The Best 5 States for Living Off-Grid

By Anne August 15, 2016 00:00

The Best 5 States for Living Off-Grid

Taking the plunge to live “off the grid” is becoming a very popular trend for preppers, survivalists, and homesteaders alike. Whether the reason is to stop paying for utilities, prepare for the modern collapse, or to just have independence, everyone has their own reasoning. Still, disconnecting yourself from the electrical grid, as well as sewage and water, can be scary and the process is often clouded with vague directions.

People often wonder how they will live off the grid, but even more are confused as to where they can even attempt to live this liberating lifestyle. Can you do it anywhere? Nope. Unfortunately, many states and cities in the US have deemed it illegal in one way or another to remove yourself from the grid. So, where can you actually be free in the land of the free? Well newly inspired friend, just keeping reading to discover for yourself the top 5 states that will allow you to live off the grid and take the independence you crave.

1. Hawaii

There is arguably no better place in the US to go off the grid than the state of Hawaii. It can be an expensive move, but after all the costs are taken care of it can be a tropical safe haven for those looking to be independent. Debatably one of the best parts of Hawaii as an off the grid state is the fact that the grid only goes so far! That’s right, the main city is on the grid, but with a little move inward to the island you don’t have to worry about living on a grid, because there isn’t one!

Combine that freedom with the fact that Hawaii gets plenty of rainfall, is generally always sunny, and the soil is rich with nutrients and you have a very sustainable energy and farming source. Not to mention that Hawaii is the only US state where you can potentially grow your own coffee beans!

hawaii cabin                                                                                                                                        source:

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2. Missouri

If tropical is not your thing, or you just like staying on the mainland, then Missouri would be the ideal place for you to go off the grid, because they actually encourage it! Missouri laws are very friendly to those looking to get away from society, as water collecting is completely legal and you don’t even have to have a well or septic system to live on your property, so a lot of your choices are government regulation free.

Missouri is also great for farming since the land is very affordable, and the weather permits good growth. Summer time is hot and humid and long, and while that may bother some people, it is great for overall farming and livestock. Winter is incredibly bearable, with temperatures on average of 50 degrees Fahrenheit, and occasional snow, so growth of certain plants is still possible as well as a constant source of food for livestock. Taking into consideration everything mentioned above, as well as the fact that Missouri gets 41 inches of rain every year on average, this state seems like an off the grid paradise!missouri cabin

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3. Washington State

If you imagined going off the grid in a lush and dark-green forest area, then Washington State is more than likely going to be your perfect fit. With an average summer temperature of 80 degrees Fahrenheit and winter average of 45 degrees Fahrenheit, who wouldn’t want to spend their days away from modern society here? Couple that with an average of 39 inches of rain per year and you could say that that this is the ideal place for a homestead.

Washington States does have some very strict laws when it comes to how you construct your house, but if you can put that aside for the benefits of encouraged rainwater collection, lawful raw milk sales, and the ability to have multiple types of livestock, then you will love this state. Washington is also home to many already established off the grid communities, as well as already built and established off the grid properties for sale on lots of land.washington state

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4. Oregon

You don’t have to go too far to find the next best off the grid spot; in fact, you only have to go one state down. The state of Oregon has many benefits for anyone wanting to disconnect from the grid, but primarily for different reasons than the locations listed above. Instead of focusing on if the location has fertile land or decent rainfall, Oregon focuses on advertising its’ excellent off the grid communities. Take the Three Rivers Recreation Area for example; it is a large community that shares solar energy and water supplies.

Also, Oregon has the Breitenbush Hot Springs, which is a holistic off the grid community that also doubles as a vacation spot. You go work with them for a year and then they vote to see if you stay longer, but come on, who wouldn’t want to live at a hot spring?! Either way Oregon has a lot of communities that will help you on your journey to get off the grid if you don’t want to do it alone.oregon

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5. Tennessee

While Tennessee is well known for producing some of the greatest country music stars ever, its well-kept secret is that its rural areas are a great place to go off the grid. Unlike many places in the south of the US, Tennessee has the luxury of experiencing all four seasons, with decently humid and warm summers to modest below freezing winters, and everything in between.

With one of the lowest tax burdens in the US, low property costs, and the freedom to collect rainwater and share cows for raw milk, Tennessee can either save or make someone a decent amount of money. Also, the growing season tends to be on average 260 days out of the year, which is great for anyone trying to farm; not to mention, more property and warmer days means less feed you have to but for your livestock! With all of these benefits in mind combined with the fact that Tennessee was voted one of the freest states in the nation, makes it a state you really should consider.cabin in tennessee

What are your picks for best places to live off-grid? Share your suggestions in the comment section below:

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By Anne August 15, 2016 00:00
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  1. AK Johnny 1 August 15, 12:54

    I would question the inclusion of Hawaii as one of the five best states for off-grid living. Reason; Aside from the good growing climate and such, ALMOST EVERYTHING TO THE ISLAND IS IMPORTED. AND really grossly expensive. Post-collapse, it’s going to be very difficult to find ANYTHING you may wish to buy or barter for things like say, spare parts for machinery, firearms parts, ammo, technology-related items, basically ANYTHING manufactured. What’s ON the island at the time, is ALL the island’s gonna have. Just sayin….

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    • deadflowers July 30, 00:48

      not only that its an island, if you have run for w/e reason you couldnt go far

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    • Prepme January 21, 18:00

      That would go equally for any potentill adversary on the island as well. It’s a place that has a climate that allows you to live self sustaining with relative ease. Stock up on the items you won’t be able to find in Hawaii, and reload your own ammo. The things Hawaii provides kept the natives fine for ages!

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  2. rick August 15, 13:25

    Deep in the heart of the Adirondack mountains is my pick.

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  3. 26Moves August 15, 15:33

    Regarding Hawaii as a potential site, let me give some insights to those considering moving there for the first time… As a 30 year resident of Hawaii, the mother of 4 Hawaiian stepkids, and someone who has lived in 26 homes, I have a fair amount of expertise on this subject.

    1) Do NOT just move there and buy a plot of land. Go visit all the islands, get to know the people, understand the cultural dynamics, and don’t think you know it all.

    2) Any land you buy outside the main cities has possibly been a part of some group’s hunting area or traditional fishing and hiking area. Just because a Realtor tells you different doesn’t make it so.

    Mark Zuckerberg has just bought a chunk of land in Hawaii and is walling it off. The locals are PISSED. I have friends and family who have canceled Facebook accounts over this (which I have advised them to do forever…) and there are a lot of rumblings about his encroachments. Lesson: You are not alone and this is not untouched land.

    3). I moved out of Hawaii after the 9/11 aftermath. Things got dicey when there was no fresh produce, no fresh fish (fishing boats were kept in harbor,) and the mail situation was dire. I received a letter in April that had been mailed the morning of 9/11 from the WTC. That was unsettling.

    Banking was also confusing; grocery stores were nearly empty, and the “aloha spirit” was not very apparent. I’ve lived through 2 Cat 4 hurricanes there and the locals were very caring and helpful for the most part. But hurricanes are finite things and people could expect the dawn to rise again. After 9/11 with groceries and oil and all the things the mainland supplies being scarce, people got a little spooked.

    Lesson: You might be perfectly comfy in your off-grid home, growing your own food, shooting the occasional wild pig that runs across your lawn. But don’t believe for a second that you are anonymous and therefore safe. Your home will be very tempting to islanders who have nothing because they didn’t plan ahead.

    Lesson: Your best plan of action is to get in there, make lots of local friends. Show your aloha. Share what you have. Set up barter systems — I’ll give you this if you’ll share your fish with me. I’ll help you build your solar if you help me put in my well. You MUST MUST MUST create your Tribe before you need it. It’s possible, more on some islands than others. But you won’t survive as a lone ranger.

    4) Leave “back home” back home. Hawaii people are sick and tired of being Californicated. Don’t try to make your new place look like your old place. This is a tropical island. Everything grows bigger. That cute little ficus tree you saw in the nursery, if planted in your yard, will become a HUGE Banyan tree in no time. They are invasive, have roots that will dig up your retaining wall, and will create shade over your neighbor’s home as well. I know. I did that. Came home from a trip to find my neighbor had crawled over the wall with a chainsaw to kill my tree. And he was right to do that. I was out of line.

    5) Food is a big deal in Hawaii. Eat food that is offered. Don’t ask if it’s gluten free. Never mind your lactose intolerance. At least TRY it. It’s a huge insult if you don’t. Never go to anyone’s home without food or something like wine or beer in your hand, or at least some kind of gift. Be considerate. Notice what they need and what others bring. Do the same. This will go a long way towards them saying, “Eh, you not so bad for a mainlander!”

    As far as Racism… Gawd I hate that word. It’s not racism that you’ll run into … it’s more a tiredness about people who come from somewhere else and assume that someone who speaks creole (pidgin English) is stupid; or that brown people are children and need to be taught to be civilized. My family had more than 20 different races represented… and that was in one person! It’s a highly multi-racial culture with underpinnings of Asia, mostly Japanese. People who come back and report how “racist” Hawaii is were probably acting like dumbasses.

    Be kind. Be considerate. Be observant. Don’t be too quick to judge or criticize, especially out loud. Don’t assume someone agrees with you because they are silent. They are sizing you up, and nodding and smiling only means, “I hear the words coming out of your mouth.” Not, “Yes, you are right.”

    For Hawaii and all these other places, go to and look up your desired area. Join the discussion boards and ask a lot of questions.

    That’s all I can think of before my morning coffee… but I want to protect you AND my local buddies from a mismatch.


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    • Roving_Richard August 15, 15:43

      This is great advice anywhere you may move to.

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    • Doodlebug August 15, 19:01

      Brilliant! This is so true of anywhere you might go. We have lived many places as well, though not as many as you and I am sick of being treated poorly by people who think their sh..don’t stink. Especially ones who think anyone not from…..(insert state) can’t possibly be as smart as they are. Just treat people the way you want to be treated….be considerate of local customs and be a good neighbor.

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    • Greener1 August 15, 19:09

      Great advice in general, at one time when I ran the Greener Pastures Institute I sold a small manual by the independent Hawaii Settlers Bureau about rural life on the Big Island, it wasn’t chamber of commerce-y. See also my comment about Washington state, where I tried to build a strawbale house.

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    • Jimmyp August 15, 22:58

      Yea kinda how all Florida Crackers take to the Yankees moving in on Us , Saying how great they had it back wherever Up There They Come From ,, Sick of it man , yea an most times we just sit back an smile an nod , cause they never stup up for a minute to allow you to commit on the subject , not that they would like the commit ,, Oh an They assume that cause They are from Up Yonder , then you must be too ,

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      • T-Bone July 19, 01:30

        Do you speak English?

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      • Chuck January 18, 17:50

        I am a 7 generations Florida boy I left at 50 years old. Went to TN the state is free like Florida was not many permits needed to build or do anything everybody minds there own business here . The northerns just drove me out .

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        • Sweet pea March 26, 15:11

          We chose Arizona. Wide open spaces, high desert with awesome views, cheap land. Most everyone who lives out of the city is off grid. Compost toilets and solar are the norm. There are some difficulties as with any other place, but locals are happy to help you through.

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    • Mister D September 6, 03:06

      Greatest response to anything ever. This will help many, many people, going many new places who needed a little heads up on how to integrate into new communities. Well done. *applause!*

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    • rj September 14, 13:38

      PERFECT commentary on the Hawaiian islands by someone who KNOWS. DO NOT go there without SHEDDING all of your notions about how YOU know better than the locals do. DO NOT say things like “this is how we did it back home”. Leave your ego in the states, and be humble – AND THANKFUL that such a place still exists. Although we are fast trying to destroy it.

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    • Nonno March 14, 01:03

      So true… I lived there several years and didn’t have a problem because we assimilated into their culture, leaving all behind. No problems. It goes for any country. It was also true in Europe. Be one of them… after all, you are trying to live in their country, not try to change it to yours!

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    • Seeker June 15, 18:03

      Thank you! Your ideas and sound advice are nothing less than pure wisdom.

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    • sharon August 30, 13:53

      You need to form a church somewhere…you’re a brilliant woman. I wish you were my neighbor!

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    • Suzq November 27, 17:33

      Excellent input

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    • Earthling March 1, 09:55

      All this before your morning psychoactives? White girl can gab…

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    • Noah October 24, 13:27

      Sounds like a good place to live for me lol

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    • Pooh Bear February 22, 09:34

      I loved your comment . You had good advice for everybody no matter where you live

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    • justsomechic February 27, 02:10

      You DO NOT want to go to Hawaii unless you’re a tourist spending money. I lived on Honolulu as a child, they don’t like main landers, and have no problem showing their dislike! From kindergarten to the end of 1st grade, just mean and physically abusive! ( TEACHERS INCLUDED! I had large rocks dropped on my hands while students held my arms so I couldn’t pull away. Yeah, as much as I remember the beauty of Hawaii, the pain affects me from even going back for a vacation.

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    • C.W. March 13, 04:03

      Nicely said. A little manners, a willingness to learn and work towards acceptance willingly go a long way.

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  4. Popeye August 15, 18:51

    Who dreams this crap up!!!!??? Let’s start with hawaii! Holy crap! It’s a freakin ISLAND!!! You might just as well lock yourself up in a FEMA camp now!! Might be all good if you are the ONLY one there but Lord have mercy, they should have left that tourist trap to the dream weavers at Disney and make it a ride! Now, Missouri! They call it the ‘show me state’, because I’ll I’d be asking is for someone to SHOW ME the way OUT of that state! Butted up to a super volcano and home to never ending natural disasters and race riots, I’d no sooner want to LIVE there as I would want to stop and take a LEAK in it!! Washington and Oregon….well, if the super earthquake doesn’t make it a northern island, it’s not TOO bad but, there again…weather can be a bugger out there! I feel a little better about Tennessee…but still think there are BETTER bug out states!! TO wrap it up…this is where the analogy of butt holes and opinions came from (no pun intended)

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    • NRF August 17, 03:44

      Popeye: I moved from New York state to Tennessee, 39 years ago. Best state in the USA! Wouldn’t want to live or bug out anywhere else!

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      • Susan November 11, 22:44

        I moved to TN about 35 year’s ago. I want to live with one foot on the grid and one foot off the grid as I live alone with my 6 dogs. Do you have any suggestions for me as I also had a triple by pass. I love TN! I want some wooded property to live in the peace and quiet. Grow a garden, sew and enjoy the rest of my life, but I do need to be near a hospital and pharmacy
        Do you have any suggestions for a beginning longer, woman with 6 dogs to live mostly off grid in TN? Where do you start looking for the land.

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        • Tony June 13, 14:46

          I agree tenn. is a great state. I leave in Knoxville, but I also have a great bug out place in the Cumberland mountains with fresh water and all I need too support my self in any situation. Wish choice.

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      • Misty February 9, 15:15

        It’s illegal to bug out or live off grid in nys
        .I live in NY State and u can’t live how u want to here

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        • Sweet pea March 26, 15:12

          We chose Arizona. Wide open spaces, high desert with awesome views, cheap land. Most everyone who lives out of the city is off grid. Compost toilets and solar are the norm. There are some difficulties as with any other place, but locals are happy to help you through.

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    • Hummingbirds on my deck October 2, 12:07

      Popeye, I moved from a city of 1 million+ people to the Missouri Ozarks &, except for electricity, live off grid. Carrying firearms is LEGAL here (because of the hunters, almost everyone here has a gun anyway). You can live in whatever you want – tent, portable cabin, RV, DIY tiny home, no permit, septic etc. required, rain barrels welcomed and in abundance to buy, EVERYONE speaks English. In the city I moved from, a lot of my neighborhood Walmart employees couldn’t even SPEAK English or understand what I was saying.& I didn’t even live in a state close to the Mexican border or South Florida where they’re over run with individuals who either can’t speak English or refuse to do so.. This area is part of the nation’s Bible belt and I haven’t seen ONE Muslim. No police helicopters flying overhead on a daily basis (I don’t even think the police department HAS a helicopter & I seldom see any police cars. The people are friendly, the teenagers dress like one would expect wholesome teenagers to dress – not like adolescent gang members, thugs or prostitutes with hair and tattoos that would rival a peacock. I’ve yet to overhear someone else’s car stereo even with my windows rolled down, no one screaming profanity or even exhibiting disrespectful behavior.
      I’d decided to relocate here well over a year ago but I recently discovered that this is the safest place to be when SHTF – although there will be NO safe place but this will be SAFER. If I can recall, it is because of its proximity to the coasts, milder weather (not extreme heat or cold), less chance of earthquakes, etc.
      The soil is rocky so, unless you have tractor equipment to plow it up to remove the rocks, better plan on building raised beds or container gardens and buying LOTS of garden soil. Took me about a year to get all my raised beds, container gardens & greenhouse established to grow food.
      The landscape is beautiful, the sunsets & sunrises can be breathtaking & the indigo skies at night light up with the brightest stars which most city lights blot out. I’ve never felt such a “oneness” with our Creator before.
      Bring your “camos”, your 4×4 & your gun.
      The land is reasonably priced, a lot of it unrestricted, off grid & rainwater collection friendly.

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    • crusty October 31, 22:50

      The freest states? As a long time Tennessee resident i can affirm it is not all that.
      It has however; in a non partisan study; made the top three most corrupt states for at least the last three years.

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    • T-Bone July 19, 01:32

      Instead of going on an idiotic rant you should have made suggestions you thought would be beneficial.

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    • justsomechic February 27, 02:00

      Not that I don’t love your comment, because I DO!
      Yet I have to ask, what is your suggestion?

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  5. Greener1 August 15, 19:02

    Washington state shut down my straw bale house building project in an off grid community near the Columbia Gorge. But that was 20 years ago, still there was some strawbale building in the state back then. I was advised not to go through channels, I did and got wiped out. (Took project to Baja, Mx). I spent 13 years in Pac Nw, I’m not saying these states aren’t off grid doable, but building codes are strict. What happened to me is recounted in a back issue of Countryside Magazine and in my own self published tome

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  6. Joe August 16, 01:14

    As a life time resident of Missouri I agree completely. The state is so varied that people can find what they want. I became a part-time farmer and cattle herder. My biggest hurdle was finding a place small enough that we afford. But the place we found was a little bit of heaven. country schools, friendly folks and room to grow.

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  7. Don August 16, 15:42

    i agree with all of you! Can you please tell me how to find out what counties in Missouri and Tenn. that allow off grid housing???

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  8. Don August 16, 15:44

    I agree with all of you!! Can you please tell me where to find the counties in Missouri and Tenn. that are off grid friendly??

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    • altosack August 19, 21:21

      In Missouri, they pretty much all are. As I understand it, the rule is this: if the county has fewer than 160,000 people in it (90% do), there are no building codes outside of the city limits *unless* they have voted in in (as far as I know, none have). To vote it in requires a 2/3 majority vote by those that it affects, i.e., you only get a vote if you are outside the city limits in that county.

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      • Big Boy in MO December 18, 18:51

        I would stay away from all of the K.C and St. Louis area because of building codes. Springfield area,(Greene County has building codes, Columbia area and Jefferson city area has building codes but all the rest of Missouri area clear in the county’s, towns may have building codes. Do you research and you will be good.

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  9. Ray August 16, 16:56

    I lived in Tennessee for years and consider it one of the best for rural areas providing great areas to go off the grid. The water coming out of the mountain is so clean you can drink it without any danger of getting sick. They need the best water for moonshine don’t they. The land is very reasonable and if you want to go real far off the grid the Blue Ridge Mountains are wide open for you.

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  10. ted August 24, 08:29

    Wow I love these posts, and you seem like such very nice people. I have been to Hawaii many times, and considered that as a place to spend rough times, but, it is an Island and you are limited to its size, but the weather and great water supply is really a plus factor, for bugging out and living out of doors. another good thing, no snakes or creatures that I know of there to harm you. I live in Wa. State, and there are a lot of good things to consider for bugging out. Miles and miles of trees and mountains, with good water supply, and the weather here is usually very normal and predictable. plenty of rain, not to cold in the winter. Land here is still pretty reasonable to buy, but certainly not as cheap as a lot of states. this is where I live and this is where I will stay, I am looking at acrage now that will be deep in the woods with some area for a garden, and possibly some animals… writer is correct, if we get the Big one, we might have to swim out or crawl out if possible, but at least I will have a place to go, and a bug out place where some things will already be in place for survival, for self and Wife, and the family as many as can make it……..Good luck to us all…….lots and lots of matches, etc, and as much medical supplies as you can muster and extra clothes with shoes….ted

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    • Smiles in WA August 29, 09:03

      Honestly no need to worry about any “BIG ONE” earthquakes sinking the west coast. Many have happened even in the 19th and 20th centuries and no L.A. island or slipping into the ocean. Sure land shifted considerably on man altered topography areas but nature didn’t get sunk. Also an off grid place would be better off if it did happen. Food and water would be still available. Livestock would still live. And if you’re living outside the norm, a temporary shelter would suffice until you can reestablish a permanent place again. Now, living near a large body of water would be not so good like the coastal area along the pacific because of tsunamis. But living near the mountain ranges are perfectly fine. Only thing to look out for in that area is glacial deposited hills like Oso. But they are easy to notice when you look at a topography map. Steep sided valleys with the occasional orange slice or amphitheater seating look on it. If you find that there or nearby avoid it. It will slide eventually. Smooth rolling large hills are fine. Also hipsters. Gotta watch out for them. They supposedly roam around in packs throughout the wilderness. They look homeless but have iPhones and drink Starbucks.

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  11. left coast chuck August 25, 03:11

    Hawaii just enacted some critical new anti-gun legislation. If things go bad, you are stuck unless you have an ocean worthy ship. Much more is imported than meets the eye.

    Oregon and Washington are being Kalifornikated. Like Kalyforniya, the cities wag the rest of the state in each of those states. Portland and Seattle are liberal yuppiedom’s and impose their willy-nilly way of life on the real people living east of those wonka worlds.

    At one time a bumper sticker in Oregon said, “Welcome to Oregon. Okay, you’ve seen it. Now go back home.” This was because of a very large influx of Kalifornicans into Oregon. I think that flood has dropped off some now that housing prices have somewhat equalized, but for a while you couldn’t turn around in Oregon without bumping into a Kalifornican.

    Lest someone think I am an Oregonian with a hate on for Kalifornicans, actually I am stuck in SoCal and have been for the last 50 years, however I am looking forward to an escape from this land of fruits and nuts soon, so this article was of some interest.

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    • 26Moves September 14, 18:33

      First – thank you all for the applause for my post 🙂 And Left Coast Chuck is right, Hawaii just in the last month since I wrote my post enacted some bad gun laws. That’s the real drawback. However, most people there have shotguns or rifles for pig hunting, so you aren’t completely disarmed.

      As for Hawaii not having bad things – there are some issues: many of the beaches are where the effluent from the sewage disposal plant runs off. We also have problems with so many cruise ships in port who occasionally don’t follow the rules on waste disposal. So Staph infections are common with surfers.

      Ships and planes from Guam have accidentally introduced some brown snakes and there is the occasional idiot who thinks bringing his baby python with him to Hawaii is a good idea. There are lots of mosquitoes, cockroaches, geckos, centipedes (a foot long sometimes!) and other crawlies. So it isn’t without it’s problems. And the humidity means your towels and clothes never quite completely dry.

      I left. I love it and miss it. It’s the home of my heart and my kids. But I’m loving Arizona. I’m actually surprised that isn’t on the list. There are some places in the White Mountains and up near Flagstaff that could be great places to live. Yes, you have to contend with snow. But we are one of the 5 states with the best liberty laws and the best gun laws.

      Of course the downside is that AZ is on the border and contends with 1,200 people sneaking across it daily (don’t believe anything you read that says it’s less.) 30% of those are OTMs – other than Mexicans. So there are gangs, thugs, the usual drug and human smugglers, etc. But don’t believe those people aren’t in your home state. They don’t like us. They don’t like our laws or our Sheriff, so they often are jus’ passin’ through to your state.

      Anyway – It’s always about your tribe. Find your tribe. Be awake and aware. Don’t ignore the locals wherever you land. Be helpful but be awake. Always know someone is watching you that you aren’t aware of, no matter where you go when you’re the new kid on the block.

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      • Bob Boskey February 10, 19:52

        We live in Pullman, WA and the winters can range from tough to easy. NO TREES until you get just south of Spokane.

        Idaho seems nice but rural properties are pricey.

        Montana is beautiful…in the summer.

        Oregon is full of libs and restrict what can be build even on isolated rural properties such a getting a building permit for a permanent residence instead of a provisional one.

        Been to the White Mountains in AZ and really like it there. But it’s really out of the way for any serious hospitals, etc.

        Flagstaff is a nice town but real estate did not seem so easy to get hold of outside of pricey developments.

        Liked Prescott best because if it gets a bit too cold, you can just drive about 20 miles down into the valley and work on your tan.

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        • Graywolf12 November 6, 16:41

          What were those things North of Spokane where I hunted? They looked like trees, burned like trees, and had leaves, so I thought they were trees in the forests.

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      • T-Bone July 19, 01:50

        Thank you for your wealth of wise words. About Arizona, while it has many advantages, in a SHTF scenario what would you do for food? Isn’t Arizona a poor place for hunting, growing, or foraging?

        Reply to this comment
        • WildPilot September 10, 21:47

          Absolutely not, the Zone is an unbelievable hunting Mecca, first let’s establish that AZ is not sand dunes and devoid lifeless desert, vast swaths of AZ is Coloradan type Forest full of world class elk, huge mule deer, blacktail and whitetail deer, pronghorn antelope, red deer, chital deer, javolina pecory, razorback hog, ground, grey, red and fox squirrel, goose and duck, quail, whitewing dove, partridge and vast many others. Despite everyone’s image of aridness most of Arizona sits on a huge aquafer and water is not generally an issue. Of course AZ has absolutely the friendliest gun laws in the nation. The primary issue to homesteading in AZ are building regulation, permanant vs recreational, for permanant housing a home must have plumbing, septic system, a permanant electrical system either grid or collected, permanant cooking facuilities, perm indoor restroom/bathing facuilities. Recreational homes do not require all of the above but outhouses are strictly forbidden but you can have pumpable chamber holding outhouses. Another issue is time use restrictions, most of AZ is federal property (80%ish) like in Tonto NF no more than 90 days a year and no more than 14 consecutive days with similar restrictions statewide with varying time constraints depending on what agency has domain control of the area. Other issues include AZ is a positive enforcement state and individuals are subject to a variety of enforcement from local, county and state police, customs service and border patrol and vast areas are subject to Military Police and a whole plethora of various laws, you need to know exactly where you are and what you are subject to. Also the entire southern 100 miles of the state are subject to constant federal monitoring electronic and aerial via unmanned systems and the border aerostat (blimp) system as well as both permanant and roving federal checkpoints. You can feed yourself well through gardening here also as long as you have a well and agricultural water permit. Also be aware the state corporate commission is trying hard to impliment taxes on all types of collected power, solar electric, solar heat, wind, geothermal and the more californified infiltration occures the worse it gets. Arizonans generally hate Cali’s, I leaned this first hand up in Payson looking at homes my car had an issue and insurance gave me a rental with California plates on it, the birds and go home hollers I received, the cold shoulder with locals untill we explained it was a rental, never again! The only ones happy to see the plates where real estate agents because Cali’s are so willing to overpay for property and houses and will freely enter into bidding wars to get their way driving prices up and out of reach for the average local.

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  12. kat September 14, 19:14

    North western Maine

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    • Paul Dionne July 20, 14:18

      Great if you like hunting and fishing, but the growing season is too short. I’m in NH, but lived in Limestone for years. I like the hunting and fishing, but it would be hard to grow anything other than potatoes without putting in a greenhouse, and that prevents you from being able to hide out if needed.

      Choose a warmer place where you can move easily without being noticed.

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      • T boz July 21, 15:41

        What is there to do for work in NH or Maine? How cheap is the land?

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        • Paul Dionne July 21, 16:07

          The area of Maine the person was talking about would probably be inside the area termed the great maine woods. hundreds of thousands of logging country, but recently they have started selling off chunks of it. Prices are good, but the plots are very isolated and there is no real work in close proximity. So, if you want to work and live there, I would look somewhere else as it wouldn’t be cost effective, when considering travel time, to live there and work, unless you could find a plot around the outer perimeter. The western border is along Quebec province, so the only work available would be there. Many US residents work in Canada, but I’m not sure that would be a good idea considering the tax implementations. The eastern side runs down the center of Maine, mostly small towns that suffer from high unemployment. Some areas, the northeastern area is next to potato farms so there is work in the spring during planting and in the fall during picking. When I lived there the areas around the farms saw unemployment rates as high a 30%, so the people would do odd cash jobs to make ends meet.

          If you are able to survive on monies you have already saved, the woods is an awesome place, but having to work and travel each day would be difficult. Here’s one exception… if you know how to drive a lumber truck on dirt/mud roads, you could find work.

          I drove commercially as a regional driver for years and even with my experience, over 1 million miles, I wouldn’t try it. The roads are a mess during the fall, winter, and spring, and during the summer you have to deal with the potholes caused by driving like a fool the rest of the year.

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  13. JODY October 1, 03:56

    From what I understand with the Harp weather machine located in Alaska, the air force and white house controls, Hawaii is the last place you want to be. With massive earthquakes, that island will sink. HA HA, if ole zuckerduff is building a wall, I hope he’ll like it in the middle of the ocean. Islands are the last places you want to be. Use what God gave you and stay in the states, No matter how big our armed services are, Veterans who have lived free won’t let our Country go the way of the DODO Bird. Do prepare, food, water because a lot will hit us but no islands….The rich are scared and I hope they are. They have scent us into these positions and God in Revelations said, Watch out Kings and Elite, you will not go without Judgement of the all mighty God. Just take care of yourselves and your familys and trust God. He knows, we’re scared. Just remember, there are”rumors of Wars and we know what is coming!!! Hang in there Our Country will be strong if we stick together and help one another. Don’t let these SOB’s undermine our faith and freedom but mostly don’t fight and the President will have to stand down!!!! HOORAW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Reply to this comment
    • DB March 25, 07:12

      HARP weather machine? Do you wear a tin foil hat?

      Reply to this comment
      • TalkinTina May 4, 20:07

        Read HAARP’S Patents at the US Patent office! I did. And You will be surprised and probably shocked at HAARP’S capabilities. Weather Control, Communications, using Ionospheric Mirrors created with Central, to bounce signals off mirror down to GWEN Towers,. Back to another mirror and pinpoint anywhere in the world, to steer jet stream, create weather (weather=WMD) penetrate ground for mapping underground cavities miles deep, triggering earthquakes, Military applications, Crowd Control, disable, debilitate, destroy, Thousands at once to 1 in a crowd of thousands, (basically microwaving them) and more. With diagrams! In Patents applied for and granted by our Patent Office! So before you judge educate yourself! And when you have read all the Patents, You will posting asking What can we do? Where do I get my Tinfoil Hat? And if you read Patents issued on TV’s, and their sound and video two-way capabilities, you will be blown away, and man I don’t even want to begin reading the Patents on cell phones

        Reply to this comment
        • Yursaviour July 17, 06:56

          Weather modification by the US Government first started in 1947… same year the CIA was started (Formally the OSS), the National Security Act, and several other major changes in Government policies… GeoEngineering/Cloud Seeding/Or “ChemTrails” are all apart of HAARP goals of manipulating Weather patterns and combine the goals of the United Nations for Climate Change you have the Cause and Effect or Ordo Ab Chaos translates Order out of Chaos… they create the problem to then enact their preplanned solution of control. HAARP is a weapon, controlled by the military, funded by the military, and simply called a “Civilian Research Project” to bypass current treaties. Only Russia and the US have this technology on record. Read the UN plans “Agenda21”, “Post 2015 Agenda Road to Dignity by 2030”, “America 2050”,… every current protest is a GOAL for “Climate Change “… a UN official stated in 2015, “No amount of trillions will save the planet, climate change is about destroying capitalism ” … read the “45 Communist Takeover Goals from 1963” written by a former FBI agent of 16 years specializing in Communism studies and research who wrote the book “The Naked Communist “… EVERY Climate change goal is identical to the Communist Party USA goals and identical goals of Marx, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Hitler, Krueschev, etc…

          The UN climate change goals included total global disarmament of both small arms and nuclear weapons… but only the UN will have guns. Both Muslim and Communist Countries joined the UN together as the “Durban Group” … theyre allies against the US, open borders and muslim “Refugees” were preplanned in the early 90’s… also US Army plans written in 1994 for 2016-2028 “Army After Next “, “Capstone Concept 2016-2028”, etc… I can go on for days.

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          • john September 17, 13:08

            Please do go on, just do a bullet point listing of search terms.
            The ones you have shared are so good, I am intrigued.

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      • Paul Dionne July 20, 14:28

        Sounds like you have been living under a rock. Not meant as an insult, but I do suggest you do some research as lots of unusual stuff has been tested by the government in Alaska.

        There have been instances of loud noises coming from the sky and the ground, as radio waves were being sent through both mediums. As far as the ground signals, I’ve seen the equipment first hand. I worked in communications for 20 years while in the military!

        There’s lots of stuff out there that John Q. Public is totally unaware of.

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      • john September 17, 13:03

        Tin foil hat insult use I’d the badge of the willfully ignorant.

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  14. PJ October 2, 17:04

    What’s everyone’s thoughts about Texas? I hear the “Hill Country” is great for Off Grid.

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    • Knightly October 22, 14:52

      It may well be, but the land and property tax are cost prohibitive. Game is abundant, but everyone i knew when I lived there hunted. Towns like Bandera and Kerville, from experience, are so poulated by Axis deer that you can shoot them from your door…in town. Plenty of streams and rivers during good years, but I’ve seen the lake at Bandera dry, and the only rivers in the area running was so low as to be still.

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      • Knightly October 22, 14:58

        Forgot to mention that the old timers laughed at the thought of living off the hunting. Many of them knew that during the Depression the hunting was great, at first. Then it became so scarce they didn’t see ANY kind of animals for years. The Axis population explosion was the result of imported herds escaping and then crowding out the natural breeds. But the old men say the abundance would only last about a week in a total collapse.

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        • Graywolf12 November 6, 16:54

          In Edwards count where I hunted there were Axis, Fallow, and White tailed deer + other exotics. In one year the TPW reported the there had been 12,000 white tail deer shot in that one county that year. There is no season or limit on exotics, so no kill information. The lack of running water and poor soil for gardens are drawbacks, and you need a deer proof fence to protect a garden. I love it out there, but our East Texas is a better place to bug to .

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      • Paul Dionne July 20, 14:38

        The taxes in that part of Texas are practically non-existent; $100 a year for 20 acres. Hell I’m paying almost $2700 a year for 1/3 acre in NH!

        I’ve also thought of moving there, but I spend lots of time on the internet gathering info to publish on my news network,

        The other issue is getting into the city to purchase items you can’t grow, and the water table is about 400 feet down, so drilling or driving your own well is basically out of the question. I’ve been looking at a 100-acre parcel, and it is extremely affordable. I’m thinking about buying a small plane to take care of getting into the city and the good thing about the plane is that it would let me get out of the area fast if needed.

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      • Graywolf12 November 6, 16:58

        308 acre ranch in Edwards county tax’s are $120.00 year.

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  15. Birdman October 8, 08:58

    I guess I may be nieve, or just uninformed but what about Montana, or idaho

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    • Tinkerjinx April 25, 03:05

      I live in Idaho, and it is pretty good for homestead and off grid living. I raise my own food, and we hunt and fish. It’s pretty laid back.

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    • Fireman64 April 19, 23:32

      I was raised in the Big Sky country. It is a beautiful place on the western slope but east of the mountains, be ready for minus 30 to 40 degree weather with 40 plus mph wind. Couple that with a short growing season, you will have your work cut out for you.

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  16. Gypsy woman November 20, 01:04

    The north georgia mountains, especially the east side. taxes and restrictions are low. West Virginia,southeast and middle area,–almost no taxes on property, but vaccinations have no exemptions- far west North Carolina-Franklin/Andrews area, South Carolina–northwest area. Pennsylvania mountains–Alleghany area-benefits of living near Amish population, defects–too many nuclear power plants

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  17. Suzy June 27, 12:40

    I live in the upstate of South Carolina. I think as long as you are not in a huge metro area, with space and land with water, its probably best to stay in your area where hopefullu you have a village of family and friends who can work together . Each with skills that will help you survive. We have all 4 seasons, winter temps in the 30s to 50s. Good growing seasons and lots of forest. We have nurses, pharmacist, doctors, physical therspist,builders, teachers, master gardeners, and hunters. You should try to build a village to work together and share knowledge.

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  18. Just me June 27, 14:49

    If you come to Washington State, stay out of the Columbia river gorge national scenic area! Draconian rules, additional 900 dollar fee just to put in an application for approval to build. Paint colors must be approved. Those people from Portland,OR really ruined this place in their attempt to “protect” it.

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  19. Daddypigg August 24, 01:25

    No-one ever mentions wisconsin or upper Michigan. You can buy 40+ wooded acres with a pond and a rustic camp for 35k. No neighbors and relaxed building codes. Most of the land has state,federal cfa land around it.

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    • elad352 November 28, 02:26

      i never knew till a girl friend migrating to be with me in Florida from Michigan told me of the upper peninsula 190 aches for $18 thousand $2 per acres taxes if you did not clear cut it.that was 22 years ago and would expect some changes sense then. she said you can be in some remote spots 300 miles away from cities and at times there could be snow still on ground in may. also plenty of wild life.p.s. she also lied a lot lol whats your opinion on it.

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      • Tea4twoby4 February 6, 22:55

        Don’t buy Michigan, the lumber companies purchased the land and/or clear cutted the whole upper peninsula! No forests! Watch out what you buy.

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        • Daddypig July 20, 14:45

          Not all land has been purchased and logged by the timber companies. That’s a completely false statement.
          I just bought 30 acres with power and that had never been logged, it is also surrounded by 3000 acres that has never been logged. The up is nothing but woods you either A) don’t want people to buy land near you in the u.p or B) have no clue what your taking about. I would say your both A and B.

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    • Eddie Sasquatch January 19, 01:22

      I need immediate help to get a land donation land deal by useage without all the restrictions. I am over on Staten Island and Fairview Park is under destruction currently. The city won’t recognise me for squatters rights not afford me a buyout. Plus, they won’t allow me the services I should be entitled to because of reverse racism and just plain selling out Americans. I need in first order because of destroyed health being stuck in this city after being robbed of a total of $14 k17April2008@55th&7th denied services and blocked from jobs while repeatedly attacked a warmer climate. Those 90+ degree days 2018 helped me to learn more to treat against mold over-growth and seek more solutions against this poisonous refinery tar air and Manhattan’s charelston depot diesel air. Every tiny step I learn to recover is befouled by pressures created from the sozial factions of this infested shitty now accelerating destruction of the last of the high ground. 347-794-4124 current size actual plot useage is 25*50, but I need to scale up building size to a minimum 16*16, need a grow house, and plenty of foraging woods around. I am closer to green wood useage, but the crunch to get a place again and keep money coming in as a one man detachment with er-shodered health is a battle.Looking for immediate suggestions for abandoned, someone to partner with for homesteading, Or maximal $200/ acere with owner or in-house financing. Please reply!!!!

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  20. ronnie September 7, 20:44

    I think I would pick Tenn.

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  21. CRStarheart November 25, 23:01

    Unfortunately there is so much crime in many rural, off-the-grid type areas, like where I live, that they nearly steal everything you’ve ever owned, including stored food, herbs, teas, vitamins, household, cook/bakeware, diningware, tools and every thing else you had, in order to furnish their own homes as well as sell…..
    …… I think it is important to prevent future crimes to decent people wanting to go off the grid, bugout or homestead and who may move into dangerous predatory crime communities filled with government corruption, like where I live in NE Washington. I am in a rural area in northern Ferry County, Washington.

    I have been targeted for ongoing community surveillance burglaries, vandalism, pet torture and poisoning, including drugging and a hip fracture while unconscious/asleep this year. I’ve also been poisoned with drug, chemical or biological agent(s) which produced rare blood antibodies and an incurable disease that requires expensive IV treatments to try to put it into remission (this illness, Microscopic Polyangiitis, is known to be caused by Levamisole, a drug used to “cut” other drugs with, including 70% of the cocaine trafficked in this country)…..

    It is very dangerous for people to move into some areas in Washington state because of the terrible organized criminal activities involved in rural areas and the victimization of unknowing people coming into these areas. There has been known people involved in drug trafficking for years and years here… and people involved in crimes and covering them up get promoted and rewarded with government jobs and into high positions, while victims, like myself, get persecuted and harassed by law enforcement. They can steal everything valuable you own, in ongoing burglaries for years in Ferry County.
    I have to hire a house-sitter whenever I leave the house, even for very short time periods. Others have been burglarized in this area as well. The single, elderly and disabled are being targeted here and need to be warned about this area.
    **** Also, My Seattle high school social studies instructor and the debate team coach became an attorney in Okanogan County, WA, (next to Ferry County) and he said the drugs are even worse there than they are in Seattle.

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    • Rosa October 2, 02:39

      Sounds like All of rural Big Island. You can’tesve your property without someone on the property or even your dogs will be stolen- sometimes for Food.

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      • Pulo December 17, 15:18

        Surprised to hear the truth not many will admit. Yes dog theft is as common as property theft and leaving your property is always a risk.

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  22. anti December 4, 02:05

    wash & ore. shitty gun freedom states and continually infested with CA libtard democrips (no the good native californians) trying to worsen their freedoms.
    good thing about tenn. is their economy sucks so no one needing an occupation wants to move there so otg’ers are good to go for the reasons stated ^^^ and feel FREE to bring ALL your guns!!!

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    • anti December 4, 02:06

      correction (N0T the good native californians)

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      • Paul Dionne July 20, 14:47

        Oh like Feinstein, Lieu, and Waters??? LOL!

        I have a very good friend from there and she hates the changes those people are forcing on the real Californians and wants out.

        Since the talk of breaking the state in three has started, I keep asking her where she is going to live; North California, California, or North Mexico!

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  23. Wooden Foot January 25, 03:28

    I just want to live off grid and work for myself you know.. I swear this is exactly what is wrong today nothing we do today is really just for ourselves. What is so wrong with me just trying to live in peace by myself and live it up till I die. No burden to the public no unpaid hospital bills ETC. Just live free till I die that’s all I’m asking and if that’s too much to ask then A tax dollar is the one thing you shall not get from me period lol.

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    • Bob Boskey February 10, 20:04

      When nations prosper, even the weakest develop clout and know they must get into positions of influence to preserve themselves. So while the rest of us carry on with our lives as we always have, they engineer divisive values to split up our commonly held beliefs to advance their own. And that’s why our country is so messed up.

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  24. jj789 January 29, 21:05

    This is an uninformed article. Apparently the OP has never lived off grid. Washington State is NOT a good place for it. Nor is Hawaii. Especially during a collapse. Tennessee is crowded and certain parts of under a scope in recent years. Missouri has been giving bad vibes lately. Alaska is a good choice. But cold. Anywhere you go you want a ZONE FREE county with no regulations.

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    • Big Boy in MO February 22, 17:07

      We have passed into law constitutional carry and UN-permitted concealed carry state wide. Stay away from St. Louis and Kansas City, everywhere else is good.

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    • Konolaui February 25, 13:47

      I’ve lived off grid on Big Island for nearly twenty years now. Not sure why you are saying it’s not a good place to live this life. If you’re basing it off SHTF scenario then it really depends on what caused the collapse. I sure would rather be right here than on mainland if the dollar tanked.

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      • Jean February 25, 17:08

        Hi Konolaui,
        I have a friend who has lived in Ocean View off grid since 2000 without major problems. She’s 77 now. I am seriously thinking about doing the same. Where do you live on the Big Island? So far Ocean View seems more temperate than Puna. Thanks for your post.

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    • SpcSmiles August 29, 09:17

      WA is perfectly fine so long as you don’t live near the puget sound. From Canada on down to Seattle through to Olympia along I-5 is the worst. That’s where +99.99999~% of all the problems in this state happens. Everything else is farmers and woodland. Sadly that’s where all the political say for this state is as well.

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  25. SUZYQ February 10, 04:15

    I’m a woman who just turned 80. I do not look or feel 80, at least most of the time. I have wanted to live off the grid for many years, but my hubby has never agreed with that plan. Although,there have been multiple times when he’s said that he would like to live on a mountain 100 miles from any other human being.
    I have experience in home building, gardening, canning and preserving food and I’m an RN still working.
    I live in Southern Oregon.
    I still would like to live off grid. Would do this if I could have another younger, and more physically able to help me. I guess I’m hoping for a fairy god mother to show up and tell me which way to go.
    I suppose I’ll always hold on to my dream of living off grid. At least the dream will keep me smiling. I remember my Mom always saying that “you can do anything you want to do if you dream big enough and try hard enough”. I still believe this!
    I wish that all of you with the dream of “off grid living” make that dream come true! Good Luck!

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    • Susieq May 4, 20:37

      Hi! SuzyQ. I am SusieQ. I am in my mid-70s and for years I have dreamed of off the grid lifestyle. My husband finally agrees. because of poor choices here we are in an apt. I grow veggies on the patio. But we will continue to dream. I mentally join yyou in your dreams. Bless you and your spirit.

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    • Zoey October 2, 02:42

      I would like a partner in off grid also . Can you contact me or provide your contact info –

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    • Foxys January 18, 17:59

      Please contact me ! Or provide your contact info

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    • drcate4 March 9, 02:49

      Hey, SuzyQ! God Bless You and your dreams.
      I’m 75 in June. Spent 47 years as a nurse and then as a psychologist. I’ve been retired for almost 11 years and still dream of going off grid.
      We need to find some land and start a kibbutz for retired medics who want to go off grid.

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    • Lover of Freedom Jeannie March 26, 03:57

      Hello SuzyQ! I’m also a RN and just turned 64. I am single and live in northern Oregon – have a very small farm. I love it here – except – the left wing gun prohibitions are getting ridiculous, the building codes are ridiculous, the taxes are the same. I just learned that Oregon just got a law that REQUIRES new parents to have an entire baby monitoring system installed before they can take their baby home?!!! What?!!! I’m not staying in Oregon. This is not a state for establishing a good homestead. But I sure would like to find a place near folks of like-mind. I’m looking at Idaho. It’s one of the most freedom loving states in the Union.
      None of us will be able to survive the coming collapse. Sure would like to live near other people that have a similar view and enjoy self-sufficiency. How can we do this?

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  26. Southern Belle March 16, 08:16

    Does anyone have any opinions on the Commonwealth of Virginia?

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  27. Labienus March 28, 00:12

    Slight issues with Hawaii. One, there’s a lot of poverty so any preps you have may very well be noticed. Two, volcanoes. Not a good prep site when you have to factor in the possibility of lava in your living room.
    That said, Hawaii is beautiful and the people are so nice.

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  28. Bobby April 5, 19:23

    Tenn is not an off grid. Some places maybe if you dont tell anyone or tge find out but that can be said for all states.

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  29. Daddypig July 20, 14:47

    Again I’ll state upper Michigan . 110 wooded acres for under 60k with a rustic cabin. ( rustic as in has everything but an indoor toilet.)

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    • Paul Dionne July 20, 14:54

      See that’s no good; you’d freeze you a$$ off going to the bathroom… Just joking as I have a friend on the peninsula and loves it there.

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  30. deadflowers July 30, 00:50

    washington state is democratic and they past a law where if you drill for a well they want you to pay some kind of fee to make sure your not infringing on someone else’s water rights, and that is expansive

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  31. stacey October 7, 02:52

    umm Oregon and Washington? A guy ws in the news for being arrested because he was “collecting rain water”… hardly good states!

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  32. FedUpAndReadyForAChange December 2, 05:05

    I’m born and raised in So Cal and have been wanting to leave for years now. I’m 40 so I can’t retire yet but I would love to live off the grid so money wouldn’t really be an issue (plus I can start collecting my retirement at 55). Arizona (Prescott area) has always been at the top of my list but now I’m not so sure. Ideally, I would love to live somewhere with a mild climate (I’ve been spoiled by the weather here). I’d also like to have a few like minded neighbors so we can all look out for each other. Any suggestions? I don’t know of any “prepper and off grid communities” so I’d have to find/start my own (which would be difficult without some guidance!). I have limited skills but am eager to learn as much as possible. Does anyone have suggestions for where I could take classes or attend a camp where skills for living off grid would be taught? I can shoot fairly well, but we all know how bad the laws in CA are…and only getting worse. Why would a state legitimately need to make someone take a background check and have their info in a database to buy bullets???!! So much ugly, dirty behavior going on in CA and other like minded states. Additionally, I want to live in a small community where Christianity is embraced, not looked down upon. Seems like the end of times are coming, maybe even before a SHTF scenario unfolds. Or they could go hand in hand. And who knows what our government is planning. All of your comments have been helpful…are there any places that would suit my needs? I want to buy property, preferably starting now while I’m still working. Then in 5 years or so, maybe less, I can get out of this crazy state.

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    • Graywolf12 December 11, 01:12

      Go to and their land for sale section. If I could I would move to Red River county in Northeast Texas. Same type country in Southeast Oklahoma.

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  33. Jeff December 18, 16:43

    Everyone looks at the best place to live off the grid with the conditions the Earth is in now. I believe the Earth is warming up way faster than most people know. With the geo engineering going on from seeding the skies with chemicals,metals and other crap and haarp technology the artic poles are melting at a rapid pace. The artic/antartic ice is melting from their base and ready to slide into the oceans. If all the ice on Earth melted it is estimated the sea rise would be 220′ higher than now.

    With that said, the safest places to be off the grid is way far away from massive population centers and at high elevations which will become more temperate and hospitable for growing food.

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    • Hsteader February 27, 22:31

      Jeff, don’t buy in to the communist/global warming hoax. NASA has been forced to admit in 2015 that satellite data show that Antarctica is in fact increasing in size by 112 billion pounds of ice per year.

      The reason is that the global warming trend ended in 2014, ending a 200 year cycle. In the new 200 year cycle we are in now, we have already begun to enter a mini ice-age that goes in to full effect in roughly 2030. We have 10 years to prepare for much cooler temperatures, longer winters, shorter growing seasons, and lower per square meter solar energy collection.If you’re planning to homestead anywhere that is normally cold in the winter, then you’ll want to plan on a greenhouse.

      The cloud seeding by the government is not to make the climate warmer, and even if it were, they have been failing miserably. The actual goal is to increase incidences of inclement weather to make it look like supposed AGW is resulting in massive “climate change,” when that is not the case.

      Sun spot activity on the giant heater in the sky is what drives most of the temperature and weather trends on earth. Humans, in their routine daily lives, and governments in their efforts to fool us, have very little effect on temp and weather.

      Global warming/climate change are about advancing communism globally through environmental policy to address a made up “crisis.”

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  34. Chuck January 18, 17:56

    I am a 7 generations Florida boy I left at 50 years old. Went to TN the state is free like Florida was not many permits needed to build or do anything everybody minds there own business here . The northerns just drove me out .

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  35. Eddie Sasquatch January 21, 19:52

    Get real, except you that have been blessed with having jobs handed to you or somehow isolated in a vacuum those of us made poor can’t even make it around where we have been robed, posioned, run down from unsellable/ occasionally smell able polution, don’t get jobs and are struggling to get anything amidst murderous infiltration including using psychic and spiritual warfare just yesterday during the dream stage causing me to fall and hit my head on the wood stove.

    I have helped others, but I can’t get one person to help with a land use deal for a man partially crippled 4 timed dead on the bed unofficially, let alone a lowsy aceres in the most inhospitable of northern climates.347-794-4124 call and help please because I have talked, written, called, git GoFundMe started, put up on Facebook and Twitter in 2018, and not one person responded. So if you get this then either my other correspondence is blocked because I saw both a cop 2007 prince street apple computer store being intimidated by other cop for allowing me to use the computer, and the librarian woman tottenville walking out with me (been 2011-2014) and a car drives up in front of us on Amboy road rolls down the window, and projects into our thoughts, and then closes the window and drives away. She noted, ” that is weird”, and I replied, “Now you know what I mean”.

    Let me use that to say that those of you working in the social order got something because you were allowed to have it and exist. What happened to all the missing Americans? I saw it already back in West Bend Wisconsin back in the ’90’s with alleged russians coming in and every so often the some faces being replaced with look alikes, disappearing, or dead including my father being murdered aby the herigas tap richard trapp posioning his and others drinks and his alleged6 kids he claiming to be russian but rolled his R’s like a German disappears 2 weeks later but more foreigners and worthless lazy, dumb, druggy types and bad mouthing America and Americans coming in.

    Wake up and see that for every war we have been pulled into there is during the war a mass influx of the same we are fighting. That is passive warfare staged from the justice department waging war on Americans and America clear when you hear that we are all first considered home grown terrorists but they fly into JFK LaGuardia and special interest groups get benefits they are not entitled more than the lowsy little shitvwe are told exists despite all of us who are being bought and sold on the market through our birth certificate are suppose to operate from a prepaid contract that as long as you continue to prove up it is your right/ entitlement. While I was in Austria, I learned that at the same time our Forebearers were being robbed of gold, silver, property, and being forced to pay war taxes and then a victory tax germans and austrians were getting kopf geld or head count money. Please get off the ass and study to see the non- stop war afflicted on Americans through the monarchy and cheers the vatican since king George according to Michael stations treatises.

    Help me with some useable land through donation or light deal. They are tearing up Fairview Park the last woods here in Staten Island the last high ground and should be included as territory with the conference house just a mile up the street, but are turning it into more placid toxic social shit zone not even doing our own manufacturing in these huge ugly buildings bringing in toxic junk from China and elsewhere. You can hardly speak English let alone French, German, or native American. And don’t talk about native American because up to 40 years earlier they would murder them if they found them in the city. The veterans bodies were even found thrown into dump sites from foreign controlled VA. And further, by technicality every city might be its own entity and not American so when you are in a city you are a ward of the city. Remember the show’FightBackAmerica’, there was a reason for that show not limited to the content displayed. If they are getting what we don’t get allowed to know exists and getting protection, draw them out to the land and take it out of their hides. The guy went so far to say the ta provides translators$90k/year and protection.A and they lure Americans into the city, use them, attack them, and or kill them. Do not let the land be overtaken by cities as Obama passed under executive order? And restore farm, wild land preservation bills that protect necessarily so huge/vast tracks of land intact because the assholes from cities will only steal your intellectual and physical property and needlessly build up every last sub-inch of land turning you into dumbed down drugged out droaned gene ficked lazy asses chasing worthless foreign controlled currency that can never buy you for the best produce you can buy what you get from wild plants. And once land is excavated, the fungal body and soul creatures are destroyed you will not be able to reinitiate the natural biological labor churning out new variants of plants and insects. I have seen here with my own eyes since 2014 whereexcavated4+ feet down but still sitting open next to nothing has grown. But if they were anything good they would have engineers reclaiming the land from the ocean that any idiot can see is visible from land sat maps and old ww2 buildings out in the Atlantic that the continental shelf is huge and should be reclaimed. Likewise we would be running from a hydrogen economy already perfected before ww2 broke out including every major nation having made successful advancements in h2 useage with off the shelf components and technology. The real us govt people at the end of 1800’s to 1900’s was teaching people to the land how to make their own hydrogen to power everything. Fight Back now while we are still alive because both the time has been changed and the whole consciousness. How could we go from engines burning air to this pathetic socialized shit dictated by foreign controlled markets, currencies, and govts?

    Ed John

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  36. KJ January 23, 02:22

    Tennessee has many thieves and the best places to off grid in TN has the most of them around eastern TN NC border and it is spreading. It is possible but you would need security in some areas and to be well hidden because no matter how deep in the woods in TN the meth addicts will find you. Not to mention being a backwards red state you have many other taxes you have not even heard of like wheel tax and the jails and prisons are 100% corporation owned many people die in them. The first two states to collapse and go into chaos will be TN and MO. Some of these southern states would be perfect but the problem is the people.

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    • Graywolf12 January 24, 01:32

      Stay out of the Southern states. They do not need trash like you.

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    • jr223 February 6, 00:30

      The Tennessee Department of Correction consists of 14 state prisons located across the state. Ten of these prisons are operated by the department and four are managed privately by CoreCivic.
      if you want to see hell hole and counties look at democrat city’s Detroit,Philly, st Louis Compton chiacgo,newark camden

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    • Linda H April 4, 02:13

      KJ, I just ran across your post. Since you seem to know the southern people so well I thought you might like this.
      Do you know the difference between a Yankee and a Damn Yankee? A Yankee comes down here and goes back. A Damn Yankee stays. Why don’t you just be a Yankee. We have to many Damn Yankees (like you) here as it is.
      We do welcome home our northern born southerners. Come home, you know you belong in the south. You can’t resist her call.

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    • Holihalo May 24, 19:06

      Bought land and we have annual taxes just want a earth bag home eco friendly my zoning allows me to have water collecting and solar panels installed but I can’t seem to get a answer of do I need a permit for a earth bag home to be built in l.a. county? Does anyone know this answer ?

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  37. Jetman March 8, 19:37

    I live off grid in California but the only advice I have for most of you is; “If you insist on writing comments . . . learn to type, spell and speak.” If you want to be taken seriously learn the language and quit abbreviating everything. On the other hand half of you are doing great. And I LIKE the tin foil hats thingy. Aye?

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    • Linda H April 4, 02:14

      KJ, I just ran across your post. Since you seem to know the southern people so well I thought you might like this.
      Do you know the difference between a Yankee and a Damn Yankee? A Yankee comes down here and goes back. A Damn Yankee stays. Why don’t you just be a Yankee. We have to many Damn Yankees (like you) here as it is.
      We do welcome home our northern born southerners. Come home, you know you belong in the south. You can’t resist her call.

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  38. Agi March 25, 20:18

    It is illegal to collect rainwater here in WA state. Not enough sun for solar power. And very soon, there will be strict gun restrictions as well, starting in July 2019. We are planning to move from here soon.

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