Awesome Places to Hide Your Guns

Giurgi C.
By Giurgi C. July 5, 2016 10:36

Awesome Places to Hide Your Guns

Hiding guns around the house could be better than a safe in a lot of scenarios. Safes are not foolproof, and sometimes a safe can act as a beacon to valuable goods.

A big, heavy safe is expensive, and for someone who only owns a gun or two paying for a massive safe is not a winning endeavor. A safe also makes immediate access to a gun impossible, whereas, a hidden gun can be quick and easy to access. The better idea maybe to outsmart the local thief and hide your weapon or weapons.

You can also combine using a safe to hold the majority of your weapons and hiding those you’ve selected for personal defense. You may also decide this guide also allows you to hide extra ammo around your house, in a discreet place in case a reload is necessary.

Before we go into how and where to hide your guns you should consider a few things. First off do you have kids? It is irresponsible to leave your guns hidden in a manner that would grant access to children, or other prohibited individuals. This may lead you to purchase small, individual weapon safes and hiding them with your weapons. These small safes may not prevent theft if discovered, but will keep the kids out. It also may be against the law in your state to have unsecured weapons in the same home as children.

Purchased Hiding Spots

If you don’t mind spending the money there are a variety of pre-built hiding spots one can purchase and enjoy. These are often the simplest measures to take, and also typically offer a locking mechanism for the user to secure their weapons.gunvault speedvault

The Gun Vault Speedvault is a simple locking safe that is designed to be screwed under a desk. In this position, it is invisible to anyone in front of the desk and easy to access by anyone behind the desk. The Gun Vault can hold a single full sized handgun and presents it to the user handle first. The safe uses a four-digit key code and alternatively has a key backup.

Gun Safe ClockThere are also a wide variety of Gun safe Clocks made by a variety of different manufacturers. They come in both wall hanging clocks, and clocks that are often set on end tables and mantles. Most or wood based, and the best will be seamless as too where the clock opens and the gun is revealed. Most of these will allow you to conceal a full sized handgun or AR magazines with relative ease.

You also have the option of a hidden electrical outlet safe. This requires you to cut into parts of your wall, and the safe itself is small. It can be used for a handgun or for stashing emergency ammo. It’s rather slow to get to, but it is probably one of the most hidden options out there. No one looks twice at a wall outlet.

headboard gunWhat does kitchen tables, mirrors, shelves, TV stands, and headboards all have in common? Well plenty of things I’m sure, but in this context, they can all be used to hide weaponry. The market for concealing weapons in your home has exploded. Tactical walls make mirrors that slide and are large enough to conceal two long guns, several handguns, and magazines. There are shelves with false bottoms that open, and headboards that give you immediate access to your long gun when something goes bump in the night.

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Improvising Hiding spots

 If you are willing to do a little work, you can make and improvise several hiding spots throughout your home. You’ll need some basic tools and some rudimentary skill, but it is easy to do. These tactics involve mixing things you already have in your home, and a few things from the local home improvement store.

gun magnetFor example, purchase a bar magnet from Harbor Freight and take nearly any table in your home and you have an excellent area to stash your weapon. The table needs to have a solid lip that will keep the weapon hidden from view unless you look directly under the table. A good bar magnet can easily hold your average handgun. It’s best to coat the magnet with a layer of duct tape to prevent you from scratching your gun. The magnets are strong enough to keep the gun there indefinitely and easy to access.

You can also purchase a few curtain rod hooks, nice sturdy models, and install them on your closet wall. You should do this on the wall above the door. A thief may rummage through your closet, but I doubt they’d look up. You can conceal a rifle, shotgun or multiple pistols in this manner.

gun in bookYou also have the classic hidden book tactic. Take a nice thick book, one that’s believable, and hollow it out. It’s also a good tactic to glue the pages together, if you don’t the pages will bend and the gun will most likely tumble out.

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Ready to Go Hiding Spots

Your home probably has dozens of ready to go hiding spots. These spots varying from home to home, but I’ll try to keep this generalized to places that nearly all of us will have in our homes.

The closet is one of the best spots to hide a firearm, as long as it is a full closet. For example, a pair of boots are basically worthless to a crook, but the perfect size to stash a handgun.

Sticking to the closet motif you probably have plenty of jackets hanging up. A lot of plastic hangars have that small hook in the middle, that’s hidden when the shirt or jacket is buttoned up. You can hang a firearm from this hook, but it needs to have an empty chamber. Another option for small guns is in the pockets of heavy jackets. The best jackets are the relatively worthless ones. Anything too fashionable can be stolen with ease, so stick to rain coats and blazers.

Moving out of the closet and into the living room. A lot of couches have skeletal frames covered with a cloth on the bottom. This area is perfect to hide a firearm. I don’t know any thieves looking to steal a couch, or any that would look under a couch for valuables. A slight cut of this fabric and you can slide a variety of different long guns into the frame. Then simply staple it shut once more.

I personally keep a shotgun hidden behind a blackout curtain that hangs all the way to the floor. This curtain conceals the shotgun with ease, and on the other side, a set of blinds keeps anyone from seeing the weapon from the outside. A good heavy curtain can keep a home defense weapon hidden, but available for immediate access.

Let’s move to the bathroom. This is where we can be our most vulnerable, but we don’t have to be unprepared. Thieves do look in bathrooms, specifically for prescription meds. So you want your guns away from your meds and hidden in areas with little to no value to thieves. The best option is indistinguishable, boring bathroom boxes. This could include soap bar boxes, tampon boxes, and anything else boring and uninteresting to a thief, placed well away from any prescription meds.

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gun in cereal boxOn the same hand, food boxes are another option. Cereal boxes can easily conceal handguns and even something like the folding Sub 2000. This gives you an easy access, easy handling firearm that is well hidden and ready to give some Lucky Charms to any crooks dumb enough to kick your door down.

You have to place the weapons in a place that thieves or the government won’t search for. So stay away from laptop bags, and avoid hiding things near valuable objects like video games and TVs. Accessibility is another issue if you can’t access when you need it is it worth anything?

Keep your powder dry, your weapons hidden and stay frosty.

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Giurgi C.
By Giurgi C. July 5, 2016 10:36
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  1. Gary November 8, 18:05

    Where are the books I paid for and ordered

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  2. Chris June 5, 10:51

    Great that you mention that if you have kids you need to keep them safe from them finding guns. Some great in wall safes out there if you own your home.

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  3. Dave June 21, 03:47

    The absolute worst place to keep or to hide your ‘home defense’ guns is in a gun safe. The GOV or thief’s will look there first and the locks will not keep them ‘safe’ they will just take the entire safe and open it at their leisure. Also any guns there will be inaccessible to you whenever you need them for defense. Do you want your family to be safe from gun accidents? Teach them the proper gun safety lessons and the properly trained kids/wife won’t have an accident. Gun safes only keep criminals and GOV safe from you.

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  4. arkansawyer June 23, 22:24

    Hide it in a box of children’s cereal. SERIOUSLY? What could possibly go wrong?

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    • Omega 13 January 5, 16:47

      Get cereal your kids won’t eat. Also, plenty of adults eat that stuff for breakfast, so it isn’t too hard to believe it would be in some single guy’s cupboard.

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  5. Hunter282 August 14, 05:51

    Can I use these to hide them from the government when martial law goes into effect?

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  6. shoestring August 17, 23:59

    this was written by a obvious CITY BOY not one realistic hiding spot for a rifle buy the waY THERE NOT HIDEING SPOTS ANYMORE AFTER YOU POST THEM ON THE INTERNET IDIOTS

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  7. Jim April 14, 18:40

    WOW what a bunch of haters. First one “Hide it in a box of children’s cereal.” Not all of have kids. So it wouldn’t be a problem. Mine are grown and out of the house. And two “this was written by a obvious CITY BOY not one realistic hiding spot for a rifle” He talks about at least 3 spots for a long gun. And really do you think crooks read Prepping sites? They are too busy getting stoned. He was just giving up ideas. Not doing your job for you. I am very appreciative of his site. I don’t do alot of hiding of my guns. I sleep with 5 different loaded weapons. But if you needed some ideas, you know your home and your hood. Take it from there.

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  8. ACL Consultancy April 16, 11:11

    I have read so many content regarding the blogger lovers except this article is truly a pleasant post, keep it

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  9. blooper December 30, 04:24

    Go to Skinner sights and purchase a Skinner garment bag to hide some of your items in plain sight. who is going to steal a garment bag?

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  10. Lucky's "Mom" December 31, 00:11

    Lots of good ideas. if you are handy enough to do some of the work yourself.

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  11. blooper January 6, 03:44

    A really good way to hide your guns and ammo are in pvc pipe buried where you think is a good place to hide them. In the country it is no big deal but in the city it can be a problem. You have to remember the use of metal detectors. You might try digging a hole and go under the foundation since there is rebar to maybe fool them???

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  12. Odins rage February 9, 03:15

    10,000 rounds for every gun you have is a bit on the ridiculous side. It would be cheaper to hire private security. I wonder if he really meant 1000 rounds per gun?

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  13. New man February 27, 11:16

    Haha nice ideas. I used to break into houses in the broad daylight (time of day should be obvious) Boots, wall clocks, pictures, any kind of wall decor really & cereal boxes are definitely a NO-NO. Those were the FIRST places I used to look just before I’d turn on the central heating (or cooling depending on the time of year) to find out what’s hidden in the vents &hit every room as I’d casually make my way to the MB to see what’s literally stashed inside the headboard & finally the “hidden safe” at the back of the closet will open with minimal effort with methods I won’t talk about & then head on over to the next address. Care free as pizza delivery. lol, Even law enforcement will go straight for those “hiding holes”

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  14. Double Barrel March 11, 21:17

    Glad you reformed.You sound like someone that worked for the Clintons over the years.I say put it in the foundation,sealed up real good then when the end comes tear your house down,grab your guns and ammo and head to the hills cause thats all that will be left if Dementia joe is in office very long

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