Why You Should Replace Your Painkillers

James Walton
By James Walton October 11, 2019 08:11

Why You Should Replace Your Painkillers

My mother sat me down on her bed and her eyes were already red from tears. I was around 15 years old and had no idea what was going on.

“I have to go away for a little bit, Jim,” She started to really cry, “I have to get better.”

Mom didn’t have cancer or anything like that. Thank God. Instead, she had become addicted to prescription pain pills. Over the last 10 years her doctor had used her, and probably others, as an ever growing source of cashflow. That said, Mom was no saint, either.

When the prescriptions dried up, she went to the streets to get what she needed. It was one of the darkest times in our family’s history because my mother didn’t even drink! Before that addiction Mom was a working homemaker and she did both things like a pro!

What started as a solution to hip pain became something that spiraled so far out of control, it was hard to believe. At its base, it was pain management.

This happened in 2000. 19 years later my mother is 60 and there isn’t a doctor on the planet that will give her or many of the people she knows pain medication.

The Pain Epidemic in America

Why You Should Replace Your PainkillersWhile the news is reporting on the opiate epidemic that is daily killing Americans, a large segment of the population are now facing the consequences of the harsh protocols put in place to stop this opioid crisis.

Since the prescription of pain meds is under such scrutiny, it makes it much harder for patients with legitimate chronic pain to find relief.

Unfortunately, this is hurting our elderly populations the most. While the young are dying from the crisis of over prescription and Uber powerful medications, the elderly are facing the opposite consequences.

Pain is mentally crushing them and creating a new epidemic in the nation that has not yet found a front page headline.

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Necessity Is the Mother of Modern Alternatives

When those in pain cannot get help from the normal channels, they are left with two choices. They either find out how to treat the pain through alternative means, or they hit the streets for some illegal pain relief.

The good news for those suffering from pain is that there are many modern alternatives that are proving very helpful.

As preppers we must also be honest about the fact that, in crisis, these pain medicines that we rely on are not going to be manufactured or shipped to the public. What happens then?

In other words, even if you have a healthy relationship with something like Advil, that is going to change if we face a cataclysm and you will need an answer.


Why You Should Replace Your Painkillers

Even after my mother’s struggles, CBD oil has created a source of relief in many ways. Not only does the CBD oil affect general inflammation and pain, it also helps my mother with two other elements that many people underestimate in their fight against pain.

One is anxiety. The tensing of muscles all day is not only going to exacerbate pain, but it could also create more pain than you have already! You might not even perceive your anxiety level but, if you are in pain and human, you have some level of anxiety that could be affecting you.

CBD oil is a $20 experiment and it could change your life. It’s not an opiate and therefore does not have that strength, however, it can help with pain among other things.

The other big factor is sleep. It can be a real life nightmare to try and get sleep when you are in pain. That’s a fact! So, we must be very careful about getting enough sleep. Sleep gives the body time and chemicals that it needs to heal. Sleep will also reduce anxiety and blood pressure. Don’t underestimate restful nights. CBD can help with that.


Why You Should Replace Your PainkillersA simple root that is often purchased in its ground form, turmeric is powerful. You can cook up your own turmeric medicine by heating turmeric in some olive oil and black pepper in a pan at the start of each day.

This mix can be spread on toast or mixed into a meal. If you really wanna get it out of the way, just take a couple teaspoons of it with water, after it cools.

The black pepper is essential because it contains an ingredient called piperine that aids in the absorption of the curcumin. Be sure you combine these two together to get the max benefits from your turmeric.

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Why You Should Replace Your PainkillersIf processing cannabis or sourcing turmeric is not enough of a sustainable answer to pain for you, you can source or plant some white willow.

The white willow tree is a water loving tree that grows well and sends up great shoots for weaving baskets. Beyond these two characteristics the white willow barks contains salicylic acid. This is the active ingredient in aspirin. It’s a pain reliever and fever reducer.

Make a simple tea using 2 tablespoons of willow bark and a cup (8oz) of water. Bring this mix to a boil and then let the bark steep for 20 minutes. Strain the bark and drink. Seek out local white willow near water sources or plant your own!

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People feel pain differently. It’s a varied situation for all of us. Some have a greater resilience to pain than others. However, we experience pain and as we age, we build a relationship with chronic pain or daily pain.

There are lifestyle changes that can affect your levels of pain, as well, diets high in sugar and processed carbohydrates have been proven to increase inflammation.

Pain can change us. It can make us desperate, angry and mutate the beautiful person we once were. Trust me on this. I watched the dearest person in my life go through these stages.

Now is the time to experiment with things like CBD and willow bark. You could find answers that store well in mason jars rather than those that sit on the store shelves.

We all know what will come of those store shelves in a crisis.

Above all, remember that pain is inherent to the human experience. We have managed it for millennia without the help of deadly concoctions like fentanyl. Build a relationship with those forgotten medicines that are just outside your window.

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James Walton
By James Walton October 11, 2019 08:11
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  1. Ted October 11, 15:03

    Is there a recipe for the turmeric paste?

    “Mixing turmeric with ‘some’ oil & pepper” is a little vague.


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    • Ann October 11, 19:42

      This is the recipe I have used for many years for myself and my dogs. I got it from the Turmeric Users Group on Facebook created by a veterinarian in Australia-Doug English (I think). He uses it a lot for horses and dogs.
      The recipe has been changed since I got this one but I like this one better.

      Golden Paste – for people and pets

      1/2 C turmeric pwd (125 mls)
      2 C water (500 mls)
      1/2 C water extra, if needed (125 mls)
      3 tsp ground black pepper (7.5 mls)
      70 ml (5 Tbsp) cold-pressed olive or coconut oil

      place turmeric and water in a pan, stirring over a gentle heat until you have a thick paste. This should take about 7-10 minutes and you may need to add additional water along the way (it seems to depend on the turmeric you have).

      Add the pepper and oil at the end of cooking. Stir vigorously to incorporate the oil and allow it to cool. Store in a sterilized glass jat and refrigerate.

      Should keep for up to four weeks, refrigerated – best used within two.
      You can use it for Golden Mil, smoothies, stir into yogurt, add to your dinner plate, your pet’s dinner plate or your horse feed…run wild!

      I have typed most of the recipe on the Facebook group’s page. They have large list of downloadable information on the use of turmeric — the most important being the Recipe.

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      • red October 12, 02:56

        Got copied now, thank you.

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        • Ann October 12, 05:06

          I am sorry–I forgot the most important part.

          I give
          my Yorkie 1/4tsp
          my cocker spaniel 1/2 tsp
          my coonhound 1 tsp
          I give it in their food once a day but they are all in their teens so they are getting fussy about their food.

          I would give myself a heaping spoon (the kind you eat with) once a day unless I really hurt and would take another spoon later.
          I have other things with it in the cup of hot water like more ground pepper, a tsp of coconut oil, 1/2 tsp powdered ginger 10 shakes of cinnamon, some cayenne, one shake of cloves (also good for pain but only need a small amount) and a few other small amounts of powders that I find beneficial.

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      • Bell October 12, 03:59

        Hi Ann, thank you for this and I can’t wait to try it! But what’s the “dosage”? I have no idea how much to consume or how much to give the cat (if/when needed). Please let us know. Thank you!!!

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      • Tom October 12, 06:10

        Hi Ann, I will try your recipe, the one difference is that I will Simmer the turmeric, maybe pepper too, in oil first, then add the water. My pain relievers right now are reading and video, mostly. I am a long-winded correspondent.

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    • Chuckster60 October 14, 02:05

      search You Tube for “tumeric paste”

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  2. Tom October 11, 17:32

    I am a pain patient. I used opioids successfully, using them to stay active. The media blitz over pain meds is a falsehood. All the stated statistics are false. The opioid epidemic and death toll is from illegal heroin users, and those whose heroin is laced with fentanyl, a substance cheap, bought in bulk from China, and mixed with street heroin, or sold instead of street heroin, a death sentence to those using it.
    Legitimate pain patients, it is shown by honest statistics, do not become addicted, or at a very small percentage. You don’t abuse your tools. Someone might abuse Automotive and carpentry tools, because they cook, but they don’t abuse their cooking tools. People who don’t need pain meds use them as entertainment, typically making the acquisition of pain meds part of their Friday night out plans.
    Pain patients are being vilified for being in pain. CBD didn’t work for me, though I have yet to try Rick Simpsons Oil, (RSO), which is Marijuana based, legal where I am. I’ve used turmeric extensively, haven’t noticed any relief. I often buy the rhyzomes, similar to ginger. That, or powder, you need to simmer it in oil, until it foams, (190° to 210°?), to release the active ingredients, which are not water soluble. If in butter, Simmer the butter alone until the foam subsides, (i.e.; The water evaporates from it), or use ghee. I want to try Willow, which is not the same as the lab chemical aspirin. I want to try wild lettuce.
    I got tired of being called an addict by my doctor, tired of being a victim of battery assault every time I went to the doctor, (“Does this hurt?” JERK! “Does that hurt?” SHOVE!) It took a month to heal from my doctors visit. I quit getting pills. I quit being assaulted by doctors. I’ve been off for some years. I used to be active. I moved me and my ex-wife into a two stair flight walk up with a collapsed femoral ball joint, since fixed prosthetically. The other has necrosis, (same as Bo Jackson, but I don’t think his insurance company fought him over treatment), damaged disk, torn meniscus, damaged wrist tendon.
    These days, I have a good half hour of activity in me. Followed with a two hour nap, I can sometimes get in another half hour in the afternoon, but then I may wake up the next day and be a wreck. The, “Opioid Crisis,” is false. I read part of an article that analysed true pain patients, showing that it doesn’t shorten their lives, and they can live happy productive lives. Ask and I will seek documentation, true facts, unpublicized corrected statistics from the FDA, and others.
    I have struggled Ed to understand the witch hunt that is the, “Opioid Crisis.” What it appears to me, they are working to replace inexpensive, generic-capable drugs with expensive, newly-patented, untested psychotropics. If someone is sane, they can be made insane with psychotropics. In Soviet Russia, back when the financiers who own our media, Hollywood, and many if not most of our politicians and heads of agencies, CIA, FDA, USDA, FEMA, FBI… The Soviets threw dissidents in gulags, but they also threw them in, “psychiatric hospitals,” where they maintained, “patients,” on psychotropic drugs.
    In the 1990s, Adair Lara, a columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, related a story about her Father. She blamed his dementia on his abuses, he was in an assisted living facility. She inspected his chart, looking up all his meds. She found he was on some very powerful sedatives. She had the doctor remove them. The next week, the sedatives were back on his chart. She had them removed again, with warnings not to restore them. She visited him two days later. He was pacing the floor, “Where the hell am I!?
    Peppers are prepping for the day when the bankers take over the United States militarily, or due to a Depression, which was deliberately caused by the evil bankers shortly after getting their agents in Congress to violate the Constitution and pass the Federal Reserve Act, turning U.S. currency over to a private company. The bankers from the U.S., Britain, and Germany sent the Bolshevic rebels to Russia with arms and gold. Putin kicked them out, which is why we vilify democratic Russia, (with Cold-War rhetoric), while apologizing to Communist China for supporting democracy in Hong Kong and Taiwan. I fear this push to keep relief from legitimate pain patients, and to medicate them with psychotropics to keep them from exercising themselves in a democratic Republic, one chink in achieving a US vassal to the One-World Soviet Worldwide Dictatorship, call the leaders God, and worship at their church es, Jesus is banned.
    I am sorry about your Mom. I have no understanding of her condition, as, (it sounds), you don’t either.

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    • PB- dave October 12, 02:30

      Tom has some interesting connections in his post….. that being said, I can sympathize with legitimate opioid uses. 8 years ago I had a knee injury that had the ortho Drs wanting to operate at the soonest opportunity.
      in the mean time my family Doc put me on a opioid/anti-inflammatory while I waited for an OR date. 7 days into the 10 day prescription the inflammation was gone, pain was gone, and I stopped taking the meds. Never did have the operation.
      Had a friend who had 2 major surgeries in a month ( because Dr operated on wrong area the 1st time) the Ins co. would not pay for pain killers for second surgery because THEY said he used his allotment of opioids for that given time frame…… wtf

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    • QueenofHuronia October 12, 03:16

      Dear Tom,

      While there are legitimate cases, like yours, for carefully monitored opioid use, it is also true that Big Pharma & the U.S. Gov’t/Deep State have also been pushing their use thru our doctors for every kind of minor issue where a simple OTC pain reliever would do. I experienced this myself 2 years ago when, after 10 years with no medical insurance, we finally got coverage after my husband’s open heart surgery. He weaned himself off the opioids after 9 days. I finally got several medical issues dealt with, minor to moderate surgeries/procedures that, even though I had only minor to NO pain, the medical/hospital staff practically INSISTED I should take their Px for opioids home. I flatly refused, and used nothing or just OTC meds like Ibuprofen or Tylenol. Each time I got a home check phone call to see how I was doing after the procedures, I let the staff know I was upset about them pushing opioids on me when it was not necessary, and told them no wonder we have an opioid crisis in the USA! GUESS WHAT?? Every one of the nurses who I talked to AGREED, AND EXPRESSED THEIR OWN CONCERNS FOR THIS AND WELL!! Even my BFF, who is an ICU nurse at a local hospital has admitted her concerns over this!
      This has been a problem for decades, as the CIA & US military (high up, not the soldiers) are the biggest drug importers in the USA! Since Viet Nam opioids, then cocaine from South America, now opioids again from Afghanistan.
      Again, first hand knowledge. A dear friend told us, when my son became a US Marine in 2010, that the “war on terrorists” in Afghanistan was nothing but a drug importation mission. We got angry and said no way. GUESS WHAT?? YES!! After my son got sent to Afghanistan on 1st tour, his first phone call home from there he told us, “only place anything grows is in the river valley, a long, narrow “green zone”, and they grow no food there, only opium poppies as far as the eye can see”. He told us he was patrolling that area to protect the poppy fields from raiders coming over from Pakistan, so that the Afghanees keep all the poppies for US import, and that then-President Kharzi’s brother was the biggest drug lord in Afghanistan! He became angry and disillusioned with his service, as he went to stop “terrorists”, and instead was getting shot at, and his very nice VC (vehicle commander), a wonderful young man in his early 20’s with a wife & 2 yr old son, shot in the head and killed right while my son was talking to him, guarding DRUG POPPIES!! Thank God after 2 tours there, my son came home alive, but very changed. Now an angrier, embittered, jaded shell of the happy & humorous young man he used to be. Now he is a sheriffs deputy.
      Yes, Virginia, there IS a real opioid crisis! And fatcats in Washington, Big Pharma, and even our doctors are cashing in on it!

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      • red October 12, 05:34

        Queen: You may be right, but most of the poppy found is in shipping containers from China. And, yes, we were stopped from checking most of them under the OB admin. That’s changing. Big Pharm doesn’t like competition, and you know they’re losing millions because people in serious need can walk down the street and get a week’s supply of the cheap crap. niio

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      • Tom October 12, 06:01

        To: Huronian Queen
        What a pithy reply, how to start? You started with OTC. I was prescribed countless ones, besides the exotic, ibuprophen, Tylenol in my opioid scrips, Naproxyn, others. What they did for me is tear my stomach up, and give me psoriasis. I never got any relief. I took a lot of analgesics.
        I view myself as an expert. Doctors have never used analgesics, they know nothing. I was in a vacuum, I knew no one. In my view as an expert, here was my methodology—this developed before I found out about all the sufferers, people going into major surgery, who are denied relief because they are labeled as abusers, legitimate or not—SO, My methodology: I often took pain meds at least an hour after dinner, (digestion), but at least a couple hours before bed, (bad dreams). Sometimes one dose is enough. I have a maximum of 5 days, I have gone beyond that on occasion. I took pain meds for three days, aggressively, and if I was on three days, I would be off three days. On five days, off five days. Often, my treatment wouldn’t break the pain cycle. I am self-educating. I have found this principle: pain causes inflammation, causes swelling, causes pinching of nerves, causes further pain, further inflammation, swelling, damage of nerves, ad nauseum.
        Pain is not constant. It runs in a cyclical pattern, much like a, (I am not sharp late tonight), but like a rendering of a vector on a graph, up and down, up and down. Progress with pain is not linear, it’s ten, but now it’s one, but it is ten, moving down to one, back up to eight, down to three, up and down, up and down. There are stages to this. There is movement up, increasing in pain, and down, decreasing in pain, and plateaus, low plateaus, relatively pain free, and high plateaus, intense pain that is unbearable. The idea is to Dance, dance with your rhythm, learn it, understand it. Understand the growing pain, the plateaus, the diminishing pain. The goal is to break the pain cycle, get some relief, for even a short time. Pain is paused, inflammation is paused, nerves are not pinched, the cycle was interrupted, for however short a time. The goal is to break the cycle periodically, lengthen times of relief, over time, one can hit plateaus where they can go long periods without relying on pain meds. BUT, it is not unreasonable to get relapses. A car ran into me a week ago Friday, (I write this Friday night). I’m a wreck. I refused pain meds. I plan to go to the doctor and start pain meds again. I am afraid of doctors—who, lacking historic control of patient care, now in control of insurers—now seem to have a career vilifying patients through their medical records. Also, pain patients are now subject to drug tests, and their results are being falsified. Those are the reports. Me?, I came up in the days of doctor/patient privelege. Imagine if there was no attorney/client privelege. Your attorney sits at a computer, and enters everything you say. The transcript is posted semi-publucly, you don’t necessarily get to see what he writes. That is how it is in the medical community now. All your information is made available to the corporate structure. You may not be given access to it.
        I can tolerate anything. My only picture on the internet: (I scrubbed all my online photos and any personal info in ’06), I was at a March for Trump, March 4th 2017, and domestic terrorists grabbed me, and other terrorists beat me, in the head, and in the ribs. My photos were published in the San Francisco Chronicle, (I was accused of hitting, pushing, and otherwise abusing people with my cane, but the pictures show a dozen hands holding me in place for a beat-down), That wasn’t so painful. What was painful was the March in Sacramento a month later, they marched way too long, and I am proud, and I walked the whole thing, and I landed in bed for a week or more recovering.
        I have experienced times when I had to experience withdrawals, like the times I exceeded my 5 day limit. It can be painful, taking pain meds too long and getting off them. My doctors would criticize my methods, telling me to take a smaller amount, and take them always, every day, that is a prescription for disaster. That is a recipe for addiction, or rather, withdrawal when cutting it off.
        This is the issue: it is painful, if you allow yourself to become physically dependant, to stop. I liken it to jumping off a precipice. If you take them to the point of being on a one-foot precipice, it is not painful to jump off. If a three foot precipice, it is more difficult. If you are looking at a 20 foot precipice, high doses, over a long period, who is willing to jump off? Most will quit quitting, and be habitual. For me, the greatest danger is a half pill each and every day. Taking a high dose, enough to stop the pain, followed by abstinence, has resulted in my, (self-evaluation here), not having issue with addiction.
        I have dealt with withdrawal. Analgesics slow digestion, cause constipation. When you are on them for a time, and go off them, there is a period of acclimation.
        I firmly discourage strong analgesics for people who have minor issues.
        I envision double-blind studies to prove the efficacy of my methodology. I am a member of a couple Facebook groups. There are people dealing with constant pain who go into the hospital for surgery, and are denied pain relief recovering from surgery. What’s next?, reviving the Civil War practice of operating without medication to cut pain and bring on unconsciousness? We will next be creating new methods to restrain awake, Un medicated patients for surgery they can experience in its full horror. I am not kidding to say we are almost there. I have read horror stories. All to ensure that there is NO chance they might enjoy their pain relief. (I have no concept of what it means to enjoy pain meds). I have no issues concerning recreational users of pain meds. I have encountered folks in bars, back many years ago when I went to bars, of people seeking out some pills to augment their evening in the bar. That confounds me. I just don’t get it. Pain pills can help me have an active life. I am in bed most of the time. I stopped relating to having a normal life many years ago. I am ALWAYS in bed. That’s not true. I get up and make coffee, maybe breakfast, back to bed. I make dinner most days, back to bed. I often do chores, half an hour, back to bed. Nap at Noon, couple hours, sometimes a second bout of chores, but in all likelihood, I will be in bed for a couple days if I overextend myself. I don’t mind if people see a problem in their life they want to overcome, but I take umbrage when people look at my condition, say that—in their most honest self analysis, and they are ‘not fibbing to themselves’—that they would handle things differently in my shoes, and therefore I must handle myself in the manner that they project they would handle themselves in the same situation.
        I’ll be honest. I don’t care how people handle their difficulties. I am empathetic, but that is not at issue today. The issue is that I am reasonably intelligent, maybe, “smarter than the average bear.” I want to conduct my life, damaged as I am, (not bringing up how I supported the community by my physical sacrifice through my longest shift of 36 hours, 7 day weeks, high danger a constant, all weather, near death experience, physical damage, high voltage), the way I need, to live a happy, productive life. When the dictators take over our country, the disabled, for all of their cerebral capacity, will be unavailable to you, for you will kill them off. They will get a short trip to the backhoe-dug trench, and if lucky, a bullet in the back of the head before being buried.
        After a re-reading of your post. I know of the Vietnam goal of protecting the Golden Triangle of heroin production in South Asia, the Iran Contra issue, military planes importing cocaine from South America to the streets of America, their inventing crack, Afghani poppy fields, and the influx of heroin to our streets in recent years. That has always fed the illegal market. The deaths are from street heroin and from the Fentanyl they lace it with.
        Pain patients do not take opioids, they get synthetic opioids. The statistics are there: pain patients are not dying. I know nothing about illegal drugs but what I read. I could be helpful. I envision teaching doctors—who know nothing about analgesics—or being an intrinsic part of a study to understand pain and its treatment.
        But, don’t be fooled. They don’t want real solutions. This is an agenda, and it is well thought out. No doubt, millions if not billions have been spent, before they publicized any of it, to outline a plan for their ultimate goal. I have proposed at least one scenario. This attack on intractable pain patients is not altruistic. There is an underlying plan, and it is diabolical. It may be decades before we see why this is going down. This is not an action against the evil drug makers. This plan is BY the evil drug makers. They, “…have a cunning plan…” reminiscing on the early days of, “The Black Adder.” They have massive capital; they have OUR capital, when they print paper called Federal Bank Notes, they Rob us of the value of our money, perpetually making it worth less and less. They caused abuses, like you describe, making people with insignificant pain addicted to pain medication they do not need. Now, they reverse the wheel, vilidying the folks they addicted with their product. The fact remains: the statistics formally quoted by governmental agencies, who are captured by globalist forces bent on our countries destruction, are false, can be proven false, and have been refuted by those agencies in a way as to avoid dissemination that the record has been corrected. Intractable pain patients are not dying from their pain meds. I can document that, though it would be an arduous project I feel too tired right now to tackle, but will, at insistance, corral the requisite facts. Thank you for listening.

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        • IvyMike October 13, 00:36

          Pain rant coming, can’t stop… I had disabling brain injury in 1999. TBI is not just about damage to intellect, it also causes a lot of pain. One common symptom is constant pain in all of your joints, like a bad case of the flu. Another is migraine, for years I had 2 or more migraines a week The neurologist who originally treated me wanted me to cope w/o RX drugs because TBI patients have a heightened potential for addiction. Later I told him any physical activity sent me into a downward spiral of symptoms. He said don’t worry, always push hard and do more than you think you can.
          Over time I discovered Excedrin Migraine combined with Famotidine was the most effective pain reliever on earth, and there are studies that back that up. The 2 problems with Excedrin are, as you know, it’s hell on your G.I. tract for one, the other is it doesn’t get you stoned like Hydro. I’ve had Hydro twice over the years, once for a broken tooth, another time for a torn miniscus. What a great feeling! Just lay back in bed and let the pain and all your cares dissolve…but I love your story of learning to manage the pain, to quiet it down to work around it and with it. My Dad carried shrapnel in his chest and shoulder after WW2, and bad dreams in his head, but he never complained, never took meds of any kind, and lived his life with grace. I think you could tell us what a struggle it is to find that grace.
          I fought a migraine today, finally took some Excedrin and went under the covers for a couple hours till the pain and photosensitivity slacked off. Got up and prepared dinner, having a couple margaritas, going to grill fajitas, fresh Texas Gulf shrimp, and some whole hog jalapeno and cheese sausage my neighbor makes. Screw it, like Jesse Ventura says in Predator, I’m too busy to hurt.

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          • red October 13, 05:26

            Yo. I like my tobacco. I can concentrate on rolling one enough nothing else matters. A neighbor up the street got his skull dented. This was years ago, and he takes more meds than some pharmacies have. They work, to a degree. Some days he’s fine, gets everything done, and some days someone goes to help for a little, or just to be company. I helped him with his yard work the other day. I got a lot done, and so did he, tho he was shaky. Keep on, man, you got the grit. niio

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  3. Jeff October 11, 18:06

    I assume that the tree that you should plant in your back yard is the white willow. There are sooooo many “weeds” that if known can almost replace big pharma yet few folks know how to use them. Our society has become dependent on too many things. Our grand parents and those before them did not have these dependencies and though they may have had a more impoverished life, most took care of their health with what they had on hand (which was usually organic or wild). There seemed to be fewer cancer and more illnesses at that time.

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  4. IvyMike October 12, 00:21

    This link is to a study done by scientists at TWU in Denton, TX. It is a little hard to read depending on your technical background, but it is real science without a bit of the googoo woowoo and hidden profit motive that infests the ‘natural healing’ industry.
    The researchers made an extract from a very common plant that is widespread on disturbed soils in Texas, Snow On The Prairie, Euphorbia bicolor. They got very good data showing that one injection of the extract provided pain relief after two days for up to four weeks, and with no addictive potential. Big Pharma is probably going to kill this, but it has the potential to be a world changing discovery.

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  5. Bev October 12, 00:30

    Is “Survival MD” available in hard copy, as well as “How To Survive without Prescription Meds” ?

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  6. Spike October 12, 16:09

    Be careful with Tumeric. I was making my own capsules with fresh ground peppercorn and dried coconut oil powder. I’ve been suffering with GERDs(reflux disease) for 30 years and had been managing it with acid pills at high levels. However about 2 years ago the Gerds was out of control, 300 mg of Zantac daily plus one of Prevacid, Prilosec or Nexium couldn’t control the severe chest pains episodes which eventually forced me to go to the ER to rule out a heart attack. Finally, I read online that Tumeric can increase stomach acid production which I had been on for 2-3 years for chronic pain. I stopped the Tumeric and was immediately able to control the chest pain episodes. After a few months to heal up my esophagus I was able to decrease my Acid pill dosages. I did a lot of suffering and couldn’t say for sure that the Tumeric even helped the chronic pain anyways. I’m considering CBD oil now but am reluctant because my Asinine state says it’s illegal to use. I believe Big Brother will overlook your activities until the day comes when they want to get you for something. Than they WILL find something even if they have to make it up….like poor Donald is experiencing..

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  7. jlowell October 14, 12:27

    Hello All,
    No mention of Kratom? This is something you want to look in to for sure! Also stops withdrawals from the opioid pain meds if you are trying to get off of them! This tree is a miracle!

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  8. Raven tactical October 14, 15:05

    I enjoy modern medicine and till it runs out will use it.

    Pain killers like anything in life should be used correctly. I like the advice for when the supplies run out. It’s going be rough and most people are weak and can’t handle the pain.

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    • red October 15, 01:44

      Same here. But, it pays to test, to research for yourself. When I get an infection, I use tobacco. It works, it’s fast, but burns. I’d never use it on a child except in an emergency. Tea works, calendula cream is the best, and a lot of other things. My best suggestion is to teach kids pain control. For that, self-hypnosis will stay with them the rest of their lives. There are people who use so-called sacred datura, AKA witch weed. In an emergency, maybe. It slows bleeding as well as helps with pain. I was told a skinwalker up on the big rez (Navajo) was shot 16 times and still lay there trying to kill the police. BTW, it’s the absinthe of dark magic drugs, eventually causing brain lesions. niio

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  9. Burntfinger October 16, 02:52

    Be careful with Tumeric! In some people (me for instance) it causes aggressiveness after a few doses. Found that out the hard way. My wife is an herbalist who was young in her craft at the time. She has since learned to listen to what her patients are telling her.

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