The Best Places in America to Be in The Event of a Collapse

Pat Bellew
By Pat Bellew April 12, 2016 12:34

The Best Places in America to Be in The Event of a Collapse

The simple truth of the matter is that if there actually is a major crisis or disaster that leads to a prolonged societal collapse in the US, there really isn’t going to be a “Good Place” to be. So, what we are looking for is the highest level of least bad we can achieve, and with careful planning and attention to certain factors it is possible to achieve a situation which is not only “survivable” but actually livable in even the worst case scenario. Obviously, where you choose to live will have an impact on your preparedness plans, so always keep that in mind.

First, you want to pick a place that allows you to maintain a normal, mainstream life before life as we know it comes crashing down. A lot of us are of the mindset that something catastrophic is inevitable, and history teaches us that this is indeed the case. I am becoming increasingly convinced that this is a sooner rather than a later probability, however it could conceivably still be years away. So in the meantime, you want to have reasonably convenient access to things like employment, education, cultural and extracurricular activities for your kids, modern medical facilities, shopping, and all the trappings of modern life. It is not yet time to run off and live in a cave isolated from the world (If that is your mindset, it doesn’t make you “Wrong”. But it doesn’t make you a prepper either. It makes you a hermit!).

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Ozark_fall_foliage_underHowever, when the fall arrives, large population centers are going to be rather dangerous on a number of levels. So it is wise to remove yourself from large cities. My suggestion in order to be able to have the best of both worlds is to choose a location in a rural setting between 70 and 100 miles from a small to mid-sized city. This distance allows you access to all the luxuries and conveniences, is within’ a manageable commuting distance if you are tied to a professional career, but it also provides a fairly substantial degree of insulation from the worst of the Urban Dangers that will crop up quickly once the balloon goes up.

You also want to choose an area where food is produced, and where you can start making food producing improvements to your property. In short, you want good soil and enough water to grow gardens and water live stock. You want an area where livestock is produced and sustained on natural grazing and not in feed lots. You also want to be absolutely certain that there is plenty of easily accessible water for your drinking, cooking, and sanitary needs. There are many isolated areas in deserts and high mountains, but there is a reason these places were never settled extensively. That reason is that it is hard to come up with enough water to grow things, and the climate in many cases is too extreme to live in comfortably year-round. In a prolonged survival situation, you don’t want to be dependent on cisterns and extremely deep wells, or on technology dependant delivery systems.

You will want to find an area where like-minded people live. This isn’t as hard as it sounds. Most rural areas still have core values of self sufficiency. They are also pockets of old school knowledge that has been lost in the larger world. In an area like this, if you have something to contribute it will be much easier to find a group to band together with for mutual defense and support when the time comes. You will also find that in such areas there is a strong gun culture, and you will neither stand out nor be the sole armed protector should the need arise, and you won’t be saddled with a bunch of suddenly armed newbies that don’t have a clue, country boys and girls know how to use their guns!

Another consideration is proximity to nuclear power plants, proximity to military installations, distance from potential targets in a nuclear attack, and things of this nature. As concerns the power plants, all I’m going to say is Fukushima. As to military installations, the concern is always martial law, confiscations, conscriptions and so on, all the FEMA camp nightmares we have envisioned and theorized about. I am not particularly concerned about nuclear war in the classic sense, and feel that EMP type weapons are a far more likely and devastating possibility, but terrorism is always a consideration and those guys are nuckin’ futs and very hard to anticipate, so being too close to potential targets detracts from an areas desirability.

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So, where are the best places to be?

1. My personal favorite is the Ozarks region of Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma. This region provides many areas that are about the right distance from cities, have a good water supply, strong rural and conservative traditions, agricultural activity in the form of farming and ranching, and a history of subsistence farming. I wound up in the Ozarks almost by mistake, but have found much to love about the region, and many positive attributes from a prepper’s perspective. There are a lot of preppers here, so finding likeminded folks to bond with is not difficult.

The Ozarks region
The Ozarks region, in green, is my top pick. Some of that is just personal preference, but there is much to commend the Ozarks from a prepper’s standpoint.

2. My second Choice is the Appalachian region with a strong preference for the Great Smoky Mountains of North and South Carolina, West Virginia, Kentucky, and Tennessee. These regions offer up similar benefits to the Ozarks region, and offer up a lot of good choices to live a nice life today and weather the potential coming bad times. Again, be sure that a given location meets the other criteria, particularly the distance from major population centers. The portions of the Appalachians passing through the North East may be a less desirable idea due to proximity to many larger cities, but even here pockets of desirable location can be found.

The Appalachian region

The red areas are best, green and blue areas are pretty darn good, but I would steer clear of the yellow.

3. My Final top pick is the Cascade Mountains of Washington, Oregon, and California. Once again, there are plenty of spots in this region that meet the criteria. There are a lot of remnants of rural culture and heritage, and the climate is quite favorable for subsistence gardening. You have to be careful on the west coast though, there are large populations of liberals who won’t like your guns and have more of a dependence mentality than an independence mentality. If you are able to do so in advance, check out the attitudes and demeanor of local residents, if there is a core of “Old time Families” that is a plus, if there is a large population of relocated urban Californians, that is a big minus. If there is a large Hippy population, don’t write it off too quickly, many Hippy Types are pretty dialed in on the preparedness, self sufficiency, and Libertarian principals (It’s that old “don’t judge a book by its cover thing!).

The Cascade Mountains of Washington

My Final advice is to take a look at a precipitation map of the US. This will give you important clues to suitable locations. With adequate average rainfall, you need only look for oplaces that meet your other criteria to be fairly well assured that you have found as good a spot as any to weather the storm in a SHTF scenario.


All other criteria being met, the areas in greens and blues are your best bet in a SHTF scenario.

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These are the best tips I can offer. Do you have another good option in mind?

Pick a spot and get prepared. BUT (all caps for a reason!), don’t let the prepping rule your life so that you are living out of fear! You can find a place that lets you live a normal, modern life but still allows you to be ready when things get really bad.

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Pat Bellew
By Pat Bellew April 12, 2016 12:34
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  1. Rick Fortune April 12, 14:53

    I suggest you evaluate your position in relation to urban areas adjacent. I worry, if you live or plan to hold up in an area that is in the 2 day walk from an urban area that may have suffered a disaster, fleeing on foot refugees will start to get hungry and thirsty the next morning, after fleeing. This puts you in extreme danger from looting and crime.

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    • Matt April 14, 01:50

      I totally agree with you Rick, I have been preaching this very idea for years now. My biggest worry in the event of a social or even government break down isn’t so much UN or government troops, but mostly the ill prepared masses who are desperate for anything, that’s what scares me most, at least in the beginning. Then, once things start to settle down a bit, assuming that it does, then it’s UN troops, military, etc… that worries me.

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      • MMG December 20, 01:23

        Fellas, A lot of great stuff! Let me say that if history teaches us anything, it is that the least effective and least to fear force since WW2, would be UN troops.

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      • NICK January 7, 16:55




        WHO WILL LEAD?

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        • me May 13, 18:22

          Obviously not you lol

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        • TheRaven November 15, 20:51

          “Why aren’t we starting a revolution”?

          Because, everyone wants someone else to do it.

          The American Spine is gone. And if a leader rises, we call him insane because it goes out of our comfort zone.

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    • Sweetpea October 29, 19:51

      I like northern areas in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Minnesota with manageable winters and a growing season with good farmer’s markets. It may be handy to be near the Canadian border in case there is political trouble. There is plenty of water and wild game. You can grow a lot of your own food. I would look for an area that does not appeal to the masses and lacks tourist attractions. There are some small towns in upper Michigan that are like this and they are near fresh water. The churches are the center of social life and honest hardworking people abound. It is easy to make friends within these organizations. The winters are hard but they are manageable It doesn’t get down below zero very often, and winters are warmer than in the past. Look for a place with no Wal-Marts, fancy restaurants, fast food, and big shopping centers where people like to hang out. People tend to be more self-sufficent and mechanically oriented. It is easy to get help. I gave up on living in the south. If you don’t grow up in some places in the south, you will never fit in with them I know some nice people who had to come back home because of rude and unkind behavior from neighbors and co-workers. I would not want to be close to the southern border right now considering the problems with immigration.

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    • Sammy December 26, 18:53

      US is pretty much gone due to so many nuclear reactor across the country. When all of these blows up. The contamination will end up look like Fukushima and Chernobyl. Get to a country on the other side of the planet and locate some place no winter and no nuclear powered grid.

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      • dp December 27, 00:24


        While I am no fan of nuclear power, it is highly unlikely that ALL of them are going to blow up. lol

        I would be much more concerned with living in the vicinity of Yellowstone, or other seismically active areas.

        Large city centers concern me as well. Winters are not necessarily a bad thing… a good hard freeze tends to keep the population of disease bearing insects in check the following spring.

        If you are going to leave the USA, then somewhere in the southern hemisphere would probably be your best bet. The oceans tend to be cleaner.

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  2. Sandy April 12, 16:33

    I agree with Rick. Stay far away from urban centers. The refugees will be overwhelming. You need a town big enough to have jobs and a good social life. A town near water and surrounded by wilderness and/or farmland. A town where the culture is friendly.

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    • Old prepper March 31, 03:50

      Sandy, can you give some examples? I would move to a town like that,,RIGHT NOW! lol

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      • TechQN April 25, 23:56

        Depends on what your looking for. I happen to be in the 3rd region she mentioned. In North CA (between Mt Shasta to the North and Mt Lassen to the East)….outside of the only semi city of Redding. Been here since 2001 and nothing has changed much in the 17 years. Lots of cattle ranchers, homesteaders, farmers etc in the outskirts of the city. Yes Redding has rich liberals who move from SF…but not many. The rural areas are mainly people who have land and work it…..plenty of water year round. lakes, creeks, hunting (heck I have to keep deer out of my gardens every year)…..but it does still have highways coming through. Its not perfect, in being away from all, but it suits my needs with well water, creek in backyard with AG rights, 3 phase power, solar power, land to grow crops and neighbors who are like minded. 15-20 miles out of the closest semi city of Redding….So it works for me.

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        • K September 15, 03:18

          How are you doing now, with all the fires burning? The region of California and Oregon seems to have an added threat of fires …

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          • dp September 15, 13:19

            K, LOL.

            Go on and blame the stove, and not the incompetent cook.

            Not enough fires…

            Sane governments have controlled burns before the entire forest is a dry tinder-box every year to clear out the under brush, and they cut fire breaks into the forest.

            Then, they enforce state wide burn bans when the fire risk is high.

            We don’t have wild fires unless we have a HUGE lightning strike, and even that is automatically contained and burns itself out fairly quickly. 🙂

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      • SemiSweet September 26, 18:21

        I live in a town that meets all those requirements. It’s roughly 100 miles to Memphis and nashville, next to the Tennessee River and Kentucky lake. Muscle shoals Alabama is also a good 2 hour ride. Murray Kentucky(border of western Kentucky and Tennessee), which is not BIG, but it is big enough to have a university is 60 miles away..
        Camden Tennessee. Land taxes are low, guns are permitted, have a business here that teaches gun safety courses. Hunting and fishing is big here, where the barges use the river it’s over 60ft deep. Long growing period, when it does snow or ice, it normally misses camden and hits Paris Tn and Kentucky. Last year, our ice and a bit of snow lasted 2 weeks and melted away. Since I’ve been home, 20Sept2018, I have not turned on my a/c. It’s 26Sept2018 now. The woodmills around here let you go in after hours and weeks to collect scrap wood. We take it home, cut it up, set it aside to season, and use it for heat. Wood heat is VERY BIG here. So is living in “Amish sheds”,size of a tiny house that has become so popular. Only big criminal element here is meth heads, and pill poppers, but that’s about anywhere now a days.

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  3. ann45harvey April 12, 16:44

    My choice is approx 5-10 miles out from a major city. there you’ll find supplies you can use but didn’t have the means to store but far enough that those without the means can’t venture out to. Also a small town area where there are school and office buildings to use as store out post and shelters that are brick. Also I’d look for the High ground. While a stream/river is preferred, it is not essential as it could be contaminated. Therefore,a place in the north where snow and rain can be captured, contained and filtered for consumption. Either way, a place that can be protected from outsiders who desire to do harm.

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    • Country Boy in MO February 22, 18:36

      “Approx 5-10miles out from a major city”.
      You will be over ran in half a day MAX!! A person walks at 3 miles an hour and can travel 20-25 miles a day on foot.
      Better rethink the distance.

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      • Nick January 7, 16:57

        Why aren’t we planning a Revolution? We won’t be able to stand against a well-armed military. We should start a Revolution NOW.

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  4. left coast chuck April 12, 17:41

    I agree with the 2 previous posters, but think a little further is better. It is possible to walk 30 miles in 3 days, the time when “experts” tell us we run out of steam w/o water. I would look for a town not in close proximity to an interstate or heavily used secondary highway.

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  5. SG April 12, 17:53

    The areas mentioned may be good in theory, but remember there are important other threats such as
    proximity to Nuclear Power Plants, Volcanic Eruptions, and Earthquake Fault lines which can negate trust of survival in otherwise decent locations.

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    • sandy April 12, 19:11

      Ozarks? On the New Madrid fault and Nuc plant in Fulton. I don’t know if that’s a good idea…..

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      • Jason Laird April 12, 22:03

        The new Madrid Fault would have very little effect here and the Fulton plant is Hours away. I agree as a lifelong Ozark resident that this is the placer to survive

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        • Birdie August 11, 03:04

          Best place in US if axis tilt for sure.

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        • Ariel November 16, 16:28

          Lived in Southern MO. for over twenty years. You have to work on your soil, but wood heat is common and the government leaves you alone. You don’t need building permits every time you add a shed or chicken coop. We live in central GA. and have been here for three years. Best thing about it is the growing season. We can have something growing to eat just about year long (fresh). We have eleven acres and put up a great deal of our own food here by freezing, canning and dehydrating. You just have to have extra canning jars to accommodate your freezers should T.S.H.T.F. We also keep a camp stove and lots of propane, along with other needed things, just in case. You also have to be able to defend what you have if things get bad. We have not had any crime in our area, but we had miles of Trump signs, which pretty much tells people you are likely to love the second amendment. Summers are hot so you work early and finish up by noon outdoors (July, Aug).

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          • dp December 9, 08:25


            Got a son and ex-wife in the Atlanta area… Small towns and coastal areas of Georgia are excellent living.

            If you ever feel the need to come back through S. Mo – I’ve got 12 acres between lake Norfork and Bull Shoals. You are welcome to stop by for a visit or just to rest up along the way. Water is in short supply, but dinner on the hoof or wing is plentiful. 🙂

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            • Ariel December 9, 21:21

              d.p. Thanks for the invite, we are south of Atlanta, and same goes here. We even have water! I know you area fairly well, we used to eat at Gaston’s for special occasions. Not ruling out going back to southern MO. as we still have friends there. We just hate leaving all this work and what the results are producing each year!

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              • Cristy January 1, 07:04

                We just moved from Gwinnett Co., Ga. which used to be rural (40 years ago) and is now over-run with innerAtlanta gang problems. Moved to the Ozarks and building a ranch in Marion Co. Love it!

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      • Ron April 13, 12:36

        I live in the northwest corner of the Arkansas Ozarks and in the case of a New Madrid quake it may be the safest place. A sizable quake will cause massive flooding on most low lying areas cutting off access to any remaining resources of a city. Remember street gangs will destroy and burn as they move beyond the city so 2-3 miles is extremely risky. They will follow close proximity of major highways.

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        • Alberto March 5, 00:49

          Why is the Western Kentucky area near the border of Missouri and Tennessee in yellow? What is it about that area that doesn’t make it desirable? I’m considering purchasing a property there versus another property that is closer to the Southern central part of Kentucky. Thanks in advance.

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          • dp March 5, 02:26

            I did a search for nuclear, and military bases… none to speak of found. Plenty of water, no major cities in the area, not a blue state, no major fault lines, decent weather…

            It seems fine to me.

            Maybe, someone else sees a problem.

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      • dp March 31, 15:45

        The New Madrid runs through the central and eastern part of Arkansas. The Ozarks should be safe from any New Madrid activity up to and including a complete collapse.

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      • Gunner April 4, 16:36

        Actually most of the Ozarks lays outside the fault. Will they feel it? Probably, but it is not going to cause a major problem. Along the Mississippi River, for sure.

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        • Ariel December 9, 21:28

          Gunnar, We once lived near Willow Springs MO. We were told that before we got there (not sure if that means weeks, months years), schools were closed and people were sent home from work, as they expected a major eruption. It never came and hasn’t to this day. So, perhaps it is long overdue, or it is a non-event.

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        • dp December 10, 00:34

          Exactly! Ozarks are basically solid rock. A New Madrid total collapse will send shock waves through the rock enough to rattle people’s teeth out of their head, but the actual Ozarks are not moving – just vibrating like a bell for an hour. The good part is that people in the Ozarks will have ocean front property where the Mississippi river valley has collapsed and the gulf of Mexico has created a new bay.

          The bad part is that all of those people living in the actual zone affected are going to have a very bad day. unfortunately, this is another case of the information being available for decades, and either not doing their own research, or calling people names like C Theorist, or nut-job when someone tries to educate them.

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      • wa2qcj April 4, 17:25

        The New Madrid fault, so geologists say, is long over due for a release. That is one area I would stay away from.
        One other point that needs to be mentioned. Vehicles. Find something that will run on alcohol. Either the older pre-computer vehicles, or newer multi-fuel vehicles. A diesel might be good, if vegetable oils are available. Making Bio-Diesel is an option. “Grow able” fuels would be a better option for the long run than reliance on Petro fuels. In the realm of prepping, stocking up on engine oil is not a bad idea either. For engine filters for air intake, get a K&N air filter. Keep it clean, find an alternative to the cleaner sold for them, and these filters will outlast you.

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    • BShackleton August 29, 17:35

      Nuclear power plant is a concern, but how often do we have earthquakes and volcanic eruptions?
      People are usually injured in earthquakes because of living in proximity of tall buildings especially the junk that is built in 3rd world or future US. Volcanic eruptions? Well I don’t think I’ll worry to much about,that.

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    • evone March 2, 16:34

      I know right? We all seem to forget about nuclear plants that when left unattended, will kill the rest of us if hunger and lack of water haven’t done the trick. Nuclear plants should be on top of our list as to how to prepare for that horrendous scenario and how it plays out:(

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  6. LR April 12, 20:41

    I would love a hard copy if you have one, if not then electronic is ok.

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  7. BillH April 13, 04:03

    I agree with the consensus that neither urban, close to urban, nor along a main road out of an urban area is acceptable. Apart from this one issue, I don’t agree much at all with either the author or many of the other comments made here.

    Water is primary. Water is life. You need heavy and essentially year-round rainfall (so that manual watering of your garden/grove will rarely be needed). You also need on your property, a virtually unlimited supply. A well, stream, or lake. The Pacific coastal areas suggested by the author do not fit at all because of the ongoing drought.

    My secondary criteria is a relatively warm climate. The alternative is a reduced growing season and a need for winter heating. All of the suggestions made by the author do not work well at all as they are in mountainous areas.

    Finally, both the local community and the state should be accepting of self-reliance. Otherwise, before, during, and after a SHTF event, you will be faced with not merely moochers, but self-righteous moochers backed by the force of law. In other words, a rural community in a largely rural state that votes conservative. This eliminates the Pacific coast states again.

    So, what remains? Basically, the far South, from very eastern Texas to Georgia/Florida, excluding higher elevations and, of course, areas close to cities.

    I like peninsular Florida as the climate is the most temperate of this region, giving 2 to 3 crops a year; and the flat land with a high water table means a shallow well with a simple hand pump works nearly everywhere.

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    • Goatlover April 13, 11:15

      Shhhhhh! You are giving away all of our secrets!!! I can grow crops here year round. We have Artesian wells for water needing no electricity to bring it to the surface. I won’t EVER freeze to death. The worst problem in Florida will be burying all the dead old folks who won’t last very long when Walgreens and CVS run out of their drugs…

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      • BillH April 13, 19:40

        Yup. I didn’t mention artesian wells as they are available through much of the state, but not quite universally. Besides, no one is going to believe that through much of the state you can have a well that doesn’t even require a pump. And because the state has never had industrial activity, the water is not contaminated.

        Nope, they won’t believe us. Let them go for Minnesota.

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        • dp March 31, 15:33

          I lived in Florida for 10 years and worked for the highway department. Florida has deep drainage wells that go right down to the aquifer. They have been polluting the aquifers with runoff from the streets for decades.

          Keep fooling yourself that the water is not polluted.

          As far as the artesian wells go, it depends on what the original source of the water is. Often this might come from a large body of water as far away as Georgia.

          Also, Florida is way over developed, so good luck finding a place 50+ miles from a population center, and the property is way overpriced. If you are going to live in Florida, I would recommend a sailboat large enough to live on when SHTF.

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        • FL Cracker April 23, 16:34

          S. Florida has suffered from seawater(salt) intrusion for years, the agricultural areas that have been sprayed, citrus etc., have also contaminated the water to a degree in those areas…Florida now has a population of over 20 million people. Although they do get 5 feet of rain every year their water supply has it’s problems, even though Central FL from the air it looks like it is all lakes. Using surface water will create a whole new treatment problem unless it’s for irrigation.

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      • C.D. April 24, 21:19

        “Poor dead old folks”??? 🙁 …That was a very sad image in my mind. I just lost both my Mom and Dad.

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        • Ariel June 17, 23:52

          “Poor old Dead Folks?”, Honey there are more of us around that have forgotten more than you know. We put up a years worth of organic food each year, garden almost year round and tend some animals. We don’t need Walgreens, I have herbs and oils, should we happen to need anything. I make my own bread and a whole lot more. Better worry about young people who forgot to buy toilet paper, it wasn’t us, here in GA.

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          • KellyD September 25, 11:52

            You sound like you are describing us. We too grow our own food and use herbal remedies, but that is not the majority of the aging population. My husband works in the medical field. The use and reliance on prescription medications is a frightening reality in every state in the country.

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            • Ariel November 16, 16:41

              Kelly, still going strong here in GA. Had another good garden year. We are staying on the property until a safe vaccine is available, so it will be months in coming. We will take a wait and see approach to it early on. We have added duck (raised our own) and will have one for Thanksgiving. We now have duck eggs for baking along with the chicken eggs. We harvested roosters a few weeks ago, and will add some venison soon. There is a simple pump on our well, so will be o.k. without power. It takes a long time to develop a property and the skills to know what to do with it. This year, we have grape juice that will last until our next crop. Those of you starting out, learn something new and practice it. Don’t take on too many things at one time, or you may be over-whelmed and not get any of it right. I am proud of the younger generation that sees the importance of what is being discussed here.

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    • leo April 13, 20:36

      Florida is way too over populated.

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    • Tiny April 14, 18:51

      Living here in South Louisiana in the country is ideal, we have bountiful water supplies (high groundwater levels) year round crops, and a lot of what my family eats we grow, raise, hunt……not to mention the swamp is a buffet to us!

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    • Pat April 20, 19:58

      Way too close to huge urban centers. The Peninsula is to narrow to provide any refuge from the coastal cities. Much of the available water is brackish, and the problem is becoming worse as the aquifers are pumped down. Florida is a really bad choice.

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    • Robert July 15, 21:15

      Well said BillH….from northern Alabama… 🙂

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    • oceandweller May 18, 23:46

      Pat, the panhandle isn’t too close to Urban centers, 3/4 of the population of Panama City, Destin etc are vacationers leaving an abundance of stuff if SHTF. There is also the amount of rain, ease of crop growth, local access to salt, brackish, and freshwater fisheries, etc. Mobile is overpopulated, so is South Louisiana. The Applichian region will be the worst place preppers think they are safe and are not because everybody will think, head for the hills. The populations of NYC, CHICAGO, DC, ATL, PITT, PHILI, INDI, LOUISVILLE, PHILI, ETC completely surround the area. Then you figure the average tank of gas runs out from each of those cities to around Knoxville TN, wouldn’t want to be anywhere near that mess. West of Nashville would be nice because nobody could reach that one a tank of gas. Huntsville is particularly nice, so is Elberta Alabama both have generations of farmers, tons of water, food, etc, in fact could support the entire area food wise, power, water, etc in the event of a collapse easily.

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    • Bog-Jumper February 20, 21:29

      BillH, there isn’t a drought in Oregon or Washington? I don’t even think the mountains of NorCal have any drought…

      Reply to this comment
    • Mitch July 16, 19:00

      I disagree. Florida is a terrible place to be. They have poor water management, drought, sea water rising and hurricanes. Southern Texas and Lousiana are no better. What a cluster it will be when the SHTF.

      Reply to this comment
      • Sheryl July 10, 21:49

        Not to mention the heat and disease from all the death. It is predicted that Florida will have the highest death rate of any state because of the heat and the population of elderly.

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  8. CapnRon April 13, 10:15

    The best place to be in America in the event of a collapse…………..Australia

    C y’all down under!

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  9. Marky44 April 13, 10:37

    I agree with BillH with water being extremely important. The mountains of the western states for me would be a bad choice due to the seismic activity and lack of water due to droughts. The Appalachian would be to dangerous due to the large populations of the big cities migrating to the west. The best place would be nortern Minnesota with all the water and low population density. The problem is, you better know what you are doing in that type of climate or freeze your pooper off. Those that do live in that area/environment are self reliant types. I live in FL and I can’t convince my wife to move to northern WI which is my first choice. Fl is doomed when the SHTF. It will be the first one to go. Good article.

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    • BillH April 13, 19:14

      Well, I agree that South Florida is absurd. Extremely urban, and boxed in on 3 sides. Those people will die in place or head north to the truck farms in the Lake Okeechobee area. The everglades, which is the remainder of South Florida, has little land above water. As for the rest of the state, the population is very dense in a thin line along the East Coast, in the Orlando area, and from the greater Tampa area south to the Everglades.

      But the bulk of the state is low population, including the gulf coast north of the Tampa area, and the entire interior other than Orlando. Endless small lakes throughout.

      So, how do you figure that “Fl is doomed when the SHTF. It will be the fist one to go.” ??

      Reply to this comment
      • Tara April 17, 19:53

        I agree, I do NOT think FL will be that bad. I live and prep here. There are bad spots just like you said, but I live in a very small town, rural community. I have a well, plentiful rainfall, and a year-round gardening capabilities. Like another commenter said, I NEVER have to worry about freezing to death. Many of my neighbors are armed, I know because I can hear them practicing. And out here you NEED a gun for the wild animals that still come out, (that can also be hunted or trapped in worse-case scenario) like wild boar, foxes, coyotes, opossum, raccon, alligators, etc. BTW, I have seen ALL of them on my property. I have lived here my entire life so I KNOW Florida. I can read the weather, I know my plants and animals. The only thing I would like that I can’t have here, is a basement/underground bunker. Once you start digging here, you hit water pretty fast!

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        • saint October 10, 20:37

          I’m looking for a prep area in Florida. Can you tell me where a good place will be?

          Reply to this comment
          • BillH February 27, 03:16

            As I suggested, eliminate South Florida (everything South of Lake Okeechobee), the entire greater Orlando area, entire East coast, and West coast from the greater Tampa/St. Petersburg South. (This is all obvious; people are concentrated in those areas.) That leaves the entire interior other than Orlando, plus the West coast north of Tampa. Get good detailed maps, Even a standard Florida road map is a big help. See all the big and small lakes, and the rivers. To name a few regions: West of the St. John’s River to Orlando including the river valley from Lake Okeechobee almost to Jacksonville; Northwest of Orlando (Withlacoochee State Forest and surrounding); North of Orlando (orange groves, cattle, other farms, the Ocala National Forest, and other designated areas).

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            • dp February 27, 15:37

              BillH, for south Florida the ideal situation is if you have a boat large enough to get off shore for a month or two when SHTF. Until that time south FL. is a pretty good place to live, plus you can go almost anywhere in the world (Atlantic Ocean side anyway) from FL if you have a good sailboat.

              If I were still in Florida that is what my preps would consist of…

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              • Tarheel November 18, 03:42

                You may have to contend with pirates.

                Reply to this comment
                • dp December 9, 08:50


                  That is true, but you really have nothing worth stealing living on the ocean. A pirate can throw out a hook for dinner themselves, and they already have a boat.

                  A bit of camo paint and your boat is invisible from more than 100 yds away. What could I possibly have in a 30X10 foot space that is worth getting shot over?

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    • mstextiles April 27, 13:16

      Marky I can help you find property in upper WI. MI I know it well. I have found some great properties in western North Carolina that your wife might prefer. If you stay In FL head for Perry.

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    • PNW dweller November 7, 23:28

      I live in Rural PNW… plenty of water. Drought is in California…

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    • Sweetpea October 29, 19:29

      I am also a northern girl. I love snow. Many people in Northern MI and WI have woodburning stoves and access to wooded areas. The nearby towns are not glamorous with old, smaller homes. There is nothing there that would appeal to the lefties. Most people up there hunt so they can defend themselves. Plenty of trees to hide behind. I found the people up there to be very nice and straightforward. I prefer them to the south where people can be friendly to your face and talk bad about you behind your back. The churches up there are very strong and a center of social life. This would not appeal to atheists or humanists.

      Reply to this comment
      • Ariel November 18, 14:40

        We lived up north through college and many of our working years. Moving south worked very well for us. We have made many friends and feel warmth and a welcoming feeling wherever we go. Please do not blanket the South with your feelings of disapproval. I am not an atheist, so perhaps that is why my experience has been completely different. I won’t judge you, not my job.

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  10. Dread April 13, 14:35

    The Great Smokey Mountains do not range into South Carolina, They are primarily in Tennesee. The Blue Ridge Mountains do flow over both North and South Carolina.

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  11. Amy M. April 13, 21:43

    I live I the Appalachian mountains, minutes from state and national forests with plentiful water. However, shouldn’t I be concerned about oak ridge? There’s also a nuclear facility about an hour away in the other direction.

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  12. SavageSam April 15, 20:01

    Is studying where the Native Americans lived of any value? It seems to me they were the Original (O.P.) Preppers. What about Eskimos? They’ve lived through the harshest winters mother nature has. Man, I’m (BRAND NEW) new to this and it seems overwhelming! It seems the more I learn the more I find out how UNprepared I am and how much I DON’T know.

    Reply to this comment
    • BillH April 19, 00:25

      They lived the same places that we are most likely to live.Near bodies of water.

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    • Curious December 12, 23:55

      What about the Eskimios?

      Reply to this comment
      • Gman December 20, 15:23

        Eskimos aren’t any more prepared than most people. They have been feed the white man owes them and he should take care of all there needs. The old folks know how to survive and live off the land.The young have for the most part didn’t learn from the elders.Don’t get me wrong some have, but they are getting few and far between. Alaska is not the place to be in a survival situation. I lived there for 33 years and retired to the lower 48. Good luck.

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      • Birdie August 11, 03:49

        …and the Cherokee were smoked out.

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    • Wally August 11, 03:16

      This is something that everyone wants to overlook. If indigenous peoples lived there before colonization, then you know it is possible. Everyone has their preference. What they think is ideal. I moved from Arkansas to rural Nevada for a great job. As I study books about the Shoshone and Paiute, and have befriended a Piaute man, I realize, the argument that most preppers don’t want to address… Are you adaptable, do you have the skill sets necessary to survive w/o modern materials, do you know how to live off the land where you are?
      I didn’t say you were going to live high on the hog in one place versus another. One thing most of the Ozarks gang seems to be oblivious to is the population density of NWA, and the religious zealousness.

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  13. Radar May 3, 10:05

    I think prepping and surviving can be done almost anywhere away from large, and small cities should/when the SHTF. I was born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains, and I know how to survive here. I have traveled the US and believe surviving can be done across the Country. I prefer the Appalachian Mountains because this is where I am from and I know the terrain, the animals, the weather conditions and so on. Just as those in Florida, Wisconsin, Oregon and the rest of the US know the areas they are from. I don’t think long distance moves are required to survive and thrive after the SHTF. Know you geographical region, the climate, the wildlife, the cities, and the nuclear, and military facilities closest to you and plan accordingly. Common sense will help you survive in any region.

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    • Robert July 15, 20:33

      Spot on Radar! There’s too much emphasis on bugging out…carrying only what is mobile. If you’re in the city you MUST do as Glenn (below) says…have a coordinated plan now. If in a reasonable size town, why leave? Close ranks with the town leadership and police…control your town. Secure it. Escort refugees through/around it. Augment the Police with volunteer security. Make neighborhood watch groups “neighborhood security forces”. Ensure the town secures a “town market” for the exchange of goods and services. etc. etc. In nation-wide crisis the importance of town Mayor’s and Police Chiefs is CRITICAL to success. Go to town meetings now and energize them to plan now.

      Reply to this comment
      • ladybugrules October 3, 20:21

        this sounds great until government confiscation starts.Our current Potus has recently signed into law that allows government to take and control everything

        Reply to this comment
        • Maggie October 6, 14:07

          That is my main concern as well.

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        • BKPawpaw May 15, 21:01

          Ladybugrules, the Executive Orders that can have the PTB taking everything have been around for DECADES!

          Check out EO’s from10,990 – 11,010.
          E.O. 11,002 Assigning emergency preparedness functions to the Postmaster General 1962-02-16.

          This is the one that causes “Going Postal”!
          This one puts the USPS in charge of ALL vehicles, ALL housing, ALL jobs, and ALL eating.

          When a USPS employee gets promoted to a Supervisory Position they must attend a training class where this is made known to them for the first time.

          Upon learning of the PERFIDY of the USPS Supervisors, some of them then attack those that KNEW and did NOT tell everyone!

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        • T-Bone July 19, 02:10

          What law is this? Do you have a link?

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    • oceandweller May 18, 23:50

      The main problem with the smokies is everybody thinks of that when they think of camping out and food/heading for the hills. The winters there can be quite cold and hard to grow. That and I figure 1/2 of the countries population is within 5-7 hours of the area which pretty much puts them at an empty tank of gas in SHTF, Knoxville could well see 15 million people within a week.

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    • Nick January 7, 17:00

      Why aren’t we planning a Revolution? We won’t be able to stand against a well-armed military. We should start a Revolution NOW.

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  14. arkansascajun May 5, 21:23

    the ozarks ( formally called the midamerica survival region ) is the only option. the blueridge has dense populations to the east and hurricane threats.
    the cascades were a great choice until fukushima. it’s TOAST now.
    we bugged out to the ozarks in 1975. MAINE is still viable except for the severe climate.
    good luck ya’ll

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  15. jodyel May 31, 17:39

    What about Texas? Was thinking of putting a small cabin on a couple of acres in East Texas.

    Good idea?

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    • Janette August 31, 05:01

      I am staying in Texas !!! Far south west !!! Fewer people. Weather is nice here in the mountains,(yes in Texas we have mountains) Collect rain water and shallow well.We will be fine.

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      • Ali November 5, 02:48

        Do you have a problem with illegals there? I saw a show where they stabbed some mother in the stomach to steal her car.

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    • oceandweller May 18, 23:55

      Loved east texas didn’t like it for prepping for quite a few reasons. The droughts can be quite bad, went through the 2010 drought that was killing full grown trees in ETX, also the cattle had to have feed shipped in from out of state. Then you have Houston and Dallas metro areas that hover around 5 million. Then there will be a mass border influx from Mexico. Most Texans can’t grow their own food so having cattle will put a mark on your back. Every place in Texas is an easy commute from interstate from major metro, Texarkana area would be great if it weren’t 3 hours from Dallas. You should look into Alexandria lousiana or Monroe, both are 7 hours to gulf coast beaches, a little far from southern LA, too far from Houston and Dallas, both get rain, and have a lot of lakes in the area.

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  16. Glenn June 1, 07:20

    If you plan to relocate you should already own the piece of property you plan to occupy before leaving home or have an ironclad agreement with the property owner. Alternatives may be public camp grounds or government owned land. Don’t expect to just set up shop and claim squatters rights on somebody else’s property.

    Reply to this comment
    • Robert July 15, 20:26

      Spot on glenn!

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    • Old prepper March 31, 03:34

      Glenn, this is an old post, but I was thinking. We should follow the law, when SHTF? IT IS ABOUT SURVIVAL, Not setting up shop to stay there, forever. How would you know, who owes anything? Prove it. Records may be destroyed.
      And, who cares? SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST. 3-30-2017
      Government land, the very land that GOVERNMENT, would not want us, on? I SAY, it will be obama who does evil.

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      • Rick November 7, 22:11

        Obama is illuminati. Look up Agenda 21 – they really are trying to kill us. Their depopulation is drugs, foreign doctors who are killing Americans, and foreigners in CDC who have written rules preventing Americans from getting pain relievers.

        Why aren’t any of you planning on fighting?

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  17. Muscoe July 15, 15:50

    When something major happens where do you think all the “refuges” will be heading? Yep, the same places you have mentioned. They may be lazy but they aren’t stupid! They know where all the “goodies” will be. You want a place where the living is uncomfortable for part of the year, and survival is difficult but manageable.

    Reply to this comment
    • Robert July 15, 20:25

      Spot on Muscoe.

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    • Colorado Dave December 29, 20:10

      I agree (Colorado). I think it’s hilarious that y’all don’t want to come to the (real) Mountain states. I’m expecting looters would want to be the last ones to attempt it too.

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    • Sweetpea October 29, 19:17

      I would locate to a place where there are a lot of honest people out in the country in small houses away from Wal-Marts and bars in town. There is nothing there for the lefties. They want access to their big box stores and mass apartment buildings. They want plenty of entertainment. You are right that it should be uncomfortable part of the year. That is why I would choose northern Minnesota or Michigan.

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  18. Robert July 15, 20:24

    Interesting comments about bugging out of the cities. I agree that the cities are the last place you want to be in a regional-to-nation-wide crisis. However, if you haven’t already coordinated with like-minded family/friends just what is your plan? I advise town leaderships to immediately set up ways to direct/escort refugees through and around their towns. You should not plan to locate somewhere on the fly…you’ll likely end up in a refugee camp or shot when squatting on someone’s property. Plan ahead!

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    • Sweetpea October 29, 19:59

      I read some posts where homeless people are getting picked up by white vans and nobody sees them again. Many cities no longer want homeless people around. California police are harassing people in campers who have been parked on the street after losing their homes to fires. People need to be able to make friends with homeowners in order to have a place to stay, even if it is just couch surfing. Brush up on social skills and make yourself useful so you will have a place to stay in an emergency. Don’t go to a FEMA camp or get on a FEMA barge.

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  19. Mama Bear August 29, 21:18

    I live in Washington State near a town backed up against the Cascade mountains. The map above showing the different volcanoes is inadequate. There are SO MANY unmarked volcanoes up here it’s not funny! I just recently learned there are hot springs close by to Snoqualmie Pass (midway between Mt. Baker and Mt. Rainier) and since then doing research on Google maps I’ve spotted several unmarked (though some are marked) smaller volcanoes. BTW, hot springs are fed by lava flows close to the surface. So if volcanoes freak you out, I wouldn’t suggest moving to the Cascades. One thing not covered in this article are natural disasters which seem to be coming in spades recently across the nation. Wherever you are it would be a good idea to be prepared for whatever sort of disaster your area is prone to. For instance, recently the folks in Louisianna would have done well to have a small boat available to them. Folks in tornado country should have water, leather gloves and tools to dig themselves and their neighbors out along with a “go to” place to get out of harm’s way when a tornado is bearing down. We here in earthquake/volcano country need leather gloves, face masks, water, tents (for when our houses collapse), and other items for long term survival. Frankly with the geological upheaval I am more concerned about that than the other scenarios.

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  20. Dflemin October 4, 00:08

    What do you think about Corpus Christi, TX on the Gulf Coast? It is a medium size city and the weather is wonderful. It isn’t on the way to a big city like Houston.

    Reply to this comment
    • oceandweller May 19, 00:04

      I think Corpus is great if you have plans to leave Corpus via boat. You could always jump to central America pretty easily, like Belize without much effort, or hop over to the Fl panhandle in the event things got bad in the west. Lot of options for jumping off points from Corpus and most people are not going to be thinking of heading to the beach, granted again your pretty close to the Houston, Austin, Dallas area and the border hence my 30 foot sailboat with diesel recommendation and learning to sail NOW.

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  21. FullDraw October 7, 19:52

    So I’ve read the article and skimmed though the comments and have one thing to say that was totally missed……”the American Redoubt”. I grew up in Chicago, moved to and lived in Texas for over 15 years and when the SHTF for me and my family personally, I spent almost 2 years researching my move before leaving Texas and settling in the Redoubt. The part of the American Redoubt that I moved two not only meets or exceeds all the requirements in the article, it has the highest concentration of Prepared minded people I’ve seen throughout my business travels over the last 30+ years….and believe me when I say that like BHO, “I’ve been to 57 states with just 3 left to go” 🙂 . So I’d ask the author if the American Redoubt was considered and if so it should be reconsidered. Lastly, since moving here in the last year and a half, the local and state politicians have been moving legislation that makes this area even more favorable…not less to rugged individualists yet there is a large and growing community and network of like minded people that give of their time to educate and train others to see to it we are safe on the day, month and year after.

    Happy prep’ing everyone!

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    • timmytrucker December 14, 01:49

      what is the AMERICAN REDOUBT? never heard of it.

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      • oceandweller May 19, 00:07

        Great place where I would be if it wasn’t so far from family, friends, my fishing, the ocean, and a little too cold for my taste, Idaho. Everybody from socal and san fran will storm Oregon and Washingtons seaboard via interstate.

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    • Wally December 26, 22:11

      The American Redoubt is a movement for preparedness that is based out of the Idaho/western Montana region.
      They also have a real estate company, which makes me question their intentions.

      Reply to this comment
    • Prep This February 4, 20:39

      The American Redoubt has a few problems in the form of major nuclear war targets located in the area, like the large ICBM bases in Malstrom, Montana and Warren, Wyoming or the Idaho National Laboratory with its nuclear reactors developing and testing facilities.

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  22. Lucy November 25, 19:26

    Wow, what a thought provoking article! Entertaining, along with the ideas, too. Question: When you all talk about a “small” or “moderate” sized town, what size does that mean? Not New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, for sure, but are we talking 20,000? Or 500?

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  23. Prepared December 1, 04:31

    I agree with a fellow above, the Ozarks are the safest for every reason. I also agree the Smokey Mnts are too close to high population centers. The Cascades have 7 dormant or active volcanoes and are right next to Cascadia Fault which is stuck right now and expected to devastate any moment. The scientists and prophets have warned 9.0 to 9.2 which is at a level where rocks liquefy. The tsunami will wipe out 100% of everything west of I-5 and that means the mountain areas east of there will have pretty horrible devastation. You might also, in your look for a “safe” area, look at the US Navy map for the New Madrid Fault. Choose Wisely.

    Reply to this comment
    • Homesteader December 15, 01:39

      You just have to know where to go in Appalachia to get away from so many people. Most want to be around places like Gatlinburg or Asheville. But back in the hills and hollars, you’ll find a lot of like-minded folk when it comes to being self-sufficient. Some places are not that easy to get to if you don’t know the area. I think I’m in a pretty good location if/when things go south.

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    • Maineapple February 25, 18:32

      How many miles inland do you think the tsunami would extend? I am in Maine so am wondering how far inland such a tsunami may reach. Thanks.

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      • Sweetpea October 29, 19:33

        I am not sure but move in a long way from the coast. Also locate near the Canadian border. It might be safer up there in the event of martial law. There are plenty of lakes and freshwater in Canada. Migrants don’t seem to like remote areas where people are hunters. There are no shopping malls or Walmarts.

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  24. Anonymous December 19, 17:57

    If in fact S really does HTF here, 99% of us will likely be sent to concentration camps or offed by secret agencies of some form or another. If you do “own” land you will relinquish it to the state or agency that really does “own” it (ie. the same people you pay land taxes to). When and if you’re able to return to it, it may be burned to the ground or doused with chemical agents rendering it useless for growing things or producing sustenance for a time. At this time, everyone will be on the move and the mightier your caravan, the better off you’ll be. Setting up camp overnight to rest will probably be the longest period of time that you’ll be in one spot. In my opinion, a pair of good hiking boots, prior knowledge of wild edibles and cleaning water, a backpack full of guns/ammo and a few other key survival supplies is all you’ll be able to gather before you leave “your” land. If/when you finally are able to return to “your” land you will find it in one of three modes; totally inhabitable, slightly habitable, or already inhabited by forces who don’t like Americans and are in need of slaves to re-build infrastructure.

    He who dies with the most land is, nonetheless, still dead.

    Reply to this comment
    • NICK January 7, 17:01

      So what should we do buy a mobile home???

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    • Nick January 7, 17:07

      Why don’t we have a REVOLUTION? Why wait until troops are so powerful they overwhelm us? Why wait until refugees overwhelm us and steal our property and goods? Why wait until refugees flood our hospitals rendering them useless (this is already happening. I couldn’t get care in the ER. It was packed with illegal aliens using the hospital for free care.)


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      • BillH April 25, 01:05

        US troops will not “overwhelm us”. They are Americans who have taken an oath of allegiance to the Constitution (as I did in 1970). If a city is a death trap, they will follow even arbitrary orders reasonably intended to help the people. But I do not see them going door to door to confiscate supplies in rural or even suburban areas. They will have enough to do trying to help the helpless without getting involved with others.

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  25. Jan February 22, 17:22

    No one has mentioned proximity to military bases. Also, uranium is prevalent in much of the south east. NC, AR, SC, VA, MO. The Florida armpit is a major grenade factory. And, watch out for the pythons, feral pigs, and panthers in much of Florida.

    Reply to this comment
    • oceandweller May 19, 00:12

      Jan, feral pigs are a good thing if your hungry, we eat them quite a bit as they make pretty good bacon and decent pulled pork. Panthers are nearly non existent except for a few areas. Pythons are the same, invasive and the odds of you getting attacked by a python are 1/1000 of getting killed by lightning in FL. I am guessing you haven’t been out a lot hunting in the panhandle and if your hungry you can eat a panther, python, and certainly pigs ‘more reasons to live on the fl gulf coast an hour away from the coast.

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  26. Old prepper March 31, 03:46

    Gee, so many comments about the East coast area. No one talks about S.W. I live in the desert, but can drive to the mountains, where I know a spring is, from snow run off. I’ve already had my go bag, filled up, for many years. Every so often, I change out my canned goods, and some meds. I have everything I need in that bag, and some toilet paper! Then some mountain leaves would have to do.☺ This is meant, just for a few days.I also made a list of what I packed. I have can opener, knives, utensils, string, duct tape and more.My car is stocked with an old feather pillow and quilt. Urinal for female. All, I am saying is, I have thought about this a long time. I can shelter at home where all my food storage is/ water, or make a run for it. I make sure my gas tank is never lower, then ONE FOURTH of a tank. Oh, I am a woman, and determined to be self-sufficient, as much as I can and a senior. ☺ Right now making some hard tack. 3-30-2017

    Reply to this comment
    • Bog-Jumper February 20, 22:39

      Nice! What state are you in? And do you think droughts can ever happen where you live?

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    • imapreppertoo October 6, 03:27

      You can move here in the SW ozark area. I’m near a small town but well over an hour to any city. Elevation good. Water good. Fertile ground. Wildlife plenty. Cattle too. Nobody talking about the earth slowing and sea level rising because the centrifugal force will be less at equator and water will flood coastal areas. Shreveport and Houston near same elevation. They say gulf will be on AR LA state line. Miss river will be too wide. East of river will be worst place. Too many people.

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  27. Cd April 26, 03:35

    Stay out of the Ozarks, we have canabels.

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  28. Eddie September 16, 04:30

    Most of the comments raise better points than the article. As stated before if SHTF densely populated areas are a no go. But I grew up in the Poconos and think the Northern Appalachians is viable but too many large cities on the east coast within a days driving distance. Another down fall with the east is humidity and that breeds mosquitoes. Mosquitos carry disease. The Cascades have already active or over-due fault lines. Plus to the west you have rising shores and to the east you have the threat of the super volcano in Yellowstone.
    I chose Montana as my dooms day home because of the following reasons;
    1. Lack of port cities or even cities period. The cities here are what most call large towns. The closest port city is Seattle and in the event of a nuclear or biological attack the eastward winds on average, dip below Montana
    2. Small town mentality. Everyone brings something to the table but we all have the same goal of survival. Therefore we will barter before steal and those who will steal are known because everyone talks ( good or bad)
    3. It gets cold. People fear cold but the good thing about cold is that it gives you a clean slate. The cold kills disease ridden insects. They ground temp stays the same so I can retreat to the ground during the freeze.
    4. This is a zone three almost four vegetation. With some greenhouses in can grow zone 1,2&3 vegetables and fruits. If you’re down south you’ll need power to grow upper zone vegetation.
    5. Where I’m at it is sunny 85% of the year. Sun equals power. On days that aren’t sunny, we get a pretty good wind whipping through for turbines.
    6. My water is tested clean and my water table is only 15ft deep. Rocky soil that filters and I have multiple wells
    7. Yes we have wildfires but they can be mitigated. I have a sprinkler system that keeps the grass and trees immediately around my house well watered and green. Outside of that 30ft buffer I will be building a rock wall as a barrier. Beyond that I just have to keep my lawn maintained. Doesn’t have to be green but cut low when it starts drying out so that it doesn’t have much fuel.
    8. Wild life. A lot of rural areas have wildlife but Montana is perhaps one of the most visited places for game hunting and fishing.
    9. Weeds. On my property alone I have naturally growing weeds that have medicinal value. The Mullen plant can be made into a tea for respiratory health. I also have aloe( but who doesn’t). I have White Mans Foot all over my driveway which can be used as an anti inflammatory, antibiotics and a coagulant

    I personally believe that this location will last the longest in the majority of dooms day scenarios. Please feel free to convince me otherwise. Any downfalls this location has can be retrofitted to atleast protect my family and I.

    Another thing I like is that if I decide to build something, I don’t get questioned. The Zoning police aren’t visiting me to make sure my buildings are permitted.

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    • Sweetpea October 29, 20:04

      Michigan is heavily regulated on just about everything. Zoning police are really bad, although I would probably move up farther north in my state.

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    • Wally December 26, 22:29

      Eddie, I would like to know more about Montana! I am aware that the winters are a whole different animal than what we have in Arkansas. I would have to be re-educated if we moved there. But there are numerous things about your state that I admire: the mountains, the proximity to canada, the wildlife, outdoors living, fewer restrictions on landowners. I like Wyoming, but Yellowstone makes me nervous. The Fallout maps also make me leary of Central Montana and Southern Idaho. I also have to consider raising a family and being close enough to schools. Wish I could visit with you1

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      • Eddie December 31, 03:17

        Wally, I’ve grown up with winters. Most of my duty stations while in the Navy didn’t have winters. That’s why I wanted to make my forever home in Montana so I could get back to winters. Plus since my kids were born while I was in the Navy, they never experienced winters. Much further east past the Dakotas gets too humid for me. Although I grew up in Eastern PA, I’ve grown accustomed to the dryer areas. I have family in the out skirts of Little Rock AR and was miserable each time I visited. Winters are all subjective. I travel for work so I don’t have to work outside in the winter weather. If I get cold, I just go inside.. Logical I know but I personally enjoy winter activities so any answers I may give you about the pros and cons about the winters are tipped toward my liking it. You could talk to someone who has to work outside during the winter and they would probably tell you they hate it.
        As for schooling, I have two kids in school here. The great thing about the schools here rather than urban schooling is that my kids have more opportunity for learning “survival” subjects. My son participates in 4H which teaches him many different activities that would benefit him in a survival scenario. Both of my kids entire grades are all in one classroom of approximately 25 kids. Smaller classroom sizes gives teachers more time for each child. The content is just as good as any school I attended and I don’t consider myself to be an idiot. (my wife may argue that point) But either way, my kids school, spite it’s size, has great programs and a good rating.

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  29. Kiana December 27, 05:43

    I have returned to the US a few months ago after leaving my sustainable homestead in Central America due to uncooperative neighbors and crappy local government. I have purchased 40 acres in an intentional off-the-grid community in N. Central Nevada. This location goes against some of the criteria mentioned in the post. I am using my permaculture experience to microclimate my land and green the desert using swales. Additionally, using a green house vegetable/herbal medicine garden, water harvesting system, completely off the grid house, 120ft well, and chickens to be fully self sufficient. The location is above a good aquifer and far away from civilization. I guess my question is, if you create a self sufficient zone within the desert is it really that bad of a place to be? Isn’t it the last place anybody would want to go wandering around? I guess I’m confused why the high desert is always listed as such a terrible place to be in the event of an apocalyptic type situation. Am I missing something?

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    • Gongolian December 22, 10:45

      I think that’s a fine place to be and even better assuming you know where nearby natural spring sources are. There are actually quite a few natural springs throughout Nevada that hardly anyone knows about. A lot of the springs are hot water and are sourced very deep so it’s all about having knowledge of them. Assuming you can bioscape (“desert greening”) on even a small scale, water really is the only other necessity in the desert for survival because, at least in Nevada, there is a lot of jack rabbit and coyote… not to mention other smaller critters to eat. Energy is obviously abundant if you can get a windmill and/or solar.

      By the way, where were you in Central America if you don’t mind me asking? I’ve traveled through most of there and was thinking about relocating there myself… although your comment is a bit troubling.

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  30. david December 29, 02:15

    What if your an apartment renter when SHTF. My own suggestion for my own question… would be to maybe purchase a small piece of acreage (the more I can purchase the better), and then whenever I could, put a camper on it, or a trailer. Then if SHTF…go there and build accordingly. ie; cabin,ect. My point is (or question)… could it be “wise” to go ahead and purchase land even if no living quarters are there yet? I’m posting this comment in the spirit of a poor person who is in beginning stages of prepping. Any other ideas? Is mine doable and wise?

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    • dp December 29, 02:36


      it depends on your situation. That is not actually a cop out because very situation is different. Do you have kids? Do you have a job that ties you to the city? Are you able to rough it?

      If you buy a sizable piece of property, then some companies will build on credit depending on your equity or ownership of the land. There are many people who get started by putting one of these prefabbed storage buildings on otherwise unimproved land.

      Getting you and your things out to the country AFTER SHTF is likely to be a major problem for you. Keeping other people from stealing your supplies with no one there to watch them, or just squatting on your land and needing to be driven off may be a major problem after SHTF.

      Living in an apartment, and having unprotected property in the country is probably the 2nd least workable plan right after living in an apartment, and having no where to go.

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    • Sweetpea October 29, 20:00

      Make friends with a homeowner and know some things to make yourself useful. There is a good chance that they will allow you to do couch surfing while cooking, cleaning, or fixing things. I read some posts where homeless people are getting picked up by white vans and nobody sees them again. Many cities no longer want homeless people around. California police are harassing people in campers who have been parked on the street after losing their homes to fires. People need to be able to make friends with homeowners in order to have a place to stay, even if it is just couch surfing. Brush up on social skills and make yourself useful so you will have a place to stay in an emergency. Don’t go to a FEMA camp or get on a FEMA barge.

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      • dp December 31, 06:29

        Sweetpea… I was just going to say that David could find a friend with rural property. It is going to take many people to defend a property if SHTF…

        You won’t be a burden, but rather a valued watch stander and help mate.

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  31. KDC July 12, 19:59

    The Cascade Range is not a good place to move to. It’s ready to explode as the “plates” are pushing against each other. I would stay clear of that area.

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  32. Kasara September 20, 15:14

    You really found a way to make this whole prseocs easier.

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  33. Rick October 5, 13:21

    Adirondack Park in NY.

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  34. KDC October 5, 14:55

    I would NOT suggest the Cascade region. This region is syzmatically unstable. In short, they are ready to explode.

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  35. Bill October 6, 01:22

    For all the advice on this cite, in mho the best is having friends you can trust. I have found that when you need to do something, or make something, somebody in the your group has done it or knows how to do it

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  36. Oldprep October 10, 04:23

    Read the article and all the following entries containing good information. But there are a few things not mentioned here that I think can be important.

    One is that you will be better off if your shelter uses a septic system, for your sewage, rather than sewer pipes to a sewage plant. A community sewage system relies on pumps and continual maintenance to keep operational. This means it will stop working soon after a meltdown, where a septic tank will probably continue for 10-20 years without maintenance. I prefer to have ours pumped every 10 years for the 2 of us, which is probably over kill. Not having to deal with your shelter’s sewage would be one less thing to have to deal with in a meltdown.

    Another concern would be Nuclear power plants. Since winds tend to blow more often from West to East, I would choose to have no nuclear power plants west of my shelter. Same could be said for most likely nuclear targets.

    Another concern should be fires, especially wild land or forest fires, depending on where you shelter is. I would expect that there would be no 911 or fire departments to come to the rescue. Whether a fire is started by lightening or set intentionally to burn you out, means you would be your first and last line of defense. But this does not have to be the end of your world.

    I’ve been studying forest/structure interface fires for many years. Skipping details to the bottom lines, there are no guarantees in fire situations. But we can talk in probabilities. Point one is that, statistically, 90% of the houses that burn are caused by blowing hot embers, not flame contact or radiated heat. This means that you can greatly improve your shelter’s survival by sealing off places embers can lodge. This includes your attic vents and crawl space vents. Calk or seal off any other holes or cracks in the exterior of your structure. Blow (or sweep) the tree debris off your roof and clean out your rain gutters. Even with a class A fire resistant roof, a gutter fire can work up under your roof at the eves. Do not stack fire wood or other combustibles next to your house where an ember could lodge. Remove dry grass, including wood chips in a flower bed, away from your house at least a few, to several feet. Even with fire resistant siding, an adjacent fire can work up underneath of it. I like pouring a concrete sidewalk, where possible, around the house to keep the combustibles away. Do not have shrubs or trees growing next to your house resulting in flame contact. From what I’ve learned, hot embers will just bounce off well maintained wood siding. Looking further out, clear your shelter’s surrounding space 20-50 feet out of combustible vegetation. The larger the combustible tree or other object, the further away it needs to be to keep its radiated heat from igniting your house.

    If a raging forest fire burns through your area, it will only be at your location from 1-10 minutes. There will be a lot of hot coals and minor fires left in its wake, but the main front and heat will be gone. So, if you’re up to it, and decide to stay and protect your house (which, statistically, greatly improves its chance of survival), than one plan might be to step inside when the front moves through. Before and after that time, one can be outside putting out small spot fires on or around your prepared house.

    This can all be done with no water! If you have water available, then it’s a whole new ball game. With a small amount of water, I would first soak my clothes from head to shoes and use it to apply toward small spot fires. Also, there is a chemical additive called Pyocool that greatly extends the water’s extinguishing ability. In its sealed container, it has a shelf life of 10-15 years. Very small quantities in water goes a long way. If you have water under pressure, the best defense is rain bird type sprinkles on your roof. Not so much to protect your class A fire resistant roof, but to go as high and far as possible into the surrounding trees and vegetation. The end result is a protected house surrounded with a green donut of vegetation. From my studies, this is about as close as one can get to 100% survival. This short You Tube video is one of many examples found on line.
    One also has to avoid inhaling smoke and carbon monoxide. Wearing head protection, like your chain saw helmet, might be a good start toward protection from falling tree debris.

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    • Auckland Escapee October 10, 07:17

      Oldprep, your offering was indeed illuminating, most preppers think about bugging out to a mountain forest hideaway like they have done on many public holidays or long weekends, seldom do they think about the hazards of fire. A truly great addition to the info that we all need.

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  37. MM1976 October 20, 10:35

    Yep. I’m a Liberal and you’ll definitely want to stay away from me and my family (insert sarcasm). We have guns and know how to use them if someone came trespassing with the intent to harm anyone or to take what we have. Additionally, I have degrees in technology and I’m very good at taking materials,
    including garbage from any dump site, and turn it into items that will aide in survival. I can build what’s needed for energy sources for wherever we decide to settle, specifically solar and wind energy. I can build my own radios. Hell, if I have pipes and other needed materials, I can literally build a new gun that shoots junk so that’s a big plus when the bullets run out. I know how to find water and purify it, including salt water where I remove the salt from it and make it drinkable. My Liberal father taught me everything I know. Not bad for a woman, much less a Liberal? Conservatives aren’t the only people on the planet privy to survival and, unlike the masses of the Right who turn their backs on people running from horrible situations in other countries, I’d teach others what I know so they could get by as well, including Conservatives. Would any of you help Liberals struggling? Based on what I’ve read here, you wouldn’t. You’d let people suffer, as seen at the borders.
    Advise from a Liberal. In our lifetime, in the very near future, there will be an environmental collapse due to global warming so stay away from the oceans. This will lead to social collapse so I would stay away from cities. Eventually, everyone will be looting. Prepare ahead of time and have years of supplies ready. If you’re going to make a run to raid stores, I’d go after medications, particularly antibiotics and make sure you know a doctor who will know which one you should take for whatever is ailing you. The worst of what can happen will happen. Have a multitude of escape routes. As for us, we have a plane and, since I’m licensed to fly, I can take us to our “shack” that has an underground bunker stocked with 7 years of supplies while we wait for our first crops to come in. It’s big enough for 50 already preselected people, all family and friends that specialize in something that’s necessary. That’s what you get from having an education and I’m still enrolled, at the age of 42, in a West Coast university, learning even more, including triage so, when the shit really hits the fan, I can assist my husband in saving as many lives as possible. Learn traditional medicines because antibiotics will be very difficult to find. It’s a good thing my husband is a doctor. We have gardening covered and we know how to make the soil productive for life to flourish. Stay out of the Midwest (tornadoes) unless you have a bunker or some sort of shelter to survive record breaking weather catastrophes. While the majority of the world will be starving, Trump will leave you behind to go to his special bunker in the mountains. While ours pales in comparison, I’m confident we will survive.
    Do not underestimate Liberals. You may have more guns than we do but it’s the combined intelligence of my own family and friends that will get us through this impending disaster. My last bit of advise is to seek out Liberals like us because, down the road, you’re going to need people like us if you want to have any type of power (energy recourses). When the soil fails to produce crops, you’re going to need someone that knows why. Structural engineering (my brother) is the one that helped design our bunker and it is concealed.
    Good luck without us nerds and knowitalls. You can only get by with brute force for so long before you begin starving and your body begins to literally eat away at your own muscles from malnourishment.
    The only thing I agreed with in this article are the hippies because I am a tree hugging, dirt worshipping, pagan hippy chick. It would be your luckiest day to come across me during the apocalypse. Good luck.

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    • Wally December 26, 22:09

      I respect much of what you said. I don’t think conservatives are the only ones who will know how to survive. The whole don’t judge a book by it’s cover thing applies. You came out in a way like many do on these forums, like you know more than the others. This is natural, I think. Especially, considering many on here are conservatives, politically. I think you have good ideas in preparing a team of folks with diverse skills to meet the needs of your community.
      Politically, I hate democrats and republicans. They are the two of the groups I believe to be most responsible for the decay of our society and the greed. Both groups cater to the elite and powerful. Liberals and conservatives have gone so far astray. The Republican party cares only about the corporations and the desires of CEOs. Not a care at all about the middle class or the protection of our environment. Democrats care only about their own elites on Wall Street, and pretend to care for the poor. However, Dems don’t care a bit to create real help to lift the poor out of welfare, nor do they care for the middle class. I have a liberal side to my mind in that I do believe that we as a species need to do what we can to protect the unalienable rights to every human being as laid out in our Constitution. I also believe that we have to at least strive to find some delicate balance between protecting our natural world and the need to support our economy. These are very difficult questions. Common sense gets thrown out the window all too often by both sides. Compromise has been forgotten. The folks who are working and paying taxes are forgotten.
      I would advise you to not underestimate the brutes you refer to in your post, however. Country boys know how to survive. Especially, when technology fails. I think we will eventually see that we can help each other. If in fact we want to help each other, instead of ruling over each other.
      I have come to develop much admiration for the ways of our Native American brethren. They found ways to survive and thrive in areas that we see as desolate and undesirable. I admire how the Tribes lived as a community, more like an extended family. The wise elder women of many tribes were often the ones who appointed the councilmen. The councilmen were no more important than the women, or each other. They sought balance. They were not perfect, but they had a beautiful way of life. I think we have much we could learn from them.

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    • Brutus December 28, 12:36

      Ok tree hugging, dirt worshipping, pagan hippy chick – let’s say with all your intelligence (?) and the team you’ve set up you still don’t survive.

      Where are you going in the next life?

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    • kelkar62 March 12, 22:15

      Served! Well said, madam. Although I’m a conservative and Trump supporter, I would in no way underestimate anyone just because of their political beliefs or advanced education, and those who would choose to are just ignorant. P.S. Could you use a 51st? We could have some fantastic debates in the bunker, I’m an awesome cook, gardener, baker, hard worker, brave, resourceful, smart, and more. ; )

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    • sisterbee March 22, 20:27

      that is PRESIDENT trump to you! like obama or worse, hillary care about anyone?!?
      oh, you dont sound like you are prepping for your whole VILLAGE. so..what a hypocrite.
      and btw…a plane will be pretty easy to spot.

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    • Eddie November 16, 21:43

      I’ve read your message in it’s entirety and you did a great job of using a lot of words to say absolutely nothing.
      1. Liberals had their chance in CHAZ to showcase their survival skills and fell flat on their faces. Spectacularly I might add.
      2. I’ve read most of the comments on this page and don’t recall anyone using their political vantage point as a superior one in a dooms day survival situation.
      3. When S.H.T.F, your political affiliation is going to be the last thing on my mind. I’m going to weighing in my mind whether you’re going to be an asset or a hinderance. If you’re the latter than away with you. In the beginning, I don’t think even you, contrary to what you may believe, has the capability to take care of more than you’re immediate family. Unless you already have a stash, facilities and crops growing, the idea of immediately being prepared to take care of your 15 selected families, is highly unlikely.

      What I think happened, is that you read some of these comments and felt threatened that you’re not as prepared as you would like or need to be. So you decided to comment on how much better you are than us. How much more you can do than us. How much more educated you think you are than us. And how much more we will need you than you need us. About the only good thing you said in your comment was about the meds and stockpiling them. BUT many people have already talked about herbal medicines and unlike your meds from your enormously successful Doctor husband, they don’t have a shelf life. The problem with storing medications is that they are packed dry powders. That makes them hygroscopic and useless after a certain time.
      In a survival situation, I wish you the best of luck. But as for your comments, you can take your petty bullshit elsewhere. We are in this forum sharing knowledge, not measuring dicks.

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      • dp December 9, 08:11


        CHAZ survival skills in a nut shell… (this is absolutely true)
        Someone threw some dirt on the sidewalk. Someone threw some seeds on the dirt. Everyone asked, “when do we eat?”

        I’m still processing how you become that stupid????? LOL

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  38. dp October 20, 16:52

    MM1976 – I could only read so much of your self aggrandizing drivel. But here is a reply to what part I could stomach to read.

    You are not a liberal… socialists and communists co-opted that term from true classic liberals like the ones that built this country, so you are a socialist at best and probably a communist at heart.

    Conservatives have no problem with helping other people, we just want to decide how much of OUR money goes to the cause, and where and how it gets spent. socialists like you seem to think that the answer is to give OUR MONEY to a government who can’t balance their own budget, and let them decide how OUR MONEY gets spent.

    Let me give you an example: probably 40 or more families could be helped in their own country with the money that socialists spend to bring one “refugee” to our country, and put them on a lifetime welfare program.

    News flash: These are not the poor and downtrodden that are showing up at our border, because they have the money to make the trip. That’s $1000’s of US dollars in countries where the mean income is maybe $500 US per year.

    The real poor and downtrodden die in their own country, while virtue signaling socialists parade these wealthy financial migrants before the TV cameras.

    Good luck to you and your’s in a disaster, but socialists and communists make me sick… Plenty of socialist and communist countries to choose from out there… I’ll buy your ticket, no need to ruin the only bastion of individual freedom left in this world. I suggest France, or Sweden. Plenty of socialist government control, and “refugees” to help in both of those countries… let us know how it works out for you living in your utopia country.

    BTW, Global warming is a hoax plain and simple. The globalists have been predicting the end of the world in the next 5-10 years since the 1970’s. It is a control and taxation scheme plain and simple. The real problem with the world is that people and governments keep burning up the rain forests, and not CO2 which is what plants breath in symbiotic relationship with animals.

    That is all that I can stomach to read or to address of your post. Good luck to you and yours.

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  39. Oldprep October 20, 20:18

    MM1976 walks in with both guns blazing! Ah – ok – so you’re a Liberal Trump hater, and a woman that’s able to protect herself, with maybe kids (going by your picture). I guess that’s nice to know. But what does that have to do with prepping for survival? The rest of us here have been contributing our combined knowledge for the good of whoever reads it. What do you have to contribute, other than beware of Liberal preppers? We don’t care what your political position is. That would be for a different discussion.
    I think our general position is that we would like to see people from all walks of life set up to survive a meltdown. That would mean, less of our energies would be needed to support or defend ourselves from non-preppers when such a time comes.

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    • Amy December 31, 13:26

      Trump is not the man you think he is. I was fooled by the act put on between him & Hillary and I voted for him. He’s owned by the Vatican and has every intention to collapse America. I suggest you do in-depth research. Search: “Trump throwing satanic hand signs” “Trump is illuminati” – you’ll learn what I have: America is done. We don’t get to vote for a good candidate – it’s all a setup. Trump is going to continue the process of collapsing America while saying otherwise. Oh he’ll do some modest changes to fool everyone while the illuminati’s plan continues to be implemented, but he’s no Patriot.

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  40. dp October 20, 22:38

    MM1976 – after reading the rest of your post I have to say…

    You really are an arrogant, pompous ass, aren’t you?

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    • Joe December 28, 13:12

      I was set to undergo a critical, life-saving operation and the hospital told me that if I didn’t cough up the co-pay they were refusing the operation! That same hospital is forking out MILLIONS to pay for migrants TB treatment in negative pressure rooms. WHO IN HECK IS THE POOR AND DOWNTRODDEN? YOUR OWN FELLOW-AMERICANS!
      My spouse had to work 2 jobs – up at 3:15 a.m. and work until 9 p.m. until collapse. Fell asleep at the wheel and got into an accident. AMERICANS ARE BEING DRIVEN TO DESPAIR AND OVERWORK TO CARE FOR MS. SOCIALISTS “POOR” REFUGEES! WE LIVED IT! AND ARE LIVING IT!
      Two of my friends committed suicide because they couldn’t afford their medical care. Another had her house taken to pay medical bills. And migrants walk into any hospital and get free medical care without a worry in the world.
      Trump is illuminati by the way. He’s implementing the same garbage as Obama.
      It’s only when Americans fight that it will change, or God ends the world.

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  41. Sweetpea October 29, 19:22

    I would locate to a place where there are a lot of honest people out in the country in small houses away from Wal-Marts and bars in town. There is nothing there for the lefties. They want access to their big box stores and mass apartment buildings. They want plenty of entertainment. You are right that it should be uncomfortable part of the year. That is why I would choose northern Minnesota or Michigan. Lots of lefties don’t like shoving deep snow. People in these areas are mostly kind, unpretentious, and hard workers.

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  42. Ann November 7, 19:43

    If you find yourself in the cascade region make sure you are on the east side. The west is full of “zombies”

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  43. Pablo December 6, 03:24

    You are missing the Black Hills of SD. Plenty of remote locations, but close to Rapid City. Truly a gem in the Midwest.

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  44. Wally December 26, 21:32

    This is my first post after visiting this site over the past couple of years randomly. I love hearing everyone’s input.

    I’ve lived all forty years of my life in the Arkansas River Valley, between the Ozarks and Ouachitas of Arkansas. I agree with many points others have made about the possibility of survival here in case of SHTF. Personally, I like the river valley. Good for hunting, close to national forest lands, and more locations for growing crops vs the highlands. However, the population of Western and NW Arkansas continues to grow. If I-49 ever gets completed Fort Smith will become one of the transportation crosshairs of the US, and more growth will come. Wal-mart released a study a couple of years ago that projects the Fort Smith area to steadily grow to over 120K and the Fayetteville-Springdal-rogers-Bentonville region of NWA to reach 1 million by 2040. I don’t like hearing about this growth, but it’s coming. Tysons and the Waltons will make sure of it.

    Another question I have is if anyone can share any resources and experiences they have with developing preparedness skills as a family? After growing up on a farm, I have forgotten much of what I was taught. Having lived most of my married life in the cities of Little Rock and Fort Smith, it has been difficult to give these opportunities to my kids. How do many of you find balance in regards to time management, raising a family. We are a family of six, with kids who have their own unique interests and activities. This presents a unique challenge in finding time and energy to share old world experiences with our kids.

    My wife and I hate the system that our society has created. There are so many opportunities today, but few of those created by the system supports people who want to live off the land, in a sense of community, spending time with neighbors and family, and being self-sufficient.

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    • dp December 27, 07:19


      I currently live in NLR, and looking to buy property in NWA. The problem is that I have property in NLR, so until that sells…

      Anyway, I am a member of a group which basically helps other Arkansans during any emergency situation or natural disaster, and we also share information, resources, and training among ourselves. It is a good group for meeting with like minded people here in the Natural State.

      If you are interested in learning more, or just getting together for discussion, then contact me via this post and I will get my contact information to you some how.

      It is always good to meet new folks with an interest in prepping who live close by.

      Take care,

      Dan P.

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      • Wally December 27, 15:26


        We lived in Sherwood for about 6+ years before moving to Ft Smith. Much of my family now lives in NWA, and I know there are a lot of folks prepping and living off-grid up there. Yes, I am interested in your offer. Wish this site had a format for Private messages

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        • dp December 28, 00:07

          Not a problem brother. I am going to post a temporary email account to one of my servers. You send me an email from your email account with who you are “wally from ask a prepper” and include 4 short random number sequences.

          Example: Wally from ask a prepper 123 567 094 273 (don’t use any of these numbers. lol)

          When I get the email I will post here (this forum thread) with a number 1-4, and then you post here the number sequence that corresponds to that sequence.

          Example: I receive the email and post here: wally, message received – 3

          You reply here: 094

          At that point your email address is verified, and I will send you an email directly from one of my regular email accounts.

          It’s a bit convoluted, but it somewhat verifies any email that I get as coming from you without either of us posting contact info online. Too tired right now to come up with something more elegant. lol

          I will delete the email account once contact is established. It is a temp acct, so I will need to check it manually. Don’t expect an immediate reply.

          Dan P.

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          • Wally December 28, 02:42


            I tried twice after entering the temp email and it came back as undeliverable…

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          • Wally December 28, 02:58

            I tried from two different email accounts. Both got kicked back to me as undeliverable

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          • dp December 28, 03:37


            try to either just click the link, or to copy and paste it rather than enter it by hand.

            If it still doesn’t work after a day, then I will look into it.

            It is a private server, and the email account may not be active for 12 hours or so. Also, any difference in the actual email and what you type will make the mail undeliverable…

            Example: Tempacct, temp-acct, or tempacc will not be accepted.

            typos from entering by hand are the most common problem. Capitaliztion, dashes, etc must be perfect or else it is a different address, and you will get an error. There are no spaces in the entire email address.

            Just click the link, and it should automagically open your email program…



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          • dp December 28, 03:52

            Sorry, tried it from another account and I got an error also. It is basically an unused domain, so give me a day to get it set up…

            It looks like a DNS problem, but I will test it again tomorrow. Since the domain is unused the DNS was set to point to a parking page… I have changed that, but it will take up to 48 hours to promulgate over the entire internet.

            Like I said it was just a quick and dirty one use email account anyway, so I didn’t test it first… sorry, totally my fault for being lazy and sloppy.

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          • dp December 28, 04:14

            OK Wally…

            The DNS changes fixed it, and I got your email.

            Please post seq 2.

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    • Amy December 30, 04:33

      Hi Wally – we didn’t have time until we retired. We were in the rat race. I didn’t like it either but it’s set up that way. I’ve actually thought of leaving America because the police have become so violent, taxes keep going up, prices keep going up – everything but wages. The country has been hijacked by the U.N. who are basically owned by the Vatican who is likely the beast of Revelations.

      We just began prepping but I’ve been uneasy about everything – it can’t go on this way. The intention is for America to collapse and to destroy the middle class. We think it will either be from a terror attack, or when Americans fight against the mass migration here. A relative told me migrants are stealing homes in CO when people go on vacation. Then they can’t get them out. He said people in CO are really angry at the mass migration here. I went to our SS office and was the only American in there. All the migrants were applying for welfare.

      Americans are angry. So something is going to give. I think one of the best things we can do is to pray and to try to alert as many people as you can about the impending collapse.

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      • dp December 30, 04:55

        Amy, you are spot on.

        The SHTF is coming, but please do not be a chicken little. lol

        The time is now to prepare (prep) That is what this website is about. Thank you Claud for giving us this resource. 🙂

        It is not too soon, nor to late to start, so but don’t be crazy about it… you have found many friends here, and there are other places as well that will help you.

        We love you for as long as you love us, and our Republic…

        May GOD Bless you,

        Dan P.

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        • Wally December 30, 22:26

          Good words, DP!

          I love being an American. In many ways I wish that more folks like us would run for the state legislatures, Congress, etc. A friend of mine is in the state legislature. We don’t always see eye to eye, but I know he tries to fight the good fight. There are so many wealthy, powerful entities that try to sink their fingers in and around the throats of these folks who are trying to represent us.

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        • Amy December 31, 13:20

          DP – I have to be chicken little – no one in my circle knows anything about what I have researched because they’re all too busy working, raising families, and in college. I had the time to research and what I learned shook me. Everyone should read up on Agenda 21. Luciferians are actually in power in the highest offices of America. We are being tracked, surveilled, and technology is such that our government uses helicopters that fly overhead and suck all the data out of our cell phones. This is only as good as the person using the data and many people are not honorable. I know someone whose daughter was molested by state police during a traffic stop. State police shot to death my unarmed neighbor’s grandson. We’re not in America anymore Toto.

          I love this country but there is little I can do other than alert as many people as I can to what is really going on.

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      • Wally December 30, 16:46


        It’s funny, well not really, that you brought up the state of affairs here and considering another nation. I talked to my wife about Peru the other day. She said I was loco. I said she was well on her way to learning Spanish! lol Maybe go live with the tribes of the Amazon, wear little, live off of little, drink the ayahuasca and open the consciousness a little…lol
        I have a strong appreciation for diversity, and live in a diverse community. the Hispanics I know will work to provide for the family and are good people. However, there is a war behind the scenes in this country trying to tear us apart. I think much of what you said was right. The most powerful people in the world are the elites in the US, who control policy, and in my opinion, the US owns the UN. I also think over years of the cold war with the CIA and KGB infiltrating each other, there are communist influences within our government.

        My wife and I do not want to wait to take the proper steps after retirement. But as DP stated you can’t live like chicken little. It’s a balancing act. Our society has made the balancing act as impossible as they can, it is a rat race. We are reading the Foxfire Book of Simple Living now and there are so many things I remember my great grandparents and their neighbors doing that are in this book. Makes me feel foolish now that many of these ways are forgotten.

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        • dp December 30, 22:15

          Awwk Wally,

          I can understand that other lands have much to love and appreciate, but we are Sovereign here in the USA… we just need to assert our rights. I can point you toward doing that.

          Other countries have slaves to their government. If you move there you give up freedom for slavery…

          don’t do it, brother.

          This is the only country in the history of the world that ever gave the common man freedom. That is why they hate us so much.

          You are loved and appreciate here, and we need you, and everyone like you to help us retain our freedom…

          …Don’t do it, brother… 🙂 lol

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          • Amy December 31, 13:47

            dp – the techs in Silicon Valley all bought land in New Zealand. They’re expecting a collapse. Your post makes me see that you don’t understand just how far we have gone. I love America as much as anyone else but I don’t see good people in office and I don’t think our votes are always counted. A known pedophile and crook was just voted into office and no one in their right mind would have voted for him. I found evidence of voter fraud in our state and tried to tell someone – no one every responded. This tells me that it’s widely known that there is voter fraud.

            I appreciate the fact that you have chosen to be the group’s spokesperson but please be careful in what you post. People must alert others – 3/4 of Americans are asleep. It’s only when Americans wake up to what is really happening and that they’ve been lied to is when anything will change.

            I’m likely twice your age. Don’t discount the wisdom that comes with age. This isn’t true across the board but in some respects it is.

            God bless you also.

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            • dp January 2, 17:20


              I am far from anyone’s or any group’s spokes person, and unless you are 112, or older then you aren’t even close to twice my age. lol

              I am well aware of Trump’s failings. His connections with the Vatican probably stem from his Mafia connections. You are right about our “representatives” we don’t get an election – we get a selection.

              Big changes likely coming in 2019, so I will hang on and just wait it out. I do not regret voting for Trump. He was the lesser of two evils perhaps, but he has made some positive changes so far. Plenty of good people in this world that are not angels in their personal lives, especially those that have unGodly amounts of disposable income.

              When the collapse comes it will be world wide. You won’t escape it by moving to a 3rd world country. I’m not trying to lecture you, this is just my opinion. I will continue to prep here in the USA, and build good relationships with my neighbors so that we can help, and trust each other if and when SHTF.

              It is good to see other’s who are also awake. Have a Blessed 2019. 🙂

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        • Amy December 31, 13:35

          Wally – I worked with Hispanics who worked hard too. That being said, I went into the SS office and saw migrants – many Hispanics but not just Hispanics – applying for welfare. If you look it up you will see that most immigrants come here and go on welfare. They came into my sister’s store with hair and nails done and would pay with an EBT card. They got all their prescriptions paid for. I’ve had to go without and the government has taken and taken from me to redistribute. I was forced to work when I was deathly sick and following surgery while still cut open. I had to drag myself to work. To see others benefit from that makes me sick. Our taxes have climbed to beyond all reason and even though older we’re still forced to work and scrimp.

          I also know a lot of Americans on disability who are not disabled. Anyone who balances a checkbook knows this can’t go on this way.

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  45. AR15 December 28, 00:03

    wy not northern idaho, the palouse is a good area

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    • Wally December 28, 02:46

      After researching Idaho, especially Northern Idaho, it sounds like a solid option. I believe it’s also home of the American Redoubt, therefore, the number of like minded people will be significant. Black Rifle real estate company caters to preppers looking for communities to move into and be associated with. I know a lot of Kalifornia folks have been relocating to Idaho, Western Montana, and the Jackson Hole area of Wyoming. Some wealthy folks buying up real estate, others seeking to find affordable living.

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    • dp December 28, 04:19

      AR15 – Idaho??? My GOD man, if we ever have a potato famine like happened in Ireland, then the whole state is a gonner…

      Just joking,friend. 🙂

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  46. AR15 December 28, 13:28

    woli, yes, plus the palouse is fertile, juste that i have an obsession with having a sh*T load of game to hunt and apparently, the palouse has no game birds and not much moose, but you can’t get evri thing, i guess. I was considring north central oklahoma or central k y. Sori for sh*ti gramar

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    • Wally December 28, 15:48

      I have had many dreams about moving out to the Rocky’s. Northern New Mexico, although the lack of water. Idaho and Western Montana, and Western Wyoming, although grizzlies and Yellowstone scare me.
      But what my ultimate factor wraps around is familiarity and cost effectiveness, and ability to produce food. Western Arkansas is home and my wife and I have lived our whole lives either in the Ozarks, Ouachitas, or AR River Valley. All of our connections are here. Your knowledge of how to survive and thrive off the land, where to hole up, where to find help, who to trust are key. Also, land is more affordable here. That’s why NW Arkansas has a ton of transplants, that and the economy. Also, I think this area provided amazing beauty with our rolling hills, River bottoms, and flat top mountains. They aren’t as dramatic as the snow capped peaks of the Rockies, but we don’t have to pay as much for land and we don’t have to worry about water rights, grizzlies, temps of 40* below zero. Although our summers can be rough.
      Find what you believe you have the best place to make it taking in all these factors and others that have been mentioned in the thread.

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  47. aAR December 28, 13:32

    dp, what do you mean, friend, 😅

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    • dp December 28, 23:20

      Reference to Idaho Potatoes… Just joking, as Idaho has a lot more going for it than just potatoes, although they do grow some darn fine potatoes. 🙂

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  48. AR15 December 28, 13:36

    dp, lol 🤣🤣

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    • Wally December 28, 17:15

      I am not familiar with Kentucky. I’m sure it is a good place.

      North Central OK would probably be fine. You may be short on trees. I’m just not a fan of flat lands, but that’s just me. Good thing is you can see folks coming for miles away

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      • AR15 December 29, 00:25

        wally, hey, is it normal that i don’t see some of my comments, i cent you one, the one a bout fire wood, and I don’t see it. man i bet that it’s some thing dumb that i don’t know a bout, lol. hope that you can see it thougH.

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        • Wally December 29, 04:57

          It happens to all of us I think. As far as not seeing it immediately.

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          • dp December 29, 19:02

            There is a delay for most comments to show up. I think so that they can filter them first. I use two different browsers, and one of them my comments get delayed, and the other they don’t. It may be cookie based, and depend on how many valid posts that you have made in the past.

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  49. AR15 December 28, 21:56

    do you thing that it’s dumb to exclude states with less trees, i excluded iowa becose of that, trees mean less fire wood, and thats not good but is this dum. I also excluded som other areas like north western colorado and eastern uta because it’s fool of nuclear targets, denver, solte lac city, and all the air force and armi base in colorado

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    • Wally December 28, 22:06

      As far as trees, that’s just me. I don’t have the skill set and knowledge base at this time to create a secure home in a shtf scenario out on the open plains. I wouldn’t know the first thing about building a shelter out of sod or how to create a fire fuel source without wood. I’m sure there are many who have that knowledge.
      I agree that there are numerous hazardous scenarios out west

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  50. Carol December 29, 04:01

    Have you all heard of the New Madrid fault… to cause an earthquake in several US states… not a good place to live… check where these states are (it is 30 years over due)…

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  51. Wally December 29, 05:03

    As far as the New Madrid fault, I am very familiar with it. The greatest damage will occur along the Mississippi River from St Louis down through Memphis. There will probably be some damage as far west as Little Rock. But the western half of Arkansas will most likely suffer minor damage. I hate to think what it will do to Memphis and Jonesboro AR. There is a major gas line through Memphis. Not to mention the stretch of I40 from Memphis to Little Rock carries a huge amount of tractor trailer traffic.
    Makes me think about the earth changes maps where the great lakes empty into the gulf of Mexico. East Arkansas and all the gulf coast go under water in those models

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    • AR15 December 29, 13:18

      wally, yep, am I the only person her not scared at all of yellow stone, apparently, it wil probably never erupte. and might as wel be close to it i prefer exploding in a couple of seconds as a pose to slowly dying frome starvation or some thing

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    • dp December 29, 17:44

      Here is the problem with the New Madrid fault line:

      If you recall the deep water horizon incident where they had the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico, what they actually did was to drill across the New Madrid fault into an oil reserve. That oil sits on top of a caldera very similar to yellow stone… It is huge, and the oil was under tremendous pressure.

      When they capped the oil leak the pressure started sending oil up the New Madrid – basically lubricating it. Oil was coming out of the ground as far away as Ohio if memory serves me right. I may have the state wrong, as it has been awhile since I studied this.

      The New Madrid is overdue for a problem, and when it goes it is subject to completely collapse. Navy maps that project the future USA coastline show this as a huge inland bay taking out roughly half of Arkansas and a large portion of other states. Western, and NW Arkansas should be fine since they sit on top of some solid bed rock.

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  52. AR15 December 29, 22:07

    dp is right, and wally, what my commente about yellow stone.

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    • Wally December 30, 16:31

      I can understand your thoughts on yellowstone. It’s different when you got young kids. At least for us. We want to be somewhere in hopes of seeing them make it.
      If I didn’t have kids, I’d probably have been in the Rockies 10 years ago.

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  53. AR15 December 30, 22:30

    i agree wenne you have kides it’s diferent

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  54. dp December 30, 23:14


    pertty much on point with running for local office… start with the school board, since the children are our future.

    I have been a dirt bag for most of my life… not really an option for me.

    Any bad history will follow you. Expect it.

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    • Amy December 31, 13:59

      That should not prevent you from running for office! If you were a dirtbag for most of your life means nothing! Most of the politicians in office are likely worse dirtbags than you’ll ever be. Trust me on this one. I worked for a politician one time and learned other things over the years. There are worse criminals on the outside of jails many times than those on the inside. I would run for office but am in too bad of shape. I wish to God I’d had. I would have done a better job than 99.9% and so would you have.

      I urge everyone to run for office who thinks they’re strong enough to withstand pressure because politics are corrupt. The woman I worked for told me things go on that you wouldn’t believe.

      Reply to this comment
      • dp January 2, 17:33


        maybe, I misspoke about my past. It is not that I have done terrible things, it is just that I don’t have a spotless record. Anything less than perfection would be blasted all over the news to defeat me in any election…

        the reason is because I am a patriot with no real crimes in my past. Elites only want real criminals, and others that they can control such as pedophiles holding office, so those people get protected and promoted, while a DUI that I got 20 years ago gets blasted across the entire news spectrum… probably 3-4 days before the election, and promoted as if it just happened yesterday.

        The last thing that the power brokers want in office is a patriotic loose canon. They want high level Masons, Satanists, Communists, pedophiles, and other corrupted and controllable people, and if you look around – that is what we have for the most part. lol

        Pretty sure that most of this was predicted in the Bible…

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        • Wally January 8, 01:34

          There are numerous end times prophecies that are could be interpreted as coming to fruition. The Hopi Prophecy is very interesting and seems to be on track as well.

          Not sure where, but I read in someone’s post about a revolution. Not sure I would recommend that. I’m not a politician, and I don’t endorse any party, but the Libertarian ideas of less government and more localization of government are ultimately going to be important.
          I remember watching a show a few years ago, leading up to the end of 2012. They had a round table of experts in various fields who were concerned about potential causes to the end of the world/breakdown of society. Wether the worry was AI taking over, water security, Yellowstone or other cataclysmic event, nuclear war, they all agreed the best way for humanity and our economies and ecosystems to be secured we’re by decentralization of power. Create communities that we’re self sufficient and sovereign.

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          • dp January 8, 05:29


            I would have to agree. The time for revolution is not here yet, and hopefully never will be.

            There is too much at risk for revolution, and I assume that Nick is referring to armed revolution since there is an unarmed revolution/restoration under way right now, and has been for several years.

            The correct way is to beat them at their own game, legally, restore our republic peacefully, and sue them to get our gold back that they stole in 1933 with interest and penalties. Hanging the traitors pretty much goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. lol

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        • Amy December 25, 14:29

          dp praise God an informed person!!!

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  55. ar15 April 23, 18:07

    there is a problemème with the coments

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  56. Randall May 7, 17:25

    If you live near an interstate roadway….. You should really figure out where you are going to put those people and take care of their needs…. when preparing for these events, make sure you think of the instant Army you can put together with dislocated refugees from the Interstate when they can’t travel by car any longer…. They are going to be scared and desperate…and a well prepared family at home with a plan to take in a few select small families will have a loyal security force built into the situation…

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  57. Kat2009 September 27, 16:17

    Don’t see that you mentioned it but I would stay away from major prisons too.

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  58. Gongolian December 22, 10:36

    Personally, I think anywhere from Carson City up towards the Modoc National Forest will be pretty fine. I get that the Reno area is a city but it isn’t a big city and I think many people living in cities will simply perish within months. Those that survive are the ones that may be looting, squatting, and etc. I agree that it’s best to be at least 60 miles away from those urban areas.

    The area that I mentioned does have quite a bit of water and has a decent climate for growing seasons. There is a lot of forest nearby and quite a lot of different game about.

    When all is said and done, I don’t believe that the SHTF scenario will be the end of the world in earnest. Elites will beckon in a universal digital currency and, even though masses will have perished, things will return to a new “normal” for an undetermined time. The real problem arrives when those in power want to chip people to have total control over them…which I think is probably some 30 years away. Their whole game is fooling people to believe that everything is amazing and that the world is headed towards utopia but it’s a lot like gradually turning up the heat on the frog pot. Eventually those so called elites will realize they have no control over the climate that their earlier capitalistic policies f*cked over. The last bet for them will be to run to luxury caves with years worth of freeze-dried foods. Unfortunately, biodiversity doesn’t come back in the course of 30 odds years so their game is zero sum. The human race will cease because we didn’t have the capability to work together to live as part of nature rather than seeing ourselves as above nature.

    When you really think about it, community is probably one of the top things that should be on the list for prepping. So many preppers are going about it alone but really they should be forming communities. I know that some exist but I don’t think that is the prevalent way of prepping. As far as human chipping goes too…it’s probably best to be somewhere far away from 1st World governments to be honest. As counter-intuitive as it may sound, the less technology in a country will probably ultimately equate to more freedom in the future.

    Anyhow, I’m just rambling on…

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  59. THE AR15 December 30, 22:55

    @gongolian your wright it’l be a big cluster fuck in the near future, governments telling us that we need to do something about the climate when they produce the most polution cuz it would inconvenience them to live a more frugal life lol it’s just bs

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  60. Cobb March 14, 05:18

    Where are you dp… if you don’t mind me asking. I am in Houston… and a little concerned where I am located. I would love to move to a safe area away from the big cities.

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  61. dp March 14, 06:20

    Responding to Cobb.

    If you look at the map of the best place in the Ozarks region. North western Ozarks looks like the best. I am down in the LR area.

    Most retired Navy intelligence people retire to NW Ark or Missouri in the Ozarks.

    Why? Because it is solid “red” neck country… God, guns and the constitution. it is solid bed rock. the New Madrid is east of us. If you can fit in… It is solid red, white folks…. then after Armageddon you can thrive here.

    Not just live here, but thrive here for generations.

    There are no ni66ers.

    Meaning that – there are some some country black folk that are welcome to live in peace, but no city bred… “no daddy”, single momma, multi-generation welfare, wanna be rap star/gangsta/youngsta problems.

    It is a good retirement area for peace loving patriots.

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    • Wally August 11, 03:24

      This is one reason I am glad to move my family out of Western Arkansas. There is way too much bigotry. Racial, religious. There is way too much my god is better than your god, or you have to be a member of this religious ideology to be in the club. Conservatives are taking away rights at a pace only slightly behind leftists. I wish there was more libertarianism in the lands. Don’t tell me what to think or do or believe. I can figure those things for myself.
      In a real SHTF, all of the snowflakes of the big four in NWA, Fay-Sdale-Rog-Bentvll, are going to have to spread out to survive and find food. Walmart will run out soon, even if the HQ is there. The chickens will die off soon. Then you will have between 500k plus population spreading out hoping to feed their kids. Water is deep to drill there. Land is not fertile there. The osage only came there to hunt seasonally. And that won’t support the population.

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      • dp August 11, 04:53

        my job her is done. good riddance. not a shot fired, but don’t think that we were ever afraid to shoot you in the head…
        the dogs have to eat too.
        that was coming. we are sick of your kind. let me help you load that moving van snow flake.

        Soooooooooooooooooooooie, pig pig

        Reply to this comment
        • Wally August 18, 15:23

          Snowflake? Sounds like you got snowflake butthurt. How dare anyone think differently than you on the issue of ignorance, hatred, and bigotry. Move your happy arse to rural nevada and find out how tough you are. That’s not mention working 12.5 hour shifts 7 days a week. You need to go have some emotional comfort from your goat.

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