Engineered Crisis: Who Really Controls America and Your Future?

Giurgi C.
By Giurgi C. August 10, 2018 06:53

Engineered Crisis: Who Really Controls America and Your Future?

Editor’s Note: This article is written by Giurgi C. and does not necessarily reflect this website’s options and beliefs.

A major crisis could hit the USA in many ways. An impact by an asteroid, mass civil unrest sparked by some unforeseen event, an outbreak of disease, freak weather conditions or an attack by a foreign power are all potential ways the S could HTF. All of them are hard or impossible to prevent, even for the US government, and all could see us being thrown on our own resources – if we’re prepared enough to have those resources.

There’s an even worse possibility though. What if the crisis comes, not because nobody could stop it, but because someone deliberately engineered it? That sounds like something straight out of the craziest conspiracy theories, but could there be some truth in it?

The first question you’d probably ask yourself is who would want to engineer a crisis? Surely events like the 2008 financial crash are harmful for everyone? Well, no, they’re not. For example if you’re a bank that’s about to be brought down by bad debt, a crisis might be just what you need. When things are good the economy can cope with a failed bank or two – but if the whole system is teetering on the edge of collapse, the government has to step in and patch things together with taxpayers’ money. If your bank is doing well you have no reason to want a crisis, but what if you’re one of the shaky ones? When the alternative is personal disaster, the idea of tweaking things to cause a crisis must start to look pretty tempting.

Does anyone have the power to do this, though? Why don’t governments stop them? After all, governments might like to tax their people to finance their pet social problems, but they don’t really want to annoy the voters by using their money to bail out banks that made stupid mistakes. Well, that raises the question of who really runs the world these days.

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Who’s in Charge of our Lives?

Once, that was an easy question to answer. Nations had leaders, chosen by whatever system they used. That wasn’t perfect; it could lead to a Hitler or a Stalin. But it also gave us FDR, Churchill, Reagan, Thatcher and many more – leaders who couldn’t be pushed around or diverted from what was best for their countries. Power, mostly, lay with governments.

That’s all changed now, thanks to globalization and the rise of what author David Goodhart calls the “anywheres”. In Goodhart’s analysis “anywheres” are a basically rootless elite who feel no real loyalty to their countries and fully support globalization, unlike the “somewhere” majority who’re attached to their nation and its way of life. Goodhart created this model to explain the 2016 “somewhere” revolt that gave the world Trump and Brexit, but the truth is the “anywheres” have never been more powerful, and their power has shaped the world for at least the last 25 years.

Look at what’s happened to Greece. The Greek economy is the fifth-worst performing in the world right now, thanks to the economic policies forced on the country by globalist organizations. In 2015 the Greek government came up with a plan to resolve the country’s debt crisis. It wasn’t a great plan – the government was hard left and addicted to spending – but it was the one the Greek people had voted for. The globalists in the EU and IMF forced Greece to go with their plan instead, and it’s been a disaster for Greece.

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The Puppet Masters

Engineered CrisisThe EU and IMF are organizations that operate out in the open – most of the time – but not all the globalists are so visible. There are plenty of powerful “anywheres” who try to keep their role quiet, although they don’t always succeed. Sometimes they find the light shining on them, and it can reveal some pretty unpleasant things.
George Soros is a well-known name now; it would be fair to call him notorious.

Some stories about Soros aren’t true – he was never a Nazi, for example – but the truth is bad enough. Immensely rich, he uses his money to push a left-wing agenda and when it suits him he tries to undermine elected governments he disagrees with. In fact the government of his native Hungary has just banned all Soros-associated NGOs from operating in the country, because they’re worried he’s trying to destabilize the administration. He also won’t hesitate to engineer a crisis; he deliberately crashed the British currency in 1992.

Working through his Open Society Foundation, Soros is attempting to push his agenda in the USA. There’s a whole network of campaigning groups that seem to be independent, but are really Soros fronts. From gun control to open borders and votes for convicts, these groups are all working to change US society from what the Founding Fathers wanted into what Soros wants.

Not all of these groups are peaceful, either. Look at Antifa, the far-left terrorist group that’s caused so much violence in American cities over the last few years. Antifa attacks are coordinated by Refuse Fascism, which is “a project of the Alliance for Global Justice” – and the Alliance for Global Justice is funded by Soros. If an organized leftist group reduces a city to chaos and violence, there’s probably Soros money behind it somewhere.

Soros is the most well known of the financial elite who really run the world now, but there are many more. Operating individually, or through organizations like the Bank for International Settlements, they can exert a huge influence on elected governments – and sometimes even push them out of office. If these people think it’s in their interests to have a crisis, there’s going to be a crisis.

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By now it’s pretty obvious to any smart citizen that the elite can and will create a crisis when it suits them. What most people get wrong is the reason they create them. It’s not just to get richer; the best way for everyone – including the super-rich – to get richer is to just let the economy keep running smoothly. Forget the leftist talk about disaster capitalism; capitalism works best when there aren’t any disasters.

No, the elites engineer a crisis when things are already going wrong. Often they don’t even mean to; they’re trying to fix a problem, usually one created by their interference in the free market, and their attempt at a solution just makes it worse. Look at the 2008 financial crash. That was engineered, accidentally, by the Clinton administration. They pressured lenders to give mortgages to people who would be refused one under the existing rules.

What they didn’t (or wouldn’t) understand was that these people were being refused because they probably wouldn’t be able to repay the loan. The result was that Fannie Mae ended up with a vast pile of toxic debt.

To solve that, politicians and bankers found new ways of selling debt, “spreading the risk”. What they really did was spread the poison, and by the time the problem exploded it had infected the whole global banking system.

Obviously that was a financial crisis, but there are other kinds. Globalists like Soros aren’t very happy with President Trump, because his policies are a direct threat to their vision of what the world should be like, and they’d love to see him lose in 2020. Unfortunately for the left, unemployment is falling and many Americans are very happy with how the president’s doing. When people are working and doing well for themselves, leftist ideas lose their attraction.

So an obvious way to attack Trump’s popularity would be to harm the US economy, causing job losses, hiking inflation and pushing wages down. The elite, using their money and influence, can do that. What if they decide to try pushing voters to the left by crashing the stock market, weakening the dollar and driving up unemployment?

The crises created by these botched “solutions” are bad enough on their own; the problem is they usually make the original issue worse. This can lead into a social death spiral, where the artificial crisis and the genuine backlash against it start to feed on each other. If the elites ever decide the USA needs a crisis to dig them out of a hole, it could easily cause the sort of civil disorder that makes you fall back on your preparations.

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Giurgi C.
By Giurgi C. August 10, 2018 06:53
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  1. Wannabe August 10, 13:02

    Good informative article. Hitler rose to power creating one crisis after another. Most notably when he ordered the burning of their Reichstag building and blamed it on the German communist party. Soon after many of the party leaders were arrested, imprisoned and executed. Members got scared and the party quickly dissipated into a bad memory. With no opposition to the Nazi party Hitler eventually became the supreme leader of Germany. After this transpired ,Hitler disbanded his brown shirt goons, arrested the leaders and had them killed. Then the SS became his ruthless bidders of evil. Man it just keeps getting better. Yes, I agree, many crisis can be and are created to bring about a certain end. Here is one on our own soil, the federal reserve act of 1913. That legislation was written by bankers in a secret meeting on Jekyll Island. Three years after the president signed the bill into law he regretted doing so. This is not a new method to change things in a society. It has been going on for thousands of years. The people of individual nations need to see the tactics and stop it before they really do damage. And it is going on in our country right now. Out of control news media pushing lies and propaganda with a liberal left way of ideals and beliefs contrary to our constitution because they hate what it stands for. Hate groups such as Antifa as was mentioned in the article. Yes, it can very easily be orchestrated.

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    • Always Ready August 10, 17:40

      Your history on Hitler and Nazi Germany sound eerily familiar to what Trump is doing. Trying to get us to not trust what we see and hear. This is a group of people that prep for worst case scenarios. How can you not consider that Trump is a threat? He certainly has shown characteristics of an autocrat and celebrates the leadership of murderous regimes.

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      • MikeyW August 10, 18:33

        Pay less attention to what Trump says and more to what he does. Lower taxes, less regulation, more entrepreneurship, lower real unemployment, initiatives with North Korea, getting the other members of NATO to pony up their fair share, trying to get other countries to negotiate lower (or no) tariffs for American goods, etc. Not to mention enforcing immigration laws that were previously ignored (or even countermanded by the previous administration’s executive orders), exposing the extreme bias of the MSM and corruption at the highest levels of the DOJ, the FBI, and the Democrat party. Refusing to personally attack leaders of adversarial regimes while negotiating with them is not celebrating them; it’s called diplomacy.

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      • Stick August 10, 18:57

        Really? Liberals are a worst case scenario. CLINTON would have been a worst case scenario.

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        • Stan August 10, 21:13

          With Clinton as president and republicans in Congress the deficit would be set to top 1 trillion next year…

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      • Wannabe August 10, 19:34

        Always Ready I don’t agree with your view of trump. He is not perfect, gets a bit too engaged in the social media arena, but has made promises and he is keeping them. I see no evil plotting going on.

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      • Jimbo August 10, 22:14

        None so blind as those that will not see. Brother open your eyes to the truth. I don’t agree with everything Trump says either. I have to be honest he’s much better than the 8 years we had with Obama. Just my thoughts. The best to you and yours. Jim

        Reply to this comment
      • MJ August 11, 04:46

        Stop thinking like a liberal and use your brain to see how much Trump has already improved many things that Obama screwed. It doesn’t matter what party you identify with, as any rational human being ought to easily be able to process and understand this. Liberals get so caught up in Trump bashing that the can’t see the forest for the trees. Wake up.

        Reply to this comment
    • Help August 11, 03:08

      This has been going on a long time and includes climate manipulation. One of their weapons is the ability to control people by making them or their family ill. Another is a drug that can be put in even just the air whereby they talk to you and set stuff up and you don’t remember the incident or seeing them.. They arrange the killings to create chaos.

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    • cfree October 1, 19:39

      The ‘Deep State’ was around since the start of the USA, just follow the history and the money… BUT, we have reason to HOPE as President Andrew Jackson soundly defeated them in his day, on some fronts quietly, on other fronts more public, and it took them from the 1830s until 1913 to reorganize and try the takeover again at Jekyll Is. Trump can defeat them as well but he will need every good American left to stand ready for whatever, to vote, to organize, to support, etc. Something for anyone and everyone to do if we are to save our country from collapse into tyranny…. I so wish it wasn’t so 🙁

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  2. Clergylady August 10, 13:50

    Thought provoking article. Soros, Gates, and others with big money seem to be funding extreme left agendas. Most if not all want guns out of the hands of the populace everywhere. Clinton’s “it takes a village” idea of parenting and the now well backed agenda of Margaret Sanger that put abortion into – eugenics in action, makes the left a pretty scary bunch. We see fear of the strong support of ones nation or faith in God as equal to terrorism as a recent but strong new attitude being fostered, promoted, and supported and now believed by too many. Where is that coming from? It began in our upper educational system the was leaning heavily toward atheistic communism and is horribly repressive offshoots like Maoism. Groups fostering anarchy and violence like antifa demand government bow to their “or else” demands with no other intention than extreme violence anyway. They plant the seeds and push for the mindless insanity of mob violence that will keep going once begun.
    Yes we see engineered control in action. We see globalization as political ideal…look at the UN where national sovereignty is undermind for cookie cutter uniformity while bleeding America for support of that agenda. Its funny that Europe and North America have open boarders being pushed on them while most other nation have clear cut immigration and visitor policies.
    It’s an insane time with even more insanity to come because of manipulation from within or without. Money talks or in this case screams but you can’t always see where it’s coming from.
    Yes manipulated troubles are well within the range of possibilities we must stay aware of.
    The admonition to be prepared for anything is a good one. Be prepared to hunker down or prepared to evacuate without more that a moment’s notice is still the best. Be prepared to weather storms of violence, politics, monetary insolvency, rain, wind, and fire. Life has always been full of possible uncertainty…. Today that is amplified and sometimes manipulated.

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  3. Byron August 10, 14:46

    The article is interesting but this part is inaccurate, “Look at the 2008 financial crash. That was engineered, accidentally, by the Clinton administration. They pressured lenders to give mortgages to people who would be refused one under the existing rules.” The 2008 financial crash was a comedy of errors caused in large part by the greed of mortgage originators when they committed fraud by lying for borrowers on mortgage applications because they knew they could sell the bad loans (and collect for themselves commissions and fees) to large financial firms that packaged the bad loans in what was known as a private labeled mortgage backed security. These securities (mortgage bonds) were then sold to unwitting investors. To make things 100 time worse many of the same financial firms that sold these mortgage bonds created another security know was a credit default swap which basically let investors “in the know” bet against the mortgage bonds which compounded the market collapse globally. The financial firms and originators were guilty, the SEC and rating agencies (Moody’s and S&P) were complicit in the crimes. Watch “The Big Short” movie for more information. To be sure, there were other shenanigans going on in the government at the same time and prior to the crash, but with certainty it was not the Community Reinvestment Act (CRA) that caused the financial crash. All of this can be a tad overwhelming for anyone not committed to learning the financial establishments vernacular, but please try not to mix good with bad in your articles. I think your heart was in the right place.

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  4. Judy August 10, 15:05

    Why would you publish such an off fact inflammatory article with no last name for author and then disclaim it is not necessarily your opinion. This is yellow journalism and defrays guilt for societies problem to a vast conspiracy. I buy for logical reasons not fear mongered theories. You should not pander to fears. The reality is enough to sell your products like food disruption because of natural disasters. Im disappointed to see this is how far you will lean.

    Reply to this comment
    • mathman August 10, 16:32

      You speak in unfounded generalities like all progressives. Show us some numbers, headlines or facts that refute this article. Until then you only prove how undereducated you are.

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    • Wannabe August 10, 20:00

      Judy this is not fear mongering to sell a product this is the fact and reality of corrupt evil organizations, individuals, even governments. When evil people have the opportunity to exploit even kill their own people to become rich or powerful, they will do it. Why do you think North Korea and Venezuela are in the shape they are in right now? North Korean leaders have lied to their people for seventy years that America wants to invade their country so they went all in for building their military, while at the same time imprisoning innocent citizens and controlling the masses through starvation. Venezuela is going through a collapsed economy right now because of forced communism government. People are rummaging through trash on the streets for food. These are crisis set about from people orchestrating it not natural disasters or invading forces. Stalin guilty of killing 20 million soviets, starved many by controlling the food, illegal to even have a garden for personal consumption. Mao Tse Tung guilty of killing 70 million Chinese also starving many. Get a book called blood lands Europe between Hitler and Stalin, it is eye opening. And the same tactics are still going on today. Anyway, hope what I have said is not as general as you think the article is.

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    • dz October 3, 05:01

      Judy, tell us in plain and clear language EXACTLY what you are referring to, and please provide factual information that can be fact checked to support your claims.

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    • Govtgirl October 5, 08:05

      Well, it’s two years later. Things are much worse. Do you still feel the same way? This is not snarky, just wondering if you, like me and many others, are watching horrified as deliberately-spread disease and well-funded riots surround us.

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  5. Spike August 10, 15:25

    I’ll forecast his to be a LONG, informative but opinionated thread that will go on for a long time.

    Reply to this comment
  6. wal August 10, 15:53

    For many of us who make it a point to constantly become more well informed this is like saying the sky is blue. It’s a crying shame that many people still don’t understand these points and the threat they hold. Unfortunately, it takes years and untold amounts of reading and study to find the closest thing to the truth we can uncover and see how it all weaves together, and most people just don;t care enough to go down that road. After all, football season is starting back up and there’s a great new show in prime time this fall. Articles like this hopefully make one person curious enough to learn more. My only problem is – FDR? Seriously? The closest thing we’ve ever had to a dictator in this country? The guy with lots of sympathies for and agreements with communist and other socialist movements? Please don’t lump him in with the likes of Reagan, Churchill, or Thatcher.

    Reply to this comment
    • Enigma August 17, 18:17

      FDR: Nearly 16 years of sly arrogance. Followed immediately by one of the worst corrupt cowards in US history.

      From Andrew Jackson on, the majority of conniving war criminals have been members of the Demonic Party. Except for those GOP cretins Lincoln, Wm. McKinley, and GW Bush.

      Unfond of Trump’s reflexive counter-punch tweets. But he’s clearly striving to fulfill his general-campaign promises. Unlike nigh all predecessors.

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  7. Barron T. August 10, 18:43

    Dare I say, an engineered crisis like a foreign hostile power meddling in our elections via the internet by creating divisive and misleading statements meant to drive wedges between Americans based on political rhetoric and exaggeration, thus enabling them to empower a candidate that would cause an unstable country, cause some of our best allies to think twice about backing our actions and decisions, wreak havoc with trade and commerce to cause financial instability for our farmers and workers, foment distrust with all things government, including our intelligence agencies, cause Americans to turn on fellow Americans, scape-goat people along racal lines much as Hitler did, and drive wedges between our allies, disguising themselves as “god loving Americans” propping up the foreign powers “manchurian candidate” by misleading and inflammatory political rhetoric meant to further divide, and get more puppet-polititions elected?
    Just sain’………..

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  8. MagicBill August 10, 20:57

    2008 financial crash caused by the Clinton administration? I’m sorry to inform you but George W, Bush was President during that time. The Republicans tried to warn Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac head Barney Frank and Maxine Waters several years but they said ‘we don’t see a problem here.’ And then they went their merry way letting banks make liar loans and giving housing to people that couldn’t afford to pay. THEN we had to bail out the banks and the crooks went along their merry way!

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    • left coast chuck August 10, 21:59

      Ah, yes, the crash happened in Bush Jr.’s administration but the ship had been set in motion during the Clinton reign when the administration issued edicts to the financial institutions to grant loans to marginal borrowers. The increased demand for housing led to an enormous, unsustainable growth in the retail price of homes. The market was being driven by loans that should never have been made in the first place because the borrowers were serious financial risks. Based on the hyper inflation of home prices, folks were tempted by easy money to keep refinancing their homes for cruises and vacations. It was just a crash waiting to happen. George Jr. just happened to be El Presidente when it happened, but like a large ship at flank speed, it already had too much momentum for him to be able to affect a meaningful change of course.

      My daughter worked in the financial industry and she says the loans she witnessed being made were appalling. People who wouldn’t be able to obtain a loan at Payday Loans were being granted credit to buy a house. It was all part of Clinton’s announced “A Home For Everybody” plan.

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    • Tex August 10, 22:46

      Yeah… happened when Bush was in office but the actions that lead to the financial crash happened on Clinton’s watch! Now I’m going on my merry way……

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    • Claude Davis August 11, 21:24

      Yes, Bush was president. That doesn’t change the fact that the conditions for the crash were set in place under Clinton, with the aim of making mortgage lending available to people who just didn’t qualify for it. Not having any business experience, he didn’t understand that there was a reason they didn’t qualify – they wouldn’t be able to repay the loan. So basically Clinton lit the fuze and Bush was holding the economy when it went off.

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  9. Rydaartist August 11, 01:02

    I am showing my age, does any one remember 1980’s when the Hunt Brothers went out to corner the Silver Market? Their plot was simple, but it all up, withhold the silver to drive the price up..then make a killing (as the saying goes). Kodak (remember Kodak?) saved us. At the time Kodak was the largest private (as opposed to countries) user of silver in they also had a lot of silver in storage. They went out and dumped their silver onto the market and drop the price down so the mini people became involved Siri that is many. P. S. I may not of gotten all the peas and cues correct unfortunately my historian passed away a couple of years ago Dean loved this type of stuff.

    Reply to this comment
    • Enigma August 17, 18:26

      Argent jeux: Je, me souviens.

      Was that Las Vegas mass killer a failed Black Flag operation?

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      • dz October 3, 05:09

        I think he was a disgruntled individual that was desperate for notoriety to the point he was willing to harm and kill innocent people to appease his personal agenda,

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  10. IvyMike August 11, 18:31

    By and large all these conspiracy rants testify to the ability people have to create a reality that fits their agenda by ignoring logic, dismissing fact, and confining their thought to whatever they’re clinging to in the little dark closets of their fear filled minds.
    Hey, ANTIFA rocks, if their had been ANTIFA in Germany in the 20s and 30s to kick all those Brownshirts in the gonads there might not have been a Hitler.

    Reply to this comment
    • Wannabe August 11, 20:03

      Hey genius, the brown shirts were antifa, her the picture? They were the disruptive crisis of the day.

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    • Claude Davis August 11, 21:42

      In fact there were many violent far-left groups in Germany in the 20s and 30s. One big reason Hitler was elected is that he promised to get rid of them. Antifa are more likely to put a far-right government into power than prevent it.

      Reply to this comment
      • Wannabe August 12, 00:07

        I agree claude. All anybody has to do to is look up you tube videos and see antifa get beat back by counter patriot protesters and watch them run with their tails tucked under their rears. Biggest group of cowards I have ever seen when it comes down to a real fight.

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  11. Clergylady August 12, 13:52

    Its still a great big scary world out there. Many lovely people and places but some powers that be, are not nice.
    Forget or undermine our constitution and you kill off what are the safeguards that keep America special and enviable. Forget and undermine our freedom OF religion, our right to assemble, our freedom of speech, our right to bear arms, and we’ll start looking more and more like Nazi Germany, or any good communist nation. They were and are willing to kill their own to get total control.
    When China forces churches to register, stop baptizing converts, keep children out of churches, take down Bible verses, remove crosses from public display, refuses the right to assemble for worship, …. We say how terrible that Communist nation is. Its easy to overlook its being done equally to every religion. That is Maoism. A particular brand of Communism.
    When the right to hold religious beliefs contrary to the rightist opinions comes into question, businesses are ruined over beliefs sincerely held. Neighborhood associations allow birthday parties and forbid Bible studies, cities or counties now try to force citizens to get a license to hold home Bible studies. They are teaching so are in need of that specific $500 annual license…. Something is changing here.
    When it is popular to belittle and demand guns be taken away from the populace in spite of our second amendment…. America is on the verge of a breaking point where what made America special and enviable is being undermined by “people” undermining our basic freedoms and constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. Fear and control begin to outweigh our own laws. Wanting safety people are falling for the fallacy that controlling people will bring peace and safety. They forget the hard won truth… Freedom is costly but more peaceful than governmental control of every detail of life.
    People are falling for socialism and communism without looking at individual life under those repressive regimes. A Representative Republic was and is still the freeest form of government for those who want to be free of repressive laws and for every individual to have the best financial opportunities.
    Under repressive regimes, corruption and a small wealthy group pull the strings aiding or controlling powerful leaders for their profit at the expense of starving masses.
    We living in dangerous times when history is too often ignored or even changed. When the violence of the few becomes the ralleying cry to control everyone. When the wrongs that have happened become the cry to destroy everything instead of working out the problems. It’s “ok” or “understood” when our nation is publicly denegrated for the past failures of some with understanding that it is a situation that is improving and can be improved upon. Sort of a “throw out the baby with the bathwater” mentality instead of realizing you can create change.
    Having raised several of those tiny creatures that will piss, poop, and throw up on you… I know change can come. You work patiently for the desired outcome. You go for change a step at a time instead of demanding instant total maturity. It’s the same for social change. Work out one step then go for the next one. Somehow we’ve collectily forgotten how change is achieved. Sometimes it comes with learning something better… Sometimes it comes with refusing to go along with bad behaviour. Sometimes it comes by persistently demanding something better. But good changes don’t come by destroying the good we have already won.
    Giving up freedom for the perception of peace or safety is a bad move. You gain neither peace nor safety and may not be able to return to the freedom once its need taken away.
    Ok enough philosophy for today…
    Have a good one.

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  12. Wannabe August 16, 13:16

    I just read an article put out by Far Left Watch entitled Armed Antifa group declares everywhere a battle field. It is about an Antifa group in Austin Texas Red Guards Austin. They are a communist group and they protest armed. It is legal to open carry a long gun in Texas and they do. These people are complete idiots. Here is a quote in the article,”we must seriously take up the task not only of self defense on the personal and community level, but we must also struggle to unite all genuine anti fascists behind the necessity of revolution. Revolution means the long fight for communism and nothing less”. A bunch of idiots running around wearing red rags on their head. Load bullets

    Reply to this comment
    • dz October 3, 05:20

      red flags on their heads? that makes it easier to identify them as targets. be prepared folks, these anarchists are planning on using the upcoming presidential elections as a trigger to foment even more violence, and if the Libtard mayors and governors refuse to stop it, or even worse, condone it as they have been, then be glad we have the 2nd Amendment that confirms we have the right to defend ourselves, our families, and our country against All Enemies, Foreign AND Domestic.

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  13. Govtgirl October 5, 08:12

    Giurgi C., well-said and I think your surname initial is smart. It’s depressing that your article was not only on point, but prophetic.

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