Deadly Coronavirus Sparks Pandemic Fears: First US Case Reported

Rich M.
By Rich M. January 23, 2020 11:07

Deadly Coronavirus Sparks Pandemic Fears: First US Case Reported

The first reported case of the deadly Coronavirus that started in China has been reported in the United States. A man who had traveled to the city of Whuan, China, where the Coronavirus first appeared, felt flu-type symptoms upon returning home. He rightly decided to be checked by his family physician, who took blood samples, which were flown to the CDC, where it was confirmed that the man had contracted the disease.

This is the only such report in the USA, as of this writing; but the disease has also shown up in other parts of China, as well as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand. So far there are 600 confirmed cases, and 17 people have died from the disease.

Official concern for the outbreak has caused Chinese officials to quarantine Wuhan, Huanggang and Ezhou, three cities that are home to more than 18 million people in a possibly belated effort to stop the spread of the disease.

Since the vast majority of the cases are still within Wuhan, closing it off could end the spread of the Coronavirus, if victims of the disease who are outside the city can be isolated and kept under medical observation until it is clear that their bodies’ immune systems have overcome the virus and killed it.

American officials, especially from the CDC are taking this pandemic seriously as well. The CDC has dispatched 100 workers to set up screening stations in five airports, to verify that anyone entering the United States from the vicinity of Whuan, China.Deadly Coronavirus Sparks Pandemic Fears First US Case Reported1

These screening stations are being established in New York’s JFK airport, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Harsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Chicago’s O’Hare International airport. Anyone returning to the US, whose flight arrangements do not include passing through one of those five airports upon arrival in the US will have their flights rerouted so that they can be screened.

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What are We Dealing With?

The Coronavirus is not a single virus strain; but rather a family of seven related strains, like influenza. Just as with the flu, various strains affect people differently, ranging in seriousness from symptoms akin to the common cold, up to serious diseases like SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) or MERS (Middle East Respitatory Syndrome).

Little is known about the victims who have already died from the disease, although they are all within the borders of China. No fatalities have been reported from any of the other four countries which have been affected. While we don’t know this for sure, it is probably that those who died had some underlying respiratory problem, which the Coronavirus attacked. This happens in the case of many victims who die of the flu.

At first it was believed that the virus only spread from animals to humans, but it has now been confirmed that it spreads from human to human as well. Unfortunately, the exact mechanism of spreading is not yet understood. It will take time for the CDC to run the necessary experiments to quantify the risk and means of spreading.

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The Spread of Viruses

Typically, viruses spread through bodily contact or bodily fluids. The most dangerous is when they are airborne, spread through what is known as “aerosol.” This is nothing more than the droplets of mucus and saliva that are released through coughing and sneezing. Those droplets can travel as far as six feet, but the viruses they contain can travel even farther. All it takes it breathing in those virus particles and you can become infected.

But that’s not the only way that viruses can spread. If someone has a virus-caused disease and they cough or sneeze, the virus can be deposited on their hand, when they move to cover their mouth and nose (as we’ve all been taught to do). Then, if they shake hands with someone else, that virus can be spread to their hands.

Viruses on the outside of our body aren’t dangerous. The skin, as part of our immune system, does an excellent job of blocking out microscopic pathogens. To get into the body, viruses, bacteria and protozoa need to find openings in the skin; either those which occur naturally or cuts and contusions.

Most of our natural body openings are in the head; specifically, the eyes, ears, nose and mouth. Rubbing the eyes or eating food with contaminated hands provide a means for those viruses to then get into the body, through those openings. Once inside the body, they multiply, infecting the person.

What makes the spread of viruses so much more dangerous in current times, than it was 100 years or more ago, is the popularity of air travel. In our global economy, people travel back and forth, from country to country, all the time. This allows viral diseases a much easier mechanism for spreading than before. All it takes is one infected person, who doesn’t even have to be symptomatic, and the virus can travel to a new country, where it can spread and infect other people.

This was the real concern during the West Africa Ebola outbreak of 2014. With a fatality rate of roughly 80 percent, a worldwide Ebola pandemic could be extremely serious. Fortunately, this one hasn’t reached those kinds of proportions.

Do You Need Screening?

At this point, there is only one patient in the United States, who has a confirmed case of Coronavirus. It is still unknown whether he contaminated anyone else, before being isolated in the hospital. We can be sure that medical professionals are working on determining this right now and will be testing anyone who he had contact with.

Should the disease spread, a major part of stopping it’s spread is to identify people who have been contaminated or exposed, testing them, and removing them from contact with others. In the light of that, if anyone you know comes down with the virus, you should see your own doctor or go to the hospital emergency room to be tested, telling the medical staff that you are at risk of the disease.

When doing this, be sure to wear a medical mask, so as to reduce the chances of infecting others in the process. Should you sneeze or cough, this will capture the droplets, preventing them from spreading.

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Protecting Yourself from Pandemics

One thing which constantly surprises people is that medical science has been unable to develop treatments for more than a few isolated viral diseases. The best that modern medical science can do in most cases is to provide supportive care, hoping the body’s immune system will fight it off. This is why vaccinations are so important. They give the body the opportunity to develop the necessary antibodies, without the risk of becoming diseased.

But if your body doesn’t already have the necessary antibodies, the only thing you can do is to try and avoid becoming infected with the virus in the first place. Depending on the virus, how easily it spreads and how deadly it is, this can either be easy or hard.

Protecting Yourself from a Low Level Viral Threat

To protect yourself from a low-level viral threat, like the flu, the best thing you can do is to avoid contact with people who are already infected. The problem with this, is that in most viral infections, frank symptoms don’t appear until two to ten days after the person is already infected. They are able to live their life normally, going to work or school and being involved in social activities, while their body is pumping out virus particles to infect others.

Since we can’t see into the future to know who is infected and who is not, some other precautions need to be put in place, if we want to avoid becoming infected. These are basically the same things that medical professionals do, when dealing with patients who have the flu:

  • Avoid touching them more than necessary
  • Wear rubber gloves
  • Wash the hands after any contact
  • Wear medical masks
  • If they are coughing or sneezing, wear goggles

While it may look strange to walk down the street this way, those simple measures will protect you from the spread of most disease.

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Protecting Yourself from a High Level Viral Threat

When dealing with more dangerous viral infections, like the Ebola virus or Lassa Fever, it’s necessary to step up the game quite a bit. This means wearing an isolation suit, if you have to come into contact with people who are infected.

In this case, we will probably need to come up with substitutes for what medical professionals use, as the cost of a Racal Suit (isolation suit) generally runs $1,000 or more. A lot of that is because they include a powered air-purifying respirator that uses HEPA filters. While that is the best possible solution, we can do just about as good with a gas mask and a Tyvek suit, which can be purchased for under $20.

Tyvek suits are made of a plastic material that air can’t penetrate. The only places where anything can get in, is at the hands, feet and head. Many come with a hood, allowing you to seal it around a gas mask, preventing the entrance of anything from that angle. Wearing Tyvek booties over your shoes and rubber gloves (double or even triple layers) provides protection for the hands and feet. Taping those all around the opening, with medical tape, makes the suit virtually impermeable to pathogens.

When wearing such a suit, or even a professional Racal suit, it is advisable to have someone spray you down with an antiseptic solution, before removing the suit. That way, if any pathogens got onto the exterior of the suit, it will hopefully be killed before taking off the suit. Then, the suit is taken off without making any contact with the outside of the suit, essentially turning it inside out for disposal. For added safety, the suit should be incinerated.

While Tyvek suits are inexpensive, they are disposable. So you would want to have a goodly supply of them on hand. Even then, you would want to use them sparingly, just to save money and not run out of suits. That means making sure that you only make contact with others when absolutely necessary

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Going to Extremes – Isolation

In the case of an extreme pandemic, where the disease has hit a large percentage of the population, it might be necessary to go to extremes in order to protect yourself and your family. In such a case, the only sure way of protecting yourself is an extreme bug in, where you close yourself in your home, living off your survival stockpile, and avoid contact with anyone.

If it is necessary to go in and out of the home for any reason, that can be done in the above mentioned Tyvek suits, taking care to set up a decontamination station outside your home (like your back patio) and decontaminate before coming in the house.

Taking that idea a step further, ultraviolet lights are uniformly deadly to viruses. So an airlock can be built at the doorways, where anyone passing through is bathed in ultraviolet light. Standing in that light for several minutes, ensuring that it hits all areas of the body, will act as an effective secondary decontamination step, once the Tyvek suit has been removed.

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Rich M.
By Rich M. January 23, 2020 11:07
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  1. TnAndy January 23, 15:36

    Headline on Zero Hedge this morning; “3 cases reported in Scotland…the horse is out of the barn”

    Reply to this comment
  2. CaptD January 23, 16:34

    It was lab-created and patented in 2015 (in development since 03’)
    The patent expired on the day the first case is announced in the US
    The patent also tells us the CDC helped make this! “This invention was made by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an agency of the United States Government. Therefore, the U.S. Government has certain rights in this invention.”
    And now magically a vaccine is in the works for it already? Yet the patent in 2015 already references a vaccine for it.
    But what do I know I’m just a conspiracy theorist.” –

    Reply to this comment
    • Dupin January 24, 14:58

      If you had really read through the patent, you would’ve discovered that there are a lot of coronaviruses, and that for humans they don’t usually cause sever disease, and that one coronavirus is responsible for the common cold, as quoted here:

      “Coronavirus have not previously been known to cause severe disease in humans, but have been identified as a major cause of upper respiratory tract illness, including the common cold.”

      Forms of it do cause severe infections in animals, and vaccines have been created for those:

      “Vaccination has been used successfully to prevent and control some coronavirus infections in animals.”

      There have been some efforts to make vaccines for humans, but:

      “Past efforts to develop rapid diagnostics and vaccines for coronavirus infection in humans have been hampered by a lack of appropriate research models and the moderate course of disease in humans. Therefore, a need for rapid diagnostic tests and vaccines exists.”

      Further on is more discussion on “detecting the presence of a SARS-CoV nucleic acid in a sample and/or diagnosing a SARS-CoV infection in a subject.” And on working on vaccines for this SARS virus and other coronaviruses, but says nothing about any successful vaccines for humans yet.

      Likewise, the patent isn’t because they invented the SARS-CoV coronavirus, it’s because they were able to isolate it and determine its genome.

      And this current coronavirus that’s starting up is different from SARS, so there’s a lot of work to be done.

      However, based on this, I will agree with you that you are a conspiracy theorist.

      Reply to this comment
    • russ February 8, 17:54

      OPERATION CORONA BIO-TERROR: Former FBI Agent with the …

      Jan 26, 2020 · The number of infected people has risen to slightly over three million and the death toll now stands at a MINIMUM of 156,000. 90,000 DEAD IN WUHAN ALONE! The video below is from a Medical Professional in the infection zone. She reports ninety-thousand DEAD in Wuhan alone:

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  3. Mama Prepper January 23, 17:59

    This was a manufactured virus made by those who want to depopulate the earth. You can stay healthy in spite of it. Just make sure you’re taking a clove or two of garlic every day. Garlic is a natural antibiotic that your body never gets immune to. Just smash the raw clove, cut it into small pieces, wait 30 seconds to give the allium time to interact with the oxygen and become potent, then swallow with water. Done this way, you won’t smell like garlic, but you’ll stay healthy. If you DO get sick anyway, just start taking garlic every two hours for a day or two. As symptoms decrease, you can decrease the frequency of taking the garlic.

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck January 23, 19:50

      An antibiotic does not work on a virus. It works against bacteria. One reason for our decreasingly effective menu of antibiotics is people insisting that the doc give them a “shot” when they were ill with the flu and not some bacterial infection.

      Reply to this comment
      • russ February 8, 18:24

        OPERATION CORONA BIO-TERROR: Former FBI Agent with the …

        Jan 26, 2020 · The number of infected people has risen to slightly over three million and the death toll now stands at a MINIMUM of 156,000. 90,000 DEAD IN WUHAN ALONE! The video below is from a Medical Professional in the infection zone. She reports ninety-thousand DEAD in Wuhan alone:

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    • russ February 8, 17:55

      OPERATION CORONA BIO-TERROR: Former FBI Agent with the …

      Jan 26, 2020 · The number of infected people has risen to slightly over three million and the death toll now stands at a MINIMUM of 156,000. 90,000 DEAD IN WUHAN ALONE! The video below is from a Medical Professional in the infection zone. She reports ninety-thousand DEAD in Wuhan alone:

      Reply to this comment
  4. Shry January 23, 18:24

    Vaccines are the cause, not the solution.

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck January 23, 20:10

      Let me just mention smallpox, poliomyelitis, measles, chicken pox, scarlet fever, whooping cough (pertussis), diphtheria, yellow fever, malaria, the alphabet hepatitis diseases, tetanus — I am sure there are a more.

      For those not old enough to remember the days before inoculations, those diseases used to account for significant youthful deaths. (They also killed lots of adults too).

      Go to an old cemetery and look at the headstones and count how many children under the age of 12 died and look at the diseases from which they expired. Then come back and repeat your drivel about vaccines.

      Let me suggest an alternative reason for the supposed spike in untoward results from vaccines.

      Prior to the sixties, drug usage among the general population was pretty limited. I started working as a court reporter in the late 50s and up until the sixties, drug usage was limited to certain populations. Any proscribed drug usage or possession was a felony. You went to state prison for such. Some managed to get a deal for marijuana usage such as Robert Mitchum who was busted for marijuana usage. He got county jail time.

      The more widespread recreational drug usage has become, it appears to me, without any scientific basis, that allergies, birth defects and adverse reactions to vaccines have reportedly increased dramatically.

      The reason I say reportedly is because school districts have discovered if they have a child with some sort of problem such as the so-called attention deficit disorder, they get additional funds from the federal government.

      While I can’t say positively that there is some causal effect between the availability of federal funds independent of the local tax base for the reported increase of children with some kind of health problem, the constant pursuit of money to squander by public officials leads me to strongly wonder whether there is indeed a connection or it is just a post hoc ergo propter hoc theory.

      I also wonder about the increased use of recreational drugs and the increase in these immune system disorders. As far as I know, no study has been announced that studied the causality between drug use and immune system disorders that reportedly are so prevalent.

      Just some food for thought, but I lived through the pre-vaccine era where the only vaccine was for smallpox. I am aware of how many kids got sick from the “childhood” diseases because I suffered through them as did almost all of my friends.

      Reply to this comment
      • left coast chuck January 24, 19:33

        Let me just augment this diatribe with a few more comments.

        When was the last time you saw a young person confined in an iron lung?

        “What’s an iron lung?” you might ask if you are under a certain age.

        An iron lung, Cricket, was a device that enabled a young person whose lung function had been affected by poliomyelitis to the extent that they were unable to breathe on their own to survive. It was just a couple years ago that I read that the last survivor to use an iron lung had died. When I was a young lad, iron lungs were quite common. The patient was enclosed in a device much like an MRI machine with just their head and perhaps their shoulders sticking out. If they couldn’t survive without being in the iron lung, all bodily functions had to be performed while in the lung. This required either one of the parents or a care taker to be available to assist.

        I have no idea how many young people, because polio seemed to affect young people more than fully mature adults, were confined to an iron lung during the height of the polio epidemics that swept the world in the 40s and early 50s.

        People in less developed countries just died from polio.

        The polio vaccine that was developed in the 60s has eliminated the scourge of polio — and it was a scourge— totally from this country. During polio epidemics, usually during the summer, swimming pools were shut down, people shunned crowds, so movie theaters were significantly affected. Travel was impacted. Retail businesses were affected. People went in the store and exited as quickly as possible. And especially young people were kept from those places and activities by their parents.

        And that’s just one disease that was eliminated by a vaccine.

        I won’t even touch on the scourge that smallpox was. It helped wipe out the native American population whether introduced innocently or deliberately. Some anthropologists estimate there were several million indians in the Western Hemisphere when Columbus arrived but in less than 200 years that population had been reduced to under 100,000.

        There is controversy about the numbers and the period in which it was reduced, but there is no question that small pox played a dramatic role in reducing the numbers.

        Just two disease entities that were responsible for millions of deaths and disablement that were eliminated by vaccines.

        Before anyone tries to blame some vague symptom that may well have other life style causative factors, they should take just maybe 90 seconds to consider how many people have been positively affected by the same and are actually alive and leading fruitful lives due to vaccines.

        Sorry for the long diatribe, but entertainment “personalities” spouting off on topics for which they have zero training that cause non-thinking people to follow them is a hot button issue for me.

        I don’t know what caused the medical doctor in England to go off on his ill-advised campaign, but his advice has been debunked by far too many clear thinking, peer-reviewed studies to have any validity. Just because he somehow managed to get a medical degree doesn’t mean he has a thinking capacity greater than a squirrel. I have seen too many doctors in court testifying to absolute nonsense to put any credibility in just the fact that some individual has achieved some kind of degree. I don’t have personal knowledge of that doctor but I feel safe in suggesting he is suffering from some kind of personality disorder commonly referred to in scientific terms as a “nut job.”

        Reply to this comment
        • red February 9, 00:42

          LCC: Hardly a diatribe. Like a cousin from NC likes to say, Facts is facts, Jack. And, like Nana (Granny) used to say, some learn easy, some need a baseball bat broken over their thick skulls. niio!

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  5. Canon January 23, 20:48

    People need to realize that viruses are not killed by anti-biotics. Does garlic kill viruses? The famous 20th century psychic, Edgar Cayce, said that viruses can be killed with baking soda. He said to put 1/2 to 1 tsp. of baking soda in a cup of hot water. Sip it throughout the day. Swish it in your mouth. If you do this when you first start coming down with a cold ( you can feel it in the back of your nose and throat) then you will catch it early. Also do it throughout the night when you change position. I also put my finger into the mixture and put it up my nose a lot. When you wake up the next day, you will have totally gotten rid of those nasty viruses. Other remedies like garlic, Vit. C, and others may lessen the length of a cold, but they won’t kill it dead in it’s tracks like baking soda. Edgar Cayce said that viruses cannot live and reproduce in an alkaline environment. Baking soda is alkaline. I’ve been using this this protocol every time I feel a cold coming on (about 3 times a year) and I haven’t come down with one since 2011!!!!!! Just saying that health scientists know that viruses are killed in an alkaline environment but they won’t tell you about it! The cold and flu Big Pharma products are big money makers!

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck January 24, 00:31

      Sorry, but I don’t take my medical advice from Hollywood “personalities” illiterate professional athletes, rich guys who think because they managed to get wealthy they have all the answers to the world’s problems, psychics, nor television medicos who do not practice medicine but practice giving paid advice on television and finally not from “doctors” who are selling a product in which they have a financial interest. I even question medical advice given by practicing physicians if it sounds far-fetched.

      Reply to this comment
      • Canon January 24, 01:24

        I agree with you about not taking advise from all the people that you mentioned. I read about the baking soda and water remedy in a book on Edgar Cayce and figured it wouldn’t hurt to try it. So I did, and it killed the incoming cold. Tried it again, and again and again and NO colds! So I guess I went against my thoughts about others advise. I ended up being the happy recipient of one of the best tips ever!

        Reply to this comment
        • red January 24, 15:45

          too much baking soda and you can suffer kidney stones. zinc and ginger work best. Zinc burns out viral infections and ginger dries the sinuses, which kills most virus. Zicam is made of zinc and Vitamin C, both of which are a lot cheap in a do-it-yourself. Friends who emigrated here from China scolded me once about having hayfever. Take ginger! 🙂 Adding, most of us don’t get enough of zinc or C, so it’s good for you. And, any virus we contact is treated this way, even viral Herminia and tick diseases. niio

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  6. Rickity Rick January 23, 21:12

    That is one of the best articles written about viruses/transmission and etc of all. Even better than some medical journal items which just talk about washing hands ad infinitum….The greatest way it is spread is by inhaling other persons shed viruses. Therefore at times of the flu or anything, stay home if possible and avoid the stores. If you need to go, do it early in the AM before things get stirred up and infested.

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  7. Sister Blessed January 23, 22:34

    Does any one know about TURPENTINE therapy?
    or heard of Dr. Jennifer Daniel’s for cures of fungal, viral , bacterial, etc.

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck January 24, 05:01

      Ah, yes, Dr. Jennifer Daniel who now resides in Panama because she fears for her safety in the U.S. I would suggest that her trust in Panamanian police forces just might be misplaced. I think it is much easier to get whacked in some Central American country than it is in the U.S.

      Next, every time one talks about how they were cured by this remedy or that, I hark back to the fact that the placebo effect is 30%. That means if the cure is killing a chicken and spreading the blood on the face of the patient, 30 people out of 100 will have a lessening of the symptoms for a period of time. So any “cure” is going to have a 30% success rate, even sulphuric acid. had this interesting information about turpentine as a pharmaceutical:
      “Turpentine has been reported to be useful for its antiparasitic effects, particularly in the treatment of myiasis. Turpentine has been used experimentally in baths for treatment of disseminated sclerosis and sexual dysfunction; however, data are limited and safety and efficacy have not been established.
      “Adverse Reactions
      “Contact allergies, hypersensitivity reactions, and benign skin tumors may occur when exposed to turpentine. Additionally, the resin has an irritant potential.
      “If ingested, turpentine is highly toxic, with fatal poisonings reported in children who have ingested as little as 15 mL. The average fatal oral dose is 15 to 150 mL. Toxic effects may include oral burning and pain, thirst, cough, vomiting, diarrhea, headache, insomnia, dizziness, hematuria, urine odor similar to violets, difficulty urinating, albuminuria, hypotension, bradycardia, prolonged activated partial thromboplastin time (aPTT), coma, and death.

      “The primary use of turpentine has been as a solvent in paints. During the last century, it became an important starting material for the commercial synthesis of many widely used compounds, including camphor and menthol. Various products derived from turpentine have been used in chewing gums. Steam-distilled turpentine oil has been used as a food and beverage flavoring in very small quantities (typically about 20 ppm). The oil has a strong, bitter taste and is colorless.Guzel 2015 Turpentine and its related products have a long history of medicinal use, primarily as topical counterirritants for the treatment of rheumatic disorders and muscle pain. A gum derived from turpentine was used in traditional Chinese medicine for relief of toothache. Other extracts (including the semisynthetic derivative terpin hydrate) have been used for the treatment of cough and cold symptoms Ziment 1991; the cis-form of terpin hydrate is used as an expectorant.Morton 197
      “Uses and Pharmacology
      “Turpentine and its related products (the oil and rosin) are important in commerce and traditional medicine. These products can pose a toxicity risk and should be handled and stored carefully.

      “Antibacterial effects
      “In vitro data
      “In an in vitro study, turpentine oil exerted antibacterial effects against Staphylococcus epidermidis and Escherichia coli. It was also found to exert activity against 2 strains of yeast.Schelz 2006
      Anti-inflammatory effects

      “Animal data
      “Literature primarily documents turpentine use in experimental animal models of inflammation to induce a systemic inflammatory immune response, with demonstrated beneficial effects.Elhija 2006, Pous 1992

      “Antiparasitic effects
      “Turpentine has been noted to possess varying antiparasitic effects. It has been used in the treatment of myiasis. Specifically, it is useful in helping to remove the larvae in cases of myiasis.Kumar 2012

      “Clinical data
      “A case report describes a 28-year-old male patient with a history of maxillofacial trauma who presented with oral myiasis. He received topical cotton application of turpentine oil on the area infested with maggots. After 10 to 12 minutes, the cotton was removed, and the maggots were subsequently removed. Further treatment with surgical debridement and oral ivermectin was provided.Kumar 2012 Another case report describes removal of blowfly larvae with turpentine oil in a neonatal patient.Bapat 2000

      “Bone metabolism
      “Animal data
      “In a study of rats, inhibition of bone resorption occurred in a dose-dependent manner with turpentine.Muhlbauer 2003

      “Clinical data
      “Abstract data from a study in Russia suggest turpentine baths may assist in the treatment of disseminated sclerosis, but the safety of this treatment has not been established.Ludianskii 1992

      “Sexual dysfunction
      “Clinical data
      “One study from Russia documents the use of turpentine white emulsion baths in patients with sexual dysfunctions, but the safety of this treatment has not been established.Karpukhin 2000
      “Dermal injury
      “Animal data
      “When applied topically, turpentine causes skin irritation and, therefore, has been shown to exert rubefacient and counterirritant actions. However, in a systematic study, a pine oil product derived from Pinus palustris and Pinus elliottii reduced dermal inflammation in a mouse ear model of contact irritant–induced dermal inflammation as well as second-degree burns to the mouse paw.Clark 2014
      Turpentine has been used for traditional self-medication in the United States, and fatal poisonings have been reported in children who have ingested as little as 15 mL.Boyd 1991 Turpentine is among the most commonly ingested poisons among childhood cases reported to poison control centers.Melis 1990 The average fatal oral dose is 15 to 150 mL.Guzel 2015
      “Turpentine oil is toxic when inhaled through the lungs or ingested through the GI tract. Signs and symptoms of toxicity generally emerge within 2 to 3 hours after exposure. After oral ingestion, patients may experience an oral burning sensation, pain in oral cavity, thirst, cough, vomiting, and diarrhea.Guzel 2015 Other toxic effects of turpentine ingestion include headache, insomnia, hematuria, urine odor similar to violets, difficulty urinating, dizziness, albuminuria, coma, and death.Guzel 2015, Leung 1980 A case report of an accidental ingestion of turpentine oil 50 mL by a 9-year-old boy describes the development of hypotension, bradycardia, and prolonged aPTT.Guzel 2015
      “Inhalation exposure to turpentine irritates the respiratory pathways.Filipsson 1996 A case report documented a 20-year-old male treated with oxygen, steroids, and eventually intercostal tube drainage after turpentine-induced chemical pneumonitis that evolved into a bronchopleural fistula.Rodricks 2003”

      So it would appear that if one is infested with maggots, flushing them with turpentine will remove them. Ronson lighter fluid will do the same thing.

      I can remember when one could purchase terpin hydrate in the drugstore for cough. I think Hadacol which was a brand name cough syrup had a formula with tenpin hydrate, but that is sixty years ago and that memory is fuzzy. I remember they also had a cough syrup with codeine and that really worked for coughs. You can still get it by prescription if the doctor will write it for you. My wife had a wracking cough that just wouldn’t go away. One teaspoonful of codeine knocked the cough right out. Didn’t even have to give her the rest of the prescription.

      Thanks to the WAR ON DRUGS ! ! ! it is only available by prescription and only from certain Big Brother approved doctors. Used to be able to buy it OTC. Used to be able to buy a lot of very useful drugs OTC.

      That’s the real question we ought to be asking of our government. Why is the government involved in what we put into our bodies? In my view if you are going to kill yourself drinking turpentine, be my guest. What paragraph in the Constitution says, “It is the role of government to babysit its citizens and so Government shall proscribe any substance that might possibly be harmful to its citizens. This does not apply to any substance the Government may deliberately or inadvertently produce itself.”

      That must be a little studied paragraph when studying Constitutional Law

      I know when we used turpentine on the dog with mange it seemed to cure the mange. The big problem was getting the poor dog to hold still to apply the turpentine. It must have stung like the devil on his poor macerated flesh.

      We had to use turpentine to remove the paint that my brother had seriously applied to the dog so that he wouldn’t get sunburned inasmuch as he had no hair and was out in the sun.

      The mange was gone within a week as I recall but that is a long ago recollection too.

      Reply to this comment
      • Dupin January 24, 15:14

        To your point of OTC items and what used to be rather than now, the FDA was formed in part to protect the citizens from snake oil salesmen and the like. You look at all of the “supplements” out there that, so long as they’re careful with their wording, are generally out of the FDA’s purview, those can be the new snake oils for sale, especially those where you have to sit through their long videos to find out anything.

        I’ve been taking a blood pressure combination that’s recently been taken off the market (temporarily, most likely). Something the EU discovered a few years ago but that the FDA ignored until recently, then panicked. When the patent ended, the Name Brand manufacturer apparently left out some steps for the generic manufacturers to follow, and as such some carcinogens were produced as part of the manufacture in the generics. Mild carcinogens, but enough to take it off the market, so I’m on different meds for now. My doctor informed me that this was the reason for this. To the point, the FDA doesn’t do the best policing, but I do wonder what might be in our medications and foods without them at least doing some policing.

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        • left coast chuck January 24, 19:47

          My take on the losartan problem is more due to the fact that the drug is being manufactured in China rather than the U.S. where quality controls — something that the Chinese seems to have trouble grasping — cannot be monitored as easily by the FDA or any other governmental functionary including the local health department inspector.

          Certainly the federal government is not going to pay to send inspectors to China to review manufacturing processes in some Chinese pharmaceutical plant. They have to rely on the vendor in this country performing the necessary inspections. Once again, it is expensive to send a quality control team to China to perform the necessary quality control checks and so the vendors rely on representations of the manufacturer who in turn relies on the employee who purchased his quality control degree from a diploma mill.

          Being manufactured in the U.S. is no guarantee that all the quality control tests are correctly performed, but my chauvinistic feeling is there is a better chance that they are being performed correctly here than in some country 10 thousand miles away whose technical expertise is what they have managed to steal from other countries.

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  8. ar15 January 24, 00:22

    does this look bad or will it physle out and is it in france

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  9. ar15 January 24, 00:24

    wil this spread or wil it be put out

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    • left coast chuck January 24, 05:14

      AR15: I think the first thing to do is not get your panties all twisted in a knot. To directly answer your question, yeah, it will spread. The best thing to do is to do as outlined in the article. The first thing you should do upon arriving home from being outside is to wash your hands with soap and water.

      While you are out and about, try to avoid rubbing or touching any part of your face.

      Out here in the PDRK all the grocery stores have hand wipes available at the front door. Customers very vigorously wipe the handle of the grocery cart with the wipes. They’ve got it backwards. They should wipe their hands after they are finished shopping and have put the cart away.

      They run the cart handle then go inside and handle merchandise handled by the employees and the other customers, then they handle money at the completion of their shopping and go out and drive home. Wrong time. You are locking the barn door after the horse has left.

      If you see someone sneezing in your proximity, try to move away from them. I would wear a surgical mask if I had to travel by any public transportation means. Who cares if it looks a little strange. If you were in Japan, you would look normal as almost every Japanese will be wearing surgical masks in public until this virus has run its course. Surgical masks are big business in Japan and not just in the medical field.

      Try to avoid public places that you are not absolutely required to attend. No concerts, no dance halls, keep out of restaurants and bars. Perhaps skip church for a while. Limit travel by public conveyance. This is not the time to plan that cruise or vacation that requires you to be seated in an aircraft for multiple hours.

      And lastly, bolster your own health. Get sufficient sleep. Don’t drink quantities of alcoholic beverages. If you smoke, try to limit your smoking. Eat a healthful diet. Those are all things you should be doing anyway, but be extra vigilant in your health care for yourself while the virus is running its course.

      Unless bodies are dropping everywhere and you of necessity must handle diseased corpses, I wouldn’t go to the extreme of buying a respirator and tyvek suits. Use some common sense. If your work requires you to frequent the infectious disease wards, your employer should furnish you with protective gear and I would insist on it, but how many of us reading this article work in the infectious disease wards of health facilities?

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  10. red January 24, 00:51

    Reading about this on the news, I had a brain fart, an explosion of foul thoughts. Backstory: At the end of WWII, Hitler sent about a half-million SS and Gestapo into the world. Many went to Stalin. Stalin sent many of his to China to assist Mao. The Japanese had labs set up to experiment with germ warfare in Mongolia. Mao, as I was told, did not destroy the labs. Now, after the total screw-up with Tienanmen Square, how are the Chinese handling dissidents? Hunan had a fast-growing population of Christians. The people were demanding the right to worship without harassment. And now this. Each time a new plague strikes in China, it strikes at an area with a lot of dissidents. Amazing coincidence, about as amazing as when dems want more gun control, some perv comes out shooting people. Mao never destroyed the labs. niio

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    • IvyMike January 24, 01:57

      During the thousands of years of Chinese history some of the most successful (and bloodiest) rebellions against the government have been led by religions. That is why China has a million Muslims in concentration camps in NW China, no Chinese government can tolerate politics based in religion. But I don’t think they care what the West thinks, they don’t try to secretly unleash epidemics, if people don’t want to go along to get along they just lock them up or start shooting them.
      It is not pleasant to think about what countries around the world have in their secret labs. I fear we under rate the threat to our existence that our intrepid biologists are cooking up deep underground.
      Back to survival books, the 1st part of Stephen King’s The Stand is about a Super Flu virus escaping from a military lab and killing 99% of the people in the world. It’s great, I read it again every time a new bug debuts in the world press.

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      • red January 24, 16:01

        Mike: What caused the rebellions? Excesses by the government, the same thing that caused the American Revolution. China cannot just shoot people today. Most carry cell phones and that’s why they haven’t had another Tienanmen Square. Too many witnesses and the socialists lose wealth. So, yes, they do care, but only up to a point. Every plague has been blamed on people. Why is no one talking about the plague labs? Until a decade ago they used to. Up till then, a lot of SF came out how-to make your own. After that, we got bird flu, traced back to Cuba. It had never been seen before, and Penna used it as an excuse to force farmers to specialize in only one type of livestock.

        2 cousins worked for Penn State, then USAMRID in the Hot Zone. No, while I like King, if it happens, the super flu, will come from a place like Penn State, which supplied Sadam Hussein with bacteria and incubators to raise his own. The bugs have a half life per generation. 1st generation dies. 2nd generation half die and so on. Marburg Ebola may have been an experiment that escaped. It’s kill rate was 25%, and after that, people pretty much only got sick, but usually lived.

        When PS (AKA Rape U for their greed) was busted selling plagues to Iraq, dems passed laws to protect them. They did the same for the judges caught selling children to juvie courts as far away as Colorado.

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    • left coast chuck January 24, 05:28

      My experience with interfacing with Chinese in their environs is sixty plus years old, but it was my opinion then, and from what I have seen from travelogues and such, their lifestyle has only taken on a veneer of the 21st century. Their sanitation is still pretty primitive compared to other countries. Spitting in the streets is still common — that a splendid way to spread many diseases. Food is still displayed in the open air in cities. One of the special forces branches has a saying “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.”

      I am not sure that extends to food on display in a dusty alley next to a busy thoroughfare. And just huge crowds of people from everywhere tends to spread disease more rapidly. One positive thing that can be said for individual travel in automobiles is that it helps prevent the spread of aerosol spread disease. Traveling on crowded trains, buses, subways etc facilitates the spread of disease. That’s why so many people get sick after a long plane trip.

      I don’t think the Chinese are deliberately sickening dissident groups. Perhaps one of the reasons these epidemics seem to start in dissident regions is that they receive less in the way of 21st century services than compliant areas. That has traditionally been the way dictators compelled compliance. No medicines shipped in, garbage not collected and disposed of in a sanitary way. Water perhaps not treated as thoroughly as in other regions. Vaccines not supplied. There are a whole host of health encouraging services that can be curtailed to enforce compliance and the unexpected result may well be an epidemic which then is left untreated or minimally treated by merely quarantining the area and not allowing anyone in or out. It doesn’t require any active role mere negligence will suffice. It is again my personal opinion that the epidemic is much worse in China than the government has disclosed.

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  11. ar15 January 24, 11:50

    left coast i’m a introverted 14 year old so i don’t drink or any thing and i don’t go out often, my only worry is school, and i’m blind so i can’t see if some one is looking sic

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    • red January 24, 16:52

      Ar15: Good to know you. Is anyone around who can teach you to sharpen senses? As a blind person, they should be hyper, compared to people who can see. anyone who was in combat should be able to feel being watched.When moving home to Arizona, I was awake for 3 days. I stopped at night up north of here near the south end of the Apache reservation, and man, that’s in the back beyond, and tried to sleep but had a nightmare. A psychotic was walking around the truck with a butcher knife trying get in. It woke me up. then had it again and woke up. The third time, the fog growled and I had enough. I drove off and a moment later realized it had been coyotes watching me. niio

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  12. AR 15 January 24, 11:52

    and i posted my comment where i asked if it would spread twice cuz the first time it said that it failed lol

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    • left coast chuck January 24, 19:07

      AR15: Comments about getting enough rest, a healthful diet, washing hands apply no matter what age you are. While you may not be able to see if someone appears ill, many times a person is infectious without visible signs, so eyesight is not that helpful. You can hear if their breathing is abnormal and if they are sneezing. If I were really concerned about catching the disease, I would wear a surgical mask any time I was out in public. If your teachers question it, I would explain that I was concerned about the disease and that in Japan, wearing a surgical mask during an epidemic or when one feels a cold coming on is quite common. Because Japan is very crowded — they have train personnel on the platforms whose job it is to pack people in by pushing them into the cars during rush hour — the Japanese are quite conscious about how their actions affect others and so out of consideration for others, if they are feeling ill, they will wear a surgical mask so they don’t spread the illness. That is a custom that could well be be adopted by other countries. No, I don’t own stock in any surgical mask company.

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  13. AR5 January 24, 17:37

    red nah idk how to convince my dad to prep my family is loving but kind of unsuportiv some times and he is busy so i’m just reading loads of articles, bin on this blog for about a year now, but i don’t really have skills although my dad is a mechanic slash handy man so and was in the armi although it was cuz u had to in france up until a few years ago, sorry for typos

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    • red January 25, 02:03

      It’s cool. I’ll pretend I’m your english lit teacher and give you a D penmanship and an F on grammar. A works for effort! 🙂 I didn’t know I was a prepper till back in the 90s. Till then, most of the people I knew were, of all races. We can, dry stuff, like guns and do-it-yourself. Gardening and field work, woodscraft and so on. You’re doing what you can. Every inch counts. niio

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  14. ar15 January 24, 17:38

    I know that’s dissrespektfull but that’s how i feel about my family sometimes still love them though

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  15. the ar15 January 24, 21:07

    left coast yeah I know, i always wash my hands and stuff like that, but i don’t think i’m concerned enough to ware a mask, yet thancks for the advice and i like all the advice u give to other on this blog it’s always helpful

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  16. Armin January 24, 23:22

    The latest I’ve heard about the corona virus, and this news is only an hour old, is that 2 cases have turned up in France. The US is monitoring more than 60 people that could POTENTIALLY have picked up the virus. Have heard nothing about confirmed cases. Just heard on the radio that a case might have turned up in Quebec. Unconfirmed. The virus obviously causes respiratory infections WHICH IN MOST CASES are relatively mild but in RARE CASES can be POTENTIALLY lethal. So even if there were a pandemic the majority of people would survive. This is another case of a tempest in a teapot and of certain factions trying to panic the population for nothing. Some tin-foil hat trying to tell us the sky is once again falling. It’s important to listen to the news so that one knows what’s going on in the world but then do your own due diligence so that you’re making decisions based on facts not rumours.

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    • red January 25, 02:05

      More for your research: Just before the crackdown on the city, thousands of foreigners were racing to get away. Armed guards are now supposed to shoot anyone trying to get out. niio

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  17. barbuto January 25, 01:33

    back in the 1960s doctors were looked at as “gods”…Remember all the TV shows…” Ben Casey”…Dr Kildaire”…..”Marcus Welby MD”….”Julia” ( she was a nurse)…” The Nurses”…..I can go on. But as young people started to ” Question Everything”…Drs. soon fell from their pedestals…..We realized they are people, Good Bad and Ugly like the rest of us. Of course when it was discovered that Drs knew that smoking was a killer ( Actually the Germans knew this back in the 1930s-1940s)….and by the 1960s there were enough cancer and lung disease studies to show the cause and effect, Drs came under scrutiny. I don’t trust Drs. They ARE NOT GODS…To me there are like an auto mechanic. When your car has a problem, you take the car to the mechanic. If he is a legitimate mechanic he starts looking at the simple things first before getting to the most expensive reasons for your cars maladies….Drs are the same. What do they say..” lets try this”…don’t they? Unfortunately like cigarettes Drs make more money prescribing medicine than they do prescribing healthy food and a little exercise. for example it has been proven that diabetes is 100% preventable and reversible by diet alone…with a little exercise. That has been known since the 1960s…But diabetes drs prescribe drugs that may treat a symptom…but they don’t make money telling you to eat correctly. diabetes has been called the black plague of the 21st century. Now, in the world, where ever the US diet is….diabetes follows….I view all of these vaccines as another means to make the drs money. I doubt if they work and I think they cause more harm than good. Run a review of the number of autism cases that result after the child receives a vaccine. Remember, the vaccine can only create anti bodies for one type of virus. We are surrounded by many thousands of viruses….so what is the chance you are protected against all that can harm you? I also see a correlation in disease ( autism cancer and other disease) due to all the chemicals in the food, soil etc…Monsanto has recently lost a civil case where the workers exposed to Monsanto chemicals proved they contracted cancer from same. so don;t believe your doctor. Its up to you the public to do your own research and choose your treatment. Remember, many doctors make millions working for drug companies….

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  18. Dupin January 25, 04:58

    As my doctor and others try to prescribe generic drugs to their patients, I doubt they’re making money off of prescribing drugs. Many of them also talk to their patients about diet and exercise and weight-loss, especially those with diabetes, hypertension, and other diet-related illnesses, but by then the patients can find it hard (assuming they’re even willing) to change their diets which would limit or eliminate their need for the diabetes meds, and find it easier to simply take the meds and not change their eating habits completely. I’ve known people to change doctors because the doctors have nagged them to change their diets and get exercise and lose weight, but all they want is the meds so they don’t have to. If your doctor hasn’t been talking to you about diet and exercise, then you should find another doctor, because like any other profession, there are a few bad apples out there.

    As to the vaccine-autism link, that’s been well debunked. Thimerosal, which contains mercury, was thought to be the cause, but isn’t. If you’re old enough, you may remember playing with mercury in your hands in science class from elementary through high school and on into college. However, I will agree that environmental factors to the mother and child may well explain the increase in cases of autism as there are plenty of other potential vectors rather than vaccines.

    And I find it incredible that you don’t believe that smallpox, polio, measles, tetanus, typhoid, hepatitis A & B and a whole slew of other vaccines don’t work. If you look at the world around you and compare it to a century ago, I think you will find that that they do work. But believe as you will.

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    • red January 25, 15:25

      Dupin: I agree about vaccination, but mercury? Killing with mercury is an old KGB tradition. It can take decades to die, and die slowly. When Japan had a spill in a bay, the company didn’t tell anyone. Much of it was mercury. Babies were born deformed, elderly people wasted away. Even today, decades later, they can’t eat the fish from the bay. I don’t want to sound like a croaker, but they stopped using mercury in thermometers because people were getting sick just from that little bit. ut now the tiny bit in a vaccination isn’t going to harm you. No more than the little we get when a tooth is drilled and filled. Always, friend, use caution.niio

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      • left coast chuck January 25, 19:28

        Obviously barbuto didn’t read my comments about polio or smallpox, just to mention two dread diseases that were mostly eliminated by vaccines. Yeah, I really want to go back to keeping my grandkids locked in the house all summer while polio rages among young people. We have better respirators now so the iron lung is no longer necessary but living with a machine breathing for you 24/7 is still no life anyone would wish for.

        As for smallpox, it was an equal killer, both young and old and everyone in between were susceptible to its ravages. The only people who survived were farm hands who had had cow pox or if you survived your first bought of small pox, you were safe for life although your body and face looked as if you had been too close to a hand grenade when it went off.

        Mercury in thermometers wasn’t eliminated because people got mercury poisoning through the glass, it was because folks, especially younger folks insisted on biting through the thermometer and getting a dose of mercury right smack dab in the old pie hole which greatly complicated the treatment for whatever they were getting their temperature taken. Same with rectal thermometers, nothing like a mercury enema to ruin your day and complicate your symptoms.

        My father worked in an oil refinery. Workers in the mercury plant were limited in the amount of time they could work in the plant and were rotated out when they reached that time limit. They had to then stay out of the plant and environs for a period considered long enough to eliminate the residual mercury in their system. Safety devices were not as advanced in those day as they are today. Also there was a war to be fought and hazards were overlooked to meet the exigencies of wartime production.

        The first indication of mercury poisoning was shrinkage of the gums with subsequent loss of one’s teeth. Never a good sign but a really bad sign if you had been working in the mercury plant.

        Mercury has certain very useful characteristics but in my opinion, like so many things here in the U.S., we over react to its toxicity and throw out the useful things that it can do.

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        • red January 26, 00:59

          Chuck: Polio and the rest are making comebacks. While yes, vaccinate!, what happens when that no longer works? Please remember, Hussein was sold incubators and plague viruses, as well as black plague. Up on the big rez, Navajo, they found prairie dogs immune to it. Those were always key detecting when it was in the area.

          Many in my family were coal miners, and mercury was always there, in the coal. It’s in the water people drink in any mining area.

          I never said they got poisoned thru the glass. That’s impossible. Like you said, kids. Like I said, KGB. Boris Yeltsin was attacked by a man with a needle with mercury. He died in ’97. Outside of being in agreement with you, all I said was, use caution.You live in a desert. You know that people died from water poisoning. Like anything else, use caution. niio

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  19. the ar15 January 25, 05:55

    3 cases in france, and yeah everyone wil probably survive

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    • left coast chuck January 25, 19:12

      Many times with the flu, you think you will die and perhaps you even wish you could die but if your immune system is not already weakened, you won’t and will survive to live another day

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      • red January 26, 00:45

        Isn’t that the truth! My system e is badly weakened, but I take zinc and C–aka Zicam–and it rarely lasts more than a few days. Colds, not no more. To further stock up, we want to get 50 lbs bag to cache under the garden. Farm and Ranch carry it, but it’s not pure. So far, the collection of brass is growing. Family back east are stashing it, as well. niio

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