Survival Food That Kids & Adults Will Love

Sarah Davis
By Sarah Davis August 11, 2016 10:49

Survival Food That Kids & Adults Will Love

Natural hazards, calamities, war, violent rebellions and other ominous events are eventually bound to happen. Our lives will be turned upside down, shaken to the core. But do these catastrophes need to strip away all the little things, routines, and habits that bring us comfort and light up a gloomy day?

Prepping is not only about surviving. If we have the means to make an unfortunate situation just a tad more enjoyable why not seize the opportunity? It goes without saying that we can kiss fancy meals and gourmet illusions goodbye. But that doesn’t necessarily translate into neatly organized piles of vapid, tedious food. It does not have to be a variety desert. There are solutions when instant noodles and canned beans are not appealing to your taste buds that have developed since those nostalgically sweet college days where you could live for days on microwave meals, chips, and energy drinks. Sure, life on campus was fun, but let those days of abominable culinary rules reclaim their status of reminiscence.

If you are reading this the chances are that you are not a lonely wolf and you need to take care of other people’s preferences too. And there are no trickier and pickier eaters than kids. After all, they haven’t earned the reputation of the harshest food critics for nothing!

For most parents, meal time can turn into a nerve-wracking and stressful experience. This is exactly what you want the least when surrounded by chaos- another stimulus to your already inflated nerves.

Here are some simple, healthy, affordable and tasty suggestions that will cheer up your emergency pantry and lift up your children’s spirit in dire conditions. Let’s abandon the ranting and take a stroll on our culinary promenade.


There is no wonder why many correlated this delicious liquid with the food of the gods- i.e. ambrosia. This Greek mythological reference perfectly suits the substance that has been appreciated for its value for centuries. Not only it tastes divine but it also has precious medical properties. Non-perishable, this sticky, fragrant treat is shelf stable and will satisfy your kid’s sweet tooth.

A genuine prepper is always on the hunt for items that are able to serve multiple purposes and nothing screams ‘versatile’ more than honey. Whether you consume it on its own for an energy boost, as an alternative for processed sugars or in combination with other ingredients the utility of honey doesn’t stop here. Packed with minerals, vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and antibacterial properties it has proven to be invaluable in emergency situations. Raw honey can be used to heal wounds, sooth cough and related sleeping difficulties, reduce allergy symptoms and improve your immune system. With these credentials, only a fool would not include this miracle food on his pantry list!

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I present you, dear prepper, the ultimate snack. Loaded with fiber, dense in nutrients and healthy fatty acids, nuts are of paramount importance to you and your children’s health. Their distinctive and savory nutty flavor makes them a popular snack among the young and the restless. It is one of those foods that people either love or they are allergic to. There is no in between.

It’s not uncommon that kids are fussy about fish and I am sure those cans of tuna you religiously stockpiled on won’t help much. Luckily, Mother Nature crafted this wonder nut that can supplement omega 3 deficiencies. Walnuts have the highest amounts of omega 3 out of all the nuts and they are a favorite among children.

And, oh, the diversity of nuts is downright impressive: walnuts, hazelnuts, cashew, pistachio, Brazilian nuts, almonds, pecans. Did I include all the nut variations? Well, I can never remember when there are so many! Playful  wink.

The only downfall is that they can get rancid pretty quick, therefore look for the ones preserved in special vacuumed packages, as the lack of oxygen will keep them crisp and fresh.

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I grew up with a very English mother who, like all very English mothers, would never allow her offspring to step out in the moody and sullen British weather without a hot filling bowl of oat porridge to warm up and keep his or her insides cozy.

Surprisingly, I didn’t grow up to despise the taste of this thick and gooey breakfast. Oats are great in the mornings when it’s the right time to stock up on carbohydrates. It will elevate your energy levels and you will feel upbeat and active throughout the day.

You can add dried fruit, honey or chocolate chips to make it more appealing to kids. Another great tip is that you can replace the oats with quinoa for an even more nourishing breakfast.

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Dried fruit

Remember the episode on the beloved T.V.  sitcom ‘Friends’ where Chandler replaced his roommate,  Joey, with the slightly mentally disturbed Eddie? Ignore his creepiness, paranoia, delusional and manic episodes and appreciate the only healthy habit of his: the cuckoo dried his fruits! Maybe he wouldn’t have made an excellent prepper and you certainly wouldn’t want him around as a survival buddy if a calamity were to happen, but we can certainly make use of this activity he seemed so absorbed by.

Dried fruits. Another sweet, chewy treat to tingle your taste buds. Although they have a longer shelf life than their fresh counterparts, the packs of dried fruit found in supermarkets often have significantly higher amounts of calories due to the sugars added in processing.

However, you can make dried fruit on your own. Whether you invest in a dehydrator or resort to the traditional air drying process, the result will be the same. Munching on a handful of dried fruit will benefit your body as you will introduce a plethora of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in your diet.  Let’s just take a moment to appreciate the variety: dried mango, apricots, cranberries, dates, plums, grapes, strawberries, banana chips etc. A fruit lover’s paradise in your prepper pantry!

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If you want your kids to polish off the plate, pasta is the answer. I have never seen a youngster to turn down a flavorful and appetizing dish of this Italian food staple. An amazing source of carbohydrates, pasta can last up to 5 years on the shelf and it falls under the category of comfort foods which are exceptional morale boosters.

I recommend replacing the white flour based pasta and opting for wholemeal or gluten free alternatives, as they support a healthier lifestyle. In combination with antioxidant abundant tomato sauce, fiber dense vegetables and fish, pasta offers a nutritious and satisfying foundation for a balanced diet. Its complex carbohydrates provide a slow release of energy that will last throughout the day, it has a low glycemic index and it is fortified with folic acid.

Pasta comes in all shapes and sizes. Spaghetti, fettuccine, ravioli, tortellini, penne, fusilli, linguine, tagliatelle, rigatoni- this medley of choices will spice up every dish and cast the boredom away, while being a surefire kid-pleaser.

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What other suggestions do you have?

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Sarah Davis
By Sarah Davis August 11, 2016 10:49
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