When To Speak To The Police, And When To Shut Up

James Walton
By James Walton August 10, 2020 09:49

When To Speak To The Police, And When To Shut Up

There have been over 300 victims of shootings in NYC in a month’s time. This is up 3-fold from the stats from the same period in 2019. People know that policing has changed drastically, and the worst elements of society are taking full advantage of this.

In our brave new America, it is hard to know where you stand. The ground underfoot is unsure, and the culture is changing rapidly. If you find yourself standing before law enforcement do you know the best course of action? Do you know when to speak and when to dummy up to protect yourself?

Cops are people. Never forget that. They show up to assess and enforce the law. There are many people who have wound up in custody when they shouldn’t have. Much of it has to do with simply saying too much or communicating the wrong information.

Fifth Amendment Protections

Now we have a world movement that is attempting usurp the constitution and its vast protections. We could stand to lose everything if we go the route of a one world government or a coalition of nations woven together by big tech and socialist ideologies.

We do not have to talk to the police at all. We can simply comply in silence. In most cases it’s just easier to go along and get along. If you were speeding than be cordial, give them what they ask for and pay your fine. You broke the law.

However, things can get more complicated in matters of false accusation or self-defense. In those moments you might choose to evoke the powers of the 5th Amendment. Which states:

“No person shall be held to answer for a capital, or otherwise infamous crime, unless on a presentment or indictment of a Grand Jury, except in cases arising in the land or naval forces, or in the Militia, when in actual service in time of War or public danger; nor shall any person be subject for the same offence to be twice put in jeopardy of life or limb; nor shall be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

To further drive this home let’s look at few situations where you can effectively communicate with police and some circumstances where you are better off just shutting up and letting the law work or lawyer up to protect yourself.

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DON’T SPEAK: When You Are Nervous

When To Speak To The Police, And When To Shut UpPolice must gauge people in high stress situations, and they are trained to recognized strange behavior.

Some people get incredibly nervous when they interact with police. People who are sneaking things and doing bad things can get nervous and act strange when confronted by the police, too.

They cannot know which type of person you are in the seconds after they pull you over. If you are nervous and you are fumbling over your words, limit way you say and do your best to comply with reasonable requests.

DON’T SPEAK: If You Don’t Know Where You Stand

When To Speak To The Police, And When To Shut UpIn a simple traffic violation, you know where you stand. Your light is out, you were speeding, or you got caught searching on your phone instead of paying attention to the road. It’s pretty cut and dry even though many people still argue with police in these moments.

What is much more alarming is when you find yourself standing before a police officer without knowing why they have shown up or what you have done.

This could happen for lots of reasons. A malicious neighbor might have called the cops to your home for a loud party you are having, you might fit the description of someone who they are looking for or you might have just strolled into a crime scene at the wrong time.

The best thing to do is dummy up and keep quiet. Don’t spend your time explaining yourself. Don’t spend time explaining your innocence. You are protected by the constitution and your calm; compliance will do you much better than arguing and resisting.

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DON’T SPEAK: If You Are Called in After the Fact

When To Speak To The Police, And When To Shut UpIf you find yourself in a police station answering questions as more than just a witness to a crime, you need a lawyer. You are on the verge of becoming a statistic.

Remember, police are interested in enforcing the law and putting cases to bed.

If you start talking and suddenly fit the bill you might already be a suspect and your words could incriminate you even further.

DON’T SPEAK: In a Self Defense Scenario

When To Speak To The Police, And When To Shut UpIf you have just experienced a violent scenario where you were forced to protect yourself with your fists, a knife, a gun or some other kind of weapon, you need to focus on calming down, above all.

You are in no condition to start explaining why you used your firearm or how the attacker approached you.

While we like to believe that simply defending ourselves is a protection awarded to us by the law, most states have some hoops to jump through before you can physically harm another person in self-defense. Particularly if firearms and death are involved. Wait for your attorney on this one.

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SPEAK: If You Are a Witness

When To Speak To The Police, And When To Shut UpAs a witness your words hold weight with police. This one can be a little tricky depending on the situation but in many cases eyewitness reports are valuable. This can be especially true if there are limited witnesses.

In my opinion this is part of your civic duty.

SPEAK: To Announce your CCW

When To Speak To The Police, And When To Shut UpAlways announce you CCW. Be truly clear and assure the officer understands what you are saying. In most cases the police officer will ask you to put the gun someplace safe or, if its in a bag, will move the bag to the trunk of your car.

This is for both of your safety.

SPEAK: To Be Cordial and Respectful

This was lost on people even before this current cultural revolution against law enforcement. People don’t like to be told they are wrong, even when they are wrong!

I always try to be cordial and respectful to police. I am not a big fan of authority figures and never have been. Still, I understand the struggle. I understand the risk in what they do. Most importantly, I understand that they are people just like you and me and if I pulled someone over for running a red light I would want a society that is mature enough to admit they were wrong and move on while simply being decent.

It is hard to know what the future of policing might look like. In many places where the police are needed most, they have been massively defunded. No one has really been clear about what this kind of defunding will do to police capabilities.

In all the funk and the whirlwind of this cultural revolution you will likely have an interaction with police. We are preppers. You should not be surprised by how you act in almost any situation. Interactions with police should be mostly cordial.

No matter where you fall on the police debate there will be times that you should hush up and go with the flow of the officer. There will be times when your freedom might depend on you being quiet and waiting for an attorney. For the most part, though, speaking with cops on average is just about being polite and respectful.

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James Walton
By James Walton August 10, 2020 09:49
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  1. Cavalryman August 10, 13:59

    I have a very close relative who is a Lieutenant Colonel in a city police force. If I were ever in a situation where I had to draw, (brandish) my weapon, or heaven forbid fire it, I would NEVER talk to them or any of my other police relatives about what happened. I definitely would not talk to a stranger about it. My advice is to keep your attorney’s business card in you wallet with your CCW card.

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    • John P August 10, 22:18

      Cavalryman, Perhaps contacting the USCCA would be a good idea. Their number for membership is:800-674-9779 or 855-388-4075. This is just a suggestion.

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    • Jay. August 11, 02:26

      Carry insurance specifically for this issue but separate from your home insurance, it won`t cover you if you are charged with a crime & don`t talk until you have a lawyer present bottom line.

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  2. Lisa August 10, 15:51

    Unless your black, your dead anyway. Racist fuckers.

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    • lyn August 10, 16:11

      Some are racists. some are not. I’ve seen two situations where two cops were together….one was helpful and the other hateful. Thankfully the helpful one stood his ground. I called the police compliment/comment line and reported BOTH. I hope the good helpful one got credit.

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    • Enups August 10, 16:50

      As a former police officer in small-town, it was usually the person being stopped that they got an attitude before the questioning started and especially black individuals. If it happened I would ask for a driver’s license and ask them to wait to allow me to verify them. When in the car I would request an additional officer and if available request a known black officer to assisty me. This usually would change the detainee’s attitude.

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    • toho28 August 10, 16:58

      Huh? BTW…it’s “you’re”, not “your”.

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    • left coast chuck August 10, 17:16

      Well, Lisa, you certainly impressed me with your extensive vocabulary.

      I suspect that you are not really interested in the truth, but just in the off chance that I am wrong, I suggest that you visit https://www.fbi.gov/services/cjis/ucr which is the FBI’s statistical data base about crime.

      I know, the FBI is just a tool of the fascists, but remember originally to join the FBI the candidate had to be either a CPA or a lawyer, so while I would be the first to admit that they are not much on investigation, they are whizzes at collating numbers. In the total number of arrests made according to the most recent figures — they are always a couple of years behind— there were 10 million arrests (rounded) out of that number of arrests there were 41 unarmed arrestees killed. Out of that 41, 19 were white and 9 were black. That leave 13 whose race was unidentified. Even if we add the 13 to the 9 known blacks, it only comes to 22. I don’t think it would be totally out of line to suggest that the 13 just might possibly have been latino. So let’s assume that they were because I know for a fact in the last couple of years there have been some latinos killed by either the LACSO or LAPD who turned out to be unarmed. So we have the following whites killed = 19; latino kills = 13; blacks killed = 9. Sure doesn’t sound to me like the cops are out shooting down innocent blacks left and right. Especially when I suspect that out of the 10 million arrests, the predominate number of arrestees were black simply because of the number of reported crimes the reported suspect predominantly were black.

      Unlike Two-Shot Joe Biden, I don’t consider a suspect coming at me with a knife to be unarmed. Two-Shot was ruminating on how he would cut down on the number of innocent blacks being murdered by the police and his choice of tactics was if an unarmed suspect was coming at the officer with a knife he would train the officer to shoot the knife-wielding, unarmed suspect in the leg. Which has a couple of problems with it. Hitting a running man in the leg is way more complicated than hitting him in the chest and, secondly, if a femoral artery is severed by the bullet to the leg, the “unarmed” suspect will bleed out rather rapidly. The femoral artery is a big pumper, especially if the heart is racing due to an adrenalin rush from anger, fear and strenuous exercise. But what does Two-Shot know, his gun knowledge comes from watching movies. Which perhaps may be the same source of your information.

      Of course, if you have made up your mind, no amount of statistics will change it. You know, “I’ve emotionally made up my mind, don’t try to change it with facts.”

      Did you happen to notice that my post while considerably longer than yours didn’t contain any vulgarity? You might try expanding your vocabulary just a tad. People might place more credence in your opinions if you do.

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      • Cat August 11, 01:13

        “So we have the following whites killed = 19; latino kills = 13; blacks killed = 9.”

        You forgot to factor in the percentages in the US. From a quick search …

        Whites 73%
        Blacks 13.4%
        Latino 18%

        Percentages matter.

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        • left coast chuck August 11, 02:21

          Not when the biggest percentage of criminal suspects reported to law enforcement agencies coincidentally happen to be black. I would have to go back and look up the numbers, but it is highly disproportionate number of blacks involved in crime. The biggest percentage of crime is in black neighborhoods, so it is unlikely that black victims are spitefully reporting that the perp is black.

          That’s not folks grabbed for committing a crime, that is all crimes REPORTED to some law enforcement agency. It goes without saying that many crimes are not reported to police agencies just because it is, in many instances, just a waste of one’s time.

          If you really want shocking figures, go to the FBI website I mentioned in my first post and see what percentage of crimes involve a black suspect and then compare that to population figures. Or are you one of those whose mind is made up and don’t want to be persuaded by figures?

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        • toho28 August 11, 13:45

          Nice try Cat. An honest search will reveal that your 13.4% commit the majority of crimes, in real numbers, thus come in contact with LE disproportionately.

          Real numbers matter.

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      • Dennis August 11, 11:48

        Of these nine unarmed blacks, after investigations, officers were charged with a crime in only 2 of them. So, 83 million black people in the U.S.; 2 murdered by police. Tucker Carlson did an extensive expose on this and you can see it on You Tube.

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    • Matt August 10, 17:21

      I laughed aloud when I read the CCW part. Philando Castile comes to mind. Poor chap. Did everything outlined in this article. Still got shot point blank with his woman and baby girl in the car. This works for whites. At least for now. What these kkkops do to Blacks, they’ll eventually do to everyone else. They’re just the guinea pigs…always have been. You’ve been warned.

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      • Marco August 10, 18:48

        Statistics don’t support your argument BLM dude.

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      • left coast chuck August 10, 21:15

        Matt: Look at the figures I quoted. An anomaly of one in ten million is not a bad records to have. Yeah, I know, one individual wrongfully killed by the police, no matter what color is a matter for concern and it sucks majorly if you or a relative happens to be the one. But how many groups can honestly say that their error ration is as low as the stats I quoted from the FBI figures? Certainly the medical field stats for killing innocent patients is not nearly as good.

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      • D.D August 11, 02:35

        It`s a assassination not policing done by state sponsored domestic terrorists called government. If something does not have the backing of the Government the LEO will be in trouble, the Fed`s & State police will be right their if called but not in the case of a state sponsored assignation or other crimes so if something happens and they get away with it look to your local Mayor,Governor or Federal LEO`s as the sponsors otherwise they would be right on it, except if they are involved in it.

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        • DixieKen August 11, 12:00

          Speaking of ‘assassination”, look up the murder of Ryan Whitaker, a white man executed by police on May 21. You never heard of this actual murder by police because 1. The man was white, 2. He was in full compliance with LE orders and 3. George Floyd, a black man who was high on a lethal cocktail of drugs, decided to pass funny money, resist the police, then cause terrorists like BLM and Antifa to destroy “our” cities.

          Is “racism” a problem? You bet; but its not the type of “racism” THEY tell you it is!!! SMHID

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      • Dennis August 11, 11:59

        Of these nine unarmed blacks, after investigations, officers were charged with a crime in only 2 of them. So, 83 million black people in the U.S.; 2 murdered by police. Tucker Carlson did an extensive expose on this and you can see it on You Tube. While this person you mention might fit a BLM narrative, to say there is racial targeting by murderous white police is absurd.The facts are dramatically different, and completely refute this line of argument.

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        • left coast chuck August 12, 03:27

          Dennis: While I agree that there are abuses in the enforcement of our too numerous laws, just because an unarmed man is killed by the police during an encounter does not necessarily follow that the police committed a crime.

          Have you ever heard of suicide by cop? That’s where the deceased acted as if he had a weapon when he actually didn’t causing the police to react as if he were armed.

          You may think that the police must wait until an actual weapon is produced in order to respond with lethal force but that is not the case. The old movie scenario where the bad guy goes for his gun first is movie make-believe. If you wait until the other guy goes for his gun before you draw yours, you are already on the way to the morgue unless you get extremely lucky and the bad guy is also a bad shot.

          As a tax payer, I don’t want to see cops get hurt. As far as I am concerned, a cop getting hurt on the job affects my taxes because him getting hurt on the job means a workers compensation claim or a death benefit.

          There is nothing in the police training manual that says “You must wait until the bad guy draw a weapon before you can draw yours.”

          Too many bad guys reach for their waistband in a confrontation with the police. I don’t know why they do it. The only thing I can figure is they want to try to establish some kind of basis for a civil tort against the public entity employing them so their Mama whom they have never supported in their life, will get some cash from their worthless life. Otherwise I can’t see any reason to make a move to one’s waistband as if to draw a weapon when confronting a individual whom you know is armed with a firearm at a minimum.

          Reply to this comment
          • City Chick August 12, 23:14

            They are trying to turn the situation to their advantage and get big money in a civil lawsuit. Sometimes it just goes down as “Suicide by Cop”. Either way, just plain Stupid.

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      • red August 11, 16:52

        matt: cops are getting killed because they do not want to draw on suspects. It isn’t the cops who are KKK, but the ‘activists’ taking money from soros, a former Gestapo agent, who are. I live in Indian country and we have a good relationship with the cops. Before the repub take-over of much of Arizona, when the dems owned the state, you didn’t walk out of a police station if you were poor. That’s what libs are, bigots. When Arizona got rid of the dems, a lot of cops were fired for racism. Go to a pow wow in the US and you’ll hear things like dnc/kkk=nazi party usa. They’re saying it in Canada about the liberals there, as well. mexico always knew. In Mexico the PRI is called the marito party of the dnc. A marito is a little boy slave bought for vile purposes.

        Reply to this comment
        • Vril Energy August 27, 00:06

          Greetings Red,
          George Soros was neither a Gestapo agent nor did he collaborate with them. Quite the opposite.
          Soros was born in 1930 to Yewish ( Khazar ) parents in Budapest, Hungary. His love for money and wealth already showed in his teenage years. Those he came in contact with despised him for his trickery and lies. He supported the Communist Revolutionaries who had established themselves in Hungary stirring up the minds of the citizens. After German Troops had entered Hungary, pushing the Communist Revolutionaries out, Soros changed his identity. He let a man cover up for him who did wealthy Yews out of their possessions, and let Soros lend him a hand moving the loot out of the country. This is how Soros made it through the war, leaving Budapest only two years later after it had ended, taking with him what he himself had looted from Hungarian citizens.
          He traveled without being caught straight to England were he enrolled in the “London School of Economics”, and came to the U.S. in the mid 1950’s, were he was ‘magically’ drawn to Wall Street.

          From our lying media we learned ( and we know who owns the media and printing press) the following:

          In 1969 he sold stocks he didn’t own as futures, hoping that their price would fall nearer the qualifying date and that he could acquire them at a price lower than his selling price. From this fund the ” Quantum Group” evolved, a family of investment funds operating from the Dutch West Indies.

          But reality is always stranger then fiction.

          The following is only a small part of the original and much lengthier report by William Engdahl, a Canadian, who after his in depth research and investigation had this to say about Soros, a psychopath, who is enjoying the destabilization and destruction of countries since the 1970’s, also known as future “shock therapy”.

          “Soros speculates on the world’s financial markets via his secret off-shore company “Quantum Fund NV”, a private “investments fund” that handles a portfolio of four to seven billion US dollars for several “clients”. The Quantum Fund is registered in the tax haven of the Netherlands Antilles in the Caribbean. In order to evade control of his financial activities by the U.S. administration, not a single U.S. citizen sits on the board of Quantum. Its directors are a curious mixture of Swiss and Italian financiers………
          Soros has been identified as a front man of the Anglo-French Rothschild banking group. Neither he nor the Rothschilds want this important fact to be public, so the tight links to his friends in the “Inner City of London”, in the British foreign ministry, in the state of Israel and to his mighty friends in the American Establishment would stay concealed.
          Among the members of the board of the Quantum Fund is one Richard Katz. He is at the same time head of the “Rothschild Italia S.p.A.” in Milan and is also on the board of the commercial bank “N.M.Rothschild & Sons” in London. Another member of the board is Nils O. Taube. He is a partner in the London investment group “ST.James’ Place Capital” which counts Lord Rothschild among its main partners. A frequent partner of Soros in several of his speculations – especially in the driving up of the gold quotation – is Sir James Goldsmith, a relative of the Rothschild dynasty. On the board of Soros Quantum we also find the heads of some highly “discreet” Swiss private banks ( who help the syndicates of organised crime – weapons and drugs – to launder their money). Then there is Edgar D.de Picciotto, head of the Geneva private bank “CBI-TDB Union Bancaire Privee”, a main player on the gold and investment markets, Isidoro Albertini, head of the Milan stockbroking company “Albertini & Co.”, Beat Notz of the privat bank “Banque Worms” at Geneva, Alberto Foglia, head of the Banca del Ceresio” at Lugano. In the course of the recent political corruption scandals in Italy it was found that several Italian politicians kept their money at the “Banca del Ceresio”. Apparently Soros had more than just insider knowledge about the weak points in Italian politics when he attacked the lira in September 1994.

          I will leave it with that, ’cause the report is to long for this Forum. In the name of the powers that be, Soros has carried out utter devastation to all Eastern and Western European Nations, Russia, the United States, South and Central America. What is behind the currency wars of George Soros, and in the name of his financial backers, is the final destruction of our entire civilization.
          Soros holds numerous foreign passports, including a US, so he can easily slip in and out. He married a young Asian woman a few years ago.

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          • red August 27, 19:16

            The news media is lying, but not to me. Soros was the youngest Gestapo agent then, was happy to turn over every family member and friend he could. Meine Stiefmutter war im Shutzstaffel. So waren zwei Tanten und andere. The Gestapo paid gold for information. Israel refuses to take a penny from him because it’s blood money. He’s wanted in his homeland for war crimes, so Hungarian Jews told me, including one who was a Nazi officer. The DNC gave soros diplomatic immunity because he’s wanted in France, the UK, much of SE Asia and other places. Soros thinks Erdoğan of Turkey is the antichrist and is backing him for caliph. Imams who did the testing claim Erdoğan passed all tests for caliph, the first man in centuries to do so. The imams were from Sunni and Shia, and if he is declared caliph, he owns 57 nations. Soros wants to be his high priest.

            Reply to this comment
            • City Chick August 27, 20:16

              Red, All of this I have also heard from numerous sources. What I just don’t understand is why he hasn’t been investigated and brought to justice! Why his US Citizenship has not been rescinded and why he is still allowed to do what he is doing to foster, pay for and churn political unrest around the world! Seems they do that all the time to drug lords, pedophiles, and Germans who participated or were complicit in the horrors against humanity in WW2. PS Your German language skills are pretty good!

              Reply to this comment
              • red August 28, 00:31

                CC: Ich bin einer Dietschman, that’s a very old style dialect of German. But, a lot of family brought war brides home from Germany and my stepmother, we called her Tante, auntie, was Austrian.
                Soros has diplomatic immunity. He worked for the CIA/Air America under LBJ. I can’t even begin to list crimes he’s wanted for around the world. The DNC protects him, Muslim nations are protecting him. He’s wealthy and owns a lot of blackmail. Like Limbaugh said, Soros bought a jackass. Nothing happens that he doesn’t approve.
                Some news, all states with high death counts will be investigated, starting with the governors. God love us, Cuomo would look in stripes 🙂 niio

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            • VrilForce August 28, 08:13

              William Engdahl is an independent Author, writer, researcher and leading analyst in international Geo-politics and economics. His works have been translated into more then a dozen languages. He is not employed by the media, and does not care for their lies.
              You mention that your stepmother, two aunts and other relatives served in the SS. What was their rank, under what division and how many years did they serve? Just curious. Ordinary Orthodox Yews, the ones who are the true descendants of the land of Yudea may want him, but they have been ignored by their very own leaders in Zionist controlled Israel. They have to fight daily for their rights. If Israel really wanted Soros for war crimes he would have long ago been arrested.
              I don’t know were you read that Soros thinks that President Erdogan of Turkey is the supposed “Antichrist’, just because some religious groups claim it to be. Same has been said about many other leaders in the past with the result that more nations have been utterly destroyed and human misery increased. The only ones who ever benefited from all these wars are the Illuminati, the international cartel, the cabal, the deep state. The Swiss scientist Jean-Jacques Babel found that during the last 5600 years humanity on this Earth fought 14.500 wars with three and a half billion dead. That is half of today’s world population.
              History is but a lie written by those who for thousands of years have been controlling mankind through never ending warfare, institutions and religion. Follow the money trail and you find who the real enemy of mankind is. Those to caught up in the left – right paradigm won’t figure it out. My family survived the Communist/Bolshevik/Stalinist regime. More then 80 Million Russians and 20 Million Ukrainians lost their lives between 1917 and 1953 by order of Comrade Stalin and his butchers. ‘The Archipelago Gulag’ by Russian writer Alexander Solzhenitsyn tells in gruesome details how he survived his incarceration under inhuman conditions and after his release.
              To learn more about the other side of the coin, I recommend following link as a start:

              Reply to this comment
              • red August 28, 22:18

                Frederick William Engdahl is a conspiracy theorist, and that means a liberal, no matter what else he may say. How close to the Nazi researchers was vril society? Israel has constantly and consistently refused any money, many millions of dollars from zionists like the Nazi, soros. Family in SS: Captain, private, private, and a sergeant at Auschwitz. As a manuscript researcher, I depend on reality, on statistics that can be verified. I do not tale anyone’s word unless they can back it. No matter what, Stalin and Hitler were friends. Stalin got greedy and demanded a dollar a barrel for crude oil, and Hitler moved to take the oil fields. That set off a war between brothers. Stalin owed Hitler for saving him from Bolsheviks and selling him more modern weapons at rock bottom prices. At the end of the war, Hitler sent Stalin a major gift, as many as a quarter million SS and Gestapo. Stalin hung a few for show and adopted the rest. You now have people like Greta Thunberg fighting for you. Her grandfather who invented global warming was one of you. My family survived more than 500 years of liberals here. I wish peace on you.

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    • Dee August 10, 19:10

      I watch a lot of Massad Ayoub videos. He is an expert witness for law enforcement. He says to always be the first one to call 911 to establish yourself as the victim. There has been a shooting. Here’s the address. Send ambulance. Here’s my description.

      Make sure you don’t have a weapon in your hand when you get there. Point to the attacker. Point to important evidence. Point to witnesses. Keep your mouth shut about anything else. Say you will be glad to give a full statement in the presence of my lawyer. Don’t resist when they cuff you and take you in.

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    • Carlo V August 11, 00:05

      If we lump all black folks into one pile and say they’re all just alike (as Slow Joe Biden did just a couple of days ago), you’d scream racism, and you would be right. Putting all cops in one basket and saying they’re all like the one bad cop in the mix makes you as ignorant as the racist you hate.

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  3. betty j jennings August 10, 16:09

    most of the sights i read (even on your sight) are just babbling on and on only trying to sell me something that I will not buy because if the article I am reading is so full of babble why would i think the book or item would be any different
    this articles is full of information that makes me feel like you actually have something of value to say
    this is a refreshing difference

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  4. lyn August 10, 16:12

    Some are racists. some are not. I’ve seen two situations where two cops were together….one was helpful and the other hateful. Thankfully the helpful one stood his ground. I called the police compliment/comment line and reported BOTH. I hope the good helpful one got credit.
    this comment is NOT a duplicate.

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  5. Enups August 10, 16:51

    As a former police officer in small-town, it was usually the person being stopped that got an attitude before the questioning started and especially black individuals. If it happened I would ask for a driver’s license and ask them to wait to allow me to verify them. When in the car I would request an additional officer and if available request a known black officer to assist me. This usually would change the detainee’s attitude.

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  6. PatriotGal August 10, 18:02

    Husband is Law Enforcement. He said 1) Don’t tell them husband is Law Enforcement first of all;
    2) if you call 911 choose your words carefully. You can say, “There’s been a shooting, send police and medical.” Then give the address and hang up. If you stay on too long and start panicking, you may say something you regret or that they will use in court against you. Better yet, have someone else call. You don’t want to sound insane, nor do you want to sound cold and detached. Both could be bad for you.
    3) As soon as you call 911, call your lawyer. Have a specialized lawyer for gun/knife incidents. Have a pre-arrangement with them so they will come to your home or the location of the shooting.
    4) Husband had to shoot someone once. Guy was on meth and completely whacked out. Was attacking everyone within 20 yards. Said even though everyone knew it was justified, and he knew it was justified, he was extremely shook up afterwards. So don’t think you’ll shoot someone and be calm and collected. Husband’s advice on that? Play the “i’m so shook up I can’t speak” card. The police will actually understand.
    5) When your lawyer shows up, go privately and talk with him/her — explain everything quietly and in as much detail as you can. Your lawyer needs the truth in order to represent you. Then – SHUT UP. From that moment on, your lawyer is in charge and you are just there.
    6) When the dust settles, sit down and write down every single thing you can remember from start to finish. Times, details, what you said, what your lawyer said, what the police said, names of witnesses, how long the whole thing lasted. If/when this goes to court, your written notes are as important as the policeman’s written notes.
    7) Remember the old saying: It’s better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6, so no matter what, you are still alive and if you keep your wits about you, this too shall pass.

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  7. left coast chuck August 10, 21:17

    Dee and Patriot Girl: Good advice. If I were going to post advice it would be the advice you posted almost word for word.

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  8. left coast chuck August 10, 22:44

    I might add one caveat: When a traffic officer asks you if you know why he stopped you, the correct answer is “No” unless you can actually read his mind and know for a fact why he stopped you.

    It is a favorite technique of traffic officers to get you to admit to an additional traffic violation other than the one he stopped you for. You might say, “Yeah, I know I was going faster than I should have been back there,” when what he actually stopped you for was that your left brake light was out and you have an equipment infraction. But now that you have volunteered that you were speeding, he gets to write a twofer or he may be big-hearted and only write you for the most serious offense and let you off on the lesser one. Gee, thanks, Officer Bill. You’re a swell guy.

    So the admonition to be careful what you say to an officer applies even in a traffic stop. You are much better off the less you say. You don’t have to answer any of his questions. All you have to do is provide him with current driver’s license and if your state is a mandatory insurance state, a copy of the current policy card that your insurance company send you. You do not have to engage in conversation. He is not going to become your best bud and drinking companion.

    Make sure your license address is your current address and matches the address on the vehicle registration. Failure to keep DMV advised of your current address is also a citable offense and the officer will ask you about the address so that he can write an additional citation. Don’t lie to the officer. While it is okay for the police to lie to you, it is against the law in many jurisdictions to lie to the cop.

    Above all, he is doing his job. No matter how friendly he appears, he is not your best bud. Civil but distant. Assume your best British butler demeanor. You did watch Downton Abbey, didn’t you?

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    • red August 11, 06:56

      Old injun saying, you know you’re having too much fun when the cops show up. Cops take psychology training–and so should you!–and understand how to pressure. I was raised guilty with being redskin, it’s a lib states, so I learned early to keep shut the mouth, as folks say. You can take courses on-line about spotting liars, about controlling a situation without seeming to, and so on. niio

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    • Mudlow August 14, 19:30

      I live in NYC but I have a home in PA, My DL is NY State and my vehicles are registered in PA so when I get pulled over which is often they get my standard I have dual addresses and I don’t answer questions and of course I’m not nasty about. This procedure has netted me over 100,000 in false arrests over the last 15 years lol and I’m not joking

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      • City Chick August 17, 15:09

        Mudflow – In an unfortunate circumstance, the courts may take you to task as to where you are legally domiciled. You should speak to an attorney about that. And do Beware! If you decide to register your PA vehicle in NY or are forced to get NY plates – I understand the NY DMV will charge you sales tax with interest on your vehicle. So expect a big bill!

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        • Mudlow August 18, 05:40

          The criminal courts have never tried to enforce any laws on me but that my be due to multiple false arrests however in traffic court I’ve had bad results with parking tickets and moving violations. I pay about 20% of the insurance in PA that I do in NYC so that’s why I switched to PA and the have no problem what soever registering my vehicles their as I own a home and pay taxes but I did have to get some paperwork from the county clerk when the first time.

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  9. Power Unseen August 12, 21:52

    There is an entertaining lecture called don’t talk to the police on you tube by a law professor. The second half of the talk is by a serving police officer who comments that all the Prof says is true. Enlightening (and funny)

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  10. Susie Harrison October 22, 15:24

    I can’t afford an attorney, and the one they would appoint to me, won’t have my back (I’m pretty sure)… I was a paralegal though, in some cases I might now what limited things I could say… but otherwise, great advice.

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