When Did Independence Become Illegal?

Homestead Dreamer
By Homestead Dreamer November 5, 2018 00:56

When Did Independence Become Illegal?

Over the last year, I have really started to notice a growing trend. At first, it was a news story here or there, usually talking about someplace far off. The news was disturbing, of course – people being forced to do this or that for violating some rule against what they could do on their land.

Then, I heard a story about a lady in Canada who had her sheep slaughtered by the authorities. They had to be killed to be tested for diseases. Let me repeat that: they had to be killed to be tested for diseases. None were found to be infected but all her livestock was dead. Her whole herd, wiped out. Zero compensation. In fact, she has thousands in legal fees to pay, plus all of her normal living expenses. Getting a flock of sheep back, same breed, is out of the question at this point (years later).

I wrote an article a while back about the illegal outdoor clothesline. People who live in HOAs (Home Owner Associations) know what I’m talking about. Many in the city also have laws that don’t allow clotheslines in yards, or have rules about not being able to see them from the road. Don’t even get me started on the rules against having food gardens in your front yard! I can understand why some municipalities would want to limit it: untended gardens can cause real pest problems. What I am talking about are blanket laws passed that limit what people can do on the property they own.

It’s like there’s an all out war against living independently from the grid.

I grew up in Alaska. You can still buy land here that isn’t part of any municipality and that means you truly own the land. No taxes, no restrictions (other than state safety and sanitation regulations), and no one to tell you “You can’t do that on your property!” Growing up, I thought that’s how it was. That was my normal. Imagine my horror, learning that people could get their land taken from them for not paying taxes or because the municipality decided they wanted to build a new road, right where your house is. You have no rights, no authority. You are responsible, but you have little authority against government (local or otherwise) entities.

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Now I’m seeing people who are being kicked out of their homes because they live in tiny houses. I read about people who have their own grid with water, sewer, and electrical being forced to tie into the grid. I see people who are being told they have to remove a pond off their property because of some new law (never mind that the pond had been there over 100 years with fish and wildlife depending on it). Oh, and they had to pay for the removal, too.

It’s like there’s an all out war against living independently from the grid. It’s almost as if you’re a criminal because you don’t need what the government provides. You don’t need the electrical company’s power, you have your own – and you’re a criminal for it. Recently, here on my home island, the local utility company decided that everyone must pay water fees, even if there is no one living in the domicile. What that means is if you have a vacation home or a duplex, and no one is living there or using the water, you still have to pay. And there is little anyone can do about this ‘legal’ theft.

“If we aren’t being taught how to grow our own food, how to take care of ourselves and our families, and how to live without the need for huge governments, banks or corporations – as our ancestors once did – then we aren’t being educated; we are being indoctrinated to be dependent and subservient to the system~Gavin Nascimento.”

Of course, on top of all of that, there’s the requirement for licensing on everything from marriage to hunting, fishing to using the national parks set aside for our use. And though we have “the right to bear arms and defend ourselves from those who would do us harm,” we have to effectively get permission and go through hoops from the government to do so. The laws get more and more strict for the law abiding citizens, making it harder for us to exercise the right while the criminals are toodling along, bypassing all the red tape and still getting as many guns as they want. The “Gun Free Zones” are prime target areas to create victims, too. The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun and that is a time tested truth. To stop the bad guy, you need a good guy with the same or larger ‘stick/rock/etc.’ But I digress.

There are raids on homes for growing food and raising livestock. I recall an article about a couple who bought growing equipment for an indoor hydroponic set up and were raided by police, SWAT-style. It was believed they were growing marijuana. Charges were never filed because nothing was found. The leaves found and tested in their trash, on 3 separate occasions, were found to be tea leaves, not cannabis.

There was a time in this country when the same government not only encouraged keeping chickens and having a “victory garden,” you were considered patriotic for doing so! Homesteading was patriotic. Oh, how times have changed. Now, you have to perform feats of super human patience and paperwork-filling skills just to get the organic label to put on food you may sell from your homestead/farm to the public. The government is perfectly OK with all these chemical sprays and dusts put onto our food as it grows but you have to go through some crazy stuff to prove you aren’t using any. The system is completely backwards and I strongly believe that is a direct results of Big Agra and their lobbyers.

“We can’t let these people grow and make and do for themselves! Then we lose profit! We lose control! Our investors will suffer!”

The world is so angry now, or perhaps I am just more aware of it due to social media and instant information. In many ways, instant information has decreased the value of knowledge. It’s so easy to just look something up that committing anything to memory isn’t done the same way.

I used to have dozens of phone numbers memorized when I was a kid. Not so much anymore – just pop open your smartphone and tap the picture! Knowledge is no longer earned, therefore its value has decreased. Now, that is not to say that the internet and social media hasn’t had some positive influences – I learned to can food (both water bath and pressure styles) because of videos and articles online! I learned a great deal about gardening in my zone (7b) and would not have had the successes I did when I started if not for it.

The desire to be away from cities, work the land, and provide for yourself is under attack. Not everyone can just up and move to the country and live the life they truly want. I’m currently one of them (working on it though!).

This article first appeared on Homestead Dreamer.

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Homestead Dreamer
By Homestead Dreamer November 5, 2018 00:56
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  1. Armin November 5, 14:26

    When Did Independence Become Illegal? The short answer, when it became a threat to the people in power. They don’t want people anymore that can think for themselves. That constitutes a threat to the status quo. They’d rather have half brain-dead sheeple or unthinking, compliant robots as citizens. Just enough brains to do their job without complaining but not enough brains to think for themselves. Robots or sheeple are much easier to control and with the population of the earth climbing right now it’s all about control for the rulers. They’re scared shitless we’ll all wake up at the same time and pound their ugly asses into the ground. They can rule by force of arms for a short time until people have enough and revolt. And it seems all through history the peasants have been revolting. Never enough money to buy that extra bar of soap. LOL!

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  2. Graywolf12 November 5, 14:32

    The answer to your questions can be found at http://www.ICLEI.org. Agenda 21 &n 30, elimination of private property, control of everything you do. Notice you hear very little about the agenda’s, elimination of private property, forced living in government housing, public transportation only, travel restrictions, and a lot more one world government control ideas. They have gone underground for now. Be aware the beast is still there and dangerous. Another term they avoid now is sustainability.

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    • dp November 5, 21:34

      Thank you, Graywolf12. You are right on the money, and saved me some typing to point these things out. 🙂

      The most important thing for people to know is that ICLEI is a local initiative, so people need to become active in their local politics to stop this in their town. This is mostly at the city council level, but also at the state, and county legislative level.

      Patriots need to be active, and to organize – because our enemies are both well organized, and well funded. (Soros, etc)

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    • ExtraSmooth1 November 7, 01:11

      Spot on. Anytime you hear a political figure – local, state, or federal – use words like “sustainability,” hold on to your hat, for they are planning something insidious straight out of the ICLEI playbook.

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    • Fran November 8, 22:17

      Are HOAs in this list? I’m in CO and the people and government here seem to think HOAs improve the neighborhoods. It seems people are willingly giving away their freedoms. With HOAs you can’t have food growing in your yard, no chickens, no nothing and you have to maintain the house in the same cookie cutter condition as the rest of the neighbors. You want to do some landscaping? You need to ask for permission. I’m sure this is just but one of the ways people are going around giving away their freedoms and not questioning it at all.

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      • Graywolf12 November 9, 18:50

        Inspired by Agenda 21 to control people. The people are being trained to follow orders and realize they do not count. go to http://www.ICLEI.org and read their official plans, and go to the list of members to see if your state, county. ity, or HOA is a member.

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    • nobody November 13, 00:08

      You are so right,graywolf! It is good to know other people see this.the beast will rear his head again!

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    • lizardmansc April 24, 12:38

      I went to the link you provided… Dangerous stuff…

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  3. insanecandycane November 5, 14:44

    didn’t our forefathers say that “from time to time the constitution needs to be watered with the blood of tyrants”?
    if they take my freedom by locking me up for even 1 hour for something i did not do, there is no amount of money that can compensate me. if they take my property or force their will upon me, they better be ready to meet JESUS because i will introduce them to HIM! ive already done 10 years inside of prisons, and im 60 years old now. i am certified as crazy and was on unit 8 at portage max security in wisconson. if they glance at the list of books ive read through the inter library loan program that came from government facilities or look at my ATF/FBI file they will leave me the F**k alone. i will smile as i bend my knee but then spring up and remove their WHOLE GENE POOL from existence! that includes EVERYONE involved from the top on down to the one “just following orders” and even the jury, if one is involved. at most i have only 20 years left of any quality of life, and i do believe that if a few people stand up and act, others will follow. im no longer a racist but think that EVERYONE should read “the TURNER DIARIES” and “HUNTER” they are available online for FREE!

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    • Wannabe November 5, 15:45

      It was the tree of liberty needs to be watered from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants. Sadly most Americans don’t have this mind set and they just allow politicians and unelected bureaucrats to legislate and regulate freedom out the door.

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      • insanecandycane November 5, 18:19

        in history when a politician or wanabe politician is exiled out of the country, they just regroup and then come back in and take power again. in recent history an exile from iraq told alot of lies and got the usa government to attack iraq and kill its leader and put the exile in a position of power. every single story told by the power position people in american government was a LIE, yet we are still in iraq, our men and women getting wounded or killed, all for the big corporations to make a profit or for certain people to have some power.
        that said if we have to remove some people from power by force, we need to insure they never have the opportunity to regain that power, we have to leave them hanging from the street lights as a warning to others or plant a tree on top of them. if they gained $ by being especially corrupt then everything they gained since they entered office needs to be confiscated, and that includes their home, and gifts they gave ANYONE even the clothes of their childrens backs. if there is any sass given when we take it back we plant a tree on their ass too! i am sick to death of the people who think they know what is best for me and wish me to follow their desires. i can see wearing seat belts but those shoulder straps are just too much. i remove them from every automobile i scrap , to use as rope to hang the tyrants!! the Bible says that the sins of the fathers are carried on to the 5th generation. thus even great great grandchildren are guilty of their great great grand father in my book.
        if i ever send my wife back to her mom the tyrants better hire a hit on me because i will attack until im dead.

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        • dp November 6, 01:47

          The law of the land, and our constitution allow the hanging of traitors… this should be a public spectacle…

          It sends an important message to our enemies. Unfortunately, our enemies own our federal government.

          it is a problem, and I feel your pain.

          May God bless you, insanecandycane. 🙂

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    • Rhomal November 5, 22:13

      Do you have the author’s names for those books by any chance

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  4. Wannabe November 5, 15:05

    Agenda 21. Control the masses. Legislating what you can or cannot grow or develop on your own land is just a stepping stone to worst things. Starvation has always been a terrible way to get millions to do what you want. Control the food then you control the people. Hitler, Stalin, Mao , Polpot, fat boy in North Korea, Leaders in Venezuela just to name a few. Yes, dictators hate the word independent. Just the very mention of it strikes fear in their hearts because they can’t control an independent people. And that is what our constitution promote, a free independent society. And that is what the left in this country want to eliminate. Go vote and make a difference in the ballot box or one day we may have to make a difference in more extreme ways.

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  5. Boyd White November 5, 15:07

    Prescient article. In the first half of the 1900’s the government put out all sorts of posters supporting “Victory Gardens”…so what is the antonym of “Victory”…it is “Defeat”.

    Aleksandr Solsitnitsyn wrote that “Russia found out it had a whole other country inside its country once the social conditions changed due to the Communist regime.”

    What we see now is one version of the USA…what are the odds there is another version of the USA lurking within our country now. One that will seek victims just to justify the majority. If the goverment can find victims outside the STDDEV of the total population…the majority will not complain.

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  6. Dano November 5, 15:55

    I so agree with you here 100%. I asm more aware to these kinds of Government intrusions and laws that regulate what they do and have on their own property. Because of association rules I have to get permission to plant trees in front and make major landscaping changes. I cannot have chickens. I moved to rural Michigan a few years ago to escape rising property taxes. The house was a good buy and the neighbors are nice enough. IN many ways I am blessed but harbor serious concerns about the f=direction the culture and government is going. We needs some regulations of course for the good of the community but if someone is not infringing on others or endangering anyone I say – live and let live. I would love to learn more and eventually live off the grid at least part way.

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  7. Gaulois November 5, 16:06

    I agree with you 100%, that is way it is so important to stay politically informed and VOTE for your values, unfortunately people tend to vote on wether they personally like a candidate, not on their record.
    I currently live in the country, in Texas, where the people believe in individual rights. I also chose to live outside city limits so as to have less regulations and taxes. I found a property with a well and an existing lateral sceptic system, so i would be grandfathered from any new regulations. It is imperative that you thoroughly research your desired location for the political environment and the by-laws you may run across.

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    • breezybrow October 3, 19:33

      Head for redoubts! of the Appalachias and “the American Redoubt” which you can Google- out west who was started by James W Rawles who wrote Patriots. A dystopian novel.

      And keep an eye on Washington state. They might be close to splitting into two states along the Cascades


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  8. Ben November 5, 16:14

    You have hit the nail on the head with this one. I know a man who lost one of his homes and land because he was a practicing horticulturist. I (myself) was once threatened by the EPA and forced to move my pig lot to another location.

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  9. Brett November 5, 16:16

    Dear sir,
    I read your article with interest as a countryside resident with a garden and chickens but as a scientist I would humbly request you to include the references to your sources. Backing up your statements with proof is the ONLY way to reliably convince people to believe you and without, you are simply stooping to the lows of mob noise.

    Yes, you make many valuable contributions to this subject with your collections of information, facts, and ancient knowledge. The negative stories you refer to I have anecdotally heard of of but for verification it’s appreciated you state where you read them.

    Brett Williams

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  10. Jpclarksville November 5, 16:46

    The mistake Americans make is that they believe they OWN their land. You could have paid off that mortgage, or inherited the land, but if you get behind on your taxes, the local government will steal your land and auction it off, or a corporate farm will buy the land for pennies on the dollar. Americans basically pay rent (taxes) and work to maintain (regulations) for the government. The powers that be create (globalist bankers) create artificial “bubbles” that crash, forcing people out of their homes and they snap up the property.

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    • Consco November 5, 20:24

      If you live in a Western state (WA. Like I do) we have the ballot box and the initiative process. If you can get enough signatures you can pass almost any law or get one overturned. It would be great to see this in more states

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      • left coast chuck May 22, 03:13

        Some really bad laws get passed by the initiative process and this past year Washington State proved that with its anti-gun laws that got passed by the tail that wags the dog, Seattle. Several western states have that problem. It is especially bad in the PDRK where the democrats have just about eliminated the other party. This past election your only choice for U.S. Senator was one of two equally bad democrats. There was no other candidate on the ballot from any other party. That was an initiative passed by the electorate.

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        • red March 26, 17:36

          Chuck: Off topic, here they come marching down the street, the monkeys from PDRK. Arizona’s gun shops are sold out with a two-week waiting list on back orders. We don’t have a wait-period but cash and carry. Of the several hundred cases of chicom flu, almost all are from Kali. Mexico is saying the same as mojados run home. niio

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      • Govtgirl March 26, 14:52

        We also have the top two rule, where the two top candidates, regardless of party, advance to the general election which results in a choice of Democrat #1 or Democrat #2.

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  11. Wahila November 5, 18:19

    Romans 13
    [ Submission to Governing Authorities ] Let everyone be subject to the governing authorities, for there is no authority except that which God has established. The authorities that exist have been established by God. Consequently, whoever rebels against the authority is rebelling against what God has instituted, and those who do so will bring judgment on themselves. For rulers hold no terror for those who do right, but for those who do wrong. Do you want to be free from fear of the one in authority? Then do what is right and you will be commended. …

    I love History I respect for our fore fathers but one must take care and as it says “Try to be at peace with everyone. “

    So to say I am gonna send them to Jesus is just not right. Fact is we may protest any of these things in a manner to oppose the Tyrant W/O resorting to violence.
    Fact is we still have the right to vote unless you become a convicted felon. In some states.
    But you want to change Run for Office.
    The reason these people hate our present administration is because he does oppose the ONE World Government of Neo Marxism

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    • insanecandycane November 6, 01:31

      Wahila, i support trump as he is doing what he promised he would do. i have not voted in many years. the current electoral college does not have to vote the way their state voted. many have stated they would not vote like they are suppose to.
      why the hell do not want Adolph Hitler in power/ he was the legitimate governing authority after all. that means that GOD wanted the jews to be exterminated!! God also wanted the communist’s to kill 60 million christians. does the Bible not also state that if any law of man is contrary to GOD’s law, it is no law at all and is NOT to be followed?? you sir obviously have not read your Bible, but instead have read a few verses here and a chapter there like a good indoctrinated 501c3 christian (little c on purpose) do not tell me what the bible says until you have read every single word in the bible at least 1 time! ive read every single word at least 50 times. read the IRS contract churches sign to become a 501 (c) (3) designated church (tax exempt)
      my ancestors on my mothers side came here on the F’n MAYFLOWER and fought against king george both times. one piece of crap ancestor got his sorry ass hung at kings mountain for backing the wrong guy.
      if the government asks you to sacrifice your first born to Bael i bet you would do it, most likely have already done so because sending him to die on foreign soil against an enemy that did NOT attack america without provocation is JUST THAT!
      i did not become a jail house christian, i was a FREE man when i accepted JESUS CHRIST as my KING!!
      remember the al gore “hanging chad” thing? guess what is going to happen when all ballots are electronic?

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    • Wannabe November 6, 18:16

      The chain of events have already been set in motion. No matter the outcome of this midterm election the left is going to continue to chip at freedom which includes the freedom of religion. If they get the house look out for impeachment hearings. If they get the House and the senate then the courts may have to step in with impeachment process it will get ugly. If they don’t get either then look out for lawlessness because groups like antifa are going to go crazy. And you better be ready to defend yourself and family. Yes you have a right to defend yourself even if it means killing someone who attacks you and is trying to kill you. It’s just not going to go over smoothly this time around.

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    • Govtgirl March 26, 15:04

      It is an ill wind that blows no good.
      The corona virus may have changed some minds among the One-Worlders. Angela Merkel, for example, announced the stupid policy of leaving their borders open. That got reversed very quickly. Suddenly, something you could see statistics on every day changed opinions. Too bad they didn’t react that way back when they first let just anyone come into their country and people of a different culture attacked and raped girls. What amazes me is that there are protests within Germany right now with people screaming “Open the borders! People are dying! Glad we have an America First president.

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      • dp March 27, 03:43

        I have said this before, but I will say it again.

        Stop reaching for straws. Stop playing the game… Watch the X22 “B” report each day… This is the concise Q army update… The Q army is millions strong and world wide by the time that you read this. We are the yellow vests in France (protesting by the millions in the streets for almost a year straight while the MSM “NEWS” completely buries us to the USA public view.), we are the protesters in Iran… We are a grass roots world movement.

        The X22 REPORT… It is a daily report… May God bless X22. He hides his identity pretty well, and I am not going to rat him out. lol

        The daily A report deals with the economy, and the daily B report is the Q report… all of this fear mongering has got to stop….

        There is a plan, and it is working right on schedule.


        This false flag will be done by Easter, (04-12-2020) and it will be BIBLICAL. Pres. Trump has already said this several times.

        The arrests will happen. Just not on your schedule.

        Trust the plan. This is a military operation

        Watch the past B posts… Patriots, stop the second guessing and just fight for our republic. The storm hits hard by the 15th of next month… it will be hell for the ignorant and un-prepared. Many will go insane, and they will riot in the streets. The economy will dip, and then blossom… New money coming… hold your silver, Keep your powder dry, feed, educate, and protect your neighbors… and be GOD’s heros that you have always been. Men and women of renown since the days of ancients.

        That is all.


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    • red March 26, 17:31

      There is an exception. If the government is in rebellion against God. Also, we do not have kings and princes, but hire people to run the government. there’s a joke about, don’t point fingers are Mexican revolutions. We have one every election day. Another case for rebellion, when states break constitutional laws and feds break legitimate state laws. Thew silent majority terrifies the dnc.https://digitalcommons.liberty.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1781&context=honors

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  12. Clergylady November 5, 18:24

    I lived in a county where you were charged for trash disposal even for empty land. If you had a home it would be understandable but vacant land? And you had to haul if off yourself or pay even more for a private contractor to haul it for you.
    That felt insane!

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  13. htmagic November 5, 18:42

    Since when do you own your own land? I paid cash for my home and have no mortgage but quit paying taxes and you’ll learn quick who REALLY owns it!

    I’m trying to figure out who owns the land patent on my lot and then I will apply for a land patent and take control of my land. Once filed, even the sheriff can’t touch your PRIVATE property unless you invite him in.

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    • dp November 6, 01:22


      Actually, what you are looking for is an “allodial” title.

      All that you have to do is follow the history trail to back before the federal government owned everything, including the “citizens” (look up citizen in Blacks Law Dictionary)

      With that Allodial title and a chain of custody, you can sue for free ownership of your property.

      Said the brainwashed sheeple, “you can’t sue the government” answer: the “federal government is a corporation, same for your state, and you can sue a corporation… they are NOT your government.

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      • Armin November 7, 01:23

        Sadly, dp, large corporations like the federal government have the deep pockets to wear you out if you do decide to sue them. It can be done but it’s expensive and slow. Without saying, make DARN sure your case can hold a vacuum for almost ever. LOL!

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        • dp November 8, 13:45

          Armin – Most of the expense is in lawyer fees, although filing fees do add up as well. That is why you educate yourself, and handle your own case.

          There are many places on the Internet to get started with your legal education, “taooflaw”, and “youarelaw”

          Are two of the better sites, and basic law classes at state colleges are relatively cheap. Since you aren’t trying to get a degree, you can pick and choose which classes to take.

          Pretty much the only other two ways are if you are Scrooge McDuck, or if a non-profit or lawyer takes on your case pro bono (possibly as a class action lawsuit)

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  14. Hacksaw November 5, 18:57

    It’s been a long process. We have allowed leftist “thinkers” to take control of our education system. Leftists use public schools as indoctrination centers. Over time, generation after generation of students are indoctrinated into believing that there are no life activities allowed unless the government allows these activities. Ever hear a leftist like Obama or Clinton campaign on self responsibility, liberty and individual freedom? No, you haven’t, because these ideals that serve as the foundation of a free state are kryptonite to the Left. All you hear from the left is, the govt Will house you, feed you , transport you, educate you, medicate you, employ you alleviate your unwanted pregnancy, defend you from evil independent self responsible citizens and entertain you.

    The schools grab the young minds full of mush and mold them into leftists. Hollywood takes the reins when the students get older and continues the brainwash job. Movies, TV shows “News” broadcasts, and social media are all used to keep the masses at bay.

    By the time young leftists leave high school and reach voting age the Democrat National Committee takes over and continues to drug their little lemmings with promises of free everything. The only cost is just their little vote.

    The right to vote provides the masses with a fine line of defense against tyranny. Leftists have set into motion the apparatus for controlling the voting process by convincing young minds full of mush the freebies handed out by the govt are manna from heaven and anything that a self responsible free minded individual produces is second rate and cannot compete with Hollywood backed glitz and glamour

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    • dp November 8, 14:53

      While I don’t agree with restrictions on voting rights based on race, or sex…

      this is the reason that the founding fathers limited voting to property owners. In this case you could expand that to simply working tax payers, as these are the only people who have a stake in paying for the system.

      Welfare recipients will almost always vote for their government “paycheck” which is the socialists, leftists, and democrats.

      There should also be a minimum standards for intelligence, and civic education. If they are too ignorant to understand what form of government we have, and how it works, then they shouldn’t have a vote until they rectify that deficiency.

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    • xXja88aXx December 14, 20:27

      The right to vote has been taken away. Heard of the Electoral College? They vote the way they are paid to.

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      • Hacksaw December 20, 14:19

        Give one example of when the Electoral College EVER voted in a manner that opposed the results of an election. I’ll save you the effort of educatinimg yourself. It has NEVER occured. You eilther LIE or no nothing about the electoral process. Which one is it? Now run home and have mommy change your diaper, you STINK little girl.

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      • dp December 20, 17:59

        And, of course, I get an immediate response from someone who has no clue how our system of government works.

        Just FYI, the electoral college is there to ensure that large population centers do not dictate politically to the rest of the country, and to ensure fair representation of all of the states.

        What you are proposing is a democracy, and our founding fathers detested a democracy, because it allows 51% of the people to dictate to the other 49% of the people. That is why we have a republic, so that the rights of all of the people are protected… even the smallest minority, and people in the smallest or least populated states.

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      • dp March 27, 03:54

        Not true. That is a bald face Marxist lie. In 99% of cases they vote as the people voted the exception is Marxist voter fraud. like Bush winning Florida.

        Marxists aren’t a one party gang. Any corrupt politician will do.

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      • dp March 12, 22:36


        You speak either out of ignorance or else you are knowingly spreading false information information…I’ m going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you just don’t know what you are talking about.

        Why would an elector vote against their party’s candidate? Maybe you should research who the electoral college are, and how the system works before you go spreading stories about how you think things work?

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    • sally September 16, 02:46

      So.True. More and more we find there is less and less people who think self sufficency is important. Which is just amazing onsidering this is what our country was built on. Or society in general. Leftists do control the education centers, indoctrination centers, we went with homeschooling because we wanted our kiddo to actually learn the basics. not identity politics and New Math, He will graduate this year, he will be 16.5. We have trained him up to know the world is VERY DIFFERENT than past generations, college is not the answer, and that he will need to find his own emplyment by making it himself, the coming AI revolution isgoing to canabalize all employment save for a select few things. There is no way to stop this. These poor kids going to public school, they are being trained up to do one of two things, enter the prison industrial complex, or go on to become ANTIFA. Those that go on to college can expect thier investment to dry up by the mid 2020’s give or take. Then they will be carrying those loans they can never bankrupt AND have no job living on universal basic income. I was on here loking at the different articles, we are getting ready to go off grid in the next year. But its like god where do we buy we are not going to get messed with 10 years from now right? ugg it is a tighter list now than it was when we first started preparing 10 years ago.

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  15. Sherry November 5, 19:15

    I was one of four houses in our small village that had a well. There is an aquifer under our village. I have lived in this house for 30 years and the well was here before I moved in. For 20 of those 30 years, the village had been out to get us to remove the well. The well tests showed a better quality of water than the village provides us. (Sometimes you can actually smell the chlorine when you take a shower.) We had to put a filter on the tap just so we could drink the water. To get to my point, the DNR stepped in and forced us to close up our well. I guess the village wanted to make sure that we watered our garden with the village water. They weren’t making enough money off of our water bill.
    Monsanto is killing off the insects that pollinate our food but you don’t see the gov’t stopping them. Their greed will wind up killing their grandchildren and I don’t think they even care.

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  16. Nolan November 6, 01:12

    Read 1 Samuel 8 in the Bible. None of this government encroachment is out of the norm for life on earth. True freedom is in the kingdom of heaven with Jesus, not on this earth. Even America’s freedoms are only good as long as we the people choose to trust our God over government.

    As 1 Samuel 8 states, with an earthly king they will tax and steal from your earnings and require the people to serve them. These are the consequences we’re seeing as we shift to dependence on government. As long as the population of Americans choose government over God, this will continue to increase. At the root of it all, we have a spiritual problem in the hearts of the American people, not a government problem. The government is just a reflection of the people. Spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This is the only mission that will give Americans a hope and future. If you are active in anything, be active in this!

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  17. Ivy Mike November 6, 03:33

    I live in the country in Texas, in a county with very few regulations, so few in fact it’s the white trash capital of Texas. How do people live with HOA? It’s noisy here, though, my neighbors have chickens, cows,goats, donkeys and guns, and we like to shoot some guns in Texas. If I wasn’t such a good neighbor I’d shoot some roosters…
    Here’s the deal, if you are a property owner you have a big stake in this society. My property tax is 4200.00 a year, I hate it, but that money goes to schools, police and fire, roads, which is a heckuva lot better than my income tax which pays for the ridiculous deployment of troops to the border and the bombing of Yemen among many other works of Satan.
    If you people don’t like the rules where you are move to Texas,everybody else is.

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    • Hacksaw November 6, 14:30

      Well now if you are lucky those ridiculous troops on the border will be sleeping when the disease ridden poverty stricken vermin invade and over run your precious little piece of dirt in West bumble F texass, little girl. Dont go crying to those ridiculous troops for help when that happens, don’t want you to look like a hypocrite now do we? Don’t like it? It’s a free country, feel fee to leave any time you want.


      Ridiculous Troop.

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    • dp November 6, 15:44

      Ivy Mike – take a closer look at your tax bill. Over 90% of mine goes to pay for schools which are just 12 step socialist brainwash camps. Maybe 1% goes to police and fire fighters.

      I’m not OK with my tax dollars being used to brainwash the next generation of voters.

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    • Wannabe November 6, 18:24

      Ivy Mike, why do you think deploying troops to our border is rediculous?

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    • Graywolf12 December 20, 15:19

      No !!! Do not move here if you are a liberal snowflake. We have more than we need from calitaxifornicationia.

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  18. Travis November 6, 04:09

    If you’re against the over-regulation of private property and believe individuals should have the freedom to make their own choices about how to live, you’d better be voting Libertarian. Both Democrats and Republicans have terrible track records when it comes to personal liberties.

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    • Hacksaw November 6, 14:21

      Voting for Libertarians only gets Dimocraps elected. Go read some history if you don’t believe it. 4% of the vote is about all a Libertarian gets these days. Until the Libertarians begin winning elections they will not get my vote. I dont vote for Repugnantc@nts, I vote against Dimocraps.

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    • dp November 6, 15:53

      Travis – I was foolish enough to be a Libertarian since before I was old enough to vote. That was when it meant something to be a Libertarian, and BTW the libertarian party has been taken over by eco-terrorists, and other leftist radicals.

      That is not the major problem with voting Libertarian if you lean that way, the major problem is that it splits the conservative vote and allows Demoncraps to win elections. Libertarians do not win major political positions, never have, and probably never will.

      I suggest that Libertarians reconsider throwing their vote away on a candidate that will not win, and to vote against the socialist democratic party.

      The Republican Party has come a long way since the Tea Party Conservatives started making conservative reform happen.

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  19. DeeDee November 6, 14:07

    There are only 2 options left. Vote and hope the people you vote for believe in our freedom and our Constitution, or, Fight, and I do mean fight to return our country to a Constitutional Republic and eliminate the progressive, communist, globalists. This midterm election will say a lot about which direction we must go.

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  20. Hacksaw November 6, 15:32

    One of the commenters mentioned ICLEI in their post. Anyone who buys the man made global warming BS peddled by ICLEI is a fool, will last less than 60 seconds in a SHF situation and will end up as a good source of protein for a survivors dog. Listen up
    little girls. If Global Warmimg is is concern for you in a SHF scenario I hope I’m your neighbor because I will definitely use the supplies you leave behind.

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    • dp March 12, 22:46

      I would have to see the post. I have mentioned ICLEI before, but only as part of a larger post warning folks about UN Agenda 21, Agenda 2050, etc…

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  21. Concerned in MA November 7, 11:55

    Just keep voting left and pretty soon there won’t even be such a thing as “private property”

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    • dp November 7, 16:04

      Concerned in MA – Pretty sure that not a lot of people reading these articles vote left…

      Maybe, you can change a few minds by posting something similar on Fake Book. 🙂

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  22. TheSouthernNationalist December 20, 16:31

    Everything I do I do on “the down low” as these kids nowadays call it. Luckily, I only have one neighbor at one side of my home and the rear and other side is all wooded with no other homes around.

    We do get quite a bit of airplanes, helicopters, and once in a while a drone fly over since there are three small private air fields close by so I try to keep everything covered/concealed the best I can.

    So far, I’ve been able to grow my food and do what I want in peace.

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  23. Ben June 6, 16:09

    When Did Independence Become Illegal? It happened when we allowed the Liberals and Socialists to take Independence away from us. Will we ever get our Independence back. Probably not.

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  24. red March 13, 20:14

    I play their game but prep and support proppers. the entire fiasco behind the Great Depression was fiat money, Paper ‘invisible’ money like IOUs rather than gold or silver. We got a reprieve from the inevitable with Trump, but only that. The slavery party worships wealth, even faked wealth. Always remember that. Remember, as well, that when it collapses, they’ll be there grabbing people as slaves, again,a s they did before the war between the states. All they need is an excuse. In the end, they destroy themselves as they’ve done for generations. Please, do not let them take you down, too. Stay quiet, no open show of resistance and then we can take back what’s ours by God-given right. niio

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  25. Jose Lugo March 12, 20:36

    We are looking more like a communist country every day.

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