Why Women Think Preppers Are Sexy?

Susan Morrow
By Susan Morrow November 10, 2015 16:36

Why Women Think Preppers Are Sexy?

Before you go ahead and read Susan’s article, I would like to say a few words from the top of my head. Why do women think preppers are sexy?

1. Women need to feel protected. They like the feeling of safety and trust. And who can offer more reliability than a man who is prepared for almost anything? It doesn’t matter if it’s an intruder, a hurricane, an EMP or a famine… you are prepared to deal with it. Or at least this is what we like to think

2. Since I started the whole prepping thing, I’ve learned a LOOOT of things. Every day I learn something new. Staying informed will give you more subjects to talk about. And learning new things will keep your brain busy. It’s a known fact that people who use their brain more often will make faster connections. This of course doesn’t mean preppers are smarter, but most preppers are sharp in a special, practical way. A thing that most women consider sexy!

3. Preparedness is a “manliness thing”.

4. If they have a family, they will stockpile food/water for all members. So I guess you can say that some preppers are caring lovers.

5. We know a lot of things about almost everything. If you’re a prepper for more than a year, you probably already know a lot of things about canning, preserving foods, economy breakdown, SHTF medicine, storing things, growing plants, wild plants, remedies, guns, natural disasters, house reinforcements, EMP’s, radios, tactical gear, filters, etc!

Here is Susan’s approach from a Darwinian point of view (natural selection):

By Susan

What does a prepper and a peacock have in common? It may seem as if the two are about as different as you can get, but I’m here to show you that as a male prepper you have a lot in common with the colorful peacock.

When Charles Darwin formulated his theory about how animals and plants evolved, he came up with the idea of ‘natural selection’. Darwin spent much of his career researching the natural world and noting similarities and differences between varying species. For example, Darwin breed pigeons and during various breeding experiments he found he could mate pigeons to create a chick that had a particular trait or characteristic. In fact, it is this idea of new traits giving a greater chance of future reproduction that forms the basis of natural selection.

You may have heard the term ‘survival of the fittest’ used a lot when people talk about Darwinian evolution. It is arguably the most misunderstood term in history. Even more misunderstood than the phrase ‘do you come here often’. Survival of the fittest has nothing to do with physical strength. Well not entirely. It is to do with how fit you are to survive in any given environment. An example would be a dolphin. I could probably (some might disagree) do math better than a dolphin. I could probably make better pot roast than a dolphin. But I definitely can’t swim, or even catch fish as well as a dolphin and drop me in the Pacific Ocean and I wouldn’t last long. The animals and plants that live on this planet now (and in the past) are the ones that are best adapted to the environment they live in and so go on to have offspring. They are the survivors. They are the fittest.

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Let’s go back to the peacock. Peacocks naturally live in environments with low-level trees and plants, in countries like India and Sri Lanka. They have predators like big cats and wild dogs that love peacock meat. A big, crazy, blue and green tail will most definitely make them stand out to those who would lick their lips at the idea of a very large ‘peacock drumstick’. So why does the peacock continue to create peacock chicks and survive with such an ostentatious visible display?

Darwin also realized that this discrepancy left a bit of a gap in his idea of natural selection. If animals like the peacock, or the widow bird, which has a ridiculously long, unwieldy tail, making it difficult to fly, can survive long enough to have offspring before being eaten, then something else must be happening besides natural selection. Out of these thoughts came the idea of ‘sexual selection’. Darwin noticed that there were lots of examples in nature where animals would look or act in a manner that put their survival at risk, but yet this same feature made them irresistible to the opposite sex. I’ll go through a few examples so you get the idea.

Spiders that are sexy and tasty at the same time

The Fat DiminisherYou’ve probably heard that certain female spiders eat their mates – it’s true, but do you know why?

The black widow spider gets its name from the fact that the female spider likes to eat her mate . When a male copulates with a female black widow spider, some of the more brave males will hang just above the female’s jaws as they mate. This may result in the male being eaten in the process. However, research has shown that these males not only fertilize a larger number of eggs, but because he has ‘satisfied’ his mate in more ways than one, the female is less likely to go off looking for another suitor. So, the sacrifice has resulted in his sperm fertilizing more eggs. He may be toast, but it is his offspring, not the other guys, that will be hatching out and stretching their eight legs. In terms of evolution, the more brave the black widow spider is, the more sexy he is.

Mr. Big, What Makes a Gorilla Sexy?

Gorilla’s are kind of lucky. They are surrounded by girl gorillas and you’d think they would have the pick of the harem. However, it’s the females that are really the choosy ones. Research has shown that certain gorillas are more successful with the ladies than others. It was found that male gorillas with larger crests (that’s the tuft of hair at the back of their head) and with bigger muscles had larger harems and had offspring that survived longer. The females were in effect choosing males that they knew would create strong offspring that they could then also defend.

What Makes a Human Male Sexy?

Which brings us back to human beings. Sexual selection is something that is often driven by the female of the species and this is no less so in human beings. The evolutionary biologist and journalist, Matt Ridley says, in his book: The Red Queen: Sex and the Evolution of Human Nature, that:

 “…there has been no real genetic change since we were hunter-gatherers and the things that we found attractive in a mate then, are the same today.”

Sexual selection can be seen working in human beings in a number of ways. Firstly, female humans have a lot of energy vested in their offspring. They spend nine months carrying a baby before it is born. Then they have to feed that baby, often for two years or more. Female humans are choosy. They want offspring that are fit and healthy, intelligent and resourceful. They want a mate that can protect them and their children.It is an uncomfortable world we live in and our children have to be strong to survive.

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So females choose the man that can give their offspring the best chance of survival, because he has the best genes. So they look for men who show initiative, are clever and can offer resources. In the past those resources were things like a warm place to live and meat to eat. Women today still want those things. Often today, of course they can find them without the help of a man, but to be able to share the responsibility of a child’s upbringing, provide shelter and food, is a still a primal need. Females still want males that can help them rear children, that have access to resources and that can protect them and their children.

Sexual selection in humans happens just as much as it does in the world of other animals. It works both ways; male humans have exerted sexual choices on the shape of females and females in turn have exerted sexual preferences on males. For example, there is a general preference by men for women with a lower waist to hip ratio (i.e. a more hour glass figure). However, humans are complicated animals and so it isn’t as black and white as that and cultural and individual preferences can override this.

As for as females exerting sexual preferences on male development, as we’ve said, women have to be choosy. They spend a lot of personal energy as an infant develops and they need to make sure they choose good mates. Many pieces of research point to female humans wanting male mates that have certain traits. Elizabeth Cashdan in her paper on Women’s Mating Strategies described what women want in terms of a mate as being, “a man with the resources and inclination to invest, and with genes that make him attractive to other women so that her sons will inherit his success.” In other words, women find men that are clever enough to protect them and their offspring and to give them the resources needed for survival, sexy.

Why Preppers are Sexy and make Good Mates

It may seem that preppers and peacocks have nothing in common, but the females that choose to mate with them, do so because they known their offspring will have a better chance of survival. Preppers know how to survive; preppers invest time, energy and money into preparing for the time when they will have to protect their families against a harsh world. In the case of preppers’, the women who choose a prepper will know that person will do whatever it takes to ensure the safety of them and their children – what can be more sexy than that.

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Susan Morrow
By Susan Morrow November 10, 2015 16:36
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    In some of the poorest countries I have visited, women preferred men who were overweight or even fat. The reasoning was that heaviest men were prosperous and could afford more food – thus security.

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    If I said half of what was said in this article, my wife would literally kill me. Women aren’t dainty little flowers. My wife can shoot better than I can. She grew up on a farm and can lift heavier loads than I can.

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