you’re outvoted, move to Texas!

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      • Pooh Bear February 15, 04:36

        Remember the the guy in Washington that was shot at the ball field. If he had had a gun bet he would have shot back. But he had an armed guard payed for by the tax payers.

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    • Stan February 14, 21:25

      For someone who seems to be so worried about the Constitution, it’s a shame you know so little about it…

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      • left coast chuck February 15, 03:18

        Stan: I assume you are replying to Wilbur Mills’ post. Rather than posting a bon mot that doesn’t really say anything, wouldn’t it be more enlightening, since you are a constitutional authority, to point out the errors in Wilbur Mills’ post?

        I certainly would like to see a treatise on the errors in Mr. Mills’ post. It would be refreshing to actually see some cogent arguments about the Second Amendment and other provisions of the Constitution rather than a de minimis remark that does nothing to educate or enlighten the readers of this list.

        I wonder if that Is the poster’s real name or a nom de plume. If it is the latter, it is an interesting choice of names.

        Wilbur Mills, for those readers who do not instantly recognize the name, was a very powerful chairman of the ways and means committee of the house of representatives. He was being mentioned as a possible nominee for the supremes or possibly a presidential candidate. Sadly, Mr. Mills developed a problem with alcohol and according to him, certain drugs.

        He was apprehended by the Washington DC police early one Sunday morning driving while under the influence of some perception altering substance. A stripper whose stage name was Fanny Fox was in his car at the time he was stopped. Ms. Fox exited the car and jumped into a fountain that was nearby. I believe, although I am not absolutely certain of it, that Ms. Fox was in a state of dishabille at the time of her fountain bathing.

        Although Mr. Mills was re-elected to his congressional seat in the next immediate election, he lost his chairmanship and faded into obscurity. A pathetic end to what had been an illustrious political career.

        Reply to this comment
        • Seer September 18, 17:26

          Aaaaah. Professor Verbage-Vomikosis arrives on scene, and multiple times at that, to clear everything all up for us here. Shew. Sooo glad he even learned some new foreign word-phrases to impress us to no end. (Accent on the “no end” part, I’m sure!)

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    • Dave from San Antonio September 17, 22:49

      They ‘all’ swore an ‘oath of office’ to the Constitution. They’ve broken it. The problem is that so many have done the same that charging anyone would be almost impossible.

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  6. PB- dave February 14, 15:23

    Isn’t it amazing, all the legislation is directed at banning inanimate objects, or prohibiting the acquisition of objects. Why are there no laws directed at unlawful activities being written or enforced? Everything written is, by design, to make lawful activities, by law-abiding citizens, into criminal activities.

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  7. Mitchell February 14, 15:27

    Revoking of violent felons is what’s fair if found guilty you don’t even deserve to be amongst us law-abiding folks especially the wife beating little shits that call themselves men. The mental institution one is oppressive but again they don’t put you in one unless your suicidal which we’ve seen what some suicidal people have done. The 8hrs for a CCW is found in many states like mine of Ohio but can constitutional open carry any time other than federal buildings and places that serve alcohol. The others yeah they can go to hell especially the magazine limits you can just buy more mags and practice fast reload times and even modify them to be fast pull/drop mags that you can reload in under 2 seconds.

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    • left coast chuck February 14, 18:01

      That would be nice if it really happened. Until Jerry Moonbeam signed legislation altering his much ballyhooed “Use A Gun, Go To Jail” law that he signed with great publicity and fanfare during his first time, in the PDRK, a criminal found guilty of using a firearm during the commission of a crime was supposed to be sentenced to a 5 year minimum, must serve, sentence. In other words he would not be eligible for consideration for parole until he had served at least five years of the sentence.

      Last year, even before Moonbeam had signed his reversal bill, a felon was arrested here in this county for the third time in four years for being in possession of a fire. That is a state felony with a five year bottom and a federal felony with an eight year bottom.

      What???? How could a felon be arrested three times in four years for possession of a felony if the crime carried a five year or even an eight year bottom? The answer is simple: The law is not being enforced.

      Now I have a conspiracy theory about the whole gun thing. It is an effort to eliminate all of the Bill of Rights. You see, when sentenced for any crime one of the provisions of probation or parole is that you are subject to search of your person, vehicle or residence at any time by any law enforcement officer. “Law enforcement officer” includes cops, parole officer, probation officers, code enforcement officers, homeland security goons, ICE, the swat team from social security, perhaps even fire marshals. Thus in one fell swoop, the government by you accepting parole or probation in lieu of going to jail manages to make you give up your right against searches and seizures.

      That’s for any misdemeanor OR felony. I think all these picayune “gun control” measures are an effort on the part of politicians to make every person in the country a criminal by one means or another so that another significant right falls and you can be stopped on the street day or night, your car can be tossed day or night, your home can be ransacked day or night.

      Take a recent example: Trump’s associate. I don’t even remember his name now. I think he is a lawyer. He was arrested last week for some alleged “crime” that Mueller had apparently uncovered. The man arrested had no prior criminal record of any kind. There was absolutely no indication that he was violent. He was not accused of a crime of violence. He is obviously not a young man who looks like he pumps iron and perhaps engages in martial arts training. He looks like a middle-aged to older lawyer. They arrested him with a armored up swat team at 0400. They came to his house with shotguns out and pointed at him. Just what in the name of the Constitution and our Founding Fathers was that? That’s the kind of arrest one makes of a heavily armed, convicted felon who has a reputation for resisting arrest. It isn’t the type of arrest one uses for a basically civil action. I think he is accused of lying to the FBI. Wow!! Crime of the century. I would submit that is a made up crime along with some of the obviously stupid gun laws that are being passed. And it is made up so that the government can have more criminals who have no Bill of Rights.

      Before you scoff at my posit, think about what I have outlined. If you think giving up your Fifth Amendment right in return for parole or probation is a figment of my imagination, go to your local courthouse and sit through what is commonly called “criminal calendar.” Listen carefully to the terms and conditions of probation. Or if you you don’t feel like doing that, go to the court clerk’s office and get a list of criminal cases from the register of actions and look at the terms of probation in the file. They are public records and you have a right to examine them. You will see that every single term of probation includes revocation of your Fifth Amendment rights.

      Of course, if you are convicted or plead guilty to a felony or sundry misdemeanors or are accused of spousal abuse (not convicted mind you, just accused) you Second Amendment rights are revoked. Oh, and if your neighbors or one of your “friends” or your Uncle Harry who has always despised you files a “Red Flag” complaint, your Second Amendment rights are suspended for some period of time, varying by state with no hearing afforded you and no notice until the cops show up on your doorstep with an order to seize all your firearms and ammunition.

      So do you think I am tin hat material? Do you think I have a paranoia complex? Or do you think Bloomberg, Soros, Bill Gates and the rest of the dot com millionaires, together with Pelosi, Feinstein, Cuomo and the rest of the anti-Second Amendment crowd just might have a plan that involves making everyone a criminal so that significant parts of the Bill of Rights don’t apply to the biggest part of the subjects of this country?

      Spend some time thinking about what I have laid out. Form your own opinion, but think about what I have said. Remember, I spent 25 years watching what was going on in the courtrooms of the PDRK from inside the well which is what that part of the courtroom is called on the judge’s side of the fence separating the common herd from the elite.

      Reply to this comment
      • Mitchell February 14, 22:07

        Oh I’ve seen some bullshit with these judges. The gun store around the block from got robbed they did everything right other than being ass holes and racists to their customers for years prior they got the guy he only was sentenced to 15yrs for the theft of 2 dozen firearms. Shop owners are more of ass holes but that’s their issues. I would say what your saying is the truth liberals fear and don’t want the general public to understand that they on ow of these violent people before hand. Columbine, Aurora CO, parkland, 9/11 and all other atrocious crimes committed have all came out as known ahead of the attacks. The ATF always cowers to the liberal left instead of handling the prosecution of gun related crimes as their supposed to with their attorneys and rule books. Maybe if the ATF and FBI pulled their heads out the sand and actually handled their case loads we could have gun related crimes drop by 96%.

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      • C. February 19, 12:41

        Everytime you travel by plane your 4th amendment rights are violated, not to mention your personal dignity. There are no universal rules concerning the activities of the TSA, the search & seizure procedures are different from airport to airport. What a damned farce they are. They aren’t keeping anyone safe, they’re a bad joke. We got that from GWB after 9/11, whilehe left the southern border wide open. Beware the Globalists who have crept into government, education, finance & religion.

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  8. Arya February 14, 15:39

    Sooo sad on the new gun control laws. Socialism is marching forward 😪

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  9. George Waters February 14, 15:40

    Anti gun laws affect the law abiding population, they do nothing to stop the criminals in society.

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  10. Rod Scott February 14, 15:46

    Why does anybody need more than 10 shots, weather hunting or at the rifle range ???????

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    • Arya February 14, 16:16

      That’s like saying, why do people need more than one vehicle? You can only drive one at a time. Freedom. What this country was built on

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    • Mitchell February 14, 16:16

      What about handguns? Police have guns that hold 20rds+ and they get stolen by gang members or other violent people. Also a magazine limit is just the start soon it will be fixed mags which even say in manuals if you have a jam or dud immediately drop the mag before extraction. Ammo is an explosive that propels the projectile you don’t want a fixed mag when theirs a stove pipe or double feed. Also it’s illegal to hunt in most states with more than 5 rounds but hog hunting you need every round possible their pack animals game and wildlife call more dangerous than a bear and they destroy enough crops in one night that a farmer could lose everything they have and board have also killed kids unprovoked as well as homeless people on the street. No mag limits will not stop their it’s just their form of control you and ban what you spent your money on to make a profit and put thousands out of work.

      Reply to this comment
      • Mitchell February 15, 04:47

        Actually ivymike Texas game and wildlife actually are quoted saying 100 to over 400lbs. Even at 250 their hide is thick as hell that you miss the one vital spot and 2 or three hogs will be looking at you as a target for aggression. Even with a 357 you’ll be lucky to stop every boar in just one shot at 200lbs+.

        Reply to this comment
    • chezgery February 14, 17:08

      If you need more than 10-rounds for hunting why not allow the use of rocket propelled grenades. I wouldn’t want to be near any hunter that needs more than 10-rounds, he’s mayhem in the forest to say the least.

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      • Josey Wales February 14, 23:17

        Have you ever hunted? Participated in any shooting sports? Anything? I believe you to be ignorant!

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      • left coast chuck February 15, 03:57

        While I certainly can’t comment on all the game laws in all the states, I do know that by federal law, shotgunners who are hunting migratory fowl and upland game fowl are limited to 3 rounds in their shotgun. They are also limited as to the amount of ammunition they can have with them in the blind. There is an exception for snow geese which have reached the pest status and hunters are encouraged to shoot as many of them as is possible.

        I am familiar with hunting regulation is a couple of states and the ones that I am familiar with have a 5-round limit on the magazines. No one is going afield with 30 round mags.

        That said, the Second Amendment is not about hunting. There is no mention in it about the rights of hunters to own weapons. The Second Amendment is about resistance to tyranny with which our founding fathers were quite familiar and with which we are becoming far more familiar than we should be in a country founded on individual freedoms.

        In order to resist tyranny, the resistors need to be armed with weapons equal to or better than those possessed by the forces of tyranny. The musket with bayonet socket was the latest and greatest weapon afield at the time of the Revolution. Our forefathers had no problem with citizens possessing cannons and muskets. In fact, the citizens were required although it was not strictly enforced to have available when called up, a musket and bayonet or sword. Towns pooled their resources and purchased cannons, powder and shot for the cannons. Rich individuals owned their own cannons or sometimes purchased them for the town militia. Many trading posts on the frontier had swivel guns mounted on the walls.

        For those who don’t know, a swivel gun is a fixed, mounted gun which could be described as either a very large shotgun or a small cannon. It was the smallest caliber crew-served weapon of the time. you need to bear in mind that large caliber weapons and crew-served weapons are tremendously expensive to fire.

        I have always wanted to fire a quad-50. However, if memory serves me correctly, the cyclic rate of fire of a quad 50 is 450 rounds per minute, times four equals 1800 rounds in one minute. When one considers that .50 caliber BMG ammunition runs anywhere from $2.00 on up in cost, unless I win the Powerball lottery, there is no way I am ever going to get to fire a quad 50.

        I have never priced 80 mm mortar shells at Big 5 Sporting Goods, so I can’t tell how much it would cost me to fire off a dozen 80 mm mortar rounds but probably way more than I could afford.

        But, in my interpretation of the Second Amendment, should I happen to win the Powerball lottery and have millions at my disposal, the Second Amendment says to me that I have the right to purchase a fully operational M1 Abrams main battle tank, complete with operational armament. If I can afford an F14 and the necessary armament staff and engineering staff to keep it airborne and operational, the Second Amendment says that I have that right if I think it necessary to resist tyranny,

        The Second Amendment leaves the states free to inflict whatever punishment they deem appropriate for misuse of those instruments as long as it is not cruel and unusual. Hanging, drawing and quartering were considered cruel even in the days when folks got hanged for stealing paltry sums of money. For those not familiar with that method of execution, the prisoner was drawn up by the neck and strangled until almost dead. He was then lowered back down and the drawing part of the sentence was performed. Drawing consisted of opening the abdomen and slowly drawing out the intestines. Then before the prisoner died of dried out bowels, an extremely painful death, by the way, he was attached to four horses by his limbs and the horses were started up in four different directions and his limbs were wrenched from his body and he was left to expire from a variety of causes. That was consider cruel punishment. Certainly different from our present weeping and wailing about whether prisoners experiences some discomfort when they are executed today.

        As so many have pointed out, the average citizen obeys the law. He doesn’t misuse his self-defense weapons illegally. He follows the law even though it is, in my opinion, a violation of his rights enumerated under the Second Amendment. It is the criminal who abuses his rights under the Second Amendment by using his firearm in unlawful ways which do not entail resisting tyranny. Robbing your neighbor at gunpoint, no matter how obnoxious his personality, is not resisting tyranny, it is armed robbery, plain and simple. That should be the reasonable restriction placed on firearm ownership in my opinion. You can own whatever you desire but if you use it to harm someone else’s property or person, stand by for the ram. And the ram should be vigorously applied. There should be no wringing of hands and marching and singing sad songs for criminals who have misused weapons to inflict injury or loss on innocent victims. The prescribed punishment should be carried out swiftly and surely.

        Well! With that diatribe unleashed on unsuspecting readers, I will pick up my soapbox and stalk off into the night.

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        • Pooh Bear February 15, 17:39

          Left Coast Chuck, Thank you for the history lesson. Gross as it is it happened. People today want to wipe history off the books and put there own ideas in it’s place. Look at what is happening in the south. If they have their way we will have no history. The 2nd amendment is our history we can’t let them wipe it off the books. We have to learn from our history not destroy it. I have my own soapbox to. I love my country and its hisory without it I would not be free to stand on my soapbox and say what I just said. God bless America again.

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        • Dave from San Antonio September 17, 23:06

          I think you forgot something on ‘drawing and quartering’. It was also usual to castrate the criminal and burn his ‘frank and two beans’ in front of him. Red hot iron would be applied so he didn’t bleed to death before everything else was done. This method of execution was mainly used on traitors to the Crown. Personally…I think it still has some uses.

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      • edsixgun February 15, 13:00


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        • left coast chuck February 15, 23:32

          Ahh, another compelling thesis pointing out the fallacies of the post to which it refers. Ed, thanks for your really serious critique of the post to which you might have reference.

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      • left coast chuck June 20, 18:18

        I suggest reading the Second Amendment. I have and no where in it do I see anything that says something like, “The right of the People to hunt shall not be infringed.”

        The Second Amendment has nothing to do with hunting. It has to do with defending oneself against those who wish to do evil.

        In addition, if you are culling pigs in Texas, unless you are such a world class shot that you can assure killing a pig with each shot, more than ten rounds means you can take out more of the sounder (term for a bunch of pigs) than if you have to change magazines.

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    • left coast chuck February 14, 17:25

      I’ll tell you why: Last year a law enforcement officer scored 14 hits on a wanted felon who continued to fire back at the officer even though he had been hit with 14, 185-grain, hollow-point, .45 automatic Colt pistol bullets. That’s the Colt .45 that is, according to urban legend, supposed to immediately end all hostile resistance even if it just hit someone in the hand. The criminal was actually dying but continued to fight. It wasn’t until the officer put a 15th bullet in the criminal’s head that destroyed his brain and ceased all nervous actions that the fight was over.

      This was a highly unusual case in that the officer scored hits with all of his shots. The typical police officer scores hits with less than 25% of his shots. These are supposedly trained gun handlers, supposedly trained in stress firing situations.

      Now you, Joe Citizen, who hasn’t had the supposed extensive training that the police officer has had, and isn’t accustomed to stress situations involving life and death are faced with 3 armed robbers who have invaded your home. Do you think you are going to score hits on all three with ten rounds in your firearm? Who do you think you are, Jerry Miculek? The Lone Ranger?

      Your store that is the life support of your family is under attack by a mob armed with molotov cocktails and you are defending your store. Think you might need more than ten rounds? Don’t think that can’t happen. It is happening more and more in these Un-united States.

      Oh, and by the way, the word you want is “whether”. Weather is what is happening outside right now. I will refrain from a further caustic comment which occurs because I try to eschew such remarks.

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    • Steve February 14, 19:43

      I agree . I think these legislators should be prosecuted under the U.S. Civil Rights Act!

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    • Graywolf12 February 14, 23:32

      Why does anyone need several dozen shoes?

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    • rebelgray February 15, 02:36

      Probably the same reason You drive a vehicle that will go 120 mph ! BTW, more people are killed/maimed each year in America by drunk drivers than are killed by guns ! Alcohol…….the weapon of choice for Ted Kennedy.

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    • Dave form San Antonio February 15, 15:37

      Ever need more than 10 little squares of toilet paper? It’s always nice to have more…if needed.

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    • rebelgray June 20, 17:10

      Why the heck do You need a vehicle that will go 120 mph ? Who are You to ask such an absurd question ?

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    • Bandit 4517 June 21, 13:50

      Just FYI, The Second Amendment is supposed to protect us from a tyrannical government. In short, the words “shall not be infringed” means that if the armed forces have a weapon, every adult citizen subject to serving in the Army, has the right to own, carry and use a similar weapon.

      Over time, and especially since 1968, these rights have been “infringed” so much that we are getting used to them. California in limiting both magazine capacity and the amount and cost / tax on ammunition is also an “infringement.” I seriously doubt that the Supreme Court would agree now; but that was the decision many years ago.

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    • Dave from San Antonio September 17, 22:56

      Do you use more than one sheet of toilet paper?

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  11. Arya February 14, 16:13

    Want to stop drunk drivers from killing sober drivers? Ban sober drivers from driving! That’s how gun control works in this country….😪

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  12. 462 loader February 14, 16:24

    Criminals won’t obay any gun control laws.
    These laws restrict law abiding citizens.
    They district our right to self defense
    And protection from tyrannical goverment!!!!

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  13. frosty February 14, 16:55

    you didnt mention the peoples republic of washington? i know not of other states domestic violence laws but here the wemen are ALWAYS the victum . restraining laws are also BS , thats just someone opinon .

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  14. Borealis 49er February 14, 16:58

    All gun control laws are illegal, the 2nd amendment gives all citizens of this country the right to keep & bare arms in defence of life, liberty & against all enemies foreign & “DOMESTIC”. All laws restricting that is against our constitution. Our current Legislative branch of government is so tired up in this One World Order crap that all they are ever going to do is try & make USA as bad as the rest of the world, were sex, drugs, guns, human trafficking is all OK. “Domestic Enemy”

    I think it is time to take back OUR country & take the power out of the hands of these America destroying representatives & senators. We need to demolish the current legislative branch of government & replace it with something that actually represents what law abiding citizens really want.


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  15. cptphilb February 14, 16:59

    These states are creating hundreds of thousands, if not millions of criminals out of law-abiding citizens. No-one in their right MIND would voluntarily disarm themselves! It’s insanity on the part of the left, on their way to their “all white Utopian Society” as envisioned by “Progressives” since the early 20th century.

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  16. Calvaryman February 14, 17:47

    If you want the 2D amendment upheld as written, fight back with constitutional judges and justices. One thing to do is to start asking, WHERE IS JUSTICE GINSBERG! WHERE IS JUSTICE GINSBERG!! It’s time for another appointment.

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  17. Ben February 14, 18:14

    One step at a time is how we “law-abiding” citizens get shafted.

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  18. Upper left coast Clay February 14, 19:44

    I am a democrat . I own several fire arms . They are for self protecting and sport shooting , I keep them imprisoned so they can’t get out and go on a rampage killing innocent people. The thought that more restrictive gun laws will stop people from being killed is as stupid as spending billions on a wall that will not slow down illegals from entering the country. Spend some of that money on mental health issues, and stop people from killing people. Only a mentally ill person would murder children and teachers . Only after they kill is it found that they had mental issues that were ignored.

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    • C. February 19, 13:08

      We could cut off welfare to illegal aliens & ne’er do well Americans, kick their anchor babies out of our schools, sweep them out of state & federal prisons & deposit them in their country of origin. The 5 billion for a wall is a rounding error when we are 2 trillion dollars in debt. Stop the assistance to illegal aliens, expel the ones squatting here, build the wall & stock it with sharp shooters. Won’t have to kill many before they get the picture. Swift, sure & public executions for first degree murder would also help.

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    • Dave from San Antonio September 17, 23:19

      Mine are ‘free range’ and not imprisoned. Never had a problem. My kids were taught very early on, ‘Don’t touch’. Later, when they turned about 5 or 6, I taught them with a BB gun and then, as they got older moved up to the real thing. (Although, some of the newer ‘airguns’ are very capable as hunting arms.) I’ve never had a problem as my kids respected firearms and what they could do. In all my life, I have yet to see a firearm go out and stalk someone to shoot. They just don’t do that. My sympathies, to you, on being a democrat, although, with a little work you might graduate up the ladder and become a conservative.

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  19. Armin February 14, 20:42

    Firstly, I agree completely with the second amendment that gives the people the right to own guns as a last resort against a tyrannical government. This really is the death by a thousand cuts. Take your freedoms away one little bit at a time because of a very few incidents by some sick individuals. And because of that all of a sudden the sky is falling a la chicken little. I don’t want to weigh in on this too much as it is a very hot topic and I keep getting shot down. Perhaps this is not so much a march towards communism as a march towards dictatorship. This is fear of the many by the few. The people in power, the few, are scared poopless of us, the many. If the many ever properly organized they would have no problems overthrowing any kind of tyrannical government and the few realize this, hence their agenda underway to disarm us all. We all realize it’s about control. And the fear of us by them. And the sad thing is that it will not make any difference to the criminals. They’re always able to get weapons no matter what. It’s the law abiding citizens that will suffer. If the majority of people are not allowed to carry weapons then what will most likely happen is that they will be preyed upon by the criminal element and crime will increase. Case in point is Switzerland. EVERYONE has a gun in their house and they are trained in its use. And the criminals know this. Gun related crime is VERY low in Switzerland. So I guess the sad truth is that no matter what country you live in there’s always some jackass that wants what you have and doesn’t want to pay for it. I’ve had discussions at length about concealed carry with a lot of very smart people on this website and am starting to understand it more. The law abiding citizen with concealed carry is not the problem and as many people in the United States have grown up with guns it’s second nature for them to carry a weapon with them. They’re not the problem and I understand that. Up here in Canada we are allowed to own a long rifle but for the average person to own a handgun is virtually impossible. And gun related crime seems to be on the increase even up here. I really believe that if you have a RESPONSIBLE citizenry that is armed then crime would be virtually non existent. There would always be the exceptions but they would be in the minority. Second amendment rights need to be enshrined. But I do agree with one thing. The checks for anyone wanting to own a hand gun should be much more stringent so as to weed out the malcontents and the mentally unstable. I don’t know what the process is in the United States to purchase a firearm but you shouldn’t be able to just walk into your local Walmart, slap down some money and walk out with a gun. Like any other tool, in the wrong hands a gun is very dangerous. And as the cliché says, it’s not guns that kill people. It’s people that kill people no matter their weapon of choice. Even a vehicle can be used to murder someone as was shown up here in Canada either last year or the year before where someone used their van to mow down a number of people waiting at a bus stop. And I don’t want to profile any particular group of people and I know for a fact there’s many good Muslims in the world. But the person that did this had a very middle eastern sounding name. So you have to wonder. But there may be something happening to everyone on planet earth as the latest strange news item was a young lady throwing a chair from her apartment balcony onto what I believe was a highway. What drives these people and why is it happening in the first place? Blame it on GMO’s? Drugs? LOL! I can’t see cannabis making someone do something like that. Again, more than likely, mental problems.

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    • Stan February 14, 21:29

      Anyone who thinks a mosin nagat is gonna protect them from a military that can drop smart bombs from stealth drones, piloted half a world away is a fool of the highest order.

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      • Dave February 15, 00:19

        Is the objective to be protected, or to be free?
        True, a Mosin-Nagant won’t stop an aerial bomb, whether falling from a stealth drone or the Goodyear Blimp.
        Also True: One round of 7.62x54mm from that old Russian rifle into the avionics and guidance package of any drone, and it won’t be flying for about a week. They have to land to be serviced, and that location is always discoverable and usually penetrable.
        Equally True: It takes about a year to train a drone pilot. It takes less than a millisecond to atomize all that training into a pink mist, using that same old Russian rifle. They are locatable, they are identifiable, and they are approachable to within effective range. You simply cannot insist upon surviving afterward.
        So, again the question: Protected, or free?

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      • left coast chuck February 16, 05:19

        Stan: Apparently you have already forgotten the outstanding success the Russians had against the Afghanis during their period of folly in that country. When Russia invaded, the Afghanis were armed mostly with Lee-Enfield Mark 1s in .303 British. The British equivalent of the Mosin-Nagant. ( Please notice the correct spelling for the firearm)

        Perhaps you will recall what happened to that inglorious excursion. The Russians used almost everything in their arsenal including main battle tanks, jet aircraft and Hind helicopters. And the Afghanis only armed with small arms and very light field artillery, mostly shoulder fired rockets and mortars drove them from their country.

        If you search your memory banks, you might recall a similar excursion the U.S. was involved in a few years earlier called the Viet Nam War, which the Vietnamese call the American War. The U.S. likewise used almost every weapon in its arsenal. You may recall how that excursions ended, with U.S. Marines kicking the Vietnamese who had worked with the U.S. forces for ten or more years off the skids of the helicopters evacuating the U.S. Embassy in downtown Saigon. That was the one day of my life when I was ashamed to call myself a citizen of the U.S.The North Vietnamese army was able to accomplish that with mostly small arms and crew served field artillery. No heavy bombers and except for limited defense over North Viet Nam, no air force and certainly no blue water Navy. No aircraft carriers. They didn’t really get tanks and armored personnel carriers into the field until the U.S. had pulled out.

        Going back further in history, it was folks like you who were called Tories who decried and ridiculed the Patriots who opposed the finest army and navy in the world at that time. How silly of them. The British army would sweep them from the field. Well, just like the U.S, did in Viet Nam, Russia in Afghanistan, the U.S. did in Iraq and we are about to do again in Afghanistan, they gave up and marched off. The Brits did not declare that they had won however.

        So don’t undersell the Patriot armed with only a rifle and think that he hasn’t got a chance against the sophisticated weaponry of a modern dictatorship.

        I know a former Navy pilot who flew combat missions in Viet Nam and they were always concerned about the “golden BB”. That unlucky (or lucky, depending on one’s viewpoint) shot that managed to hit the one vital weak spot on the aircraft and that would bring down a multi-million dollar a/c with a 15¢ 7.62 mm bullet. Prices were cheaper then for ammo. Those were the days of $7.99 bricks of Winchester Wildcat .22 ammo.

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    • CharlieDog February 14, 23:54

      A person can’t just walk into a store, hand over money, and walk out with a firearm. There are background checks, at a minimum, and some states require waiting periods before an individual can acquire the firearm. Some states require firearms registration, also, so any crime committed with a registered firearm would be relatively easy to track back to an owner. I understand that many media sources imply the US hands out guns all Willy-nilly and in a laissez-faire manner, but we do actually have relatively strict laws for law-abiding citizens to obtain firearms.

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  20. oldman February 14, 23:22

    why is it that just because I was a young and dumb kid and stole a car and was convicted of a felony that I am branded for life from ever having a fire arm.. I have never hurt any one or threathen anyone.. never beat anyone up.. I have now been in business for 20 years and never in any kind of trouble but I am still a bad person and can not own a gun.. that does not seem fair to me

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    • left coast chuck February 15, 02:45

      Actually, a federal Supreme asked that very question about a misdemeanor. There are some classes of misdemeanor that also preclude ownership of a firearm for life. Unfortunately, the justice that asked the question happened to die of a “heart attack” before the question could be answered.

      Why don’t you consult with an attorney and see about seeking a pardon or a certificate of rehabilitation. Those are available to citizens who have paid their debt to society and can restore your complete civil rights to you. Every state is different and I am only casually familiar with the laws in the PDRK dealing with declarations of rehabilitation. You might be able to own firearms once again.

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  21. Pooh Bear February 15, 04:10

    If they take our 2nd amendment rights then what will stop them from taking our 1st and 14th amendment rights. We need to get our heads out of the sand and see what is happening. At the end of time good shall be evil and evil shall be good. Look at our country this is happening now. The 2nd amendment was good for over 200 years now it is evil. Can anybody think of other things that have flipped.

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  22. Pooh Bear February 15, 04:57

    Stan, there goes the 14th amendment.

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  23. Armin February 15, 19:10

    I don’t know if any of you have come across the latest from Trump but he’s just declared a national emergency to get around congress to fund his wall. What kind of a president does that? Someone that will get his way like a petulant two year-old no matter what. And that wall is so much BS and a total waste of money and resources. I bet if you look behind it you’ll find that it’s Trump’s buddies that are building that wall. Somewhere there’s a tape of Trump publically saying that he’ll take care of his rich buddies if he gets elected. You build a wall that no one can get over then they just tunnel underneath it which they’ve already started doing. And Nancy Pelosi, House Speaker, came back with, that because Trump set a very dangerous precedent with this fake emergency to circumvent congress a democratic president could declare a national emergency on guns. Perhaps it has really begun and this IS the end of time as Pooh Bear has alluded to. Because right now anyone with more than two brain cells left to rub together can clearly see that things are upside down. Good is bad. Bad is good. Welcome 1984. Hollywood is becoming more like Babylon the fallen daily. More and more they’re trying to push the idea down our throats that somehow homosexuality is good and should be acceptable and they should have the same rights as everyone else. Especially up here in Canada. Don’t agree with that at all. It’s fine to be compassionate but you have to draw the line somewhere. The bible is clearly against homosexuality and being “gay” is so wrong on so many levels. As if calling it “gay” somehow makes it better. There are so many other things that have “flipped”, Pooh Bear. You just have to look around you and the examples are glaringly obvious everywhere. The banks rule government not the other way around. The arms dealers are becoming richer day by day and people are dying all over the world because of their greed and wanton disrespect for human life. You have a psychopath sitting as POTUS in the White House. Trump is very dangerous. He has no ethics or morals. He’s capable of anything. He needs to be thrown out of office now before he does any more damage. What other cards does he have up his sleeve to circumvent the rule of law and screw the American people even more? What he does have is a monstrous ego and the emotional maturity of an 8 year-old. And my gut feeling is that Trump would like nothing better than to become the first dictator of the United States. For all your sakes and the sake of the world Trump needs to go now. You guys certainly have an interesting dog and pony show going on with Trump. America has become the laughing stock of the world. America used to be the greatest country in the world but how the mighty have fallen.

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    • Graywolf12 February 15, 21:30

      Your feeling about us belongs above the border. Really there are many things about your national government stinks, but we accept the people voted for them, so we should let it be. I have been in every Providence except News Brunswick and Nova Scotia, so I have some knowledge of the country. Can you say the same for your knowledge of the USA?

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    • left coast chuck February 16, 04:55

      Armin. I see no reason, with the rights supposedly guaranteed by the Second Amendment, why anyone should not be able to walk into Walmart, lay down their bucks and walk out with any firearm in the world.

      HOWEVER, the minute that person misuses that firearm, he should severely punished. And I mean severely. He should serve every minute of the sentence with no good time and no parole.

      I visited Angola, the Louisiana State Prison some years ago and was part of a group that was granted the privilege of touring the grounds and the museum there. At Angola, you must have ten years of unblemished time served before you are CONSIDERED for trustee status. (Sorry about the caps, but this program doesn’t allow italics or bold face) If you have one infraction, your ten years starts over. Recently three prisoners were released by court order. The first ever to leave Angola without a governor’s pardon or in a pine box.

      Once a trustee, however, they are granted considerable freedmen and privileges. The Angola Men’s Choir goes off prison grounds to give concerts accompanied by a sole prison guard. Trustees can earn money by a variety of handicrafts and other skills. They work as blacksmiths and make jewelry. But one infraction and the ten years starts over again. Trustee status is a treasured goal for most prisoners there.

      Now, as to U.S. politics. Both of our countries have politicians we are not proud of. Canada, despite the idealism with which some folks in the U.S. view it is far from the perfect country. I did notice that all the folks who promised that they would move to Canada if Donald were elected somehow are still hanging around their usual haunts here in the U.S.

      I don’t recall anyone on this list soliciting your opinion of our elected political leaders. I won’t offer my unsolicited opinion of some of Canada’s political leaders. I would appreciate your following the same policy. We have the right of freedom of speech in this country. I would point out the Right of Free Speech does not apply to citizens of other countries. I am not sure that freedom of speech is provided for in the governing laws of Canada. Certainly the Second Amendment does not apply as has been amply demonstrated in recent years. If that’s fine with Canadians, that’s fine with me. I won’t comment on what I think of it.

      Otherwise, I look forward to your posts and enjoy reading them even if I don’t agree with them.

      By the way, I don’t know if Harbor Freight has outlets in Canada, but they carry O’Keeffe’s Hand Cream and, of course, good ole’ Amazon carries it too. Although I understand they are currently not shipping to NYC, especially Long Island.

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    • C. February 19, 13:23

      Note some of the stupid things Obama declared national emergencies for! Here’s a list of the 28 active national emergencies:

      1. Blocking Iranian Government Property (Nov. 14, 1979)

      2. Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction (Nov. 14, 1994)

      3. Prohibiting Transactions with Terrorists Who Threaten to Disrupt the Middle East Peace Process (Jan. 23, 1995)

      4. Prohibiting Certain Transactions with Respect to the Development of Iranian Petroleum Resources (Mar. 15, 1995)

      5. Blocking Assets and Prohibiting Transactions with Significant Narcotics Traffickers (Oct. 21, 1995)

      6. Regulations of the Anchorage and Movement of Vessels with Respect to Cuba (Mar. 1, 1996)

      7. Blocking Sudanese Government Property and Prohibiting Transactions with Sudan (Nov. 3, 1997)

      8. Blocking Property of Persons Who Threaten International Stabilization Efforts in the Western Balkans (Jun. 26, 2001)

      9. Continuation of Export Control Regulations (Aug. 17, 2001)

      10. Declaration of National Emergency by Reason of Certain Terrorist Attacks (Sept. 14, 2001)

      11. Blocking Property and Prohibiting Transactions with Persons who Commit, Threaten to Commit, or Support Terrorism (Sept. 23, 2001)

      12. Blocking Property of Persons Undermining Democratic Processes or Institutions in Zimbabwe (Mar. 6, 2003)

      13. Protecting the Development Fund for Iraq and Certain Other Property in Which Iraq has an Interest (May 22, 2003)

      14. Blocking Property of Certain Persons and Prohibiting the Export of Certain Goods to Syria (May 11, 2004)

      15. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Undermining Democratic Processes or Institutions in Belarus (Jun. 16, 2006)

      16. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Conflict in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (Oct. 27, 2006)

      17. Blocking Property of Persons Undermining the Sovereignty of Lebanon or Its Democratic Processes and Institutions (Aug. 1, 2007)

      18. Continuing Certain Restrictions with Respect to North Korea and North Korean Nationals (Jun. 26, 2008)

      19. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Conflict in Somalia (Apr. 12, 2010)

      20. Blocking Property and Prohibiting Certain Transactions Related to Libya (Feb. 25, 2011)

      21. Blocking Property of Transnational Criminal Organizations (Jul. 25, 2011)

      22. Blocking Property of Persons Threatening the Peace, Security, or Stability of Yemen (May 16, 2012)

      23. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Ukraine (Mar. 6, 2014)

      24. Blocking Property of Certain Persons With Respect to South Sudan (Apr. 3, 2014)

      25. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Conflict in the Central African Republic (May 12, 2014)

      26. Blocking Property and Suspending Entry of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Venezuela (Mar. 9, 2015)

      27. Blocking the Property of Certain Persons Engaging in Significant Malicious Cyber-Enabled Activities (Apr. 1, 2015)

      28. Blocking Property of Certain Persons Contributing to the Situation in Burundi (Nov. 23, 2015)

      You don’t think a criminal invasion of your country is a national emergency?

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  24. T- Ozzy February 15, 19:14

    HA! I would not EVER.. consider ever VISITING ANY of these states. It’s simple, people, we move to an area we can, some-what afford and go from there. NONE of these states in article is as one might LIKE to live. FLORIDA is more of a HYPE, BEING in a peninsula is NOT my idea of GREAT OPTIONS…

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  25. Ben February 15, 20:07

    “What sorrow for those who say that evil is good and good is evil, that dark is light and light is dark, that bitter is sweet and sweet is bitter.” ~ Isaiah 5:20

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  26. Ben February 15, 20:13

    I believe all of the craziness we are seeing today is being driven by Politics. Everything seems to change with politics. Religion changes with politics. Marriage changes with politics. Where humans come from changes with politics. The right to bear arms changes with politics. Everything changes with politics. Even Politics change with Politics.

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  27. Fat Nasty February 15, 20:54

    ” To conquer a nation, first disarm its citizens.”
    Adolph Hitler

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  28. Ben February 15, 21:06

    The drumbeat about gun control is getting louder, which means it’s getting closer. Who knows what will really happen in the following months and in the not-so-distance years? The Left is totally out of control and out for revenge. They Right is sitting on their hands (as usual) and afraid they might make the Left angry.

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  29. Northern Nevada Norman February 17, 16:27

    I work for a state agency that tracks new residents moving in … average of 8000 Kalifornicators coming in to the state of Nevada each month (that is, the ones who bother to follow our states’ laws & register within 30 days, that is). The last 10 years have ripped apart the best of Nevada.

    Our Democrat majority Legislature pushed thru a bill from 2016 (Found at that time NOT enforceable, but evidently, now it is) that ALL sales of guns, including private, MUST have background checks (like Chuck, apologies for caps). Can’t even give your firearms to your kids without background checks. Law-abiding gun owners financially penalized, because we all KNOW the criminals will bust down doors to get their backgrounds done.

    Majority of Northern Nevadans voted no, Kalifornia-infected Southern Nevada (aka, “the great state of Las Vegas”) voted it in. Our New Democrat governor (“Cry Baby Sissy Sisolak”) was overjoyed to vote the bill into law.

    Add Nevada to the list of states invaded and ruined by Kalifornia. The illegals aren’t screwing Nevada, it’s the “entitled” liberals to the left. Let Trump build his wall on the border of Nevada & Kali.

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  30. Wannabe February 17, 23:15

    Never give up your guns. Period, no other discussion is necessary.

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  31. Pooh Bear February 19, 13:52

    Keep writing guys. There is no school in the US teaches the things I have learned on this site.

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  32. Pooh Bear February 19, 16:53

    Nita, the library is getting One Second After for me. Can’t wait to read it. Have you seen the movie Atlas Shrugged. It is in 3 parts. It tells what happens when the government tries to make everybody financially equal. Boy is it good.

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  33. Pooh Bear February 19, 17:02

    For some reason my phone puts things I say in twice. Sorry about that guys.

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  34. Yank February 21, 18:49

    The shootings in Parkland, Texas, Vegas and other shootings… research them if you haven’t already. In Texas, the presence of a government agency but not to thwart the attack. In Parkland, the presence of a government agency and the attack is permitted to go on with officers waiting outside and ignoring protocol. Look at the things that are reported and dig for the things that are not reported. Don’t believe what you are told until you know more for yourself as to what the hell actually happened. God bless!

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  35. Red Ant February 26, 22:02

    SEE what happens when we don’t stand up to the bullies… I hope Texas stays true and tells them to eat crap. but we here also have stupid people. Here it comes. what is sad to me is that no person here on earth can live by every law that they put on us. not even them can do this. o I for got they don’t have to obey them. look at the police, most don’t even no the laws… what a joke America has become. LMAO JOHN 3:16

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  36. Sad June 20, 20:46

    I see some comments on the Wall, wonder if anyone has figured out that its not to keep them out, its to keep us in.
    Once they get away with taking our guns they let all the gangs and criminals come in and voila, coast to coast hell.

    On another note, anyone ever watch clips of the hotels in Las Vegas being “deconstructed” in five mins? Sure looks like the twin towers had the same issue. You can call me a tin hat wearer but I find myself wondering who was responsible???

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  37. Elfin October 17, 22:55

    After serving twenty years in the Marine Corps, my father purchased a farm. I was six at the time. I continued living at home until I was twenty-one when I married and moved away. During those fifteen years at home, a loaded shotgun was propped up behind the back of our kitchen door so if a fox or other undesirable critter decided one of my mother’s chickens would make a good meal, it was its last attempt. Even as a little girl, I understood a firearm was not a toy and never touched it. I cannot remember my father sitting me down and explaining this to me, I just inherently understood it was dangerous. At about sixteen, my father taught me the DOs and DON’T’s of firearms and taught me how to use them. I became a fairly good shot. All young ladies, he felt, should be capable of defending themselves in an emergency. When did this parental skill and responsibility disappear?

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  38. Jew4Jesus September 17, 21:56

    I dare them to take our guns away. Only one of the guns we own are registered. That is the one my husband just bought. No one knows where my husband has them all along with all the bows and arrows and knifes and such. He has them all hidden. Ain’t no one going to find them as the mountain people where my husband grew up said.
    We are both Veterans and we will not give up anything.

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