Avoid These 5 Signs On Your Property

James Walton
By James Walton September 28, 2020 06:42

Avoid These 5 Signs On Your Property

We Americans are an expressive lot. We like to tell the world how we feel to the world around us. We have recruited an army from China to assure that we can express our thoughts on signs, bumper stickers, and shirts very cheaply.

The things you wear and the signs you hang can affect your life in more ways than just spreading your personal mantra or message. In fact, what you hang and what you wear can make you both liable in certain situations and even make you a target in others!

The Power Of Deterrents

That said, the most powerful tools you can use when setting up real home security are deterrents. Deterrents are usually affordable, and they can be incredibly effective. They are things like cameras, locks, lights and even signs that can be used to keep criminals moving when they happen upon your home.

If your house is a just a little less appealing than your neighbors or another home, they have been casing, well, your deterrents are working. It only takes a little thought to make criminals rethink breaking into your home.

Many Americans use signs for this, but some signs are actually going to make matters worse in a break in. Do you know the five signs to avoid using on your property?

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Variability In State Laws

Neither this website nor I, are offering up legal advice in this article. We are not qualified to offer this kind of advice! We are simply pointing out some issues and concerns that come about when you begin hanging certain kinds of signage on your home and property.

These are trying times and we are all looking for a little something that we can do to be more prepared for the future. We must be careful and thorough with what we do.

No Trespassing Violators Will Be Shot

Avoid These 5 Signs on Your PropertyThis is a common sign that helps to empower the owner. A sign like this gives you the ability to basically threaten all who might step foot on your property.

Let’s be honest, when we see terrible things happening in the streets of our nation, it is hard not to be scared. Many fill that fear hole with aggression.

What’s important to remember is that you can only shoot in self defense. If you do it for any other reason you are likely going to jail! So, if someone sees your sign and disregards it, they can pretty much take whatever they want off your property and, so long as they are not posing a physical threat to you and yours, you cannot shoot at them.

Where these signs can get you into even more trouble is if you are defending yourself on your property and they can make the legal case that you are a crazy prepper who has been dying to shoot someone with your AR and even hung signs up about it!

Beware Of Dog

Avoid These 5 Signs on Your PropertyOne of the more interesting and dangerous signs that you can put up, is the ‘Beware of Dog’ sign.

While you might be able to understand that a sign that says something like “My Rottweiler is the Security System” or something like that, will not help your case, if your dog bites someone.

However, the ‘Beware of Dog’ sign can do as much damage to your case as not having one! This is dependent on the state laws but just understand it could be an issue.

The Takeaway: If you knew your dog was vicious and the sign can prove it, when it bites you have offered up the first bit of evidence by way of signage.

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Fake Security Signs

Avoid These 5 Signs on Your PropertyWhile it might seem enticing to post some fake security signs as a deterrent, be careful with this.

Seasoned criminals will know the difference between a fake sign and a real one. If a criminal spots a fake sign in your yard they will instantly know that you have no security system.

Don’t think that criminals are not well versed in the technology they might face when breaking into a home.

This could embolden someone to take advantage of breaking into your home. They will assume you are unprotected.

What About Bumper Stickers?

Avoid These 5 Signs on Your PropertyIn this age of hypersensitivity everyone has something to say and something to hide! This can often manifest itself in the form of tee shirts and bumper stickers.

Even if your home is free of any signs, you can tell people a lot by the things you place on your bumper.

What do you think a criminal sees in an anti-gun bumper sticker? They understand that the homeowner is likely not protected by a firearm.

There are all kinds of things that criminals can deduce from the messages you plaster on the back of your parked car.


While you might not look at flags as signs, they certainly convey a message about the people who hang the flags.

Don’t believe me? What would you think if you were driving down your street and you saw an ISIS flag flying on one of your neighbor’s home? What about a swastika?

Much like the signs we mentioned, flags can both build a case against you and deter people from making your home a target. I have to imagine if you fly a flag with an AR15 on it you are not going to see a lot of incidences of looting.

It’s the same old story. There is no flag, sign or bumper sticker that gives you legal immunity. The flag you fly tells people a lot about you and you need to be aware of that.

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Whether it’s a sign, a bumper sticker, or a flag, when you put a message out to the public you must be thoughtful. While your buddies might think it’s cute to be radical and dangerous in your signage just understand that kind of language can be turned against you.

Simple and effective signing with clear language can be very effective for the property owner. These signs can be used as further proof against someone who might be looting, casing or just sneaking onto your property and wrecking.

In most cases, the less you put out there the better your defense. A simple “No Trespassing” sign establishes your domain and can be used against anyone who decides to ignore the sign and be malicious.

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James Walton
By James Walton September 28, 2020 06:42
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  1. Prepper In Training September 28, 13:56

    While I agree that if someone has a vicious dog, a Beware of Dog sign might not protect you with some liberal court systems, but, combined with a No Trespassing sign, your chance of a legal defense may improve. People do not show the greatest respect around dogs anyway. They will poke or tease a family pet to such a degree that the pet may get tire of the “game” and bite the aggressor. I wave my arms in the air to get my dog to play, and he is a gentle giant, but when a stranger to the dog tries to wave him off, they take his actions as being aggressive or threatening.

    Again, people are not the most intelligent when it comes to signs.. they believe those signs do not pertain to them. You hear of thieves getting hurt while robbing someone’s property then successfully suing the home owner. Texas has Beware of Bull signs… trust me when I tell you that not all bulls are friendly. If you choose to ignore some signs thinking you will get some big fat court settlement, think again. It may be your next of kin attempting to justify your stupidity.

    I am not directing my statements at anyone on this board, because most, not all, appear to have good morals and good common sense. Those humorous signs may be used against you in a legal action, but they are also an exercise of your freedom of speech.

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  2. Nolan September 28, 14:22

    Thank God I live in Texas! Locked, Loaded and voting for Trump!

    Reply to this comment
    • Fuzzknuyx September 28, 22:30

      You fail to consider that if you do have to shoot someone on your property robbing or stealing, a hammer, or a mismatched kitchen knife IN THEIR HAND, goes a long way to justify protecting yourself. In Indiana, where we live, we have what some people call the “castle law”. We also have the right to defend ourselves even out of our houses. Living in a Libtard state is the resident’s problem!

      Reply to this comment
      • Oracle October 18, 19:19

        Fuzzknuyx, history has shown that some dead thieves end up with weapons in their hands after being shot. I guess the legalities all come down to how nicely you want to treat a dead man who died in the act of robbing you are threatening harm to your family. These extreme times may well call for extreme actions. I prayerfully hope not.

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  3. lraude September 28, 15:26

    Where dogs are concerned, I find the “Dog(s) On Premises” sign seems to be best. And with one on the Gate, even the LEOs cannot say they were “Surprised” or “Attacked” with out knowing a dog(s) are there. Again something that can be needed if in court. And don’t forget the secondary language that may be needed if a person tresspass’ and claims they do not understand english or whatever language you have used.

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    • Kate September 28, 17:09

      My signs all say, “Do not enter. Dogs present”. All you are admitting is the fact that you have dogs. The trespasser is making his own determination of the dogs’ disposition. If he guesses wrong, he gets bitten. You also are telling unwelcome visitors not to enter your property, so they are obviously doing it without your permission. Another legal defense when you get sued.

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      • City Chick September 28, 20:11

        I’ve got one on the back gate that closes off the separate dog run we created for our golden that looks like a diamond shaped yellow traffic caution sign. It reads “German Sheppard Crossing”.

        Reply to this comment
    • Ken September 29, 13:07

      Trespassers will violated,fed,then violated again.

      Reply to this comment
    • Lonnie G October 8, 14:03

      They should have learned English…

      Reply to this comment
  4. clergylady September 28, 15:31

    In my neighborhood no-one puts out signs, flags, bumper stickers, or anything else. It is assumed that every household has guns. Most hunt. No one advertises their cameras or their dogs. Neighbors have big dogs. Not as aggressive as the pit bull they used to have but big. I have a tiny dog. Id be lucky if she could hurt a fly but she’s a good watch dog. Barks long and loud if dogs come after critters or strangers are too close.

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    • Alabama RN September 30, 22:25

      I can relate to this. We live in rural Alabama where people are out shooting nearly everyday and nobody pays any attention. Occasionally we hear just one shot from across the lake and my husband will say “He must have got him a snake or a duck”. We do have a few No Trespassing signs because we have had a problem with teenagers partying and getting into trouble on our property. We also have a few surveillance camera signs facing the road. But we actually do have several cameras strategically placed throughout our property due to meth head family members with sticky fingers who happen to know where we live. I think the best thing anyone can do is get to know their neighbors and take care of each other. Most of our neighbors are elderly so we are the ones helping them out but that’s cool. We don’t mind. They have eyes and ears and we both still work during the day so they are our back-up security system. They also enjoy feeding our cats and chickens when we are gone!

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  5. lefty September 28, 15:57

    Be damned careful what you wear/postt in these Marxist havens like NY

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    • City Chick September 28, 16:49

      The US Flag flies high every day here in Queens, without fail. Failure isn’t an option!

      Reply to this comment
    • Miss Kitty September 28, 17:29

      Ditto in Assachusettes…a Trump supporter had a KAGA 2020 bumper sticker and someone took a baseball bat to his car. Another had a MAGA hat and got beat up.
      Lefties are straight up psychos, a lot of them.

      Reply to this comment
      • City Chick September 29, 15:28

        MissKitty, You’re taking your life into your hands if you wear a MAGA hat or anything else like that for that matter here in the big city, but out on Long Island and Upstate NY you will be admired. It is there where you will find the floating Trumptillas!

        Reply to this comment
      • Sarge October 2, 16:11

        In the State I currently reside in they have a rather interesting law, it is called: Assault of an at risk Senior; any person over the age of 55 who is handicapped is classified as an at risk Senior. If someone attacks them it is a Class Five Felony and punishable by fro 2 to 10 years in Prison. In that it is a Felony the state allows you to use any means up to and including deadly force to protect yourself from harm. I think more states need laws such as this, you might find a few scum bags who see elderly and disabled people as an easy target finding themselves in a hospital getting a bullet wound taken care of and then going to jail immediately thereafter and on to Prison.

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  6. left coast chuck September 28, 16:22

    Micromanaging No Trespassing signs, like so much else in daily life in the PDRK, the legislature has managed to focus it sights on No Trespassing signs. That’s what happens, folks, when you have a full time legislature. They think they have to make up laws to fill their time.

    In the PDRK, if you want to post your property so that it has a legal effect, you must follow the law regarding such posting to the letter, otherwise your property can be subject to folks crossing it at will.

    There is a whole section in either the Government Code or the Code of Civil Procedure that covers the size of the sign, The size of the lettering, the colors that must be used, how high they must be posted and also how low they must be posted and with what frequency they must appear around your property line in order to be enforceable.

    Take away: If you are unfortunate enough to live in the PDRK and you want to post your property, either look up the laws regarding signage on line, go down to the law library and ask the librarian for help in finding the sections you want or talk to a sign maker who specializes in posting property. It’s not as easy as sticking up a sign on your front gate that you bought from Smart & Final that says, “No Trespassing.”

    Hopefully other states are not as involved in such minute details of daily life. But it wouldn’t hurt to check if you are going to post your property.

    Reply to this comment
    • VrilForce September 29, 15:44

      This is what happens to every country when the government becomes to big and its politicians have nothing better to do but think of more regulations and laws to put in place against its own law abiding citizens. America fell asleep 120 years ago, allowing politicians manipulated and controlled by central bankers and their agentur sell their own countrymen into never ending bondage. It was over Christmas in1913 when the ‘Creature of Jekyll Island’ but the nail on the coffin in this country, enslaving every American citizen through the unconstitutional income tax. It is a tragedy indeed, to have watched this country gradually being stripped of its God given rights, more and more smothered with never ending regulations and laws that are good for big government, and expensive for its citizens. I recommend that every country loving American to read the ‘Communist Manifesto’, ’cause its Marxist principles has been applied in this country since the turn of the 20th Century. What you don’t know will hurt you sooner or later. We already have passed George Orwell’s “1984′ scenario, and the iron fist covered with in a velvet glove is closing in ever more.

      Reply to this comment
      • City Chick September 29, 18:50

        VirlForce – Here the city is taxing folks so much they can’t afford to make much needed repairs on their property. The city knows that this is a problem for many and is offering to help! They will help you make repairs if you intern allow the city to place an under privilege homeless family in your home in return. Once you agree, “it’s like a box of chocolates!” You’ll never know what you will get! If you renege on the deal, they put alien on your house and evict you!

        Reply to this comment
        • VrilForce September 30, 16:17

          Dear City Chick, I don’t know were you reside but your so-called local government has your local community in a choke hold, bowing to their demands. Throughout history the worst enemy of mankind has been the people’s own government. Who voted for these sellouts and therefore allowed such unconstitutional measures in the first place? When you vote candidates into your office who have only their own interest in mind and give a rats arse about their citizens, the time has come to take the necessary steps and start a local ‘citizens committee’ with like minded individuals, vote these socialists out of their cushy seats and replace them with freedom loving fellow Americans with an understanding what steps need to be taken. We can complain all day long, but as long as your local Folks sit around and do nothing, allowing these hood looms to do whatever they want it’ll only get worse. I myself had to take actions against a local political group who used my good standing name in a large newspaper add to get their levies past. Well, they picked the wrong person. I dragged their bums to the commissioners office in the big city and taught them a lesson they won’t forget. Remember what took place during the time of George Washington. W hen King George tried to force his unlawful acts he forced homeowners to house his soldiers so they could be used against the townspeople more readily. That didn’t sit well. In Europe, quartering troops was worse than a plague. Soldiers that took over the homes were notorious for raping the women of the house, destroying the homes, abusing and pillaging the owners.
          “Legal plunder has two roots: One of them is in human greed; the other is in false philanthropy.” ( Frederic Bastiat, Anno 1850).
          This country is at the brink of being swallowed up by socialists/communists/Marxists. We know what they did to Russia, the Ukraine, eastern Europe, China and South Africa.
          Were are the George Washington’s Benjamin Franklins, Thomas Jefferson’s , Andrew Jacksons, Henry Clays, etc. etc.
          What happened to ancient Babylon, Sumerian, Egypt, Greek and Rome already arrived at our own doorsteps 100 years ago. Today we see the result of our carelessness. And yes, we were warned by the founding Fathers.
          Every local library is stocked with great books about the ‘Constitution, the ‘Bill of Rights’, the ‘Amendments’ and Civics.
          Three decades ago I read an interesting article about the Peter Zenger trial in NY in 1735, exposing the truth about corruption in government. The government had arrested Zenger for his exposing their corruption in his newspaper. The jury saw the wickedness of the bureaucrats and cleared Zenger because he was practicing “truth in print.” More importantly this trial established the duty of each juror to judge both law and fact. By doing so they nullified a bad law. They voted “Not Guilty!”
          This is Self-Government preserving FREEDOM in action. Every man’s house is his castle; even though the winds of heaven may blow through it, government officials cannot enter it.”

          Reply to this comment
          • City Chick September 30, 19:47

            Here we are under assault internally by those who cherish the dogma of Sal D. Alinsky. Have you read his books? It would help you understand what is happening in big Democrats run cities with closed ranks. Like you and I, they do not cherish our freedoms nor our liberty! They know nothing of our barters, our values and our history except how to work to undermine it! The a place in which I reside, was at one time proudly referred to as “the seat of the empire” by George Washington. Now it’s just a Rotten Apple!

            Reply to this comment
            • City Chick September 30, 23:10

              Please excuse me as I am once again a victim of IPad auto spell check here! After you send, it changes the words! It should read “Unlike” instead of “like”.and “ charters” instead of barters!

              Reply to this comment
            • VrilForce October 1, 17:14

              During my life time I have devoured 3000 plus books on pretty much every subject under the sun. I do understand was has and is happening in Democrat run states. I lived and experienced socialism and communism first hand. It is a life of control, surveillance, degradation, poverty, no prosperity, etc. Say something and you will experience the brunt. Refuse to be part of one of your government organization and you’re stamped an outcast to be avoided, unless you join the club. I learned to appreciate solitude, ’cause it makes you think, observe, learn, understand, grow stronger but most of all gather knowledge and wisdom because of it.
              The following is one of my most cherished message I like to share:

              “Knowledge is a collection of facts. Wisdom is the use of knowledge. Without facts there is no knowledge. Without knowledge there is no wisdom. Facts prevent what nothing can cure. Facts are Man’s best defense mechanism. Without them men fumble, falter and fail. Without them nations decline and fall. Wisdom wins wars before they start. Knowledge aborts national hostilities. Wisdom obviates racial antipathies. Knowledge effaces religious animosities. Emancipation from bigotry prefaces peace. Intolerance takes all and gives nothing. Peace rewards reciprocal respect and regard. This is To all Men of Good Will, ” Pax et Bonum!”

              Thank you for recommending Sal D. Alinsky’s work. I will add his book to my library.

              Reply to this comment
          • Blessed October 8, 18:45

            You are right on as for as this subject is concern. Just wish more Americans would stand up and fight. The Veterans of America did stand up and fought, to bad the peoples of the United States are not “United”. It is my hope and prayer that God will once again Bless America and our President. Thanking You, I Am for this posting.

            Reply to this comment
  7. edi September 28, 16:24

    It’s ok to put a “dog in yard” sign but not “beware of dog”.
    Presumably you are telling others not to let the dog out but it also lets them know you HAVE a dog. Work just as well without liability.

    Reply to this comment
    • TAL September 28, 19:02

      How about if we just say, “There “might” be a Dog here”, when you really have a couple of Rotts waiting for a little snack?

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  8. WV Deer Mama September 28, 16:28

    In WV “No Tresspassing” signs can also stop fire & police you have called.

    Reply to this comment
  9. StormRaven September 28, 16:32

    Signs promoting your favorite presidential candidate can also make your home a target for vandalism.

    Reply to this comment
  10. TheSouthernNationalist September 28, 16:39

    I’d have to say the “Beware of dog” sign would be a good thing just like at a construction site that is posted “Do Not Enter” because of uncertain dangers, in both instances a person would have to enter in order to be hurt or worse.

    So it wouldn’t matter how vicious the dog is, the person that entered when told not to placed themselves in danger.

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck September 28, 19:58

      Because laws vary from state to state and sometimes even inside municipalities, it would do well to know what the actual laws are with regard to such signage. Go on line and see if you can find such laws for your state. Almost every state has their statutes on line these days. It just takes patience because some search engines are worse than others.

      I always prefer to review the actual wording of the statute myself rather than rely on someone else’s opinion of what it says. Even if I retain a lawyer to tell me what the law says, I insist as part of the retainer agreement that he provide the pertinent statutes that he relied on in rendering his opinion. Sadly, that advice is based on experience once again. Too soon old; too late smart.

      Reply to this comment
      • IvyMike September 29, 00:07

        Texas Law only requires you to mark fenceposts or the trunks of trees on your property line with purple paint: “Vertical lines of not less than eight inches in length and not less than one inch in width, placed so that the bottom of the mark is not less than three feet from the ground or more than five feet from the ground and placed at locations that are readily visible to any person approaching the property. These are required to be no more than 100 feet apart on forest land or 1,000 feet apart on land other than forest land.”
        Relevant section of Texas Castle Doctrine Law:


        Sec. 9.41. PROTECTION OF ONE’S OWN PROPERTY. (a) A person in lawful possession of land or tangible, movable property is justified in using force against another when and to the degree the actor reasonably believes the force is immediately necessary to prevent or terminate the other’s trespass on the land or unlawful interference with the property.

        I’m a Texas Liberal, I believe the Federal Gov should help the people with health care, meals, housing, daycare etc but God help anybody crossing my fence after dark.

        Reply to this comment
        • City Chick September 29, 14:43

          IvyMike, Not for nothing, you need to practice what you preach! A real liberal is now a socialist, so get with the times! As such they do believe as you do to help folks out with all sorts of social services, but to be able to afford to do it on such a wide scale spine the need is so great, they will need to tax you out of your place. So instead of proudly marking fence posts, you will be pitting a mark on the door to your one room efficiency apartment! That’s their plan and that’s where you’ll be in a few short years if the President is not re-elected. Don’t worry about taking a stand and fighting back, they take all of that too! Think about for a spell. We’re living that dream here in NYC. As a liberal in today’s day and age, you can decide to make a choice which will enable you to live that too or stand now to prevent it. By the way, all of NYC is fleeing to Texas and Florida. That should tell you something.

          Reply to this comment
          • left coast chuck September 29, 16:54

            City Chick: Well said.

            Reply to this comment
            • City Chick September 29, 18:13

              Every day there’s a new one! Today our mayor signed into law that the workers of closed hotel and restaurants must be paid a leave of absence because of CoVid 19. To get the money to do this, he fired 9,000 city workers who will now have to collect unemployment. Most hotel and restaurant workers here are illegal aliens. They can’t get that benefit yet as it is paid by the state but comes from the Feds. They get everything else free but why not fill their pockets with cash too? Our real estate and income tax has risen sharply to pay for all of this. Our utility bills are loaded with extras fees and, charges so we can pay for theirs. Our medical bills are pumped up so that they get free healthcare. My neighbor works for a city hospital. She tells me that they arrive at JFK Airport and go directly to the hospital as a walk in for free medical services. I like to help people. No one wants to see anyone suffer, but here the people who work hard everyday are the ones being raked through the coals. This is a scam on the American taxpayer! They call is “redistribution”. Beware!

              Reply to this comment
              • left coast chuck September 30, 00:40

                My water bill for the water I consume last month was $13.00. The other “fees for service” brought the total bill for two months to $108 and change.

                Same thing with the telephone. I cancelled land line service because the bill for basic service was $14 and change. My total bill each month was $29 and change. I was paying more in “fees and governmental services” than I was for the actual phone.

                I would cancel my water service but I can’t. Each occupied dwelling is required to use the city owned water service.

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          • lraude October 4, 23:30

            Not just NYC, but most of the North East is coming to Fl and Tx. I am in N. Fl. and see new license plates all the time. And I know all too well what politics these folks bring with them. S. Fl, Miami Ft Lauderdale and Sarasota are just the N.E. any more, that is unless you talk to the Cuban and Venazuelan immigrants. they know what is coming and tell the rest of us what to expect if we don’t work against it. Enough Said.

            Reply to this comment
            • City Chick October 8, 17:42

              Iraude – You also have the Haitians down there in Florida too! Many of the ones here are the ones who sucked up and pocketed all the donated good doer money and left their home country island in tatters. They are survivalists of the worst kind! They drive around here in Jaguars and Maseratis on UN paychecks.

              Reply to this comment
        • left coast chuck September 29, 16:32

          Exactly what I suggested. Find the applicable law and follow it.

          Even Texas describes the manner in which no trespassing marks have to be done, even down to the dimensions of the stripe.

          California law is similar in describing the size of the sign and the lettering on it and how high it must be posted and how low it can be posted and how far apart on your property.

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        • left coast chuck September 29, 16:53

          Mike: Reasonable minds can differ. I believe none of those areas are the concern of the federal government. They are the province of state governments. I don’t believe the general welfare in the Constitution referred to handouts. Charity should begin at home, not in some distant, remote by mental isolation, capital trying to make a one size fit all rule for 330 million people. The chutzpah of one thinking that such rule is within their cognition is beyond belief.

          As many here have stated, and for the religious among us, even the bible says that those who do not work do not eat. It’s really very basic a simple. Each of us, no matter how limited physically or mentally can perform some task to make the world a better place.

          Every time I feel sorry for myself because of age related disabilities I think of a friend of mine who I believe was a thalidomide baby. He was born with two defective legs and one defective arm. Now there is a handicap. He wore two artificial legs and had a hook for one arm. He completed law school, was hired by the local district attorney’s office and later became a judge. He tended his own yard, flew his own airplane and was cool with his handicap.

          One day coming out of a grocery store one leg became detached. He fell, his leg separating from his body. As related to me by someone with him, folks gasped.

          He just said, “That’s okay folks. I’m all right.”

          Picked up his leg, put it back on. He and his friend picked up the groceries he had dropped and continued on their way.

          That’s the kind of indomitable spirit I would like to emulate. That’s the kind of indomitable spirit I believe we have lost in this country due to government handouts.

          Reply to this comment
          • IvyMike October 1, 00:00

            It would be a miserable existence to spend all of one’s days with like minded people.
            We’re building 10 Ford class super carriers for 12 billion a copy, but the ships can’t be used against countries with modern defenses, only against the various stone age candidates for the New Caliphate.
            The cost of the f35 program is over a trillion, and they’re already obsolete. Obama started, and Trump continued, a 7 trillion dollar program to make a thermonuclear weapon we can use as a 1st strike tactical weapon. There is nothing about that plan that isn’t ignorant, but they went into production a few weeks ago. We’ve wasted 5 trillion destroying Iraq and Afghanistan and are now preparing to turn them over to our enemies. I’m the kind of liberal who thinks the Constitution strongly encourages us to defend the Homeland by keeping our military at home, and don’t understand why it is okay to beggar the population with taxes to pay for our ignorant military interventionism, but it is an outrage for a country founded on Biblical principle to follow Mathew 25:31-40.

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            • City Chick October 2, 22:49

              IvyMike – President Trump just received his 3rd nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. He is the first president in a long time who has not started a war. He is wrapping things up in the Middle East to bring home the troops! He is putting a stop to what has been endless nation rebuilding of foreign countries.

              Reply to this comment
            • City Chick October 9, 20:18

              Absolutely IvyMike – Some how everything that is suppose to be in place gets mis appropriated! Here’s a few that come to mind! 1. Somewhere under the civil defense act, as a citizen, I’m suppose to be able to be issued a firearm by the government for free. That’s never gonna happen! 2. Where is the line of demarcation
              between regular service and national guard these days? If the National Guard is sent over to Afghanistan who’s watching the shop back home here? 3. What ever
              happened to the war to end all wars and the useful purpose of the UN and NATO? 4. If you travel overseas, you see how other countries have invested in themselves while we have also invested heavily in them as well. You see as President Trump did, that our cupboards were
              bare. Thank goodness this is all getting the attention it needs in The Whitehouse!

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        • Lonnie G October 8, 14:16

          I was born and raised here in the Republic of Texas. 5th generation. There is NO SUCH THING as a “Texas Liberal!” All liberals here are “illegal aliens,” no matter WHERE they came from!

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      • City Chick September 29, 19:48

        Need the case law that has been decided and written under those statutes too. That’s where you get to learn how the statutes have been interpreted by the courts. Also, understand that certain key words and phases have specific defined meanings attached to them in a legal sense. That’s what they call speaking in “legalese.” This is where you need the Esq after your name to actually know what the score is and why they say “only a fool is his own lawyer”.

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  11. Dave from San Antonio September 28, 17:01

    I had a ‘Beware of Reptile’ sign on my fence gate at one time. Evidently it ‘bothered’ someone. One day, about a week after I put it up, a police officer came to my door and knocked, wondering about my sign. When I fully turned to face him, he suddenly smiled, told me to have a nice day and went to his car. I could tell he was laughing. The front of my shirt had large letters that spelled out…REPTILE. True story. On a serious note…Do ‘not’ put any type of sign that communicates a threat or perceived threat up on your property. It can come back to bite you.

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  12. Miss Kitty September 28, 17:25

    Ok, I can see not putting up “No Trespassing, Violators Will Be Shot”….
    How about, “No Trespassing, Shooters Will Be Violated”?
    Or does that sound too much like an invitation rather than a warning?

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  13. LC65 September 28, 17:25

    What a Chicken Poop article,.
    Title should have been –
    How to be afraid of your shadow.

    Shakespeare, ” First kill all the lawyers.” All these problems solved. Every dead lawyer should sue his estate.

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    • left coast chuck September 30, 00:47

      65: It’s all well and good to say, “First, kill all the lawyers,” but as soon as you run afoul of some law that was passed in 1792 and hasn’t been enforced since then until now, you will be frantically thumbing through the lawyer listings on your cell phone — if it hasn’t be confiscated, in which case you will be scanning the telephone numbers and business cards surrounding the pay phone for use by the inmates. And it is PAY PHONE. If you don’t have change, you will have to scrounge for it.

      Don’t fear. Most of the lawyers’ numbers around the phone will accept collect calls from that phone.

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    • Alabama RN October 2, 00:18

      I agree with Shakespeare, but until all the Lawyers are dead, we still need to be concerned with lawsuits

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    • City Chick October 8, 19:31

      LC65 – Lawyers learn how to ruffle feathers so as not be liked in Law School. It is part of their code of professionalism and thats not a popularity contest! Those who litigate, use words as scalpels! If you find that you need legal help, that’s exactly what you need. Would you rather hire a social worker to defend you?

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  14. Gomer Pyle September 28, 17:56

    The dog issue is a sign of just how ridiculously lawsuit happy we have gotten.

    It also shows how asinine our court system can be.

    I recall a time when you were pressing your luck if you didn’t have a sign.

    Dogs are loyal and protective. That is why people love them.

    If you are stupid enough to not only break into a house or trespass, but to do it when you know there is a dog, you deserve what you get.

    It’s like a some years back when I read about a guy who was breaking into a home.

    He climbed up on the roof and fell through it.

    He landed on the kitchen counter and cut himself on a knife that was lying on the counter.

    He sued the homeowners and won.

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    • left coast chuck September 28, 23:22

      There is the infamous case arising out of the PDRK, (?(where else?) of burglars trying to access a school gymnasium. They went out on the glass skylight and guess what? If you guessed that they fell through, you win the genius prize. The miscreants did not win the prize. They fell through the skylight. Wow! Whodda guest? (Sp. deliberate.)

      They sued the school district. Lost. Appealed. Lost. Appealed to the CA Supremes. Why should they concern themselves with a couple of mentally challenged individuals? Well, I believe that was Rose Bird’s Supremes who not only reversed the trial judge and the appellate court but found liability on the part of the school district and remanded it back for retrial where it was settled.

      They were there to commit a felony which they admitted to. Did something incredibly stupid by walking on a glass skylight and got injured. Get outta here! You want money for damaging my property and injuring yourself in the process while you were attempting to commit a felony?

      I cannot understand by what stretch of wild, dope induced hallucinatory thought process the court arrived at that decision. However, that is the law as pronounced by nine brain dead political hacks most of whom lost in the next elections, thank you, God. Unfortunately, they had already done their damage.

      Sorry for the political rant, but as property owners, even in more conservative states you can be at risk.

      None of the folks who are posting on this list are lawyers — at least they haven’t identified themselves as such. Please consult the laws in your state regarding property signage before you go posting signs. Even a lawyer, if he has even a smidge of intelligence will advise you that he can only discuss the laws in the state where he is licensed to practice. Even a Philadelphia lawyer can’t tell you what the laws in Montana or Texas are.

      Each poster is guessing what might be legal and what might not. While we can rail against the intrusions by goobermint all we want, the fact is that we are going to be stuck with the law if we fall outside it.

      I have always maintained I don’t care about obeying ridiculous laws, but before I flaunt them, I want to know what I am flaunting and what the downsides are. You owe it to your financial tranquility to know what you are faced with.

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    • City Chick September 29, 22:28

      GP- Only makes sense to sue if you know your gonna get something out of it! For example, whenever there’s a bus accident here in the big city, instead of getting off the bus they get on! That way they can sue, make up a case, settle and get the big bucks! That also raises our taxes.

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  15. RayMan September 28, 18:43

    Just fly an American flag on your property. It says a lot. Who you are voting for and you have legal rights.

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  16. Booboo September 28, 18:48

    And the sign said long haired freaky people need not apply

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    • City Chick September 30, 02:53

      BooBoo – Here in NYC you are not allowed to post such a sign. That is blatant discrimination and in violation of our diversity laws as you are not allowed to not hire someone because of their hairdo!

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  17. edi September 28, 21:18

    The dog sign isn’t just a problem re someone breaking in but if you are out walking your dog and it bites someone, in most states your dog gets a “one free bite” in his life. If it bites someone and you have a sign that warns your dog is/might be vicious you lose that. A person out to sue you can use a picture of your sign showing the dog is dangerous. Yes, we are sue happy in this country. Its ridiculous.

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    • left coast chuck September 29, 16:38

      And you are a lawyer in what state? If you are a lawyer, why is it necessary to remind you that liability laws vary widely from state to state?

      If you are not a lawyer, re-read the second sentence.

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      • Welles September 30, 03:48

        Pit bulls are lousy guard dogs. Their true nature is that they are sweet and loving and friendly and it was people who taught them to be aggressive. I have known two pitbulls and they were very sweet, gentle animals who barely even barked. A big scary dude could come to the door and the second pitbull I’ve known would’ve invited them to come in, no questions asked!

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        • left coast chuck October 2, 04:26

          And knowing two pit bulls makes you an expert on that breed? Wow! Instant expert.

          My apologies for the sarcasm, but I’m sorry, having owned two dogs of any breed hardly qualifies in my opinion as an expert of a whole breed. If you had bred pit bulls as a commercial enterprise for some decades, I would be inclined to accept your opinion. But with your limited experience, I am sorry, not so much.

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          • City Chick October 2, 15:10

            Before we adopted our dear golden, we researched many breeds of dogs to be sure we were making the right choice. We wanted one we could could love forever and who would happily fit into our family lifestyle. One of the big takeaways from that project was a pretty good understanding of the history of the different classes of dog breeds. Even within an individual group, we found that there are wide differences in temperament, ability, and function that are specifically expressed in the line of each breed. That’s in part how they develop the standards. It’s not just looks! We also found that the old saying “There are no bad dogs, just bad owners” isn’t necessarily true. There are certain breeds I would not trust in all circumstances, especially around children. A
            pit bull is one of those breeds.

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  18. Nonyabeeswax September 28, 22:10

    I’m not taking down my American Flag, Gadsen, or Trump flag.

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  19. Marti September 28, 23:58

    Speaking of bumper stickers, even non political ones can set a person up. Years ago I attended a conference where an insurance representative (who worked for one of the big guys) spoke at our church. I am now retired military and this was in a military town. He advised not having stickers such as “Retired —– your branch of service”, USAA, etc. since these make you a target for people who like to sue others. The message you are sending is that you have a job or stable income and become a soft mark for unscrupulous people. Since that time, I have never used anything that would identify me as military related with the exception of a required windshield sticker.

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  20. LarryFrom10EC September 29, 03:35

    I disagree on the effectiveness of a “Beware of Dog” sign. Few thieves are going to climb a fence to see if there is, indeed a dog, especially if you have a sign that says, “Just because you can’t see the dog doesn’t mean he can’t see you”.

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  21. JBW-Missouri September 29, 13:06

    We just have a sign that says…

    Friends are welcome

    Our friends are all aware that we have cameras, dogs and guns. LOL

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  22. Free to be Infinity September 29, 17:52

    Thank God I live in the Caribbean where we always plant food no matter what 24/7, 365, we collect our own rainwater for drinking, bathing and cooking, and we live as One Love, Unity Consciousness and aren’t divided, thus conquered into indoctrinated repubs or democrats, so we don’t have to live by the ignorance in this story about signs, guns, etc.

    Reply to this comment
    • City Chick September 30, 14:50

      Free to be Infinity – No, I’m not jealous about the fact that you live in the Caribbean. It’s a nice place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there. Your paradise going to get a bit crowded when everyone who left and came here starts to return home.

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    • left coast chuck October 2, 04:29

      There are lot of Cubans in Florida who would disagree with your official line description of your “paradise.”

      Are you with the Cuban Ministry of Disinformation and Espionage?

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  23. Omega 13 September 29, 22:25

    Hanging a “Beware of Dog” sign, especially if you don’t have one, helps deter burglars. It is easy enough for a burglar to move on to the next house that doesn’t have that sign.

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  24. Richard October 2, 15:40

    Signs inform the people who read them. Do your friends need the sign? What does a potential enemy learn from the sign? For me, I don’t advertise, I have no signs. The good guys know me. The bad guys may be surprised. I can’t do better than that.

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  25. Susie Harrison October 3, 01:22

    Honestly, if there is a civil war… I’m not worried about legal courts and liability… there will be no real courts in session. While I so appreciate your article, I do have some signs, cameras, and motion lights. If they work off my generator, I want to know what’s coming. I also have some boobie traps I will only enact since no law and order is what they are after.

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  26. Agency Man October 7, 12:30

    In my previous job I was a field contract insurance inspector, adjuster and investigator for about 15 major companies. In about 2-1/2 years I did about 6500 homes and businesses; photographing the exteriors, some interiors and doing layout drawings for about 25% of them. A number had threatening signs and if the owner was there I would suggest they consider removing the sign/s since in a court of law they will lose everytime. A insured by smith & wesson, even a placard with a dwg of a gun will be used against you. ANY dog sign and you will lose. No dog sign, we called that the first bite is free. You may have a junk yard nasty dog but if it bites a perp all we said was that was a friendly dog and would never bite a soul. This perp obviously antagonized or tormented the clients animal and deserved to be bit. CASE DISMISSED, At that point however you better rein in or get rid of the dog since you have used your free bite. Flip the page and you have a sign about a dog, it bites some perp, they sue you. The insurance companies know there is no court going to side with them and they negotiate a payment to the perp who sued you. YOU LOSE. In 6500 inspections I saw a trainload of dogs some fenced some loose. A few were pretty aggressive but most were talkers and barked while I walked in. Often I walked past a sleeping dog (missed seeing it) and on my way out ot the yard would see it laying there and say to myself OOPS! and just keep walking. Only got jumped one time by a shepherd but not bit. Dog was well trained and owner commanded the dog to release my arm which it did. So dump the signs, all of them, Can the motion lights and Ring cameras. Lights that come on at dark and go off in the morning are the best deterrents you can buy. No dog will resist a hamburger ball tossed to them and a little Poison in the hamburger just gives you a dead dog to cry over in the morning.

    Reply to this comment
    • Alabama RN October 7, 14:12

      Thank you for this detailed clarification. Personally, I don’t have a dog, but that makes perfect sense. I think neighbors are the best deterrent. We look out for each other here. I do have surveillance cameras strategically placed throughout my property because we like to check on it when we are away. We have animals that need to be fed and like to check on them as well. We also have a few motion lights that were installed by the previous owner. I think they are good to have just to see who is lurking around. Cat and spider videos are a plus!

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    • City Chick October 8, 21:35

      Dogs can be trained not to eat anything unless you say the “magic word” like “OK”. This exercise should be included in basic obedience training. It can save their life. A dog can resist that laced raw burger ball, but they have to be trained.

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      • Agency Man October 19, 14:17

        Good Morning Alabama, Neighbors are always good to stay in touch with. We only have 2. Sat nite we had a cougar in the yard about 930. Both grand daughters and wife were in the hot tub. Semi outside cat came up on deck and wanted inside real bad and was howling. Wife got both kids, herself and cat inside in a flash. Closest neighbor was not home, The other one we barely talk to but tolerate. They have one little boy so in the morning I went over and told the dad. They are kind of clueless and have three dogs which after years of being on steel cables barking all nite they now put into garage. So he says he wondered why sometimes they go nuts at nite even in the garage.
        So while a neighbor can be helpful don’t count on all of them being bright or on board, let alone observant. If you have brush or shrubs around the house cut them back or prune them so you can see what’s going on if you should look or walk outside. Someone steps out from behind a pretty bush with a club and your day will end badly. So open up the area around your home. If you have a privacy fence, lock it from the inside withy a real lock that is positioned low on the fence not up high where someone can reach over with a 12″ bolt cutter and take it off in 30 seconds. Can those motion lights which are junk anyway. Install AC powered lights with on/off daylight sensors not timers. Make sure they have overlapping light areas so if one goes down or is disabled by a perp, the other light on each side of it will give some light to the area. Two on each side of the house would be the minimum for fair coverage.

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  27. Possum October 8, 19:03

    Someone sent me Saul Alinsky’s ‘strategy’ for taking over a democracy. Recall that Hillary Clinton did her college thesis on his writings and Obama writes about him in his books.
    How To Create A Socialist State

    1.HEALTHCARE–Control healthcare and you control the people. This is the most important one to achieve Communism.
    2. POVERTY Increase the poverty level as high as possible. Poor people are easier to control and will not fight back if you are providing them everything to live.
    3. DEBT Increase the debt to an unsustainable level. That way you are able to increase taxes and thus, create more poverty.
    4. GUN CONTROL Remove the ability for them to defend themselves from the government. That way you are able to create a police state.
    5. WELFARE Take control of every aspect of their lives.(Food, housing, income)
    6. EDUCATION Take control of what people read and listen to. Take control of what children learn in school.
    7. RELIGION Remove the believe of GOD from their government and schools.
    8. CLASS WARFARE Divide the people into the wealthy and the poor. This will cause more discontent and it will be easier to take (TAX) the wealthy with the support of the poor.

    Now, doesn’t this sound like what’s going on right now? Off the topic of signs, I know, but someone mentioned Saul Alinsky, and seeing as I had that ready, just thought I’d share.

    God Bless Us All. May We Soon See The Light.

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  28. City Chick October 8, 21:09

    Possum – You are on target!! Send this message out everywhere like an electronic Paul Revere! God Speed!

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  29. Kev October 17, 11:08

    It is amazing what other states are doing… The state I live in. says if your dog bites and you do not have a sign you are liable, if you have a sign then the dog attacks a trespasser then it is justifiable and no liability on the landowner. The trespasser was warned and chose to not heed the warning signs.

    As well in the state in which I live you CANNOT cross fences, property lines, or open a closed gate or use of deadly force is authorized in which to protect your property as a trespasser is believed to be there to cause harm or damage your property.
    This is whether it be posted “no trespassing” or not.
    You are hunting shoot a deer it jumps a fence, you cannot go after your deer or retrieve it without written permission of the landowner or only if the landowner is present.
    First responders, LEO’s, and authorized utility workers in very visible vehicles and badging can enter for work on lines, if called etc… I can tell you an electric worker always makes a beeline to the front door to give notice they are on your property…

    I know this all sounds strange to liberal states, but I played deputy sheriff off and on since 1994…. Where i live we have constitutional carry, you can go grocery shopping with your AR strapped to your back… I don’t know why anyone would but it is legal.. We assume everyone is armed here… and treat everyone with as much respect as they will allow…

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    • Miss Kitty October 19, 11:54

      Hi, Kev! What state are you from? I recently read an article that stated that if you paint your fencing purple, it acts as notification that trespassers will be met with force. I had never heard of this before up north, but apparently it’s done in the south.
      What’s your take?

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