The Global Depression Of Our Lifetime Is Coming

Rich M.
By Rich M. March 8, 2021 09:21

The Global Depression Of Our Lifetime Is Coming

Ever since the “Great Recession” of 2008/2009, financial gurus of all stripes have been predicting another great depression, perhaps one even greater than the one of 1929 to 1933. Actually, what they’ve talked about is the country “driving off the financial cliff” and they’ve mostly attributed it to Congress’ irresponsibility in driving up the national debt.

The thing that differs in these financial prognostications is the trigger that’s going to cause us to go off the financial cliff. That’s an ever-moving target, as it changes every time that another trigger passes us by, without bringing about the expected disaster.

But the underlying problem which is likely to cause the financial collapse, bringing us into the depression is still there. Essentially, our economy is on very shaky ground and it is ground that has never been trod on before.

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Part of what has propped up our economy to this point, is that the US dollar is the world’s reserve currency. Pretty much all international business transactions are conducted in dollars. That simple fact forces every country and every international corporation around the globe to buy dollars.

Add to that the amount of money the Federal Reserve is releasing as “quantitative easing” essentially money created out of thin air.

While there is some need for increasing the money pool in response to population increase and a growing economy, this is mostly done to fund government commitments that are not funded by tax revenue.

In other words, it’s money made up to pay for things, because there is no money to pay for them.

It is this, not businesses charging more for their products, which drives inflation. Businesses increase their prices because the materials they need to buy cost more; in other words, they are reacting to inflation, which in turn perpetuates the cycle.

The Reality

The reality of what is happening is that every time the Federal Reserve creates more money, is that they are diluting the value of every dollar in existence.

The Global Depression of Our Lifetimes is Coming

Essentially each dollar is a percentage of the total value of our country’s economy.

Since they are constantly creating dollars faster than the growth of the economy, they are reducing the value of the dollar. It’s just happening at such a slow rate, that we can’t see it.

Surprisingly, the quantitative easing that the Fed has been doing hasn’t caused massive inflation, as it normally would. About the only place we see that massive inflation is on Wall Street, which economists look at as being good.

But that doesn’t mean that everything is okay. At some point in time, and quite possibly sooner than anyone expects, the house of cards is going to come crashing down.

Some economists are now trying to say that our national dept is actually “too low” and that our economy can support a whole lot more. What they’re really saying is that they think the world will support holding onto a lot more US debt, allowing out government to borrow even more.

Perhaps the scariest single event pointing to how far out on a limb our government is, was the Coronavirus relief act.

The Global Depression of Our Lifetimes is Coming

In a single stroke, Congress authorized an additional 2.2 trillion dollars of funny money to be produced and parceled out to various entities, including you and I, to try and keep the COVID-19 pandemic from turning into a major financial disaster.

What nobody seems to have figured out yet, is that now that they’ve done that once, there’s nothing to stop them from doing it again. The real question is, how many times will they get away with that, before it becomes the trigger to bring down not just the US economy, but the economy of the world.

Typically, when countries have a financial collapse, the rest of the world’s economy remains intact. That props them up and allows them to rebuild. But as the world’s biggest economy, when the US has a hiccup in our finances, it affects the world.

The Great Depression hurt not only the US economy, but the entire world’s economy. Likewise, the housing bubble bursting in 2008/2009 did so too.

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When we enter into this next depression, there won’t be anyone to bail us out; they’ll all be trying to bail themselves out, thanks to us.

What Should We Do?

With the certainty that another great depression is coming, even though we don’t know when it will happen, we need to get ready. While not everyone loses their jobs and has their lives destroyed by a depression, everyone is affected by it.

The Global Depression of Our Lifetimes is Coming The Argentinean collapse of 1999, which is used as a model of what we could expect in our own economic collapse, saw over 2000% inflation, with the peak months showing 200% inflation in one month alone!

During that same collapse, wages increased by less than 250%.

So those who made out the best still found their money not going anywhere near as far and their purchasing power greatly reduced.

The two categories of people who were hit the worst by that collapse were those who worked in industries which provided luxuries and those who were heavily in debt.

Luxury goods stopped selling altogether, not even to the wealthy. So factories and stores which sold those goods shut down. At the same time, those who were heavily in debt couldn’t make their payments and lost everything, including their homes.

Therefore, we don’t want to be part of either of those groups. On the other hand, people who lived out in the country, where they could live off the land, did well, with few of them losing their homes or going hungry.

Get A Secure Job

If you work in an industry where that’s highly affected by the economy, especially one which is selling luxury goods, then it’s time to get out. Find something more secure, such as working in the food industry or making repairs.

The Global Depression of Our Lifetimes is Coming

When the economy goes south people put off buying new products; they keep the old, spending money on repairing them. So some of the most secure jobs around are providing repair services, whether repairing computers, appliances or cars.

Many of the typically secure jobs will remain secure as well, such as jobs in the medical field and working for the government; although some teachers did lose their jobs in the 2008/2009 hiccup our economy experienced.

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Get Out Of Debt

Do whatever you can, to eliminate the debt in your life.

The Global Depression of Our Lifetimes is Coming

While there may be some dept you can’t get rid of, like your home mortgage, make sure that your mortgage isn’t any higher than it need to be.

If you can, downsize; selling your home and moving into a smaller one, lowering your mortgage payment. If not, then look at refinancing, to see if it will save you money.

More than anything, you want to get rid of other types of debt, as they will make it harder for you to make your house payment.

If the only debt you have is your mortgage, there’s a better chance that you’ll be able to pay it. But if you’re making payments on two cars, credit card debt and the living room furniture, you’re going to be in trouble.

Move, If You Can

The Global Depression of Our Lifetimes is Coming The safest place to be in the midst of a financial crisis is a farm. If you can’t buy a small farm or homestead, then living in a small rural community is a good second choice.

Not only is it cheaper to live in those places, but they tend to have lower crime rates.

Crime always spikes during a time of financial crisis, as people who would otherwise obey the law become desperate and turn to crime as a means of getting what they need.

While there were massive food shortages in the cities, during the Argentinean collapse, there was abundant food on the farms. The problem wasn’t production; it was the cost of transport and selling. Inflation was so bad, that stores couldn’t afford to buy the food.

Unless they could sell that food right away, they would be caught in a position where what they could sell it for, wouldn’t provide them with enough money to restock.

Moving to the country also makes it easier to do the next thing that we all need to do, become self-sufficient.

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Become Self-Sufficient

Self-SufficientThe cheapest way to feed your family is to grow the food yourself. While you may not have as much variety and you may miss a lot of your favorites, at least you’ll have food to eat.

With the high potential for food shortages, as I mentioned above, that’s an important part of your family’s survival.

Historically, the people living on farms and homesteads were the least affected by any vagrancies of the economy. While they may not have had a lot of riches, those people always had enough to eat. There’s a lot to be said for that.

Be Ready To Defend Yourself

Finally, be ready to defend home and family. As I mentioned earlier, crime rates tend to increase during times of financial hardship. There was a lot of this which happened during the Argentinean collapse, as people fought to survive.


People learned quickly not to open the doors of their homes, unless it was to someone that they knew.

Even then, they would check the area around their homes, looking for anyone who didn’t belong there, before opening the door.

There was always a chance of someone rushing the door while it was open.

Likewise, they learned not to stop at a red light, unless it was necessary to avoid an accident. Stopped cars became targets, with criminals breaking open windows to grab what they could or to try and hijack the car.

Kidnappings became a cottage industry in this time, with the children of wealthy people becoming prime targets. But they weren’t the only ones. To those who were desperate, anyone with a home was wealthy. Kids couldn’t play outdoors, without an armed adult standing by to watch over them and protect them.

Don’t Forget To Stockpile

Finally, we come back to the basis of all prepping, stockpiling. Food may very well become the best possible investment you can make, as the price of food will lead the inflation race.

Having a good stockpile, going into the depression, may just be what keeps your family eating, while everyone else is struggling to make ends meet.

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Rich M.
By Rich M. March 8, 2021 09:21
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  1. Consco March 8, 15:45

    There are many who will say to buy silver or gold. Remember when FDR outlawed private ownership of gold in the 30’s? It was not rescinded until 1968. Now that our money is no longer made of silver, I believe silver ownership will be banned. To come clean, we own some silver as well. But not huge amounts.
    Get rid of debt. Debt is not good. Period. Live lower than your means. Makes life less stressful. Get out of your head that you are a lousy parent if you dont give your kids everything. Get rid of that mentality as that causes debt.
    Money in the bank will not be safe either. After Dodd-Franck your personal savings will just be a piggy bank for the large banks.
    Pay off your home, buy tools, food and seeds. Acquire skills that will be in demand.
    Big life changes for some yes. I get it. What is your life and health worth and that of your family? Choices for some that will be insurmountable and others will make them willingly.
    Too many will believe the Govt. will help. When Flooding hit on both “coasts” of Iowa a few years ago it took the “govt” 9 months to help and in some cases longer. Look at Katrina? Now imagine a financial collapse that affects the entire country? The smarter of you are getting or got it already……for the Biden voters….it may take more time.

    Reply to this comment
    • Blackjack March 8, 21:01

      Your message is pretty much correct.However it was Gerald Ford around 1975 that allowed people to buy gold again.

      Reply to this comment
      • red March 10, 02:59

        Blackjack, Nixon began it with a plan to rescinded the laws against gold. It was part of the plan to shock the nation out of a depression. Ford pushed that thru, tho, and thank God.

        Meanwhile, the dnc nazis are working hard to raise the poverty rate to 15/hour. niio

        Reply to this comment
    • City Chick March 13, 20:11

      Consco – Gold and silver are too heavy to lug around and much too hard to conceal. Diamonds are a girls best friend.

      Reply to this comment
      • Spike March 14, 20:28

        who’s going to be able to barter diamonds?

        Reply to this comment
      • Consco March 14, 21:29

        I dont know anything at all about diamonds, and while I can see the merit in that, I believe you would need someone who is trained to get any real value out of them. People will shy away from they do not know.
        90% silver coins are something we all know very well.
        LOL If you think it is heavy you must have a LOT more than I do.
        Keep up the great suggestion though. We have learned a lot on here. Some great ideas and some not so great ones, but that is still learning.

        Reply to this comment
        • City Chick March 15, 13:47

          Consco – It’s something to consider and something to look into. Anyone who has studied the history of world war, especially WWII will understand both the importance and the value of diamonds whether they be industrial or ornamental.

          Reply to this comment
          • Consco March 15, 16:30

            Not discounting the idea. Just the takers will be fewer and farther between. Well aware of the historical aspect of smuggling them out to preserve wealth!!! If I knew anything about them I would be less Leary is all.

            Keep it up please

            Reply to this comment
      • Miss Kitty March 14, 21:32

        City Chick:
        Coal might be more to the point. Cheaper than diamonds now, you can burn it to stay warm, bury your stock pile in a hole.
        If you leave it there long enough, your descendants can maybe dig up those diamonds!💎

        Reply to this comment
        • City Chick March 15, 22:09

          Miss Kitty -That is what I tuck into the bottom of the kids stockings on Christmas Eve if they’ve been misbehaving! Let’s them know someone is watching and they can do better!

          Reply to this comment
          • Miss Kitty March 16, 01:46

            At the thrift this past week, they were actually selling a baggie of coal chunks for a dollar. Had to laugh, given the topic we’ve been discussing!
            (No… didn’t buy it!)

            Reply to this comment
      • red March 17, 21:23

        CC: From a medical standpoint, silver, zinc, and copper are a girl’s best friend. WWII, most people had a standard they called civilization. Today, Hitler’s dream of a generation without morals has come true. niio

        Reply to this comment
  2. Hk45tack March 8, 16:23

    If you’re are going to start prepping, or add to your prep. Make all your purchases with Cash money. Diesel fuel, propane. I know, Ammo is hard to get…even if you are reloading…some elements are tight. Online, Ammo, just trim you delivery down to half. this way when the zombie law arrive to confiscate you just say…Shot half

    Reply to this comment
    • Consco March 8, 18:42

      I make the statements I make about silver as the government could not outlaw the use of silver at the time as out money was made from it. “Bullion” referred even to gold coins. My grandparents got screwed and never voted Dem again until their passing in 86 and 95.

      If I am hungry and use a silver dime to buy a loaf of bread, someone will tell someone else and it keeps going. When people are desperate they will do desperate things. I have been in 52 countries in my life and am old enough to have spoken to a friend of mines mom who came here from the Ukraine in 1995 at the age of 75. For those of you who know history, look what this woman lived through!! She told me that people will turn you in for the slightest little thing when they are desperate. If you saw the look in her eyes you would know she spoke the truth for sure.

      The elites have proven they do not care about you, me or anyone else but themselves. Agree with me or disagree with me but take action today, now, do not wait to do anything you can to start putting something away.
      Take care of your families. Excuses will be very hard to eat. If you think your child looks at you as being evil for not buying them the latest and greatest trinket, wait until they look at you when they are not eating!!!!

      I believe banks will still repo property. They did during the depression. If you think the mega rich who control the banks are going to take it in the shorts, your thought process leaves a lot to be desired.

      Good luck all

      Reply to this comment
    • Dreaded March 12, 01:28

      Why make all purchases with cash?

      Reply to this comment
      • red March 13, 05:01

        Dreaded: You can’t trace cash. all card purchases are recorded and saved. Cash, wow. Dems want to go to a cashless society so they know what you buy. niio

        Reply to this comment
        • City Chick March 13, 21:46

          Red – You can trace cash by recording serial numbers or marking bills. It’s just more time consuming.

          Reply to this comment
        • Spike March 14, 20:36

          I believe they will make us a cashless society before all collapses. Paper will be worth nothing. That will put everyone on a more equal playing field when the SHTF. The Elite will be fine but the middle class will be on par with the welfare class and the survivors will all be made minions of the elite after we fight it out amongst ourselves. Population reduction is part of their plan.

          Reply to this comment
          • red March 17, 21:38

            Spike: Aussies were talking going cashless but stopped it. I think mostly because people will go back to barter for most things and the government lose too much in taxes. Given that most of us know how to barter, something we learned in grade school, the IRS found it’s impossible to keep track of barters. It’s considered next to the black market, which is expanding, again. niio

            Reply to this comment
        • GoldenEagle5 March 22, 18:36

          Ammo, Guns, Cash, Coins, Bitcoin, Assets, Food. All shall perish with their using if we believe in God through Jesus Christ, when the scriptures are fulfill all Prophecy… If One believes in the Holy Scriptures.

          If you do not believe, that is a privilege you are entitled from Our Creator. How my life has changed of 71 years I can not go backward. Have to continue forward because of all the little things and blessing God has blessed me with.

          But the End Times have to start sometime… That is Fact! Whether we believe or not. Science so call will attest to that. But Biblically all signs lead to sudden destruction.

          The weather, famine, pestilence, ocean life dying off, chaos, riots, BITCOIN, and printing dollars like they grow like wheat springs up on a warm Spring day These things are taking hold now!

          The balance HAS been broken we have passed the point of no return… Like birth pangs how close are we to the next moment of unbearable pain, getting closer and closer together?

          BITCOIN will take over the dollar and world currency. The dollars was the last stand! As we speak the forces that are, are setting up the Mark of the Beast… whether they who are doing it know it or knot.

          The Technologies we use at this very moment typing on the keyboard, using our cell phone are the power the forces need to complete the agenda.

          We are a speck in the universe, part of an unseeable molecule of an atom, DNA…

          The things that are are Spiritual powers beyond human power to change.

          The time has come to not prepare for the SHTF only but to prepare for that Spiritual day of change that our flesh has no control of except we choose before that day comes.

          This is just the tip of the Iceberg… Think on these things!

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  3. crazysquirrel March 8, 17:27

    While getting out of debt is the goal, it is almost impossible to do with the economy being nearly crippled.
    When the economy collapses, there won’t be any money (or debt for that matter).
    Banks can TRY to repo your stuff, but the courts may be inundated or even shut down to prevent further destruction of the economy.
    Possession is 9/10th the law.

    About silver and other being banned – yes, that could happen.
    Hard to confiscate either if the government don’t know about it or can get their grubby mitts on it.

    More about the old gold ban decades ago – you COULD own gold and silver. Just not bullion. Jewelry was an exception. So were the silver coins the government issued (dimes, quarters, etc).

    One of the first things the government WILL do is ban firearms (including ammo) via marshal law.

    Best to get your neighborhood on the same playing field to back up each other when the government sends THEIR ‘repo man’ to collect YOUR guns.

    Confiscating guns is an act of war. It also is a threat to your life. Especially when armed thugs come to threaten your life to steal them.

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck March 8, 19:14

      I would like to correct crazysquirrel’s comment slightly. One could own gold if it were jewelry. My mother had a $10 gold piece that had a loop soldered to the top for a chain. That was legal. Owning an unaltered gold piece was illegal.

      Possession of silver was legal because the dollar was backed by silver. Those old enough to remember the paper money used to say at the top “Silver Certificate”. Now it says “Federal Reserve Note”. Nixon took us off silver as backing for the U.S. money in 1968. That move, of course, was to allow the dollar to float. No longer could one go to the bank with a silver certificate and claim the value in silver dollars because the silver dollars contained more silver than the certificate was worth. That was why silver containing coins were withdrawn from the monetary system. If you find a silver coin today it means somebody spent Uncle Dave’s silver collection, not realizing that it was worth more than the face value. A silver dime today is worth more than 10 cents. A silver dollar is worth considerably more than a dollar.

      Of course, the real danger is that the government will issue everyone EBT cards and you can only use them in government approved stores. I believe that was one of the driving forces behind the closure of all the small businesses while the Walmarts and the Costcos were “essential”.

      If you have limited sources of supply it is much easier to control than if you have supply sources on every street corner. If stores are compelled to use EBT credits in order to purchase from wholesalers, they will take them. Using the EBT credits will create more paper work than the smaller outlets can handle. They don’t have the profits that the bigger stores have, so they can’t afford to hire somebody who just handles paper work.

      In the 25 years I owned my printing company I watched the sales tax reporting form grow from a single sided 8.5 x 11 sheet to 8.5 x 14 two double sided sheets. It went from a half hour to fill out the form to 1/2 day to fill out the form. Who knows in the intervening 21 years what kind of monstrosity it has grown too?

      So from coming in one Saturday a month for a couple hours, it grew to coming in Saturday for really most of the day and by then my accounting system was much more sophisticated as it had transmogrified from columnar pads in pencil to an accounting system based on a spreadsheet program on a computer. I can’t imagine how long it would have taken me to find all the info and make sure it balanced if I were still using pencil and paper.

      We had better hope that a run doesn’t start on banks. If it does, you can count on everything you have in a bank not being readily accessible. If you are drawing out of a cash account, you will be limited as to how much cash you can draw a week or a month. If you are drawing out of a retirement account, the same. In any event, you accounts which are probably consolidated in one financial institution will all be lumped. You may find the balance has a frozen percentage which can’t be tapped at all until release is authorized by the government. The reason is that there just aren’t enough of those square pieces of toilet paper floating around for everyone to have what the computer says they have in their hot little hands. If a run starts in just one city, there won’t be enough paper certificates to satisfy the demand.

      This article is a good start on what I think faces this country and it has just been hit with another one point something trillion whammy. Keynes was totally wrong. Governments cannot spend themselves out of financial trouble. The folks who follow his Siren song are smoking opium.

      I think collapse of the dollar is the biggest danger facing us today. All one has to do is pick up a book and read about Argentina. We have had posts from someone who claimed to be in Venezuela and described what they thought was happening in that country. There is some country in Africa where the inflation is reportedly worse than in either Argentina or Venezuela. That’s really scary to be trapped in that country.

      China and North Korea don’t have to bomb us into oblivion, all they have to do is bide their time while we self-destruct.

      Reply to this comment
      • Consco March 8, 20:46

        The African country you mention was Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe and the boys literally printed $1,000,000,000 bills. They were worth less than a cent. I was in Botswana for a short spell while a lot of this was going on.
        Fortunately Mugabe is dead and gone, but the damage he did wont be fixed in a lifetime.

        Reply to this comment
      • Consco March 8, 20:49

        Agree this is easily the biggest threat to our nation.
        I use the example of Gold and sand. If everyone went to the beach and shoveled themselves a bucket full of gold what would gold be worth? Think about it, the government is printing money like grains of sand at the beach.
        That old silver money that is now worth 19.5 times face value and all that is is inflation.

        Reply to this comment
        • left coast chuck March 8, 22:01

          Consco: If they were actually printing paper money to cover the debt, it might not be a humongous as it is. There is a limit to how much output you can get from a printing press. The printing industry has been tracking output for many decades. It is their posit that if you are running your press 35% of the time you are considered a profit leader.

          No wonder I don’t sleep well at night.

          No, the presses are only replacing money already in circulation. All the trillions of dollars the goobermnt talks about is just zeros and ones in some computer program. That’s why I say if there is a run on the banks in just one fair sized city the whole system will collapse and I think we will all suddenly see EBT cards in the mail. Think of the control the government will have then. At the push of a key on a computer your entire net worth can disappear. Everything the government allows you will be controlled by the EBT card. Anything you thought you had in the bank will be gone. The national debt will be wiped out overnight.

          If you are adjudge a dissident you and your family can be slowly squeezed to death.

          Of course a black market will spring up but every time the goober mint seizes assets, those assets will disappear into the goobermint’s stockpile.

          Reply to this comment
          • Mailpouch March 9, 15:04

            Oh all of your funds will be seized by tho government at some point…and the EBT cards will only be sent to people who can prove they’ve had the Covid vaccine. If you get a Social Security check that will more than likely be tied to the vaccine too. It’s all about control & greed. When it all comes crashing down there will be only two classes of people…the wealthy elites and everyone else

            Reply to this comment
          • Miss Kitty March 10, 02:48

            Cash in general may be outlawed and purchases only allowed using debit cards for imaginary dollars. There’s been a push by the covid doomsayers that money’s full of germs and will make everyone sick, plus the mysterious shortage of coins last year til now. My educated guess from what I’ve been seeing is that we’re going to be shoved into a cashless society sometime in the next two to five years. For those who know their Bible, this has been foretold in Revelation.
            Buy what you need that will keep, goods as well as food.
            Also, as a reality check, save your grocery and other receipts and monitor the prices m.o.m. Just what I’ve observed over the last few months is cause for concern, if not full blown alarm just yet.

            Reply to this comment
            • left coast chuck March 11, 05:22

              I take care of that. Any cash I get back goes into a plastic bag. When I get home the cash goes into the kitchen sink and gets disinfected with a bleach spray. It is sprayed both sides and allowed to dry before being put in my wallet. Same with change and any credit cards I may use while out. The credit card reader is probably right behind cash for carrying germs.

              I discussed that technique back when all this plague nonsense first started. Somebody, I believe Ivy Mike commented about “laundered money.”

              I intend to continue it even after the plague protocols are otherwise discontinued.

              Reply to this comment
          • Billr March 16, 17:44

            This is absolutely what IS going yo happen, along with everyone having yo take a “mark” (or chip) upon their hand or forehead to acquire (legally) ANYTHING! It’s coming sooner than most think. You will “kneel” to your government or be sent to the gallows.

            Reply to this comment
      • Liberation March 9, 03:02

        The great reset, research it and know it. Coming to a city near you.

        Reply to this comment
      • poorman March 9, 16:19

        By issuing EBT cards and narrowing down where they can be used the government can also control what and how much you buy. Just another form of rationing.

        Reply to this comment
    • Omega 13 the Guacamole King March 12, 15:48

      Back in the late 70s and early 80s when Texas was booming, nearly every girl and mom I knew had a pendant that had a Credit Suisse gold bar on it. 5 gram and 10 gram were popular. They had to be sure the obverse side faced out, so everyone knew it was a gold bar. The necklace was always gold, but probably 14 carat (58% pure).

      That, and they’d put on their fox fur coats when temps dropped below 65°.

      Ahhhh, good times!

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  4. TheSouthernNationalist March 8, 18:02

    I would advise everyone to take that stimulus check (if you are getting one) and add any extra cash you can muster to it and pay off your debts.
    Any monies left over should go to buying preps, buy large and stack ’em deep.

    Reply to this comment
    • Judy March 8, 23:12

      The SouthernNationalist >>> What is the “Preps” your talking about?? This is scary stuff I’m reading 🙁 What about those new bit coin’s you hear about ??? Thanks

      Reply to this comment
      • poorman March 9, 16:27

        Preps would be things you use or need everyday. Prices will go up on everything and supply will go down.

        Buy food, TP, razors, battery’s, lights, meds, guns , ammo ECT if you use it today you will need it tomorrow stocking rice, beans, pasta, seasonings ECT is cheap but will feed your family or strech your meals. Learn to cook these things, learn to MAKE bread from flour.

        Reply to this comment
      • TheSouthernNationalist March 13, 14:22

        When I say “preps” I’m speaking of food, water, garden tools, medical supplies, guns and ammo, heirloom seeds, fertilizer, and anything else you can think of, the things you are going to need to survive and thrive

        Reply to this comment
  5. The Grim Crapper March 8, 18:29

    Eat the Elite !!! When the food’s all gone and times are hard just grill ’em up in your backyard !!!

    Reply to this comment
    • Justme March 8, 18:41

      In other words prepare for a SHTF scenario just like we have been doing. Same message as the article just fewer words.

      Reply to this comment
    • CountryGranny March 9, 03:28

      It’s precisely comments/thinking like this that will someday permit our gubmint to confiscate our means of protection.

      If I had employees or children (or anyone “littler” than myself talking like that about ME, you bet your sweet bippy I’d end that talk real quick.

      So cut it out. We’re still bloody from our countrymen’s January 6th blunder and we can’t be giving Uncle Sam incriminating evidence like this.

      Reply to this comment
  6. Omega 13 March 8, 19:15

    “Part of what has propped up our economy to this point, is that the US dollar is the world’s reserve currency.”

    I’ve heard more than one left-wing economist say that ‘THIS is the reason’ why our economy won’t collapse. Of course two weeks earlier they’d scream that Trump would send us back to the Stone Age with his next bill.

    It’d be nice if “we the people” weren’t fed a constant stream of misinformation…

    Reply to this comment
    • Consco March 8, 20:53

      Omega 13
      Probably no need to tell you this, but our MSM is committing psychological warfare on we the people. They and their masters do not want you to know the truth. Keep you fat and happy and watching reruns of the Simpsons, buying new plastic toys for your kids so you feel like a “good parent” and keeping you in debt.

      The problem is getting the masses to see this and understand it

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      • Omega 13 March 9, 21:49

        True. It is like the tax system. If you wanted to see a taxpayer revolt, simply get rid of withholding. That would get a hundred million taxpayers buying pitchforks and torches the following April 15th. No other way, though.

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      • City Chick March 14, 03:21

        Omega13 – Don’t forget the legalization of recreational drugs. Fat, happy and mentally impaired.

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        • Miss Kitty March 14, 03:50

          City Chick:
          Or fat, happy and don’t give a damn. Incidentally, I read once that marijuana use was once encouraged by plantation owners in the Caribbean because it was supposed to make the slaves work harder for longer periods of time and on less food because it dulled pain and exhaustion. I know it’s been used for centuries for pain management in many cultures, so there may be some truth in that.
          If it’s true, it makes you wonder if that’s part of the NWO agenda, though.

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          • City Chick March 14, 14:41

            Miss Kitty – Yes, especially whilst we’re all in mandatory lock down! Wonder what is going to be the next “weaponized” germ they will attempt to float on over here now that COVID19 has been such a success. The good Dr Fauci did well helping WHO/Beijing set up these experimental bio labs and pharma factories with our very own tax dollars!

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  7. left coast chuck March 8, 22:09

    On a somewhat happier note, has posted a series of articles on airgun hunting. This might be a good time to check it out, if the economy collapses, hunting small game surreptitiously might be the only way to keep a squirrel in the pot. Look for the blog: Airgun Academy and look for topics on airgun hunting. They even have rules and regulations for airgun hunters from individual states. I haven’t checked it out yet but at least you will know what you officially can and cannot do.

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    • Justme March 9, 04:50

      I agree chuck. I have .177 cal air rifles, one
      Co2 and one pump. Both fire pellets and BBS. Also have a.22 pellet air pistol. I practice with these instead using bullets. They are good for rabbits squirrels, dove and other small game. And as you mentioned I’m not alerting the bad guys when I use them for small games I also use them to train the grandsons how to shoot, hunt and safely handle a weapon. Bullets and shotgun shells are reserved for large game and 2 legged predators when the SHTF.

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  8. Pappy March 8, 22:17

    I constantly see comments about buying “precious metals” like gold and silver. This might be a good idea short term, but is it an answer? Nope. Let’s see you eat thar gold and/or silver. How-to books, food, and ammo for this guy. I have no significant debt and I am Damned well gonna keep it that way.

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    • poorman March 9, 16:34

      PM’s won’t be much help in the beginning of a collapse but will most likely be coming out of it. There are reasons that people always go away from a barter system sooner or later and PM’s have been used as coin of the realm every time for thousands of years. I don’t advocate using them as your primary safety net but I do think they will have their place

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    • City Chick March 14, 17:22

      Pappy – Tools. Don’t forget tools! Garden, kitchen, mechanic, carpenter, plumbing, masonry, and electrical tools; more than one and both power and manual.

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      • clergylady March 15, 21:34

        Tools I collect. Love em. Could barter if needed. Kitchen to shop hand tools im buying them up real cheap. If not needed someday they will decorate walls. Same with baskets.

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  9. Stevie March 8, 23:48

    I was under the impression that if claim bankruptcy you are allowed to keep your primary residence, one vehicle, and a few other things.

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  10. Mailpouch March 9, 15:07

    Oh all of your funds will be seized by tho government at some point…and the EBT cards will only be sent to people who can prove they’ve had the Covid vaccine. If you get a Social Security check that will more than likely be tied to the vaccine too. It’s all about control & greed. When it all comes crashing down there will be only two classes of people…the wealthy elites and everyone else

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  11. Judge Holden March 9, 17:25

    We bought a little place in the country 25 years ago and have lived simply and debt free and now everything is paid for. We didn’t want to live this way because we feared the collapse of society, but because it is such a great way to live.
    Debt is a complicated thing. Everybody knows the Government creates money out of thin air, but when a bank makes a loan they set up an account and say the money for the loan exists in that account, but it doesn’t,
    it is imaginary money. As I understand it the Chinese Government, instead of having a Federal Reserve, controls their money supply by the Government giving the banks all the imaginary money they need to make loans. A big Corporation borrows a billion dollars here and goes bankrupt, thousands lose their jobs. In China if a business fails the Government, because they loaned the money, can forgive the loan if they think the company and its jobs are important to the economy. I get the feeling we are headed to a similar system, among other changes. Thinking old Andrew Yang has it right about jobs disappearing and the Government paying people enough to keep them from making trouble.
    And farmers had as much as trouble as anybody in the Great Depression, it was easy to borrow money so they kept planting more acreage even as the commodities markets collapsed, which is why the banks took over so many farms.
    Every day is Saturday when you are debt free.

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  12. red March 10, 03:14

    Keep those stockpiles secret and hidden. Use hidden gardens of ‘ornamental’ edibles like canna lily (roots, shoots, and seeds are good!), nasturtium (leaves and seeds), amaranth (leaves and grain), teff, ‘wild’ onions and -garlic, and so on. Study what does well in your locale and plant that. Grain is mostly starch, and dozens of other things work as well. Sweet potatoes, potatoes, and so on.

    Metals, we collect junk silver-coated brass. Both silver and brass are antibacterial. Cast iron is always good. Some stainless steel is good.

    If debt cannot be avoided, then it cannot be. States can put leans on homes and other property for a single unpaid bill. In the event of total collapse, the first chance banks and companies have, they will take you to court over any unpaid bills, and the dnc makes laws allowing them to do this.

    Show lib friends and family how the minimum wage is the poverty rate. Use their soft heart against them by showing how the poor are now poverty-struck thanks to the minimum wage and other scams by the dnc.

    In-house, no work no eat. Even lib states were getting into that with work programs.

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  13. Miss Kitty March 12, 02:09

    Purchasing with cash serves two purposes.

    One, it is supposed to make it harder for the government to track who owns what.

    Two, by using cash you won’t get stuck with hundreds of dollars of worthless paper if there’s rampant inflation devaluing the currency. A well known example is the failure of post wwi Germany’s currency, where a wheelbarrow of banknotes might purchase a single loaf of bread.
    If you buy now, you will at least have items for barter that you bought at a reasonable price. By paying cash, the government will have trouble finding out exactly what you own when they start going around confiscating “hoards” for “redistribution”, saving your stuff for your future use.

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  14. clergylady March 15, 21:48

    I buy for the critters from a feed mill if someone is going to the city. Still the cost of a 150 mile round trip makes the Walmart grains look pretty good since I’m limited now that all I have is the car. I sure miss my truck! Hope to repair it sometime. A truck load made the trip worthwhile.

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