7 Actions to Take Immediately Following an EMP Strike

By P.J. April 20, 2015 11:53

7 Actions to Take Immediately Following an EMP Strike

Editor’s Note: A huge EMP is like opening a Pandora Box:

1 – At a community level because we haven’t experienced one yet and we don’t really know how bad it can get. Frank Gaffney – president of the Center for Security Policy predicted that:

“Within a year of an EMP attack, nine out of 10 Americans would be dead, because we can’t support a population of the present size in urban centers and the like without electricity. And that is exactly what I believe the Iranians are working towards.”

Experts also agree that the next nuclear war will start with at least an EMP. If one of the nuclear powers blasts a nuclear weapon 275 miles above the US it will produce an EMP that will basically send us, the Canadian and the Mexicans back to the Dark Ages. Can we fight back (after an EMP) or we will be nothing more than sitting ducks for Russian’ nukes?

I have something you need to watch. It’s much better than I am at explaining the threat. Watch it and learn what you should fear most, what an EMP effects and how you can protect your electronics, car, mobile phones, etc.

2 – At an individual scale because you don’t really know where you’ll be when it happens. There won’t be any kind of transportation or telecommunication. You’ll have to walk your way home. If you work 40 miles away from home, you better have a plan. If your car gets stuck with your family on the highway on a cold winter – you got to have a back-up plan. If your child is at school you got to get him… and so on.

Of course it’s imperative to have (at the back of your mind) a list of things to do immediately after an EMP. But just like in an economic collapse, you won’t be able to do a lot of things after the crisis begins. The information you’ll find bellow it’s good to know and should be considered as a plan. But it’s not 100% prepping. If you want to prepare for an EMP you need to have some things ready in advance.

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by P.J.

walking homeSo what actions should you take immediately following an EMP strike? Remember that time will be critical, the first few hours (days at most) will enable you to get a jump on everyone else and set the stage for your success. You will immediately know that an EMP, be it from a nuclear weapon or massive solar flare, will have struck your area.

Your car will no longer work, your cell phone won’t work, the power will be out everywhere, planes will have fallen from the sky. You will know it was an EMP but the vast majority of the public will not, they will be quite literally sitting around waiting for someone to tell them what to do.  You won’t know how large the scope of the strike is but you will have to assume the worst, which would be a nationwide outage.

First things first, if you are at work, get home.  Your boss no longer has authority over you, your co-workers no longer are a priority. They will be trying to restart a computer that will never again work, trying to restart their smartphone, sitting in the break room trying to call 911 and saying things like: “This is ridiculous, I’m going to miss my 3pm sales call!” You on the other hand will go to you car and change into the extra set of clothes and shoes you keep in the trunk. You will don your “get home bag” and start walking, hopefully your walk will not take more than a day.

Once home it is time to start implementing your plan. Remember time is absolutely critical and you only have a small window of it in order to set yourself up for success.  During these initial hours and days people will still have faith that some sort of government agency will come in to make everything better.

They will expect to see the power come back on any minute because someone will surely do something. They will tell each other to sit tight, just hold on for a day or so because eventually the HMMWV’s will roll in loaded with supplies and some military officer or government official will explain that this is merely a temporary problem, nothing to worry about, sorry for the inconvenience.

You know better because you realize just how devastating an EMP strike is and the reality is that it could be months before systems start to come back online. It will only take a week or two (at most) before things start getting really ugly because people start going hungry.  With all of that that in mind you take these 7 actions because you were prepared for this to happen.

1 – Use your cash. In the first few days after an EMP strike cash will still have value. Take all of your cash and that radio flyer wagon your kids have and walk down to the corner store. Avoid the big retail stores, I suggest finding the corner gas station or local drug store. The owner of the store will no doubt be there, concerned that the items in the store are unprotected during a power outage. Explain to the owner that you are in need of some supplies, can pay cash and do not require change. Tell him/her that you will give them an extra $100 to allow you to “shop” for a few minutes.

Load up your wagon with anything you can find to include medication, candy bars, water bottles, pop tarts, lighters, hand sanitizer etc etc.  Of course you should be well stocked at home but you might as well get rid of your worthless paper money in exchange for any amount of extra supplies you can get your hands on.  In a week (maybe less) most stores will be completely looted so you need to take advantage of this moment.

tube2 – Fill up the tub(s) with water. Hopefully you have a water bob for each bath tub in your home in addition to several other water storage devices and water purification/filtration devices. Remember a down grid means that fresh water will stop flowing to your home very quickly.

Fill up your tub as soon as you can, that extra hundred or so gallons could prove invaluable. If you are concerned about the quality of the water remember you can add 8 drops of regular Clorox bleach per gallon to help purify what you have in the tub.

3 – Talk to your neighbors. This step is absolutely critical, you have to get out and talk to your close neighbors and explain to them what is going on. They will be in denial for the most part, hopefully you have copies of the EMP report printed off which you can distribute as you go door to door. Explain to them what is going on and that time is critical, let them know a worst case scenario means that there will be no help coming for quite a long time. Additionally mention the following to them.

a. Discuss a neighborhood watch. Tell them that in a few days or weeks things will get dangerous with hungry people roaming the streets. It is essential that you define your neighborhood’s boundaries and set up a neighborhood watch of sorts, assigning people to different shifts.

b. Offer to hold a meeting. Set a time that you will have a meeting at your home, say every day after sunrise in your garage. Tell them they are invited and that every day you will be there passing out information. At first you might not have anyone attend these meetings, in a few days there will be a handful and in a week you might have 50 or more hungry, scared, tired people demanding answers. If you are going to assume the role of a leader, be prepared to do just that.

c. Tell them to use their cash. Much like you should have already done, tell them that their cash will soon be worthless and that they need to get down to the market to spend it. Most people have no cash on hand, so this probably won’t be a real issue.

d. Tell them to inventory their supplies. Most people have 3 to 5 days food on hand in their home. You should mention that they need to start rationing what they have, and taking inventory of everything else.

e. Start identifying those with skills. I wrote about how to organize a survival community as well as what skills will be valuable after T-SHTF in a few recent articles. While making the rounds in your neighborhood you should start identifying who has special skills and make note of it. Cops or military personnel could help with security, doctors have obvious value, and so on and so forth.

4 – Start rationing food. Hopefully you have at least a 1 year supply of food for your family, if not more. Start rationing immediately because more than likely you will have to share some of your food with your neighbors. It will be unavoidable, you will need their help to survive as a community and there is absolutely no way that they will starve while watching you and your family live high on the hog. This doesn’t mean that you cannot oversee how some rations are distributed, or seek out other sources of food, but just remember nobody gets through SHTF alone.

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5 – Hygiene preparations. Consider where you are going to dispose of your human waste, it might be a good time to start digging that pit. Also consider where you will dispose of your trash and if you will bury it or burn it. Remember the trash man won’t be around next Sunday and your toilets will stop flushing very quickly.

6 – Listen to your weather radio. Prior to the EMP strike you had a small solar/hand crank weather radio secured in an old microwave in the basement, it still works. You should monitor NOAA Weather Radio frequencies throughout the day in case there is information being published which you can use to stay informed.

Maybe the strike only covered 500 square miles and help will be on the way in a week, or maybe there is nothing but static…not a good sign.

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7 – Consider your own security plan. Despite all of the actions you are taking, trying to help those within your community by reaching out to organize them, realize that not everything goes to plan. There could be dissenters within your neighborhood or those outside of your community who might choose to take advantage of the situation. Looting will become prevalent very emp_tr47shtf-f0ds72d4cquickly and no neighborhood will be immune. Consider your security plan, this is no time to rely on the charity and goodness of mankind.  Remain suspicious of all activity and never walk around unarmed. Never allow your family members to venture out alone and remember to stay in after dark. All of that said I would caution against using deadly force unless absolutely necessary. Protect yourself and your family but remember that there will come a time when the power does come back on and people will be held accountable for their actions.

An EMP strike on our nation will be an absolutely catastrophic event and while I’m sure all of us hope that something like this never happens, hope is never a course of action. Despite our best efforts to prepare for such an event there is a good chance that many will not survive. Some have predicted that within a year of a strike, 9 out of 10 Americans would be dead.

In sports success or failure on the field of play is determined months before the actual game by how much dedication the athletes displayed during practice. In much the same way success or failure following an EMP strike will have been determined by how seriously we took our prep strategy in the months or years prior, as well as actions which we take immediately after. Life isn’t fair, plan accordingly.

This article was written by P.J. If you liked it, you can visit his website at Prepper-Resources.com

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By P.J. April 20, 2015 11:53
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  1. rotory2002 April 20, 17:35

    Many people that I talk to regarding this subject just look at me like I’m crazy !! That’s OK because when it does happen I’m prepared, The only person you can rely on is yourself !! PREP people because you never know when it could hit..:(

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    • Anonymous May 21, 17:52

      I have the same situation as you. Being in the cyber security field, I have seen that its only a matter of time before something happens. Maybe not an EMP, but perhaps a terrorist attack on out grid, an invasion/Martial Law, a massive cyber attack, etc, etc…

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      • miketosurvive June 2, 20:18

        Yes. Thank you for your thoughts. I believe there to be more than just a singular threat of attack. Observe what is occurring globally with tremors and earthquakes on the rise. By far and large, widespread panic and unpreparedness will be the major threat!

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        • Lucinda December 30, 09:53

          This is horrible info..did you ever think about about getting shelter asap for a major nuclear fallout.. All nuclear plants will melt down get into to shelter fast..

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          • FISHEREX February 21, 23:19

            I’m not so sure. My son works security at a nuclear facility and tells me they are EMP hardened, as is their backup generator system.

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            • Jay February 23, 13:37

              We just had a weird emp pulse happen tonight in the sky around 200am and all power was out twice etc… sky flashed green and so forth email me @ mastermeme1@gmail.com need more info on tis stuff and updates.

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            • Ernie March 19, 01:06

              Unfortunately if an EMP or CME hits, it will be a long term event. Any generator that is used for backup power will soon run out of fuel and then the systems will melt down anyway due to the fact fuel will no longer be manufactured or delivered by any transportation mode.

              Reply to this comment
            • Beantownbilly April 7, 14:48

              Yes, but fuel for generators is not unlimited. And folks at the power plant will stay home to protect their families after a while. If you live within 50 miles of a nuke plant you need a plan.

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    • Steve June 9, 04:21

      I concur

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    • foundtreasure1 April 20, 13:21

      I absolutely agree rotory2002, I have spoken about this with a select few people, and only a few have looked at me like I’m crazy, but another very few individuals were really listening intently, and wanted to know more. Of course those few left with the knowledge of what to do and the initiative to do something about it. I do feel bad though for those who are out of the loop, but it’s their own fault though. They take for importance baseball, football, beer, fishing, and the like with more importance than they do for the well-being and longevity of their families.

      Reply to this comment
      • Dave November 1, 02:29

        Hey now. Beer and fishing are good things! Remember. Look at the good! Baseball and football are fun, too. We played it when we were kids. All American! Peace.

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    • Bill October 20, 23:53

      Better to be prepared and nothing happens, than to have something happen and NOT be prepared. I’m preparing. Bj

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    • ZOOMZOOM December 20, 04:15

      I want to download the articles about the EMP Pulse but your website is now among the ones being BLOCKED!!!!!

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  2. DCM45 April 20, 19:32

    Read “Lights Out by Halfast” for good fictionalized account of what could happen due to an EMP event.

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  3. PostGrid April 20, 21:21

    Our Amazon #1 Best Selling Novel is about an EMP – Post Grid. Our story takes place in AZ. We have been #1 in Western Science Fiction 11/2014 to present 4/2015.

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  4. JR April 20, 23:03

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    June 1, 2012
    My dearly beloved daughter the antichrist is preparing, already, his peace plan which he will introduce soon after the wars become widespread in the Middle East and when the pain and terrible anguish means there is no sign of hope.
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    As he emerges he will be seen as one of the most charismatic political leaders of all time.
    His handsome, appealing and caring personality will fool the majority of people.
    He will exude love and compassion and will be seen to be Christian. In time he will draw many followers who will grow in their numbers so that he becomes like Me, the Messiah.
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    This is why you must ignore the obstacles presented to you. The persecution. The pain. The horror of evil by the hands of others. All that matters is the saving of souls.
    Your Saviour Jesus


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    • miketosurvive June 2, 21:02

      I liked your thoughts. I have to admit, the part about you being Jesus Christ was a bit over the top. I wish you well.

      Reply to this comment
      • TexianWife August 10, 00:25

        I believe the above was written as Jesus Christ writing to His beloved daughter, and NOT as though the human writer claimed to be Jesus. IMHO

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    • ron January 23, 17:22

      This person is going to have just a little big problem….Trying to convince Muslims and Jews to become Christian….good luck especially with the Muslims!

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    • okie August 14, 12:32

      And people wonder why there are so many of us becoming atheists..

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      • Omar5955 August 13, 19:01

        I agree with you, it is Jesus speaking . For those who profess to being or becoming Atheists it never ceases to amaze me when in an emergency or life threatening event(s) they call out to God. I wonder why that Is? Just saying.

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    • Pyra Gorgon August 18, 14:48

      Catholic heathen. Stop violating the 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 9th commandments of our LORD.

      Reply to this comment
    • Janeth July 24, 16:44

      Dude, take a pill, Take two. Double the dosage. When the SHTF Jesus isn’t going to anywhere nearby to save the day, neither is his “Dad”. Save your own backside. The Paradise you speak of will be survival, not some-garden- of-Eden- heaven BS.

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    • Rocky71 May 18, 12:28

      Amen !!!!!

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    • Janeth June 18, 17:48

      please leave the religious BS out of the comments. if there were a benevolent god wouldn’t it prevent all this from happening? just like currently. there would be NO trump, no modern day plague, no uncontrolled fires, no countries battling one another and no rampant rioting over the color of one’s skin. instead we have an uneducated narcissistic sociopath as president with his equally moronic family as advisors, covid 19 as a biological weapon, rioting, uncle ben getting a make-over and BS of an unprecedented degree. god? dude, i don’t fuggin’ think so.

      Reply to this comment
      • ernie June 18, 23:52

        Please leave the Anti-religious bullshat out of the comments and the Trump Derangement Syndrome out of them too. YOU are just as bad as anything you say your are against. STFU

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  5. JR April 20, 23:04

    Second Seal: World War 3
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    Recite it every day from now on. Keep it before you in your homes and have it blessed by a priest.
    Begin your preparation soon for the day of the fallout in Europe is not far away.
    Your Jesus


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    • Servant of Yahshua HaMashiach September 19, 22:27

      Yahshua needs no post, no blog, no website to inform His Bride! You are a FALSE prophet, a liar!
      In the name of Yahshua HaMashiach, our true Messiah, I rebuke and expose you as a liar!
      His Word is written on our hearts! You should be ashamed. I doubt you are, because if you truly believe what you say, then you have been deceived or possessed by Ha Satan or his minions…
      We will pray for your redemption and your exposure

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    • jb August 4, 18:07

      We are way past the second seal going into the 6th soon

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    • oldrebel July 24, 18:35

      What you say, most will probably come to past as written in Revelations in the BIBLE, but I seriously hope you don’t think you are JESUS CHRIST !! IF you do, you need some serious help and deliverment !! Jesus will be coming from the clouds for all the world to see, and I haven’t seen YOU descending from a cloud! I believe in the words of my King and GOD and the Holy Bible!

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  6. Joel April 20, 23:08

    Why aren’t we doing anything to shield out power grid or to have the spare parts for the grid that would allow us to fight back. How can the U.S. Be so stupid in this regard.

    We’ve known about this since detonating nukes over Hawaii in the 60s. Know known defense since then? Really?

    But we can spend trillions on the NSA to spy on us. Give me a F-ing break.

    Reply to this comment
    • C. Davis April 23, 12:17

      The Army is already hardening its equipment against EMP’s. NORAD has recently moved all its communication gear back to the Nuclear Base under the Cheyenne Mountain (EMP hardened).

      They try to do things but they are slow!

      Reply to this comment
    • Knowing August 9, 13:49

      Because the giant power company lobbies fight vehemently against it every time it is brought up. Look it up. Quite easy to find.

      Reply to this comment
      • TexianWife August 10, 00:36

        Where will the giant power company lobbies be when there is no more income from the power grid that us ordinary folks rely on???

        Reply to this comment
      • jefe gordo April 13, 20:30

        The figure I heard several years ago was $20 billion to fully protect the national power grid. Peanuts in today’s spending..But the government expects the power companies to spend it and the power companies expect the Federal government to spend the $20 billion. A classic Alphonse/Gaston routine. I have a natural gas fired 15KW generator which will handle my home and three of my neighbors in an emergency. When I contacted my natural gas supplier and asked if they had natural gas fueled generators to furnish electricity to thier pumps that maintain pressure in their distribution lines, i was met with a “WHAAAAAT are you talking about? We buy electric power from our local electric supplier”

        How do we get past this prevalent concept that preparation is only for wackos?

        A good project for someone would be to develop a outline of the bylaws/regulations/concept of a generic neighborhood watch organization.

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    • Farmer October 30, 02:58

      Because we are run by deomocrats

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    • Data November 30, 15:44

      They have begun shielding because we were just missed by a car in 2012 and Nasa is predicting another. If it hits well… But prepping isn’t crazy the $#!+ Doesn’t have to hit the fan everywhere to be a problem to you. Just where you are at. Ask any Puerto Rican.

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    • Canfor February 11, 20:01

      Read Lights Out by Ted Koppel it will explain the problems and expensive/political solutions in detail.

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  7. Al April 21, 02:05

    Joel, we would be able to fix the grid. This guide is pretty hyperbolic. Just because the government, utility companies, etc. don’t talk about it doesn’t mean there aren’t disaster recovery procedures in place.

    In matters of national security it is often better to keep such plans on the down low. I know that excuse is used a lot to hide things that should be public, there really is a time and a place where it is necessary. If our enemies knew all of our exact plans they would be better equipped to find weaknesses.

    This guide has some good things to think about if there ever were a large scale disaster, but I wouldn’t worry about it too much. There are engineers who are paid very well to worry about EMP recovery.

    Reply to this comment
    • akdmpman April 22, 14:38

      Yes like they were prepared for Katrina right. How long did they have to wait for water the looting the killing no we are not prepared for this kind of event. The government would love for something of this nature to happen 1st population control, then being able to bring martial law into play meaning all, well most of our rights are an illusion now anyway but wait til they have martial law.

      Reply to this comment
      • rockriver556 May 9, 06:10

        I agree 100% the government has already set up and prepared themselves for such an event take a look at jade helm what do u think that’s all about?…martial law

        Reply to this comment
    • Sub Vet May 15, 03:55

      Take it from someone who works at a government power plant: No one is thinking about this right now. The major concern is budgets. Period.

      Reply to this comment
    • Farmer September 8, 02:29

      and your expertise on this subject is garnered from where? Do you have a supply of high voltage transformers in your back yard? Not to worry … when the power goes down, we can easily rebuild these systems using hand tools …. good luck cupcake!

      Reply to this comment
    • theoldman October 18, 23:02

      And the Gov. will being roses and wine w/ea meal and all will be good.

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    • Farmer October 30, 03:00

      You are a newbe – right? And you have no idea what you are talking about – right? Why don’t you just line up to go into the FEMA camp and save them the trouble of rounding you up?

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    • bobthemoron June 12, 15:51

      Some of the big transformers are 5-7 years before being connected to the grid.

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    • jefe gordo April 13, 20:35

      Pollyanna . Do you really trust the government and others to take care of you and yours? God help us

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  8. Julie April 21, 03:45

    Planes will NOT fall from the sky, they take hits from lightning everyday and thats 100 times worse than an EMP. Airplanes are built with their very own Faraday cage to protect the circuits.

    Reply to this comment
    • GreatAmericanRedoubt April 21, 06:12

      Planes are Designed to let lightning flow on the outside of the Airplanes fuselage, the electronics and microprocessors are “NOT SHIELDED” from an EMP. Only “MILITARY PLANES” Are Shielded!

      Reply to this comment
      • BykrDooD May 14, 01:34

        That’s exactly what a Faraday cage does….keeps the EMP on the outside of the cage so that the electronics inside don’t see it and are not damaged by it.

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    • mike2survive June 2, 20:50

      Widespread panic and unpreparedness is the greatest threat we face. Much of the information facts regarding threats is misleading, untrue, or ungiven.
      Most commercial planes now can take off and land on their own. My question is, if something has been overlooked. EMP is a low nuclear burst lasting up to one second, which can cause turbulence on a large scale possibly causing parts to break loose. I am not a pilot, but have piloted in flight simulators at Boeing. I understand potential risks. I respect your experience Julie, but planes have been known to fall and crash from lesser causes. I don’t mean to sound brash, but happens more than we care to admit.

      Reply to this comment
    • Farmer September 8, 02:31

      Oh boy …. time to go back to the way-back machine and learn some more EE and physics …. good luck dear

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    • theoldman October 18, 23:07

      Even if the skin of the plane would act as a faraday cage ( I don’t think so ) what about the windows and the nose ???? wake up! THINK !

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    • MP October 25, 17:57

      the different electromagnetic waves that exist in an EMP work differently than the energy in a lightning strike. That’s why even surge protectors and similar equipment are said to possibly not work for EMP’s. Also, put it this way, if your cell phone can get a signal out from the confines of the plane, then the EM waves from an EMP can get in, and the sensitive microelectronics now used on most modern equipment, including planes will more than likely get blitzed.

      Reply to this comment
    • ActionHaveConsequences October 10, 02:51

      Even if the planes themselves are fine (which I have doubts about as EMP does not behave like lightning) chances are communication with ATC will be gone, GPS will be gone, runway lights will be out etc. Those planes will have a hard time getting down safely…

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  9. learn2write April 21, 15:19

    Your grammar is horrible. Learn to write.

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  10. tonynegs April 21, 17:26

    There is something everyone who writes about emp’s always forgets. If you live within 150 miles of any nuclear power plant you’re screwed anyway. Most plants have 2 weeks of desiel fuel to power cooling towers should standard power go down. After that the rods will over heat and every plant will melt down. Only 2 plants in the country have the ability to lower their cores underground. The rest….not so much. Most of us are screwed because of this factor which is always left out of Surviving EMP articles.

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  11. Casey Freeman April 21, 23:13

    You’re gonna try to establish a survival community right there in your neighborhood as the collapse is happening? Nah. If it’s gonna be a complete collapse, you gotta bug out and get away from people. The rest is petty good advice though.

    Reply to this comment
    • BykrDooD May 14, 01:37

      How you gonna bug out if your vehicles don’t work??
      Even if they did, there will likely be road blocks EVERYWHERE manned by military folks….some by thieving thugs who will take all you have and leave you for dead.
      So much for bugging out…

      Reply to this comment
      • don May 12, 03:48

        bug out before the shtf and road blocks pop up

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        • Farmer October 30, 03:06

          AND LEAVE MY CUSHY JOB WITH THE GOVERNMENT? I know that Obama will take care of me …..just like I followed his orders and did his bidding while I was on the job ….

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      • azincourt November 12, 17:01

        good road maps for alternate routs and topographic maps. Good compass and know ” land navigation” .Be able to drive ” off road:” and plan long before it happens

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  12. Jordon April 22, 13:33

    I just finished Episode 5 of a Post-Apocalyptic serial where the United States is hit by an EMP. It follows an ordinary man (non-prepper) as he treks across the state to pick up his daughter from college. Check it out here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00T3JSA3S

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  13. joeynavis April 22, 20:18

    the iranians??? please,,, find a better bogeyman. more likely a false flag from our own. i agree that we should be prepared for this,,, but iran??? they have reason to not trust us and we have no reason to fear them. our history with iran is very one sided,,, we did them wrong,,, then again,,, then again. it is the reason that their revolution turned out the way it did. if our country had ever backed the “people” rather than the tyrants who plundered and murdered their populace we would actually be respected and admired around the world rather than only in our own minds.

    Reply to this comment
  14. Malakie April 22, 22:45

    I was U.S. Navy and have trained in the field. There is one misconception about EMP’s that needs to be cleared up…

    That is, we do not KNOW for sure what will happen when it comes to vehicles. In actual testing, exact same make and model cars and trucks were exposed to a direct EMP…. and in all those tests, some of those vehicles ended up dead… and others worked just fine… and the same make and model..

    In reality, we do not know what will happen. Especially with vehicles. A lot of people talk about airplanes falling out of the sky… NOT going to happen in MOST cases.. a few perhaps but MOST aircraft will be just fine.. Why? Because every single day hundreds of planes are hit dead on with major lightning strikes. Every day.. and you don’t see them plummet to the ground.

    Once in a while we see a car or truck hit as well.. sometimes nothing is damaged.. sometimes the car or truck is fried.. and it cannot be explained why this happens.

    Even our warships in the Navy are subjected to EMP and in fact are built just to withstand it.. Did you know that all Navy ships have to be routinely de-gaussed? yep we pull into a special port area, cables are wrapped and attached and the entire ship is degaussed.

    Any electronics active, working and attacked to the grid most likely will fry because they will be tied into a chain that will simply feed the electrical discharge. However it is not know whether anything OFF the grid and not energized will for sure fry. Again testing shows in some cases, units are fried out.. and yet others are not.

    We do not know. There is ONE caveat to all of this however.. Should an enemy hit us with more than one EMP in a row, THEN most assuredly everything not protected will be dead. Why? Because the first blast will in essence open a ‘door’ if you will allowing a second and third follow on strike have an even bigger impact than the first did.. If you truly want to EMP and take out everything, you have to have multiple strikes over a short period of time one after the other.. and THAT will answer all of these questions..

    Reply to this comment
    • BigPapaBo September 15, 01:19

      Search Wiki-
      Starfish Prime tests. High altitude nuke detonations did a lot of damage to Utilities and vehicles located more than 500 miles away.
      Those nuke tests/blasts were not optimized for EMP effect, only for blast . But they certainly opened up a lot of eyes when people discovered their cars wouldn’t start in Hawaii, streetlights burned out, telephones not working..
      There is quite a bit of information that can be found on this subject. Not easily found, but it’s out there.
      Then there’s the Carrington event.

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    • MP October 25, 18:05

      Based on the Starfish Prime nuke tests that caused disruptions back in 1962 and similar tests in the USSR that caused similar disruptions, its more likely that effects would be worse. Even the tests that were done were using EM waves that were of a similar energy output to the Starfish Prime nukes which were primitive nukes. The cars that were tested were subjected to energies only up to near those of SP. Nukes now are being optimized for EMP output and our infrastructure consists of super sensitive microelectronics, CMOS and MOSFET chips and transistors, stuff that uses milliamps of power to operate compared to the simple breaker points and mechanical relays of 1960’s cars and vacuum tubes of electronics back then. If they can get disruptions in simple equipment like that back then, just think of what our infrastructure will be subjected to. That also explained why Russian MIGs still had vac tube radio equipment in them, maybe they had a better idea of what a nuke exchange can do to electronics.

      Reply to this comment
    • ernie June 18, 23:37

      I have seen photographs of a lightning strike on a bus full of people. The roof of the bus was severely damaged and metal shards went into the bus injuring many people. There was blood all over the windows and seats. A hole the size of a basketball was in the roof of the bus.

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    • ernie June 18, 23:40

      I have seen photographs of a lightning strike on a bus full of people. The roof of the bus was severely damaged and metal shards went into the bus injuring many people. There was blood all over the windows and seats. A hole the size of a basketball was in the roof of the bus. So anyone who thinks that a lightning strike will just flow around the skin of a plane or vehicle do not know the history of lightning in modern times. Lightning has also blasted holes in houses and set them on fire as well as brick chimneys completely destroyed and exploded.

      Reply to this comment
  15. Rod April 26, 01:50

    Not too bad except for Number 6 which is completely untrue. NOAA weather is NOT protected from EMP and will be gone like everything else. Having an AM/FM radio protected is a MUST as there will be a few radio stations still transmitting. You will be able to hear distant stations at night on AM because all of the man made noise currently destroying the AM band will be gone with the EMP. You won’t hear the standard canned programming you hear now, but instead you will learn what is going on elsewhere and in some cases will be given information on how to survive. A good, protected, crank/solar charged radio could easily give you and yours that needed edge to survive.

    Reply to this comment
    • Farmer September 8, 02:38

      I read this in a Boy Scout handbook 4 decades ago .. .. it was BS then and it’s BS now

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    • Ana April 20, 04:18

      #6 did not say NOAA would work. It said it may or may not depending on how large of an area the EMP hit and to check daily in case anything comes through.

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  16. Gary April 27, 03:26

    This might be the advice handed down for EMP but it is good advice for hurricanes and tornadoes too. Might be good for snow and ice storms. Flooding, etc.

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  17. MOONSHOT May 6, 14:49

    I agree and believe we can bounce back but could take few months but only if USA dont keep getting hit in many ways. Our enemies are many and will kick us when we are down. We will need in all likely hood to fight as militias and with national guard terrorists, gangs, criminals and looters. Get armed now while you can and i mean get some rifles and ammo.

    Reply to this comment
    • Moonshot May 6, 15:07

      To clarify my above opinion, I should have said we may need to fight as militias, and help the national guard to fight AGAINST the terrorists, gangs,criminals, looters,,etc…Its sad but we all seen the thugs and gangs rioting in Baltimore and these are good times compared to how it would be after an attack. Being prepared for anything is just plain wise now a days even if for disasters.

      Reply to this comment
      • left coast chuck August 3, 01:06

        Moonshot: I am afraid that your estimate of several months is grossly optimistic. From what I have read, the huge transformers that will be fried in either an EMP or CME event are a one of kind of device. They are custom built and an individual one takes several months to more than a year to build. We have thousands in place across the country. Assuming it takes a factory six months to build one, one thousand such transformers would take fourteen years. Then we have to take into account that the only two countries presently building such transformers are our BFFs, the Chinese and our off again, on again friends the Canadians. I would suggest that were we to order the transformers from China after either of the two events under discussion, the terms of such order would not be especially favorable to the U.S. However repugnant the thought might be, even our neighbors to the north might take advantage of the situation. In any event, with the occurrence of such events, they might be in the same boat as we and would be seeking transformers from our good friends and allies, the Chinese.

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  18. diannel@triad.rr.com May 12, 00:32

    I have read every post – I still don’t know what EMP stands for. Thanks for answering my question. I have never researched anything like this.

    Reply to this comment
    • Doc May 12, 04:18

      EMP = electromagnetic pulse. Every nuclear bomb sends out energy in the forms of air compression/shockwave, heat, and high energy across the electromagnetic spectrum including radiation, radio waves, and light both visible and invisible. When this energy hits wires in the electrical grid, etc., it can burn out any connected transistors and disable the device. Only devices completely disconnected and shielded will probably survive, though, as stated above, the effect varies greatly from car to car.

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  19. Capt Rick May 29, 02:02

    Buy Ammo!

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  20. Skeptic May 29, 03:08

    This is almost all science fiction. Modern electronics and cars have shielding that protects them from and EMP, not because of an EMP but because its required to stop interference. Planes fall from the sky?? Really!! Will tractors start to fly then? Funny I never knew aerodynamics relied on electricity! But what would I know, i’ve only been a pilot for 25 years.

    All good advice for a lot of emergencies, but we if we are to be taken seriously we have to STOP the scare tactics.


    Please read the reality link above.

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    • Kenn June 9, 04:22

      I have had transceivers, that were not connected to antennas or the power grid, have every diode burned out by lightning striking an antenna and jumping the lightning arrester. The true force of an actual EMP attack will not be know until it actually happens because we do not know the size of the blast, the altitude of the blast or the location of the blast. We can have various plans but when it happens only time will tell the outcome…

      Reply to this comment
    • Farmer September 8, 03:30

      Well, you have certainly picked a reputable source of information. to quote. I recommend you start playing the lottery …. you might have as much luck as the next guy. What you might consider is 1, moving to a foreign country …. especially if it has “Africa” in its name … selling your shares of stock and buying food …. it’s a better investment. Oh, and do a little studying on your own … .stop relying on tin foil titans on a website that has no peer review …. OK cupcake

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    • MP October 25, 18:07

      Read up on the Starfish Prime nuclear tests of 1962 and their Russian counterparts, that’s where a lot of this comes from.

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  21. miketosurvive June 2, 19:51

    I have many concerns on my mind from years of pondering valid points of effects of global threats. Here are just a few:
    1.) There are natural and manmade disasters both. Nature always reclaims what mankind has given up! Just think of all the dams, the zoos, the hospital care, etcetera. Who will voluntarily maintain structures and systems without pay? Will zoo animals be let go by keepers due to lack of care? With limited electrical power at hospitals, where will medical staff be to care for injuries and illness on the rise? And so on.
    2.) Are you a believer (with faith), or a skeptic? Do you keep an open mind or a closed mind? Have you read King James Version of the Bible? These are important questions that will determine our very existence to survive. Since the beginning of humankind, we have lived in discontent with iniquity of many sorts. Knowledge truly is power. What sort of person are you? Are you willing to give your life up for a 5 year old innocent Child?
    3.) I always appreciated quotes and profound remarks. One I will share; ” All it takes for evil to succeed, is for good people to do nothing. ”
    I believe in order for evil to succeed, is to work from the inside both individually by the choices we make and within our Government. True example in Europe, and around the world, terrorists have already worked their way into ranks within the Government. The enemy are already here working against us from within!
    My intention was not to lecture or write a book, but to bring about an awareness with questions. To have readers discover themselves. I am open to further discussion and ask that comments are sober and respectfully reciprocated.
    My email is: mwbbmw2@gmail.com, my name is Mike and I only know what I know from fact and truths.
    Thanks for your time.

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  22. bosa July 7, 02:23

    Wont older vehicles without computers
    Say 50s 60s ones not be affected by emp?

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  23. raiken August 11, 13:12

    So, what do people who live in apartments with no family to go to do in this event?

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    • Farmer September 8, 03:39

      Excellent question …. please do some research ….much valid and valuable information on prepper websites on the internet. If you are in a city – especially a big one – you will have many challenges. For my money and everyone I’ve talked to …. get out and get out fast. Ideal situation would be that you have a place to go … but know this … a large city will be the most dangerous place on earth once the reality sinks in. Look at recent situations in Baltimore, and St Louis. Make that 1000 times worse with no lights,no a/c, no food, no medical, no transportation and last but not least …. no police (they are home protecting their families) …. Still want to gamble on the odds of this happening? Do some preparing now – and please do not think that FEMA is going to save you ….. one person out of 8 million in your city … it won’t happen.

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  24. Ron Angel September 7, 16:42

    As anything an enemy such as Iran does will not affect any return strike capability of the USA as everything is hardened against EMP within seconds the source will be known and if nationwide retaliation would be swift and the country would glow in the dark! So it is more lightly a solar flare or some other natural cause for EMP.

    Reply to this comment
    • Farmer September 8, 03:22

      That’s nice …. very comforting …. now, please pass the candles and the cold beans … I’m hungry and probably will be for the net ten years. Some small compensation … we just nuked the hell out of a country that shoved us backwards 300 years … aren’t we tough?

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  25. Farmer September 8, 03:19

    With all the information we now have about the threats to our grid, our economy and our security ….If people have not prepped or at lease started to prep … then there is no thing that can be said to make people aware. Folks, this is not a joke … this is not something you can put off until the last minute and hope the 7-11 is still open. If you hope for the government to save your bacon …. then you will relive Katrina in New Orleans and the travesty of Eddie Compass stealing your firearms and making you a useless sitting duck. It is beyond time to wake up.

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  26. MP October 25, 18:10

    Another misconception is the idea that a microwave will help block EMP waves, microwaves were shown to only block microwave frequency EM waves, EMP’s cover a broad spectrum of frequencies that will most likely pass right through a microwave. Better to stick with the ammo can/garbage can with multiple layers of insulation and foil wrapping with the item’s antenna/cord not touching any metal to be sure.

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  27. Nephite December 9, 05:35

    “275 miles above the United States” doesn’t make any sense. Most commercial airplanes fly somewhere around 35,000 feet, which is 6.6 miles. How could they get something 41 times higher than that?

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    • greatcutter January 22, 19:47

      Neophite, Remember people went to the moon on rockets- much higher that commercial airplanes. The EMP attack would likely be in the form of a nuclear tipped rocket. The effect of the EMP is generally line of sight so generally the higher the explosion the more surface area of our spherical planet is affected. The intensity of the EMP signal does decrease with distance so couple hundred miles above planet surface would cover large area and with a signal powerful enough to cause a lot of damage.

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    • Kacy October 31, 18:01

      I told that all that was needed to be successful in an EMP attack was 20 miles above our airspace, where they get 275 miles is beyond me, maybe they’re referring to the enemy’s satellite in Orbit ? If set up properly and equipped with Nuclear Technology it could be used for our Demise ?

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      • left coast chuck August 3, 01:14

        Any atomic device emits an electromagnetic pulse, starting at perhaps as low as 500 feet above ground level. It spreads in a circle. AT 20 miles elevation you would have a wider circle than at 500 feet. At 275 miles the circle is wide enough to encompass all of the continental U.S. and parts of Southern Canada and Northern Mexico. Alaska and Hawaii would be spared unless they were nuked separately.

        That’s why you see the figure 275 miles because it is the ideal altitude for such a weapon.

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  28. OleBill December 29, 00:58


    April 10th, 2012. Approximately 2pm. New Castle,Indiana blinked.
    ALL electrical mechanisms shut off and back on in a nano second.
    Battery powered. Direct wire and wire with battery backup.

    I was on the computer at the moment. It blinked and restarted instantly.
    The battery powered voice alarm clock spoke an incorrect time. The voice mode
    had been turned off. It went back to default. All clocks went back to default, 12 Am.
    Even the ones with a battery back up. All clocks except the wind up wall clock.

    The DVR schedule was wiped out and had to re program itself. That took most of an hour.

    A magnetic pulse had hit the town, wiping out most memories of puter chips.
    Was it a sun flare? Or was it a new satellite weapon being tested?
    I checked with the neighbors, same thing. The wife was at the Hospital, she said
    The hospital blinked.

    I have an implanted de-fibber and pace maker. Did I lose all of the recorded events and programming?
    Did all of the town’s folks with implants have them reset to original default or to deleted programming?

    If this was a Sun flare, it would have been headline news.
    If it was weapons test from a satellite, it would have a news blackout.

    If a weapon, was it friendly fire, or some other nation testing their operational ability?

    New Castle, Indiana.

    Reply to this comment
    • New Castle citizen March 1, 17:22

      When this happened it fried my computer.

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    • Philoveritas October 25, 18:24

      It was an X-Class solar flare, but still not powerful enough to permanently damage everything. We haven’t really had a big enough flare since the world has become so dependent on computers for the simple reason that they are rare enough and have to happen on the small part of the sun that is directly facing us to be catastrophic…

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  29. John April 19, 19:59

    I live within miles of a nuclear power plant, and if an EMP shuts it down while the plant is hot, it will only be hours before a meltdown. Not sure if people have even considered this.

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  30. foundtreasure1 April 20, 13:25

    A good book I recommend reading is One Second After by William R. Fortschen. The book is about as accurate as to how it would play down. Personally, I have gone through a few localized emergencies in the past couple of years, one being a total lights out, no electricity event, and one natural disaster. Both had similar reactions within my community. I have learned to mitigate this issue by getting myself prepared, having emergency food, water, and supplies on hand, and communicating with my neighbors.

    I recommend that you guys do too.

    Reply to this comment
    • Jinky April 26, 19:22

      That’s a terrible book. Poorly written and so over-the-top preachy… I couldn’t finish it. The grammar issues were too frequent and flagrant to ignore.

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  31. steadfast August 9, 03:11

    The grid goes down, the nuclear plants go into meltdown just like fukishima. Can you imagine how many fukishimas we have in the u.s.? I think the first thing you should do is find a new planet to live on, after e.m.p..

    Reply to this comment
    • Philoveritas October 25, 17:59

      This is a myth, the nuclear plants in North America are generally better designed. Many have manual and mechanical backup systems. The control rods are by default in the off position they require power to lift them from the reactor. unless we are talking about the rapture where masses of people just instantly vanish there will be the time, personnel, and the means to shut down the reactors. Fukashima was a disaster waiting to happen. Heck even the game Sim-city had Japanese meltdowns as a likely scenario.

      Reply to this comment
  32. ezsal August 19, 14:04

    As far as waste goes, instead of digging a hole especially if the ground is frozen you can use rainwater or any spare water for your toilet tanks (this would only apply to people with septic systems) so get ready brother It’s not a matter of IF but WHEN, and I think that when will be right after the Elections good luck to you all. EZSAL

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  33. trapp August 20, 23:40

    Your running of those annoying “infomercial” bullshit ads are bringing much discredit to your web sight. If you truly have something useful to offer then just say it and stop wasting my time.

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  34. Deangelo August 27, 09:42

    I savour, cause I discovered exactly what I was taking a look for.

    You’ve ended my four dayy lewngthy hunt! God Bless youu man. Haave a great day.

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  35. Grannie_4_7 September 19, 19:10

    So I’m not sure how old this article is, but I have a question about the following statement, ” Prior to the EMP strike you had a small solar/hand crank weather radio secured in an old microwave in the basement,” Does this mean that the old microwave acts as a Tesla shield of some sort. Does it matter in any way if the microwave was still operable or not before being used as a storage container?

    Thank you!

    Reply to this comment
    • Grannie_4_7 September 19, 19:42

      Sorry – I didn’t mean “Tesla”, I meant “Farada” Cage

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    • Philoveritas October 25, 18:11

      Yes microwave ovens are shielded to keep electromagnetic radiation in when in use, but they also work the other way as long as the door is closed. It does not have to be powered or functional to work, just in one piece.

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  36. Philoveritas October 25, 17:44

    While I do enjoy thinking about these types of scenarios, they are in reality highly unlikely. No government is going to EMP North America, Nuclear Submarines and worldwide American military bases keep M.A.D. alive in a grid-down scenario anyways. The realistic threat is from the Sun. High energy particles from the sun still take 1-2 full days to reach the earth and NOAA constantly monitors solar activity. Even worst case scenario only the daylight side of the planet when it gets here is effected. Heck they even just put up a new satellite in between the earth and the sun to provide even earlier warning of such an event. The fear mongers make money selling this scenario but it really ranks up there with Zombie Apocalyspe in terms of likelihood. I lived through the north-east blackout of 03 in one of the biggest cities on the continent and I don’t recall any hordes of bloodthirsty looters tearing apart civilization…

    Reply to this comment
    • Anzennosensei March 27, 23:05

      RIGHT! Some nondescript container on a nondescript container ship from India or China or on a tanker from the Middle East opens up and sends up an IRBM with a nuke.OR the guy in Iran or N. Korea, who is completely bonkers sets one off. M.A.D. wouldn’t matter. The mullahs are suicide bombers, and Obama has given them 8 years to succeed with a nuke.

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  37. RESIDUALS October 28, 16:23


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  38. Oddfellow March 15, 15:46

    I think it is ridiculous to have to walk back home for hours or even a day, if all you have to keep in the trunk of your car, apart from clothes and shoes, a small bike, of the foldable kind. Its weight is just a few kg and it takes almost no space.

    Isn’t this so obvious ?

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  39. Lavon March 20, 21:31

    I conceive you have mentioned some very interesting points, thanks for the post.

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  40. Tom April 28, 14:46

    The most important thing to remember is those bags of rice from Sams Club are cheap..then you can mix some tuna or sardines to make a meal..and Rise will last forever..Sugar will last forever…also Salt..Hot pepper sauce ..Soy Sauce and Honey…and of course Spam..so it does not take a genius to set up something..then those Instant Potatoes …

    Reply to this comment
    • Kacy October 31, 18:08

      And if You’re not a Hunter but do enjoy eating meat, there is always the option of eating a RAT, they’ll always be around even after SHTF …

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  41. 7QZ May 12, 16:49

    Preparing for an EMP attack of this magnitude is pointless, as our nuclear power plants would be shut down along with our electrical grid. It would only take a month or so for our spent nuclear fuel rod pools to begin cooking off, and then all life on the surface of planet Earth would be eradicated from the radioactive fallout. Imagine Fukashima x1000.

    That is the real reason we will never be struck with an EMP weapon: it would be suicide for an adversary. Forget nuclear retaliation – the truth is that the real Doomsday Device is our spent nuclear fuel rod pools.

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  42. Tim May 23, 15:43

    Silver and gold…How long before the lid blows off the financial central banking scam that is unraveling now (Trump’s election, bankruptcy of Puerto Rico, etc.). Wouldn’t it be easier to find your own gold than work a 9 to 5 job and then take whatever money you have left over to buy silver and gold? Would you be surprised to find out that gold has been documented to have been found in 38 of the 50 states? And that the US Geological Survey has determined (scientifically) that there is 2.7 times more gold left to be found in the lower 48 states than Alaska? (- so it is not necessary to travel to Alaska to find gold!), Get a free eBook that outlines the basic facts about the gold resources of the United States researched and written by a former award winning US Geological Survey scientist: http://www.theessentialintroductionfornewgoldprospectors.com/online-store

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  43. Ranger X May 30, 01:33

    A EMP takes the path of least resistance, just like electricity AC or DC. It will be invisible but very destructive as it FRIES UP the critical electronics, its conductors and fail safe circuitry. A faraway is the only way. I have a 200 sq. foot shop that I believe is hardened against EMP. I am a electrician and solar tech so I can visualize how this thing acts out. I have successfully tested smaller versions and size does not matter IF you follow protocol.

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    • Candy Sue June 20, 23:07

      Hi my name is Candy Sue. I have been prepping and would love to make a bigger EMP faraday cage butnInam single and to not know how to do.Tried to get a big metal container but could not fine one.

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      • Kacy October 31, 18:12

        On the internet ” Type ” in Purchase 50 Gallon Barrels, You’ll be told where to pick up one, use it for your Faraday Cage ?

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        • left coast chuck August 19, 01:32

          Candy Sue: Military ammo cans make great Faraday cages. You can get a 20 mm can that is pretty large. I have one that is full of .45 amp and I can barely move it.

          On the other hand, you can make your own Faraday cage out of a cardboard box. Cover it both sides with aluminum foil. Make sure there are no gaps in the foil. If you put foil covered boxes inside with the items you want to have protected, that will enhance the protection. Just make sure that the items you want protected are wrapped in paper to insulate them from the foil on the box. Hope this is clear enough to enable you to make your own Faraday cages at home.

          If you want to protect something as large as an automobile, you need to look at an all metal building. Tests conducted by Dr. Arthur Bradley indicate that it isn’t necessary to completely eliminate all electrical pulses, it is only necessary to lower them to the point where they won’t damage the electronics that you want to save. The difficult part is in knowing how much is enough which is why we strive to eliminate all pulses, not knowing how much is enough. So I wouldn’t get all bothered if my Faraday cage wasn’t absolutely, positively 100% but that wouldn’t keep me from trying to reach100%. I hope that makes sense.

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  44. GRITS357 October 31, 18:56

    I’ve been told to work on having a cash supply on hand, then read this article that says cash will be worthless?

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    • left coast chuck August 19, 01:43

      GRITS 357: For a few days, and no one can define “a few days”, cash will be acceptable. When the grid is down, credit cards, checks, ATM cards, debit cards and even cash withdrawals from the teller all will be at a halt.

      A personal anecdote — My brother was hunting in NorCAl when the Northridge earthquake happened in the Los Angeles area. Where my brother was hunting was approximately 500 miles from LA. As he started to head home, he pulled into a gas station to fill up with gas. He noticed a lot of people milling around and a sign on the pumps read ‘CASH ONLY.” Since he frequently hunts in areas where credit cards are not commonly accepted, he always carries cash with him on his hunting trips. When he went in to pay cash for his gas he inquired and was told all the electronics were not working although they had electricity. The computers that processed credit card and other electronic transactions were in the earthquake affected area and were not working. No problem. My brother paid cash for his gas and proceeded on his way.

      That will work for the first few days after some event like an EMP or CME until folks wake up and realize the there won’t be any more gas or food deliveries. Then cash will be worthless. As the forwarned, prepared preppier, you spend your cash and purchase as much as you can with the cash on hand so that when supplies are gone or the merchant realizes that he can’t eat cash but can eat the beef jerky and chips on his shelves and refuses to sell them but keep them for himself you will have a store and won’t be disappointed because you have spent your cash while you could.

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  45. Janeth July 25, 15:50

    Prepping is most definitely necessary. But People, PLEASE! Jesus is NOT going to save you, GOD is NOT going to save you. You religious fanatics wont last a minute if you continue to believe that when SHTF it will end in paradise. So, pull your heads out of your butts. The END wont be happy hour in heaven, it’ll be the struggle of staying alive and surviving and if you don’t have your wits about you and are waiting for the Holy Boys to step in and save you, you are screwed. Pray all you want, it won’t help. The reality is that religion was created as a control mechanism to keep us sheep of the flock nicely organized in order to put us in our respective pens (concentration camps-re,ember the Holocaust? Yup, like that). The bible doesn’t have the answers, it’s a literary work of fiction. I used to be a biblical history scholar until I realized there was absolutely NO proof of anything in that book, Zippo, Over 20 years cramming my head full of useless words. But all of you will need to realize this on your own and nothing I can say will persuade the diehards otherwise. Yes, cash will be worthless, it is worthless NOW. All of the money on this planet does not exist actually exist. Please read up on the Rothschilds/Rockefellers, Agenda 21 and open your eyes to the harsh reality. Read what those creepy Georgia Guide stones are outlining and ponder that for a while. Vaccines for you and your kids? NO, just another way to control population. People, it’s not even When its going to happen, it’s happening NOW! OK, enough said, if you don’t get it by now, you will never get it. Good luck..

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  46. Mojo August 2, 21:23

    Read One Second After by William Fortchner

    It’s about what happens after an EMP is detonated over the continent.

    It’s a sobering read. Older cars and truck. Without computer control will still work.

    I have a 1994 F250 with manual injection pump.

    It will be fine.

    On Ford Diesels they went to an electronic controlled injection pump MidYear 1994

    If it says “PowerStoke” it has an electronic brain.

    The older 6.9’s are also manual.

    Anything made in the sixties will still run.

    The Chevy 6.2 is Manuel, but the 6.5 electronic.

    Everyone should have at least one antique vehicle for just this reason.

    Read One Second After

    Fortchner just came out with a new book called One Year After.

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  47. tv-maniak.pl August 22, 22:10

    I delight in, cause I found just what I was having a
    look for. You have ended my 4 day long hunt! God Bless you man.
    Have a nice day. Bye

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  48. FISHEREX February 22, 02:52

    I’m not so sure. My son works security at a nuclear facility and tells me they are EMP hardened, as is their backup generator system.

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  49. Jo March 4, 22:09

    I was going to order this because the video said it would be a PHYSICAL book. Then at checkout it says it’s a digital book. Nice bait and switch. Please let me know if I can get an actual book. If the power goes out, digital will not work for me.

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  50. Akira April 11, 20:33

    Bunch of idiots –WILL NEVER HAPPEN for an EMP attack. We have more technology to prevent before it happens

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  51. Nikki September 7, 18:04

    Something no one really thinks about with an EMP attack is that it can set off a chain of natural disasters earthquakes/tsunamis etc.

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  52. SGB December 29, 19:21

    I see a number of medical specialists in an area near downtown Nashville. I live to the West. It only takes about 20-25 minutes to get there by car. I have been preparing a walker with as many containers attached as possible, put shoes, clothing, food etc. in the trunk of the car. My plan is to load the walker and take off for home. Since I am elderly and somewhat handicapped I think it might take as much as a week to get home. if I make it. There will be no calling my kids for help since everything will be down. the recent Christmas Day bombing rendered me without phones, internet, security system since it all was on ATT wireless. I must do a number of thing quickly so that something like that won’t happen again. I only own one gun but I am considering taking it in the car.

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