3 Major Threats Facing the U.S. By the End Of 2017

James Walton
By James Walton February 22, 2017 14:29

3 Major Threats Facing the U.S. By the End Of 2017

Editor’s Note:This article is written by James W. and does not necessarily reflect this website’s options and beliefs, but it portrays some scenarios that are likely to happen.

There was a time when writing about the threats we face as a nation was little more than conjecture. Many long-winded articles often injected fear into the reader based merely on speculation. It was still plenty to get millions of us geared up and prepping. For that we must be grateful for these early doomsday writers.

At this moment, we are facing division and unrest in this nation like we have never seen.

You may be aware of the riots and demonstrations across the nation. These riots are turning violent fast! People of opposing views are being subjugated to nothing short of fascism in these isolated incidents.

Without a doubt, we will see some very terrifying situations begin to unfold in states and counties very close to us. As the clashes between militant left wing groups and a law and order administration begin to heat up we will see the power of the government in terrifying displays as well as more violent tactics from the opposition.

Here are my predictions for Threats Facing the U.S by the End of 2017

1. Martial Law In At Least One Major City Due To Unrest

There is no doubt that as our current president works his way through the “to do list” that these radical groups will only become emboldened. As law enforcement attempts to tighten its grip on these lawless creatures who seem to relish in the destruction of others’ property. These battles will undoubtedly result in the death of one or more rioters.BLACK BLOC riot

This will only swell the numbers and embolden the rioters to destroy more property. If this happens in a major metropolitan city there will be very few options for those governing these areas. We will see a call into the national guard. This will result in a brief stint of martial law.

Of course, this will not be reported as martial law. Just as the follow up to the Boston marathon bombing was not reported as such. Though, citizens were forced into their homes, given curfew and gun confiscation.

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2. The Emergence Of Militant Left-wing Terrorists Against Trump And His Supporters

This one is kind of a cheat as the emergence of some radical left wing groups has already begun. My prediction is that as the year goes on and weather heats up we will see these groups make a transformation from radical left wing protesters to militant left-wing terrorists by the end of 2017.

Three groups come to mind when I think of particulars. Take a moment to familiarize yourself with the following groups. Watch them as the year progresses.

Black Bloc

The Black Bloc is a group born of the Iraq war opposition who made quite a splash during the occupy wall street days. Their claim to fame is the destruction of private and public property with a penchant for the color black. They also played a part in the riots at Berkeley recently.black bloc


Whether the Black Lives Matter movement was hijacked by bad leaders or was planning on malicious intent from the beginning is unknown. We have seen them even attack other minority groups for stealing the spotlight.

Though the men who assassinated police may not have been members of BLM they were no doubt influenced by the rising tide of the groups’ discontent. I have no doubts that we will see a more militant look from BLM as the year goes on.blm rioter



By Any Means Necessary is a strange organization that I have only found out about recently. They are an astounding group that models themselves off the phrase coined by Malcom X. Their tagline is Trump must go by any means necessary. Which, in my opinion, should have them disbanded immediately.

These protesters were also part of those at UC Berkeley and will be big players in the low grade civil war that will carry on in this nation.

3. We Could Even See The Removal Of Our Seated President And Riots Over This As Well

Much talk is given to the threat of a rioting left wing that is unhappy with the president they currently have. That said, if we see the president impeached by anything but the most heinous accusation or worse if we see him removed BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY, i.e. assassination, we could see a fire from the right wing. The right wing of this nation, the nationalist that is thrilled with the outcome could have their own uprising.

Many like to think of this as a mere necessity. Some think of it as blood for the tree of liberty. I think of it as a worst-case scenario. Still, we cannot discount it. People have hatred for the rich man who runs the country and this chapter in American history could end with a terrifying conclusion

The perfect storm would be the convergence of two rioting halves becoming whole and resulting in a serious fight that would be uncontrollable by police. There are people in our midst who are hoping for just this type of result.

The greatest threat facing the us by the end of 2017 will probably be civil unrest. This unrest has the potential to manifest itself in many ways. Get prepared to day. Be ready to hunker down in the case of things like martial law or riots in your area.

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James Walton
By James Walton February 22, 2017 14:29
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  1. Desert Dwelling American February 22, 16:19

    Add to the list: If any of these things do occur, expect a civil war. And it will be bloody.

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  2. Sutherncon February 22, 17:05

    Who do you think is buying more guns and ammo? The silent majority saw this coming in 2008 and progressing.

    Reply to this comment
    • Danny February 24, 20:24

      Absolutely right, my friend. We never forget that the purpose of the 2nd Amendment was to provide a means of redress by the citizens of this great country, when and if, the federal government seeks to establish itself as “king” of our country.

      Reply to this comment
  3. F**k your post, racist pig February 22, 17:59

    I normally like the posts from askaprepper, but you sir are something else.
    You are not being informative, you are fomenting segregation.
    You are hinting that most likely if a riot happen will involve Black people, so instead of help with your words you are helping to keep people divided.
    Shame on you.

    Reply to this comment
    • ricarrdo February 22, 20:54


      Reply to this comment
    • F**k F**k your post, racist pig February 23, 05:16

      That is the most asinine post I have seen in a while! There we go with the race caed,, the majority of the groups mentioned are not black. Writer is not fomenting segregation, the mere name on some of the groups is what foments segregation. No, Shame on you for having the intellect of a turnip.

      Reply to this comment
    • Boyandhisdog February 23, 07:28

      Howl so? Because you say it is ? Because you think every word that comes out of a white man’s mouth is racist? I’ll tell you this I will be 60 years old in a couple months and I have never known or met a White man as racist as these three groups. This is undeniable. You are full of shit.

      Reply to this comment
    • C. Davis February 23, 12:43

      The article is not written by me, but I personally didn’t find the post as being racist. And I assure you that I’m not… and if I thought that an article was racist I wouldn’t post it here.

      Reply to this comment
    • Christine February 25, 19:18

      Cats even know better…they separate the FERAL from the DOMESTICATED….INSANE FROM SANE…ITS THE LAW OF GOD….

      Reply to this comment
  4. Mattwm February 22, 18:04

    Removing Trump from office will never be an option. After 8 years of Obama breaking every law in the book, impeaching Trump would never be acceptable under any circumstance.

    Reply to this comment
    • Imogene February 25, 19:56

      So you condone a mentally ill person that is getting all the other nations upset okay. So you are a racist.

      Reply to this comment
    • Shell February 27, 03:09

      Exactly right! I just thank God that we finally have an American patriot in the Whitehouse that loves America

      Reply to this comment
      • fishntool February 28, 17:28

        Right on Shell! Trump is only trying to straighten out the mess of the Demorats with thier socialist agenda.Let’s back TRUMP !!

        Reply to this comment
    • virtualart March 3, 01:14

      I hope u are right, Obama said he would see to it that Trump would never be in the oval office. well he is and he is fighting and will stop at nothing to get him out. Obama is to blame for the racial problems. he would love to see a racial civil war. to me it is really scary.

      Reply to this comment
  5. ricarrdo February 22, 20:51

    The transition from plastic bullets to FMJ bullets is only a 30 round Magpul away.

    Reply to this comment
    • JJ February 23, 13:21

      I agree..this article is suggesting NeverTrump folks are more powerful than NotMyPresident folks in 2008 of which I was a part of due to his illegitimacy by his birth father he claims to be Obama from Kenya, British citizen.
      They are not..didn’t happen in 2009; won’t happen in 2017.

      Reply to this comment
      • Danny February 24, 20:28

        On the positive side, Arizona has passed a law allowing the state to seize property of violent demonstrators, so that the damage to property can be paid for. The biggest issue that I see is that certain “foreigners”, ie George Soros, and his ilk, are trying to buy their revolt by hiring people to travel to demonstration sites and take part in demonstrations that frequently become violent.

        Reply to this comment
        • JJ February 25, 02:24

          Many states are also passing laws to prosecute if protests block roads….a young girl died when EMT couldn’t get to hospital.

          Reply to this comment
        • Jeff March 5, 03:43

          Positive side? That law is very dangerous, it tramples on the 4th Amendment, and God forbid they pass it. Violent protesters need to be prosecuted, but not at the expense of our Constitution.

          Reply to this comment
  6. Kasey February 22, 21:08

    Please understand that many of us liberals do not condone violence or illegal activities. Look at the Woman’s march, no arrests and no violence. I agree that there are bad guys out there on both sides. .

    Reply to this comment
    • Sam February 25, 02:55

      One thing that I did not understand about the women’s march… why were they demanding rights that they already have ??

      Reply to this comment
      • Marta February 25, 20:54

        You will never get an answer to that question Danny…just a bunch of FOOLS!…I am a very proud American…even during obama, still loved my country..Death before oppression!

        Reply to this comment
      • SgtGunn March 1, 21:55

        Because the new ‘Powers-That-Be’ are ACTIVELY working on getting those rights taken away. There are men who want to go back to the 1950’s- when women were to be seen and not heard, when it was a ‘man’s world’-exclusively. (I don’t want to hear, nor will I respond to any trolls here. I’ve done my research while working on my doctorate. I am just answering a question here.)
        By keeping a woman ‘barefoot and pregnant’, you keep her subservient- dependent- upon the man.
        They are actively taking away reproductive rights- not only abortion, but birth control.
        Before you even THINK of replying, I am a US Woman’s Army Corps disabled Veteran. I not only LOVE my country, I SERVED HER for 12 years. And I joined as soon as I could. Before the fall of Saigon, Vietnam era vet.
        So I have put my ‘money’ where my mouth is. I’ve WALKED that walk, thank you very much.
        You asked a question, I answered.

        Reply to this comment
        • Topmom March 5, 13:29

          Where and what did you use for your “research”? Do you not realize that what we had for the past 8 years and what the alternative to The new “powers to be” was supportive to allowing Sharia Law into our country, that illegals have more rights that an American born citizen, rights that you defended, and has done everything to break the backs of the working class. No country will ever prosper by taking from a person that works for it and gives to one that doesn’t. Do some more research and you will find that Mr. Trump, as a private citizen, has more women in high ranking positions within his companies than any other businessman in the US. This country is so far away from keeping women barefoot and pregnant. They fill combat roles in our armed forces, doctors, business owners, etc. If they find themself barefoot and pregnant it was THEIR choice and THEIR failure to keep their legs together. And lastly, before you think of replying, I am an actual, “boots on the ground”‘ combat veteran of both Desert Storm and Iraq, a 30 year Army veteran.

          Reply to this comment
  7. LarryFrom10EC February 22, 23:33

    The Democrats haven’t wanted a war this badly since the Republicans threatened to take their slaves. You would think the outcome of that conflict would serve as a warning.

    Reply to this comment
    • montpirate February 23, 22:19

      larry,,you got that backwards,in that time the dems were the kkk,,,,,somewhere along the track we changed rolls.

      Reply to this comment
      • PB- dave February 24, 23:15

        Best study the Democrat party history from Andrew Jackson forward to BHO. There have been no changes in rolls, other than slaves used to be chained with iron and picked cotton, today they are chained by welfare for their votes. Most affirmative action is just talk….with very few ever really getting free of being controlled.
        Many folks have a good reason to revolt, they just don’t realize who their true captuers are….
        As for the article, I didn’t find it all that informative.

        Reply to this comment
  8. Scallywag February 23, 00:53

    This is such a bunch of crap speculation which only makes things worse and creates more division in our country.

    Reply to this comment
  9. Chuck February 23, 02:55

    Hope for the best.

    Prepare for reality.

    Reply to this comment
  10. Dr X February 23, 10:18

    tRump and his SS officers are the biggest threat to peace. Also, your white racist polemic has been recognized.

    Reply to this comment
    • Jdp February 23, 15:45

      How so, because he’s not pandering to the left out of touch with the regular man or woman. Because he’s not braking the law such as the last potus. Did trump has the Constitution on his side

      Reply to this comment
    • Jdp February 23, 18:25

      You must be black and the raceist. Just because one does not agree with they are automatically makes one a raceist. Give a brake you must be a snowflake or a uneducated Democrat. It’s called the first admement so sorry. The really Americans in this country are just tired of all the b.s.

      Reply to this comment
  11. J February 23, 11:05

    The media and the Trump administration are causing the division in our country. Not BLM or any other groups. People like you who write articles like this and people saying there is going to be a civil war are the problem. I’m all for being prepared and I’m all for an intelligent and rational political discussion, but this author and others like him are promoting division and helping to destabilize our country.

    Reply to this comment
    • Kat February 23, 14:31

      Democrats OWN divide and conquer tactics, so stop calling the kettle black. Liberals have been imposing their skewed values on the majority of Americans for so long through your evil judiciary you think the whole country is your personal playground. Well, that stopped on November 8th when the majority in each state told you “Hell NO” more of this insanity! You are all getting the pushback you so richly deserve and if more is coming, then you earned it through your black-hooded, street thug provocateurs. When the roles were reversed, you shunned conservative’s rational appeals and rubbed it in and played hardball. Now that you are on the short end of the stick, you desire “rational political discussion” while at the same time causing violence, destruction and chaos in our cities and on our college campuses. Trump isn’t causing the division, YOU ARE. You ARE the modern equivalent of Nazis Brownshirts.

      Reply to this comment
    • Jdp February 23, 15:48

      No Obama did endorsing blm

      Reply to this comment
    • Jdp February 23, 18:13

      There has to be some middle ground both side have give. And as for the BLM they go around killing cops, and destroing private property and public property. I will agree there are bad cops. However you do not shoot someone just because you go through the proper course of action . Either get them fired or let them be prosecuted. The BLM at point is just as bad as that bad cop.

      Reply to this comment
    • JJ February 25, 02:28

      [this author and others like him are promoting division and helping to destabilize our country]

      To quote a liberal…’you started it!!!’

      Reply to this comment
    • Pookarat February 25, 23:04

      Obama divided us first by intimidation. I remember the comments about God-fearing blue collar Americans he referred to as “bitter clinkers, clinging to their guns & religion.”

      Reply to this comment
  12. Extremist Moderate February 23, 14:16

    I don’t see much difference between a right wing extremist and a left wing extremist. Religious left, or religious right, or religion. The country is becoming more divided. Take good advice from any source.

    Reply to this comment
  13. Cyan February 23, 18:20

    I think that a great many people need to get their facts straight and not permit their own feelings to cloud their judgement. Not every white person or Trump supporter is racist, nor is every liberal or African American violent and bent on some kind of ‘they hurt my feelings’ crusade.

    Pray that there never is a second civil war or a loss of law & order within our country. Because once we reach that point, it will be every man for himself instead of what we have today- just a few bad people too scared to admit that they could be wrong making the rest of us look bad. In those days, everyone will be your enemy and there won’t be any discrimination.

    Reply to this comment
  14. ALL of us Accountable February 23, 23:48

    Violence is being perpetuated by those on the right as well. To signal out those of us on the left as having the only violent reaction is disturbing. Please do not denigrate those us who didn’t like either candidate but chose to go with Clinton. There are problems with both candidates and their respective parties. I have provided a link to a story, written by a pastor at a Trump rally. I found it telling.

    Reply to this comment
  15. Fritz February 23, 23:54

    When people go past protesting and violence and start not paying taxes will be when the government takes anything it wants.

    Reply to this comment
    • PB- dave February 25, 16:16

      Fritz, it’s a lot deeper than taxes. If this country ever goes to a cash-less society, it will all be over. Every penny you earn, save, spend will be trackable, and every item/service you purchase will be visible. Those saver cards the grocery store have, already track your spending and eating habits , and your debit cards can be tracked in real time.
      Not trying to be a paranoid, just pointing out a slippery slope many don’t consider….

      Reply to this comment
  16. AlforOne February 25, 20:25

    A civil war is coming between the left wingers that oppose Trump and his policies and the right wingers who most definitely armed and support Trump/

    Reply to this comment
  17. timmytrucker March 3, 02:14

    The u.s. dollar will collapse. With the debt increasing every day it is going to happen. Washington doesnt seem to care. They just keep on spending. God help us!!

    Reply to this comment
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