Russia’s New Generation of Nuclear Weapons Render US Missile Defense Obsolete

Rich M.
By Rich M. May 24, 2019 08:21

Russia’s New Generation of Nuclear Weapons Render US Missile Defense Obsolete

The arms race is an old one. Ever since our cavemen ancestors started using sticks and stones to attack each other, mankind has constantly sought to create more effective weapons. Some have sought this to use in attacking their enemies, while others only to defend themselves. Offensive warfare and defensive warfare are two sides of the same coin.

This arms race has also fueled technological research and development through the ages. Much of the technology that we depend on, every day of our lives, came from the Department of Defense (DOD). Many things which don’t have an obvious military application were in fact invented for the military, such as the Internet, the Global Positioning System and many modern emergency room techniques.

Much of the last century was overshadowed by this arms race, specifically involving nuclear arms. While there are still only a few countries who own these weapons, a huge amount of money has been invested in their development. That investment hasn’t stopped, as we can see from a recent announcement.

During his State of the Nation address, President Vladimir Putin of Russia announced the creation of five new, but interrelated, weapons systems. Amongst these are hypersonic, nuclear capable, cruise missiles, which are unstoppable by any current defense technology.

The idea of these missiles is obviously to defeat existing anti-missile systems, such as Israel’s Iron Dome system or the US THAAD system. It does this by operating in a different way than those systems are designed to defend against.

Current Anti-Missile Systems

In the contest between offensive and defensive systems, offensive systems always hold the upper hand, with defensive systems struggling to catch up. Such is the case with missiles as well. Current anti-missile systems are built to defend against the threat of yesterday, which might very well mean that Putin’s announcement was correct and they are totally ineffective for these new weapons.

There are two basic types of missiles we are talking about here; ballistic missiles and cruise missiles. Ballistic missiles are fired up into the upper atmosphere, just like a rocket putting a satellite into orbit. When they run out of thrust, they fall back towards the earth, their path of travel creating a huge arc and with their payload hitting the target. Amazingly enough, these missiles are highly accurate, even after crossing oceans.

Since the start of the Cold War, this was the type of nuclear missile which anti-missile systems needed to defend against. In the event of a nuclear war, ICBMs (intercontinental ballistic missiles) would be carrying nuclear warheads anywhere from a few hundred miles to the other side of the globe. The abovementioned Iron dome and THAAD systems, as well as others, are designed to defend against these kinds of missiles.

Different anti-missile systems recognize, target and attack these missiles during different parts of their flight trajectory. They can be designed to work on the boost phase, during the apogee of their flight or the terminal part of the flight. Each system only works against one part; not all three parts of the flight trajectory.

Cruise missiles could be said to be the direct opposite of ballistic missiles in that they don’t fly high up into the sky. Rather, they fly at altitudes which are typically lower than 100 meters. This allows them to defeat the radars and defensive missile systems which are designed to recognize ballistic missiles. They are also quite effective at defeating normal air traffic control radars and other short-range radar systems, as they can often fly under the radar’s minimum effective altitude.

Since there is no ballistic track and the radar visibility of these missiles is considerably shorter than that for ballistic missiles, defending against them is quite different. There are two basic types of systems used for this. One is anti-missile missiles which are also able to fly a cruise missile flight path, low to the ground. The other is point defense systems, which fire slugs (bullets) at the missiles at close range.

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What’s Different About Russia’s New Missiles

There is little public information about these new missile systems, other than what Vladimir Putin said in his speech. However, the little bit that he did say is enough to show that if these missiles do exist, the Russians have made some major technological breakthroughs that the world should take note of.

First of all, these new missiles are supposed to fly at a speed of 10 times the speed of sound. That’s over 7,000 miles per hour, almost 14 times as fast as other cruise missiles out there. That speed makes for a much more difficult targeting solution, as the anti-missile systems have much less time to react. While they may still be able to hit the missile in a head-on defense, their cross-range (with the missile crossing in front of the defensive system) capability would probably be virtually nil.

Secondly, these missiles are designed for carrying nuclear warheads. While all cruise missiles are capable of that, their range is greatly reduced, due to the heavier weight of the warhead. While such warheads are generally smaller to make up for this,

Thirdly, these missiles are designed for long-range use. Typically, cruise missiles have a 1,000 km (621 mi) range. While no specific information was given about the range of these new missiles, it appears that they have intercontinental range, something that has never been possible before with cruise missiles.

The reason given for this great range was that these missiles use a nuclear powered engine, rather than a solid-fuel rocket motor. That was looked at, many years ago, by our own scientist and engineers, who concluded that it was impractical. If the Russians have managed to overcome the technical problems which were encountered then, they might have created a missile that can be launched in Russia and fly to wherever they want.

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A Whole Weapon’s System

While I’ve been discussing this as if it were one type of missile, there are actually several variants of it, including a land based version, an air deployable one, and a sea-launched one. Considering the potential effectiveness of this system, such missiles would give the Russians a distinct advantage over anyone.

In addition to the missiles the Russians have supposedly developed a new type of submarine, which would carry the naval version of this missile. This submarine is supposed to have the capability of diving to much deeper depths than any other. That would allow it to escape from other countries submarines and travel to where it wanted, without being followed.

The deeper a submarine dives, the less cavitation noise the propeller produces. This noise is caused by air bubbles forming on the trailing edge of the propeller or “screw.” As they collapse from the pressure, they make noise. But the deeper the submarine dives, the faster the screw can turn, without cavitation.

What Does It All Mean?

While this weapons system gives the Russian military a distinct advantage; it only does so if it is ready for deployment. Considerable doubt has been raised as to whether or not these weapons actually exist. The only imagery that Putin used with his speech were computer generated; not actual photographs. So it is quite possible that these weapons are still under development or just plans for the future.

Even if these weapons have completed their testing and are ready to be manufactured, it could still take several years before enough of them have been built and issued to the military. In the mean time, you can be sure that other countries will be hard at work to develop an effective means of countering this new threat, whether by modifying existing weapons systems or developing new ones.

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Rich M.
By Rich M. May 24, 2019 08:21
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  1. Chuck May 24, 13:20

    While I fear your pronouncements may be correct, realize the Russians are known to lie about their prowess.

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  2. BJ May 24, 14:29


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  3. TruthB Told May 24, 15:33

    So the bear growls again. Putin knows damn well that if Russia attacks the U.S. , they are committing national suicide. By the time everybody has “nuked” the hell out of each other, it will be academic as to the effectiveness of Russia’s “new” toys. You really don’t want to survive it. The human race is a flawed species. We are reaching for the stars while holding on to our club. Neanderthals with nukes. If we no’t make rational logic our modus operandi, the you can kiss the “Star Trek” future goodbye.

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  4. Eugene May 24, 17:10

    It can be daIt could be dangerous if it’s true. But it’s been a year since the speech. Where are these new weapons? It’s a bluff.

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    • Deplorable Infidel May 25, 04:24

      Although there is much speculation about Russia and their weapons.
      We don’t ever want to under estimate an enemy or potential enemy.
      God warns us people about the bear of the North and His part in the end times…
      The Great Bear Of Th e North is sleeping.
      What happens when a sleeping bear like a grizzly or a Kodiak Bear is disturbed and awakened…Momma or Papa Bear?
      Ever pissed a bear off…?
      Do we want to piss a bear off.
      The dems and libs want to.
      The Military industrialists do too.
      Let’s not underestimate them…
      We could win probably, but I’m sure they’ll put up a fearsome fight…

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      • Yosemite May 27, 18:54

        No one ever accused the dems and libs being smart…well perhaps themselves but that really doesn’t count……Over estimation is as deadly under estimation.

        Would you please supply the quotes/scriptures where God warns of the Bear if you are saying God meant Russia Specifically?

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  5. Justme May 24, 17:27

    I bet they aren’t faster than the speed of light. Lasers and electromagnetic impulses can knock this thing out. If it flies at all. My experience with russian military equipment tells me thomg is another of their big bad mean looking cream puffs. And besides, according to the “ experts” the weather will
    Kill us all in 10 years so who cares about big bad Russia?

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    • Raven tactical May 24, 19:57

      Yeah.. their equipment works in all terrain and weather. Rugged and yet designed around destroying the us. They even are making a drone military to make things worse

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  6. John May 24, 17:42

    Forget about the arms race. It is all about PEACE. The Plasma Technology is far more overwhelming. This was offered to the USA freely,but ignored. How do you think Iran captured the drone in Dec 2011. How do you think Rusia rendered useless the Roosevelt aircraft carrier in the Baltic Sea in 2014. How do you think the Donald Cook destroyer was also rendered useless twice in 2015. All the old technology is useless.

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    • Savage Listener May 25, 04:08

      Although there is much speculation about Russia and their weapons, we do not ever want to under estimate an enemy.
      God warns us people about the best of the north…
      Ever pissed a bear off?
      The dems and libs are….

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  7. Spike May 24, 18:16

    So What ? We don’t have the technology to stop but a small percentage of missiles coming in anyway. They can’t stop our missiles either so that means both country’s still have the most prominent defense still in place. That is “Assured Mutual Destruction”…the same thing that has stopped us from nuclear war for over 50 years.

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    • Raven tactical May 24, 19:55

      The United states would lose in a peer to peer fight with Russian or Chinese forces

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      • Tex May 24, 21:36

        Prove it.

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      • Tex May 24, 21:43

        It’s “the United States” not “the United states”. You must consider yourself a real “expert” on all things military. I think you’re full of the stuff that falls out of my horse’s ass. So….once again…I say offer up some evidence to support your contention the US would lose to the Russians or the Chicoms. Come on, keyboard commando… us how we’d lose.

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  8. Chuckster59 May 24, 18:22

    If it’s not one thing, its your mother. ;o)

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  9. Yosemte May 24, 20:07

    I am not sure where you got your information. There is quite a bit that is incorrect.
    GPS was developed b and for the Military for precision guidance and locations and Marine/ Ship and Aircraft Navigation.
    Earl stages the Military could scramble the data to prevent Enemies from using it.
    There is more to its becoming for civilian use than I care to go into here.

    There is no hard data or proof Russia has gotten passed the barriers of Hyper-sonic Flight..

    FIRST There is the TRIAD
    LAND and SEA based ICBMs

    NOT ALL Cruse Missiles NOR ALL aircraft CAN CARRY NUCLEAR Warhead. It takes a Special One to do so. Look up GLCM Ground Launched Cruise Missile BGM-109 G Gryphon.

    There is ALCM Air Launched Cruise Missile that carried a nuclear warhead. It is still in service in reduced numbers. Carried by the B-52

    All of the Nuclear Cruise and INTERMEDIATE Range Missiles Including GLCM and Pershings II the USSR’s SS-4. SS-5 and SS-20 were eliminated in the INF Treaty in April-May of 1991. EXCEPTION being the ALCM.

    Putin has broken the INF Treaty is why President Trump pulled out of the INF Treaty.

    Interesting Note; In SAND BOX ROUND I. Certain GLCM Personnel were recalled and GLCM LCC Launch Control Center) and TELs ( Transporter Erector Launchers) and used to launch “Recon Drones” to gather Intelligence and other such roles.

    The Triad being that any enemy may successfully destroy One or Two weapon Systems….BUT One will still get through.

    ICBMs as you noted are INTER-CONTINENTAL meaning they go UP into the atmosphere and most (if all) are MIRV capable meaning they carry more than one warhead. MIRV= Multiple Independent Reentry Vehicle.
    Depending on the type of missile determines how many warheads it can carry.

    They do not go just a few hundred miles……Those were for Intermediate Range Missiles banned by the INF.

    IF Russia really has sch a weapon does nothing to stop the old tech weapons from launching in retaliation….MAD Policy.
    As you mention there are two types of weapon systems DEFENSIVE and OFFENSIVE.

    IF he uses such tech as Defensive only… you realize how many such weapons t would take to wipe out EVERY ICBM this includes Submarines? Not including Bombers….or ALCMs.
    Don’t forget the UK and possibly other countries that have Nuclear Submarines carrying ICBMs.

    The US Navy is arming a number of ships with lasers to take out/ kill missiles.

    Another US Navy ship was reported to be armed with a “Rail Gun”.
    IF he actually has and uses such weapons in OFFENSIVE Roll….It seems the US Navy can handle the threat.
    Hypothetically such weapons used against mainland US bases and targets…..cannot stop or prevent the retaliatory strike.

    I cannot vouch for cavitation or other noise reduction in submarines. I leave that to the Bubbleheads to reveal IF they care to do so. Their lives and safety of their vessels and Shipmates depends on such knowledge.

    The submarine Putin is proposing…. is to be unmanned and a drone carrying such Hyper-sonic missiles.
    There is a limit on how far down ANY NAVY in the Wold submarine can go before reaching Crush Depth.
    This includes ROVs = Remote Operated Vehicles think of them being drones…such as the ones that discovered and explored the “TITANTIC” or the “INDIANAPOLIS” for examples. Numerous others including and recovering treasure wrecks.

    The Russians have a History of being less than truthful in their claims….AND/OR making claims on Weaponry.
    This was proven from U-2 overflights and other intelligence gathering.

    The Russian Mig-25 FOXBAT….is another example….It was originally designed to shoot down the XB-70 VALKYRIE that never made production. After the defection of the pilot and gift of the plane in Japan.
    A lot was found out about the plane YEP it WAS FAST
    BUT it also was a fuel HOG!
    It also used old vacuum technology and there were no comforts for the pilot.
    After the US took the plane apart and gave it back to the USSR in pieces and learning everything thing that was possible to learn raised TWO Questions.

    1. Was the Russian technology really that far behind the rest of the World using such old technology in their latest front line fighter?

    2. Such old tech is highly resistant to EMP Were the Russians AHEAD of the rest of the World in using
    old tech in their newest greatest Front line fighter?

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    • MIKE May 25, 03:53


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    • John May 27, 10:25

      Stop bickering like the bad boys of the block. Just look into the Plasmatic Energy (MaGrav), how with it Iran, China and Rusia can render useless all the satelites that comunicate missiles, ships, aeroplanes, etc. I have given you examples up above. We have got to work for PEACE.

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    • Claude Davis June 15, 10:45

      “The Russians have a History of being less than truthful in their claims….AND/OR making claims on Weaponry.
      This was proven from U-2 overflights”

      I’m not sure U2 overflights are a great example of the Russians making less than truthful claims about their weapons. As I recollect, those overflights stopped when the Russians shot one down while it was flying a mile higher than we thought their SAMs could reach.

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      • Yosemite June 15, 18:24

        How old are you? You need to to a wee bit of research on the U-2 AKA “The Dragon Lady”….

        The U-2 provided PROOF the Soviets were bluffing! They DID NOT have the huge amount of bombers they claimed to have……for one example.

        Powers Flight that day was going to be the First direct overflight of the USSR.
        Read Gary Francis Powers book for starters about what happened. To the day he died he was not sure what happened. The plane he was suppose to fly and all materials maps. ect. marked classified had all makings removed. Another plane and was swapped out and replaced with a plane referred to as The Jinx plane. It was always having troubles and not really considered.
        All of the maps materials etc were replaced with new copes clearly marked TOP SECRET Classified.
        Powers did say it was possible the missile was a near hit……proximity hit and not a direct hit/shoot down

        A short time before he made that flight a certain person in the U-2 program a radar tech IF I remember correctly defected to the Soviet Union….The Soviet Union did not know how high the U-2 could fly…..There were all sorts of rumors and speculation about that.

        Later on that defector’s name would become very famous..The Defector’s name…….Lee Harvey Oswald.
        Thanks to Oswald there were other U-2s shot down over Cuba and China.

        History makes it QUITE CLEAR The U-2 and their pilots did an excellent job and plenty of successes!
        The Plane was so successful it was updated and modified in/around 1980 and returned to service and designated as the TR-1…..The SR-71 (God I love that Bird!) was phased out of service…The TR-1 is called the U-2 and is still in service.

        FY The TR-1/ Now U-2 was featured on an episode of “Mythbusters” one of the guys got to ride and be JAFO in the backseat

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  10. Yosemite May 24, 20:18

    Remember the “KURSK” …….and everything the Russians promised and said about t!

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  11. Weißhaupt May 24, 21:36

    I’m less afraid of the Russians nuking us than I am about climate change

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    • left coast chuck May 25, 02:55

      The climate has changed drastically time and again over the period that man has inhabited the earth and yet somehow we have managed to struggle on. At the onset of the Little Ice Age, famine passed over the written-word world. Crops were inundated by unprecedented cold weather and excessive rainfall. Crop failure resulted in massive die-off of cattle. Somehow mankind made it through. Weather has changed back and forth for at least tens of thousands of years. It is interesting how the doomsayers are always predicting that the collapse will happen ten years from now. Henny-penneys have been clucking about the sky falling for as long as I can remember. If it wasn’t global cooling it was global warming and now it is just “weather change.”

      When the teleweatherists can predict reliably whether it will rain tomorrow or not, I might start to put some minimal credence in their ability to predict what the weather is going to be next year. Until them — ho hum. Another opportunist making a fast buck scurrying around crying out about weather is changing we’re all going to die.

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      • TheSouthernNationalist May 25, 11:24

        Agreed, the earth is a living thing just like everything on it.
        It gets hot, it gets cold and some times moves a bit.
        But to sum it up I think George Carlin said it best when he said “the only reason mankind exists is because the earth wanted plastic”.

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      • Dinie May 27, 16:24

        The problem with saying “mankind” survived is that a lot of people died. Enough survived to continue the human race, but if you look back the living conditions were awful in a lot of places in the period of history you are referring to here.

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        • left coast chuck May 29, 03:07

          There have been significant die-offs of humans since recorded history and probably long before man learned how to set his thoughts down for prosperity.

          The Black Plague killed off a large percentage of the population. The die-off was so drastic it forever changed the master-serf relationship and broke the back of the manor lord. Labor became so scarce that the serf could write his own ticket for labor.

          The Little Ice Age resulted in a die-off but not as severe as the Black Plague although some writers claims that it was the lack of food and the general debilitation of the population that lead to the die off of the Black Plague.

          In more recent times, the influence plague that swept the earth during and right after WWI killed more people although it was a smaller percentage of the total population than the Black Plague.

          As a personal note, both of my grandfathers died in 1917 but not in combat. Unfortunately, the cause of their death has been lost although I suspect that it was due to influenza.

          A little further back in history, Genghis Khan and his Mongol hordes made a significant dent in the size of mankind. If a city did not surrender to him immediately he sieged the city and killed all the inhabitants as an object lesson to other cities he was going to capture.

          The trick is to be prepared so that you number among the survivors as opposed to numbering among the deceased. That’s the purpose of this website, to offer information that hopefully will enable us to be among the former as opposed to the latter. Sometime, however, it is just a matter of luck.

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    • MIKE May 25, 03:49

      BULL SHTZEN!!!

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    • MIKE May 25, 03:51


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  12. Wannabe May 24, 23:04

    Russia Russia Russia, everything is about Russia these days. I wonder if trump colluded with the Russians twenty years ago and gave them our secret weapon technology that helped them advance to these weapons?

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    • Yosemite June 15, 17:39

      Your timing is off a little and the country too. It was Clinton and he sold/gave it to China. China did not have technology to fit nuclear warheads on missiles.

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  13. IvyMike May 25, 00:26

    Missile defense has been and always will be obsolete. I still see clearly the cinder block walls of the inner hallway of my grade school, my head pressed up against a block, my puny 1st grade hands cupped over the back of my neck to protect it from the effects of a thermonuclear blast. Duck and Cover Drill was cool…

    Reply to this comment
    • Raven tactical May 25, 10:52

      Duck and cover would if worked for what they where trying to do .

      Missile defense is pretty key. So much so the Patriots batteries got activated. It destroys the mad theories

      Reply to this comment
    • Rich May 25, 13:25

      Duck and cover crispy critters. If the heat didn’t kill you, and the blast overpressure didn’t drop building debris on top of you, maybe you might survive the radiation. I was a Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Specialist for 18 years in the Army, and it makes me laugh today about how much we DIDN’T know about nuclear blasts in the early 1960s.

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  14. Jonsey May 25, 00:28

    I have concluded that what ever tech we see now has been around for 20 years. That said we/they are already 20 years into the future.

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  15. GreyWolf May 25, 02:25

    What a bunch of fear mongers and scare mongers! Worse than the Russian collusion psychopaths that just can’t get on with life. People – They have them, we have them and others have them. It just doesn’t matter how many, how fast or how potent. You might as well start digging a hole to China to even entertain this discussion and the author should be ashamed of himself for even bringing the subject up to create an air of feared annihilation.

    No faith, no resolve, no commonsense!

    Have fun!

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  16. Deplorable Infidel May 25, 04:15

    Although there is much speculation about Russia and their weapons.
    We never ever want to under estimate an enemy or potential enemy.
    We’re warned from God’s Word that The Bear Of The North will play a huge part of The End Times when it speaks of war.
    We don’t want to draw a bear out of its den.
    Ever pissed a bear off…?
    Piss one off…
    If love to hear that story…

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  17. TheSouthernNationalist May 25, 11:25

    Agreed, the earth is a living thing just like everything on it.
    It gets hot, it gets cold and some times moves a bit.
    But to sum it up I think George Carlin said it best when he said “the only reason mankind exists is because the earth wanted plastic”.

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  18. Spike May 25, 16:06

    Just remember. Every thing said in the News as well as Forums like this are intended to spur emotions, get people excited to read more of the same and this results in more advertising on the very website you read it. In the end, it’s again, all about money. This time being generated on our fear and emotions and even our hate for the opposite political mindset.


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  19. TheSouthernNationalist May 25, 21:28

    I read somewhere that Russia has a super weapon called “satan” that is unstoppable and can take out the entire coast line of the U.S.
    Anyone else heard of this?

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    • Yosemite May 27, 06:14

      To TheSouthernNationalist

      I too have heard such RUMORS,,,, One that I heard sounds similar that the Russians had a LARGE nuclear device somewhere off the Atlantic Coast that would send a tremendously HUGE tsunami and wipe out the Eastern Seaboard.

      Again RUMORS …….No HARD Data or info and remains NOTHING BUT A RUMOR,, Chances are IF they had such a Nuclear device capable of such destruction…..there would be some evidence somewhere…………since that rumor has been around for a very long time.

      NOW this is the latest clam about the Russian Weapon system.

      I take it with a grain of salt…..the Russians have been working on this weapon for a very long time. The payload has been increasing each time they release information on this weapon system. The Russians are currently claiming it to a payload of 24 MIRV potential warheads and decoys. Since the Russians announced his weapon…..t keeps getting set back to go into operation/production.
      Russia is well known for claiming they have things or numbers of weapons they DO NOT HAVE!

      It is nothing but an ICBM that they NOW claim can carry 24 MIRV Nuclear warheads and or a combination of decoy warheads. The number has been increasing since this ICBM was first announced.

      The US does not really talk much about Anti Ballistic Missile Systems for the most part.

      The original US Anti Ballistic Missile Defense System use Nuclear weapons to intercept and defeat an incoming attack used a nuclear device and would blind the Defensive System for at least an half hour or so due to EMP. Leaving an open window for attack It was only operational for depending on sources for half an hour. It was eliminated in one of the SALT treaties……..

      Russia’s Sarmat ICBM Can ‘Rip Any Missile Defence System to Shreds’ – Official

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    • Claude Davis June 15, 10:48

      That would be the SS-18 ICBM, codenamed SATAN by NATO. It’s big and scary, but take out the whole US coastline? No. One version carried about a 20 megaton warhead. I remember Tom Clancy wrote that its most likely use was to turn Cheyenne Mountain into Cheyenne Lake. They were scrapped years ago, though.

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  20. Aleister May 25, 21:31

    You can’t bitch when your president Trumpislav works for the kremlin.

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    • left coast chuck May 26, 02:30

      I know this isn’t the forum for political comment and I really should ignore “Aleister’s” comment, but if Donnie is in the employ of the Russians, he should get fired. If Putie was counting on Donnie somehow giving a boost to Russia, I hope he didn’t put too much money down on that bet. This whole Russian conspiracy boonswaggle is as humorous as the movie The Russians Are Coming; The Russians Are Coming. I wonder if there will be a sequel, “The Russians Are Coming; The Russians Are Coming II.” starring the comedy team of Pelosi and Schumer? That sounds like a Borscht Belt song and dance duo don’t you think? I wonder if they played the Borscht Belt in their younger days. Pelosi looks old enough to have been a player when it was in its heyday.

      In my view people who buy into that ludicrous Russian fantasy are prime candidates to buy canned air and the Brooklyn Bridge.

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  21. MKS May 31, 12:22

    The Russians are exaggerating. Those vehicles cannot maneuver as they suggest. The turn radius would be 1000 miles or better. And aircraft carrier could out maneuver them. If they were sea skimming, that would be one thing. But, because they are limited to extreme altitude they are detectable earlier than our sea skimming missiles.

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