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H2O Dynamo – The Awesome Device That Turns Air Into Fresh Water!

Fellow preppers,

You can throw away your water supplies!

No matter how much water you store, you’ll never have enough. Plus, you’ll make a lot of room in your storehouse for other things.

The newly invented H2O Dynamo occupies a small space and produces an unlimited supply of fresh, clean water, every day! NOT by filtering or desalinizing water that you already have… but PRODUCING water from air!

Pretty Awesome! Here’s how it works:

This innovative technology is inspired from the Israeli Army, who uses it to make water in the desert. This device is based on a simple condensation principle:

It takes the humidity out of the air and transforms it into water… It then filters it and there you go: your unlimited water source.

The device used by the Israeli Army (made by Water-Gen) produces around 50 gallons/day of fresh water.

Chairmen and co-CEO at Water-Gen, Arye Kohavi, says that:

“water transportation is one of the most common reasons for the departure of convoys. These convoys are attacked and have casualties (…) if we can produce the water to the exact point where it is consumed, we spare the need to transport water and reduce the risk and expenses.”

And you know what? He’s right! When the SHTF or in a crisis, I don’t want to have to get out of my house, my hideout or my bag out location to find fresh water. Without food I can last for a few weeks (4-7), but water is something I have to constantly search for.

There is also a similar device commercialized in Australia, but it costs $1600 plus it consumes a lot of electricity. Here is their video:


A Water Generator will soon become indispensable, especially now that a NASA study predicts 100 years of Mega-Drought.

H2O Dynamo – A Device for Preppers

H2O Dynamo2First of all, the H2O Dynamo is something most of us can afford (to simply make at home) … compared to the technology used by the Israeli Army or the Australian device.

Second, the H2O Dynamo is adapted for home and emergency usage. It occupies only a small space of your room, and it truly gives you (and your family) water independence!

More so, economically, it is really good investment! You can use the H2O Dynamo to produce your daily fresh water, if you want. Just think about the amount of money you spend on water now… The average American drinks 180 gallons of bottled water per year… so most of us spend a few hundred dollars (per year) only on drinkable water.

The H2O Dynamo produces 10 gallons of fresh, pure and clean water per day…

…enough for 3-4 families. So, if you want… you can associate with your neighbor, a friend or another prepper to buy or make one.

Here is the video that explains why you should consider making a H2O Dynamo, how it was first build and…

Get the Step by Step DIY video Guide!

Like this info, but not interested in building one? Share this info with your friends:

Comments 38

  1. DON says:


  2. bob says:

    Sorry! Global Warming/Climate Change is NOT a Hoax! But your site is! I’m a retired Meteorologist with 20+ years studying our Weather and Climate! WHAT ARE YOUR CREDENTIALS IN THE FIELD???????

    Did you like this comment? 1
    • Casper27292 says:

      Where’s your credentials???

      Did you like this comment? 3
    • Repulsive says:

      That’s funny you choose to say you are a meteorologist seeing a majority of meteorologists do not believe in man made global warming including the founder of the Weather Channel. You are obviously one of the less intelligent ones, perhaps a quota fill if I were to guess. Either way, studying the weather for that long and coming to your absurd conclusion means you actually never really studied it did you? You just coasted through your time reading off the instrument data and computer printouts never firing a single independent thought from your mononeuron head. Classic Climatard !

      Did you like this comment? 14
    • Micah says:

      If you’ve been a meteorologist for 20 years, then you should know that global warming is, indeed, a hoax. I don’t know about the h2o dynamo, but I know that any scientist who has studied the facts knows that global warming is a hoax to control the population, and not at all based in reality.

      Did you like this comment? 12
    • TC says:

      Sorry BOB! Global Warming/Climate Change IS A HOAX!!
      Sad you worked all those years and believe the BS lies of the NWO elite. Don’t need credentials, just common sense and a BIBLE. Truth of what is going on since Creation thru to the END!!!

      Did you like this comment? 12
    • yashua says:

      Climate change, Yes! Without question. Climate change has been going on from the beginning of time. It is called (NEWS FLASH) WEATHER. Politicians trying to scare the begessus out of us with global warming is a reality. Their pronouncements are BOGUS! To much awful science involved in the GW Hoax.
      There are too many “people of science” with an agenda involved with this hoax to have any credibility regardless of their credentials. Have a “weather” day.

      Did you like this comment? 9
      • Marlene says:

        Weather and climate are two different, but related, things.

        Now. climate change is real, but evidence of it being a result of human activity is lacking. It appears to be just part of an ongoing natural cycle. If you want to debunk human-caused climate change, please do your homework and present some real arguments.

    • Ausvirgo says:

      Sorry bob, but these guys aren’t going to let the facts get in the way of a good story.

      It’s sad though that at least one respondent to your comment believes, or at lest claims, that “a majority of meteorologists do not believe in man made global warming”, as I’m pretty sure that that’s fake news.

      Did you like this comment? 5
    • dz says:

      bob, you are correct that climate change is very real, but you forgot to mention that climate change has been occurring on Earth for several million years, long before homo-sapiens started using sticks and rock for tools. It has something to do with solar activity, and appears to be cyclic over hundreds and even thousands of years. Tell me bob, what caused the last big Ice Age, and the several other Ice Ages real geologists, by their factual research, have discovered have occurred several times during the history of the Earth. And what is truly amazing is that after the Earth had cooled down so drastically as to cause Ice Ages, it has always warmed up again, all without any human involvement!

      Now if you had mentioned pollution that is caused by modern human activity, you may have had some credibility, but as a “meteorologist” spouting BS about climate change, you suck at research and posting factual information.

    • Daniel Robinette says:

      A wise man once said… You can’t add to a full cup. Your cup is full… of your credentials. Another wise man said… it is better to stay silent and have others think you are ignorant than to open your mouth and prove them correct.
      The science is proven. Just not accepted by your past teachers.
      Stay blessed.

  3. Bassman says:

    Isn’t this just a dehumidifier? I’ve had one for years.

    • EdC says:

      Add a fancy water filter then it’s pretty much a dehumidifier.

    • Marlene says:

      I was going to make this same comment. I have one of these magical machines in my basement, keeping it nice and comfy.

    • Marlene says:

      I was going to say the same thing! I have one already in my basement. Paid a little over $100 for it years ago and have enjoyed a comfy basement for years while “producing” loads of water.

    • dz says:

      Bassman, it sure looks like a dehumidifier mounted on top of a water drum that the top has been cut to fit the dehumidifier so it drains into the water container. I think it would be easier to place the dehumidifier in a location higher than your water container, run a drainage hose from the dehumidifier down into the container, turn it on and check every couple of hours to see if it’s condensing enough water out of the air and if it is collecting in your container. Costs: whatever the dehumidifier, drain hose, water container, and electricity to run it cost, so why bother paying for a video and then ruining a perfectly good water drum? Then filter the water before using it for cooking and drinking.

  4. Not a Know it all says:

    Most Geologists agree that the earth goes in cycles of warming and cooling (ice ages) do humans now have an small effect? Yes they do but not to the extent that the Fear mongers want you to believe. figure out where the CO2 credits and you’ll see where the motivation lays. I’ll believe the ones looking at what was, not the ones Guessing what will be!

  5. Rich says:

    You PINHEADS, Look at the facts, Global Warming is a fact if you look at the loss of ice at the polar caps and the loss of water thru out the world. Even if not, it is better to be prepared and have extra than be unprepared and have none.

    Did you like this comment? 1
    • Dennis says:

      Rich you need to be careful who you’re calling a pinhead. If you actually go back about 500 million years you’ll see that the earth has always gone through very consistent heating and cooling cycles. Currently the earth is at the trough of a cooling cycle so YES the earth will get warmer but NOT because of man-made Co2 emissions. We could just as easily slip into another mini ice age before temperatures trend higher.
      60 million years ago the earth was at a peak of a warming cycle, much warmer than today, so how do you account for that since man wasn’t even around then? and only discovered fossil fuels within the last few hundred years?
      And answer me this one question; How come all you climatards stopped calling it global warming a few years ago and now call it climate change? Is it because the climate has not trended warmer in the last 20 yrs? Government climatards even got caught fudging the numbers and still that’s not enough for you morons to see you’ve been conned by the U.N.
      Always wrong but never in doubt, right Rich???
      Pinheads indeed!

      Did you like this comment? 11
      • David523 says:

        Also, backup up to when it was called Global Cooling and when facts didn’t support that claim, Global Warming was born. As others have said the Climate Change People need to do some research. As an example, they should learn about earth geology, our galaxy, the data collection process history and today. Actual knowledge does not support the Climate Change and CO2 claims being made today. While I agree a natural process of Climate Change is ongoing and has nothing to do with humans.

      • Daniel Robinette says:

        A few things very different from history. We have been actively seeing the upper atmosphere for 40 years to reflect the sun.
        We have pumped water from the aquifer onto the surface at such extreme levels that it has slowed the rising of the earth. Think figure skaters spinning. Weight distributing out.. allows down rotation. Weight distributing in.. faster rotating.
        Just one hospital commercial laundry uses 1,000,000 gallons of fresh drinking water per week. The market share is roughly 10.8 billion in America alone. Roughly 100,000 seperate companies times 1,000,000 gallons per week. Slow down means longer heating and cooling.
        Interesting times but with a different historical perspective.

    • Jim says:

      Really, you mean all that thick ice in the Arctic that has delayed a research ship to study the lack of ice? The most ice the coast guard said in 20 years?

    • Revroy says:

      *Ahem*….guess you missed the boat…the one that couldn’t get to the Arctic to check on global warming…because of too much ICE!!!

    • Ausvirgo says:

      VERY TRUE.

      However don’t expect to change their minds.

    • Marlene says:

      You’re behind the times, Rich. The PC folks now call it Climate Change, not Global Warming. After decades of raising an alarm about global warming, the evidence did not support their claims, so they changed over to Climate Change.

      Conveniently, Climate Change can mean anything; the Global Cooling of the 1970s, which changed to Global Warming when the data did not support cooling, the Global Warming that the data also did not support, or any small changes in the climate that they can find.

      We do agree, however, that it is best to be prepared.

      • Bill says:

        Just a thought about man made global warming.

        I live N of Seattle. 14,500 years ago Seattle was under a mile of glacial ice.

        Question: How many SUVs did it take to melt that much ice…. including the ice that covered 95% of Canada?

  6. mountainrogue says:

    Geeze why argue about climate change the article is about a water makers do something productive and debate that knotheads…out

  7. spiritofthewolf says:

    This guy spends too much time trying to tell you why you need it. I got bored waiting to find out the price. That alone turned me off of the program.

  8. Natty says:

    PRIMARY WATER It is everywhere and Brown (CA) knows about it but chooses to ignore it as it does not fit his agenda. Go to: The Primary Water Institute and you will realize that there is a wealth of water right below us that is so immense it contains most likely more than all the oceans in the world. And, YES, there is and has been a way to reach it. California alone has several Primary Water wells which produce the same quantity, quality and temperature to this day.

    • BAM says:

      I have been trying to get the message out about primary water. The earth would never deprive us of an essential item as this, but the elite controllers sure would.

    • dz says:

      Natty, this is the link to The Primary Water Institute, and although I highly doubt there is more water in underground aquafers than in the oceans, aquafers do exist in a lot of locations.

      I recommend everyone do some research and decide for yourself.

  9. breck says:

    let the cull begin

  10. Carlos says:

    So, how do you guys really feel about this subject?

  11. Ann says:

    No one ever says what power source it takes. Will that source be available in a SHTF situation?

    • dz says:

      Ann, the dehumidifiers run on electricity, so if you end up with no way to obtain or produce electricity then the dehumidifiers work.

      • dz says:

        Ann, CORRECTION: the dehumidifiers run on electricity, so if you end up with no way to obtain or produce electricity then the dehumidifiers WON’T work.

    • dz says:

      Ann, CORRECTION: the dehumidifiers run on electricity, so if you end up with no way to obtain or produce electricity then the dehumidifiers WON’T work.

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