20 Stone Age Foods Every Prepper Should Try

Tracy Nawara
By Tracy Nawara March 18, 2021 09:04

20 Stone Age Foods Every Prepper Should Try

The hunter-gatherer mentality from the stone age is drastically different from the current way society eats food. In the modern world, many people pop over to the store when in need of 1-2 ingredients, and grab a sugary soda on the way out. Back in the stone age, if you weren’t foraging or hunting that day, you were starving.

Prepping is a happy medium between the two ends. We live sustainable lives by farming, hunting, fishing, but also stocking up on nonperishable foods from the grocery store. Taking some direction from the folks of the stone age can provide us with invaluable knowledge about where to get food when there seemingly is none to find.

Today, this stone-age diet is reimagined into the Paleo diet. The Paleo diet is a popular diet trend that emulates foods that would have been available to people from the Paleolithic era, around 3 million years ago.

It is comprised of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, excluding sugars, dairy, grains, and processed food. In contradiction to the Paleo diet, folks during the Paleolithic time did indeed eat foraged grains and dairy on occasion.

There are tons of foods that stone-agers consumed that we can still consume today. Here are 20 stone-age foods that every prepper should try at least once:


Some preppers own chickens to be able to consume fresh eggs regularly, as they are an integral part of a healthy diet. There are plenty of eggs aside from chicken eggs that we can still consume today but are less popular.

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The following eggs can be enjoyed (and even foraged if you’re brave!)

  • 20 Stone Age Foods Every Prepper Should TryDuck eggs
  • Turkey eggs
  • Quail eggs
  • Pheasant eggs
  • Goose eggs
  • Emu eggs
  • Ostrich eggs


Your most-hated lawn ornament is a delicious and healthy green that has been enjoyed for generations. Stone-agers would forage for dandelion greens just as they would stinging nettles.

Dandelion greens can be foraged by preppers in their yard or nearby grassy area, but tread lightly before foraging on land that is not yours. With your harvest, you can make a dandelion salad to go along with your dinner.


“Stinging nettles” sounds like a thing that you would not want to eat.

20 Stone Age Foods Every Prepper Should TryThis plant looks like mint and gets its name from a slight, temporary burning sensation that the leaves cause. Roman troops rubbed nettles on their skin to stay warm, and Egyptians used this plant to treat pain.

Hunter-gatherers foraged for nettles and ate them as we eat leafy greens today.

Preppers can forage nearby forests, and even their own land, for these little greens. Use them for medicinal purposes or enjoy them as a part of your meal or snack.


Ramps are a North American plant commonly foraged in the spring. They have an oniony flavor with a green top, much like green onions. The wild onions that stone-agers foraged may have been a slightly different variety, but ramps are a great option for foraging in our modern world.

Since ramps are wild and grow in clusters, preppers can forage nearby wooded areas for these little onions, avoiding areas where foraging is prohibited. Enjoy ramps on their own or add them to your dishes for extra flavor.

Wild Garlic

20 Stone Age Foods Every Prepper Should TryAlthough stone-agers did not cook with “recipes”, they did cook with seasoning and different flavors.

Wild garlic is milder than modern garlic, with chive-like stems and green onion-like bulbs. It grows in bunches so it would not be uncommon to stumble upon an entire field of this stuff.

Just like ramps, preppers can forage for wild garlic and add it to many dishes for flavor. I like to add this stuff to my fresh scrambled eggs in the morning.


Acorns were also roasted and eaten back in the stone age. They have a negative reputation today due to the bitterness they display, but they are a perfectly healthy gift from Mother Nature.

Having an acorn tree on your homestead will prove fruitful for any prepper looking to live off their land.  Bread, flour, and other essentials can be made from acorns.

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Fresh Catch of the Day

20 Stone Age Foods Every Prepper Should TryDuring the Stone Age, if you wanted meat or fish, you had to catch it.

If you are a prepper and haven’t tried your hand at fishing, I highly recommend it. Fishing is a skill that could sustain your family during hardship, and it is also a great leisurely hobby to treat yourself with.

Catching your own fish exposes you to more varieties that you will not find in the store. Freshly-caught local fish often tastes better than farmed fish from the store, and there are plenty of books and internet guides on how to filet your own fish for eating.

Wild Oats

Even though Paleo-dieters avoid oats and grains, stone-agers did indeed forage for wild oats and grains. Ancient mortar and pestles have been found at ancient sites, believed to be used for grinding grains.

Preppers can forage or harvest their oat crop and grind that into a delicious bread recipe, sustaining your family with a hearty, filling loaf.


20 Stone Age Foods Every Prepper Should Try

Hunting big game was a way to feed a lot of people in one catch back in the stone age. Meat was only available by way of hunting.

Bison is a delicious lean meat that offers flavor and good texture. If you are a big game hunter or find a good deal on bison at the butcher, give it a try.

A bison hunt will sustain any prepper and their family for a long time, providing tons of lean protein.

Wild Boar

Stone age cultures saw the hunting of wild boar as a signal of strength, as they are large and fast animals. The wild boar is one of the most widest-ranging animals in the world and is still hunted today. The meat is faintly reminiscent of pork with a gamier flavor.

Preppers can hunt these animals on almost every continent. No matter where your homestead is, there are likely wild boar not far away. Stew this animal until tender with aromatics and you will have a flavorful and filling stew.


20 Stone Age Foods Every Prepper Should TryDeer is a commonly hunted animal in today’s world, and also back during the stone age.

Venison has a delicious, lightly gamey flavor that can be eaten in so many different ways.

Preppers who are just starting to hunt may pick deer as their first catch.

People within your prepper circle may also be willing to share their catch with trusted friends, should you be so lucky. And if you happen to catch a deer (or any animal) that you cannot utilize fully, share the wealth!

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Another hunted animal during this time was the pheasant. Today, pheasant is considered a delicacy and is hunted regularly in some areas. Be sure to hunt your pheasant in a safe, legal way. Check your local laws.


Stone Age Foods Every Prepper Should TryMany believe that eating insects is the future of ingesting protein, but it is also the past, too! Many stone-agers ate grasshoppers, crickets, and other insects.

Preppers can consume these edible insects if they have the stomach for them. Some even cover them in chocolate for a sweet, crunchy protein bomb!

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Villages were usually centered around a water source for obvious reasons, and many of those locations featured crustaceans, such as crawfish. Sourcing crustaceans would have been an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, which studies show were prominent in stone-age humans.

Many homesteads are also near water if you are lucky. Get your necessary omega-3s by hunting for some local crawfish. Check your local laws before pursuing a crustacean hunt on land that is not owned by you.


20 Stone Age Foods Every Prepper Should TryThis food is still consumed today, popularly in sushi. Hunter-gatherers would forage the shorelines for seaweed.

This tasty green is still enjoyed in our modern world, even in raw form. Not to be confused with kelp, which is high in iodine and not safe for humans.

If you have a lake or ocean shoreline near you, preppers simply can walk up and down the shoreline and harvest edible seaweed varieties, just be sure to have a plant guide with you to be certain!


Limpets cling to rocks and have hard outer shells to protect them from predators. While they are difficult to remove from rocks, they are a tasty source of nutrients that can still be enjoyed today.

Many survivalist shows on TV have displayed eating limpets during survival situations. Preppers in need of a food source should carefully check large rocks near a water source for locating limpets.

Oat Flatbread

20 Stone Age Foods Every Prepper Should TryNot only were grains enjoyed, but there is also evidence that ground grains were used to make bread! Stone-agers had tools to grind their grains, which would have been mixed with water and cooked over the fire, much like a modern-day flatbread. If you forage your grains, try grinding them to make homemade bread!


This health food was gathered by stone-agers, but it was also one of the first farmed plants during the stone age.

Flaxseed has multiple benefits for preppers, including improved digestion, healthy skin and hair, high vitamin E content, and high caloric content. It can also be used as an egg replacement in cooking and baking if you are out of eggs.


20 Stone Age Foods Every Prepper Should TryMost preppers have eaten honey in their lifetimes, many have even preserved things inside of it, but have you ever collected honey or honeycomb yourself?

Stone age dwellers did not have suits or nets to protect themselves like beekeeping preppers do today.

They say that honey tastes that much sweeter when you collect it from wild bees, but bee-ware of the stings!


Mulberry trees are still found in many backyards and forests, making it easy for people today to forage. They also existed during the stone age and were very commonly foraged. These sweet fruits are like a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry.

Preppers can forage for these berries and even make a pie, cobbler, or tart with whatever other ingredients that you have. Freshly milled oats can go into the crust, while mulberries make up the filling!

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Likely Recipes Made By Stone-Agers

Although these recipes are from the Stone Age, they are still delicious and can be replicated today by preppers due to their simplicity in nature and availability of ingredients.

Stewed Fruit

  • Large handful of blueberries
  • Loads of mulberries
  • Large pinch of flaxseeds
  • 6 tbsp honeycomb

Stone Age dwellers would combine all ingredients into a cooking pot and would then set over a fire.

They would bring the mixture to a boil and cook for 20 minutes until the berry mixture was jam-like.

Then, the mixture would be transferred to a bowl to cool. This is the earliest iteration of fruit preserves in human history!


  • 175g lard or animal fat
  • 2 tbsp honey
  • 300g freshly ground oats

To start, stone agers would melt the lard in a pan, over the fire.

Honey and freshly harvested and ground oats would then be added and mixed to make a dough.

The oatcake dough was then baked in a stone or underground oven for about 25 minutes until baked all the way through.

Just because things are modern, does not mean they are better. The stone age had a sustainable way of life that society has far moved away from. Today, having hunter-gatherer skills are rare but invaluable. Opening up your mind and your palate to new things may just save you one day from going hungry.

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Tracy Nawara
By Tracy Nawara March 18, 2021 09:04
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  1. Stu March 18, 13:48

    If you present an article that promotes evolution than please put a disclaimer at beginning that says the millions of years ago stated is not the beliefs of the makers of this website. I know you claim to be a Christian. Mankind has not been here for millions of years. The Bible does not support that belief. There was a Stone Age period, it started with Adam and Eve after the fall of man disobeying God and ushering in a fallen sinful world. They had to work for food after the fall and I’m sure they came up with simple instruments to help with the work. As years passed and man multiplied I’m sure technology did as well. Thankyou. Oh and by the way, how do you know what these so called stoneagers ate and cooked with? Unless there is a written record at the time we can observe and learn from, it is pure speculation and assumption. These may seem like trivial arguments, but it is a matter of fact or assumption. And we all know what to assume means. It makes an a$$ out of u and me.

    Reply to this comment
    • Jim March 18, 15:56

      Evolutionary science does not preclude biblical origins. As an apparent believer in literal Christian Biblical origins of humanity, you must have noticed the conflicts within the Bible.epecially between Old and New Testament teachings. Translations of original Aramaic texts also conflict with one another, even though originating from the same words. (e.g. the Aramaic word in the Ten Commandments in the translated phrase “Thou shalt not kill” is incorrect. A better, yet still shaky translation would be “Thou shalt not murder”. You must know from your knowledge of the Biblical stories that sacrificial killing and penal hanging, stoning and crucify ing were all killings condoned in the Bible, and each had its own word for it, just as we have for them in English.
      As far as how we know what tools a Cromagnon, age of Adam and Eve, man used for eating, such tools/impliments have been found with bones if those older humans.
      I suspect a Biblical literalist as yourself may have missed the allegorical history the Bible actually describes in a very beautiful way. There is no conflict between historical and Biblical history of mankind’s origins.

      Reply to this comment
      • Armin March 18, 22:03

        Even though I believe, that for the most part, the bible is a fairy tale, Jim, there’s still a lot of good info in it if you read the bible with a critical eye. The only thing I want to say is that I do think that the 10 commandments are an excellent guide on how to live our lives. Respect for self. Respect for others. And don’t steal their stuff. Don’t engage in adultery no matter how beautiful your friend’s wife is. I agree with you that there are HUGE conflicts within the bible for anyone with enough brains to question what they’re reading. I don’t agree with your last statement as I believe again there are huge contradictions between biblical and historical history of mankind’s origins. According to the bible we only started about 10,000 years ago with Adam and Eve. “Lucy’s” remains, the ancestor of modern humans, were determined to be almost 4 million years old. And even at that time they were already bipedal. Well on their way to becoming modern humans. The bible, for the most part, is obviously allegorical and can’t be taken literally. We’ve been on this planet much longer than most people realize. Don’t believe everything you read no matter how much they try to con you.

        Reply to this comment
        • crazysquirrel March 19, 00:57

          For non believers, think of the Bible as a history book of sorts.
          A guide book on how to live and how not to.
          And what happens when you deviate from that.

          MODERN man was ‘created’ about 6-10K years ago.
          Other ‘man’ was those who evolved, like the low IQ folks we have today.

          When Cain was banished to the land of NOD and took a wife, where did those people come from?

          The first modern man was Adam and Lilith.
          Lilith ‘left’ and God created Eve.

          May indicate gene splicing or cloning.

          Modern man was not the first to inhabit this world.

          Reply to this comment
          • Armin March 26, 23:04

            I think your comment about DNA manipulation is closer to the truth than most would like to admit to, CS. And I think we’ve been messed around with MORE than once. This beautiful planet of ours has all the conditions necessary to make it an excellent testing laboratory. And our scientists say we’re in a type of void in space. An excellent place to experiment with the native life forms and keep it away from the prying eyes of any regulatory authority.

            Reply to this comment
        • red March 28, 04:12

          Armin, I left atheism because of bigotry. Psychologists recommend to atheist patients to atheist patients, to all patients, attend church once a week for an hour. Take a nap when there. Let the peace come over you and feel at ease with the world, again.

          I follow science on both sides of the debate, and thanks to militant atheists, came down on the side of the Bible. I studied it for several decades, always tried to find something wrong, and the only thing I didn’t like was it aimed at me as being the problem in my life. No mistakes, no faults but a very few typos and those are minor. What contradictions are there? I’m not putting you down, but this is a very common mistake. what happened to fair play? That’s another victim of liberalism. Take care, peace. niio

          Reply to this comment
      • crazysquirrel March 19, 00:52

        It is actually thou shalt not murder.
        Read the Bible and see that killing was allowed.
        Examples were stoning errant wives.
        Killing home invaders.
        Self defense.
        Military campaigns.

        The 6,000 year claim is the time when MODERN MAN came on the scene.
        But man has been around for thousands of years before that but not in the version we are today.
        The low IQ folks are part of that original ‘man’ that was here long ago.
        They are the people of the land of NOD.

        Reply to this comment
        • Keith March 20, 01:49

          Aw… Did I manage to piss in your cornflakes “red ant”? Did I trigger you?

          Trying to use “your God” to threaten me into behaving the way you want me to…how cute. Even laughable. Well now I’m quaking in my boots! Not…

          I don’t have a problem with God for the same reason I don’t have a problem with Santa or the Easter bunny- they ain’t real. Believe whatever you want, I really don’t give a sh*t.

          But when someone tries to force religious beliefs on others and acts like a condescending jerk about it, especially when another person is just trying to help them- THAT’S when I have a problem. I said what I said to make a point. How does it feel when I act the same as the lot of you?

          By the way, if “Hell” actually DOES exist, I’ll see you there, friend.

          Reply to this comment
          • red ant March 22, 10:17

            I will be happy to open the gates for you and by the way, they know my name in hell and they fear it. But
            They already know your name also, but they don’t fear you. You have no authority in hell, as you will see it first hand.
            No one forced there religion on you in what was said in STU’s post.
            He said what he felt to be real to him.
            O you can’t piss me off with anything from your mouth. Just words. Like the sound of an owls wings in flite.
            How did any one or thing threaten you in to behaving there way.? Sertenly was not GOD. He gave you free will.

            If you do not believe, that’s feels okay to me.
            There are lots of (you) out there.

            When you hear the sound of the trumpet. It will be to late.
            Then you will see the coming of the LORD


            Reply to this comment
            • Miss Kitty March 22, 12:42

              Red Ant:
              You don’t have to respond to this guy. He’s baiting you and others. Arguing with “Keith” isn’t likely to change his mind, and it just feeds his ego knowing that he’s getting to you.

              I don’t know where this guy came from, but he’s the same type as “Lisa” and others – a troll come here to divert the conversation from useful channels and annoy people, perhaps with the ultimate intent of getting them to stop reading/participating.

              I’m willing to give them the benefit of the doubt that they simply have no manners and no idea how to behave in public, but I do wish there was a way to block these random people.
              Anyway, don’t let them block your vision… they’re simply not worth it.

              Reply to this comment
              • red ant March 22, 16:30

                miss kitty

                yes mam…
                but you know me.

                One thing, GOD said go forth and spread the gospel.

                If I don’t even try and do as GOD says then I am no better then those that don’t believe…

                Trust me miss kitty, my vison is perfect, because I see the truth.

                I will say that it takes a strong person/women as your self to come in and say something like you did.

                I think you for the post and that you care enough to say, { THAT IS ENOUGH } very fee would say anything at all, as you can see. They want to see blood and you argue and hate on each other.
                I think that is there objective.

                I do respect you and thank you for caring…

                Reply to this comment
          • Miss Kitty March 22, 12:30

            You don’t have to keep this argument going, either. You want to be an atheist or agnostic, fine, but don’t ridicule other people’s sincerely held beliefs. It’s unnecessary and deliberately inflammatory, and while you choose to waste space calling names and baiting others, there are people who would like to get back to the topic at hand, or at least one of the better tangents.
            Other than being an agitator, I haven’t seen you contribute much to the conversation as far as good information or practical advice. Maybe you can’t. In that case, put aside your petty prejudices and bear baiting and try to learn something constructive that could help you or your family in the future.

            Reply to this comment
          • red March 23, 02:21

            Keith: what’s with you? If you have a case to make, start by proving there is no god or gods. Red Ant did not say anything to you but mockers are why I left atheism, why people by the thousands are abandoning it. The nazis who are wrecking this nation today are atheists and agnostics. Not of the intelligentsia, but greed. Your post shows you to be one of them. A shrew who wants to wreck a good thing, this site.

            Reply to this comment
      • red March 19, 22:12

        Jim, not according to science. I went from atheist to literalist over the decades because of science. While some is allegorical, most is history–even when taking out anything about God or the gods. Asd for metal vs stone, even when metal is handy, most ‘stone age’ people will use stone because it’s easier to manufacture and often works better. niio

        Reply to this comment
    • Keith March 18, 18:12

      Wow “Stu” you are ignorant AF. You came all this way to put a good author down. You claim to be a Christian? You’re a joke.

      And what scientific evidence do you have to back the drivel spewing out of your mouth? Nothing but an old dusty book written by a bored human, not God. Hate to break it to you, but God, much like Santa and the Easter Bunny, doesn’t exist. Even if he did, you certainly don’t practice what you preach. Because why on Earth would a “good” Christian put down another Christian over a difference of belief?

      And for the record, (not that your tiny brain can comprehend it) there ARE records dating back millions of years which are backed by irrefutable evidence, not some made up nonsense used to scare people into behaving.

      Reply to this comment
      • red ant March 19, 21:42

        Sounds like you are the ignorant one.
        Hey for the record you will stand before GOD and good luck. He already knows you and where you will go. This is not made up nonsense to scare you in to behaving. O you will be very scared very very scared.

        Its on you now. Again good luck you and many other will need it.

        Remember he’s God…

        Reply to this comment
    • Armin March 18, 18:14

      If you actually go to the trouble of working out the timeline from Adam and Eve to the flood, Stu, you’ll find that it’s only about 7,000 years. So by the bible’s reckoning we’re expected to believe that humankind only started out about 10,000 years ago or so. If Adam and Eve were the first humans then where did the wives of Cain and Abel come from? If there were only four people at the very beginning that’s too small a genetic base to build a viable civilization. And of those supposed four people where did Cain get the idea to murder his brother? Many things in the bible can’t be taken literally. Most of it is metaphor and allegory. Please keep your beliefs to yourself. This website isn’t a platform to spout your flawed BS.

      Reply to this comment
      • left coast chuck March 18, 22:23

        I was thinking the same thing. While we know or at least have some evidence to support that humans as we know them lived a low subsistence life for a period centuries, trying to go beyond that with references to a compendium of tales reportedly written some centuries previous is again providing unsupported urban legend. If you want to believe it, that is your business. However, like the urban legend that moss only grows on the north side of trees, if you don’t want your beliefs seriously challenged, I suggest you leave discussion about the origins of mankind and earth off the site.

        Reply to this comment
        • red ant March 19, 11:09

          Urban legends.
          Really LCC.
          Wow with all the knolage that GOD has gave you and this is how you say think you to him.
          I’m sad.

          Reply to this comment
        • Armin March 26, 22:52

          As always, Chuck, you ARE the voice of reason. Now I wish I hadn’t gone along with this discussion about whether there’s a god or not. My only purpose in doing it is trying to make people think and question everything. And not to take everything they read literally. Whether it’s from a supposed holy book or not. I’m so sick and tired of trying to wake people up and apparently I’m failing at it miserably. You’re right. This is not the venue for that type of discussion. Let them believe what they want to believe if it gives them any solace. It’s like the lady from Florida posting on u2b that you can’t get the corona virus if you don’t drink corona beer. I’m assuming she was punking us but I … don’t …know. Critical thinking like common sense seems to be going the way of the dodo. I would rather question everything and try and get at the truth. Whatever that may be. And I sincerely believe that the truth about some mythical figure and the universe is much, much stranger than anything we could come up with in our imagination. Any discussion about the existence of god always ends in frustration and argument. The pro god people can’t scientifically prove that it exists and I can’t prove that it doesn’t. So the hell with it. I’m of the opinion, Chuck, that it could exist but there really is no way to prove it in an empirical manner. I don’t have that kind of faith. I need unequivocal proof. Unfortunately if you read the bible with a critical eye the contradictions and discrepancies are glaring and obvious. But I do wish you all the very best in these most trying times. I’m more and more beginning to feel like a lab rat. Where’s the end of the end of the maze so I can grab my chunk of cheese?

          Reply to this comment
          • red March 28, 03:43

            Armin: Unto each, his own. To you, peace. Do the best with what you have and may success follow you. niio

            Reply to this comment
      • red ant March 19, 02:48


        don’t believe all the truth that the bible has said.

        I find it funny that any living person thinks that they can question anything that GODS says or has done or created or wrote…

        NO human can create a planet or a human or a Heaven or a tablet carved out of stone on top of a mountain or a platypus or butterfly..
        BUT MY GOD can.

        But we can say this or that about GOD.
        But we think we are smart then GOD.

        GOD also made the wife’s that you were wondering about.

        The bible is not nor every will be a fairy tail.
        If you think it is, you will find out when you bow at GOD’S feet. You are going to lose that bet…
        Heaven or hell it will be your choice. It’s up to you where you will be when you DIE…

        Choose wisely.
        Remember he’s GOD and JUDGE…
        John 3:16

        Reply to this comment
      • Rainbolt44 March 25, 06:07

        Adam and Eve had many children, not just Cain and Able, and yes the boys married the girls.

        Reply to this comment
    • Keith March 18, 18:17

      Well Stu I bet you believe in Santa Claus, Leprechauns, and the Easter bunny too since you seem to believe such ridiculous nonsense.

      Laughable that you think you’re smarter than everyone else here, including the authors.

      Reply to this comment
      • City Chick March 19, 19:28

        Keith – For those of you who don’t believe in Leprechauns, this city is full of them every March 17th! They can be found primarily in Manhattan at places known to serve Guinness on tap! To easily spot them from a distance, listen for bag pipes and lookout for anything dressed in green!

        Reply to this comment
      • red March 26, 06:53

        Keith: Stop acing like a jackass. Let it go. If you think you’re half as smart as Stu and red ant, then do what an intelligent person does, let it alone or take it off-site. the number one problem people today have with atheism is atheists made it into a religion. Peace. We have enough enemies.

        Reply to this comment
    • Carmen March 18, 19:46

      Speculation and assumption based on archeology…the scientific study of the FOUND AND DATED artifacts of past around from around the world the world in combination with the study of current primitive tribal people(including forensic archeology) still living in the world lend solid verification to these so called speculations.
      This really wasn’t the place for your slanted feed back.
      Remember Christianity was created so the Church (founded by Constantine, the Pagan King of Constantinople, the capital of Eastern Rome, so he could control the ever growing Christ followers and not from anything that was really God-Sent.

      And the Bible, a hodge- podge of verbally handed down testaments for several hundred years after Christ’s death to be finally collected and VERY SELECTIVELY recorded from the writings and preachings of Christ followers which were agreed upon to represent the cannons of this new religion, also man made and not God-Sent, was/is therefore also lacking in hard proof.

      The proof of the science noted herein is more real than whatever one can glean from the Bible because it comes from collected remains of history and not here-say.
      Please avoid the religious pontificating and bashing important information all of can use and don’t succumb to these slanted bsaseless tirades…you are too biased and narrow minded to do this here.

      Reply to this comment
      • red ant March 23, 15:55


        You are not a CHRISTIAN as you say you are and then say GODS word is not true in every way. He will say, I no not of you, just like you no not of me…
        You like many others see thru clouded eyes.
        When you are falling after judgment. You will see the hell that you believed in.

        All will see. Very soon.
        You just might have one more chance. Unless….

        Reply to this comment
        • red March 24, 08:38

          red ant, sigh… Yes, we’ll see. the dnc cowers before chicoms, and chicoms are strengthening our enemies against us. This alarms Russia, which knows what China is capable of when not run by frightened, greedy fogies. God moved the epicenter of Christianity to Africa and Asia. We’re not under protection as we were, and too many people are worried about that. I’m not. I know what is coming and so do you. Stop running people off. Jesus preached to believers, not made threats against non-believers/pagans and atheists. walk in beauty

          Reply to this comment
          • red ant March 24, 10:40

            I figured as much
            I’ll stop running people off

            Dose a rolling stone gather moss. Only if it stops

            If I affended any one. Remember the truth hurts. But, Bitter was the olive tree back long ago and sweet now takes it place

            It is done…

            Reply to this comment
            • red March 25, 07:50

              red ant: Ask and you shall receive. Get the Holy Spirit into this by asking for then meditating on it. Modern psychologists recommend people, even atheists, attend church for the peace it brings. God is making allies and friends in odd places. While I love to witness, it needs to be more subtle–we’re all under threat today so one more is not going to work. Love always does. It’s believers that need the whip on occasion, not others. Dohi Adohi niio!

              Reply to this comment
              • red ant March 26, 12:39

                To you Red:
                I did “ask” and I did “recive” and more. Long ago.
                I’m saturated by the blood
                I’ve been cleansed by water
                I’ve been consumed by fire.
                about The Church or people? only if they fallow the (true) HOLY Sabbath day. Which is Saturday. Then I will.
                GOD gave you a fine “gift” of knowledge, use it to glorify GOD in every “words” you speak. He will smile, if you will do that. I do with my gift.
                I will speak no more of this.
                May your trail be short and soft under your feet my brother…

                OKAY this is only fare…
                No speaking of religion, at all.

                “TAKE IT OFF SITE.” That’s what they want.

                Ok Now Satan rules this site just like so many others. Removing GOD from here is the very reason that America is were it is right now.

                Sorry GOD, they wanted me to leave also.
                We will stop running people off Now. John 11:35

                Remember it’s only fare. No religion, of any kind…
                The New Norm…

                PS: GOD made every thing that is “GOOD”. Even sience.
                Satan made the rest evil.


                Reply to this comment
                • red March 28, 02:32

                  red ant: If you want to give u on God, that’s your thing. I haven’t. Jesus did not threaten anyone but believers. You made religious threats against people who are not in our ‘family’ but may some day be. Given the right circumstances, everyone will be a believer. For some, too late. Your tears are to be shown to the Lord for love of them. They’re a gift to Him out of your love for those He loves. I tell everyone niio, to walk in God’s beauty. Most, even God haters, find it good to think on if nothing else. Keep people in your prayers. Share the love, and if you abandon us, what will He say? niio

                  Reply to this comment
                  • red ant March 28, 23:49

                    JESUS did not threaten any one. Nor did i. Get that right. He just told the truth. As i

                    The devil will use any and all willing vessels to speak against the Words of GOD.

                    These are the SCOFFERS.
                    They will be the ones to fill the ears with wax, so the truth can not be heard.
                    Let the SCOFFERS not lead you away from the truth of GODS HOLY WORDS that they will seek.

                    I say with out the non believers, why would we need to spread the Gospel. But SCOFFERS will see the pit.

                    Abandoned. He as i, will never abandon y’all.
                    But like a stone in the water, I have gathered much moss and need to move so I can “scrap” away the moss that has “blinded” the surface on my stone. I’m not leaving the water. Just moving around.
                    He would say. Good job faithful servent.
                    I have planted a seed here. let’s see if any one will water it or let it, just weather away.

                    I show the love that no one wants. My love is true in its words, because I love you so much that I will tell you, if you do not walk away from your wicked ways you surly will see the HELL that you will fear. Now that’s love.

                    GOD will send “Three Angels”. They will speak what the ear should have heard here.
                    Keep your eyes looking up.

                    Red, JESUS will smile if you will talk about him. You say you don’t talk about him. he would love to hear from you. He is waiting…
                    He’s waiting for all of y’all.

                    The water is getting stronger so I must go. I will tumble by later. When im free of the moss.

                    Reply to this comment
                    • red March 29, 06:13

                      red ant: Telling people they’re going to hell is threatening to outsiders. For most, it means nothing and they will never take God seriously if that’s all you can use.

                      Jesus told believers who refused to believe on Him they were vipers and worse, and headed for hell. Cracking a whip over someone’s back is threatening. Words are power, and this is why we’re to mind our speech.

                      I answer scoffers by giving patience, love, and proof. We must be all things to all men. One ‘witness’ to scoffers here is, this is why the nation is ready to collapse, the god-haters would rather we all suffer than for them to have to hear the truth. 60 years ago, when God was still in the classroom, most teachers were adamant that God wants children to learn, so we studied and learned because we wanted God to approve of us. Today, no God but the mirror and the major problems in even middle-class schools is weapons and drugs. This is why many nations are picking up ID as part of their curriculum, to bring God back to the classroom. The word school comes from schul, a religious sanctuary.

                      Be free of anger, first. That’s the killer. Resentment. Stop thinking people are against you who instruct you. People come to be for deliverance. Look at each person as an instructor. Some how to do things right, others show you where you should never go. Christianity is a discipline, a discipleship. This is the valley of the shadow of death. Like bars on windows, hellfire preaching is to keep the honest people honest. Like the old joke goes, You’re not witnessing to the choir, but the cannibals.

                      We both agree with Stu. I used the teaching, be all things to all men and taught from YEC and ID because that they can relate to. Study deliverance because that needs to be done while witnessing. You should be, anyway. niio

                    • red ant March 29, 11:42

                      Red sigh, please, no…
                      I no what I need to say and do. You maybe the softer side of religion and I’m more the harder side of religion.
                      Can you just live with that.
                      I think this bothers you more then it has anyone else. Even me…
                      Just let it go.
                      You don’t have all the answers for every thing.
                      Your gift of knowledge is good. Don’t ruin it by trying to have an answer for “everything”.
                      I believe you have said enough, as my self.
                      Don’t say anything about this any more.
                      “Okay” say no more. Dam!
                      I said I will say no more about this, 6 or 7 post ago. Do we need to keep going on. I can if you want. SAY NO MORE. Let the wound scab over. We can rip it off in another post some where down the line.

                      Again I did not threaten any one. Get that strait. “Get it!!!” (Truth only)

                    • red March 29, 22:02

                      So not accuse me of being liberal. We’re under grace, not under fire. I do not take the stand of an apostate, but Christ. If you’ll recall the 7 sons of Sceva. What happened to them? They were believers but what happened to them? I have been attacked, that’s inevitable, but never beaten up by one. The sons were not right, not in line with what God wanted.

                      All I have said was, Jesus did not threaten non-believers. Thanks to Nazism taking over the DNC and it’s contempt for anything Jewish, America and the West is thick with apostates, agnostics, and atheists. You do not witness to non-believers as you would with family.

                      I have the only answer for everything, Christ.

                      No, WE can continue this, but leave non-believers out of it. Where did Christ threaten non-believers? He blessed them. Even blessed the apostate Samaritans and that led them to Him in love. When you tell someone OK, hope you enjoy Hell you’re making threats. That’s cursing people.

                    • red ant March 30, 10:33

                      (Nor do I).
                      I “stand” with “Christ” and had never straid from him. At any time in my life. Just like he has not me. Stumble yes, but never turned from him.

                      No one is or has acused you of being liberal?
                      Crazy talk, I guess. Like the ones before

                      Yes I know, you would think, that out of the (seven) there would have been one. But maybe there “faith” was as it was. Weak in Christ
                      maybe your attack comes from within, surly not by me…

                      Sigh. Once again CHRIST did not threaten any one of any kind in his teaching. not even to the non believers or even to the believers. He simply told them the “truth”.
                      Mathew 10: 8,9
                      Was said from Jesus. “To all”. Not as a threat but as a “warning” that if you don’t. You will see the darkness. (Hell). Now that’s truth, used as a “warning”. To all. That’s everyone…

                      Now, has a threat you say, turned in to a curse now. ?
                      How can I curse them. By way of the truth.
                      Like oil and water the word/words that you say dose not mix with the truth. His blessing to them was the “truth”. The truth is Love. Jesus is the truth.
                      Maybe you need to speak to the ones that we are speaking of, instead of me. I know the truth and with out the truth, I would no not of his love. But, by the truth, I have his love.
                      Cast not your pearls to the pigs.
                      I will no more.

                      Much moss geathers. By way of this that is said

                    • red March 31, 04:49

                      No one accused you of staying, but of threatening. Now you act butt hurt because you were rebuked. Jesus told Sadducee and Pharisees what they were and that they were condemned. All they had to do was repent and many did. Jesus’ ‘to all’ was all Israel. Yes, you curse people. You’re here, trying to hide and show me up at the same time. Not to reach out, but to own. Words mean things. Words set tones and direction of where the writer is going.

                    • red ant March 31, 13:45

                      Rebuked, I guess you could use that, and maybe to your self. Also

                      JESUS also told the Pharisees that they know the law of mosses forwards and backwards, but lack the most important thing of all. LOVE
                      That’s nothing but truth.

                      Me butt hurt. Ha, come on man…
                      You can’t give this up. So you keep beating this dead horse, for what,
                      So keep up this shanagine.

                      Hiding, me. HA. Can’t you “see” that I’m not hiding any where. I think I’m out in the open.
                      THERE IT IS: with a loud voice

                      “I new that it would appear,
                      (if “you” kept this up)” and (HERE IT IS) the “REAL” problem “you” are having with me. This came from “your” own writing in your last post.. An admission of guilt.

                      ( I’M SHOWING YOU UP. )

                      WOW! REALLY.
                      So all this has nothing to do with the truth.
                      That’s why “you” had to keep this going, (because l’m showing you up.) really. I can’t, but I can believe this. WOW really…
                      Your writing and your tone has just SHOWN where the writers direction is, and not going… and surly not reaching out.

                      “You” now have the stage and “you” can get back to “Your show”.

                      JESUS came for all sinner, not just Israel.

                      really, showing you up. I guess, I’ve been acused of much less. WOW!!! really

                      You can’t cover the truth by covering it with other words. It is the Truth…

                      So your post that you send back, will be the last for me. I see that time was for nothing with you. it did bring out the truth.as in your words.


                    • red April 1, 03:10

                      Refusing to put up the reply is hiding.
                      I only answer you, and you continue to post.
                      My only guilt is as Paul.
                      I’m not worried about you showing me up. The more I learn the less I know. Humility in Christ is a virtue.
                      Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. Our sin is one of them. Mark 7:26-27 shows for gets what.
                      Try a little humility rather than show how righteous you are. This is what caused problem from the beginning. Stop chasing people away from the love of God.

                    • red ant April 1, 16:31

                      You as well.
                      Reverse psychology. Good one. I was wondering when you would play that card.
                      Democ”rats” work the same way. As we have seen lately and on here as well.

                      Truth is the answer, in every question. Not hiding my reply… No refusing here…
                      Can’t be more open then I am now..
                      Guilt: no guilt here, just truth.
                      Humilty, works best if you look in a mirror first.
                      Righteous: we all are, in the eyes of GOD.
                      Virtue: patients is also.
                      Mark 7: 26,27 simply states, that she should belive in the truth and not to beg for it. Meaning, by begging she is taking the bread and feeding it to the dogs, by this she is not showing the children the truth, by faith.
                      Learning: understandable, the more I read…
                      Showing you up. That came from your mouth and only your mouth or heart.
                      Caused Problem: by your own hand.
                      Beginning: was started by them. Don’t dam my GOD…
                      JESUS came not to remove the law, but to add to it. Now that’s love and truth.

                      If GOD’S truth and love or his HOLY WORDS runs them off or if you don’t want to see the truth. Then so be it…
                      Can’t save what doses not want to be saved. You can only tell them the truth.
                      You have not awnsered any thing that I have said. But all of yours were.
                      You, Only reject the truth by not excepting it or by fighting against it or hiding it under different words. Or just running from it.

                      I think I have said and even proved all that any one needs to see. The Truth. You can’t win against GOD’S truth.
                      The joint can leave the socket. If you keep fighting “him”.

                      GOD has give you the answer that you are seeking. Just fallow the truth. It will set you free from this that you fight against.

      • red March 24, 08:28

        Carmen: This is not about religion, but science. Usually I agree with you, but no, there is a lot of growing dissent with what we take as science. Simply put, we cannot date-age rocks, including fossils. We never could and if you research you’ll find dating is based not on science, but cach. the older a fossil is, the more it’s worth to fossil miners. They pay for digs and ‘donate’ to paleontologists. I remind you, this is the same class of people who gave us Penn State Rape U, Rape is Natural classes in Iowa State, invited in terrorists by the hundreds, ignore slavery in the US, gave us the pandemic, and now are destroying the nation. why would you trust any part of them? niio

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      • City Chick March 25, 06:23

        Science? It’s all in God’s hands and all part of His plan. God reveals to us what He has planned for us and what He would like us to know. That should take care of any issue here pertaining to science.

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    • red ant March 19, 03:21

      A million Thumbs up STU.

      You said it.

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    • Judge Holden March 19, 03:21

      Problem is the Author was thinking of hunter- gatherers from the Holocene, the present age that began 11000 years ago, rather than early stone age fossils. So no reason for Creationists and skeptics to go to quacking at each other, no Evolution to be found here.
      The late Pleistocene/early Holocene hunters were incredible, using stone tipped weapons they finished off the giant bison, mammoths, and tapirs of the Pleistocene and adapted to a whole new world of smaller animals and a rapid change in plant communities caused by global warming.
      If you want to know about a stone age diet wait til Red checks in.

      Reply to this comment
      • red March 25, 08:52

        Mailpouch: 80% meat, 2% grain, the rest fruit and veggies.
        do not agree about evolution–much of it is real! Too much is not science, but conjecture.
        Now, old saying goes, if it moves, it’s food–but, do not eat your spirit animals. Do not eat predators–except in an emergency. cannibalism is witchcraft, and every year someone in Native America gets a woman’s ax in the heart for witchcraft. this is not Wicca, which is paganism, more or less, but hardcore. As I was taught, if the spells don’t finish the problem, then add a little helper, like ghost sickness or mala mujer oil in their prayer candles.
        We’re heading into a new ice age, so some claim. this is the same rhetoric we heard in the 70s, beware of the ice age! I tell both sides, no CO2, no plants. I ask why they aren’t connected with ranchers and farmers who are putting carbon back in the soil by the ton. Put your money where your mouth is. For the most part, we Preppers do. niio

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    • red ant March 19, 10:37

      Hey STU

      piss on all these non belivers.

      I read the post in here and I can’t believe all the crap that is being said about my GOD…

      SAY WHAT YALL WANT. GOD ALREADY NOSE YOUR HEART. I bet when y’all die and you find your self standing in front of my GOD looking like the dumb asses y’all sound like.
      Man he is going to give all y’all what you deserve. Final judgement.
      My GOD is so much real that he can put you where you will belong and he will do just that.

      Dose your soul mean nothing to even you.
      When you are in HELL don’t cry out for the very one that you said did not exist. You will be in the lake of fire FOR EVER AND EVER.
      Get this when your in hell you will scream every min and you will be ripped apart and the worms will eat at your flesh for ever.
      Don’t hate on my GOD, hate on YOUR SELF…

      Can’t say your a Christan and not believe all of GOD’S words. You are a FAKE and he sees right thru YOU. He will spit you out of his mouth.
      O and Becareful not to mock my GOD he just might take you from here and put you where you belong sooner then even you think.

      I heard that there will be more people in hell then in Heaven. You will see the gates of hell and you can never leave. You are the only reason you will be sent to hell is only because of you and you alone will be the reason you were put where you belong.
      GOD dose not want any one to be in HIS HEAVEN, that dose not believe in him. Even tho he created you. He dose not believe in YOU just like you don’t believe in HIM.

      HELL IS REAL just as real as the heart that beats in your chest right now, that GOD made.

      YOU WILL SEE THAT THERE IS NO GOD when you stand before him at the great judgement.

      Well said STU, well said.
      Got your back. From a true believer in GOD…

      Reply to this comment
    • red March 19, 22:19

      Stu: Yes, exactly. Most people don’t bother to study science and only take what they were taught, right or wrong. Christian researchers are picking up more in IS and YEC all the time because so much of evo seems a fraud. I went from atheist to Bible literalist because of scientists like Safarti (YEC) and Ross (ID).

      No, people in the neolithic left us plenty of cooking utensils, fabrics, and so on. If you know stone knapping, then even today, you’ll likely choose stone over softer metals for knives and so on. Flint is replacing surgical steel in operating rooms just as herbal remedies are replacing so many chemicals.

      The Smithsonian has published papers on how easily fossils form, coal, oil, gas. It can be done in a matter of weeks and have disproved long ages to do that. All that thanks to scientists like those in CRI and Dr. Ham. niio

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    • Sue March 22, 22:04

      Stu its funny how you state we have not been here for millions of years. The bible is full of it and if you believe that you are deluded. I assume you are a Christian and you must at all cost believe in the Bible where does this come from oh thats right through history supposedly. Where is the proof of your so called Adam and Eve all lies to keep people in religions and under the control of the system that has been put in place over millions of years.

      Reply to this comment
      • red ant March 23, 10:03


        O you like many others will see the truth about the HOLY BIBLE. When you stand before the Creator. If you look real quick you just might see Atom and Eve looking at you shaking there heads at you, just before you are gone. Never to see light again. Never…

        You still have time. But you as many others will be blind in you sight by your own hand, no doubt…

        Reply to this comment
        • red March 23, 19:42

          red ant: No, please. To an atheist, this is harassment. Even a shrieking, bitter terrorist of another religion will stop and debate, trying to reason with you. When It reaches a point in an atheist’s life atheism has become a religion, forget it. Remember, love, not threats is how Christ dealt with non-believers. He reserved the whip for apostates and hypocrites. Love, chico! Love reasons. niio

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      • Miss Kitty March 23, 10:28

        Here’s your proof:
        Please note that the source for this information is the BBC, not a Christian website. The more science reveals about our past, the more it explains and supports Biblical accounts. The first chapter of the Book of Genesis, where it describes the construction of the universe and the Earth is a condensed description of what science would call the big bang theory and the subsequent development of life on the planet.
        The Bible uses many different literary forms, including allegory. Don’t forget, early civilizations didn’t even have a word for any number larger than a thousand. To people who lived in small groups, a thousand was a vast multitude. You literally knew everyone in your community.
        In the above verse, Peter says that “one thousand years is as one day unto the Lord”. If you took this literally, the creation of the universe and everything in it could be taken to have been created either in a week, or a week of thousand year “days”. So why not million year “days”? Or a week of “epochs”?
        God exists, to believers, both within time and outside of time as it’s reckoned by humans. So all of the above interpretations would be correct.
        Lucy’s discovery is just one example of “the science” supporting the Bible’s account. There are more, and more to come. The more research that is done, the more proof emerges.

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        • red March 23, 20:03

          Miz Kitty: Paleontology is not Sue’s problem, but the Bible. God. Miracles. I’ve tried to explain the difference between ID and YEC, but militants get a mental block. when push comes to shove, all you can do is explain why terrorists attacked us and continue to murder innocent people, atheists convinced them the Bible is corrupted. Because that’s considered a gross act of blasphemy, Muslims feel they have every right to make war on us and Israel. For both, all we can do is hope and pray and witness in love. Muslims reason, they think before they act. They may get angry when proved wrong, but withdraw to think things over. Atheists think, as well, but science is the direct route. And science is discarding Darwin. Prove anything that goes against a militant atheist and you know you hit something because they attack, not think. Yet, no matter how bad most are, they add something new to what they understand. niio

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      • red March 23, 10:32

        Sue: Archeologists call the Bible a very nearly perfect history text. So far, it’s never been disproved and atheism was never proved. Your best neighbors in a crisis will be Christians and never atheists. The bible is also the oldest book on human psychology. Founders of the science of psychology were all raised in synagogues and studied it. As a former atheist, I watch and study what atheist nations are doing. Atheism stopped being part of the intelligentsia thanks to these militants. Because you do not police your own, the 20th century was a bloodbath. Straighten up, stop supporting Islamic terrorists by knocking your only defence, Christianity, and police your own. these terrorists want you dead. You, far more than me or a Jew. I’ve listen to Muslims joke about what nice tree ornaments atheists make, yet atheists vote for anyone who dislikes Christianity. Come back to the intelligentsia and leave militancy to apostate religions.

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      • Rainbolt44 March 25, 06:13

        Faith, needs no proof.

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        • red March 25, 09:09

          Rainbolt: But non-believers do, and that’s why we’re to be able to answer their questions. If I don’t know the answer, I can use the computer to look it up. niio

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    • METALWERX March 28, 14:43

      stu no one is an ass on here but you, come in here OFF TOPIC preaching, This makes you the asshole of the group!!

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      • red March 29, 04:43

        Metal: No, Stu spoke for a large body of preppers. Science runs in both directions but it’s YEC and ID that are growing fastest. Any nation not trapped by the left is working in ID to combat drugs, gangs, and liberalism from wrecking them as it wrecked us. Remember who the enemy is, and that’s not any of us. peace

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  2. grammy em March 18, 14:36

    there is a major difference between the paleolithic era and the stone age. the paleolithic is so long ago that were no creatures that we would recognize as human. the stone age,, perhaps 40,000 years ago is the time of neanderthal man and the rise of homo sapiens.

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    • red March 25, 09:24

      grammy: there’s an interesting little problem: Carbon dating is supposed to be fairly accurate back 50,000 years, and reasonable to 99,000 years. Yet, no fossil has been dated via carbon more than 39,000 years. More, soft tissues has caused a lot of scientists to look at YEC, who’s numbers are growing. ID, as well. Neanderthal Man is homosapien. Is, because the genes are still very much part of humanity. Most animals of the paleolithic era are still here, but reduced in size. Tibetan elephants are slowly being seen as mammoths and separate from Indian and African elephants. We’ve been making coal and crude oil in the lb for years, using natural processes, and it’s done in week. Same with fossils. niio

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  3. ceejay March 18, 16:21

    This was a very helpful email. WE need to know as much as possible in order to take advantage of the resources near us.

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  4. Fran March 18, 17:22

    Any study of hunter-gatherers such as the Hadza will tell you that their most treasured foods were organ meats, in particular, liver. Organ meats are nutritional powerhouses; there’s no plant on Earth that can even come close. See Dr. Paul Saladino’s writings on his visit with the Hadza:

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  5. Fran March 18, 17:42


    Hunter-gatherers prioritized organ meats because of their high nutrient density, which no plants can hope to match.

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  6. City Chick March 18, 18:45

    A lot to think through here, but It simply boils down to back to basics with really real Whole Foods, many of which can be found in today’s local supermarket! The rest, speaking of the bugs here, in gourmet or natural food shops dipped in chocolate!

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  7. K March 18, 19:22

    Oh please! Really?

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  8. Pete March 18, 22:10

    Dandelion greens are delicious boiled with a piece of salt pork until they are tender. Then eat like spinach or with vinegar. Take an old knife to cut them off just below the ground so that the base holds them together. Peel away the bad looking parts on the base and wash thoroughly. Really good with boiled potatoes and ham. Get them early in the spring before they blossom.

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  9. Mikek793 March 18, 23:12

    Stone agers cooked in pans?

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    • left coast chuck March 19, 03:41

      Yes, I understand they were particularly fond of Le Creuset
      enamelware as it held up to campfires particularly well.
      Second favorite was U.S. cast iron. They didn’t like the Chinese knock-off stuff.

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    • Miss Kitty March 19, 04:37

      Possibly they had flat rocks with a shallow depression pecked out of the middle. Placed over the coals of a fire, it could have functioned as a type of saute pan. Soapstone would actually have been a good choice for a “pan” of this type, as it is easily shaped, even with primitive tools. Soapstone pots and containers, sculptures and beads are amongst the earliest items found in archaeological sites.

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    • red March 25, 09:34

      Mikek: Yep. http://www.visual-arts-cork.com/pottery.htm#inventionofpottery
      And for nomads, in wet hides, and baskets. for the two, you heated rocks and dropped them in but we used to boil water for coffee in green cabbage leaves. Neolithic people were weaving textiles and making jewelry long before paleontologists used to give them credit for. Now they know what to look for. Animal hair, nettle fibers, and so on were used.

      Copper was first used because it kills bacteria and worms. It moved on to become pots and pans. niio

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  10. Pappy March 19, 02:36

    Enjoyed the article, acorns come from Oak trees, never heard of an acorn tress.

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  11. Rucksack Rob March 19, 12:19

    Sadly, I came here to read an article about ancient food(s) but what I saw was a theological debate among know-it-alls, who ALL interpret the Bible differently, still, as a Christian and not an archeologist, I liked the article.

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    • left coast chuck March 19, 20:03

      Good post, Rob. You put succinctly what I fumbled around with in a lengthy paragraph.

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    • red ant March 23, 11:57

      Luke warm, if you only say you are a Christian and not seek the truth or stand to defend the HOLY WORDS OF GOD. He know your heart.

      See, one person post his views and then is riped apart by many that hate GOD or just can’t understand the circle of life.
      So is it right that you get to go along with the narrative that man has made and then one person dose not see the same as the ones that fallow the narrative of man’s way.

      We were all created equal in the eyes of GOD but not in mans eyes. But then here we are today. Hating on each other because one believes different then you see.

      If a bird flys past two people and neather could see the bird, because the sun was in there eyes, do they argue about what kind of bird it was or do the both agree that it was a bird and what kind did not matter at that time.
      But we will (argue) that the sun was in our eyes and did not get to even see the bird.
      Stop and read the post. If you do not care for the post, that is okay. There is nothing wrong with agree and disagree. It’s when you bring out the BIG GUNS and blow some ones post off the page and then you get these ones that pop off little sly remarks and then scurry off to the next post to contaminate it.

      I my self think that this time of these things that walked on earth hundreds of thousands or millions years ago, did not happen.
      But thats okay. You can believe this.

      All things shell be known when you stand before the Glory of GOD.
      Are you ready for the Great return of CHRIST, he is… It’s very close. Very…

      Good luck in the new Babylon. Don’t become the pillar of salt…

      leaving y’all with this. All will see, even the dead

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    • red March 23, 20:10

      rucksack: Agreed, gave a thumbs up, but note religion is food. Because people would not defend their beliefs, we’ve been attacked by terrorists. No one was harassing atheists religion (yes, atheism is a legal religion) till they began it. Had people defended their beliefs, Trump would have won with no cheating from the left. There would be no left in the nation. There would be no slavery in the US. No crisis at the border. No problems with Muslims. Instead, people allowed Nazis to steal an entire political party, the dems, and obeyed, not questioned. niio

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  12. red March 19, 22:22

    Gonna go paleo, then quail in a bowl is great. Clean the quail, stuff with greens, onion, wild rice, coat with clay and bake it in the ashes. when done, break it open and feathers stay with the clay. It works with small game and fish, as well. niio

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    • clergylady March 20, 07:30

      Red almost any mud, if it isn’t too sandy, will encase food to cook in a fire. Makes things tender and juicy. The earliest vessels to cook in were tight baskets or crude pottery pieces from real clay. Before that appearance they cooked on a stick or a flat rock in the fire. One of the ear l iest breads was “paper” bread. A mixture of well ground seeds, grains, or acorns with just enough water to make a paste.. It was smeared thin on a flat rock and cooked quickly. Some tribes still do that. The name is more modern but describes it well. It is as thin as paper and breaks easily.
      A pretty good article that could have generated a discussion on survival foods.
      By the way I’m a retired pastor and I do believe in a creator who loves us. Not here to argue with anyone about that. Arguing doesn’t change hearts or minds.
      Would it be ok to leave religion and devisive politics out of the comments? There is an amazing plethora of wild fruits, vegetables, and medicinals on this earth. I’ve just ordered seeds for 30 new plants to be introduced to my property. Most grow wild somewhere. They will be treated as wild once they are established. I will eat from all of then if they survive here. One is just an ornamental for a shady area. It’s a Chinese hostia. Related to plantain. So I’d suspect it might be edible and medicinal. Until I know for sure its just an ornamental.
      I may test it for edilability like any other plant you’re unsure of. Eat a tiny bit, wait a day, eat a tiny bit, wait a day then eat a larger serving and wait a day. If it hasn’t blistered your mouth, given you cramps or diarrhea it is OK to eat. Most plants have some edible part. How folks figured it out I don’t want to contemplate. Some you only eat the flowers and seeds. Most leaves are edible or will make a tea. We have it easy if we want to learn. Google it 🙂

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      • red March 20, 10:20

        ClergyLady: Cabbage leaves work! I cooked a rabbit in it’s skin. small game needs to be cased. Burn the hair off, case the animal, then gut and finish cleaning. Cut it up and back in the skin it goes with water. As long as it’s wet, it won’t burn.
        Wow, one more for the hidden gardens! https://www.ruralsprout.com/eat-hostas/
        I do not argue, I discuss. where I came from, a very lib state, injun raise his head too high, he winds up tn inches shorter. All libs are nazis at heart. niio

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  13. clergylady March 20, 06:44

    I l I’ve on Round Valkey Reservation in Mendocino California early 70s. NTivez there is topically cooked by dropping rocks heated in a campfire into tightly woven baskets of liquid. Cooled rock fished out abd hot rocks added till cooking was finished. Amazing to make a reed root basket that tight.
    Here in New Mexico cooking was done in clay pots with incised bumpy outsides and smooth insides. Not the pretty painted ceremonial or now tourist pots. The old cook pots have smoke smudges from sitting in the edge of a fire to boil the contents. I even have a crude cup dated at 1200 years. It had a handle and was thick but totally workable for a cup of herbal or medicinal tea. There are wild dry farmed beans in the southwest that are still being grown. Pueblo I tribes gathered wild fruits into orchards along the water sources of the villages. I’m near a village dating back over 1000 years. Still lived in. Many ancient foods still eaten along with the deadly modern diet. The deer stew has unshelled pinion nut in it, the native dent corn, wild celery flavored parsley and wild garlicy flavored onions. It is boiled till the pinion nuts are safe to crack and eat for older folks. Organ meats are eaten raw or swiftly cooked after the hunt. Then legs are made into deer stew. The head is presented to the elder female at the dinner. She will make a stew for her immediate family with the entire head. Everything eaten but the bones. The hunter will roast the ribs and make jersey from the hind leg he keeps. The backbone from tail to head is stewed with chili and seasonings. The entire village may have had a bowl of stew from that deer by the time its finished. The backbone stew will usually have hominy in it. That was made by soaking corn kernels in lye water (MADE FROM WOOD ASHES) soaking till the hull of each kernel splits open. Then rinsed in plenty of water to get rid of the ashes and lye. When available wild potato or sunflower roots were added to the stew.
    Remember corn, beans, squash, tomatoes, and potatoes all were native to areas of the American continents. Trade took them to the entire land mass. Here on the desert the native beans are brown or white tepary beans. A rain to start their growth is the only water absolutely necessary. Beans will be larger if sumner rains come. In Southern NM and Texas there are wild tiny tomatoes and chili tepin. Tiny fire balls of dried chili that are still used. Red shared some with me last year. My uncle used to have them in a cactus bed that was never watered where he lived in Texas. I like a bowl of them on the table. Salt was obtained as pretty crystals from a salt lake south of here. It was ground a bowl full at a time and kept on the table. Salt wasn’t cooked in. You added what you wanted at meal time. Several ancient Pueblo villages were built near salt deposits. Water was the key to desert life. Widespread trade made life easier and better. There were ancient trade routs to Peru and further and coast to coast.
    My cook pot, cup, and crude bowl came from a cave near the mountain above me. Kids traded them for tuition at my school. Not my usual but their Mom cried and asked me to please take them. On my property I’ve found a grinding stone and war club stone along with thick early style pottery shards.
    Everywhere people used “Indjanuity” to survive and make life better. The people here built tiny stone and mud shelters then larger and larger till they built multistoried communal apartment buildings. Living together and working together was for survival in harsh climates. The women or family together farmed an area near the water. The men worked the community’s fruits and berries. Mostly the men hunted. The women sometimes built homes or everyone worked together. Men and women cook. Women more often made the pottery. At first men were the weavers but when women became the weavers the designs became even more intricate and beautiful. Tighter also. Everything belonged to the women except a mans personal belongings. A child is born for the father, but is the Mother’s. Setting the man’s possessions outside was the divorce of the old ways. If he wasn’t a good provider, protector, hard worker ect or she wasn’t treated well, he could instantly be put out. It is a matriarchal society among many tribes. Among the Iriquoise confederacy of tribes they could go to war unless the women voted for it. 🙂

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    • red March 20, 10:25

      Jesus said, any woman who obeys me is as my own mother or sister. Any man who obeys me is as my other brother.
      what most miss here is, Jesus elevated women to be superior to men in God’s eyes. In His day, a mother had the right to kill er erring son. Sisters were under th protection of their brothers. Brothers were to obey the oldest son as they would the father or, need be, get the fist of correction. American Indian social structure is one thing that made columbus believe we were the Lost 10 Tribes. Yet, in most cultures around the world, this was common. niio

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      • Mailpouch March 22, 22:42

        I had a long conversation with a Cherokee man once. I know that sounds odd even to me as I don’t typically think of Native Americans talking much at all and certainly not for long periods of time.
        He told me about Native American beliefs, tradition and history. Some of what he told me was specific to the Cherokee people. I ask where I could buy books about what he was telling me. He said there are no books, what I’m telling you is all spoken history passed on from generation to generation. At one point I ask him “so are you telling me the people you’re talking about are the lost tribe of Israel “ he laughed and said “no, we were not lost, we knew where we were all along”.

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        • red March 23, 03:37

          Mailpouch: I’d want his proof, first. Genes say otherwise. Because the ancestors held the same basic beliefs and customs as pre-Moses Law Hebrews, Columbus thought were were the ten lost tribes. For that matter, the diaspora of Nebuchadnezzar can be traced. Ethiopia, Judah, Dan, Benjamin. Levi, the Lemba people. The rest were scattered over the 3 Silk Routes. Thomas went to India to witness to the Jews. More lived in Myanmar, and their city is called Yahweh. The Buddha studied with Jewish slaves in his city. Peking, China by the time of Christ had the largest synagogue in the world, over 20,000 men and boys belonged to it. They weren’t lost in the sense we think of lost, just forced to settle away from home. American Indian ancestry comes from the west, Siberia, and the east, Europe. If anyone, American Indians are the children of Japheth, not Shem. niio

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  14. clergylady March 20, 12:27

    Red almost any mud, if it isn’t too sandy, will encase food to cook in a fire. Makes things tender and juicy. The earliest vessels to cook in were tight baskets or crude pottery pieces from real clay. Before that appearance they cooked on a stick or a flat rock in the fire. One of the ear l iest breads was “paper” bread. A mixture of well ground seeds, grains, or acorns with just enough water to make a paste.. It was smeared thin on a flat rock and cooked quickly. Some tribes still do that. The name is more modern but describes it well. It is as thin as paper and breaks easily.
    A pretty good article that could have generated a discussion on survival foods.
    By the way I’m a retired pastor and I do believe in a creator who loves us. Not here to argue with anyone about that. Arguing doesn’t change hearts or minds.
    Would it be ok to leave religion and devisive politics out of the comments? There is an amazing plethora of wild fruits, vegetables, and medicinals on this earth. I’ve just ordered seeds for 30 new plants to be introduced to my property. Most grow wild somewhere. They will be treated as wild once they are established. I will eat from all of then if they survive here. One is just an ornamental for a shady area. It’s a Chinese hostia. Related to plantain. So I’d suspect it might be edible and medicinal. Until I know for sure its just an ornamental.
    I may test it for edilability like any other plant you’re unsure of. Eat a tiny bit, wait a day, eat a tiny bit, wait a day then eat a larger serving and wait a day. If it hasn’t blistered your mouth, given you cramps or diarrhea it is OK to eat. Most plants have some edible part. How folks figured it out I don’t want to contemplate. Some you only eat the flowers and seeds. Most leaves are edible or will make a tea. We have it easy if we want to learn. Google it 🙂

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    • Mailpouch March 22, 22:02

      After I retired from my full time job I took a part time job with a water quality group. I met a man who volunteered monitoring a creek for our group. He had worked in the Philippines. He knew more about edible plants and things than anyone I’ve ever known. A very interesting and educating person to talk to. He told me about making his own charcoal and that it was good for stomach problems. I’d never heard of anyone eating charcoal. Naturally I was skeptical so one day he brought in some tiny little pieces to our office that he’d made and ate a piece right there in front of me. He talked about dandelions and a lot of wild plants that are native to our area that are edible. Wish I’d paid closer attention and took some notes.
      This time of year, springtime, the are wild onion dinners held by the Five Civilized Tribes in Oklahoma as fundraisers. I’ve never tried them but maybe it’s time I did. 🙂

      Obtw…I’m a believer too…Psalms 14:1👍

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      • red March 23, 03:24

        Mailpouch: homemade charcoal was always used to clean teeth, as well. It makes the teeth gray, but the chance of getting cavities is slim. Queen Elizabeth I ate so much sugar her teeth turned back, but had no cavities. She ate charcoal several times a day. There’s an article on Preppers that teaches how to make activated charcoal. Pretty good reading. niio

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  15. Miss Kitty March 22, 13:14

    Please let’s leave the theological discussion! Everybody has differing opinions and beliefs and most of us aren’t likely to change our minds.
    Getting back to the original topic of what ancient primitive people likely ate and how it was prepared, one thing that everyone has overlooked is the fact that there were a lot fewer people around and no pollution. Seaweed and whatever shellfish you might have access to have to be harvested with that in mind. Red tide is a toxic algae bloom that will contaminate shellfish beds for months. There are others. Human and animal waste runoff and active dumping spreads disease and will worsen in a shtf situation. Be very careful of what you harvest, when and where.

    The old saying of not eating shellfish during a month that doesn’t have the letter “R” in it is sound advice in northern latitudes. Those tend to be the warmest months and the time when shellfish is most likely to be contaminated.
    As far as freshwater fish go, be aware of potential pollutants in the water. If you wouldn’t swim in the water, you probably shouldn’t eat the fish. I’m sure that folks who do a lot of freshwater fishing have more points about safely eating your catch.

    Any “wild harvested” foods may be contaminated with pathogens, pesticides, other chemicals. Try to find out about the surrounding environment before you harvest. If you can… obviously, there will be instances where it’s impossible to know if this field was treated with pesticides, or if the defunct factory leached toxins into the watershed feeding that pond, but use your best judgement.
    Thank you.

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  16. Mailpouch March 22, 19:40

    Great article…lots of food for thought…lol…no pun intended.
    I was once invited to visit an archeological dig in southeast Oklahoma. They believed the Caddo Indians had lived there.
    I can almost always take something positive away from reading here that I didn’t already know…either from the article or from SOME of the comments. I know I don’t always follow what I’ve been taught but I was taught early in life that if you don’t have something nice to say don’t say anything at all.

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  17. red March 23, 02:49

    MizKitty: what are fish? 🙂
    No, we don’t have that problem because sand trout can’t eat anyway. No, they’re supposed to be real, trout that adapted to life without water. Just ask any college kid. After a few beer and his bong, he can explain all about them. so, most folks do not eat fish! Too much sand to chew thru to get to the bones.
    BTW, what’s a pond? Watershed? You store water in a shed? 🙂 niio

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  18. ST March 23, 03:51

    These comments are a mess. Good thing you folks don’t all live on the same street.

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  19. Mailpouch March 23, 05:39

    I don’t know if it’s Stone Age or not but the Five Civilized Tribes prepare a dish named kanuchi. It’s made from hickory nuts. It’s very labor intensive and it’s very tasty.
    I was privileged and fortunate to have some once during a Cherokee language class I took in Tahlequah, Oklahoma
    I understand that it began as a survival food. I’ve not been told this but I suspect that it may have helped the Cherokee survive the Trail of Tears. It’s high in calories.

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    • red March 23, 09:35

      Mailpouch: Pecans work, as well. That’s what Nana used. Of course, if you really want to get tradition, yellowjacket soup is good. Most folks use corn, today. niio!

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  20. red March 26, 06:50

    Armin: I’m trying to get things calmed down here–both sides have things right and both wrong in some points. Cain’s murder was an act of passion. Science looks at all angles and science agrees to disagree because each has proof of it’s claims, evo vs YEC with ID in the middle and claiming the majority of scientists.
    As stated, the Bible is the original text on human psychology. the bible claims a great deal of foreknowledge, including things like ‘fountains of the deep’ which were only discovered a decade ago. Most things evo claims are now defunct thanks to evolutionist scientists who try to keep in honor.
    All in all, my take is, if people wish to argue this, TAKE IT OFF SITE. Yes, this goes to red ant, as well. niio

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    • Armin March 26, 23:39

      Yes. I agree with you, red. It’s no use trying to change people’s minds. No matter how well intentioned. People will believe what they believe and they’re not open to having their world view challenged. This is the last time I’m going to jump in on a discussion about religion and god. I’m sick and tired of butting my head against a wall. I will reiterate this though, red. As a parting comment. Which I posted somewhere else on this page. I’m not opposed to the concept of god. It could exist. But it can’t be proven scientifically. For someone to believe in the concept of a supreme being they have to have the faith to believe in it. I don’t have that kind of faith. If that makes me a bad person so be it. Again, I do sincerely wish all of you the best in these challenging times Try and love each other unconditionally. That’s really the only goal that we should all try and aspire to. Hopefully you’ll all come through this without catching that darn virus. And niio to you also my young friend. Thank you.

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      • red March 28, 04:32

        Armin: Bah, at one time most of mine were atheists. A lot of atheists are good, caring people. Atheists will become priests and ministers because they want to help.

        The thing was, “where there is no god, anything is allowable.” The old women put their feet down and demanded the families behave. We never made bones about what religion one was. Even shon people (who can make skinwalkers look sane) lived among us. Each House polices its own. That’s how peace is kept. Peace to you. niio

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