When It Comes To EMP Preparedness You Only Have Two Choices

James Walton
By James Walton June 19, 2017 11:34

When It Comes To EMP Preparedness You Only Have Two Choices

An EMP is a time machine.

In all my studying of the topic the EMP has the ability to either force us back to a time before electricity or sling us forward to a time where the lost ways of humanity combine with renewable energy generation and our adaptable ingenuity. Neither trip on this time machine comes without some growing pains. Getting to the future could hurt just as much as falling back into the past.


The trouble with the EMP blast is that you will have no time for evasive maneuvers. If it hasn’t been planned for, stored away or protected then it will be lost. Most electronic items and items containing electronics will become little more than piles of plastic and metal.

What lies on the store shelves in that moment, the food, the tools, the medicines will be the last items to rest on those shelves. Within hours of the blast you will see calamity in the streets. You will witness the very worst from humanity as they struggle to eke out the last easy fix on food and water that they are going to get.

If the EMP comes from the sun the best scientists may know about it. Those with their eyes to the skies could see it coming. The problem is before it reaches earth that information would have to be given to world governments and then an announcement made to the public. This process would take too long and the solar blast would reach us in a matter of minutes.

There is no forewarning for an EMP. If you aren’t prepared than you will be faced with an uphill battle. That said, if we were to get any type of warning some scientists believe that electronics that are turned off could fair better than those which are left active. Consider this from futurescience.com

There is truth to this recommendation (if there were a way to know that a burst was about to happen).  Equipment is more vulnerable if it is operating, because some failure modes involving E1 HEMP trigger the system’s energy to damage itself.  However, damage can also happen, but not as easily, to systems that are turned off. (Source)

Following a dangerous EMP blast we, as a society, will be left with a very clear fork in the road. Neither scenario is very appealing in contrast with the lives we live today. Of course, preference gets thrown out the window when you lose the power grid and economic driver of the world goes dark.

Scenario 1: Into the Past

With the collapse of major infrastructures like the power grid and most of the electronics in your home you will be left with the stark reality that things have changed forever. Your survival of a post EMP will depend entirely on how you prepared.

Have you studied bushcraft skills?

Have you been pushing down a path of self-reliance and independence?

If not you will face a steep learning curve. The protections and conveniences that have built our comfortable society will be ripped away and left will be only the needs of survival. The pool of desperate individuals will grow quickly and soon there will be threats all around you.

In this scenario, you will be tasked with the following key issues to address:

  1. Daily Source of Water
  2. Daily Source of Food
  3. Security
  4. Self Defense
  5. Sanitation Management
  6. First Aid
  7. Heat

These are seven issues you will need an answer for immediately following an EMP. Whether it comes pouring out of the sun or in the form of an enemy launched high altitude nuclear blast it will strain all the above resources.

Don’t forget, you will also be competing against other desperate people who need to come up with an answer for the above listed as well. These will be parents, grandparents and neighbors. You may be forced to do some terrible things to keep your family safe.

Scenario 2: Into the Future

Towering buildings, jetpacks, AI, and robotics may all fit into your view of the future. I want you to consider for a moment that this future, the future we are heading towards, involves ripping up the land and carving all the minerals and resources of this planet. Following an EMP we will have a different outlook on the future.

The EMP will force us into a future that involves renewable energies like solar, wind and hydro power. It will be a future that forces us to relearn the lost ways of our ancestors. This will require that we create EMP proof energy systems that are either shielded from the EMP or stored away behind metal walls that will protect them from the effects of the EMP. There are some pieces of this future that sound very appealing. There is no doubt that we need a push to break free from these centralized producers of food and energy. The EMP would be more of a wrecking ball approach.

There are companies like Sol Ark that are now producing solar panels that are shielded from the effects of an EMP blast.

This future does not come without a price. You will have to ask yourself, today:



Sadly, both scenarios will be rather unkind to the unprepared.  You may remember some years ago when the Heritage Foundation put out its proposal for national EMP awareness day headed by the leading expert in national security and foreign policy challenges, James Carafano. These were his comments on the effects of the EMP on both the US and the World.

The result of a massive EMP event could be devastating. Communications would collapse, transportation would halt, and electrical power would simply be nonexistent. Not even a global humanitarian effort would be enough to keep hundreds of millions of Americans from death by starvation, exposure, or lack of medicine. Nor would the catastrophe stop at U.S. borders. Most of Canada would be devastated, too, as its infrastructure is integrated with the U.S. power grid. Without the American economic engine, the world economy would quickly collapse. Much of the world’s intellectual brain power (half of it is in the United States) would be lost as well. Earth would most likely recede into the “new” Dark Ages. (Source)

We live in a time of near infinite options. This makes the idea of an end of the world as we know it disaster so terrifying. There was a time when things like the economic collapse and the EMP were mere speculation, entertainment. As tensions continue to rise with North Korea and even Russia we see ourselves pitted against two military forces that would be desperate to survive a true war with the greatest military in the world.

Make no mistakes about it, the American military is still head and shoulders above any other. Despite what you may hear in the media. Still, a desperate nation could throw a hail Mary in the form of a high-altitude nuke that would dowse our nation and surrounding nations in a supermassive electromagnetic pulse. As we mentioned earlier, this would spark a collapse that all the aircraft carriers on the planet wouldn’t be able to fix.

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James Walton
By James Walton June 19, 2017 11:34
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  1. AwaitingTheRapture June 19, 15:14

    I have two older vehicles, a 74 Jeep and a 93 diesel Dodge 4×4 truck. Both are electronic free. I have a spare alternator, and starter motor for both and have them stored in an emp proof room along with generators and other and rolls of wire in case I need to rewire anything because of wires melting. The problem is it would be suicidal to use one to go anywhere because desperate people would almost certainly shoot you on the way by in order to steal your vehicle.

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    • The Edge of Chaos February 11, 15:55

      EXACTLY…no ones driving anywhere for very long…the masses that haven`t prepared in ANY way would just sit on the overpass and shoot you through the windshield…let you crash and come take your goods. .

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  2. AwaitingTheRapture June 19, 15:16

    I forgot to add that I have a 1000 gal diesel storage in an underground tank for farm use, and free natural gas from a well, which I plan on converting the Jeep and generator motors to run on.

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  3. Jess June 19, 15:51

    I found a Patriot 1500 solar generator used for half the new price. I wrapped it and the panels in EMP proof cloth, set it on a metal grid and grounded the grid.
    Got a set of “Jingle keys” that fits any vehicle made before 1999. My next purchase will be an International Scout. Food, water and medical supplies are taken care of. HAM radio and other electronics stored in Farady bags.Anyone got any other suggestions?

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    • Annie June 24, 18:56

      Just the obvious suggestions of learning how to hunt, grown your own food and learn skills from 150 years ago. Hand tools are very handy to have and learn how to use them.

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    • Homesteader June 24, 22:31

      Do you have the ability to purify water – any water? How will you replenish your food? Do you have a garden already growing? Do you know how to prepare and save seeds from one year to the next so you can plant another garden? Do you know how to preserve your garden’s bounty? Do you know how to sew clothes? Clothes will need repairing or replacing eventually. Stored food and water will only last for so long then it will have to be replaced. Having a lot of what I call “prepper toys” – generators, vehicles, etc. – is nice as long as you have the necessary basics taken care of. Like Annie said in her post – learn skills from 150 years ago.

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      • Timothy January 9, 13:24

        If you have power after a emp you are just a target. The only reason for electricity after a emp is to prevent bumping around in the dark. Everyone would need to grow a years worth of food plus backup. And would use solar to dehydrate ect. Including storing food underground. Unless you can store food for 4+years. You won’t be able to store 4 years of food in a refrigerator anyway. And with verry few transmitters working you won’t need radio’s working 24 hours a day and what frequency.

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  4. JJ June 19, 16:07

    Address of “Awaiting the Rapture”. lol

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  5. Wannabe June 19, 16:17

    Serious question here. Alright, lets say those who are prepared for an emp survive to use equipment. Who is to say there won’t be several consecutive solar flares such as two or three days later or a month? How in the world can we safe guard all devices from this phenomena? Take a chance in using safeguarded items and secure when not in use? Just seems difficult at best to protect from electronics frying when we have no idea when the next occurrence will be.

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    • Jess June 19, 16:23

      Good thinking. Then, I guess I’ve spent a lot of money and put out much effort in vain.

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    • left coast chuck June 19, 17:43

      As I understand them, solar flares can last a period of several days. The exact periodicity has not been firmly established although sun watchers have established that there seems to be a periodicity. We have only been watching the sun closely for about 200 years or so. I read a book about the crusades and the crusaders noticed aurora borealis while approaching a city in what is now Northern Syria, not an area generally known for experiencing a.b. So, apparently in the 8th century the earth experienced a CME event but nobody thought anything about it except that they thought it was a sign from God that they were doing the right thing. Only trouble was, both sides thought the same thing. Nobody’s computers were affected because computing was done by counting on one’s fingers.

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    • Homesteader June 24, 22:43

      We have a big, galvanized trash can that has been insulated and grounded in one room. We keep radios, walkie-talkies, some medical equipment and a few other items in it when not in use. Being in the house, the items are still handy. Should an EMP hit, we will loose some things like our computers but the majority of our stuff will, hopefully, be protected.

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    • Gunner August 28, 14:56

      I would say that the question isn’t so much how to protect it after an event, as much as is it necessary for survival, and will it make you a target. If the grid is down, and your house is the only one with lights on, it is going to attract a lot of unwanted attention. The major problem with being the only one in your area who is prepared, is that everyone who isn’t will be looking to take what they want from those who have prepared. I go with a minimalist/primitive philosophy, I have some comm gear, batteries and charging equipment in a farady box, but that is about the limit of the electrical dependent equipment I rely on for a grid down or SHTF scenario. for me it comes down to risk-benefit as to what to keep and what to store. I would say a solar system to provide enough power for refrigeration would be the most useful thing, along with back-up parts for repair and replace, remember two is one, and one is none.

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      • Homesteader August 29, 00:02

        We have a small solar cell that can make enough power to recharge the radios or run one piece of the medical equipment at a time. We also have an inverter to run equipment from a car battery. That’s all the electrical power we’ll need, for the most part. We’d love to have a generator to keep the refrigerator and chest freezer going but that’s not going to happen. We don’t want the advertisement in a grid-down situation.

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  6. Wannabe June 19, 16:20

    Suggestion on how to cook food in an oven after electric oven does not work. Build an oven that uses the heat of the sun to cook food. They are simple and inexpensive. Look under cooking with the sun.

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    • tickwrangler June 20, 06:07

      You can use spray aadhiese on an old dish and apply a space blanket to it using plastic/credit card to smoth it out. sit your pot/pan ect on the arm point it at the sun and you have a solar powered heating unit.

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    • Gunner August 28, 14:59

      I have several cast iron dutch ovens, and I can cook anything in one of those that you can cook in your oven, including pizza. Also, if you have access to a welder, building a wood fired oven is pretty simple.

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  7. Candy Sue June 19, 16:34

    Jess what is an EMP cloth? I am prepared too with 25year food. Solar panels and back up batteries. But How do I EMProof panels and converters?

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    • Jess June 19, 17:28

      You can find it on Amazon. Look under faraday cloth, but be warned. It’s very expensive. I spent close to $500 for enough to cover my generator and panels.

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  8. left coast chuck June 19, 17:36

    Okay, first, I do not have a PhD in electrical engineering. But, I have done extensive reading on the subject of EMP and CME events. Most authorities I have read distinguish between the two as they are electronically separate events although telling the difference to the average person on the ground may be difficult. A CME event is a coronal mass ejection from the sun. The sun periodically emits bursts of electron energy in various directions. If the earth happens to be in the path of that burst of electrons, it would have a serious effect on our electrical systems. There is a dichotomy of opinion about the effect a CME would have on automobile engines. Some authorities feel that it would only have an effect if the motor were running and that effect would be cured by simply turning the engine off and restarting the motor. If your engine is not running during the event, some authorities feel that there would be no effect on your engine. Keep in mind, these are educated guesses. The main effect of a CME is on our long-line electrical transmission system. The electron “bath” if you will is enhanced by long electrical lines. The longer the line, the more the enhancement until it reaches the point that the line can no longer handle the load and melts. The large transformers would be so quickly overloaded that they would short out. You would see all your neighborhood transformers start smoking and catching fire. Local emergency generators would most likely not be affected unless they were tied into the grid system. There are a lot of variables. From what I have read, if folks who know are watching the sun, they can see a CME forming and can assess where it is headed. It takes about 36 hours for a CME to reach us from the sun, so some folks would know it was about to happen. Now, whether the folks who control the news media would see fit to let us peons know we are about to enter the 18th century or not is up for speculation. My best guess is that the first we will know about a CME event is when we notice northern lights in Pensacola Florida and Houston Texas. If you want to learn more about an historic CME event, look up the Carrington Event on the internet. Remember at the time of the Carrington Event the only electricity in the world was telegraph. Major cities used gas lighting. Individual families used lanterns or candles. My mother, as a young girl in Philadelphia had gas lamps in her house. That was 20th century in a major city in the U.S. Many rural areas did not get electricity until the 1950s. While a CME event is nothing to look forward to as it will have drastic impact on our way of life, I believe it is the lesser of the two between CME and EMP. An EMP is a man-made nuclear event designed to inflict maximum damage on the target country’s electronics. I believe it would be an overwhelmingly devastating event. I am going to quit here because each event would require a full length article in itself to describe the expected, generally agreed-upon effects and the effects that are speculated upon by people with more or less knowledge on the subject. In the meantime, besides opening up Cheyenne Mountain again so that the politicians have a safe place to hide out, our government has done practically nothing to prepare for either event. Oh, they are making a move toward shielding military vehicles but with Barry’s reduced military budget, EMP hardening was the red-headed stepchild. Maybe under The Donald we will see some significant steps for the military, but us civilians are basically going to be hung out to dry by both parties. They will certainly make every effort to take care of themselves, however.

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  9. Get Prepared June 19, 17:50

    Great article. Our greatest concern as a family has been number 1 – Daily source of water; since we get our water from a well. We plan to use our Emergency Well Tube (www.emergencywelltubel.com) to maintain access to our well for drinking water.

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  10. scott June 19, 18:07

    James, I hate it when a writer uses FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt) to scare folks. What makes you an expert on EMP? You are flat out wrong on much of what you said. Firstly, we could have a warning of an EMP… a natural event caused by a solar flare. NOAA and federal agencies could give us an 8-11 minute warning depending on solar flare direction (the flare causes an electro-magnetic burst). Currently, we are on the down-slope of the solar emission cycle. Secondly, any EMP attack by a nation (Russia, China, NK, India, Pakistan) using ICBM/SLBMs would be monitored by the DOD. We also monitor satellites over the US. An EMP event is NOT necessarily a “technology killer”. Many variables, intensity, time of the day… So, James before you spout off, do some research.

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    • left coast chuck June 19, 19:19

      Scott: Apparently you are guilty of the same omission of which you accuse the author of the article. From my reading, you ARE correct that we apparently are on the down side of the assumed periodicity of solar flares. However, my reading also indicates that the periodicity is not truly understood and can’t be stated with certainty as the relatively short period such phenomena have been studied precludes making any positive statements.

      While we do have an awesome ICBM defense system in place, there are holes in it that folks who have studied the problem are aware of. I won’t mention them here as, unlike the media which doesn’t mind blabbing about such things, I have always believed loose lips sink ships. Our politicians seem to have taken the attitude that as long as they are covered (Cheyanne Mountain) the rest of us will have to do the best we can. Repeated warnings about the vulnerability of our grid system have gone unheeded. If you have reliable information to the contrary it would certainly be of comfort to the readers of this list if you would post what steps the electric companies have taken to guard against compromise of our vast grid system that ties the whole country and Canada together with the sole exception of Texas which has steadfastly refused to join the grid system for the rest of the U.S. Even our military, having hardened some of our defensive vehicles relies on the civilian grid system in large part to supply utilities to various bases around the country. USMCB Twenty-Nine Palms has its own water system and sewer system but I suspect is tied to the grid for its main electricity source. All the bases around San Diego are tied to the city of San Diego for utilities. I can’t comment on other bases because I don’t know for certain, but I have a feeling that most bases near a metropolitan area are dependent for utilities on that metropolitan area just like the civilians in the area. That means the bases themselves would be subject to grid failure just like the cities near them. Once the grid is down, the other utilities like water and sewer would also fail. Emergency generators are just that and are dependent upon being resupplied with fuel to run them. While the refineries might be able to generate their own electricity, if they have installed such systems, it is a closely guarded secret because I have not read of such installation anywhere. Assuming we can use human power to transport large quantities of POL, it certainly won’t go to civilian uses first. It primarily will go to support motorized weaponry and emergency generators on bases. Your local Costco is not going to see POL products for many years. While one can never predict what national leaders with marginal grasp on sanity will do, it is not inconceivable that the madman in N. Korea would not launch an EMP strike on the U.S. It is also not inconceivable that Iran with its overwhelming emphasis on religion as a state doctrine might launch an EMP strike. Russia and China are too developed, in my opinion, to solely strike out in an EMP attack. Mutual destruction still plays a deterrent factor with sane national leaders.

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    • Homesteader June 19, 21:05

      I’ve read on various non-MSM websites that it is believed that North Korea has already managed to put a couple of satellites in orbit that could generate an EMP burst. If that is true, then all they would have to do is maneuver them over us and set them off. If NK has them, then China and Russia must certainly do as well.

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    • Farmer June 20, 01:16

      I’m not really comforted by your assertions (implications) that we the peons would be given notice of an impending CME or EMP in a timely manner – presumably by our Federal overlords. My guess is that the Air Force will have their hands full responding to a threat and little time or interest in letting Mary Joe and Bubba know it’s coming. James does a fairly good job of laying out the “wonder ifs” and those of us who have been prepping for a while realize we can’t anticipate every contingency ….but come on …. add something positive to the discussion instead of just throwing out a sh*t filled grenade.

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      • left coast chuck June 20, 05:31

        Well, Farmer, I’d like to tell you everything is wonderful and our government has made the hundreds or thousands of electric companies on the grid harden their high voltage transformer stations; that they have installed impenetrable firewalls on their computer stations and have installed shut down equipment that will take a transformer off line at the speed of light. I would like to tell you that all of our military vehicles, including ships and airplanes have had their electronics hardened so that they can take an emp blast at practically ground zero. I would like to tell you that our local utility companies have hardened their emergency generators and isolated them from the grid system and that they have five year’s worth of fuel treated and stored against a national emergency. I would like to tell you that all police and fire equipment has been hardened against an EMP attack and the police and fire stations have had their electrical systems isolated and hardened and their generators have five years worth of fuel. The same with all the local hospitals in the country. I would like to tell you that our missile defense system is now 360 degrees and there isn’t a back door for some nut job to slip through. I would like to tell you that our southern border is secure and we no longer have long lines of illegal immigrants streaming across our borders. I would like to tell you that the Supreme Court has ruled that The Donald’s order denying unvetted immigrants from hostile countries entry into our country is completely within his authority as president and that the cities and states that have brought the spurious litigation have to pay huge attorney fees for filing such spurious litigation. But, I just woke up and realized that was all a dream. Sorry I can’t tell you all those wonderful things. Wasn’t it the hippies who used to say life sucks and then you die? I guess that pretty much covers it. We just put one foot in front of the other and try to make the best of the situation and go on.

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        • Farmer June 20, 13:33

          Well done Chuck. Keep in mind that my comment was directed to Scott. But you are absolutely correct … gov is myopic!

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      • Candy Sue July 31, 19:48

        Thanks Jessie for answering my guestions on protecting my converters and solar panels. I will go on Amazone

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    • JJ June 21, 14:59

      NOAA and federal agencies could give us an 8-11 minute warning depending on solar flare direction

      C.O.U.L.D is the operative word here.

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  11. Jess June 19, 19:31

    Well shucks. Here I thought this was a preppers site. You know prepping for what might or might not occur.
    You don’t believe it can happen, then don’t prep for it. I wish you all the best and hope you are right.

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  12. Tim June 19, 22:54

    I do amateur radio emergency communications.

    My EMP/flare strategy is buying/refurbishing tube-type equipment and electronics-free generators that are pretty-much EMP-proof. They’re bulky and suck a lot of energy (i.e. gasoline), but will keep working.

    I recall when we first got our hands on a Soviet MIG fighter jet, everybody laughed at the Russians for using tube radios (“Look at how backwards they are!”) Later,we realized it was part of their method to be able to fight in a tactical nuclear weapons environment. They weren’t so backwards, after all.

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  13. Highwayman June 20, 00:06

    North Korea has two “illegal” satellites that come over the US south to north avoiding our missile defense system which is in the north and no one knows whats on them. If they contain nukes……..


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  14. James Walton June 20, 09:03

    Why are we letting NK dance their satellites up there. They just sent us a brain dead prisoner and are laughing about it.

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  15. Wannabe June 20, 15:21

    The truth of an emp wether it be from a nuclear war head or the sun is that we only have minutes from the time warnings are put out to the time it actually hits. So unless we are at our exact physical place where we want to be when something like this occurs, most of us are going to be in a bit of trouble. For me, my job usually has me an hours drive in any direction from my home. That’s at 75 mph speed limit zones. So I am in for a very long and trying walk. Fortunately I keep a gun in the truck and bottled waters in the cooler at all times so I think I can make it home. Then what about my kids? Where will they be at that moment? Will I have to go get them on foot? No way of knowing because all communication is cut off. Where is my wife? She does not keep water and a gun in her vehicle. Just a lot of variables. The Bible tells us to pray for the end times to not occur in the winter time. Well me might want to pray that we all be at home if this happens. Lol

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    • left coast chuck June 21, 03:51

      Wannabe: I too keep a cooler with water in my car at all times and a handgun. If I were traveling the distance you do, that is at least a week’s walk back home. I figure ten miles a day hauling gear, avoiding hostiles, pit stop breaks, rest stops and packing it in for the night ten miles a day is a good day’s walk. Might do more, but better to plan for the shorter day. I keep my bugout bag in my car. For rations, I have Cliff Bars. They have an expiration date, but I have eaten Cliff Bars long past their expiry date and they were still the same cardboard tasting stuff as when they were store fresh. I also have SOS bars. These are high calorie bars. I have the 7200 calorie bars, enough for 3 days for me and 3 days for wife. I have some oddball stuff that I bought that leaves a lot to be desired. I figure it might be tradable on the road for extra water or what have you. Basically I am set up with sets of two of everything including packs. I also have two folding luggage carts. Everybody talks about hiking with a pack on. Well, that might be okay for the macho young guys, but I am old and treacherous. I can pull a load a heck of a lot further than I can carry a load. I can also get my rifle into action a lot quicker pulling a cart than I can with a pack on my back. If I ever have to bug out to my country location on foot, I plan to use a travois. For those of you not up on Indian lore, the Plains Native Americans (see I can be p.c.) way before they had horses used travois which the women, children and selected dogs pulled when they wanted to move their villages. The guys had to stay ready to repel boarders, so they only carried weapons. Well, Wifey believes in equality, so I get to pull a travois too. I figure we can haul a travois across country a lot easier even with a lot more weight than we can carry a bunch of stuff. I plan to affix wheels to two aluminum, 8-foot ladders. Voila, a light weight, 250 pound rated (but probably can carry more) wheeled travois. Beats anything the N.A.s had. The wheels make it less noisy on hard surfaces and even cross country generally will be easier to pull than non-wheeled. If it turns out that the wheels are holding us back and just the ladder ends would be better, they can come off until we are on better terrain. Anyway,, back to the car. the packs go on the luggage racks. If I am in my car, I am going to be on some kind of road. I may want to leave the road and it may be that I will want to dismount my packs. I can do that and still carry the collapsible luggage carriers. When I can get back on a firmer surface the stuff can go back on them. I carry a rifle on any long trips I make. I take an SKS. The SKS seems to be the choice of assassins everywhere. The shooter in Stockton CA who set off the whole assault rifle furor used an SKS in shooting up the school yard. The shooter who took out some cops in Texas used an SKS. Our most recent Democratic nut job (is that redundant?) used an SKS. I like it. It holds ten rounds of 7.62×39 which is a good bad guy shooting round. I don’t plan on doing any 600 yard shooting with it, but it’s better than a pistol at 100-300 yards. It can be replenished with stripper clips which make reloads pretty fast. It was cheap, less than $100 American and is about as reliable as a Moisin-Negant or AK. Chrome lined barrel so don’t have to worry about keeping it spit-shined clean and a generous chamber so a little crud is nothing to worry about.I have rations, water, the water sterilizing straw, extra clothing, all the stuff that goes in a bug-out bag. If we are on a trip we usually have extra clothes anyway and I always make sure to take shoes I have walked in before any time we go on a trip. Around town, it is a small town and I can be home from anywhere in this town or the next town in one day without making it too long a day. So I have the bug out bags and always a pair of broken in shoes. I only carry a handgun in my trips around town because I know where to avoid and what to look for in who to avoid and pretty much the best place to hide to avoid them. If I were you, I wouldn’t tell my wife I put water in her car, I would just do it. Put a case of those 1/2 liter bottles in her car in a styrofoam ice chest and don’t say anything. As for a weapon, Can’t help you there. But Ruger has just come out with a 10 shot 4.5 inch barrel stainless steel .22 revolver which I would add to my collection in a NY minute except Ruger is not submitting any guns for “approval” in Kallyforniya. It has everything anyone would want in a “kit gun.” Short barrel but not too short; ten rounds; .22 – don’t sell it short. I understand more people are killed with a .22 than any other single caliber. If it’s so puny, can I shoot you in the kneecap with it? Low report. Solid points are possibly better on humans than hollow points. Penetration is good. Besides, what makes them so deadly is they bounce around inside of you and do way more damage than you would suspect. So there you have my bugout scheme and how I would prep my wife. She no longer drives so I don’t have to address that problem. I would definitely make sure she kept water in her car. Good grief you live in Tejas (that’s what they are calling it these days isn’t it?) It gets hot there in the summer time. She might be broke down on the side of the road and a mouthful or two of water would be mighty welcome. That’s not even prepping, its just good uncommon sense (too uncommon to be called common sense any more) Let’s hope she never gets broke down on the side of the road, but if she does, she will be mighty glad that you snuck that cooler full of water in her trunk.

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  16. Lee July 30, 19:09

    Just a question so don’t anyone jump down my throat. If someone lived in a house built into the side of a hill with about 4 feet dirt on top. Would this be EMP proof?

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  17. Candy Sue July 31, 21:41

    Thanks Jessie for info on protecting my solar stuff with cloths

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  18. Lee August 5, 22:13

    Well no one jumped down my throat but no one answered me either.

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  19. Highwayman August 10, 23:30

    May have missed it in the thread but has anyone else read the ‘Going Home’ books by A. American? Entertaining and will serve as a awakening for some. A good perspective on human nature.

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  20. LB March 10, 01:31

    tAll you folks with battery operated everything cars, be sure you can open your trunk without having electric hook up. Had to rig mine, but now I can get at my necessaries.

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  21. nadine May 11, 18:29

    will i have to pay my mortgage and credit card bills if there is an EMP event?

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  22. Bjay.OZ August 3, 01:19

    I live in Australia,I like to read what the Preppers are doing because to be forewarned is to be forearmed. I do not understand all you are talking about,like EMP . Could you please use the full word at the beginning of the story,then I too can be in the know. Thank you ,your stuff is so interesting.

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    • Gunner August 3, 16:34

      E.elctro M.agnetic P.ulse Generally it is caused by a nuclear detonation, although there are other ways to cause one. if it is powerful enough it can and will cause most electronic devices to stop working, computer, cell phones, most cars built after 1985, generators transformers, etc. again, if large enough it could take down the power grid for most of North America.

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  23. Yosemite February 11, 20:41

    FYI the Russian 7.62×39 is ballistically equivalent to US 30.30 Winchester. The SKS is a great Truck gun.
    It;s durability and reliability is well proven and unquestionable.

    I have great empathy for those that live in the Granola State and elsewhere that suffer under the abuse of our Second Amendments.

    For those wanting a .22 pistol look at the .22/45 target pistol The MkIV and the 22/45MkIV is easier to take down and reassemble.NOTE the magazines in the 22/45 and the Ruger Standard MkIV Will NOT interchange. They have new models of the 22/45 that have threaded barrel and a barrel shroud….something to look at.

    Fora .22 rifle. Ruger now makes it 10/22 Rifle in a take down version. It is a tough and durable and great shooter and there are a lot of different things available to modify it.
    Out of the box the are good shooters and while not a preferable or recommended caliber/ weapon to use for self defense There is no doubt in capable hands and correct bullet placement it will do the job…besides if that is all you have…..Eskimos kill bears with a .22 LR…Not something I want to do or recommend trying….

    A take down Ruger 10/22 has a carry case and esil opens and assembles in seconds…Add a few o called High Capacity magazines ou are good to go. I would HIGHL Suggest you spend a lot of time at the range shooting and see what loads/ rounds it likes. AND practice Assembly and Disasembly A LOT and make it
    so can do it easily and do it the dark but MAKE SURE YOU DO IT RIGHT It is easy to screw together…..I like and prefer it over the AR7 take down rifle. It has limited capacity magazine and extras can be hard to find. Also there is no forestock and the barrel can and will get hot.
    But that is just me and we

    There are numerous various and high capacity magazines available and to choose from.all have our likes and dislikes.

    The Military DOES HAVE hardened “Command Communications and back ups for power.Our Nuclear Triad is definitely hardened as are vehicles and aircraft related to such.

    As for Cheyenne Mountain it s was for NORAD aka North American Air Defense….this includes detecting and tracking missile launches, aircraft and satellites and LARGE Near Earth Objects.

    Until China “shot down” one of their old satellites and created a huge huge of ammount of debris.They had all objects named located who they belonged to, and more.

    Cheenne Mountain is not a nor was it meant to house all of the politicians.
    BUT a just incase if polticians start dissappeaing from Washinton DC and show up in at Cheyenne Mountain then I am wrong and people will have a warning something is going to happen.

    Unless referring to ONLY the CME,the statement the Whole Earth is going to be in the Dark Ages is quite wrong.

    Even then there are Countries in the world that hae hardened their electronic grid.
    In the late 1970s Congress set aside funds to harden the American power grid. (At the time) The equipment necessary was made in Germany and were something like 10-20 years back logged.
    The The Electric companies did/do not want to pay for and have to store all such equipment.

    Depending on if there is one or more than one deivice detonated over North Ameriica/ above the Central US…..Other than parts of or possibly all of Mexico or only the Northern Part of Mexico,and Part of Canada and perhaps part of Alaska……should only be effected.

    The rest of the World should remain directly uneffected from the EMP detonation/s.

    That being said China is going to be hurt econonically. China has no real reason to do such to US.

    Russia has no reason to commit such an act either.

    All of the Major Countries in the World all have capability to shut down the power grids of each other.

    Those depending on food and other shipments from the US are going to take extremely hard suffering…..Unless someone else immediately is set to replace them.

    That being said ask:
    “Who would benefit the most from such an attack on the US/ North America?”

    “Who has the most reason to commit such an attack?”
    Either a country on the losing side of a war, revenge or terrorism or some “mad” insane wealthy individual….

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  24. Yosemte April 2, 21:46

    I highly recommend reading all of this article.
    Definitely some different hings to consider and to be aware of.

    There is some good information and links to other related articles.


    Trump signs executive order to make America greater than EMPs

    Order combines hardening against mythical high-altitude attack with space weather readiness.

    SEAN GALLAGHER – 3/27/2019, 3:37 PM


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