A Step-by-Step of What to Do Immediately After an EMP Strike

Rich M.
By Rich M. May 29, 2020 07:16

A Step-by-Step of What to Do Immediately After an EMP Strike

Of all the potential disasters that face us, an EMP is probably the scariest and the most dangerous. While there are plenty of other TEOTWAWKI events that can cause grave problems, none seem to have been studied as thoroughly as an EMP. After all the government established a commission to study it; they haven’t done that for the Yellowstone super-volcano. And the EMP Commission’s study determined that as much as 90% of the population would die in the wake of it.

Part of what makes an EMP such a scary proposition is how completely it would change life as we know it. Without electricity and without the prospects of electricity being restored any time quickly, we would have to adapt to an extremely different “new normal” very quickly, if we expect to survive.

How well we are prepared is going to have a lot to do with our ability to survive the years following the EMP, both in the sense of how well we can survive and how long we can survive. That preparation doesn’t actually have to stop when the power goes off, as it will take time for others to know what has happened. In fact, you might end up being the one that has to let them know what has happened.

But before you do that, there are a few other things you should do:

#1. Verify the Facts

It’s probably going to be hard at first to tell if an EMP actually happened, or if it was a normal power outage. For the average person, sitting in their home or office, the two don’t really look all that different. The real difference, besides the cause, is in the scope of the EMP. Normal power outages don’t affect the whole country.

So the first thing to do is determine whether it really is an EMP, by attempting to check and see how far-reaching the power outage is. This will be tricky, as your local power will be out, impeding your ability to communicate with the rest of the world. Nevertheless, try the communications means you have, attempting to make calls to friends and relatives who live far away, and checking HAM radio for any news.

In addition, check out the battery-operated electronics around your home and whether or not your car runs. If they work, it doesn’t necessarily disprove that an EMP has happened, as there is some disagreement about what electronics could survive. But if it doesn’t work, it’s more evidence that an EMP has occurred.

#2. Take Care of Your Family

If your family is scattered at work and school, then it will be necessary to get everyone home. Hopefully you have a plan in place for that, where everyone knows that they need to head home. IF not, you’ll need to go round them up. If your car doesn’t run, that means doing so on foot.

The problem with going to round your family up, is that doing so will keep you from doing other things you need to. So unless you have small children who you need to pick up from school, you need to work to eliminate this action item, by making sure that everyone knows under which circumstances they need to head home and making sure that they have the means to do so.

#3. Your Water Supply

In most cases, the water pressure in our pipes comes from water tanks. With that being the case, water won’t stop flowing right away. But it will stop flowing within a day or so. Don’t assume that water flowing right after the EMP means that you’re going to continue to have water. Instead, take advantage of it and fill every water container you have, every bathtub you have and if you have a swimming pool and it’s not filled, fill that too.

#4. What Do You Do with Your Cash?

At first, stores will still accept cash, even if their cash registers are down and they can’t take credit cards. The problem is going to be that they probably won’t know what anything is worth, without their cash registers being able to read the bar codes and give them a price. Because of this, your chances might be better at small, local stores, than the big chains.

Nevertheless, whatever cash you do have on hand is going to lose its value within days, if not hours. So you may as well try and use it while you can. Go to whatever local stores you can get to and buy anything you might be able to use, especially non-perishable food.

One way to overcome shop owners’ reluctance to sell, without knowing the retail price of what’s on their shelves, is offering to pay too much. Remember, that money is going to be worth nothing in a few hours, so anything you get for it is to your benefit, even “overpaying”. Offer them enough and you’ll probably convince them to sell.

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#5. Your Survival Team

If your survival team doesn’t already live together, this is the time to gather them. Hopefully you’ve got a survival retreat already selected and prepared, which is big enough for your whole team. After all, if your team isn’t together, how can you call it a team? What good can you do for one another?

#6. Put Your Survival Plans into Effect

Regardless of where your survival retreat is, in town or in the country, this is the time to go there. If you’ve determined that it truly Is an EMP, then you know what to expect. There will be a general breakdown of society, as people come to grips with the fact that they can’t find the things they need. You’ll be better off out in the country, in a remote survival retreat, than you will be in the city.

Of course, getting to that survival retreat may be difficult, especially if your car isn’t working. It will be even worse, if you have to move a lot of stuff with you. That might require several trips on foot, even with using some sort of a cart to transport your things.

#7. Establish Security

At the beginning, there probably won’t be any security problems to speak of, other than normal criminal activity. The real risk will happen once supplies run out and people begin to get desperate. Nevertheless, you’ll want to establish your security and get in the swing of keeping things safe as soon as possible. There’s always the chance that existing criminals will see the situation as an opportunity and try to take advantage of it.

Keep in mind that there will probably be a mass migration, once people in the city run out of supplies. When that happens, they’ll come knocking on your door, looking for food and other things they need. That’s when you’re really going to need your security. It will take a few days, maybe even a couple of weeks before that happens, but you want to be ready when it does.

#8. As Far as the Rest Goes

Once you’ve done everything you can to make sure that you and your survival team is as ready as you can be, you should tell others about what is happening. Some would certainly say that you should do that sooner, so as to give everyone else as much chance as possible to prepare, but to put it bluntly, those people aren’t your responsibility. Even now, after having taken care of yourself and your team, there are many who would say that it’s not your responsibility to take care of those others.

The people I’m recommending you tell about the EMP are those in positions of authority. While you may have trouble getting in to see them and they may not believe you, there’s a chance that you will be providing an important confirmation to what they already suspect. Just be ready to back up your statements, with the investigation and evidence that you have collected.

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Rich M.
By Rich M. May 29, 2020 07:16
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  1. TheSouthernNationalist May 29, 12:49

    I’d have to disagree with #4, money won’t lose its value in a matter of hours.
    People are comfortable using it, the value of things may go up some but people will still haggle over the price.
    I’d say it would be well more than a year before money is no longer used.

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    • Salisbury_28146 May 29, 16:50

      If we had some more information on how fast Venezuela’s money devalued that would give us some insight into our own economy.

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    • Rucksack Rob May 31, 11:53

      I agree about the value of cash NOT deflating quickly but I disagree about your one year estimate. I’m more in the calendar of a few weeks at most. Once there is no more food or commodity resupply and some poor schmoe’s family hasn’t eaten in a day or five or they can’t get gasoline to get home from their Disneyland vacation, cash is out, barter or force is in.

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    • chip June 4, 19:17

      Silver rounds will increase your buying power.
      That’s my fiat plan.
      Farmer’s markets and gray barter know their value.
      Wally world, probably not.

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  2. MOM May 29, 15:10

    Where very few people are debt free, I would think that money or anything that an institution would take as payment would hold its value or even increase as people struggled to keep there life style for as long as they can.

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    • Salisbury_28146 May 29, 16:51

      If we had some more information on how fast Venezuela’s money devalued that would give us some insight into our own economy.

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      • left coast chuck May 30, 02:39

        Salisbury: I don’t think Venezuela’s situation would be of much guidance in an abrupt cessation of electric services as would occur with an EMP or CME. Their electricity slowly degenerated over a period of time. Their municipal services did the same. Cars still drove when there was gas, public transportation still ran when there was fuel. I think our situation in the recent epidemic is more akin to what happened in Venezuela as opposed to an abrupt cessation of all modern conveniences and the utter chaos that would ensue.

        Just envision Minneapolis if there were no fire services and that Target started to burn. With stores cheek by jowl and dwelling units in close proximity, Minneapolis would burn to the ground in a firestorm unless weather intervened and put it out.

        Portions of Los Angeles would burn, others would be spared. San Francisco is so jammed together that any fire starting in the city itself would result in most of the town burning to the ground. New York the same, Philadelphia with its row houses and Baltimore with the same would suffer the same fate.

        With streets blocked by collisions caused by traffic devices being out, with no electronic communications, with the only light being the light cast by the roaring fires, any emergency services would be overwhelmed in a very short time.

        That is much different from the situation in Venezuela where conditions gradually deteriorated to where they are today.

        While I am not conversant with actual on-the-ground conditions, and must rely on second hand reports, they are still using their currency. The only difference is as time goes on more and more currency is necessary for whatever you are buying. Bread that used to cost 10 pesos a loaf may now be 100 pesos a loaf but your salary is still basically the same if you still have a job.

        I don’t know if the government seized bank accounts or froze them or did neither. Many countries, in order to prevent runs on bank demanding the withdrawal of funds that don’t exist such as we have in this country, freeze bank accounts. You theoretically still have the money, you just can’t draw it out. Crete seized bank accounts over a certain amount. If you had 100 thou in the bank, the government took half and left half for you. Your $500 thou 401K is now worth $250 thou and by the way, you can only get $500 out each month.

        That’s why I suggested that you might want to think about maintaining a large cash position in a financial institution.

        If I were to change my financial position to turn my electronic money into hard dollars I wouldn’t do it all at once but do it gradually. I must say that the term “hard dollars” is really a joke inasmuch as our dollars are only backed by the government’s promise that they can cover all the money floating around. That is an out and out lie as there is no gold or silver in bank vaults anyplace to be handed out if everyone wanted to turn in their monopoly money. It wouldn’t even have to be every one. If a large enough segment of the population decided to cash out, the banks would be closed. Your “money” would disappear. You wouldn’t have to worry about whether anyone would take your money—you wouldn’t have any.

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        • left coast chuck May 31, 16:02

          We got a small preview of what will happen in an EMP or CME event. Fires that were set in one store quickly spread to adjacent stores in Los Angeles and the fire department wouldn’t respond until the police gained control of the block and dispersed the rioters. It doesn’t matter if your store didn’t burn, if next door had flame and smoke in it, your merchandise is damaged. You can never get rid of the smoke odor once merchandise and fixtures are smoke damaged. It can be treated and the smell diminished, but walking into the store from the outside, one can immediately detect the odor of smoke. I know that from first hand experience. Once again, lesson learned in the School of Hard Knocks.

          One whole block of stores in the Fairfax District was damaged or destroyed in last night’s night of looting.

          In an EMP/CME the fire department will be completely overwhelmed, even if they can respond to some fires.

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  3. left coast chuck May 29, 16:53

    None of us know with certainty what will actually happen in the event of a major catastrophe such as a CME or EMP.

    Because of that uncertainty, the only real course is to have a plan for either contingency, ie., cash appears to become worthless or cash continues to hold value as a medium of exchange.

    That said, I think all of us can agree that any electronic evidence of cash will vanish in the failure of the electronic system. Your 401K the evidence for which is stored as electronic media and is actually all electronic data, not backed by anything of value; your savings account in your Certificate of Deposit in XYZ Bank; your social security account — any electronically maintained records of money will disappear in an instant.

    The only things that may remain of value are physical things, cash, coins and, perhaps, jewelry. Things that are of low value today will assume more value. How much is a treadle sewing machine worth today? How much do you think a treadle sewing machine will be worth when there is no electricity?

    The same can be said for any other hand operated tools or appliances. What value will an axe have when there is no gasoline for chain saws and you need wood for cooking and heat?

    Would I trade my axe for a handful of monopoly money printed by an insolvent government?

    I have a case of B&M baked beans. You have a wheelbarrow full of monopoly money. Same question.

    You all have seen what happens to the stores when there is the least little blip in the supply chain. Have you forgetten early March and April already? Do you think the guy who has a garage full of toilet paper is going to trade good toilet paper for a handful of monopoly money toilet paper?

    Inasmuch as banks are paying next to nothing for cash stored in their facilities, I think the prudent preppier might seriously consider the value of maintaining a significant balance in any cash accounts. At its barest minimum, paper money makes a decent fire starter and toilet paper. An electronic blip on a computer has zero utility.

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    • Bob May 29, 21:52

      Everyone seems so protective of their anonymity as Preppers(, when there actually is NO anonymity,) that few have failed to group up and get ready for things like an EMP. I KNOW, I have spent years trying to make contact with other serious, likeminded people NEARBY, to no avail.
      If anyone comes to me after an event trying to enlist me, they are barking up the wrong tree…stupid people will be your worst enemy in SHTF.

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      • left coast chuck May 30, 03:00

        Bob: That is a quandary that faces each of us. To whom do we reveal our concerns and preparations for an EOTW situation? I look around my neighborhood and try to identify folks that I think would make reasonable allies in an end of the world situation.

        The guy diagonally across from me used to shoot 100 yard bench rest and was the match winner frequently, so I know without talking to him that at one time he had at least one rifle that he could use quite well. He probably still has it. I suspect that he handholds as he has a machine shop equipped garage and does all his repair work to even pulling his engine. His garage is probably cleaner than my kitchen. He is one possible ally.

        A family four houses down on the other side of the street have a large back yard and are into canning and food preservation. We swap dried persimmons as we each use a different method to dry them. Another possible candidate.

        A general practitioner doctor lives on my side of the street two doors down. He might not be prepping, but would certainly be someone I would approach about joining my group. There is a guy a block over and a block down that flies a U.S. flag and a Marine Corps flag. He might have been a Remington Raider like me, but he at least had basic infantry training and had to fire a rifle at least once a year during his tour. Another possible ally.

        There is a guy a couple of blocks away that has three of the original Toyota Land Cruisers, you know, the blocky things that looked like Range Rovers wannabes? They all run because I have seen each of them in different positions around his house. I doubt that they meet current PDRK regulations for motor vehicles operated on streets, but I know they run. Now maybe that is just some kind of hobby for him, but he is someone else to talk to in an emergency.

        Why not now? Well, except for the three people on my block, I don’t really know any of the others, I just keep my eyes open for possible signs of prepping — three Toyota Land Cruisers, four wheel drive, high ground clearance vehicles???

        I don’t know if any those folks would buy into operational security and how many relatives they may have in the area that just had to come along. Thus, I have my list and will take action when necessary.

        I do have friends at some distance that I intend to join up with if I have to bug out, but the chances of that happening are pretty remote as well as chances of joining up with members of my family. My brother lives 100 miles away and my adult children live almost 400 miles away. That’s 40 days’ walking, assuming I can use the highways and waltz through the many towns along the way without a hitch.

        You need to realize that no man is an island. The lone wolf probably will not survive an EOTW scene. You need someone watching your 3, 6 and 9. Even in your well-stocked bug-out location, you need to maintain watch 24/7. You will have a never ending list of chores to do. You will need a community.

        Don’t seem to eager to form up a group. It may be that you came on too strong and scared off the people you were interested in having join you. Keep on the lookout for activity that seems to indicate an interest in prepping and at least nod and say hello to them when you see them outside. Act friendly even if you are a crotchety old curmudgeon at heart. And if you are, you might consider changing your act.

        Good luck in your search.

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        • Tomk June 6, 17:00

          I never thought about forming a “group”. I live in a Mormon community, and a few years ago, the church started a community emergency preparedness program where everybody in the community, Mormon or not, was asked to participate. They went door to door and explained that this is not a church thing, it’s a community thing and they wanted to know who they could and couldn’t rely on and who had special needs and who had special skills and needed or could provide help in a SHTF situation. So, just being part of the community, I already belong to a “group”.

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      • Rocky71 May 30, 13:30

        Bob, I agree. I have stopped talking about such preparations with most people especially friends and family (I left The North 10 years ago.) I either get a puzzled facial expression of “Oh really” or comments like you’re nuts or worse they laugh in my face.Luckily I live in a very rural area. Stupid people if they show up trying to take what I have set aside will see just how NUTS I can be !

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    • Miss Kitty May 30, 02:56

      I agree with you, Chuck. Goods will be worth more than any funny money /scrip the government chooses to issue, especially in the case of an emp. Keep most of your funds in an accessable fire and water proof container, because your bank account will not be accessable.

      Transportation will be shut down. Production will be shut down. Sales will eventually shut down…sooner rather than later in the case of larger stores, because the policy is that if the power goes off, the store is evacuated of customers. If power is not restored in x amount of time, employees are sent home. Smaller shops are more likely to try to stay open, but shop owners may also have weapons handy in case of robbery (not a bad idea if you are selling/trading goods or services). You will have to pay cash – credit cards won’t work either. Price gouging will be the rule once the scale of the disaster is realized. There will be looting.

      The military may well be mobilized to keep order; local police and fire will likely be overwhelmed and unable to cope, as they will have no comms, vehicles, or functional equipment. Any military personnel are not likely to be in a good mood, and it would be wise to lay low and be cooperative if confronted.

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  4. Papa May 29, 18:20

    I have to agree with #4. I don’t believe it will be worthless in just hours, but it will lose value quickly. For some it will never be worthless and they will hoard all they can get their hands on in the belief everything will return to normal. Cash will hold its value until people realize government is not going to fix this and law enforcement is powerless to control anything.

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  5. Lee May 29, 19:22

    #8 – you won’t be telling anyone in a position of authority anything they don’t already know. Anyone you “can’t get in to see” already knows more than you.

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    • left coast chuck May 29, 23:37

      Lee: I would agree. The minutes after some catastrophic event like an EMP or CME should be occupied with each of us doing our utmost to get prepared for the long siege that is going to follow.

      You can count on me NOT going down to the county government center or city hall to chitchat with the brain dead folk we have there. The last thing I want to do in that situation is try to talk sense to some bloviating, wind-bagging nincompoop.

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  6. Illini Warrior May 29, 22:46

    laugh & laugh every single time someone publishes an EMP article like this …

    an EMP comes from one thing and one thing only – A NUKE BLAST – it’s not going to matter where in the world a nuke ticks off – almost 100% chance more will follow ..

    better have a nuke prep plan and not some EMP “my nitelite doesn’t work” plan …

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    • IvyMike May 30, 00:06

      While the premise of Illini’s comment is wrong the probability of HEMP attack is probably greater than we like to think, certainly more likely than a CME. It seems likely to me that if the USA is devastated by a HEMP attack the other nuclear powers are going to expect us at some point to launch a nuclear attack on them because we are so vulnerable, leading them to strike us 1st. So a nuke prep plan is definitely a good idea, I have been off and on seriously thinking about the 48 inches of mother earth I need between me and fallout for the first weeks after a nuclear war, that is if a short round don’t land in my backyard and end all of my plans…

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      • left coast chuck May 30, 02:15

        I don’t know, Mike, according to spaceweather.com there is an M category solar storm going to face good ole Mother Gaia next week so we should see some interesting solar phenomenon.

        Many of us know that we dodged a massive X category CME three years ago. I just learned last week of a massive CME that hit in the 1920s and shorted out the telegraph lines once again. Those who had electric lights had them go out. That was the first I had heard of it, but the article had copies of newspaper headlines reporting the event. If you have done any reading about the topic there was a CME during WWII that interrupted communications in the North Atlantic much to the consternation of all concerned, both Germans and Allies. I think a massive CME is not IF but WHEN.

        Until the 21st century, a massive CME would have been majorly inconvenient. Today, with so much of our technology computer driven I think a CME would drive any country impacted by it back to the 18th century without the infrastructure that existed to support life then. Some third world countries’ rural areas might not notice the difference. If you are lighting your house with oil lamps and plowing your fields with a water buffalo, life goes on. If you are in Saigon or Hanoi or Beijing, your life is going to come crashing down just like Chicago and New York.

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        • IvyMike May 31, 01:12

          According to a report published in 2012 by physicist Pete Riley of Predictive Science Inc., the chance of Earth being hit by a Carrington-class storm between 2012 and 2022 is 12%.
          I couldn’t find any comment on the validity of this prediction but it is commonly repeated. I actually hadn’t done any reading on CME separate from EMP, but this little Askaprepper site once again has motivated me to get some more education. Surprised to read that a major CME would be a worldwide event in contrast to the continental effects of a HEMP attack.
          Funny that Hanoi and Saigon today are more advanced technologically than most of our cities.

          Reply to this comment
          • left coast chuck May 31, 16:09

            Mike: Could be a world wide event or could be a localized event. It depends upon the whims of the sun what areas of earth would be bathed in the damaging rays of the sun. In the 1990s the Nova Scotia area was bathed in a partial CME with the resultant loss of power. It wasn’t as bad as it would be today because Nova Scotia was late in joining the internet revolution and the rest of Canada and Northeastern U.S. were able to come to their aid and repair the damage to the electric transmission infrastructure. However, it was majorly inconvenient to the folks residing in that area of Canada. Today N.S. would join the rest of the world in moving back to the 18th century in an agonizing moment if an X-class CME were to impact Earth.

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      • Miss Kitty May 30, 03:10

        Well, if we’re all fried by a nuke none of this matters.
        Otoh, if there is a major grid failure of any sort, a lot of the same strategies apply. Frankly, the state of the power grid is of greater concern to me than “the Reds are gonna bomb us”. You don’t even need an emp to destroy the power grid. All it would take is a good computer hacker, and possibly a couple of well placed explosives at major power plants to bring it down. That could be accomplished by a relatively small group of saboteurs, terrorists, disgruntled employees, etc. Forget a war for now…we still have the juice to scare off practically everyone. War or a war provoking action like bombing the US would happen AFTER an attack on the grid, when we’re weak and confused.

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        • Illini Warrior May 30, 23:29

          if China and India <<>> exchange a half dozen nukes apiece – the US or anyone else outside that geosphere gets hit or directly effected …

          besides all the other associated problems – an immediate one is fallout and some definite nuke winter ills affecting our food production …

          I was surprised at the number of preppers not the least ready for the Virus pandemic – nuke fallout protection is a direct tangent – with more urgent requirements like full view filtering masks and washdown suits & gloving …

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    • Tomk June 6, 17:12

      I’m at a loss to think of what country set off the nuke that caused the Carrington Event of 1859.

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  7. red May 30, 15:20

    4) The change jar should be your emergency cash. Even if paper loses value, coins will remain good. Copper and silver or zinc alloy, they will have a value for old time’s sake if not to buy things. Make certain the jars seal well and they can be hidden in a lot of locations. niio

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    • left coast chuck May 30, 20:03

      1982 and earlier copper pennies are still in circulation. Pre 1962 silver coins are pretty scarce. Those coins have silver that is worth more than the face value of the coin, so collectors are taking them out of circulation. Be wary of mail order dealers who sell a bag full of silver coins at a premium. To realize its full silver content value, a silver coin must be in decent shape. If it is worn it is worth less than its nominal silver content value.

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      • red May 31, 02:45

        chuck: Very true. I like Irish silver pieces, American made. The silver has no lead, and is coated over brass. the only coins saved are that penny jar. One Arizona suntea bottle can hold $70,00 worth of coins 🙂 They fit nicely between inner walls. Anything else is buried. niio

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  8. IMHO May 30, 19:59

    IMHO, Security should have been #1. Everything else can follow.
    From there, you can send some security to the store with you just to be safe,

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  9. TheTruthSetsYouFree May 31, 01:30

    You all are forgetting one huge important fact. The Lord God Omnipotent is in charge here and NOTHING will occur without His consent. How you survive a disaster depends 100% on where you stand with HIM – NOT what you have stored up here on earth that rot and moths can destroy and thieves can steal. How much do YOU trust the Almighty to keep His promises to care for those who love Him? God sent Manna down from heaven to feed His people in the middle of the desert; He sent crows to bring fish to Elijah in the hills and caused a fruit-bearing tree to grow in the desert to feed him when he fled and went into hiding from wicked Queen Jezebel; He caused a well of fresh water to bubble out of the ground for Hagar when her son was dying of thirst and caused water to come out of a rock for His people in the wilderness, He parted the Red Sea for His people to escape their enemies.

    It is not enough to believe in God or to follow a bunch of moral rules, you have to absolutely TRUST HIM when everything appears impossible to survive. Remember these words of Scripture:

    “All that take up the sword shall perish by the sword – think not that I cannot now pray to my Father and He shall presently give me more than twelve legions of angels?!! He that dwells in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the LORD, ‘HE is my refuge and my fortress [not your SHTF hideout] – my God, in HIM will I trust.Surely He shall deliver you from the snare of the fowler and from the deadly incurable pestilence. He shall cover you with His feathers and under His wings shall you trust, His truth shall be thy shield and buckler. You SHALL NOT be afraid for the terror by night, nor for the arrow that flies by day, nor for the pestilence that walks in darkness, nor for the destruction that wastes at noonday! A thousand shall fall at your side and ten thousand at your right hand, but it SHALL NOT come near you!! Only with your eyes shall you behold and see the reward of the wicked. Because you have made the LORD – which is my refuge, even the most High – your habitation, there shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come near your dwelling!! For He shall give His angels charge over you to keep you in all your ways, they shall bear you up in their hands lest you dash your foot against a stone. He shall destroy them that destroy the earth.”

    God is bigger than you, He is bigger than your problems, He is bigger than a pandemic or a volcano or an EMP, He is bigger than your greatest fears – and He has power over all of those things. And you can take THAT to the bank and there will NEVER be a run on that bank!! And I’m not talking about the phony bologna god of the Far Right TV Preachers, I’m talking about the one and only Living God

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    • left coast chuck May 31, 16:34

      Doesn’t the Bible also teach us that God helps those who help themselves? Meaning that God expects us to be prepared for emergencies and trials and tribulations rather than to sit idly by and ignore those challenges in life and expect that God will come charging in like some white knight to pluck us from peril that we have chosen to ignore.

      It seems to me being prepared for those challenges is living in accordance with God’s words to mankind.

      I hardly consider myself an expert on teachings of the bible, but what little I think I know about it is that it teaches preparedness for life’s challenges all through the whole book.

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      • red May 31, 21:31

        chuck: Sell your cloak and buy a sword, is something even the Amish don’t ignore. If they ever do outlaw the AR15, it should be interesting to see how many Amishvolk forget die freekin englisch when asked if they have one 🙂 niio

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        • left coast chuck June 1, 04:42

          Well, an AR15 isn’t run by electricity. It is strictly gas driven and unless they are really old style Amish, mechanical stuff is okay. Many of them use gas driven refrigerators. It’s not hooked up to anything provided by the English as they call us non-Amish so. I would suspect they all have top of the line pieces too, none of that low priced junk. I would also suspect they are pretty handy running one too.

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      • IvyMike June 1, 02:51

        11Then Saul sent messengers to David’s house to watch him and kill him in the morning. But David’s wife Michal warned him, “If you do not run for your life tonight, tomorrow you will be dead!” 12So Michal lowered David from the window, and he ran away and escaped.

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      • JayJay June 3, 19:00

        Yep, left coast chuck–to all you wrote and to the truth setting us free, blah, blah–
        Posted on my door from the garage to the kitchen;.

        I Timothy 5:8–Anyone who does not provide for their family has denied the faith and is worse than a non-believer.

        I have spiritual reading every morning, post it on my blackboard in kitchen, thank God for all meals, pray every night at bedtime and don’t attend organized church.
        God has spoken to us in so many verses in scripture.

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      • Linndenn777 July 9, 11:11

        No where in the bible does it say God helps those who helps themselves. Fallacy. It is wise to prepare, read the signs, but God should be relied on, not man or his ways.

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    • Rebecca June 1, 18:08

      You are forgetting that god hasn’t performed this level of miracle in thousands of years. I believe in the bible but the age of huge miracles is over.

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      • red June 1, 23:53

        Rebecca: Do not agree. God uses naturally occurring events. 10 plague of Egypt have been studied and one even led to the next. Parting of the Sea of Reeds, an earthquake. Parting of the Jordan, an earthquake. If you want to get into feeding the 5,000, then know that a middle class family in Chi was taking in pregnant teenagers, and often one chicken was enough to feed ten with leftovers. Miracles are completely up to you. Right now we sit in the middle of a miracle, the age of apostasy, yet it’s also the age of reasoning. While the West collapses, the East, Africa, and south America are booming. Islam went from 50% of Africa to 20% in only a few decades. You were born! In this age of abortion, that’s a miracle, too. niio

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      • Tomk June 6, 17:58

        I don’t believe in the bible, but I do understand that the reason the age of huge miracles is over is because dragons no longer exist and we now understand that striking a stick against a piece of paper and starting a fire isn’t a miracle, it’s science that any child can understand. I respect everyone’s religious beliefs and would never try to change anyone’s mind. You have a right to whatever brings you comfort, but then, so do I.

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    • Tomk June 6, 17:39

      A town was being flooded and they came to rescue an old man. He said “don’t worry about me, brother, God will provide”. The got up to his front door, so they came with an SUV. “Don’t worry about me, brother. God will provide”. It got up to the second floor, so they came with a boat. “Don’t worry about me, brother. God will provide”. He was on the roof, so they came with a helicopter. “Don’t worry about me, brother. God will provide”. He drowned and went to heaven and said to God “I had faith in you. Why did you let me drown”? God told him ” I provided you with an SUV, a boat and a helicopter and you were too paralyzed by your religious beliefs to avail yourself of the help”. So go right ahead and sit on your roof preaching until you drown. I’ll use a bit of common sense and fend for myself.

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  10. Wannabe May 31, 02:02

    An EMP strike? Looks like that is going to be the least of our worries.

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  11. Mickey May 31, 13:59

    Seize the high ground.

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  12. D.R. Doom June 5, 17:20

    If an EMP attack is launched upon any country where people use automobiles and trucks, the electromagnetic pulse which radiates downward from the bomb 300 miles up in the sky, will also disable almost all motor vehicles as they are driving (or parked). Vehicle engines will be disabled because the on-board computers will be damaged by the electrical pulses. They will not run again unless all the on-board computers are replaced, and there are many other electronic chips in today’s cars. Wiring can also be ruined by EMP. So cars would be toast.
    For that matter, any electronic device will be KAPUT. Please research ways to safeguard your electronic devices (won’t help your car, though.)

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    • red June 6, 01:22

      When Hitler tested nuclear bombs on Ruegen Island, 200 miles away, Berlin had little or no phone service for several days. That, alone, should be a warning to those who shrug off the idea of an EMP attack. niio

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