Why Doesn’t The Government Want You To Be More Independent

Fergus Mason
By Fergus Mason October 3, 2019 07:53

Why Doesn’t The Government Want You To Be More Independent

Watching the Democratic debates over the last couple of months, it’s amazing how all the candidates are talking about having the government do more for people. Whether it’s Medicare for All, canceling student debt, handing out more money in welfare or just letting people stay in the country after they crossed the border illegally, politicians want the government to give us all more help.

Well, unless we’re preppers. Then it seems like the government switches to being as obstructive as possible. Politicians at all levels, from town selectmen up to Congress and most presidents, do everything they can to make self-sufficiency difficult.

Obamacare was the last administration’s flagship policy and it basically made it illegal to not have health insurance. There are arguments for that, but if you want to pay any medical bills when they happen, shouldn’t you have that right? Many towns have local ordinances against keeping livestock, even if it’s just a few chickens to give you eggs and occasional meat. Zoning laws can be – and are – applied to limit what you can do with your home. Want to drill your own well? You might need to allow (and pay for) inspections. And don’t forget the constant attempts to limit what sort of guns you can own.

The argument for all these laws is that the government can do things better than you can, so you should turn responsibility over to it. You’re just a citizen; you don’t know enough about health to make insurance decisions, so you should let Bernie Sanders bring in Medicare for All and the government will take charge of your health. The eggs from your own hens haven’t been through federally mandated inspections, so you shouldn’t eat them. Did the town health officer check the water from your well? And what do you need guns for? The cops will protect you from bad guys.

Well, what could possibly go wrong? I guess you could ask the residents of Flint, MI how well the government did at giving them clean water. What if you live in a rural area and the cops need an hour to respond when you report an intruder? And go take a look at a meatpacking plant then tell me government-approved food is safer for you.

It’s very obvious that there are plenty of things we’re better off doing for ourselves every day, and a whole lot more we can do for ourselves if we need to, so why won’t the government get out of the way and let us do it? This really puzzles a lot of people, but that’s because they’re looking at it from the wrong direction. The government doesn’t really care what’s best for us; it’s thinking about what’s best for the government.

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The thing is I’ve been calling the government it, but really I should be saying them. The government is made up of people, and being the government is their job. If you’re a lawmaker the chances are you really like your job. You get special privileges and a pretty good income. You’re respected. Maybe most of all, you have power. If you have an idea and you can get the votes for it you can turn it into law, and everyone has to act the way you think they should. That’s a heady brew.

So, if you’re in government, you want the people to respect and obey the government. The best way to do that is to make them rely on the government.

Think about it. If people are self-reliant, and the only contact they have with the government is when lawmakers demand money from them or tell them what to do, they’re not exactly going to see the government as their friend, are they?

The only way to govern a self-reliant people is to do it lightly. Only pass laws when it’s absolutely necessary. Give people maximum freedom about how they live their lives. Keep taxes at the bare minimum needed to pay for things only the government can do. There are things only the government can do, like national defense, but despite left-wing complaints about our military budget we don’t actually spend very much on defense as a share of government spending.

Do it that way and most people won’t resent the government – but there’s a problem. Doing it this way means having a small government, and that means there won’t be many of those nice government jobs that give people access to privileges, money, and power. I don’t care about that. You don’t care about that. But all the people who work inside the Beltway care about that.

No, they want big government, because that way there are more jobs for them, their families and their friends. And the only way to get the people to accept a big government is to make as many as possible of them depend on it.

The government has two ways to make people depend on it. One is to stop them doing things then make the government the only source of those things. Law enforcement is a classic example. The government says you don’t need guns to protect yourself because the police will protect you. That’s rubbish, of course. If you hear breaking glass at 3 am you need a gun to face down a potential intruder, and you need it right there – not on a cop’s belt outside a Dunkin’ Donuts 17 miles away. So if you can’t have a gun you’ll be worried about intruders, and all you can do is vote to pay more tax, give the police department funding to hire more cops, and hope that one of them is close enough when you need protection.

That’s one way to make people dependent. The other is brutally simple – money. This country has massive financial inequality, the worst in the civilized world, and most of it’s been created by politicians. The slow, kudzu-like growth of government bureaucracy has made it harder to start a small business or be self-employed. The government likes order, predictability, big corporations with HR departments full of liberal graduates. They hate the chaos created by startups and entrepreneurs – but it’s that chaos that drives innovation and creates wealth.

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So government policies help keep people poor, but that’s OK because the government has an answer for poverty. They’ll just take money from the people that have it and give it to the ones that don’t. That’s mostly what our government does now – move money from people who earned it to people who didn’t.

Mostly? You think I’m exaggerating? Nope. When you pay tax you get told the money’s needed for education, for transport infrastructure, for defense. Don’t believe it. Just 1% of federal spending goes on K-12 education. Only 3% goes on transport infrastructure. Even defense only gets 18%.

A staggering 69% – over two thirds – goes on entitlement programs. Medicare, social security, welfare, food stamps – that’s what most of your tax goes on. Giving people things for free, but never giving them freedom. Because if they had freedom they wouldn’t need the government, and we can’t have that, can we?

Henry Kissinger is famous for saying: “Control oil and you control nations; control food and you control the people.”

Some people think that in the 60s US strategy started to deliberately destroy family farming in the US and abroad and eventually led to 95% of all grain reserves in the world being under the control of six multinational agribusiness corporations.

What are your thoughts on this?

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Fergus Mason
By Fergus Mason October 3, 2019 07:53
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  1. Wannabe October 3, 13:14

    Slavery that is what is boils down to. The Bible tells us that the borrower is slave to the lender. Might be a bank, private individual, or handouts from government the concept is all the same. The Bible also says to owe no man anything but to love. So try not to borrow if possible.

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    • DD October 3, 16:45

      Social Security and Medicare are NOT entitlements. We have paid into both programs (forced to pay into that) throughout our working years.
      I am sick and tired of fools like the author of this article and most of the greedy politicians calling this an entitlement. It is our money that the government aka greedy politicians has taken from us

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      • Bandit 4517 October 3, 21:58

        I agree in total. Politicians have lumped welfare and “free” stuff with Medicare and Social Security and called it all “entitlements” so that they can control who gets what. We have worked all our lives paying into both Medicare and Social Security and to have it is what we are entitled to, but to have other “give away” programs lumped with our earned money the government was supposed to save completely separate from any other funding program and then doing exactly what they said they wouldn’t is just another lie.
        Now, with all the give away programs, they are stuck and can’t just fund those programs. Something is radically wrong with the whole system and we need to revamp it completely

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      • Rivahmitch October 3, 22:02

        Semantic issue here. I’d say that they are entitlements becasue the recipients are entitled by reason of having paid for them. The other kind (WIC, EITC, housing, etc) are welfare. The recipients have not paid for them and are NOT entitled to them.

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      • Entitled retiree October 3, 23:20

        Never say social security is an entitlement. I paid, as did any employer I had, from when I was 16 until I retired at 67. Give it all back so I don’t have to feel “entitled”.

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        • Ozark Hillbilly October 10, 19:08

          I had this discussion with many people. My wife has a masters in English. Route word is “title” as in certificate or physical proof of ownership. So an “Entitlement” is something you own such as something you paid for like Social; Security and Medicare. Liberals are very good at changing the meaning of words to further their ambitions and they have altered the meaning of “entitlement” to include stuff the government gives you that is paid for by others (taxpayers). I do not think anyone will be successful in returning to original meaning, intent or recovering the value they put into the system.

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          • Justme October 11, 12:44

            Ozark. The Dimowits have also changed the meaning of the word marriage and are attempting to eliminate gender specific pronouns from our language. Until Lord Obunghole appeared on the scene, marriage was defined as the union of a man and a woman. Today it means the union of any 2 things. Words having meaning and changing the meaning of words empowers the left. Control the language and you control the masses.

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        • JustMe January 24, 14:23

          Retiree. You’re “Entitled” to SS because you paid for it. Had you not paid for SS like the criminal invaders who illegally cross our border then you would be on Welfare, not SS.

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      • red October 4, 01:23

        SS was to be privatized in 1965. Instead, it went into the general fund. It may not be an entitlement, but how much of your money will you get back? Net Zero. You’ll be forced to take from others paying into it. That makes it an entitlement. A lot of people, farmers and ranchers, who have to pay and probably will never see a nickle.

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        • Energetic1 October 5, 00:41

          Which is SIMPLY AWFUL! Government waste and money mismanagement misused all the monies paid into SS. So now, the system works exactly like you said. Have a small generation and those before it will have their EARNED social security in question.

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      • ed October 4, 09:26

        “Social Security and Medicare are NOT entitlements.”

        OK….explain how Ida Mae Fuller, the very first person to collect a check, paid in around 25 bucks in tax, and collected around 25,000 over the course of her retirement years.

        No investment in the world could have done that, so the bulk of it was: Other People’s Money. She (and many others) collected it because they were entitled to do so under the SS law.

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        • dp October 4, 12:50


          that is a bit disingenuous to cite an extreme case as if it were the norm.

          most of the retirees on this forum paid in $100s per month for over 50 working years. I know that I would get paid every 2 weeks, and at least $100 went to SS payments every month even when I was still in high school working a part time minimum wage job.

          I have worked and paid these taxes since I was 14 or 15 years old. I didn’t set up the system – stop acting like it is our fault that the government stole, and misused the money that we paid in in good faith…

          If the money had been invested like it was supposed to have been we wouldn’t have a deficit today – we would have a surplus. Stop blaming the victims.

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      • Craven October 8, 12:36

        No, they are definitely entitlements.
        Unless you die within a handful of years of starting to collect benefits, then between SS and Medicare you’ll likely get FAR more back than you ever paid into those programs.
        Your retirement is being funded by the taxes of people much younger than you, who are statistically likely to be much less well-off financially than you. And no one will return the favor to them, because the system pays out much more money than it takes it.

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        • dp October 18, 23:16

          That is just not true…

          If I had put $300 per month of government stolen money into an investment paying an average of 3% compound interest for 50 years – then I would be a multi-millionaire… I would not need a gubbermint monthly hand out of less than $1000 per month.

          That is the average that we put into the system – that money was stolen by draft dodging politicians, or spent on $400 toilet seats for the same government that you want to give more power to…

          How is that our fault?

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          • The Ohio Prepper October 19, 13:37


            If I had put $300 per month of government stolen money into an investment paying an average of 3% compound interest for 50 years – then I would be a multi-millionaire… I would not need a gubbermint monthly hand out of less than $1000 per month.

            You’re not alone here. I’ve paid in more than $300,000.00 over a 48 year working career and get a bit more than $2500.00 per month. Simple math shows I’ll draw all of that without interest in about 13 years. OTOH, I accumulated about $400,000.00 on my own, and that is paying me about $2200.00 per month for the rest of my life, with a balance left over for my heirs.

            That is the average that we put into the system – that money was stolen by draft dodging politicians, or spent on $400 toilet seats for the same government that you want to give more power to

            An all of that collected money was Required to be invested in treasury notes, so the SS lockbox is just full of IOU’s. Gawd help us if one of the socialists gets their way and gives us all more free stuff.

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          • red October 20, 04:08

            dp: It went to be used as federal play money. Ohio it right. Yes, it’s all our faults for not demanding the right to invest, as the law said it was supposed to be. My mother sat down with a cousin, an accountant, and added up her payments to SS. Then added in the 6.25% compound interest she would have made under investments under the feds. It came to over 650,000.00 dollars. At 6.25, after ten years, the interest alone is equal to what you pay each year. We were all robbed by vote suckers. yet, every time a conservative wants to move SS into investments, he/she is screamed down by the nazi newsmedia and suck-up elderly like AARP. You’re right to be bitter. We all are. niio

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      • RF September 4, 14:36

        Exactly what I was thinking. I’ve paid into Medicare and Social Security for 50 years. I do not consider either as entitlements and resent them being considered as such.

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      • Briley September 4, 17:24

        So, you are entitled to it, right. That is where the word comes from and its meaning has been corrupted by morons that think it is somehow related to welfare and other government programs that we have not paid into, which are not entitlements. Our entitlements are under financial stress from government mismanagement of funds and the horrendous debt that most people have no ability to understand, or to realize the eventual impact to their lives, or their posterity’s lives. It is hopeless to expect any improvement in understanding of the debt and fiscal problems we face…or to even conceive of the debt. America is essentially a paradise of liberty and freedom past which will be soon gone forever, especially if the Democrats take over.

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        • dp September 6, 17:18


          As long as we are using words correctly then theft is not mismanagement of funds. Stop making excuses for them. Call it what it is… The demon cult stole our money and have been stealing our tax dollars hand over fist for decades.

          Fire them? It is long past due time for a good old fashioned hanging picnic. Build scaffolds and string them all up on the white house lawn, with a BBQ cooking contest, brass bands, and potato sack races for the kids…

          …after a fair trial, of course lol 😉 😉

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    • Entitled retiree October 3, 23:19

      Never say social security is an entitlement. I paid, as did any employer I had, from when I was 16 until I retired at 67. Give it all back so I don’t have to feel “entitled”.

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      • dp October 3, 23:52

        Exactly, we all paid into the system. Now our kids (not all, obviously) who we raised, want us to give up the retirement that we paid for, so that we can continue to give them free stuff…

        A bunch of selfish, self indulgent, ignorant, brainwashed, ingrates. (not all) This is why I dislike most millennials… selfish, ignorant, and arrogant.

        I don’t just want them to give it all back, I want it back with compound interest… If I had invested that money for 50 years ($100’s per month) instead of the government stealing it and wasting it, I would have a multi-million dollar retirement portfolio.

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        • The Ohio Prepper October 19, 17:28


          Exactly, we all paid into the system. Now our kids (not all, obviously) who we raised, want us to give up the retirement that we paid for, so that we can continue to give them free stuff

          Not all Indeed!!! My 3 are all successfully navigating life. One as a mechanical engineer with a paid off house, one in marketing working on his PhD after a stint in the Marines, and the youngest working @ Harvard, after graduating from MIT.

          A bunch of selfish, self indulgent, ignorant, brainwashed, ingrates. (not all) This is why I dislike most millennials… selfish, ignorant, and arrogant.

          Let’s be honest. From age 16 to around age 22 or even 25, didn’t most of us think we knew everything and had the world by the throat? Then taxes and rent and utilities and insurance entered our lives, and we all eventually got it together.
          Just like us, they will all come around eventually.

          I don’t just want them to give it all back, I want it back with compound interest… If I had invested that money for 50 years ($100’s per month) instead of the government stealing it and wasting it, I would have a multi-million dollar retirement portfolio.

          You and me and a lot of other people; but, don’t hold your breath on that happening.
          What we did was stay in one place for decade so in retirement we have no mortgage and few other bills. SS times 2, a small pension and distributions from 2 IRA’s keep us living well and even saving a bit. The upcoming 1.6% COLA will boost our SS to nearly $3500 per month. SS plus our other income makes for a worry free retirement. We’ll not be doing any world traveling; but, we live comfortably and want for nothing.

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          • Texasprepper October 20, 01:25

            Would you people WAKE UP! SS was never meant to be more than a supplement, and it is unconstitutional for the Federal Government to REQUIRE you to pay into it. Save for your own retirement, don’t depend on the government for it.

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            • The Ohio Prepper October 20, 14:27


              Would you people WAKE UP! SS was never meant to be more than a supplement

              Actually it’s called SSI (supplemental Security Income) and was originally touted as one leg of a 3-legged stool, with private pension and savings being the other legs. Why people think they should be able to live on it alone, or on a starting minimum wage is one of the modern ideas that still puzzles me.

              it is unconstitutional for the Federal Government to REQUIRE you to pay into it. Save for your own retirement, don’t depend on the government for it.

              Actually it is not unconstitutional; but, saving for retirement and keeping your security in your own hands, is always a better solution that is less prone to the whims of bureaucrats and politicians.

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              • Texasprepper October 21, 00:53

                Ok, Ohio, show us the enumerated power that grants the Federal Government the authority to force you to by anything. The welfare clause, the commerce clause and all the other abused clauses being used to illegally expand power are in the context of the limited powers expressed in Article I, Section 8 of the U.S. Constitution.

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                • The Ohio Prepper October 21, 01:51

                  I wish it were not so; but, the May 1937 SCOTUS decision in Helvering v. Davis 301 U.S. 619 (1937) found that Social Security was constitutionally permissible as an exercise of the federal power to spend for the general welfare.
                  I also find it interesting that Roe vs. Wade is untouchable; but, Heller vs. DC and Macdonald vs. Chicago can be ignored.
                  For now it’s the Status Quo and I think we see what the denizens of the swamp will do to keep the swamp from being drained.
                  Quite honestly, after paying into it for 50 years, I’m happy to be getting at least some of it back

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                  • Texasprepper October 21, 04:13

                    the 1937 supreme court took their lead from our second socialist president, FDR. The misinterpreted general welfare clause does not override the lack of mandate authority in the enumerated powers. The 1937 decision was wrong and will one day be overturned by a conservative, originalist court. Social Security as it is currently administered is illegal.

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                    • The Ohio Prepper October 21, 09:20


                      the 1937 supreme court took their lead from our second socialist president, FDR.

                      So SCOTUS decisions are only valid during the terms of administrations of which you approve?
                      Sorry but it doesn’t work that way, otherwise laws enacted during our 1st socialist administration in 1913 and the subsequent one that directly affected all of us in 2009 would also be invalid.

                      The misinterpreted general welfare clause does not override the lack of mandate authority in the enumerated powers.

                      Actually, according to SCOTUS in 1937, it does.

                      The 1937 decision was wrong and will one day be overturned by a conservative, originalist court. Social Security as it is currently administered is illegal.

                      In that case then it could well be ruled illegal; but, for the time being, until then, under current law, it is valid, and I hope to get back much of what I paid in, until it’s finally bankrupt.

                    • red October 22, 00:51

                      This is true. Anyone can talk to a tax lawyer and find it. SS was supposed to be privatized in the 60s, by mandate from FDR. Instead, the dems added it to the general fund and screwed us all. The greater majority of people paying in today will not see any money unless it is privatized. And, it was shown how to without taking away from those currently receiving SS benefits. niio

            • red October 21, 02:28

              Taxes, fees, everything is made to make us pay more, and then more. In Illivitch Lenin’s Communist Manifesto he taught how to covert a nation peaceful to socialism and a dictatorship: Raise taxes, make cost high, then the people will beg for help, and then, in the end, you own them. The Wiemar Republic added to that by giving away SS to anyone who claimed to need it, and ruined the economy. This is why the dnc only uses talking heads to run for office, people who obey, who would sell their mother to a catfood factory if they thought they could get away with it. You know the type. You’re not that far from Mexico and the PRI. niio

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              • The Ohio Prepper October 21, 17:32


                Taxes, fees, everything is made to make us pay more, and then more.

                That of course depends in part on where you live.
                Here in Ohio our tax burden is not nearly as high as those of more progressive states, and we also have the initiative petition that has been used to override the legislature on a few occasions. That tool alone often keeps our legislators in check, not wanting to have a bill they supported tossed back in their face by the voters.

                In Illivitch Lenin’s Communist Manifesto he taught how to covert a nation peaceful to socialism and a dictatorship: Raise taxes, make cost high, then the people will beg for help, and then, in the end, you own them.

                It’s true that Vlad had a plan; but, time has shown that his plan failed in the end, and I think there are still enough voters wise to the game to stop that from happening writ large in this country.

                The Wiemar Republic added to that by giving away SS to anyone who claimed to need it, and ruined the economy.

                The ”Weimar Republic”, officially ”Deutsches Reich” was on its financial heels to inception, due in large part from the reparations payments assessed to it after starting and losing WW I

                This is why the dnc only uses talking heads to run for office, people who obey, who would sell their mother to a catfood factory if they thought they could get away with it. You know the type. You’re not that far from Mexico and the PRI. niio

                ”Sell their mother to a cat food factory?” Now that is funny; but, a bit ironic, since all humor has some ring of truth in it.
                The DNC and their fellow conspirators in the MSM are quite fond of talking heads; but, their last one, HRC was defeated by Trump, and their current slate of candidates is no better. They know this and see defeat looming again, which is why the constant drum of impeachment keeps pounding, with no real official efforts at the same.
                Some have stated that without impeachment, Trump will defeat them again in 2020, and when BHO got the ball rolling, they were sure that HRC would keep it rolling, and are none too pleased that the population is finally putting its ”incorrigible” foot down

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                • red October 22, 02:07

                  There in Ohio, your tax burden should be a lot less. If it were as low as AZ, you might be on to something. Check how federal taxes affect Ohio. Look at the damage done by Gov. Celeste) AKA Gvna Celeste in Iroquois, Turkey from the Stars). How many small businesses did he destroy with new regs and taxes? How many old, established firms went under? Ohio is no less burdened then the rest of us. Most is hidden. Every state, I believe, had the right to redress against higher taxes. The federal/liberal government mandates for all of us, yet rarely for DC. Yet, Ohioans do their best and try to keep the state a decent place to live (to put in a plug for all my family living there 🙂 BTW, Arizona declared herself sovereign, an independent nation.

                  When did progressive taxes end? Lenin’s manifesto is still at work and it’s working. Add more burdens to the people and they’ll beg for help. More taxes equal higher inflation, less value to the paper fiat we call money. Do you understand, gold sold for $28.00/oz in 1932, before FDR outlawed owning specie? The value of the Ohio dollar fell, as it did all over the nation. Mexico once had an economy head and shoulders over the US. In 1912, the peso had a world value of $1.86/USD and Americans were going south seeking work. Then socialists took over, their DNC, the PRI, and by 1932, the peso was valued at 4,000 to 1 USD. The nation went communist with ejidos (communes) and everything Lenin wanted. Unlike the US, the PRI never handed out welfare checks and food and still don’t. Forget outright ownership of land in Mexico today. The government can take it at any given moment to hand over to someone in favor. We saw that in the US when local governments declared low-income areas to be slums, and sold the homes of the poor out from under them. Lenin would be proud his plan is still in action.

                  Oh, ich weiß etwas über die Wiemarer Republik. Meine Stiefmutter, Absolventin der Universität Heidelberg, war Schutzstaffel und machte Kapitän. Zwei Tanten und eine Schwiegermutter machten Sergeant in der SS. Ich wurde erzogen, als ich die abscheulichen Dinge hörte, die die Nazis taten, und wie Hitler an die Macht kam.
                  Oh, I know something about the Wiemar Republic. My stepmother was Schutzstaffel and made captain. Two aunts and one mother-in-law made sergeant in the SS. I was raised listening to the vile things the Nazis did, and how Hitler came to power.
                  He hid that he was a communist, and refused to say how he would deal with social security. “You have to vote for me (a la dnc on the BO medical bill) to see how I will save Germany.” Again, Leninism. How did Lenin steal the USSR from the people? “Everyone must hand in all weapons. The revolution is over and now we must grow!” When people refused, he starved them into submission and paid for weapons with food. Castro did much the same to steal Cuba from the people. Mexico simply added a high tax burden to buying weapons, then confiscated any they found. Often, they shot the people who owned them.
                  The WR had a great deal more than war reparation to deal with. Thousands of refugees poured into Germany from the USSR, trying to escape Hitler’s friend, Stalin, and his murderous hate of Jews and Christians. Things had gotten so bad in Germany thanks to the WR handing out money to everyone, people were starving. Cannibalism was ignored by most. Germans were forced by foreign companies, like the Kennedy owned companies, at close to starvation wages.

                  On the last, perfectly put, thank you. But, don’t count Hildabeast Clinton as down. Fake-a-haunt-us/Warren or Biden might ask her as VP running mate. Soros and others like Hillary because she obeys, and they own the DNC. And, Sanders owes Hillary in a major way. It’s deadlier being a friend to the Clintons than it was to the Borgia family. God forbid one of them win, but if they do with her, then they better take Coke-Nose Bill Clinton’s advice: Wear body armor and hire food tasters. niio

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              • Texasprepper October 22, 03:21

                The Supreme Court is only one of three co-equal branches of government. They do not have the final say and quite often, because of liberal majorities, have violated the Constitution with their decisions. I recognize unconstitutional rulings when I see them and want them corrected. FDR’s New Deal and the SS act, violated the Constitution, plain and simple. The fact that it is accepted law does not make it Constitutional. It only demonstrates that lawmakers are either ignorant of the Constitution or are complicit in its destruction.

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                • red October 23, 02:46

                  I vote for complicit. The SC took the right to be the final judge of the Constitution around 1803, I think. Congress could have stood against it, but didn’t. They could have impeached them for it, and removed them from the bench. Today, the SC often treats us as an oligarchy. Twice, as I recall they used foreign law to make rulings and change laws. In any event, the president can demand a new ruling, but no one has ever done that. niio

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                  • dp October 23, 03:58

                    Our constitution makes all of us sovereigns (circa 1776)

                    The deep state, meaning the foreign Bannisters (the bank and republic of Rome via their operatives) worked a deep plan to stop the freedom of the people that was brought about by the reformation of the Satanic Catholic Church and the new enlightenment)

                    It was a 200 year attack by the Satanists. We are just now waking up to what was planned for us.

                    All of this shit was planned. go back to the writings of “Albert pike” about the NEW WORLD ORDER, and the Secret Societies of Masons even from the 1600’s.

                    History, History, History…

                    without it you are a pawn in their game.

                    These people play you because you are ignorant of your own history. This shit started before Jesus.

                    Why does the bible start with the heredity of Christians???? Because we are GOD’s family, and we are opposed to this Satanism.

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                    • red October 24, 01:52

                      dp: I know a little something of history, also. In fact, I have historians in the family. Not people who listen to something evil, then decide to believe because it is evil. God told you prove Me. That goes for all of life. Every aspect of it.

                      A lot of preppers are Catholics. they’re no different from you and I. They’re not a cult, not evil. Popes do as they want because they’re sovereign, not because they claim to be God.

                      Christianity starts with Abraham. That’s where we came out of. That’s why a Christian can call Abraham Papa or Father Abraham, and we inherited his righteousness. Not thru works, but by faith. We have the Abrahamic promises and so on.

                      I got my one and only A in school because I was raised with history and knew this answer: Why do we study history? Answer: Because unless we know the past, we’re doomed to repeat it. We are repeating history. YOU are repeating history in your post. I have issues with the Catholic church and so do most Catholics.

                      The old family farm is owned by cousins. They’re preppers, and family is always welcome. A lot of family ‘donates’ to the future. In the event of SHFT, all of us are welcome home. Most men and women are good shots. All of us know guns. All of us know how to hunt and track, to watch people without them knowing it and figure them out. That was how we survived after the dems showed their hatred and contempt of ‘skins. The greed they used to try to wipe us out. Like the Cherokee said, watch, look, and listen baby, that’s my philosophy. Don’t chase ‘family’ away from you by disrespecting them. You’re smart, you know a lot. But, you always come off as angry. Accept God’s will, always. Thank you for your love, brother. niio

                    • dp October 24, 05:54


                      I love you, brother. Forgive me…

                      I come off as angry because I am dealing with my own PTSD issues… I’m not angry with anyone here. This is just a bad time of year for me. Plus, I hate the communist take over of our Republic – that makes me angry too.

                      Hey, I’m actually a priest of the Catholic Church. lol

                      The Catholic church ordains people via the internet, believe it or not, and so I got my ordination in order to visit people in jail, to do charity work – and to start a new church.

                      Well the PTSD screwed that plan up… still praying, and still waiting for GOD’s plan for me. lol

                      God bless you brother… Nothing but love for you and yours here.

                    • red October 24, 15:10

                      dp: remember an old wise saying, emotions get you killed. While we can’t curse people, we can pray for the destruction of all protection around the criminal element in the US, ungodly liberalism and ungodly conservatism; ungodly politicians and their parties. A lot of us in the US and Mexico are doing that, and the parties and people seem to implode. Remember, also, you have an automatic inheritance in the Lord, His peace. I’m a practicing Wyoming (Wolf’s (Jesus) Sacred House priest. One up on you, we have to be married before we can ‘graduate’ into the priesthood. Bad thing, a lot of us commit suicide or quit, it can get that rough. Basic prayer, give me the heart of a good and faithful servant, and keep me in that Spirit. niio

          • Frank Wilson June 22, 11:48

            You cannot blame the 20 year olds and up. They are only doing what they have been programmed to do.The government has been brainwashing our children for years on socialism and how great it is. The handouts that is being discussed is all part of this, training our young to accept the government intrusions and control.They have been doing this under the guise of education.

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  2. lwbuchholz October 3, 14:26

    I think the government is heading the way of communism which doesn’t work. I do get tired of the government taking my money for some program and then when it comes time to get that money back like medicare and Social security the money isn’t there and it turns into an “entitlement/welfare” program.

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    • Jabba October 3, 20:09

      The funny thing is that if they keep taking from the working class and we become destitute there will be no one left to take from…

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      • Energetic1 October 5, 00:47

        Haven’t you heard the “have Jeff Bezos pay for it” plan? Politicians are actually stupid enough to think that they can tax the extremely wealthy at extreme rates and they will gladly pay? LOL

        No they won’t. They will send their money overseas, set up their corporate headquarters in a tax friendly country and if they have to, give up their US citizenship.

        Reply to this comment
        • dp October 5, 07:10


          obviously rich people are not stupid, or else they would not be rich. There are simple ways to hide your money.

          they don’t have to put it into overseas accounts – they just put it into tax free corporations (see the Clinton foundation)

          OWN NOTHING, control everything.

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  3. ABaxley October 3, 14:36

    Social Security is NOT an entitlement! We pay into the system whether we like it or not and receive payment based on what we have “contributed” when we retire. Entitlements are unearned.

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    • Just Sayin' October 3, 19:00

      Do you plan to stop drawing out when you exceed what you paid in? What about those folks that paid in very little and draw the minimum and live until 85 or 90?

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      • Robert October 4, 00:43

        Splitting hairs , ain’t you?

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      • Miss Kitty October 6, 01:34

        Well, according to the global warming alarmists, we only have 12 more years to worry about it…I say get what you can out of it now before the world implodes or melts or whatever it’s supposed to do.

        More likely the social security system/US government will be utterly financially bankrupted in 12 years, instead of just morally like it is now.

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        • Heidi October 6, 16:04

          I think most of us won’t be here in 12 years. Even the ‘climate alarmists’ forget to mention that the ongoing climate engineering programs hasten our demise.

          And: with governments rolling out 5G without their citizens’ consent, we aren’t simply ‘guinea pigs’ any more. We’ll be disposed of whenever the ‘deciders’ decide on it. 5G frequencies have long be used as weapons and for crowd control – the frequencies and intensity of the 5G radiation determines the application of this technology (which already is extremely harmful at the ‘official’ use levels esp. as it will be 24/7 radiation you simply can’t escape.).

          I think if we don’t stand up on our feet now and talk about the ‘un-talkable’ (‘conspiracies’ which are unfortunately reality) and demand the cessation of these indeed deadly programs, we will have lost the fight and, in 12 years, only the best/most valuable/connected will survive.

          If you think, you’ll be safe in the country, you’re unfortunately also wrong about that. They do plan to put 5G antennas on your houses all over rural areas to ‘connect’ you. Think about why fluoride may be added to the drinking water, whatever comes down from the sky into he air/water/soil, un-safe vaccine mandates which are being pushed to towards everybody, etc. We are told squat about any of this from the ‘deciders’ and what we’re told are mostly pure lies. Who still trusts any of them, is so naive (I think). Politicians, media, and tech companies keep us hypnotized until we run out of room to move. I tried to share a meeting on 5 G on Facebook/CIA book but was unable to post, as it ‘harms our community standards’. Wake up, soon nobody can connect about ‘controversial’ issues any more. Make your voices heard. Push the media and your representatives to speak the truth, stand up with your neighbors and show your opposition.

          With climate engineering, pathogens and more lethal toxins than used now, can easily be added to the stratospheric aerosol mix released all over this and most other countries (at least E coli already made it into the stratosphere – scientists just don’t know how). Such applications have long been admitted to by government employed climate engineering researchers like Caldeira.https://youtu.be/R4zAHKNCYtk and much of what’s being carried out on this kind of anti-human/anti-planet research remains under seal. Learn much more on the geoengineering topic at GeoenegineeringWatch.org

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          • Miss Kitty October 7, 03:29

            I take a lot of the doomsday stuff with a big grain of salt, so I’m going on the assumption that we’ll still be here in 12 years. Don’t know what shape we’ll be in, but we’ll be here.
            As far as E coli in the stratosphere, maybe it came from the toilets of high-flying aircraft …. I don’t think most birds get that high. Or possibly from some sort of powerful updraft sucking up contaminated soil. I don’t doubt the story – lots weirder things have happened.

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          • red October 7, 03:38

            This does look bad. Some conspiracies are real. Some. Most are there simply to make people who worry over things like this look stupid. AKA propaganda. Remember, the dnc is America’s Nazi Party and have been since Soros, a Nazi, took over. And that’s historical, not hysteria 🙂 niio

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          • Ozark Hillbilly October 10, 19:45

            Based on your “stratospheric aerosol mix” comment I am guessing you believe in “chemtrail” from the government using airplanes at high altitude to poison the population. In reality (where the rest of us exist) the term “chemtrail” is an idiots version of the real term “contrail” which is shortened from “condensation trail” which is the result of high altitude water (ice particles) being sucked into jet engines, heated into steam vapor and then “condensing” back into water vapor (clouds) in the engine exhaust trail. You need to refill your meds.

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            • dp October 11, 04:02

              Ozark Hillbilly,

              Cool story, bro’

              Now tell us the one about the magic bullet that killed JFK, or the one about how kerosene fires caused two sky scrapers to free fall into their own foot print as they turned into dust on their way down…

              The problem with your “con-trail” con is that we have been accumulating the evidence for chem-trails for over 10 years. This includes the governments own patents for the process, videos of actual planes spraying the chem-trails, chemical analysis of the fallout, etc, not to mention the fact that “con-trails” dissipate fairly quickly, while chem-trails spread out and form a hazy sky over an area.

              Perhaps you are confused by the various terms that the government uses to describe the process? You can look up geo-engineering, which is one of the terms that they use, and if you are interested in education yourself about the process or seeing the evidence, then I suggest this site:


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            • Miss Kitty October 11, 10:29

              If “chem trails” are just condensation, why do they linger in the sky, when CON trails dissipate in a few minutes? Even if it’s not “mind control drugs” or something of that ilk, whatever chemicals that are in the vapor can’t be good for you or the environment. We all have to breathe in this stuff, and it’s getting in the food and water supplies too.

              Reply to this comment
              • dp October 11, 11:18

                Miss Kitty,

                as I said in my post the fallout has been chemically analyzed, and the main ingredients are aluminum, strontium, and barium.

                We are breathing this crap in, getting it into the food and water supplies, etc. It’s pretty well known that aluminum is a major cause of Alzheimer’s which we see a major rise in.

                Also, a problem covering the plants leading to increased risk for forest fires, hotter burn, etc. Notice the unusual fires in California.

                Also, causes more acidic soil… Just a coincidence that Monsanto has GMO plants designed for this type of soil.

                But of course, this is all just “conspiracy theory”, and we should all just go back to sleep and trust the government…

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                • Miss Kitty October 11, 22:37

                  And trust to the almighty Monsanto to ride in on their white tractors to save the day with their “special” seeds “specially developed” for “special circumstances” which mysteriously developed.

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                  • red October 12, 05:04

                    Like the Tarahumara famine they caused? Or all the farmers who were sued–and lost–because bees crossed farm lines and took pollen from GMO soy to their crops? It’s not just Monsanto today, but a lot of aggie departments in college trying to claim they own the genetic material for wild rice, beans, everything. You own the genetic material, you either get paid or you’ll own the farm. And the DNC backs them every chance they get. niio

                    Reply to this comment
                    • dp October 12, 11:43


                      I know, right? Like the poor family farmer who was trying to grow heritage crops and got cross pollinated with Monsanto GMOs from the “factory farm” next door…

                      IDK how the crooked kangaroo court could side with Monsanto and blame the poor family farm for stealing GMO seed stock, but luckily it looks like the tide is turning.

                      People are suing the hell out of Monsanto over “round-up” being carcinogenic, and low and behold “Bayer” (That evil Nazi Pharmaceutical company) merged with them just before the law suits started… lol

                      Maybe, there still is a God in heaven who we haven’t completely pissed off yet. 🙂

          • pbpossum October 18, 00:01

            Thank you, Heidi, I’ve been trying to tell my neighborhood about 5G for the past few years and they ban and delete every comment at every ‘open’ forum, everyone just plays ‘ostrich’… so damn ignorant of the facts. I agree with everything you wrote.

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      • The Ohio Prepper October 21, 02:00

        Just Sayin,

        Do you plan to stop drawing out when you exceed what you paid in?

        Probably not; but, at age 68, that won’t happen for another 10 years, assuming I accept zero ROI on that money.

        What about those folks that paid in very little and draw the minimum and live until 85 or 90?

        I don’t know many that fit the little payments class; but, living well beyond the original 65 is a real reality. Best you have your other financial affairs in order. OTOH, how often do you see the elderly as Wal-Mart greeters, or behind the fast food counter?
        This is the reality for those who didn’t plan ahead and save.

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    • Robert October 4, 00:42


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  4. Hei Jun October 3, 14:50

    The government as it is now isn’t the people any more, it’s industries who thrive for money and power and control. They want to keep us dumb and manageable (vaccines, geoengineering, genetic engineering, nanotechnology in medicine/air/water//food, surveillance, cell phone radiation, and now 5G!)

    If you want to avoid getting even more radiated by yet another untested technology, use your mobile device less and complain at the FCC – otherwise the telecom industry gets the right to even put their 5G antennas directly onto your private home or the apartment building you live in.
    If you think living in a rural area will protect you think again, the tele industry is going into the rural areas to they want to mount antennas onto your farm house; and when 5G gets further rolled out, those 20,000 5G satellites (60 are already up but probably? Who knows) not yet pumping their radiation down onto Earth), will reach the last corner of the world. 5G has already been used by enforcement and the military (US, UK,…) for mass control and dispersion. 5G frequencies are causing brain damage if it is so desired by those who decide over the masses.

    You can help avoid this planned extension of the telecom industry’s power by filing a complaint with the FCC.
    You can leave a comment/complaint on the FCC website if you want to avoid getting a 5G antenna mounted right onto your house (or apartment building).
    You can file here:
    if you want to oppose changes to the ‘OTARD’ rule.
    You’d need to choose the ‘proceeding’s number’
    Proceeding(s): 19-71 : Updating the Commission’s Rule for Over-the-Air-Reception Devices
    You’d need to hit ‘enter’ after your first and then again after your last name when filling in the form.
    You can learn a lot from these sites (I bet you know them, but still):

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  5. PB- dave October 3, 14:57

    If you are lucky enough to have learned the basics of the three “R”s, you will be able to listen , read, and do the logic of the politicians plans well ahead of their floor votes. Even in their press conferences they tell you they are redistributing wealth, taking Constitutional freedoms, and breaking their own laws as it suits the situation.
    Where is the outrage?, HELL where is the reporting?
    Journalism used to be an honorable calling, not a political hack-job.

    Reply to this comment
    • red October 4, 01:29

      PB, who owns most of the stock in any news media? Remember, 9,000 Tarahumara starved to death just south of our border, and the news media ignored it. Dems hate injuns. Dems favor slavery. There are a half-million slaves inthe US, alone, and they say nothing. Mexico, 8 million. Again, nothing. 3 little kks were found so mutilated, tortured to death, in north-central Penna a few years ago, and when DNA showed them to be redskins, the case was dropped. That’s common. Nothing is ever reported but what passes thru the neolib filter. Guess who the redskins are today? Us. That’s why I keep talking Hunger Games. niio

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  6. Chuck October 3, 15:55

    Its all about control, the more government, the more control. They will control what [and if] you eat, free college will be the courses they tell you to take, tell you the job you will have, how much you will make, tell you where to live, and you won’t need gas anymore because no cars. Etc

    All freedom of choice will be gone…

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  7. Scooter October 3, 16:24

    It seems like it was during the Great Depression of the 1930s that the federal government really stepped in to help citizens with their needs for daily living. The situation was desperate, and Herbert Hoover’s approach of expecting charities and churches to take care of the needy was not working at all. The difference between then and now is that people in the 1930’s had been raised and taught how to work and were grateful to have the work created by the Roosevelt administration to support themselves. Now, almost 100 years later, we have several generations who have never needed or wanted to work, and have come to feel entitled. I think it was Hoover who said that once the government gets into people’s private lives, it never gets out. That is where we are now.
    The problem is aggravated by power-hungry people (in BOTH political parties as well as wealthy individuals) stirring up people to anger, encouraging and even outright modeling of belligerance and intolerance of anybody who isn’t “exactly like me.”
    Until and unless the people of this world start treating each other with respect and tolerance and kindness and unselfishness, we are surely headed towards global annihilation.
    We can prepare to survive for awhile. But only a global change of heart will save the world.

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    • Chuck October 3, 19:26

      During the 30s we were not handing out billions to every country that had their hand out, we were not supporting 11 million illegals, and various other programs

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      • dp October 4, 00:02


        your numbers are a bit off – I believe that the latest numbers show an estimated 41 million illegal aliens, and projected to grow by 1/2 million every year…

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  8. Don Galaway October 3, 16:25

    I was right there with until you lumped social security in with welfare and food stamps. You should get your facts straight about social security. That is NOT the government’s money to dole out to undeserving freeloaders. In fact, it is money the government has stolen from those who earned it and that was taken from us for “safe keeping”. It was never intended to be used for big government’s pleasure. You disappoint me.

    Reply to this comment
    • Lisa October 3, 18:18

      Yes Dan, but after collecting Soc Sec for 10 years, I’m still skeptical I’ll get it.

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    • Jake October 3, 20:05

      On the other hand NONE of the “governments money” is the government’s money. The government has no money they have our money.

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    • Claude Davis January 19, 05:00

      Don, it’s ALL money the government has stolen from those who earned it, and Social Security is no different. You pay your contributions, the government throws it in the pot with all the other taxes, then it pays out checks that sorta vaguely relate to how much you contributed. Some time not too far from now they’ll reduce or stop the payments because this country is pretty close to the point where we won’t even be able to pay the interest on the national debt. When that happens, none of us are going to be able to get “our” money back from the Social Security system, because it isn’t actually there.

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  9. MadRiverLamb October 3, 16:30

    This is an article I wish everyone had access to. People that live in cities have no clue what is going on and this is the way our own elected public servants are going to take total control over everyone. It is sad to see how the lack of proper education has destroyed the minds of so many.

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    • Pj October 4, 21:37

      You have to remember our government bankrupted a brothel in Nevada. It went broke selling sex and booze in a state where it was legal. And they think they can take care of the rest of the country? SMH

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    • Hei Jun October 6, 01:24

      People in the city really often have no clue about much. But don’t worry, we here in the cities are already being herded like sheep by the politicians. They decide what a neighborhood looks like (nice if it’s an affluent area), if they care for it (they often don’t if it’s not a neighborhood of rich or ‘important’ people.

      5G is a step towards ‘Smart Cities’ I don’t know who thought this up. Anyway, some think even you country folk (I wish I was one of you, I used to but got stuck), will be forced to board those smart cities. With AI talking over food production, there is no reason for anybody living out in the wild, they may think. And when finally everybody has been herded into the cities, microchipped and vaccinated, smart appliances, cybercontrol and street cameras will allow for constant surveillance.

      And should there be an uprising, 5G will be right with us, on every corner, every 200F at most apart. The little ‘small cells’ that can certainly easily be used as weapons, if need be. Just like developed by the telecom industries, it’s just making us slowly ever sicker (aside from turning most of us ever more into lifeless, antisocial creatures that keep staring into screens.)

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      • Ozark Hillbilly October 10, 19:34

        I have worked for a telecommunications company for 34 years. 5G is not going to kill anyone. The whole point for small cell and pico cell coverage is to allow for broader use of the available natural spectrum of frequencies among more subscribers. This dictates the need to REDUCE the broadcast power so the closely spaced cells do not interfere with the ones next to them. This is why older 3G and 4G phones with HIGHER power levels work better in the country where the cells are large and antennas are further away. Also 5G allows a single subscriber to use multiple frequencies to upload and download data if they are idle. 4G is like using a single hose to fill a swimming pool, everyone has to wait for their turn and gets the same flow rate. 5G is like using multiple hoses to fill the pool. It ten people are filling pools they each get one hose. if only two people are filling pools the each get five hoses (faster) and if only one person is filling their pool they get all ten hoses (really fast). The other reason for moving the network out to be closer to the user is latency (time it takes data to get from user to a service and back). Self-driving cars and AI applications require short latency so the closer the network to the user the better. I like a good SHTF conspiracy story but at least get the basic facts correct when you tell one! No one in telecommunications wants to harm you or your family, all we want is for you to keep sending useless text messages and silly pictures back and forth to fund our pay checks and retirements.

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        • red October 11, 03:00

          thank you for clearing that up. I have friends who had a farm near Jessup, AR. Now they’re farming in Illinois. I warned them about the nutty laws IL has, but they inherited the farm and moved. So far, Arkansas and the hills are looking better every day 🙂 niio

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        • dp October 11, 04:20

          Ozark Hillbilly,

          I would say that as a person who is getting paid to install the new system, that your opinion is less than unbiased.

          Whether you are simply ill-informed about the health risks, or have been intentionally lied to by your employer regarding the dangers is anyone’s guess.

          I’m going with the Dunning Kruger effect, meaning that you are so woefully uninformed about the actual issues that you think that you are an expert in the field.

          You also seem to have quite an arrogant personality, as you pontificate on subjects that you know very little about…

          better to remain silent, and be thought a fool – than to speak, and remove all doubt.

          Maybe, do a bit of actual research into a subject, before immediately jumping to the “conspiracy theory” solution. Choosing not to believe something does not make it untrue.

          Reply to this comment
          • Claude Davis January 19, 14:28

            “Whether you are simply ill-informed about the health risks, or have been intentionally lied to by your employer”

            Or maybe he’s right. Let’s not discount that as a possibility.

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  10. Kay October 3, 16:32


    is not an entitlement as we put our money into it.

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  11. Dag October 3, 16:36

    I agree with everything except Social Security. I am 64 and I feel like I paid into SS and earned my small benefit.

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  12. Butch October 3, 16:46

    A great article. This has for me been clear for many years. The government has for at least the last 45 years inched itself deeper into our private lives, they have gotten into our schools, our homes and our business. They tell us how we can live, or what we can say. They even tell us what we can do with our own money. I tried to deposit some cash money into my son in laws account, the bank told me it would be 8 to 10 days for the money to post, cash money, my money directly into his account. The government wants to know every aspect of our lives. This is just a small example of the government’s interference in our daily lives. To become more independent we must separate ourselves from the government, notice I did not say our government, because it has ceased being our government. My advice to likeminded Americans is learn self sufficient habits.

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  13. Jennifer October 3, 16:59

    Great article until you called social security an entitlement program. Excuse me but we have all been paying into that fund out of every single paycheck for 40, 50, 60 or more years as our retirement program. That’s hardly a hand out or an entitlement program. Where it has gone haywire or at least in one way anyway is in the management of our money by government individuals and agencies stealing our personal retirement funds, using our personally invested money for other purposes and then re-labeling that as somehow our problem instead of their illegal behavior. It’s not a gift, it’s not an entitlement, it’s not a gratuity or any other condescending term someone wants to apply to it. It’s our personal funds.

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    • Jake October 3, 20:08

      On the other hand NONE of the “governments money” is the government’s money. The government has no money they have our money.

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      • lisapaintergirl October 14, 23:45

        It’s funny how the word “entitlement” has come to mean the exact opposite of its true meaning.

        Jake- you are right. You are entitled to it- you earned it!
        It’s the welfare and food stamps that should be named appropriately as “hand-outs”.

        Some FEEL entitled to things they have not earned; that is not what SS contributors are. They ARE entitled to it.

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        • dp October 15, 03:20

          There you go. I paid $100’s per month.

          So what if that money went to pay WWII veterans? they earned it too. i did n’t ask the federal government to steal my money.

          The whole system was built on debt…. we paid in over 30% of our income in good faith. Hitlery Clinton, and other politicians stole the money… is that our fault?

          Stop blaming the victims. We paid into the system. We did our best with what we had to work with.

          I am sick of being blamed for this fiasco while the true criminals walk Scott free.

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          • dp October 15, 05:16

            You damned millennial’s seem to think that the Internet and smart phones were around forever…. That is what is so frustrating.

            We built all of this that you take for granted now. When I was a small kid we didn’t even have a TV. Color TV was a big deal when it came out.

            You want to act like we all grew up as the same kind of spoiled babies that you are now??… none of this shit existed when we were kids. We built the Internet, we invented computers, video games didn’t exist…

            and, you want to deny us the retirement plan that we paid for??!!??

            You want to destroy the framework that gave us the freedom to create all of this???? You want to vote away the freedom that we managed to pass down to you???

            You want more government, when we did our damndest to give you freedom?????

            You selfish little ingrates. Get off of your lazy ass and build something better.

            If you vote for socialism then you deserve what you get… thank GOD that I will be dead in a few years – and I wont have to live through that…


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            • Craven October 15, 10:10

              I’m not a millennial, but I’d just like to point out the irony of a boomer complaining about socialism while arguing that he’s entitled to a federal welfare program that is being funded by people who are statistically much less well off financially than he is.

              “Get off your lazy ass and work to pay me my retirement welfare”!

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              • Trailblazer October 15, 17:58

                I’d like to point out that Social Security is not a welfare program. I paid into Social Security for 50 years I also paid taxes that are used for welfare programs. So yes those who don’t want to work or help themselves are living off of our tax dollars.

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              • dp October 16, 04:50


                Well said…. we failed you.

                We should have made you children into men and women. Instead we allowed the forces of Babylon to brainwash our children, and to turn you into selfish, brainwashed, lazy, whores and punks.

                You were given everything… what you needed was a firm hand, a real education, a real home life with a mother AND a father, and a good grounding in morality and self sufficiency.

                You are an ignorant product/child of the CIA cultural revolution. Most of your generation were raised by single mommies or in otherwise broken homes…

                Selfish fools, who had no chance as children against the brainwashing of public school, but…

                today you have a choice.

                stop blaming everyone around you for your problems, educate yourself, seek God, and try to create a better world.

                I’m not saying that you are wrong about the fact that today’s generation is paying the SS checks for the previous generation… I’m saying that our money that we paid into our retirement was stolen by the government.

                Instead of blaming the government, you blame us. We are sick of it. How ignorant can you possibly be???

                We paid 30% of our income for 50-60 years, and it is not our fault that it was stolen and misused by crooked politicians. Our SS retirement checks are not welfare by any stretch of the imagination.

                Do something useful instead of being a whiny little bitch (useful idiot)… Redirect your anger at the actual criminals, because right now you are just being a tool of the ruling class that caused this problem.

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  14. DrBill October 3, 17:12

    Well this is fairly standard libertarianism, which certainly has merit for some people. I know people who live off the grid, mostly successfully, and I admire and to some degree envy them.

    However, most people I know do not really want that sort of lifestyle. I am among them, enjoying the astounding accomplishments of great artists, scientists, engineers, writers etc. I consider that collective modern civilized humanity is among life’s culminating creations. Living in an advanced society like 21st century America is a tremendous and lucky privilege.

    In order to keep a decent, caring place for my fellow people in this amazing culture, I do believe that the ‘liberal’, if you will, attitude of mitigating poverty (and particularly its effects on children who are not born into privilege) makes our humanity enhanced by working towards more equality of at least opportunity. Slavery was actually a condition imposed upon peoples in our great country’s earlier days, about which we (our ancestors, or at least mine) fought a brutal war followed by another hundred years of legalized repression of slaves’ descendants. Equating taxation WITH representation, with slavery, is a huge stretch, even for a libertarian!

    The eldest son of a Texas friend of mine who was ALSO a US President (nicknamed ‘W’), also a Republican, spoke of a kinder, gentler nation, and with his wife’s encouragement, used the phrase “no child left behind”. Although I have never been a Republican, THAT is representative of a decent attitude towards those less fortunate than those of us who grew up with opportunity to excel and fully participate in our society. Or not, as some of my acquaintances have done, again to the at least partial envy of some of us.

    One might mention that the federal budget contains three components of approximately equal amounts- discretionary spending (social programs- now largely welfare), fixed spending (largely military and governmental operations) and interest on the debt. The figure of 69% for social programs is suspect (requires some nonstandard accounting classifications of spending, taxes and interest), although it has been increasing over the decades since the New Deal and Great Society came into being under FDR then LBJ.

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    • Dag October 3, 20:10

      My father was Republican all his life and we were taught to assist the poor. However, not when they refused to help themselves after being assisted. We were poor but never took a handout from anyone. We planted a garden and fed ourselves. I wonder if any people out there these days even knows what it is to truly give and get your hands dirty

      Reply to this comment
      • dp October 4, 00:14

        Granny was stanch conservative republican right up to the day she died…

        She’s voted democrat ever since.

        An old joke I know, but this voter fraud, the glorification of immorality, and the deliberate dumbing down of citizens via the public school system is how they steal our republic and our freedoms.

        Our way of self governing is only suited to an educated, moral, and industrious people.

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    • Miss Kitty October 4, 10:47

      To address the comment about being on the dole equivalent to modern day slavery; if you receive free food, free medical care, free (or cheap housing), and an “allowance” for not working, won’t you be more inclined to vote for people who will continue your free ride?

      What it boils down to is vote buying, so these politicians can remain in power, which begs the question what they’re actually getting out of it. Bribes for pushing through programs favoring certain industries? Jobs for themselves or their families in the private sector (or with foreign government utilities – yep, I went there!😼)

      Follow the money to find anybody’s motivation.

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  15. greenlady October 3, 18:42

    Apparently, Republicans believe that our taxes should go to benefit the wealthy, and Democrats believe that our taxes should go to benefit the people paying the taxes. Somehow, I have missed the point of how using our taxes for the people paying the taxes makes the people slaves. How does having safety nets make people less independent? I appreciate my medicare, and I’ve appreciated being able to get food stamps occasionally over the years when disasters struck the family.

    Reply to this comment
    • Don Galaway October 3, 23:11

      Spoken like a true liberal. I don’t begrudge limited assistance for those who actually need it, but I have a real problem with those who won’t work when they are perfectly capable. Then there’s the political scum who want to give money for student loans, which they agreed to repay. If you can’t afford college and don’t want a college loan, don’t go to college. That’s not the end of the world. Hey, I have a big mortgage payment. Maybe I won’t pay it any more. How do you think that would go over? And we won’t even get into illegals getting money, housing, drivers license and even voting rights. I don’t know why I’m bothering to try to explain it to a liberal.

      Reply to this comment
    • dp October 4, 13:05

      That’s not true, and you know it – or at least you should. The middle and upper class pay the taxes, and seldom get welfare, section 8 housing, food stamps, etc.

      It is the poor, who pay almost no taxes, and often get earned income credits that offset what little they pay who get those free benefits.

      The house democrats are working to give better health care to illegal aliens than what our combat veterans get…

      None of that is “spending the taxes on those who paid them”, and it is not charity when someone steals your money and gives it to someone who never contributed anything to society.

      That is the problem with you liberals… you are very charitable people with other people’s money. You get to feel good about yourself for your “helping the poor” while other people pay for it.

      Welfare is theft plain and simple. If I work and I don’t pay my taxes they come get me at gun point and throw me in jail… that is not charity, that is theft.

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    • Justme October 9, 18:28

      Apparently you have your head up your ass so far you will never see the light of day. The wealthy pay 90% of all taxes collected. Try using the facts when you present an argument, otherwise you are just spewing Propaganda. Name one Republican who stands for using taxes to only benefit the wealthy. Name just one. You can’t do it. You say that you are old enough to be on Medicare yet your post indicates you’re about 16 years old at best. You may have grown up but you never achieved maturity. And oh yeah, I’m not a repugnantcon. I’m apolitical.

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      • red October 9, 22:31

        Sigh. The wealthy pay, then get it back by taking if off their taxes. That’s how its set up. When W was in office, the dems saw all the money going to charities, and changed the law to 5,000 minimum before you could take it off your taxes. That serves only the wealthy because the dems are the party of the millionaire, the elite, the privileged wet diaper crowd.

        You’re right! Not one friggen Repub stands for making the poor pay anything. Stopping and reversing taxes on the wealthy means more money stays in the country, not invested where it can’t be seen. It means a lower jobless rate (like we see with every Repub in office).

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      • Texasprepper October 10, 04:32

        Justme, you’re not apolitical, you just don’t have the courage or the wisdom to pick a side, so you snipe at both.

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        • dp October 10, 07:54

          Texaspreeper, That is not true.

          The man speaks the truth.

          I am Republicant but I recognize that there is a strong constituency that believes in or constitution…. I love that.

          They see that the bi partisan climate is just two wings of the same bird. good for them.

          The truth is that the dems are a rocket train to hell, and the repubicants are a slow train to the same hell.

          I choose the republicants because maybe we can put the brakes on a slow train, and turn it around.

          Reply to this comment
          • red October 11, 01:54

            You vote, you choose between a rock and a hard place. But, better a RINO than any dem. Dems are like mole rats and their followers lemmings, racing up that mile high cliff of lies to throw themselves off the top, bounce on their heads, then run back to cheer that newest lie they’re fed. niio

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        • dp October 10, 08:27


          I don’t know that that is true. These kids just seem very independent minded, but confused. I chose librarian for years. I didn’t know that I was just dividing the conservative front.

          I was young, and I thought that I was making a stand.

          Little did I know that he conservative side is a bunch of independent thinkers that are like herding a bunch of cats, and that DEMS are a bunch of BORGS that work in lock step against us.

          DEMS are the ZOMBIE apocalypse. They are the hive mind.

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        • JustMe October 10, 13:52

          Texass Goatroper. . I’m my own man. I dont cowtow to any party or group. Unlike your gutless cowardly spineless pussified ass, I make my own way in life without needing someone to hold my hand. Birds of prey have 2 wings. A right and a left and they use both of them to capture and eat their prey. Your govt school education is glaringly obvious. Tell us what it’s like to be prey sonny boy. Now Go stand in line to receive your next set of marching orders you loser.

          JUSTME. An independent thinker, your biggest nightmare.

          Reply to this comment
          • red October 11, 02:39

            JustMe. You remember the show, the Adams Family? Right now I’m having a Lurch moment. When you come in as family, you show genius. You’re bright and readable. When picking a fight? Be family. Texas is not like that. He’s got his ways, as you do, and dp explained himself in the same great way he always does. Peace.

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  16. Trailblazer October 3, 19:42

    Looks like someone made a grave mistake lumping Social Security into the entitlement category.

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  17. KeepGubmentSmall October 3, 19:49

    None of us are helpless or at the mercy of the government. But the majority of us are just uninformed how the government has co-opted the private sector into funding it to grow beyond its enumerated powers. For 15 years, law-abiding private-sector Americans have been exercising their lawful power of the purse. EVERYONE who works in the private sector has a responsibility to discipline their payroll department, with a lawsuit, if necessary, to stop them from engaging in constructive fraud to steal your money. StopPayrollTaxFraud.com is a simple, one-page website, that tells how the fraud has been working since the 1940s. You are MUCH powerful than you realize if you will get informed and act, like several hundred thousand Americans already have for the last 15 years.

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  18. IvyMike October 3, 23:52

    All of the SocSec taxes I paid over the years went to make payments to those already retired. It is not a retirement account. I now get 1400.00 a month from all you youthful smooth skinned people who still work. The system was actually designed to keep worn out old people alive the 2 or 3 years they had left after age 65. Now us old effs live forever, with a little responsibility and foresight and a lot of hard work I have entitled myself to a 20 year vacation at your expense. Life is good, if the damn Government will just leave me alone…

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  19. red October 4, 01:19

    Historians call it the Wiemar Republic. Lenin gave instructions in the Communist Manifesto. Create so much trouble, people have to go to the government for help. Slowly take away rights, or add laws that curtain rights, and before people know what’s happened, you own them. Then, all duly elected and happy, set up the government you choose. FDR came close to it, taking over all welfare programs set up by the former administration and expanding them. You don’t need to tell people what you plan, just pretend it’s a secret. “We have to vote for the bill to see what’s in the bill,” Pelosi, D-Nazi. Hitler gave the socialists what they demanded, a communist government, but not along Bolshevik lines, but hard-line, as his bro, Stalin, was doing. BTW, Hitler gave millions in aid, troops, weapons, and so on, to help Stalin wipe out the Bolsheviks, then tracked down and eliminated Trotsky and other leaders for Stalin. The dnc/kkk=nazi party is at times forced to take a few steps back, but there are plenty of opportunities to regain and go on. When the KKK, pretending to be conservative Christians, couldn’t connive voters they were really helping conservative politicians, the Nazi were next. they failed, as well. then out came the shooters. Now, we have to watch for bombers, terrorists the dems invited into the country. Sell-outs who don’t mind helping terrorists, as the Clintons did, for a few dollars. Obama, the Kennedy neonazi klan, and so on. niio

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  20. Texasprepper October 4, 03:09

    You’re talking about stuff the government is doing and forcing you to do as if it was legal. Obamacare, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security and Federal welfare as currently administered are unconstitutional. Every aspect of Socialism is unconstitutional. Conservative Preppers need to be more politically active.

    Reply to this comment
  21. dp October 4, 05:01


    everything that the “government” is doing to you is perfectly legal. I’m not going to start a legal education blog in the comments of this awesome website.

    political activism without education is pointless and counter productive. You are not a sovereign living under a constitution in a republic – that was stolen from you generations ago.

    You are a 14th amendment debt slave living under a corporation which is masquerading as your lawful government.

    Research “your straw man”, and look at what websites such as “you are law” have to say about this…

    Then talk to me about your “God Given Rights.”

    “So, you say you want a revolution…” You can’t have one which is successful based on ignorance and make believe…

    No offence intended – I believe you to be a well meaning patriot.

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    • Texasprepper October 5, 19:18

      Not constitutional by a long shot. I agree we have not been a Constitutional Republic since at least 1933. Corporate conspiracy talk in not productive. Our God-given rights are immutable.

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      • dp October 6, 05:32

        Any time that a person brings up the “CONSPIRACY” bullshit – I already know that they are either clueless, or complicit.

        The “comperacy theory” was created by the “clowns” Meaning the CIA to discredit the patriots that said that the JFK single bullet fiasco was complete bullshit in 1962.

        Well, we all know that the “Conspiracy Theorists” were right all along.

        19/11 came along, and the “conspiracy” bullshit was run on the American people once again.

        Any tie that I hear a retard claim that something is a “conspiracy” I already know that they are too lazy to investigate the facts.

        Conspiracies happen all the time… Just look at the conspiracy of the Bilberburg group planning our future…

        No offence intended, but you need to do some actual research – because you are retarded, and completely uninformed. The FEDERAL GOVERNMENT (WASHINGTON DC -That 10 square mile city state) is a CORPORATION.

        Reply to this comment
        • Texasprepper October 6, 13:41

          Still not helpful. I see no evidence of your claim and I see no solutions. What I see is more akin to the Socialist Agenda that has gripped the Democrat Party since 1900.

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          • red October 7, 03:18

            Texas: Agreed. but go back father in history. Jefferson was a socialist. That’s where the plantation mentality began. The dems have hated this country since they lost the right to own humans like cattle. Even today, they want open borders. When one is in power, the price of a slave in the US drops. $98.00 for a man, under BO. A child was more. Free the slaves and other sites had it posted. Because of the dems, we do not dare allow convicts to vote. As it is, we have so much voter fraud it’s gross and disgusting, but that came from Jefferson, as well. It’s the party and it needs to go. All ungodly liberalism and all ungodly conservatism because both stem from the dems. Do you know how frightening it is for a Native American to hear his kids say they like the dems? I could start puking like I needed the exorcist. niio

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            • Texasprepper October 8, 01:58

              One of the principle architects of the Constitution was no Socialist. Plantations had been around for generations prior to the Revolution. You have a lot of convincing to do before I believe that Jefferson laid any ground work for voter fraud. I’d love to hear your rational for hating Conservatism. My guess is that you misunderstand it.

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              • red October 8, 21:15

                If you are writing to me: I don’t know where you picked up that I hate conservatism because all of my adult life I’ve risked my life upholding it. I make that pretty plain in all of my writing. Before you judge, show me your scars.
                No, at the time of the writing of the Constitution, Jefferson likely wasn’t a socialist. At the time of. He was a young idealist, and was willing to give up life, liberty and his honor for the nation. You need to understand, people change. When his wife passed away, he threw away God. He was a firm believer in meritocracy, something liberals tout. Dirty politics began with him and continue with his party. http://mentalfloss.com/article/12487/adams-vs-jefferson-birth-negative-campaigning-us
                Jefferson as a socialist http://www.internationalskeptics.com/forums/showthread.php?t=196425
                As an elitist, he did not want any to vote but property owners. He changed that later to buy votes. My ancestors in Penna were voting. He didn’t care for that, either, and set the agenda that native Americans and any of mixed race were savages. Never mind we lost most of our men and many women fighters battling the British in the Revolutionary War. 1803, we were cut off and kicked out along with most of Native Americans who sided with America. So yes, I understand the Constitution and conservatism.
                I’ve seen bitter, angry people change to godly folks. I was one myself. I was raised in a very socialistic state in a very conservative rural area, by very conservative people. Penna votes in conservatives, then liberals and back again. Texas was a very liberal state for generations. Penna wasn’t, but has gone sour while Texas thrives again, almost as well as she did as a free nation. Like a lot of people, I say God bless Texas.
                Yes, I understand conservationism. I get it from the soul out. Do you have scars for standing up for the Constitution and conservatism? For daring to be a red nig among white liberals. Liberals put scars on my body. Do you understand that? Beatings and being mocked by liberals. Native Americans are mostly conservative. I get dizzy spells, partial loss of vision at times, blood pressure came jump into high great only to drop to low. From Army on, this body acquired a lot of scars on and in in. Broken joints, broken knee caps, joints pulled out of the socket, broken ribs. Lugs on the truck loosened, death threats.
                Plantations go back hundreds of years before there was an America. They’re a very strong socialist institution. One person is top dog who has his lieutenants, has militant outlook, and a mass of worker ants who are expected to spent their lives for the benefit of the leaders. Spies among the masses snitching on any suspected whisper of revolt. The only thing more socialist is a prison. What is the definition of democratic? The people rule. Every socialist nation in the world calls itself democratic. America is a democratic republic, not a democracy, and that’s why we’re outlived democracies. God bless.

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  22. Romeo6 October 4, 05:50

    Well as someone that is on disability and finally on medicare because of the same. It looks a lot different from this side of the divide. Oh do not get me wrong I still am not happy with it but what little I get in SSI is half again what I would be getting if I had of retired this year instead of getting SSI 3 years ago. liked to have crapped my pants when I found out what Cobra would cost me for the time until I could get Medicare. But the good thing is that I made it through the time I needed until I could get on medicare. It was like getting double the amount of what I was keeping from before. The only thing is that the pills still cost the same. One drug that I take is $10,000.00 a month. Medicare only paid it for 4 months and then they said that they would no longer cover it. Luckily I was able to get a private foundation grant to cover the generic replacement which is only $6000.00 a month

    Reply to this comment
    • dp October 5, 07:46

      I retired early from a disability several years ago. I got $600 per month then – now it is $800 per month… I am glad to have it. I paid for it every month and I may have never got anything until 72 if I could keep working, but when I needed it it was there.

      How many of you could live off of $800 per month? The poverty level is like $1200 per month.

      People who never paid a dime get free housing (I don’t get that) Free food (I don’t get that), and free money (I paid in advance for my money) I have to pay the same bills as any working person.

      I retired 10 years early, but I paid for that retirement for 50 years… There are welfare families that haven’t worked in 3 generations that continue to get a free ride…

      Why? Because they will always vote DEMON-CRAP… Meaning that they will vote for their PAY-CHECK!!!

      Meaning that they vote for socialism (free stuff without working, because other peoples money pays for it) meaning that they are communists. Meaning that they are traitors to our republic.

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    • Texasprepper October 5, 19:23

      You have made the mistake of assuming I want to do away with SS. I do not. I am simply saying that is it unconstitutional for the government to force you to pay into a retirement plan or health care. The States should be responsible for these programs, not the federal government.

      Reply to this comment
      • red October 6, 00:48

        Texas: Yeah, but do you trust the dems that much? They rob the till every chance they get. That’s why it was never put in the hands of the states. niio

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  23. Justme October 4, 11:48

    It is very convenient to blame the government for the mess that we find ourselves in. It is just another way to perpetuate the shirking of our responsibilities. You see, we the people are the bosses in this country. Elected officials work for us. But instead of managing our employees we allow them to manage us because then we no longer have the burden of responsibility. We now trade our freedom for free things. We hand our future over to people we don’t know and don’t care about us with the expectation that that will take time out of their lives to do for others.

    What compounds the problem is that the people we are supposed to be managing select and appoint their buddies and financial contributors to life long positions of power. These appointees are unknown to us, we have no control over them but they do have control over us. They write the tens of thousands of regulations that directly affect each of us on a daily basis. And we have no input in the creation and application if any regulation.

    Representative Republic? In name only. We are a bureaucracy. We are ruled by nameless pencil neck geeks who impose their will upon us and 99% of us have no idea that this is the reality of our lives.

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    • Miss Kitty October 10, 17:36

      “We” didn’t necessarily elect these people, or not all of them, anyway. I simply don’t trust the vote anymore, what with vote manipulating running rampant in “certain” areas. We don’t need the Russians sticking their two cents in, we have the DNC.

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  24. Len October 6, 08:00

    Yes, The Constitution is the best as originally given and the best, if we can follow it. All we can now do is try our best to try to aim for it again, and most likely never will.
    Everyone is responsible for him/herself. Happiness or misery are consequences for what we do. Of course there are exceptions.
    Work is a privilege. Being independent is a privilege. Freedom is a privilege ( but never was free). Happiness follows as I follow these ideas especially when it is possible to help preserve our Constitutional way of life and those who are in honest need.
    I can say these things because I have witnessed it all. Having served in WW2, Korean war, 30 years to first retirement, learned another work with another 34 years, and at 94 still work, and wonderful to be useful. We are in an eternal life and everything we do has consequences to our present life on earth but also an eternal extended life.

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  25. Texasprepper October 6, 13:13

    I see lots of whining, but no solutions. If we don’t step up and be more politically active, we will be forced to submit or take up arms. I prefer to make changes at the ballot box. That’s how Trump got elected.

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    • Miss Kitty October 7, 03:52

      I just hope that there are still enough principled people involved in the vote counting process that our votes will indeed be counted towards the people we actually voted for. The blatant lack of accountability for equally blatant ballot manipulation in several locations makes me seriously doubt a “fair election” in 2020. People “finding” boxes of ballots that were ALL for candidate x in a tight race against candidate z? Vote “harvesting”, with unsealed, unsecured ballots being collected from the elderly by people with known ties to a campaign? ZERO chain of custody for ballots or true bipartisan oversight of tallies? You’d think we lived in some banana republic with people voting for El Capitan at gunpoint rather than the USA. And ZERO outcry from the media, except in cases where Republicans won, then it was “Voter fraud! Russians! The Electoral College needs to be disbanded… it’s an anachronism! Gerrymandering! Disenfranchised minorities! Voter ID is Discrimination! Because it may discourage certain voters from participating! Because they’ve voted multiple times already! And they’ve got fake IDs cause they’re “undocumented transient workers”.

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  26. dp October 7, 05:25

    It goes much deeper than America, and the two wings of the American political bird…

    It is a world wide problem that goes back to the ancient mystery schools of Babylon. They constantly change the names and the faces, but the game remains the same.

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    • red October 8, 05:25

      dp: take it back farther. Garden of Eden. who’s the father of lairs and neolib politicians? With Erdogan rattling the saber and striving to be named caliph, we might see WWII finally end with the beginning of WW 3. Have you watched him? So far, he has Sunni nations backing him, and Shiia as well. He wants to wipe out the world and make it in his image. And, who backs him and his plans? dnc. niio

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  27. Lisa October 7, 20:29

    Medicare for all, and getting rid of student debt is not a bad thing, it’s the government helping out the american people. They are helping those succeed without someone losing their home they worked hard for just because of greedy politicians that want to be make a fortune of of you getting sick. They want to make sure grandma and grandpa have enough money to live on and pay their bills, because we know, their offspring won’t take care of them. Its the republican government that wants you sick, poor and stupid, because then you are easily controlled.
    Read the facts and listen before you speak.

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    • Texasprepper October 8, 03:08

      Medicare for all and getting rid of student debt are unconstitutional functions of the federal government. Helping people is not a constitutional mandate. Benevolence at a personal level falls to the States.

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      • red October 8, 19:55

        Texas: Yep. More, it supposed to start with local charities. Church of synagogue, 1/3 of income to the place is for charity, and 10% of all income to the house of worship is supposed to go state, then national. In the 20s, Repubs supported houses of worship to feed and clothe, to shelter and in medical care of the helpless. NOT socialist programs that only destroy families. niio

        Reply to this comment
        • dp October 30, 06:05


          So I am also angry. Sorry so slow to get angry.

          So, I am not a Christian.. well not a real Christian. Christ is the sun GOD. That is Saturn, and that is SATAN. So this is the whole JEW Good against evil dichotomy, . Right?

          Before that were just the people…. very similar to anamalism, Buddhism, and Shintoism….

          Am I correct?

          For thousands of years we had truth, and then we had the dichotomy of Abraham. And now here we are??? is that pretty close?

          The Roman Catholic Church Killed the spirit of God???? And then the 7th dimension vampires started feeding off of us??? Is that pretty close???

          Is it a spiritual war? it seems like it to me….

          Is that pretty close to the truth????

          Reply to this comment
          • dp October 30, 06:39

            So the church is dead? The 501 C3 killied it???

            our Churches are no longer churches. but rather money making corporations…. is that true?

            Is that true, or is the home Gospel alive and well?

            Is the home prayer group the new Christian front?

            Prayer does matter.. Did the Roman CATHOLICS ACTUALLY kill Christianity????, or do the protestants still survive????

            Are we still protesting the Roman Catholic Church?????

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            • red October 31, 09:41

              501 C3 enabled churches to carry on when the dnc tried to stop all religions but those they fantasize will obey them. No, most churches, including the RC, give away a minimum of 33%, which is Bible law, to charity. To the traveler, the needy, and so on. Most have pantries and even kitchens. Some will spend holidays camped out along intersections of highways handing out free coffee and donuts. A lot of them will take junker cars and get mechanics to fix them, then give them away. Here in Arizona, we have borderlands produce rescue, where imperfect veggies that are rejected by stores are given away rather than dumped in a landfill. If its not good, they give it to ranchers and folks with poultry flocks and pigs.

              Yes, the Gospel is alive and well. Atheism is still making inroads in the West, but the rest of the world is leaving atheism and even their own religions to come to Christ. Imams in Africa complain that Africa went from 50% Muslim to 20% in a few decades and continues to fall. This is what the dems’ Arab springtime was about, replacing liberal Muslim leaders, those who tolerated atheism and other religions, with hardline men.

              In many 3rd world nations, catholosism is closer to protestant than to rome. Many are going the same route as Martin Luther, demanding the pope return to the Bible and not to other religions.

              House churches are booming. Non-building churches are, as well. People are meeting alongside the road, in pastures and barns. It’s spontaneous, not organized. Someone stops to pray and then two or more cars and trucks are there, people praying.

              Most people you find in full-gospel churches are ex-catholic. They want more than a pat on the head and a frown about sin. One thing that forced many out in my old stomping ground was a man who tried to rape a nun when he was younger was fully reinstated. He’s a pedophile with a long record, but is allowed to take communion and confession. On the other hand, biden was refused communion because he’s pro-abortion. I don’t know how long that will last. Kennedy was refused, as well, for a time.

              Protest the devil and keep peace in your heart. A victorious man attracts others who need victory. niio

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          • red October 31, 09:21

            Saturn is the god of party time. A Saturnalia was an orgy. God is the God of fire, called an energy being in New Age. We call the spirits fire beings, with demons fading because they cut themselves off from the power. Jesus stated in the OT, he would wipe out all enemies of Israel when he came to be crowned king. This is why Muslims made a cemetery of the East Gate, where every king of Israel has to ride thru. If he touches the dead or a grave, he becomes unclean, and cannot be crowned. When discussing this with the son-in-law, a Sunni, I said but Jesus has the power to raise the dead. If the dead aren’t there, then what? And, as an act of revenge, where do you think he puts them? His jaw dropped, then he start laughing about ‘those stupid arab pigs.”

            Yes, you are in a spiritual war. We were born in a war zone. Vampires? Nothing so simple or dull. Why fear something that craps in its pants? Go to C. America, learn the language (Native American, not Spanish), and get someone to teach you about shibalba and vampires. If you pass, you get to spend the night in a mouth of Hell, a cave the bats live in. You get a bundle of tobacco leaves, firewood, bucket of water, and a quail to sacrifice on the altar. Quail are called innocent blood. Tobacco smoke is frightening to evil. Cedar smoke makes them sick. You stay awake all night rolling cigars and puffing on them to keep evil at bay. If you survive, in the morning you’re a junior priest. If bay evil is in you, they bury your body in an unmarked grave, headless, and burn the head and heart. But, surviving, you now have a too intimate knowledge of evil and what it wants to do to us.

            The Spirit of God is a spirit. spirits cannot die. That spirit is right there, waiting for you to pray and accept him as teacher, confident, strengthener, love, and a boot on the bottom when you need your brains loosened or a move in the right direction. You still have the Bible, and no historian, even atheists, dispute the close to perfect way it was handed down long before the RC church existed. As archaeologists make new finds, the Bible is borne out as amazingly pure in texts. Older parts are found every year.

            You need to meditate on being a good and faithful servant if you want to survive. Your inheritance here and now is peace, love, and joy. How do you think your ancestors suffered so much, yet still thumbed their noses at Rome. You ask God for help, then meditate on that. On teaching, what to look for and so on. I did that, asked to be in His perfect will, and went from homeless and sick all the time to writing, editing, then more. the strange thing is, I always hated writing. In fact, I was so bad at it in high school, when my old English teacher found out, people said she had a fainting spell 🙂 I went from living in hate and fear to laughter. From constant war to victory. Enemies either become allies and bros, or they die. God does that because God is my revenge. Not even the neolibs could stop me. Now, I can argue them into silence, now I make them think and they hate to think, but prefer to allow others to do the thinking for them. Preppers THINK. We do not argue, but shrug off what others claim and do what we can. niio

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            • dp November 2, 00:43


              I have nothing but love for you, brother.

              You have been very forthcoming regarding your faith, and I thank you for that.

              These are my thoughts:

              We are eternal spirits who are in a war against VAMPIRES. By that I mean look around you… Why would our predators show themselves to us after domesticating us? We are their food. (spiritual food in a spiritual war)

              They have the complicity of “men” (actually traitors against our spiritual species) who serve us up for dinner.

              There was a time when we were whole… We didn’t need a gospel, a savior, or a God outside of the ultimate GOD of our spiritual kindred.

              We created all of this that is around us… then we fell behind enemy lines in a spiritual war against our eternal enemy… Our truths are are twisted and used against us.

              We are dumbed down, and we are domesticated by our enemy.

              We have many stories of how this happened, and most of them revolve around the flood… We have 200,000 years of history – but our history has been intentionally erased by our slave owner enemies to which we only have 2000 years of history of the Abrahamic faith.

              They brought in Venus and it circled the Earth – causing all of the floods. Then they put it into orbit along with our moon.

              They created a faith where we forgo our creator status, and we are just fallen children of their GOD story. Of their HIS — STORY.

              We see it progressing even today. Our families, morals, our history, our heritage… they are all diluted while we are led like domesticated cattle to the slaughter….

              Fed poisons to dub us down, while they achieve ultimate control over the cattle. They have a breeding program… look at any farm to see what they are doing to us.

              Today the CATHOLIC CHURCH led a prayer to LUCIFER that was televised around the world.

              That is why I don’t buy into the lies… Because they can’t shut down our channel of communication with our GOD if we just open our heart to him.

              He cries out for his children, but 501 C3 SATANIC “CHURCHES” are not the answer.

              I’m sorry to ramble on, brother… but the truth is not always easy to put into words.

              My our GOD Bless you, my friend.

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              • red November 2, 05:54

                Peace be on you. I was a seeker for thirteen years. Everything I looked into aimed me right back to Bible.

                If by vampires, you mean demons that feed on us, our energy, fears, hates, yes. If dead humans, no. Shotliotl was a man-god, turned into a vampire for an unspeakable evil. He raped his mother, then killed her. He’s not a major in the pantheon of demonic gods because he was once human. If you want to see some things, http://thirdreichocculthistory.blogspot.com/ shows a lot of what we’re up against, no matter your religion or non-religious beliefs. This is how they won so much during WWII, and only began to lose when they at last confronted a Christian nation, the US.

                You are made in the Image of the Creator to be a creator. Science as we know it left alchemy and began in monestaries under orders of the popes. All original univesities that taught science were Christian or Jewish. Abraham was a very well-educated man, and took Chaldean mathmatics with him, teaching it. His people were also experts in astronomy and other sciences.

                No, I don’t think the Catholic church has as much power as it did decades ago. It lost most of Europe, and is losing Asia and the Americas. By it’s own admission, it’s doomed for making a deal with the devil. Most people you find in fundamental and other churches today are former Catholics.

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                • Miss Kitty November 4, 14:01

                  You’re right about the scientists being part of the religious run universities, but don’t forget that a lot of science came from the Islamic universities as well. During a large part of the Middle Ages, Islamic countries were the only place where certain branches of science could be studied without fear of accusations of witchcraft. This was during a period of cooperation between Islam and Christianity/Judaism. It was still rocky, but at least there wasn’t the open hatred that there is now between certain factions of Islam and everyone else.

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                  • The Ohio Prepper November 5, 05:31

                    Miss Kitty,

                    You’re right about the scientists being part of the religious run universities, but don’t forget that a lot of science came from the Islamic universities as well. During a large part of the Middle Ages, Islamic countries were the only place where certain branches of science could be studied without fear of accusations of witchcraft.

                    This is a good point with Algebra being one of those simple advancements the modern world cannot live without.
                    When Galileo Galilei continued with the original Copernicus observations of the Heliocentric view of the solar system in direct conflict with the Geocentric view of the church, he was imprisoned in his home. The fact is that the church astronomers had already verified the heliocentric version was correct; but, such a sudden severe shift in dogma might give the parishioners reason to doubt other facets of church dogma and power over their lives. Early church was all about politics & power until Martin Luther started his reformation.

                    This was during a period of cooperation between Islam and Christianity/Judaism. It was still rocky, but at least there wasn’t the open hatred that there is now between certain factions of Islam and everyone else.

                    Once again I think it’s mostly power & politics, with Iran (Persia) wanting its historical power back by any means.

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                  • red November 5, 10:09

                    Miz Kitty: While I have issues with Catholicism, science isn’t one of them. Most of the witchcraft trials were secular, and very little of the RC was anti-science. History speaks, the popes ordered monasteries to develop research labs t take science away from alchemists, many of whom were witches, the dark sort. Wiccans were protected by the church as pagans, but not by secular governments. Same with Jews. And, again, witch trials were usually secular inquisition. BTW, the witch trials in Mass were all in secular court. They permitted torture and imprisonment of the accused. Secular governments were based on pagan Roman law, which permitted torture of even children to extract confessions; iudicium Dei, or divine intervention.

                    The church had some 300 witch trials from circa 350 AD to modern times, while in many cities, the trials were an almost daily occurrence in civil courts. Bible law forbids torture, to disfigure the image of God, meaning you. The crap about the church torturing da Vinci is urban legend. Political enemies in science wanted him gone. While he was incarcerated over politics, the church provided food tasters, armed guards, and even a bed warmer (a young woman). He was allowed to visit his two daughters, both nuns, his son, a priest, and spent a lot of time with two popes, both cousins. Copernicus made the mistake of not watching his back and political enemies in science destroyed him. Jews under Muslim rulers were often targeted and they had to pay the same religious tax as Christians and pagans. If one couldn’t pay, their children were taken and sold. Most of what we hear about Israel today is urban legend spread the neolib news media.

                    Islam gave nothing and took all. Abraham was a mathematician. His people invented the alphabet over 300 years before he was born. The Chaldean people were astronomers (their towers can still be seen all over Mesopotamia). They lived math because it’s vital to their work. When Nebuchadnezzar took over in Babylon, he displaced thousands. The southern silk Route, through India, was important to the silk trade, and he took Israel, the commoners, and forced them as slaves to build fortifications on all silk routes, including the city where the Buddha was later born. Islam took math out of India, not developed it. God help a woman accused of witchcraft in a nation under Sharia Law.

                    Arabic Muslims claim their ancestor, Ishmael, is the rightful heir of Abraham, not Issac, though there’s nothing in the original Qur’an claiming that. In fact, Mohamed was explicit demanding Jews and Christians be let in peace. Nor was he the illiterate that imams claim. He was asked by Jews and Christians to be a religious judge, and would have had to be an expert on the Bible to do so. Imams may interpret the Qur’an as they see fit, like politicians who claim the wording in the Constitution isn’t what we see as original intent. Like the loonie claim that the Constitution doesn’t really give the right to bear arms. Yet, gun laws in the old states are still on the books. All men over the age of 12 are supposed to own a gun and be part of the local militia. This is in addition to local police forces.

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                  • red November 6, 04:23

                    Miz Kitty, apologies, I said da Vinci and meant Galileo. My thanks to Ohio for correcting that. the chest cold comes and goes and always leaves a little gift, a fever. I’d beat my fists on my head for the mistake but already have a headache. I own a male dachshund “_

                    But, the rest of it stands. I don’t know of a single science the catholics or anyone called witchcraft. Remember Kepler was a contemporary of Galileo’s, and did the same work. No one went after him for it. Both studied Copernicus’ work. Politics is a very large sin of the Vatican, and it was politics that got Galileo in trouble, not actual science. Aside from that, he was wrong on some points, where Kepler corrected them.

                    The catholics created an entire group of priests to be scientists, the Jesuits. If you look beyond Islam, you find their universities taught mainly Qur’an, not science. Their mathematics and astronomy were developed in non-Muslim nations. Too many leaders treat yet today non-whites and non-believers as subhuman. I have Sunni in the family, Asians, who hate anything to do with white Muslims because of the bigotry. And that came out of early Muslim writings.

                    Sunni hate Shites who hate them enough to slaughter them and always have. Wahabis do not tolerate any other fraction. Whites buy blacks as slaves. Blacks kill the whites in retaliation.
                    when in NYC, we were invited to a neighbor’s for dinner, my son-in-law once begged me, do not mention Bahia! If someone brings them up, ignore it. Muslims hate them with almost the same passion they reserve for atheists and always have. Islam broke into splinter groups son after the death of Mohammed and it’ll take a very strong caliph, a master over Mecca and the Arabs, to rule them. Sunni and Shia imams believe they found him in Erdogan in Turkey. God help us if he is elected as god-king over Islam.


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            • dp November 2, 00:53

              Maybe part of why I am so adamant about my opinions is because I am of the Balts… Much like your people we were subjugated..

              This bipolar religion was forced on us…. we had a long history, a way of life, and spiritual truth that was passed down for generations.

              Our people are slaves to Catholicism today.

              Roman Catholics that took our Gnostic truths, and they made a plan for us.

              They took our spiritual truth, and they twisted it into an Abrahamic RELIGION to fit their agenda….

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              • red November 2, 06:07

                At the Gnostic texts, we take a major split. I don’t follow them because I do manuscript research. Perhaps one was written after the death of Christ, but none of the rest. Many deny Christ is God, as well. If you compare any Abrahamic religion with Catholicism you’ll find they tried to destroy anything Abrahamic. Under Abraham and therefore Christ, you don’t have a religion, you have a relationship with God. In Christ, every man is to be the family priest, the women are teachers, doctors, lawyers, and so on. Under a religion, one priest for every church, women are often forced into the servant role. No scholar, even atheists, accept the Gnostic teachings and texts. If atheist historians are accepting the New Testament as reliable, at least, then what? niio

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    • red October 8, 04:16

      You want the Wiemar Republic? That’s what politicians did ion Germany, and opened the door for Hitler to be voted in. It’s been done in hundreds of nations, always with the same results: The people who you believe are friends turn around and take off the masks. Now all you are is property. Repubs worked hard to make life better. the dems took millions of acres from Native Americans to support WW 2. After the war, then what? They handed out pennies-on-the-dollar leases to wealthy friends, leaving Native Americans to starve. Tarahumara Famine, Kids for Kash, and a host of things the dems do for money. Little kids sold to be mutilated, women sold to whore, men sold to be slaves and worked to death right here, right now. That’s the dnc/kkk=nazi party usa, and Joe Kennedy and Soros–still a Nazi–made them that way.

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    • dp October 8, 04:36


      I am assuming that you are a mellinial, and that you have student debt.

      I also assume that you have always had you way paid by your family, that you are brainwashed to believe that equal rights means equal results.

      That is not what our republic promises.

      It promises equal opportunity. We only promise a level playing field… whether you win or lose is up to you.

      Socialism is a system that promises equal results by government control – everyone will be equally poor. You take from the winners, and you give to the losers… you drag the whole society down to the lowest common denominator instead of allowing the losers to set new goals based on actually seeing what is possible if they work harder.

      Socialism is a system of losers and of decay. It is not a just system to reward people for failure. That just feeds your ego, because you stole from one person to give a handout to another… It is not charity to hand a person a fish… Love and charity is teaching a man to fish, and how to feed his family for a lifetime.

      In short… you have any real understanding of life fucked up… you bought the lie… it’s time to wakie, wakie, missy, missy.

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    • Claude Davis January 19, 14:40

      The USA can’t afford Medicare For All.

      Here’s a little fact for you. The average taxpayer in this country already pays MORE for government-funded healthcare than the average British taxpayer does. That British taxpayer gets the NHS, which covers all their citizens. We get Medicare, which doesn’t.

      If it’s expanded to cover everyone, how much is it going to cost then? Bernie Sanders says he knows but he’s not going to tell us because the number looks bad. When even Bernie thinks something looks like too much government spending I think the rest of us need to be really wary.

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      • Miss Kitty January 20, 15:29

        Let’s not forget, the UK and Canada are a lot smaller than the US, population wise. They are providing free health care for far fewer people than the US would be if we passed a similar health care bill. I also believe that there is some kind of cap to how much doctors and pharmaceutical companies are allowed to charge, but I don’t know for sure.

        If any Brits are out there, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this.

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        • Heidi January 20, 18:42

          I’m going to share my experience from Austria, a Social Democracy of 8 million, mainly caucasians (although some war-refuges have started to mix it up; which may become a problem if politicians don’t come to their senses):

          We had a uniform school system, that means every school was public and had to deliver the same curriculum to everybody. Kids of doctors, ‘laborers’ and farmers shared the same schools and were taught the same stuff. It just depended on the interest (and talents) of the kids how much schooling they receive/d. All education incl. university is/was free; poorer kids even received stipends if they did well with their studies.

          Eventually, some private schools crept in, but there were and still are very few of them, and they are often for kids who’d otherwise not achieve the academic degrees (their parents wanted them to achieve) if they’d stayed in the public system. There are free schools for kids with special needs. And there are free schools preparing you for jobs (vocational schools). You would think all 8 million Austrians would like to become doctors or PhDs. They don’t. They choose whatever their talents are and if they aren’t interested in higher/academic education, they take their vocational training and get out there. These professionals are really well trained and take great pride in their work. The public school system is free for refuges as well.
          In general, people respect/ed each other on the basis of their character instead of stature. A farm worker was as important as a hairdresser, bus driver, graphic designer, farmer, artist, teacher or doctor, but each brought their own specialties and responsibilities to the common table. There was/is no general social ranking depending on your kind of work (but there are unions). The people with academic degrees mostly ended up making more money and paying more taxes. They knew that their kids or other family benefit or might one day, benefit from this common ‘system’. I remember how much pride people took in their work, be it as street worker, builder, cleaning lady, or teacher. People chose their jobs and did them as well as they could and it showed and was appreciated by most everybody. Of course, doctors and teachers (and even politicians) were perceived as amazing and treated with special respect, as they took on a lot of responsibilities which others didn’t even ever want.

          Health care is public. It’s paid like this: If you work, taxes (‘social insurance’) are taken out even before you get your salary. From the chunk removed painlessly (b/c you didn’t even see it), basic, and pretty good (at least as good as the one I see here in the US, if not much better) health care is provided to everybody. If some people want to be hospitalized in a single room or receive medical attention beyond the, already not bad general level, they can pay additional to get this extra care and pampering. This system works great. You get hurt, or something hurts, and you’ll be swiftly and with great professionalism taken care of. I can’t say this for the little medical care I have received in the US (sorry to say) – I went years without seeing ‘my; chosen gynecologist and was instead ‘taken care of’ by nurses. Which was fine in my case since I have been blessed with good health. However, I also saw that ’emergency’ care (for e.g., sudden pain) can be met with long delays and pretty crappy medical care here in the US; unless you join the cattle herd ER crowd and treatment. I see that there can be very long delays if my husband needs to have something checked out, other than for a broken bone etc. there can be quite some delays in even getting an appointment with a specialist, who then has to run a lot of tests to help the hospital’s profit. (Most hospitals in Austria are non-profit; some are private and require extra payment from patients who want to go there).

          The Austrian system also covers basic dental care which is sufficient (at least as good as what I’ve seen here in the US), but for somebody who wants to avoid amalgam, you need to pay extra. Or if you want to have any esthetic procedure, you also need to pay extra.

          Even people without jobs and the elderly who didn’t have a tax-paying job or not enough years of such job, are covered within the same system. The collected taxes pay for those in need (incl. disabled people, and those who worked at home or on the farm without paying income taxes, and those few who never had a formal job for whatever reason).

          Before you receive your monthly paycheck, they also already have withheld money for the retirement pool. If you worked enough taxed years, you receive higher than basic retirement at a certain age (it was 60 years for women and 65 for men when I still lived there; I think it may have risen by 5 years). People who didn’t work long enough in the tax system or never did (farmers, stay home moms, ‘starving artists’, etc.) are supported with a minimum retirement. The disabled keep receiving financial, or if required institutional support for their entire life. If you end up with dementia, you’ll be taken care of; the ‘system’ may barter your remaining assets for taking care of you during the last few years. If possible, they provide a live in care taker, if you don’t have the space or additional funds for that you get taken care of in a nursing home if you can’t live alone any more or don’t have family to take you in. It’s still sad, but my mom for example is in really good hands in a small home with actually nice and caring professionals taking care of her and the other elderly (mostly with mental problems like dementia). If you don’t have any assets to ‘barter’ with for your care, the ‘system’ absorbs you anyway.

          The Austrian medical system has always (as far as I know) supported preventive measures, homeopathy, naturopaths, herbal medicine, etc. If you had a bad back, are recovering from a heart attack, had a nervous breakdown, have early signs of cognitive impairment, etc. off you’re sent to a health resort (including mental training for cognitive impaired patients) to improve and or regain your health, if you want to go. Or if you have a mental blow out (some dementia stages or addictions), you can go to the mental hospital, receive diagnosis, mental exercises, physical exercises, etc until you’re better or until you, or your family want/s you to leave (unless you simply can’t take care of yourself any more, then you’re provided with help as well).

          Drugs are treated with more respect than here. Austrians don’t have CVSs, liquor or grocery stores that also sell pharmaceuticals. I remember that my mom needed to go to the counter of small pharmacies to pick up even aspirin or bleach (I think aspirin and similar stuff may now also be sold in some ‘natural health’ stores) or other drugs. Needless to say, we grew up without all those OTCs, and this may actually have set stage for my lasting health (I got antibiotics once for a strep throat, minimum vaccinations like for chicken box; and lots and lots of childhood infectious diseases from my older brothers and fellow students-i.e., a strong natural immune system). We still believed in herbal medicines and this is still going on, although unfortunately people now seem to increasingly fall victim to the pharma and ‘modern’ medical system where they happily swallow whatever the good doctor says. And the good doctors now also seem to be trained to believe in and prescribe more drugs than they used to a few decades ago. However, at least the consumer’s cost for prescription drugs is really affordable (it’s the same for whatever prescription you had).

          A few years back, my husband was hit by a car while he was biking to work (here in the US). He kept walking around with a hurting arm for weeks, at times, he has trouble listening to me despite his obvious agony (due to his pain, not my asking him to see a doctor). Then he went on his trip to work in Italy for a few weeks. His colleague there walked him to the hospital in town where an x-ray sowed that his arm was indeed broken. They took care of it. For free!! (And he’s an American citizen, no dual citizenship in the EU or stuff). Another year, he was at a meeting in Berlin when his eye bothered him to the point where he had to get medical advice. He quickly was seen at the emergency hospital in Berlin, where they rapidly (within maybe an hour of him even showing up) sent him to surgery to take care of his detaching retina. He had to pay for this. 8,000 USD, but his eye doctor here later told us that this surgery would easily have cost 3-4x as much here in the US. Without surgery, he would have lost vision in this eye.

          So, in my view, the system in Austria works. Although the increasing number of refuges starts draining the collected funds, it still works. However, this might eventually become a problem; e.g., if too many refuges without work have to be paid their monthly allowance of I think, currently EUs 800; or if politicians keep preventing at least some of these people from working — I still can’t believe this; to what extent they prevent them from being employed, I don’t know. However, there are many ‘foreigners’ in employment, so the no employment rule must have something to do with the immigration status/visa/asylum/legal citizenship/naturalized etc. So far, there is no resentment towards the refuges who get their 800EUs although some citizens rightfully ask why their retirement after years of taxable work might be at about the same level as these free monetary allowances. This is a valid question and I think the deciding politicians are probably suckling on the big EU teat (they do receive nice salaries); a normal, local politician would never prevent people from working, while distributing relatively generous amounts of support to refuges. These local politicians would know that people should be allowed to work to add to the funds required for the social system. EU politicians clearly lost touch with where the money comes from and what such nonsense decisions (not letting willing refuges work) cost, financially as well concerning the morale among the citizens and residents. The EU delegates probably bathe in the benefits of their mindless follow order’s positions and care little about their people.

          You guess right, if you think I voted against my country joining the EU. These big blobs simply can’t work. We all are proud of the land we came from, esp. in Europe where even we Austrians and Germans (despite the same language and close history) always teased each other about which would really be the ‘better’ country. Childish I know, but that’s how it is. And then compare Austrians with Italians, completely different backgrounds, culture. And watch what happened to Greece. Before the EU, they did just fine, living off some very appreciated agricultural exports into Europe but mainly off predominantly European tourism. All this was sucked out of Greece, the EU has bankrupted this country.

          It never ceases to surprise me that I was among the minority of ‘my people’ who saw that before deciding not/ to join the EU. It wasn’t that hard to see…. Maybe this compares somewhat to the often very different states and populations in the US. Sometimes large things are simply too bulky to move smoothly, esp. true with a hydrocephalic government (just like the EU). And a mix of people not only from different states but different countries/origins, doesn’t make it easier. I think.

          Anyway, that’s long and maybe interesting to some of you. (And now some of you may also invite me to ‘go home to where I came from’, I love you anyway).

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  28. Lisa October 8, 16:58

    I’m the conservative Lisa. I was taught before I was ten, the world doesn’t owe me a living. What I taught my children. I will say, was very conflicted when my DD needed financial help for her disabled children. I’m pleased to report, she is close to no longer needing it, and looking forward to not jumping the hoops to get it.Yes. i still am amazed when I’m paid Soc Sec, even tho I “earned” it.

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    • red October 8, 21:50

      And you’re getting a small percentage is what you should get. FDR wanted SS privatized by 1965. Instead, his party added it to the general fund. I have friends, Peruvians, who’s parents come to the US every year on vacation. When Pinochet ran Peru, privatized their social sec. Because of that, the parents can afford to fly north, and then go home. they were middle-class, until a storm caused waves to run up the coast and destroyed their hotel. Every attempt to privatize our SS has been met with lies and threats by the left. My mother was a widow and terrified of being forced into a home. There, you lose all rights but man, the government pays for your care. What little overworked aides can give you. The dnc is based in Nazism. That’s historical fact. The Wiemar Republic was all about SS and porkbarrel spending. And that’s all we see from the left. Vote for me and I’ll give you a rose garden to live in. The riots in Europe were all about demanding more from the government. niio

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  29. Lee October 10, 19:43

    I was liking this article until……. “On a cop’s belt at Dunkin Donuts…”
    Not a very nice thing to say.

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  30. dp October 15, 03:01

    So, if all of us red state people are right?

    We are going to kill you. You don’t seem to understand how far that we have played along with BLM, and Antifa just to go along to get along.

    This is and always has been WAR.

    It is done for the communist left… we are at the point of killing you, killing your family, destroying your institutions – naming you as terrorists.

    It is almost over for you… the FISA report will put the final nail in your coffin.

    I couldn’t stop it if I even wanted to. Small independent militia groups will go on the offensive. You are done. I am not going to do anything except to sit back and watch. Laugh… ha ha.

    Where We Go One, We Go All.

    Q army

    This is the business for patriots…

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  31. The Ohio Prepper October 18, 02:27

    I think the whole premise of this article is wrong.
    Politicians would love us to all be beholding to them; but, agencies within the government have legal mandates to do just the opposite.
    I’ve worked with my county EMA (Emergency Management Agency) for 20 years, and while we have some facilities and resources to do mitigation for disasters, we do a lot of community outreach to help people and families to be better prepared. The FEMA website (ready.gov) as well as the Red Cross push the minimum 72 hour kit as a starting baseline.
    Emergency management is just that, the management of a satiation during an emergency, and people who are more prepared, always fare better than those who are not.
    AT least in our community, we are making steady progress,

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    • red October 18, 05:45

      Ohio: sigh. I hate to tell you this, but Ohio, well, it’s ‘WAY superior to any liberal state. You pretty much have it together. People still care about each other. Read LLC’s articles on Kali-fornia. As Kali goes, so goes the nation because it’s based on what the neolibs want, total dependence on government. Thousands sit around in poverty because they were told to just wait, the government handout will be here soon. Read Starr Parker’s books on life in Kali, living in poverty, breaking free, then the state government trying to force her back into poverty. Ohio is close enough to tops when it comes to independent people. niio

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      • The Ohio Prepper October 18, 13:08


        Ohio: sigh. I hate to tell you this, but Ohio, well, it’s ‘WAY superior to any liberal state.

        I don’t know why you hate to tell me the good news I already know. LOL
        As an engineer I was offered jobs all over the country during my entire career; but, chose to settle here. The only place that was even in contention was North Carolina, one time many years ago.
        When I married a local girl (a farmer’s daughter who liked country living as I do), I was pretty much hooked on this area, and found a perfect place at a great price where we have lived for the past 35 years.

        You pretty much have it together. People still care about each other. Read LLC’s articles on Kali-fornia. As Kali goes, so goes the nation because it’s based on what the neolibs want, total dependence on government.

        I interact with LLC here often and would hope that he and others eventually get the chance to escape their current locale and settle in one of the Free states.

        Read Starr Parker’s books on life in Kali, living in poverty, breaking free, then the state government trying to force her back into poverty.

        I haven’t read her books; but, do read her columns, and she often appears as a guest on Fox News & Fox Business as one of the people I’ll take time to listen to. She demonstrates how the left is only comfortable acting as our educated, pseudo intellectual, overlords: but, I think HRC’s election stopping ”Incorrigibles” comment clearly told us all that.

        Ohio is close enough to tops when it comes to independent people. niio

        I agree and that’s part of why I’m still here.
        Close to a quarter of Ohio’s residents (2.6 million) reside in a rural area according to the 2000 Census. For the Nation, the percentage of the population living in rural areas was slightly less @ 21%.
        You can see the layout of rural and non-metropolitan areas on the map in this report:

        OHIO POPULATION NEWS: Ohio’s Rural Population

        Rural people are often quite independent, both by location and choice.

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        • red October 18, 21:03

          Because I like to bust stones! 🙂 As folks say, better to die of laughter than drown on tears. I have a lot of fam in Ohio and most people I know there are great and good. I lived there years enough to know and love them. What bugs me is, it’s mostly flat and treeless. That, and the mosquito is the state bird. 🙂

          I’m always after LLC and others to come to Arizona and live free. To him, Kali is home. At least someone is there, still fighting for the state. Hispanics coming from Kali are almost rabidly against liberals and the dnc. Most Native Americans already are, but for the college injuns.

          True, most rurals love freedom. Most of the counties in New York have threatened to break off from NYC at one time ‘r another to get back their freedom. Same in Kali and Illinois, and many states. We’d like to see Tucson as an independent state, and all her so-called refugees. niio

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  32. Scooter October 27, 00:50

    The crux of the problem is that we, the people – ALL the people – are selfish, ignorant, and entitled – whether we are rich or poor. Individuality and self-sufficiency are fine, until what I want conflicts with what my neighbor wants. The only solution is treating ALL others as beloved brothers and sisters, and cooperating and working together in kindness and humaneness to improve life for everyone. Will we puny humans ever figure out how to do this? A few maybe, but most will not.

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    • dp October 27, 02:40

      That is true.

      But, the other solution is to just kill all of these traitors.

      That is where I am at. I am all about getting our republic back. If that means getting rid of all of the low IQ negros (average of 85 IQ here in the USA), and illegal immigrants that the “New World Order” (Meaning Banksters and communist voters) and their fiat currency imported to destroy us have pushed for generations…

      … Then I am ready to start killing retards.

      Let the civil war begin. lol.

      You Negros don’t stand a chance. lol Black lives matter…


      Only to politicians lying and looking to get re-elected….

      Negros are dying at the hands of other Negros in Chicago quicker than a cat can lick his ass.

      What a bunch of retards — average IQ of 85… 50% are at around an IQ of 60…

      You don’t believe me???????

      Look at Maxine Waters… LOLOLOL This is the best that you can do??? What a bunch of trained monkeys. lol.

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      • red October 27, 06:08

        dp, major difference between the neonazi Maxine Waters and blacks. Sowell was black, and highly conservative, and suffered for it. Blacks are in pow wows today because they want to live as conservatives, not the KKK servant class. All that leads to is communism AKA the plantation. Anyone attending a government controlled school will have a lower IQ. That’s because all they’re taught is lies. White, black, Asian and all of us. I know too many blacks who hate the DNC because the dems hate God. The number of African Americans is fading away when blacks are thriving, buying guns to defend themselves against liberal-approve gang violence, and so on. The last time there were riots in LA, Price, a black, told the men in his congregation to go home, get your guns, and defend anyone the rioters are hitting on, no matter their race. then he opened his mouth and shouted, “AND IT’S NOT MURDER TO KILL A RIOTER.”

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      • He Ju October 27, 13:06

        Killing each other would just suit the ‘powers that be.’
        it helps them to further divide the country/planet, reduce access to self defense and self support, information, products that support us (e.g., incandescent lights, supplements,…). It would simply, give them MORE control over us underlings.

        Bless you all.

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        • red October 28, 04:22

          True, in an unorganized revolt against them. Self-defense is much different. They only need an excuse, and all too often, they supply any bodies needed. We’ve seen this time and again when they wanted to outlaw guns. Even their constituents fought them and they lost a lot of power, so out came the shooter. walk in beauty

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          • dp October 28, 06:28


            I started out hating you…

            I thought that you were a liberal. (A Leftist)

            Now I see that you are a Native both born and raised.

            Sometimes your views seem leftist to me. That is very different from my constitutional outlook, but you are a brother rather than an enemy. I see that now…

            May God Bless you….

            We seem to be working our magic (MOJO) in the same direction. We both seem to want to empower, and to educate the next generation.


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            • red October 29, 03:27

              Peace. Now (drawling), who would wanna hate a little old teddy bear like me? The DNC, for one. Peppers are like injuns, all one big unhappy family. Welcome to the race. Like my parents said, We’re Americans by choice, by birth, and by love of country. Warning, real Native Americans do not play the skin game. We do not vote for a liberal and tend to be hated by those who do. We tend to be preppers by choice. Mine scattered across the nation because we believe in liberty. niio, walk in His beauty then you walk in love (and remember, He told his followers, buy weapons, you’ll need them!)

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    • red October 27, 05:53

      Scooter: We always have overcome this. Entire societies have. We call it korema law, the sharing of all things in brotherhood. You’ll also find it in the Bible. Children from babies are called precious, a gift from Heaven, beloved and constantly admonished that they come from respectable people, so act like it. Best bet, abolish government controlled schools, especially colleges. Those will be the first to burn when the neolibs get their way and destroy the world. If you hear of a Mexican who is a criminal (and we attract some of the worse because of sanctuary cities and the ease of bringing in slaves and drugs) it’s because he had no father around, no uncles or grandparents to teach him. Most are horrified at the idea of being a criminal because “You come from respectable people, little gem from heaven.” I heard little old ladies tell sons with grandchildren that. It seems to work. 🙂 People in Mexico, most of them demanding to be reinstated as Native Americans, not mestizos, are turning away from the neolibs and growing traditional. No more European greed and corruption. In the end, the people always win, because like Vietnam, they got sick of the overlords (they fought a thousand year war with China, and only got serious after twin sisters caught stealing war elephants were raped to death. Then china found out no one defeats the Vietnamese for long–as the northern snakes/communists are finding out today.) niio

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    • Justme October 28, 12:27

      Yeah, because sitting around the camp fire holding hands and singing kumbayah has solved all of mans problems. Go back to your unicorns and rainbows, only the fit survive in this game

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      • dp October 28, 18:16

        Nothing wrong with sitting around the campfire with friends if you are off watch…

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      • red October 29, 03:57

        JustMe: That was funny, thanks. Along with You shall love your neighbors as yourself, Jesus also told his followers, Don’t forget your weapons! The world is in revolt against the liberals, and we’re all in favor of that. Kumbayah is a Christian folk song, stolen by the liberals. Come by here, Lord Jehovah (ya, short for Yahweh). niio
        Kumbaya, my Lord, Kumbaya,
        Kumbaya, my Lord, Kumbaya,
        Kumbaya, my Lord, Kumbaya, oh, Lord, Kumbaya.
        Someone’s singing, Lord, Kumbaya,
        Someone’s singing, Lord, Kumbaja.
        Someone’s singing, Lord, Kumbaya, oh Lord, Kumbaya.
        Someone’s praying, Lord, Kumbaya,
        Someone’s praying, Lord, Kumbaya.
        Someone’s praying, Lord, Kumbaya, oh Lord, Kumbaya.
        Someone’s crying, Lord, Kumbaya,
        Someone’s crying, Lord, Kumbaya.
        Someone’s crying, Lord, Kumbaya, oh, Lord, Kumbaya.
        Someone’s sleeping Lord, Kumbaya,
        Someone’s sleeping, Lord, Kumbaya.
        Someone’s sleeping, Lord, Kumbaya, oh, Lord, Kumbaya.
        Source: LyricFind
        Songwriters: Clausen / Trad
        Kumbaya lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Tunecore Inc

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  33. youwho January 30, 14:56

    Goldwater also stated “Less government is better government”

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  34. lwbuchholz September 4, 15:12

    It makes me angry when social security is called an entitlement. I have paid into this so called retirement program all my working days and it is my money. As far as I am concerned it is another way for government to control us by saying they can take care of our money for retirement better than we can.

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  35. Jew4Jesus September 4, 15:36

    I agree with DD about Social Security and VA Benefits are NOT entitlements. We paid for one with the blood of our young men and we paid through the nose for the other.
    What I think the Author of this article meant is that the Demon Rats want to give Social Security to those who did not earn it. Those who come here illegally.
    What really bites my B** is the Demon Rats saying they want to use the VA for illegal aliens. Not as long as I am alive!!!!!! I will fight them to the death. I served my country and was vilified for it called a baby killer. All by demon rats. I say lets vote them out of office this year.

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  36. Lisa September 4, 17:54

    They love it when you pay them. That’s why we fight Fascism. They love control, and they hate it when you take back your freedom to live how you want to live and grow your own food, hunt your own game.
    The one comment said “Slavery” and he was right. Can you imagine if you weren’t so dependent on the shit you buy at the store, their profits would go down, that’s not what they want.

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