Best States for Homesteading

By Diane February 12, 2019 08:11

Best States for Homesteading

The best state for homesteading depends on many things and may not be the same for everyone. Every state has pros and cons, so which is best for you will depend on how you rank the individual pros and cons. For example, I would never consider homesteading in Alaska; it is far too cold for me. My son, however, loves it there and many people successfully homestead in the state.

So to determine the best states for homesteading, I decided to look first at the factors I am looking for in a homesteading location. You may not agree with my ranking; that is fine. We don’t want to be bidding against each other for the one ideal piece of property. Here are some of the factors that I consider to be most important in choosing your homestead location.

Good Soil and Easy Access to Water

This seems obvious, but I once tried to build a homestead on hard Texas clay. I had chosen a house with land, without considering the quality of the land. It was hard digging for that garden and my vegetables were small and sometimes misshapen. Check the soil in many different places around the property and consider whether water is available near the garden spot and where you might want animals. Also check the quality of the water and consider having it tested.

Another thing to check is the history of the land. An environmental assessment will tell you whether it has any environmental risks associated with former use. You don’t want to be gardening on a former hazardous waste site. This may seem rare to you, but it happens more often than you might think.

Moderate Temperatures

If you want to grow all your food, you need moderate weather and a long growing season. I consider USDA Hardiness Zone 7 to be a good cutoff for me. Lower zones can still be farmed, but you will need more land because of the shorter growing season.

I live in zone 9b where I have a long growing season. We grow two crops a year, planting in the early spring and in the late summer. Most plants die back at mid-summer because of the heat, but even then many plants thrive. While the garden produces well, people and animals may find the heat unbearable.

Southern states get more sun and are warmer, while coastal land benefits from the moderating effects of ocean breezes, but have higher humidity in general.

Remote Location or a Low Population Density

It is possible to homestead in the suburbs of a big city; however, most prepping homesteaders are looking for a more remote location. A remote location insulates you from many societal problems should SHTF, however it also might limit your access to emergency care or help when you need it. If you choose a remote location, take care to develop a good relationship with your neighbors, you will be relying on their skills as well as your own.

Instead of a remote location, you might choose a location in a state with low population density. Living near a small town has many of the advantages of the city, while still offering you insulation from the desperate masses.

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Find a Community of Like-Minded People

Probably most important is choosing a place where you feel you belong. You belong because you love the area, but also because you have much in common with the community. If you don’t share similar values and ideologies with your neighbors, you may end up being the odd-man out.

To survive in a SHTF situation, you will need to band together with your neighbors. If they don’t trust you or feel that you aren’t their “type,” you may never be able to establish that connection. You could be shunned because of your politics or your beliefs on any particular issue. Get to know the neighbors before you buy.

My Thoughts on The Best States for Homesteading

The best state for homesteading is fairly personal and depends on our personal likes and dislikes. However, I am going to discuss the pros and cons of several states from my point of view. Perhaps you will have other areas of concern or reasons to choose a particular state. If so, leave me a comment below telling me why you like your state or don’t like mine.

States with Fertile Land, Easy Access to Water, and Moderate Temperatures

Oregon and Washington have fertile land, plenty of rain and moderate temperatures, putting them high on the list for farmers and some homesteaders. However, I would think carefully before locating in these states due to their high concentration of liberal voters. It is probably only a matter of time before these states pass laws against rainwater collection or other laws that may not be friendly to homesteaders. Unless you are like-minded, this may not be your community.

Virginia, Iowa, and Tennessee also have moderate temperatures, fertile land, and plenty of rain. Most homesteaders are able to grow good crops and raise animals. Land is moderately priced and the population density is favorable to homesteaders. You’ll find other homesteaders as well as experienced farmers here.

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States with Warm Winters and Long Growing Seasons

The southern states of Alabama, Arkansas, Louisiana, and eastern parts of Oklahoma enjoy mild winters, fertile land and generous rain fall. However, The summers can be hot, hot, hot. You’ll enjoy a long growing season, if you can work in the heat and humidity.

Choose your land carefully because some areas are prone to flooding and others are swampy during some months of the year.

Moderate Temperatures, Good Soil and Rainfall

The summers are a little more comfortable in South Carolina and Georgia than in the steamier states of the south. It is still hot in the summer, however, the moderate humidity (inland) makes a world of difference. First frost is usually around October or November, so you’ll enjoy a long growing season with a mild winter. Some areas have rich black soil, while others have rocky clay, and still others are sandy, so check your soil before buying. South Carolina and Georgia land prices and taxes are very reasonable in most areas.

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Make Sure You Have the Basics

New Mexico and Arizona show up on many homestead lists, however, I do not agree. For me, the lack of easily available water is a deal breaker.

They enjoy cheap land and warm weather, but it is tough to grow your own food without water. Many people truck in their water, but in a SHTF situation, it may not be as easy.

Which State is On Your List?

If your favorite state is not on the list, don’t worry. This list is colored by my own preferences for warm weather and inexpensive land, however there is no reason you can’t homestead anywhere.

Every state has its own challenges and advantages, so a lot depends on your skill level and how much land you can afford. Let me know your preferences below.

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By Diane February 12, 2019 08:11
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  1. Hoosier Homesteader February 12, 12:36

    Indiana is a good place to consider. Especially, in my opinion, the south half of the state; it’s less populated than the north half. A good growing season; I still have Chard and Turnip greens growing under plastic drop cloth hoop houses. I ate all the radishes and lettuce that were planted in the fall. The lettuce is still alive, but the growth from the base left in the ground comes back slow.
    Gun laws are good here too. I open carry ALL the time. …For snakes, and such 🙂
    Regardless of what state you live in though, if you have an opportunity to homestead, do it.
    We looked first for food growing potential: Check. Then we wanted a water source. We have a pond, and a water shed in our woods with a water seep. Check. We wanted woods for fuel: Check.
    We bought it, and named our place Heaven’s Meadow because the night sky here is SO beautiful!
    “Silently, one by one, in the infinite meadows of heaven, blossomed the lovely stars, the forget-me-nots for the angels.” Longfellow.

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    • Jeckyll February 12, 16:55

      Anything north of the Mason Dixon line is just a bad choice with cold weather being the primary reason.

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      • MICoyote February 12, 19:38

        Anything south of the Mason Dixon line is just a bad choice with massive population being the primary reason

        Reply to this comment
        • Hacksaw February 13, 13:38

          Yeah. Right. Because Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas , etc. are just massive population centers compared to NY, N Jersey, Penn., Ohio, Illinois, etc. do yourself a favor and leave your sheltered little back yard at least once in your life, little girl.

          Reply to this comment
          • Dinie February 13, 22:09

            This is all opinion. There is no need to fight over which area is better. Everyone wants different things. Lets be adults.

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        • Rosary_Trace February 19, 22:16

          Pretty much anywhere east of the Mississippi has a high population density

          Reply to this comment
        • Pooh Bear February 20, 16:38

          Try upper SC. I live so far back in the woods I have to pipe sunshine in. My daughter lives in town. When my husband died she told me I needed to move near her. I told her that I didn’t have to worry about any of these trees or rocks jumping up and shooting me. I have everything need if I have to live off the land. Love my woods.

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    • flyovercindy February 13, 04:36

      Indiana isn’t all that…. try those other states…!

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      • Sprather February 20, 03:45

        Indiana has many of the requirements to homestead. In northeastern Indiana where I live we have farm land, woods, and bodies of water a plenty. Yes there is winter. But I love winter and am willing to compensate. Also Michigan especially the Upper Peninsula is fabulous.

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  2. Gourdhead February 12, 14:02

    Kentucky would be near the top of the list in my mind. As a thirty-five year resident let me warn against living too close to Louisville or Lexington as they are the two main liberal cesspools in the commonwealth. Generally, the rest of the state is awesome.

    Reply to this comment
  3. nick February 12, 14:31

    “However, I would think carefully before locating in these states due to their high concentration of liberal voters.”

    … idiotic!

    Reply to this comment
    • Johnny February 12, 16:38

      I don’t think so. I think that is a very good thing to consider because as he clearly says, those states may pass law that make the collection of rain water illegal. So states actually do have those laws on the books. So, you would have a problem there if that was important to you as it is for me because I collect water. Also, Liberal state tend to have very high property taxes. I know people in liberal states that pay 2 to 4 Thousand a year for a smaller property than I have that I pay only $15.00/year.

      Reply to this comment
      • Elaine February 13, 00:09

        Johnny, what state are you in that you can get $15 per year?

        Reply to this comment
        • Johnny February 13, 12:54

          I have 4 acres in South Louisiana that I pay approximately $12 a year. Louisiana has the cheapest property taxes in the country. We have super long growing seasons and fertile though some areas a bit heavy clay. We also have the about the highest rainfall in the country. I don’t even need a well. I can grow 2 crops of corn and 3 crops of peas in 1 year and make tomatoes for 7 months. The only downside is that it’s oppressively hot and humid but if you’re okay with that then it’s a great place to homestead.

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    • Ponygirl February 12, 16:39

      I wouldn’t say idiotic, necessarily. Harsh, yes, but as a moderate, I appreciate knowing that information, seeking a community more similar to my own beliefs so as not to be butting heads and observing local decisions being passed that are contrary to my beliefs. Besides, isn’t the whole name calling reaction a glaring symptom of our divisiveness problem? Now, the guy asking about the where the state list is….that’s a good question.

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    • flyovercindy February 12, 17:50

      Why idiotic? The author did make the good point that even if you establish a successful homestead, and everything you do is legal this year, the tightening of regulations, taxes, fees and fines by increasingly liberal local governments in future years could shut you down. I don’t believe this point can be left out of homestead consideration.

      Reply to this comment
    • Joe G February 12, 18:05

      Strongly disagree with you sir! As a resident of ultra liberal NJ, I can tell you that if you’re a God fearing, Constitutional loving, red blooded American, all the libs want to do is take away your God given freedom.

      Not only can I not stand there behavior, but I deeply long to be free of them altogether and be surrounded with like minded people.

      BTW your snoty sarcastic remark proves the author justified in his opinions!

      Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck February 12, 19:24

      Why idiotic? Both Oregon and Washington seem to be trying to outdo the PDRK in ill-conceived, oppressive gun legislation. Just like the PDRK, the big urban areas wag the dog of the rest of the state, so what you have is mob rule rather than reasoned legislation.

      Reply to this comment
    • Tom February 12, 21:02

      Leftists tend to be highly indoctrinated college folks, following the Overton Window, that tells them which topics are acceptable to discuss, (critical thinking has been discouraged for decades), and the Dunning Kruger Effect, that teaches them that the class they are taught are stupid stupidly believe they are right. So, leftist communites have a predominance of brainwashed leftists, and a working class that holds their nose over moronic positions, thinking that the left”s positions are the lesser of two evils. Here”s the thing: Democrats are not liberals any more, they are communists, seeking to overthrow our government. A strict interpretation of their ideals and goals would result in their trials for being traitors. I saw a video the other day, no walls, and no America, treason to overthrow our country. Also, lefties are city folks, can’t farm, except a small victory garden, can’t hunt, can’t survive, can’t be self-sufficient, which is why they want the government to be their Mommies, and they, children over the age of majority.

      Reply to this comment
    • Elaine February 13, 00:08

      Which states are you talking about Nick?

      Reply to this comment
    • dp February 13, 00:38

      Hi Nick,

      You’re new around here aren’t you?

      Oh sorry, I didn’t realize that you are just a troll passing through… you hid it so well.

      Reply to this comment
      • Homesteader February 13, 12:03

        Weather in fl good lots of rain that drains, well taxes aren’t bad either this is some good reasons to homestead here. Lots of isolated area if your looking for that

        Reply to this comment
      • Pooh Bear February 20, 17:22

        dp, Do not pick on Nick. Only halfwitted bullies pick on people and call them names. I have seen alot of this and people womder where kids get it. Step back and ask yourself, “Am I A Bully?”

        Reply to this comment
        • dp February 21, 00:10

          Pooh Bear,

          Thank you for the advice, but I will do as I see fit.

          How about you stop telling people what to do and calling them halfwits, just because you don’t seem to have the common sense, or the spine to call out a troll?

          What are you, a bully? Calling people names, and telling them what to do?

          Nick, needs to stop being a troll, and people will treat him just as nicely and respectfully as we treat everyone else who keeps a civil tongue in their head.

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          • Pooh Bear February 21, 16:22

            dp, I know now what a troll is and how to fight them. If you just ignore them they will go where they can get a rise out of somebody. So I am going to fight trolls. So from now own when I see dp I will ignore it

            Reply to this comment
            • dp February 22, 14:11

              Pooh Bear – Well, Thank God for small favors. I’ll thank you to not be a liar, and to ignore my posts… lol

              Your time is better spent prepping, and learning – and less time lecturing, looking for victims to rescue, and ordering people about… lol

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        • Pooh Bear February 21, 21:26

          I have a reply for you already wrote out but before I put it in I want to know and I am sure everyone on this site wants to know. Are you a supporter of President Trump? Hurry, say a simple YES or NO.

          Reply to this comment
          • Hacksaw February 22, 12:03

            The TRump Derangement is strong in you little girl.

            Reply to this comment
            • Pooh Bear February 22, 19:21

              Do you remember writing this on Prepper: Is America Turning Into a Communist Country?
              Hacksaw: Feb. 19 20:49
              44% of todays Republicans think Trump should shred the first ammendment. Your opiion only. You can’t prove it. . And I’m not a Trumper. Your words.
              Now I am a Republican. I voted for Trump. I support building the wall. In 2020 I will vote for him again. Now quit insulting people when you don’t know what you are talking about.. I almost forgot to tell you. I didn’t call Nick a anything. Read it all again.

              Reply to this comment
    • James February 13, 02:20

      I live in a liberal state. You Must consider political leanings!! The worst thing that could happen is a lot of people from Socialist states moving to your state because they are unhappy with the Utopia they’ve created. They relocate to your state in hopes in re-creating the so call utopia they just moved from.

      Reply to this comment
    • Nikki February 13, 05:10

      I dont think it’s idiotic at all. Liberal states seem to have more regulations on homesteading/ farming interests. With some of the bills being introduced by newer liberals in congress, laws are only going to get stricter.

      Reply to this comment
    • Hacksaw February 13, 13:42

      Yes, only an idiot like you would live among a high concentration of gutless cowardly America hating liberal trash. Low lying fruit like you and your fellow sheeple will be the first targets when the SHTF. Thanks for making life easier for those of us who prepare.

      Reply to this comment
    • Johhny Rotten February 13, 13:47

      Nick: obviously you think A.O.C. (Asinine Obnoxious Clown) and her Green New Deal is the savior of our world! If you want Socialism, move to Venezuela! Leave OUR Country alone!

      Reply to this comment
    • Hacksaw February 13, 13:48

      Playing with mommies laptop again little girl? Don’t you have some dolls and crayons to play with? Now run along and stop rudely interrupting the adults when they are discussing topics way above your level of intelligence.

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    • Trixie May 24, 04:07

      No, very TRUTHFUL!!! Oregon has gone downhill fast since all of the Liberal Californians have flooded North. They weren’t happy with all the rules and regulations down there and yet they are bringing all their BS to Oregon and raising our taxes too!!!

      Reply to this comment
  4. Ron February 12, 14:58

    Where is the list for Best States in this article?

    Reply to this comment
    • Matsikay February 12, 16:59

      It’s not a “list” in that they are lined up one under the other – but they are noted within!

      Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck February 12, 19:38

      Ron, you have to read the article. You can’t just skim it for the list and quit there. The states that the author considers best for him are listed in the article.

      Additionally, “best” is a very subjective adjective. What is best for you may not fit what I consider best for me. An intelligent article such as this one describes what factors enter into the selection of that state for inclusion in the list.

      If I do not intend to farm, poor soil and lack of rainfall may not be high on my list of decision-influencing criteria.

      If I suffer from poor health, good, reasonably priced medical care might be a factor that was not in this author’s criteria.

      I rejected a town that was otherwise under serious consideration because the nearest hospital was 60 miles away in another state and the real estate agent couldn’t tell me whether the doctors in the town I was considering generally had licenses to practice in both states and had hospital privileges in the 60 mile away hospital. If I had not been turned off by the 60 mile distance, I might have investigated further to determine the status of the doctors with regard to the distant hospital. I think it is called different strokes for different folks.

      Reply to this comment
    • Hacksaw February 13, 13:52

      Your govt school education is showing in your post Ronnie. Come back after you complete the 6th grade and have rudimentary reading skills. Then actually read the article. Ok?

      Reply to this comment
  5. Liz February 12, 14:59

    When considering a location, also review the taxes and local law structure.

    Reply to this comment
  6. Woodsmoke February 12, 15:29

    Mid to South Central Missouri is pretty darn good country and good people, nuff said

    Reply to this comment
    • Wild Bill February 12, 18:18

      I’ll second that!

      Reply to this comment
    • Mike February 12, 23:11

      Amen to that!

      Reply to this comment
    • CoachJeff February 17, 18:21

      Yes it is! I’m a life long Missouri resident, born and bred. While it is my favorite part of the state, you would want to avoid far southwest Missouri if growing food is important to you – the soil is very rocky unless you find good bottom land. Look anywhere from the Missouri River south to the Arkansas border as long as you’re in an inverted pyramid shaped area using the Missouri River as the top. As noted, SW MO is rocky for growing and SE MO has very little timber for building and fuel.

      Reply to this comment
      • CoachJeff February 17, 18:36

        Let me clarify – there is timber in SE MO but only in part of it. The lowlands closer to the Mississippi River are relatively barren. The St Francois Mtns have timber but also very rocky (igneous) soil.

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  7. Virg February 12, 15:32

    Hello, a while back I ordered your book, and never received it. I wanted a paper copy, and I didn’t receive any copy. I did pay for it, thank you. Now my question is what about Idaho? Is Idaho a good place to Homestead and if so which areas? I currently live in California, can you Homestead in California? And if so which parts?. Thank you for your time I look forward to hearing from you and receiving a copy of your book. Virginia

    Reply to this comment
    • Sharon B February 12, 20:57

      I accidentally ordered “digital download only” (extras with the orders) TWICE before I realized what I did. Chocked it up to a “donation for the cause” instead of requesting a refund. Wish they would have been more obvious in the advertisement, but my fault for not reading the fine print, oh well…

      Reply to this comment
      • Claude Davis February 20, 14:58

        Hi Sharon,

        Thank you for your interest in my books.

        I have checked your order and you have placed it 25 days ago so we can offer you a refund, no questions asked.

        Please check your email. I have sent you a message regarding the refund.

        God bless,

        Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck February 13, 03:02

      Virg: I think it depends upon what you mean by “homestead.” If by that term you mean can you qualify for the free 40 acres that at one time you could obtain on federal lands from the federal government, I think it has been quite a while since that was viable. Here in California, you could homestead but all the land that was available was out in the desert around Apple Valley and the Barstow area. You could only grow cholla cactus on it and not much of that.

      If by “homestead” you mean farm on small acreage and live successfully off the grid, I think that varies more by individual counties in various states as opposed to a blanket statement involving a number off states.

      While I don’t know them personally, I know of a young couple who is living in a yurt, completely off the grid in outside Yreka, CA. They have a small garden and small animals, electric lines to the property, no gas lines to the property, a pit toilet and they go to town with a tank in the back of their pickup to obtain water. But that is because the county building code allows that kind of subsistence living.

      On the other hand, I just caught the sound bite of an ex-GI who was trying to do the same thing in a trailer, not a yurt inside city limits of a small town in a southern state and was having trouble with the building department because his living arrangements did not meet city code.

      So, to shorten the answer, I think it really depends more on the local political entity as to whether you can live off the grid or not. I think you are using the term “homestead” incorrectly. I think you might mean live off the grid and that depends upon local ordinances. If you mean get free land from the federal government, I could be wrong, but I think that program went away a long time ago.

      Reply to this comment
      • Tom February 13, 17:53

        I know the definition of homestead. I know the common use of homestead has morphed since homesteading became unavailable in the ’70s. I get more worked up by talk of hashtags, and people not understanding the sign that indicates ‘number’ or ‘pound,’ but I can accept it. Our language changes. We would find Shakespeare to be unintelligible.

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    • JD February 15, 02:08

      Here is a good article on Idaho as a good place to Homestead:

      Reply to this comment
    • Claude Davis February 20, 14:49

      Hi Virg,

      Thank you so much for your interest in my books.

      Unfortunately you have purchased the book in digital version.

      But I can send you the paperback copy. Please check your email, I have sent you a message with the details.

      God bless,

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    • Elaine May 23, 23:32

      HAH! Not if your name is Randy Weaver!!! I’d stay away from there

      Reply to this comment
  8. Slm February 12, 15:48

    You’re absolutely right, but don’t tell everybody. They will all move here!

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  9. Susan February 12, 15:49

    I am in NC I have a summer and winter garden. As a matter of fact with plastic covering my Arugula and Kale I am still picking it . I do have an indoor garden as well with a grow light.

    Reply to this comment
    • Gunner February 12, 21:25

      Come on Susan ! SSSSSHHHHHHHHH!!!! We don’t want or need, anymore people here. Quite please. , . . . NC sucks! Nothing but trouble here. Progressives have taken over. Crime off the charts. Illegals EVERYWHERE. Drought, famine and disease off the charts. Indiana is where ya wanna go – I’m sure of it ! Gunner ;o)

      Reply to this comment
      • Hoosier Homesteader February 12, 22:57

        Oh geeeeez!!! Indiana?!? Why couldn’t you say somewhere like downtown NY city??? 🙂

        Reply to this comment
      • Homesteader February 12, 23:05

        Gunner, have you ever been to NC and spent some time here? Do you even live in the state? I live in western NC. It’s no where close to what you portray it as. There are two main hotbed for liberals – one is in the Triangle area around Raleigh and the other is the Mecklenburg County-Charlotte area. Watauga County in the mountains is rather blue but that is probably due to the liberal university there. The rest of the state is quite conservative and rather bright RED. We have no famine, no drought. Disease? What do you think we are? Some third world hell-hole? You’re out of your ever loving mind!!! Sure there’s some illegals but they stay mainly around the blue areas mentioned above. There are some scattered throughout the state but you’ll find that in ANY state these days. Before you start tearing apart a state, any state, make sure you know what you’re talking about. If, by some quirk of fate, you live in one of the blue areas, try getting out to see the rest of the state before judging the rest of it by the blue swamps.

        Reply to this comment
      • flyovercindy February 13, 04:34

        lol! 👍

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      • CoachJeff February 17, 18:32

        Wait a minute … I take back what I said about Missouri too… it’s a TERRIBLE place to live. I was drinking bourbon from Kentucky when I wrote that above! Speaking of Kentucky, if you’re headed west to homestead, I’d highly suggest stopping in Kentucky or Tennessee. You don’t want to cross over into Missouri – it’s a barren wasteland here! 👍

        Reply to this comment
        • dp February 18, 02:33

          CoachJeff – LOL Nice try buddy… Missouri is heaven on Earth just don’t step into Arkansas… everyone has seen the movie “Deliverance” It’s even worser than that… lol

          Just Kidding… Patriots and Veterans are always welcome, 🙂

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  10. Naren February 12, 15:50

    My husband and I are considering Idaho in about 4 years when he retired. We are in Arizona now and are so done with the heat. Apparently we are no spring chickens and can’t do a full blown homestead. Just a quarter acre or so for raising vegetables and chickens. Husband wants northern but I want southern with less snow.
    Would like your thoughts. Thanks

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    • Elaine February 13, 00:17

      Has Idaho gotten better since the days of Randy Weaver??? That’s unforgettable to me and totally turns me off from Idaho. Though I guess all 50 states might have similar situations now. My state of Florida just took Roger Stone with a similar form of idiocy; fortunately Roger was able to get out it alive and intact as did his wife. When did we start arresting people with the FBI and AKs???

      Reply to this comment
      • left coast chuck February 13, 03:16

        Elaine: The State of Idaho had nothing to do with Randy Weaver. That whole operation was an invasion by unlawfully assembled federal agents. They had spent years trying to get Mr. Weaver to violate federal firearms law so that they could take him down for being an outspoken opponent of integration. He believed in segregation and had taken steps to segregate himself and his family from other races and the feds couldn’t stand it. They finally got a twist on a supposed friend of Mr. Weaver who connived and talked Weaver into a violation of the short firearms act by importuning Weaver to hold a sawed off shotgun for him. The feds swore out a warrant and instead of asking the local sheriff to take Weaver in they launched an all-out assault on his isolated home with the result of murdering his wife and I believe his son. That could happen anywhere and did in fact happen here in the PDRK. The NPS wanted to buy some land to complete their Santa Monica Mountains mountain lion refuge and the land owner wanted a fair price for it. It was ocean view property in the mountains behind Malibu. You can imagine what the fair market value for that was. Rather than take a chance with a jury coming in with FMV for a large tract of land in SoCal in a condemnation case, the feds went to another county, lied to the judge to get a search warrant and led a ninja helicopter invasion of his property at 0400 in the morning. He though he was being invaded by drug dealers who were growing marijuana up in those mountains on federally owned land and resisted. They murdered him and his heirs, scared to death to resist the feds sold out to them at the price that the Park Service wanted to buy the property for. They didn’t find a scrap of marijuana or any other drugs on the property, although I am surprised because I would have thought they would have salted his property so they could justify their raid.

        Sorry for the diatribe. You touched a couple of really sore spots there. Don’t blame Idaho for what happened to Randy Weaver. It could have happened anywhere.

        Reply to this comment
        • Elaine February 13, 03:58

          You’re right, it wasn’t actually Idaho that did it to Randy Weaver, but since he lived there, he was not able to get away from everybody, when it seems like he should have been able to. That’s a sore spot with me too. I watched as much of the senate panel hearing on him as I could back in the 90s, and was just horrified by the things I heard. I hadn’t imagined that things like that could happen. (At that time I still thought Oswald killed JFK, and that our war in VN was to free the people from the communists! This and Waco were eye openers for me. You know, actually I was quite impressed by the senate panel hearings. The Dems and Reps both were trying hard to get answers. Even Dianne Feinstein was trying to get to the bottom of everything. I just can’t even hear the word Idaho without seeing Vickie Weaver’s face. Remember how the Red Cross went out and fed all the Feds out there doing the standoff? (Red Cross crossed itself off the list of good guys for me with that one!) The other story you told is just sick and evil. I had not heard about that at all. This country is not what we were taught it was back in our school days.

          Reply to this comment
    • JD February 15, 16:58

      Naren, read this article: you will find that Orofino, Idaho is a much better place to move to than southern Idaho.

      Reply to this comment
    • CoachJeff February 17, 18:45

      I researched at the River of No Return Wilderness a few years back as a buyout location but federal land will probably get overrun in a SHTF situation. It was in an article about the most remote place in the lower 48.

      Reply to this comment
    • Tom February 21, 00:41

      Arizona to Idahoe, how do you spell frostbite?

      Reply to this comment
      • Lover of Freedom February 21, 02:06

        Hi Tom,
        Arizona to Idaho, how do you spell frostbite? Well, I spell it: “Toasty, warm, woodstove”.
        How do you spell Arizona? “Unsustainable water supply”
        Arizona is a beautiful state, but it is heading toward a drought state. They just can’t keep depleting the aquifer. No water = death When the SHTF, essential things like water will not be supplied by your county’s water company. And it will become extremely expensive for folks in Arizona.

        Reply to this comment
        • Tom February 21, 13:02

          Hi, I made my comment tongue-in-cheek. I admit to being a bit intimidated by cold. I spent my life working outdoors, and a warm stove in the cold sounds great, but I spent my life working, longest shift was 36 hours, longest days straight was 21, 50, 60, 80 hours a week up a power pole. I am retired now. Plentiful water supply sounds great. Idaho sounds great. I came up in unbearable heat and humidity, acclimated to the coastal cold fog conditions from my late teens. I will have 2 stoves, home, and workshop.

          Reply to this comment
        • Kacy March 1, 20:59

          You All need to LOOK INTO that machine that Pulls Water out of the Air ! Seriously these machines do exist and I want to get one but I’m not ready to Live as a Reclause Off the Grid .. You can build your own ‘WATER Machine for around $120 but to buy them already assembled is around $500 and up to $5000 depending on how much water You want to draw from the Air .. The $120 machine that I spoke of that You have to build yourself (about 1-3hrs) it draws about 3 gallons a day ..

          You people better be thankful for this informnation that I’m about to give to YOU ! I know this will Change whatever your situation you’re experiencing of being without WATER ..

          This resource gives YOU the ability to PULL WATER out of the AIR, Anywhere …

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  11. Tom February 12, 15:51

    Do not over look Idaho, especially central, south, One of the most Constitution friendly states in the in the UNITED STATES REPUBLIC.

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  12. Elaine February 12, 15:56

    Which states ”allow” you to go completely off grid electrically? I recently heard that my state (FL) will not ”allow” that! What is the real point of telling people they MUST pay an electric company? I thought they were supposed to be non-profit?

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  13. Big Jer February 12, 16:01

    Iowa, enough said.

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  14. Prepper In Training February 12, 16:02

    A lot of people discount Texas as a homestead option, but being a Texan, it is definitely high on my list. Depending on which part of the state you choose to live in, Texas can be very friendly.

    We have the valley, which is in the southern portion. Lots of farms and far enough away from the cesspools of Houston and Austin to make life enjoyable.

    West Texas is not an area that I have even considered, so I don’t know a lot about it. Access to water would be my biggest concern there.

    North Texas, above Dallas, has good land, a long growing season, good people, and again, a little off the beaten track for big city folk.

    East Texas has great woodlands, farmlands, close to several big lakes, and some of the nicest people you would ever want to meet (unless you are a big city liberal whose main goal is to force change).

    We have no state income tax, the land tax, if you have ag exemptions, are low, and school taxes depend on the area you live in.

    Our gun laws are friendly, and you have lots of room to practice.

    The biggest problem is that we are a border state. If you choose Texas, I would suggest not living too close to the border.

    We still have a group of people that are pushing for secession, and with the current political climate, that may not be a bad thing.

    Texas has a rainy day fund that will help the state weather some bad times, but another big emergency like Harvey, and that fund may be depleted rather quickly.

    Overall, your state of choice should be determined as much from heart as from necessity. If you think you can move to a place and change it to be like the place you left, STAY THE HELL OUT OF TEXAS!! Adjust to your new environment; don’t make the environment adjust to you.

    Reply to this comment
    • pat February 12, 16:50

      That’s right. Not to get off the prepper stuff, but people should not move into areas and try to change it. People like me that have lived here all our lives and for generations know what’s going on and we know our rules. Different places, different rules. Pat S.C.

      Reply to this comment
    • LouB February 12, 18:41

      LOL I agree. Born and raised in Florida, currently a resident of same. I lived in Bishop TX for several years. My husband was in the military and the people in Bishop took us in and treated us like long lost relatives from day one. Not like some places he was stationed in the 70’s.😢 Greatest people in this great big country live in TEXAS. Please don’t change a thing.

      Reply to this comment
    • Judge Holden February 13, 00:03

      Actually the border is a great place to live in Texas, easy going, low crime, pretty damn hot but you can buy land and build cheap, and the great majority of people living off grid in the state are in the desert areas of far west Texas. Before that idiot GW Bush (not a true Texan!) closed the border it was even better cause you could live in some of the way cool little towns in Mexico and work and shop in Texas. We actually used to wade back and forth across the river and nobody in authority cared, it was a great way to live, a real international community. I’m sorry the politicians have convinced so many of you the border is a bad place.

      Reply to this comment
      • Johhny Rotten February 13, 14:00

        Yeah, Judge, you must be paid by the cartels, like Pelosi and Schumer are…BUILD THE WALL!!!!!

        Reply to this comment
        • Judge Holden February 14, 00:55

          Oh, give me land, lots of land under starry skies above
          Don’t fence me in
          Let me ride through the wide open country that I love
          Don’t fence me in
          Let me be by myself in the evenin’ breeze
          And listen to the murmur of the cottonwood trees
          Send me off forever but I ask you please
          Don’t fence me in

          Quien es mas macho, Bing Crosby or Johhny Rottens?

          Reply to this comment
      • AnneRight February 13, 17:50

        Wow…A freaking paid Libtard among us. Hon, pack and move to Venezuela. All you defend is a reality there! Why socialists want to damage America but refuse to move to a country where it is the system in power? I have never seen anyone trying to enter Cuba. When Venezuela was prosperous and free – before Hugo Chavez, people would rush to move to Venezuela. Nowadays, Venezuelans see the mistake they made and they are going thru extremes to leave your beloved socialism behind. Judge,I am sure you will find space for you there.

        Reply to this comment
        • IvyMike February 14, 03:31

          I am madly in love with Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She is young, smart, and passionate about her beliefs. I can say as an old man that being young, smart, and passionate is great but it doesn’t mean you know anything, most of us look back at our twenties and wonder how we could’ve been so ignorant, but we desperately need young smart and passionate people involved in our national life, so be patient.
          I am, I suppose, a Constitutional Libertarian/Egalatarian. I have far left friends and far right friends and the only people that put me off are the ones shouting Libtard! and Socialist! Look at the big border broughaha, if there was a politician today who wanted to secure the border he or she would stand up and say, Let’s enforce the civil and criminal laws on the books and punish employers for hiring illegals. Conservatives hate Reagan’s amnesty but ignore the fact that he paired it with a commitment to enforce the penalties for hiring illegal labor. Sadly, after R left office GHW Bush, Clinton, GW Bush, Obama, and Trump all refused to enforce the law, and we ended up with 12 million illegals and an artificially created low wage scale we’ll never recover from. People need to realize the country is not run by libs or conservatives but by the wealthy and it is foolish to think any of them is on our side.
          Don’t know I would call Judge Holden a Libtard, either, given his nick and some of his posts I think he might be a real life bomb throwing anarchist…

          Reply to this comment
          • Johhny Rotten February 14, 04:42

            Wow, I’m impressed-NOT!The Bush’s were complicit with Clinton and Obama in abetting the influx of ILLEGALS for the purpose of watering down the United States. It becomes more apparent today when you see how buddy-buddy the Bushes are with the Clintons. Ever hear of the New World Order? The only way it can come about is to destroy the U.S. And, the little twat/twit you are enraptured with(A.O.C.) has all the programs to accomplish that. What she proposes has been tried in many places in the world and have, or are, failing. Socialism has NEVER worked. As for your assertion that the immigration problem is Mr. Trump’s; GET REAL!! We have a Demon-rat party that wants to get their new batch of hands-out voters from the south. They have abandoned the black voters who they kept poor and dependent for 100 years. But also kept them too stupid of facts to realize that it was the Dems who hated them. It was the Dems who started the KKK, being the compassionate people they are. Get real! The Dems are blocking DJT’s efforts to correct immigration.

            Reply to this comment
          • dp February 14, 14:20

            IvyMike – why don’t you save your political soapboxing for an appropriate venue like fakebook, or your love letters to Cortez?

            Very few will buy into your BS around here, and I’m thinking that you haven’t gotten any smarter with age.

            Reply to this comment
          • Hacksaw February 14, 15:41

            Ivey mike. I know a woman named Ivey also but her last name isnt Mike. So you enjoy trash talking those whose world view doesn’t align with your little world of rainbows and unicorns? Well I can dish it out also. Heres a heaping helping for you to choke on:

            Yes, you definitely are mad, as in totally insane. In fact , what you are is a sad, gutless cowardly worthless sack of festering cow dung. The only contribution you will make to society is to fertilize the ground wherever your sorry worthless carcass ends up and hopefully your carcass drops somewhere soon. The expression libtard is way too kind of a description for worthless trash such as you and your ilk. Have a short life loser, the universe will be infinitely better the instant you go off to your dirt nap little girl.

            See, I can spew garbage also garbage girl.

            Reply to this comment
          • Tom February 21, 00:53

            To me, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is the major reason NOT to allow grade school children to vote… or be members of Congress. What a FLOATING idiot. She reminds me of the series of skits I heard about on SNL, a guy would say he nicked himself with a knife, say, and he finished off the cut, and he lopped the whole finger off, then the hand to balance it out, then he began plunging the knife over and over in himself, with the last remark, “I’m not gonna’ do THAT again.” The last thing we need is a female with the mind of a pre-teen experimenting on us.

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        • Tom February 21, 13:31

          Ann, Your comment to an old time Texan, was ill-informed, and to put it succinctly, AnNoying.

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      • dp February 14, 14:32

        Judge Holden – One of the things required in order to be a nation is a border. That is why we want a wall, because we are being invaded. It is an orchestrated invasion, so it is not just local folks coming over to shop, and then go home.

        You can just as easily cross the border legally if all that you want to do is live on one side and shop on the other… 1000’s of people per day do that legally.

        Reply to this comment
        • Tom February 21, 13:41

          It is amazing to me, reading comments from people in all their sincerity. Texas used to be a place. People spoke Texan, lived, acted, breathed Texas. The Judge describes days of old, he no doubt does not think can be gone back to. He could just as well have mentioned that he didn’t need a passport to go to Mexico, and some fool would argue current practices, Real ID, and other such bollocks. Pay attention and learn some Texas history from someone who lived it.

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      • Tom February 21, 13:26

        GW Bush kept a hotel room in Houston. My brother outlaw, (used to be my in-law), went to prep school and Yale with him, a true Texan, Sandy McCormick, McCormick Oil. My Dad was a geologist there for Standard, later a real estate broker and landman.
        Judge, I read some of the responses before posting. Sad. That woman saying all those things, she shames herself, displays her ignorance, but will never have the ability to see it. Your description of Texas in the old days sounds great.
        I had a reminiscent time when I read Cormack McCarthy’s, “All the Pretty Horses,” writing about San Saba where we had an orchard. My Grandmother was in Flatonia, near where Santa Ana had his staging grounds before the Alamo battle.
        I remember Shiner beer, and what made it unique. The owner of Shiner doesn’t even know what it was. It was bought by a company like Pabst in the ’80s, and now probably sold to someone who has this false history of old world craft, no mention of its special ingredient. I didn’t like it then, but I bet I would today with mature taste buds. I love the German, the Polish, the Czech communities throughout central Texas.

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  15. Ben February 12, 16:36

    Myself, I would want to stay away from States that lean Left (Liberal). Their insane ideals aren’t healthy, and trying to homestead in those States could be very difficult. I don’t want somebody telling me that my cow is polluting the air and causing climate change.

    Reply to this comment
    • Hacksaw February 14, 16:07

      Ben. The clowns complaining about cow farts will be the same ones complaining if you don’t “share” the milk with them. They define “share” as it’s mine also, you just think you own it.

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  16. RollTide February 12, 16:59

    All you Texans out there correct me if I ‘m wrong on this statement. Part of the US is on one electrical grid and Texas is on the other all by it’s self. Is that correct?

    Long live Texas!

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  17. ghost February 12, 17:11

    I am in the Texas hill country some distance from Austin, which is super liberal and not recommended, but the area around Marble Falls has a good climate good soil and plenty of water. Finally the people are quite friendly and helpful.

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  18. Lover of Freedom February 12, 17:25

    This article covers some great criteria for chosing a good place to set up a homestead. I’ve been researching this very thing for a long time. An excellent book by Joel Skousen, Strategic Relocation, covers these criteria and so much more. Love this book! For example, how does the state measure in: personal freedoms such as homeschooling your children, support of constitutional rights, political persuation, primary nuclear targets and fallout from states “upwind”, crime, earthquake probabilities, taxes, access to alternative medicine, and so much more. I am not personally known by the author and this post is offered purely because there is so much at stake. I’m still looking for an excellent community since there is no way we will survive alone. The time left is reduced!

    Reply to this comment
    • Elaine February 13, 00:20

      Thanks for the info. Checked the book and it looked really good so ordered it! Appreciate it!

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    • Tom February 21, 13:43

      It is amazing to me, reading comments from people in all their sincerity. Texas used to be a place. People spoke Texan, lived, acted, breathed Texas. The Judge describes days of old, he no doubt does not think can be gone back to. He could just as well have mentioned that he didn’t need a passport to go to Mexico, and some fool would argue current practices, Real ID, and other such bollocks. Pay attention and learn some Texas history from someone who lived it.

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    • Tom February 21, 13:44

      Joel Skousen is a great source.

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  19. XKPin February 12, 17:25

    Have you never considered Liberals prepping? Concealed carry permittees? Serving in our military? Farming? Believing in the SHTF scenario? The liberal voters I know are all about preserving clean water, clean air, environmental health and NOT about eliminating protective regulations that allow large corporations to pollute our environment. My Liberal friends and I would surprise you because we have a lot in common with you. PLEASE don’t make sweeping judgements because of what you watch on your favorite news station. . . .and we won’t do the same.

    Reply to this comment
    • RPNY February 12, 19:54

      That is the problem in this country right now. Too many people look at the leadership in the 2 parties and assume that the populace is just like them. Most people I believe are somewhat moderate in their views, unlike what the democratic leadership would have us believe. It’s time that more moderate democrats stand up and let their voices be heard so their party is not hijacked by extremists. I think we have a lot more in common than not. We need to let go of the hate that is stirred up by some in this country for nefarious reasons. Just my opinion.

      Reply to this comment
      • Johhny Rotten February 13, 14:34

        RPNY: I know MANY Democrats locally here in Indiana. Sullivan County is mainly Democrat(our Mayor stole a police car, drove drunk and gave alcohol to minors-his mother is a precinct captain…) and many think the D.C. AND NY Demon-rats are NUTS!! BUT, they keep voting for them!! What’s the definition of insanity: keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome! Kind of like the dumb ass Socialists: it’s failed everywhere it’s been tried; so let’s try it here…here you’ll get another Civil War(contradiction in terms, huh?). If you’re from NY, you are probably PROUD of the murder embracing Cuomo, right?

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    • AnneRight February 12, 20:29

      If you find no fault with your Liberal Friends, is because you position yourself subservient to Government as they are. They indeed embrace the Leftist-Green Policies that go against Gas drilling ( which is a great source of profit to our country again this year thanks to Trump). They hate manufacturing and being independent. They endorse a hippie-like life, not a prepper. There is a difference. They have no love for America and think illegals belong here raping our kids and killing us.

      Reply to this comment
    • Hacksaw February 13, 14:04

      Come back and post again after your psychotropic drugs take effect. Based on the babbling drivel you deposited here you’re obviously unable to function as a normal human being without a lot of outside help.

      Reply to this comment
    • Tom February 21, 14:11

      Spoken well. What you say was true, but that is the Democrat party of the past. The peace-march cry for freedom of speech has turned, to paraphrase my ultra Liberal Reed College and UW attorney sister, (not everyone deserves a voice). The Democrat party today is on a course navigated by the Clinton-Bush-Soetero Cartel, and older Democrats don’t see the new Democrat communist poison. I WANT Democrats to wake up, to stand elbow to elbow, right and left, all Americans. Democrats need to see through the media propaganda. Once they (in their dreams) conquer the right, those on the left will find themselves in the crosshairs, and no one from the right left to help them. The media spews misinformation. Global warming is proven fiction, now they say climate change, then carbon tax. We are carbon based beings, so a tax on living. How much will following climate change affect world temps?, 1/2 of one percent, nothing. The carbon tax”s purpose is to give the dictators a budget to subjugate us. I urge you, and sensible Democrats, actual Liberals, not the modern communists bent on an American Bolshevic armed revolution… I urge liberals to re-embrace their country, to acknowledge the laws Soetero put in place, (I voted for Obama twice, but found out one of his aliases, Barry Soetoro), laws giving the C.I.A. a legal ability to operate on American soil, and to legalize their indoctrination they have been carrying out since shortly after WWII. I am gladdened to think I am speaking, (through an alias), to an old time patriotic American liberal. They are an endangered species.

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  20. Preppingtime February 12, 18:06

    I live in Missouri but am retiring to northern Idaho. Missouri is very gun friendly and great for long growing seasons. Water is generally easy to get hold of and isn’t deep for much of the state. The only possible downfalls are the possibility that at any time a liberal governor may be elected. If this happens, then gun laws will take a turn for the worst. Not only that but personal property taxes and state income tax is a huge issue. Idaho is more homestead and prepper friendly , especially in northern Idaho. Smaller population and rich in soil and other resources like water and timber. Ideal for retirement. If you can handle snow and cold.also many like minded people there.

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  21. Draco February 12, 18:35

    Homesteading being the primary focus here, I’m surprised you didn’t mention NC. Cooler weather, moderate land prices, and small areas are great for the homesteader. It may be a mute point seeing the Western part of NC is so close to TN and GA and SC that it melds right in, but, I felt it should have made at least a showing in the list.

    Reply to this comment
    • Pooh Bear February 20, 19:03

      Draco, It was mentioned. I noticed the 4 states you mentioned. Have you ever heared of 4 corners. It still exists. That is where I really want to be when the shtf. The cops still won’t go deep in those woods.

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  22. Caroline February 12, 21:32

    I have been to 17 countries, lived in 5, been to 46 of the states….We retired in Alabama and are so glad we did….It is so very much “mind your own business, but if you need help call us” state …We have almost 200 acres…trees and pastures…we raise Irish Dexter Cattle…and Jack Russell Terriers….Have an incredible amount of streams and underground springs…taxes are unbelieveably LOW…and still enjoy all four seasons….we could have picked anywhere…we chose Alabama…there really is something to Southern Hospitality!!! Like the Conserveatism.

    Reply to this comment
    • PrepperDan February 13, 22:04

      Caroline, you sound like my neighbor. They do the same thing. I can walk out on my porch, take a deep breath, and smell the cow shit from the neighbor pasture. Really good folks here in Alabama!

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  23. TheSouthernNationalist February 12, 21:49

    I didn’t see North Carolina in the list, we are in zone 7 and have good soil and no crazy laws that I know of at least out in the country side.

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  24. Rere February 13, 00:12

    We are retired and homestead in middle Tennessee. The climate is wonderful for growing crops and plenty of rainfall. Also plenty of streams and ponds.

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  25. Black Swan February 13, 00:14

    Ohio hasn’t been mentioned, but it is a decent choice if you choose the right spot in it. There is plenty of good, well-watered farmland, and small towns everywhere that you can find if you hit the + enough times on the Google Map to see the little dots. Politically, we are the Purple State (neither red nor blue) though we did just elect a decent moderate Republican governor.

    But the main thing that will keep me and DH here, is that both our children settled in this state. We want to be part of their support system if the SHTF, especially helping with their kids while they do more of the farming, water carrying etc. that we will be slower and less good at (though we will happily take our turns at that kind of work, too).

    That said, if they both packed up their families and moved to NC, Alabama, Idaho…or Australia or Italy or Ecuador, for that matter…they’d soon find us living nearby 🙂

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    • Grammyprepper February 13, 06:32

      Black Swan, I am OH born and bred, and it definitely depends what area of the state you choose. Obviously, the ‘three Cs’ are very blue areas, (we happen to live too close to Columbus for my comfort) The one drawback, at least for beginning homesteaders, could be the heavily clay soil. Since I have been gardening in it my whole life, I know how to deal with it. The shortish growing season, and the freaking cold could also be drawbacks. My parents moved to TX last year, after 70 years of living here. I often say I didn’t move far enough south when I moved to CBUS area from CLE! But, the grandkids are here…SO we stay…at least for another couple of years anyhow…OH is a great state for homesteading, for the time being, as long as one finds the right place…But I still want to get away from the cold…Ideal would be RV living, spend the winters somewhere warmer, and come home to OH for spring/summer/fall

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      • Black Swan February 13, 16:28

        Hi Grammyprepper,

        I feel your pain, about the clay soil! No matter how much sand I mix in it, the heaviness remains. But at least it’s fertile, and I’ve been able to grow amazing amounts of green beans, sand or no sand. I feel green beans are important to grow instead of buy, because they have so much surface area that we eat, which may be contaminated by pesticides and who knows what else.

        I may not be far from you. The nearest city to me is Zanesville, but Columbus is the nearest of the “3 Cs”. But DH and I have recently made the decision that we will soon move nearer to the Four Little Magnets, otherwise known as the grandchildren, and help them prep in place. The problem we have is that three of the Magnets are (too!) near to Cleveland, and the other Magnet is (too!) near to Columbus. Our most likely final destination, the “eating sardine”, will be a place somewhere between the two households. Colder weather, yuck, but we do what we have to for our children and grands. They are the most important people to us to ensure survive if the SHTF, more than our increasingly elderly selves.

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      • Johnny February 13, 18:13

        I live in South Louisiana with very heavy clay soil. I fixed my soil (in areas I need to grow vegetables or flower beds) by using my truck to go get some non clay soil from different location and I also in other areas, I got multiple free truck loads of rough chuck wood chips and rice hulls to mix into my soil. It works great. you have to till it in and takes a couple of years but keep adding and mixing… works great. where I live, I can get all that for free.

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  26. Cliff Edgewood February 13, 05:35

    Southern Missouri. Missouri has the right to farm law. Land is cheap but useable. Rural, lot of woods. Lakes and rivers. Low unemployment.

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  27. GPD February 13, 15:09

    I’m considering moving to Missouri from what I call little Mexico AZ LOL to around the Mountain Grove area. I will be working on being off the grid there. Can anyone tell me if I can be totally of the grid there in Missouri? I am register as an independent.I don’t believe in the party’s.Would that be a problem for me also.

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  28. PrepperDan February 13, 21:53

    Great article. A lot of good points. May not be right for a lot of people but Northwest Alabama is home for me. Conservative, friendly, pro 2nd, long growing season, all the water and wood you would ever need, and so much more. Been living here for 40 years now and haven’t found much to complain about. I do my garden and raise my bees and that all I need. Oh yeah, if you’re liberal and thinking about moving here, that’ll be alright. We’ll just slap you around enough to get you thinking straight or you’ll move back where you came from.

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  29. Dinie February 13, 22:22

    I personally like my state. Sure its cold, but it keeps the riff raf out. Red state(except the twin cities), low population density, everyone plants a garden, people mind their business, but if you need something people will be the first to help. Also, there aren’t posionous snakes in my area. (But everywhere has its own problems.) You have to plan your year to live here but I think its the best place for me! The author mentioned Alaska but MN is better in my opinion. Its opinion so please dont tell me how wrong I am. I would never want to live in NC, for example. The amount of people and vermin alone. Yuck.

    Reply to this comment
    • Johhny Rotten February 14, 01:50

      Dinie: At least Alaska doesn’t have a huge influx of Muslims!! YOU have elected officials who want Sharia Law, which is against the Constitutional Law of the United States. Your state IS beautiful(almost hit a black bear, at night, doing 80) with so many lakes, BUT, it’s going to become another Great Britain if you don’t get a handle on the “muzzies” taking over!!

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    • Pooh Bear February 20, 19:35

      Dinie, I saw on google that there is a petition to sell MN to Canada for $1trillion. They said that it was worth nothing so we might as well sell it. It must be worth $1trillion and that is not chump change. They didn’t say who started the petition but they need to leave our states alone.

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  30. dp February 14, 00:17


    I haven’t had my in box blown up like this in some long time. This is an excellent article, and you certainly hit a nerve with us preppers… that is a good thing.

    Over 40 replies to this article in just 3-4 days so far, and that also is a good thing.

    We need to talk to each other more. We, many of us feel isolated by design of the “powers that be.”

    This animated discussion proves that we have many patriots all across this republic. From North to South, from East to West… real patriots have chimed in from every corner of our Republic.

    No one got butt-hurt for very long, apologies were made, and we all acted like family. (except for the trolls – as usual)

    In the immortal words of “Tiny Tim”…

    “God Bless Us, Every one.”

    My heart has been lifted, and my faith has been restored by your many comments.

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  31. Grammyprepper February 14, 05:20

    Methinks that the political discourse could be taken elsewhere, as it has gone beyond the ACTUAL topic. Topical discussion of a particular states leanings should be acceptable, but discussing and slamming politicians in general (agree or disagree) have no place in this particular discussion. Please and thank you!

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    • Hacksaw February 14, 15:55

      Absolutely agree. Discuss prepping here. Go to Huffington Post, MSNBC or CNN if you want to whine about how unfair your miserable worthless little life is.

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  32. tweell February 14, 18:16

    Currently in AZ, but looking to move – we’re getting invaded by the illegals and Kalifornicators, the water issue is icing on the cake. Current plan is to the Ozarks, climate zone 7, so probably northern Arkansas or southern Missouri. I want 5 usable acres minimum, most will be orchard. A nice hillside would be ideal. In holding pattern until inheritance clears (land sale). Any reason to go Arkansas over Missouri, or vice versa?

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    • Johnny February 15, 10:51

      I currently Live in Louisiana but, I have small plot of land (just under .5 Acre) in the Ozarks in north Arkansas. It’s not far outside of Hot Springs not far from MO border. Beautiful area in the mist of 3 lakes that I will sell for cheap if you are interested. I can send you google map screen shot.

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      • dp February 15, 14:55


        Comment makes no sense since Hot Springs is near the middle of the state, but go ahead and post the Google map link. Thanks.

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        • Johnny February 17, 21:55

          My apologies. When I said near MO, I was thinking about another area that I almost bought property. The property I have is about 20 minutes northeast of hot springs.
          Ciento Way, Hot Springs Village, AR 71909

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      • tweell February 15, 15:56

        I’m looking for ten times that, but it won’t hurt to look. Please send to tweell(at)

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        • Johnny February 17, 21:58

          Okay. I will email you.

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        • dp February 18, 02:42

          Hot Springs Village is A Yuppie Town… Sorry Tweell, but it’s true… not a good place to put down roots.

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          • CoachJeff February 18, 03:50

            I don’t know about that … yuppies are the first to bite it in SHTF. Leaves more shelter and supplies for any survivalist / prepper living there! 🙂

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          • Johnny February 20, 18:57

            I have not personally been to the property. I bought it from an investment group. I have changed plans as I will focus my effort on the 4 acres I have in Louisiana. Regardless if it’s a yuppie area, everyone is spread out. it’s not like a densely packed suburb. It’s also a very beautiful area as I have talked to people that know the area. Aslo, I think if you have wealthy residents, you may find a market for home grown and/made or natural products and services. I lived in a yuppie area of Louisiana before. People with skills and a willingness can make surprisingly good side cash money from yuppies. They pay ridiculous prices for some of that stuff.

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        • Johnny February 20, 19:09

          I sent you a message but I don’t know if you got it.

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    • Hilde February 25, 10:04

      I lived in NW Ark for 25 years and will be going back within the next year. Great state to live in. I hear it has turned a lot more conservative than when I lived there. Some good land and some rocky just like Mo. But soil is good and rainfall is good People there are wonderful and lots of woods and clear land as well. You won’t have much trouble finding a nice hillside.

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  33. Mr Rock February 15, 02:26

    I can probably say I’m from the state of Idaho I grew up in town 75 folks and I would never live anywhere else I was 23 years in the Army and I can’t wait to get home

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  34. dp February 15, 03:37

    Tweell – I am currently in central AR. I have friends in N. central AR near the MO border. I am looking at land up that way myself, but I need to sell property here first, and I have some other obligations.

    Pretty much the same on both sides of the state line. Lot’s of places to cross the river. My friends live on the AR side, and a fairly short trip to Branson if they need something from the big city…

    Most folks are patriotic Christians, self supporting, with a lot of retired military here… not a good move for liberals or progressives in any way, and we like it that way so it is unlikely to change.

    There are not a lot of high paying corporate type jobs here, so it helps if you can provide a needed service, or if you are retired. You might find a decent job, and commute to Branson.

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    • Johnny February 15, 10:53

      I currently Live in Louisiana but, I have small plot of land (just under .5 Acre) in the Ozarks in north Arkansas. It’s not far outside of Hot Springs not far from MO border. Beautiful area in the mist of 3 lakes that I will sell for cheap if you are interested. I can send you google map screen shot.

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    • tweell February 15, 18:02

      Thanks for the information, dp. Christian, check. Retired military, check. Self-supporting, check! Sounds like my kind of place!

      The family property for sale was set up by Grandpa after WWII to be a refuge in times of trouble, a place for family to come to if needed. He was a prepper long before the name was coined. As a child, it was a magical place to visit, and I learned a lot from him. Alas, Grandpa’s hillside is in California, his foresight didn’t extend to seeing what the state would become. Heck, just the property taxes are into 5 figures. So, we must sell.

      My plan is to take that share of inheritance and re-establish the family refuge, somewhat updated. Propane and solar instead of his diesel generator. A CNC and 3d printer instead of his machine shop. The well, cisterns, gravity fed water, greenhouse, fish pond, orchard, garden, blackberry hedge fence, wood lot and more, I’ll do my best to recreate (given location differences).

      Not looking for a job, other than homesteading. That’ll be enough! Currently I make my living in IT, but the most I see there would be helping folks as needed. My pension isn’t much, but I don’t need much and don’t owe anyone anything.

      If trouble stays away, good! I will have made a place for family to explore and enjoy as I did. If trouble comes, family will know where to go.

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      • dp February 15, 21:22

        If you choose the AR side then I can comment on any sites that you might choose… not so much about the MO. side. If you decide on foothills/mountain area, then you need to be aware that the soil is very rocky, and drilling a well is an expensive proposition.

        I would personally go with aquaponics, and raised beds for growing. If you move to the area, then give me a shout, I can come say hello, and it will give me a good excuse to visit friends in the area. 🙂

        The Internet in the area is pretty poor, but if you are doing freelance IT work from home, it might be worth it to go with upgraded service. I have an IT background as well, among other skills, and seriously considered selling off excess bandwidth to the neighbors via wireless to offset the cost. (via wifi/tower/parabolic/cache system)

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  35. Jack, North Country Jack February 15, 21:14

    When I was a young man, about 50 years ago, I homesteaded in northern Minnesota at two locations. Had plenty of trees for a log cabin and plenty of water, too, 15,000 lakes. Difficulty making money then because not too many jobs. Used to pile beats in Crookston, MN in October and do various odd jobs around area. Raised two kids in log cabin, one is now a lawyer and the other became a top-notch salesman. Live in western North Dakota now. Just turned 70 and still not retired. Have a part-time job and am writing my tenth book. The people in western North Dakota are very friendly and generally conservative. Currently, in my part of state, there’s a lot of oil field work for those fit enough and able. My point is this: Don’t say it can’t be done, just do it.

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  36. Joe Neckbone July 13, 19:19

    Right wing racist terrorist piece of shit.

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