15 Pieces of Crucial Urban Survival Gear

Angela Williams
By Angela Williams April 8, 2019 07:05

15 Pieces of Crucial Urban Survival Gear

Disasters are not planned but they must be prepared for. Urban areas are predisposed to both natural and man-made crises. Ask yourself where you’d be if a disaster were to strike. It is probable that you’ll be at home, workplace or just somewhere proximal to your everyday environment.

You need to be ready to survive in these places. This is perhaps the most comprehensive resource when it comes to urban survival. I intend to provide you with a descriptive list of 15 pieces of essential survival gear for a modern-day prepper.

#1. Plastic Sheeting and Plywood

15 Pieces of Crucial Urban Survival GearDisasters such as tornados, hurricanes, looting, and mob riots lead to lots of debris in broken glasses from windows and doors as well as other materials. Plywood and plastic sheeting will provide you with a way to board the trash up and keep intruders and environmental elements away.

Try to pack enough plastic sheeting and plywood for each opening in your home. First, however, you must learn how to board up your home for emergency using these materials. Valuable resources are available online to guide you through the process.

The list of all the urban survival gears you need may be too long. But I believe this article has captured the most basic and vital of the 15 pieces of crucial urban survival gear each prepper must know. This information is of great importance to any pepper who desires to bug out successfully. For sure, the list is not complete. I’ll appreciate any contributions you make. My ultimate goal for writing this post is to reach out to you so that you can leave out anything capable of increasing your chances of survival.

#2. A Tactical Flashlight

Believe it or not, a flashlight is a lifesaver in almost any survival emergency that lasts more than a night. Most emergencies will include power outage. There is no way to tell if your area would be affected by such power outage. A high-quality flashlight is a reliable backup to help you mitigate the darkness.

Remember you will need the flashlight to provide you with light both day and night. The need for lighting at night is obvious. During the day, you may need it to light windowless rooms and hallways. You will also need the light if you must search for something in tight and dark corners.

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#3. Crowbar Or Any Small Pry Bar

You do not have many locks to deal with in a wilderness emergency.  The very nature of urban environments means lots of locks for security purposes. Chances that you might be locked behind a window or a door during a municipal emergency are high.

A crowbar or any small pry bar can prove invaluable when it comes to unlocking stuck doors and windows. Such tools have a design that allows you to pry open locks fast and with ease. You may need to practice how to use them before an emergency.

#4. Emergency Face Mask

Urban areas have industries that deal with toxic chemicals. These installations are usually vented to prevent toxic fumes from polluting the environment. In a major emergency, the operations of such firms may be curtailed leading to the release of toxic fumes to the urban environment.

Remember September 11 attack; many people suffered the effects of toxic debris that were released into the air. These threats underscore the importance of including emergency face masks in your emergency gear. High-quality face masks are available for sale in different stores. They are very affordable.

#5. First Aid Kit

Hospitals and doctor’s offices may be either inaccessible or overwhelmed during certain emergencies. In a disaster many people respond by panicking. And this can result in injuries. By the way, it does not require a major event to trigger panic. So, you must be prepared to deal with its sequel.

Medical supplies in a First Aid Kit can help mitigate any injuries and prevent further damage. You don’t have to undergo the stress of buying a complete kit if you cannot afford to pay for it. A cheaper alternative is to buy an assortment of supplies that will help you deal with injuries commonly incurred in urban emergencies.

#6. A Lighter

Electrical installations and natural gas line are among the first installations to be disrupted during an urban disaster. One of the most critical urban survival gears for bagging out is lighter. This affordable and noble gear can give you both fire and light.

A good trick is to buy several pieces of lighters. Keep one in your pocket as an everyday carry item. Scatter the others in your residence as well as your emergency gear. Just imagine what would happen if you were to have one piece.

#7. A Pair of Bolt Cutters

15 Pieces of Crucial Urban Survival GearBolt cutters also serve the same purpose besides being excellent scavenging tools. These tools make it effortless to access boarded up and locked abandoned buildings for shelter and supplies. Bolt cutters have an additional benefit letting you access chained-up places. Use this tool to cut security fences, alarm cables, power cables, and handcuff chains.

Better remain on the right side of the law. Possessing these survival tools does not mean you break into other’s property with the intention of looting it. However, anything may be permissible in a survival emergency. Safety and survival should be your primary concern.

#8. An Emergency Toilet

Many preppers would not want to imagine talking about something as gross as an emergency toilet. However, it could redefine what you have always thought an emergency in an urban setting involves. Major disasters will affect the water and sanitation systems. This means you may not use your toilet anymore.

An emergency toilet is a specially made bucket that you can crap in safely. While there are many commercial models to choose from, you can also learn to make one yourself. A great DIY emergency toilet uses two buckets.

#9. Weapon for Self-Defense

Security is a significant issue in all survival emergencies. The stakes are higher when it comes to an urban emergency. Firearms and knives are the first items to come people minds when it comes to self-defense. Looters and rioters can be children for all I know. Would you shoot or stab a 10-year old and call it self-defense?

Many better, safer and more sensible alternatives are available for urban survival. You may pack a firearm and a multipurpose knife for more organized criminals. But you should also pack lots of pepper spray so that you can deal with juvenile offenders. Other great self-defense items are keychain and baton.

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#10. Fire Extinguisher

Disruption of the natural gas supply may lead to leakages. Disruption of electrical cables can result in fires. Aggressive fires may be triggered. A good quality fire-extinguisher can help you deal with any fires that may arise during a disaster.

Many companies make fire extinguishers of different qualities. It is essential you research to find a reliable brand. You also need to check the expiry date of the extinguisher. Imagine what would happen if the fire extinguisher you bought expire before or during the emergency.

#11. Water Purification System

15 Pieces of Crucial Urban Survival Gear

Municipal water is never free from contamination following a disaster or after a significant emergency. You cannot survive more than a couple of hours to days without clean drinking water. Ensure you always have a good supply of drinking water in your office (at work), at home and in your automobile.

Bottled water is a great choice. However, you can guarantee your family water sufficiency by always having water purification systems such as compact filter, water purification tablets and activated charcoal. Such gadgets will ensure you have enough supply of water to meet the suggested amount for emergencies.

The American Red Cross recommends three gallons of drinking water per person during an average crisis.

#12. A Solar Charger

It is not strange for preppers to pack rechargeable batteries, flashlights, and emergency phones and radios. These items are perfectly great for urban survival. Unfortunately, they will prove useless if you cannot power them. This underscores the importance of an alternative power source.

Electricity generators and huge solar panels may appear great choices. Nevertheless, a solar charger is by far the best and perhaps the most reliable of all the alternatives. A small portable solar charger is convenient to carry and is reliable in most geographical locations, especially the places that receive average sunlight daily.

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#13. Shut-Off Wrenches

Urban infrastructure, facilities and utilities intended to make your life easier could potentially become your nightmare in an urban SHTF. Of great significance are gas and water. Following a significant crisis such as earthquake, gas and water leakage can threaten life. In such a case, you might need to shut off the leakage the gas or water.

Shut-off wrenches are ideal for purposes. Since gas lines and water pipes often use standard dimensions, good quality shutoff wrenches often work on both. Otherwise, you’ll need to have wrenches for your plumbing tool. This item can help you stop fires and floods resulting from gas and water respectively.

#14. A Multi-Tool

You may not be a fan of multi-tools, but you will need it if you must survive an urban emergency. A small and compact multi-tool will be ideal. Something like Leatherman Squirt PS4 is well made and solid.  You can accomplish many tasks with it. The design makes each item in the multi-tool easily accessible without having to open the entire tool. Choose a multi-tool that fits your tastes and preferences.

#15. Heavy Duty Gloves

Lots of glasses, concrete and other debris results from urban crises. Dealing with such stuff can be daunting if you do not have heavy duty work gloves. You need to be keen and careful when shopping for gloves. Low-quality models may not protect your hands from sharp objects.

Heavy duty gloves are also necessary if you must scavenge or forage for supplies and food. A good idea is to get several pairs of heavy duty gloves for different tasks. This will prevent cross-contamination and unnecessary injuries.

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Angela Williams
By Angela Williams April 8, 2019 07:05
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  1. TSgt B April 8, 17:13

    The idea behind this article is noteworthy. However, would you folks PLEASE HIRE A PROOFREADER? It hurts my eyes to read this article with some of the nonsensical and poorly constructed sentences and paragraphs.

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    • Tigron April 8, 23:06

      Wow, TSgtB.
      That’s some nonsensical and poorly constructed comment you have on this article from Angela.
      Your contribution is not very ‘lifesaving’.

      When the shit knocks on your door then you have the real worries.

      Kind regards from the Netherlands.


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  2. Critter April 8, 21:45

    Amen. Being a picky English teacher this drives me nuts. The information is just as important but reading it is sometimes confusing.
    #1 1st sentence; #4 last paragraph; #6 “bagging out”; #13 1st paragraph; #15 1st sentence. Maybe getting someone else to read it before sending would help. Thanks for the article.

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    • Dave April 9, 00:36

      pitty pitty go back to the city. Maybe when the SHTF, you wont be so dammed picky. as long as you got the message is all that counts. apparently it sank in

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    • PD- dave April 9, 02:40

      The good Tech Sgt, and the English Critter both made valid points. When the connection between the eyes and mind is interrupted with any grammar that is out of place the though is momentarily lost and confusion may occur. Sarge complimented the article, and Critter thanked the author. Helping someone to put out a better product, should be all our goal. Then we all benefit from the best info.

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  3. Wannabe April 8, 22:53

    An emergency toilet. Every time I use the toilet it is an emergency.

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  4. Hoosier Homesteader April 8, 23:00

    A good post for beginning preppers. And to this list I would add (talking to beginners) a good fixed blade knife.

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  5. left coast chuck April 8, 23:17

    It’s probably not Angela’s fault. She probably went to school in the PDRK. I recently read an editorial written by someone whose claim to writing fame was that he was editor of the college newspaper while enrolled at UC Berkley. He must have spent his whole career at the paper high on pot. I was ashamed that someone espousing a political ideal which I favored was so illiterate. It made me wonder if I should rethink my political position.

    This is a very valuable website with lots of good information in the articles and in the responses to the articles. However, like Babe Ruth who struck out more times than he got a hit, nobody hits a home run every time up to the plate. In baseball, this would be a squib ground out to first base.

    Sorry, Angela, I mean this sincerely and don’t mean to insult you or demean you, but I would suggest a writing course at the local junior college if you want to continue to write articles.

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  6. IvyMike April 9, 00:04

    If we’re talking a list for beginners how about a good pair of work or hiking boots? Can’t believe how many of my urbane friends don’t have decent footwear. Blankets are nice, too.
    Hey, I’ve forgotten more grammar than most people ever learn (has there ever been a greater nightmare than Transactional Linguistics?) and counsel giving everybody a break on spelling and grammar. American English grows richer every day as we constantly source words and constructions from other cultures and languages. I mean,I think I know what you meant…must admit I’m still chuckling over winches/wenches…

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    • left coast chuck April 9, 02:31

      IvyMike: The incorrect use of wenches is more common than you might think. I have seen advertising copy where wenches was used and with the picture in the ad, I couldn’t figure out how wenches were involved unless they were operating the winches but that didn’t show in the picture.

      I must admit I had to look up transactional linguistics. I have the perfect example: This is a gun. Give me all your money or I’ll shoot you.

      Or to make it applicable to prepping: This is a gun. Give me all your food or I’ll shoot you.

      I wonder what grade I would get if I turned that in at a University of the PDRK linguistics class?

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  7. Raven tactical April 9, 02:03

    Jim Cobb fluff article. I guess if you’re brand new to prepping this might be revleant

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  8. Grammyprepper April 9, 03:40

    I am not a retired English teacher like critter, but I have been accused of being a Grammar Nazi throughout my life. I also appreciate the information on this site, but agree that a proofreader should maybe be added to the staff. While many in the younger generations might not be bothered, those who were schooled in proper grammar sure are. Nothing turns me off from an article more. It causes me to question the validity of the information, as well as question the website itself.
    As leftcoastchuck said, this is not a personal affront to Angela, it was an important, informative post. Every writer needs someone to proofread their writing. There are also programs out there that go beyond spellcheck, to include grammar and punctuation.

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  9. Meanie April 9, 06:19

    Picky. Picky. Why don’t all you nit-pickers grow up and read the intended message, recognize the good from it and hear the thought that went into it. Or, maybe, you on your own could research and create an article that has as much good content and be fault free.

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  10. Ivan April 9, 18:50

    After using the toilet, wash your hands -http://handyshower.org/

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  11. Cry Havoc April 9, 20:03

    Scrap the prybar and bolt cutters. Buy a quality set of lock picks, and practice, practice, practice. I can defeat most locks including padlocks in 30 seconds. High security locks may take 3 minutes or so. My way leaves no evidence of me being there, AND, I can lock everything back up after I have aquired the supplies needed.

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  12. Jake d April 10, 22:14

    So this is where we are as preppers correcting English and grammar and then arguing about it. This country slides farther down the toilet everyday. Between the DemoComms and 100,000 illegals entering the country every month patriots are losing but let’s talk sentence construction.
    Feel free to correct as necessary.

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  13. Jack April 29, 05:36

    People should have to prepare for any situation including nature’s disaster because those are unpredictable and it is all about human safety and how can people can bear of pain of losing near ones due to carelessness of their. Thanks for revealing here 15 pieces of crucial urban survival gear.


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    • left coast chuck May 5, 16:29

      Jack: If your post was typical of the work that quality dissertation.co.uk provides, it was a massive failure.

      This is a volunteer site. To the best of my knowledge, the remuneration for articles is minimal. The real problem is in our school system which has failed miserably in teaching what is probably the richest language on the planet because it has absorbed so many words from other languages and made them a distinct part of the English language. Without regard to their politics, reading someone like Winston Churchill or William F. Buckley Jr., is pure pleasure. Their command of the English language makes reading their works almost a sensual pleasure.

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