What To Do If The Biggest Civil Unrest Of Our Time Hits Your Town

Rich M.
By Rich M. January 21, 2021 08:37

What To Do If The Biggest Civil Unrest Of Our Time Hits Your Town

January 6th was heart-rending. To see people breaking into the capitol building, pilfering things there and causing both houses of Congress to be evacuated was something I never expected to see in this country. That’s the kind of thing that happens in third-world countries, usually as part of a coup of some sort. Yet it was live and in color, for all the world to see.

But it did prove one thing. That is, radical extremists on both sides can do foolish things, including engaging in violence. In fact, there have been people arrested and identified in conjunction with the capitol riot, which are from extremist groups on both sides. Nobody has a corner on foolishness.

I will have to say that the full story about that event hasn’t come out yet; and it’s quite possible that it never will. As with so many other things in the news these days, what we’re receiving is the commentary of pundits, disguised as news. Those opinions may have nothing at all to do with what actually happened, if another narrative fits their own political philosophy.

This is actually quite dangerous, as it helps to fuel those radical elements. The news media today is all about getting a reaction; how many “clicks” can you get. So they play to the more extreme elements on both sides of the political divide, and then measure their effectiveness by how big a reaction they get from those extreme elements.

That leaves you and I, as well as 99.9% of the rest of the population in the middle, where we are just trying to live our lives and make it until next payday. Even so, we need to concern ourselves with those radical groups; not so much who they are, as what they are likely to do.

As we all know, what they are likely to do is cause more trouble for everyone. Whether or not we are included in the group that they cause trouble for, is not something we get to choose. It’s a more random chance than anything else.

Nevertheless, there are things we can do to minimize the risk and to make sure that we can survive, if we somehow get in their way and become a target.

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Let’s Talk Priorities

Before talking about specific actions to take, we need to establish what our basic priorities are. Understanding those priorities is an important part of making our decisions as to what we are going to do in light of civil unrest.

  • Priority #1 : Make sure that we and our families survive the incident without becoming injured or killed
  • Priority #22: Keep our homes from becoming vandalized or destroyed
  • Priority X: There are no other priorities

The vast difference between priority #1 and priority #22 is intentional. While stated as a bit of a joke, it is intended to show the vast difference between the two. When it comes down to it, we can rebuild our homes and replace our possessions, but we can’t replace our family. Taking care of them comes first.

What To Do If The Biggest Civil Unrest Of Our Time Hits Your TownAs for anything else, like our personal political opinion, that has to take a back seat to taking care of our families. Getting embroiled in the great political divide we have here in our country is a good way to end up becoming part of the violence, either as a rioter or as a victim. There really are no other categories.

Save your political opinion for times when it might make a difference; like voting and having a real discussion with others about the issues.

Step 1 – Avoidance

The most important thing for any of us to do is to avoid places and gatherings where riots are likely to spring up.

In today’s heated political environment, that means avoiding all of them. People are already filled to the brim with frustration due to Coronavirus lockdowns and the problems we’ve all faced throughout the last year. It doesn’t take much to make them go over the edge, which in a crowd situation, can very well mean the crowd turns into an angry mob.

What To Do If The Biggest Civil Unrest Of Our Time Hits Your TownSo, what are these places? They can be anywhere where people gather in large numbers. But they are most likely to be in public spaces, close to seats of government. Most of the protests and riots over the last year have taken place outside of municipal government buildings. Some have also taken place in front of state capitol buildings.

Political rallies or demonstrations of any kind are the most dangerous place to be. In many cases, it’s not the people who are there for the demonstration who are the problem, but professional agitators who are brought in for the specific purpose of trying to turn that demonstration into a violent riot.

What To Do If The Biggest Civil Unrest Of Our Time Hits Your TownThese people are trained in what they do. They know how to tap into people’s anger and frustration, turning it into something ugly.

Once they get things started, they’ll back off and sneak out of the crowd, so that they can avoid arrest and live to agitate another day.

What this means if that the violence that goes on with many demonstrations is probably not started by the demonstrators or for the purpose of the demonstrators. We’ve seen that in both the BLM demonstrations and possibly in the January 6th break-in of the Capitol building.

Saying away doesn’t mean that you have to give up your political beliefs or even that you have to forego letting our elected legislators know what you think about the issues at stake. It just means finding other ways of expressing your opinion, like calling their offices or sending them an e-mail.

If You’re Caught in a Violent Protest

Regardless of how hard you try to stay out of the fray, there’s always a chance that you might find yourself caught in an emerging mob situation. That’s obviously very dangerous. You might not even realize that there’s an event happening or the event might end up coming to where you are.

Maintaining good situational awareness can help you avoid this. If you’re constantly looking to see what dangers there might be around you, you’re likely to see an emotion-charged crowd forming. That would be a good indicator that it’s time to leave, before anything else can happen.

What To Do If The Biggest Civil Unrest Of Our Time Hits Your TownBut even then, you might find it impossible to leave, without attracting notice. In that case, the most important thing to do is act like you’re part of the mob. Basic mob mentality is that if you’re not with them, then you’re an enemy. Since enemies get attacked, it’s much safer to act like you’re one of them, than to act any other way.

That’s not to say that you become part of the mob. Keep a clear head, so that you don’t fall into that trap. It can be very easy to become part of what you’re trying to avoid, if you let your emotions get the best of you. This is much truer in situations where you might agree with the demonstrators.

Rather, you want to work your way gradually to the edge of the crowd and then make good your escape. Don’t take a direct line for the edge, as that might make you stand out. Rather, move slowly and gradually towards the edge, all the while moving in other directions, like a sailboat tacking into the wind. Then, when you are on the edge and the opportunity presents itself, you can slip behind something that hides you from the crowd’s view and make good your escape.

What About Weapons?

What To Do If The Biggest Civil Unrest Of Our Time Hits Your TownEven if you carry concealed every day, like I do, the last thing you want to do is take out your gun in this sort of situation. That goes for any other weapon as well.

There are just too many people for you to deal with, no matter how good you are.

Eventually, you’ll either run out of ammunition or strength and then the crowd will have their own way with you, probably kicking you to death.

It’s a problem of numbers. I carry a pistol with a five round magazine and two spare seven round extended magazines. So, with the round in the chamber, I have a total of 20 rounds. Even if I make a killing headshot all 20 times, I’ve done no more than scratch the surface of that mob, while enraging everyone else further. I probably won’t have to worry about my self-defense case in court, because I won’t be around to make that case.

If You’re in a Vehicle

What To Do If The Biggest Civil Unrest Of Our Time Hits Your TownBeing in a vehicle won’t necessarily be to your benefit. While the vehicle body does offer some protection against thrown rocks and blows from baseball bats, the vehicle will suffer for it. Should things come to that, they’ll probably go for the windshield and other glass pretty quickly; none of which will withstand much abuse.

Even if they don’t break through the windshield, you may not be able to see well enough to drive safely.

Protesters who block traffic are counting on you stopping. But if you do, it makes you more vulnerable. You’re actually better off if you keep moving slowly, pushing against their bodies and forcing them to let you through. Don’t ram them and don’t try to run them over, just keep driving ahead very slowly.

This is risky for legal reasons. While it is the sort of advice that has been given for decades, the laws in most states have never addressed the issue. Some states have passed laws which allow drivers to continue driving through the mob; but even then, there’s going to be a point at which the courts say that there was intent to do serious harm, rather than just trying to get through the crowd.

Your only real defense here is to be doing it in self-defense. That means using the criteria that there is an imminent threat of life and limb.

In other words, there’s an immediate threat that the mob will either seriously hurt you or kill you. They’ve singled you out and they are taking violent action against you, such as trying to rock your vehicle to turn it over.

Without something like that, you have a hard time proving that it was self-defense, so make sure you give the protesters ample opportunity to get out of your way.

Protecting Your Home

Even if you decide to stay home and away from any place where violence might occur, there’s always the risk that the violence might come find you.

While the vast majority of these events happen nearby government buildings, it’s not all that uncommon for the riots or protests to move beyond that area and into surrounding business districts and even residential areas.

If you live in an upscale area or the city mayor lives in your housing development, their home might be targeted, putting your family at risk due to proximity.

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What To Do If The Biggest Civil Unrest Of Our Time Hits Your TownThat’s what happened in the case of the McCloskeys; the couple who were charged for defending their home in Saint Louis in June of 2020.

A Black Lives Matter protest broke into their gated community, because the mayor lived there and they were video-taped standing in front of their home, armed, protecting it.

The case became highly controversial, with the DA charging them with unlawful use of a firearm, about the lowest-level crime involving a firearm you can be charged with.

I highly recommend having firearms to protect your home; but not like the McCloskeys did. The mistake they made wasn’t in having the firearms or being ready to defend their home, it was in letting the mob know that they did. That invoked anger on the part of some demonstrators, while putting them in jeopardy of criminal charges. Oh, and by the way, they live in a state which has enacted the Castle Doctrine into law.

What To Do If The Biggest Civil Unrest Of Our Time Hits Your TownThe secret here is to keep your defenses of your home hidden from view.

While you need to be ready to defend home and family, don’t advertise.

In other words, don’t go outside, brandishing a firearm.

If you’re going to have a firearm on your body, either have it in a holster of slung across your chest with your hands off it.

There will be plenty of time to draw your gun if it looks like the mob is going to attack your home. Then and only then should you move to take action. Let them make the first violent move and make sure that you get it on video.

Should You Flee?

Different states have different stances on the Castle Doctrine or Stand Your Ground laws. It would be a good idea to find out what your state says. But regardless of that, you should think through whether you’re going to abandon your home or whether you’re going to stay to defend it.

While I’m a strong proponent of the Second Amendment, carry concealed every day and go to the range regularly for tactical practice, I also recognize the inherent dangers of using a firearm to defend myself.

My basic stance is to make sure that I am as prepared as possible to defend myself and my family and then do everything possible to avoid having to. I have no problem with the old phrase, “Discretion is the better part of valor.”

In today’s political climate, the idea that you can get off scott-free from killing someone in self-defense is wearing thin. Even though we technically still have that right, there is always the chance that you will be charged, just like the McCloskeys were. Thank God they didn’t fire a shot, as that would have been worse for them.

What To Do If The Biggest Civil Unrest Of Our Time Hits Your TownThere is nothing shameful about leaving your home when there is violence nearby and heading to a safer place.

There is no guarantee that you won’t be the one to get shot, rather than successfully defending your home.

You’re better off not taking the risk.

If You Have to Fire

Should you find yourself in a position where you have to take up arms in defense of your home, there are a few basic rules that you should endeavor to follow. First, make sure that any action you take is without a doubt action taken in self-defense. That means letting them take the first shot, even if that puts you at risk.

Secondly, get it on video. Have a family member take a video of everything that’s happening, so that you can concentrate on defending your home. That video is evidence you can use to defend your actions, especially if it shows that the mob started the violence.

If you do have to take a shot, make sure that the person you shoot at is actually a threat, taking time to aim carefully so that you don’t miss. If there are several who are a threat, try to shoot the leader, as taking out the leader will tend to demotivate others and could lead to breaking up the attack.

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Rich M.
By Rich M. January 21, 2021 08:37
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  1. red ant January 21, 11:43

    Wow that makes you think.
    Very good info to think of while, you might or you might not do.
    Protecting you, your family and your homestead. Will be a great big pain in your butt. Just be careful if all this comes your way. Stay quiet and alert and be ready to defend all that you love.
    If any one enters your house and there is not this mob coming to wipe you out. I say make it easy for them to enter. This will allow you to have the advantage by knowing just where they will enter. Now you have control over them.
    Point of entry. You have that on them.
    If you are by your self, then make it to an area that helps you direct them to you. Be ready so when you know that they are there to cause harm, then you can do what ever it is you will have to do to keep you alive.
    Then after you control your homestead keep a tight lip and you be the one to say. Hay they just came in and tried to kill me. I was fearing for my life. Make sure your the one talking and not them. If you don’t then you will have them saying, the door was unlocked so I just came in wanting a drink of water. Then your in jail and they get off scott free. Then probably sue you and win. Remember the law is not what it use to be. It has changed for the criminal. Not the victim. So just make sure you are the one telling the story on how things happens in or on your homestead.
    Ya even if you have to lie about some parts of your story.
    Watch out for anything that might get you in trouble. Like cameras. A nosey person or things in your house that may make it look like you might have let them in because you were smart by being aware of your surroundings at all times. You got the drop on them.

    Stay in control at all times.
    Stay smart
    Stay safe
    Stay aware of where they are.
    Stay aware of how many.
    Stay safe and most of all stay with in the sites.
    Remember you tell the story about what happened, not them…
    One more thing, try to keep the police out of every room in your house. They will want to look and take pictures of your home and then try and look for things that will get you in trouble. Keep control of the police also.. Don’t just let them come in and go thru your stuff. Don’t let them lead you off so you can’t see all of them. They will sneak around while there buddy gets you away from watching them. Know they know you have what they now want… Your preps…

    You have rights even if you are going thru something like this. Just keep control, most important thing.

    Reply to this comment
    • dz January 21, 22:53

      silent protest by display of extreme distress //

      I am a retired military veteran and have proudly displayed a US Flag in the front of my home for many years, but due to the recent election fraud and failure by authorities to even investigate actual evidence, when Biden is officially inaugurated I will fly my US Flag upside down to show the USA is in dire distress. Please share this idea with everyone you can, by any means you are able.

      Reply to this comment
    • clergylady January 21, 23:10

      have to agree. Good article.

      Reply to this comment
      • Dennyntx January 24, 04:45

        Let them shoot first and if they don’t miss 🤔 then you shoot back 🤔🤔🤔🤔 not to sure I agree with that I understand you might get tried but I figure that’s better than buried.

        Reply to this comment
  2. Edi January 21, 15:16

    In the last sentence in the “Let’s Talk Priorities”, the most
    important problem most of us has in “Save your political opinions for when it might make a difference; like voting..”.
    Many of us believe voting is so compromised now that it doesn’t necessarily have the ability to change a thing. The article has really good information otherwise. Thanks.

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck January 21, 18:27

      Someone slicker than I, Lenin or Stalin or Mao, once said, “It doesn’t matter who votes. What matters is who counts the votes.”

      There is no question in my mind that both parties had a hand in turning the election in Two-Shot’s favor. Both parties are the same. They are The Establishment, our new royalty. They enjoy the perks of power and intend to fully continue to enjoy them. They switch off who comes to bat just so long as it is a member of The Establishment. That’s why you saw so many “Never Trump” banners on the so-called republican side. They aren’t really opposition as long as they get their turn at bat.

      Did Trump post ill-thought out comments on his internet accounts? Most assuredly. He was a man attacked not only by the opposition but by folks who were supposedly aligned with his political party.

      Were it I in that position, I probably would have nuked a few cities in the U.S. A significant number of people wouldn’t miss Portland, Seattle or Albany NY. Throw in Manhattan too while we are at it.

      I think he showed remarkable restraint considering how vicious the attacks were and are on him. I haven’t seen a written verbatim transcript of his comments that were supposedly treasonous. All I have seen is carefully edited news clips of what he said in the two or three seconds of the clip.

      I am reminded of the “news” clip of his wife pulling her hand from his hand as they descended the steps of the helicopter. What got “accidentally” clipped off was her pulling her hand away from his hand so she could keep her skirts from blowing up over her head from the prop wash of the helicopter. The presidential helicopter always keeps the rotors moving until the Prez is safely away an in the Prez’s armored car. That is in case of a sniper attack while the Prez is moving from copter to car. The SS will grab the Prez and hustle him back aboard the copter to whisk him away from the scene in case it is a full blown attack. Any woman accompanying the Prez is going to have trouble with the prop wash unless she is wearing a sheath type dress or slacks. The big push to make something out of nothing is so evident of what the press did to Trump and his family only this time they got caught by somebody who didn’t have Trump in their sights. But you didn’t see that extra 30 seconds on national news all you saw was his wife pulling her hand from his.

      Even now, how wasteful is it to continue the witch hunt? So he gets impeached and convicted? So what? He is out of the palace. What next are the demonkrats going to try to have him imprisoned? They may. If they do, it will hasten the day of the demise of this country.

      Reply to this comment
      • dz January 21, 22:54

        silent protest by display of extreme distress //

        I am a retired military veteran and have proudly displayed a US Flag in the front of my home for many years, but due to the recent election fraud and failure by authorities to even investigate actual evidence, when Biden is officially inaugurated I will fly my US Flag upside down to show the USA is in dire distress. Please share this idea with everyone you can, by any means you are able.

        Reply to this comment
        • City Chick January 22, 01:29

          dz – Another thing I did, which folks might consider, as the powers that be try to wipe out our history, is to purchase some history/non-fiction books, especially those authored by Donald Trump. You also might consider cancelling your cable/satellite TV provider. You can get all the news and entertainment you need online and on the radio without contributing to a media providers bottom line! You will also save a bundle of cash.

          Reply to this comment
          • Oracle January 26, 20:44

            CC, the radio will be a main source of information. I am currently installing a listening station in my office. Multiple bands including Ham and shortwave with an exterior 80m 3kW 7-band antenna. I fear the news will soon go from bad to nothing but propaganda controlled by the media moguls and Tech giants. I want to hear what is really happening in our world post collapse. Granted, it may not be good news, but it will be better than being deaf.

            Reply to this comment
      • metalrat January 22, 02:20

        I live in Portland, I think I would miss this city if it were nuked. Although I hear ground zero is the place to be in that event.

        Reply to this comment
      • Dan Crocker January 22, 05:11

        The press must grow day in and day out — it is our Party’s sharpest and most powerful weapon. Joseph Stalin speech April 19th, 1923.

        Reply to this comment
        • City Chick January 23, 18:39

          Refuse to continue to pay their enormous salaries! Fight back! Turn them off! Let the ratings crash! Vote with your pocketbook! My father always told me that if you want something to be around, you must support it. Today, the reverse is also true!

          Reply to this comment
      • Omega 13 January 27, 23:48

        LCC wrote:
        Someone slicker than I, Lenin or Stalin or Mao, once said, “It doesn’t matter who votes. What matters is who counts the votes.”

        Stalin, actually. There were others. I remember a Thomas Nast cartoon about Boss Tweed, for one.

        Reply to this comment
    • Kasakokwog January 21, 19:15

      You do realize that abstaining from the political process will ensure your opponents will win.

      Reply to this comment
      • left coast chuck January 21, 22:08

        Therein lies the conundrum. Who to vote for when both candidates are equally distasteful?

        Ever since Ronald Reagan and Ross Perot I have felt that I was voting for the least worst candidate. I still voted even though I viewed both candidates with disfavor.

        Reply to this comment
      • Prepper In Training January 21, 22:33

        Whether you vote or don’t vote doesn’t mean diddly about who wins. As LCC quoted, “It doesn’t matter who votes. What matters is who counts the votes.” The only way to defeat your opponents in an election is to take their tools and fools away from them. Dominion voting machines (and I am confident that there were other vote “tabulating” machines also) were “compromised” or flat out programmed to switch, discount, or deny votes to particular candidates. I don’t think it happened in just this election. With some of the idiots that keep getting re-elected, I think cheating has played a very big part of our voting process for a long time. If the vote tabulating machines should suddenly be found to have catastrophic damage during election time, then human vote counters will have to be engaged. And, should an overwhelming force of watchers appear and ignore any bogus rules set forth by the controlling party to ensure a valid election takes place, then those candidates that feel entitled and have been assured of victory may just find that the voting population believes otherwise.

        We will probably never see another fair election in our lifetimes, and that is a shame, because if a truly fair election existed, then I feel some highly qualified people from both sides would contribute to a greater country.

        Term limits, no pork spending, balanced budget, and laws that pass on their own merit and not as a rider, are just small steps in what needs to happen in our government. Capital punishment with harsh sentences, determined by a truly fair and impartial jury, should be applied to a vast majority of our elected officials (local, state, federal), and also to those who are found guilty of vote manipulation.

        Reply to this comment
      • Mikek793 January 23, 17:42

        Yes I agree. To not vote at all is
        conceding defeat to these nutjobs. If nothing else it shows our sense of patriotism. They hate that.

        Reply to this comment
    • dz January 21, 22:54

      silent protest by display of extreme distress //

      I am a retired military veteran and have proudly displayed a US Flag in the front of my home for many years, but due to the recent election fraud and failure by authorities to even investigate actual evidence, when Biden is officially inaugurated I will fly my US Flag upside down to show the USA is in dire distress. Please share this idea with everyone you can, by any means you are able.

      Reply to this comment
      • City Chick January 26, 18:54

        dz- Back in the day, that would bring the cops to my door wanting to know what’s up. Today, not so much as they are way too busy just trying to make it alive to retirement!

        Reply to this comment
  3. adebra January 21, 15:20

    Thank you, voice of reason.

    Reply to this comment
  4. D-Boy January 21, 16:35

    Sorry, you lost me when you said
    “Save your political opinion for times when it might make a difference; like voting…” I believe we just proved that voter no longer has control of his or her vote.

    Reply to this comment
    • red January 24, 04:06

      Agree, yet not. why do you think we were barred from the pedophile’s inauguration? Thousands of protesters would have been a black eye. Trump allowed it, and the mayor of DC was happy to see part of his city ruined by anti-trump protesters. Get rid of electronic voting. And that’s coming. right now there’s so much protesting going on, even sanders the nazi jew said it looks like a total loss for the libs in 2022. Let us pray! niio

      Reply to this comment
  5. Lisa January 21, 16:43

    There were only radical extremists on ONE side with this. Regardless of the ridiculous conspiracy theories to pass blame to someone else, this was all Trump and his supporters.

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck January 21, 19:14

      Ahh, Lisa once again crawls out from her cave to opine about topics that she apparently has some ill-thought out notions concerning.

      Talk about conspiracy theories. Let’s start from Day One of Trump’s four years in the palace. The Grand Russian Conspiracy Theory. Of all the looney tune conspiracy theories that one ranks up near the top along with Elvis is alive and performing in a nightclub in Little Rock, Alaska.

      How any millions, perhaps billions of dollars of hard earned middle class tax dollars were wasted on the witch hunt that only turned up a few dwarfs whose main crime was lying to the FBI about conduct that wasn’t illegal to begin with but that the FBI made seem to be illegal?

      For the folks who point to Flynn’s “guilty” plea as evidence of his “guilt,” I would submit you have not a clue how our legal system works. I did not choose the words “legal system,” idly. I chose them deliberately. Folks not familiar with how it works still refer to it as a justice system. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      Justice has nothing to do with it. It is a political system designed to enable the prosecution to bully its victims into pleading guilty even though they are not guilty of the crime alleged or at most are guilty of a crime that is a low grade misdemeanor.

      I reviewed the list of folks whose conviction was set aside or sentence commuted by Trump in his last hour in office. It wasn’t surprising to me how many convictions with significant sentences were for “conspiracy”. The new catch-all crime.

      I won’t go into a long dissertation about “conspiracy” but that is the civilian version of the military’s Article 131 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice, to paraphrase “conduct to the detriment of good order and discipline in the armed services.”

      When we couldn’t quite get conduct to fit into the other criminal articles in the UCMJ we always had good old Article 131 to fall back on. It occurs to me that I might have the number wrong but I am too lazy this morning to go dig out my copy of the UCMJ to see whether the number is 131 or 136. I still have a steel trap mind but the hinges are a little rusty.

      I wasn’t surprised to see that a great many of the folks who had either their sentences commuted or were exonerated were convicted or pled guilty to “conspiracy.”

      Couldn’t get them with anything else, charge conspiracy. Or, “Damn we can only prove a low grade misdemeanor.
      Okay then, let’s charge them with conspiracy which is a mid-range felony. And, it’s a lot easier to prove.”

      So, Lisa, you can talk about loony tunes conspiracy theories all you want, but neither side has a lock on tin-hat conspiracy theories. Recall my allegation in response to another reply, both sides are The Establishment and fools who are die-hard one party or the other and buy into the agit-prop the each “side” puts out are naive at best.

      Your real enemies are not Trump fans. Your real enemies are The Establishment or, if you will, our new royalty without the grace of royalty, the nouveau riche of governing.

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      • Woody W Woodward January 22, 03:08

        I spent 50 years in the legal system as a Texas peace officer, a county sheriff, and a jailer. You know full well of what you speak. We live in a country where we enjoy all the liberty and justice we can afford to pay for. When one runs out of money he/she runs out of liberty and justice.

        Reply to this comment
      • S.A.M January 23, 08:03

        More reason we need a party of patriots !

        Reply to this comment
    • Mikek793 January 21, 22:37

      You can’t fix stupid

      Reply to this comment
    • dz January 21, 22:57

      and that is why know and prior arrested Antifa members posted video’s taken of themselves inside the Congressional building bragging about how they infiltrated and lead the “assault” on the Legislature?

      Reply to this comment
    • Scott Burris January 25, 04:12

      Better get back to your regular programming on CNN Comrade Lisa. They are offering more good communist training and propaganda just for you. Try getting your news from multiple sources and using critical thinking if you can still remember how. The unedited video and audio evidence nor the historical evidence of the perpetrators of recent violence(Summer of Love) all over the country and the lack of violence from Trump supporters except in self defense when attacked by racists, anarchists and maniacal communist school teachers, will debunk your assertion that Trump supporters had anything to do with the violence.

      Reply to this comment
      • red January 25, 23:31

        Scott: You mean nazis of cnn. Everything hitler wanted, the liberals are eager to do from gay rights to ascended masters of the new age to totally destruction of Christianity and believing Jews. good post, and it was a good read. niio

        Reply to this comment
    • Oracle January 26, 21:19

      Lisa, please seek professional help. Liberalism is a mental disorder and could cause you to do great harm to yourself or to others. My daughter-in-law is a psychologist and will be happy to communicate with you. Oracle

      Reply to this comment
  6. Patricia January 21, 16:44

    Excellent article. I always enjoy reading them. Regards from Buenos Aires.

    Reply to this comment
  7. Illini Warrior January 21, 17:13


    with the US military and the majority of the National Guard already bucking at Biden’s intentions >> don’t disregard the real possibility of Biden calling in Blue Helmet forces

    The Darkside has no intention of allowing ANY sign of demonstrating or disruption – don’t see the US military taking those kinds of unlawful orders to attack civilians ….

    Reply to this comment
    • Dan Crocker January 21, 17:47

      Only a corrupt politician needs 25,000 troops to get sworn in….

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    • left cost chuck January 21, 19:23

      Illini: I would agree with you, but I am afraid Barry got rid of any patriot general grade officers. What you have in the military at the O-7 level an above are a bunch of career-enhancing sycophants whose immediate reaction if to get down on their knees upon receiving any kind of order.

      Even as far down as the O-7 level you will find a great many sycophants looking for their star rather than following what one would hope would be their conscience.

      It is only at the O-6 level and lower do you find the true patriots, although again some of the really top level enlisted fall into the sycophantic ranks.

      Old Two-shot and his political ilk still buy into the One Miserable World Government theory that is so rampant among formerly intelligent folks and I don’t doubt that with even a modicum of civil unrest we will see blue-helmets attempting to control at least the cities.

      Because of their stupidity, they don’t realize that with 4GW, there is no way any regular force can control a city without utterly destroying it.

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    • Illini Warrior January 21, 22:45

      National Guard troops in DC >>>> https://youtu.be/_xmSYk_dOlA

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      • dz January 22, 00:11

        and if you look real close at the video, do you see any magazines in the weapons, or on their belts or vests? Looks like Obama is still in charge of the National Guard when deployed by Libtards.

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        • Illini Warrior January 22, 14:32

          disarmed for the sake of civilians >>> or just not trusted to be in DC and anywhere lose to Biden with a loaded weapon????

          if you followed the endless disgrace of Obammy’s reign of terror >>> the very few times he had open contact with military bases or personnel – the SS demanded vetting and the disarming of the base security ….

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          • left coast chuck January 23, 20:45

            Illini: Arm the troops??? No dictator wants armed, run of the mill troops anywhere near him or her. The only people with firearms allowed near dictators or triple checked and checked again undercover operatives who owe their privileged lives to the dictator.

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  8. Dan Crocker January 21, 17:46

    Congress got a taste on January 6th of what the citizens in Atlanta, Bakersfield, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Des Moines, Denver, Detroit, District of Columbia, Houston, Los Angeles, Louisville, Memphis, Minneapolis, New York City, Phoenix, Portland, Sacramento, San Jose and Seattle experienced last year – just to name a few. They experienced night after night of violence including lootings, arson and murder. But all that was simply called ‘righteous indignation’ by liberal press fools like Cuomo and other liberals.

    People are fed up with their government – who they believe no longer serves them. This latest theft of a presidential election (with nothing being done about it by those in power) was the straw that broke the camel’s back for many. People have lost their faith in the system and they reacted – some violently.

    Reply to this comment
    • dz January 21, 23:31

      the outright lie of claiming the assault on Congress was anywhere near an “armed insurgency assault conducted by white supremacist’s with the intention of capturing an assassinating members of Congress” is probably the most extremely fraudulent BS propaganda lie being disseminated by the Leftists, with the support provided by corporate and social media Oligarchs. I’m retired military and have experienced being involved in a few armed conflicts overseas, and I can honestly say what happened on 06 JAN was nowhere near an armed insurgency. And now, after our right to an honest election has been intentionally manipulated and corrupted by far reaching long term plans that involved both Americans and Foreign powers to carry out, now the Leftist Communists are openly censuring free speech and even threatening things like rounding up people to be sent to “re-education camps”. This sounds like Germany in the 30’s & 40’s when the National Socialist Workers Party took power, that are now known a fascist NAZI’s, and are the same tactics Antifa and the Leftist politicians are using. When is enough enough? Our founders experienced corruption and elitists abusing their power to the detriment of the general populace to the point of revolt, Are we there again? Very close, if not already there. Are you willing to stand up and defend our Constitutional Republic? Please do some real research and demand our elected representatives do the same, and also for them to take Immediate CORRECTIVE Action rather than just ply the populace with platitudes as bogus attempts at appeasement.

      On the day Biden was inaugurated I actually did this, and I ask everyone to research and do what you think needs to be done:

      “silent protest by display of extreme distress //

      I am a retired military veteran and have proudly displayed a US Flag in the front of my home for many years, but due to the recent election fraud and failure by authorities to even investigate actual evidence, when Biden is officially inaugurated I will fly my US Flag upside down to show the USA is in dire distress. Please share this idea with everyone you can, by any means you are able.”

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  9. Drover Dan January 21, 17:54

    Great info Claud thanks. I bought your book The Lost Ways. I have on question. When making hard tack what is the temperature setting of the oven for each bake session? It didn’t appear in the recipe or instructions. Thank you in advance for this information.

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  10. Drover Dan January 21, 18:00

    Thanks Claud great information. I purchased your book TheLost ways. I have a question when making hard tack what is the oven temperature set on for each bake? It was left out of the recipe and instructions. Thanks in advance for your timely response.

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  11. BlackBelt January 21, 18:58

    Your advice of protecting ourselves and family from injury first seems to be sonewhat at odds with your advice of letting the intruders take the first shot at you. While I understand your point that from a legal perspective that would be best, from a practical perspective I dont think I could let someone take a shot at my family if I had the means to stop them.
    I understand you may feel differently, and that is your decision to make.

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    • left coast chuck January 22, 18:49

      BB: I never believed in that movie fairy tale either. No law enforcement in the Old West ever allowed the bad guy to draw and shoot first if he could at all possibly avoid it. That’s why they carried double-barreled shotguns at port arms when they were looking for a bad guy. If the sheriff or marshal saw the b.g. first, you can bet every dollar you have that they had that big old double-barrel pointing right at the b.g.’s gut in an age when abdominal surgery was rarely performed and never on the frontier where you were lucky if the “doctor” could set a broken bone.

      A gut shot meant several days of severe pain where whiskey was the only sedative. Only you don’t want to give liquids with a gut wound. The pain only worsened as peritonitis slowly spread through b.g.’s gut until he died.

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    • Oracle January 26, 21:01

      BlackBelt, I agree. I will not be waiting around for someone to take a first shot. They won’t even need to pull a gun and point it in our direction. A verbal threat to do harm to my family will be reason enough to permanently put an end to them as a threat.I would tell the Sheriff, if he even bothered to come out here, “I could only assume they were men of their word, as am I, so I struck preemptively.” Post collapse will not be a game for fools.

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  12. LC65 January 21, 22:04

    Lisa, apparently you have not seen the interview that the BLM activist did with Anderson Cooper. He was the guy that smashed the window that Ashli Babbitt stepped through and was murdered.
    If you saw the video of the shooting, the police were right there letting him smash the glass. Then when she went through they stepped back so as not to be in the line of fire, Almost like it was planned !

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    • dz January 22, 00:07

      and there is so much more than needs to be honestly exposed, the more I learn the more I am sure this was intentionally planned as a ploy to lay false accusations against Trump, his supporters, and all other truly loyal Americans that are willing to support and defend our Constitutional Republic, not this corrupted farce the Leftists have managed to produce and force us all to suffer.

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      • City Chick January 22, 03:27

        Dan Crocker – If you think we have problems now, Look at the thousands of people now marching up from Guatemala. And they say that they are Personally invited by the President of the US. Many more to come from all over the world with unrestricted access. Redefines the whole concept of government by the people for the people. What people?

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  13. dz January 21, 22:44

    silent protest by display of extreme distress //

    I am a retired military veteran and have proudly displayed a US Flag in the front of my home for many years, but due to the recent election fraud and failure by authorities to even investigate actual evidence, when Biden is officially inaugurated I will fly my US Flag upside down to show the USA is in dire distress. Please share this idea with everyone you can, by any means you are able.

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  14. clergylady January 21, 23:09

    As has been well pointed out we have little left to trust.

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    • red ant January 22, 01:53

      But you canTrust in my loving GOD.
      For he said, I love you…

      One out of the 10 men that were healed from leprosy by JESUS, came back and told him Thank you…

      Now tell me do you thank they care for the gift of life that GOD gave to them.
      For the TRUTH can run around naked and a LIE has to be covered up.
      What are we covering now. Your FACE

      Turn your eyes to him and trust in him…

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      • Oracle January 26, 21:32

        As the Tribulation of these last days progresses and global panic sets in, the only sane people left on earth will be those trusting in God. And then we will suddenly, in the twinkling of an eye, be gone. I don’t want to be left behind.

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        • red ant January 28, 14:56

          Oracle and any others…

          God said that if you love him as much as you loves you and except his loving son JESUS CHRIST as your Lord and Savior, that your name will be written in the book of life. I will ask you, have you done that and if not ask my savior to come live in your heart and he will come and live in you and you will have ever lasting life in heaven. Confess your sins and tell God that you are his and he will show you all the thing of Heaven.

          If you have not, please except Jesus and get Baptized by water and yes there is one more, the baptism by fire.
          Look it up. Its a good one…

          Tribulation has not started yet. It is very very close but not here yet. I say it will be two more yrs, We will see the begging of Tribulations.
          When it starts the 7 yrs of tribulations. There will be 3 and a half yrs of good. Okay here is were it get tricky. The firsts 3 and a half yrs of good. This good they are talking about is not good for us the real believers of Jesus, the Saints, that us.
          They will come after us with such HATE in there hearts that they will want to kill all that is GOOD. Yes we see it happening today but it will get a lot lot worst and will not get any better until the coming of Christ from the sky. The anti Christ will revile his self in the second 3 and a half yrs and then he will turn up the heat like we never have seen be for. Death and Destruction. Remember he is of satan and he HATES any and all that is of GOD…
          This vaccine is the start of the anti Christ .BUT, no it is not the mark of the beast but is the start of it. It is a bio engineered DNA altering substances that is linked with G5. Don’t fall for the LIES. GOD made us perfect. We are the ones that have altered what GOD made perfect… They have to have full CONTROL and how else can they do that. By doing what they are doing NOW.
          SO {“SHUT YOUR MOUTH”} AND COME GET YOUR DEATH SHOT. MAN THEY ARE LINING UP FOR IT TOO. Just watch it will get real bad real soon.
          They have to suppress us and keep us under CONTROL seems to me the weak and the non believers are doing just that.

          {I bet they will hate this that I wrote, If they read it.}

          Make sure you COMPLY…. LMAO…

          These people that are not willing to do so, will face torment in HELL and will never ever ever ever and will never ever see the light that GOD has gave to us that believe in his son JESUS CHRIST.

          I never thought that I would see the returning of Christ, I thought that I would be died be for he came. But I will tell you that I will see all that GOD told us about in the Bible. Praise the Creator that is of LOVE and MERCY… GOD ALMIGHTY.
          Say don’t let any one deceive you in to thinking that this is not real its your soul that you are gambling with, not there’s, They are the lost one’s.
          Remember some think, O, I got a free ticket to heaven. NO YOU DO NOT… Its not free. Remember JESUS died on the cross for our sins. Thinking that way is BULL poop.
          You have to have a relation ship with GOD thru CHRIST. A very deep relation ship with Humbleness and a want for HIS LOVE.

          Oracle and any body else. If you ask, he will come. PLEASE ask not for me but for GOD… He dose love you more…

          You will not be left behind. Yes we will be lifted up to meet JESUS in the SKY. AMEN…

          Reply to this comment
          • red January 29, 11:58

            red ant, one thing. Read Washington’s black clouds prophecy. He was given 3 at Valley forge. 2 have come to pass, and the last one is hairy. when I was a little kid I had a dream and asked Dad. He changed the subject, but 10 years later asked me about the dream, did I remember it? I did and he showed me Washington’s prophecies. It was sort of the same. The prophecy states dark clouds will come from N. Africa and Asia and cover us. I saw a city. When the clouds lifted, only few Americans were left but jubilant. It was terrorists allowed in, who tried to take over only to be defeated. this is why america is not mentioned in prophecy about the end times. We’re fighting our own war against the enemies. god will save us, but it’s going to cost us the cities. niio

            Reply to this comment
            • red ant January 31, 12:48

              America is mentioned in the end times Prophecy.

              It says that all Nations will fall.

              I believe that yes, we will have a battle in america.

              We will fall just like the other nations
              Don’t matter what you believe or dream.
              ALL NATIONS… The bible says so…
              Revelations says it very clearly.

              Most just don’t believe that it could happen here. But here we are. More is coming. Fast

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  15. Chuckster59 January 22, 00:14

    Good article. Even better commentary afterwards. Entertainment!

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  16. red January 22, 07:23

    Thanks, Rich, this is something we should save and reread. Much of it, no, I’m not worried. A lot of people in town have 6′ block walls around their yards if only to keep out coyotes and an occasion bobcat. Most also are well-armed and we watch out for each other. all trump stuff is still on the truck, and even in tucson, I get saluted for it. BTW, I have a high chainlink fence around the property, and a cactus wall around that, one inside, one outside. As well, desert shrubs armed with thorns and an iron will to stop anything trying to damage them. niio

    Reply to this comment
    • Oracle January 26, 21:14

      Red, when we lived on the shores of Lake Chapala Mexico our properties were surrounded by 9 to 12 feet stone walls and iron gates topped with concertina razor wire and overgrown with Bougainvillea vines sporting 2″- long thorns. Even with all that we still kept the steel doors and window bars locked at night… and we were in a good neighborhood. Now, here in the Missouri Ozarks, the hundreds of acres of forest surrounding me and my AR15 are my security. I feel much safer here.

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  17. Dreaded January 22, 15:10

    There is many good truths in this article but the one thing he has wrong is to make it easy for them to get in at a certain point so you have control of where they are entering your home.
    Two things wrong with this first is you have done something that is setting a trap and that is against the law. The law is smarter then you think and will see this right away.
    The second is even if you leave a door unlocked there is always the possibility that they don’t even try that door.

    So in my opinion Your best option is to know your home. Know where the weak points are and strengthen them. Then if someone is entering your home for the purpose of getting food or robing you then they will be trying to find the location of your valuables or food stash. So you knw where they will eventually go. You setup at a point covering that area where you are protected by your positioning and cover. Then when they come thru you have the right to use deadly force and this depends on the laws of your state which you had better know before doing anything. My state has a stand your ground law and I don not have to runaway.

    Reply to this comment
    • Oracle January 26, 22:25

      Dreaded, and while you’re set up in the kitchen waiting for them to come steel your food, they’ll clean out your ammo stash in you bedroom on the other side of the house. Sorry, just had to add that bit of predictive humor.

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  18. Woody Johnson January 22, 16:06

    Political Process? Right

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  19. common man January 22, 23:38

    this was not from people “on both sides” they were mostly trump supporters, white supremest’s boogaloo boys, and right wing militias who were whipped into a frenzy by trumps constant lies. there is absolutely no proof that any one of then represented groups on the left.
    I am not saying that all people on the right, (I used to be) or trump supporters are all bad, but lets call it for what it was- An attempted coup fomented by a disgruntled sitting president who could not accept he lost the election.
    To say otherwise is not being factual, and only feeds into the problem, and emboldens the enemies of our democracy.
    Lets try to be a little more honest about who attacked the capital, and why.

    Reply to this comment
    • dz January 23, 12:37

      Colon Man: what brand of Kool-Aid are you drinking?
      Please do some honest research as in watching the actual video’s taken and posted by ANTIFA members taken while they were inside the Congressional buildings bragging how they infiltrated and deceived some of the actual Trump supporters to follow them while they (Antifa) assault the Capitol. This was planned out long before the actual rally, but just like Bengasi fiasco, the Leftist Communists and their more than willing corporate and social media Oligarch accomplices are once again spewing another outright dishonest and deceitful propaganda campaign, all while censoring free speech and threatening innocent Americans to comply or face consequences for utilizing their Constitution Rights.

      Reply to this comment
      • left coast chuck January 23, 20:59

        I am afraid, sir, that you have been cruelly deceived by what passes for “news” these days but is in reality agit-prop for the New World Order folks, the ones that believe there should be no national borders, that when all of this silly allegiance to one’s place of birth is abolished we will all sit around very small campfires burning organically friendly substances which burn releasing no harmful compounds into the air, while wearing garments made from sustainable natural materials, eating only renewable, low impact plant based substances which will allow us to not need to consume harmful manufactured medicines but will live in harmony with Mother Gaiea.

        This of course will all take place while they, the power structure, the real intelligentsia sit safely in their air-conditioned mansions sipping excellent quality vintage wines while dining on exquisite wagyu beef, sea-caught blue fin tuna sushi and delicate ruffled grouse eggs with beluga caviar.

        However, despite the fact that I believe you are grossly misinformed about what is really happening, I will defend your right to recite the catechism that you have been fed.

        Reply to this comment
    • John Z January 23, 15:26

      “No proof…”? Where have you been? You sadly are lacking in the most basic of common information. While you feign to be informed, your gross ignorance of what is really going on is on display. Do yourself a favor by getting factual information so as not to embarrass yourself further.

      Reply to this comment
    • Mikek793 January 23, 17:30

      Typical kool-aid drinking liberal idiot.

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    • Mikek793 January 23, 17:31

      Ignorance is bliss as they say.

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    • Oracle January 26, 22:31

      Well, Common Man, you have succeeded in remaining uninformed about who was riotous in the Capital. If you continue to only watch CNN and the other alphabet liberal stations you will continue to be uninformed. You are not thinking for yourself, if you were you would know as much about the truth as do we. Don’t allow yourself to be brainwashed by the main stream media. They LIE.

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    • Omega 13 January 27, 16:37

      There is no such thing as the boogaloos. They were made up by the same clowns who said the “Ok sign” means white supremacy.

      You ignore the AntiFA people in the crowds, too. This was a setup.

      You’re a mind-numbed robot. Enjoy your Hot Pockets while watching The Bachelor.

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  20. Mark Jordan January 24, 01:00

    Please- Refund $ for digital upgrade as I wanted hard back books. Digital copies do me no good long term.

    Reply to this comment
    • Claude D January 25, 11:11

      Hi Mark,

      Thank you so much for your interest in our work.
      I have just sent you an email with the details and refund regarding the order.

      Should you have further questions, please let me know.

      God bless,

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  21. Scott Burris January 25, 04:31

    Great article about avoiding or surviving getting caught in a radical mob situation. I appreciate the valuable insights. I have been an active Trump and Republican candidate supporter for over 4 years now and I am unaware of any “Radical Extremists” ever being affiliated with or condoned by Trump supporter groups. I know the great media pillars of “truth” are spewing enough of that garbage that I don’t need to read it here.
    The video and audio evidence of the Capitol riots show that Capitol Police escorted bus loads of ritors to the capitol, opened the barricades and doors eventually and ushered people inside. The barricades and doors were opened before Trump finished his speech, so that is where you would find REAL Trump supporters. So your theory of “Both” sides being involved are Bunk.

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  22. Someolboy January 29, 15:35

    I feel sorry for them if they bring their sh!t around here… I live in a stand your ground state, and there are a whole bunch of hard working, patriot Americans who won’t think twice about defending their towns here…

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