10+ Shooting Skills You Need To Practice

Larry Hurth
By Larry Hurth January 5, 2021 08:10

10+ Shooting Skills You Need To Practice

Now that society is breaking down in so many parts of America, the time to truly look into and developing shooting skills to protect ourselves and our families and loved ones is upon us. There is no need to say who, what, when or why at this point, the breakdown is here and may be on our doorsteps sooner than later.

There are so many new gun owners that firearms for self-defense are flying off the shelves and many shops can’t keep ammunition for these guns in stock. But the mindset I’m talking about here is for everyone.

With this knowledge and hearing the lamentation of the victims of violence combined with the reluctance of some government organizations to de-fund their police departments, there is only one alternative; we must learn to defend ourselves.

With the realization that not all city and states have this breakdown, we still have to be aware that these roving bands could very well show up in any part of the nation at any time. Being prepared is the only solution.

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The Most Important Step

Handling and learning your particular firearm is very important. It doesn’t matter what you are carrying or own for self and home protection, but it does matter that you know how to use it.

Shooting RangeYes, going to the shooting range is the first step in learning proper shooting technique.

But, when you need to use it, you won’t be behind a nice shooting stand with calm surroundings and being able to get into a good Weaver stance, or have a range master, nor will you have eye or ear protection.

The emergency will jump on you fast and an immediate response will be required. So, what is your best weapon to survive? Your brain is by far your best weapon. Stay out of troubled areas if you can. Avoid situations that may cause trouble. You don’t go into a biker bar or cowboy bar at 2:00 am and become a nuisance. Don’t ask for trouble and avoid it when possible. Yes, sometimes, it’s not possible.

These emergency situations will have your heart racing, your breath coming in gasps and probably so many things running through your mind that it may take those critical moments when you need to be composed away from you.

There is no video game, no formal range time or other training to prepare you for those few moments that your life or the life of a loved one is in the balance. When bullets are flying by you, or a gang is beating you or your loved one is not the time to learn – it’s a time to act in self-defense.

Another Essential Aspect of Gun Ownership

Cleaning a GunNow is the time to truly learn how to shoot your firearm. Taking an auto loading firearm down for cleaning is an important aspect of gun ownership. Keep your firearm clean.

Know how to use it with your dominant hand and with your non-dominant hand. Learn how to reload it one handed with either hand.

This may involve some strange contortions, but a valuable exercise if you ever need to do that. If wounded or in a fight, this may very well save your life. Of course, learn how to clear a jam, with either a handgun or rifle. (They put a forward assist on AR type rifles for a reason.)

The Right Mind-Set

Put yourself in a hunter’s or soldier’s mind-set. They are continually facing difficult terrain having to shoot after running uphill to get to a good location to shoot, dealing with trees, brush or other obstacles before they can get a good shot.

Running to get your heart beating fast to get used to finding that front sight or scope cross hairs and hold steady to get an accurate shot.

Shooting Positions You Need To PracticeShoot from the kneeling position, like if you were attacked and knocked down.

Shoot from the prone with rifle or handgun, then roll over and shoot at the target from your back and over your head.

Move and shoot and move again; this could be a key to survival.

As you walk through town or the grocery store or wherever you are, look for things that could be used as a barrier or a place to conceal yourself if danger presented itself. Then, put yourself in that position when you do get a chance to practice shooting. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. I can’t emphasize this enough. Know where you are in the event you need to call for help.

At home, imagine an intruder or several crashing into your home. What furniture can you use as a barrier or to conceal yourself? How would you to get to a firearm and bring it to bear in seconds. Have you thought about using a mattress to conceal yourself from an intruder bent on violence? Would the mattress help or hinder? What kind of protection do the walls of your house provide?

Shooting From A Moving Vehicle

Shooting from a Moving VehicleIf possible, learn to shoot from a moving vehicle. Soldiers need this ability all the time and it appears that we may very well need this ability as well. Shoot under a vehicle at a target at different ranges, as vehicles may be your best or only concealment. So many things to think about, I know. But, learn one aspect at a time.

If you can’t find an open spot to shoot in odd positions, learn to dry-fire in your residence. Run in place pick a target and close your eyes to bring the front sight into line with that target before opening your eyes to see how well you did. It’s not easy, but these little exercises may be the difference between living and not.

Shooting Skills You Need To PracticeDry firing is a great way to learn, but do be careful not to have a loaded firearm around when you plan to practice.

Many police cadets in learning to shoot have put a bullet into a cabinet, a refrigerator or the TV strictly by accident. Don’t be like that – be ultra-safe.

Never get cocky with a firearm. Don’t let movie actors be your model. Except in rare cases, they aren’t given real guns with real ammunition and are there to entertain and present a story. Please don’t think you are so cool as to hold a pistol sideways – don’t be stupid, ever. Your life and those you love hang in the balance.

A Few Other Thoughts

  • If your state restricts certain firearms, obey the law. There are many fine firearms which will more than serve you well that are not illegal. For instance, old school lever action “deer” rifles are quite well equipped to serve and old-time cops used to use semi-auto deer hunting rifles with 10 round after market magazines in some serious calibers like: 308 Win, 30-06, 243 Win, etc.  in the performance of their duties with excellent effect.
  • Be aware that shooting and/or killing another human being has some severe emotional and legal ramifications. Some insurance and legal advice will be required if you are involved in a shooting. Even if found not-guilty, the costs of defending ourselves in our legal system is outrageous. Some individual attorneys specialize in this type of case and offer insurance for just such instances. Living with the aftermath of a shooting can be traumatic and will surely leave you a different person.
  • For some real-life tests for particular guns and situations, I can highly recommend Paul Harrell on YouTube. Some of his old video’s are most revealing and the testing he does is very well done. His older videos were made in a different time, and the issues facing us today may not be exactly what he is testing, but it will give you some great ideas on how to train.

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Larry Hurth
By Larry Hurth January 5, 2021 08:10
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  1. red ant January 5, 11:56

    The hardest thing is, is to know when you will need to pull the trigger. It will take all you have not to pull the trigger but you will or you will not. Could you kill some one. I know your a bad ASS and you just watched John Wick last night. Now you are ready for anything, hell if he can so can I. Lol…
    Just like they said, it’s the movies. That’s not real life.
    Could you pull the trigger and if you can, will you hit the mark or miss and get shot or over ran by the perpetrator then he has your gun. Your reaction just might help or hurt you. Train even with the dry fire method and it won’t hurt your gun to do that.
    I train with my gun sometimes I will grab it and get ready and will try different techniques to stay awear of my surroundings. Even in my home. They have a lot of thing on the market to help with your training. Laser that fit in the gun and you can use that.

    How ever you can, train train train. All you can. That way you wont shot your self or any one by mistake and don’t lose your mind befor or after you shot some one, remember there may be more then just one in your home or business. One very important thing is and most important thing is. Don’t let the perpetrator get your gun and shot you with it. Shoot first ask questions later, always. O make sure the perpetrator is DEAD befor you put your wepon down. One more thing don’t panic. Stay com and take aim and then fire.

    Make sure you are in the right when you shot some one. Remember the law will protect the perpetrator not the victim. So shot to kill.

    You are not me. Just saying this is how I will act when my time comes. So think first, upload you weapon and get to training.

    Be safe and stay with in the sites.
    One more ting reload after you finish dry training

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    • DEFENDER88 January 6, 02:24

      One thing Red –
      This is “Picky” I know – but an important one.
      It is just “Words” but now-days “Words Matter” more than ever before.
      And they will search the “Web” for what you have said – in the past.

      “Now Days” you cannot say “Shoot/Shot to Kill” –
      well “You Can” –
      But it will be used against you – especially now with the Socialists/Commies taking over the country.

      The wording you should say is “I was Forced to “Defend Myself”” and shot Only – as a last resort and “In fear of my life”.
      The one Verbal Criteria most necessary to show you were Justified.

      The words “Shooting to Kill” – Whenever/Wherever said by you – “Will” be used against you in both Criminal and the “sure to follow” Civil Suit by the family of the “My Poor Baby” (270lb Criminal Thug) you shot-down like a dog in the street”- see the Ferguson Mo. case..
      Other considerations are “Opportunity/Ability/Intent”, more – seek legal advise.

      Reply to this comment
      • red ant January 14, 11:40

        DEFENDER 88

        Okay they are coming after the terrorist that came to the white house, but not one dam scum bag that burns down and murdered innocent people. They destroyed our nation for 4 yrs. See how they have turned it aginst y’all. It’s your fault not us we were perfect the last 4 yrs. They say look what these people have done to us. Y’all are all SUCKERS BIG TIME… Hmmm evil is good and good is evil…

        SO JUST SHUT YOUR DAM MOUTH OR ELSES. ITS HERE… O. Don’t be passed off at them. Hell we funded there life style for them with your hard earned money. Yes even I helped in this destrution. I pay there fee to live here also. You pay taxes. We are just whores and they are the pimps. Shut your mouth and do as we say or we will get those that work for us. That’s yall. we will destroy you and your family, all of them. That’s us. A few days ago I was at the end of my rope and my dear sweet prepper sis came and said never give up. If you do. THEY WIN. Thanks sis…

        I’m not a polition. I only speak the way you will get the message. So don’t change the true wording just for them that want to change our true way of saying something or how you live.
        I don’t live here for them and all those jack asses that want me to be politically correct. HELL NO…
        O You can’t say
        Drill bit
        they don’t want you to say anything, but yes master. Thats where we are heading.

        Remember, they accepted what Satan tryed to give to JESUS.

        Do you think they care about us, they just want you to say or do what they tell you to do. CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL CONTROL
        Wait, read the end…

        Stop following theses demons that want to destroy your life. O and get your death shot. They got a saline solution shot. You will get there DNA bio ingieniared shot. Why you think they made G1 G2 G3 G4 G5. They need it for the death shot to work.
        But your phone will work faster. O goody that so great give me more we want more more give us more. suckers
        Have you ever looked in to your phone. Wow!!!!! the rabbit hole gose deep, all the way to HELL. I turned all of my phone off. Bearly even works. But I won’t have face book or Twitter or Instagram. So what. I did not have it when I grew up in the 60 70 80 and some of the 90s. Hell just got my tv back on. turned it off 5 yrs ago. I tripped out. What it was then and what it is now. SCARY..

        A true warrior for CHRIST will not fallow the demons that are from Satan. That’s the ELITE and all the way down to the little roaches that are so weak that they have to depend on them for there scraps that they toss at you. They are laughing there asses off at us. Look at them fighting against each other. THEY SAY… They have to keep us in chaos . if we would just unite as a hole we would not be were we are tommorow.
        I knows that it pisses them off because I don’t kiss there ass, ring or boot.
        GOD will judge them harshly.
        When I die I know I will be in Heaven.

        Damnation will be forever for them

        LIE IS satan
        GOD bless my enemy’s, for they will fill the wrath of MY GOD…

        Reply to this comment
        • red ant January 14, 12:16

          I don’t care if some words are spelled wrong or not. you get the massage. So don’t beat this dead horse. Like I saw. On (station or state). You get the massage.

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  2. Juggles grenades January 5, 14:03

    Shooting from a moving vehicle is extremely difficult. A laser sight really is worth the money here. At our range, the outhouse is about 20 yards from the firing line. To get our heart rate up, have the shooters SPRINT to the outhouse and back, then assume position on the firing line. You will be shocked the first time at how your perfect accuracy goes out the window when your heart rate is approaching that of a hummingbird. Don’t become a “gear queer” thinking that the latest “do dad” on the market is going to make you shoot like Bill Jordan. TRAINING-TRAINING-TRAINING

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  3. PB- dave January 5, 16:08

    A few years back while running the yearly quals for a police auxiliary, I had a bunch of practice rounds left over that couldn’t be turned back in, so I loaded up multiple mags and positioned them at the different stations for the various required task/positions. Then did a dead run/no break/rapid mag changes, through the course. I shot a near perfect score while shooting a normal course, but on the rapid run I only shot around 80%. It was a real eye-opener !

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  4. clergylady January 5, 16:29

    Practice and knowledge are your best weapons. Learn to adjust your sights or learn the variables of your individual weapons. Unless you have something that truly tried to shoot around corners you can still learn that weapon and be accurate.

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  5. left coast chuck January 5, 18:29

    There are two kinds of barriers between you and the bad guy. The author of the article touched on them but didn’t explore them in depth.

    The two types of barriers are cover and concealment.

    Concealment is stuff you can hide behind that will not stop a bullet. A mattress is concealment. A sofa is concealment. The plasterboard wall of a modern home is concealment. A door, unless it is a steel door, is concealment. Do not confuse concealment with cover.

    Cover is anything that will stop rounds from striking you. A reinforced concrete wall is cover. The engine block of a motor vehicle is cover. The door of a motor vehicle is concealment, not cover. The steel wheels of an automobile may or may not be cover. Most pistol rounds will not penetrate a steel wheel. Most rifle rounds will. Some won’t but most will.

    Cover is always better than concealment. Concealment is better than standing out in the open. Laying flat is generally better than standing up.

    While out and about and glancing about for concealment or cover, pay particular attention to what you decide is cover. Analyze its construction. Unreinforced cinder block will stop some handgun rounds and not stop others. It will not stop rifle rounds. Is that column that looks so attractive solid or is it hollow sheet metal?

    The author’s recommendation to analyze where you will seek cover is a good one. Practice it.

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  6. left coast chuck January 5, 18:37

    I have said it on here before and I will say it again. Professional shooters, the ones who enter money competitions as a living and work for gun manufacturers or ammunition manufacturers as a representative of the company send thousands of rounds downrange each year. They also spend far more time dry firing at home or in hotel rooms. In every interview I have ever read of a professional shootist, he or she has always talked about how much dry firing they do each year.

    Any pro shootist I have ever talked to personally says the same thing.

    When dry firing, don’t just bang away. Have a planned session. When dry firing I shoot first with my weak hand. I am right handed, so I spend extra time practicing with my left hand. I practice single-handed and double-handed.

    If you have a semi-automatic, practice cocking it one-handed. If it is a single-action that won’t be so difficult. If it is a double action/single action that may be a bit more difficult. If it is striker fired or double action only, that may prove to be even more difficult and need a lot more practice. Practice cocking it against a table top (DO NOT USE ANY HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE FOR THIS.)

    This is domestic advice, not shooting advice. Your significant other will immediately notice the front sight marks in the furniture and a heated discussion will follow. Harbor Freight sells a cheap tool stand. Buy it and use it in the garage for table top cocking of your firearm. Use the workbench in the garage. My fee for marriage counseling is usually $250 an hour but in this case I will wave the fee.

    If you wear a heavy leather belt to hold up your holster cock your firearm against your leather belt.

    Practice this technique using both left handed cocking and right handed cocking. Practice more with the weak hand than the strong hand because you will need more practice with your weak hand.


    Ask any ER doc how many times he has treated a GSW where the recipient of the GSW was practicing with his firearm. If he has been on duty more than a week in any major city the answer will be numerous times. Even rural docs get to treat more GSWs than they should have to.

    Resist the urge after the practice session is over and the firearm is loaded to do just one more routine. That urge has resulted in more holes in TV sets, walls, various lamps and, sadly, people than it ever should have. You will have the urge. You are pumped up from the practice session. You just line up the sights on the TV — OH, DAMN! Didn’t mean for that to happen.

    This is especially true for the newer firearms like Glock with the safety in the little lever in the trigger. They are great firearms but you must be oh so careful to keep your booger hook out of the trigger guard.

    Dry fire practice is best done with any ammunition except snap caps safely still in the gun safe.

    You do have a gun safe, don’t you?

    While 100 years ago a safe place for the loaded shotgun was behind the kitchen door, today if your gun is stored like that, and there is a burglary or more tragically, a negligent shooting at a minimum you are going to have a serious heart-to-heart discussion with law enforcement, if not the local prosecuting attorney.

    At a maximum you might be facing a ruinous criminal prosecution and a follow-along civil suit which will leave you without both house and guns even if you “win” both.

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    • joe January 6, 00:40

      every morning before i put it on i dry fire at least 10 shots…make sure i have the proper grip…then i load it and head out the door…never know if that is the day you have to use it…

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  7. GIJOE January 5, 21:21

    Very, very well written article. The way that the military trains shooters has been honed and perfected over many decades and we all would do well in learning the lessons and tactics that Army and Marine Corps infantry and special ops use in the modern day. I spent 6 years in the Army, the first two in the infantry and the following four in the engineers, including a tour in Iraq in 2004-2005, and the training we received was top notch and vital for us to stay alive. It was also a hell of a lot of fun. If you’re seeking training, I would recommend that you research every training academy you’re looking at using and make sure the instructors are either military or police trained and choose the most experienced instructor you can afford. You can also learn a lot by watching videos and then practice practice practice. And then, practice some more. Train until you’re exhausted. The recommendation of training and physical fitness cannot be stressed enough. Train so much and so often that eventually you will be self confident and KNOW, not think, that you will be able to defend yourself and your family in any conceivable situation.
    The point about using a lever action rifle for home defense is true as well. You can buy a lever action .357 magnum made by Rossi for $500, if you shop around. I scored a very lightly used one for $400 and it was the best four hundred bucks I’ve spent in quite some time. It’s accurate, with very light recoil and holds 10 rounds of trip five seven at 2000 FPS with Hornady Leverevolution ammo.
    Another recommendation I would make- buy air powered versions of your favorite self defense guns and build an indoor air gun range or buy a few pellet traps like what they sell on airgundepot and pyramid air. They’re not very expensive at all and you can practice in the warm, comfy environs of your home. Modern air gun technology is such that they make excellent analogs for powder burners. And if you have a little extra dough, you can go full auto in your man cave! There are several fully automatic air guns that are less than a hundred bucks and you can get a belted ammo, pcp machine gun for around six hundred dollars. I love shooting from the comfort of my man cave and seeing how fast I can empty a 17 round magazine with my blowback operated Colt Commander as accurately as possible. Or rocking out with my full auto Uzi submachine gun. All without annoying my neighbors and possibly getting the police called to my house.

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  8. Lancinator13 January 5, 22:13

    I’ve waxed philosophical on this point in the past, but also, be prepared for the stress reactions of fighting for your life. My first situation where I was in a “I might have to kill someone to keep from dying here” – I had all the stuff they talk about in training: time distortion, tunnel vision, sound suppression, etc. The more I did it, the better I got, and then eventually ended up on a high-risk arrest team, where we did stuff like that a lot and could use the adrenaline as an edge for better performance.

    Basically, even if you’re deadly accurate on the range, the first time you have to fight for your life could get really weird. I’m a damned good shot and have been since I was a kid, but if I’d had to pull the trigger that first time, god only knows what I would have hit.

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck January 6, 03:03

      Lancinator: I can relate. The first time I had to point my weapon at a person if you had been watching from the sidelines you would have thought I had never had an M-1 in my hands before. Of course, I was only 18 at the time and as green as one could be. Now, 75 years later, I am a bit more experienced but I will never forget that first time.

      And nothing really happened. The perp ran off. I finally figured out what was wrong but by that time he had choggied (didi maued for later service personnel) about a hundred yards away and was off government property, so I just cranked off a round above his head into the hill in front of him. I suspect he went home with brown fundoshi (that’s the kind of loincloth Japanese men wear for undergarments.)

      Early wake up call for the staff NCOs in the Quonset huts I was charged with guarding. Most of the staff NCOs in the Corps at that time had seen the elephant, some both in WWII and also in Korea. They were all extremely familiar with the sound of an M-1 going off.

      Reply to this comment
      • red ant. January 6, 04:14

        Left coast chuck
        Say I have a M-1-30 carbine. Or you talking about a M-1 grand. ?
        Love to shot my m1. It will get it when you bust off a full mag. 😀
        Ammo is not cheap any more. Sucks not much ripping it up with it lately.

        Reply to this comment
        • left coast chuck January 8, 05:07

          In the Marine Corps of my time there was only one piece that was the M-1. It was never referred to as the Garand.

          The carbine was referred to as that #$%& p.o.s.

          Korea was the most recent experience with that really excellent weapon for what it was designed for and it doesn’t do well when used as a major battle weapon in extremely cold weather. The cold affects the carbine’s ammo much more severely than cold affects the good old .30-06. Say what you want about the ’06. When you get tagged with one you know for sure you have been shot.

          The effect cold weather had on the carbine’s effectiveness didn’t endear it to the Marines in Korea. I’m not talking about standard 30° weather, I am talking about minus degree weather. That makes the carbine fairly ineffective at any distance. It was never designed to be a long range weapon in the first place. It was designed to be used at pistol distances, so by trying to make it a main battle weapon, the folks who dictated that it should fill that role didn’t know what they were doing.

          I think the carbine is the ideal home defense tool. Reliable as Old Dobbins. Plenty of punch at close range and with soft tip bullets which can be obtained. I even read that someone is making a hollow pointed bullet for it, it will make an impression on a bad guy at household distances. Short, easy to handle comes with a sling and some have bayonet mounts, low recoil — What’s not to like about that combination. Ammo is still fairly cheap compared to what some ammo is going for. I saw plain vanilla 115 fr. fmj 9 mm for a “sale” price of 84¢ a round! What?

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    • red ant January 6, 03:12

      Training will be the key. If you go back when you were young, you can remember when you shot your first gun and I bet you did not know you were training back then. My brother shot his first BB gun. Ya at Christmas he cocked the lever and put it to my head and shot me right in front of every one. I was 4 yrs old. So see some start out young. Not now days parents are scared there little baby’s might get hurt. Seam that time has made some parents soft. I heard that there are 7 million new gun owners just this year. Scary. Think about how many have never touched a wepon. Scary. Some will train and some will be so scared that they will put it in a safe and hide the ammo or they will pull the weapon and then get it take in from them and get killed by it. Those are the scary ones.

      It’s not a toy you pull it, be prepared to use it. Better control the gun, dont let it control you.
      No weapon will ever hurt you, unless a human uses it.
      Keep training and stay with in the sites.

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    • DEFENDER88 January 6, 03:17


      BUT how do you “Get Thru” to “most guys” who buy a gun, go to the range and shoot it some and think they are ready for a Real Fight for their life ?

      Who “Dont even know what they Dont know” and will not believe any different ?
      (That little thing called “Training”.)

      Its Like buying a Banjo and thinking they are now Earl Scruggs.
      I am going to start calling All of them – “Earl’s” 🙂

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    • red ant. January 6, 03:57

      Just wondering dose any one dry train with empty mag or a ful mag.
      Thinking about weight. ?

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      • left coast chuck January 8, 04:55

        Depends on your firearm. If it is a revolver, I use a snap cap in every chamber because I also practice using a speed loader. If it is a DA/SA pistol I just use one snap cap in the chamber and the empty mag in the buttstock. I just thumb cock it to repeat fire.

        If it is a DA only pistol, sometimes one must have the mag in if it has the no-mag safety. Other times one can leave the mag out and just fire like a DA revolver.

        If it is a striker-fired pistol you have to figure something out. You can fill the mag with snap caps and go chasing them under the furniture when you finish a mag or use the brass catcher method I referred to in an earlier topic.

        There Is also a device on the market which has plastic snap caps that are grooved on one side. The slide doesn’t pick them up as it comes forward into battery so you can cock your striker fired pistol, practice your trigger squeeze and release, and cock the pistol in the normal manner pulling back the slide and letting go forward into battery again without having a snap cap roll under the china cabinet. I posted their e-mail address in a reply to another topic just recently, around Christmas time. The topic was firearms, of course, and practice or dry firing or some similar topic.

        I had to take a rat-tailed file to their plastic bullet to get my S&W Shield to not pick up the device. After I filed it not very much, it worked fine.

        My routine with a revolver is to fire it weak hand only, double action, then weak hand only, single action, then week hand plus strong hand double action, same hand combination single action. I then do the same routine with the strong hand. I concentrate most of my practice on weak hand practice because it is my weak hand and needs more practice than my strong hand.

        My dry fire sessions always start with my weak hand in case I get interrupted or something, that way I have at least gotten weak hand practice in.

        I practice the same way with a pistol, weak hand solo starting, weak hand and strong hand; then strong hand solo and strong hand and weak hand. If it is a DA/SA pistol, I practice the same routine I follow with a revolver.

        I favor DA/SA pistols. I don’t have any trouble switching from DA to SA with them. I find it hard to believe that so many people found it difficult to switch from DA to SA while firing. It seems like a no brainer to me. Perhaps because I started out firing revolvers in both modes the switch to DA/SA pistols was just a revolver in a different set of clothes.

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  9. JayTheOK January 6, 10:38

    If you want to hit what you’re aiming at you need to learn ‘how’ to shoot. Shooting is not ‘point and pull’… it’s mostly technique with a good amount of practice first. Practice of technique, without even firing a shot.

    The reason people aim, pull and miss is because they haven’t mastered the basics.

    You can have great aim and miss because of your firing technique.

    The key to actually putting the round exactly where you’re aiming is how you pull the trigger and your breathing. If you do it right it should be a bit of an ‘expected surprise’ when the weapon fires.

    The easiest method to train on trigger pull is ‘the coin balance method’. This is easier with 2 people but can be done alone with patience and a lil extra balance.

    This is best done with a weapon that has 2 ‘flanges’ around the front post like this )l( (ie: M16, M4, AR, XR, M14, M1 etc.)

    Charge the weapon unloaded (dry snap). Lay prone. Balance the weapon on your leading (non-trigger) hand with your forearm straight up and down (not leaning left or right) under the weapon. Aim. Have someone balance a quarter on the front sight.

    Place the tip of your curled finger (just beneath the nail) on the trigger (it will feel a bit odd and a bit uncomfortable).

    Do not wrap your finger around the trigger as this causes a ‘pull off’ effect ‘pulling’ the trigger toward the palm of that hand causing the round to ‘pull’ left (in a right handed person and vice versa)

    Before you ‘squeeze’ the trigger BREATH OUT! Only squeeze when your lungs are empty as that is the calmest and stillest your body will be.

    Slowly squeeze (or push) the trigger straight toward you.

    The snap should be a slight surprise.

    If you did it right the coin will stay balanced on the sight.

    Keep practicing this until you can consistently do it with the coin staying balanced every time. Then, work on breathing and squeezing faster and faster while keeping the coin balanced.

    As long as that coin stays balanced the round will go where you’re aiming.

    If you get this right and then still miss the problem is your aim (you might need glasses 😉

    Once you’ve mastered this technique pistol aim and control will come fairly naturally.

    Ex- 101st
    Expert Badge: Rifle, Machine Gun, Grenade Launcher (MK-19)

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  10. Illini Warrior January 6, 14:28

    another position to practice – if you can arrange it >> shooting thru a vehicle windshield sitting in either seat position – it’s different than shooting thru the rear or any other of the vehicle windows ….

    I started seeing this in actual practice several years ago on live PD video – saved one officer for sure ….

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  11. Laborious January 7, 10:55

    Useful to know, especially considering the treasonous coup attempt last night at the capitol building.

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    • left coast chuck January 8, 05:28

      That’s how reasonable minds can differ. I saw it as a protest against a stolen election. There is no question in my mind that there was chicanery in tabulating the results of the election. I also believe the both parties were involved to some extent in insuring that the sitting president was not re-elected. I also believe that there is some evidence that a number of the folks who got into the capitol building were black swan protestors, not really Trump boosters. There seems to be significant question about just how they were able to get into a building that is supposed to be a very secure building. Some are even posting that a number of the protesters were Antifa posing as election protesters.

      Of course any implication of Antifa in the protest will not make national news and will be discredited by major news sources as the rantings of “fly-over” people angry because Trump lost.

      I just read a a statement by William S. Lind in one of his articles, “Both parties are one party, the party of successful career politicians.” That is so true, Tweedle-dee-dee and Tweedle-dee-dum. Their lodestar is whatever will get them elected. They have no moral balance. No truly defined guiding policy, just what needs to be adopted to get elected again.

      If you haven’t read any of Lind’s writings, I highly recommend him to followers of this list. He has some significant criticism of the path our armed forces are wandering down and the mindset that seems concreted into what passes for thought process in top brass and political top dogs too.

      He is highly respected in ranks from O-6 down. O-7 and up listen to him and nod their heads but they don’t hear him. He is also a big fan of Col. John Boyd author of the OODA loop.

      O-7s and above did the same with Boyd, listened and nodded their heads and didn’t hear what he was saying. He was a brilliant tactician. Our air forces would be 100% better at significantly less money if top brass had listened to him and followed his suggestions. He never made O-7 because they didn’t really want to hear what he was preaching.

      The Chinese are said to have a curse, “May you live in interesting times.” Well, it certainly seems that we have been cursed recently.

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  12. red ant January 7, 15:30

    Very sad day in america. God will judge us accordingly.
    Good luck. We are going to need it. Big time…

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