What To Do When Gun Control Gets Really Bad

Travis Pike
By Travis Pike November 6, 2017 10:47

What To Do When Gun Control Gets Really Bad

Gun Control is a favorite tactic for many politicians on the left. It allows them to shift the blame from the person, whose worldviews and political party often aligns with theirs, to a simple tool they can ban. With an all Republican everything, you’d think we wouldn’t have to worry, but that’s far from true. These people seemingly always find a way to infiltrate politics and attempt to strip us of our God-given rights. So what do we do? How do we fight back if gun control legislation is proposed or passed?

#1. Learn How To Make Your Own

California is the beacon of cruddy gun control laws in the United States. They’ve gone above and beyond to reclassify your standard semi-automatic rifle into what they call an assault rifle. What we’ve seen is people and companies outsmarting the legislature at every turn. One of the most famous means was building your own gun. Specifically AR 15s. AR 15s are always on the chopping block, but even California couldn’t stop the signal.

With the advent of 80% lowers Californians were able to again build their own rifles within the law. The AR 15 is hardly the only weapon you can build. In fact, an enterprising patriot build can manufacture their own semi-auto Sten gun, Glocks, MAC 10/11s, AK rifles and more. The main issue is going to be acquiring the skills and tools needed to make these weapons. It takes a little mechanical skill and a lot of different tools.

It would be wise to start learning the insides and outsides of guns now. Learn to build them, acquire the tools, and fire up the Youtube machine. Here you’ll find as hard as they try they can’t stop the signal. You can build your own with a little practice, and it’s perfectly legal to do so. You aren’t just building guns, you are learning valuable skills regarding the construction and design of firearms that could be invaluable if things got really bad.

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#2. Recognize the Gun Ban Matrix

One fact we’ve seen over and over again with anti-gunners is that they know absolutely nothing about guns. If the power these people had wasn’t so terrifying it would be hilarious. Every time they open their mouths about guns they say something incredibly stupid. They simply target guns that look scary and that’s it. That’s why the gun ban matrix exists. The gun ban matrix is a list of features and guns unlikely to be banned because anti-gunners are idiots and don’t understand firearms.

These are the guns you should consider investing in should sweeping legislation occur. In case the situations getting drastic and confiscation begins things may move too fast for people to react. In that event a neutered gun is better than no gun.

The first guns to go are going to be the traditional targets for anti-gunners, the AK 47s, the AR 15s, the Tavors, and the usual suspects. They may be banned by name, or by the features they share. A good alternative to these semi-auto rifles is the Ruger Mini 14 and Mini 30 series. They can be purchased in not so scary configurations.

Past the Mini 14 and Mini 30, there is the fixed magazine SKS rifle. It’s often left off ban lists, and it’s affordable and common. It’s limited to ten rounds, but with stripper clips, you can reload quite fast with practice.

Past this level we get into manually operated firearms, this includes pump-action shotguns, and lever and bolt action rifles. A good lever action rifle is a rapid firing gun and in the right caliber can hold up to 14 rounds. These guns are highly unlikely to be banned without a full constitutional amendment.

#3. Don’t Give A Single Inch

With the recent Las Vegas shooting there has been an increased interest in banning a firearm accessory known as a bump fire stock. These accessories are rather dumb and useless, and in no way did it make the shooter more lethal. Regardless of how dumb and useless they are there is no reason the firearms community should let them be banned without a fight. With the NRA even saying the ATF should reevaluate bump fire stocks.

This is how gun control starts, with tiny little cuts. We let them take one dumb accessory and next time they’ll push for something else, and they’ll keep pushing. Give them nothing, not a single inch. As gun rights advocates we have to defend what we have and go on the offensive. Fight back and take our God Given rights back.

#4. Push Back and Push Back Hard

If legislation gets passed regarding gun control, and I mean any legislation at all, we have to push back. The vast majority of gun owners are law abiding, tax paying, job having citizens who want nothing more than to live in peace. We all know actual gun control will do absolutely nothing to strip criminals of firearms, just good people who already obey the law.

If gun control happens as law abiding gun owners we have to flood the legislator’s offices with our demands. We have to protest, we have to write letters, we need to march on the capitals. In 2012 the gun community did an amazing job of coming together to resist any form of gun control. We need that same response to every law that passes, heck we need that reaction every gun control law that is even proposed.

We need to push at the local, state and federal level. Work every angle possible. We have to keep supporting companies that agree with our God-given rights, we have to join gun rights organizations of every kind. We literally have to put our money where our mouth is.

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#5. Focus on the Small Politics as Much as the Large

It’s easy to forget the importance of local politics when it comes to federal gun control. Local and state politics can make all the difference. We saw Sheriff’s in states across the union step forward and say they would refuse to enforce federal gun control laws in their counties. We saw states and municipalities adopt laws that would act to nullify federal gun control laws.

If we can’t toss the anti-freedom and anti-gun bastards out of federal offices we can at least elect the right people at the local and state level to ensure the laws are useless.


As American citizens, we owe it to future generations to resist. Resist with every fiber we have. Resist gun control measures with everything we can. We need to prepare for the worst and always ready to resist.

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Travis Pike
By Travis Pike November 6, 2017 10:47
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  1. Rocky November 6, 15:18

    The ONLY thing that has kept America a free nation since our very beginning is the fact citizens are armed.
    We have watched as other counties forced their people to hand over their guns and watched as they were destroyed later on with no way to fight back. This may well be the only reason Americans may finally band together and fight back if a gun grab law is ever passed. Nothing else has ever done it on a national level.

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  2. Graywolf12 November 6, 16:29

    #5 is super important. The libs started years ago to win elections at the lowest level. They knew that that JPO might end up as a federal judge, and do their dirty work. Know who you are electing and what they stand for.

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    • PB- dave November 6, 22:24

      Sadly that requires a little homework to find out who & what somebody running for office is. And even then a bad apple may slip thru….. but what is on the people, is when they don’t vote them out ! I’ve seen county & state judges make outrageous calls that enrage everyone, but come election day they are voted to be retained ( mainly due to party).
      THIS IS NOT A GUN ISSUE…. it’s a representation issue. We need common sense represented in our government, our laws, & overall AMERICAN lifestyle.
      It’s time to say NO to stupidity… start by saying No More in the voting booth.

      Reply to this comment
  3. Mattwm November 6, 17:03

    Although Republicans do control both houses, they don’t have complete control. There are RINOs who’s votes cannot be counted on, and it is a 50/50 split in the Senate, which is not complete control by either party.

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  4. Sammy November 6, 17:17

    i never believed in owning a gun, now I do. arm yourselves. They are coming after us, we need to to care of our extended families, everyone in the US. They are planning to take the US down, First by killing the stock market, causing killer viruses, gmos lack of food, Taking away your guns, if you are a prepper, they will go after your food.

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  5. A.C. November 6, 18:31

    I could not read your article in full.

    You called anti-gun people idiots one time too many for me.
    (One time is too many.)
    You can get your point across without resorting to
    name-calling and demeaning people.
    Just sayin…..

    Reply to this comment
    • A.C. November 6, 18:36

      O.K. maybe not idiots… but stupid is what you actually said. How about calling them ill-informed? Or miss-informed?

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      • Sandy November 7, 05:07

        Ill-informed is an apt term. Their information is making the USA ill.

        I also like your suggestion for “miss-informed.” It implies people who are receiving their information from their mistresses, or perhaps that the targeted information missed their minds.

        Reply to this comment
      • eric the red December 25, 14:27

        I think the word you are looking for is “ignorant”.
        Ignorant does not imply mental weakness nor stupidity, it means the lack of information. Lacking in education

        Reply to this comment
    • Izzy November 6, 21:02

      Have you never said anything “stupid” in your life? Picking at gnats?

      Reply to this comment
    • Surly Curmudgen November 6, 23:46

      Sadly it takes an idiot to vote for their own enslavement.

      Reply to this comment
    • RBA November 7, 05:33

      I don’t believe the libs are “misinformed” or “illinformed”. They know exactly what they are doing and that is trying to disarm the citizens so they can shove their socialist/com munist/progressive (whatever you want to all it) agenda down our American throats! They know (as well as our forefathers) that it starts by disarming the citizens. They’re stupid or idiots to think we’re just going to let them disarm us. Sounds like AC is a PC supporter. Time to call a spade a spade (not a racist remark if that’s what you’re thinking)! Libs don’t mind calling us names. If the proverbial shoe fits…

      Reply to this comment
      • Graywolf12 November 7, 13:19

        Read the 1963 Communist Goals, Rules for Radicals, and the Communist manifesto. They know what they are doing, and will continue for ever.

        Reply to this comment
    • Procius November 19, 05:17

      It is time to drop the PC BS and tell it like it is in plain English. If you don’t get the message of this post without being upset, then maybe you are just to PC for this game the liberals are playing with out 2nd amendment rights

      Reply to this comment
    • Love is what is important December 4, 18:11

      Anti-gun people will be victims of their own ignorance. They can have my gun when they pry it from my stiff dead body. ‘Better dead than red”. the neo-marxist left winger’s are the pro- Killary morons, pro choice killers and advocates of Trump hate. Stay in front of your T.V. sets and watch your lying media idols. Your miserable ending is drawing near and then there can be peace for the rest of us.

      Reply to this comment
    • Cry Havoc January 25, 23:32

      Calling someone an “idiot” is the wrong way to go. It’s more accurate to say, “idiotic views” or ” idiotic behavior.” I prefer to call liberalism what it is, a mental illness. They are either in denial, or project their feelings and or emotions onto others. Since their behavior is illogical, it is important for the adults to fight their agenda tooth and nail.

      Reply to this comment
  6. A.C. November 6, 18:37

    That should have been spelled misinformed.

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  7. WILDBILL November 6, 18:42

    From My cold gray hands in a pile of brass. they don’t have the authority to take our guns. They don’t have a clue as to what gun the patsy was firing in Las Vegas if he even fired one at all. I am tired of being ignored and pushed around by the government and will work hard to see that people who vote against guns will have to start looking for a new job.

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  8. no November 6, 19:59

    Police are never there when a shooter opens fire on people. They’re ALWAYS after the fact! People need to be armed to immediately stop a shooter from mass murders. Gun controls ONLY allows Police to walk all over American Citizens. Have you ever noticed that during EVERY peaceful demonstration that they ONLY people armd are the Police?

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  9. Leahcim November 6, 21:05

    Awesome extremist zealot message. As a rational supporter of the second amendment, I believe in the right of individuals to own guns, I own quite a few as a prepper. But every right has its limitations. The first amendment guarantees freedom of speech, but not all speech is free such as yelling fire in a crowded movie theater. Firearms without any restrictions is not only dangerous, it is stupid! Do not give an inch, really? This country was built on compromise, the Constitution was a product of incredible levels of compromise from a very diverse group of individuals/states. Greatest document on the planet! The founders wanted to protect your right to defend yourself and your family, not to own the best killing machines on earth.

    Reply to this comment
    • Jimhardy November 6, 22:58

      Spot on !! Too many us and them mentalities going on in this great country. I own guns, but see no need to build an arsonal. I personally am more afraid of our so called “leader of the free world”, Trump. A thing that is just as comfortable face down in putin’s lap, as he is on a billboard smirking. Just saying….

      Reply to this comment
      • Surly Curmudgen November 6, 23:38

        Your post indicates you are not mentally stable enough to possess a firearm. Trump is the best choice this nation has made since Grover Cleveland.

        Reply to this comment
        • RBA November 7, 05:49

          “Spot on” Surly! They must be living in that Utopia the libs keep thinking we live in where it’s possible to wipe out hate, end all crime and heal all sickness. Give them an inch and they think they’re a ruler. If the govt has better weapons than us (which they do) then why can’t we have ours. Doesn’t matter how the Las Vegas shooter killed people, he could have done it better with explosives, airplane, bus… take your pick.

          Reply to this comment
        • Leahcim November 7, 21:21

          Vladimir Putin agrees with you about Trump Surly, good luck with that. Wow, and you are a forensic psychiatrist as well, impressive.

          Reply to this comment
          • RBA November 8, 03:23

            I take it Leahcim, you never heard “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Just as Reagan never made Russia our enemy but defeated them by collapsing their economy. Luck has nothing to do with it. It’s called strategy. Something a good commander-in-chief has that obviously Trump’s predececessors never obtained. And who gives a damn about what Putin agrees with?

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        • Raven tactical May 29, 11:41

          Trunp is anti gun like every other Republican president.

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      • Doll March 7, 23:05

        Donald Trump is the best president in many years. He has a rough background, but has kept many of his promises to the American people despite the constant battle from his enemies. The Democrat part of congress is clearly off the rails. They are even refusing Fox as a venue for the primary debates. I take a turn watching all the channels and there is clearly hatred for our president on all but Fox so I can’r stay on for too much.

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    • dc November 9, 21:00

      How can you be a rational supporter of the second amendment and reject what it says?

      I have rejected your message because I think you use too many words. Using too many words is not only dangerous, it is stupid and you should be fined and go to jail for it, especially if you don’t get government permission before you speak that way.

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    • Procius November 19, 05:37

      I believe the founders didn’t name weapons but only referred to them as arms purposely. Being wise men, they saw weapons progress during their lifetimes and projected more improvements on into the future so that the wording of the Constitution applies as much today as it did more than 200 years ago. Being written pretty plainly, it really does not require a bunch of ‘highly educated’ people to interpret its’ true meaning. Due to its main purpose of protecting a man & his family from an overbearing government, the progression of arms available to the citizen should be equal to the arms available to said government. You will take notice that the founders, (therefore the Constitution) put NO limits on the arms this right covers.

      Reply to this comment
      • JamesM January 10, 20:38

        Totally agree Procius,
        In fact during the Revoutionary War a little known fact is that civilians had better weapons than the Continental Army did. We bought them from gunsmiths who were testing the latest knowledge while the armies of both the Continental US and Britain were using outdated technology, evidenced by the fact that muskets were well outdistanced by the squirrel rifles the colonists were using in the war.
        The Founding Fathers always intended that we be able to defend ourselves against a tyrannical government, which is exactly what we have now.on both sides. They are trying to take our arms, so that just as Hitler did during WWII they can push us into cattle cars and dispose of us either in work farms, or mass grave trenches for those of us who will never give up our rights to defend ourselves and our families.

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  10. Will November 6, 21:59

    Just as a note, the SKS can take a 20, 30 or 40 round mag. It is a 5 minute change over and you can get the mags at Cabelas or other sporting goods. Completely changes the sks add on a scope mount and you have a very decent little gun. It’s still a little sloppy, but can do 6″ circle at 150 yds

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    • Meathead December 5, 03:16

      Actually, you can put a 100-round drum on an AK-47 or an AR-15. The AK-47 is more durable, but the AR-15 has the tighter specifications. Add a “Slide Fire” stock and an ‘anti-rise flash suppressor and you have some great firepower.

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  11. Surly Curmudgen November 6, 23:33

    Those demanding the abolition of the second amendment will not be stopped by anything short of their own death. Anyone filing suit to weaken or abolish the right to defend one’s self should have to post a one million bond which becomes forfeit when they lose.

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  12. diane November 7, 02:07

    unfortunately, the cardinal of the chicago archdiocese just banned guns in the churches. i was telling my husband that if our mass had been attacked last sunday, the shooter would have been met with gunfire from a retired police officer i know, who was at this mass, and carries a concealed gun. i’ve seen it.

    just another reason i wish we could leave illinois.

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    • Jimhardy November 7, 02:33

      It’s a possible good thought, but with the total caos happening all around, how many more victims would be tallied with a few errant shots from someone with a hand gun, officer or not. I do agree that if possible, cw carrier has at least a chance , but tough call.

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      • left coast chuck December 4, 16:14

        Jim, with an active shooter on the scene there is absolutely no question that people are going to get shot. That is what he is doing. Yes, perhaps a good guy with a gun may accidentally shoot someone other than the shooter he is aiming at, without someone resisting the shooter he is going to continue his carnage until he is taken out or runs out of ammunition. It is a fact that many of these shooters kill themselves the instant they meet resistance. So just the mere fact that someone returns fire may cause them to end their lives and the shooting. No one knows for sure until the incident goes down. There is no perfect answer, but I would rather see the bad guy go down sooner than later.

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  13. Hammer November 7, 02:31

    We need to re boot the Constitution and start following it. If you don’t agree with me, fine. But leave me alone and I won’t tell you how to live. I’m sure you get the idea. It’s the common sense version of “Don’t bother me and I won’t bother you!”.

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  14. PR November 7, 02:44

    They, they, they….who are “they”. Maybe they are your fellow citizens who (mostly) are ok with people owning guns but find the extreme positions held by the NRA and people who speak like some on this discussion site to be frightening. And, by the way, how well has the idea of citizen shooters been working out-50+ dead in Las Vegas, another 26 in Texas. What’s next? I would rather rely on TRAINED law enforcement for protection and better controls on who can have a gun than having somebody decide he wants to be a hero and start shooting back in a crowd. Keep your guns, keep them in a safe place and away from me unless you have permission to hunt on my land.

    Reply to this comment
    • RBA November 7, 06:03

      When you’re being held up or shot at, you wait for your “TRAINED” law enforcement. Also, the people at the concert in Vegas were not allowed to have firearms as I’m sure the ones in Texas were not as well. And don’t think for a minute that all law enforcement are that well “TRAINED”.

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      • Procius November 19, 05:58

        I guess Hammer dosn’t realize that the police are a reactionary organization and not a preventive one, besides the fact that most of them couldn’t hit a barn wall from the inside. The only defense against a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun (and it helps if he knows what he is doing) I witnessed an officer (a top scorer at the range) empty his weapon (15 rounds) at a perp that was returning fire, at 30 yards, and neither one hit the other. Cuz it aint the same as the range when the target shoots back or moves around.

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        • Gentlhart December 5, 20:42

          I remember some cops were shooting at someone with a concrete wall behind him and concrete walls were on the sides between them. Bullets kept coming at them so they kept shooting. Turns not that the bullets coming at them were coming from their own guns.they were having a shootout with themselves. How many lives did these “well trained” cops endanger?

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    • Voter November 7, 12:24

      Which trained law enforcement person prevented the deaths of those babies in Texas? The shooter would not have stopped until they were all dead but there was a citizen with a gun.

      Reply to this comment
    • Graywolf12 November 8, 19:24

      Both areas were GUN FREE ZONES. The zones set up by the libs are designed to allow the maximum amount of carnage before the police arrive. That way they can scream for common sense gun laws. The more people they get killed the better it is for their communist cause.

      Reply to this comment
    • Hammer November 12, 17:06

      Trained personnel. I’m a Combat Veteran with a few tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. I’m pretty sure my training is a tiny bit more than your local law enforcement.
      That being said, how many have written that blank check for everything including my life. My Son has just enlisted and that makes 4th generation Army. It makes me ill to watch. What’s happening to our Country.

      Reply to this comment
    • Minuteman Marcus February 17, 10:28

      The NRA does NOT present “extreme opinions.” The extremities are those who are demanding the disarmament of Americans. They are mere mouthpieces for the socialist rot which is destroying our republic.

      The NRA is quite compromised towards disarmament already. That is why so many Constitution-revering Americans have left the NRA for other representation, such as the CCRKBA and GOA.

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    • Raven tactical May 29, 11:54

      Lol your the first to die

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  15. Hammer November 7, 02:57

    There’s a but load of laws and provisions on the books to control and maintain responsible ownership. Unfortunately someone forgot to tell the bad guys. It comes down to that favorite saying “only the bad guys will have guns, the good guys follow the law.” Comes down to if someone wants to hurt someone they’ll make it happen. Here’s what people are missing: that psycho killed those people not the gun. My heart goes out to those who’ve lost and those lost.

    Reply to this comment
    • Wannabe November 7, 18:54

      Sorry, but if good guys don’t have guns even if they are not allowed to because of over reaching unconstitutional laws, then they are slaves. I think of New Orleans after Katrina hit. Why did the citizens allow the police to take their guns? They physically removed guns from their hands while holding guns in their faces. Beat up an 80 year old woman who did not want to relinquish her only means of self defense. Went house to house and stole any gun on the property without consent from the owners who were forced to evacuate. For over two years it was against the law to have a gun in New Orleans city limits. Who had the authority to do this? Where did officials even derive the authority to do this? Local police not only allowed it to happen but were a part of it. Many gun owners still have not received their guns back. People in boats were rescuing others, the rescuers had guns for personal protection. Police in boats came up to them asked if they had weapons and were forced to hand them over AT GUN POINT. Disgraceful!!!!,

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  16. Dr. Delta November 7, 17:16

    This is a simple issue of firepower available to the average citizen. Available firepower has increased 100x in the last 60 years and the ability of the average citizen to manage that responsibility has not. Making high cap mags Class 3 solves the problem. No Class 3 holder has ever been a mass murderer. If one honestly thinks they’re going to be in a real fire fight, they can go Class 3 and get all the firepower they think they need. Keep in mind however, that the government will always have you out-manned and out-gunned and you’re paying to make sure it stays that way. That is of course unless you have access to satellite recon and call in a drone strike.

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck December 4, 16:26

      If you read history you will see that the musket was the assault weapon of the period. Wealthy folks who could afford them often owned cannons. If you read about frontier life, you will read that many trading posts had a swivel gun, a weapon that is either a light cannon or a very large shotgun. The constitution provides that congress may issue letters of marque. The presupposes that the holder of the letter of marque will have a fully equipped man of war complete with banks of cannons.

      As for not being able to oppose the armed might of the United States, I refer you to our follies in Viet Nam. How did that turn out for the armed might of the U.S.? A little more recently, how long have we been mucking around in Afghanistan? Most of those folks are only armed with small arms. They have no drones, they have no warthogs, they have no 105’s except where they have captured U.S. equipment. They haul their equipment on donkeys or horses. Some would respond that we don’t have the will to fight and win. So what makes you think U.S. troops would have the will to fight and win against their fellow Americans? Asymmetrical warfare has a good chance of success against an organized army. It is the only way for a small group to defeat a larger, better supplied group. Someone once said it isn’t the size of the dog in the fight, it is the fight in the dog.

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  17. Hammer November 8, 14:59

    Yes firepower has increased since way back but remember US citizens throughout our history have had the hi tech firepower for their time. Again, there are plenty of laws on the books they just need to be enforced. Fear a government that fears your guns. And i’m not going to disarm myself because some liberal thinks I need to because of their fears.

    Everywhere I go people are little bit safer.

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  18. Wannabe November 8, 16:08

    When the government fears the people there is freedom, when the people fear the government there is tyranny. No matter who first said this or wrote this is of no matter. The fact still remains this is truth.

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  19. Lucy November 8, 19:12

    I live in redneck country. Almost everyone here has a gun, lots of folks have lots of guns. On the other hand, this area voted 76% for Bernie Sanders, who may even label himself a liberal, and is from a gun-toting state, Vermont.

    Lots of liberals are gun owners, gun users, concealed carriers, hunters, and will go to the ramparts to protect those rights. Here in redneck country, I don’t even know anyone who wants to take away our guns.

    To use the label “liberal” to mean “taking away our 2nd Amendment rights” is misleading in these parts.

    The problem with labeling people is that the label tries to cover too much at once, and can confuse the issues we need to discuss. Just because someone has guns does not mean he is in favor of gunning down schoolchildren or churchgoers. Or even a herd of deer, or all the ducks on the lake. And people who are afraid of guns are confusing the gun with the deed, or with the doer of the deed.

    What say we try to talk about the issues one at a time? It takes longer, but we might find out more in the meantime, maybe even solve some problems.

    Reply to this comment
    • Procius November 19, 06:48

      Lucy, First of all, Vermont is not a ‘gun toting state’ having anything to do with Sanders. Second, Bernie Sanders may be calling himself a liberal right now because he perceives that as being a more acceptable label to the people at this point, but he IS a democratic socialist which is just another name for communist that is more generally accepted (although misunderstood) by his base.BTW it’s only the ultra left liberals that think that if you have a gun you are “in favor of gunning down schoolchildren or churchgoers”

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  20. red rooster November 9, 05:10

    Get rid of soros,killery and obummer, that’s who is driving the n.w.o./commie movement in the U. S. A. at all levels !!!!

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  21. Hammer November 9, 05:36

    Bottom line; anyone comes for my guns and ammo will get the business end. That goes for my constitutional rights as well. No more letting the supreme court dictate plain English to me much less liberal sociolists and communist versions or translations of our straight forward and unambiguous constitution. It’s written in plain English and does not need to be interpreted.

    Reply to this comment
    • left coast chuck December 4, 16:51

      I’ll tell you how it will go down. Two people will knock on your door and when you answer they will introduce themselves as officers of the justice department and that their records show that you have firearms that you are not allowed to have and they are there to collect them. You will say, Oh” and get them and give them to the officers. They will thank you and leave. Your wife and kids are having dinner. You will not be armed as you answer the door at dinner time and you will not come back with your guns blazing because your wife and kids will be at risk. How do I know that? Because it happens several times a day all over the Peepuls Demokratik Republik of Kallyforniya. You pled guilty to simple assault as a result of a bar fight when you were 21, 30 years ago. You are no longer “eligible” to own a firearm in the PDRK. How do I know this for certain. A very dear friend of my daughter did just that as her job with the PDRK dept of “justice” before she developed terminal cancer. She said she felt bad about it sometimes but it was her job and she just did it. I think that’s what the SS guards said at their trials too.

      Now let’s suppose you do not follow the way it has gone down so far. You tell the folks, “From my cold dead hands” and slam the door. Nothing happens for a while then at 0300 some dark morning your front door is knocked down and a dozen ninja wannabes come barging in screaming, Flashbangs get thrown into each room, including the rooms where your children were sleeping, where they now are screaming in terror. One gets thrown in your bedroom where you and your wife are sleeping, perhaps in the nude due to some frolicking earlier in the evening. Your bedroom is filled with men shouting at you as you are grabbed and flung to the floor beside your wife who is sobbing hysterically. After they ransack your home, garage, cars and any outbuildings you have — and when I say “ransack” I mean they dump every drawer in the house on the floor. They dump the flour canister in the kitchen on the floor and the sugar canister follows. Milk & orange juice cartons are dumped into the mess. Your freezer has its contents dumped on the floor. Your medicine chest, all the contents of your linen and other closets. Finally, you and your wife are allowed to put on some minimal clothing, are handcuffed and led away to jail. I’ll quit here because your torture has just started. You and your family are now in the “legal” system.

      No, your neighbors will not come to your aid. They will be gathered on the streets wondering what heinous crime you have committed. That’s how our government is working these days. It’s okay when it is some drug dealer. Nobody says a word about how the raids are conducted. They may even cheer as stuff in the car is thrown out on the driveway. By stuff, I mean the car seats, everything in the glove compartment and the trunk including the car mats and the tool box which is emptied on the lawn. Guess how much of that will be left by the time your wife makes bail and manages to get home. We have allowed our government to get out of control because THEY were coming for someone else and not us —this time. IF you think I am making this up, talk to someone who has had their home invaded because of drugs. You will see that what I have outlined is minimal. Did I mention smashing holes in the walls? No? Well that too. All approved by the Supremes in DC who approved no-knock entries due to exigent circumstances. It used to be a marshal went out to your house knocked on the door and told you he had a warrant for your arrest, put the cuffs on and took you to jail. Now even a summons for a building code violation is served by a swat team. We only think we are living in the country of our forefathers. We are living their worst nightmare.

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  22. chuck December 4, 16:48

    The easiest gun to build and anybody with no experience is a 12 guage shotgun and everyone in the south has a loader

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  23. Love of God and Country December 4, 18:48

    Thanks Hammer and East Coast Chuck
    We stand shoulder to shoulder with you. When the raiding begins here I will cease to be asleep at 3 pm. We fear the cowards in their ninja suits more than the so called bad guys. Ninjas can only attack by surprise in overwhelming odds – how can they believe in what they do?
    The best saying ever devised was “Don’t tread on me” after “give me liberty or give me death”.

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  24. Meathead December 5, 03:32

    First off, unless you have registered your firearms with a government agency, the government has no idea of what type, or how many, firearms you own. A Background Check DOES NOT give the firearm that you may, or may not, purchase. The only record of the sale is with the vendor and in my case, my vendor will destroy the records BEFORE the BATF gets their hands on them, but not all gun stores are as patriotic as the one I buy from, especially the chain stores.
    Unfortunately, Mr. BATF Agent, I had to sell all my firearms to pay my income tax a couple of years ago.

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    • left coast chuck December 5, 05:23

      Ahh, but Meathead, you don’t life in the Peepuls Demokratik Republik of Kallyforniya where the records of what guns you own are scrupulously (as much as anything any government does) maintained. They have been tracking all handgun sales since 1990 and all gun sales since 2015, I think was the date. So the records are available in a centralized location in the PDRK which is how the “justice” department SS agents can come out to your house and have a list of what guns you have purchased since those dates. Prior to 1990, only gun sales through a gun dealer were tracked. Now I don’t know if gun sales that were prior to computerization have been entered into the computers. That would seem to be a monumental task, so it may only be that guns since computerization are maintained in the records. You are correct that the gun dealer has to maintain his records of sale for eternity and that fragmentizes the records. And theoretically, the FBI checks are not maintained, but one would have to believe a fat white guy rides through really crummy neighborhoods after dark with an open vehicle full of electronic goodies if one were to buy into the fairy tale that the feds are not maintaining records on who bought what. It used to be that the PDRK only knew that you bought a long gun. They didn’t know what kind it was and whether it was a shotgun or rifle. Since the change, they now know what kind of long gun, and its serial number. We also are supposed to apply for a number if we make guns at home. I have a hard time waiting until I can leave this communistic state and move back to the United States.

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    • Raven tactical May 29, 11:55

      No he won’t. He would face prison time and lose his life over it.

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  25. Labienus December 11, 19:39

    Stop being so paranoid, it’s embarrassing. They can make it harder to own or have a gun but they can’t take them away. It’s far too costly, time consuming and there’s no way in hell they will get them all or even most of them. Calm down. Even if they do, get creative. Learn how to fight back unconventionally. I guarantee you that a burglar with an illegal gun won’t know how to react to a small ballista firing through the doorway, or a door rigged claymore. Hell knife fighting is a good skill to have.
    But for all things sacred, calm down. It embarrasses me every time I hear this.

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    • Raven tactical August 14, 09:08

      Oh yes when they come to steal from me I’ll rig the claymore up.

      Looks let face it by xmas we will have a universal background check aka registration an assault weapons ban with no grand father clause and a magazine capacity restriction

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  26. Hunter282 August 14, 05:52

    Does this work for machine guns silencers,sawn off shotguns etc?

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