What Is the Best Canned Meat?

James Walton
By James Walton July 4, 2019 10:22

What Is the Best Canned Meat?

Every prepper’s pantry has canned food in it. It’s the first line of defense against starvation in a disaster scenario. While canned foods shouldn’t make up all your food storage, there are some benefits that canned foods present.

The biggest is the value. Canned foods can be had for a handful of dimes when they are on sale. You cannot say that about many things in our society today. Canned foods have a long shelf life and are low maintenance.

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Canned goods, meats in particular, offer huge benefits through fat and protein. Preppers don’t always account for the importance of healthy fats in their diet. Healthy fats are not easy to find in the wild. However, things like canned fish can be full of the same oils as those Omega 3s you take in pill form.

Of course, access to protein is huge and canned meats make that a breeze. While things like fishing and trapping are great opportunities for protein sourcing in a disaster, nothing is easier than a can opener and a can of roast beef!


As the manager of Safety and Food Safety at a prominent food bank, I established the guidelines for shelf life on a variety of foods. In the food banking industry, everything is close dated unless its purchased. It’s just the nature of donations.

Had we tossed all the food that was close or passed expiration, we would have wasted a lot of food.

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A canned good’s shelf life is based on the acidity level of the food inside. There is a protective lining in every can and that deteriorates over time. This is the true threat with canned goods, aside from damage to the can or poor canning practices.

Canned meats also hit the retail shelves with longer dates than most foods. Next time you are at the store, take note of how long the shelf life is on these canned meats.

The true expiration date is about 5 years past the date on each can. So if your canned Spam goes out of date in 2023, the reality is that you have until 2028 to safely eat that food. You could likely go even further out.

The risk increases the further you go past that date of the lining wearing away and your food touching tin or aluminum directly. That could lead to heavy metal poisoning over time.

CANNED BEEF: Kirkland Canned Roast Beef

Beef is king in terms of protein and nutrient density. It’s the reason that athletes who are overworked take time off and eat a steak.

Some people even argue that eating meat, cooked meat in particular, allowed our brains to grow rapidly because of the easy access to such high digestible, quality nutrients.

What Is the Best Canned Meat Storing beef in cans is a great way to hold onto the benefits of beef over the long haul.

  • 2 Servings per can
  • Protein: 13g
  • Sodium: 290mg
  • Total fat: 1.5g


This amalgamation of mechanically separated meats and fats is more like a luncheon meat than an actual cured and dried leg of a pig.

What Is the Best Canned MeatCanned ham is a powerhouse of flavor and protein. It is also a great ingredient that can be added to other things like eggs, rice and vegetables.

  • 8 Servings per container
  • Protein: 9g
  • Sodium: 620mg
  • Total fat: 7g

Yoder’s Canned Bacon

Do I really need to breakdown the benefits of having canned bacon?

What Is the Best Canned MeatOf course, bacon contains nitrites and while it is delicious, these are recognized as cancer causing carcinogens. Just keep that in mind.

Of course, the delicious bacon can be eaten by itself or added to other dishes.

  • 18 Servings per can
  • Protein: 5g
  • Sodium: 190mg
  • Total fat: 5g

Tyson Canned Chicken

The neutral flavor and high protein profile of canned chicken makes it a great candidate for that food storage pantry. Tyson is a name that we all recognize, so IWhat Is the Best Canned Meat thought it would be great to profile their chicken.

There is a strange manufactured quality to canned meats and that doesn’t change with canned chicken. That said, it’s a good way to dump protein on top of your beans and rice.

  • 5 Servings per container
  • Protein: 13g
  • Sodium: 300mg
  • Total fat: 1g


#1. Sardines in Olive Oil

Some people cannot stand the sight or the idea of eating sardines. I don’t mind eating them at all. If you are going to store them for SHTF, you might as well get those packed in olive oil. This becomes a tin of healthy fats that your body will be craving if you are consistently eating dry food storage.

What Is the Best Canned MeatFish has a whole host of benefits. It also has mercury…that’s just the deal. The bigger the fish the more mercury content. Sardines are nice and small.

  • 1 Serving per can
  • Protein: 14g
  • Sodium: 300mg
  • Fat: 20g

#2. Double Q Canned Wild Salmon

Salmon is an absolute powerhouse. When it comes to buying salmon, you have to buy the one which is wild caught. Salmon is one of the most farmed fish on the planet. Farm raised salmon is not the same thing as wild caught salmon. The nutrient profile is very different.

This product is fully cooked and ready to eat out of the can, or mix into other things. What Is the Best Canned MeatMy mother would make amazing salmon meatballs with this and serve it up with a lemon cream sauce and spaghetti. Probably not an SHTF meal but a testament to how good this stuff can be.

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  • 7 Servings per container
  • Protein: 12g
  • Sodium: 230mg
  • Fat: 5g


How could we put together a list of canned meats for preppers without including Spam? It’s synonymous with the survivalist and now the prepper.

While it can be frowned upon, because of its highly processed beginnings, Spam has something of a cult following.

What Is the Best Canned Meat

It can be prepared many ways, and offers up a legitimate protein that is ready to eat at the pull of a metal ring. No, it’s not a ribeye on the grill but it’s some collection of meats that will fuel you through TEOTWAWKI.

  • 6 Servings per container
  • Protein: 7g
  • Sodium: 590g
  • Fat: 16g



Well, if you can stomach fish, I would say fish is kind of a no brainer. It offers up so much to your body. You probably take fish oil pills in the morning, for good reason!

When we look at nations that live long and happy lives, they are often predicated on a diet of things like fish and rice, maybe a little wine in the Cretin people’s case. We must be careful not to through diet in the trash when the SHTF.

While spam seems like the prepper’s best friend because it “lasts forever”, a diet full of that stuff will certainly assure it outlives you.

I guess the cynic in me would say that the best canned meat for preppers is the one that’s on your shelf. However, we have some time. You can manipulate your food storage to assure you are putting healthy options into your body.

Survival is a lot like life, in that, it’s made up of small choices that reflect the bigger picture. What you put in your body will affect your performance. Keep that in mind when stocking your pantry shelves.

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James Walton
By James Walton July 4, 2019 10:22
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  1. Neils July 4, 13:50

    Thank you for the article, very well written and explained nicely.

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  2. merlin grayman July 4, 14:05

    ” Of course, bacon contains nitrites and while it is delicious, these are recognized as cancer causing carcinogens. ”
    actually, that is false.
    the human body produces nitrates naturally.
    they are required for health.

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  3. merlin grayman July 4, 14:07

    ” Of course, bacon contains nitrites and while it is delicious, these are recognized as cancer causing carcinogens. ”
    actually that is false.
    the human body produces nitrites naturally.
    they are required for health.

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  4. BIGVIC July 4, 15:05

    My husband CHF, & HAS TO WATCH HIS SALT INTAKE. IT SHOULDN’T BE MORE THAN 200MG OF SODIUM PER SERVING! THIS MAKES IT REALLY HARD! I LOOK AT ALL THE CANS TO FIND THE BEST! I have found canned tuna, chicken, salmon with no salt added in water. Foods do naturally have salt in them. They now have canned vegtables with no salt added. Most pre package survival food has a lot of salt in them. If you have heart trouble or high blood pressure, make sure you check the sodium content before you buy it! I also buy bagged rice & beans, lentils, oatmeal, flour, spices & make up my own stuff! This way I can controll what’s in them! I could go on & on, but you get the picture!

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    • RC July 4, 18:16

      I was just informed by my Dr. that I have the horrible problem of having way too low sodium and need to drink less water and add more salt to my diet. Yeah, I know, I’m lucky. But I already salt things heavily and I love drinking my water! Grass isn’t always greener.

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      • WendySue July 5, 00:03

        I have the same issue. I make up my own capsules of sodium chloride cause I hate the taste of a lot of salt. If you use this method, make sure you have something in your stomach or it might come back up.

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        • Jill July 6, 13:11

          What about corned beef? Aldi has it for a reasonable price, a couple of bucks a can. Sure, it’s high in sodium – but so are Spam, tuna, etc.

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          • Miss Kitty July 7, 02:50

            Canned corned beef isn’t bad; the problem is that the cans are small for the price. If you are making sandwiches, you might be able to scrimp out four little ones. Making hash stretches it more, and if you are using unsalted potatoes that helps to mitigate the saltiness.
            Dak canned hams are good, and are a better buy than Spam, IMHO. More meat in the can at about the same price.
            Low sodium versions of Spam and other foods are more available now than they were even five years ago, or just combine with unsalted other foods. You can also poach the slices in plain water and get rid of a lot of the salt and fat that way – just drain and brown it after or it doesn’t have much flavor.
            When I was a kid, we used to get canned jack mackerel; it was pretty cheap and not too tasty, but it was food. I might pick up some and see if I can figure out something simple to make it taste good!

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      • Tom July 5, 15:14

        Just sodium chloride is fine, but there are a host of important salts & minerals. Micronutrients are very important. A good source is Himalayan Pink Salt. There are about 99 micronutrients for optimal health. Ignore the, “experts,” who say many of them, “have not been proven to be good for you.”

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        • young prepper September 20, 18:53

          experts only say that crap because they can’t patent natural materials,thats also why the fda (is it the fda? i dont know for sure) goes after herbal doctors and such, all they give a rats…..you know, about is money.

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  5. Crazy B July 4, 15:36

    I want to thank you for this article, I have been very concerned about canned meats and didn’t know who to ask. You have been very informative. It gives me peace to know my family will not have to be vegetarians to survive. Although the guys are hunters and fishermen,that may not be enough.

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    • Sj0305 July 4, 16:58

      I once got some canned meatballs from a store called “Big Lots”. They were the best tasting meatballs ever, bar none. They were packed in just a light, thin tomatoe sauce. Very good – never seen them since, anywhere.

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  6. Sharra July 4, 15:41

    Great list, adding to my stockpile

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  7. Stand up 8 July 4, 15:47

    Re: canned, evaporated milk shelf life? I opened a can ( passed use date, 9mo-1yr?). Contents light salmon color & thickened.

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck July 5, 05:54

      I’m not a canned milk expert, but from your description of it, I would be inclined to put it on the garden to fertilize the plants. I don’t think I would even be tempted to try to make cheese with it.

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  8. mike July 4, 16:57

    Just opened a box of hamburger helper (off brand) dated 2014 and was fine

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    • Silvercoal July 8, 17:32

      I haven’t had it for a while, but that’s mostly dry pasta and spices, right? Ya I would expect to essentially treat that as “good forever”. I mean, more or less.

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  9. left coast chuck July 4, 17:31

    I have noticed that most canned beef is from Argentina. My brother has hunted doves in Argentina and according to him, the beef served on the ranches where the hunting takes place is the best he has ever eaten, I am a little hesitant about foreign canned meats, and while I enjoy Argentine wine, meat is something else, especially with the financial condition of Argentina.

    I have noted that the canned beef carried by Costco is canned in the U.S. Just thought I would mention that factoid.

    Spam sure gets a bum rap. There is no question it is high in salt. However, I like Spam cooked until it is almost jerky and in doing so, I have noticed that it generates far less grease than most other meats. Spam with boiled white rice is a primo dish as far as I am concerned. The salt in the Spam seems to go just right with the boiled white rice.

    I tried a can of Yoder Bacon before I made a decision to stock up on it. Maybe I got a bad can, but it was the greasiest stuff I have ever seen. The taste was not yuck, but nothing to write home about either. The reviews I read of it were that the taste was great. Your mileage may vary, but I would recommend getting one can before ordering a case for your pantry.

    If you are getting tuna for hard times, I would second the author’s comment, get tuna packed in olive oil and increase the food value of the tuna. Worst case, you can give the oil to your dog or cat or burn it for lighting.

    Wow, we are either having a pretty good earthquake right now or I am having a massive bout of vertigo.

    Reply to this comment
    • Mak63 July 4, 20:29

      Just heard on the news there was a shaker there. Hope you’re well LCC.

      Reply to this comment
      • left coast chuck July 5, 02:19

        Mak63: Yes, We are okay. I live about 175 miles from the epicenter as the crow flies. Strong rolling movement. Nothing fell in my house. As I was just finishing my post it started and at first felt like the worst case of vertigo I had ever had. Lots of damage in the town of Ridgecrest which is just outside of NAS China Lake. Ridgecrest was just about on top of the epicenter. Ridgecrest is fairly isolated as far as towns go in SoCal. It originally was built to house workers at the American Potash Company which mined potash and other chemicals from semi dried Searles Lake. I haven’t been in Ridgecrest for 50 plus years so my knowledge of it is pretty out of date. Some years ago, operational Navy squadrons were moved from Point Mugu on the coast to China Lake about 150 miles inland. I guess the Navy got tired of people around Mugu bitching about the noise the jets made. I was always happy to hear the sound of jet engines. It meant that our fly boys were getting cockpit time, a vital element in maintaining air superiority in the day of high performance aircraft which also meant that when I heard a jet fighter overhead I didn’t have to wonder if it was ours or an enemy’s a/c.

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    • Shortround July 4, 22:03

      What people do not know is that the FDA allows meat to be label as from the U.S.A. If it is received from over seas as meat hanging and not cut up. So you can not tell easy if your steak came from USA or South America.

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      • left coast chuck July 5, 02:23

        Shortround: Is that just meat? Produce must be labeled as to country of origin. Sometimes it is coded so you have to know the secret code. Or maybe that is just a PDRK rule to protect PDRK produce. We get a lot of avocados from Mexico which are significantly cheaper than Kally grown avocados and they are very clearly marked “Mexico.”

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        • Grammyprepper July 5, 03:39

          Country of origin of produce might be a national thing, because we have it here in OH. I know seafood origin is also required. Meat, I sometimes see.

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    • Grammyprepper July 5, 03:36

      Hope all is well with you Chuck! I saw it was a pretty significant tremblor!

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      • left coast chuck July 5, 05:51

        I just had a rock and roll moment. Thanks for your concern. Nothing in my house fell and no damage. As I indicated in my post, at first I thought I was having the granddaddy of all vertigo attacks. A few years ago I had a vertigo attack that made me go to the E.R. While I was there, must have been five other people in the E.R. for the same condition. I asked the nurse if it was contagious (jokingly, I thought). I guess she didn’t see the joke because she assured me most seriously that vertigo was not contagious. I later learned that not counting accidents, vertigo attacks are the third most common cause for E.R. visits after heart attacks and strokes. Who knew? I now keep a supply of motion sickness meds on hand, although haven’t had vertigo since — except for this morning. According to the news the new very expensive earthquake early warning system gave a 4 second warning of the earthquake. I must have still been asleep because I totally missed the warning. I don’t think 4 seconds would have helped me much. Maybe some emergency services with quicker reflexes than I were able to act on it.

        Most of the damage was limited to just the area around the town of Ridgecrest. Those folks suffered significant damage to businesses and some homes. There were gas line breaks that resulted in a few fires. Of course, if it is easy to minimize the damage when it is not your business or home that has suffered. I don’t mean to minimize the damage. Could have been a lot worse. Because it is a small town with, probably a small fire department, it could have been a real bad scene. I did notice in one video clip there was only one fireman fighting the blaze, so I guess they were stretched pretty thin.

        The Navy is being mum about any damage done on the base. They have their own fire trucks and maintenance force, so they are set. Civilian planes are restricted from flying over the base so no aerials of the base for the newsies. The ruptured road has already been repaired. Wow! Hard to believe CalTrans could move that fast, especially on a holiday. The pictures of the fissure in the road were impressive. So highway 178 is again open.

        I had to turn to NHK to find out that the Chinese had test-fired a new anti-ship missile in the South China Sea. As for all the LA stations, it was all about the quake. The rest of the world had gone dark as far as they were concerned.

        Thanks again for your concern — until the next big one which the seismologists keep promising us most definitely will happen. Apparently this one wasn’t THE BIG ONE. I am sure the folks in Ridgecrest are very happy it wasn’t.

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        • Miss Kitty July 5, 12:33

          Glad to hear that you’re Ok , Chuck. Yes, 4 seconds isn’t much time to do anything but brace yourself – hopefully you’ll get more notice for the next one. Be good and be careful.😉

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    • Tom July 5, 15:21

      I didn’t hear about a quake, didn’t feel one myself, but I am not too plugged into the news. Vertigo maybe, but I see you posted on the 4th, my first thought fireworks.

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      • left coast chuck July 7, 16:57

        I have been on board ship when the five inch deck gun was fired and I have been about 100 yards from the gun emplacement when 120 mm antiaircraft guns were fired and, of course, been to hundreds of fireworks displays as well as surreptitiously setting off a few myself. The closest other feeling that would describe the earthquake feeling is hitting heavy rollers from a large ship passing across your bow at a high speed in otherwise calm seas. Or, as I said in my earlier post, a really severe bout of vertigo.

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  10. Dan July 4, 18:37

    “What Is the Best Canned Meat”? I guess it will depend on what your family is use to eating. Like one commenter said, you have to look at the ingredients is someone in your family has health issues. Personally I like Keystone canned meats. Fully cooked–Ready to eat; All Natural–No MSG or other preservatives; No water added. Open and reheat. Wife likes making pulled pork sandwiches and barbecue beef with their products when we go hiking and camping. Very convenient and quick to make, saves fuel. I also like their chicken and turkey. Not fond of the ground beef, will not purchase again.

    Available at some Walmart’s. They once made a mistake in their pricing at my local store at $4.99 a can for the 28oz size. I cleaned them out and since then they have been priced normally. Have a family member that lives in Ohio. When I visited last year I stopped by their place in Lima and loaded up on cases of the 14 oz cans. Better deal and easier for my family of three to finish off.

    Anyways, the best way to go is to learn how to can your own and purchase your meats in bulk. Not everyone has a pressure cooker or want’s to learn how. So canned meats do have a place in the pantry.

    Happy Forth.

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    • mrkaane July 5, 01:05

      Keystone meats are really good but are not stocked at all walmarts. The solution is simple, order them on walmart.com and pick them up at your local store in about 3 days. There is no delivery charge on orders over $35.00 Also keep in mind that many products are stocked by regional demand so if there are other items you are looking for, search walmart.com and chances are pretty good you can find them there.

      Hope this helps,

      God Bless.

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  11. Wannabe July 4, 19:33

    The best canned meat is the one that is not spoiled

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  12. Rich July 4, 21:58

    SPAM-squirrel, possum, and mouse.

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    • Clergylady July 6, 16:02

      Prarrie Dog

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    • Clergylady July 6, 17:25

      LLC Last nights (6TH) news shows ongoing tremors. Hope all is still well.

      My husband likes fried spam chunks in Ramin with mixed vegetables. Can’t say it’s a favorite with me but it’s quick and easy. I don’t mind it so much in rice. Spam does come in different flavors. Maybe that would help. I can’t stand potted meat or Vienna sausage. Smells like the canned dog food my mom used to buy for my dog when I was a kid. It was horsemeat.
      I keep enough edible little critters here that I can always plan on extra to can when I butcher something. It doesn’t take a lot for two of us. I either save up extras in the freezer till I have enough to can or I make a stew and can the extra. With injuries and surgeries this last year + I’ve used up a lot of the stored meats. Will be replenishing stocks again now. Same with garden. Very late planting but planning to can extras and dry some also.
      Smoke drifting back into our area from Arizona fires so will aim to just work a while when it cools toward evening.
      I need to look for good arrow making wood or buy premaid arrows. Have to work smart with with the heat, smoke and needing the gardens. Lots to get finished up since moving and preps were pretty much at a standstill the last year. Glad to find the two older Bear recurve bows this week. Was also given a nice standing desk with an older but working computer, monitor, and photo printer and a beautiful display hutch. I tend to fix things up, choose what I can use here and sell or trade what I don’t need. The bows I’ll keep. I don’t need another computer or photo printer. The hutch will go in my little sales shop or the living room to display antiques. I’ll need to decide on a 6′ base for it. Probably kitchen base cabinets. I picked up a necklace display stand and two like new but old flour sifters. One sifter for My campkitchen and the other sifter and the jewelry display for the shop.
      Getting the moving finished up will feel good. It stopped completly after the injuries. Stating again slowly.
      I have different sizes of pressure canners and water bath canners. My mom’s 1950s pressure canner was taken so mine are newer but serviceable. Her old pressure canner could do 1/2 gallons. My new ones are limited to pints and quarts. That’s enough for the two of us. My 1/2 gallon jars are now pantry storage. I may oven, dry can flour and rice in some 1/2 gallons to see how they do. Sealed should keep longer.

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      • Miss Kitty July 12, 17:20

        The worse canned meat I ever ate was spam made with turkey. The ‘spurkey’ didn’t even taste as good as processed chicken loaf and it had an unpleasant mushy texture. Never had it again! Yecchh!

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  13. IvyMike July 5, 00:47

    By definition TEOTWAWKI means you no longer have to worry about saturated fats and nitrites or vaccinations or flouride etc…

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck July 5, 06:00

      Too true, Mike. I always find finickiness about food amusing when discussing end of the world situations. After three days of nothing to eat by dandelion greens a survivor will be so happy to scarf down an uncooked can of Spam it will be like Gone In Sixty Seconds. After three days, I am quite sure I would even be willing to give heavy duty consideration to possum — well, maybe four days. It would probably take me a day to make a final decision. (smiling emoji)

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  14. mrkaane July 5, 01:08

    Keystone meats are really good but are not stocked at all walmarts. The solution is simple, order them on walmart.com and pick them up at your local store in about 3 days. There is no delivery charge on orders over $35.00 Also keep in mind that many products are stocked by regional demand so if there are other items you are looking for, search walmart.com and chances are pretty good you can find them there.

    Hope this helps,

    God Bless.

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  15. Yank July 5, 13:52

    I took an EMT course some time back. The nurse teaching us gave us some good ideas but one sticks out more than others. While choosing your canned foods, put the can in your cart and push down hard on the lid. If it pops, the can has lost its vacuum and could be potentially deadly if consumed. Doing the same with your canned foods stock piled could be a life saver.

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  16. Tom July 5, 15:41

    Self canning is a good way to go. Plus, you can buy organically raised beef, or raise a cow or steer. We have unmarked GMOs in the stores, and are slated to start getting genetically manipulated meat, as well as lab-created fake meat. I want food, not foodstuffs engineered to be detrimental to my health. I do all I can to be healthy. They do all they can to make us unhealthy. For long storage, they make stainless steel lids, (someone told me that on another of these forums). I bought a pressure canner, aluminum, I wish I bought an All American brand, stainless steel, not so hazardous in regards to blowing up or being damaged to unuseable. I have had one meat canning. I canned raw meat, you can go cooked or raw. My meat all came out, (what’s the term?), stringy, strands of beef & chicken. Next time I will brown the meat. Food Dehydrators are supposed to make food last 25 years. Expensive, but I imagine a group of folks buying one to share. Himalayan Pink salt has micronutrients, excellent for health. Virgin Olive oil packed sardines is great, but most are packed with soy oil, soy is an endocrine disruptor, decreases testosterone. Also, a report came out saying much of the olive oil sold is fake. Pemmican is purported to last as long as 25 years. One problem with game is the growing issue of, (not knowing the correct term, I will call it), mad cow disease infecting game.

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck July 7, 01:50

      The olive oil described in the article you are talking about was not “fake” olive oil. It was real olive oil, the part that was fake was the grading. It was graded extra virgin and was not, it was merely virgin or lower. In addition, olive oil gets old in plastic bottles. It gets old in clear bottles. It needs to be stored in dark colored, glass bottles in order to not get stale. It won’t be bad, it just won’t be as tasty as if it were properly stored or fresh according to the folk who claim to be able to tell the difference.

      All that said, I personally believe it is kind of the phony haute attitude that attends cheese and wine. How many times in a blind tasting has a cheap wine scored higher than a much higher priced wine, yet when folks know the names of the wine they scorn the Two Buck Chuck as being plonk but the last time they drank it in a blind tasting they raved about it.

      The bottle of olive oil I am using right now is about two years old. I can’t taste any difference from when it was first opened. Perhaps if I tasted a newly pressed bottle just opened and my two-year old olive oil I could discern some slight difference in taste. If I have to do that, it isn’t worth the extra cost for “premium” olive oil.

      As far as buying tuna in oil, just check the label. If it say soy oil and you think that is poison, don’t buy it. It’s that easy. If it says olive oil, you can be sure it is standard olive oil, not extra virgin olive oil. It still has the same food value and by the time it has been cooked in tuna fish, you won’t be able to taste the olives anyway, it will be fish oil.

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      • Tom July 7, 04:17

        I didn’t read the article you mentioned, “…the article you are talking about…” I am referring to an issue that came out through multiple sources, documentation that oil was being produced with mystery oils, using the method of oil production invented post WWII, and thought to be concocted by the Italian Mafia.
        All the new oils, vegetable, canola, safflower, corn, soy bean, cotton seed, etc. are produced with copious amounts of CFCs, chloroflourocarbons. I think it is similar to the way some people take pot and direct liquid butane through it and it produces hash. I don’t know if it is real. It is a common practice. Oil producers inject these new sources of oil with copious amounts of liquified chloroflourocarbons to produce these new oils. (For some reason they do not worry about the greenhouse gases being released, but that is because it is a mis-information campaign). They invented the process after WWII. The fake olive oil was attributed to the mafia, and I doubt the FDA even tests it. All the Post-WWII oils are low in omega 3s, and high in omega 6, contra-indicated for good health. I
        buy crap cans of food, but am slowly replacing with nutritious food, not FDA, bribed-into-compliance foods, but healthful foods, new millennium technologically understood nutrition.
        In Nazi German concentration camps, and Soviet Russian gulags, they drank their urine and ate their feces to survive. I met a pastor who was imprisoned in Nazi Germany, AND Soviet Russia, big gaping hunks out of his flesh, back and chest, from torture. He ate and drank his waste. I want better for myself and my family, though in a pinch I would no doubt do anything it took to survive. I’ll survive if I have to survive, but I don’t just want to survive, I want to thrive.
        “In addition, olive oil gets old in plastic bottles. It gets old in clear bottles. It needs to be stored in dark colored, glass bottles in order to not get stale…” plastic breaks down and leeches BPA into whatever is contained. BPA is an endocrine disruptor, the most common, easiest endocrine disruption as example is soy, and it’s disruption of testosterone production, and signals to the body to produce estrogen instead. Aged oils become rancid, it is from oxidation, and is not healthful. I don’t recall the physiologic effects of rancid oil right now, and can’t research it now. I can my ghee, also capable of becoming rancid. One can pressure can, or use one of those vacuum sealers to remove most of the oxygen. Researching freeze drying, they have packets they add to the packaging that specifically absorb oxygen. One way to recognize rancid oil, (besides the off smell and taste), is the change around the lid, from oily and lubricating to sticky and gummy. The bottled oil may be okay, but around the bottles threads can be rancid.
        I acknowledge the presence of what you called, “the phony haute attitude…” Many of those touting what they believe is quality is just snobbery. Your mention of wine, you are probably talking about Charles Shaw, I think you mentioned it. In that case, first realize what it is. Charles Shaw is extra wine from all the best vineyards, lesser vineyard’s wines as well. They produce too much, to ensure they can hit their target barrel numbers. They sell their surplus wine very cheaply. Charles Shaw buys these wines, and has a specific goal, to blend excellent wine with crap wine, and produce a consistent product. I am convinced that they had a special bottling of their best wines for the competition they won in several categories. They would no doubt have had different results if someone was sent to Trader Joe’s to pull cases off the shelf for the competition.
        That said, there are those who can recognize good quality wine and cheese, just as you, at whatever business you pursue, could inform us about important minutia that is in no way snobbery, but the fruit of your decades at the pursuit. Someone lacking that knowledge would produce an inferior product.
        Fuck taste, I make my choices from research into healthful quality, of course taste follows. The FDA has been captured by big capital. Take chocolate. All my life, they couldn’t call it chocolate unless it was made with 100% cocoa butter. They changed the law a decade or more ago. They can use any oil, and they don’t have to tell you on the label. They never mention whether it is made with cocoa butter, (easy to recognize by its melting point), but they ALL say they are made with soy lecithin. I suspect most chocolate today, especially American chocolate, is made with soy oil. Soy is an endocrine disruptor. Endocrine disruptors can lead to reproductive cancer, and can cause breasts in men, belly fat, loss of hair, many disorders.
        HEY!, I’ve got no problem with whatever people want to do. Go for it. My friends, the ones who always bragged about their affordable meals at inexpensive restaurants, tend to die in their early 70s, but not before a decade of suffering in poor health. I think it is the oil they use at those restaurants.
        I am a patron at Tom’s Bar & Restaurant, good quality ingredients, but sometimes he pulls a can off the shelf. Everyone wants to know where it is; it’s at my house.
        What do I know?, I’m just a journeyman carpenter & electrical Lineman. My sister is a prominent attorney from a prestigious university. I spoke of the H.A.A.R.P. facility in Alaska. She told me I was full of it. I offered her the GPS coordinates on Google maps, but she is superior in her analytic, scholastic, and debate skills, with which she gave her unsupported reply, “HORSE! SHIT!” Superior intellect in action. Enjoy your life, and whatever you choose to consume, and feed your family.

        Reply to this comment
        • Yosemite August 15, 18:48

          What were your comments about the H.A.A.R.P. Facility? Was it along conspiracy lines it os used as a Weather Control Weapon? Just curious what you sister was so against what you had to say about the Facility.

          Reply to this comment
          • Tom August 15, 19:15

            You first have to understand liberal college people, mostly graduates. Current students and recent graduates are a different group. First, they feel The Overton Window tells them the appropriate topics of conversation, and which topics their peers find to be unacceptable. In truth, there is a power that is engineering the public through indoctrination, and they get this set of acceptable or not topics. Second is the Dunning-Kruger Effect, which tells them that their views are the obvious logical choice, but that stupid people think they are right as well.
            They are trained to oppose radically any encroachment to their dogma, not with logic and rhetoric, but with blind emotion, win the argument any way possible, including: *Ridicule, make supporting your position a source of derision, and laugh, *Talk don’t listen, watch most any discussion between two or more opposing viewpoints. At some point, the parties begin to regurgitate their memorized sales and information speeches, not hearing or responding to the other party doing the same thing.
            In my sister’s case, she heard H.A.A.R.P. and defended her position, that HAARP, and any similar topic, (I had brought up other topics she had to oppose), was part of a group of topics that were off limits. If ypu aren’t on the inside, it is hard to discern how there are a set of topics that the party will not address, but somehow, speaking to these people, I come away with a sense of the set of topics that are off limits, without it being said. Around that time, she also began a litany of, “Agree to disagree, agree to disagree.”

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  17. Big Dave July 6, 01:43

    For long term home canning of meat the old style wire bail glass top jars are ideal. No exposed metal at all and with the now available silicone reusable seals not that expensive to use. There are a lot of them sitting in attics and barns all over the country.
    Pressure cookers, when taken care of last forever. I am still useing my Moms Mirro mattic 8 that she bought in 1953. Also have a couple of the old canners with the 8 screw dowm toggle locks which I retrofitted with Mirro pressure controls so I do not have to sit and watch the pressure gage for hours to maintain a steady 10 PSI.Just be aware that as this makes them an open system you will need to add more water to the kettle at the start to make up for steam loss thru the jiggler.

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  18. Rj July 7, 00:39

    If the sodium is high in the canned meat you chose, then don’t eat a full serving. That’s like Ramen noodles, if you don’t want so much salt, don’t add the full flavor packet, only use half.

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  19. Clergylady July 7, 03:57

    Hunger is hunger and food is food as long as its not spoiled. What I store is going to be the best possible but fact is… If you’re truly hungry you’ll eat things you’d never try under any other circunstance.
    I have canned corned beef, canned ham, canned spam in several flavors, canned beef stew, canned beef enchiladas, canned chili con carne, and chili con carne with beans. Each different and each has more than one serving of meat.

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    • merlin grayman July 7, 10:48

      ” Hunger is hunger and food is food as long as its not spoiled. What I store is going to be the best possible but fact is… If you’re truly hungry you’ll eat things you’d never try under any other circunstance. ”

      actually … the fact is history proves you wrong … it is well documented that people have starved themselves to death
      rather than eat food they found not palatable or distasteful … for whatever reason.

      an historical, documented fact well known by people in the food storage business.
      store what you normally eat.
      and food you like to eat.

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      • Yosemite August 15, 19:40

        Please sho our documentation here people willingly staved themselves to death.
        there are people documented eating their own feces.
        ever heard of the Donner Party?
        Ever head about the plane crash and the survivors in the Andes Mountain?

        People resorted to cannibalism. There are many more cases of such happening and these are not isolated incidents.

        I don’t see very many people intentionally starving themselves to death and refusing to eat an available food. PERHAPS some deeply religious people would not eat pork or beef… perhaps lobsters or crabs or shrimp..but Hunger is very powerful motivator.. 3 or 4 days with no food and not due to an illness….or even a week or longer….without food….your stomachs and Will to Live is going to have you eating things you normally would never consider putting in your mouth o as a food source….Insects grubs or other such items. No doubt their are cases of Deeply Religious individuals that would not eat whatever food items that their Religion forbid them from eating. BUT I firmly believe hat there are more that did and and never spoke openly about it or would admit it.
        No mater the food as Kosher or Halal or whatever

        People eating another human being to survive……People eating their on feces.. should give you a very good example of what Hunger is capable of driving people to do and that Hunger will make people eat anything they can find to possibly eat.
        In the US Revolutionary War, there were soldiers that resorted to eating their boots.because they had nothing else to eat.
        Dying of hunger is a long slow painful death that no sane person would ever want to suffer. I know people can “WILL” themselves to die and give up living. I know there are far more cases the WILL to Live to SURVIVE is stronger. Look at the Prison camps of BOTH sides from the US so called Civil War…most people do not know about the treatment the North did to captured POWs from the South….Look at the Nazi Concentration Camps. Human beings from POWs in the US and from those Camps wee nothing but walking skeletons YET they continued to survive….despite the Hunger and the Horrors and Mistreatment

        People did what they had to do to eat whatever they could find, Eating dirt and feces to put something their belly..

        I do agree with stock the foods you like to eat and .even other items you might not like regularly eat to give you some change and taste in hat you are eating to keep you from getting bored with eating the same old thing ever day.

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    • merlin grayman July 7, 10:55

      “Hunger is hunger and food is food as long as its not spoiled. What I store is going to be the best possible but fact is… If you’re truly hungry you’ll eat things you’d never try under any other circunstance.”

      actually, it is well documented that is not true.
      people have staved themselves to death rather than eat food they found not palatable …. for whatever reason.

      store what you normally eat, and like.

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  20. merlin grayman July 7, 10:52

    ” Hunger is hunger and food is food as long as its not spoiled. What I store is going to be the best possible but fact is… If you’re truly hungry you’ll eat things you’d never try under any other circunstance. ”

    actually … the fact is history proves you wrong … it is well documented that people have starved themselves to death
    rather than eat food they found not palatable or distasteful … for whatever reason.

    an historical, documented fact well known by people in the food storage business.
    store what you normally eat.
    and food you like to eat.

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    • Dan July 7, 17:35

      Yes, it’s true that people have starved to death from food they felt was not palatable. On the other hand people have also starved due to food fatigue. They might have liked the item before, but repetition of eating the same dish item can quickly make it unappealing. Planning for different options and rotation of your stash helps to combat this issue. I certainly have not planned to eat just beans and rice.

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      • merlin grayman July 8, 06:35

        ” On the other hand people have also starved due to food fatigue.”
        depending on what you are eating.
        i have eaten 2 slices of bacon and 2 eggs over easy for breakfast every day for over 30 years.

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        • Dan July 8, 22:19

          “I have eaten 2 slices of bacon and 2 eggs over easy for breakfast every day for over 30 years”. No complaints here. I can eat my wifes Spanish rice and potatoe salad every day. That’s just me. But just going in to visit my uncle in the nursing home tells me some of us are exceptions. I’ve seen plenty of old timers refusing to eat the institutionalized food served to them over a period of time. Sure spice’s can make a huge difference. History isn’t going to change tomorrow.

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    • Tom July 7, 17:50

      I can eat my cooking every day. I often eat just about the same food, but different spices, different presentation. My ex-wife, my Mother is like this too, can’t eat the same dish for at least a week. She would have to freeze leftovers, and if she froze it, she wouldn’t want it in a week. I conceived a comic, a caveman and his wife in a cave, wooly mammoth keeled over, X-es for eyes, a cross hatch section out of his hind quarter, and the woman is saying, “Mammoth again? We had that last night.” Look of dismay on our caveman. We all have different experiences. I have gone hungry. I can’t imagine not eating if I was hungry. Then again, I have known friends who couldn’t cook. Their food, especially their leftovers, leave me cold.

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  21. Clergylady July 8, 02:30

    I like my cooking.
    Latest Articles June 24 below is a good example of real hunger.

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  22. Clergylady July 8, 02:32

    LCC. any more rock n roll vertigo incidents?

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    • left coast chuck July 11, 00:23

      Not on this end, Clergylady, although the number of aftershocks in the Ridgecrest-Trona area is truly amazing. The aftershocks have ranged up into 4 – 5 on the Richter scale which means they are being felt. From about 3.5 on, they can be felt if one is close enough. I’ve read that the Richter scale is logarithmic. Sorry, but I can’t explain exactly what that means but a 4 is a whole lot stronger than a 3.5, much stronger than the numbers might otherwise indicate. I don’t know the quantity of aftershocks at this point but at one point over the weekend it was over 1500 aftershocks. While aftershocks themselves are not most times strong enough to damage a building, if the building is damaged from the initial quake, the continued shaking inflicts more damage until the structure is a total loss. Much like bending a piece of metal. Do it enough times and the metal will break. I think it is called stress fatigue.

      It is hard for me to believe, but folks living in the desert apparently don’t have water stored on their property. Emergency services are busy trucking in bottles of water to provide drinking water to the non-peppers. The Ridgecrest-Trona area is desert. Yes, there is a layer of water in Searles Lake which is adjacent to Trona, but that water is saltier than any ocean you ever swam in. That’s the reason for Trona and Ridgecrest to begin with, support for the chemical company surface mining dissolved minerals, mainly boron in the water in the lake. Those two towns are on the road to the Panamint entrance to Death Valley. They are definitely in the desert. I just can’t imagine not having back up water supplies tucked away.

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  23. Clergylady July 11, 02:30

    Glad you’re ok LLC. Yes I understand the stress on structures. I’ve been through that country where the earthquake was centered but its been years. I agree I can’t see living out that way without some water stored away. I live in mountain desert with an annual good year rainfall/snow water amount of 12 inches.
    I have some water stored and one unused well and a winch.. I’d survive as long as the well didn’t loose its bottom…. That’s an earthquake risk. But this isn’t particularly earthquake country.
    I was in the 1952 Tahachapie earthquake but in Loma Linda at the time. It pretty much destroyed a woman’s prison at Tahachapie, earth crevices opened and swallowed road sections and lots of rows of grapes. The bell tower in Bakerfield came down. Most store front windows were cracked or broken out in many surrounding towns. Pretty memorable. Our little home had cement floors and plaster walls. Lots of cracks in both. Mom and Dad tried to walk to me and couldn’t do it because the floor was rolling like ocean waves. I saw others but that was the biggest I was in.

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    • Clergylady July 13, 16:09

      Tom. I keep powdered non fat milk here. Smaller sealed packets for long term storage. They will stay fresh better when opened but I keep large bags as well. Cheaper. I cook and bake with powdered milk. If I need buttermilk I just add some vinegar to sour the milk.
      I’ve been without power most of the last year and it was a way to deal with not having refrigeration. Its worked so well I will continue this just for convenience.

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  24. MikeyW July 15, 19:50

    “…maybe a little wine in the Cretin people’s case. We must be careful not to through diet in the trash when the SHTF.”

    I appreciate the article and the information therein, but I think you meant “Cretan” (someone from the island of Crete), rather than “Cretin” (a derogatory term for a mentally-challenged person). We have to be careful of who we might offend, even if inadvertently.

    Reply to this comment
    • Tom July 15, 23:29

      No, I meant cretin. I am mentally challenged, so it’s like a black person… well….
      All the snowflakes openly insult who I am, and in the next breath, say they are, “triggered,” by me for being a traditional American. Careful about lecturing me, or I might lecture back and I’m not armed with generic platitudes, but I am observant, and I will go right to your tender spot and point at it like an Irish setter, (you caught me, more like a blue tick).

      Reply to this comment
    • Tom July 15, 23:39

      I replied before reviewing. I was not using, “cretin,” in a sentence, I was quoting another.
      I wrote more content, but didn’t include it. I don’t want to trigger a snowflake.

      Reply to this comment
      • Clergylady July 16, 18:13

        Lol. Let the snow flacks; flake out.
        Actually on an above comment… I’d love an occasional glad of wine. I sometimes make a gallon of grandmas dandelion wine or a gallon of genuine cactus juice.. Juice of the fruit on my long row of nopal cacti with a mild alcohol content when finish and sitting most of a year to develop a nice flavor.

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  25. Sourdough July 20, 05:13

    Learned a trick long ago …mix powdered skim milk and a condensed milk … each has what the other is missing … tastes like regular milk.

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  26. Clergylady July 20, 16:06

    Sourdough. That sounds like a pretty good idea. I usually just use less water than called for on the package. It helps the milk seem richer. For long term storage I’m still going with powdered milk but canned lasts a long time Also.

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  27. Bill in Tennessee July 25, 13:19

    I went to my local (east Tennessee) COSTCO yesterday looking for Kirkland’s canned beef. None of it anywhere, and a store employee told me that it was discontinued a few weeks ago. Now where can I find good canned beef?

    Reply to this comment
    • Jill July 25, 13:24

      If you have an Aldi in your area, they have it. Reasonably priced at about $2/can, and tastes good. I use it every couple of weeks for corned beef and cabbage.

      Reply to this comment
    • Jill July 25, 15:02

      Aldi has corned beef, not just canned beef. Sorry, didn’t read your message right.

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  28. Jill July 25, 13:25

    If you have an Aldi in your area, they have it. Reasonably priced at about $2/can, and tastes good. I use it every couple of weeks for corned beef and cabbage.

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  29. Clergylady July 25, 18:35

    All grocery stores and many dollar type stores carry canned beef and it here meats. Try a Sam’s club for bulk discount sales.

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  30. Yosemite August 15, 21:10

    Not mentioned were smoked Kippers/Herring tasty as a snack or fixed with scrambled eggs and numerous other recipes. I have not seen canned minced clams or crab meat or those tiny brine shrimp. All of which can be used in various recipes.
    I have also seen canned sausages but have not tried them…..
    Having food like to eat means we will need other things
    to doctor them up and to add things to create diversity n what we eat so e do not get bored eating the same thing over and over
    I also did not see an item I recently found. It is canned BBQ Pulled Pork. It is tasty BBQ sauce and I can make 3 sandwiches on hamburger buns or add it to cooked pasta or rice.
    I also got the canned Roast Beef and Gravy an corned beef. the canned corned beef iis also good to add to cabbage or make your own hash.
    The brand is Clover Valley. for both the Beef and the Pork. They had different brands of Corned Beef.

    Take some Instant Mashed potatoes,a can or two of the Roast Beef and gravy and add some canned vegetables and make a Sheppard’s Pie a nice hearty meal! Or fix the Roast Beef with Pasta or even add some sour cream and make a sour creme sauce with the gravy. Use your own recipes and/or imagination or find recipes on line or create your own new ones.

    I was in a Dollar General…. They also had canned Chicken Breast / Canned Turkey/Canned Ham/Canned corned beef hash and numerous other canned related items.

    I know this about canned meats BUT consider the following
    I will also add Canned Cocktail Canned Pears Canned Peaches canned Mangoes canned pineapple and other canned fruit.

    I also have not seen an mention of canned Spinach or other greens or canned Black eyed Peas all ready seasoned… and they had the usual gamut of dried beans.

    Good place to find a lot of most canned goods. Well worth checking on items you may not have thought of
    or be looking for. Check them at least once a week better a couple of times a week as the may have restocked or have various new items on sale
    They had 2 packs of 20 oz cans on sale. I must admit I am not a fan of canned chicken no matter what I do with it it still has that canned taste but it is food and has many uses chicken and rice or noodles or a salad like tuna Salad with mayo boiled eggs and whatever else one wants to add and season it with

    Reply to this comment
    • Clergylady August 16, 03:27

      A lady in our church makes a great chicken salad sandwich. It’s requested for every dinner at church. I know she uses canned chicken, mayo, finely diced celery and green grapes halved. Not sure what else. There’s some light spice. … Maybe cloves. It’s delicious. Good cooks can make tasty meals from almost anything.
      By the way the church I grew up in forbade catfish, all shell fish, any fish without scales, animals need a split good like cows or deer. Off limits were rodent family (rabbits, Prarrie dog, squirrel), snakes, pigs et.
      If you read my account of 10 months (June) living off of the land you’ll soon see hunger won.

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    • Clergylady August 16, 03:53

      A lady in our church makes a great chicken salad sandwich. It’s requested for every dinner at church. I know she uses canned chicken, mayo, finely diced celery and green grapes halved. Not sure what else. There’s some light spice. … Maybe cloves. It’s delicious. Good cooks can make tasty meals from almost anything.
      By the way the church I grew up in forbade catfish, all shell fish, any fish without scales, animals need a split good like cows or deer. Off limits were rodent family (rabbits, Prarrie dog, squirrel), snakes, pigs et.
      If you read my account of 10 months (June) living off of the land you saw hunger won. I still eat meats but love my veggies. I keep a pretty good mix here. I can greens, and whatever I have from the garden. I’ll probably soon can some yellow squash. I may can some purslane, amaranth leaves, and lambsquarters just to fill the canner. My fall greens aren’t ready to eat yet but the wild ones are still doing great.

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