12 Essential Things to Buy Before the Second Wave of COVID-19

Rich M.
By Rich M. July 2, 2020 08:09

12 Essential Things to Buy Before the Second Wave of COVID-19

As the country starts opening up again, many of us are waiting with baited breath. The lockdowns worked to flatten the curve, but what now? Initial projections showed a surge in the number of COVID-19 cases, once the lockdowns were lifted, but no bigger than the original surge of cases. However, the models have been notoriously wrong all the way through and this may just be one more time in which they are wrong. We might very well see a larger surge than the first one.

Normally, we could expect a reduction in the pandemic in the heat and sun of summer. That’s what happens with the flu every year. Ultraviolet light destroys viruses, so it would make sense that the virus would not do well in summer. But the people who are catching the disease probably aren’t catching it outdoors, but rather indoors.

What this means is that the second surge, which the doctors predicted would come in the fall, may be here before we know it. Looking at the rise in cases worldwide, we might be seeing the beginning of it already. With that in mind, we need to ensure that our stockpiles are ready, before it is upon us.

Now is the perfect time to look over your stockpile, applying the lessons we’ve all learned in the last few months. I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen that my normal stocking levels of things I need for the pandemic was too low. So I’m adding to those items now, in order to ensure that should the second wave be worse than the first, I am ready.

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12 Essential Things to Buy Before the Second Wave of COVID-19Our political leaders are finally waking up to the importance of masks.

Cities, counties and even whole states are being put under mask orders, in an effort to curb the spread of the virus. That should have happened months ago, but at least it’s happening now.

If you are using surgical masks or commercial N-95 masks, you need to have enough of them that you can treat them like the disposable masks they are supposed to be. Medical personnel normally change their masks between patients, to help avoid the risk of cross-contamination. You may not need to do so that often, but the longest you should use one of these masks is eight hours, before disposing of it and replacing it.

If you’re using homemade or commercial cloth masks, you don’t need to worry about replacing them every day. But you shouldn’t use them more than a day, without washing them. if the mask is doing its job and catching droplets of virus-rich spittle during the day, then when you arrive home, the mask is contaminated. Treat it as such and don’t touch it again until it has been cleaned.

This means having enough cloth masks so that you can rotate them, not wearing them again until you do the wash. I’d recommend having at least a week’s worth, as most people do their wash about once a week.

Face Shields

12 Essential Things to Buy Before the Second Wave of COVID-19There’s some pretty good evidence that face shields might be even more effective than masks. They cover the eyes, granting protection to that tissue, which masks can’t. While they don’t do a thing to absorb aerosol droplets, they can block those droplets out.

Medical personnel wear face shields, often in conjunction with masks. That should tell us something.

While I don’t bother wearing a face shield everywhere I go, if I’m going into an area where there are a lot of people or where I know there are people who are infected with the disease, I will make sure to wear one. It’s an inexpensive way of upping my security another notch.

Disposable Gloves

12 Essential Things to Buy Before the Second Wave of COVID-19Medical experts are still recommending against the use of gloves; but that’s mostly because people aren’t using them correctly.

These, like the masks, are supposed to be disposable. That’s important, so as to avoid cross-contamination. If you wear the same gloves into a number of different stores, you might just be spreading the disease with those gloves, rather than protecting yourself.

The only way to use gloves is to take them off and throw them away, as soon as you leave the store. That’s what I’ve been doing when I go to Walmart and the grocery store. I wear them in those stores, because there are so many customers in the stores, touching items and then I’m touching those items as well. putting gloves on ensures that if I’ve picked up the virus off something in the store that someone coughed on, I won’t be carrying it anywhere else.

If you’re going to use disposable gloves, then be sure to get plenty of them. Fortunately, you can buy them in boxes of 100 (50 pair), an amount which matches up nicely with the number of masks that typically come in a package.

Disposable Booties

12 Essential Things to Buy Before the Second Wave of COVID-19Stepping your PPE up a notch, you might want to consider buying disposable Tyvek booties to go over your shoes.

Studies have shown that the SARS-Cov-2 virus can be picked up on the soles of people’s shoes, causing them to take it home with them.

These booties provide a way of making sure that there’s nothing on the soles of your shoes that shouldn’t be there.

I’ve been using booties like this whenever I go into any of the big box stores or supermarkets; basically anywhere where there are a lot of people. The more people there are in an area, the greater chance of infection. So, if I’m going to be wearing rubber gloves, I wear the booties as well.

Disinfectants of All Kinds

12 Essential Things to Buy Before the Second Wave of COVID-19One of the things that flew off the shelves when the pandemic started was disinfectants. It doesn’t matter if you were looking for disinfectant cleaner, rubbing alcohol or even bleach, it was gone.

Part of this was because many of those items come from China and our shipments from China were interrupted by them quarantining over there and ships being quarantined over here.

Nevertheless, we’ve all gone though a huge amount of disinfectants in the last few months, and there’s no end in sight. It is essential that we all have the ability to disinfect anything that comes into our homes, so that we can ensure that we aren’t allowing the disease in.

If you can’t find other disinfectants, you can probably find bleach. Chlorine bleach is an excellent disinfectant. Mix it at a ratio of 1/3 cup bleach to 1 gallon of water. Other unusual things that can be used for disinfectants include:

  • 3% hydrogen peroxide is an effective disinfectant
  • 20 mule team borax, when mixed with water, forms hydrogen peroxide
  • Hydrogen peroxide is also the active ingredient in color-safe bleach
  • Windex has more ammonia in it than Clorox disinfectant spray

Disinfectant Wipes (If You Can Find Them)

12 Essential Things to Buy Before the Second Wave of COVID-19One of the hardest items to find is still disinfectant wipes. The Clorox wipes which are so popular use ammonia as the disinfectant, not chlorine bleach. This is important, as it is dangerous to mix the two chemicals together.

Ammonia is a gas, so you and I can’t readily mix it into liquids in our kitchens.

So if we can’t find these wipes in the store, we need an alternative. Fortunately, there is something else we can do, which will work just about as well.

If you can find the heavy blue paper towels that are sold in auto parts stores, you can use them to make disinfectant wipes. To fit them into a container, you’ll need to cut the roll in half. A serrated bread knife works well for this. Then cut the core out of it, finding the last towel and loosening the end of it. In use, the roll of wipes is used from the inside out, rather than the outside in.

You’ll want to make the bleach mixture I mentioned in the last section, adding 1/4 cup of dish washing liquid to it as well. That way, it can work as a cleaner as well. Soak the towels in it, until they are soaked all the way though. Then put the roll of now-wet towels into a container to keep it wet, along with a small amount of the liquid to keep them wet.

Please note that you must clean out any wipes container, before putting these wipes into it, as you can’t mix chlorine bleach and ammonia. Another container option is to use one of the 35 oz. square peanut jars. These are just the right size for a half roll of the blue towels.

Hand Sanitizer

12 Essential Things to Buy Before the Second Wave of COVID-19Currently there is plenty of hand sanitizer making it to the stores, although I still see stores running out of it. With the need to wash our hands constantly, you just about can’t have too much hand sanitizer.

Please note that antibacterial hand soap and hand sanitizer aren’t the same things. Hand sanitizer has a minimum of 70% alcohol, which is very effective in killing viruses. There are different chemicals used in antibacterial soaps, which are not effective against viruses.

If you need hand sanitizer and can’t find it, you can make your own out of 91% rubbing alcohol and aloe vera gel. Please note that you can’t use 70% alcohol, as by the time you mix it with the aloe vera, you won’t have a minimum of 60% alcohol content, the minimum required for the hand sanitizer to be effective. The proper ratio of these two ingredients is 2 parts 91% alcohol to 1 part aloe vera gel.

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Paper Towels

12 Essential Things to Buy Before the Second Wave of COVID-19I’ve already mentioned the blue paper shop towels above. I’ve found them to be much more effective for disinfecting things than normal paper towels. Even the best paper towels will fall apart, if you try and use them to disinfect your groceries when you get home from the supermarket.

Having said that, you still need to stock up on normal paper towels. The stores ran out of them and will probably run out again. If we are going to keep our homes and vehicles decontaminated, then we are going to need to have paper towels. Cleaning cloths can be used, but they will need to be disinfected thoroughly and often, to keep them from spreading the disease, rather than helping us to decontaminate our homes.

Toilet Paper

12 Essential Things to Buy Before the Second Wave of COVID-19We all know that the grocery stores ran out of toilet paper from the first wave of COVID-19 and it will probably do so again. It still doesn’t make any sense, because there isn’t any reason why people would need so much toilet paper.

Nevertheless, it seems to be a part of the landscape in this pandemic. So, since so many other people are stocking up on it, we need to at least make sure we have enough for our family’s needs, or we won’t have any.

Bottled Water

12 Essential Things to Buy Before the Second Wave of COVID-19Water is another thing that people panicked on and stockpiled in the first round of COVID-19. Again, this doesn’t make much sense, because there is no reason to think that anything will happen to our water supplies.

Nevertheless, people were panic buying water and will probably do so again.

So if you need bottled water to drink, rather than drinking tap water or your own filtered water, you might want to stock up again. Personally, I use my own filtered water.

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12 Essential Things to Buy Before the Second Wave of COVID-19Many of us ended up getting into our stockpiles, when the grocery store shelves were all but empty. There were many items which were hard to get, because of other people stockpiling. But, that’s why we have a stockpile.

The question is whether or not you have depleted your stockpile during the first wave.

If you have, then now’s the time to restock it, bringing your levels back up to normal, before things get bad again. The grocery store is one of those dangerous places to be, because so many people go there. So stock up now, rather than later; preferably at a time when there aren’t many others in the store.


12 Essential Things to Buy Before the Second Wave of COVID-19Many people suffered from some rather severe cases of cabin fever, due to being locked up in their homes for so long.

There’s a chance that this added to the demonstrations and rioting associated with the killing of George Floyd.

People were uptight before that happened and that just gave them the push they needed, to put them over the edge.

The solution to this problem is to make sure that you can comfortably isolate yourselves in your home, without going stir-crazy. That will probably look different to everyone, as we are all different people. For some, it will mean having a good collection of books or movies; for others, some sort of hobby. I’d recommend a combination, so you don’t get bored.

If you don’t have a hobby already, then this might be a good time to start one, especially some sort of hobby where you are making something. It might be a good time to learn and old-time craftsman’s trade, adding to your long-term survival skills.

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Rich M.
By Rich M. July 2, 2020 08:09
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  1. Masterblaster July 2, 13:49

    This article has good reminders for us regarding prepping for pandemics. However, anyone who has actually played real chess before will readily spot that whoever set up the photo of the chess board clearly doesn’t understand how to play the game correctly… (hint: study the black & white squares)… please stick to showing what you know…

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    • Marti July 2, 19:00

      Wow! I am not a chess player Masterblaster, but I don’t understand the snarky attitude towards someone who is trying to provide us with helpful information.

      Reply to this comment
      • Masterblaster July 2, 21:20

        None of us is perfect, Marti, and lots of the comments are “snarky.” But imagine if you were a great chef and someone called your fillet mignon a burger. Or wrote an article about 9 mm pistols with a picture of a .22 revolver. I’ve actually seen that last one. These would be noticed by any knowledgeable person. No biggie…

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      • JustMe July 2, 21:49

        Helpful information? Anyone with a brain knows that these are essential items and anyone who has tried to obtain them knows that they are scarce or not available. Maybe the author should focus on telling us something that we don’t know.

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    • Old Stumps July 2, 21:07

      And just how many moves do you think that they have been through?

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    • Mike July 3, 01:11

      lighten up my friend. this isn’t chess 101. Just an example of some past times you can take part in.

      Reply to this comment
    • Charles July 3, 18:31

      While I would take Pawn with QRook – The piece in motion appears to the the WhiteQueen (at WhiteKing2). While the position of what is likely the Queens Knight (QK) is admittedly unconventional it is possible – QK to QRook3 then to QBishop2 then to QK4 which creates a danger from the pawn, but also creates/forces a required “legal move” stalling a stalemate. While Checkmate is likely, it is equally likely one careless move could result in a stalemate or threefold repetition draw. As to the other positions QB (Q2) is still on white square, Castle move puts King in KRook1 and Rook in KKnight1
      Me, I would take the Pawn for “Check” while Q, KR, and QB support “Mate”

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      • Marti July 3, 23:02

        Charles, I am in love with your mind. You are sooo thorough. Do you teach chess? Just asking. LOL. Loved your response, way to go!

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        • Masterblaster July 6, 16:25

          Marti, since you love Charles’ “chess mind”:-) I thought I’d let you be the first to know: 33 thumbs-down readers of my post didn’t know, and only 4 thumbs-up readers did: You play chess with a WHITE square in the lower right position. The board is set up incorrectly for the rules. Charles and 90% of the readers didn’t know. Just “trying to provide helpful information”, as you mention…

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    • ernie July 4, 00:13

      Yer an idiot. A pawn can be on a square that is not its color if its MOVED! I think you are the one who does not know how to play.

      Reply to this comment
    • LeiifA August 7, 16:30

      White on right

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  2. Miss Kitty July 2, 14:16

    Great article, and timely. All indicators that I’ve seen are pointing to not only an uptick in Covid 19 cases, but there is also a new strain of swine flu that has surfaced in China that we need to keep a close watch on.
    I would add a couple of things to this list:

    Craft supplies – many stores are still either shut, limiting hours or quantities, or are out of stock on many items. Don’t forget, the factories all over the world that make fabrics, elastic, glue, etc. we’re shut down for a period and many are still offline or still at reduced capacity. Buy it if you see it.

    Fertilizer: Whether you just use it for your house plants or need it for your food garden, again, factories have been offline and much of it is made overseas. Anything made outside the US is subject to supply disruption and delays in shipping due to quarantine, supply chain breakdown, etc.

    Yeast: You couldn’t find yeast at all for months, and it’s still scarce, but coming back slowly. Stock up and also learn how to make sourdough if you eat bread. You’ll need flour as well, and I would also add a few packages of bread/cake/muffin mix if you can find them. All were in short supply, and when the next crisis emerges you want to be able to stress bake.

    Reply to this comment
    • TheSouthernNationalist July 2, 15:26

      @Miss Kitty,
      For fertilizer worm casings work great, plants love the nutrient rich casings and worm farms are not hard to set up, there is a fellow on youtube that goes by the name of Green Gregs and he shows how to set up a worm farm, here is a link:https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbG7p-Z66sgqE-O8PYxY3Lw

      For yeast you can use “wild yeast” like they did in the 18th century, here is a link to James Townsend and Son that shows how to do it:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2vTa6M8QyrU

      Reply to this comment
      • Miss Kitty July 3, 02:16

        Setting up a worm farm on my balcony isn’t practical for me…I might dig a few up from the garden and put them in the planters. I’m on the south side of the building, though, and it gets very hot out there…the poor things might be cooked if there was a heat wave.
        As far as “wild yeast” goes, I’ve been doing some yeast baking recently in hopes that a few spores will escape and I’ll be able to experiment with sourdough once I build up my reserves of flour a bit more. It was very hard to come by in my area for months, so I want to ensure that I have enough for basic cooking… it’s my understanding that sourdough can be tricky and I may have to trash a few batches of starter before I get the caretaking down.
        Good thoughts, though… thanks!🙂

        Reply to this comment
        • TheSouthernNationalist July 3, 11:23

          @Miss Kitty,

          Jon Townsend has other bread videos too that cover saving “starters” in salt, if you get a chance check out the entire series, there is some really good info from the 18th century that can be applied to todays prepping.

          Reply to this comment
    • BelovedLeah July 2, 20:42

      Bread, cake and muffin mixes. Build up your pantry by making your own mixes with what you already have in your pantry. Several sites use what are called “just add water” (before jumping all over me because they use from your water storage) you save money by making your own mixes and no chemicals in your mixes. My favorite site is budget101.com they have recipes for everything from breakfast to side dishes and everything in between. I have a pantry made mixes that I “shop” from instead of those chemically processed package mixes from the grocery store.

      Reply to this comment
    • red July 4, 04:03

      Miz Kitty: Sourdough is yeast and flour. Grow your own. It’s safer than wind yeasts, many of which as toxic. Southern might disagree with me there, on a few things, but his take on Townsends is very, very good. Sourdough is so simple. when my grandmothers married, each was given a cake of yeast and it was expected to last a lifetime. I use flour and water and on occasion homemade yogurt is something calls for sour cream (which most recipes in the family seem to–dairymen 🙂 You start with yeast, mix with water and sugar, let it ferment. then add flour. Cover, let it alone. Ours is on top of the fridge where it stays warm. My grandmothers kept theirs in cellarways, where it stayed cool, sometimes even freezing. It’s about as delicate as a pit bull. Flour is your choice. It needs to be fed on occasion (once or twice a week) stirred, and enjoyed to thrive. there are folks who have talked here about it that are using the same sourdough their grandmothers used over a century ago. You’re smart, articulate, and you can do this.
      Right now we’re making koji for soy sauce. Might make miso, and definitely have to make other things, like saki. this is Asian sourdough, nothing fancy. Just a different mold to grow it.
      A worm farm is two 5-gallon buckets. Upper has a lid and some holes in the bottom covered with plastic fly screen. bottom one is to catch any compost tea. Red wiggler worms can tolerate a wide range of temps. My back porch gets over 100 F every day and they’re fine. Most folks in AZ just keep their bins in the shade outside. that can mean 120 F. Donno if they can handle too much freezing, but you would use the to take care of kitchen scraps if you tried this.
      And, the tiny kitchen ants are struggling to make a comeback. there must be 50 of them around today, but not the hundreds there were before. These like grease so a little grease and some borax. niio

      Reply to this comment
      • Miss Kitty July 7, 18:12

        Thanks for the support… I’ve just got to get up the nerve to try it out. Too timid in stupid ways!

        “Red Wiggler – the Cadillac of worms!” Anybody over fifty will probably remember what TV show that line is from!

        Reply to this comment
        • red July 10, 21:54

          Miz Kitty: Ask around at farm markets for some. Red wigglers are heat tolerant. A dew holes in the bottom (1/8 inch should work), fly screen over that. Put 1/3 peat moss or something in the bucket as a starter. If you can, make a stand and put another bucket under it. when wet, peat (and leaves) can weigh 7 times they do dry. what you get is compost tea. I’m told to use it sparingly. But, the peat is to bury kitchen scraps, coffee grounds, tea, and so on. A little cornmeal boost their nutrient intake, but only now and then. niio

          Reply to this comment
          • Miss Kitty July 11, 03:53

            I’m thinking of maybe starting small, digging a few likely worms out of the garden in front of the complex and putting them in my planters.
            More of a “hobby farm” than a commercial enterprise to aerate the soil and break down dead leaves.
            I’m going to have to read up on worms though, to see if they hibernate in the winter and how moist the soil should be kept… usually once all the plants are done for the season, I don’t bother watering the soil, just let any rain or snow take care of it. Last winter was kind of dry and mild though, only one snowstorm and rain was random…three weeks of nothing and then two weeks with rain almost every day. I might have to augment. I have the feeling that this year we might get dumped on, so we’ll see.

            Reply to this comment
        • CELESE67 July 15, 19:13

          That tv show just might be ” WKRP IN CINCINNATI ” .

          Reply to this comment
    • Roses62 July 18, 13:50

      Thanks for sticking to the theme of the article!

      Reply to this comment
  3. TruthB Told July 2, 15:09

    Don’t leave out the 3 B’s.
    1. Booze
    2. Beer
    3. Bratwurst

    Reply to this comment
    • City Chick August 24, 02:12

      Working on it TruthB Told. Took up a new hobby during COVID19. – During the first wave, I planted hops. During the second wave I plan to be making beer. By the time the third wave comes along around town, if there is gonna be such a thing, I’ll be too busy locked down drinking the fruits of my labor to pay it much attention! “Beer is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy” Benjamin Franklin

      Reply to this comment
      • red August 24, 16:19

        CC: I put in an Amalia hops, an Arizona native. Hops are medicinal, which is probably why folks started to use them in brewing. Traditionally, it was always the women who did the brewing, which is why Martin Luther’s wife was a brau meister. 🙂 Yes, he ran a merry household. niio

        Reply to this comment
        • City Chick August 24, 18:07

          Was fascinated by the plants in Az! Went to several gardens, parks, farms and nurseries on my time off. Got into trouble with folks back at the job site for going to Scottsdale City Public Park by myself. I just wanted to check it out. Back in the day, there was nothing and I mean nothing there! Don’t recall seeing any hops! Thought Martin Luther’s wife had actually been a nun at least that’s what I learned in Lutheran Sunday School! Good to know she was a brewmaster too!

          Reply to this comment
          • red August 25, 02:22

            CC: Katharina Luther was trained by her father, a wine maker. Beer brewing was always something the female head of the house did, so she was raised knowing that.
            an old desert rat/cowpoke/miner told me when I was a kid, if it ain’t got thorns, horns, or fangs, it’s poison; that’s Arizona! Just the same, most plants are eatable, but like yucca and such, need to be cooked first.
            When were you in AZ? Under Babbitt, a friend of the creepy Clintons, AZ was dangerous. the only ‘riot’ we had so far was the Scottsdale Mall, about like raiding a kindergarten. All further attempts were met with armed little old ladies and an attitude. Antifa complained to the cops, but were laughed at. Viva Arizona! niio

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  4. TruthB Told July 2, 15:11

    Don’t forget the 3 B’s.
    1. Booze
    2. Beer
    3. Bratwurst

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  5. Eowyn July 2, 15:39

    It is abated breath not baited breath, unless you have been eating your fish bait.
    Masks are unhealthy for you. They lower your oxygen levels which stresses your heart, lungs, and immune system. Cancer loves low oxygen environments. Also, you concentrate all the exhaled contaminants on the inside of your mask and keep inhaling them, thus increasing your risk for disease. Masks of all types were not meant to be worn long hours. I refuse to be a mouthless, faceless, borg. God gave me an immune system and I will work to keep it healthy, not short circuit it.

    Reply to this comment
    • Masterblaster July 2, 18:10

      No, Eowyn, it’s not “baited” breath, but it’s not “abated” breath, either. “Abated” means lessened or decreased (e.g., breath). It’s actually “bated” breath. This derives from abated, but means that one hold’s one’s breath, like in anticipation or dread. You just stop breathing…

      Reply to this comment
      • ernie July 4, 00:18

        It can also be “baited” breath. As in the breath is the “bait” waiting for the circumstance to be revealed so you can “hold your breath as bait” until you know what to say as the situation is revealed. Any trapper of consequence knows this and it is as I have always know it and used it. I am 70. Textbook thinking has a lot to learn about real colloquialisms.

        Reply to this comment
        • Miss Kitty July 7, 18:07

          Baited breath is what happens when the dog gets into the chum bucket and then wants to kiss you in the mouth to show you how much he loves you.
          Bated breath is short for “abated (stopped) breath”.
          The English language is so much fun, isn’t it?

          Reply to this comment
          • red July 10, 21:48

            Miz Kitty: Thou waxest poetic-ith. And, I was sent a notice, no nothing who it was from, only a warning someone was trying to break into the Yahoo account. Right after, the computer shut down the net. It was a virus er sum-thing.

            Intelligent chicken joke: why did the chicken cross the road?
            To get away from airheads telling chicken jokes.
            So far, we’re under the weather. It’s only gotten to 106 for a high, not 110. I wrote to one of the weather stations asking them to send for global warming experts like Al Gore to give a talk on it in Tucson.. God always needs a good belly laugh at airheads and ‘side that, it always snows when they give those talks. We could use the water! Answers were all Yes! god, that’s right! OMG, my stomach hurts from laughing!

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    • left coast chuck July 2, 19:43

      Eowyn: I agree that it is certainly your prerogative to go about without a mask. In my opinion it isn’t up to some goobernator to command that one wear face masks while out and about.

      That said I hope you will keep any complaints to yourself when you are stuck in a National Guard platoon tent on an army cot with a very loud generator driving the a/c unit just on the other side of the canvas wall when you are stricken with some severe viral symptoms.

      This second wave of infection is just starting. Of course, it was caused by folks eating and drinking in close proximity and not caused by rioters milling around in large crowds without masks. Hospitals in many areas already have their ICUs full and must make temporary facilities for the critically ill. That includes tents in the parking lot, so for the folks who find face masks too much of a bother, that may be where you will be housed if you manage to come down with the flu.

      I once listened to a pathologist describe in detail, complete with slides made of the alveoli of the man’s lungs illustrating the damage done to the lungs by the flu virus. He also described in minute detail the minute by minute effects on the 43 year old man as he drowned in his body fluids released by the damaged cells in his lungs.

      Not recommended for those with a weak stomach as after lunch entertainment.

      Reply to this comment
      • buck July 9, 09:26

        llc,such a brainwashed fool,no problem as most are!

        Reply to this comment
      • Steevypaaw July 9, 16:10

        … What a joke, this Covid-1984 is. It is killed by sunlight and fresh air, hot water and soap.

        What percent of people died .26%? What then is the recovery rate?

        Any 7th Grade mathematicians in the room?

        Who can do the math?
        Who can think any more?
        Is it NOT 99.74%?
        Yes, or yes?
        Let’s check our math, .26% plus 99.74% equals 100%, so therefore….the recovery is 99.74%.

        So what is the reason and cause of the scare?

        Why the destruction of the economies of the world?
        Why the trillions and trillions of dollars being printed?
        Oh, and that heat you feel, “Global Warming”, you say?
        Nah, just the heat from the world’s central banks printing presses printing more worthless paper monies. That’s all, nothing to see, or learn here, move on sheep!

        Who got all of that money this time around? Some cheeses stink. 2008 “Deja Vu all over again (thanks Yogi), huh!

        Meanwhile, In the real world, more people have died from Fatal Adverse Drug Reaction, or Doctors who guessed and treated their ex patients wrongly, than by this weak pathetic corona beta virus.

        Yeah, it is “novel” all right!

        The 1st wave was weak, with over 99% recovery rate. Even with the overinflated death stats, as the players in this fake narrated pandemic could NOT make their fear spewing and over hyperventilation of panic spread.

        I love the line of the cause being aligned with “folks eating and drinking in close proximity”…

        As if a virus this “deadly” because it is a “deadly pandemic you know”, is polite, respectful, and selects its victims with selective prejudice and great utter care, the virus is down with and does NOT want to infect but a few certain select folks.

        You know, “only infecting those who eat and drink too close to each other” while allowing others to protest, go to wally world, Sam’s and Costco, get abortions, stand on the same podium shoulder to shoulder with each other, with no virus threat or infection scare, etc.

        This virus is a social justice warrior. It virtue signals!

        What dumb azz-a rock imbecile concludes that?

        The 2nd wave is started because certain peoples and the mockingbird media has said so. Not that there was a genuine 1st wave to begin with.

        This covid-1984 narrative is done for a reset of the monetary system, and the destruction of the middle classes around the world.
        It is done to create a forced vaccination program.
        It is done to usher in a top down control system under the guise of medical martial law.
        It is done to authorize a tracking system of the each individual under the guise of tracing for prevention of a disease.

        The reasons it is a narrative, is because the numbers do NOT add up to make this a pandemic, first off.

        Secondly, the scripts are obviously all the same around the world. Every NWO leader’s lips move and say the EXACT same thing. Puppets? Miming puppets.

        Thirdly, the collections of Covid-1984 death stats have been inflated the EXACT same way in EACH country.

        Fourthly, the mocking bird media uses the same tactics of spouting in the repetitive monotone usual ad nauseum spew of the lie’s poison using the EXACT same voice tone and inflection, within each and every country at the EXACT same time. Just like the puppet leaders do.

        I could go on, by why? Smart people will continue to be aware, astute and smart, and the numb and dumb, will do what they do best. Be numb and dumb, never demanding proof, never realizing that real science is NOT afraid of anyone’s questions, so they never are found questioning the narrative, but, rather, wearing masks, THAT EVEN ON THE BOX DISCLAIMS THE EFFICACY OF THE MASKS, as the numb and dumb stand 6 feet from the other person, moo and baaah in lines.

        The wise man sees the snare and avoids it, the fool is set upon by the snare.

        Don’t be that foolish NDP person…

        This is an experiment in control. And usage of Medical Martial Law is, hands down, a most genius way of accomplishing the end goals of control over each and every man, woman, boy and girl.

        There is coming a day when no man might buy or sell without having been caused to GET MARKED.

        If any man takes that mark, the Mark of the Beast, (the mark of the system) then there is NO HOPE of salvation anymore.

        This Satanic system, and its people will try to cause you and I to willingly take this mark. They might even say that it is NOT mandatory, however, “if you want to go in public, or get a license, or buy food, or go to work then…”

        We do NOT, at this time, know what the Mark of the Beast really is. We ONLY can witness what it prohibits us from doing, and that is “BUYING or SELLING”.

        So the people with it, the Mark of the Beast, can participate in life, and the economic system for they are allowed to buy and sell.

        While those without it, the Mark of the Beast, are cut off from participation in the system.

        Think on that… The buying and selling within the new system is the key point, as to, what the Mark of the Beast is and will be.

        So anything that resembles or actuates such a participation can be declared the Mark of the Beast, then by simple deduction.

        There is a God, there is a Savior Jesus the Christ, and we are in the last days of this current world’s system.

        This “pandemic” is but one of the vehicles, the means, the way, by which we shall be ushered in into the elite’s dystopia.

        Some of us will die…most of us will die in the near future. Not by natural causes neither. But by the control of those in power of this Satanic big brave New World Order.

        Even so,” hurry and come Lord Jesus”…

        So be it…

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        • red July 11, 09:52

          Paws, a joke, but a dirty one. conoa ranks right next to modern fairy tales that always begin with When I am Elected. niio

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    • Michael July 2, 21:13

      Goodness Eowyn you should rush out and TELL ALL US poor Medical Sorts that have been wearing them EVIL Masks for decades!!!!

      Ok, off with snark, sorry. I am SO annoyed when the same tired BS about masks keep jumping up and often repeated like Democrat Talking points all over the internet.

      It’s still an almost free country aside from the Commie “Tolerance” Folks that will DOX and destroy you for having an opinion they don’t like… So wear or don’t wear a mask.

      THEY WORK to reduce the communication of diseases if used properly and proper handwashing and disposal protocol is used. THAT’S WHY they are USED in TB Wards as so the Staff don’t get TB…. as well as all other infectious diseases known to man including COVID19.

      COVID 19 is unhealthy for you, being a spreader of infectious diseases is unhealthy for others. A Mask used properly is NOT-Unhealthy.

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    • Mike July 3, 01:17

      the mask is to keep you from spraying spittle on other people. not keep you from receiving pollutants or antigens. Look it up.

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      • Michael July 3, 10:05

        Mike you are partially correct and support part of my comment about NOT being a spreader by wearing a mask. In that case wearing a mask shows YOU have Concerns about the Health of other people.

        I wonder what level of medical training you might have? Maybe a first responder course might be useful to help others when a raging pandemic or Antifa Mob visit your area? Part of the basics of health care providing will teach you all about the MANY Types of masks and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as well as the proper use and disposal of contaminated PPE.

        Sanitation, good nutrition and supporting your immune system are the things that really increased the lifespan of modern humans.

        Herd Immunity so many post about is more often than not ALL the above DONE BY Enough of them to overcome the idiots that cannot learn how to wash their hands after wiping their behind and such.

        Disease has killed far more humans than violence. Even in WW1 and WW2 that was still proven over and over again.

        Look to your hands, look at others touching their face-eyes-nose-mouth THOSE UNWASHED Hands (EVEN Covered with a set of nasty ALL DAY Worn Gloves) are the #1 Vector for disease into your system.

        That spittle you mentioned is teeming with joyful bugs that can last on surfaces for many hours and sometimes days awaiting a trip into YOUR System OR the system of someone you care for.

        Try to look up things beyond what confirms your own ideas friend. As Iron Sharpens Iron proverb means interaction with ideas that don’t always agree with yours increases BOTH peoples knowledge.

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    • Gulo July 4, 23:17

      Eowyn needs to take her worm pills

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  6. Kate July 2, 15:59

    The one thing that concerns me about this is the amount of disinfectants and hand sanitizers being used. Are we really protecting ourselves from something or setting ourselves up for something far worse due to a decline in our immune systems from too much disinfectant/hand sanitizer use? I don’t know how many times I’ve gone into a store over the last few months and had to use a cart that was literally dripping in disinfectant. I didn’t even want to touch the cart to have that chemical on my skin but had no choice since they were all like that, no paper towels were available to dry it, and I couldn’t carry what I was buying. I would shake the cart as best I could to shake off the excess but it would still be very wet.

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    • left coast chuck July 2, 19:31

      Kate: If you wear nitrile gloves when you shop you don’t have to worry about how much or what kind of disinfectant the store has used. That’s another reason why I wear nitrile gloves when I shop.

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      • Kate July 3, 01:23

        When the carts are dripping wet from being sprayed with a garden sprayer, everything put in it gets wet with God only knows what kind of chemicals. I don’t know what they use but it doesn’t dry very fast. Any non-food items not in plastic packages get wet with those chemicals. And I definitely don’t want those chemicals on my food packages. Gloves aren’t going to help that.

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  7. left coast chuck July 2, 16:22

    You most certainly can buy liquid ammonia in the cleaning aisle of any large grocery store. You can mix liquid ammonia with household bleach and create a dangerous gas. You can buy it with soap already in it or you can buy just plain ammonia. In a spray bottle it will chase away stray animals. Be sure you are standing up wind if you use it in that manner.

    Now, ask me how I know that. My father worked in an oil refinery as a pipe fitter. Interestingly enough his work clothes that he brought home to be washed were generally soaked with all sorts of petroleum products. My mother used to soak his work clothes in the wash tub with an ammonia solution before washing them in the washing machine.

    She also used household bleach for other types of clothing.

    Once, in high school, I had something that I wanted to clean that I thought needed some high-powered cleaning agent. This many years later I don’t even remember what it was that needed cleaning. In order to get it really clean I mixed the two powerful cleaners together. By the grace of God I am still here to write this but I learned a powerful lesson.


    It makes toxic gas. One web site says it makes chlorine gas, a substance used in WWI to gas the troops in trenches. Another web site says it also makes chloramine, a toxic gas. Take your pick. I can testify that it makes a choking gas that, if it doesn’t kill you, will scare you half to death.

    By the way, it also is extremely effective as a self-defense spray. We had a blue-line machine in our printing plant for making drawing size copies and blueprints. It used ammonia as a developer. It only took a little whiff of ammonia to drive one from the room where the blue-line machine was. Even a stack of blueprints fresh off the machine was enough to drive one out of the room for a while. They were supposedly dry as they exited the machine, but the paper retained enough ammonia to be very powerful when combined in a stack of blueprints.

    A squirt of ammonia from a spray bottle in the face of an assailant will incapacitate him. It may even kill him or her. It doesn’t even have to hit bare skin, just getting ammonia on one’s shirt will create enough fumes to incapacitate someone.

    I am not sure what effect it would have on the genitals if the trousers were soaked with it. I know what effect pepper spray has in that regard from first hand experience. If you carry pepper spray in your pocket, make sure the safety is securely in place before placing the spray instrument in your pocket. It doesn’t act instantaneously, but it does soon enough make you have an urgent desire to undress and take a shower.

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    • WOLF July 2, 20:23

      Simply put if you mix Ammonia, Chlorine & Bleach it produces: >> *MUSTARD GAS*!

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  8. left coast chuck July 2, 16:35

    With regard to shoes, we have always followed the Japanese custom of removing our shoes upon entering the house. Now we take them off before we enter the house and leave them outside until I can disinfect them with chlorine bleach. My sneakers haven’t been this clean since I first took them out of the box when they were new.

    I spray the soles particularly well. I also spray the welt around the soles. I also spray the laces particularly well. I leave them outside to dry and bring them in when they have dried. The soles won’t be dry because they are sitting on concrete, so I place the shoes on a thick pad of newspaper until they are dry and then put them on the shoe shelf.

    I do this each time I wear my shoes anywhere. People are still spitting on the sidewalks. At one time in this country, at the height of the tuberculosis epidemic spitting on the sidewalk was a misdemeanor punishable by a jail term. It was a known cause of spreading TB and the Easter Seal Association which was the forerunner of the current Lung Association was instrumental in many political entities in getting spitting outdoors made a misdemeanor offense with a possible jail sentence and a stiff fine.

    Maybe we need to dust off the old penal code sections and see if spitting outside is still on the books. Certainly it should be a criminal offense for people to deliberately cough on someone or spit on them as has become more frequent when some folks are displeased at being told they must wear a mask to enter a store. Hey, no shoes, no shirt, no mask, no service. If you don’t like it, you are free to find a store that doesn’t have a mask requirement.

    I can accept a store setting a mask requirement easier than I can some goobernator telling me I have to wear a mask. There is a difference. I don’t have to shop in that particular store. I do have to go out of the house if I want to shop.

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  9. ready July 2, 16:44

    y’all sound like a bunch of scared little demonrats, most of the list is bullzhit. you better stock up on ammo and should already have guns. any prepper should already have them and plenty of food and water. you probably should try to get some antibiotics (veternarian is a good place to get them, places like tractor supply good too). have basic medicine such as aspirin and allergy pills,

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    • left coast chuck July 2, 18:57

      Corona VIRUS is a virus that is not a bacterium. Viruses are not affected by antibiotics, only bacteria are affected by antibiotics and currently, many types of bacteria like staphylococcus are resistant to most antibiotic due to overuse of the same.

      While use of antibacterial chemicals is useful in killing opportunistic bacteria which take advantage of a weakened physical state, they are ineffectual against viruses. Soap and water remove the protective fatty layer around the virus cell. Alcohol, being a degreaser also serves the same purpose. Bleach is an oxidizing agent and kills both bacteria and viruses by oxidizing them. Hydrogen peroxide, is also an oxidizing agent and kills by the same process.

      Ready is correct. As peppers we should always be ready for every emergency that comes down the road. That is the perfect scenario. Most of us are far from perfect and some of us have limited financial resources so that acquiring some materials immediately or in the near future is beyond our financial capabilities.

      Most of us have plans and while we may even practice emergency evacuation from our homes and head out to the ideal, a bug out cabin on 60 acres of fertile land in a temperate zone isolated enough to be difficult to reach, but not impossibly so, near a small, friendly town where we have become friends with all the inhabitants of that town, with our 60 acres having a shallow well of incredibly pure water with a large stand of mature hardwoods for construction and firewood, for the rest of us who do not have that, we have to rely on paper plans about what we are going to do.

      We may look at plans proffered by others and adjust our own plans based on their good suggestions, but still at the end of the day, no plan is perfect. Someone wiser than I said, “The perfect plan goes to hell at the sound of the first round overhead.”

      Those of us who have had to evacuate in an emergency can certainly attest to that aphorism. Most of us have discovered significant gaps in our emergency plans and supplies. We may have taken steps to correct those deficiencies and we may have plans to correct deficiencies in supplies as funds become available.

      Bottom line: None of us is perfectly prepared for all exigencies all the time.

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      • JustMe July 2, 21:57

        Most of the clowns posting here are afraid of their own shadows. A bunch of spineless worms who make a bowl of jello look like a solid food.

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    • Justme July 2, 21:54

      Wow, a rare intelligent post.

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  10. Morpheous July 2, 18:21

    Your ignorance on masks is astounding. Masks are changed regularly at the hospital, because your breath moisturizes them and virus pass freely through. Surgical masks have enough holes that you can drive a virus bus through. If masks work then why is the highest profession, medical, have the highest rate of infections? They wear masks ALL the time. Think! Viruses are mainly air borne… I would have a list of immunity important food, vitamins and let God’s amazingly designed body fight off infections. Hand sanitizer and disenfectant do not help build immunities they hinder. I volunteer on a semi regular basis (weekly) among sick people and have not had an illness in 25+ years. Vitamin D and Vit C… cannot over emphasize the importance.

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    • left coast chuck July 2, 21:59

      Some of us are not so lucky as to possess superior genes which enable us to defeat all noxious bacteria, viruses and parasites. Some of us are actually old, having survived numerous serious illnesses and age-related conditions. However, while we may be ready to meet our maker, some of us would prefer to go quietly via the reasonably instant fatal heart attack or stroke rather than gasping and choking while we drown in the fluids released into our alveolar spaces by a overwhelming viremia.

      Having spent more time in hospitals in the recent past that I really cared to, both as a patient and as a concerned relative, I have had opportunity to observe “trained” medical personnel at close distance and as my grandmother used to say, “Familiarity breeds contempt.”

      A significant number of “trained” medical personnel have no idea about hygiene. Despite Dr. Lister advancing his ideas about infection more than 150 years ago and despite being constantly lectured about infection rates in hospitals and the need for constant vigilance against casual infection, medical personnel, including doctors are incredibly careless about contamination.

      And that, Morpheous, is the reason why medical personnel have a high rate of infection.

      By the way, if you mean Morpheus, the son of Somnus, the god of sleep who later became the god of sleep in Roman mythology, it is spelled without the “o”.

      Yes, in order to be fully protected from viruses, we should wear full anti-contamination suits with filtered air and constant pressurization. But saying that is like Bloomberg saying if you are worried about your personal safety, you should hire bodyguards. Not all of us have the unlimited budget to be able to afford first class. Some of us have to go economy class which is less than ideal but better than nothing.

      We should all wear N100 masks. However, if case you haven’t noticed, they are in very short supply. In addition, they are really quite restrictive to normal breathing. They are filtering out 100% of the identified particulate, 5% more than the N95 masks which only filter out 95% of the particulate matter. So you have to breathe harder in order to bring the air through the filter material.

      By the way for those of you who have been buying KN95 masks. I regret to inform you that those are made to the standards of our BFFs the Chinese. Only the N95 masks are made to U.S. standards. You can find out the difference on line if you care to. Unfortunately I too purchased a supply of the KN95 substitutes before I learned the difference.

      We get too soon old and too late smart according to an old Pennsylvania Dutch aphorism.

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    • Justme July 2, 22:01

      Hey, no common sense posts are allowed on this blog. Get with the program already!

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    • He July 2, 23:03

      Right. Since sars-cov-2 has been shown to take rides on droplets ad not aerosols many docs actually say both wearing masks and socially distancing is ineffective in this case (different story for ebola they say). Masks are also reducing oxygen flow. Covid apparently can’t be spread via surfaces studies say. So, if you avoid coughing and sneezing on people or have them do this to you, you’re fine. The covid mortality rates are intentionally overblown (I can’t believe people forgot Dr Birx saying ‘we’re taking a generous stand on mortality in the US’ meaning any death where covid is even suspected is counted as covid death, even a car crash victim may be counted. The tests are all unreliable. th PCR test isn’t based on science even though the ‘pro science’ gang and media try to make us believe so. The virus has never been proven, i.e., hasn’t been purified from which the genome could have been determined. The virus would normally then be confirmed by checking if the purified virus causes the same disease (in this case that would be covid) after being introduced to a previously healthy subject (or animal). The antibody tests (ELISA / blood tests) are also saying nothing as they are all unreliable (well, they don’t have much of a basis to work with as the ‘virus?’ itself hasn’t been confirmed as relevant pathogen. But also because antibodies against the selected antigen can only be detected in blood of severe cases of covid. Which means any positive result can only catch 20% of all that were exposed to the ‘virus?’. In many people antibodies are found in the nasal and mouth mucosa and tears but not the blood. Some ELISA tests have been shown to be cross reacting with the (I think) 30 different coronaviruses to some of which most of us have been exposed to. Some PCR tests were contaminated with the ‘virus?’ itself. Even the CNN reports that the ELISA test is at most half the time correct. The package inserts of all tests state that the results should not be used for diagnostic purposes and the inventor of the PCR test made clear that these test should only be used for research purposes.

      As probably most of us know, the media play the ‘pandemic’ up, most likely to create fear and panic. Which by themselves make us susceptible to any infection and disease.

      The CDC stated on their website that the ‘symptomatic case fatality ratio’ averaged across all age groups is 0.004. This translates to at most 0.26% – and one needs to remember that the mortality numbers are greatly and knowingly exaggerated. Therefore, the real mortality rate is close to that of the common flu.

      In most countries, most deaths are counted in nursing homes, and we all heard that nonsensical ordinances are greatly responsible for this (eg Cuomo ordering covid-positive cases be transferred to nursing homes which increased infection rates among the most susceptible with ANY kind of infectious pathogen, resulting in excess deaths).

      Hospitals here in the US have an incentive to declare somebody on their forms as covid patient and if they can put him or her n a ventilator they get even more $ (39,000 USDs at least, doctors say). And for a covid test (I assume it’s the rtPCR test), the hospital gets another 3,000 USDs. That’s a lot of incentive. And considering that ventilators have been shown to increase mortality of covid patients a lot, it is amazing that many hospitals still do this more or less automatically instead of giving the proven and cheap treatments that have been shown to be effective in restoring health.

      Instead of listening to the fear porn of the media which makes lots of money with little effort by pushing the panic intentionally, we should be calm and consider what our politicians are doing to our rights while we’re disinfecting ourselves off this planet. The goal is increased control of the population with ‘contact tracing’ 5G/smart device spying, and potentially an implanted chip. The other goal is to provide a continuous income source of the pharma industry, esp. the vaccine makers who can’t be held liable if a vaccine causes side effects or death (although there is a vaccine court which accepts hesitantly some cases of vaccine injury, the payout is tax money and not money from the manufacturers who don’t even have to thoroughly test their vaccines, while other pharmaceuticals still need better trials before being released. We should be esp. mindful of the fact that the preferred covid vaccines will be mRNA vaccines which never before have been used or tested. While many scientists and MDs warn that the injected mRNA in the vaccine will genetically modify us as these mRNA pieces will trigger every cell to produce whatever is coded on the RNA genome. Just like GMO corn produces its own pesticides in each cell, these vaccines will make whatever the vaccine maker includes in the soup we’re supposed to get injected with.

      Please check out the following site that collects actual data about covid 19 and provides links to actual studies etc. Scroll down the article to find pages on mortality and other facts. https://swprs.org/on-the-treatment-of-covid-19/

      The other goals of social distancing for this ‘virus?’ seems to be: easier tracking via radio frequencies (if you’re standing closer together machines can’t determine how many people etc), prevention of normal social contact (like speaking to each other or gathering). The goal of masks (since they don’t seem to be effective) could be to prevent normal social behavior (the people I see now walk even more around like isolated machines). Psychologists warn of children being traumatized by seeing only eyes. They also think the ‘masters’ want to depersonalize the masses so they are easier to control and herd like the sheep or cattle. Vaccinate them as needed and keep them in their lot.

      So, sure I am having toilet paper, water and food at home as well as basic medical supplies, but I am not scared of covid and nobody should be. We should all be scared of governments turning us into livestock they can handle however they want to. If we’re good, we can walk in the park. If we’re bad we have to go back in the box. That’s what the ‘covid waves’ are being used for.

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      • left coast chuck July 3, 00:59

        Having been started on medical reading by a physician, I have been reading a lot of books on medical research and epidemics, virology, surgery, sepsis, antisepsis, and other medical topics. Not an expert by any means but have been gaining some insight into this epidemic.

        As I have previously posted, several authors have referred to the 1957 epidemic which is purported to have KILLED 60,000 Americans. That probably is a bigger percentage of the 1957 population of the U.S. then than the vastly overstated number of deaths attributed to the current epidemic.

        Based on my recent reading I believe there is a lot of truth in HE’s post. While I recognize the hysteria the media is trying to whip up, I can’t quite categorize what the bureaucrats and pols are trying to accomplish, HE’s posits certainly follow along with my suspicions.

        While I can state that I am not “scared” of the current bug, whatever it is, I certainly take precautions when out and about. I take precautions as a matter of course and have for some number of years. The last time I was really sick was after a visit to a hospital for some tests. That was 13 years ago. Before that I hadn’t been really sick for over twenty years. Because of my and my wife’s advanced age, we naturally are cautious about our health.

        When I was doing taxes for AARP, if someone was coughing and hacking while waiting for their turn I would ask them to come back when they were better as they wouldn’t be getting their taxes done that day. All of our preparers were volunteers and on the older side of 65, so I didn’t want them sitting across the table from somebody hacking and coughing like a fugitive from the TB ward.

        I made my employees take their sick days if they came in looking sick. Better to have one employee off than have the rest of the crew get sick too.

        Each of us has to decide for ourselves what measures we will take for us and our families with regard to what seems like an epidemic of some virus. That’s why I resent some slick-haired, cap-encrusted goobernator telling me what I must do to protect myself. Perhaps the majority of the people who voted for him need to be told like little children what they have to do, as for myself, I am the arbiter and guardian of the health of my family.

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  11. left coast chuck July 2, 19:12

    I originally wasn’t going to do a lot of posting to this particular issue, but with some misinformation in both the original article and some posts I feel compelled to.

    I have gone on line and copied information from different sources about chemicals to use for sanitizing. I am pasting them below.

    Realize that the Clorox company is going to recommend their product. If you have confidence in the EPA, their list of sanitizing chemicals is perhaps the most complete and accurate list available. Compiling such a list is a paper shuffler function and the federates exceed in paper shuffling abilities.

    This is from a website called “Greentree”
    Very importantly, bleach should never be combined with ammonia or vinegar. Mixing bleach and vinegar releases a toxic chlorine gas, reports Thought Co. Similarly, mixing bleach with ammonia or ammonia-based products produces extremely dangerous toxic vapors.
    Ammonia-based cleaners
    Although it may be a more environmentally friendly cleaning solution than many other products, ammonia is not registered as a disinfectant by the EPA. Ammonia might kill salmonella and E. coli, but it is not an effective defense against dangerous staphylococcus bacteria. (LCC NOTE: NOTICE THE USE OF THE WORD “might.”)
    What are the dangers?
    As noted above, ammonia is highly dangerous when mixed with bleach. (LCC NOTE:And vinegar too, apparently. I had never thought of that. You can research it if you think that is incorrect.)
    Vinegar can be used as a safer bleach alternative for some applications, such as cleaning, and research has shown it can be effective against some bacteria and viruses, including the flu. It is also biodegradable. Vinegar is not a registered disinfectant, however, and does not kill dangerous bacteria like staphylococcus. (LCC NOTE: Before accepting this advice from an unverified source, I would go to the EPA list and see what it has to say about vinegar as a disinfectant.)

    Here’s the EPA’s list of over 300 coronavirus-fighting cleaning products (LCC NOTE: Unfortunately, the url did not copy, but having been alerted that there is an EPA list, you can search it out and see what they say is effective)
    Published: March 14, 2020 at 12:55 p.m. ET

    I know that bleach will sanitize laundry and washing machines, but I was wondering if household ammonia would also serve this purpose for non-bleachable fabrics. If it can be used as a sanitizing alternative, how much ammonia would I need? I know there are other options like Quats and such, but they’re expensive and difficult to come by.
    The use of alternative sanitizing products is a frequently asked question, but the efficacy of ammonia as a laundry sanitizer is not simple. Many people do not realize that any product sold in the U.S. claiming to have disinfectant or sanitizer capabilities needs to be registered with the EPA, such as Clorox® Regular-Bleach₂ with CLOROMAX®. There is a great deal of information about this at http://www.epa.gov/oppad001/ad_info.htm. As part of the registration process, the efficacy of the product is established for specific use conditions, targeting specific organisms. Those conditions become the label instructions, which must be followed to get the desired results. We, consequently, cannot extrapolate and conclude that the product will also work in different situation unless we have proved it and added it to the registration. Unfortunately, there are many claims online that post sanitizing advice with various home remedies, but these can inadvertently mislead consumers.
    Quats, or quaternary ammonium salt, is an ingredient in a registered sanitizer for hard surfaces. However, that does not mean that you can also use Quats effectively in laundry, unless the product states otherwise. The same is true for ammonia — without an EPA registration with usage instructions indicating what concentration, how to use it, and what bacteria/viruses it targets, I cannot verify its efficacy as a germicide. Also, bleach and ammonia should NEVER be mixed since when the two combine, toxic gas is formed that could be fatal. There is an EPA fact sheet on acetic acid, household vinegar, which identifies how to use it as a weed killer, but not as a laundry additive. Again, this product cannot be recommended as a sanitizer for either laundry or hard surfaces.
    The problem of sanitizing non-bleachable items is difficult to solve since there are not EPA-registered color-safe laundry sanitizers available for general home use. However, some of your colored items may actually be safely bleached with Clorox® Regular-Bleach₂ with CLOROMAX®. You can check their colorfastness to bleach with a simple bleachability test:
    Dilute 2 teaspoons bleach in ¼ cup water.
    Apply a drop of this solution to a hidden part of the items. Inside hems, cuffs, under collars, and seams work well. For multicolored items be sure to check each color.
    Wait 1 minute then blot dry. No color change means the item can be safely bleached.
    For clothing and items that cannot be bleached, such as wool, silk, mohair, leather, spandex and non-colorfast items, you can at reduce germ counts by washing laundry in the hottest wash water and drying with the hottest dryer setting recommended on the care label. Note that dryer heat doesn’t completely kill germs, but it does reduce their count.
    Article Details

    Hope that gives all some leads for verifying what you believe to be gospel. Sometimes we have heard an urban legend so many times, we come to believe it to be true. I believe the Nazi propaganda chief, Gobbels was quoted as saying if a lie is repeated often enough it become the truth.

    The same holds true with urban legends. Sometimes it helps to do some fact checking on our more cherished beliefs.

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    • red July 4, 03:42

      Chuck: thanks for doing the research. I save a lot of your posts. We’re living in a Nazi propaganda world with shifting realities from them. Hold fast to what you know is true.
      In the event of failure of society, remember the old things people used to sterilize. Copper, silver, lime, and you know the rest. Boil and heat till white. Geisinger, in PA, trains nurses, and they demand their nurses’ laundry be dried in the sun. niio

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    • left coast chuck July 5, 21:24

      Continuing my chemistry research for this weekend, I find that sodium hypochlorite which is commonly the ingredient of household bleach diluted to anywhere from 3% to 8% when mixed with any acid will release chlorine gas. So mixing bleach with vinegar (acetic acid) or some other acid will result in chlorine gas.

      How much chlorine gas will kill you?

      Well, that is beyond my expertise, but I did find this handy chart that seems credible.

      0.1 to 0.3 ppm. At this level, humans can smell the pungent odor of chlorine gas in the air.

      5 to 15 ppm. A concentration over 5 ppm causes irritation to the mucus membranes in your mouth and nose.

      Over 30 ppm. At a concentration higher than 30 ppm, chlorine gas can cause chest pain, shortness of breath, and coughing.

      Above 40 ppm. Concentrations higher than 40 ppm can cause potentially dangerous fluid build-up in your lungs.

      Above 430 ppm. Breathing in more than 430 ppm of chlorine gas can be lethal within 30 minutes.

      Above 1,000 ppm. Inhaling chlorine gas above this level can be deadly immediately.

      Class dismissed. Enjoy the rest of the weekend.

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      • red July 6, 05:24

        chuck, you do know how to steal the show! 🙂 Some of us here used to study such things as kids. No, none used it that I know of, but all knowledge is power. Keep rockin’!

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  12. left coast chuck July 2, 19:29

    Most nitrile gloves sold in various retail outlets such as Harbor Freight, the local drug store, perhaps Costco, although I must admit I haven’t checked their stock to see what they have, and others are six mil gloves. That is a measure of their thickness. You can purchase heavier nitrile gloves from various sources. I like eight mil gloves. They last longer than six mile gloves and are a little easier to put on and take off.

    They can be reused to a certain extent. In order to cut down on workers’ compensation claims for contact dermatitis in my printing company, I instituted a safety rule that people using any chemicals had to wear the nitrile gloves that I furnished. I urged reusing the gloves in order to cut down costs and I reused the gloves that I wore so I became familiar with how to do so. A little talcum powder or corn starch will allow the gloves to be put on easier after the first use. It doesn’t take a lot of either substance to make donning the gloves much easier.

    Six mil gloves, generally can be reused three or four times. They clean up much easier than cleaning natural skin. The gloves don’t have tiny crevices that can safely harbor germ or virus cells. Your fingernails, the cuticles, the joints of your fingers all have crevices that can harbor nasty critters if not washed very throughly. Gloves clean up easier. Printer’s ink on one’s hands or on gloves clearly illustrates how much easier it is to clean nitrile gloves as opposed to cleaning human skin. In addition, chemicals used to for antiseptic purposes have a tendency to dry the skin. Using the gloves protects the skin from such contact dermatitis.

    I too wear gloves nitrile gloves every time I go out in public. I even go so far as to put change I get and the credit card I might use in a plastic baggie to sanitize when I get home. I mentioned that earlier in posts when this epidemic first started.

    Spraying the cash back from the cashier and the credit card that may have been used with a disinfecting bleach solution is one of the steps I employ upon reaching home. Besides your shoes, the cash that you receive in change is probably the second most common source of infecting organisms. It is a simple matter to spray both sides of both currency and coin with the bleach solution, put them in a sunny location on newsprint and let them dry.

    I carry alcohol soaked wipes in a jar in the car, so that when I reach my vehicle I can wipe down the gloves with 70%IPA wipes that I made. You can either use paper towels or as Rich M. suggested, blue shop towels or body wipes or those wet napkins that one gets at barbecue places as the wipes. They go on the floorboard to be thrown away when I reach home. You can also use them to wipe down items in your cart before you place them in the car if you so desire.

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  13. Chuckster59 July 2, 19:30

    The good folks on this list are just trying to be helpful to one another and enjoy some camaraderie. Calling them scared little Demonrats is just plain disrespectful. There is a difference between just trying to survive another day (ammo, food, water) and “living” with a fair amount of comfort because you prepared for the worse.

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  14. Illini Warrior July 2, 21:13

    this was a warning of what could be coming in the future – a viral pandemic that could be a 80% fatality type >>> get prepped for that while there’s supply availability and time …
    this current outbreak has provided a false sense of security for too many – “I survived 2020 and ready for anything”

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  15. Sue The Frugal Prepper July 2, 21:13

    I have a stash of N95 masks, gloves, and face shields I bought when Ebola was a possible threat. When I need to pick up groceries ordered online, I wear all three. I also take a freezer baggie with me. When I’m done with groceries, the face shield is left in the car, the gloves and N95 mask go the sealed baggie, and I use disinfectant wipes and soap and water to clean my hands and everything I might have contaminated. The sealed baggie of mask and gloves is stored for 30 days before reuse.

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  16. TAL July 2, 21:29

    My family & friends have not changed one thing because of this phony, fakenews fabricated Plannedemic. Nor have we surrendered ANY of our Freedom, and we will execute any traitor that tries to take it, and yes, that includes healthcare workers & cops!

    Besides We REAL Americans now have a WAR to WIN and traitors to eradicate.
    Eradicating a mild case of the flu is totally irrelevant when compared to eradicating blm & antifa scum!

    We will continue to do the same things we have done for the last 50 years of the seasonal flu Pandemic, and no none of us has ever had the flu, which is much more dangerous that the enemy Chinese covid19 BIO-WEAPON!

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  17. Running stumps July 2, 21:41

    “20 mule team borax, when mixed with water, forms hydrogen peroxide” Since when.

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    • left coast chuck July 3, 01:33

      For those of you did also did not do well in Bonehead Chemistry 101, I submit the following information:

      The chemical formula for mustard gas is: 1-Chloro-2-[(2-chloroethyl)sulfanyl]ethane

      The chemical formula for ammonia is: NH3

      Bleach (Sodium hypochlorite) is a chemical compound with the formula NaOCl or NaClO

      the molecular formula for acetic acid, the component that gives vinegar its sharp taste, is C 2 H 4 O 2. Vinegar is 5% acetic acid in water.

      The chemical formula for hydrogen peroxide is H2O2.

      Borax Formula
      Borax, also known as sodium tetraborate or sodium borate, is a mineral and inorganic salt largely used as ingredients in laundry and cleaning products.
      Formula and structure: Borax can be found as anhydrous, pentahydrate or decahydrated salt. The anhydrous and decahydrate forms are the most common. The borax decahydrate chemical formula is Na2B4O7.10H2O (also written as Na2[B4O5(OH)4]·8H2O) and its molecular formula is H20B4Na2O17. The borax anhydrous molar mass is 201.22 g mol-1, while the decahydrate salt molar mass is 381.38 g mol-1. Borax decahydrate is a complex formed by the ion [B4O5(OH)4]-2, which has 4 boron atoms coordinated to 7 oxygen atoms and formed a bicyclic structure. The chemical structures for the anhydrous (planar and 3-D) and decahydrated salt can be written as below: LCC NOTE: Sorry, the hydrocarbon chain graphic for borax did not reproduce.

      So, to sum up all the verbiage, mustard gas is a sulphur compound. Neither bleach, vinegar nor ammonia contain sulphur as a basic element. The gas generated is chlorine gas or the other gas I mentioned above.

      Borax dissolved in water will not produce hydrogen peroxide. While I was one of the ones who did not do well in Bonehead Chemistry, I am pretty sure borax does not combine with either the oxygen molecules nor the hydrogen molecule in water to form H2O2. That would leave the sodium and boron elements as waste from the reaction. I am pretty certain that what you get when you dissolve borax in water is sodium borate solution, not hydrogen peroxide which is a different chemical.

      Hey, I might get a C+ on that little dissertation from my old chem prof. In fact, he just might be thunderstruck. He would probably think I cribbed it somewhere.

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  18. red July 2, 22:43

    Chico, wisdom, yes, but the only reason there is a wave of new cases is because hundreds of thousands more are being tested. NYC hospitals are lambasting the DNC pandemic-rats for claiming they’re overrun with cases. Ain’t so, chico! Most cases are from teens to 40-something, and that bunch is very resistant to the Chicom Flu. niio

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  19. IvyMike July 3, 00:40

    The rudest comments are from people who politicize everything, including their facts. An inarguable fact is that all of the other civilized countries in the world have gotten the Covidia under control by locking down the economy, mandating masks and social distancing, aggressive testing and contact tracing made more effective through widely used phone apps and then quarantining infected persons. We did some of that but our response was a half hearted ineffective waste of time because of the lack of leadership from Fauci’s medical bureaucracy and our politicians.
    The world probably is over reacting to the Covidia, but I know I’m an old fart and it would kill me so I’m happily staying busy down here on the mini-farm canning tomatoes, hot sauce, and green beans, pickling peppers, drying pinto beans and generally driving my Sweety crazy.

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    • Cat July 3, 01:23

      “civilized countries in the world have gotten the Covidia under control by locking down the economy, mandating masks and social distancing, aggressive testing and contact tracing’

      This is true. I’m stuck in Thailand. We’ve had 58 deaths in the entire country and are now reopening. Thailand has a mask culture. We were already wearing masks due to seasonal burning when it hit here. Social Distancing is built into the culture (except on public transport, which became a graveyard when Thailand shut down). There’s no handshaking like in the West. Locals do the Thai wai instead. Shoes off at the door. No hugging and cheek-to-cheek kissing. Lockdown went on for months and people took it serious. None of that partying from house to house the West is getting up to. Airports were shut down inside the country. International flights were limited to Thais, and only a dribble at a time. Provinces and towns around the country blocked off access (no coming or going). Contract tracing and quarantine were put into place from the beginning.

      As far as the theories about summer killing it off (mentioned in other comments), don’t count on it. Indonesia is spiking. They don’t even know how many deaths there are. And what about Florida? It’s not hot there as well? Just look at their numbers explode. Texas?

      Seriously, it’s not rocket science. Check out the countries that’ve been successful and follow what they are doing.

      Is the world overreacting? To a point. But this is my life and I’m going to do my best to stick around. Besides, wearing a mask and being aware of social distancing are not hard to do.

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    • red July 4, 03:28

      Mike: the reason we’re seeing so many more corona cases is because they put testing into overdrive. It’s a severe cold. Like, you’re only 17 (and holding, like I am, and definitely Chuck, all young at heart, survivors!) so we need to have a care, but almost all new cases are teens-40 something. The liberals killed off all the elderly they dare to a la Nazi health care. I already had it, and di so before they demanded a lock down. It took 10 days to get over, but I assumed it was the flu and treated it as that. A friend from the Swamps of Pennsylvania wrote me saying, Man, I just got over a really terrible cold. Everybody in here got it. He’s in the ultimate socialist experience, prison.
      what happened is, Freaky Fauci told Trmp eatly on, it’s only a bad cold. Trump believed him. Peloi, ‘Chucky’ Schumer,Cuomo all said the same. they knew what was going in in China and cursed Trump for stopping all immigration. When he did that, Mexico stopped Kali from sending busloads of people south and closed their borders.
      Mexico did not do more to stop corona, and Mexico is recovering faster than we are, with fewer deaths. Sweden, same. the only thing Sweden said was they should have done a lot more to protect folks like us. niio

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  20. Awak July 3, 03:03

    Importance of masks? Did they actually agree if they were beneficial or not?

    Please, the health expert are morons.

    Day after day, they contradict themselves and each other.

    The WHO covered for China.

    They said the protests were fine, but ten people, distancing and with masks at church. were a no no.

    Some of you need a barn on your supply list. Isn’t that where sheep sleep?

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    • red July 4, 06:45

      Awak: Very true. I don’t know who would be giving thumbs down to this. Must be Coke Nose Billy Clinton and Hillary the Genocidal Psycho lurking around here 🙂 niio

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  21. Robert in Houston July 3, 21:28

    ‘scuse me, but Toilet Paper shortages are perfectly expected and not the result of “hoarding”. Approx 30% of all TP used was institutional for offices, schools, restaurants, etc. This is a very different product from residential TP, often from different paper equipment and mills. There is now an excess of institutional TP (and paper towels), and some Sams Club carry the larger rolls.

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    • red July 4, 06:48

      Robert: Maybe where you are, but, wow, I live over 100 miles from the Kali-fornia line and for weeks were had store parking lots full of Kali cars.they stripped the TP and all out of the stores. WalMart couldn’t keep up even with Mexico just south of us. (old joke in Mexico about TP: That’s what they make in slack ours at the sandpaper factory 🙂 niio

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      • IvyMike July 5, 01:49

        Like everything else we’ll never know the true story behind the Covidia, or how deadly it is. Hospitals follow strict protocols for treatment, one of the strongest is when oxygen saturation in the blood falls below a set level you automatically intubate the patient and put them on a ventilator. Turns out this is the worst thing you can do to someone with Covidia, the pressure from the ventilator finishes the job of destroying lung tissue and 80% of the patients put on ventilator die. The Docs have killed more people with ventilators than W did invading Iraq.
        Institutional TP is a terrible thing, one winter I was doing some outdoor construction at a bank hq in Dallas, one of those beautiful glass walled office towers, I felt nature’s call and, being somewhat resourceful, found my way into the bank offices, found the bathroom, went in and had a seat on the throne, the throne was heated! Padded seat, warm water, warm billows of air, TP made of clouds and angel’s wings. Willing to bet there is never a shortage of cloud and angel wing TP for the Banker.

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  22. Rocco July 4, 04:47

    For hand sanitizers, if your local store runs out, some AutoZone’s now have a ‘sanitizer isle end cap’ that is stocked with sanitizers and some bleach. However they are still somewhat restricting the sale of their rubber gloves.

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  23. red July 5, 10:33

    Mike: In WWII, Japan had plague labs set up in Mongolia. 1944-45, when Hitler finally realized America was crushing him, he sent about a half million SS and Gestapo into the world, to allies, to defeat democracy. I think half went to stalin, who shot a few for show and adopted the rest.
    When Mao was trying to take China, Stalin send thousands to help him. they discovered the plague labs but never destroyed them. 1985, China was outed for making bioweapons and put on the watch list. She claimed she only used them to control dissidents. China never tried to control the Wu-flu till after the world started to make threats.
    there is some thought that the Hong Kong flu started in China.
    Ah the simple life of the wealthy! In the end, what do they have? A palace bomb shelter that they don’t reach in time, or the choice of a high building or the noose. When libs in school tried to indoctrinate my kids, I told the kids that, then taught them most wealthy earn what they have. Yeah, that heated seat would have been great when I was a kid, in the outhouse during a January sleet storm. BLM and antifa need that experience. 🙂 niio

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  24. Omega13 July 6, 19:04

    I think this is a bit excessive, although I agree about the toilet paper… people go nuts about it. Just wash your hands and don’t like strangers. You’ll be fine.

    P.S. Yes, I know this is a prepper site, but the overreaction about the PPE is just that.

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  25. Freedommjw July 9, 14:03

    LOL! I wish I had time to have cabin fever! My garden is more work than I can keep up with. I haven’t watched a movie in forever. But, to be honest with the truth about Hollyweird coming out, I really don’t care to.

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  26. Striker July 9, 15:07

    Some obvious things mentioned here. I think this guy goes into a deeper dive on some of these things without going over the edge into wild conspiracy theories like many sites do.

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  27. Jon July 10, 03:24

    You need to tune up! The first 8 things on your list are things everyone can and should live without. #9 is really not essential unless your mental capacity is challenged. How do you think we’ve been wiping our butt for the last 5,000 years? The single most important survival tool is your brain and the first thing you need to do is take it out of your ass.

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    • red July 11, 09:40

      Jon: toilet paper was called a life saver because it helps prevent diseases. When push comes to shove, mine will go back to our old standard, corn cobs. Let raiders use that! If you don’t know how to clean the cob, it has hundreds of tiny knives. 🙂

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      • Jon July 11, 19:05

        Corn Husks, Fuzzy Mullein (&other) leaves, Do Rag (wash it in the creek and sun dry it), old socks, etc. etc. A little mindfulness and preparation might come in handy in a “survival” situation.

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  28. red July 12, 04:14

    Miz Kitty! It’s raining. It’s after 9 AM and still black out. T-storms, showers, heavy mist, flash flood warnings up. Wow, I love Arizona!

    Earthworms from the garden will die in the heat. red worms can handle heat, cold, a little on the dry side, but they only stay in the top few inches of soil. they’re more voracious than starving sharks for food scraps. Nightcrawlers are even more sensitive about temperatures and moisture.

    A kid who arms in Maryland said in June, it rained 19 days out of 21. He finally got his father, a plow fanatic, to plant green (right in growing cover crops) in April. they had no choice. the fields were saturated. they got late frosts and then it got hot and dry, and now the rain, and the corn looks great. It’s raining1 flash flood warnings are out! Yi-haw! niio!

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  29. red July 12, 05:37

    Jon: Sponge on a stick AKA the dirty end of the stick 🙂
    Mullein leaf, cowboy toilet paper.
    Thoughts on surviving in style are endless ! niio

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    • Jon July 13, 05:17

      Come es ta niio? Interested in inter-reaction with intelligent life. Spock says there is none on this planet! It may be that if your most severe problem is trying to figure out how to wipe your own ass you may not be in a “survival” situation! If you are do yourself a favor and terminate the experiment.

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      • red July 13, 09:25

        Jon: Niio, Walk in God’s beauty.
        You need to use hygiene always. Even when we didn’t have running water in the house, we still had to wash our hands. Once a week bath in front of the kitchen range. In good weather, every day the creek and a bar of soft soap made of lard.Even a cold will take away a lot of your chances to survive. Butcher an animal and it might carry trichinosis, now very common across the nation. Rabies. Hepatitis. The ancestors bathed or use a sweat bath daily. Stay as clean as the area and time will allow. The smell of an unbathed person is easy to detect. niio

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  30. Tommy September 27, 12:31

    I have been a prepper since the 1980’s because of a job loss. I thought that my unemployment check would go further if I would put up things that I could when things were better so that when things were lean, I would be able to spend my check on things like utilities, etc. There were many preppers back then, too. There just wasn’t an internet to talk about it. My pastor at the time was a grocery store manager. He would from time to time mention that the things in grocery stores all came from somewhere else. Pineapples, bananas, coffee, etc. He would say that we should consider what would happen if something happened and trucks, ships, and planes were not able to bring things in. He tried to wake people up, but I don’t know if he did. I am still a prepper. When Covid caused a shutdown where I live, it did not affect me at all. I did hear about empty shelves at WalMart, but I waited. I eventually went to look, but I didn’t go to buy. I was amazed that there was so much gone. The shelves really were empty. I still see people buying large amounts of food and supplies. One couple ahead of me in the checkout bought $700 worth of groceries and other things. Continue to be a prepper and keep your mouth shut about it.

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