Surviving Martial Law: What To Do If It Hits Your Town

James Walton
By James Walton August 29, 2016 00:00

Surviving Martial Law: What To Do If It Hits Your Town

by James Walton

Millions of Americans are concerned about the overbearing power of the government. They are preparing for a time when the bolts come loose on civilization. Whether this be from the seemingly limitless racial tensions in our nation, government dependency or a cataclysmic mega disaster.

In an event like those mentioned above there could be a rash of civil disobedience and violence that would overwhelm law enforcement. At this point the U.S government or (as you will find out more about in this article) a foreign governing body could enact martial law.

Surviving Martial Law in America

What could happen?

Surviving Martial LawThe vision of gates and soldiers, razor wire and imposing military vehicles in your neighborhood is something out of a nightmare for most Americans. Just the idea that some authority could move into your personal space and begin imposing their rules is terrifying. Even worse is the fear that this imposing force could become cruel and authoritarian.

When you hear whispers about martial law this is what people are afraid of. In most cases it’s depicted as the United States Military filling the streets of the nation and suspending our government as we know it. Essentially taking executive orders only and ruling from ground up. This would turn the American people into prisoners on their own soil. Just the idea of a single MRAP or Humvee at the end of your street and a handful of soldiers is enough to make you uneasy. Couple that with highly regulated curfew and suddenly the house you own and the street you live on feels a lot less like America.

UNITED NATIONS — The United States has announced its support for a set of principles that give a green light for U.N. peacekeeping troops and police to use force to protect civilians in armed conflicts.

U.S. Ambassador Samantha Power told a high-level U.N. meeting Wednesday focusing on the responsibility to protect civilians that the United States was “proud” and “humbled” to join 28 other countries that have pledged to abide by the 18 pledges.

U.N. peacekeepers from these 29 countries are now required to act in cases where civilians are in danger.

`Military Times May 11 2016

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Recognizing the Signs

Defining a breakdown and the onset of martial law early.

Over the years we have seen situations where the national guard has intervened and imposed their will on American citizens. I can think of two very different scenarios in which American freedoms were quickly dissolved by catastrophe. Though they may not have been as clearly defined as martial law most of the definition still held true.

Did you know that Martial Law has already happened in the US?

Bulletproof-Home-8Hurricane Katrina – Overwhelmingly powerful natural disaster

  1. Resulted in occupying force
  2. Confiscation of firearms

Boston Marathon Bombing – Terrorist Attack

  1. Resulted in Americans being relegated to their homes by force
  2. Unwarranted search and seizure of homes

It’s very clear that in these types situations panic ensues and Americans become very comfortable handing over their freedoms for an ounce of perceived safety. This is something those who built this nation warned us about.

Be prepared to make decisions in the trying times following a disaster. Use these past examples as study guides to gauge when your town or city is going to face some type of occupation. The earlier you can catch a scenario like this building up the better chance you have to either hunker down or get out of dodge!

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HOME: Your Sanctuary

The benefits of staying put!

Though it may seem like an exciting idea to strap on that bugout bag and hit the road you must understand the risk. Upon leaving the comforts of your home you will quickly find out that everything is a threat. The very wind and cool air can induce life threatening hypothermia if you aren’t careful. Your bugout bag may be stocked up and ready for a hike but please be sure you haven’t a single other option. Try to utilize the safety of your home for as long as safely possible.

The comfort and familiarity of being home is unmatched. Hopefully you have stocked up on food and other resources so you can make your stay at home a long and comfortable one, if need be. If you aren’t stocked up on the bare essentials than I suggest you make this a high priority. Consider some of these items that don’t often make popular lists but sure do make life better.

During times of severe natural disaster it is not uncommon for outside forces to infiltrate your neighborhood and though it may not read like an occupation it could certainly feel that way. Avoid altercations with these outside agencies by avoiding contact with them. Be prepared to be self-sustaining for as long as they are in your area. This same idea should apply to an occupation of military force. The more you can avoid and stay in the comforts of your home the better you will be.

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Escape and Evasion

When you feel it’s time to go here is how to escape.

Surviving Martial LawOf course the worst case scenario is always a possibility and what would we be if not prepared for that? There is a chance that this new occupying force turns cruel and forceful to those it was sent to “protect” leaving you little or no choice. Rather than face the wrath of this new version of despotic rule in your town or city you leave and wait for it to blow over.

Much of what it takes to remove yourself and your family from a situation like this requires up front planning.

  • TRIGGERS – What are the reasons/scenarios that will push you to leave
  • TRAVEL ROUTES – Have a few well planned and practiced travel routes by foot
  • RALLY POINTS – If your party gets split up ID clearly defined locations/times to meet backup
  • NIGHT TRAVEL – Practice night travel and light discipline now and be prepared to move in the shadows later.
  • BAGS/CACHES – Have a few methods of fueling your traveling group along their way out of danger. Bugout bags and survival caches can be stocked with various resources.

Though many would like to explain away martial law as some high level right wing conspiracy we have seen glimpses of it at work in recent times. Though it may not come dressed in camo and it may not come direct from the U.S Military swollen governmental agencies could impose themselves no a town or city near you. Would you be prepared?

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James Walton
By James Walton August 29, 2016 00:00
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  1. Silverbullet August 29, 12:51

    LE in my town has already spoken on this issue. Anyone coming here to enforce martial law will be arrested.

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    • AK Johnny 1 August 29, 15:00

      Outstanding, Silver Bullet! Same here in THIS Georgia county. Will that deter federal elements from attempting it? guess we’d find out…..
      But fuck em. If they come, for WHATEVER reason, my barrel will be smoking…..

      Reply to this comment
      • Chris G. August 29, 19:35

        I’m wondering which County in Georgia, you live. We’re in Henry. I’d like to think we know the local County mounties well enough to at least suspect when they are up to no good. Haven’t gotten any flash bangs thrown at us, anyhow. Difficult to know.

        Reply to this comment
  2. AK Johnny 1 August 29, 14:58

    Forgive me, but if the author’s intent is to sell people on laying low in what would be tatamount to a govt takeover or UN invasion, his advice sucks. And in fact, it’s not only COWARDLY, but due to the delayed citizen response it advocates, it will lend an advantage to the invaders that will be MORE difficult and costly to overcome once said troops have begun laying infrastructure in for their protracted stay. The time to hit these pricks is BEFORE they get to your town or neighborhood and begin imposing upon you nd yours.
    Listen…. In Obama’s America, armed troops of ANY kind, be they federal, state, local, OR FOREIGN, that enter your town or neighborhood with chambered firearms? Are there for ONLY one of 2 things…
    1) To IMPOSE something upon you that you otherwise would not agree to, or
    2) To TAKE something from you that you would other wise NOT freely give.
    That’s IT. That’s ALL. They would NOT be there to PROTECT you from a damned thing, only to TAKE OR IMPOSE upon you and yours, and for NO other reason.
    And I don’t care if the snoops read this or not… If they appear on our streets at the behest of Barack or Hillary to do their bidding, it’s time to kill as MANY of them as is humanly possible. Any WAY possible.
    If you simply AVOID or allow them to come in and dictate to you, take control of your streets, abuse you, kick your doors in, Take your guns and supplies earmarked for your family, take your older teen kids away to serve the govt in WHATEVER capacity they deem, (Executive Order 16303) Then you DESERVE whatever befalls you from that point onward for doing NOTHING.
    The time to fight back against this tyrannical govt is LONG passed. ANY imposition of Martial Law or ANY foreign troops directly on our streets to politically impose on our citizens is grounds for war and armed response. Period.
    They are there to do the GOVT’S bidding, NOT yours. Remember that…… And Barack and/or Hillary’s interests? AIN’T OURS.

    Reply to this comment
    • livin life August 29, 16:57

      You sound like a paranoid wack job .everything you here from the Republican extremists is lies . smoke and mirrors. I;ve listened to you wack jobs say how the democrats are going to take are guns . that will never happen, too many good hunters like me, in the trees.

      Reply to this comment
      • jussayingAk August 29, 22:48

        Just like Rodney King riot . Bring it on. Snipers n the hood.

        Reply to this comment
      • AK Johnny 1 August 30, 02:22

        Livin life, you sound like an utter moron who hasn’t bothered to think ANYTHING through before firing off at the mouth. In a TREE? THAT’S where you plan to be with armed troops coming in all AROUND you? HAHAHA! Forgive me, but I’ve encountered smarter heads in a lettuce patch pal… YOU’LL BE DEAD in very short order. I won’t even waste the space telling you WHY. If you’re going to climb a TREE to pick off subjugators, YOU DESERVE to be one of the first to go down… A democrat with a gun. Figures…..
        So… While you’re up there in the trees playing video game hero, where’s your FAMILY gonna be genius? Up there WITH you, or haven’t you thought that far ahead yet?

        Reply to this comment
      • SelcoJr August 30, 15:02

        fuck off, troll

        Reply to this comment
    • Johnny Rev,KY. August 29, 19:01

      I agree that when they come it’s time to fight fire with fire !

      Reply to this comment
    • Unnamed and....... August 30, 02:15

      Wow quite a statement there
      I’m an ex Un peacekeeper of the British forces that would be your colonial cousins by the way and I’m really sorry to say this but in effect you are by most accounts correct bar one or two things.
      A we do not and never have intervened without cause
      B i fail to see how 300,000,000 American people are so blinded by their own constitution that by the way clearly states although an act of freedom bears fruit upon your country (even though really and factually the break from British rule was actually originally nothing to do with freedom) sorry but that’s a historical fact they don’t teach you in prep school blame your teachers not me or simply look it up.
      Anyway your constitution actually permits your government to use force against you quashing any right of freedom innocent or not which really really really sucks so yes I do sympathise but ultimately
      A my door is open to any American wishing to get out as many already have (check out Thailand for proof)
      B smoking barrels as you put my friend will make no difference whatsoever.

      Reply to this comment
      • AK Johnny 1 August 30, 02:38

        Then let’s take a quick climb up the reality tree here, Britain….
        Guess what ELSE our constitution authorizes AND CONDONES? The citizenry to ABOLISH ANY GOVT that becomes destructive towards the ends of FREEDOM. So F*ck the feds.
        And I don’t care WHERE you served… If you think ANY military or police force, American or otherwise, WOULD BE WISE TO ANTAGONIZE 125 million gun owners ON THEIR OWN SOIL with 325 million firearms on hand and well over 3 TRILLION rounds of ammo at their disposal, then I think you need to SERIOUSLY re-visit your sentiments on the subject. We got a word for that kind of thinking around here. We call it SUICIDE.

        Against THAT? You’d get your colonial asses kicked as would any OTHER invading or subjugating force, whether done under the guise of the UN or NOT…

        Understand… We are well armed, out of patience, overwhelmingly numerous, fearful for our family’s futures,and tired of being dicked around by socialists and globalists. Add to that either an INVASION or a govt subjugation initiative that threatens the lives of our FAMILIES in it’s implementation? Hee hee….I wouldn’t want to be YOU, OR any govt entity DUMB ENOUGH to provoke a fight with numbers like that…. Just sayin…

        Reply to this comment
      • left coast chuck August 30, 03:32

        Unnamed . . . UN forces go where their government tells them to go just like any other armed forces. If there is civil unrest in the U.S. and the so-called legitimate government asks for UN assistance in putting down the unrest, rest assured, there are UN members who would be all too happy to send “peace-keeping” forces here.

        You are right, if the nut-case King George had been capable of rational thought, the U.S. would probably still be in the U.K. much like Canada and Ozziland. He had ample opportunity to mollify the colonists but chose instead to do all he could to alienate them, despite what his advisors told him. Had he been capable of rational thought the Union Jack would still be flying over government buildings here and the country would not be called the United States.

        As for moving to Thailand, good luck with that. What do you suppose is going to happen between the Buddhists and the Muslims in that unhappy country? See love and joy and sitting around the campfire singing Kumbaya between those two groups?

        Unfortunately, what I see for the future is WWIII, a religious war between Muslims and the rest of the world. It won’t be over until either the Muslims are wiped from the face of the earth or the rest of the world has converted to mohammadism. There will be no neutral countries. It may well be the end of civilization as we have known it since the dark ages.

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  3. left coast chuck August 29, 16:51

    Did anyone happen to notice how the good folks of Boston responded like sheep to storm troopers entering their homes and searching? Was it a media conspiracy to cover up any resistance to that or did no one demand to see a search warrant before allowing the SS to enter their homes? Are you really going to resist when there is an armored personnel carrier outside your home with a gun turret and an automatic weapon pointed at your door and your wife and kiddies are huddled somewhere in a house that is built so shoddily that a .30 caliber bullet will traverse it from one end to the other? Are you really going to resist at 3:00 a.m. when the storm troopers kick down your door and shoot old Sheb with double ought right in front of your screaming, crying kids and wife?

    I am not saying don’t resist, I am just saying give some thought to the situation. Think about how it will happen. Make a specific plan for whatever course of action you decide is best for you and your family. That’s what this article is all about. Have Plan A, B, C & D. Try to imagine different scenarios that will require you to react and plan for them. Visualize the follow through of each plan.

    For example: Bug out. Okay where? If rural, are you going to beg some rural landowner for assistance? Why should he? What do you have to offer? How do you know what his real motivation is? Is slavery on his farm better than what you left?

    Small town? Who do you know in that small town? Why would they want to offer you assistance? What do you bring of value to their town that they might need? If you are a paper shuffler in an insurance office you might not have a whole lot to offer. With the stock market non-existent, a stock broker might want to keep his former occupation a closely guarded secret.

    It might relieve your frustrations with the way our country is going to rant about how we are going to head ’em off at the pass, but carefully consider your courses of action and make plans. Get skills that are useful.

    Reply to this comment
    • Scotty August 29, 22:30

      What a pussy…..The American Revolution would never happened and the US CONSTITUTION NEVER HAD BEEN WRITTEN IF MAJORITY ,, or if anyone sat back and waited.. LOOK at other countries that did nothing. I bet you’d give up your gun “” for the sake of the Children” well that’s what Hitler talked citizens of Germany to do .. look how fast government fenced in and split Berlin?? Overnight. When everyone was Sleeping.. “.

      Reply to this comment
      • jodi October 9, 15:27

        …all very interesting reading. I make a small point. Hitler had nothing to do with the splitting of Berlin. That was done AFTER the war – between the USA and Russia. Since then, after the ‘wall’ came down, I have been there and climbed to the top of a watch tower in the no-man’s land between.

        Reply to this comment
    • AK Johnny 1 August 30, 03:11

      Understand something, left coast Chuck…. A NATIONAL LEVEL govt subjugation? Is a noisy calamitous affair. Once they were afoot, the citizenry would KNOW in very short order. And have time to prepare for their arrival. It is at THAT point, 12 hours into the subjugation initiative, that the subjugators would be in DEEP trouble. Once very well armed citizens began to organize, the party is over for the federal govt, and they KNOW it.

      There will be NO MORE Katrinas. No one saw em coming, no one expected it. A WHOLE different enchilada than 2016 America. And Katrina happened in a small geographical area. Can you imagine the feds spreading out under 1 million men ALL ACROSS the lower 48, trying to subjugate 125 MILLION pissed off gun owners that KNOW they are coming?
      I understand what you’re saying. I do. But there comes a time when the words are finished, the goodwill gone, the patience is exhausted, and tolerance to tyranny is expended. We are rapidly approaching that time.
      As far as MRAPS? Those armed personnel carriers you speak of? Are death traps. Why do you think the US military SURPLUSSED THEM OUT??
      Lastly, the US military during the Vietnam war… General Westmoreland, at the HEIGHT of our presence there, had 1.5 million pairs of boots on the ground. The bad news? Even with the 1.5 million soldiers, the best equipment, the best technology and the best logistics? They were only able to truly secure ONE THIRD OF SOUTH VIETNAM!! That’s IT. And mind you, this was against some very poorly armed peasants! Translate that to a well armed American citizenry…. On our OWN soil to boot.
      To control, you must occupy, And the feds, the UN, 1 million screaming Chinamen and Russians WILL NOT BE NEARLY ENOUGH to do the job. That’s a fact.

      Reply to this comment
      • left coast chuck August 30, 03:39

        AK: You’e correct there. The Ole Gunny always said you don’t own the real estate until you have a Marine with a rifle standing on it. As we found out in VN, Iraq and the Stan, you may “control” the towns but that leaves a lot of real estate uncontrolled. You may have ’em by the balls but you can be sure if you do, their hearts and minds are not going to follow.The Germans pretty well covered France during WWII and the French were not nearly so well armed as a lot of folks in the U.S. are but even so, even with their harsh measures they never really “controlled” France.

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  4. Walter Clark August 29, 18:45

    If martial law were to happen, say goodbye to the U.S. constitution and the Bill of Rights, and goodbye to our freedom in the United States. It will be like the American version of the Taliban that ruled Afganistan

    Reply to this comment
    • Scotty August 29, 22:45

      I gotta say that PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE THE REASON IT WOULD TRY TO HAPPEN ….AND ITS PEOPLE LIKE MYSELF AND OTHER COMMENTIORS HERE ARE THE REASON IT ,,,WILL NOT HAPPEN,,, !!!! WHAT LAMEASS HAS NO OPINION ON IT… TO COWARD DOWN AND hope to live thru it.. do nothing???? You must be a Democrat -wishywashy-nobrainer- …even my crippled Grandma at least would fight with THE ONE WEAPON SHE HAS……

      Reply to this comment
      • AK Johnny 1 August 30, 03:17

        Ditto, Scotty. Many of the folks here are looking for ways to DUCK it instead of DEFEATING it.
        For many, the ability to get MAD and confront a tyrannical govt have been bred right OUT of em.
        It is THOSE that I worry about in our midst if the govt is ever DUMB ENOUGH to try a subjugation action against the American people. They would also be the first to sell you down the river too….

        Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck August 30, 03:02

      You are absolutely right, Mr. Clark. Martial law means abolishment of all the rights outlined in the Bill of Rights and the Constitution. You are subject to the whims of whoever commands the military who administer martial law. If you are actually afforded a trial it will be a military tribunal and most likely will not observe the provisions of the UCMJ. Violations of the law will be what the military commander says they are and the punishment will be what he or she says it is. Forget appeals and lawyers.

      It appears to me that some of the posters are so overwrought that they missed what I considered my most important points: Think and Plan!

      Emotionalism leads to mistakes in thinking and judgment. Mistakes in thinking and judgment lead to failure. Failure leads to death. A famous general has been quoted as saying, “Always have a plan. Even a bad plan is better than no plan at all.”

      Name calling is a sign of immaturity and a lack of thought.

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      • AK Johnny 1 August 30, 03:23

        Left coast Chuck, you give little credit where credit is due…. What do you think, that many of us just woke up to this Martial law possibility YESTERDAY? Please….

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  5. Hoorahh August 29, 20:50

    USMC 0311, if you come a knocking on my door,,,Then the term “once a marine, always a marine ” you will find out this meaning!!!

    Reply to this comment
    • Scotty August 29, 22:49

      I want to thank ALL MARINES FOR YOUR SERVICE TO OUR CIUNTRY..the reason you’re always a marine is for your guidance and leadership with the skills You Possess to help the rest of us get thru this.again thank you..

      Reply to this comment
    • Dutch August 29, 22:53

      Semper Fi Marine

      Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck August 30, 03:16

      0311: If you have ever participated in house to house fighting, how did that ultimately work out for the troops who were inside the house? Perhaps they inflicted some casualties but in the end it was like a banzai charge. It resulted in the deaths of all those in the house. As Patton said, “Your job is not to die for your country, it is to make the other s.o.b. die for his.”

      What was the most successful and still is the most successful tactic used by the insurgency in Iraq and Afghanistan? What causes the most casualties to U.S. forces with the least damage to the other side? It certainly isn’t stationary defense inside a structure. What do Marines use to achieve their objective? You certainly can’t maneuver inside a house. If they are knocking on your door you have no plan and it is too late for action.

      Reply to this comment
  6. Dutch August 29, 22:49

    livin life, don’t know what news you watch,but you best wake upm and smell the bacon, I teach people how to defend themselves, you don’t comply with them, it’f fight fire with fire

    Reply to this comment
  7. America August 29, 23:32

    So are you thinking about voting for Hillary Clinton,  are you Mexican or Hispanic,  Think again Ask yourself  why  has the  Obama and Clinton’ allow over 800 thousand Muslims into the USA, and Cities like Ohio  are threatened by the Obama Administration for even mentioning That raping of children by Muslims. How many cities are fighting right now just to keep the Constitution of the United States from Muslims bringing in the Sharia law. If Hillary Clinton  is elected president she will bring in as she said 1 million more Muslims. So my question to you is this , why not have  Trump or  Hillary administration  allow  1 million Mexicans  giving them their legal rights and papers there already  here anyway,  instead of Muslims who will strap bombs to their back. Wake up she sold out to the Muslim Brotherhood. If you vote for Hillary you have voted for Sharia law, that means if you have a daughter she will not be allowed to go to college to become a doctor or a lawyer she will have to cover her head no more swimsuits you will have to abide by what a man says. And if you’re a Christian gay a lesbian or transvestite you will have your head cut off because that’s the Muslim way that is Sharia law. So go head vote for her.

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck August 30, 03:46

      Actually, inasmuch as I live in the Peepuls Republik of Kalyforniya, it doesn’t much matter who I vote for in the presidential election. I could vote for Mickey Mouse and it wouldn’t make a bit of difference as far as this state is concerned. The coastal cities control Kalyforniya with their population and Kalyforniya is a winner take all state. That’s why neither candidate is campaigning here. Why waste time and energy campaigning? Clinton just comes out to pick up cash from her dimwitted rich supporters in the entertainment and electronics fields and than goes off to campaign where it matters. If she does make a campaign appearance, it is a quickie while on her way to the really important stuff, the $50,000 a plate chicken dinner at some schmucks home.

      Reply to this comment
  8. Jacko August 30, 00:32

    Sounds like a lot of blowhards, as usual. I suspect some of these fire breathing macho guys would be the first to tuck tail and run for it

    Reply to this comment
    • muldoon August 30, 15:31

      Anybody remember the minute men, they got dismantled in the 80s…Reagan began taking them out and destroying unions over the unity the truckers had
      Tapping peoples phones goes as far back as the 60s, private citizens have been harassed by other citizens, one case was James Stanfield,Jr. Saltville, VA., somebody was on his phone, somebody was tearing up his car. At that time I, like others believed he was crazy, this is America and that cannot happen.
      In 1977, I went to work for a corporation, just a shit and shovel job. a man, Harry Pippin in Bristol, VA. told me that people were on his phone, he was being harassed by people we worked with repeating his phone conversations, asked if I’d find out what it was about. I didn’t believe him ,again this is America 1975, it’s just coincidence. everybody” he’s on drugs” Stanfield was on dope, a lie, cause I knew him. In 1970s, people began asking” what r you on” not a thing, they could relate, I just thought it was normal, in 80s, 82, kids sold Raleigh products, I delivered and took orders. Mrs Bertie Snead told me somebody was on her phone, repeated things and played her tapes, above her home was that of Mrs.Rosa Bordwine, remembered that she told me somebody was on her phone, somebody was coming in her house, she could hear and couldn’t see anybody (playing her tapes) , in another part of town, a woman, Juanita Olinger before she married, wanted to know if there was any house for rent, people were picking on her husband repeating phone conversations, relating to events around the house. Police are no help, some involved. figure it out. Another case, where I worked, two guys harassing David Boyd, phone conversations again. Guys said it was police, his kids on drugs. it happened to me, put up with it for years, found it in other states.. Pippins, xwifes boyfriend shot him, , Bertie was sent to mental, James wound up in mental and eventually became a suicide… suicides happened in 85&86&87 that I never bought, had a game of prowler played with me, you get your gun, they got you with your own gun. Mr Pennington, 74 out in his yard, killed himself… I shot at the prowler and saw him run away. There’s an undertow ready to rise up. Gestapo,… I could go on and on but police were involved,, some police.. worked with man from Arkansas, his dad hired a detective and he had to sign an agreement never to tell but the victim got lifetime job with the company.. not all these people worked at the same place…. Rosa and Bertie were homakers, Bertie’s kids were said to be into drugs. A car wreck in 89 proved I wasn’t on drugs , there’s so much and many more people that have been victims of this anti American problem. most we killed,” suicide committed on them.. My own experience was what I considered an act of terrorism. moved to Alabama… it’s there too, found victims from other states… what was common was” they used petty investigations to get to do this. anybody who will oppose them or fight them they want rid of.. police investigations
      If you know or have been a victim, report it to Federal and post it.

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    • AK Johnny 1 August 30, 19:08

      Jacko, with a family behind me to protect? Think again….. As far as turning tail, I cannot speak for YOU however. Your words above would seem to be a search to justify your OWN cowardice.

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  9. Lauren August 30, 01:50

    I didnt realize there was a confiscation of firearms after katrina. That is crazy. At a time when people needed to be defending themselves and their property the most.

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    • Cthulhu Fthagn August 31, 01:40

      They are ready and just waiting on the popular event to cram new laws down our throats. Raising food is not as easy as people seem to think. Try sprouting stuff inside this winter; If you’ve got a black thumb like mine it will take several attempts to get it right,

      Reply to this comment
    • BillH August 31, 02:19

      Yes, there was. A lawsuit ultimately directed that they be returned, long after the fact, but they were (purposely?) kept in a wet environment and all were ruined.

      Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck August 31, 17:21

      Lauren: You need to keep up with the news more. The NOPD went house to house taking guns away from people. Even the National Guard got into the act. Then they stored them in barrels that got full of water, so after the NRA successfully sued the City of NO to get the guns back they were worthless as they were all completely rusted. Even single shot shotguns were confiscated, together with some mighty fine, expensive handguns, rifles and shotguns. Louisiana passed a law after Katrina prohibiting the confiscation of guns after a disaster but when did that stop authorities from ignoring the law?

      It’s too bad people didn’t stand up to them. Most of it was rogue cops acting on their own and National Guardsmen acting on orders that came close to meeting the Nuremberg standard if not actually meeting it.

      Several states subsequent to Katrina have passed laws forbidding the confiscation of firearms after a disaste, but again, when has that stopped depots in authority from breaking the law?

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  10. jim September 1, 17:05

    You need to be ready if Clinton gets the office then you haft to be ready to survuse

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  11. CATT September 14, 18:14

    “UNITED NATIONS — The United States has announced its support for a set of principles that give a green light for U.N. peacekeeping troops and police to use force to protect civilians in armed conflicts.”

    Revelation being fulfilled. Scriptural prophesy moving along. Bring it on!

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  12. link October 26, 19:19

    after katrina it was not only nopd and national guard it was a bunch of fucking mercenerys working for a company called blackwater same ones that got caught in iraq killing civilians and covering it up they used the same tactics the gestapo used in ww2 and they did this on there own no one hired them

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  14. Wannabe May 15, 14:32

    So, has the scenario for martial law changed any since trump has been in office? Anybody want to have a dialogue?

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  15. Hammer May 31, 02:53

    All these scenarios are just that, scenarios. Any of these government actions are a violation of the Constitution an allow citizens to organise and take up arms to restore the correct rule of law under the consitution. Martial law is unobtainable as is foreign troops on us soil. Too many of us. Government doesn’t have the resources to implement any of these scenarios. Even if it did, who are the soldiers? The answer is us. Go figure. What do those soldiers oaths say? Look it up.

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  16. Elmer October 9, 13:26

    It’sawesome to pay a visit this web site and reading the views of all colleagues regarding this post, while I am also zealous of getting experience.

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  17. Labienus November 15, 21:37

    The nail that sticks up gets hammered down. I would offer my assistance to the occupying force provided they abide by my requests, safety for me and my family and food rations. My ultimate responsibility is to my family’s well being. If that means helping the occupiers, I will. I’ll be damned if I fight back or try to flee and they end up dead or worse.

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