Farm Murders: What You Need To Know If You Live On A Homestead

Charl M
By Charl M October 26, 2020 09:25

Farm Murders: What You Need To Know If You Live On A Homestead

Editor’s Note: In South Africa farmers are murdered at a much higher rate than the murder rate in the general population. Farmers are the targets of criminal attacks. This article was written by Charl M., a South African native, who has experienced first hand these attacks. 

Valuable insights can be learnt from taking a closer look at the circumstances surrounding the farm murders in my country. Insights about the dangers faced by average citizens when Law and Order break down. Insights about how the absence of police authority can embolden criminals to act on impulses they would normally suppress, due to fear of being caught.

The US has recently experienced a spate of lawlessness with Law Enforcement Officials either facing public condemnation, or having their powers revoked by cowardly politicians eagerly pandering to thugs and criminals. Statues have been toppled from their plinths with BLM graffiti smugly covering the names of national heroes; and then, that human nature has a dark side that exploits in times of chaos to raise its ugly head.

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If the economy will collapse the riots will start in the cities, then looters will expand to rural areas, where people are homesteading and possibly vulnerable.

How To Stay Safe

Farm Murders What You Need To Know If You Live On A HomesteadBefore striking, a predator will do a final cost benefit calculation to decide if it will attack. Let’s call it victim or target profiling.

The predator’s calculation incorporates three variables: probability of success, probability of injury, level of desperation.

A predator that is not on the brink of starvation, will not initiate a hunt with a low probability of success OR a high probability of injury. As a predator’s desperation increases, so will its willingness to face greater risk. Since the economic collapse will affect everyone, we must expect that the worst things will happen and people will not take into consideration the well being of others.

Excluding attackers driven by extreme desperation, the success versus injury trade-off should encapsulate your strategic intent. These are the two variables you need to address to ensure that you will be low on the list of possible targets.

This means that your lifestyle and environment must be adapted to communicate to any would-be attacker that: “your probability of success is LOW and your probability of personal injury is HIGH”.

Putting Strategy Into Practice (Tactics)

I am going to start this section with a description of what attackers look for, and why. Most of what we are dealing with, refers to lowering the probability of a successful attack.

This is the SORNO list. Situation, Observation, Regularity, Naivety, Obstacles.

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Situational Awareness

Farm Murders What You Need To Know If You Live On A HomesteadThis goes deeper than just “are you aware of your immediate surroundings?”

Do you know where your dogs sleep at night, and during the day, and what about when it’s raining? Do you know if that door to the animal feed shed is normally open or closed? Would you notice if someone moved your wheel-burrow, or your shovel?

Criminals target people who live narrowly focused and unaware of the details in their surroundings. It shows lack of discipline, an easygoing attitude and unpreparedness.

Criminals will hang discarded plastic wrappers on fences, or place empty cans close to homes. It’s a way of seeing how close they can penetrate without you or your dogs noticing. It is also a way of conditioning dogs.

Observational Vantage Points

Very few farm attacks happen randomly, spontaneously or unplanned. Even though, in time of crisis, looters will attack to take everything with no regard for human life, they do not want to get shot and killed.

Most attackers observe their victims for at least few hours or a day, often longer. The harder you are to be observed, the better. The further away they need to be to do this safely, the better.

Walls, screens, hedges, garden features can all help to create privacy. Keep in mind, if they can’t see in, you can’t see out. There is a trade-off here.

Secondly, when inside your house, it must be impossible for criminals to see where you are and what you are doing. One way reflective films, curtains, closed doors. Lights switching on and off as you enter or leave rooms means you are easily tracked throughout the house.

Here, investigations sometimes uncovered “hideouts” where cigarette buts, discarded food packaging, urination and flattened vegetation often indicating days worth of stalking.

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Regular Schedules and Daily Habits

Farm Murders What You Need To Know If You Live On A HomesteadSomeone leaving for work everyday at the same time, walking to his car along the same path; what could present an easier target?

Try to vary your schedule. Have your husband walk with you sometimes, let him bring the car around sometimes, leave earlier or later than usual.

The same should apply when going to church or visiting friends. If every Tuesday evening is Bingo night, be sure to pick up friends on the way, or have friends pick you up, and vary your route.

Even better, when the economic crisis will happen, stay inside your house and try to cut your expenses. Take care of your stockpile and be aware of your surroundings.

In the South Africa, families returning from church would often be ambushed. Another favorite time is when people return from visiting friends, leaving or returning from work. Letting the dogs out every night at the same hour before you retire to bed, could be fatal in the long run.

One last word of advice, don’t leave the safety of your home when your dogs are barking in a distressed tone outside. It could be a deadly trap. Or, be sure you are carrying a firearm and be prepared to face your looters.


Farm Murders What You Need To Know If You Live On A HomesteadThese people are probably just lost, need shelter, or food, or medical help. Help your friends and family freely. Everybody else, point them in the direction of somewhere they can receive assistance. Or: If you feel compelled, help them, as if you were helping an enemy that is trying to deceive you.

Be smarter than them.

Usually, attackers have gained access into yards or homes under various pretexts: pregnant women needing to use the bathroom, sick children and grandparents. Including under the guise of business to buy horses, cattle, chickens, vegetables. So be alert, and think twice before you let a stranger into your home.


Farm Murders What You Need To Know If You Live On A HomesteadThese are simply the barriers to easy access and or escape. The more of these a potential attacker needs to overcome, the higher the likelihood that he will look elsewhere.

A fence, floodlights, yard dogs and geese, dogs inside, locked doors, alarm and silent alarm systems, sound tripwires.

The more layers between yourself and attackers, the better.

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Responsibility For Safety

Farm Murders What You Need To Know If You Live On A HomesteadConstant Vigilance. The effectiveness of a system is not based on its implementation, but on its daily practice.                                        Safety Ownership. Ultimately it will not be a gun, or dog, or fence or alarm that keeps you safe.

You are the one that will keep yourself safe by implementing and actively practicing all of your safety systems.

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Two last tips, in the case that the attackers will enter your home:

  • Hide your clothes iron on a regular basis. If you google about the amount of elderly South African farmers and their wives who were tortured and burnt with a clothes iron, you will understand. Torture is the best way for the attackers to get information about your stockpile or the money you stashed. Remember: when the economic crisis hits, people will do desperate things to save themselves.
  • Have at least two safes. One will act as a decoy, with a bit of cash and one firearm. The other one needs to be well hidden, including the keys. Old keys lying in your house need to be discarded. Many individuals have faced hours of torture because their attackers didn’t believe that the keys they found around the house, didn’t open anything of value.

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Charl M
By Charl M October 26, 2020 09:25
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  1. Mic October 26, 16:33

    A very good article.
    Far to many “homestead” prepper ‘s think they will do just fine, since they are not living in a city.
    This also applies to some of those who are “bugging out” to farm country.

    I hope this is a Wake up call for them.
    I get the feeling of a lot of complacency, from those who either are living in farm country or will be bugging out to farm country

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  2. Marco October 26, 17:56

    Great information
    Thank you

    Reply to this comment
  3. Swinginforthefences October 26, 18:07

    There are some great suggestions here…though (not wong/not right) the author obviously wants to exist with a degree of civility and a daily existence that is as close to normal as it used to be. The other side of the coin are those who “trust no one but family” and “everyone other than family will eventually want what you have”. Especially those who laughed at your efforts to prepare for days like these. They now know You have what they need to live. I like the Author. He wrote an article that will alert a lot of people to the coming dangers. For that, I thank him!

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  4. Redlist Renegade October 26, 19:10

    And WHEN they come a knockin’ let your Bullets DO the “Talkin’ ” 9LOUD and CLEAR) !!!

    Reply to this comment
  5. left coast chuck October 26, 20:43

    I could be totally wrong, but it is my understanding that those seizures of farms from the white owners was sanction by the Mandela government as a means of an informal land distribution.

    Unfortunately for the commercial life of South Africa, squatting on a farm does not make one a farmer. Agricultural exports fell during the Mandela administration increasing the poverty of the black population who had worked under the direction of skilled white farmers.

    South Africa today is not the nation it was under the Boer administration and poor South Africans are far worse off than they ever were under apartheid. Of course, the government wonks running the country are far better off than they were under the Boers because under that administration it wasn’t possible to rape the country and steal it blind which has been going on since Mandela took over.

    Reply to this comment
    • OakGuy13 October 27, 01:05

      I was a police officer in Canada for 35 years, much of it in dangerous units like street drug teams, uniform policing, and organized crime project units. I stayed safe for much of my career due to an unlikely source: Hannibal Lecter.

      I saw “Silence of the Lambs” at about the 5 years service mark, and made a conscious decision to treat every person as if they were a potential “Hannibal the Cannibal”. It didn’t mean that I treated people like crap or that I disrespected them, but I treated them all as if they could turn on me and murder me if I gave them the chance. Everyone was searched thoroughly and using tactical considerations, I never turned my back on them, and I tried to keep in mind what they could do if I got casual with them. It didn’t matter if they were old men, cute little Asian girls feet shorter than me, everyone. I arrested some fantastically dangerous people and treated them the same.

      Now retired, with busted knees and a lot slower, I still find myself checking anyone I’m even slightly suspicious of that way. When you let someone into your house, have someone ask you for help, approach your car, you don’t have to go nuts, but consider potential. If you think of them as someone who could eat your face, and treat everyone as if they could, if you get casual, you’ll find yourself looking at people with new eyes.

      Yes, I’m Canadian, I’m polite, I’m nice, but, by god, I’m also ready. :-))

      Reply to this comment
      • left coast chuck October 27, 16:18

        Marine General James Mattis: Be professional, be polite but have a plan on how to kill everyone you meet. (Paraphrased. That is not verbatim but kinda close)

        Reply to this comment
        • red October 27, 23:35

          LCC: Stranger equals enemy and the worse enemies are always in our own homes. Jesus instructs us, love your enemies, but never said to the doormat liberals are. Teddy R. said it best, walk softly and carry a big stick. niio

          Reply to this comment
    • Rocky71 October 27, 13:17

      Yeah… I laugh out loud when heads bow in reverence to the name of Nelson Mandela…He was as much a terrorist as anything else. He may have eschewed violence in public but he wasn’t averse to practicing it in real time. Of course Apartheid was wrong. Any form of slavery is wrong yet there is no doubt specifically in third world countries namely Africa that when one tribe is ousted another tribe always more ruthless and violent takes over. In South Africa the current attacks on White farmers perpetrated by Blacks is straight up revenge. Do not ever think any differently. Whenever there are different races this swing of the pendulum will most likely take place. The whole Globalist/Leftist/ Marxist notion of income and property distribution fuels this unacceptable rage and its brutal and cowardly actions. Finally know this, the goal of BLM here in the states is to eventually eliminate or at the very least render White people powerless. Prepare as best you can. If they are close enough to kill us we are close enough to kill them !

      Reply to this comment
      • red October 27, 23:42

        Rocky: Xohsa, Mandela’s tribe, were armed with AK47s to take out all farmers who are making a living. Whites are the predominate victims, and many of them supported ending apartheid. It’s called ironic justice. Zululand, if a Xohsa gets caught there, he winds up in intensive care. There, I’m told, whites are usually protected. Where I am is Indian Country. All of us of all races get along because we hate liberals. Like Malcolm X said, liberals are the enemies of the people. Xohsa have no right to their lands because their ancestors sold it, along with a lot of their own as slaves. niio

        Reply to this comment
        • Olifant November 6, 14:16

          I’m South African, I live in the US now. My family are farmers; I grew up on a farm during Apartheid. The analyses above, by Red and Rocky71, are simplistic and based on scare mongering tactics by people with a political agenda which benefits from scaring people. Once my country is letting Americans back in, you all should go visit; see for yourselves. Don’t just be told what to think on the internet.

          Reply to this comment
          • red November 9, 12:14

            olifant: I’d be less worried if SOUTH AFRICANS black and whites alike weren’t telling me. People who live there, not in the US. Not politicians, people who live and work there.

            Reply to this comment
          • Rocky71 November 9, 14:35

            You’re not in South Africa now. Why did you come to America? Scare tactics? Fear mongering? Oh and by the way I base what I said from talking to South Africans both Black and White. I was born here in The United States Of America and I will die here. Were I contemplating a move to another country the African Continent including South Africa is the last place I would visit let alone live. You seem defensive. Go back to South Africa and bask in that life. Finally to imply that people spread fear solely based on what they see on the net is arrogant. You must be Afrikaner.

            Reply to this comment
  6. jb October 26, 21:24

    I like your article, but the first part about national heroes is a little hard to swallow. I really do not see where the confederate generals, or others in charge, should be seen as national heroes. They were responsible for the war against the United States Of America, and the killing of many soldiers of the United States.
    I support our police and others, except the ones that lie, cheat, or kill innocent people. I have had experience with 2 of the 3 above and do know that things like this do happen.

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck October 27, 16:16

      jb: Reasonable minds can differ. I too was taught the same propaganda that you were in school about the evil South and the beatific North. Like so many divorces, there is his side, her side and the truth. Because the North overpowered the South they get to tell only their side of the story.

      There is no longer any question in my mind that when the states joined the Union it was with the idea that they retained the privilege of withdrawing from the Union at any time they found it disadvantageous to remain in it. While I was not personally present at the negotiations for forming the Union, what I have read is that both Northern and Southern states joined with the fixed idea that they could leave at any time.

      The South attempted that only to be bludgeoned into remaining in the Union. The Southern leaders were men of honor who wrestled with their principles and joined the South in resisting the Northern invasion.

      I don’t have the time and space to give a history lesson on the events that led to the War Between the States, but it is not quite as clear cut as you have been led to believe.

      As I mentioned in a post to another article, while I was indoctrinated with the same blather that you were, I had long felt on my own, without any reading to back my feeling, that Lincoln was wrong. I was aware that his “Emancipation Proclamation” only applied to states that had attempted to leave the Union. It didn’t apply to states that remained in the Union that were slave holding states. It didn’t remand the Runaway Slave Act which was a horrendous act of injustice. It took a Republican congress after the War of Northern Aggression to rescind the Runaway Slave Act. If you don’t know what that Act said, look it up on line. It was an abomination to black emancipation.

      Reply to this comment
      • red October 27, 23:32

        LCC: War Between the States. It was Republican vs. Democrat and has been since. Lincoln did not have a leg to stand on until arrogant pissant dems fired on federal property. The emancipation would apply to all slaves, white, black, injun, Asian in US territory. I find it hard to believe any party leadership as crooked as the dnc always has been to have honor. I say that knowing there are respectable, upright dem leaders, but on average, they’re thugs. And, as well, I had family that fought for the South and did then believe dnc lies that it was over states’ rights. when have dems ever believed in anyone’s right but the wealthy?

        Reply to this comment
        • left coast chuck October 28, 02:39

          According to a recent book I read, Lincoln had promised Southern leaders that he would evacuate Fort Simpleton. It was, after all, a fort peopled by non-citizens of the newly formed nation. Lincoln promised on more than one occasion that he would vacate the fort instead he reinforce it with troops and supplies.

          What were the Southerners to think? The leader of a foreign nation promises to vacate a fort on foreign soil and then instead send in reinforcements and additional supplies.

          I don’t know about you, but that sounds like an act of war to me. It sounded like an act of war to the Southerners too so they responded by opening fire on the fort forcing its surrender. In my view, the act of sending in reinforcing troops and supplies was the open act of The War of Aggression Against the South, not the retaliatory firing on the fort by the Southern forces who were defending their territory against aggression violating an agreement.

          Reply to this comment
          • red October 28, 04:32

            LCC: I want to hear it from a historian. What I know is, Lincoln did not want a war. The south needed one to force consolidation of their confederacy. Buchanan had packed southern forts with munitions and supplies, and he promised, not Lincoln, those forts would be Southern property.
            The simple fact is, each southern officer broke his vows and his honor to uphold the constitution. Dems always find that too easy to do.
            It’s easy enough, equate this with Gitmo and other places around the world we lease. Should we run from Cuba because Castro gave us a dirty look? Southern forts were owned by the federal government and by the taxpayers, not just to the states they were in. niio

            Reply to this comment
            • left coast chuck October 28, 17:14

              Well, Red, I guess it depends upon which author you have read. In an early post to a different topic I listed the book that I had just finished reading. I don’t see it listed in my Kindle library, so I am assuming that it was a free book. It was entitled something like “The Union At Any Cost.”

              In it the author recites the messages he claims Lincoln sent to Southern leaders proclaiming his intent to remove federal troops form Sumter. Instead the deadline passed and when the Southern leaders reminded him of his promise to vacate the fort he again promised a date by which the troops would be removed.

              Instead of removing the troops he reinforced them with additional troops and shiploads of supplies. That left the Southerners with no option but to believe that Lincoln had lied to them and had no intention of vacating the fort which now represented foreign troops on their soil.

              I would say that we should abandon Gitmo should the Cuban government inform us that they were rescinding the lease signed by a previous government regime and if we promised to vacate the base by a certain date, the Cuban government would be justified in attacking the base, especially if we were busily reinforcing the base with additional troops and supplies.

              The reason why the communist Cuban government continues to allow the base is because we pay them rent for the base with U.S. dollars, which although not worth as much as they were when we originally rented the base, still constitute a stream of U.S. dollars for a government strapped for exchangeable foreign currency. They still have to pay their bills for imports as they are an island country with no manufacturing and depend upon farm exports for foreign exchange funds. Totally different situation from Fort Sumter and foreign exchange at that time which was gold based, not fiat paper or electronic money.

              We are abandoning Marine Corps Air Station Futenma, Okinawa at the insistence of the Japanese government to move it to a location on the far northern end of the island. We have abandoned other U.S. Marine Corps facilities on that island to move significant portions of the 3rd Marine Division to Guam and rotating units to Australia from Okinawa.

              MCAS Futenma was started very shortly after I left Okinawa. At that time Futenma was a fairly isolated area of Okinawa with just farmland. In the ensuing 60 years, of course businesses moved into the area to be close to the base to service the Marines stationed there. That was followed by houses and all the infrastructure for housing. The Okinawa government should have never allowed the creeping urbanization of the area around Futenma but maintained it in its semi-rural condition.

              We turned over a significant portion of Kadena Air Force base to the Japanese government to use as a civilian air port. It is now Naha International Airport and the U.S. military uses a portion of it but it is no longer Kadena Air Force Base.

              I personally think it was a deliberate act by the Okinawa government to eventually force the base off the island by allowing civilian development next to the Marine Air Station instead of encouraging development in other areas of the island away from the air station.

              The present governor of Okinawa is an avowed proponent of forcing all U.S,. military off the island. He ran on that platform and was elected by a substantial majority.

              There is a fully staffed reinforced Marine Division stationed on that island. The Okinawans feel as if the government in Japan has always treated it as the redheaded stepchild and given Okinawa more than its fair share of foreign troops stationed within its borders. They are correct in my opinion. My view is that Japan has always considered Okinawa as not really Japanese and treated them accordingly.

              So we have given up bases for political purposes or when they no longer met our purposes. I am able to recite with accuracy the situation on Okinawa because I have maintained an interest in the island since I spent two yeas there so many years ago. I am also more interested in happenings in the Western Pacific than the average U.S. citizen who is only vaguely aware of that area of the world and probably couldn’t locate Okinawa on a globe even if it were worth $100,000 to them to do so.

              I daresay I am one of the few followers of this list to regularly watch television programs from that part of the world which keep me abreast of what is happening in the part of the world wherein most of the world’s population live.

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              • red October 28, 19:40

                LCC: According to what I can find, Lincoln did everything but bleed out for the democrats to try to keep them from destroying the nation. He did not have the right to do anything prior to the unprovoked attack on Ft. Sumpter. Only a few days prior, soldiers, officer, noncoms, and all had gone into Charleston on leave or to purchase supplies for the fort. No one in town or the soldiers had any trouble. It was only when the arrogant dems started demanding we leave that and all other forts was there a problem. When the commander, Major anderson, a Southern sympathizer, refused because honor demanded he not, the democrats fired on the fort. 33 hours of bombardment and it got them a ruined fort and the contempt of the world. The democrats ran to England and France begging help.

                Castro has no choice but to allow Gitmo there. While China would like a navy base on our doorstep, we own the rights to it. The lease states both Cuba and the US have to agree to terminate it.

                Okinawa always was treated badly by the Japanese. So are a few other non-Japanese native to the nation. Part of the protest is over China, which owns 10% of the land leased by our military. Japan had been taking a harder stance against the chicoms, thanks to Trump. Under the wishwashy cowardice of the libs, they felt they did not dare to. niio

                Reply to this comment
            • TnAndy October 28, 22:24

              “Southern forts were owned by the federal government and by the taxpayers, not just to the states they were in.”

              US Constitution: Art1:Sec8;Clause17

              “to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings.”

              Key words there being “BY THE CONSENT OF THE LEGISLATURE OF THE STATE”……which implies to me the State can withdraw it’s consent and the Feds could no longer occupy that fort/etc

              Reply to this comment
              • red October 29, 02:27

                Tn: According to documents, what the taxpayers build, the taxpayers keep. Lincoln tried hard to appease the democrats, and they mocked his efforts.
                And the states gave consent, no? Where does it detail the state may withdraw that consent? I had family on all sides in the war between the states. No place does the law allow a president to simply give away federal property. Ask Clinton about that, when he tired to sell the Presidio to the chicoms.
                Article 1, Sec. 8, Clause 17 Constitution of US. Exclusive Legislative Jurisdiction. When the People delegated power between the federal and State governments, the so-called “police powers” were delegated to the State governments to be exercised exclusively within their physical boundaries.

                Reply to this comment
                • left coast chuck October 30, 23:40

                  I am reading a book right now called “Break It Up” by Richard Kreitner. In it he lists many of the occasions where states, both in the north and in the south talked seriously about leaving the union, almost as soon as the ink dried on the documents setting up the union.

                  I would suggest reading that book if anyone is under the delusion that the idea of breaking up the union originated with the folks in the south.

                  I am wondering if Amazon got complaints about the other book I read and removed it from their library. I can’t find any book close to what I think the title is. It could be because it didn’t paint Lincoln as the savior of the Union that we have all been taught.

                  Reply to this comment
                  • Miss Kitty October 31, 03:26

                    You could try or

                    Both are excellent sources for hard to find books, and thriftbook specializes in out of print books. A note about thriftbook…you have to be very specific in your search, it’s a big help if you have both the title and author, otherwise you can get some strange results from your search. Watch pricing, too, as much of their stock is collectables and priced accordingly. Overall, they are very good and I am very happy with them.

                    Reply to this comment
                    • red November 1, 00:56

                      Miz Kitty, I second that ! niio

                  • red November 1, 00:50

                    LCC: Well, it might be Lincoln was human. But, pretty much all states in the first century threatened to break off. It was usually dem states, at that. And, for that matter, enough broke off the south before the war began. The cowardly attack by dems on Sumpter had something to do with it. They never changed, always ready to murder steal and destroy to get what they wanted. Post-war, people left heading West, South, North, and over the river to help Maximillian defeat Juarez. It didn’t work very well. Juarez left Washington and the his refuge, the White House, armed to the teeth with plenty of everything he desired given him as a friend and neighbor. Maximillian protested thru the French embassy and Lincoln offered to boot them out of the country as backstabbers. For that matter, a lot of Mohawks offered to take of that problem for Lincoln. You know the rest. A democrat murdered Lincoln, and ever since liberals have tried to destroy his reputation. niio

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                • left coast chuck October 30, 23:55

                  Red: All rights not delegated to the federal government by the constitution are retained by the states. That is until the Supremes decided that the Interstate Commerce Clause included everything including how many times you wipe.

                  That’s an oversimplification, but it was their interpretation of that clause that led to federal interference in so many aspects of our lives.

                  Reply to this comment
                  • red November 1, 00:54

                    LCC: Agreed. And who gave us the BS? Democrats. ICC just took over where it wants to, just as the SC claimed to be final arbiter on federal law about 1803 or something. That put us on the edge of an oligarchy, not what the founding Fathers wanted. Dems have done their best to pack the courts ever since. niio

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      • Oracle December 7, 15:27

        LCC, you did pretty good for not having time to explain…

        Reply to this comment
    • Mailpouch November 1, 06:13

      jb: I had a great great grandfather that I listed in the Confederate Amy in Van Buren, Arkansas and a great great grandfather who was in the 6th Kansas Cavalry for the Union. I have to believe they stood up for what they believed. I believe one fought against the tyranny of unlawful taxation. One fought against what he thought was treason.
      We believe about our country’s history what were taught in our government schools. If we question what we’re taught we should seek more knowledge, insight and understanding.
      There is a very good documentary on CD titled “Warriors of Honor” about Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson. In my opinion it’s very worthwhile to watch.
      Like a lot of other Americans I took an oath to defend the constitution and I served my country for 6 years. I believe that oath is for life. I’m not educated on constitutional law but I believe I know right from wrong and if/when needed I will stand up for what I believe to be right.

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  7. IvyMike October 26, 22:04

    Doesn’t sound like an article written by an American or any one familiar with how heavily armed rural Americans are.

    Reply to this comment
    • Govtgirl October 27, 10:57

      Hi, IvyMike,
      Some of us are perhaps too complacent because of those very guns. He made it very clear that we have to get our head in the game like Oakguy 13.

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    • Jo October 27, 12:35

      No it sounds like someone who has lived in rural south Africa a more dangerous place than any rural American lives or has experienced outside military service.

      Reply to this comment
    • red October 28, 04:41

      Mike: Most murders in SA are committed by sniper fire. No one is safe and the gunmen are likely paid by chicoms. chicoms were busy buying politicians for years. they want the gold and diamonds. niio

      Reply to this comment
      • left coast chuck October 28, 17:30

        Red: The rural attacks on farmers which this article deals with were not sniper attacks but attacks on the farmhouse and outlying buildings by armed gangs. If the farmer and his family were not surprised and murdered at the outset and a siege was necessary it was typical for the farmhouse to be burned to the ground with molotov cocktails. It became the practice of farmers to protect their roofs with chicken wire screening so that the molotov cocktails would roll off the roof and land on the ground at a safe distance from the house and with a likely prospect that they would not break and spread the flaming gasoline but would burn out in situ where they landed away from the farmhouse.

        While I must admit I am not as current on crime in South Africa as, perhaps, I should be it is further my understanding that most attacks against whites in South Africa today are home invasions and kidnappings off the streets — not much different from the U.S with home invasions and car jackings here. Only in S.A. the car jacking usually results in a kidnapping rather than car theft and frequently the death of the kidnapped person.

        If the attacker is dedicated enough; doesn’t care how many casualties the attacking force sustains, and is willing to spend sufficient time to attain success, any fort will eventually fall.

        That’s why most castles had a secret exit tunnel so that the owner of the castle could escape should the sieging force appear to be determined to take the castle.

        For recent examples, Randy Weaver and the Branch Davidians. It was only the bad p.r. that the government got after the Branch Davidian fiasco that caused it to back off on the two standoffs we saw recently in Oregon and the one in Arizona. The bombing of the McMurray Building in OK City might have played a part in the two most recent standoffs.

        The federates still managed to kill one of the proponents of the standoff in Oregon, albeit at some distance from the standoff and after a truce had been declared. So much for the Great White Father in Washington speaking from the heart. The Indians were right. The Great White Father speaks with forked tongue.

        Reply to this comment
        • red October 29, 01:36

          LCC: Most, not all attacks on SA farms have been sniper. In Indian country of old, falks cut down any trees within a hundred meters of the house. In Arizona, same scene but with a lot less brush to take out. SA, same. Farms close to cities, yes, gangs attacked, and all too often early in this creep show, families were overwhelmed and murdered. Not all blacks are anti-white, and most like the idea of working for a living wage, not something you can expect under socialism.

          I remember ruby ridge, the murder of the branch davidians, and Leonard Peltier, and how the the feds do love political prisoners. the crud that happened in southern Arizona angered voters. What happened in Nevada is still talked about and angry voters are reminded of it. Even yet, here, remind American Indians that Gen. Cook was a dem, and you get the repub votes. Carlisle Indian School and Pres. Cleveland and all those sadistic trash his people hired. We still say that Snake’s forked tongue rules politicians. niio

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        • VrilForce October 29, 15:29

          About nine years ago, I was doing business with the future wife of a business man who was from Johannesburg, South Africa. He had lived in one of the older suburbs north of the city were homes are not close next to each other. He woke up one early morning because one of his neighbors dog was barking and howling. He got dressed walked down the long driveway to get his newspaper, when the dog came toward him limping heavily. As the dog drew closer he noticed the dogs fur covered with what seemed to be a dark substance which turned out to be dried blood. The animal also showed large lacerations on the chest, legs, chops, and back. He took the dog, went inside and called the cops. After they arrived my client showed them the insured dog, and to whom he belonged to. The cops called in backup before going to the front door of my clients neighbor. After backup had arrived the officers entered the home at the front and back. Within a few minutes two officers came out and both regurgitated heavily on the front lawn. My client who went over, was then stopped by another officer and told not to come to the house, ’cause the scene they found inside was to gruesome. The couple who had lived in that house and their two children had been brutally butchered and were almost unrecognizable. They found the husband in the hallway on the first floor, the wife in one of the children’s room, the kids in the bath top. The wife and her daughter had been raped and beaten, the young son’s body cut and his head smashed.
          This close encounter incident in neighborhood, pushed my client to the edge and he began making arrangements to leave S.A. for good. He packed up, moved his company out of S.A. and immigrated to Australia. After he got married, I received a number of E-mails with articles and forensic photographs that showed the despicable brutality and slaughter of to many S.A. farmers throughout decades. Nothing has changed to this day. The slums of poor Whites surviving on the outskirts of the city is another chapter. We don’t hear about that on MSM.

          Reply to this comment
          • red October 30, 04:22

            Vril: and never will unless they can make money on the brutality. the Zulu are getting bitter again. Not about whites. they pretty much resolved those problems over a century ago with the spear and won. The Xhosa are the troublemakers and thugs. They’re trying to force the Zulu to give up land so they can have a homeland. They have none because their ancestors sold it all and many of their people, as well. Soweto is the black hole of SA.

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  8. Juggles grenades October 26, 22:33

    Outside the gate to my house, is a 55 gallon can, in a wooden frame, sitting at a 45° angle. It is half full of sand. The sign says, “WEAPONS CLEARING STATION” and the proper procedure ( which would take up too much space in this comment) This is provided for friends, because I have a range, and regularly conduct training. My weapon, is always loaded, and ready. The only time mine is unloaded is during cleaning or adjustment. We have caught would be criminals doing recon, several times. When we are able to block their vehicle the County Sheriff is called to issue a Trespass Warning. Finally, we have IR driveway sensors. But instead of mounting them at the entrance gate, they are affixed to the exterior of the house. If anyone wants to sneak around after dark, I will not only know that they are there, I will also know their general location. Our cameras don’t record, they are only for looking around without opening a curtain.

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  9. barbuto October 27, 01:21

    very good article…..its not if but when america collapses…and it will be soon….world gov’ts are hopelessly in debt…most owe over 150% of their GDP to their people and others who buy bonds…which is how gov;ts raise money…and increase the debt…with bond interest nearing zeroe…who is going to buy them to bail out the countries.?…NO ONE.!!..thats when the SHTF and gov’ts collapse…Socialists will take over the few remaining democracies and capitalist countries in existence…and like all the other socialist fiascos, Russia, Cuba, china…these will fall…then what? SHTF…..the dollar and other local currencies will be worthless and inflation will be rampant like it was in post ww1 germany and later in some african country…..with money being worthless…we shall be bartering for existence…..if you have not left the cities yet…do so, NOW!…Duncan Long who has written about survival for over 50 years and who wrote his last book before Paladin books closed says…” if u have not left the cities do so now. Its time to go to a rural area and make friends with you neighbors. when shtf…the cities collapse and most city dwellers will soon be dead. Those who survive and come out to the country will come for your goods. Only if people in rural areas are neighbors and friends can they collectively defeat any bands of city marauders”…..This is good advice from a man who has written about survival for 50 years and has been a military man and a gov’t worker in many countries around the world. Lone wolves unlike the movies are not going to survive the marauders…only people living in peaceful existence with their neighbors in the country can band to gehter to defeat what is coming…

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  10. left coast chuck October 27, 01:49

    All well and good, but when a hit squad of FBI HRT goons rappels down at 0400 from a silenced blackhawk and throws 9in1s into your bedroom window where you and your wife are soundly sleeping all those preps will be for naught.

    I know this post will be ill-received by some followers of this list. In my opinion, the reality is that overwhelming force will be used against the best defended homeowner in an area or several well-defended homeowners. They may well be executed while “resisting arrest” and dragged through the streets or exhibited in some fashion to induce terror in the remaining citizens who will be reminded to turn in their weapons via a grisly show and tell.

    The only folk who will survive will be those forced to lives in caves and dugouts in the national forests or who have adopted a grey man attitude for some years. The Viet Cong lived a miserable existence in the swamps of the Mekong Delta or in the tunnels in Chu Lai or in the jungles of Laos or in the high canopy rain forests of the Vietnam highlands, all low spots in the typical tourist brochures.

    The NVA was better equipped and better organized but until Tricky Dick Nixon and his weak-kneed congress decided to abandon folks we had lied to for 15 or 20 years, they too lived a fairly spartan existence in Laos or the mountain highlands. There was no 12 month tour and back to the land of the Big PX. They were in for the duration.

    Those are the kind of folk who endure in an asymmetric war and finally prevail but it sure ain’t fun.

    The Mujs in the sand box are the same. They are living in caves in the high altitudes of the Hindu Kush, living on the occasional goat and rice and other grains grown in the region. You don’t see a corpulent Muj unless he happens to live in the city and is actually on the payroll of both sides, taking from the U.S. and also getting money from the Mujs. However, one day he will wind up in a blown up vehicle because there is one thing the Mujs hate and that is a double dealer.

    Yes, I am sure that every electronic and robotic device known to the U.S. government would be deployed against any “rebels”. You will have regular army and Marines who will stay with the government forces because they have families and their families will be held as hostages. You will have the same join the rebel forces. Father against son, brother against brother, cousin against cousin just as in any civil uprising.

    The big difference between 2025 and 1863 is that the country will not rise again to world prominence in 100 years as it did the last time. It will stay a divided Balkanized country with constant low level warfare going on for millennia,

    Recall the Maginot line or the Westwall also know as the Siegfried Line. Heavily fortified fortress lines that fell easily to assault. Does your isolated farm compare to the Maginot or Westwall lines?

    Do you think your rural house, even if it has real stone for outer walls will be able to withstand a C-4 charge against the door? Yeah, you might be able to take down five or six perhaps even ten or twelve of the Homeland Defense Assault Team A, but how long will you and your family be able to withstand an organized assault in your home?

    I know this article is talking about roving bandits that will be more easily repelled, but the first item on President Pelosi’s agenda will be to disarm the peasants and to do that they will send in heavily armed assault teams and start with the biggest example.

    What’s that? I made a mistake thinking Nasty Nan could ever be president? Not on your life. If Joe wins, he will be in for two years and then be declared incompetent to remain in office. Kammy Harris will be declared ineligible to occupy the office because it is clear that she is a naturalized citizen and not a native born citizen. If my recollection of the chain of ascendency is correct it means that the speaker of the house is next in line to assume the throne. That’s why Nasty Nan wants to be speaker for the next four years. She will then be eligible to reign for ten years if Two-Shot lasts two years and a day before he is dethroned. You can bet your bottom dollar that they will keep him propped up like William O. Douglas, peeing his pants while in a press conference and led in and out by White House staff because he can’t find his way to the podium until the two years and a day have passed and kazaam! He will be gone and Nasty Nan will announce her reign in a regal ceremony. She probably won’t wear a crown until she is elected for her first term. Kammy will reappointed as v.p. and there will be a constitutional amendment circulated that will allow naturalized citizens to have all the rights and privileges of native born citizens. How unfair that naturalized citizens can’t enjoy all the rights of native born (read white) citizens.

    Dismal view of where the country is headed? I hope so. But I see politicians approving the terrorism and damage to small businesses much like the Mandela regime approved of the slaughter of isolated farmers in South Africa. How many farmers do you think, if they had any transferrable assets, just pulled up and immigrated to some other country and abandoned their farms?

    How much brain and wealth drain do you suppose South Africa suffered as a result of the short-sighted but politically correct policies of the Mandela regime?

    How much wealth and brain drain do you think Portland, Seattle, ‘Frisco and other cities that permit unpunished rioting and vandalism will suffer in the next few years?

    The only law enforcement those cities will be able to recruit will be folks who are unemployable at any other law enforcement agency. That will accelerate the brain and wealth flow out of the city. It will be Detroit redux. If you always wanted to live on the left coast, just wait about five or so. You will be able to get title to property if you just promise to start making some kind of payments on the loan and live on the property as folks were able to do in Detroit. It got so bad if you just promised to live on the property the bank didn’t require loan payments, just so the property was occupied and not burned to the ground or physically totally demolished.

    I’ve said it before on this list and I will repeat myself, I’m old and hope I don’t live to see civil war in this country and the demise of the dream of gleaming Camelot on the Hill and the challenge of “Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country.”

    The only course I see to avoid the catastrophe I think faces this country is Trump. Much as I personally dislike the man, I think he is the only face standing between continued muddling along and total anarchy and civil war.

    It troubles me that we are showing such poor choices to the world. Once again I will be forced to vote for the least worst choice for the office of leadership of the world and that troubles me no end.

    Well, I will pick up my soapbox and steal away into the night.

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    • IvyMike October 27, 18:51

      Don’t give up on Conservatism and the GOP! I think you’re being too pessimistic, remember after the 2000 election Cheney, Rumsfeld, and the other idiots that pulled W’s puppet strings made a real good case that the Democratic party would never win another election. Now everybody’s crying over the Dems demographic advantage, but I’m sure the GOP will be back. Win or lose Trump has damaged the party by narrowing it’s base but conservatism will always have a place, I think people will be surprised at the extent immigrants and people of color turn to the right in coming years.
      You think Pelosi is going to outlast Biden? I think she is older and even more of a mess. Article 2 of the 25th Amendment allows the President to pick a V.P. if the post is empty, with the approval of Congress. There is no chance of birthright citizenship being ended, and they damn sure won’t make it retroactive, but if Kamala is out Biden could appoint anybody. How about Alexandria Ocasio Cortez? Nixon appointed Ford V.P. because he was by reputation a dummy and the thinking was they wouldn’t impeach Nixon if it made Ford President. Haha, President AOC, sorry, I’m supposed to be cheering you up.
      Here’s a short account I copied of the death of the 1st Mexican Drug Lord, Pablo Acosta. It’s a good description of what happens when the black helicopters come for you (we used to eat at a little cafe a hundred feet or so from the house that was attacked, it was actually where Acosta’s Mom lived).

      Acosta was killed on April 24, 1987, by Mexican federal police. Led by Comandante Guillermo Gonzalez Calderoni, the police attacked his hideout in Santa Elena, a remote village of 300 people on the Rio Grande across from Big Bend National Park. The Mexican police attacked the village in two helicopters after an FBI helicopter escorted them through U.S. territory. Acosta was taken completely by surprise. The Mexican police landed in nearby corn fields and quickly surrounded the adobe house in the center of the village where Acosta and two bodyguards holed up. Acosta refused to surrender and was killed after an hour-long shootout.
      Witnesses said the gunfight was intense. Acosta and his bodyguards fired machine guns over the sills of windows while taking cover behind the thick adobe walls. At one point, one Calderoni’s agents kicked the front door open. The bodyguards threw up their hands in surrender while Acosta fled to a back room. As he fled, he fired at the federal agent, wounding him in the arm, but the agent was able to shoot back at Acosta. The drug lord was wounded in the neck and ended up bleeding to death.

      Not realizing he was dead, the federal police set fire to the house in order to force him out, but when it was determined he was dead, his body was dragged out before the flames could reach him.

      As you say in your post, the reality is overwhelming force will be used…

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      • red October 28, 00:32

        Mike: Pelosi’s people are talking now how she was very loving toward Sheets Byrd and other Klansmen. She’s off her rocker and people also are noting that Kali-fonia is the worse state for slaves and pedophiles–and her friend Harris never prosecuted a pedophile or slaver, but ignored that.
        There is hope Kali will dump the dnc as Arizona had done when Babbitt was kicked out. A lot of folks want to change their vote–and I hope the dems were stupid enough to allow it, thinking they’ll get more votes.

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    • VrilForce October 28, 17:41

      Hello Chuck, thank you for your excellent input. You couldn’t have said it better. The masses still don’t know what they’re up against when all comes down. People in general do not know that there exists a
      World Governing Council’, invisible to the citizens on this planet. The following quote should make it clear, that all is not as we perceive in our reality. Here we go:
      “So, my dear Coningsby, now you see, that our world is ruled by very different personalities then the average person who never looked beyond the stage can even imagine” ( Benjamin Disraeli )
      And here is another interesting quote by a man who knew so well what is going on:
      “In politics nothing ever happens accidentally! If something occurs, you can be sure that it had been planned this way!” ( Franklin Delano Roosevelt )

      From here on, not only America, but people around the world has four years remaining to prepare to the hill. The culling of the populace is already underway.

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  11. Miss Kitty October 27, 02:44

    We’re going to see instances of farm robbery and murder spike as prices continue to rise and urbanites move to rural areas where they think it’s “safe” and stop being wary. I lived on a rural route in PA almost thirty years ago. It was an isolated suburban area, peaceful. Some of the neighbors had horses. Three houses down from us, the neighbors were known drug users/dealers. We had no problems, but we always locked our doors.

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  12. clergylady October 27, 03:25

    I have driveway movement sensors in 5 different places. Each is set in a different area of the home so immediately know where it was set off. I keep loaded arms around on magnets out of sight but handy. Also 2 machetes handy. I keep all tools including shovels put away. Easy to notice things out of place when you make neatness a habit. Practice often enough to stay accurate and fast. Gun safe in a strange place. Not in home. Most food in home but not all. Abd not in just one place even in the home. Husband has alzheimers so and not ‘potty trained any longer. Visitors other than close family don’t use our one bathroom. Dog barks differebt urgent bark for people vs dogs or predators. Smart dog did this on herown. Ever feel someone staring at you. Pay attention.

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  13. Govtgirl October 27, 04:59

    Great article. You really drove home the point that safety begins and ends with the brain. And here a lot of us newbies were feeling all complacent cause we’ve got a gun. The reminders that we must be observant and vary our routines are ( or could be if we take them to heart) potential lifesavers. Thank you.

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  14. Charles A October 27, 05:16

    Personally, I would think homesteaders would be better prepared to defend themselves cause they have guns while people in the cities expect the police to come and save them.

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  15. red October 27, 13:50

    Very good article! The point about the dogs is excellent, as is keeping the eyes open and know where things should be always.
    Country or town, always after strangers visit, check around the door why came to. Scammers and others will place marks there, or on posts, to show an easy mark.
    People don’t realize it’s safer in a small city than in the country. Crime and accidents are 20% higher than in a large city. Cities appear to be far worse only because there are far more people. niio

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  16. WithLibertyAndJustice4All October 27, 15:05

    The protests in the United States is against police and government abuse, not against fellow Citizens, protests which are protected by the United States Constitution. While there are some rabble-rousers who always show up at ANY such events who have nothing to do with the event itself, the only ones who are on killing sprees are the police themselves. The republicans have horrifically abused the Citizenry of the United States, allowing and excusing police abuse and brutality and murder, allowing police to illegally make up their own laws and policies, and the People are simply fed up with it. President Thomas Jefferson, when he wrote the Declaration of Independence which was UNANIMOUSLY signed by all states, said that our government is created and owned by and for the People with the express purpose of protecting and preserving the Lives and Rights of the People, and when any form of government becomes abusive of that function, it is THE RIGHT AND DUTY of the People to overthrow that for of government and establish NEW government which WILL do the duties commanded it by the People. Any American who has a problem with that is a traitor.

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    • Govtgirl October 28, 09:01

      As of 9/28/20, 142 black individuals were killed by police. In Obama’s last year of presidency, over 250 black individuals were killed by police. I did not cherry-pick that year, just did not wish to search all 8. The point is that this is not a party issue.
      I support the Constitution as do most of the people who visit this website. I do not think burn it down is the best solution to most problems. We should not condemn peaceful protestors, but pallets of bricks don’t sound like a few infiltrating rabble rousers.
      I don’t see many people sitting down with law enforcement to discuss changes in police procedures. Mostly it’s just gut the thin blue line or kill them. And labeling people who don’t agree with something a traitor harms your argument, kind of like throwing around the Hitler label.

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      • red October 28, 14:07

        Gov: Well said! Adding, most blacks killed by police are in liberal states. Democrats killing Democrats. Dems do not uphold the constitution because it interferes with things like Biden is now infamous for. I get flack from people who think it’s toilet paper, and have to show them it was put in place to protect us from the government, and the poor from the wealthy class.
        If you want to see American nazis, you need look no father than the dnc and soros.

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    • Rocky71 October 28, 12:07

      Republicans abusing the American Citizenry horrifically? BULLSHIT ! ABSOLUTE BULLSHIT!!!!!

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    • red October 28, 14:01

      With: Or is this Mrs. Clinton, again? It sounds like that whining nut trying to accuse us in Indian Country of sedition. Are you that much a loser you have to attack us by trying to tempt INTELLIGENT people into your stupidity?
      Opposite, and I do the research. dnc/kkk=nazi party usa is historically verifiable. Dems have cheated and murdered their way into power from the days of Jefferson. It is the right and the duty to boot self-admitted bigots like Hillary the Genocidal Maniac and Pedophile Joe out of office. God, and they call animals beasts!
      How many slaves do you own now, Mrs. clinton? How many?

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  17. left coast chuck October 27, 16:27

    Off topic but of keen interest to some:

    “BIG SUNSPOT ALERT: There’s a new sunspot on the sun–and it’s a big one. AR2778 contains a dozen dark cores sprawling nearly 100,000 km across the solar surface. Earlier today, it began to strobe Earth with minor C-class solar flares, activity which could intensify if the sunspot’s rapid growth continues apace. Visit for updates and more information.”

    If you can avoid it, don’t leave on any long distance travel until this situation solidifies into minor solar flares or something more important. We are coming into a period of solar maximum, so we can expect more alerts like this for the next 11 years.

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    • red October 27, 22:32

      LCC: ! Thanks. I didn’t read Space weather today, yet. I am now! And again, thanks for sharing that site. Very cool. niio

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    • Govtgirl October 28, 09:05

      Thanks, LCC,
      I get the space weather emails, but don’t really understand their significance. Is it that a big flare would cause an EMP?

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      • keft coast chuck October 29, 02:40

        GG: EMP stands for electro-magnetic pulse and is man-made. It is caused by an atomic device being exploded in the air from 250 to 350 miles above the surface of the earth. Such atomic event creates a wave of energy that overloads electrical devices resulting in their shorting out and becoming useless. There is divided opinion about whether automotive wiring would be destroyed in the event of such an explosion. It seems to me the main bulk of opinion is that all modern cars with the large amount of microcircuitry driving all the convenience features we have in such cars would fail in the event of an EMP. The opinion is really divided about cars manufactured prior to the introduction of micro-circuitry.

        To the best of my knowledge, the only reported test of automobile circuitry was done on the privately owned cars of the folk engaged in the test and when the cars started to fail the test was discontinued. It is my feeling that such testing is politically not correct in the present day atmosphere because most assuredly, the “green” cars would fail early and dramatically and that would be a serious setback to folks like Gabby Nuisance, the goobinator of Kallyforniya who has proclaimed that all cars sold in the PDRK must be all electric from 2035 on. Who wants to buy a car that has been proven to fail in the event of an enemy attack by nuclear device?

        What we have to fear from the sun, and it has only become a problem since we have switched to computers for so much of our tasking, is that the sun also emits huge electrical storms called coronal mass ejections. They emanate from the sun spots much like what is described in the space weather report. The resulting electrical surge travels along long line metal conduits such as railroad tracks, cross country electric lines, even the electric lines bringing electricity to your home or office building.

        Anything connected to those long lines will be fried in the electrical surge that flows along the line. Transformers will be overloaded and burn out. You have read accounts of transformers exploding on electric poles. That is what folks who claim to know say will happen in the event of a CME (coronal mass ejection). Every block just about has a transformer passing stepped down electricity to the homes in the area. When all those transformers explode as a result of the massive overload, almost all electrical devices will cease to operate. If you have your computer disconnected from the wall outlet, it may survive. If you are not charging your phone, it may survive.

        However, with everything else down, the only use your phone and computer will be is to retrieve data stored on them and not stored in the cloud. If it is stored only on the cloud, it will be gone along with everything else that was connected to the electric grid.

        Again, opinion is divided as to whether a CME will cause cars to short out. It really doesn’t matter that much as with the electric grid down, gasoline won’t be manufactured and people will be forced to dip the gasoline out of the underground tanks at gas stations. The pumps that pull the gasoline out of the underground tanks won’t work.

        CMEs are disregarded by a lot of people but Earth was been visited by them in the past and they will visit us again in the future. An EMP may not happen. A CME will happen. The only questions are when and how powerful will it be and how much of the earth will it cover?

        We dodged the bullet in 2017 when an X class CME passed through earth’s orbit a week after earth was in that particular position.

        l would suggest going on line and reviewing the information about CMEs on line. Specifically look for comments about the Carrington Event. Specifically look for damage caused by the Carrington Event. Look for a list of known CMEs since the Carrington Event.

        It is my opinion if one is not preparing for a Carrington type event they are ignoring the bull in the china shop.

        We will generally have 18 to 36 hours to know if we are going to experience an X category CME. That is if the governments allow knowledge of same to be general knowledge and don’t shut down websites such as space

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        • Govtgirl October 29, 10:40

          Thank you so much LCC,
          Now I have a basis and at least know what to look up. Will definitely read about the Carrington event and CME’s. Puts me in mind of the thread not too far back when everyone was talking about the risky things we did as youths. I don’t think it was just our age that made us feel safe. Right now the world is a somewhat dangerous place and too many of the efforts to make us safer from all of the various threats result in loss of freedom. Not a good trade off.
          ‘Preciate your help.

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          • Mailpouch November 1, 05:14

            LLC: Thank you for sharing your wisdom and all your comments on this article.
            The book “One Second After” by William R Forstchen is a fictional book about life after an EMP attack. The forward is by Newt Gingrich. In my opinion the book is a very worth while read.

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            • red November 1, 22:18

              Mailpouch: Wolf and Iron by Dickson is good reading. Same scenario buy no one trying to fix the computers. It was written in 1990. niio

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        • red October 30, 03:23

          LCC: much thanks. I found an article on NASA and wow, this will be nasty. I remember reading that when Germany tested their A-bomb on Baltic Sea island of Rügen, close to 300 kilometers south Berlin lost phone service for two days. niio

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  18. WOLF October 28, 20:37

    Not really too concerned about wtf some law boy says or tries to enforce some BS LAW! Person comes on my property shoulda thought about 1 thing prior: RESPONSIBILITY!
    He\She gets past some old NAM traps surrounding my property; they WILL be looking IN MY EYES, WISHING they’d made another better decision, when they’re sent to meet their maker, SAME AS CHARLIE did!
    LAWS see things different than what’s MORALLY RIGHTEOUS, are gonna enter the same damn situation as the fools & idiots: WRONG DECISION!

    Reply to this comment
    • Rocky71 October 29, 13:36

      Well said Wolf ! Nam vet here too ( U.S. Army). I’m still upright and do not plan to allow anybody to screw with me or my family. Hey, be polite, be professional but be ready to kill anybody you meet. Heard that before? Yep, come on my property acting a fool would be foolish.

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    • IvyMike October 30, 00:42

      A 65 year old man probably didn’t serve in Vietnam, American involvement ended in January 1973, and the last Combat Marines, the 3rd MAB, left the country in June 1971.
      I think your shift button keeps getting stuck?

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      • red October 30, 05:23

        Mike: !
        Not combat, no, but office clerk or exotic dancer at the officers club, mebbe 🙂 . You know what sergeants say, officers do love trainees’ tight ends.

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      • left coast chuck October 30, 23:59

        Mike: The last Marines to leave Vietnam were the embassy guards and when they left it was a combat zone. It was Marines flying the helicopters that lifted the last U.S. personnel off the embassy roof and also out of Da Nang airport.

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  19. Ben October 29, 19:09

    Stay sober. Be prepared. Be ready. Watch and pray.

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  20. left coast chuck November 14, 17:23

    Just read this about farm murders in Africa:

    “The 30,000 white farmers in South Africa today are just a third of the number in pre-apartheid times, many emigrating for safer pastures in Canada and Australia. “Being a farmer is a dangerous career,” says Pierre Vercueil, a prominent member of farming organisation Agri SA. “Many young farmers are leaving the country to continue their love of farming elsewhere, which will have an impact on food security in the future.”

    The article talked about the impact that murdering white farmers and squatting on their land had on Zimbabwe and apparently it wasn’t salutary.

    Unlike the socialistic bushwa that Olifant posted, it would appear that the opposing comments more accurately reflect the situation as reported by an on-scene observer.

    Further confirmed by Olifant’s statement that he is now residing in Australia. I wonder if he can see the dichotomy in his statement with reality?

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  21. red April 7, 04:16

    Crime in the rural areas is far, far more common than town people realize. At one time, farmers formed small villages, the homes close enough to hear if someone was in distress. niio

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