5 Best Countries To Move To Before SHTF

C. Davis
By C. Davis August 26, 2015 19:04

5 Best Countries To Move To Before SHTF

They say home is where the heart is, and the family.

But if home becomes a sinkhole and a threat to your life and your family, one is left with a difficult choice.

Some say it’s cowardly and unpatriotic to abandon a sinking ship and escape to a better setting. I agree. I would like to stay until the last minute. The thing is that you’ll never know for sure when it’s your last train.

Jews who left Germany before the WWII, lived a lifetime in other countries (like the USA). They had kids, they became grandparents. Those who stayed were starved to death and killed together with their families.

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This week I tried to find some other countries (in 3 of them I’ve already been to) in which I may live a similar life with the one I live here (together with my family), but safer in so many ways.

The criteria for determining the best safe haven countries were:

  • social stability
  • fewer enemies
  • economic freedom and opportunity
  • freedom of self-expression
  • self-sufficiency
  • cost of living
  • ease of visas and residency
  • insulation to western collapse or wars

Costa Rica

Costa RicaCosta Rica is a mountainous country a lot like Switzerland, but located in a warm, though not tropical part of the world. There are a number of valleys where most of the people live but there are lots of mountain nooks and crannies to get lost in.

Here is an actual account of an American survivalists who retreated to Costa Rica a few years ago and started a new life there:

“Costa Rica is quite small (like West Virginia) and is relatively close to the Equator, but the country actually contains about thirty different climate zones, with the temperatures ranging from 90 degrees on the beach to the low 50’s in the mountains. What that means among other things is that you don’t need to worry unduly about heating in the winter nor air conditioning in the summer. Also, the growing season is about 365 days long!

The soil is incredibly rich and farming is very easy. Fruit trees and berries considered expensive rarities in the states grow like weeds here. Also, for its size, the country is blessed by an abundance of water, since the country lies between the Caribbean and the Pacific and the mountains running the length of the country ensure lots of rainfall. Rivers are everywhere and the mountain streams are crystal clean. All electricity is generated by hydro!” (Source)

Costa Rica is a safe Heaven!

The only problem with Costa Rica is that it’s really expensive to obtain a permanent residency there.

According to the government of Costa Rica an US citizen has 4 alternatives for obtaining legal residency. You are eligible if:

1 – If you are receiving a lifetime pension such as military pension, social security or state retirement benefits of no less than $1,000 US per month. They even stated that “We have many retired military retiring here who are in their forties and are qualified pensionados” (Source)

2 – If you have a guaranteed income of $2,500 per month;

3 – If you make a deposit to a Costa Rica bank in the amount of $60,000. From this deposit you will be paid at the rate of $2,500 per month for 24 months. This residency is for two years after which it must be renewed (another 60,000) or you must leave the country. Not cool Costa Rica, not cool!

4 – If you are an investor, who has at least $200,000 or more invested in Costa Rica

The government is so restrictive because they are going thru what out southern border is going thru: a lot of Colombian and Mexican immigrants.


Sweden ruralFew people know this, but Sweden isn’t part of NATO, so in case of an all-out war it has a big chance of staying aside, just like it happened in the WWII.

But at the same time, Sweden is part of the European Union. And that has a lot of benefits like traveling in all Europe countries without visa. And if you obtain a citizenship, all you need is an ID.

If the Euro collapses, Sweden will not be very affected, since they don’t use Euros (they have Swedish krona – SEK).

I’ve been to Sweden myself and I can tell you that English is their second language. Everybody speaks fluent English there.

Sweden has been for many years the country with the highest salaries in Europe.

It’s expensive to live in, but at the same time you can find a better paid job than here. My cousin, who left United States to live there (20 years ago) now earns 10K / month in construction.

He pays around 35% Tax and has Full Healthcare (everybody has there) until the day he dies.


malaysia beachMalaysia has one of the most robust economies in Asia, and this is reflected in the consistently high standard of living available to locals and expats alike.

On a modest budget, you truly can savor a life of luxury there. For as little as $5, you can enjoy an excellent meal, with a bottle of wine setting you back the same price. The street food is similarly scrumptious and one of the true charms of Malaysian cuisine.

New Yorker Thomas O’Neal speaks about his new life in Penang (Malaysia):

“I rent a 1,600-square-foot apartment with an amazing pool, just five minutes’ walk from the ritzy Gurney Plaza shopping mall. It costs me just $850 a month. I don’t need a car, either, so I’m saving money left, right, and center.

I love the weather – 82 F on average – and the ease of getting to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Japan and Laos. When you combine that with a cost of living of $1,500 per month, including my rent, it’s almost unbeatable.” (Source)

Because they were a British colony, English is widely spoken by locals, making it all the easier to adjust and find your way around.

Malaysia’s economy in 2014–2015 was one of the most competitive in Asia, ranking 6th in Asia and 20th in the world, higher than countries like Australia, France and South Korea.

Between 2013 and 2014, Malaysia has been listed as one of the best places to retire in the world too, with the country in third position on the Global Retirement Index. This in part was the result of the Malaysia My Second Home program to allow foreigners to live in the country on a long-stay visa for up to 10 years. Here are the requirements:

  1. Applicants below 50 years old are required to open a fixed deposit account in Malaysia of $72,000 at any bank with a local branch.

After a period of one year, the participant can withdraw up to $36,000 for approved expenses relating to house purchase, education for children in Malaysia and medical purposes. However, a minimum balance of $36,000 must be maintained from the second year onwards and throughout stay in Malaysia under this program.

  1. Applicants 50 years old and above are required to have a monthly off-shore government pension of at least $2,300 and have a bank deposit of $36,000

After a period of one year you can withdraw up to $12,000 for approved expenses relating to house purchase, education for children in Malaysia and medical purposes. However, a minimum balance of $24,000 must be maintained from the second year onward and throughout your stay in Malaysia.


chile ruralChile is today one of South America’s most stable and prosperous nations. It leads Latin American nations in rankings of income per capita, state of peace, economic freedom, education and low perception of corruption.

There are a lot of opportunities and vast expat communities in Chile

Chile is a fully developed country with modern cities and a rich countryside with stunning views of the Andes Mountains from almost any location.

Chile maintains a lower cost of living than North America especially for rent and fresh food. Americans can get a tourist visa (good for 90 days) on entry to Chile for a cost of $160.  Residency requirements in Chile are relatively flexible. Escapees can qualify for a Chilean Retirement and/or Income Visa by proving an income of between $500-$1000/month. Entrepreneurs can get residency by starting a business and foreigners can easily get a visa by working for a Chilean company. (Source)


tasmania touristsTasmania is an island state that is part of Australia (country) with half a million population.

TAS has plenty of water and fertile ground. It’s completely safe from every nuclear war or war of any kind. Nobody will ever bomb TAS (it wouldn’t be cost effective).

The whole island is about the size of South Carolina and about 45% of Tasmania is National Parks, Wildlife Reserves, etc.

It has mountains and hills so it’s pretty safe from tsunamis.

There is a LOT of land per capita, so buying a farm is pretty cheap. Here’s an idea:

“I saw a news piece a while back about a whole town for sale – houses going for $20k etc. Rename it Preppertown.” (Source)

On top of this, it’s Australia, so everybody speaks English (sort of).

The only downside of this heaven is that winters (actually summers) are cold and daily products are pretty expensive (like gas). And the Christmas is in full summer (actually winter). It would be weird to adapt living in the South Hemisphere (and kind of cool).

Obtaining a VISA is really easy. In most cases all you need to do is prove you have a skill that they need and that you would like to settle there to work. Australia is about the size of the USA (without Alaska) with only 23 mil inhabitants, so they’re always looking for skilled labor force.

Or if you want to invest in a farm or buy land… that will also do it.

Again, I don’t want to leave America and I probably never will. But I want to find a country where I can move to in two weeks if things get really, really bad.

What other countries do you think are the best safe haven nations and why?

This article was inspired from OZ Prepper Forum and Activist Post .

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C. Davis
By C. Davis August 26, 2015 19:04
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  1. Reprobate August 31, 19:17

    Interesting article. Just enough information to make a conscious decision to examine prospects further without getting bogged with inane details.
    Thanks for sharing this.

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    • tony gonzalez May 2, 15:44

      this guy is full of shit!!! do a little investigation and get your shit straight,,, the best place to move to is MEXICO,,,, no deposits, you own your land for 99 years if not a Mexican citizen,,,, after the shift, all of the places mention in the post are going to be cook,,,,,, not Mexico,,, and is jest a few miles away,,,,,, Muslims are invading Europe,,,, not Mexico

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      • Zhan're August 15, 17:32

        With your last name Mexico is good for you. However for the average “too white” person it is too dangerous, even the police will kill and or kidnap them. You do a little investigating!!!

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      • Omega 13 September 9, 19:29

        Two words (following these ones): Drug cartels!

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      • Thaddeus Buttmunch, MD October 10, 15:04

        Listen…I lived in Tampico for two years in the eighties to attend a Medical School there.

        1. It’s a corrupt dictatorship
        2. you have no civil rights there
        3. they Love our Dinero but they historically hate gringos. Expect harassment and extortion-or WORSE.

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  2. vic December 15, 21:29

    Might be time for the author revisiting the above list.

    Sweden is suffering horrible crime from “Immigrants”

    Malaysia (Muslim (official) 61.3%)

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  3. donboy January 20, 15:49

    The nut that did this need to watch the news no and then!!
    Sweden is the rape capital of the world and crime is sky rocketing due to the flood of muslims and Malaysia is just as bad.

    Reply to this comment
    • Hill Billy Bob November 4, 08:44

      Sweden the rape capital of the world? Not even remotely. The statistics are high because Swedish police actually records, investigates, and prosecutes rape aggressively, unlike many places in the world (some truly fucked up countries even make rapists supreme court justices).

      Reply to this comment
      • THE MAN November 5, 19:15

        Judge Cavanaugh is no rapist all we had was a bunch of line F in Liberal b****** three will be prosecuted for the admitted lying

        Reply to this comment
      • Awak July 23, 22:01

        Bill Clinton and Joe Biden have never been a SC Justice.

        Sweden police and authorities have covered up numerous rapes/migrant rape gangs for political reasons. My Lord, read a little bit.

        Reply to this comment
  4. Ken January 20, 21:33

    I like New Zealand, exactly the size of Colorado (with Mountains down the middle) and as much coastline as the Lower 48. They are easier to get residency than is understood–it helps to have a skill, live outside of Auckland, speak English, and be under 60. Contact e-migrations: Kim Saull. He’s a solicitor specializing in immigration. Read: Stuff.co.nz for an index of news.

    Reply to this comment
    • Neco May 9, 23:03

      And right on the Ring of Fire. Christchurch earthquakes anyone?

      Reply to this comment
      • Rod Scott May 30, 09:14

        Hi Ken, I was fully aware of the looming SHTF situation when I left the states in 2010, at that time, I had only a short time to think of where I and my extended should be heading to because our (yours and mine) government was trying to kill me, they hit my neighbors house, killing him, his wife and 3 kids. At that time, my thoughts ran to China, India and Brazil, we went to China, where we are still reasonably happy, except for the “now looming” North Korean problem, I thought about Australia, and even Tasmania, but we decided on New Zealand, most likely the south island. One part of your message is misleading, Jobs for people of 60 are completely unavailable, but only for government jobs, I am over 65 and have a job to go to, when we get there, my current job in China is contracted to June 30, but soon after that, we will be in the “land of the long white cloud”.

        Reply to this comment
        • Texmau June 24, 11:19

          Hello, I live in Brazil and looking to find money to afford a field small piece of land. Here political scenario is becoming more polarized, left winged people clearly believe they will save the world (when for me looks more a child dream). I may say if you are over 50 yo and want to move here, maybe you can find a job in big companies but will need to live in crowded cities which is not good. It’s quite safe in rural places but everybody will know the “gringo that came from abroad” which doesn’t look good when we think of the grey man behavior, meaning, difficult to disappear. It’s a difficult equation. Even for me as local, is hard not to be named as the crazy guy.

          Reply to this comment
      • Rod Scott May 30, 09:18

        Neco, I have lived happily for the last 8 years in Tangshan China, the site of the 2nd biggest earthquake ever, the only one bigger was 800 years ago, yeah CHCH seems fairly safe to me

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  5. Greyguy February 28, 11:35

    One thing always left out of these overseas analysis is weapons for self defense and crime, whether it be a financial or prepper type page. Many of these countries mentioned are not so friendly to showing up with a firearm in tow, if at all, while their crime rates are not always easy to access.

    Reply to this comment
    • Texmau June 24, 11:26

      Correct. But new president here in BRZ is trying to permit guns, anyways if you want to buy a gun is still possible, you pass over an exhaustive more than one year process, where you do shot training, then phase two shot training, then lots of papers and certificates, then a federal agent will evaluate if you can have a gun. If approved you can have it but only at home and transport it to your training center, meaning, you are not free to walk around with the gun. Is a long process, not cheap (for Brazilian average people). Don’t know if the fact of not being native changes something on this process. About crimes that’s true, but you always can move to not crowded places were crime rate is lower. But you won’t be a grey man. Difficult to equate.

      Reply to this comment
  6. Mahatma Muhjesbude March 5, 18:58

    Well, this is a good article if you are a real estate/travel agent/visa broker.

    Here’s the reality check: Most, if not all, of these countries, of which I’ve visited or lived in a while– have inherent problems that probably will NOT appeal to the average ‘prepper’s’ emotional content and liberty sensibilities once the Lure of palm trees and the beach, and of Robinson Crusoe adventurism wears off.

    Not to mention the following facts:

    1. Most, if not all, of these places have strict gun control or total bans. Unless you want to spend a lot of money in bribes for the corrupt government. Who will confiscate them anyway if the SHTF.

    2. Most of the least expensive places are not economically stable. Otherwise they wouldn’t be allowing expatriats with a financial qualifier.

    3. Economic instability means political instability. Things could change so fast as to make your off grid windmill fall down. And you’d have to get out and come back to America leaving all your stuff behind.

    4. Not to mention that places like Malasia, and even Europe and parts of Europe have intense Islamic infiltrations, far worse than the U.S.

    5. Not to mention that even though the rural country side in places like Belize or Guatamala, etc. might be ‘survivable’ to the expatriot, when you venture off in the big city, you’ll automatically have a ‘kidnap me for ransom’ bullseye painted on your back.

    There’s more bad news but consider this. If the major SHTF even occurs, what makes anybody anywhere think it will be better anyplace else in the world?

    AND, I guarantee that if you have the money they require in most of these locations, you will have no problem living a nice comfortable only slightly amenity reduced, but safe and secure, lifestyle in certain areas of the U.S.

    Reply to this comment
  7. john-atlanta April 4, 01:24

    Well, Obama just put into motion Rev 17 with his additional troops to the Russian border.

    God’s written word states the WHOLE world falls into civil war and at the end there is only 1 man left for every seven women. The only ones that survive untouched are those that flee to the “deep woods”.

    The followers of the anti-Christ hunt everyone down to kill or convert them. ISIS (the locust army) is only the beginning.

    If you live in the USA and value your life, flee from the east and west coast, God is shortly wiping them off the face of the earth (Zach 13).

    Flee to the middle of the USA into a state that does not support homosexual marriage or abortion. I believe God may save Uganda (they have turned back to God) and maybe Ethiopia (they preserved the Book of Enoch) in Africa if you are brave and black enough to live here.

    Reply to this comment
    • B boy May 2, 18:46

      U bugging bro, east coast is the best survival option, lack of water in the future in the heartland is gonna be a real problem west cost too close to China Russia and earthquakes, also don’t forget old faithful just a matter of time befor it pops

      Reply to this comment
  8. Wazza May 5, 09:29

    Not a chance in Hell would I move to a European Nation, Sweden etc has been overtaken by Muslims, mostly Men that want to inhabit the World with their seed from Western Women, whether they want to or not
    Glad you didn’t mention Australia, we don’t want the hordes coming here anyway lol, not enough water is a big risk for coming here, and if you don’t like creepy crawlies, snakes, spiders etc, not a good choice either, other than that I would not go anywhere else

    Reply to this comment
    • Neco May 9, 23:15

      From someone who DID move from America to Tasmania… don’t do it unless you’re damn serious about it. I moved here to marry my spouse and start a new life. That worked for me, because we planned for it. Since I’m working on getting a citizenship, I followed through with all the paperwork and visas, and currently stand as a permanent resident.

      And you have to remember: You’re not moving to Tasmania, you’re moving to Australia, and living in the state of Tasmania. It’s like living in California, and deciding to move to Hawaii.


      ~Fuel is expensive.
      ~Water is precious. We get more than some areas, but we’re in a drought at the moment, with rainfall for year way way down, and the hydro dams are very low. Up side is you learn how to garden properly for water saving. Down side is projected rolling black outs this winter.
      ~Jobs. HAHAHAHA. Good fucking luck. The job market is quite depressed at the moment, with a load of folks moving back to the mainland.
      ~Housing: iffy. American money goes further than Australian does at the moment, but even so- this tiny house we live in will need about 8 more years to pay off in Aussie dollars. If you DO miraculously find the chance to move here, your converted American cash will go pretty far towards securing your home and property.

      Moreover, we’re quite pleased with our half a million or so people and soo… fuck off. We don’t want you. 😛

      Reply to this comment
    • Farnsworth August 29, 02:14

      Or…when shtf, instead of fleeing to other countries who seem to have current problems of their own; we stay, we fight, and we KEEP our country. The U.S., no matter what, s the GREATEST country on earth. I’m the 11th generation (direct male line) of a family who has been here since before the American Revolution (late 1600’s)…I won’t ever live anywhere else, and sure as hell won’t watch my country burn to the ground.

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  9. Rick July 15, 13:21

    Considering what is now happening all across Europe,I would no longer include Sweden.

    Reply to this comment
  10. Tony P. August 15, 13:43

    I read this list and all I can say is, the author hasn’t lived anywhere else and got these countries from travel brochures. Sweden? Malaysia? with their Muslim population and infiltration? Really? And Costa Rica, thanks to the influx of ex-pats and other foreigners has attracted a lot of crime. Couple that with the fact you won’t be able to own anything as basic as a shotgun unless you leep it ilegally, in which case you’re a local jail candidate. These countries are not for preppers.

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  11. Greener1 August 15, 19:29

    I have a place in the northern Baja Mexico, a small house built for about $25,000 in a resort called El Dorado Ranch. It’s about 120 miles from the California border and on the Sea of Cortez, a warm body of sea water that I see from my front window. My costs are about $800 a year, no typo! But I don’t live there but could-wife does not like “roughing it.” This is one of the safest parts of Mexico and gringos are well accepted. But don’t bring your guns or drugs down here…

    Reply to this comment
    • the camper January 22, 01:05

      Baja mexico will be under water in +/- 2 years,,,, sell your house ASAP!! and move to a safer place in mexico,,,, yes you can own a few firearms,,,,

      Reply to this comment
      • BillH April 25, 21:47

        It has been two years. There has been no noticeable change in the ocean water level. Don’t know how to say this nicely, but you have been suckered by a progressive lie intended to get ordinary citizens to back a program to transfer money from the US to (the leaders of) third world countries (a “carbon tax”). Global warming is primarily a hoax. Which is why they changed the name to “climate change”, the temperatures stopped going up for about 15 years. The stuff which Al Gore predicted in his movie has not taken place yet (for example, the arctic ice was supposed to melt completely each summer starting a few years ago; never happened).

        It now appears that we could be heading for a new ice age, which is a real issue (compared to warm periods, which throughout human history have benefited plants, animals, and humans). But nothing of major significance is going to happen to the weather during our lifetimes.

        Well, unless a major volcano goes off. Which will actually cause immediate cooling.

        But this “CO2 is a poison” stuff is nonsense; it is a critical part of life on Earth. To be anti-CO2 is to be anti-life. And the more CO2, the better plants grow and the more that animals have to eat.

        Reply to this comment
    • Road tramp November 2, 20:29

      Your a Liberal piece of shit. Stay to fuck wherever you’re at shit bag.

      Reply to this comment
  12. the camper January 22, 00:56

    where in hell do you get this information on safe countries to move to??? ALL of the places that you mention will be under water in a near future,,,,,, get your facts correct

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  13. Dr.Belmanta February 26, 06:13

    I was forced to very abruptly leave America 7 years ago, I looked at my options, and none of them appear in this article. My choices consisted of Brazil, China and India, I decided on China, I now have a good life here with my extended family, I have a new home and a good job. The places mentioned in the story may be OK, but I can tell you one thing about Tasmania, there are lots of cheap land, houses and farms because everybody has left mainly for the same reason, there is no work, no jobs, no industries and no future, it would only be suitable for those who are independently wealthy.

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  14. hookra March 26, 17:00

    Nowhere to live in the final days…I have lived in 6-nations & traveled the globe, and you will never find a safer zone then Midwest and Mountainous USA. Clean water, rural protection, and a way to spend silver as a trade currency. The “Third World Countries” are that for a reason-Govt controlled and lees then favorable standards.. there are a lot of good places, not for a “white person”though, and the article is basically good since I been around to see. If you want weapons, don’t plan on any where, but that doesn’t mean for brown or black people you will not be able to “blend-in. if you are a white person just hunker down in USA and research and plan, but for the browns- you have options to go and blend-in, and you may just survive longer, but you better learn about primitive ways, because since most places like Chile are pretty good now in the future it will resort back to primitive ways in which they already know, and with there diverse islands there is a lot of survival places there.

    Just remember, today third-world means illnesses, low income, armed govt, and no facilities, so in the end it will be 50X worse or more.

    My suggestion is because of religion base, Chile or Malaysia would be best and safest due to the current state of world affairs, and Chile can be driven or walked to from USA where others are across oceans?

    No where will be easy, and the other problem in USA is the vast amount of armed looter where gun-controlled lands will be minimal, so you need to look at the overall scheme and decide what you are capable of committing to, and blend in with the nationals and seek refuge when it gets bad and pray it will be over soon…

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  15. Gina May 3, 03:39

    What I’ve noticed that is glaring in posts like this is that no one seems to mention – learn the language, at least enough to have an everyday conversation.

    Every country mentioned, even Australia (information is outdated) your American English will make you stick out like a red rose in a lily field. Americans think a ‘rubber’ is a condom, Aussies know it’s an eraser….

    Another thing missing…what is your timeline? If you have a year to plan, start now. If you wait until “the government or internet or CNN” tells you there’s a problem brewing, you’re too late to bail out.

    It will take extra work to learn a new language to conversation level, learn to read the basic words in that language and then narrow down where you’ll live once you land. Do your homework, start now reading the English language newspapers and watching the elections in those countries. What ‘was’ in 2013, guaranteed has had a dramatic change in 2017.

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  16. staying retired May 30, 02:12

    Chile might be a nice option. There are no roads through the Darien Gap in Panama, so, no, one cannot drive to South America, but vehicles can be shipped. Costa Rica has evicted legally resident foreigners in the past (1990s) and, unless you are willing to ‘go native’ in the backcountry, you will be a target for crooks and thieves.

    Many Muslims are nice people. Malaysia might be fine, or it might not.

    Sweden and most of the EU is a political risk.

    Africa is a big question mark, but the US and China are already heavily involved and corruption is as bad, if not worse than the portrayed in the media.

    Australia has problems with illegal immigration, but you would blend better with light skin than oriental features. There are Muslim extremists in Asia, too.

    The world is a dangerous place. Most people should stay home.

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  17. Labienus December 30, 20:35

    I’m not worried about it’s current economy, I’m concerned with a nations resources and it’s crime rates.

    I will be mostly farming and hunting, so I want good soil and plenty of wild game.

    I want to be able to keep my family safe, so ability to own a gun is essential for protecting them short of using my bow, knife and machete

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  18. Rich March 22, 23:23

    New Zealand. Most people know what it looks like from the Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit films. They speak English (sort of).
    New Zealand is like an old woman’s vagina…everyone knows where it is, but nobody wants to go there!

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  19. Reuben March 28, 20:34

    There is no perfect escape destination. If the US goes down, the world will be a scary place no matter where you go. Personally, I think that, with a good amount of money, one of the more civilized and developed African countries would be a good spot (i.e. Angola, Tanzania, Ghana, Madagascar, Botswana, Rwanda [believe it or not], etc.) A lot of foreigners already reside in these countries, so there is diversity and relative peace and such. The problem is getting to these places when shtf and making yourself useful while you’re there.

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  20. B boy May 2, 19:06

    Hold up, one cowards and traitors run for a fight. Two, you think China won’t annex the entire pacific if it starts to look bad haha… good luck with that. In regards to Costa Rica, been there 5 times…. the locals look at us like a resource… when the the Shtf, u think they will still want you there. Besides it’s become a narco state, no army underfunded police force and over 40% of people in poverty. And as far as Europe goes, yeah historically they’ve been a really peaceful continent I’m sure they won’t eat each other when the shtf. The us east coast might have flooding in direct costal areas by 2050 and have some severe storms, but it’s a good bet, for 2100 north east Great Lakes area… for all those fearing nuclear war, if the east coast is hit…. the fallout is going to be global no if ands or but about it, it’s called MAD for a reason

    Reply to this comment
  21. Tex Caledonia May 31, 21:48

    What a useless article unless you’re looking for a possible vacation spot. Problems I see are language barriers, cultural problems, and a definite loss of rights when compared to the United States. I wouldn’t permanently leave my home in the US for any other place in the world. However, for the gutless sheep who are afraid of their own shadows a change of locations is probably best for them and a boon to us in the US.

    Reply to this comment
  22. staying retired June 9, 03:44

    If you stay in the US, you deal with the collapse of the US. If you are brave and venture forth, you will be dealing with folks who have lived through economic and political collapse.

    Up to you.

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  23. Andreas June 9, 22:47

    Everyone is posting valid points, some more than others. However there’s a major religious factor few seem to have in account when shtf. I’m born and raised in Sweden, our media is as corrupt as trump and Obama for petrodollar. So whatever you’ve read in the news has probably been blown up out of proportion. However I agree and can admit to certain extent that the zionist led corruption of Europe and the cause to Europes major immigration flows are damaging Sweden in different cases and has increased extreme acts of violence throughout Europe. No country in particular. But once again there’s a bigger game factor which is being overlooked “one world order”, zionists have this thick headed obsession of controlling the world and have a payback plan on Europe with the help and price of numbing USA in its entirety. The religious part is what catholic Christians and Muslims have been shouting about aka “Armageddon” of “malhama” which includes per different religious predictions one nuclear blow to the lands of non believers/atheists or three major blows which will result in casualties which will kill 99 of every 100 in that war/catastrophe. The world will then be reduced in its population and thus the “one world order” will be able to enter the surface. There’s also the question of the antichrist/ or as Muslims call him “dajjal”. This entity/person or soul of power has misled the humanity and zionists must prepare the world for his arrival. Sounds like a lot of be and sci-fi, believe me we’re going mad about this in Sweden churches, it’s as real as me and you. The point is, it’s impossible to predict a safe spot on earth for the coming 11 years of hell we are about to witness, in contrary to which main capitals you should leave asap before shtf (USA and surrounding countries, Israel, UK, Iran, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia and few others). This prophecy is not religious anymore and should be the main discussions in every forum of the world. But it would not benefit the Zionists if we were preparing ourselves. Time is essence, sell your house and unnecessary consumer products, move far away main capitals, to a remote location and set up some basic agricultural and solar powered electricity. This was announced 2 years ago by priests and copts and imams before they actually builded alliances against Muslims etc. By now its too late if you have no funds. I reckon a family has 24 months from today to setup and that is only by interpreting and analysing news and scientific and religious articles in dark net forums. We’re are not suppose to speak of this

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  24. mamiso October 31, 08:22

    The ONLY “safe” place if we´re getting nuked is underground.

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  25. Common Sense February 1, 04:29

    No hispanic country is safe for Gringos. Malaysia is not safe due to the dangers of Chinese expansionism. No socialist country like Sweden is safe due to the number of muslims there. It is now the rape capital of Europe. Stay in North America, you will be glad you did.

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  26. George Waters February 1, 08:32

    Basically American don’t want to move away from America, because have been brainwashed that there is nowhere else to go, almost 10 years ago, I thought it was getting close to the time not to be there any longer, I and my family looked at Australia, New Zealand and China, we decided on China because Australia is heading the same way as USA, and New Zealand is just too expensive. We have been here for nearly 9 years, I have a good job, a city apartment and a rural farm, Our children, now at university, went to primary & secondary school here, they didn’t learn about political correctness, but they did learn about planning your future and being a worthwhile citizen.

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  27. staying retired April 27, 07:01

    Unfortunately, the students at the State schools learned unquestioned obedience to the dictates of the Party. It’s not fun being the only free thinker in a sea of enslaved minds.

    At least China is prepared for a worst-case scenario of a planetary fly-by (explains climate change and the Ghost Cities perfectly) through it’s construction of infrastructure far from the coasts, greenhouse and alternative energy development and the encouragement of it’s citizens to own gold and silver. The only economies will be hyper-localized, so food will be worth it’s weight in gold.

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    • George Waters April 27, 08:12

      “THE PARTY” (CCP) is like a single party that has their leftist and rightists, their labours and their liberals, their republicains and their democrats, and the fact that every member has a university degree in politics is somehow reassuring. As far political parties go, it is very small, with only 72,400 members. And no, I am not a communist.

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  28. Alex June 21, 15:10

    The only issue is that in most of these countries you can not own a firearm. When the SHTF, it will be important to protect the family and in these places we may be relegated to using less optimal weapons. Would you know the firearms laws in these nations?

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  29. slynki August 25, 15:28

    sweden is already fuc&ed

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  30. Ed January 7, 10:30

    When the SHTF, the patriots will hold there ground and fight for their country, die if necessary. After all what American wants to live in a communist block country with assholes running it. When the SHTF, just remember that it was started decades ago, it did not just happen. America gave up it’s freedom when they allowed the Democrats to lie and cheat their way into the most relevant and highest positions in the land.I won’t get too religious here, but there is one scripture that says it all: Hosea 4:6
    My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee. We are about to be part of a new Civil War, arm yourselves and fight for your freedom like our ancestors did. They didn’t turn tail and run. As a U.S. Marine, I swore an oath to defend the Constitution of the U.S. against ALL ENEMIES, foreign and DOMESTIC. If you swore the same oath, we are on the brink of doing that. I am 75 yrs. old, but still ready to defend MY COUNTRY and it’s CONSTITUTION.

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