How to Prepare For A Pandemic

Maybell Nieves
By Maybell Nieves March 24, 2020 13:43

How to Prepare For A Pandemic

A few days ago the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a worldwide state of emergency.

The main problem with this organism is not its lethality but the high capacity it has demonstrated for contagion. We are all vulnerable at this time.

The virus is so recent that there is no specific treatment, much less a vaccine to protect us against it before it is acquired. This is why, in addition to preventive health measures, we can also prepare our immune system to make it stronger and reduce the possibility of complications if we catch it.

One Essential Step

Balanced nutrition is essential to keep all of the body’s systems working properly.

A diet based on proteins (animal or vegetable), carbohydrates, and fats prevent the body from entering a state of stress that inevitably decreases immune function.

If you suffer from any medical condition, it is important to take a complete vitamin supplement since diseases make the body increase its need for nutrients.

Vitamin C From Fruits and Vegetables

This sounds pretty basic. In fact, I recently received an insult from a Twitter user who thought I was making fun of the pandemic and his opinion. But I’m not.

How to Prepare Your Body for the Corona Virus Coming Pandemic

Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, is a nutrient that enhances tissue repair, has antioxidant power, and strengthens the immune system.

It is contained in several fruits and vegetables, such as guava, red and yellow peppers, kale, cauliflower, kiwi, papaya, strawberries, oranges, lemons, and grapefruit, among others.

Consuming these foods daily maintains the necessary daily amount of vitamin C without the need for supplements.

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Maintain Physical Activity

This pandemic has had a greater pattern of complications in those with a weakened immune system. That group includes those receiving treatments such as chemotherapy or steroids but also includes the elderly.

However, within the older age group, those who were more active have had a lower complication rate. This is because regular exercise improves lung capacity.

The main complication of the virus comes from the respiratory system: shortness of breath at first, which leads to pneumonia and eventually collapse of the bronchi and lungs. A good lung capacity enables us to better resist the impact of these problems.

On YouTube and Instagram, you can get routines for all levels that can be followed at home without having to go out.

Personal Hygiene

How to Prepare Your Body for the Corona Virus Coming PandemicLike vitamin C intake, this may seem like a pretty basic recommendation. However, it is one of the most effective and inexpensive recommendations we can follow.

Without using antibacterial gels, which protect from bacteria, not viruses, washing with soap and water removes the virus if it is lodged in the skin.

I have recommended to my patients who have to go out to receive therapies or to go to a consultation, to prepare a small kit consisting of soap, wipes, and 70% isopropyl alcohol. I think this is a good way to keep the hands clean, if you are not at home.

Using gloves gives a false sense of protection, so it is not recommended. If you don’t have the opportunity to wash your hands, you should also avoid touching your face, because the virus easily enters the oral and nasal mucous membranes.

Preserving Mental Health

On any social network we log into, we will find updates on the pandemic. Many of them sound catastrophic, while others seem to lessen the problem. But the truth is most of them are fake news.

Let’s remember that we are living a reality in which many literally live from social networks. For them, it is important that a tweet goes viral, or that an Instagram post has many comments, no matter the cost.

This is why we must corroborate the information we read, the state of panic and hysteria does not help in these situations.

Reviewing the official pages of the WHO or scientific sites, such as NCBI, will help us take a more objective look at the information we read.

As a healthcare worker, I have already spent two nights without being able to sleep, and I must admit that I’ve felt paranoid when I’ve had to go out on the street, even though I have not dealt with infected patients.

We are all in a state of intense psychological stress. Let’s try not to add more tension to our bodies.

Be Stricter About Hygiene in the Home

The scientific community has already pronounced on the ability of this virus to live on surfaces such as wood, metal, and plastic. In general, it has a survival time outside of a human of between four hours to three days.

How to Prepare Your Body for the Corona Virus Coming Pandemic

Cleaning surfaces with disinfectant solutions, which may include only soap, decreases the possibility that the virus will stay active in your home.

Especially if you live with an elderly person or with young children, apply cleaning measures at least every three days to those surfaces you normally come in contact with, such as those in the kitchen and bathroom.

Prepare the Pantry

Remember that your local area is likely to declare a state of quarantine, which leads to long lines at the supermarkets and triggers a state of mass hysteria.

If you feel that food is missing from your home, make a list and buy what you need, assuming that you will be unable to make a large purchase for about a month.

It has been seen that in recovered patients there is a decrease in lung capacity. Assuming we will be exposed to this virus, we need to try stay healthy in order to avoid respiratory problems, if we contract it.

Undoubtedly, we must wait a while to know the evolution of the virus and to have more accurate data of the infected, complicated, and dead. Following recommendations to improve your body’s immune activity can make a big difference.

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Maybell Nieves
By Maybell Nieves March 24, 2020 13:43
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  1. Bill March 24, 15:25

    Maybell Nieves, Thank you for a well written non hype article about how to prepare. It is appreciated to read excellent information in a calm statement of sound advice.

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  2. Ann March 24, 16:16

    Thanks! Good, sensible advice!

    Reply to this comment
  3. Terbear March 24, 17:49

    the sooner you realize that the who is part of the problem and listen to the better we all will be in understanding what is really going on.

    Reply to this comment
  4. left coast chuck March 24, 18:01

    If you have run out of bleach, 70% IPA or other household cleaners to use as disinfectants, AND if you live near a printing supply store, you can purchase 1 or 5 gallon cans of IPA or isopropyl alcohol at 98% strength. You can cut that with water to make a 70% solution. I make the solution just a tad stronger than 70% to insure that I have reached the magic 70% marker. You can then use that in a spray bottle or just applied to a sponge and then applied to the surface you are disinfecting.

    That is a source that not too many folk know about. You will have to go on line to find printing supply retailers in your area. In SoCal Kelly Paper is a well known supplier of printing products.

    Do not be surprised at the price. It is not cheap.

    On the other hand, if you happen to live near a spirits distiller, perhaps you can beg or buy (I always offer to buy first) some ethanol from them. I understand the first run of any batch is not useable for drinking purposes and that is why some distillers are considering getting into the hand sanitizer business too. Just think you will be able to sanitize both the insides and the outsides with your favorite beverage. It was announced yesterday in the local news that Tito’s who makes either a vodka or tequila or maybe both is already producing hand sanitizer.

    Ethanol as it comes out the end of the distiller is 99% pure ethanol (if it is a closed system, it can be 100%) which can be diluted down to 140 proof. I am not an authority on the arcane, obscure and minutia-laden rules of the ATF with regard to the commercial production of ethanol, but it is my understanding for whatever that is worth that ethanol must be denatured so that ii is undrinkable if it is sold without the federal tax (and state too) stamps attached to the container. I don’t know how the distilleries are getting around that.

    How do you like that for irony? In order to make sure that the feds collect the taxes they want, they require distilleries to poison any ethanol sold without federal tax stamps. Mennen’s aftershave used to have ethanol in it, I guess, because the urban legend was that if Mennen’s was filtered through white bread it was safe to drink. Unfortunately, that was not true and even after filtering through white bread it was still poison. If it didn’t kill you, it left you with brain damage and blind, a great combination.

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  5. left coast chuck March 24, 18:45

    While the author suggests that nitrile gloves are not recommended, I feel that they are easier to clean after having been in a store than natural flesh. They don’t have all the little crevices around my fingernails and cuticles, you know, the parts that you insert in your nose and dig around the corners of your eyes and in your ear canal with. Also, it doesn’t dry my skin as much if I wash down the rubber gloves with either bleach solution, 70% IPA solution or even scrub them down with lots of soap and water. I still wash my hands after peeling off the gloves, but I don’t use the harsh chemicals I would otherwise use. Your mileage may vary, but that’s the course I am taking.

    You should also change your clothes when you come back in the house and be sure to leave your shoes outdoors or in the mudroom. Don’t track all the gunk you picked up off the store floor into your house unless you are prepared to sanitize all the floors of your house.

    In that regard, a pair of coveralls makes a handy outer garment (my daughter thinks I am nuts) and can go right in the washing machine from your outside expeditions. Don’t forget, if you wear a sweater or jacket, it needs to go in the wash too. A pair of coveralls covers a multitude of garments. Sorry, couldn’t resist the bad pun.Sometimes my evil side just takes over.

    Here is a list of ten protocols that are recommended to be followed upon entering the home: 1: Before washing your hands try not to touch anything in the house. 2: Remove shoes. 3: Disinfect your pet’s paws (good luck with that) 4: Remove your clothing and place in bag to be washed. 5: Leave your bag, purse, wallet keys etc at the entry to your home. 6: Have a shower. 7: Wash your mobile phone and glasses with hot soapy water (The last time I did that my phone stopped working. Of course, I didn’t just wash it, I dropped it into the pan of hot soapy water) 8: Clean with bleach all the surfaces of whatever you brought from outside before storing it. 9: Carefully remove and dispose of your gloves then wash your hands. (I wonder if this should have been earlier. Do you shower first and then remove the gloves? Seems to me this should have been number 6 instead of showering. 10: Remember is is not possible to carry out complete disinfection. The goal is to minimize the risk.( Well, yes, you can completely disinfect yourself, however the end result is worse than a case of CoVD19.) The numbers are as numbered on the sheet.

    Sorry for the editorials to the official “protocols”. I don’t know the source of the protocols as my daughter sent them to me in a text message. There is a logo in the upper left hand corner but I can’t read the lettering because the whole thing is over laid with a halftone screen that blurs the lettering so that it becomes illegible.

    I can only imagine that something like this came from some governmental wonk who had nothing better to do. While it is a somewhat handy reminder, it is typical of what I expect from any government, ill-considered, half baked solutions.

    I will add, however, that one subtle thing you might consider is opening your Amazon and other parcels outside and disposing of at least the packing and the box in the trash and not taking it inside. Then you can do with the contents whatever you think is appropriate. I wear a mask and gloves while performing the unboxing. While Amazon is taking “precautions” they are still busier than ever shipping as is UPS and the USPS. You might consider handling your mail the same way (especially the bills) depositing the envelopes in the trash before taking inside.

    Think Clean ! Stay Safe! Especially if you are in the rather large “at risk” group.

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    • IvyMike March 25, 02:08

      As all the counties around me were announcing shelter in place I made one last trip to the Walmart in the closest town just to stock a bit more fresh food so we can hide our senior citizen butts out here in the country for 3 weeks and not get into our long term storage. When I came back I did exactly as you describe, took everything out of the bags on the tailgate of my truck and wiped all the surfaces with anti viral wipes, put it in a clean laundry basket and had my sweety tote it inside. When finished I left my boots outside, sterilized my hands, threw all my clothes in the washer and showered with more soap and water than the law allows. Pure silliness, but you have to do it.
      Walmart had signs everywhere saying only one item per shopper but some things I got 2 or 4 of and went through the self check. An assistant manager busted me, of course. Told me the problem isn’t people hoarding because they’re afraid but that a few people are buying mass quantities of everything planning on selling it later at a big profit. Then she looked at me a few moments and said I look like I enjoy home cooking and checked out and hid the extra stuff (spareribs, chicken wings, ground beef, sausage etc) for me. I am in love with her.

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  6. Rocky71 March 24, 18:59

    Good sound advice…..Keep it simple.

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  7. TheSouthernNationalist March 24, 19:40

    Good article!
    I’ve done some restocking on a few things I got behind on, so I’m waiting now for the last frost so I can get the garden planted.
    Ordered some elderberry and blue berry bushes too.
    I heard pine needles contain high levels of vitamin C, just boil a cup of water and place a small handful in the pot and let the needles steep for 30 minutes.
    Strain and drink.
    Make sure to use pine needles, not spruce or cedar.

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    • red March 25, 11:31

      Spruce are highest, and when young some taste like strawberries. Any conifer, no one pregnant should use them because they cause abortions. This is why homebrew and wine were common, plenty of C in them. Naturally cured (fermented) pickles do, as well. Vikings carried sauerkraut on long voyages to keep from getting scurry. some pines, like sugar pine, are toxic. niio

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    • Merrily March 29, 09:31

      Hi! Blue Spruce is excellent as well…

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      • red March 30, 00:42

        Yeah, one sister had a row of blues along the road. Her kids would swipe the new buds to eat. Tastes like sour strawberries. niio

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  8. Terbear March 24, 19:50

    this is a perfect example of why we need to have control of our borders. this all could have been avoided had we closed all international flights and quarantined those that flew in until they cleared 21 days….drastic??? hardly for what we are paying now

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck March 27, 23:18

      I told Donnie to close the borders weeks ago. Did he listen? No. Now Harry and Megan managed to sneak across our northern border in a private jet so they could be closer to their PR flacks and all their Hollywood buddies. There goes the neighborhood. They are going to live in the LA area. Beverly Hills, Malibu, you know, where just the plain folk like them live.

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      • City Chick June 19, 23:18

        Well I wonder if it’s dawned on Prince Harry aka the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex, that we fought two wars to secure our independence from his great great great great grandfather, King George and to get the likes of them Tories out of this country. If he wants to stay, he should renounce his place in line to British throne and his British citizenship and take steps to apply for US Citizenship. If not, we should roll up the welcome mat and send him back home.

        Reply to this comment
        • red June 20, 03:13

          City: He’s in his natural element, being worshiped by Hollywood. Gramma Bess told him to take a hike and he’s being cut off. Once the money runs out, he’ll be just another illegal alien moocher.
          We fought two wars to get rid of the moochers, and then fought two wars to save their liberal a*ses. WWI and -II, they were begging us for arms because the Labour Party did it’s best to outlaw private ownership of guns. WWII, Joe Kennedy joined the LP as a nazi. the LP adopted Nazism and never left it. do did the DNC. niio

          Reply to this comment
          • City Chick June 20, 12:55

            On target there Red. Now I read the Duchess wants to get more involved in the ongoing political upheavals and US politics! Old Gramma must be totally disgusted by now.

            Reply to this comment
            • red June 21, 03:01

              City: Gramma I’m told, does her best work behind the scenes. Mostly, she’s smart enough to lay low, but when she wants something, it happens. 25-30 years ago, some politician there was causing trouble. He was exposed as a pedophile and a few years later, not learning his lesson, had a terrible accident. Nation, then family. niio

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    • red March 30, 00:41

      Ter: Mexico has 365 cases. They threatened to sue Kali id the state sent any more homeless down there 🙂 niio

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  9. Fundabewith March 24, 20:17

    I would order this if it were offered at a lower price

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  10. Ted March 24, 20:41

    This is the first Voice of Sanity I’ve heard since President Trump warned everyone about this Chinese Wuhan Bio-Weapon, now known as Coronavirus, back in December.

    Thanks Maybell!

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  11. JayJay March 24, 22:04

    I removed vitamin C crystals from the freezer. Saved for years and now may be the best time to add to fruit juices.

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  12. red March 25, 01:19

    Good advice. We take zinc, as well, because it kills viruses. Antibacterial soaps are a no-no because they kill off helpful bacteria.These good bacteria kill fungal infections and viral infections. Good viruses will kill bad bacteria. niio

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  13. MrMMG March 25, 01:22

    I must push back on the jist of this posting. Not infrequently, the people who experience the worst symptoms of an infection do so as a result of the hyper-response of their immune system, rather than a result of a weak immune system. This is why a cohort of those infected showing severe Covid symptoms are young, otherwise healthy with no underlying conditions. That mechanism is not well understood, but may be related to auto-immune illnesses. Sure, it’s important to eat a healthy diet, and live a healthy lifestyle, and of course one has a better statistical chance to beat an illness in the aggregate if one is better physical shape than worse. But this SARS-CoV-2 is showing that some of the healthiest folks on paper end up requiring hospitalization.

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    • red March 25, 04:08

      Yeah, allergies R us. But, as well, how many of those youngsters do have other problems? VD is common and often undetectable, smoking weed and other things cuts down on response to sickness. niio

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  14. Terry March 25, 18:23

    Vitamin C and D are both good for fighting this virus but don’t forget your minerals zinc is very important also at the cellular level the charge from zinc will damage the virus the way silver does make sure to get your DV%

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    • City Chick June 20, 01:47

      When your hunkered down in quarantine you may not be getting all the Vitamin D3 you need because you’re not out in the sunshine. They have found that D3 levels of people in the Northern hemisphere are generally lower than they should be to maintain optimum health especially in older adults. They have also found that D3 helps prevent seasonal illnesses like flu and pneumonia
      and may also help protect against this Wuhan Virus as it boosts immunity. My doctor has me taking multivitamin, extra calcium tablet with D3 and another extra D3 tablet.

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      • red June 21, 02:44

        City: Dowager Hump is caused by too much dairy. The body flushes out excess calcium and takes too much. If you have hard water, you may already be getting too much calcium. Same with C. The body takes what it needs, a lot when you’r sick, and flushes the rest.

        One think we don’t worry much over is Vitamin D. Arizona sun can burn you even thru a window 🙂 Zinc kills viral infection!
        this is a high quantity of zinc, but I do it when viral pneumonia hits. 50 mlgs is standard daily.niio

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        • City Chick June 21, 14:43

          Red On a work assignment years ago spent quite a bit of time in Az. Over the Spring & Summer months. Beautiful country. Great people. Soaked it all in and had a great time in your wide open spaces! As a so called city slicker I even had a chance to fry an egg on the hood of my rental. Tasty too! Don’t have much of any of that here anymore. It was a real treat! And don’t worry taking everything under advisement of good doctor who has saved my life a time or two!

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  15. Ched April 15, 23:19

    I agree with the article of saying vitamin C it is good for immune system it builds are immune system up, one of the most thing to know about vitamin C or body do not store vitamin C the excess our body let it out so we could never overtake on vitamin C and we need to take high doses of vitamin C at this time

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  16. Ched April 21, 14:29

    Thank you for sharing the value on the benefits of vitamin C! It is very essentials for or a mune system!

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