America’s Vulnerability When it Comes to Internal Crises: US Now vs. US Then

Claude Davis
By Claude Davis April 10, 2018 06:06

America’s Vulnerability When it Comes to Internal Crises: US Now vs. US Then

As preppers, we assume that in a major crisis most people aren’t going to be able to look after themselves. That’s why we worry about securing our property, our supplies and even our lives against desperate mobs trying to get their hands on what they need to live. This is a reasonable thing to consider; the vast majority of Americans are completely unprepared for any form of major crisis, and if the complex society they depend on break down, they won’t be able to cope.

It hasn’t always been like this, though. For example, only a few generations ago most people were a lot more self-sufficient than the majority are today. The difference is fairly huge; it’s estimated that during the Great Depression, one of the most severe crises in US history, around 55% of Americans were essentially self-sufficient. Today that figure is just 5% – and lack of self-sufficiency is just one of the reasons the USA is less able to survive an internal crisis than ever before.

The fragile nation

The USA’s economic and military power has never been more dominant than it is today. America spends as much on defense as the next seven or eight countries combined; most of the world’s leading corporations are US ones and the dollar is the most influential currency on the planet. American culture spreads worldwide – in every city on the planet, except maybe in North Korea, people drink Coke and listen to US bands. But this global dominance, which is greater than anything even the Roman or British empires could imagine, hides a country that’s very vulnerable to an internal crisis. A hundred and fifty-three years after the end of the Civil War, the USA is a divided nation. Those divisions spell trouble if something goes wrong.

The key to the USA’s economic strength in normal times is also a huge vulnerability if something goes wrong. Over the last few decades the way everything – including essentials like food – is supplied has changed out of recognition. Back then most people outside the big cities bought food from supply chains that were basically local. Grocery stores bought from local farmers, and people bought from the stores. Even cities were mostly fed by farms that surrounded them and sent in fresh produce every day.

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Now it’s totally different. Refrigerated transport has done a lot for food safety and adding variety to our diets, but it’s also destroyed the local supply chains. Food – even fresh produce – probably comes from a different state or even a different country. Cities are often centers for food processing, so the farms that surround them are large, industrialized and geared at supplying the processing plants. In a crisis, it’s going to be very hard for cities to get an adequate diet from the land around them. Delivering food is going to be down to the government, and as we all know, the government isn’t so good at doing things. Eighty years ago, a crisis wouldn’t have stopped the cities being fed. Now it would – and hungry people get desperate fast.

Any society is going to have some kind of conflict between different groups, but there’s a point where this becomes serious enough that it makes that society much more vulnerable to a crisis. That point hadn’t been reached during the Great Depression – but what about now?

Even back in the 1920s and 30s there were divides in America. Some of these were along racial lines, some between labor unions and employers. When the pressure was on, though, everyone tended to come together and put being an American first. People helped each other voluntarily, worked together and got through the crisis.

Now, the lines between groups have become too hostile to be bridged in any emergency. Who really thinks far-left extremists like Antifa or BLM are going to bury their differences with preppers and offer to work together? No chance – they’ll just demand that our supplies are “redistributed” to their followers. The divisions between too many groups are now dipped in hatred – racial, religious, political and social tribes detest each other too much to ever have a common goal.

Law and Order

One of the most dramatic divides in society is between the police and ordinary people. A lot of us grew up with neighborhood beat cops as a familiar sight. We knew them, they knew us, and they were part of the community. Old-style policing helped maintain respect for other people and their property.

Now, there’s a hostile gap between the two sides. The police are increasingly militarized, and many citizens dislike, distrust and fear them. The payoff has been increased rates of crime, with serious crimes turning into a plague and minor ones not even worth reporting anymore. That’s promoted an anything goes culture that will explode during any crisis, as we’ve seen after disasters like Hurricane Katrina.

Links with the land

When the Great Depression began, almost one in two Americans lived in a small town or rural area. Now it’s less than one in five. That makes a huge difference to the country’s ability to survive a SHTF scenario.

Where people have easy access to land they can grow their own food, raise livestock and generally provide most of what they need themselves. Although the dustbowl took that ability away from many people in the 1930s, tens of millions of Americans were still able to feed themselves. That didn’t just help their own situation; it also massively reduced the task of feeding everyone else.

Now, almost 81% of Americans live in large urban areas – in some states it’s over 90%. When the grocery stores close or are looted these people have almost no ability to feed themselves, and the government doesn’t have a hope of doing it for them. That opens the way to starvation on a huge scale, along with violence and looting as desperate, hungry people try to take what they need from the rest of us.

Standing on our own feet

Between the World Wars a large percentage of Americans – even town and city residents – grew at least a few vegetables, even if it was just a small urban garden to supplement what they bought. Most people were used to working with their hands and could fix most things around the home, or even take on large DIY projects with confidence. Most people across the nation cut their own firewood, mended or made their own clothes, and were generally good at taking care of themselves. That gave them valuable skills to fall back on when there was a crisis.

Now, that just isn’t true anymore. Many rural people still cut wood and hunt for meat, but for most Americans those are things their grandparents did. Even in small towns a lot of people aren’t only not self-sufficient; they can’t be self-sufficient, because they just don’t have the skills and tools. As for the cities, forget it. Urban residents depend on the whole complex economic system that will quickly fail in any crisis, and most of them wouldn’t even know how to start looking out for themselves.

The USA is a much richer, more powerful nation than it was during the Great Depression. Despite that, it’s also a less resilient one. If another crisis on that scale hits, will we see people pulling together to get through it? It doesn’t seem likely. Instead the country is more likely to fracture into competing groups out to get what they can. That’s why we need to be prepared to look after ourselves, because there’s nobody else we can rely on.

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Claude Davis
By Claude Davis April 10, 2018 06:06
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  1. Hoosier Homesteader April 10, 13:04

    Self reliance is not high on the priority list of most in todays society. If I lived in a city or urban setting, I’d start stocking as much food and daily needs like toiletries as I could afford. I’d also make sure I had the ability to defend myself and loved ones. Then I’d “prepare for the worst, and hope for the best”.
    I don’t see growing some of your food in a city or urban setting as an option, though I’d try. The big problem of doing this would be that someone else would sneak in and take what you worked so hard to grow. When times are bad, people are going to do things they make not like to do, but are necessary in order to get by for another day. A fact we all need to accept.

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  2. left coast chuck April 10, 15:09

    From what I have read, actual overall crime across the country is down. In there states where concealed carry is actually encouraged or at least not discouraged, crime is down. If the statistics eliminated certain neighborhoods in our largest cities the United States would have a lower crime rate than many of the countries that are held up as examples of “relatively crime free”.

    AS Mark Twain is supposed to have said, “There are lies, damned lies and then there are statistics.”

    With the advent of computers, numbers can be manipulated so deftly that in my view, any statistic that is cited is automatically suspect.

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    • Donovan April 12, 00:14

      Concealed carry is very allowed in my state and my city, but there have been three murders this month.

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    • Enigma April 14, 08:53

      ANY kind of firearms carry reduces violent crime, whether open or CCW. What may continue or increase is property crime, such as theft.

      There are a few US cities (LA, Chicago, NYC, and those of the NE corridor – all those which ban or discourage firearms ownership ), which if their violent crime numbers gets excluded from US statistics, cause US stats to reduce hugely. To a level greatly lesser than most Second and Third World countries, and lesser than southern England.

      Not everyone need go armed to cause that effect. Only 10% or so who are openly armed when going about daily occasions reminds persons with nefarious minds that nefarious deeds may gain a bullet. Or if it’s a female or a cop responder, they may hear an entire cylinder or magazine getting expended in their direction.

      Gun-grabbers aren’t truly interested in public safety; they’ve a vilely nefarious goal of their own in mind.

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    • Claude Davis Author April 18, 20:30

      Reported crime might be down, but personally I think a lot of people don’t bother reporting minor crimes anymore. What’s the point? It’s never going to be solved, most likely. There’s also that distrust between law-abiding citizens and the police. A lot of people don’t want cops in their lives if they can avoid it.

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  3. Rass April 10, 16:25

    As I stated yesterday…. for what are we prepping for ? Start by oweing as little debt as possible..most likely thing to come is inflation..I feel.. extra food water medicine and a self defense tool. Full oil tank or natural gas physical fitness..stay up to date with doctors and dentists..keep car in good condition and gas tank full..this is all alot but makes sense in the long run.. lost your job you can get by for a while pandemic your ok dollar flat lines hey your ok.. major medical don’t have debt your ok.. prepping is a life style not a hobby..I live this way and don’t think there Will be a total break down..but I might be low on cash next fall..but my oil tank was topped off in the spring..I might break my leg but I don’t need to work for 6 months…and have clean credit cards..all this won’t be fun but I will be here..

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    • Enigma April 14, 09:04

      Current debt systems would be among the first to die if a true general disaster occurred. They would crash along with Just In Time Inventory (JITI) distribution systems.

      What is good about being debt-free is that interest payments are essentially waste. Folk should avoid credit-card and like debt; but when a family member (especially a chief wage-earner) gets seriously sick, debt likely gets incurred.

      People who have jobs where they must lay hands upon materials and tools must live relatively close to their workplaces. That increases markedly the costs of housing, transit, and many other things. So they must generally borrow to buy safer abodes and reliable vehicles.

      To be seriously a prepper, you and yours MUST leave urban and suburban areas. There may be spot exceptional situations where living on the edge of a urban zone is feasible, but during any enduring disaster, anyone, any family, and any group thought to have ‘more than they need’ will be in great danger.

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  4. CJ April 10, 16:30

    Claude, you are spot on! Although, I’m not sure that 5% might be a little high. I live near a small rural town, and just thinking about friends and family, most wouldn’t know which end of the carrot to pull. Most think having a garden is too much work! The only thing we have going for us, is a large Amish community here. They are in produce production in a big way. We have people come in from 50 miles away to get produce.

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  5. kdog April 10, 18:41

    In reference to your mention of BLM, when did the desire not being murdered become an extremist view?

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    • Wannabe April 10, 20:52

      Article also mentions Antifa. Let’s all admit that both groups are designed to divide not bring unity. It is all about what they want and if others don’t agree then they go around busting skulls. Man, sounds like hitlers Brown shirts

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    • left coast chuck April 11, 02:33

      As a percentage of total number of crimes committed, blacks are killed far less than any other racial group according to the only statistics maintained on a nation-wide basis. I am speaking of the FBI crime statistics. If any racial group has a complaint about excessive use of deadly force, it is the white criminal element whose deaths at the hands of law enforcement as a percentage of the amount of crime committed exceeds that of any other racial group tracked by the FBI.

      I have never been able to understand why blacks get so upset about a black criminal being killed by law enforcement and just remain totally silent when a promising young black man is killed by a black thug. Where is the marching? Where are the demonstrations when a young college graduate black man is killed by a black gang-banger? If I were to march in protest it would be because the achievers, the young black men who can be an example, who can help lift the black community out of the cesspool it has created have been murdered by a black thug.

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  6. LutherWillis April 10, 19:35

    You either hide out or kill em. Way more them than you, so hide out. A break down will get ugly fast. In big cities, after a few days, people eating people. I’m happy with my solitary life here in rural Arkansas. Used to be, cattle were in several pastures on this road. Now, we the only ones. I do have family but no wife, kids, of my own. We have 20,000 grown chickens, at times has been 50,000. Only ones on this road.

    So, to defend it or leave it. Best idea, be able to defend but also have a place to disappear to. Depends on how many soldiers show up and how big a War Lord I can be.

    I have piles of hand garden tools. Just picked up a drag two bottom flat breaker on wheels. Can pull with anything. Who knows how to harness horsepower? Mulepower? Oxpower? Keep old junky vehicles and tractors running? I have fifty trucks here all same body style, carburetors, points. Half a dozen diesel tractors, lots a extra tires. I’ll bury this stuff if I have to.

    The trucks can convert to tractor. Since are same series, I made it all bolt on changes. That way can swap to another, it fits them all. I need to make one for each of the other two brands of top three USA full size tough trucks.

    So if you forge, make cheese, make soap, distill liquor, make medicine, make gunpowder, I will establish my own kingdom. The older, women and children will farm. Able bodied men will patrol to keep it.

    I know the fuel will run out and machines will break. If I only get a few years, it will be better than every body else’s few years, in the end, I’ll be ahead. Gotta think long term.

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  7. Reticent Rogue April 10, 20:52

    Good points all. As for police/community relations, I see in all the local cop arrests that make national news a trend that makes me think there is an unspoken agenda afoot to federalize the police, forming a national police force. Ever wonder why the press keeps these local cop stories in the national headlines, always emphasizing their lack of training and insensitivity? There is a larger paradigm at work here. Progressive news agencies think the highly trained feds can do a much better job. But there’s a fly in that ointment, too. Read the Supremacy Clause in the US Constitution (Article VI, Clause 2) before you buy into this anti-local cop/pro-federalization of police narrative. Feds cannot be prosecuted under state law and are highly unlikely to be brought to trial under any federal statute–for shooting dogs or humans or putting a disruptive felon in a choke-hold–in any tort case. If this keeps up, we will have federal storm troopers on every block. Who are you going to complain to then? At least local cops can be investigated, charged and convicted and there is rudimentary redress of grievances at the local level. After federalization, there will be no checks and balances.

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    • left coast chuck April 10, 21:44

      Reticent: I certainly agree with you that federalization of police appears on the horizon. I believe it all started with the Lindberg act and it has expanded ever since.

      Can’t convict local law enforcement in local courts? Fine. We will enact federal laws and try them in federal court.

      People are outraged about a black being dragged behind a pickup truck? Well, unless there is some state that I don’t know about, that is a felony in every state that I am aware of. But, hey, let’s make that a federal felony too.

      Torture a homosexual boy to death? Please name a state where that is legal. You can’t? Oh, well, let’s make it a federal felony.

      Local cops can’t seem to get things under control? Call in the feds and have them supervise the local cops. As an aside, I haven’t noticed any decrease in street crime when the feds are supervising the local cops.

      School shooting in Florida? FBI shows up “to assist local law enforcement.” While some of us may question the effectiveness of local law enforcement, did they request assistance from the FBI because they couldn’t identify the defendant or didn’t know who the perpetrator of the crime was? I didn’t read or hear any statements by the local law enforcement that they felt they couldn’t handle the investigation.

      In too many instances federal authorities have shown up in a purely state matter and inserted themselves and then taken over the investigation of the crime. While that may be helpful in the instant case, it starts a chain of action that finally results in a federal police force, enforcing laws enacted thousands of miles away on locals.

      Want to read a scary book about federal authority? Read “Three Felonies a Day.”

      If that isn’t scary enough, read about the Ted Stevens case. Stevens was a senator from Alaska. If a senator can be railroaded by the federal government, where do you think you stand if some wanker with a federal agency decides that the world would be a better place if you were behind bars?

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      • chartreuse April 11, 09:55

        Sounds like New World Order steps taken cryptically to undermine and eventually control Americans. I hate repeating cliches but the price of liberty is eternal vigilance.Look what happened to Russia when communism was forced down their throats. Stalin was responsible for the murder of 60-66 million Russians who did not want to submit to communism. To learn the true history of Russia is to show what could happen to other countries because the behind the scene forces that made that happen are still in operation today. They are called International bankers and they are on a world domination plan.

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        • xj April 11, 12:29

          Iran, North Korea, Syria, are the three countries left that are not with CENTRAL BANK. We want to go in sooooo bad. All three also have nationalist leaders, Putin is also. NWO will do a change out, just watch.

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      • Reticent Rogue April 11, 13:45

        Thanks for your comment, Chuck. In part, my point was that local cops can now be prosecuted under state law but that federal cops cannot because of the supremacy clause. There is no federal murder statute, for example. The best you can hope for under federal statutes is a conviction for civil rights violations. In one case, a local cop in Texas was working for ICE under federal aegis and killed an unarmed man. Federal judge said he could not be prosecuted while working under the Fed. Local cops are trained by the same folks as the Feds. Quality of officer varies in both. Local cops often appear not to get it right because some things they have to do doesn’t look good no matter how you do it. The media take advantage of this to push the federalization meme.
        The ultimate goal is to combine feds, local LE and the military as a go everywhere, do everything force. For more, see

        Also: Rex84, Rand MG819, Operation Jade Helm and FM 3-39.40

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        • left coast chuck April 11, 17:40

          Reticent: Yeah, but shooting a congressman or senator or any other federal official is a federal crime although once again, I don’t know of any state where it is legal to shoot anyone other than in self defense or to preclude the commission of a violent felony against another person which includes shooting congressmen and senators just because you don’t agree with their politics. My point is the federal government is usurping the prerogatives of the states in passing laws that are duplicative of state laws and in my opinion creating double jeopardy even though the Supremes have decreed that it is not.

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    • Enigma April 14, 09:23

      During the Waco Hearings (1990s), a Texas Ranger captain made the point that federal/national ‘police’ are a feature of despotism. As in Gestapo, Stasi, KGB… And of many unpleasant and unsafe Central and South American countries.

      As for federal effectiveness, everyone best consider that Florida school mass shooting. Cruz well-known to local cops, and reported twice to feds. Meanwhile, FBI and Dept. of inJustice rummaging around in Trump’s old sex life… (Amazing hypocrisy in all coastal infestations.)

      ‘Walking back the cat’ on many prior such shootings, as with that Texas church one, likely reveals feds knew aforetime but failed to act. Circumstances around the Las Vegas mass shooting exceedingly suspicious.

      Upshot? Relying on feds for good outcomes bad idea. If local / state ‘authorities’ also fully corrupt, as with Puerto Rico, folk likely without public-sector necessities for months or years.

      If you yet believe in governmental efficacy, only vote for actual conservatives (no RINOs) or libertarians henceforth.

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  8. chartreuse April 11, 09:42

    Something preppers would be interested in is permaculture. Check out Bill Mollison’s books like The Permaculture Designer’s Manual or Introduction to Permaculture. Permaculture is the most sophisticated way of growing your own food and it also includes instructions for raising animals like chickens, fish etc. It is totally about self-sufficiency without spending a lot of money. You guys will love it.

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  9. Ivy Mike April 11, 23:57

    I don’t worry about an internal collapse but about the continuing loss of our freedom eventually giving us a President For Life. We don’t remember it, and Germany would like to forget, but the German people loved Hitler. And I’m not saying Trump is our Hitler ( He’s much more of a 3 Stooges level tyrant like Mussolini), I fear the Clinton/Pelosi wing of the Dems even more…but what the eff is going on? our government is rushing pell mell and helter skelter to a dangerous war in Syria and all the Media can talk about is FBook and Mariah Carey? What a stupid people we are, to be so misled.

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    • Labienus April 12, 00:18

      Internal collapse doesn’t scare me. They won’t take away guns, it’s far too ineffective, costly and dangerous to do so. Even if civil liberties go away, I will survive. My family will survive. What does concern me, however, is this troglodyte of a president we have. Regardless of your ideology, most can admit, he has no impulse control. All it takes is the wrong set of news reaching his ear for a nuclear war to break out. I can shield my daughter from nuke, I can’t shoot away the radiation and I certainly won’t feed her food or water with lethal radiation.

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  10. left coast chuck April 12, 03:31

    True, Trump leaves a lot to be desired in a POTUS but look at the alternative we had. He was the least worst choice of the two choices that were offered to the American people. Yes, of course there were third and fourth party candidates. When was the last time some party other than Tweedle dee dum and Tweedle dee dee was offered to the American people?

    Ross Perot and Adm. James Stockdale were ignored by the press and should have been included in the debates but were frozen out by the two major parties. I don’t know what happened with the threat to Perot’s daughter that made him drop out of the race.

    I thought the press’s treatment of Admiral Stockdale was shameful. He was a true American hero and deserved more respect for his contributions to this country than he got in my opinion.

    Theodore Roosevelt in 1912 running on the Bull Moose Party ticket was the last third party candidate to make a credible showing and he had been president before, so was the most experienced candidate for office running and still didn’t get elected.

    In any event, the other politicians and especially the career bureaucrats in government are the true powers and until we can somehow get a change of government that gets rid of those entrenched in government we are going to continue on in a downward spiral in my opinion.

    We talk about getting rid of departments in government. What most people don’t realize is that every department is overseen by a congressional committee with a committee chairman. That position entails additional perks over and above what joe blow congressman gets. A chairman gets an office in the headquarters of the department he oversees. He has flunkies in the department at his beck and call. There is no way in hell any committee chairman is going to allow his department to be eliminated and lose all the perks that go with that chairmanship. Any thought that some committee chairman will endorse the elimination of his chairmanship is delusional and if you give the slightest credence to that delusion, you should be involuntarily committed. (:>)!!

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    • Enigma April 14, 09:43

      Re H. Ross Perot: Another third-way candidate who got ignored and shut out was Ron Paul.

      Hard to say with total certainty what the central problem for eliminated political choices is. I blame illiterate and innumerate voters, and simple greed for unearned goods and monies..

      Nobody should be able to vote who cannot satisfy a local jury or banc of state judges that they can read national general-circulation publications and do basic business math.

      Too many voters now make ‘choices’ based on mere appearances, not objective facts. There were corrupt elections and crazed voters aforetime (see how Lincoln got office) but the rot really set in with universal suffrage.

      The Constitution will not be any defense; it’s just hallowed parchment, not bullet-resistant armor. It’s getting honored in ever fewer and fewer ways.

      When the Republic first began, each House member ‘represented’ a maximum of circa 30,000 (or far less) persons. Nowadays in populous zones, s/he purportedly ‘represents’ 100s of thousands – which is impossible for any serious person.

      So many other dishonorings too, such as the original BLM. Upon admission to the union, states are supposed to get all public lands within their borders, except for federal forts, ports, roads, and waterways.

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  11. Clergylady April 12, 12:00

    Gov growing larger and more powerful with more immunity, is right down scarry!
    If our nation does fall apart, or is directly attacked I’ll be glad I’m a few miles from a town of under 10,000. I have a garden and plan to enlarge it. I have two wells, and materials for a nice green house. We have a tractor with a front loader, a back drag, and a backhoe attachment. There are now four generators here. 1300w, 1400w, 9k, and my old welder generator. More things planned and a lot of materials gathered. A few more months and a lot of it will be done. Ducks and chickens will be in new quarters. Rabbits I haven’t decided yet if the will also move or stay put. They are in a secure place out of sight unless you hunt for them.
    The doublewide I’ve been repairing a little at a time will become storage/workshop.
    New smaller home will be here as soon as the spot is emptied. Have all the walls down and working on hauling off the trash and disposing of the old frame that mobile home was built on.
    Power is finally restored and we all are enjoying running water again.
    Did ok with no power and hauling water for the last 2 1/2 months.
    Even the teens did ok without power and hauling then heating bathwater. They surprised me.

    Reply to this comment
    • Enigma April 14, 09:50

      Teens did OK: Coping with a situation wherein you can anticipate ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ different from coping during unprepared lifetimes.

      Preppers mostly prepare for recent kinds of disasters. However, during the period 1 CE to circa 1700 CE (1666 CE in England), plague waves killed between 1/3d to 1/2 of everyone in Europe. “The glory which once was Rome” not so glorious when streets and rivers got filled with bodies.

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  12. Clergylady April 19, 02:39

    I have no reason my county sherriffs deputies. Plenty of past reasons not to trust guys that wouldn’t take a report on a break in at my home and didn’t want me to evict my thieving stepson because they liked him. I would deal with my state police long before the county guys.
    I wonder how many other places are as corrupt or incompetant?
    I hope other place are more professional.

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  13. Enigma April 25, 15:54

    Regret to report that most American cops/deputies are reeves for local political barons. Whether or not those cops like it or not, as in Ferguson MO they’re employed to collect revenues from persons too poor to effectively fight back, say via real lawyers and independent courts.

    That sad corruption extends from urban cops thru state ones to the FBI. Anyone wanting to understand the FBI should read the book Killers of the Flower Moon. TV programs of the 1950s and 60s were propaganda, not entertainment or data.

    Law enforcement (such as it was) before circa 1850 was done in the USA via elected constables. Which was nonprofessional, but usually more in tune with ordinary folk and their needs. City cops were too often just tax-funded gangs.

    LEO orgs, like any other orgs, reflect their leadership. With bad-political ones such as Scott Israel (FL), really bad stuff goes on. And then a community may mourn over 17 dead teens.

    If there are any moral personnel in a LEO org, they need to eject the psychopathic back-shooters and arrogantly-corrupt white-shirts. Before such create s crisis. Otherwise personal PTSD and home problems, and even international opprobrium, may result. Ugly thing to hear murderous totalitarian regimes taunting your country in public fori.

    In cases of truly corrupt cretins, such as a James Comey and a Loretta Lynch, a Constitutional crisis may ensue. That effluvia nigh certainly flowed from the Oval Orifice in the White House.

    Such evils have nothing to do with race per se, but with culture – moral culture.

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    • Clergylady April 28, 05:07

      Vent away freely. America has changed immensly in my lifetime. Not for the better on average. Do we still have good folks? Sure do! Some great young people too, but the overal direction doesn’t please me. It is both sad and scarry

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      • Enigma May 1, 06:07

        Even ‘good folks’ occasionally do bad things, when under extreme pressure / in fear.

        To lessen one’s exposure to adverse chance, best to get away from urban zones. North America has collected its largest number of two-legged parasites in such places.

        I’m continually amazed at the perverseness and perfidy of such coastal and urban infestations. They, especially the Academic and Media kinds,also resent greatly any moral or practical remonstrations.

        And wonder how much worse could matters have been just before the Flood? How could Noah have the years of relative safety necessary to build a very flammable Ark? The Genesis account is very concise and sparse, and CGS references don’t add much data.

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  14. Miss Kitty April 28, 03:48

    The big problem with this country is that there has been a total breakdown of morals coupled with an utter lack of responsibility on the part of a majority of the population. Whatever you do is your business and No One is to interfere with you and whatever goes wrong is everyone else’s fault but yours. Also if someone holds different ( conservative) beliefs they’re trying to take away YOUR right to screw up your life and the lives of your cronies so you need to SILENCE them! Because if you listen, you might have to acknowledge the fact that you MIGHT be WRONG! And then you’ll have to go into your crying closet and weep into your $6.00 coffee. And then you might realize that other people have opinions that are just as valid as yours and that you are a stupid, shallow little twerp who deserves to be called out on being a vapid asshat…. Ok I feel better now. Would feel better still if I could feed a flock of pigeons on blueberries for a few days and then release my “doves of peace” over the next pink “pussy” hat pro-Clinton parade, but one can’t have everything. Thanks for letting me vent. Or “venti”.

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  15. Enigma May 1, 06:29

    A consolation, if it may be thus considered, is that Snowflakes and ‘crying closet’ infestations would be among the first to die during any real crisis. That kind of crisis which removed all the centralized services and helps on which the Millennials and post-Millennials depend.

    Yet such crises would also kill nigh all elders and infants too. An infant death is a tragedy, but the death of an educated and skilled elder is a disaster. For an impacted continent, or the entire planet, some crises could be an ELE.

    One Strange Rock (NatGeo TV) program alleges, due paleontologist fragments, that many ELEs have occurred at Terra. I’m beginning to suspect that my label ‘Cosmos of Hate’ is more than just a label.

    Not all opinions are equally valid. Not even supposedly educated and experienced ones, since an immoral ‘expert’ can be easily more dangerous than an arrogantly ignorant one.

    What’s also remarkable about the North American urban infestations is that such aren’t even sufficiently informed to know that they’re ignorant They don;t even kn ow that they don’t know – they think they can ‘just Google it’ etc. when they need a fact or whatever.

    They’ve become so accustomed to getting cossetted and helped by prior inventions and generations (now retiring and dying) that they’re incurious about -even hostile to- important principles and facts.

    Pussy-hat cretins: in their perversity, perhaps good if none reproduce? (Making that cruel abortion on demand a societal boon in their cases…) What mental and moral harms would they wreak on children? Certainly none should be school teachers.

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