What’s The Closest Natural Nuclear Bunker to Your Home?

C. Davis
By C. Davis August 16, 2015 21:34

What’s The Closest Natural Nuclear Bunker to Your Home?

Only a handful of preppers can afford a $ 70k nuclear bunker.

But if you think about it, there are a lot of natural nuclear shelters in the US that are absolutely free.

All you need to do is to identify the closest one to your home and maybe include it into your bug out plan in case a nuclear war is looming (or an asteroid impact).

Keep in mind that these bunkers are all naturally EMP hardened. But they will protect you only from the nuclear blast and the initial radiation burst.

Sometimes the shelter is so close that is right below your feet. It’s the case in Detroit, where just 1200 Feet below there is a salt mine that can easily shelter the entire population of Detroit! Actually it can shelter over 5 million people.

under the city saline

The salt mine was used to mine table salt, but with the decline in salt prices the mine is now used to mine road salt for winter.  The Michigan basin and the great lakes area (since there are also huge salt mines in Canada), used to be part of a sea which sank into the earth. The salt was left behind and formed the massive deposits that we mine today.

Detroit isn’t the only city with a salt mine below it. Other cities like Houston and Cleveland (1400 feet below) are also situated over salt mines.

So I’m going to start with…

…The Underground Salt Mines:

tabel salt mines

Salt mines are your best option because they are very spacious with large rooms rather than narrow, dark, high humidity tunnels like you see in mines!


From 1964-1973 the USA and CIA conducted a secret war to support the Royal Laos Government and to stop the communist incursion by dropping bombs on then communist Lagos and northern Vietnam.

Unbelievably in these years the USA dropped more bombs than any other time in the history of war. 270Million cluster bombs, 210 million more than Iraq in 1991, 1998 and 2006 COMBINED!  7 million tons of bombs, more than twice the amount dropped in Europe and Asia in WWII.  This is equal to a laneload of bombs every 8 minutes, 24 hrs. a day for 9 years.

Kaysone Phomvihane who was the leader of the communist movement led his people to limestone caves in the craggy mountains at the Vietnam boarder.  The shelter has become known as the ‘City of Victory’ and is a tourist attraction.

There is an extensive network of caves all across the USA. I have made a list of the largest ones, state by state for your reference.

usa caves3

There are many advantages to cave living even in an emergency situation.  They tend to retain heat in the winter and are cool in the summer as well as an excellent natural hide away from natural disasters.

There was even a reference to living in limestone caves of Missouri the film “Deep Impact” when comet was to hit the earth and flood a greater part of the world.

The reality is that nature provides most things that we need to survive, so why not a cave as a refuge for war or nuclear bombs?

Underground Mines:


You might find it hard to believe, but Kansas City has a “nuclear shelter” which houses 10 percent of city’s commercial real estate.

Subtropolis – as it is called – is an ex limestone mine with an excavated size of 140 football fields, which was turned into an underground industrial park. The limestone deposits are six times stronger than concrete.


Find The Closest Mine to Your Home:

Unfortunately, there isn’t a reliable map with all US underground mines. I tried to use Google Maps but it has a lot of other facilities with the name “mines” and also surface mines. You can see it here.

But you can use a website to find the closest mine to your home. Just enter your location and make sure you’ve checked “underground” and a 50 miles radius. The results is your closest “nuclear shelter”.

If you don’t have any mines near your home, scroll down and you’ll find “mines by state”, select your state and see what mines are close to you.

A Final Word

Of course, a specially made nuclear bunker has food, water and oxygen reserves. These natural shelters will protect you only from the nuclear blast and the initial radiation burst.

Chances are that you won’t be warned about a nuclear blast, but (just in case) here are 3 signs that you need to take “nuclear” cover:

1 – When your electronics stop working (most of them)

Most experts agree that the next nuclear war will start with at least an EMP. If one of the nuclear powers blasts a nuclear weapon 275 miles above the US it will produce an EMP that will basically send us, the Canadian and the Mexicans back to the Dark Ages. This is exactly what our enemy wants: to disrupt our communication and our ability to retaliate at full capacity. I have something you need to watch. It’s much better than I am at explaining the threat. Watch it and learn what you should fear most (Video), what an EMP effects and how you can protect your electronics, car, mobile phones, etc. (Source)

2 – When you hear on the news that a nuclear bomb has just detonated somewhere

It doesn’t matter if it’s in the US, Russia or China… I’m thinking that when a nuclear bomb explodes we face 3 possibilities: a nuclear war which may involve the US, nuclear terrorism which means that the first explosion may be followed by another four, or human error like in 1956 when the US Air Force accidentally dropped two atomic bombs on North Carolina. If it’s the last case… then yes you’ve probably evacuated in vain. But the risk worth the effort! (Source)

3 – When a Nuclear Bomb explodes a few miles away, but does not kill you.

If you’re not killed in the first few minutes, you can live a lifetime or die of cancer in the next few days. The longer you expose yourself to radiation (in the radioactive area) the lowest the chances to survive. Take your family and leave as fast as you can! (Source)

Because an article is way too short to include info on all mines in the U.S. I suggest you use it as a starting point to find the closest location and then find more info about it.

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Finding Shelter in the Wild

C. Davis
By C. Davis August 16, 2015 21:34
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  1. Igor August 16, 23:24

    To the best of my knowledge, there are no salt mines in Albuquerque. Perhaps somewhere else in the state, but not in Albuquerque. Map locations, even speculation, would be a good thing to include for people.

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    • paganmomof2 August 16, 23:46

      Waste Isolation Pilot Plant, located just north of Albuquerque. It was salt mine, then became nuclear waste dump.

      Reply to this comment
      • C. Davis Author August 17, 00:05

        I found most salt mines on http://mines.findthedata.com/d/p/Salt You can find more details there.

        Yes, Igor, the salt mine was abandoned and part of it was turned into a deep geological repository – Waste Isolation Pilot Plant (Wipp). Indeed the information is not very accurate.

        Because an article is way too short to include info on all mines in the U.S. I suggest you use it as a starting point to find the closest location and then find more info about it.

        Reply to this comment
      • Bobert November 29, 16:07

        The WIPP is actually located in Carlsbad, NM which is actually South of Albuquerque. I dont think you would live very long in there considering they store radioactive material in there and their recent problems

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  2. ell August 17, 00:31

    The lucky ones die in the blast as life as we know it will end

    Reply to this comment
  3. Jon802 August 17, 00:41

    What about Vermont?

    Reply to this comment
  4. dontgothere August 17, 13:44

    You don’t want to go where they have a mine listed in my state. Its not a mine like the old gold mine shafts of yesteryear. This is an open pit mine. So basically no where to hide. Just because its a mine doesn’t mean it has a mine shaft or is below ground to protect you. The mine they mention in my state is open pit mine. Would be terrible if people came there and there was no protection. Would be an open pit grave instead. Do your research people.

    Reply to this comment
  5. Chuck August 17, 16:50

    Where can I find a bunker in Oklahoma that’s free

    Reply to this comment
  6. ChickenLil August 17, 17:02

    How about Canada?
    Where would I access the maps for locations in my country?

    Reply to this comment
  7. san August 17, 22:17

    Does southern illinois have any mines or caves for bunkers?

    Reply to this comment
  8. Abbadon August 18, 00:14

    You need to separate the bottom two caves listed under Ohio,,,Robbers Cave & Oklahoma are in Oklahoma, not Ohio

    Reply to this comment
  9. Johanna August 25, 22:09

    Camuy Cave is in the island of Puerto Rico, you have it under Pennsylvania.

    Reply to this comment
  10. Tiggermum August 26, 03:36

    I have a map from the city dated 1961 which was given to each resident at the time listing the fall out shelters available in the city. Are the “fallout shelters” any protection? providing they still exist…

    Reply to this comment
  11. raceman29 September 6, 03:49

    WIPP site is way south of Alb. near Carlsbad NM

    Reply to this comment
  12. Kim November 18, 01:00

    We live in Georgia and they mine Kaolin here. Would this be considered a safe mine? Thanks!

    Reply to this comment
  13. candysue January 30, 14:51

    Where would you go in Florida are their any underground mines in Florida.. Where are the closes ones if not in Florida

    Reply to this comment
    • Badbob March 19, 19:59

      Under ground bunker will house many thousand people under Orange County convention center if you know where to enter

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  14. DD June 6, 17:44

    Robbers Cave isn’t actually a cave. Its a wide seam between two large rocks.

    Reply to this comment
  15. Oops July 27, 15:39

    What would happen to the nuclear power plants during an EMP?

    Reply to this comment
    • Enigma December 22, 23:13

      Depends on the design. So many North American nuclear plants are one-off ‘custom’ designs, despite principles being identical. Has made nuclear power far too expensive, when settling on a modular design and just replicating it would have saved beaucoup bucks.

      Older ones not ‘upgraded’ may still be using vacuum-tube control circuits; even recent designs using Integrated Circuits may be well shielded, so then it would be exterior power distribution control circuits most vulnerable. Plants would be OK, but still no electricity for cities.

      Still unclear as to why Fukushima operators didn’t just ram in their control rods once they knew a tsunami was approaching. Nigh as stupid as Chernobyl operators.

      What Americans usually don’t know is the Medieval Bakufu (Shogunate), after a tsunami on that same coast, had placed giant boulders partway up the coastal hills marking a safety zone. Stones were carved with signs saying in effect “Don’t build below this point.” But modern Japanese regimes are ‘smarter’ than Medieval warriors – NOT.

      Reply to this comment
  16. Zippy6978 April 25, 07:04

    I live in Buffalo, NY… About 20 minutes from Niagara Falls.. I have no car… there is no hope for me or my family and loved ones if this happens. According to the maps of assumed targets, we will be vaporized. It’s a terrifying feeling. Especially THESE DAYS.

    Reply to this comment
    • X-NBCNCO December 21, 16:08

      Don’t worry too much about it. If you are as close to ground zero as you say, about all you will ever see is a bright flash. No feeling of pain as you will be vaporized before your brain could send a message to your nervous system. Best way to go. Not like dying of radiation poisoning or thermal burns as the Japanese who survived the immediate detonations of the 2 atomic bombs at the end of WW2. Besides, you would only have about 20 minutes from launch to impact to get away. Best bet is to get underground in a subway system or some kind of tunnel. Roads out of Buffalo would be gridlocked anyway. Even if you did manage to get away, you would have to travel west because of prevailing winds to escape radioactive fallout. So you would have to travel along Lake Erie toward Cleveland (most likely another target) or north on Transit Road to Lockport and west Niagara Falls and cross into Canada. Hopefully, Canada would not be under attack also.

      Reply to this comment
    • Billyhil July 25, 18:07

      Since the entire nuke exsplosive weapons program is fake (its really just a pathway to stealing trillions of dollars using the same old fear porn) and thst all the photos and videos of “detonations” are just studio photography special effects (the USAAF station at Lookout Mountain Laurel Canyon Hollywood CA) produced by Hollywood special effects teams, there has never been any yrue reaaon to fear nuclear holocaust.
      Answer the question “why has no nuclear detonation EVER been used in any war since 1945?
      The USA allehedly held monopoly on the tech for four years…yet never used the weapons again? Come on.
      All nukes were fake.
      Hiroshima and Nagasaki were firebombed like Tokyo and all other Japanese cities.
      The nuke story was created to allow the jaos to surrender and “save face” while the photos all show that damaged cities look exactly like every other firebpmbed jap city, with the streets clear of explosion debris and the streetcars running the next day.

      Reply to this comment
  17. lem50 April 28, 03:05

    What’s the closest to Atlanta?

    Reply to this comment
  18. Lynn July 30, 21:27

    What about in fl? Where do you go?

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  19. ej August 14, 15:37

    Some of your links don’t work. How do I find a free place to go if I live in New York City?

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  20. sam September 1, 03:02

    Is there a shelter or mine in santa fe?

    Reply to this comment
  21. Nani September 28, 17:07

    I live about 40 mins away from houston tx a small town called east bernard tx. Where would we have to go to stay safe

    Reply to this comment
  22. Holly October 20, 13:14

    Why is the government not opening these sites up? If they know this can save lives I feel they should do way more. The government knows the risk is high for a nuclear bomb to hit us. Why is there nothing being done!!!

    Reply to this comment
  23. willyloman October 27, 01:46

    There are no known natural underground protections for the people of Boston. Where to go? Nh? Vt? any suggestions?

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  24. Good Luck October 27, 03:18

    You do realize that a nuclear boom will affect the air for decades, due to radiation. It can last up to 3,000-20,000 years. Depending on how much nuclear waste has been put in the nuclear boom. You need a nuclear shelter that is built to lock air from getting inside. Need tons and tons of food and water to survive. To be honest, it’s sightly pointless trying to survival a nuclear bomb. You would not even be alive when the radius settle down.

    Reply to this comment
    • X-NBCNCO December 21, 15:40

      Where the hell did you get that information? Air will NOT be affected for a long time. GROUND CONTAMINATION is what you have to worry about. Look at Chernobyl. The radiation is in the ground. The area that was contaminated is unsafe because of the radiation that is in the earth. The radiation released into the atmosphere traveled across Europe and Scandinavia. Under your theory, Ukraine, Poland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland, Sweden and Norway would be inhabitable right now. Get some knowledge in your head before you start spouting off! BTW, I was a Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Specialist for 18 years in the Army, so I know what I’m talking about.

      Reply to this comment
  25. Share Bear November 30, 23:07

    Are there any bomb shelters close to Springfield, Ohio?

    Reply to this comment
    • Badbob March 19, 20:03

      Under ground bunker will house many thousand people under Orange County convention center if you know where to enter

      Reply to this comment
      • Curious July 6, 22:51

        OK Badbob
        Since you’ve said this three times now…tell us where to enter…pretty please..or email
        becausewecare 9 gmail com

        Reply to this comment
  26. Enigma December 2, 17:18


    This site is no longer available.
    We are sorry for the inconvenience.

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  27. Enigma December 2, 17:36

    Floridians are pretty much SOL regarding underground mines. Highly variable water table, and without grid electricity such could fill with water. There may be some caves in northwestern Florida.

    Canadians: Here’s a Wikipedia page which lists mines in Ontario, but some are bound to be open-pit.


    Apparently there’s salt mines right across the river from Detroit. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Windsor_Salt_Mine

    For Alberta, seems that mines may get reused for storing noxious things such as natural gas.

    If even a limited nuclear war gets started in the Northern Hemisphere, nobody will be happy and millions will die. Thanks ever so much, Clinton, Bush, and Obama. And all those corrupt Congresses.

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  28. CAROL January 14, 07:23

    What about Waterbury Connecticut

    Reply to this comment
  29. Guzzi January 15, 22:35

    Need help in Texas finding shelters

    Reply to this comment
    • Enigma January 19, 14:07

      Texas: might try looking into caves. Highland central TX has some very large and extensive cave networks. One advantage of caves is they may have plentiful underground filtered water sources. (For humans, 4 days without clean water = death; fouled water = rapid & very unpleasant death.)

      Natural formations however shed slabs and boulders from ceilings during earthquakes, and near-ground nuclear detonations likely to induce ceiling falls too. So choosing a cave shelter likely entails ‘improving’ said cave with internal reinforcing.

      An EMP circa 100 miles above central-east Kansas likely moves little earth. Depends on the device; an atomic-only missile warhead could blind outdoor eyes, and cook unsheltered ICs (all sorts of modern gear likely to stop working for some radius). A thermonuclear (hydrogen) warhead exploded circa 10 miles up could ruin everyone’s century in a 150-mile diameter sphere.

      For an enemy with very few nuclear devices, Kansas City area a likely first target. (Perhaps sole, for then a North Korea could disappear from maps and history.)

      Goal: Maximum disruption at least cost for an attacker. Later targets could be NE cities (NYC, DC…), SoCal (Dago), and the Seattle-Tacoma area.

      Other North American targets are only feasible for attackers who have 100s of ready missiles. That’s not to say offshore bases such as Pearl, Diego Garcia, Qattar, Ramstein, etc. might not be opening salvos when adversaries reckon another Obama is in charge.

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  30. pappybug January 18, 16:01

    When thinking of these mines make note of their age. I live in Las Vegas, N.V. and for those of you who don’t know other than mining tourist mineral mining is Nevadas’ principal industry (hell it’s on the state seal) however many of those mines while providing ample coverage from EMP and possibly could be cheaply purchased from the state and made for this use are supported by 150-100 year old timber that has been dangerously dry rotted for 50 years probably wouldn’t take the blast. Then all you’ve done is made sure you got buried when you die. Check with your states geology/siesmology department (usually a state university like UNR or in California UCLA,) and see if the area is sound. They would likely know about any shifting the mine has done as it shows up on their equipment. If you can afford the token payment usually asked for by the state it might be worth buying a derilict mine and having a contractor or diy shore up the roof with modern materials that way it’ll also be stocked as well.

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  31. Ianno January 20, 18:50

    Is there any bunker or protection near Myrtle Beach?

    Reply to this comment
  32. Enigma January 21, 22:30

    In general, folk along those coastlines which are very near a sea-level are screwed. Mountainous coasts might feature caves and underground fresh water.

    Maybe an undersea habitat could work, but at least three caveats. 1) Tsunami-earthquakes; 2) power for bilge pumps needed; 3) local folk likely to know all about situation.

    Prepping / survival generally involves radical changes and serious commitments, unless subject folk grew up in small distant subsistence communities.

    For monied folk, I hear tell there’s some expatriot communities on Caribbean islands, way down by Belize. And some islands & sites on Pacific coast of Costa Rica. But if things go really bad, U$ -maybe all ‘paper’ money- likely worthless.

    Reply to this comment
  33. Enigma February 8, 22:16

    Brentwood TN, etc. Caves near Nashtown –


    Folks unable to use search engines, and then go to see situation for selves?

    Reply to this comment
  34. New2Prep April 4, 21:37

    Could you please give me a location in south-central Alaska? Although it is non-contiguous, we are indeed a State in the United States.

    Reply to this comment
  35. paddywhack April 6, 19:13

    This is an interesting article, but your comment at the end about “taking your family and getting as far away as possible” is probably not a good plan.

    If you survive the blast, you want to be indoors, preferably in a basement or something for a week or so if you can possible do it, but at least 3 days. The reason being that if you flee immediately you’re going to expose yourself to more radiation.


    You want to shelter in place for as long as possible if you have adequate shelter – if you’re outside the radius where literally 100% of the buildings are knocked down, you have time – if you don’t you’re probably screwed anyway. If your house is still standing, and the water is still on get as much water as you can and get as far underground as possible – in most cases that’s probably just your basement.


    Reply to this comment
  36. Enigma April 7, 01:56

    Alaska: unless you’re in or near an important military installation, best to ‘bug-in’. As in digging and lining a big hole.

    Other suggestions would be looking North for a deep old cave with stable ceilings. Or a deep overhang which faces East. North Korea and other credible assailants unlikely to hit the Yukon.

    Whatever you do, don’t construct anything which presents wood to an exterior. Might consider making a buried or semi-buried ‘home-away-from-home’ in northern valley.

    Have never understood hinterland Alaskans building using wood – fire a big hazard in Winter.

    Reply to this comment
  37. Grim Reaper April 15, 06:42

    Your best bet would be to get away from Ground Zero has fast as possible. Take a vacation to Fiji now.

    Reply to this comment
  38. Enigma April 17, 10:32

    Impossible to predict the hour and day of a nuclear exchange. Best to look at a map of your country and get NW (Northern Hemisphere) of the most likely targets.

    Most likely targets: governmental and financial centers, and military bases. A nuclear exchange between regimes having 1,000s of warheads likely to also involve manufacturing and logistics centers. That latter also means ports such as Jax, Miami, Tampa, Mobile, New Orleans, & Galveston.

    Reply to this comment
  39. Sarah April 28, 03:22

    I live in Maine and have a family of five..we live in central Maine where could we go and survive the trip there if anything were to happen?

    Reply to this comment
  40. Enigma May 1, 05:02

    I recollect Maine has caves. Look for those well off roads and without beaten paths to them. Well-known ones may be already occupied when urban/suburban folk get there.

    An ill-known cave with flowing underground water is nigh ideal, unless it experiences Spring freshets. If it does, there will be signs of ‘high-water marks’. But Northern caves and overhangs are a last resort – in Winter they are dismal to say the least.

    Likely better in Maine to have a well-stocked stone or concrete cellar fitted with all extant conveniences which don’t require electrical power.

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  41. mike June 6, 23:59

    What’s The Closest Natural Nuclear Bunker, Underground Mines to Your Home? Fairfax Virginia

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  42. Dot July 12, 17:59

    If you are thinking a mine will be a place for your family, be sure there is a way to get into and out of the mines without electricity.
    I’ve actually been in the salt mine in Grand Saline, Texas. As a geology major at a nearby university, I went on a field trip to the mine. It was a long, dark elevator ride down into the mine, which is about 57 stories below ground level.

    Reply to this comment
  43. Enigma July 15, 02:27

    Really old mines with horizontal surface adits maybe feasible. May be hazardous due to rotten or dried-out supports. Mines which had followed ore seams through rock best. Like caves, such mines may experience rock falls due to ground-water freeze-thaw cycles, or due earthquakes.

    Reply to this comment
  44. Phil Cline. July 23, 01:29

    I own the old Carey mine in Lyons Ks. 1000ft deep. 540 rooms. 10 miles of shaft. I’m interested in selling. 620 257 8100.

    Reply to this comment
  45. Chuckers July 24, 03:04

    I would rather die than share a mine (or other mass shelter) with thousands of other people in a SHTF situation.

    Reply to this comment
  46. Jamie J November 28, 18:54

    Caves and Mines are owned they may not take kindly to large flocks of people wandering in and may not want the liability.

    Reply to this comment
  47. Bear December 28, 04:29

    I’m south of Nashua, NH – near Devens base, Massachusetts…Anyplace out here?

    Reply to this comment
  48. southside January 15, 06:06

    Here in Arizona. Lots of old mines,but dangerous. What about caves or anything else?

    Reply to this comment
  49. AAAH August 20, 17:25


    Reply to this comment
  50. GLOGD September 6, 17:52

    The link to the mines map has already been shadow-banned, even via secure browser like Brave

    Reply to this comment
  51. Deen February 26, 02:28

    I think I may have asked my question the wrong way. I want to know how you stay so private building a bunker when you need so many permits.

    Reply to this comment
  52. JP September 26, 00:35

    so if a nuclear attack occurs, I am going to drive to a salt mine and actually be allowed to live there? And won’t everyone else be trying to get in also?
    The salt mines closest to me are still working mines.

    Reply to this comment
  53. Ronny October 1, 22:39

    Are there caves near Greenville, SC? I can’t find a map site – Keep getting error messages!

    Reply to this comment
  54. Ronny October 1, 22:42

    Is there a cave near Greenville, SC? All the websites I’ve tried give me error messages.

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  55. Kt October 30, 20:09

    coastal nc? see nothing….

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