How to Turn a Handgun Into a PDW using KPOS kit from FAB Defense with a SIG Brace

Travis Pike
By Travis Pike February 2, 2018 09:16

How to Turn a Handgun Into a PDW using KPOS kit from FAB Defense with a SIG Brace

Carrying a handgun for self-defense (where lawful) is one of the most basic steps of being a prepared person.

The old saying is that “God made All Men, and Samuel Colt made them equal.”

The gun is the great equalizer between individuals. A person’s size, strength and even fighting ability rarely matters when they are looking down the barrel of a gun. This is why I carry, and I imagine why many people carry. The problem we face is what happens when someone brings a bigger gun to the fight?

Handgun versus Rifle is a fight you don’t want to be in. The majority of mass shooters and criminals are coming armed with rifles. As civilians, we really can’t conceal carry a rifle. I wish we could, but it’s not possible. A handgun is substantially better than having nothing, but what can we do better?

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Enter the PDW

The Personal Defense Weapon concept came to be from a NATO requirement. The desire was for a weapon between the size of a handgun and a rifle to fill the role of a defensive weapon for mostly noncombatant troops. These were truck drivers, cooks, supply and logistics. These were not frontline roles.

A true PDW is still something your everyday Joe isn’t going to have access to. Many would suggest carrying a ‘truck’ gun. I like truck guns, but there are issues with firearms theft. Vehicles are targeted for firearms theft often. So, for those in urban areas there are certainly theft issues to consider. So what is the right solution to the problem?

There is a compromise though. It comes from an Israeli Company known as FAB Defense and is called the KPOS Pathfinder. The KPOS G2 isn’t a gun, but an accessory you can add to a handgun that completely changes the way it handles.

The devices are designed for specific handguns, and FAB Defense makes them for tons of different guns. This includes popular guns from Glock, FN, IWI, CZ, Beretta, and more. It attaches via the front rail and uses a rear sliding piece that adds tension for a tight and secure fit.

What’s the Pathfinder?

Most may recognize the KPOS kits as SBR kits, and until the Pathfinder came to be this was true. The Pathfinder is unlike the standard KPOS kits because it lacks a stock, instead it has a pistol buffer tube. When the KPOS is attached to your handgun the entire kit remains a handgun. There is no paperwork needed, no Federal Permission slips required to install your handgun into a Pathfinder kit.

This pistol tube is perfect for adding a brace from a company like SIG or SB Tactical. On my model we’ve done just that. This Pistol buffer folds for a smaller design which makes it easier to conceal. With a SIG brace you can stabilize the weapon to a greater degree. The KPOS has an excellent center of balance and this makes it perfect when using the SIG Brace for its intended purpose.

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The Pathfinder frame offers shooters substantial advantages over a standard handgun. First, it offers a ton of picatinny rails. These rails allow you to mount a ton of additional accessories. This include lights, laser, angled foregrips, and of course optics. Not just mini red dots, but actual optics. A fixed power 3x or 4x optic is perfect for a handgun round. That being said a red dot is still substantially faster and more accurate that a handgun’s iron sights.

When mixed with the SIG brace you have an additional point of contact to add stability. In accordance with the ATF’s interpretation of the NFA and how the SIG Brace works it’s not illegal to brace the weapon against your shoulder. It is illegal to modify the brace in any way to make it easier to shoulder, and doing so may create an unregistered SBR.

On the Range

The KPOS Pathfinder extends your control over the weapon. It adds a greater level of stabilization and allows to extend your effective combat range. It’s not impossible to hit targets at 50 to 75 yards with a handgun. What is close to impossible is to do this under combat conditions. The KPOS Pathfinder makes it possible to extend the effective range of your handgun out to these ranges and still be combat effective.

At closer ranges the KPOS Pathfinder is still easier to use than a traditional handgun. Transitioning between targets is faster and placing rounds into effective hit zones is easier. You can shoot faster, further, and with more precision using the KPOS and SIG Brace than any standard handgun.


Installing the gun into the kit is the make it or break it moment of will this work. You need to be able to install the gun fast and easily. To do it under stress this would of course mean you need to practice it. Practice it a lot. The kit itself isn’t hard to use, and you can install it in seconds.

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Step 1 – Pull the lower pin from the rear of the KPOS.Step1 Handgun Into a PDW

Step 2 – Push the pistol tube upwards and Move the Slider to the rear.Step 2 Handgun Into a PDW

Step 3 – At the front of the KPOS is a QD switch. Flip that switch over and rotate it downwards.Step 3 Handgun Into a PDW

Step 4 – Pull the Front rail downwards.Step 4 Handgun Into a PDW

Step 5 – Line the rails of the gun up with the rail of the KPOS and slide the gun into the kit.

Step 6 – Rotate the QD switch upwards and lock the kit down.Step 6 Handgun Into a PDW

Step 7 – Push the gun upward until it locks into place.Step 7 Handgun Into a PDW

Step 8 – Move the slider towards the gun. Pull the pistol tube downwards and reinsert the pin.

That’s it broken down Barney style. It can be done in less than 10 seconds with practice.Handgun Into a PDW using KPOS kit from FAB Defense with a SIG Brace1

How You and It Works Together

My plan with the KPOS is to mix it with my standard carry gun, the Glock 17. The kit itself isn’t a firearm so I can leave it in my vehicle without needing to worry about theft. The gun comes inside with me, and the kit can stay in the car. Admittedly if the kit is stolen that sucks. The good news is that if it’s stolen you aren’t losing a gun. You lose the kit, but there isn’t a freshly armed criminally wandering the streets.

The Pathfinder is lightweight, and the folding stock makes its extremely compact. You can hide it in backpack, with the spare tire, or possibly your glove box if you keep it clean and empty. This replaces the truck gun and gives you a more effective option than just your handgun. It offers substantial advantages over your handgun and gives you the ability to create a PDW anywhere.

It narrows the gap between you and a rifle armed attacker substantially. It’s not perfect, and if I could I’d carry a squad full of shooters with me everywhere. I can’t do that. What I can do is carry a gun, and the KPOS Pathfinder. It’s not for everyone, but is it for you? Let me know below.

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Travis Pike
By Travis Pike February 2, 2018 09:16
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  1. Jim K February 2, 15:55

    $580 plus sights & sling (if desired) plus your Glock, not for me thanks. Neat idea, but pricy. I’ll take the CZ Evo over this, or the new Ruger PC carbine take-down.

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    • left coast chuck February 2, 18:35

      I agree. I’m waiting to see if the Ruger PC is going to be legal in the PDRK so I can get one. What I really wanted was the Ruger .357 mag bolt action but in .357 maximum. That would truly be a zinger. Ruger said they would have to lengthen the receiver in order to be able to do that. I’m not a gunsmith so I can’t comment on whether it is a “We can’t physically do that” or a “We don’t wanna do that.” situation.

      Reply to this comment
      • vocalpatriot February 9, 00:29

        In my experience,
        Things like this are a matter of money, pure and simple.
        Is it worth the ching to upgrade, or would it be better to start from scratch and make a specific model for a desired purpose.
        I applaud the ingenuity of this product but the associated costs are one obstacle that Fab Defense hasn’t overcome just yet.
        For me, 9mm seems sufficient for most purposes, and a long arm in that caliber does add a smidge of power and precision..I am watching that keltec sub2000 to see if it turns up a dud or viable. Plastic..meh..but I think the functionality is there.
        What say you?

        Reply to this comment
    • Rass February 2, 18:46

      They have made stuff like this for years someone somewhere will come up with this stuff..1911 with butt stock and longer barrel? The Glock corner shot.?all you get is piece of junk with a pistol round..get an AR pistol if you want a rifle round in a pistol…and to what end do you ask the bad guy to wait while you put all this junk on your pistol…cool idea but been done and all fail test of time …just get a truck gun high cap for price of kit. Practice long range shots..i shot my 9 at 50 yards and 100 just to see placement..not a man stopper but can be done and that’s a good distance.

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  2. Eve February 2, 18:46

    Congratulations, you’ve just contributed to the nightmare that’s sweeping across the country..access to gun equip-ment that can kill many with no problem.
    You can only hope that one of these doesn’t kill someone that you hold dear.
    I’m a gun owner but I’ve never felt the need for anything but a normal clip. Good luck sleeping at night.

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    • Jeans February 2, 20:05

      Nice legal way to kill more innocent people?

      They Are not after YOU. YOU ARE stalking and murdering them.

      Reply to this comment
    • Jeans February 2, 20:06

      You got that right!

      Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck February 2, 23:05

      Eve, I used to feel the way you say you do. If you couldn’t do it with six rounds, maybe you should reconsider your lifestyle.

      That was until I read about a shoot-out between a felon and a police officer where the police officer hit the felon with 17 rounds of 185 grain, hollow point .45 acp bullets. It wasn’t until he put the 18th round in the felon’s head that the felon decided he was dead and fell to the ground.

      That’s the .45 acp, you know, the round that is supposed to knock you to the ground if it just hits you in the hand, The round that is the defensive round against which all other defensive rounds are measured. The felon absorbed 17 of them before the 18th killed him. That leaves your six round revolver or your 10 round semi-automatic a little short of the mark. That was just one guy, not a mob. It wasn’t three or four home invaders all high on drugs or alcohol.

      Additionally, I don’t know your skill level. Do you go to the range and analytically fire off 50 rounds a week? Are you an NRA master pistol shot? Do you regularly participate in IDPA matches so that you are a top notch competitor?

      Have you ever even fired your gun? Do you clean it regularly? Do you change the cartridges in it on a regular basis so that you have fresh ammunition if you need it at 0400?

      So, perhaps you feel secure with a ten or fifteen round magazine and can change out magazines while in a stressful situation without a fumble. I’m happy for you.
      On the other hand, there are some of us who perhaps due to age or medical conditions that limit our hand strength cannot switch out a magazine in a split second.

      Then when has “need” ever driven our country? Do you really need the huge Tahoe SUV? How many times do you drive around with seven or 8 passengers in that gas guzzler versus how much mileage you put on it while you are all by your lonesome? Do you need the sports car that tops out at 175 mph? You can’t drive it anywhere in the country at that speed nor in most other countries either for that matter. Do you really need 140 pairs of shoes? How many shoes can you wear anyway.

      No, our society is not based on need and indeed, the rest of the world is not based on need either. It is based on want. So what if I want some after market toy for my gun or want a unique or unusual gun? Why does it have to be need driven? How many cars does Jay Leno own? Does he “need” all those cars and motorcycles? Of course not. He wants them and he can afford them and so he has them. Same with guns. If I have 150 guns or 500 guns that doesn’t make me any more dangerous to someone else’s safety than if I have a baseball bat. More people are murdered in the U,S. every year by hands and feet than by any other means. See the FBI statistics on homicide in the U.S., don’t take my word for it. It isn’t the instrumentality, it is the person. Cars kill way more people than guns every year. Cars seriously injure so many more than guns we should be screaming to get cars off the roads if the instrumentality were the cause of the carnage. They aren’t. It is the drivers who are the instrumentality of the carnage. Same with guns. They are less dangerous than automobiles when weighing the injuries and deaths caused by each.

      Reply to this comment
    • Bugs February 3, 01:27

      Congratulations, you get the Oscar for best parroting of lame MSM talking points on the “gun control issue”. And I’ll throw in an award for the use of improper terminology in your statement making you sound like the uneducated troll I believe you to be. Who actually still believes in inanimate objects coming to life, not to mention being the cause of horrific criminal act? Get a grip lady! The “equip-ment” isn’t killing anyone! The “poor, helpless, irresponsible” person using the “equip-ment” is doing the killing. Wake up!

      Unless you really are the troll I believe you to be and pack sand.

      Reply to this comment
    • vocalpatriot February 9, 00:36

      Does Adam know you’re on here?
      Better make sure his samitches are ready.

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    • Edbo45 March 13, 15:26

      I have several guns, I rotate what I carry with me. I have drawn my gun (in self defense) three times in 37 years haven’t fired it at anyone yet. In today’s world criminals come in gangs not just 1 person. Why didn’t the police run in with his gun drawn? Did they want this to happen?! I won’t accept any excuse I am a Navy Vet, & a old country boy. I was taught by my father and we have taught all four of our children absolutely gun safety. What works for one may not work for all

      Reply to this comment
    • papaw April 4, 02:32

      …The right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed!
      !You are not a gun owner!
      You know nothing about guns!
      You are a stupid shill for the gun grabbers!

      Reply to this comment
    • ProudTexas December 4, 22:06


      Your comment contributes nothing to the overly long winded gun debate also sweeping across America today.
      Plan and simple. If you want to reduce gun crime, enforce current gun laws.
      Execute murders who kill innocent people.
      Stop illegal immigration. And stop bowing down to Islamic monsters whose entire religion, history and culture are in complete contrast to our values.
      Spoons don’t make people fat.
      Cars don’t make drunk drivers.
      And criminals kill…with any weapon the can find.
      Liberal hand wringing doesn’t help. And in the future…please let families moron before you post yourself on the bodies of the dead to scream for gun control.
      There’s lots of gun control in Mexico, and Detroit, and Chicago….oh, do I see a pattern here.
      I carry every day. I’ve never killed any one. I’m not afraid and neither is my family… my wife and collage age kids carry too.

      We are not scared sheep.
      We are the sheep dogs…

      You can sleep better knowing we will fight to protect you too…even if we probably shouldnt.

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    • Natanya December 11, 01:13

      Yes because the equipment just starts killing people. When law abiding citizens pick one up they just can’t resist going out and murdering innocents. /s

      This kit doesn’t increase magazine size btw. That’s completely separate and has nothing to do with this, other than the picture also happens to show an extended magazine in the handgun. All this kit does is provide a more stable platform to shoot from. It makes it less likely you will miss and hit an innocent person for one thing, but based on your comment your ignorance in this regard doesn’t surprise me. It looks scary and CNN told you things like this are bad.

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  3. Jeans February 2, 20:04

    Nice legal way to kill more innocent people?

    They Are not after YOU. YOU ARE stalking and murdering them.

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  4. Bigfoot February 2, 21:43

    Can’t understand wanting a pistol caliber shorty when inexpensive rifle calibers are available in the same size frame. Just add a LAW folding stock and maybe the Fostek Echo Trigger, which is what I have done with a cheap SIG .300 Blk. PWS and others make some more expensive nicer ones, and the awesome LaRue Tactical just came out with a short barrel plus suppressor adapter upper for your rifle that doesn’t require an NFA permit.

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  5. left coast chuck February 2, 23:22

    And as long as the discussion has brought up after-market devices that turn ordinary weapons into “mass killing machines,” one of the lies by omission in the recent Las Vegas mass shooting is the lie that doesn’t differentiate between people who were actually hit with a bullet and people who were injured when they ran out into traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard. Anyone who has ever been to Las Vegas knows that LVB is like being on the track at Indy. People race from stop light to stop light as if their life depended on reaching the stop light before anyone else. Unreported by all the major news agencies is that many people were injured by dashing into traffic trying to escape the shooting. Do not misinterpret my comments as an attempt to exonerate the shooter. He is responsible for even someone who suffered so much as a torn fingernail. Not his guns, not his bump stock, but he. the evil behind the gun is responsible.

    However, the lie by omission is that if you polled people they would think that 258 people were shot by the depraved individual and so somehow this individual by a cheap gimmick was able to shoot down that many folks. We know that 58 people were shot and killed. That’s all we know. We don’t know how many total were shot and we don’t know how many were injured by being trampled by the crowd or injured by automobile traffic on LVB. We know that 258 people were killed or injured. That’s all we know. The rest is a lie by omission deliberately to lead the unthinking public that this epitome of evil managed to shoot 258 people in a very short period of time.

    If you know a veteran from Viet Nam who was in a number of fire fights, ask him what kind of casualties they were able to produce from small arms fire in ten minutes. Not from air strikes or artillery support, but just small arms fire. You will learn that small arms fire doesn’t produce that many casualties in that short a period of time. My brother saw a lot of action in the Delta in Viet Nam. He actually ran a real machine gun that is belt fed and much of the time he had an assistant to help him fire the machine gun more efficiently. He, unfortunately, has had a lot more experience at shooting at folks than he should have. It is his opinion, even with the people crowded together like that, that this piece of slime didn’t actually shoot that many people. But if you ask the country as a whole, most people will tell you he shot 258 people because they have been led to believe that by the distorted news with an axe to grind.

    Okay. I will pick up my soapbox and leave the park.

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    • Stevolution February 3, 22:24

      Yes. And don’t forget that the cover-up is so misleading by sending people off to chase invisible leads that we may never know what happened. But having said that if it was a sting that went bad we never hear about all the ones that are a success. Maybe it was the only place that could be agreed upon to reach but the prize was too great to not go after it. Secrets. Every agency loves to have them. So much power. but they end up biting us in the ass and they never pay for it. But our society forces that. Our bleeding hearts that won’t us fight the enemy on their level. But as I have learned and it is truly disturbing is that it’s the plan that was first talked about during WW2. How to rule the world but do it differently than Hitler. They decided to use their brains and use the military to enforce those plans but fool us into thinking that whatever useless war we are in is the only option we have. But what we have is the Military Industrial Complex that Harry Truman tried to warn us about when he wasn’t allow to visit Area 51. At least the countries that are run by the military know it. The see the soldiers on the streets with their automatic weapons. What we have in this country and several others in the world is much worse and nobody has a clue. I take that back. Several of us have a clue. But all of the topics fall into either Things they are doing that we don’t want to know about” or “We can’t do anything about it”. And then to further take any responsibly away from everyone and lets them not even investigate things is it’s God’s “plan”. So I started looking for an answer to why this one thing I saw was happening and a year and a half later I know what it is but not it’s origin but said to be tied to the New World Order’s reduction in world population agenda. The reduction in population doesn’t bother me because we truly need it. But it’s not up to a group of non elected elite with absolutely no accountability to carry this out the way they want it. That’s just one agenda. And probably the least sickening of all the others. So I bought this book as a knee jerk reaction to try and come up with a plan and survive on my own hopefully find others out there like me. But I will do that when this becomes everyone’s reality. I’m still hoping we will see what the rest of the world see’s and that’s as a country we are full of shit. In their eyes that’s what we are. The good news is the NWO is coming unglued. I think the victory is so close they can touch and are talking about how they move forward and their roles and there are too many egos in that group. And also if anyone on here is part of that? Singularity is your fear because there is no off switch when that occurs and no way of knowing how it will go down. But you need to understand that it will never happen. Once you decide to go online with this you have already past singularity. Because the computer you designed so well is going to do what you told it to and continue to learn and make decisions. While your brilliant self won’t have that need and apparently have bullshitted yourself so long you believe in yourself. But in reality you just created another shortcut in life and this is information gathering which you will never have use for but sounds so powerful to you. But you will be just a storage device for this company that is no where close to being as smart as the best one ever made and when that one in your head gets stuck in a loop trying to a puzzle in which there is no way to solve it I hope you are still aware. And all your screaming isn’t going to make any difference because you have muted and have to say worth hearing. Meanwhile the rest of us that are not the chosen but picked by you and placed where we can serve best have had our emotions removed to make us more efficient worker bees. So won’t won’t feel fear, panic, dread, and all of the other beautiful things that will go through your offline mind until your starve. No we will starve too. Our jobs will run out of materials and we will probably be standing there waiting like we do everyday to be taken to our bunks. And we will wait until we starve. But no thoughts will be with us so we are at peace and and souls will be free soon. And in the next life I won’t have any memory of this so maybe that’s why I share to those who I think might wake up before you are truly put to sleep. And maybe if I say it enough then I will have glimpses of these happy thoughts. So think what you will. I’m crazy. But do yourself a fave and Google Sir Rothchild and see his opinion on this and how it will happen and there will be those who resist. But they will eventually die out from not being able to reproduce. That part is also taking place as I speak. Ask yourself how does an autistic little boy have that much aluminum in his brain. He has been exposed to the same amount as us but I’m thinking that his brain works differently than ours. It won’t be on the news. There are not going to have it on the script they read today or any other. So your gonna have to look for before it goes away. The reason I wrote this is because I saw the differences of opinions here which makes us wonderful beings that as it turns there are some out there that want to have the free will we have but instead we are about to hand to Sir Rothchild on a silver platter. We couldn’t be in a worse position than we are now. We have been divided 50/50 for so long that we look just as stupid as the ones we elect that we say can’t come together. We disagree now from just knowing which side we look like we represent without thinking. We don’t think anymore. We don’t ask questions we we should demand answers. Problems like this gun and if it is or isn’t a good idea shows we are intellegent but are asleep and the driver is taking us to hell.

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      • lcc February 4, 02:08

        Umm, excuse me, Steve, but it was Dwight Eisenhower who talked about the military/industrial complex.

        Reply to this comment
    • vocalpatriot February 9, 00:42

      Well said Chuck, and dead on.

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    • Jeans April 4, 03:09

      Clap. Clap. Clap. 👏

      You have ineffectivly tried to gloss over murder.

      Evil guy + guns, ammo, bump stocks = murder and death.

      Evil guy could not have killed so many people without guns, ammo and bump stocks.

      Stop appeasing the murderer!

      Reply to this comment
  6. d February 2, 23:28

    Enough of the DAMN abreveations write like and american adult , not a punck moeron !

    Reply to this comment
  7. left coast chuck February 3, 02:02

    For our readers who are unable to follow the abbreviations: CZ is the name of a Czech weapons manufacturer EVO is the name of the model of a recently or about to be introduced gun. Ruger PC is the name of a newly introduced carbine. The PC, I believe stand for personal carbine.

    AR is the common abbreviation for Armalite Rifle. The military model is M16. Many folks confuse the abbreviation and think it stands for Automatic Rifle. It does not.

    Hi Cap or High Cap stands for high capacity, speaking of magazines that hold an arbitrarily demonized number of rounds.

    MSM is the abbreviation for the name of a news agency. I personally am not familiar with MSM. I think the poster might have meant MSNBC, but I could be wrong.

    I see I overlooked one. SUV stands for sports utility vehicle. I never understood why the vehicles are named that. I favor GGM – Gas Guzzling Monstrosity myself.

    .300 blk. stands for .300 blackout, a popular newer cartridge in .30 caliber. It is described as having significant improvement over the 7.62 x 39 and the 5.56 x 45. Ostensibly having the best characteristics of both and none of the drawbacks.

    The other abbreviations in Bigfoot’s post are the names of the companies manufacturing the product. That seems to be the trend these days, to not use a name but just letters.

    LVB stands for Las Vegas Boulevard. I thought because I had just spelled out Las Vegas Boulevard in the preceding sentence, the astute reader would figure out that LVB stood for Las Vegas Boulevard.

    The delta refers to the Mekong Delta south of the city of Saigon. It was the scene of continued warfare all during our follies in Viet Nam. Thousands of good men on both sides lost their lives there. Some are still dying from the effects of Agent Orange. The Chief of Naval Operations lost his son to cancer caused by Agent Orange.

    Abbreviations is spelled as I have spelled it and not “abreveations” and it should be “an American,” not “and american.”

    Thank you for the opportunity to provide elucidation. There is no need to be effusive in your thanks for the information.

    Reply to this comment
    • Homesteader February 3, 05:36

      Saigon is now known as Ho Chi Minh City. It was changed sometime after the fall of Viet Nam. I understand why you used it here since more people recognize it as Saigon.

      Reply to this comment
    • Gentlhart February 3, 16:33

      MSM stands for main street media. This is an important news source because they only report news that they decide you need to know. This saves you time and hassle of figuring things out for yourself.

      Reply to this comment
    • vocalpatriot February 9, 00:45

      Chuck MSM stands for Main Stream Media.
      It is the generic term referring to the popular “news” outlets.

      Reply to this comment
  8. rk February 3, 03:02

    300 blk. was actually derived from the 300 Whisper of J.D. Jones. The 2 are interchangeable according to JD. It was designed as a subsonic military cartridge which it excels at. The 300 Blk/Whisper has a case capacity of 35 & for comparison could be called the 7.62×35. When loaded to supersonic velocities the 300 blk/whisper is less lethal and shorter ranged than either the 7.62×39 or the .556.

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  9. rk February 3, 03:04

    MSM stands for Main Stream Media.

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    • left coast chuck February 3, 03:21

      Thank you. I wasn’t aware that there was an abbreviation for the talking heads.

      Notice that I described the .300 blk. as “ostensibly”. It is just amazing the number of “new” cartridges that add a magnificent 100 fps to muzzle velocity or a half inch less drop at 100 yards as compared to the old. I have read that J.D. is less than thrilled about the .300 blk. I don’t know enough about cartridge patents to know whether he ha a case for patent infringement or not.

      I always wondered, can the deer tell the difference between a 150 gr. bullet going 2600 fps and one going 2750? Does the buck stick out his tongue and give the hunter a raspberry if he is hit with a round “only” going 2600 fps?

      I once read about an Indian woman in Canada who did all her hunting with a .22 rifle with a broken stock. She hunted everything from rabbits and squirrels to deer, bear and moose with the .22 and never lost game. Supposedly was a true story. She just had years of hunting with that gun and knew exactly the bullet would go and precisely where to put it to put the game on the ground.

      Reply to this comment
      • PB- dave February 3, 04:02

        left coast, I always enjoy your posts, both the serious and the tongue-in-chief .
        Was at the SHOT show last week and LVB was as busy as ever….. and the show was more crowded than ever, however the folks were well mannered and polite.
        As for the .22 story, more game(small & big) has been taken with .22’s than any other.

        Reply to this comment
        • left coast chuck February 3, 21:30

          I see I missed a couple of abbreviations. SBR stands for short barrel rifle. According to our masters at what was formerly the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms and now is calling itself something else (formerly known as those d_ _ _ _ d revenuers) a rifle must have a barrel longer than 16 inches, otherwise it falls into the same category as a machine gun and is proscribed without lots of paper work and a $200 permit from our masters in DC. Short barreled rifle is abbreviated SBR. That’s why you see a lot of barrels that are 16.25 inches long. That’s the silly 1/4 inch that keeps one from having to jump through hoops and beg permission from your local police chief and all sorts of other games.

          What KPOS stands for I have not a clue although I suspect it is something thought up by the marketing wonks at the FAB company. I have noticed a trend among firearms companies to adopt initials for company names. I don’t know if it extends to other companies. Last year I attended a 3-gun fantasy camp put on the the NSSF and the main sponsoring company was LWRC International. NSSF is the National Shooting Sports Foundation and I have not the slightest clue what LWRC stands for. I did overhear the national sales manager indicate that he thought the name didn’t create a lot of recognition, unlike Remington Arms or Colt Arms which names tell you immediately what business they are in. I suspect it is a trend which will go away soon and we will once again move on to names that say what the company actually does.

          For the folks who posted the kind words, thank you. I try to be coherent and only talk about things I know a little bit about. I also try to think about what I am posting and ask myself, “Does this really make sense?” If something doesn’t make sense to me, I ask questions and try to research the topic. If I use a source I reference the source so that the reader can decide for themselves if it is a reliable source or not.

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        • lcc February 3, 21:43

          Somehow people who are not associated with the firearms milieu are always surprised at how polite and orderly folks who are employed in or just enjoy firearms are. They often remark about how friendly everyone was after their first visit to a shooting range. It’s as if they expect us to have fangs and drool. Sorry, my parents had my fangs removed when I was a child and my wife cured me of drooling. I will admit there are some jerks in the firearms crowd but show me any crowd of humans that doesn’t have some jerks. If you can, I suspect they are aliens from another planet and should be watched closely.

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      • Guitpickin CowHippy February 3, 16:08

        I read accounts of an old timer in Wyoming who used to pack a bolt action 22LR for all of his hunting needs. This was in the early 1900s. The story was humorous because he told of his excitement upgrading from a smaller caliber (I assumed 22 short or 22 rifle) to the 22LR. He was unstoppable with that artillery round! 🙂

        Pelt hunters have used 22LR for head shots for years.

        GPCH, Thermop, WY

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  10. onehole February 3, 12:21

    wow, left coast chuck gets my vote, I got more info and real life knowledge just from reading his post than from weeks of “no news” outlets. This is my first post but I just had to comment. This is for left coast…you should have your own info website…if you ever do,please let me know.

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  11. L February 3, 13:44

    What does KPOS stand for?

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  12. Frank February 4, 02:24

    While I like to hear insider information and learn what is really the best brand or design and so on, I fear making information public regarding firearms or anything related to survival or martial arts as there will always be those sneaky little weasels hiding out of sight who will try to use good information to leave us helpless and vulnerable.
    Then there are these contradictions such as the common advice by police to use a shotgun for home defense. We know a good hit with a blast of shot can destroy a human being. Some of us prefer the option to wound an intruder, but that is a bad choice according to experts. Yet in court, just pulling out our legally owned pistol/rifle/shotgun can get us into trouble. Even a box cutter versus an armed assailant can be spun to make the victim into the guilty party.
    As far as the kit, maybe it costs more than others, but I like the idea of transforming a pistol into a more formidable and capable weapon. When death and trouble comes a knocking, it’s all on you to survive the situation and all the anti-gun rhetoric won’t stop a criminal from trying to hurt you. With idiots trying to disarm us, I am happy for anything I can get my hands on to keep me safe.

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  13. Dan February 8, 06:33

    Can any brace fit on the tube? Can the buffer tube be switched for another tube?

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  14. Don February 20, 16:28

    All of this to reinvent a carbine?
    Get aan m1 carbine and put a folding stock on it. You get a .30 caliber carbine round that is hotter than most pistol cartridges and a range of 250 yards. And 10, 15, 20, and 30 round magazine options, rails, scope lights and whatever else you like.

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  15. joe June 23, 00:25

    for several years I’ve had a kpos-g2<17/19. wondered if u have an arm brace to replace the original folding stock

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  16. MrWonderful January 16, 22:17

    Without apparent access to the slide, I can only imagine what the failure-to-fire drill looks like with one of these attached to an otherwise useful pistol.

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  17. SLIMER November 17, 16:40


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