How This Election Will Affect Preppers

Giurgi C.
By Giurgi C. October 3, 2016 09:59

How This Election Will Affect Preppers

Editor’s Note:This article is written by Giurgi C. and does not necessarily reflect this website’s options and belief in the upcoming election, but it portrays some scenarios that are likely to happen.

By Giurgi C.

In my opinion this election marks the beginning of the end for this insane business that has become ELECTIONS. We are just months away from settling on Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump for president. I assure you this is not a dream. At this moment Americans are doing their best to decide which massive political asteroid they would prefer hit the mainland.

I saw this coming about 8 months ago and I realized this election will affect preppers in a very profound way; maybe as profound as Barack Obama’s presidency affected the firearms business. Preppers are amongst some of the most informed of all people in the political spectrum. We haven’t come to these conclusions about self reliance based on sheer guesswork.

2016-vote-buttonsNow the smart money is already hedging bets on this crucial election. Forbes noted that sales of safe rooms and emergency shelters amongst the upper crust of earners are on the rise. It’s clear they understand. They are targets based on their income and supposed privilege. Also either candidate has the capability of shaking this nation off its moorings.

That is the cold hard fact. Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton could drive us in two separate but equal collapse scenarios. Donald’s overbearing ruling on Muslims and immigrants in general could spark war or civil unrest where Hillary’s denial of the aforementioned threats would put more American lives at risk.

If you believed like me that this nation was at a tipping point 8 years ago just think about what this election means almost a decade later. This could be all she wrote. There is nothing saying that America couldn’t just become another failed idea tossed on the ash heap of history. It’s a terrible thought to imagine future rulers laughing over the idea that man once thought he should be free!

The Donald

the-donaldThere is no denying the man is driven towards success. Whether his father gave him $5 or $50 million he turned it into an empire that employs thousands. Most of us would have put that money in a high interest account and spent the rest of our lives on a beach.

Still, there are serious issues with his understanding of world affairs and education in governance. Some people think that ignorance is his best asset. However, his limited experience outside of his off color acts is what scares people the most.


  • A businessman who can give us a look into what America run like a business would really mean.
  • There will be honest and hard dialogue between America and the nations that are less than friendly
  • Heavy experience in negotiating deals
  • Not afraid to stand against the corrupt system of Washington


  • His arrogance could push us into war with other nations or civil war
  • Fiscal conservatism could result in civil unrest in the streets. This is a correction that must happen eventually but for the sake of the violence and death that would accompany it I must consider it a con
  • Donald Trump has the personality and the arrogance to become the Marcus Aurelius of our great country.

The Clinton Machine

hillary clintonWatching the first debate I quickly came to realize that Hillary Clinton is one of the greatest politicians in American history. This, of course, is a backhanded compliment but it explains much about Clinton and the fear many have of her possible presidency.

Many would like to believe she is the answer in 2016. The distaste for Trump helps. The fact being Hillary is a career politician with a resume of terrifying mistakes that have ravaged the Middle East and compromised our security of the nation. This does not take into account her health and her integrity. How can someone be for the empowerment of women when she has a horny jackal for a husband?


  • She has been in governance for a long time and this experience should not be discounted
  • There is a respectable power that comes with the Clinton name this power may have been forged through corruption and lies but it’s still power
  • Hillary will challenge us to be nicer people to one another. This isn’t a bad thing. Only when we are forced to be nice to those that want to kill us does it become a bit too much.


  • Hillary will swell the national debt and push us closer to economic collapse
  • Her inability to recognize and admit the real threats that face our nation will only result in more terror on American soil
  • She will drive a wedge deeper between the races in our country with her support for this progressive fascism

As a prepper you can expect much of what you believe and much of what you strive for to be watched closely by the government. This will be regardless of who takes office. Your push towards self reliance is a clear and present danger to the status quo. We cannot discount the crash course our country is on and to me it seems like either candidate ushers that collapse in a little faster. Donald will no doubt enact large scale spying operations that will dissolve more of your freedoms in his hunt to stop radical Islam and illegal immigration. Meanwhile, Hillary Clinton will only incite more violence by her ignorance towards the real threats.

Be warned.


  • Civil Unrest
  • Potential Tyranny
  • War

Under Trump this country will be thrust into conflict whether amongst the citizens or with countries abroad. His arrogance will undoubtedly cause us all issues. At the same time we need to remind everyone who America is! 


  • Economic Collapse
  • Progressive Fascism
  • Expansion of Radical Islam

Hillary is a continuation of the last eight years. She will expand government and play on the same themes that are currently dividing us. Hillary will choose inclusion and diversity over the tackling the real enemies of our nation. She will also carry on with the merciless rape of our treasury and plunge us deeper into the trillions of debt.

There will be no winners in November. Each candidate will not only bring their own baggage to a job that is simply too much for any person; they will also be given the keys to a train speeding off the cliff. For too long we have been waiting for a savior. We have approached the ballot box as thought it could solve all of our problems. This country is in trouble and will require the people’s actions to repair it. That is why I’ll probably vote to make America great again!

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Giurgi C.
By Giurgi C. October 3, 2016 09:59
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  1. Larry October 3, 14:25

    You left out a very BIG issue that will affect preppers – Supreme court nominations.

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    • Eve October 3, 17:53

      Very true. And those are decades of decisions.

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    • Nimbii October 3, 18:50

      Also left out corruption of the DOJ, State Department, FBI and even Dem Party’s primary process.

      She will give amnesty and make illegals from leftist Central American countries voters without any notion of the Constitution of The United States.

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      • Buddy October 4, 02:36

        These are true! If Trump doesn’t get elected we are doomed! PLEASE GET INVOLVED!!!
        I believe Trump will clean up a lot of corruption!

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        • My 02 cents worth. November 7, 00:26

          Buddy, Thank you for saying what many are thinking. I read this winding and twisting “Op Ed” and I failed to understand much of what Giurgli s saying because it is based on assumptions I do not necessarily believe. This OpEd is full of the very same nonsense. If I were grading this it would get a D- students in my poly-sci 101 could write a better opinion piece.

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      • Mitch November 7, 19:45

        If Hillary get away with the Benghazi and email scandal AND becomes President,Forget a FREE America!-She will Continue to black,ail and threaten and KILL those who Oppose her agenda-WHAT part of political corruption don’t people Understand?—It’s ORGANIZED CRIME…===Mitch.

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    • jewels October 3, 18:58

      Amen to that, and taking away our personal defense needs.

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    • dougnicholson October 3, 19:07

      Excellent point!

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  2. SMH October 3, 14:30

    Very nice, well thought out article. I think it correctly lists the pros and cons of both candidates in an unbiased manner. Nice Job!!

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    • Sandy October 3, 22:55

      Unbiased? The author deliberately left out Killary’s avowed determination to disarm all law-abiding Americans and delete the Second Amendment. Killary “Turn In Your Guns” Clinton would have a devastating effect on the Prepper community through enforcement of her disarmament agenda. Preppers would be driven to their bug-out hideouts, which would then be methodically discovered by US military assets. Those who choose to stay and fight will be outnumbered, outgunned and killed like the Branch Davidians. The only remaining alternative is to peacefully allow yourself to be disarmed. NONE of these options are favorable for the Prepper community. By omitting mention of Killary’s disarmament agenda, the author reveals clear bias towards the NWO, DNC and Clinton Foundation’s agenda to destroy the USA.

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    • Rocketman October 14, 07:17

      Maybe, except the part about civil unrest and taking peoples freedoms. Trump will defend our freedoms.
      I think Trump is what this country needs! The government is corrupt at every level. The FBI and DOJ just showed the American people that they are corrupt. They are clearly on the side of Clinton right with a lot of the establishment politicians from both sides. The FBI and DOJ are not supposed to take sides in any election!
      As for other countries, Trump will shut down lots of money going to countries that do not like us. So what? We can’t buy friends anyway and should not try!
      Get one thing strait, If you cant pay your electric bill you do not go pay your neighbors. We can’t keep borrowing money to give to other countries.
      Trump will also stand by our allies and not try to use our military as the world police and will not try to topple governments for personal gain. Now for Hillary. You are right, she will keep raising the debt but only faster than Obama has. She says, she wants to make college free. Nothing is free, someone has to work to pay for it. We cannot keep borrowing money, we are on a unsustainable path and will soon collapse. She wants open borders, and that will further burden the taxpayers and increase the debt, and the crime rate will go through the roof.
      Hillary is the one that will cause civil unrest. She will keep trying to divide the races and she wants to bring in more muslims. As long as she keeps pandering to the
      Black Americans, they will keep rioting. And bringing in more muslims will be bringing in more terrorism.
      She has already shown that she does not care about National security. Nor can she be trusted with it. Some of them will commit terrorist attacks. When that happens the people in this country will not put up with it the way they do in other countries.
      Next, Hillary will try selling off parts of this country to put more money in her pockets.
      Hillary will not stick with our allies. She will betray Isrial and any other country unless it benefits her personally.
      Yes she has experience, but she has no accomplishments. Unless you count staying out of jail. She talks about Donald Trump not having the temperment to be President, But she is the one known to have fits of rage. When Bill was president she threw things around the White House and was always trying to fire someone. She has a violent temper, and she would be dangerous as President. And when they left the White house they stole things and vandalized the walls. She has no accomplishments other than being a crook and has never produced anything. But got very rich, you figure it out! Trump has been all over the world for business and has built many businesses that are very successful, He knows how economy works, she does not! He has had to make things work or loose his fortune.
      Hillary on the other hand like most politicians has never had to make things work with their own money. It is always our money they play with, with no repercussions if their plans fail.

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      • Rocketman October 14, 07:30

        Here are some more of Hillary’s accomplishments.
        Running guns to terrorists in Libia and Syria.
        And murder.
        Deleting Emails that were under supeana
        Destroying Government property ( I phones and Black berries) so Congress could not get the emails.
        Obstruction of justice.
        Evidence tampering.

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  3. TC October 3, 14:33

    Hillary made millions $ as Sec state. Ap President, she would become the wealthiest woman in the world.

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  4. Ms.Vickie T October 3, 14:51

    I know for certain that I WILL NOT be voting for Mrs. Clinton. I just can’t put into civil words how I truly think of Hillary, her family and her agenda for the destruction of our country. Her devotion to the mindsets of Saul Alinski, Obama and George Soros goes against everything our country stands for.

    That leaves the only viable candidate who at least has a heart and love of this country. He is FOR the repairing of America’s ills (debt, treatment of veterans & military, jobs, etc.) & paring down the size of government to a manageable size. That’s not even to mention that he believes in the constitution and the bill of rights.

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  5. Bea October 3, 14:55

    Twenty five years ago (or more) the decision was made by our elite to move towards globalization. In order for us to do that, it was decided that our standard or living had to come down in order for third world economies to rise and “create a level playing field.” Clintons were a part of that decision and Bill fostered it thru NAFTA and giving our apple industry to China, just to name one.

    So, taking the personalities out of the conversation, the present Democratic platform stands for globalization and the dissolving of our borders. And with that, our Country.

    The present Republican platform , per Trump’s words, will fight for our Country to remain in tact.

    No matter how you may view the candidates, this election will determine the fate of our Country. If the Democrats win, it will take a Brexit to reset our Constitution, if we can after our population is diluted. If the Republicans win, as Ben Franklin said, “we gave you a Republic if you can keep it.”

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  6. Don't Tread On Me October 3, 14:56

    Hil-liary will attack the second amendment with a vengeance. Just as Senator Fiendstien suggested, it is rumored that she will take guns away from anyone who has served in the military. Who in their right mind would serve in the future knowing they would be relinquishing their right to protect their loved ones and property? What would be the response from those of us who have already served? I leave it to your imagination.

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  7. Tim October 3, 14:58

    In my opinion our country is already in full meltdown and neither candidate will be able to stop the inevitable collapse. We all know that the federal government is completely out of control and the sheer amount of corruption and lawlessness of our elected officials continues to blow my mind. Where is the shame? Where is the accountability? It seems the establishment is terrified about the Donald’s rise as he probably will demand some accountability when he takes office, and many heads will roll. I think this is a good thing. Heads need to roll. With the mass media propaganda machines in full effect spouting their mindless drivel and driving the discussion away from the real issues, promoting division and hatred of authority, I believe we need someone like Trump to even have any chance of getting a grip on the truth. Our federal government has been doing terrible things for many years, so the fact that whistleblowers are prosecuted or killed while career politicians walk free from obvious treasonous activities is obviously untenable. I tend to worry about these secret programs the Feds are involved with in regards the NWO and the plans to exterminate most of us. We now have GMO’s and the poisoning of our food supplies by big ag, we have the federal government spraying billions of tons of heavy metals and who knows what else in the form of these pesky CHEMTRAILS worldwide while denying the whole thing. All one has to do is look in the sky on any clear day and the evidence is there for all to see. We have genetically modified mosquitos which have proven to be an absolute failure. Zina virus scares which are based not on facts but on fear mongering. For preppers we can grow our own food, but when our rainwater is polluted with barium,strontium,aluminum and who knows what else it is hard to see anything but doom and gloom. We now have so many secret programs with apparent nefarious intentions, gulags built around the country to house all the dissidents, a financial system in collapse, roundup sprayed on everything we eat, mandatory vaccinations for children with adults being next, and complete chaos in the streets. Our problems are so much bigger than just one election cycle. Unfortunately we also have massive election fraud, so even the people’s vote is subject to question as to the results. The populace is slowly waking up, but I fear by the time we can make a concerted stand against the tyranny, it will be too late.

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  8. angelheart October 3, 14:58

    R U KIDDING ME?? That deplorable skank & all 3 members of her family needs to be in front of a military tribunal!! There is NOTHING admirable about Hillary nor anything she has done!! Do u know that she sold TOP SECRET INFORMATION over to the chinese along w/MANY other countries/?? She has already said she will start WW3 w/Russia & Iran if she gets in??? She also has George Soros in her pocket who is a well known war criminal & has numerous charges against him for crimes against humanity. Who in the world do u think Hillary has been going along with? She is in on Soros’s businesses “Black Lives Matter” along w/many others. BLM is going to cause civil war in our country!!! Soros put them in & literally has them taught how to riot. Now, u needed to know the truth & when u print things about Hillary….think about these things. Ive done a lot of research on her & she is HORRIBLE IN EVERY WAY POSSIBLE!! Skank is not even close to what she is. There’s no words in any language that describes her & her family!!! Pls stop thinking just because she has been in politics all these yrs that she’s experienced. She has absolutely NO positive experience (NONE!) SO why in the world would we want her in to finish destroying our country!!!

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    • AmericanPatriotIII% October 3, 19:11

      Your message speaks to the undeniable truth about hillary, her husband and their foundation.
      Whatever has kept her out of prison, or at least tried and convicted of her crimes is beyond me, except for the fact that many people who have challenged her in the past have suffered severly, or even died mysteriously.
      A hillary win would only occur by fraud in a similiar manner obama was elected – by dead people and poeple that don’t even exist; she is unelectable, and I believe a hillary win would likely spark an American revolution now that the silent majority of patriotic Americans know there are millions more just like them out there.

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      • Rocketman October 14, 07:49

        If you do some research you will find that most of the investigations into the Clintons, Comey was involved in the Investigations.

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    • lc65 October 3, 22:17

      Seems to me you have it backwards – SOROS is the puppet master – she is the puppet.

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  9. Jan October 3, 15:03

    I would rather vote for the Donald. He listens to other people.
    No one can fix the mess we are in but getting the people out of our country that want to destroy us is a good thing. Those that do not have legal status need to leave and get legal status if they want to come back.
    Big business needs to come back to our soil to provide jobs. If they won’t then we should start new business’s that will stay here.
    I would NEVER vote for Hillary. I have no respect for the liar.

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  10. Bobby October 3, 15:11

    I CHOOSE TO GO DOWN FIGHTING, IF I MUST. I will not just give up without a fight. But, I want my weapons to fight with. God will be the final judge. I’m on His side!

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  11. Woodie Coalburner October 3, 15:16

    IMHO Doesn’t really matter who is running the show a collapse is imamate. The Bankers have shown us repeatedly they run the show and every 7-10 years you will have a collapse and forfeit your meager profits to the god of all that is credit.

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  12. Hacksaw October 3, 15:25

    When it comes down to survival It doesn’t matter who occupies the White House. Disasters will occur so I stay prepared.

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  13. bob barton October 3, 15:27

    Trump 2016 is our only hope.

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  14. Mark S. October 3, 15:59

    I am sorry but I felt the the article was severely understated. If Hillary gets in you quickly see the end of your first, second, and fourth amendment rights. Obama has made some extreme changes in using his executive orders. He made changes to Martial Law, added the 650+ UN codes to the Obamacare plan, gave the internet to the UN, expanded the number of FEMA camps, has built up the NSA and armed them with $2 billion in ammunition to just name a few. Then there is the $6.5 trillion that is missing. For what purpose are those funds going to be used for?
    Your article makes it sound like Hillary is making a mistake by bringing in the immigrants. It is a calculated decision to bring this country down to its knees and establish the NWO.
    She is the sponsor of the mess in the middle east which has extended itself into Europe. She and Obama are pushing to war with Russia. There are NATO troops lined up on the western border of Russia just waiting for the go ahead. They are using the Syrian conflict to create the war excuse with Russia. We didn’t mistakenly bomb the wrong troops the other day.
    There is so much more to discuss on this subject. My advice is for everyone to get off of the main media. There are 6 companies that control everything you see. Go online to get caught up on what is really taking place. You need to do this quickly because the censorship steps which began with Google will expand dramatically with the UN now in control of our internet.
    Soooo much more to discuss.

    Good luck to you all and may the good LORD bless you and keep you.

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    • AmericanPatriotIII% October 3, 19:21

      I am in complete agreement with you. This article only scratches the surface of the scenarios that will play out. Heck, the elected person may never even make it to the White House. There are just so many variables in play, all in an effort to support the continuance of obama’s “fundamental change,” that there is no predictable outcome.
      This is a very scary time we are entering and, despite the fact that prepping is more important now than ever, I don’t know if it will be enough for long enough. FEMA camps are there for a reason, as well as the the laws obama enacted about hoarding food, etc.
      So much is at stake here if the dems retain power because for the first time in history, they have a real plan to dominate, both the US population, and the world – very scary indeed…

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  15. SewLorraine October 3, 16:04

    Been voting since I was 18 and have never been more terrified though I think I would rather vote for an idiot than a snake. I leave it to you to decide who is who

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    • Jeannie October 3, 17:41

      True. I, too would rather vote for an idiot than a lying, stealing snake. An idiot can be taught the right things. A snake is cold blooded and uncaring and has been known to bite the hand that feeds it.

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  16. A Arizonian October 3, 16:05

    This election cycle offers us two choices for the Republic;
    A Progressive Socialist Republic and the other, a Progressive Nationalist Republic. The only real difference is one gets us to tyranny faster. ~ A Arizonian

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  17. red October 3, 16:19

    My thoughts is …If the government does not rein in debt it will collapse no matter who is elected..Hillary will be sooner..

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  18. Captain October 3, 16:51

    You have down played the Clinton danger and ignored the one overriding quality Trump Clinton is a globalist bent on following all of Obama’s plans – Trump is not an insider and has a better memory of what made this country great. I don’t think he will be a great president But if he can stop the Globalist agenda, then he is a great President

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  19. DEE October 3, 17:04


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  20. Jim October 3, 17:04

    If hillary is elected you can kiss your freedom good bye. You’ll be playing Cowboys and moslems,higher taxes so I pray to God is that she is not elected

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  21. Nola October 3, 17:15

    Well thought out & well written. Part of the problem with each is that Trump comes off as the caricature that the rest of the world sees as “Americans” and Clinton has demonstrated (excessively) her inabilities.

    We lose no matter who is elected. The only good thing about either is that if Congress and the Supreme Court start doing their real jobs the President goes back to the actual job of supporting the constitution. Something that the Clintons have never done.

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  22. Anzennosensei October 3, 17:34

    Hillary will put the crone in crony capitalism.
    Dems are lousy bridge players. All they ever bid is no Trump.
    Everybody wants “just” government. For Lefties “just” is an adverb. For others “just” is an adjective.:

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  23. Jeannie October 3, 17:37

    You put Trump having civil unrest…we already have this from the Obama era pushing for racial division. And if Hillary gets it we all might be drone attacked if you say anything she doesn’t like. Trump is wrong in things he says, but Hillary has a bad track record of lying and jeopardizing our countrys secrets. Why is she still allowed to run after deleting 33,000 emails but nixon got impeached and kicked out after erasing a tape? And don’t forget the 200,000 worth of furniture and such hillary STOLE from the white house when they left.

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  24. Nimbii October 3, 18:44

    Should make Electoral College proportional instead of winner take all. Diffuses corruption, eliminates big state domination and forces politicians to campaign everywhere instead of a few key districts in a few key states.

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  25. RollTide October 3, 18:46

    That is why my vote will be for Gary Johnson. I feel he combines the pros of both major candidates. I personally feel he would be the safest bet.

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    • Moto8895 October 3, 21:13

      I’m with you RollTide! Gary Johnson gets my vote. He’s not perfect but he’s a true American and they don’t own him!

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      • Rocketman October 14, 08:07

        Moto8895, you and Rolltide are wrong. I could see voting for a third party candidate if they had a chance to win, but Johnson has no chance.
        If you do not vote for Trump, you are in effect voting for Clinton. If she gets in, welcome to the United Socialist States Of America.

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    • Jeff October 7, 04:23

      Gary Johnson is a gun grabber. Why would you even consider that fool?

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  26. Anonomous October 3, 19:30

    You think Donald will start a war?? Hillary has started ISIS and is itching for war with Russia. No more listening to your warped logic. Unsubscribe!

    Reply to this comment
    • AmericanPatriotIII% October 3, 19:45

      Yes, their assumptions are completely out of line about Trump. I’m surprised that these people are getting their information from CNN. I too am upset with the fact that this article makes so many assumptions based on opinion rather than fact. I thought they’d be better than that.

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  27. AmericanPatriotIII% October 3, 19:42

    Despite the general theme of what I’m reading, I, like millions of others that wish to see America as it was designed to be, will be voting for Trump.
    I’m surprised that this article actually mentioned the negative attributes about Trump that it did. But then again, it stirs controversy and makes readers want to respond.
    I am not worried about what’s safe or what’s kind and nice; I am worried about loosing our America to liberal fascists that want to control every aspect of our rights and freedoms.
    We became the United States of America for a reason; to regain our liberties and representation in government that was taken away from us. Government has become such a large controlling factor in our everyday lives, that we can’t escape it anymore. As a tiny example, just try to build a small fire to cook some food within a national forest and you’ll see. You can’t do it without getting a permit – permission from the federal government. Try not paying taxes that you will never see given back to you in the form of a government service and you will see what happens.
    It’s time for our country to end this incessant political correctness and call things what they are if they’re wrong and correct them.
    Trump has the best and most sincere desire and interest to help America out of the problems we face. His no nonsense approach will fix things and benefit Americans like we haven;t seen for decades.
    I see a Trump victory as a revitalization for America and the best way to avoid the need to fear for our future.
    Additionally, if people stop listening to what the media wants you to hear and believe, and listen to the truth about what Trump say, they will learn that he is being fair to everyone. The media lies are responsible for all the the lies because they only report half the truth.

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    • mac October 3, 22:20

      I agree. You can’t even open a lemon aid stand without facing government regulations and law suites.. Liberals want socialism where everyone works for the good of everyone else (government) not realizing that no one will work without incentive. They use the herd principle. We become the sheep and they become the sheep herders. We will become like communist Russia who said “We pretend to work and they pretend to pay us”. Who will work when we get a free handout? Trump will bring tremendous expansion, rebuild our infrastructure, bring back the economy, and respect for religious and constitutional rights, and law and order. Hil will destroy the constitution by making it a living breathing document to encourage every whack-o idea on the planet. They promote racism just to get elected. No one should be identified by their race. There are only Americans. Not white America, Not black America. Just America. Even the mention of race brings division. The Dems accuse the republicans of everything they themselves do in order to cast doubt and now most of the republican politicians are just going along for their own personal interest. We need an outsider to shake things up! Trump doesn’t need money so he must be doing this because he cares.

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  28. Seeking Truth October 3, 19:47

    You forgot also the security breaches Hillary and Obama have done to hurt our country’s security and will continue to do. They have hurt the motivation of workers and creative minds in our nation. They have caused a moral decline in our nation and our children are growing up not knowing truth from wrong. People of faith will have the opportunity to worship freely. That has already been taken away from ministers, chaplains and military personnel. To me this last one is the one that will destroy our country. Our laws were based on the 10 Commandments and they are already changing that and attempting to change the constitution. I think Donald Trump has chosen an excellent VP to help gear things and get great people to lead DOJ, and other agencies in our Federal Government. Do we want to continue a corrupt government that will not admit wrong when it happens and get beyond it by the 5th and become more corrupt?

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  29. WhiteLight October 3, 19:50

    Hillary Clinton will lead the World into WW3. She and her husband stole hundreds of millions from the Haitian Earthquake Appeal and she is a pathological liar who sold State secrets – in fact between her and Bill Clinton they sold a huge amount of US uranium stockpiles to the Russians and ICBM secrets to the Chinese. Anyone not knowledgeable on these true facts needs to view the film on the internet called Cash for Clinton’s. These 2 people are criminals and should be charged with treason. Trump wishes at all costs to avoid WWW3 but whether he is able to stand up to the corrupt Elites is the big question as they will probably assassinate him. He is the best bet. I am truly shocked that the author of the above article has the temerity & naivety to state any good word about Clinton.

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  30. AmericanPatriotIII% October 3, 20:20

    I received an email that said:
    “As you know this website doesn’t get involved in politics but this doesn’t mean the prepper community is not being affected by politics and especially this election. I don’t want to take sides… I’m just curious about your opinion.”

    I’d like to inform the author of this email that you did take sides by listing pros and cons for each candidate.
    Where did those pros and cons come from? Are they something you heard from an unbiased source? Are they your personal opinion? Did you get them from CNN? Where did they come from, because I, for one, don’t believe they’re accurate.
    I wouldn’t expect many answers to your original question, because all you did was fuel the fire with your pros and cons, and that is going to make many people defensive which will turn this into a political discussion.

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    • My02centsworth November 7, 01:01

      Thank you, well said. The article was poorly written, and whoever allowed an OpEd from someone with no credentials, who distorts assumption as fact has no business being allowed a platform here. Very poor form.

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  31. Lois Wenk October 3, 22:35

    Both will grow the federal government. Trump is not out to mess us up. He lacks the understanding of the documents that made us great. Clinton is wanting us part of the new world order. We need less federal Government. To regain the greatness of the USA we need Darrell Castle of the Constitution party as president. He is for just war. Can help us not get into worse situations than we will be in. Trump said he is a negotiator. Darrell Castle has boundries to nor cross and all else is ok. The boundries are in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution of the USA as the founders intended and The Bill of rights.

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    • Ty October 5, 17:12

      Trump understands how important PRIVATE PROPERTY is to our country. Hillary is an old-time communist, just like Obama. Fuck Hillary with Mich-hell Obama’s dick.

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  32. Frosty October 4, 01:16

    she will not be good for anybody else but her and her crooked people. Trump will at least try to help the people of America.

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  33. THE RED FOX October 4, 01:47


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  34. Ted October 4, 18:11

    It is enough that the masses BELIEVE there was an election.
    For an election is NOT decided by those who vote.
    An election is decided by those who COUNT the vote!

    -Joe Stalin-

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  35. Sandy October 5, 05:47

    Y’all nuts fam! The end of the world is been a long time coming, but when it comes none of your prep shit gonn work lol

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    • Ranger Rick October 18, 16:27

      So i guess when the N—a gangs come to kick in your door confiscate your food and water and rape you. You gonna wish you had some of that prep shit to fend them off.

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  36. Beast October 5, 15:03

    The TPP is not talked about enough it will impact every Americans life not to mention future trade deals like TISA. Obama is betraying Americans .this will have an impact on how preppers live their life.

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  37. Wayne Ville October 5, 16:59

    In his entire life Trump has been all about good business ethics and policy. Trump has been a delegator. Hillary has been all about being Queen. Trump would be anything BUT a tyrant. Hillary IS one. And do not forget that it is the Democrats that robbed TARP money for themselves. Anyone NOT voting for Trump is voting for our demise as a nation.

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  38. Ty October 5, 17:07

    If Hillary is elected (steals the election with illegal Mexican voters) there will be a civil war. Americans gave the GOP the House which resulted in no change, the Senate, which resulted in no change, and now this is our last chance to avoid an armed revolt. If Hitlery tries to take our guns, there will be civil war. If Hitlery keeps poking Putin in the eye, there will be WW III. It will be Trump or revolution.

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  39. Stassius October 6, 07:33

    You mentioned Pres. Obama’s affect on the firearms industry. Hasn’t that particular industry continually posted record sales and profits since his inauguration?

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  40. Ray October 10, 22:23

    I see no pros when it comes to clinton winning. she will only finish what obama has started, destroying America.

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  41. Tim October 12, 15:48

    With the federal government performing massive weather modification programs and covertly diverting trillions of dollars into secret programs is there any way to light at the end of the tunnel. The trees are dying in the Pacific Northwest in incredible numbers, so even the food we grow ourselves is going to be tough to maintain. See to further your enlightenment

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  42. Nimbii November 7, 15:20

    Tomorrow, America will vote for who the MSM’s talking heads with corporate scripts want.

    We will wind up getting what they deserve.

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  43. Ted November 7, 22:27

    Sounds like We all should just write in “Armed Revolution” and get it over with!

    I cannot, in good conscience, vote for any of these “alleged” candidates! I would feel like I have to sacrifice my sense of Honor, Integrity, Moral & Ethical Values to vote for any of these people, and that ain’t happening!

    Like the Man said, It’s time for a “Correction”!

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  44. AUSSIE JACK November 8, 00:42

    HILLARY scares me so much I might even vote for good old Ross P. if he was running again. No guys Trumps the man to do the job. He may not be the best but at least we will have a good chance of a future with him!! He’s has a lot to offer. Certainly better than queen hillbilly!

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  45. Honesty November 8, 05:55

    Trump was asked many times when he was younger if he would run for President , He said no but I Love my Country so i can’t rule it out. He didn’t need to run..He belongs to the N.R.A. so do his Children , He believes in Our Constitution and will only Elect those who will Interpret our Constitution and not forge thier own political agenda’s against it. Bear Creek Arkansas gave him a AR 15 with his name Engraved on it. He loves it!. He has gotten a Endorsement from the N.R.A. Our border Patrol, Many High ranking Generals and many Admirals, I truly believe he loves our Nation and this is what is driving him , Look they are running him into a gutter of nonsense and it just floats off his back like water on a Duck. Doesn’t sound like a man who would want to get even or hold grudges. Mike Pence a very good Noble man and Trump listens to him..No he isn’t a career Politician but he will Surround himself with a great Cabinet, Trey Gowdy would make a great Attorney General, 20 trillion in Debt . He may not be able to stop the Crash now but i would rather have him at the Helm when it happens at Least he has a Heart..Hillary is a Luciferian – Satanist..and too many people are dead for any of these to be just a coincidence .. There are no more Ronald Reagan’s out there and Comey is a Coward..Too many of them are Cowards.. They are Afraid of something that is so nefarious No one dares to Mention any of it but a lot of this has come out through Wikileaks. I already voted for Trump. If you like Concentration camps then vote for Hillary she loves to see people suffer u only have to open your eye’s to know this. We have a divided Nation so war could be just around the corner know matter who is Elected. The Good news is Trump has the Police and Military on his side and they have turned to our side. Obama and Hillary didn’t get a endorsement from Police or our Border Patrol Trump did ! How Strange Bill Clinton Federalized many of our Police in many States and Obama and Hillary have stabbed them in the backs..My neighbor is Chief of police here and said to me If Hillary gets in i’m going to bury my guns and i have a lot..I said no u won’t because if it comes to that we will be at war and u will be handing them out to others to fight this war. He agreed..Americans need to help each other, We always have pulled together in a crisis We need to be the America we used to be..We do have Freedom of Religion so God Bless you all and God Bless America i for one will be praying everyday!!! U better hope and Pray Trump does win or it is all over she will Disarm all Americans including the Police and they know it!

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  46. dweiss April 10, 04:07

    Aren’t we all glad that trump prevailed?! and now all the lefty snowflakes know there is someone in office who means what he says and says what he means, and then does it. and now the international world knows it too, after sending bombers to syria this week. no red lines for him. give thanks to God and pray his enemies will not be able to overtake him. God Bless America and make America Great Again! 4/9/2017

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    • Labienus January 11, 17:48

      He hasn’t stopped ISIS.
      He has caused even more tension in the middle East with his view of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, which opens us up to even more attacks as revenge.
      He hasn’t built his wall.
      Healthcare isn’t fixed and he seems intent on ruining it and killing Americans as a result.
      His tax plan only benefits the rich.
      Several of his candidates and picks have either been rejected as unqualified or have resigned.
      At least four of his people have been indicted in the Russia probe for money laundering and crimes against the United States, and at least one has been convicted.

      By defending him you are defending a traitor who will sell us out to the Russians to make some money or to save his skin. You are a disgrace. You are no patriot. A real patriot would want the truth, no matter how bitter, to come out and those involved be punished.

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  47. Donovan January 10, 22:45

    You can’t hire a businessman or a career politician to fix the nation’s worse. You need a compromise. Everyone will lose with this election. We are all going to die.

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