What the Government Can or Can’t Do Under Martial Law

James Walton
By James Walton May 12, 2020 07:20

What the Government Can or Can’t Do Under Martial Law

The big M word in the survivalist and prepper world, Martial Law, is a very disturbing concept and one we have seen in small bouts here in America. In our lifetime we have never been closer to seeing true Martial Law crop up in cities across the nation.

We have hundreds of thousands of National Guard members in cities all over the country. Make no mistake about it, the National Guard is here to help. They have been helping with everything, from getting food and resources to people and setting up testing locations.

The question becomes: why and how would Martial Law hit big cities in the nation?

The Simple Martial Law Scenario

All over the country governors are relaxing restrictions. You may be in favor of that or you may not. Regardless, we are going to see an increase in cases of COVID-19 as people come together again. We cannot be sure the effect this will have.

What happens if the cases skyrocket and we see the government panic and pull the emergency break? What if we tumble into lockdown #2? We are already seeing people protesting to get things back to normal.

If we lockdown again and the average American cannot get back to work, there will be civil unrest like nothing we have seen in this nation. At this point violence will have to be suppressed. Welcome in Martial Law!

So, let’s look at what the government can or cannot do under martial law.

Firearms Confiscation

Firearms have been confiscated in this nation before. While it might seem improbable, if we are dealing with threats from civil unrest, you will see isolated incidences of gun confiscation.

It only takes a little thinking to understand what a brittle bridge this is to cross, however, when you bring overwhelming force to a community most will surrender their weapons. We watched this happen following the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

In fact, we have watched Mayors all over the nation lean on “emergency” legislation that limits the 2nd Amendment. Just take this “law” from New Orleans:

“Subject to the provisions of Act 275 of 2006 (Regular Session), the Emergency Authority is hereby empowered, if necessary, to suspend or limit the sale, dispensing, or transporting of alcoholic beverages, firearms, explosives, and combustibles.”


This is one of those situations where many places, under emergency authority, have already created rules with curfew. From places like New Jersey, where you might expect it, to as far south as South Carolina, we have already seen curfews put in place.

It would make a stricter Martial Law style curfew easier to establish.

Restrictions on Free Speech

Unfortunately, thanks to our buddies at Google, we already have our speech restricted on almost every major level. Sure, you can go out to a bar and say most of what you want to say. However, the largest vehicles of mass communications are so regulated it’s embarrassing.

This is yet another example of how we have been primed for Martial Law. When you look at it from that angle, how hard would it be to level your ability to communicate and voice your opinions? If the internet goes dark, your cell signal shuts off and you cannot assemble, what do you have?

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Removal of Personal Property

There is no doubt that the removal of personal property and even the removal of people from their own property is possible with Martial Law. In fact, executive orders to take PPE and other items from citizens have already been enacted.

Months ago, we had people from the administration threaten to take people’s goods if they were stockpiling hand sanitizer, toilet paper, masks, and other PPE. This had many preppers on alert.

Eliminate Your Right to a Speedy Trial

Even in Martial Law, you will be tried for crimes. Now, what you consider to be a CRIME might change drastically, however you will be tried. You will not be tried by a jury of your peers. Instead, the military will become judge, jury, and jailor.

As scary as that sounds you will still have a trial to decide your fate. This is not a guarantee but there is legal precedent that your 6th Amendment will be upheld. While President Lincoln suspended Habeas Corpus during the Civil war, Lambdon P. Milligan fought his military tribunal sentencing and the Supreme court ruled in his favor.

In 1866 the Supreme court ruled there could be no military trials for US citizens.

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 Nationwide Martial Law

Despite the fantasy of a nationwide Martial Law, the resources do not exist to lockdown every American city. In fact, we couldn’t lockdown the major cities all at the same time. We are talking about tens of millions of people.

However, we could very well see sections of Boston, NYC, and Detroit, among others, face a Martial Law type presence.

I hope you have connected the dots while reading this article. Many of these “Emergency Acts” that have been enacted at the state and federal level have already stolen your liberty in writing. The government has built a framework for Martial Law and in some cities the violence has already started. Not to mention we have willingly walked into a world of censorship.

Pay close attention to positioning. The American military is great at positioning and I have to believe that much of what is happening in our nation is about positioning resource to cut down civil unrest due to this lockdown and, God forbid, successional lockdowns to come.

The fact is, we have given up tremendous amounts of power. Those who rule over us are fully prepared to send in the shock troops, if need be. It is time for America to be smart and get people back to work, safely. It’s time to isolate at risk populations.

Otherwise we will see Martial Law in cities across this nation and now you know what we stand to lose.

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James Walton
By James Walton May 12, 2020 07:20
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  1. Tac Observer May 12, 12:13

    …And, all but the temporary suspension of Haebus Corpus is absolutely and unequivocally Unconstitutional. Nobody has ever given the Government the ok to take this much lattitude in power. Not legally. Proof is in the Constitution. If it is not listed in there as a Power, then they do not have it. Violations of the Bill of Rights are not allowed period, State or Federal.

    So just know that your Government is acting illegally in all these ways, except Habeus Corpus, and your self defense against your government doing exactly this is legal as per the Second Amendment. This is what “being necessary to the security of a free State”, Means.

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    • red May 12, 19:41

      Tac: Lincoln did it. It was a time of crisis, and he was forced to stop dems from causing backfires in northern states. Dem do say, never waste a good crisis. niio

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      • left coast chuck May 13, 01:46

        Lincoln was probably the first president to ignore the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Contrary to present day fairy tales, the War of Secession was not fought over slavery, it was fought over tariffs. The South wanted low to no tariffs and the industrialized North wanted high tariffs to force the South to purchase their overpriced goods. Lincoln was concerned that low tariffs would significantly impact his plans for spending as the federal budget was largely dependent on tariffs for its income. Remember, no federal income tax during those days. No funny-money. If the federales didn’t have gold socked away under the federal mattress they didn’t have money to spend. They couldn’t print fiat dollars bills as they did during the Revolutionary War.

        Emancipation Proclamation? Only in the seceded states. The states that had slaves that remained in the union got to keep their slaves and the Fugitive Slave Act remained in full force and effect for those states, but not for the states of the Confederacy.

        Actually Lincoln talked about expatriating Negroes back to Africa, or perhaps some Central American country such as Nicaragua or El Salvador. Bend over Central America, the U.S. is going to do it to you again. The illegal Emancipation Proclamation was a blatantly political move designed to sow discord in the seceded states. Had nothing whatsoever to do with equality for slaves or citizenship rights for Negroes.

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        • TheSouthernNationalist May 13, 14:19

          I couldn’t have said that any better!

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        • red May 13, 15:37

          chuck: Lincoln followed the law, or dems in congress would have stopped him at the supreme Court. We already had a reservation for freed slaves, Liberia. Liberia was founded in 1820 by Southerners as a place freed slaves could live without fear of being taken for debts and so on.
          Had SC not fired on federal property, Sumter, there would have been no war,.All laws on returning runaway slaves were fought in court in the north and being dismantled. Central America did not want more blacks.
          Emancipation was hardly illegal. It outlawed all forms of slavery, including bond slave and apprenticeships which were little more than slavery.
          One thing that should have had a time set was the American birth. No other nation allows that simply being born in it is an automatic citizen.
          Lincoln offered a trip to Liberia, plus money and tools. Liberia was thriving then as an independent nation. niio

          Reply to this comment
          • left coast chuck May 13, 20:25

            Red: The reason why S.C, fired on Sumter was because it was in South Carolina territory and Abie had promised S.C. that the troops and armament would be removed by a certain date. That date came and went and the feds were busy sending in more supplies and more troops. S.C. finally was fed up and fire on the fort and forced it surrender and evacuation, something Abie had promised would happen about six weeks earlier.

            The bill of attainder for slavery was only for states that had seceded. Slavery remained in effect West Virginia, Maryland and two other states that held slaves. Also the hated Fugitive Slave Act remained in full force and effect in throughout the northern states for slaves from those four states. It wasn’t until after the war and Abie had been shot that slavery was finally declared null and void and the Fugitive Slave Act was repealed.

            Sorry, Red, but you have been brainwashed by the winning side as to the causes of the War of Secession. I suggest that you read “The Union At Any Cost” to get the version of the seceding states of the causes for acts of hostility.

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            • red May 14, 23:06

              chuck: I had family on all 3 sides of the war between the states. For the south, against the South, against both sides. I’ve heard every argument about it, but it still remains, SC screwed up and many on both sides took it as divine sign. No one on either side in my family believed it was over state’s rights, but slavery and dem arrogance. Nor do I see why Lincoln would need to send more armaments when Buchanan did a pretty good job packing all southern forts, and made certain southern sympathizers were commanding them. the war was planned for decades, and dems were looking for an excuse. That’s all they ever do. niio

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            • PB- dave May 31, 02:17

              another interesting read is : “Youth’s History of the Great Civil War” (If you can find a copy)
              Obviously a one sided view, but does have some not so well known facts and comments presented.

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          • JustMe June 6, 16:38

            You are correct Red. LCC likes to embellish history at times with his own opinion vs stating facts


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            • red June 7, 04:34

              JustMe: I never said chuck embellishes but we all give personal opinion on things. Basics, both of you try to be as close as possible and it’s rare anyone can disagree. niio

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      • TruthIsUniversal May 13, 16:39

        Just a reminder…. the “Dems” in Lincoln’s day were the evil people who supported slavery, racism, The South, the rebellion against the United States, and pretended to be Christians … today they are known as the Republican party. The Republican Party that Lincoln helped form is the Democratic party of today.

        Reply to this comment
        • left coast chuck May 13, 20:40

          Untruth is Universal: Wow, do you have it mixed up. Ever hear of the Dixicrats? Did you know Strom Thurmond a U.S. Senator and lifelong dimokrat was also a Grand Master of the Ku Klux Klan? Did you know it was a dimokrat president Frankie boy Roosevelt who signed the EXECUTIVE ORDER, not an act of congress, but an imperial decree incarcerating tens of thousands of American citizens in concentration camps? It was a republikan who signed the redress bill finally paying the American citizens who had been wrongly imprisoned during WWII ten cents on the dollar for property that had been lost as a result of the ILLEGAL imperial decree?

          It is the dimokratik party that has as one of its national planks, gun control under the false flag of “reasonable safety measures.”

          Not to say that there aren’t honorable men and women on both sides of the aisle, but when comparing the DNC and the RNC, the DNC comes across as slime balls who would be happy to see the Constitution and Bill of Rights become the Bill of Suggestions and National Guidelines.

          Sorry for the political rant on a site that is supposed to be for peppers, but when we are talking about rights and which side of the aisle seems to be most in favor of abolishing all rights, I am interested in setting the record straight.

          Reply to this comment
          • red May 14, 22:43

            chuck: very well said! You don’t hear that as often as you should. niio

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            • Justme June 6, 17:00

              Red, the reason we don’t hear it often is because it is the truth. Intellectual dishonesty is all anyone gets from the vast majority of the media and public education institutions

              Reply to this comment
          • Justme June 6, 16:57

            Chuck speaks the truth in this post

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          • red June 7, 04:45

            chuck: It’s rare we disagree, but thurman was never in the KKK and I can find no mention of him having power to incarcerate–a grotesque act–Americans during the war. He resigned the bench to become a fighter pilot. He resigned the DNC to protest dem resistance to equal rights. He was a bitter enemy of the KKK.

            In 1938, he campaigned hard among his fellow legislators, and they elected him a circuit judge, which provided an opportunity for him to become known statewide and broaden his political contacts. In 1940, he called on the grand jury in Greenville to be ready to take action against the Ku Klux Klan, which, he said, represented ”the most abominable type of lawlessness.”

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        • Justme June 6, 16:55

          Truth- your belief that today’s Republicans are just former racists is just another intellectually unsupportable fable told by leftists who rely on spinning the truth to keep their semi literate followers on the plantation. I grew up in Ga, a Democrat stronghold until the 1980’s when actual republicans, not former Democrats ran for and attained public office. There were some Dems who switched to the GOP because it was politically advantageous to do so but for the most part the former dems were fiscal and social conservatives to begin with. You can buy into the fairy tale that the Republicans are all former racists but you cannot provide any evidence of this being true. Democrats passed Jim Crow laws. Democrats opposed the CivilRights Act in 1964. Lees than 10% of former Dems became Republicans and today’s Republicans are not former racists as you claim. That is a fact and I challenge you to prove me wrong. I am not a republican, I despise politicians and their parties but I am an historian Who lived through the polo so transformation of n the South and you are perpetuating a lie.

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    • TruthIsUniversal May 13, 16:58

      The reason they were able to hijack all of this power is because they have the US Military at their disposal which blindly obey whatever the president says. This is a result of our present system of a standing army, something that was always forbidden in USA. While the president is the commander & chief of the armed forces, the individual states had the sole power to call up troops and to recall troops. This prevented the president from having his own private military which would allow him to commit the ultimate violation of his oath – a coup. It used to be that if you wanted to join the military (or if you were drafted) you joined your local troop. This has now been done away with and you must join the already standing United States Armed Forces. Americans, thinking they were being patriotic, completely betrayed the Constitution by allowing this to happen. Now the U.S. Military will listen to no one but the dictator in the White House and the People – the commander in chief over the United States President – is powerless before them. Let’s face it folks. The dream of America was just a dream. Clearly the People do not care enough to keep their Republic free. The People elect traitors like Mitch McConnell to completely pardon the open treason of this president. At this point the only way this country can escape collapse is if the religious people in this country stop acting like everything is everyone else’s fault and to do what God said:
      “If My People which are called by My name [not the ‘sinners’!!] will HUMBLE THEMSELVES and pray and turn from THEIR wicked ways, then will I hear from heaven and will forgive THEIR sins and I WILL HEAL THEIR LAND.”
      But trying to get Christians to admit that it is not the acts of the unbelievers that have brought this evil on us but because they who call themselves by His name – CHRISTians – have been wrong and that their failures and their hate and their arrogance and their cruelty and their lack of NEW TESTAMENT obedience to God are the cause of our nation’s problems and that they need to repent to God for it, is just about as impossible as trying to get Trump to tell the truth about anything whatsoever.

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      • left coast chuck May 13, 21:09

        The U.S. has always maintained a small standing army. To say that federal troops is a new innovation is to ignore even the blatantly rosy history pablum that is fed to students in this country. One could always join the army as regular army. That’s one reason why Army service numbers carried the suffix RA or US. RA was regular army and were men and women who had enlisted. US was Army Reserve or draftees or National Guard who were doing their six months active duty requirement.

        Not many folks alive today who remember the time when service personnel were issued service numbers because they were not covered by social security and didn’t pay into it. They were covered by the military retirement which was separate from social security.

        It is true that the former state armed forces called the Pennsylvania National Guard or whatever state maintained a guard unit were independent of the U.S. Army. In fact, up until WWII, guard units were activated to serve as a unit from that state, ie. The Fifth Massachusetts Infantry; The 23rd Wisconsin etc.

        Unfortunately, with modern warfare, sometimes units from one town in a National Guard unit suffered incredible losses and that town was devastated to find that the company or battalion from their town’s national guard unit had sustained 75% or more casualties in a single action. That was part of the movement to break units up so that wouldn’t happen again. That’s why you won’t find brothers in the same unit. Do you remember the Sullivan Brothers? The loss of all five sons from one family caused the Navy to abandon assigning members from the same family to the same unit. Saving Private Ryan was a branch of that policy called Sole Surviving Son.

        The problem that WWII brought about was that war became quite an expensive hobby and states were under extreme financial pressure to finance a modern equipped armed force. It was no longer enough to send a man with 782 gear and a bolt action rifle with a bayonet to war. He needed expensive crew-served weapons. He needed a whole bunch of other expensive toys and the feds promised to fund the expensive toys and relieve the states of the burden. In exchange, the National Guard became the Army Reserve. Still theoretically under the direction and control of the gubinator of the state but not really.

        All of this happened long before Trumpster took office. It was okay with the dimokrats until their anointed candidate blew the election by insulting her core constituents, the working class in the midwest. The dimokratik party is no longer the party of the working man and woman. It is the party of holliewoodie drug moguls and the chardonnay and brie circuit in Silly Valley. Even a died-in-the-wool Democrat
        James Webb, former senator from Virgina and decorated former U.S, Marine has decried the direction that the dimokratik party is taking these days. His father was a life long Democrat and his grandfather was a life long Democrat and he ran as a Democratic candidate for the senate from Virginia. Even he says the dimokrats have strayed from their 20th century roots, espousing the dignity and respect due the middle class working man who made the U.S. the world leader. They have sold their souls to big buck people who willing pay $25,000.00 for a rubber chicken dinner and a chance to pose with their newly bought politician.

        Neither party is noted for “Truth”. “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor” ring any bells with you? “If you want to know what is in the bill you will have to wait until we pass it” ring any bells? Trump’s biggest problem appears to be when his mouth is engaged his brain apparently is in neutral. A problem a lot of us have. Maybe that’s why so many people relate to him. That’s a problem too many of us suffer from.

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        • PB- dave May 31, 02:11

          The first-ever Democratic National Convention was held in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S., by a group of delegates supporting U.S. President Andrew Jackson. The Democratic Party, which was then known as ‘Republican Delegates from the Several States,’ officially adopted its present name at this event.—
          just fyi, in case the name game comes up….

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      • red May 14, 22:48

        Uni: why would the president need his own personal army when he’s by law, commander in chief of all US military forces? You listen too much to Pelosi and the pandemic-rats. they tried 4 times to lynch Trump, and his polling data his as high as it’s ever been. People think. People are taking notes. The weakling liberals must love the taste of toe jam the way they keep rammed their feet down past their tonsils.

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      • Tomk May 17, 04:37

        How did a snowflake find his way onto a prepper sight? No matter where you go, snowflakes find you and let you know you’re not welcome here or anywhere. Snowflakes gotta hate. Gotta try to shut down every conversation that disagrees with them. If they can’t legislate away our freedoms, they’ll use brownshirt tactics to intimidate you out of them.

        Reply to this comment
        • red May 17, 19:18

          Tomk: Just reply like this, “Thank you, Mrs. Clinton for your post. How is Coke Nose these days?” What you do is as a cousin who’s a psychologist said, when confronted by someone like that, you mentally take away each stich of clothing. One piece at a time! Slowly, until you see them standing there in knee high argyle socks and high heel bunny slippers. A set of barbed wire undies works, too. then you can handle anyone.
          Trump haters have a mental disorder that distorts reality. Be kind to the mentally challenged until their own party can have them sterilized.
          Larry Elders has a documentary coming out that’s guaranteed to send snowflakes and houseboys into the freak zone. niio

          Reply to this comment
      • Justme June 6, 17:04

        Truth, if ignorance caused pain you would be addicted to opioids. Are you born a liar or do you just practice preaching falsehoods 24/7/365? You were never in the military and your ignorant statements are proof. You have bought into the lie of leftism hook lone and sinker and people like you are public enemy # 1.

        Reply to this comment
    • Dreaded May 22, 12:26

      An observation to most of what has been said here. The problems(government, parties, vast differences in views, and the epidemic) we have has caused the following to happen;
      1. A recession( start of a depression).
      2. Laws to be changed (for different parties to have more power and control) meaning for each new law we have less freedom.
      3. The constitution to be largely ignored.
      These are the very basic things we have going on. People tend to over think things.
      First lets take a look at the government as a whole. It is mainly disfunctional because the two parties in control can not agree on anything. This has set up the country for a depression.
      Then you have the Covit-19 which is forcing the country to make drastic changes to not only the laws but to our basic social behavior. Which has put us closer to a depression.
      People also have not really paid attention to what is being said. Trump Said that there was not enough money in the reserve for a second stimulus package(was there enough for the first?). He also said it would be up to the American people to get us through this. Now just what did he mean?
      My belief is the following will happen because;
      1. The economy will fail. This is because any time the federal reserve prints up money the value of the dollar decreases. more money has been added to the amount then ever before. This will cause inflation to increase by an amount never seen before.
      2. Unrest caused by the pandemic. There is more unrest then there has ever been. With unrest you have a government that will use force to put it down and this causes more unrest.
      Now by my way of thinking there is only two things that will cause the world as we know it to cease to exist. The electric grid to go down for an extended period(could be caused by natural or a man made disaster) or economic failure. It appears to be economic failure is on the horizon.

      The problem is people are thinking in terms of indiviual parts not in terms of the whole. If you look at it in terms of the broad picture then we are in a world of hurt.

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  2. Mic May 12, 14:50

    Depending upon where you live the idea of firearms confiscation may be greater or lessor.
    The author states; “when you bring overwhelming force to a community most will surrender their weapons”, But the actual “overwhelming force” is the people themselves.
    Which much to the dismay of many Governor’s right now, they are learning the hard way.

    This is one of the ” New Normal’s” that they were not expecting. People standing up for their rights, refusing to comply and LEO’s refusing to carry out unconstitutional orders. Especially in what is traditionally Liberal areas.

    Another dreaded occurrence is the numbers of Liberals buying guns to protect themselves. Suddenly waking up to the fact that their governments can’t and won’t protect them.

    So don’t count these Americans as willing to roll over and play dead, there is still a spirit of Resistance in this country, when governments start over stepping their bounds.
    So it is time to rethink the old concepts that Liberal areas will meekly submit to anything. Because they are showing that they will not.

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  3. Glen May 12, 14:51

    Toward the end of the article, you wrote: “It’s time to isolate at risk populations.” This statement is scary and chilling; for that’s what the Nazi party did to the Jews.

    Reply to this comment
    • Johnny3 May 12, 17:06

      The article stated, “It is time for America to be smart and get people back to work, safely. It’s time to isolate at risk populations.”

      Based on the words, “…get people BACK TO WORK, SAFELY…,” is referring to the Corona-virus situation and indicates that the following referred to “at risk populations” refers to those who are at elevated risk from the Corona-virus, NOT those who would be expected to rebel against government.

      I don’t think the author was suggesting Holocaust type action, but instead a PROTECTIVE isolation from Corona-virus exposure.

      Reply to this comment
      • left coast chuck May 13, 01:58

        It should be up to the individual to take precautionary measures. There is nothing in the Constitution about ordering folks whom the government deems might be at risk of catching disease to quarantine themselves and stay away from public places.

        If we want to take it a step further, why not order folks who prefer sexual partners of the same sex to refrain from sex without taking proper sanitary measures such as using condoms? I don’t see a significant difference in ordering folks to wear masks and stay six feet away from other folks and ordering male homosexuals to always wear condoms and threatening criminal prosecution if they don’t, as evidenced by the presence of HIV.

        Why are restaurants and hair saloons ordered closed because folks MIGHT catch CoVD19 there and bath houses not ordered closed because certainly folks go there to hook up and the chance of catching HIV is greater than in restaurants and hair saloons? Some kind of double standard? What’s in play there? In fact, maybe I missed it, but I don’t recall seeing an order closing public bath houses. Are they a necessity so that homosexuals can hook up? They certainly haven’t been mentioned in any lists I have seen regarding businesses ordered closed.

        Uuh, uuh, uuh, did I just say something grossly politically incorrect? For all of those whose safe space I just violated, please go to your safe room with your favorite cuddly toy and suck your thumb.

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  4. Alex May 12, 15:24

    Regardless, we are going to see an increase in cases of COVID-19 as people come together again. We cannot be sure the effect this will have.

    You can’t make that statement as fact. I don’t believe we will, and you are making a speculation and opinion.

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    • Prepper In Training May 12, 23:14

      Actually, it CAN be made as at statement of fact. We have already seen it. As soon as the first states relaxed their lock-downs, MSM started reporting (faslely??) that cases had already increased more than expected. This reporting was done within a 24 hour period of people trying to resume some semblance of a normal life. Now, I am no biologist or virologist, but I have NEVER heard of a virus having spread that rapidly, and even if it can spread, where are the test results that backup the MSM reports?

      We WILL see an increase in cases, if in no other way, from the MSM/CDC/WHO TELLING us there is an increase. I do not know anyone who has/had coronavirus, nor do I know anyone that knows someone that has been infected. The virus is real, but the numbers may not be as real as we are being told.

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      • left coast chuck May 13, 01:36

        Considering that hospitals get more federal dollars with more CoVD19 cases reported, it doesn’t take a stretch of the imagination to think that perhaps the number of cases is being over reported.

        I wrote earlier that in 1957 a flu epidemic swept the United States and if my memory serves me correctly, was responsible for killing 60,000 people. Again, that was a long time ago and I was enjoying the sunny beaches and clear water off Okinawa during all of 1957 and I am confident that the Stars and Stripes and the AFN did not report disturbing news from Stateside, but even so, I think my relatives would have mentioned had there been a big turmoil back in the World as we referred to it due to an epidemic. So in 1957 with 60,000 real deaths, not inflated deaths due to federal largesse, it didn’t even create a ripple. But now with xx,000 deaths of questionable origin, we have all kinds of infringement against rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights.
        Hmmm. My paranoia ratchets up with each passing day.

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        • red May 13, 15:20

          chuck: Better not go rock climbing on El Capitan. If you have an accident, corvid killed ya. If a shark attacks you off the east coast, it’s because you were dying from corvid. A jet crashed and all victims died of corvid. What a bunch of greedy pricks. the more die, the more popular the loonie left gets with the lamestream media. Pandemic-rats invest heavily in body bags. niio

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        • Tomk May 17, 05:04

          I believe the aim of all of this to bring America to her knees, kick her while she’s down, and in the spirit of never letting a good crisis go waste, use “the weight of the poor” to implement “fundamental change”.

          Reply to this comment
          • red May 17, 19:26

            Tomk: they’re trying. the whole scene is a remake of the Weimar Republic. No Wiemar, no Hitler. If not for Trump, they would have done it.
            No democracy lasted more than 250 years without the nation holding the same religion and respect for each other. Rome, Greece, Israel, Aztec, Inca. All of them abandoned democratic process and were enslaved by invaders. niio

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    • left coast chuck May 13, 02:00

      As long as there are extra federal dollars attached to the number of CoVD19 cases, I can guarantee that there will be more cases reported. When did you know of anyone who turned down “free” money?

      Reality has no play when it comes to “free” money.

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    • Nancy May 13, 16:14

      Don’t worry. They case will climb since they admittedly are counting even cases and deaths that aren’t even COVID-19 in their numbers. It’s whatever they want it to be in order to do what they want to us.

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  5. Eowyn May 12, 15:50

    I am glad that you brought up Ex Parte Milligan where the supreme Court said that non-military people could not be tried in military courts. However, all these “laws” that have been passed that take away our rights and give the government powers, powers that they have no authority to take, are all unconstitutional, and are therefore null and void. The founding fathers had just fought a long, bloody, and costly war against such tyrannies and did not form a new government to be the same.
    “That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government,
    laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”

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  6. leadvillexp May 12, 16:04

    All you need to do to be warned is to look at New York State where the Legislature has seeded it’s power to the Governor and gone on vacation. They need to come back to work and take control again. Governor Cuomo acts like the dictator that he is.

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    • red May 12, 19:51

      lead: Cuomo better watch himself. the Mohawks will send their crack ground troops like they did when he tried to invade the rez. Dozens of heavily armed state police faced off with just as heavily armed Mohawks. Then dozens of little old ladies aremed with fresh coffee, coffe cups and fresh hot donuts appeared back by little kids and wiped out the cops. In a couple of house, the cops wanted to lynch Cuomo. And nearly did. niio

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    • AngryInAlabama May 12, 23:19

      “ceded” it’s power.. spell check

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      • left coast chuck May 13, 21:16

        leadvillexp may have the same problem with spell check that I have. Unfortunately for me, my vocabulary exceeds spell check’s by a significant margin and I type faster than spell check can run through its dictionary to find the word that I have typed. So, I see that I have typed the word I want and go back and proofread and see that idiot spell check with its eighth grade vocabulary has changed my text. The poster may well have typed “ceded” and it was not in his version of spell check’s dictionary and so it “corrected” his post.

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  7. RK May 12, 17:13

    The left will not give up their gains as a result of the virus excuse easily. They want to keep the nation shut down to cause unrest so more control will come to them but also don’t forget the revelations that are coming from AG Barr’s Justice department. The left MUST distract from that!

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  8. Doc May 12, 17:17

    Mr. Walton,
    You are partially correct about ex parte Milligan, in that as long as civilian courts are open, civilians cannot be tried by a military tribunal.
    You still will have your Miranda rights under Article 31 of the UCMJ. You must remember the proof of innocence’s is on you. You are assumed Guilty until proven otherwise.

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  9. old guy May 12, 17:18

    If marital law is too work , the regular army, navy, air force , and marines must be willing to participate in the (coup). if these armies refuse then government can’t do much of anything, as for the National guard , I don’t think they would fire on their on relatives so to speak . I pray this never happens. .

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    • AngryInAlabama May 12, 23:15

      during the civil war, many people fought against their own relatives.. so don’t think this couldn’t happen

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      • left coast chuck May 13, 02:14

        That has been repeated over and over again about the War of Secession. Fathers fought against sons; brothers against brothers; certainly cousins against cousins.

        I don’t personally know if that statement is true. Many false statements have been made about a lot of topics and if repeated enough times take on the aura of truth.

        However, it would not surprise me to learn of actual cases.

        In any event, there are lots of way to coerce people to do things they would not otherwise do. Suppose the military has families on bases in goobermint “protection” and military personnel are told that if they don’t perform according to orders it will reflect in how their dependents are treated back at the base where they are “in protective custody” to keep them safe from rebels. Do you think that the average grunt or even the officers will fail to at least make the pretense of carrying out the orders?

        And then there are always the folks who thrive on force and control and will be in the forefront of suppression with force if ordered or permitted to do so. This would be especially true in a time of need if there were emoluments such as extra food, alcoholic beverages, drugs, sex available to those who enthusiastically followed orders as opposed to those who were perfunctorily pretending to do the same.

        A civil war in this country would destroy the world economy and the concept of this country because the sides would once again be the strict constructionists and the folks who think the Constitution is only advisory and is outdated.

        I recently had a long discussion with a woman who kept insisting that the Constitution was outdated. I think I finally got her to see that while that might be the case, there are provisions in the Constitution to change it. We have, in fact, had many such changes over the history of this country. If some provision needs changing such as term limits, there is a provision to make the change and rather than some wannabe in the white house making royal pronouncements, we should be following the Constitution and make those changes if enough folks believe they are warranted.

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        • Tomk May 17, 05:14

          “there are lots of way to coerce people to do things they would not otherwise do”. General Flynn found that out the hard way.

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        • red May 17, 19:30

          chuck: Interesting side note on Moocher Obama. they planned to set her up as biden’s running mate, then would have gotten rid of biden–you know dems and lynchings. She was recorded going to Epstein’s slave island, Little St. James, with 6 children. The children were never seen again. NYT jumped o it and claimed it’s a conspiracy theory. So where is Moocher today? niio

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  10. Clergylady May 12, 17:26

    Scarry stuff. Well worth watching and weighing.

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  11. red May 12, 19:39

    Kali-fornia has been doing this, and now Newsom is stepping up the slide into the ditch.That’s always been the greed of the dnc. Take from the people, give the poor 20% and keep 80% for themselves. Kali and this country will never get out of debt from buying votes till the doomsday clock sets directly on midnight.

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  12. hay May 12, 23:00

    The virus will re-surge with a vengeance.

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  13. Dave from San Antonio May 13, 00:16

    The big thing I’ve seen with the COVID-19 problem is: We keep seeing ‘new symptoms’ or problems associated with this virus and new grabs at ‘control’. The information or should I say misinformation and deliberate disinformation about this virus has been going on since day #1. Again, the idea of ‘control’ of the population, through lock downs and punitive measures, has almost taken on a life of it’s own. We see, primarily with dems/liberals who are in control, small, would be dictators trying to ‘rule’ their populace with ever increasing heavy handedness. For example… The governor of Pennsylvania has stated he will withhold stimulus funds from areas that do not conform to ‘his’ will. COVID-19 is a bad virus, possibly worse than the flu we get every year, but given the conflicting information we’ve been getting for the past couple of months…I think there is ‘more’ involved than just this virus. The virus is being used as an excuse to do things that otherwise could not be done. Politicians and the liberal media caused a panic and people are scared…and scared people are easier to herd and control.

    Reply to this comment
    • red May 13, 04:35

      Dave: I was sent a segment from the Bill Maher show where he’s hoping for good crisis to stop Trump economy. I think Pelosi was there, laughing. this is while impeachment was going on, and they were losing in the polls. Dems have done worse to empower their party. niio

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  14. Rick May 13, 14:08

    To the gov’t I say enough is enough.
    An American patriot once said “Give me Liberty or Give Me Death”.
    The only true liberty and freedom is in heaven, and the only door is through Jesus Christ. Romans 10:9.

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  15. left coast chuck May 13, 21:30

    Here’s a little bon mot from another site that describes how NBC’s Chuck Todd “inadvertently” left out the most important part of AG Barr’s statement”

    In an interview with CBS News last week, Attorney General William Barr was asked how history would judge the Justice Department’s decision to drop the case against former national security adviser Michael Flynn. Barr, who has little patience for reporters with an obvious agenda, answered by noting, “Well, history is written by the winners, so it largely depends on who’s writing this history.” This answer not only showed faith in the DOJ’s decision, it slyly shot the question back at the liberal news media: Will you guys have your way with the Trump administration’s history…or will we ultimately see what a travesty the entire RussiaGate hoax actually was?
    And, in a strange way, Barr’s suggestion of history’s biases was proven prescient only a day or two later. That’s when NBC’s Chuck Todd aired Barr’s truncated answer to say that he was “struck by the cynicism of the answer — it’s a correct answer, but he’s the attorney general. He didn’t make the case that he was upholding the rule of law. He was almost admitting that, yeah, this was a political job.”
    Of course, Barr did not make the case that he was upholding the rule of law in Todd’s clip. That’s because Todd and NBC News cut the clip before Barr’s very next sentence.
    “I think a fair history would say it was a good decision because it upheld the rule of law,” Barr said in the interview. “It upheld the standards of the Department of Justice, and it undid what was an injustice.”
    In other words, Barr did exactly what Todd accused him of not doing. But if Todd had played the whole clip, he wouldn’t have been able to nail Barr with that criticism. So, you know, just edit things to fit your narrative! What could go wrong?
    “Very disappointed by the deceptive editing/commentary by @ChuckTodd on @MeetThePress on AG Barr’s CBS interview,” DOJ spokeswoman Kerri Kupec wrote. “Compare the two transcripts below. Not only did the AG make the case in the VERY answer Chuck says he didn’t, he also did so multiple times throughout the interview.”
    Shortly thereafter, the official “Meet the Press” Twitter account acknowledged the ruse.
    “You’re correct,” they tweeted. “Earlier today, we inadvertently and inaccurately cut short a video clip of an interview with AG Barr before offering commentary and analysis. The remaining clip included important remarks from the attorney general that we missed, and we regret the error.”
    Whoopsie! We accidentally edited a clip so we could bash a Trump official for not saying…the exact thing that he said. Hate it when that happens.
    Just another day in the annals of fake news.

    AND, I might add. another reason why the media is such a black hole to truth. “Oopsie Daisy, we got caught doctoring the transcript. A mere oversight.” Believe that, and I would like to talk to you about a money maker of a bridge that is for sale.

    And folks talk about Trump “lying.” I don’t know any other word for what NBC did in doctoring AG Barr’s statement. Then to bald-facedly say that it was an “oversight” just makes me seethe.

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    • red May 14, 19:03

      chuck: and now they’re punishing Barr by claiming he’s guilty, no need for evidence with the pandemic-rats. When done there, they’ll go on to more to cover their own larceny. These are very creepy people…. Niio

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      • Tomk May 17, 05:23

        The most important steps in taking over a society is to control communications and education.

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        • red May 17, 19:33

          when Justice Black was appointed, he changed the separation of church and state to something the founding fathers would never have recognized. Then a few years ago (2010, I think), atheism was declared a religion, and schools were told to open to bible teaching. they were already teaching Islam, Buddhism, Satanism and so on. Lenin said, give me a child till he is 6, and I will own him. niio

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  16. Susie Harrison October 16, 18:00

    Well there are times when Martial Law may come necessary OTHER than Covid! Like a coup against the President of the United States. In this case, the 14th amendment would have to be used. All the paid protestors out in our rural and suburban neighborhoods would have to be dealt with if such things go down. Those quilty of sedition will have to be placed under arrest. This administration DID NOT threaten to take your stuff, but Dr. Faci DID. This does not mean Military coming into your homes to confiscate, it would mean curfews because only the bad guys come out at night all liquored up. If you are out breaking things, hurting people and burning down small businesses… the military should take care of that while tackling a coup against a President (no matter who it would be). General safety of the public is of concern so if your not running around with your guns burning down your town, you’re probably going to be ok and preparing ahead with food and supplies will be wise.

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