10 Things to Have Ready before the Huge EMP !!!

Claude Nelson
By Claude Nelson March 27, 2015 17:20

10 Things to Have Ready before the Huge EMP !!!

Dr. Peter Pry (Executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security) warns that the consequences – of not being prepared for this event – are much more severe than one may think:

“within a year of an EMP event at least 2 thirds or the us population will perish from starvation, disease and social collapse”

Former CIA double agent (Reza Kahlili) who spent time in the Iranian Army confirmed that the Iranian have conducted missile tests of ships in the Caspian See that are consistent with an EMP attack:

“They are going to get to the Gulf of Mexico with ballistic missiles and they can launch one at a moment’s notice and they wouldn’t care about the repercussions”

Mostly because they can sink the vessel leaving no traces and because the US won’t be able to retaliate!

What if you woke up one morning and nothing worked? What if there was no electricity? What if all transportation came to a halt?

An EMP event would instantly destroy any means of telecommunication, bank account would disappear, planes would fall from the skies, nuclear plants would not be able to cool down the reactors, we would have no running water (water pumps) and every piece of electronics we use from pacemakers to phones to gasoline pumps would stop!

blus 2502Your refrigerator will stop working and all your food will spoil in a matter of days! If you and your family are not together, you won’t be able to contact or see them.

This is a catastrophic threat and North Korea, China, Russia and even ISIS… they all understand it and they are all working on it. And if they’ll ever wage war on us, they would be stupid not to strike America’s Achilles heel!

If one of the nuclear powers blasts a nuclear weapon 275 miles above the US it will produce an EMP that will basically send us, the Canadian and the Mexicans back to the Dark Ages.

Will we be able to fight back in case of a nuclear war?

I don’t think so! Probably most of our ICBM’s will turn into a pile of junk (although some are EMP hardened). The communication lines and mobiles will become useless. And on top of that, I don’t think that our ballistic missile defense (BMD) system will work at all after a powerful HEMP.

I have something you need to watch. It’s much better than I am at explaining the threat. Watch it and learn what you should fear most, what an EMP effects and how you can protect your electronics, car, mobile phones, etc.

Years ago the US Army indeed straightened some military equipment against an EMP attack. The congressional study EMP Report (back in 2004) indicated potential casualty rates of 90%. The result: the commission was disband! What the US does to prevent an EMP attack right now? NOTHING!

So here are some useful things to protect yourself from an EMP:

1. Build a Faraday Cage

faraday cageA Faraday cage is a sealed enclosure that has an electrically conductive outer layer and a non-conductive inner layer. The purpose of this box is to protect any electronics inside it in case of an EMP. There are basically two simple ways of building a Faraday cage:

  • by wrapping a non-conductive box (such as cardboard or wood) in a conductive material (such as aluminum foil)
  • by using a conductive box (like an ammo can) and isolate the inner walls of the box with foam (polystyrene) or a cheap Yoga mat or maybe window insulating foam

2. Store in your Faraday Cage the most important survival electronics like:

  • A radio (for communication and gathering information);
  • An old laptop computer with downloads of ebooks and stored personal information or at least a manual on how to make a generator using materials you can find in your home;
  • A set of walkie-talkies that run on rechargeable batteries;
  • A small generator;
  • A manually rechargeable flashlight (most flashlights have electronics in them so they will also fry);
  • Electronic parts for cars;
  • Any electronic equipment you don’t use on a regular basis buy may need when SHTF like: night vision and other electronic optics, solar battery chargers, drills;

3. Store fuel

This does not mean you have to store tons of fuel. You won’t want to be seen driving around. Just a few gallons in a small tank that will allow you to conduct a few basic unpredictable operations like: bringing your family home safe or an emergency getaway car in case things get really bad in your town. (That only if you manage to protect your car against the EMP)

4. Save your car!

Basically you have 3 good options:

  • Place in the Faraday cage the vital electronics your car needs (doubles) and replace them after the EMP (PCM – Powertrain Control Module, Electronic Fuel Injection, Electronic Ignition and possibly even other parts depending on the vehicle)
  • Buy a cheap old back-up car that does not have vital electronic parts (like a 1984 Toyota Hilux 4×4 – around $1200).
  • Harden your car against EMP’s and park it in a sheet metal shed or steel building. You can also buy EMP shielding devices that zip or wrap around your car’s wiring.

5. Plan on living self-sustained

This means fulfilling all our 3 basic needs: water, food and shelter!

Have in mind a place where to procure water when there will be no running water. Have in mind a place where you can plant and harvest crops. Buying at least one acre in the countryside would give you at least something to plan with.

One of the best ways to do that is by building a system totally independent from the environment. I have something you need to watch. It’s much better than I am at explaining the threat. Watch it and learn how you can build your own independent eco-system capable of producing food in any crisis and why you should not wait.

6. Stockpile essentials like:

  • Food – for at least 5 months (winter plus two more months) – if you have a plan to go “self-sustained” and a 12 months if you don’t plan to do that. Remember that there will be no refrigeration. You’ll have a few long term food options like: Pemmican, Hardtacks, cans (more foods that will outlast you)
  • Water – This is actually the most important event for which you need to store water! Even in case of droughts people don’t die because of the lack of water (they die of hunger). But this is not the case. In case of an EMP there will be no running water, and if you are not close to a river or a fountain you may die. You need to know your location and set in your mind a walking route to a local fountain or a nearby river. If it is 3 days away (walking) it is not good. Store water for at least 10 days and head to the water source to get more water reserves starting day one.
  • Tools like an axe, a knife (learn how perfectly sharpen your knife) first aid kit and antibiotics (you won’t be able to call 911 – read more: The only 4 Antibiotics You’ll need When SHTF), personal hygiene items, boots, matches and so on.

7. Some things you should have in the car

We all spend a lot of time driving and you should not be totally surprise if an EMP gets you stuck many miles away from home on a deadly cold winter or in a desert miles away from water. Whatever the case, it doesn’t cost you anything to keep some of your equipment ready in your car:

  • warm clothing
  • long term food (some emergency food ration bars) and water (at least 1-3 gallons)
  • a fire starter
  • a knife
  • maybe a fold up bike
  • and whatever you think – depending on the distance and time of your journey;

Also… if you plan on a remote and long journey you may want to consider throwing your bug out bag into the trunk.

8. Secure Your Home against Looters

OCOKA is a military term that stands for:

  • Observation and fields of fire
  • Cover and Concealment
  • Obstacles
  • Key Terrain
  • Avenues of Approach

When setting up home defenses OCOKA should always be kept in mind and each principle addressed. Following these five key principles, you will greatly improve your security and survivability. This is one of the things that I’ve learned from a well-known army officer vet Steve Walker, for whom I have all the respect in the world. Watch his video and learn quite a few efficient and unconventional fast-tips about protecting your family in time of war or social chaos.

9. Some things you need to have at home

These things will become important valuables after an EMP:

  • When your bank account will disappear or you won’t be able to withdraw your money, you’ll be in trouble. Keep some cash and some gold (doesn’t lose value as normal currency does) at home.
  • Charcoal – you can make a lot of things with it (from water filters to gun powder)
  • Duct tape, Cable Ties and Super Glue (if you want to build or improvise something, like a simple wind generator you’ll need these)
  • Lamp oil, Candle Wax and Wicks
  • Vaseline
  • Paracord
  • Alcohol
  • Soaps

Anything you know it will be useful for you – depending on your bug out plan. (37 Things you need to hoard – Video)

10. Consider buying, making or learn how to make a simple Survival Generator

This generator has to be small enough to fit in your Faraday Cage. Some generators can be really expensive, but if you know where to look and what to buy you can get a small one for $200-$300 (1200 Watts). An electric generator using wood as fuel would be perfect. Otherwise, you should also consider storing more fuel.

If you want to save some money you can also DIY. You can try The DIY String Motor 

US Army EMP Simulation – White Sands Missile Range:


Other Useful Resources:

emp map blackoutHere’s the #1 Killer In Any Crisis (Video)

Ingenious Foods People Made During Famines

How to Slash your Electricity Bills by 80% or More (Video)

How to Prepare for the Coming Food Crisis

Claude Nelson
By Claude Nelson March 27, 2015 17:20
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  1. Angie March 27, 18:14

    Thank you ,

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  2. Snake Plisken March 28, 15:54

    Hi Claude, good article and well thought out but………

    I do believe an EMP strike is becoming more and more remote as the years roll on by. An EMP strike ( whether by Sol or a hostile country) is good to be prepared for, however, the sophistication of cyber hackers in China, NK, ISIL and Russia put the USA, Canada and Europe at a serious disadvantage.

    With a few keystrokes a talented hacker could shut down our waste water treatment plants, electrical generating stations, our nuke plants and our aviation capabilities to a standstill.

    The deployment of a EMP nuke brings a substantial downside politically on a global basis and great risk to a country who is foolish enough idealogically or fundamentally religiously insane.

    The launch of an EMP strike against the west has many more downsides and cost than a malicious hacker supported by a enemy of the West who with some keystrokes, can shut down our entire infrastucture for days if not weeks which would be enough time to cripple our economy and promote civil unrest and chaos.

    Nuke weapons are a thing of the past. They pale in comparison to the inter connectivity of the global dependence on the web and it’s weak points that can easily be exploited. Are nukes still a formidable weapon? Well, yeah, they are but still, their effectiveness is local or regional. The Iranians and Pakis have a case of what i call ” Nuclear penis Envy ” and you sure as hell don’t find them too concerned about an EMP or nuke landing in their backyard.

    Is an EMP something to seriously consider? I would say yes and I have prepared my more sensitive electronics for such an event. I just think, IMHO, that a CME or a brilliant hacker are more viable situations than launching a nuke.

    Think about it for a moment……….cyber attacks are difficult to pin point and if you have a very talented hacker they could cause major damage to a target and leave little or no trace of their attack.

    However, best to be prepared for such an event rather than clutching at your britches around your ankles when the SHTF.

    Best to all

    Snake Plisken

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    • Claude Nelson Author March 30, 21:57

      Great comment. Thanks!

      I also think that cyber attacks (on a state) would be (and are) very efficient (effects/costs). Most armies have a special military hacking unit. Just search the Google for “Unit 61398” – part of China’s Army.

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    • jake March 31, 06:09

      A country that is foolish enough ideologically or fundamentally religiously insane – think Iran, Turkey, and all of their muslim brothers, which may or may not have the capability themselves, but their more technologically advanced “friends” do!

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    • Dragonfly 44 August 13, 17:26

      Really well thought out and stated comment. I believe you are right. Good to know.

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      • Marsey December 6, 00:03

        As we have seen recently our enemy is amongst us, college educated and well funded. Do not underestimate the power of a patriot and tje most powerful: prayer and repentance

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    • Carrie Fellows June 8, 23:40

      There seems to be a lot of misunderstandings what this really is…and its capacity looked at the massive destructive level. AN individual or home can be targeted with an EMF weapon (sold at Academy). A village can be targeted …happens daily all over the U.S..
      Generally there is a storm wet electricity to accompany. Private commerce-citizens use them on radiators. Research is good and healthy beyond the BIG political pictures…good to look at individual purchasing choices.

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      • Govtgirl December 4, 16:00

        Lots of us never get past the talking stage. At least line the Walmart Christmas popcorn tin and put in a radio and two walkie talkies. It’s a start.

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  3. old timer March 29, 16:05

    I was wondering I/We just bought a property with 2 wells on it does the average well have any electronics to it that need EMP proofed?

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    • Claude Nelson Author March 30, 22:13

      Every pump will fry in an E1 type EMP (HEMP), but a solar EMP (usually E3) will not affect small devices.

      That, of course, if your wells are operated with pumps only…

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    • Aubryn March 31, 05:28

      Flojack.com Best pump at best price with best tech support and easy set up-incl all the help you could ask for

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    • Grama June 16, 00:31

      Old Timer, your wells likely run on electricity. If the grid is down, you will only have power for a very limited time, if you have a generator… until the gas runs out. IF you have other electricity sources off-grid, you may be OK. …Providing your pump has no digital components…

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    • NeptunusRex March 28, 19:05

      Old Timer. You can get a hand powered “Pitcher Pump” at Home Depot for about $60. These work really well for shallow wells (<25 ft). You can also buy hand pumps for deeper wells, they are more expensive but also work well. I bought the components and stored them in my cellar in case of an EMP. I can simply change out the hardware in a few hours and have water. However, it won't necessarily be "running" in the house.

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    • Farmer December 3, 15:52

      Not really. Well pumps are normally 1/2 to 1 HP single phase motor driven. A few variable speed pumps have exposed electronic circuitry, but these are not common.

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  4. Jay March 30, 15:16

    I tend to agree with Plisken on many issues here with EMP and hackers. Once it gets to the point where the nations are exchanging nukes, I think it’s a whole new ball game then. There’s not gonna be any place to hide. Going underground will just save the funeral home from having to bury you. Staying above ground will take you out of operation a little earlier but either way, it’s not going to be a picnic. But you might bring a table cloth anyway.

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  5. johnnyD March 30, 18:49

    I don’t get it… you say build a Faraday cage for your electronics…. are they going to call us prior to an EMP event so we know to put our radios / phones in it?

    Reply to this comment
    • Claude Nelson Author March 30, 22:19

      No. This is why I said “An old laptop” or “Any electronic equipment you don’t use on a regular basis”. Think of your Faraday box as another box where you can store your electronics + a few things you may need when SHTF.

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  6. Ranger March 30, 19:14

    I just let my neighbor buy all the things needed. Then when the theater starts, I just shoot him and take all his stuff.

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    • AWOL March 30, 19:57

      Your an idiot. I would not hesitate to put a new breathing hole in your body if I saw you do that.

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    • Grama June 16, 00:36

      Ranger-danger! You sound like the dude that we all shoot. Better to make friends with neighbor and ask him to adopt you, because if you didn’t prep, you WILL run out of his stuff at some point, then you are still totally ignorant of 1700’s- 1800’s survival… techniques.
      Mr Target once again. And again… Your luck will only last so long before you are cannibal food. Probably mostly grease, which will burn as a lamp… Or you’ll maybe get to be dogfood… Ask him to adopt you in exchange for you digging outhouses for him and the neighbors… You MAY have a change at long-term survival in that case, and you’ll buff-up in the act of digging. Probably learn a lot also.

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    • H March 1, 19:10

      Wow. Just, WOW!
      I sure hope you TRY something asinine like that in my neighborhood. If one of us sees you trying it, rest assured you’ll be hanging from a nearby bridge. Or from a rope from a nearby tree.
      We’ll be sure to put a sign around your neck letting other potential looters know what we (I) do to your kind of slimy ads.
      Once you are plenty dried out in sure the local Hispanic kids will find GREAT joy in making a Pinata from your nasty carcass. That is IF the vultures don’t strip your bones clean.
      Then again and come to think about it, that wouldn’t be possible for without a SPINE you’ll just fall to the ground like the Sack-O-Shit you are.
      Before you die (or are killed for your efforts) I hope you take a few moments to apologize to the surrounding vegetation for stealing the HARD produced oxygen they produce for GOOD Humans. LMAO

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  7. Lux March 30, 19:47

    If you have ever been camping, you intuitively know what you need to do to get ready. In case you forgot, see below:


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    • Grama June 16, 00:39

      Lux, camping seems like it would be fun, but you are forgetting the human monster-factor…In a tent, or in a home, unfortified, wont be a pretty place to be… There are too many stupid yet mean folk in the world still… Most of us don’t set up perimeter protection with bullets just for camping in a civilized world… Probably should though…

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  8. Elderlearner March 30, 20:00

    Let’s take a step back some months ago… HUGE explosion from a meteor? asteroid? whatever over a big sized Russian city – please reference the article where the EMP??? blast shut down all the electronics? Let’s see, who said again “you have nothing to fear but fear itself” It took years to understand that comment.

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    • EOD Guy April 29, 04:54

      An EMP is a by-product of a nuclear detonation. The meteor explosions, while potentially huge, are mechanical in nature, i.e. lots of heat and blast pressure, but no EMP.

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    • Grama June 16, 00:42

      EOD Guy is right, Elderlearner. Good luck… BIG difference! No electrical charge in meteor to speak of… Asteroids are huge in comparison to a meteor. Likely not charged, much, either. Solar belch, EMP- totally different monsters.

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  9. old guy March 30, 21:32

    A large EMP strike that took down the US power distribution system would also end in the meltdown of 120 or more nuke plants. which would pollute the US forever and the rest of the world as well. Not a good idea except for a crazy person. So 90 percent is optimistic at best. You could only head south on foot if you were lucky – really lucky – Thanks GE – they make living easier or something like that.

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  10. Tim March 31, 03:35

    The best and easiest Faraday Cage you can have you don’t need to make. It’s simply your MICROWAVE OVEN. That item has a built in faraday cage because it has to keep microwaves from escaping. Just throw your valuable electronics in your microwave, but don’t turn it on obviously!

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    • been there February 23, 07:34

      Folks use a microwave everyday so this doesn’t sound practical unless your planning on some EMP warning.

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    • H March 1, 19:28

      Tim, sorry to bust your bubble, Pardner, but the use of a microwave oven as an ersatz Faraday Cage has LONG since been proven to be a falsehood. Nice thinking but false hopes.
      A FAR better idea, and one which DOES work is a new, galvanized, metal trash can with a very tightly fitting lid.
      Line the interior (top, bottom and circular circumference) with new(ish) cardboard to prevent objects placed inside from touching any metal works extremely well. And if you want to provide yet more protection, enclose each item placed inside within a “Static Proof” metalized bag (can be found at some electronics stores – small static sensitive components are shipped in them but various sizes can be purchased new on Amazon and other sources. Google Static Proof Metalized Bags). But lacking those, find a sturdy cardboard box (shoebox?), place the item inside, close the lid and cover the exterior with heavy duty aluminum foil, ensuring plenty of overlapping at seems. Several layers isn’t a bad idea but, BE SURE TO REMOVE ALL BATTERIES BEFORE STORING TO PREVENT DAMAGE FROM LEAKING BATTERIES!!)
      You could, also, use sturdy bubble wrap to enclose the device then encase that with the foil. You can buy bubble wrap at places like FedEx, UPS, or straight from Wally World by the roll in various widths. Cheap, too!
      But as I mentioned, the idea a Faraday Cage will protect any electronics is false security.
      PLEASE don’t bother trying (hoping) it will work. You’ll live (die?) regretting your decision.

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  11. rizkid22 April 1, 01:01

    Have you made a MASH Generator? Do they really work?

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  12. Aaron April 1, 03:21

    Guys do some reasearch in the true goals of ISIS. They want to return the world to midevil times and believe they are the begining of the appocylipse. They would have no issues with polluting the US to uninhabitability and if that means the rest if the world does too they are good with that. It’s a necessary side effect of their goals.

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  13. Balthazar April 9, 20:43

    EMP is a very real threat. Russia & China has both threatened this. Foreign submarines have been observed off both coasts…the U.S. Could not respond fast enough to prevent an EMP attack. There are shipping containers that have been fitted for this purpose. Virtually undetectable weapons platform / delivery system. The DC blackout that just occurred and the announcement that NORAD is moving into Cheyenne Mountain to be protected from this type of attack. Great information…Thank You. Always a good idea to be prepared

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  14. AK April 20, 17:45

    Novel about EMP Stacy’s Quest from the standpoint of typical suburban American (told through eyes of a teen-age girl). Free e-copy on request.

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  15. Rollingsalmon April 20, 20:46

    I think an EMP attack is a very real threat. The NORKS and Iran have planned for this for years. A missile launched from a commercial container ship near the U.S. Coastline could easily send us back to the stone age. “One Second After” is a great, yet terrifying book about the aftermath of such an attack.

    We could retaliate with at least our sub-platformed nukes, but what if we didn’t know who did it? The Iranian leaders want to hassen the “return” of the well messiah…….they don’t care about retaliation.

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  16. Michael April 21, 12:58

    Regarding #6….The Emergency Well Tube allows water to be drawn from a drilled well without electricity and without pulling the pump. Tremendous barter potential in a crisis. Check it out at http://www.emergencywelltube.com.

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  17. Dumb or Dumbfounded May 14, 22:02

    Whenever, I see one of these articles has the ‘Dear Patriot, I am so much cleverer than you and I’m really going to patronise you through listening to 10 minutes of dirge and then ask you to buy my latest ebook’, I tend to switch off, which is a shame because these are serious issues and some preparedness is not a bad thing.

    I’m not sure of the exact quote from Mark Twain, ‘I have lived through some terrible events, most of which never happened’. Really am wasting too much of my life getting drawn into dirge when I could be living…

    Reply to this comment
    • H March 1, 20:38

      I agree 110%!!
      Seems EVERYONE is out to make a quick buck at the expense of educating your fellow man.
      I’m NOT against Capitalism at ALL!
      It just seems like more people are willing to fleece others for their own personal gain.
      I’d bet dollars to donuts that the guy producing the (mostly) lame video and hawking some book would be the FIRST person, in a SHTF scenario, to try and “barter” others into submission or charge OUTRAGEOUSLY high fees to “help” others in time of community need. SMDH

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  18. solstar April 20, 12:28

    Ref. comments concerning hackers: during Desert Storm the Iraqi-s blew up the control room for a steam turbine power plant in Kuwait City. It is believed that the Iraqi-s thought they were destroying the power plant (as they destroyed everything else they could not haul off including 733 oil well heads). It took about 2 and a half days for a few engineers to rig up control boards on each of the 4 turbines (on plywood no less) with the essential controls. Power was restored. Hackers can disrupt for sure but it will be difficult for them to destroy systems, not impossible but difficult. An EMP destroys systems…….

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  19. Bill H November 17, 02:13

    Much of our military hardware is EMP Hardened including most missile systems. That won’t help the average person. The main issue will be transportation. Trucks will stop running and Food deliveries will come to a standstill. Newer Farm equipment will be disabled. A standard water pump will not probably be effected, but the source of power to utilize it and everything else probably will.

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  20. lucy November 25, 21:44

    Very interesting interchange on an enlightening article. Question: How about solar flares? I was reading about how some universities’ aeronautical engineering departments focus on protecting astronauts when they know a plasma ejection from the sun is coming, and how airlines have to change their routing away from the North Pole regions to avoid excessive radiation for passengers when there are solar storms.

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    • paperboy May 17, 15:41

      emp consists of 3 phases, labeled e1, e2, e3.
      solar flare is e3 only, hits long wires, like antennas and power lines. unplugged devices are safe.
      e1 is quick so standard surge protectors blow out before they can respond.
      e2 is like a lightning strike. since e1 already hit, anything plugged in that survived e1 behind a now dead surge protector is vulnerable

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  21. Mike May 5, 14:28

    OK, No where do you mention a firearm. you have hit a lot of this straight on the head, but you have forgotten one of the most important items. A hand gun or rifle will do wonders for protection and keeping the bad element away.

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    • Carrie Fellows June 8, 23:48

      THis is a cyber tech nological discussion that uses frequency and intelligence far above and integrating into brain and body. Already inner A.I. has been activated on the planet. Pick up a gun and you will more than likely destroy everything you love and end up a criminal for econmic relocation. You will not out smart a robot…which this is as nano-technology. I have none- not scientific. Watch it, listen to it and destroyed by it …it also has many blessings. Put down your hardware…it takes over your thinking. Try some Dr. Stephen Hawkings, Dr. Michio Kaku or “Life 3.0” for a reality check in science.
      LOVE and still is best.

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  22. Steviebeef August 7, 02:10

    LOL– you idiot. 1. will enter the Gulf of Mexico–wrong. 2.US will not be able to retaliate–what no subs??? LMFAO 3. 2 years–try 2 months after an attack everything will be back to normal. You a 2KY left over–dumbazzzz?

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  23. Rascal Barnett September 2, 21:33

    Why don’t the U.S. beat these countries to the punch?The countries that our intelligent agencies say are prepared to attack America with a IMP,then we should hit them with first and have others ready so if another country attempts to retaliate,then we strike them next ! We can not afford to sit around on our hands and just wait for this to happen,we can’t play by the rules like we have always done,you would think we would have learned this from The Japanese when Pearl Harbor was bombed by surprise!

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