Why Now More Than Ever You Should Prepare For the Upcoming EMP

Rich M.
By Rich M. October 30, 2020 10:04

Why Now More Than Ever You Should Prepare For the Upcoming EMP

In the midst of a global pandemic, riots that have caused over two billion dollars worth of damage and a year that seems like the disaster of the month club, it’s perhaps not surprising that many have forgotten about the potential disasters that we’ve concerned ourselves with over the last decade. Even so, it’s hard to believe that I haven’t heard anyone talking about EMP for months.

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The Risk Has Grown

The threat of an EMP hasn’t gone away. In fact, I’d say it’s higher than ever. As our enemies around the world look at the growing interest in EMP preparedness that has risen over recent years (before the pandemic), it seems to me that they would have to see that their time is running short. If they ever intend to use an EMP against us, it will have to be soon, before we’re ready for it.

Why Now More Than Ever You Should Prepare For the Upcoming EMPAs it stands right now, the government has done very little to protect the electrical grid against the very real danger of an attack by EMP. Those precautions they have taken are more to protect the government itself, rather than to protect the grid or We the People. Even so, each step the government takes makes the risk of retaliation greater for those enemies who may try to cripple our country in this way. Attacking sooner, rather than later, is merely a matter of self-preservation, for those who have already declared their willingness to destroy our country.

Those enemies do exist. North Korea and Iran have both clearly expressed their intent to destroy the United States and have both openly talked about using an EMP to do so. We know for a fact that North Korea has the missiles and the nukes to stage such an attack and Iran is hard on their heels to develop the technology. If rumors I’ve heard are true, North Korea has even given them some technical advice, helping them to further their program.

Then there are the big boys; Russian and China; both countries with imperialistic ambitions, which have been largely thwarted by the United States and our commitment to maintaining the integrity of existing borders between countries. Our relations with both countries have been slowly declining, lessening any perceived reason not to attack us in this way.

Should either of those countries decide that it is in their national interest to take the United States out of the way, they would most likely work through some surrogate, like the abovementioned rogue nations or even a terrorist organization. They’ll do that to give themselves credible deniability on the world stage, with the idea of eliminating any retaliation from our allies.

Why Now More Than Ever You Should Prepare For the Upcoming EMPWith so much government focus on the things that are going on in our nation today; COVID-19, riots and the elections, strategic surprise would be easy to achieve. That’s essential in pulling off such an attack, and even more critical to help avoid the United States retaliating against whomever fomented the attack. As much as our enemies might hate us, they don’t want to die in the process of trying to destroy us and our way of life.

At the same time, there have been more and more cybertattacks on our electric grid. While these have caused minimal damage, each of them is teaching our enemies more and more about our weaknesses and vulnerabilities. That knowledge could help lead them to the ability to combine cyberattacks with an EMP, especially if they are unable to take out the entire country’s grid with one explosion.

The Damage Could be Even Greater

Why Now More Than Ever You Should Prepare For the Upcoming EMPFrom the viewpoint of the average American, an EMP attack could have even graver consequences than it would have had in 2019. Our nation is still reeling from the financial impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, as is the rest of the world. Millions of people are still laid-off from their work, and millions of small business have either declared bankruptcy or are on the verge of doing so. Even major retail chains have suffered, with dozens closing stores and claiming bankruptcy.

What that means is that a large portion of our population is suffering financially. They don’t have the reserves they normally would, no matter how meager those might be. Should an EMP hit, there is less those people can do to take care of themselves, because they don’t have the resources.

Of course, our society is trending more and more that way anyway, because of a greater dependence on the government to help us out in any emergency. While that help is nice for those who receive it, it’s a bit like feeding the bears in Yellowstone Park. Eventually the bears forget how to forage for food, just like a lot of people are forgetting how to earn a living for themselves and meet their own needs.

But the government is less prepared to help We the People than they have been in years. All the disasters over the last decade have bankrupt FEMA, the government’s disaster relief arm. They are far from ready to provide the aid that people will need in the wake of that EMP.

Why Now More Than Ever You Should Prepare For the Upcoming EMPThere’s also an aspect to this year which affects the prepper community. While we pride ourselves on being ready for any emergency, 2020 may have drawn down on our reserves, especially those of us who have been laid off due to the pandemic. Unless we have had the finances necessary to restock, now that the grocery stores are full again, many of us have holes in our stockpiles. Those holes could play a significant role in our ability to survive in the wake of an EMP.

We need things to settle down a little, so that we can get our perspective back and prepare for the next disaster. But 2020 doesn’t seem to want to let us do that. So we’re just going to have to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and get ready. After all, we still don’t know what disasters the rest of the year has in store for us and there’s no guarantee that 2021 will be better.

Make Use of that Time

Why Now More Than Ever You Should Prepare For the Upcoming EMPCOVID-19 has put a lot of people out of work in the last few months, while many more of us are working from home. We’re not going out as much either, due to businesses being closed and the need for social distancing. With all that, most of us have time to get those prepping projects we’ve been wanting to do out of the way.

Granted, if you’re out of work, you’re probably out of money as well. But chances are, there are projects you’ve been putting off, which you already have the materials to do or which don’t require any expense at all

. After all, it really doesn’t take any money to inventory your stockpile; all it takes is a lot of time.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve got material sitting around for projects that you’ve never been able to find time to do, as well as projects that you started, which aren’t finished. As preppers, we are busy people, not only doing what all our friends are doing, but also taking time out of our schedules for our various prepping activities.

Why Now More Than Ever You Should Prepare For the Upcoming EMPThis is also a good time to learn new skills, making use of some of that extra time to practice those skills. Many skills require a considerable amount of practice, especially skills where you’re making things by hand. With the free time available from not going to all the activities we’re used to going to, there should be plenty of time to practice that new skill. I’ve been using my time that way.

Multiple Disasters are Becoming Commonplace

Why Now More Than Ever You Should Prepare For the Upcoming EMPIf there’s one thing that the year 2020 has shown us, it’s that multiple disasters can happen at the same time. We’ve not only had a global pandemic to deal with, but rioting in the streets, food shortages in the stores and hurricanes galore. Who would be surprised if we had an EMP before the end of the year?

What this all means is that

no matter what our level of preparedness was before, we need to up our game. COVID-19 isn’t going to go away anytime soon, so if an EMP comes, we’ll be dealing with multiple disasters at once. That means the challenges will be greater and the supplies will go faster.

Why Now More Than Ever You Should Prepare For the Upcoming EMP

I don’t know about you, but I found that my expected use of supplies during the pandemic fell far short of what I have actually ended up using. There have been many things I’ve ended up searching for, because they ran out. In some cases I ended up making my own to replace what I couldn’t buy and in others I’ve had to do without or improvise.

In any case, I learned that I needed a bigger stockpile than I had expected. The big question is then, where else is my stockpile falling short?

We need to keep in mind that an EMP is like multiple disasters at one time, all by itself. Not only do we have to deal with the power being out, causing our entire infrastructure to fail, but there will be shortages of everything from food on up, as stores run out and resupply becomes impossible.

Prepping for an EMP is a Good Framework

Why Now More Than Ever You Should Prepare For the Upcoming EMPI’ve used an EMP as my main disaster for preparedness planning for several years now. Of all the disasters we can face, it’s probably the biggest; and while it doesn’t contain all the elements of a pandemic, it does include all the elements of just about any other disaster you can think of.

What that means, is that by prepping for an EMP, we are successfully prepping for pretty much any other disaster we’re that’s going to come. Does it guarantee that our preps are perfect? By no means; we can always miss things. But as time goes on and we continue reevaluating our level of preparedness, we’ll find more and more of the holes in our plans, giving us time to improve.

If we aren’t taking the time we have available to us right now, to review our level of preparedness, especially looking at an EMP, then we’re missing the opportunity to make our families more secure. Someday that will make a difference, whether it’s for an EMP or some other disaster.

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Rich M.
By Rich M. October 30, 2020 10:04
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  1. Illini Warrior October 30, 12:15

    EMP – the “side effect” of a nuke explosion is not an attack on the US >> it’s a suicide by that country …

    the actual countries that the US counts as an adversary with an attack nuke inventory is China and Russia >> neither of which is even close to being in an attack mode – China’s plan for world-wide domination just got set back about 25 years and still getting worse ….

    as for a terrorist attack using a nuke? >>> they won’t be wasting it on an EMP attack – they’ll be going for strait out city carnage of one of the big important metropolises >>> One Second After is pure unlikely fiction

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    • Consco October 30, 16:19

      As the author said, we have looked at our preps and realized numerous shortages. We have added to everything this year. Food, food and more food with an emphasis on proteins.
      Seems that no matter what we do there is always something else. We looked at a dental kit on Doomandbloom last night. First aid we are in pretty good shape for the things we know about but the things we dont know…..but we realized we need a dental first aid kit as well.
      The EMP scenario is the one that frightens us the most as not that much is known about them from modern testing. Meaning there has been almost none. The 78 GMC will be fine but it’s not what you have but can you hold it. Its not the food but can you replace it and grow more and can. with 0 manufacturing potentially and 0 trucking potentially all of us are looking at hard times. It wont be What you have but What SKILLS you have and are you MENTALLY prepared for this size of calamity.
      I disagree with Illini Warrior in that I believe the way to cause Max casualties is an EMP versus hitting a city.

      Either way better continue to prepare and not rest on what you think you have or know. It would be total chaos, not just small parts of cities but entire cities, small towns, farms, you name it.

      Keep praying we never have to find this out!!!

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      • Tarheel March 23, 17:15

        I remember early in my Air Force career talk about the Neutron bomb. They were designed to take out people with minimum damage to infrastructure allowing an invasion force to use them as assets.

        I guess those bombs are still in play but haven’t heard anything about them since.

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        • red March 24, 08:49

          Tarheels: Iran maybe, China yes. US, maybe. While they were once a popular idea, what I can find is they were too expensive. Last known construction was 1988, and the chicoms found bioterrorism works far cheaper. No doubt they bless Penn State and Sadam daily for all their help.

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    • Sparky October 30, 17:59

      Some folks know the truth others speculate.

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  2. left coast chuck October 30, 16:42

    While an electromagnet pulse from some foreign country is a possibility, a coronal mass ejection from the sun is a sure thing. Before the 20th century, a CME was of scientific interest and minor inconvenience. Most of the world would only experience the wonder of aurora borealis and little else. Commencing in the 20th century, CMEs would have more effect on our lives. In the present day an X class CME would have as much impact on our lives as a hostile EMP.

    In 2017 we dodged the bullet. An X class CME missed bathing Earth in it electronics-destroying rays by a week. We are now entering a period of solar maximum. As I write this there is a solar flare on the surface of the sun that is 100,00 square km in size. Earth is already being bathed in less dangerous C class emissions from that solar flare.

    So while Rich thinks an EMP is likely in the short term and Illini Warrior thinks there is little chance of an EMP I can say with certainty that Earth will be bathed in the effects of an X class CME. The only questions are when, how strong the X class will be and how much of the Earth will be affected by its emissions.

    As far back as the crusades — which in geological terms was the blink of an eye — earth experienced X-class CMEs. The crusaders noticed aurora borealis as far south as Syria. Since Mr. Carrington identified the X class CME in the 1850s, Earth has experienced CMEs in smaller areas, the North Atlantic during WWII, Nova Scotia during the 1990s and North America sometime in the 1920s.

    Whatever your poison, EMP or CME, or just plain massive civil unrest, now is not the time to cease preparing for significant upheaval in your life. That, of course, assumes that the current stupidity being exhibited by “leaders?” of every ilk isn’t significant upheaval in our lives

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    • Lover of Freedom Jeannie October 30, 21:14

      left coast chuck, I agree with you, we can debate all day about whether or not an enemy of the USA will hit us with an EMP, whereas an X-class CME has happened and will happen again. Could you please give some excellent resources for protecting possessions from an EMP/CME? I know you have discussed this before but I can’t find the information.
      People obtain generators for grid-down scenarios, such as myself, but they forget the need to protect the generator. Particularly challenging would be protecting the generator DURING use. Is it even possible? The wires coming out of the generator would carry any additional CME’s inward and destroy it.
      Another question that I cannot find information about is what happens to the wires in your house with an EMP/CME? Can they catch fire such as happened with the Carrington effect? I am in the process of building a home and we will begin wiring soon.
      I am a single woman who is great at being an RN and am skilled at gardening, preserving food and more, but electricity is a severe deficit. Need good resources. Thank you!

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      • left coast chuck October 30, 23:19

        L.O.F. Jeannie: The best reference book I can recommend is: Disaster Preparedness for EMP Attacks and Solar Storms (Expanded Edition)
        by Arthur T. Bradley | Sep 5, 2012. available from Amazon.

        In his book Dr. Bradley explains tests he performed, the test parameters and the results. Some of the technical details were over my head. While my electrical expertise is a little more advanced than as I have described in the past “Don’t stick a screwdriver in an outlet to test for juice,” I am certainly no electrical engineer or journeyman electrician.

        Except for Dr. Bradley’s experiments and what inferences reasonable, thinking people can draw from them I don’t know of any other readable treatise on EMP/CME. The government has a typical government paper on the topic and like most government papers it is reading to put one to sleep.

        Dr. Bradley has ferrites that he is selling that are supposed to protect your house wiring in the event of an extra overload on the line. Ferrites are beyond the scope of my knowledge. I would suggest that you go to DR.Bradley’s website disasterpreparer.com, copy the information about ferrites and discuss their installation with the electrician who is doing the wiring for your house. Or you can even research them on line and see if what Bradley says makes sense. I looked up ferrites. all electric.com says that they are to block unwanted emi and other random electrical currents.

        I have other priorities and so have not followed up on Dr. Bradley and his ferrites. However, even with my limited knowledge, should I be alerted to a possible CME arriving in my neighborhood, I would think it prudent to go to the breaker box and place the main breaker in the off position along with all the other breakers in the box. I would also disconnect everything in the house that was connected to the house wiring. I just don’t know if house wiring, once disconnected from the main grid is susceptible to an X category CME. It is my opinion that anyone who states a positive opinion about the topic doesn’t have a clue what he is talking about. Until we actually undergo such an event, it is all educated guesses and speculation and should be couched in those terms.

        A CME can bathe the Earth with disrupting electrical fields for as long as the ejection lasts. My recollection (which I try not to rely on) is that the Carrington Event lasted 2 or 3 days. Except for telegraph operators and railroad lines, there was little disruption. City lighting, if it existed at all was gas lighting using gas generated by the city gasworks. My mother was born in 1912 and as a young girl they had gaslights in their house and on the streets of Philadelphia which was a much more important city in 1912 than it is today — sorry Philadelphians, but Los Angeles in 1912 as were most other cities west of the Rockies was little more than a village. Philadelphia as a seaport and manufacturing center is much less than it was in 1912 with most of our imports coming from our BFFS, the chinese and arriving on the left coast.

        It is my opinion that a generator is an outstanding idea if one lives where there are regular adverse weather conditions that regularly interrupt electrical service. If you live in such an area and have regular electrical interruptions, If you don’t have a dual fuel generator, you like must like living on the edge in my opinion.

        Here in the PDRK where I live, electricity interruptions have been as rare as honest politicians, usually lasting less than eight hours. Neighborhoods that have suffered fire damage, of course, have had electrical outages lasting longer than a day. Not to seem callous but if your house has burned to the ground, the food in the fridge and the freezer is the least of your concerns. Even if your house is one that has been spared, the relief felt at that happy circumstance outweighs the loss of food and the cleaning effort involved in getting the fridge back on line. And in any event, turning on the generator so that the food in the fridge doesn’t spoil is a very low priority when everyone is racing down the street in front of your house with their vehicle stuffed with as much as they could cram in it in the time they thought they had. Trust me on that. Food in the fridge was the last thing on my mind in that circumstance which I can state is first hand knowledge. Even then, we didn’t lose any food, so the electricity must have been off for only a vey short time because we were gone ten days. The milk was a little turned but everything else was okay. It is three years later and we ate all the food that was in the fridge and the freezer since then and are still alive so other than a half gallon of milk, we didn’t lose any food.

        I have evaluated obtaining a generator. Weighing the cost of a generator in my locale and considering the prep necessary to maintain it, I have decided that I am going to acquire dry ice for refrigeration purposes if there is a chance of the electricity going off due to high winds. For between $20-$30 I can buy enough dry ice to keep everything in the freezer frozen more solidly than when the freezer is running. Smaller chunks of dry ice in the freezing compartment of the fridge will keep the fridge at or slightly below freezing. I may have to worry about not being able to pour the milk out because it is frozen solid, but it will be okay to drink. Chip off a chunk of milk and let it sit until it is melted and drink it right away. That decision is not cast in concrete and should the electrical situation change, I would once again consider acquiring a generator.

        Again, I lack sufficient electrical background to make a definitive statement, but I would think that one would not want to have any electrical equipment operating during a CME. If I had sufficient warning, I would do the dry ice routine and hope that I had obtained enough dry ice to last through the event and any subsequent follow along events.

        Lacking the necessity for a generator during run-of-the-mill emergencies (taking a little liberty called a category 5 hurricane or Richter 9 earthquake run-of-the-mill) I think a generator in expectations of using it after either an EMP or CME is money better spent on seeds, extra food or more water purification equipment.

        There are several what I think are cogent arguments against a generator for a post-apocalyptic event. One is that gasoline will be in very limited supply and would be put to better use in operating power equipment such as chain saws or motor vehicles. Assuming that for some time there will be gasoline in underground tanks which can be dipped up by hand to operate equipment, with a generalized power failure, refineries will not be running to make additional gasoline other than what is on hand.

        If newer motor vehicles are affected due to micro-circuitry in their power system, gasoline delivery trucks, even if they have a full load on the road to deliver, will remain where they were when the even hit.

        There will be active, frantic searching for such supplies and trying to recover them will be fraught with danger. It just might not be worth one’s life for 20 gallons of gasoline.

        Assuming that you have managed to secure a significant supply of fuel for your generator, in the world after such an event things will be a lot quieter. The sound of a generator, no matter how silent will be audible for some distance from its location. I think the best approach after such an event is to be as silent and as dark as possible. I have several flashlights with red lenses that I have devised for use after such an event. The last thing I want is to be lit up like some used car lot advertising to one and all that I have electricity and that means I must have other stuff worth taking too.

        I hope this helps. If you have more questions, don’t hesitate to post them and I will try to answer them to the best of my ability.

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        • left coast chuck October 31, 00:12

          If you want to read NASA’s take on the Carrington Event and other CMEs, go to the link that Red found and posted in the responses to another article. I read it and it is detailed and I think convincing. I was wrong about the last X class CME, it was in 2012 according to NASA. I thought it was in 2017. It’s said that time goes by in a hurry if you are having fun. I must be having an absolute ball.

          if NASA’s article doesn’t make you sit up and take notice, well then, there’s nothing more I can do.

          October 30, 03:23
          LCC: much thanks. I found an article on NASA https://www.nasaspaceflight.com/2020/08/carrington-event-warning/ and wow, this will be nasty.

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          • left coast chuck October 31, 03:35

            One further thought on what one should attempt to do in fleeing their home in some kind of an emergency. In the Thomas Fire that swept through the city where I live most homeowners did not take time to turn off the utilities, electric, gas, and most importantly, water. When the house burned to the ground, pipe joints were melted and water continued to drain from the house for days until the home owner returned and turned off the water at the service entry at the street.

            The city had the power to go through the tract and turn off the water but they let it run. It is my guess they were busy getting their stories together to cover their butts on the their failures to act with regard to water shut off and other failures. To add insult to injury the city wanted to bill the home owners for the large amount of water that ran for the days or weeks that the homeowner wasn’t able to get to their property. In most cases the water bill was in four figures over a water bill that usually runs to two or three figures.

            I realize when howling winds are blowing flaming embers across the roof of your house and the horizon all around your house is like a scene from Dante’s Inferno,that taking time to turn off the utilities is low on your list of priorities but I thought I would mention it just in case you have a couple of minutes grace in fleeing for your lives.

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      • Oldprep November 9, 06:01

        Good questions Jeannie. Happy to share what I’ve learned. As you probably know by now, CME’s come from the sun and are very low frequency electrical waves compared to EMP’s which are very high frequency waves. Low frequency radio waves require very long antennas to efficiently couple into. That would be long conductors like long power lines, rail road tracks, telephone lines, telegraph wires, etc. Theory being, the wiring in your house or car is probably too short to couple in much energy. But, the CME’s energy (high voltage) coupled into the power lines would be transported into anything plugged into the house wiring and probably fry it. If it is switched off at the time it might survive. If you knew a disturbance was coming switch off the main breaker in your power panel to isolate you from the power lines. Then every other breaker.
        When I remodeled most of my house, I put all my new wiring in BX (flexible metal conduit cable) rather than the conventional Romex. Now about 90% of my house is in BX. Pros and cons explained in this article and why the writer would always choose BX for residential wiring. https://healthybuildingscience.com/2013/01/15/residential-wiring-best/
        That grounded metal shield connected to metal boxes (not plastic) and going to ground all cost more, but is expected to help significantly in shielding your house wiring from high frequency EMP’s, and CME a if that was to couple in anything.
        Ferrites only work with high frequency disturbances, not CME’s As previously suggested, see Arthur Bradly’s website. I am one of his happy customers.
        Regarding generators; they are great for local power outages. In the case of a power grid melt down, they will probably survive because they will not be hooked up to anything when the grid is up. In my opinion, they will be safe to use for a few to several days following a power outage – until the crazy’s come out. My plan is to keep the refrigerators going while using that food first. I also bought a small 1,600-watt Inverter generator for the longer haul. It is very quiet compared to the normal ones (but not silent), runs both refrigerators, computers, TV, some LED lights, etc. Will even run the microwave if everything else is unplugged. And it will run for 8 hours on a gallon of gas. Mine cost $500.
        Modern refrigerators only use about 100 watts when running. To do that they have to be well insulated, and so will probably coast through an 8-hour night. Plan is to run the small generator intermittently to greatly stretch gas supplies, unless the noise becomes a problem.
        For the much longer haul, I bought a couple of 315 watt solar panels with charge controller and batteries (less than $1,000 + inverter). Batteries will give you power at night. Plan is to keep them in storage until needed, then set one up on the deck, out of sight from the street. They are silent, and published tests indicate they will probably survive an EMP or CME when stored. Bradly claims to have ferrites to protect wired in solar panels against an EMP. But if they are on the roof and visible to passerby’s, it may be a problem.
        If you are going to stay in your house, as I plan, there are lots of good options to explore.

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    • IvyMike October 31, 00:16

      LCC, you have me going to spaceweather now, love the site. Did you see the video of the CME that just happened and will mostly but just barely miss Earth? I’m such a geek!

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      • left coast chuck October 31, 03:40

        Yes, Mike, I saw those shots. However, those sunspots are emitting B class emissions and they are bathing Earth’s atmosphere as I write this. B class emissions are fairly weak and only affect radio transmissions. If you are a pilot flying over the poles tonight, you are going to have trouble with radio transmissions and your GPS may be a tad funky. Aurora Borealis will be visible but not spectacular although my guess on that is just that.

        It is when we get to M class emissions and the killer-diller X class that we will see real problems.

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        • IvyMike October 31, 23:03

          This site has more info on EMP than anything I’ve seen, many great links. It is several years old, there has been some testing and further research that suggests cars will still run, but I don’t think you can replicate an EMP of Continental magnitude in a lab, there has probably been some modeling with supercomputer support but haven’t searched for it.
          The clip was of a CME that will just miss us Nov.1, it is gone to the archives now, here’s a link. It’s amazing to me that a coronal mass ejection is actually stuff flying off from the sun and there are movies of it.

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          • left coast chuck November 1, 03:38

            Mike: the future science url is a great read and I would recommend it to everyone following this list. I didn’t finish it tonight but intend to bookmark it so I can refer back to it again. Thanks for posting the url.

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          • Consco November 2, 15:15


            Thanks again for another great heads up. This is, yet again, more great stuff. Hopefully people will look at it and make themselves aware.

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      • Consco November 2, 15:13

        Went to the website myself. Fascinating stuff completely out of mans control. This is a great site! Thanks for the heads up!

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  3. Chuck October 30, 16:52

    More concerned about day after elections and the months that follow. Yes EMP prep is valid. Too many other factors may also come into play.

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  4. oldtroll October 30, 18:27

    You don’t need a nuke, just sizable EMP Pulse Generators
    placed at strategic locations set to go off in a cascade timeline. Our infrastructure will be like dominos. One will fail, starting the next one to fail and so on and so on. The EMP’s will start it, and then be used again to support the failures as they are needed.
    No BOOM, just no power.

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  5. oldtroll October 30, 18:40

    The above statement is simply “common sense” Take away our electricity and we panic. One of the first things people think about is, OMG how am I going to charge my cell phone. We have become TOO dependent on everything & everyone else and lost the ability to be dependent on ourselves.

    Reply to this comment
    • Cricket October 30, 20:19

      The cell phone can be charged in the car, make sure you keep a full tank of gas. I just taught myself how to can food. I thought I had so much until I looked at it on the shelf. It’s hard work but it is worth it. I’ll be canning this weekend. May God protect us all!

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      • red November 2, 15:00

        Cricket: When you were a kid, where there times you hated it when your parents were right? I did. Now I’m glad we had to learn all this stuff people have to buy books to learn. niio

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  6. WithLibertyAndJustice4All October 30, 19:01

    This is EXACTLY why we cannot vote for four more years of Trump who has proven over and over again that he absolutely does not care what happens to this country, to our soldiers and to our Citizens. He has befriended our national enemies and pushed away our allies, he is fighting to overthrow everyone’s healthcare with virtually nothing to replace it to protect the health of America’s more than 350 million Citizens as required by the stipulations of the Preamble of the United States Constitution, he is obliterating our National Park by allowing private companies to hijack our national resources for their private gain, he refuses to fix our crumbling national infrastructure, or and he keeps taking away legal protections that prevent companies from polluting our land, water, air and food. He does not care who dies, he does not care if We the People are suffering, he does not care about government and corporate abuses, and he does not care that our law enforcement has declared themselves sovereign citizens answerable to no one, unleashing violence against the People unseen since the days of Hitler’s Brown Shirts. Trump will not care what happens to America from an EMP so long as he and his family is safe.

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    • red November 2, 14:57

      Without Liberty and Justice: Better check your facts. You’re describing the dem pedophile party. dnc/kkk=nazi party usa

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    • Consco November 2, 15:22

      So turn in your firearms to Biden and your food and let the government take care of you and your family. Then watch Michael Moore’s Planet of The Humans.

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      • red November 2, 18:42

        Consco: Yes to all. henry Ford had a saying about the government, “If you think the government should care for you all your life, you need not look farther than the American Indian.” niio

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    • Omega 13 November 2, 23:48

      It is true that not all Democrats are Socialists, but all Socialists ARE Democrats.

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  7. red October 30, 19:18

    Rich: The dems did themselves another shoot to kill aim at the foot. More than ever, people have come to realize how vulnerable we all are, that no liberal politician is a friend.
    For weeks no one could find garden seed. Even now, order NOW or else. Canning supplies, the same. a gun? Forget it. You get put on a waiting list even in Arizona.
    Fortunately, Arizona respects the elderly and mami (granny) is always armed a deadly. Steel reinforced hairbrush with automatic tongue lashing. If you think that’s funny, the Mexican military doesn’t. Mami is backed by very intelligent, well-armed men today. Socialism is viewed with contempt as weak-minded and lazy. Every war, they say, begins with an angry woman and a fool with a gun. American women are getting very angry. vive la revolution. niio

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  8. Prepperbubba October 30, 19:36

    What if there is an EMP. and all us preppers pull out our gear, then they pop another on on us for good measure. We are screwed!

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    • Illini Warrior October 30, 20:14

      there’s no “if” involved when it comes to multiple EMP or CME events >>> your Faraday cage would have to be on a “use & scoot” basis …

      Sunspot activity can last for months and more than one massive CME could be involved >>> as far as nukes – nobody will be shooting their full wad immediately – you could see a target taken out a year after that initial attack …..

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      • Consco November 2, 15:18

        Illini Warrior
        For myself and LCC we would associate it with an earthquake and then the aftershocks. You are correct. The more I read up on this the more interesting it becomes. Scary as well.

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    • left coast chuck October 31, 03:48

      It would be called nuclear winter because our armed forces would be on alert and our atomic submarines which would be protected from the EMP and the fleets that were out to sea would be out of the range of the EMP and it strikes me that they might be just a little tight-jawed at the U.S. being nuked by an EMP. They just might be actively looking for someone to unleash fry-em-to-ashes nukes on.

      While it is true that we might not know for a little while where the nuke came from, it is my understanding that each country’s nuclear material has a different signature and so the blast signature can be analyzed and the country pinpointed that created the device. Might not necessarily be the one that launched it, but suppliers of nuclear devices that are used to the detriment of another country are going to be a target too. Another good reason not to share nuclear secrets with crazies.

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  9. left coast chuck November 1, 16:39

    Ivy Mike: Are you going to be doing some kind of celebration today for the 68th anniversary of your pen name?

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