6 Traps to Place on Your Property Against Looting Rioters

Rich M.
By Rich M. July 6, 2020 07:14

6 Traps to Place on Your Property Against Looting Rioters

Protests against the murder of George Floyd have led to protests around the country. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen this happen, but it is probably the most widespread and has lasted the longest than ever before. The Black Lives Matter seems to have gained legs and is receiving lots of support from a wide range of places, including many who didn’t support them before.

Unfortunately, there have been many cases in which peaceful protests have been hijacked by bad actors, probably from ANTIFA, who have turned those peaceful protests into riots. A number of different police chiefs have come forth, stating unequivocally that the demonstrators were not the rioters, but rather that the rioters were embedded in with the peaceful demonstrators, using them as camouflage and trying to shift the blame for their bad actions onto those who are just exercising their First Amendment rights.

That camouflage has been largely successful, as many people aren’t seeing the difference between the two groups. Not only that, but the actions started by the agitators has encouraged others to join them, following the psychology of “mob mentality.” This has led to blocking roads, attacking cars, looting and even some deaths.

With all this going on, it’s no wonder that a couple in St. Louis was afraid for their lives when a group of several hundred people broke down the gate of their private community. Dubbed “Ken and Karen” by the media (disparaging terms), they stood in front of their house, armed, guarding it. While the legality of this move has been questioned in some quarters, it appears that they didn’t do anything that breaks the law. Missouri has implemented the “Castle doctrine” allowing them to protect their property.

On the other hand, I’m not sure I can agree with the wisdom of that couple standing in front of their home, armed. Some can claim that their actions were provocative and threatening to the crowd of protesters. While the man held his rifle appropriately across his body, his wife doesn’t appear to know what she is doing and is seen to be pointing her pistol at the crowd, with her finger in the trigger guard.

Personally, if I was guarding my home, I would try to do so without being quite so obvious. While they might have done what they did to be a deterrent, two armed people, with no spare magazines visible, aren’t really that much of a deterrent to 100 people, let alone a few times that number.

With a little preparation, there are a number of things that they could have done or that any of us can do, which will help make our homes more secure from raging mobs, without having to stand outside our homes making targets of ourselves.

We want to be careful about this though. US law does not allow the use of booby traps; or rather, you are liable for any harm that your booby traps cause. So I’m sorry, you’ll have to forget about the caltrops and land mines. That’s too bad, as I’m really fond of caltrops. But, even though they don’t kill, they are intended to injure, which you would be legally liable for.

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Lights & Cameras

The first thing that any of us should do is to mount lights and cameras on our home. Outdoor lighting is a good protection against your home being broken into anyway, making it a good idea. While that lighting may not stop a mob going down your street, it will make it easier for cameras to get a good shot of anyone who comes on your property.

6 Traps to Place on Your Property Against Looting RiotersDon’t bother trying to hide your cameras; but place them high enough that they can’t get to them. Roof-mounted cameras are hard to get to, and if anyone climbs on your roof to get to them, they’ll be caught on camera, assuming you have your cameras set to ensure that you have full coverage.

By the way, those lights and cameras should be triggered by motion detectors, so that you don’t have to leave them on full-time. They can be connected to your computer, so that you can have a permanent video record of what has happened.


One of my favorite defensive measures for the perimeter of your property is hedges. If you put a fence in front of your home, it’s obvious what it is. Few of them are any problem for that mob, as they can either knock them down or climb over them. About the only fence which will do much good is a tall one with pointy spikes on the top, but that’s rather obvious.

6 Traps to Place on Your Property Against Looting RiotersOn the other hand, you can plant a hedge around your property line, which, if done properly, is much harder to get through. By “properly” I’m referring to several things:

  • Planting the bushes close enough together so that people can’t push between them. No more than two feet apart.
  • Make sure that your hedge overlaps any fences or corners of your home, so that there are no gaps there.
  • Intertwining the branches of the bushes, so that the top of any one branch might be two or three plants away from its roots.
  • Using some sort of bush with sharp thorns. I like bugambilia, which grows very quickly.
  • Grow the hedge both high and thick. Four feet high is high enough to be hard to get over and three feet thick makes it very hard to climb over it, especially with the thorns.

No hedge, like no fence, is going to be a perfect barrier, but it is a deterrent. People who really want to get to you will find a way. But if you put a gate at your walkway, they’ll take that. This gives you a way of channeling how they get onto your property, controlling any following confrontation into a position that is favorable for you.

Electric Fence

If you have a fence or hedge, you can easily make it an even bigger deterrent by electrifying it. Electric fences are used to control animals on a fairly common basis, giving you a way to explain it away. You can either say that you’ve installed it to keep your dogs in or stray dogs out.

6 Traps to Place on Your Property Against Looting Rioters Electrifying your fence doesn’t mean making the whole thing electrified, but rather adding an electric fence element to it. This is usually a single uninsulated wire, mounted to the inside of the fence with standoffs. It provides a non-lethal electric shock to anyone who touches the wire.

I think technically that you are required to post a sign for an electric fence, warning people that it is electrified. That’s fine, the sign serves as a deterrent too. But posting it doesn’t mean that you have to post it every five feet. Find out the minimum requirements for your area, they aren’t real close. For example, Forth Worth, Texas requires posting every 25 feet. So be sure to do that and not allow it to be any farther, so that you are in compliance with the law.

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The term “tripwire” can mean a number of different things. Typically, trip wires are connected to alarms of some sort, regardless of whether they are mechanical or electronic tripwires. They can also be connected to a variety of snares and traps, all of which would be of questionable legality.

If you don’t have your lights and cameras set up on a motion detector, I’d recommend an electronic tripwire just inside the borders of your property. These usually use some sort of laser, which unlike the ones they use in Hollywood, are invisible. Properly mounted in hidden locations, they are virtually undetectable and can turn on your lights and cameras.

6 Traps to Place on Your Property Against Looting Rioters However, there is another way that I think you can get away with using tripwires on your property and that is to use them to trip people. Running ankle-high wires across your lawn, firmly anchored, so that they won’t pull out, can be an effective way of tripping up anyone who comes onto your property, without permission. You will probably need to grow your grass a bit higher to hide them, but it will be worth it.

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Spike Strips

Spike strips are one of the few traps which are not illegal. While you can’t use caltrops to puncture tires, you can use spike strips. Go figure. Placed across your driveway or even embedded into it, these can make sure that anyone driving onto your property isn’t going to be driving back off.

Of course, this is only useful if someone is driving onto your property. It’s not going to do you much good against protesters on foot. So this method is of limited utility. Even so, it might be worth doing.

6 Traps to Place on Your Property Against Looting Rioters One thing you need to know about this is that while the spike strips are not illegal, you might end up having to pay for people’s tires, even those who enter your property without permission. Taking care of those damaged tires just might be the price to be paid, in order to avoid being charged for some crime.

Dig a Ditch

If you have enough property, one of the best things you can do is to dig a “drainage ditch” at the edge of your property. Dug properly, that ditch can be made easy to get into and out of from the street side but difficult to get out of on your property side. That way, anyone who gets into it, might not get any farther.

6 Traps to Place on Your Property Against Looting RiotersIf you want to make that even worse, put a barbed wire fence in the bottom of it and throw a bunch of junk in the bottom too. Old rusty junk with sharp edges and corners will make transitioning that ditch even harder, discouraging people from even trying.

Once again, this won’t be perfect, because they can always come in via your driveway. I guess you could turn it into a moat and install a drawbridge, but keeping the crocodiles in the moat might be difficult.

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Rich M.
By Rich M. July 6, 2020 07:14
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  1. Labienus July 7, 10:55

    Only three of these could be seen as traps at all. Hedges aren’t traps. Fences aren’t traps. Outside lights aren’t traps.
    A ditch, maybe.
    Tripwires, yeah it can be used and a trigger for one.
    Spikes, yes.

    Literally none of these will stop looters or rioters. It might not even work or slow them down.

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    • TnAndy July 7, 20:17

      A thick hedge of pyracantha (common name “firethorn”) will stop any human, and as a bonus, the blood trail will be easy to follow !

      Evergreen, lovely orange berries, and thorns 2-3″ in length a rhino would have trouble with…..what’s not to like ?

      Reply to this comment
      • Labienus July 7, 22:06

        At least that has some sense. But just mere hedges? That won’t stop a horny teenager, not a looter or rioter. At best, even with those, it’ll delay them from entering. But this isn’t about deterring a burglar. This is about deterring rioters and looters. People who won’t have any compunction about merely shooting the shit out of the house or even molotoving it. It’s like trying to fortify against romans using a wall and some tiki torches.

        Reply to this comment
        • Del July 8, 00:17

          Hedges completely stopped tanks from proceeding in France in WW11, so I don’t think, if done right, they would have a problem stopping people.

          Reply to this comment
          • Labienus July 8, 09:51

            Any idea how big and dense they’d have to be? Pretty sure zoning laws won’t allow hedges that big. Plus they won’t stop bullets or Molotovs still. Plus if they want to they can burn the damn hedges down. Besides it’s still not a trap, it’s a fortification at best

            Reply to this comment
          • longshorts July 9, 11:44

            Hedge cutters were welded to Sherman Tanks lower glacis to get them through those hedges. They were a quick solution to a problem that was solved in the field. Besides, rioters wouldn’t have heavy vehicles available to them on such short notice.

            Reply to this comment
        • Illini Warrior July 8, 12:43

          “channeling” >> fences and hedges and other obstacles are for the lazy welfare sucking losers that will always take the eazy route – put in a sensored & defended gate opening and they’ll take single everytime !!!!!

          Reply to this comment
          • longshorts July 17, 04:34

            Misinformed as usual. A concrete wall and wrought iron electric gate screams “MONEY”. Stealth barriers ARE hedges and prickly vegetation (holly comes to mind) usually not trimmed or ordered in any way. A tree in southern California (its called the Brucella, I think) is about as poisonous as you can get – brushing against the leaves alone can get you a very nasty rash that spreads quickly, the fruit can kill in minutes.

            Reply to this comment
            • red July 17, 23:33

              long: I’m in AZ, and a lot of yards around here are concrete walled. With devil winds all summer, it’s how you garden, and most garden because this area is lower mid class and upper poverty. Pretty much everyone knows how to make adobe block, as well, how to kiln it, how to stack it. We have wolfberry, a relative of goji, mesquite, cactus, and a lot more. A plus, at least in Arizona, rattlers like the shade and lay low. they’re a health risk. Get rid of them and you risk dying of hanta, rabies, the plague, and liberals. niio

              Reply to this comment
      • Nana Coz July 18, 14:39

        Hedges take years to grow, and ditches take days to dig, cameras just tell you they’re coming, a trip wire works once, good ideas just not practical if we are talking the barbaric hordes coming. Crazy times we live in.

        Reply to this comment
        • red July 19, 05:11

          Nana: Some things are better than others. Rugosa roses grow fast, and with a little extra nitrogen grow a lot faster. Wolfberries and goji have been known to take over yards of space, doubling in size each year. Caltrop vines make a seed head that’s small but effective. Bougainvillea grows very fast and the thorns will pierce even boot soles. Cedars will grow slowly, but fast enough with all those pickers. Down here, cholla cactus is loved as a hedge because you can take long branches of it, plant, water, and it roots in fast. If you brush it, it leaves thorns in you. it looks good and the flower buds are expensive for food. I’ve seen entire nopale (prickly pear) cactus trees transplanted and they make a good thorny hedge. Manzanita, no thorns, but so strong and grows so tight nothing can take it, It’s used as a food- and nitrogen-producing ornamental planted with faster growing things. Trifolate orange is good into zone 6. Long masses of thorns, rapid growth, fruit used like lemons. Even box wood and other non-lethal brush is used and wired together as it grows.the idea is to stop them without politicians using you as an example why we need more laws and so on. BLM and antifa are not attacking anyone they can’t destroy without being harmed. Bullies are cowards. Think of them as bullies and from there, it gets easier in small ways. They will not chance getting a splinter in the tushie without police protection. they’re carrying guns now, and using them. if they contront a wall of thorns, how will they react? Back off and avoid it. niio

          Reply to this comment
  2. Illini Warrior July 7, 12:28

    in regard to a hedge or fence defense >> if it’s in a location where vehicle ramming is a possibility – well casing buried in concrete and spaced 4-5 feet apart can slow it down if not stopping it completely – adding barbed wire between the posts and allowing a hedge to grow around it adds to the hedge efficiency ….

    Reply to this comment
  3. Joshua July 7, 16:01

    Sorry, but guns do deter time after time after time. If you noticed in the video the “trespassers did not go any closer and several were backing away. Did you not see that? The trespassers and that is what they were when they entered the couple’s yard, were visibly upset at seeing guns. They expected like always pansies to just lay down and let them trash the place.

    Reply to this comment
    • gunport July 8, 22:40

      you can’t defend in all directions with a single defender.

      Reply to this comment
    • illigitimi non carborundum July 16, 15:53

      Josh, I’ve spoken to my neighbors and they all have the same response. If a mob of rioters and looters comes down out street, they’ll be walking into a kill box. My neighbors all have between 3,000 and 5,000 rds of .222 and I personally use a SEGA-12 magnum 000 buck with three 25 rd snail drums ready and 1250 rds in reserve. THEY can call 911…tell em to bring a sponge and a shovel.

      Reply to this comment
      • red July 17, 07:38

        illigitmi: Did you see what happened to Baca, in Albuquerque when he was attacked by a mob? One shot and the dems want to use him as an example. If you worry over rioters, you must live in a dem state. That, alone, should tell you they need someone to sacrifice as a stepping stone to political gain. With soros footing the bill to pay rioters, it’s a given dems are eager to persecute people.

        I always prefer natural methods. If you can, let poison ivy grow in your hedge (it likes calcium) or post small signs warning of it. If you live in suburbia, try to attract skunks. when working as a sec guard, I did that. Kids would come out at night to break windows (a junkyard), but when I was on, the skunks stopped them. Because of the stench, I had to avoid that part of the yard for a few nights. Like a cop told my sister, next time make sure the creep is in the house before you shoot him. niio

        Reply to this comment
  4. Carolyn July 7, 16:05

    Why not plant blackberry vines draped over a fence. Provides protection and food source you can even claim they grew naturally.

    Reply to this comment
    • Govtgirl July 9, 10:28

      Because it is so invasive that if you stand too close you’ll be covered in it!

      Reply to this comment
      • red July 17, 07:50

        Gov: Put up little signs warning of poison ivy. Beware of Skunk! might help. Occult signs might, but then you might draw in the wrong kind. I don’t worry much over it. Arizona tends to like moving targets. Aside from that, Mouser hangs out in the back, Stray dogs hang out around front because there’s water for them. Plus, ocotillo, cactus, and a garden trench partly filled with thorn brush almost makes the place seem inhospitable. the neighbors love it. Hey, you can grow hawthorn! That kept kids out of one sister’s backyard. All natural, and the dnc DA can’t touch you. niio

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  5. Survivormann99 July 7, 16:10

    About the couple in St. Louis, I am not going to go back and analyze all of the video, but i have read elsewhere that the fellow had a spare 30-round magazine in his pocket, for what that is worth.

    Both of them were highly vulnerable to gunfire, walking around as they did. The woman clearly did not know what she was doing with that gun.

    Given the makeup of this SJW crowd, I am confident that at least a few people in the crowd were armed, too. What the couple did, however, was to make it obvious that the crowd could not begin to vandalize or burn their home with impunity. Their “don’t tread on me” attitude was a clear example of “deterrence through strength,” or perhaps “mutually assured destruction.”

    The very fact that the couple made it obvious that they were not the low-hanging fruit was important in the outcome.

    The advice given in this column is essentially useless for anyone living in an urban or suburban setting. Only after all hell has broken loose would some urban or suburban homeowner be installing an electric fence, digging ditches, or waiting for years for the hedge shown to grow. Tripwires and spike strips present liability issues. For this couple, lights would have been useless when the incident happened. It was broad daylight.

    Cameras would have been useful after the incident occurred, but only for the purpose of helping police to identify the culprits.

    Had this couple cowered in their home, instead of choosing the, admittedly, risky alternative of facing the mob, they would likely have invited an attack. Few of those in a mob like this are ready for the use of deadly force, and they will move to softer targets when confronted. That’s a predator’s mentality, a simple risk/benefit analysis.

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck July 7, 19:16

      I sort of agree with your comments, Survivorman. The presence of guns in the hands of the homeowners certainly was an inhibiting factor in the actions of the mob. It appeared to me that some of the mob were all set to go up and at least vandalize that home until they saw the guns and then it didn’t seem like such a good idea.

      There is much that can done to at least get ready for rioters without making your urban home look like the Siegfried Line.

      Doors can be reinforced prior to any rioting. Glass windows can be covered with plastic film that makes it extremely difficult to knock the glass from the frame. The glass can be broken and bullets can penetrate the plastic film, but the glass won’t go flying and create secondary injuries and rocks flung against the glass, while they will spider crack it, will not shatter it.

      There are many thorned plants that can be planted ahead of time that can be part of the landscape and not really noticed until the mob tries to penetrate it. Especially with a large piece of property such as was depicted in the mob scene, there are many plants that grow into a hedge or a barrier that is more impassible than even a a double apron barbed wire barrier or concertina wire or chainlink topped with quadruple strand barbed wire.

      I defy anyone to penetrate a blackberry bramble barrier. There are other plants that are equal to the blackberry barrier. In some parts of the country blackberries are almost like weeds and are very easy to grow.

      In addition to plastic film on glass, there are roll down metal shutters that can cover glass that can be installed or in some part of the country, hurricane shutters are a design feature. They also serve as barriers to rioters.

      Broken glass strewn in a tall lawn is a significant barrier, especially if shooting is involved. What’s the first thing most people do storming a place when shot are fired against them? They flop down. If the ground is strewn with broken glass flopping down is going to be far down on the list of defensive actions to take.

      If one has time, punji sticks can be placed in the ground so that an attacking force is directed to a clear area and away from the punji sticks. They don’t need to be lining the bottom of a ditch, just sticking up in the air in close formation will discourage folks from taking that route. Of course it is incumbent upon the homeowner who is going to use that method to prepare the sticks ahead of time.

      Eighteen inch long sticks sharpened on both ends will work quite well. They can be branches that you cut from bushes and trees that you normally trim. Instead of throwing them in the green recycle bin, just trim them to the appropriate length and you can sharpen them at your leisure. I would get a pencil sharpener that is extra large. At the big box hardware stores and on line you can buy hand operated pencil sharpeners designed for lumber marking pencils. They make it quick and easy to put a nice sharp point on a stick.

      Punji sticks don’t even have to be placed all over the yard. placed at six inch intervals to cover a depth of eight feet will keep anyone from jumping the punji patch unless they are a long jump athlete. And who wants to take that leap knowing if you don’t make the jump you will really be D.Q.’d by being impaled on the sticks.

      If they are open and visible no one can claim it was a trap designed to lure them to self-harm. They are an open and visible deterrent installed in a time of civil disorder.

      It would be only if things get really really bad and it become a world without rule of law that I would resort to punji pits and in that case I wouldn’t be worried about what the neighbors thought or possible repercussions from law enforcement either. Nor the Homeowners Association ! ! !
      Then I would want my home to look like one of the bunkers on the Siegfried Line.

      Reply to this comment
      • Fred July 8, 00:30

        Blackberries? Easily passed through with leather garments. I keep a riders coat in my truck for places like that. Doesn’t help with long thorns like Ponderosa Lemon or aforementioned horticultural long sharp thorns.

        Reply to this comment
      • Govtgirl July 9, 10:36

        I realize what the St. Louis couple did was I’ll-conceived, but it did my heart good. When I lived in Eugene, OR the city played loud classical music in certain areas where people loitered and it proved to be a good deterrent. I’d like to know more about the sound wave technology that I think it was in Cuba, was used against our diplomats. That proved to be harmful, but it would be great to be able to use a technology like that if it would make people uncomfortable enough to want to distance themselves from your property. Of course that requires electricity. Still, low tech is often the best.

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    • IRONRHINO July 8, 12:59

      when guns come out the bravado of the MOB goes down no one wants to be the first person shot!

      Reply to this comment
  6. Hillbilly July 7, 16:12

    In my neck of the woods, none of these are traps. Deterrents, yes. But certainly not traps.

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck July 7, 18:27

      I don’t know what state you are living in, Hillbilly, but most states have laws about what you can put up to protect your property and certain items are prohibited. The theory being that some person may innocently wander onto your property and injure themselves. Even though you may have no trespassing signs posted in accordance with the law covering such postings, somebody could need aid and assistance and be on your property for such purpose and could injure themselves or it could even be a relative to whom you had shown the traps and he forgot they were there and injured himself.

      You may say, “Well, the d.s. should have remembered that they were there,” and some of us may well feel that blundering around in a daze exposes one to hazards that should be completely obvious to the alert individual.

      That said, the law provides for really dumb, inept, stupid folks, That’s why you see notices on windshield covers “Do Not Operate Vehicle With Cover In Place” and other equally inane notices. You think to yourself, “How dumb do you have to be?” Wait. That’s a rhetorical question, not a challenge. Some people think it is a challenge.

      That said, in an EOTW situation, as has been pointed out in the past, nitpicky rules and regulations like no caltrops or deep pits with punji sticks will will be long gone and such devices will be commonplace.

      Reply to this comment
      • longshorts July 9, 11:51

        The most common solution to this problem is to not live in any sizable city. Then you do not have riots, only shooters to contend with that will not put up with city dwellers rioting or being far left wing nuts..

        Reply to this comment
      • illigitimi non carborundum July 16, 15:58

        Left Coast Chuck, LAWS?!! REALLY?!!!

        Tell the looters and rioters intent to do you harm, with Malatov cocktails in their hands, there are laws!! Kill ’em all, let God sort ’em out!



        Reply to this comment
        • Govtgirl July 17, 06:50

          Look, i n c, just read about a Georgia father who was arrested when he beat up a man he found in his 14-year old daughter’s room. You will be the one locked up and they’ll still be outside. Then who will protect your home and family?

          Reply to this comment
    • Prepper In Training July 7, 19:04

      An old Irish prayer..

      May those who love us, love us.
      And for those who don’t love us,
      May God turn their hearts.
      And if he can not turn their hearts,
      May he turn their ankles,
      So we may know them by their limping.
      May you live as long as you want, and never want as long as you live.

      A “deterrent” for protesters might be nothing more than a good sprinkler system, easily activated to turn people back. The next line of “deterrence” for rioters could be well placed dye packs. At least they could be easily identified. Then next level could be low hanging “pet fences” that deliver a substantial shock. The level of “deterrence” before the bullets start flying could be a spring loaded device, ankle or shin high, that will swing a broom handle or some other rod with enough force to cause a limp, permanent or otherwise. After that, the rioters/looters get what they deserve.

      Reply to this comment
    • No-others July 7, 19:59

      I keep hearing the word anti-fa thrown around a lot which I assume to be short for antifascist. To me that doesn’t sound bad. If Germany or Italy had more of them back in the 30’s Europe would have been millions of death and an inconceivable amount of destruction. Since they seem to be a response to the times just like the protests. Claims of leading a movement or of violence seem unfounded. If they have leaders who are they?

      Reply to this comment
      • Fred July 8, 00:35

        You assume wrong. Read.Learn.

        Reply to this comment
      • Govtgirl July 9, 10:46

        Sorry, but if you lived in the Pacific NW, you’d see frequent footage where they harass people minding their own business, woman in wheelchair trying to slowly motor across a street, etc. They will harm anyone who comes close. Frankly, just the fact that they deny the opportunity for anyone with a divergent opinion even voice it, is enough to warrant them being considered bad for the country, but they are indeed violent. 15 minutes on the Internet will show you that.
        P.S.- Portland has been ruined by these folks.

        Reply to this comment
        • Nana Coz July 18, 14:48

          Portland has been ruined by the Mayor not enforcing the laws!!! He has lets these demonic forces have their way with the city!!! Soap box, ballot box, soon to be ammo box!!!

          Reply to this comment
          • red July 19, 05:18

            nana: Have you seen all the lib governors, mayors and so on who are being recalled or impeached? It’s backfiring on the dnc. Now, to cover, they’re screaming tax the rich, again. they do, they know it drives out jobs. dems do love a crisis. niio

            Reply to this comment
      • Nunya July 16, 16:26

        They had those groups: Brown shirts, Red Guard, SS, everyone and everything that tried to destroy history for that time period are the time periods antifa or the Bad faction of BLM. This is the attack of America to change us into a Marxist/communist society. BLM has admitted they are trained Marxist. If they win, communism is the next and most logical answer. Read history and the progression of communism in China, Cuba and Venezuela and stop being so ignorant. What is happening today in America is what happened in those countries prior to them becoming socialist/communist countries. Now look at them they are crap holes where they used to be thriving. If you are or support one of the terrorist groups inciting these mob riots. Then I suggest always watch where you are putting your feet because you never know who is going to be defending their property and lives.

        Reply to this comment
        • red July 17, 14:18

          Nunya: I live in Arizona, so I’m not worried about these houseboys for soros trying something. Obama couldn’t stop us. When a riot starts here, people will meet them headon and then the cops show. If the rioters persist, shoot a few in the legs stops them. they’re cowards and backbiters, not adults. They’re not paid to die for their cause. To steal, murder and destroy, yes, but not die for it.The Scottsdale Mall riot was planned as a robbery that escalated into a fake riot. Raiding that mall is like raiding a kindergardwen class, no guns allowed on the property, and the thieves knew it. 200 people have been arrested since. Next case, riot stopped thanks to a cop who took a beating, then popped a cap. No riot. The place voted most likely for a rioter to feed the hogs is South Tucson. Given the crime rate there with all the mojados, rioters will be mugged, beaten, and sold to the cat food factory. Those folks do walk in beauty! niio

          Reply to this comment
        • catman July 18, 17:43

          Please, you people don’t even know the difference between socialism and communism.
          26 viruses were discovered in the melting permafrost last year ALONE…viruses that haven’t seen the light of day for millions of years…and you are worried about the’ evil hordes’ invading your neighborhoods?
          Clucking pathetic.
          Get a grip.
          Go clean your guns or do what I should be doing right now…go paint your house.
          Paint it with camouflage paint, that way the evil hordes won’t know you are there!
          I know, but lucky for you it’s raining here or you wouldn’t be privy to all my survival tips!

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          • Govtgirl July 19, 06:17

            This is the second day in a row you have called me and the others on this website, of whom I am fond, pathetic. Also, starting your comment “you people” is not going to make anyone want to read what you are trying to say which is, by the way, interesting.

            Reply to this comment
          • red July 19, 19:59

            Oh, I do, Ms. Clinton. Communism is fake socialism. Everything is for the wealthy, and the poor paid for it. Hitler was a socialist in the same manner. He and Stalin were vast friends, as he and FDR were. Pure socialism is strictly voluntary as commanded b the Bible. I met enough peoples am related to enough people who lived under both. All say the same, there is no difference between Nazis and communists. They then say dnc/kkk=nazi party usa. Your sterilization programs, teaching kids they’re only animals, then locking them away when they act it, all lead to one point, the Hunger Games. Big producers of fruit, animal produces, and grain were forced to kill and landfill most of what they had grown thanks to the dems inviting in the wuhan flu. Right now, according to Joel Salatin, this is a golden age of small producers and small slaughterhouses who ignored you have people driving a hundred miles out of NYC, Philly, LA and Seattle to buy from them. Friends up above Phoenix have so many orders they’re selling butchered pigs for 600 bucks. More good news, gun shop owners even in eastern Arizona cannot keep up stocks. So many are driving in from Kali-fornia there’s a two month wait for a gun, two weeks+ for ammo. Out-of-state, pay in advance. No, we do not accept bribes. No, you may not detach the gun from the chain and lock. Yes, we know, there are a lot of liberals where you live. Oh, you’re a liberal? Please put the gun back. The door is that way. Have nice day, Mrs. Clinton, AKA Hillary the Genocidal Psychotic.

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      • red July 17, 14:05

        No: And today they’re under the pay of soros, who pumped 220 million dollars intro activist groups, his brownshirts. Remember the mafia that started out to protect people from invaders, then when freedom came, turned to crime. Dems need a crisis or they fail. Antifa is now a neonazi organization.

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  7. Oldfart July 7, 16:12

    Sorry but the Floyd George “PROTESTS”were NOT about Floyd George, that was the EXCUSE!!!!!!

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    • left coast chuck July 7, 18:48

      It never ceases to amaze me that 90% of the folks who have caused these riots as at a minimum petty criminals. Where is the outrage about the 8 year old black girl who was shot in Atlanta over the weekend?

      What about the 13 year old latino girl who was killed in a violent carjacking of an old minivan? Where is the outrage?

      I have serious questions about a law that prohibits selling single cigarettes — how is society harmed by that activity? The individual already paid the tax on the cigarettes and the sales tax due on the sale of one or two cigarettes is de minimis. Is New York going to go broke with the loss of sales tax on the sale of single cigarettes? If their financial picture is that shaky, they are in deep doodoo.

      Further I question why six cops are needed to issue a citation for what at the most is a very low grade misdemeanor and is more likely some kind of sales tax or business license tax kind of citation. Why do six cops need to be involved in that? Is victim-generating crime so scarce in NY city that the city can afford to have six cops and probably two or three police units in on a sales tax violation? Why are they arresting him? For a sales tax violation or business tax violation? Good God! Have the taxing codes gotten that voracious that we now arrest and book somebody for a sales tax or business license violation? I don’t care if it is the tenth time they have issued him a citation, that’s one of the frustrations of government that sometimes they just can’t control everybody no matter how hard they try.

      While I deplore the killing of the really innocent black woman who was shot in her apartment and the other shootings of innocent people, that is a result of our WAR AGAINST DRUGS. I have maintained for over 60 years that it is not the government’s job to dictate what I consume. There have been so many really bad supreme court rulings infringing on our individual rights and so many bad police practices that have been winked at in the dug enforcement business — and it is a business. One of the factors leading to the continuation of the war on drugs is that so many people are employed in good paying jobs in that so-called war that there is a tremendous lobby to keep the war going to keep the public money flowing to those jobs.

      Well, I won’t continue my diatribe this morning. I will just pick up my soapbox and steal silently away.

      By the way, unlike so many recent presidents, I have never indulged in any illegal drugs in my lifetime. Remember, when I was young and considerably less experienced than now, marijuana was a felony. If I were convicted of a felony I would lose my license to practice my profession. That was a strong motivating factor to eschew even “not inhaling.” Getting through school with two infant children and a wife and working full time made possession of the license too expensive to endanger losing it for something like that.

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      • Rocky July 8, 23:37

        A good amount of the protestors are paid actors. $15 an hour. Others are just angry misinformed youngens.

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      • Govtgirl July 9, 11:12

        Very thought-provoking. It is very expensive and wasteful to enforce petty drug crimes, but I wonder if it isn’t a lot like the broken-window policing that worked so effectively during Guliani’s mayoral stint in New York. When Oregon legalized mj for “medicinal reasons” it didn’t help the people there. There was always some two- bit politician talking about how it helps her Aunt Matilda who has cancer, but in reality, for a price over the phone with a quack anyone could get a medical marijuana card. Did some reading on the Ntherlands where mj has been legal for 40 years, but since the law also said you couldn’t grow it, the shops buy it from the mafia and have created what the police call a narco state.
        I always worry about unintended consequences so any legalization would have to be thought through very, very well. The political climate is so contentious, and has been for so long, that I can’t think of a single piece of legislation that has been thoroughly and thoughtfully crafted. Congress is dysfunctional. If it weren’t, I believe, with enough effort, some easing of restrictions could be passed that would be beneficial. That’s not going to happen any time soon.

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    • Dee July 7, 18:51

      Plant some nasty cacti around your house instead of a hedge. Like jumping cholla. Although that only grows in dry climates.

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  8. TAL July 7, 17:24

    These are deterrents, not traps.

    Myself, I’m all for the Tiger Pit & Punji Sticks.
    Just a little back-filling and POOF, no liability!

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    • TheSouthernNationalist July 7, 17:53

      “Dead men tell no tales” theory, sounds good.

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    • Jahaziel July 8, 01:46

      In the 1960s, in Rockville Centre, NY, an estate was burglarized unsuccessfully because the burglars did not heed the large sign that read “BEWARE OF CAT”. The cat turned out to be a leopard. The estate owner was fined for the ‘exotic’ pet but the buglars were hospitalized.

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      • red July 17, 23:24

        Jah: We had a house cat that hated everything. She would attack stray dogs, killed tom cats, and defied owls. If a stranger came in the house, you had to watcher because she would attack them. She made the life of the German Shepherd a living hell, until the cockatiel came. She never did learn that bird was behind bars for a reason. the dog, when the cat went after him, would run behind the bird cage to hide. On a couple of occasions, when the dog was left out overnight, the cat trapped burglars and eventually, after the dachshund arrived, learned to get along, to tolerate dogs. But, never did she learn to love that bird 🙂 niio

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  9. Ol' Dad July 7, 17:25

    Be sure to have a good lawyer to help you when you are arrested and face prison time for protecting yourself and your property. If you follow the suggestions listed, you obviously are a racist. (Doesn’t that make sense??)

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  10. TruePremise July 7, 17:27

    Turning your property into a maze obstacle course works too. That should be the 7th Trap.

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  11. Azsunnin July 7, 18:50

    That is why I love living in Arizona. Our laws state that anyone injured in the commission of a crime cannot sue the victim. Along with Constitutional carry and Castle Doctrine (including your automobile) it is quite easy to be law abiding.

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    • Thomas July 17, 01:28

      Some times I wish I still lived in Az ,maybe Al will see the light ,one can hope .

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      • red July 17, 23:26

        Thomas: Stay away from the I-10 corridor. Most places east of it and some to the west are fine, still Indian Country. I left AZ for decades but always swore I’d come back. People laughed, but I said I’d rather die in Arizona than live elsewhere. a few years back, I’m home! niio

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        • Govtgirl July 18, 06:56

          Reminds me of long ago. During the Cuban missile crisis, we called my grandma and said she could come stay with us. Her answer- “I’d rather die in Miami than live in Ohio.”

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          • red July 18, 11:36

            Gov: Donno, Miami, OH, isn’t too bad a spot 🙂 A cousin married a a man from near Miami, FL, When they got out of the Army, they didn’t care for Penna, and she refused to live in Florida. They settled on Iowa, which is less politically insane than Penna and are raising two very bright kids there to be preppers. Both kids will go Army and then college, especially their daughter. We like to see girls get well-educated because they’re the important part of the defense of home. niio

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  12. barbuto July 7, 19:22

    Duncan Long has been writing survival books and articles for 50+ years. In his last book, perhaps the last he will ever write(published right before Palladin Press closed) he says” if u have not moved out of the cities yet do so, now. Settle in a rural area and make fried with your neighbors. By being away from the cities you avoid the urban disturbances. Also, if city people come after you in the country you have friends who can help you confront any attackers. Lone wolf mentality is not real. Leave the city before its too late”…..good advice. Also I have given up trying to protect my home. When the “zombies” come I shall bug out….period..

    Reply to this comment
    • Woody July 9, 13:23

      That’s really it. Get out.

      You won’t win every confrontation, maybe none. And you can’t protect a suburban residence. And why? After a few scuffles, will you really want to stay? By then it’s too late to bail.

      We’re 45 years removed from the fray. Still ready. Get out.

      Find some Mel Tappan.

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      • longshorts July 17, 04:21

        If You can overwhelm and outnumber them, go ahead, You have to pick your battles. If you are outnumbered, bug out, your life is not worth a home, as well loved as it may be. A flash riot is usually the way it happens – no warning. Especially if the instigators are well trained and well paid as these seemed to be.

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      • Govtgirl July 18, 07:06

        That is why I just love this website. Knowledgable people throw out a little aside like Find some Mel Tappan and a whole new vista opens. Thanks, Woody!

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    • VEE3 July 16, 18:39

      Fixed fortifications are a monument to mans stupidity…..Gen Patton

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  13. kamerabsu July 7, 19:42

    What video? There is no video in this article…

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  14. No-others July 7, 20:01

    I keep hearing the word anti-fa thrown around a lot which I assume to be short for antifascist. To me that doesn’t sound bad. If Germany or Italy had more of them back in the 30’s Europe would have been millions of death and an inconceivable amount of destruction. Since they seem to be a response to the times just like the protests. Claims of leading a movement or of violence seem unfounded. If they have leaders who are they?

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck July 7, 21:46

      It’s because they never studied history that they think they are antifascist. If they had stayed awake during or actually attended world history class they might have learned that both Germany and Italy claimed to be socialist.

      Nazi In Germany, now refers to fascism.
      Nazi is short for The National Socialist German Workers’ Party, or the NSDAP: In German, Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterparte.

      My computer’s dictionary defines fascism: | ˈfaSHˌizəm | (also Fascism)
      an authoritarian and nationalistic right-wing system of government and social organization.
      • (in general use) extreme right-wing, authoritarian, or intolerant views or practice.
      The term Fascism was first used of the totalitarian right-wing nationalist regime of Mussolini in Italy (1922–43); the regimes of the Nazis in Germany and Franco in Spain were also Fascist. Fascism tends to include a belief in the supremacy of one national or ethnic group, a contempt for democracy, an insistence on obedience to a powerful leader, and a strong demagogic approach.
      1920s: from Italian fascismo, from fascio ‘bundle, political group’, from Latin fascis (see fasces).

      So according to the twisted thinking because we are faschists, they are socialists and thus are antifaschist.
      However, if one compares their methods to the methods of Hitler’s Brown Shirts in Austria and Germany and Mussolini’s Black Shirts in Italy, one will see remarkable similarities in practices between the tactics of those two “socialist” groups and antifa.

      In my opinion, they really are anarchists who hope in the ensuing turmoil they will emerge as strong men to replace the present politicians. No one who has even half a functioning brain wants anarchy unless they think that they are going to emerge as the strong man leader.

      The feudal system was anarchy on a controlled scale. The strong man ruled and what he said was the law even if he said something different the day before.

      The Japanese called that era of their history the Hell Period. Each era is named after the family who nominally ruled most of Japan or where the nominal head of state resided, hence the Heian Period, the Kamakura Period, The Tokugawa Period. That particular anarchy period in Japan is called the Hell Period and called that for good reason.

      Reply to this comment
      • IvyMike July 8, 01:22

        Like your comments about the War On Drugs and the ridiculous expansion of police power it has caused, and also your musing on who and what is a Fascist, Commie, or Anarchist. No doubt people would say you are on the right and I am on the left but it’s really important that our views converge where common sense and The Constitution meet. To me the biggest problem with policing is that, in the name of enforcing every law no matter how unwise or unnecessary the entire Institution we call Law Enforcement has gotten into the habit of regularly violating our Constitutional Rights, to the point of murdering Citizens senselessly.
        So far as Antifa as an antidote to Hitler’s rise to power, the Nazis, Commies, Anarchists and Royalists fought intense street battles in Germany during the 20s and early 30s, Hitler’s Brown Shirts were the best organized and most vicious and put all the others down, the Brown Shirts becoming an important early component of the SS. Hitler killed all of his enemies, after he came to power he killed all of his friends. Labeling men like Hitler, Stalin, and Mao as Nazi, Commie, left or right, is silly. They were incredibly competent psychopaths who won power and used it to murder senselessly tens of millions of their fellow citizens.
        The Feudal system as controlled Anarchy, that’s what I always fear from Libertarians…

        Reply to this comment
        • left coast chuck July 8, 05:20

          Well, Mike I consider myself so far to the right that I make Genghis Khan look like a Humber Humphrey liberal.

          In my view being extremely conservative almost makes me an extreme liberal. I see eye to eye with a lot of extreme liberals — and I mean liberals in the Humber Humphrey vein, not the mindless juveniles who wouldn’t know the difference if it were tattooed on their eyeballs.

          I think the big difference between my views and H.H.’s views is that he thought government was the answer and I think government is the problem.

          That said, while I am in favor of the smallest possible government, I am certainly no anarchist. I am really against lifetime politicians and I am more and more feeling that there should be limitations on lifetime government employees. I think judges should be drawn by lottery of those attorneys who meet minimum qualifications. I think they should also have strict term limits. I think our forefathers didn’t realize that folks would start living as long as they do now when they set lifetime tenure for federal judges. I most definitely don’t believe they should be appointed by politicians and they should not have to stand for election but the recall process should be much easier. And with term limits it might not be necessary to have recall. Have to spend ore time thinking on that.

          AT this stage of my life it’s not going to happen which is one reason why I haven’t thought a lot about the details.

          I don’t think we are actually that far apart in our philosophies whatever we may call ourselves. My nom de plume is actually a poke at the political atmosphere in the PDRK as opposed to my personal political philosophy.

          Reply to this comment
          • left coast chuck July 8, 20:28

            Thank you, Predictive. That is HUBERT HUMPHREY for those of you old enough to remember.

            Humber | ˈhəmbər |
            an estuary in northeastern England that is formed at the junction of the Ouse and Trent rivers near Goole and that flows east for 38 miles (60 km) to enter the North Sea at Spurn Head. It has the major port of Hull on its northern bank and is spanned by the world’s largest suspension bridge, which opened in 1981 and has a span of 4,626 feet (1,410 m).

            Well, I didn’t know there was such a thing as a humber. Learned something new for today.

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          • IvyMike July 9, 00:21

            Checking up on my half forgotten history facts, the Brown Shirts were actually working class men sympathetic with the Communist movement in Germany who were convinced Hitler was a Socialist sympathetic to Stalin. Haha. They were absorbed into the German Army in the late 30s, many of them became SS but the SS leadership itself was violently opposed to Communism, and damn near everything else.
            Judges are elected in Texas but i don’t think voters ever have enough information or motivation for me to say their choices reflect wisdom. I’m comfortable with the Federal Judiciary being appointed because it makes for one politically stable branch of Government. It sucked in the 1850’s because the Courts were dominated by pro slavery Southerners, but I’m actually happy Trump has flavored the system with a lot of Conservatives because the so called Liberal Left is about to come to power and start assaulting The Constitution. If we were to return to Constitutional Government neither Left nor Right would be happy. As we ride off into the Sunset I salute The Constitution while wondering if a document written to guarantee the rights of adult white men who own property can one day guarantee the rights of everybody. I believe it can, if the America of the near future wants that. But young people…

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  15. JoJo July 7, 21:57

    I grew up in a remote area of B.C. and to keep out the grizzly bears and dear, my father planted a hedge of blackberries. Nothing could permeate that hedge and it was on the side of a cliff, so no one could drive through it without plummeting down a 100 foot rock embankment.

    Not many people have that type of topography, but blackberries grow and spread fast.

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck July 8, 05:23

      Yes, an earlier poster said he had a leather coat which protected him and he could penetrate a blackberry bramble with no difficulty. That made me think that he had never met a real blackberry bramble which can reach twenty to thirty feet deep at times. I wouldn’t want to attempt to wade through a blackberry bramble six feet high by twenty feet deep wearing anything other than a full suit of plate armor.

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  16. Big Dave July 7, 23:17

    My rural area, not to much problem with demonstrators/rioters. If you live in city or suberbs, good luck getting any of the suggestions past your HOA, they will have you in court in seconds,(liberal busybodies).
    If you want an impenetrable hedge we have a wildly invasive plant that was imported years ago for living fences called Multiflora Rose. Grows thick and tall with really nasty thorns that break off easily and seem to be mildly poisonous to most people to the extent of being quite painful and scratches and punctures are inflamed.

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    • left coast chuck July 8, 05:25

      When I was reading up on pyracantha II was surprised to read that pyracantha is considered an invasive species in the PDRK. I wonder if it can still be purchased at the local nursery.

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  17. IvyMike July 8, 00:52

    Some good plants for hedges. Long, limber Bois D’arc limbs were cut and the cut end stuck into the ground and would often root and grow. Woven together the limbs made an impenetrable barrier. Pyracantha is great, fast growing, easily available, dense hedge with nasty thorns and always full of yellow jackets. Bright orange pulpy fruit is edible/nutritious. Eleagnus is a fast growing grey leaved hedge that is extremely dense and thorny. Blackberry vines and Blaze climbing rose grown on a split rail fence are superior to concertina wire. Canes from the desert plant ocotillo can be cut and the cut end pushed into the ground, it roots and grows easily and is not to be trifled with.The big century plants like Agave americana, planted in a bed and watered, grow fast and form incredible thickets in only 2 or 3 years.
    A mean thing I did years ago, living in a rent house in Austin, one of my roommates said there was a peeping tom, and I found his footprints in the flowerbed outside her window. I cut a couple of two foot lengths of 2×6 and drove 16d brights all the way in, two rows with 4″ spacing. Brights are very sharp, and about 2 inches of nail was exposed when I buried them points up. A couple of nights later there was a big ruckus in the middle of the night, didn’t catch Tom but he left a torn up flowerbed and a bloody boot behind and never came back.

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    • left coast chuck July 8, 04:48

      IvyMike: I’ve always heard that pyracantha berries were poisonous. I know that the birds act like they are drunk after eating them and stagger around until the effect wears off.

      I am going to have to check on the poisonous or non of pyracantha.

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    • left coast chuck July 8, 05:06

      Learned something new today. Pyracantha seeds contain cyanide just the same as apples, elderberries and other fruit. However the amount of cyanide is minuscule and one needs to eat a lot of them for it to have any effect. Although the berries are said to be bitter, one can make jelly from them the same as with elderberries.

      It also explains the reason why the birds stagger around after they have consumed what for them is a large amount of berries. The cyanide is affecting them. They are slightly poisoned because in comparison to their body weight they have consumed sufficient cyanide to exhibit its effects. Whoa thunk?

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      • IvyMike July 8, 23:51

        A lot of tree fruit ferments as it rots, soapberry and pyracantha especially, birds are actually getting drunk on them. I always thought the berries were poisonous, too, until I saw a guy eat a fistful of them and keep smiling. Incidentally, studies show the foam from soap berries is no more effective than plain water for washing clothes or hair.

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        • left coast chuck July 9, 04:28

          Well they always stagger around like some folks I know who imbibe too much and their attempts at flying are as funny as a drunk trying to open his car door with his house key.

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          • IvyMike July 10, 00:49

            I like to take a drink but am also a long time designated driver, if only the drunk humans I’ve driven home were as cute as drunk birds.

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  18. longshorts July 8, 09:32

    The trick is to make your property not worth looting, throw trash in your yard, hide your expensive cars temporarily in the back yard or garage, leave no lights on during the riot, do not show yourself at all, but be ready to defend yourself any way you can INSIDE your home in case the rioters break in. NEVER shoot anybody that is retreating from you, no matter what they took from you or what they destroyed. Keep your anger under control or you may be the one in jail charged with murder. BUT if someone advances on you with a tool or gun, make sure you shoot them very dead ot it may be your life that is forfeit. NEVER talk to police unless you have legal counsel present with you and have been advised what questions you may answer, and those that must remain unanswered. Never answer questions “in the heat of the moment”.

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck July 8, 16:59

      Good advice, especially about talking to the police.

      “I’ll be happy to cooperate with you in your investigation but right now my mind is just overwhelmed. Let me contact my attorney and have him set up an appointment with you for an interview.”

      End of crime scene discussion.

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  19. wingnut101 July 9, 00:01

    All over the internet I have heard, in regards to the “Ken and Karen” what they did wrong, or “I would have …” fact is YOU (writers of these posts) weren’t there. You weren’t faced with a scowling, irrational enraged mob of criminals. Yes criminals!. I think they should be backed. It’s High time we…the gun community, start acting like a community. Back these people. As for “Karen’s” trigger finger… and pointing etc. Again, You people weren’t there staring down a mob. You should all be ashamed of your (keyboard commando) selves. I’m sure at any momment after having been told of their intentions “Karen” was more than willing to destroy anything that made a wrong move.
    Ive read that people suggest they not go outside and cower indoors. This simply emboldens the even more cowardly riotous rage-mob, the same way that a pack of wolves will attack at the slightest sign of vulnerability. As much as any of you keyboard commandos would like to nitpick this, I would bet most of you would just abandon your homes to a mob when they come down your street.

    Reply to this comment
    • longshorts July 9, 11:58

      City dwellers are open to rioters – live in a rural setting. Then you can see them coming and determine they do not belong around you. Then a few well placed shots can send them running back to where they belong along with the rest of the “wretched refuse”.

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  20. JustMe July 9, 01:09

    I don’t know about these “traps”. Kind of lame and somewhat juvenile mentality. Almost as bad as wanting to spray a mob with a flame thrower from a window.

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    • left coast chuck July 9, 05:00

      Assuming you are not one of the fortunate ones with 60 acres of fertile cleared land with another 40 acres of hardwood forest with a lake and running stream of clear water, a developed well that is only 20 feet deep but tests clear of all contaminants and you have amassed an almost unlimited sum of money from your smart investments in the stock market and a fortified cabin on the 60 acres as the hero in proper novels seem to be, but are one of us suburban folks who are going to be bugging in in the typical suburban tract home, what would you do to try to amp up you with your trusty 5.56 with a couple of 30 round mags and your wife laying on the floor beside you reloading your mags as you stand off a bunch of MS13 misfits?

      While some of the replies are fanciful, I think suggestions about thorny plants and modifying doors and windows and perhaps using some means to funnel attacking gang members into a fixed path to make defense easier are well in order.

      The two people pictured in the episode and the views of their home show it to have just a tad more real estate than perhaps some of us possess. In their case taking extra measures to funnel attackers might well be the difference between surviving an attack and not surviving.

      I don’t have quite as much real estate to defend as the gentleman in the picture, but I do plan to make my back yard from the fence to the patio as impenetrable as possible with visible punji sticks. That way I can cut down on at least one avenue of approach. I intend to scatter as much broken glass as I can muster in other areas to inhibit approach from those directions. That may all be totally worthless in the final picture, but at least I will have given it my best attempt.

      None of us have the complete and final answer. The best we can do is make suggestions that others may profit from. A more helpful approach in my opinion would be to offer advice where one or more suggestions might be fanciful or to offer your own suggestions for home defense in the event of a world without rule of law.

      For example, while I thought digging the trench with a hand shovel was ill-advised and if I were digging a trench that the picture showed I would at least use a trenching machine from a rental yard. I would only dig a trench by hand in the utmost extreme.

      The advice about burying bodies on your property I thought was perhaps ill-considered. If we are actually talking about a world without rule of law, why waste time burying bodies? That’s a lot of work for no good reason. Just haul the bodies to a vacant dumpster and dump them in and let them rot down. There won’t be any cops around to be doing any investigating.

      On the other hand if it is hopefully, just a temporary rioting situation where you have had to fatally shoot a couple of attackers, just burying them won’t solve anything. A grave leaves physical evidence of its existence for quite an extended period of time. Even if one manages to disguise the surface appearance, with ground penetrating radar and cadaver dogs, buried bodies do tell tales. Burying a body to get rid of evidence sort of went by the wayside about mid 20th century.

      Valid opinions and suggestions are always welcome here. Those, in my opinion, are, in many instances, of more value than the initial article.

      In this instance, the suggestion of various horned plants I think is valuable. It provides the defense we desire without looking like Gulag 20. I had never heard of some of the plants mentioned, so should I decide that my wooden fence doesn’t do what I want it to do and decided to go the thorny plant routine, I have some idea what plants to investigate for providing the protection I want to put in place.

      For me, those plant names were the most valuable of all the suggestions in this whole series. Other suggestions had value, but actual plant names of thorny plants is a good head start in implementing what I view as an important means of self-defense.

      By the way, a flame thrower from the second story window probably isn’t feasible but molotov cocktails from a second story window thrown to break in the street in front of the house certainly might have the effect of making folks consider another venue for their nonsense.

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      • longshorts July 17, 04:54

        If you had all the real estate you talked about at the beginning of your post, you wouldn’t have any riot problems. Rioters collect in the city where all the attention is collected (angry city cops, TV cameras, people in crowded conditions, heavy traffic and the like. Great for getting instant attention.

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  21. red July 10, 22:23

    Rich, I like it. that box hedge would be wired together. other than that, it couldn’t hold back a ground hog.
    A steel gate across the driveway is good. I saw a lot of the in Kali-fornia, the tips sharp. A good hedge is a wall of thorns. Rogusa roses will turn back a hungry bear and sucker to fill gaps between plants. they also make a very tasty rose hip. Here, cholla cactus, Mesquite, and so on, but bougainvillea can get trained into a flowering hedge, and iron thorns are 2 inches long, and will pierce heavy boot soles. I always like poison oak or -ivy, too. No, I’m not allergic, but a few small warning signs would be more than enough to make people back off where even booby traps won’t. Tri-folate oranges are hardy to Zone 5, I think, and feed you (very sour) if you can get by the vicious iron spikes. PAN party in Mexico wanted to put up a 300 meter wide hedge, AKA wildlife preserve, on their side of the border. It would have been home to rattlers, bears, bobcats, wolves, and other things that scare off coyoteros and slavers. Cactus, mesquite, and mazanita. While manzanita has no thorns, it’s so tough it used to be used as wagon springs. niio

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  22. Sabel July 11, 21:38

    While the idiots at Antifa want people to think their name stands for “anti-fascist,” their methods and actions make me think their name actually stands for “anti-First Amendment.” They attack anyone who voices an opinion or a fact that does not agree with their opinion or their “truth,” as in Biden’s comment that we “shouldn’t let the facts get in the way of the truth.” These days, “Fascism” seems to have moved farther to the Left or, maybe it is just a matter of the Progressives moving farther Left than they were back in the 1930’s and -40’s.

    Whatever has happened and how it has happened, it seems like a lot of people, including many of our politicians, are not aware that we live in a Republic, NOT a Democracy; it takes a parent to raise a child, NOT a village; poor planning on someone else’s part does not constitute an emergency on my part; I might be MY brother’s keeper but that does not mean I am YOUR brother’s keeper…take care of your own family first, then you can worry about your neighbor’s; the government has 3 jobs…protect our shores, deliver the mail and stay the hell out of my business. They should also stay out of other countries’ business unless their aid is specifically requested. Pres. James Monroe had a good philosophy… If you don’t remember it, look up “The Monroe Doctrine.”

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    • Govtgirl July 13, 09:50

      Thanks, Sabel. Never read the Monroe Doctrine before. Appreciate the nudge.

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    • catman July 18, 14:53

      Well aware of Manzanita…grew up on the Pacific coastline in N. California. It burns hotter than the sun too. Grows pretty slow though. I liked it when I lived there in the 70’s because it has the same infrared signal as pot. As long as you trained the branches to grow horizontally your plants we invisible from both land and sky and sea too if you grew on the east side of the mountain!
      I live in Dixie now, along the gulf coast. See through fences with huge Ridgebacks barking on my side do the trick for me. My easter border has so many Dixie roses growing in the woods back there that my dawgs won’t even try getting through them. I’m not a Christian. My GODdess never left us. Old Mother Nature tired of being ignored, is mad as hell and is is coming for us all now. All the guns and ammo and Dixie roses can’t help up.
      Don’t worry, be happy.
      Eat more Turnips.

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  23. Sabel July 11, 23:24

    The idiots of Antifa claim their name stands for “anti-fascism” but their ideology and methods tell me it really stands for “anti-First Amendment.” They use intimidation and violence against anyone who doesn’t agree with them, their opinions and their “truth,” no matter what the facts might be. They use the same tactics the fascists of the 1930’s and -40’s used with the advantage of instant communication via cellphone and the internet and with the complicity of the so-called Main Stream Media and the 24-hour news cycle. They have no morals nor ethics and, since they are anonymous, they suffer no consequences, especially since the politicians and authorities look the other way and allow them to “rape, pillage and plunder” as well as “loot and burn.”

    If you have any means at all to get out of the city, you should do so as soon as possible. Things are heading downhill fast and yesterday is not too soon to “get out of Dodge,” even if it means living in an RV or renting a place in a small town away from the urban insanity until you can find or build something permanent. The past 6 months, locked down, has shown lots of people that they can tele-commute and they can cook meals at home, lots of companies will ship goods to your door and you don’t need to go out with your acquaintances every Friday or Saturday night. Your real friends will understand why you left town and your really close friends will move with you. It’s a new world and a new normal.

    We left the “rat race” 19 years ago. We left the “mouse race” 2 years ago. Now that I am officially “retired,” I am also on my second career and at least as busy as I was when I lived in NJ and worked in NYC ( the epitome of the rat race). I don’t have access to all the entertainment options I had then but I don’t have the extra time to spend partaking of them, either. And I don’t spend 3 to 4 hours a day commuting. That, right there, is reason enough to leave the big city. 🙂 When we moved west, we found a place that was politically conservative and socially tolerant (a “live & let live” place). Since then, it has changed to the point that it is politically Progressive/Liberal, socially tolerant only if you agree with the Liberals’ agenda and fiscally untenable, all while legislating against the Bill of Rights, especially the 2nd Amendment. We were already reading the writing on the wall and had found our “Bug Out Location.” We just decided to bug out a few years early. Glad we did.

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    • red July 12, 05:41

      Sabel: Glad you came home, as it were. Back-check antifa, BLM, and the rest and it all comes down to Soros, a former Gestapo agent, and the Kennedy Klan, which went Nazi in the 30s and never left. If you want a real horror story, the liberals take over, watch the Hunger Games. That’s what its about. niio

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    • Govtgirl July 13, 06:24

      Good for you. Right behind you.
      Read an interesting thing yesterday about real estate sales. So many people are moving, probably mostly to get out of cities, but maybe to get work or move in with relatives since times are hard. The average number of days nationally that a house is on the market is 20 days nationally, 1 week less than last year. Only 4.1% of houses have to do a price reduction before selling. I hope some of those liberals will realize how bad their fellow koolaid swillers have been running things, but it is more likely that they’ll ruin where they go, something we all have talked about before. Used to be that a crisis made everyone pull together. At this point, I don’t think that even aliens landing in spaceships could unite us.

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  24. Hanging Judge July 12, 19:30

    If you want to keep your family safe and alive then you’ll need a safe room that is bulletproof and burn proof for when the looters and rioters riddle your house with bullets and then throw out that Molotov cocktail on it to finish it off. Then when the looters leave you can emerge with your family Safe Forever.

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  25. Govtgirl July 15, 04:48

    Sounds great, Hanging Judge, but pie in the sky for most of us.

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  26. longshorts July 15, 10:14

    Claymores and anti-personnel mines will stop them without having to show yourself. Put them by the street so you do not have to remove the bodies and hose your grass off. Call this a “thoughtful joke”.

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  27. Fritz July 17, 11:41

    Right off the bat, cameras and lights are useless after they get shot out. Everything else can be circumvented, except for the ditch. But it has to be a big ass ditch with stuff on the bottom that’s going to screw them up when they fall into it. And they cannot be able to get out.

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  28. RDU Sue August 6, 03:51

    Most of these ideas are good. They will cause the mob to pick an easier target across the street or down the road and leave you and yours alone. I personally WILL fire a random shot into the ground to show I mean business. I’ll take a ticket for discharging inside town limits in order to save my family and property.EVERY gun owner should keep a lawyer on retainer. I live in the suburbs of the Raleigh Triangle in NC. Living in rural area NOT an option for work. The idea is to cause the rioters to PICK SOMEONE ELSE that is an easier target! I have lights & camera already Everyone in the neighborhood has the same 6 foot privacy fence. for their back yards so it doesn’t draw any more attention to have.I INVESTED in 2 GOOD LARGE DOGS (Rotti & Shepard both are love my family completely, especially the kids) and am the only house on our street that has not been broken into during work hours by punk kids. BASICS WORK.

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  29. recreational marijuana states October 10, 21:57

    This is great! Industry know-how really helps the group grow as a whole!

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