How These Elections Will Affect Preppers

James Walton
By James Walton September 4, 2020 08:32

How These Elections Will Affect Preppers

There has never been a time where prepping for emergency was on the mind of so many Americans. In fact, you could argue that collective minds of the world are all thinking “Is it time to become a little bit of a prepper?”.

Places like India are facing incredible infection rates, restrictions, and potential economic issues. They are one nation of many. While it might seem like rioting is happening only in your town or city, riots are happening all over the world!

I have found that many more people are doing prepper things without taking on the moniker. I am a people prepper. This is music to my ears. I want as many people prepared as possible. In fact, I think prepping is just a return to lost ways and lost skills that dominated our history as humans.

These polarizing elections are going to affect preppers in many ways. Some will be good, some bad and some downright ugly!

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The Good

Without getting too political I think we can all agree that this election is going to be a total mess. Not sure what aspect of it you have lost faith in, but it seems like a contested election and riots to follow are a given. For the first time in a long time Americans seem in accordance with this. It’s not some kind of prepper conspiracy.

However, these elections are hardly all bad for preppers.  

A First Good Thing

The chaos that has ripped through our nation while riding shotgun with the pandemic has undoubtedly affected many. People are seeing that there is more to these warnings from preppers and survivalists. Our ranks are swelling and that is a good thing.

While it can feel a little weird to have our cool “group” infiltrated by people who have not heeded our warnings over the years, it’s important we welcome them with open arms and help them get settled in.

These elections and the chaos that follows will absolutely create more preppers.

A Second Good Thing

If you are not drumming up conversations with neighbors at this point, it is safe to say that you are lone wolf material. It’s not easy and it can be scary, but having a neighborhood of people who are switched on to the threats is like gold!

Right now, it’s easier than ever to talk about things like neighborhood security, neighborhood watch, emergency planning and the like. Offer up your expertise to your community and see who bites. If you put yourself out there a little bit, you could find several allies in your own community.

Time to Level Up

These elections are going to increase the number of preppers at the starting gates. If you have been resting on your laurels, it might be time for you to consider taking things to the next level. Use this opportunity to increase your own level of preparedness.

Maybe the time has come to jump to solar power, dig a well or even just start some new prepper hobbies like blacksmithing, wood working, archery, metal detecting or something else you have been wanting to try.

You could always transform your home into an urban homestead! No matter what you do, use the motivation from all these new preppers to step your game up!

The Bad

Calamity and chaos in the streets make new preppers. The threat of botched elections and a polarized Red V Blue population also helps swell the prepper ranks. That said, there are some downsides to all of this, too!

As Far as Firearms Go

Or ammo! As our social media feeds are hijacked by videos of violence and murder in the streets, more and more people will buy firearms to protect themselves.

We have added 5 million new gunowners to the ranks in the last 6 months! This surge in gun ownership has created a short fall firearms and ammo inventories everywhere. Guns are hard to find and ammo is overpriced.

This is an issue when it comes to preppers wanting to add to their stockpiles.

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The Silenced

Social media, academia and the modern office have all been affected by a radical level of censorship. This will only be exacerbated by the national friction created by the election.

While preppers have a great amount of information to help people through the coming chaos, their voices might be silenced in these venues, and others, because of things like religious, political, or social values that bristle against the “norm”.

As Far as Resources Go

Who could forget Toilet Paper Gate? This election coupled with the terrifying blend of flu season and COVID-19 will create new lockdown restrictions across the nation. This time people will see it coming and resources will be scarce.

The supermarkets will be sparse again and the resources preppers have come to rely on to build their prepper pantries and cleaning stockpiles might not be available, again.

Limited Preps

Along with the added strain on supermarkets and suppliers, your favorite online prepper shops will also struggle to keep inventory on hand.

This is great news for the suppliers, but bad news for preppers who are still stocking food storage. Buying prepper related items will become harder to do and the wait will be much longer.

The Ugly

There are some good and bad things that will affect preppers based on the coming elections. However, there are also some things coming that are just plain ugly! Some through laws and others through the very prepping market itself.

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Government Dissolution

While it is easy to bark about the problems with mail in votes and funding of post offices, there are much larger issues afoot.

Sure, we may not know who the president is until 2021, but more importantly people are going to lose even more confidence in their government. If enough people lose total confidence in the government, things can get really bad!

Hoarding Laws

At the height of the pandemic there were many threats that perked up the ears of preppers. The administration was threatening those who may have had extra masks, hand sanitizer or other things necessary for front line emergency professionals dealing with those who were sick.

The message was focused on people who stockpiled these items for resale, but if the shortages persisted who knows how far these threats would have gone. Are you prepared to turn your preps over for the “Greater Good”?

With many more preppers building food storage stockpiles, continued shortages would undoubtedly affect the messaging from our government and a focused lens could be held over preppers who have food “to spare” for those who have not prepared!


While there are many people who are selling legitimate prepper products, the prepping, survival, and emergency preparedness market is booming. This means that there is money to be made and unscrupulous drop shippers and affiliate marketers will throw low quality products at that market.

This is more of a problem for new preppers who cannot draw the distinction between quality products and cheap Chinese ones, that are produced at the lowest price point to maximize profit. The snake oil salesman will be in full affect to take advantage of election time uncertainty.

No matter the outcome of this election, the nation will be affected forever. No matter which side you fall on in this thing, you must understand that preppers and Americans in general will all be more concerned, more upset, and more disturbed at the condition of their nation.

The laws that spin off the next administration will be important for preppers to watch. These will be high emotion laws that will affect our nation for an awfully long time. As the economy struggles, the nation is gripped by violence and the government overexerts its efforts to appear effective, we could quickly become a more oppressed people. We must remain vigilant.

Preppers will survive the coming election, but the world they inherit may be hardly recognizable.

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James Walton
By James Walton September 4, 2020 08:32
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  1. G.W. Long September 4, 15:03

    What, No Comments Yet?? Well Let me get this ball a rolling. Thanks James, and Claude. This site is AWESOME!! Always something interesting to read and ponder.. I forward it out to both of my friends… and about 12 others… WINK, WINK! In case any of them get this far in reading the article. THANK YOU for All of these GREAT Ideas and Suggestions. This site continues to be a GENUINE Treasure Trove of Knowledge.

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    • City Chick September 6, 00:09

      The war we were fighting over there has now come to us! The president has made some excellent decisions to prepare us and position us for victory in the coming years. He stopped the infiltrators from breaking our borders and establishing additional strongholds. He has cranked up our economy and our self reliance as a nation. He has strengthened our depleted military. He is closing up shop in the Middle East and repositioning our troops. He has directed that a full accounting be done of who is here who is not a US citizen and wants details about them. He talks of the story of the snake and the Trojan Horse. He has stopped untold terrorists attempts to attack us from within. There is the Muslim Democratic Party here in NY. If you have your ear to the ground you will know what I’m talking about!

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  2. Solarpunk Crone September 4, 15:43

    Something that’s begun to bother me a bit is the fact that everything we buy with credit or debit cards can be tracked.
    I’ve been using a debit card for everything, and maybe I’m late to the game but it’s recently occurred to me how easy it’s going to be to find out who bought what, if those in charge want to know.
    Even the apps you get for your grocery or hobby store tell those corporations exactly what each person buys.
    Last time I made a return at Wal-Mart they asked if I had paid with a card and looked it up to see if I’d actually purchased it because it had been awhile and I didn’t have a receipt.
    We don’t have a big house, and no money for any kind of bug out place to go to.
    I’m hoping “they” have bigger fish to fry than me when they go looking for preps to confiscate for those who didn’t think ahead.

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    • City Chick September 7, 20:05

      B I N G O!

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    • dz September 17, 02:53

      I’m retired military and am now a (boo-hiss) federal government employee working for the military, but also a devout believer in supporting and defending our Constitutional Republic, against all Enemies, both Foreign AND Domestic. I have been a natural prepper for several decades, as in “be prepared” from how I was raised and also being an old school Boy Scout before it was infiltrated by miscreants.

      I understand your concerns about our purchases being tracked, and also tracking our locations via cell phones and electronic devices, but in reality I doubt it would be worth the amount of time and effort it would take to data-mine the past few years of transactions of everyone in the USA to locate individuals that might have stocked up six to twelve months worth of personal supplies. I think that if government searches were implemented, the searches would be for locations of large bulk storage of foodstuffs and fuels before anything resembling a Federally sanctioned door to door search for supplies – or anything else, including Firearms. That doesn’t mean some local governments (city, county, state) would not try something that stupid, but then again, look at the liberal run areas that are allowing the anarchists and communists to run rampant committing violent crimes and pointless destruction directed at innocent people. And I just remembered that Hawaii local governments did recently send law enforcement out to confiscate firearms from private citizens that had committed no violations, but were targeted for using legally prescribed medications, so please remain aware of everything going on in your area and take appropriate measures as you see fit.

      Reply to this comment
      • City Chick September 17, 17:45

        dz – The Chinese have been data mining anything and everything they can get their hands on for some time. You and I are probably already in their system.

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        • dz September 17, 20:35

          I would say that it is highly likely the majority of our purchases, utility usage, and traveling are on several huge databases both foreign and in the US, but if the Chinese attempt to use that information to confiscate materials from American households, then we have a lot more to be concerned about such as: How were the Chinese able to enter and take enough control over areas in the USA to even attempt door-to-door confiscations? Only if they successfully invaded and were able to maintain control, which is why it is paramount for us to retain, and be prepared to use our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms – we will probably need to in the near future in the USA is to survive.

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    • Omega 13 October 19, 21:58

      Note that now you’re discouraged from spending cash because of “Covid-19.” There’s even a coin shortage for some reason being blamed on “Covid-19.”

      What this does is make people use credit/debit cards or write checks. Which means your spending can be tracked.

      I’m a Costco member. They have a record of every single item I’ve purchased from their warehouses, except stuff from the food court. I’ve been a member for 19 years.

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  3. Pockets September 4, 16:57

    All good thoughts and advice! Anyone who thinks we are not on the brink of civil war or worse has been brain dead or sleeping in 2020!!!!

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  4. DEFENDER September 4, 17:14

    I have been prepping for years now – but all of a sudden my wife now thinks I am a lot smarter than she thought 🙂

    Anyway for those new to this and the guns part, everyone now buying guns – as a State and DHS Certified Firearms Instr know this:

    There is a “LOT” more to actually using that gun in a real encounter than just “Point and Shoot”, If you dont get trained in Defensive Shooting there is a good chance you will really be “sucking air”. How do I know?
    See above + “been there done that” more than once day and night. Getting a “Permit” does not count – that is Just “Certifying you as a good person” but is NOT Training. Not for the real thing. Look up IDPA go to and talk to people at a match they will know who trains near you. Matches held all over the country.

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    • dz September 17, 21:03

      I guess I am lucky my wife has been fairly supportive of my “prepping” although she occasionally asks why I am stocking up on certain things, or why am I stocking up so much. But once in a while she does it too, like when she came home with a portable camping toilet and a couple boxes of the heavy duty bags to hold the waste.
      After the recent COVID-19 panic caused shortages of TP, fresh dairy, eggs, meats, etc., which we never ran out of anything except fresh milk, eggs, and store bought bread, and then only for very short periods, she was really glad I had six months of everything stocked up, including several of the largest packages of MEGA Rolls TP stacked on top of the extra refrigerator/freezer out in the garage.
      To help with storage space, I try looking up as well as around when searching for places to stash supplies. And we really don’t hide much because we have been keeping large on-hand stocks of essentials for a couple decades, it’s normal for us and if anyone asks we just tell people we have lived through several Typhoons, a couple 8.2 earthquakes, and MT Pinatubo causing serious damage when I was stationed in the Philippines, and so we are always prepared for disasters. Then if they ask you what they should stock up on, you have convinced them to do the same, Later on you might then ask them if they know anything about gardening, hamm radio, using tools or building things, and so on, just to get an idea what skills they might have. And if you are comfortable with them you might ask if they ever go fishing, hunting, or to a shooting range. I did that and discovered someone who recommended a firearms & ammunition outlet I didn’t know about. We will be going there to see what is still in stock, most outlets in our area are sold out or the prices are marked up way to high, and I won’t buy until prices come back down,

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      • Tomk September 17, 23:53

        I would probably be considered a hoarder, but my truck has enough survival stuff in it last a lifetime. Well, at least a couple weeks. I can’t fit a passenger in the back seat, but I don’t have to. I sometimes go wandering around in the mountains, or just go up for a picnic or hunting, and if I get stuck or break down, I have what I call my Holiday Inn survival kit. The pack’s a bit heavy, so if I have to walk out, it may take a minute or two, but I won’t freeze to death or starve.And if I’m lucky enough to run into Bear Grylls, he can teach me how to eat bear poop and drink pee. Then my survival skills will be complete.

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      • Tomk September 18, 00:19

        When I was young, I had a lot of low paying dirty jobs that weren’t worth having, so I got to point where if a boss threatened to fire me, just as a means of intimidating me (yes there are jobs like that), “I know you really need a job, and yo should be thankful to have this one, and I’d hate to see you lose your job, so….” I would tell him “before you threaten to take something away, you should make sure it’s worth having in the first place. Find another fool to bully”. This led to a situation of having to learn to pay all bills in advance and stock the pantry when I had money. I married a Mormon, who spent her life learning how to prep. When she was still alive, she figured we had enough to live for three. So, now that it’s just me, I think I’ll probably be able to live out the rest of my life without having to buy food if it comes to that.

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  5. Lisa September 4, 17:48

    trump is dividing this nation, putting blue vs red. During his trip to Kenosha, he spoke in a divisive way, not unity, Biden spoke of listening and coming together. Cops need to be held accountable, as well as that Kyle fucker. Trump praised him, that’s wrong on many levels.

    Reply to this comment
    • Rucksack Rob September 4, 20:21

      I’m sorry Lisa, but you’ve been drinking the main stream media’s kool-aid. They have done nothing but lie about President Trump. Not enough room here to even begin to list, but all the lies are nothing more than outright propaganda by the status quo. (who lost the last general election after misjudging the American people so badly.)
      Trump is an asshole, I’ll give you that and I doubt I’d ever invite him over to my house for dinner. Trump has accomplished more for this country in 3 years, all the while being lied about and slandered along with phony left-wing congressional hearings than any president in history, including 0bama. (with his small amount of anti-isim from the right…)
      If you approve of life long politicians and the deep money grabbing self-righteous septic creatures who supposedly ‘represent’ us in D.C. (the district of criminals) than by all means, vote democrat (and/or RINO). Term limits will be the only way to cure this mess. I’d rather vote for an asshole who gets things done than a nice guy who does absolutely zero for the betterment of ALL Americans! (like 0bama)
      I honestly am not trying to belittle you, you may be the smartest person on this site, but I was born during the Eisenhower administration and have seen the Kennedy assassination, VietNam, Watergate, man on the moon landing, Reagan, all the latest wars, the Bush era’s, 0bama and now this, all the while serving 24 years in the Army. This is by far, the worst in those many years. Oh… and that Kyle F’er you so ignorantly chastised without know the full story puts you in no better company than the meatheads from CNN, et al. Please get the facts before you appoint yourself Judge, Jury and executioner.

      Reply to this comment
      • Velvetjade September 6, 22:22

        I’ll just politely disagree with you here. If you can give me information that I can research and learn from to prove otherwise then please do. What I see when I look at Trump is a petulant child. I don’t like him and I have yet to see where anything he has done during his administration has been to better my life in any aspect. I see a lot of people spewing information but I never see them putting any information as to where they are getting their information from. Without those facts, it’s all just words and opinions. I welcome any information you have to provide that may sway my opinions. This pandemic has only solidified my opinions of him. He has done a shitty job with it from the very start. Again, that’s my opinion so please share with me any facts that I can actually research fully that might change my mind. I welcome it if it actually exists.

        Reply to this comment
        • Tealady77 September 7, 02:26

          Greetings, VelvetJade. I listen to several versions of the news and read several versions of news write-ups. I find very few to report BOTH sides. I put it all together and figure out what’s what.
          Like Rucksack Bob, I don’t personally like Trump, but he gets things done. He is highly effective at misdirecting attention away from what he’s doing and also highly effective at what he does. I have not found Biden to be effective in any area.
          I was born after the Eisenhower era. I saw President Kennedy assassinated, watched his funeral, saw Martin Luther King’s speech, saw him assassinated and his funeral (all tv); went though desegregation, Vietnam where my dad fought for the USA, and all historical events Rucksack Bob went through while my Dad served his country, the United States of America for 20 years and 2 wars, Korea and Vietnam. Since I can remember,there has ever been debate between parties and races and gender and sexes and sexual preferences, to name a few things. But the states have been UNITED. There’s a quote, “United We Stand, Divided We Fall.” I believe that.
          President Trump has done more to promote and help the UNITED STATES than any President before him. He has made America great again, yes, and has taken off the tarnish on our name throughout the world. He is a strong President and one who is not afraid to stand up for our country or to make a decision.
          If you want research, do it off Google. They will not show much he has done. Try Yahoo or some of the others.
          I am PROUD to be an American. I am PROUD to be the daughter of an Army veteran. I am PROUD to live in the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.

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          • Miss Kitty September 9, 01:59

            I wouldn’t worry over much about the gooberment…the things that they were concerned with were more in line with people buying with an eye to resell at profiteering prices. Unless you have been buying MASSIVE quantities of say, baby formula, and plan to resell a can of Similac you bought for ten dollars for fifty dollars, buying a couple extra cases of corned beef hash and a sack of flour shouldn’t raise any flags. Even then, they have to prove that you are still in possession of it. You might have donated it all to the local food bank, or given it to your kids out of state.
            Just keep it low key and try to conceal how much you have from casual observation by neighbors, delivery people, repair people, etc. It’s them you will have to worry about if shtf tomorrow.
            Don’t flaunt it if you’ve got it.

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        • dz September 17, 04:51

          when someone is attacked by an assailant, and especially a mob of multiple assailants, with some of those assailants using weapons including firearms, then the victim has the right to defend themselves, including Bearing arms to stop the attackers. That is what happened as is proven by a complete review of unedited video footage obtained from several sources.

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      • Tealady77 September 7, 01:46

        Thank you, Rucksack Bob. You make sense.

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    • chip September 4, 20:30

      Your head is not on straight, pilgrim.

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    • City Chick September 4, 21:47

      Lisa, I don’t know where you sit, but here in the big city folks are starting to quickly realize that the “defund the police crowd” will not only not protect but prey on them! The newspaper are littered with sorrowful tragic stories here and it’s not I repeat not cops killing or harming people of color! I am also confident that this President
      can readily and easily handle anything that comes his way because he stand up for what he believes. Just take a look at the agenda for his second term and you may have a change of heart. Then come on over here and visit us all in the big city! Look around! You’ll quickly change your opinion and your vote too!

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    • Gold Coast Rich September 4, 23:15

      Lisa, It is the leftist, marxists in the Dem party dividing this nation. I don’t want any part of what they have to offer. If you want what they have to offer go live in a country where it already exists. Does China or Venizuela sound familar? You want to blame trump for dividing the Nation!!! Just look at what the DEM party has tried to do since Trump won in 2016. The DEM are a bunch of sore lossers and have been trying to Screw him ever since. You say he spoke in a divisive way in Kenosha, please provide facts and keep them in context. You watch to much cnn and the other biased media outlets. They only tell you what they want you to here. A narative doesn’t mean truth if it leave out half the story. I don’t care about OP ED pieces either, I don’t need a BOZO with black rimed glasses telling me what to think because I can make mistakes myself just fine. There will never be unity in this country as long as the ideas of the leftest, marxist are taken seriously. You want to tear down the Greatest Country in the world for someones vision of Utopia? Your Utopia is not my Utopia and I respect that. You are buying into the elistist view that want to control you. I want as little government in my life as possible. It is a necessary evil.
      I wouldn’t trust Biden as far as I could throw him. What does that mean listening and coming together? Actions speak louder than words.
      I agree with you regarding accountability for the police. They probably have the toughest jobs in the world and I don’t know why anyone would want to do it. They put there lives on the line when called to domestic violence, common traffic stops,robberies,etc,etc. Yes there are bad police just like any other profession. weed the bad ones out and give better training. For one minute, put your self in their shoes when going on a police call when their lives are on the line. Honestly, how would you react? Are you going to give up your life first?
      Before you judge Kyle lets make sure of all the facts. NO HEAR SAY, NO OPINIONS, JUST THE FACTS. PROOF.

      Reply to this comment
      • Velvetjade September 6, 22:53

        Yes, JUST THE FACTS!!! That means from everyone that is making claims. Both against and for just so it’s ‘fair’. I don’t like Trump or Biden or most politicians because in my experience they are all crooks and I’m a firm believer that the USA has the best BOUGHT AND PAID FOR politicians in the world. The current one just happens to be wealthy so he may be just a little more inclined to help those like himself and not give a single shit about the working class which I and most people are in. So please, FACTS? I welcome them and the opportunity to see if any of it will change how much I truly despise our current petulant child king. Your next post talks about ‘unsportsmanlike conduct’? So when POTUS didn’t like something on Twitter or some other social media his reaction was ‘I’m going to shut it down’ or ‘file a lawsuit’. Perfect example of that unsportsmanlike conduct if you ask me. Honestly though. I do welcome and eagerly await any info you have found that might sway my opinion of our spoiled brat of a President.

        Reply to this comment
    • LC September 5, 02:14


      Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck September 5, 02:23

      Let’s talk about a recent example that occurred within the last ten days. All the communist talking heads were breathlessly reporting that Trump’s wife pulled her hand away from his attempt to take her hand as they exited one of the presidential planes. They even had video documenting the BIG EVENT!

      But an independent blogger posted the rest of the video that somehow wound up on the cutting room floor. His wife pulled her hand away so that she could keep her skirt from blowing up in the wind that was swirling around the aircraft. That clip of course was within a split second of when the communists’s clip ended.

      It is that blatant shit — sorry folks, no other word in the English language can describe the constant flow of shit that comes from the disgruntled losers on the left. I am not the Donald’s biggest fan. I too would not invite him over for Sunday barbecue. But I have become a reluctant fan. Why? Because I have always favored the underdog. Hillary was going to win in a walkover until she insulted her mainstream voters base. Two-Shot is a shoo-in. Until all his verbal blunders bury him. That is unless he has a complete mental break-down in the next two months.

      If he is elected Putin will eat him alive. Ching Zing Chow or whoever is running the Chinese war machine will bury Ole Two-Shot Joe. The Chinese People’s Liberation Army will wind up not only owning the Port of Long Beach but the rest of the left coast ports from San Diego to Seattle. They may graciously allow the U.S. Navy to continue as a tenant but perhaps not. They almost were able to buy the Port of Long Beach during the reign of “I did not have sex with the woman” Clinton but he was forced to back out by the public outcry.

      If the communists were a major sports team they would be fined a huge amount by the league commissioner for unsportsmanlike like conduct. Everyone hates a sore loser. There is an old old joke and the punch line is: “If the flu shits you wear it.” It looks like the communist party is going to wear it.

      Reply to this comment
      • City Chick September 5, 03:03

        LCC – Seen that skirt episode too! It’s a good example of what’s going on! The talking heads and commentators are driving me nuts because they seem to think that I am all deaf, dumb and blind! Started to watch on C-span! Enjoyed the conventions! No annoying commentators trying to tell me what I just saw and what I just heard!

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    • Slim September 5, 04:44

      AIR HEAD

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    • JayJay September 5, 18:17

      Oh, damn….last night I thought we were adult and sophisticated enough to ignore trolls…what a waste of effort, energy, and time to comment –maybe next time we will ignore-these folks are paid to do this trolling.

      Reply to this comment
      • City Chick September 5, 20:12

        JayJay, Not going to be silent anymore! They are poor indoctrinated souls screwed up after years of leftist. Diversity Training pounded it into to them until they became what they now are. The leftist intimidation is showing its ugly face everywhere and it has got to stop. It has lead to the rioting, bullying and violence we see in the streets. It will continue until we fight back! Free speech! We need to use it!

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        • left coast chuck September 6, 03:42

          CC: I agree it is time for us to talk up to the communists in our country who would trade everything our forefathers worked for, fought for, died for for the false illusion that everyone can be equal. Orwell’s 1984 puts it so succinctly: “Everyone was equal but some were more equal than others.”

          Somehow these misled fools think that they are going to be in the more equal group. They think that because of their position in government or education or some other occupation that means they will automatically somehow be in the select group. They can’t seem to recall Stalinist Russia, Castroist Cuba, the mess that is just some hundred miles south of us called Venezuela where thousands who thought they would comprise the “in group” suddenly found themselves on a train to Siberia or the luckier ones, just summarily shot in the head. Does any one recall the Great Leap Forward and how many lives were lost in Communist China?

          Keep up the good work.

          Interestingly, A classmate of mine was for years the cultural attacher from Venezuela in Washington, District of Corruption. As soon as he was ready to retire, he got an alumnus that he knew to introduce a special bill for him to jump right into U.S. citizenship. He knew what was going on in his country of birth and he wanted no part of it.

          Reply to this comment
          • Miss Kitty September 7, 15:14

            “All animals are equal. Some are more equal than others.”
            George Orwell – Animal Farm
            Another favorite scene from this book is at the end when the pigs have moved into the farm house and taken to wearing the farmer’s clothes. They have invited the human neighbors in, and to paraphrase “you couldn’t tell the difference between them.”
            Great, true story!

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            • Tomk September 11, 05:08

              Remember the hippy communes? They were all going to share the work and share the benefits equally. Too many wanted to share equally in being artists and musicians and community leaders, while too few wanted to share in digging ditches and cleaning toilets. No different than what’s coming up in “fundamentally changed” America.

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    • City Chick September 6, 00:24

      Lisa, President Trump, is President of the United States of America, he is not the leader of a third world country. Here you are innocent until proven guilty in a court of law! If you want it to be the other way around go to China Cuba, or Venezuela! By the way, Biden has been silent until the roar of disapproval has become so loud he had to get out of the basement!

      Reply to this comment
      • City Chick September 7, 00:41

        Velvetjade, You will be happy to know that this president has without fail from day one of his presidency, kept his promise to donate his entire salary in support of specific government agency programs with earmarked initiatives on a regularly scheduled quarterly basis For example, in Q 2 2017 he made the salary donation to the Department of Education. The donation was stipulated or earmarked for them to provide a STEM camp for kids. He made similar quarterly donations to a multitude of other Federal Departments. For example, the Department of Veterans Affairs Caregivers Program, the Department of the Interior Infrastructure Program, the Department of Health and Human Services Opioids Education Campaign. The list goes on and on! No other president or Vice President to my knowledge has ever done this! They’ve just been all talk and no action, especially when it came to putting their own hand in their own pocket! All of these the donations have been made publicly and all of the detail information has been published in major newspapers. Bye the way, there’s tv coverage of these events out there on the web as well. Biden on the other hand is a well known legendary cheapskate when it comes to making any kind of donation to good causes. Biden is the one who has fattened his wallet, and his son’s wallet and his brother’s wallet. Girl, you gotta get educated here! We don’t want you out there making a fool of yourself!

        Reply to this comment
    • Velvetjade September 6, 22:14

      I’m with you on this. I don’t see where Trump has done anything but create division amongst the people of this country. He doesn’t give a shit about anyone other than himself and those that can fatten his wallet. His actions have proven this time and time again. He is like a petulant child when he does not get his way and throws temper tantrums. I am neither Democrat or Republican but I have looked at the numbers and it is a FACT, proven FACT, that Republicans have put this great country into so much debt that getting out if it is near impossible. Democrats have repeatedly decreased the deficit only to hand over the seat to a Republican that causes it to skyrocket again. I have yet to see where the current presidential administration has done a single thing to help the working people of this country. For those that think he has done a great job all I ask is show me the proof. I’m open to learn things I don’t know yet so please, provide me with your facts if you can. I have yet to find anything to support what Trump’s supports claim. Please, show me the proof where things have been taken from the ‘haves’ to give to the ‘have nots’. There isn’t any. This entire presidency has been nothing more than a spoiled child sitting in the office and taking his ball and going home when he doesn’t get his way. His goal is to divide and conquer. I cannot and will not support that type of a president.

      Reply to this comment
      • Tomk September 11, 05:15

        “TAKEN from the haves to give to the have nots”. That says it all, snowflake. The epitome of Marxism.

        Reply to this comment
      • dz September 17, 03:12

        Velvetjade, the sun is coming out, it’s time for all Libtard trolls to crawl back into their hidey-holes.

        Reply to this comment
      • Tomk September 17, 04:25

        President Trump and all of the people who support him have been attacked since Nov. 9th 2016. You snowflakes keep claiming that he is spreading hate. He is creating division, but the only hate and division I’ve seen is all coming from the snowflake left.”Donnie boy”. “Bunker boy” “Idiot in chief”. “Man child”. While the President is trying to heal the divisive “fundamental change” from the previous administration. Set me straight, snowflake. What have you personally seen or heard the President do that’s spreading hate and dividing the nation, besides getting elected? Are you capable of putting it in your own words?

        Reply to this comment
    • Schlonger September 7, 15:43

      Geez, hyperbolize much?

      Reply to this comment
    • Mark September 14, 19:05

      If Slow Joe is elected, they will implement their entire agenda, in total:

      Abolishing the First Amendment through “hate speech” laws and shutting down all opposition media (controlled and otherwise)
      Legalizing the immigrants already here
      Bringing in tens of millions of new immigrants
      Fighting a war against Russia and building up further hostilities against China
      Making every white male a de facto rapist, guilty until proven otherwise
      Forcing children to become transsexuals
      Removing the police from white neighborhoods
      Taking people’s guns
      Discriminating against whites in every way imaginable
      Legalizing all drugs
      Letting the blacks out of prison
      And everything else you can imagine.

      Reply to this comment
      • City Chick September 15, 17:49

        Don’t think we would be fighting a war with Russia and China if by some chance Biden wins in November. If Biden does win I do think that Russia would be increasing their supply of uranium and Xi would be running things around here.

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  6. Lisa September 4, 17:51

    This article mentioned Hoarding Laws, well they won’t know what you have unless you keep you and your wife’s mouth shut. As a woman I know lots of women who brag about all the canning and preserving they do, they need to shut up. if something happens, the last thing I want are my neighbors coming over thinking I’ll take care of them.

    Reply to this comment
    • Simpleislovely September 4, 19:40

      You got it ALL wrong Lisa. Your like the person who will be struck dumb and down when SHTF. Your on the wrong side for one thing. Even if you hate President Trump you should be smart enough to figure out the better way. You even sound like you would be one of the “looters” or “rioters”. You should re-evaluate.

      Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck September 5, 02:35

      Lisa: Love your syntax. Reread your first sentence and see if it makes sense. If it does, you must be a proud graduate of the PDRK school system. Read your second sentence. It is two sentences run into one. Read your last sentence. The verb does not agree with the subject. Thing is singular are is plural.

      I can understand why your thinking is cloudy. Your writing reveals a significant gap in your cognitive ability.

      I try to eschew personal attacks but your post is so poorly constructed I can only attribute it to either a very poor education or an utter lack of clear thinking ability.

      Oh, yeah, I know, this site is for preppers and not an English class. Unfortunately we have seen examples in prior pieces where poorly worded articles led two readers to two complete opposites of what the author was trying to convey but with his badly worded sentence structure any one of several interpretations might be what he was trying to convey. English is a rich and precise language. It is because of that richness and precision that it has become the de facto lingua franca of first world countries.

      Reply to this comment
      • IvyMike September 6, 00:00

        I think Lisa’s 1st sentence is brilliant, it rather effortlessly establishes that in her experience the husband plays a dominant role but he’d better be extra vigilant because the girls do love to talk. Brings to mind the old Sippie Wallace lyric,’woman be wise, don’t advertise your man.’
        IMHO German is a precise language, American English is a mess. Just consider the evolution of legalese in an attempt to clarify contracts, or the lack of precision in the construction of the 2nd Amendment and what a mess that causes.
        It bothered me so much to hear black Americans say ‘conversate’ I finally researched it and discovered it is a construction that has come in and out of use several times in England over the last few centuries, guess you could call it a sterling example of the Queen’s Ebonics. Don’t mean I’ll ever use the word myself.
        English is the lingua franca in developing countries,too, because America is still dominant in finance and tech. I’m afraid our great grandchildren are going to have to learn Mandarin.

        Reply to this comment
        • left coast chuck September 6, 04:06

          Ivy Mike: If you know military tactics from the 18th century the Second Amendment is crystal clear.

          Remember reading about good old Baron Von Steuben who gets a brief mention in some older history books but probably not at all in more modern ones as he is an old white man who whipped the Continental Army into a condition where they could withstand the disciplined force that was the British Army.

          Remember reading about how he taught the men “to march” at Valley Forge?

          He didn’t just teach them “Forward, March! Column Left! Column Right!.

          What he taught them was “Battalion, Right Front Onto Line.” He taught them “Dress Right Dress!” “At Extended Interval, Dress Right Dress!” And a whole plethora of battlefield drills required to move bodies of troops into position on the battlefields of the 18th century.

          We like to think that our military used rifles to pop British officers from behind trees. That’s great and it does create a morale problem for undisciplined troops but it doesn’t defeat the formations that won battles on the fields of the 18th century.

          A well-regulated militia means one that has been drilled in in close order drill in order to be able to perform on the battlefields of the 18th century. It is perfectly clear in its meaning if one has done any reading about military formations and actually performed them.

          Having been in the Old Corps during a transition period, I was in boot camp during the transition from the old drill which really was complicated and at the time I and all of my fellow recruits saw no purpose to it other than to allow the DIs to torture us. About there quarters of the way through boot camp CMC decided DIs were spending too much time teaching an antique method of moving men from one locale to another and change over to a much simpler form of drill.

          It wasn’t until many years later and my further study of history that I realized the purpose of the complicated drill that we learned first. You can still see remnants of it during the Sunset Parades at Marine Barracks, Eighth and Eye. It is truly amazing to see a column of men suddenly change into an on-line formation, the better to present a concentrated volley on the enemy formation. Or move into an extended interval formation so that the enemy volley have more open space for their highly inaccurate muskets to fire through. By the way we still practice that maneuver. If you were ever on a combat patrol you probably will remember your platoon sergeant nagging about maintaining interval and not bunching up.

          Von Steuben changed the farmers and laborers of the Continental Army from a ragtag armed bunch into a credible 18th century land army with his instructions in close order drill. He trained the NCOs and officers how to give the orders so that they could become that credible armed force.

          He doesn’t get the credit he deserves for any number of reasons, one being that most history writers are not battlefield historians but political historians.

          Reply to this comment
          • City Chick September 6, 07:30

            LCC – The third Saturday in September is Steuben Day here in NY. This year it falls on the 19th. Since our elected officials have cancelled all such activities, there will be no parade down Fifth Avenue this year, but we still can toast the General with an ice cold beer!

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          • IvyMike September 7, 00:42

            Dog gone it LCC, what you just did is combine personal opinion, history, and your own experiences in a dozen paragraphs, a great job producing a seamless, readable, informative mini-article. Really appreciate your comments and responses.
            Agree with your view of ‘well regulated militia’ but history has shown it open to a lot of interpretation.
            1.Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
            2.A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.
            The 1st Amendment is a statement of absolute rights. The 2nd makes the right to keep and bear arms a dependent right. How much simpler life would be if the 2nd Amendment simply said ‘The right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.’
            Author and Marine Phil Caputo, in Rumor of War, tells about his Platoon running into a large ambush. They immediately took cover, he thought about it a little and passed the word to attack. He gave the order and was awestruck to see his men get up and form up on line just like they did in drill except now under heavy fire and attack (successfully) the enemy position head on. He became a pacifist and anti war activist but said it was still the most impressive thing he had ever seen.
            I once thoughtlessly insulted an old friend and history professor one night when we were doing research on some Anejo Tequila and I assured him history was a farce because there is no such thing as an objective historian.

            Reply to this comment
            • Tomk September 11, 05:40

              To call any amendment a “dependent right” is to imply that our rights are granted BY the government, rather than protected FROM the government. Congress, being what is is, even back then, was pandering to a special interest group to get the constitution ratified.

              Reply to this comment
          • Tomk September 11, 05:30

            I was told that we were being taught to follow orders without thinking, so if somebody yells “DUCK”! You put down your head and cover it instead of putting it up and saying “Where? I don’t see any duck”.

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      • dz September 17, 03:28

        Chuck, I double checked and there may be more than one Lisa posting, one is definitely a Libtard Troll (scroll up a long way) but the other seems like a more reasonable person who thinks not bragging about your on-hand stock is a good thing.

        I think your “reply to this comment” might have been intended for the Libtard Troll Lisa that posted much farther up, please review.

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    • Midwest Jeff September 5, 15:29

      You come across as kinda hateful AND you support the Marxist group that will destroy all we love in this country. So I probably would not recommend to anyone that they go to your door to be taken care of. Frankly, I’m surprised you’re a prepper and that you’re even on this site. Guess what I’m saying is I question your intentions.

      Reply to this comment
      • ST September 7, 18:24

        There are MANY Leftist preppers. I don’t sidle up to someone just because they have a stack of canned goods in the basement and a “victory garden”. A lot of them are fleeing the cities, cities faltering due to the same policies these Leftists championed. Many are fleeing to “Red” areas, all the while denigrating their new neighbors on social media.
        I’ll not knowingly offer help to one of these, ever.

        Reply to this comment
      • City Chick September 7, 20:12

        Could just simply be a Millennial too! But always important to remember to “Trust but Verify!”

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    • Solarpunk Crone September 7, 13:09

      It may not necessarily be true that they won’t know what we have. Our neighbors won’t know unless we tell them, however if things are purchased with a debit or credit card every item is traceable.

      Reply to this comment
      • Miss Kitty September 7, 15:32

        Every item is traceable up to a point. Once you get it home from the store, it’s trail ends as far as the gooberment knows. If you have to keep your preps at your home address, and you either own the property or have authorization to build/alter within the structure, you really should consider some sort of concealed storage. A hidden room within the basement. A false back in a closet hiding a storage area. Hidden compartments at the backs of kitchen drawers and cabinets and within a staircase.
        Will there be room for all of your reserves? No, but the purpose is to hide enough to keep you alive, while allowing “requisitioning parties” to think that they have seen all of your strategic reserves, and/or weapons, another thing that raiders will be looking for.

        Reply to this comment
        • City Chick September 7, 18:22

          If they are searching for anything, especially anything made of potentially explosive material or any metal they have detectors to completely sweep through the area in which they are conducting the search. They also know everything about you before they knock on your door. So unless you happen to have a deep underground shelter in another location that you don’t own, have never been to, or happen to know anyone there. It will be found.

          Reply to this comment
          • Miss Kitty September 9, 02:13

            True enough, plus sniffer dogs for concealed firearms, ammo, explosives… probably for jerky and hardtack for all I know. Dogs can sniff out almost anything, plus they bite!

            Reply to this comment
        • Tomk September 14, 06:03

          This comment just turned on a light bulb in my thick head. Every time I buy groceries, They ask for my rewards number, which is my phone number, which is registered in the store records. When I get gas, I use a rewards card and debit card. When I get a hunting license, I need my social security number. No matter what we do, there’s a record of it.

          Reply to this comment
          • Deb October 4, 18:38

            If you need to hide a part of your preps – bury and place material on top that will fool the detectors.

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      • City Chick September 7, 20:14

        Don’t forget that most stores have cameras too! So they got you on video tape!

        Reply to this comment
      • City Chick September 17, 19:18

        SolarpunkCrone – The odd thing about managing electronic records on corporate records management systems is that it is almost impossible to get rid of the information. The only positive is that it’s too much information for most to mine effectively and in a timely manner.

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    • Tomk September 17, 04:28

      Right. That’s the government’s job. To forcibly take it from us and give it to them, because we have no moral obligation to help each other. That’s why we nee Marxists controlling us.

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  7. City chick September 4, 17:57

    Prepare for the worst and Hope for the best!

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  8. Prepper In Training September 4, 18:38

    The Patriot, although a fictional account of the American Revolution, had a very compelling scene that should be taken to heart by both sides. Benjamin Martin told his sons to start with the officers first! Cornwallis said something to the effect that “in “civilized” war, officers are what keeps chaos from happening”.
    If war does break out in the fairly near future, Soros, Bill Gates, most governors and mayors in liberal cities, and big tech CEO’s should be very afraid for their lives. I don’t see the peons continuing to fight for the liberal side if they no longer have the monetary backing that they are used to right now.
    I don’t know what precautions are in place to ensure that bogus ballots don’t mysteriously appear, but I would hope that independent monitors are located within post offices and polling places to stop ballots from being accepted later than 3 days after the polls close. I almost expect to hear of mail trucks being burned making deliveries to the various polling places. Let’s hope not, but with zealots on both sides, someone may decide that destroying a mail truck will miraculously stop the cheating. It seems to be fairly obvious that this will probably be our last presidential election.
    And if Nancy Pelosi thinks she can automatically step into the position if the election is delayed long enough, two things may stop her. One, if the ballot counts are contested, she will have to wait for her district to finish certifying valid ballots, and she may not win anyway. Two, the Constitution will stop her! Amendment 20, Section 3: “If, at the time fixed for the beginning of the term of the President, the President elect shall have died, the Vice President elect shall become President. If a President shall not have been chosen before the time fixed for the beginning of his term, or if the President elect shall have failed to qualify, then the Vice President elect shall act as President until a President shall have qualified; and the Congress may by law provide for the case wherein neither a President elect nor a Vice President elect shall have qualified, declaring who shall then act as President, or the manner in which one who is to act shall be selected, and such person shall act accordingly until a President or Vice President shall have qualified.” Congress very clearly is in charge, and Congress is comprised of both the House and the Senate! With a contested election, the main vote recounts may very well be in democrat controlled towns. Since Nancy’s term expires on January 3rd, if her ballots have not been fully counted, then there will be no one able to serve from her district. If this happens in enough districts, the republicans may have a majority in both House and Senate.
    Yes, this is going to be a very interesting election cycle. This article highlights and stresses that we need to step up our prepping game. Me? I need to make sure I have my Doan’s pills handy, because I have to dig cache holes in the red clay of East Texas.

    Reply to this comment
    • Ryn September 4, 23:34

      I appreciate your work on this article. All of us were “new” peppers once and need the knowledge…..the best we can do is to educate those that want it!😀

      The highlight I’ve gotten, is discussing security in our area with my neighbors. I know them, but I don’t have a feel for how they view self defense. The riots are an opening to talk about it with them. In turn, it might serve as a platform for talking about prepping.

      Again, thank you!

      Reply to this comment
    • Consco September 5, 23:00

      Thank you PIT. I read the section you reference. You quote it word for word. Again thank you. Perhaps sending this to MSM sources would be appropriate.
      I agree with many others on here. we are heading for turmoil. I believe if Trump wins in a landslide it will be chaos but the law will be on our side. But look at the Democrat cities. Look at the Mayors and governors screaming gun control but using armed protection.
      Totally agree with decapitation of enemies. It makes the most sense. some military historians do disagree but guess is they are or were officers. LOL That whole self preservation thing shining through.
      Having said that remember that what one side can do so can the other. The red team will have the disadvantage of blue DA’s. We have seen that in St.Louis already. Recently repeated in Kenosha.
      Claude makes a great point in that the lone wolf scenario is virtually impossible but a discussion with neighbors for those who live in the middle of a big city is not really possible if you are surrounded by “hostiles”.
      I am hoping that people will wake up and realize that what they have voted for is what is bringing this destruction to their cities. I believe I am hoping against hope here. Reading Left Coast Chuck’s post of the past few years have been eye opening for sure.
      Please people open your eyes!!!!!

      Reply to this comment
  9. chip September 4, 20:32

    Your head is not on straight, pilgrim.

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  10. left coast chuck September 4, 21:10

    A cogent article. I fully agree. Whoever “wins” there is going to be turmoil in the country in my opinion. Personally, you could’t pay me enough to be president.

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  11. Dee September 4, 23:56

    I just don’t understand how the government can take away food that I purchased legally to feed my family. I thought that was called stealing.

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck September 5, 02:05

      It is and it is what they do behind the laws called “taxation”. If you are working they take your money and give it to someone who is not working.

      Did you ever wonder why Social Security is going to run out of money when it has received billions of dollars taken from your paycheck and from your employer’s ability to pay you more but did you ever hear that welfare is going to run out of money? No? Ever wonder why that is?

      Reply to this comment
    • City Chick September 5, 02:44

      Dee, Take a deep breath! Really don’t think that’s going to happen! FEMA has stockpiles of resources strategically placed around the country. If you listen up, you will find that every chance he gets to increase our strategic reserves, and our production capability, the president takes it.

      Reply to this comment
      • left coast chuck September 6, 04:13

        CC: You are more hopeful than I. FEMA is supposed to have stockpiles of supplies stashed here and there. I am a pessimist. I believe that those stockpiles exist only on some computer’s hard drive.

        But, assuming that you are correct and there are piles of goods stashed around. Do you really think they are going to be distributed to the hoi polloi? Do you think they are going to get outside of the big cities? I don’t know about other areas of the country, but here in the lower part of the left coast the only mentions I see of food distribution are private endeavors. Certainly some of them may may be getting federal aid but if so, that is unmentioned. Well, considering that the only press Donnie get is bad press, I suppose it would be too much for the communist press to credit any kind of relief to Donnie’s government and if you think your have a communist press in your neck of the woods, you haven’t seen the left coast’s version of “free and fair” press.

        Reply to this comment
        • City Chick September 6, 17:01

          LCC – You’re so right! Just because the information is on a computer hard drive, web server or somewhere in the cloud, or in a data warehouse doesn’t mean it’s the correct information! Made a real good living out of that! Even though things were tight, enabled me to put my son though all private schools. Best investment I ever made. The return on that investment is incalculable. Old Ben Franklin was as right on the money today as he was back then when he said “If a man empties his purse into his head, no man can take it away from him. An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest!” Not at all surprised your college friend decided to become an America Citizen! Good to see Betsy starting to turn around our educational system. That’s our future at stake!

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        • Tomk September 11, 06:10

          An optimist may see a light where there is none, but why must the pessimist always run to blow it out? Rene Descartes .

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    • Miss Kitty September 5, 03:38

      It is, but if the goobermint does it they will give you a “receipt” for items they “requisitioned” under some emergency powers act or something.
      At least you will have a sheet of paper for wiping your butt after all your TP has been loaded on trucks for “redistribution”.
      If you are a homeowner, you at least have some recourse against search and seizure. If you rent, you HAVE to let your landlord in if they require access for repairs/health and fire inspections (aka snooping). In which case, keeping your stuff concealed is a must. (Boxes marked “Christmas ornaments”?)

      Reply to this comment
      • City Chick September 5, 14:38

        We had two instances here in the big city. The first, a Brooklyn pharmacist who had a warehouse in NJ full of PPE. The second, a store owner on LI who had amassed pallets of PPE. In both instances, their hoarding was deliberate and not for personal use. Their stashes of PPE were calculated and excessive and to be sold on the black market at a high profit. Nothing taken here was for personal use. It was all greed.

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    • Sabel September 5, 04:14

      Ahhh. But when the government does it, they call it commandeering, confiscating, appropriating, expropriating, impounding, requisitioning, seizing for the greater good. That would be THEIR greater good, not YOURS…

      Think “eminent domain” but on personal property, not real property (land).

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    • Tomk September 11, 06:04

      Stalin took away entire farms.

      Reply to this comment
      • City Chick September 13, 21:41

        Tomk, That was right after he first took away the farmers. Here in the big city our mayor wants homeowners to welcome their fellow New York’s into their homes! After all he says And I quote “If you are here, you are one of us!” Well, Not to visit mind you, but to move in. Reminds me of the movie Dr Zhivago! The City now will even help you fix your house up for their arrival too!

        Reply to this comment
        • Miss Kitty September 14, 03:08

          That’ll keep the Covid levels down! Not to mention the crime rate.
          Cuomo and de Blahsio both have rocks in their heads!
          Charlie Baker(R Gov. Massachusetts) is overly cautious in some ways, but at least he hasn’t ordered us to let a stranger crash on our couch yet. I’d tell him “You first, buddy!”
          My sympathies.

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  12. Clergylady September 6, 05:44

    My 19 year old grandson is convinced we, are walking on the edge of a civil war. No matter who wins, we may all loose. Glad he sees the danger of this time. He and his Mom and grandpa are now preppers.

    Reply to this comment
    • City Chick September 7, 01:14

      Must run in the family there Clergylady! Sometimes they (talking sons and grandsons here) well they come about it from another direction or a different perspective as their priorities are different. Then you sort of meet in the middle especially if you both like to do things for yourselves rather than pay someone else to do it! I’m sure you have a wealth of information to pass on to them and I’m sure they will always be grateful for your loving time and attention as you do so.

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  13. Govtgirl September 6, 05:58

    Thank you, James, for writing this article. I had been buying extra every two weeks with my big shopping trip, but as it looked like the reopening and Covid-abatement was doing well, slacked off and dipped deep into it. I am worried about what is going to happen election time and do not believe it will go smoothly, yet I didn’t see the nexus with supplies. Will start rectifying that with the next trip. Got nothing to lose and, if nothing else, will save in long run. appreciate the reminder.

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck September 6, 17:07

      GG: The nexus is that if there is major civil unrest, stores will close because their employees haven’t shown up for work. That will mainly be grocery stores because they will be the site of disturbances from folks who did not learn from this last episode of mania. If local public officials perform their duties, they will be protected by police and, hopefully, local national guard who will be provided ammunition for their weapons, not just have them for show. However, as we have seen, a great many communist party local officials lack the will or actually believe that the rioting serves some purpose — which it does, the destabilization of our country, leaving it open to seizure by some internal dictatorial power. Our present form of government is far from perfect but no other country that I know of allows the freedom that ours does. Some may be better managed, but that is at the expense of individual freedom.

      In some of the episodes of rioting the hapless guardsmen were sent out just for show but not given ammunition for their rifles. Politically chicken-hearted politicians were afraid they might shoot if they were attacked. Welllll duhhh!

      As prudent preppers, it behooves us to be ready for situations that just might not reach the level of a X-10 category CME but if it your house burned in a riot it just might be the end of the world for you if your insurance policy specifically excludes coverage for damage created during periods of “civil unrest”. Many policies have such exclusions in them. It behooves each of us to check our policy to see if we have that coverage and inquire how much extra it costs and make an informed decision on our possible exposure viz a viz the cost of such coverage.

      Consider groceries to be a secure investment. When was the last time you saw the price of groceries drop other than on some weekend special? The price of groceries has continually risen since I have become responsible for grocery buying. I will pay you the difference if in three years time the price of the coffee that you put away for emergencies has declined in price. You will find you have a better return on the 3# can of coffee that you put in the closet than if you had kept the money in the bank.

      That is the pernicious effect of inflation. It discourages saving and thrift. Buy the car now because you know in three years’ time the price is going to be substantially higher than it is today.

      Why save money for retirement. Spend it on a cruise because by the time you are ready to retire, the price of a cruise will be out of reach.

      In my view, other than the divide between the two major parties and the threat of violence by the communist party, inflation and diminished value of the dollar is the major concern we have. If we go the way of Venezuela or Argentina or Zimbabwe, this year’s troubles will seem as if they were nothing.

      Continue your frugality by putting away vital food and other commodities.

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  14. City Chick September 6, 22:47

    Velvet Jade, Here in New York, we are known politically and historically as diet-hard liberal Democrats, so as a native New Yorker, I’ll be happy to help you out! You can find a published and verified List of President Trumps Accomplishments on the website 710WOR radio station The Voice of New York @ The list is published by a local radio announcer Mark Simone. There are others out there as well. It has been my pleasure to help you out here. Please know that we the people here in New York are grateful to the president for the outstanding job both he and his administration has done to help us during COVID 19. It was our local government that failed us.

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    • Sabel September 7, 04:04

      I saw an interesting statistic yesterday. In 2008, the average annual income of a black household in America was $19,000. By 2016, when the Obama/Biden Reign of Terrible was over, the average black household’s annual income was $10,000.

      Considering the unemployment numbers pre-Covid19, i would say that Trump’s policies did more to improve the lot of ALL Americans in 3 1/2 years than Obama & Biden did for ANYONE in 8 years. And I am convinced that, since there are no coincidences, the only reason the CoVid 19 was released was because the Liberals/Marxists./Communists were scared to death that Trump was becoming even more popular with their traditional base, the minority voters. They couldn’t let that happen so they took the next step and released the virus early, before they had all their ducks in a row – namely, protective measures for the chosen few. What they didn’t foresee was Trump’s early moves of closing the borders as much as he was able to and mobilizing as much as he was able to in the way of manufacturing respirators, bringing hospital ships to NYC and LA, getting the Corps of Engineers to build and outfit a “hospital” at the Jacob Javits Center in a matter of days. Of course, Cuomo and deBlasio did their best to counteract that by sending infected patients to nursing homes and to the hospital ship in NYC instead of sending them to the Javits Center. That hospital ship was supposed to take pressure off the NY hospitals by providing safe operating and recovery rooms for non-infected patents. It was never meant to accept patients who were contagious. Everybody already was aware of how dangerous the virus was on board a ship. Only somebody as stupid as Cuomo or deBlasio would send an infected patient into a closed system like a hospital ship.

      The non-use of the Javits Center bordered on criminal negligence. As soon as patients were stable enough to be transported, they should have been sent to Javits for the remainder of their recovery, not to nursing homes that were filled with at-risk residents living in close quarters.

      The most intelligent thing I read about last spring was the director of a nursing home in the mid-west who asked her staff for volunteers who would move into the nursing home for the duration so nobody from outside could bring the virus in and nobody who was in the facility could go out, get infected, then bring the virus in. As far as I know, no lives were lost in the facility due to Covid19.

      The Liberals/Marxists/Communists made their next grave error when they sent out their agitators to riot & pillage, loot & burn. They have turned several million scared Liberals into gun owners who have now seen, first hand, how ridiculous the gun laws are and are going to remember that and Beto’s “Hell, yes, we’re going to take your AR-15!” promise and will vote for anybody but Biden/Harris. They have also burned out the businesses in minority neighborhoods where the middle-aged and elderly residents will remember who was responsible for turning their world upside down, and not in a good way.

      Whichever way the election goes, things are going to get ugly, but hopefully Trump and Pence get re-elected and lots of swamp dwellers and “Progressive” politicians will find themselves unemployed. We can only hope that AOC becomes a “one hit wonder.”

      BTW – lots of folks keep saying that if Biden wins, he will only last a month or two, then Harris will step in. It will actually be worse than that. They will keep Joe going, somehow, for just over two years…THEN Harris will step up to the Presidency. That way, she has the possibility of staying in office for nearly 10 years! How, you might ask. If the VP serves less than half of the former President’s term (anything less than 2 years), then the former-VP/new President can serve two full terms upon getting elected to the office. That means just under 2 years plus 2 4-year terms = just under 10 years. But it puts the Democrat party in the White House for 3 consecutive terms Considering how much damage Obama did in 8 years, 12 years would be devastating!

      And don’t forget that if the Dems have their way, vote by mail will become universal. If you don’t think it changes things through fraud, check out what it has done to the political landscape in Colorado The county we lived in, just west of Denver, was strongly Republican. Over the course of just 2 or 3 election cycles, it has turned severely Democrat, partly through the votes and partly through gerrymandering, to the point where our elected Congressman suddenly found himself living outside of the District he represented – he didn’t move, the District boundaries got moved by the Democrats who were on the committee responsible for “keeping things fair and equitable.” The Republicans contested the new boundaries and the Courts, naturally, sided with the Dems. Go figure…

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      • City Chick September 7, 14:23

        Sabel – The Democratic Party did the same redistricting/redistributing thing that you described in Denver to my district here in Queens, NY. It was a blatant act to stifle the Conservative Republican vote! When we all bitterly complained, Cuomo went one step further and publicly announced that Conservatives were no longer welcomed in New York State. This is how they are able to push forward socialists like AOC. Through redistricting. They combined the Democrat South Bronx with the Conservative Republican Area in northern Queens known as Woodside. They destroyed the effectiveness of the vote there as well. The folks over there are lived and are doing their best to fight back. AOC has done nothing for the District. She’s just a big mouthed former bartender who thinks she can actually run the country.

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      • ST September 7, 18:26

        I live in a Blue county. Vote fraud is the NORM here. We’ve been in the headlines many times, even overseas. And yes, the cheaters are ALWAYS Leftists.

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      • red ant January 2, 20:10

        Dam good info. Thanks

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  15. Miss Kitty September 9, 02:25

    This is appropos to the conversation, so I looked this up.
    So… until and unless items have been designated and publicly announced as “restricted” items by the president, we are allowed to get as much as we and our budgets can handle.
    However, local authorities can come in and order you to “clean up” a “hoarding situation”…like we’ve all seen on the evening news – some poor disturbed person with a houseful of old plastic containers and forty cats. Seems like those laws could be used against preppers… arguing that we’re mentally ill and our preps pose a “hazard”.
    Keeping our preps neat and organized and out of the way will help us maintain our privacy.

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  16. Susie Harrison September 24, 14:52

    I bake banana bread and have chickens so I bring my bread, eggs, and tomatoes to my neighbors… which is great for starting up a conversation on who has guns for defense in case ‘something weird happens with all these riots’. I’ve been able to find out who has guns, who has a gun somewhere without bullets, and who hates guns. It gives you an idea who will be as strong as your house, who might need some protection, and those who hate guns and don’t want your involvement. The reason I mention protecting your neighbors, because in my books and mind, You don’t want your starving neighbors to get violent and come after you when their kids are hungry. You might want to work with them, if your in a good neighborhood. I’ve tried to store a little extra and start a ‘trading post’ with my neighbors. Better 5 families work together, than to stand alone. This may go against most prepper ideas, but I’d rather be in a group, and NOT have to hurt my neighbors who are just hungry.

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  17. City Chick September 25, 13:46

    Susie H – That’s a good thing Susie! My son always asks me why to you want that or are you gonna use that when we are out and about shopping! I tell him that if I can’t hopefully there is someone around who can!

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