DIY Stove Made From Used Tire Rims

By Arminius October 4, 2017 12:58

DIY Stove Made From Used Tire Rims

I had two used tire rims and I decided to make a stove. They have enough holes for the fire to breathe well, and I could easily create an opening to fuel the fire.

The easiest thing to do was to put the two rims on top of each other. This gave me enough height and space inside to fuel it.

I first gathered everything I’d need:

  • 2 tire rims
  • A drill
  • A grindstone bit for the drill
  • A wire grinder bit for the drill
  • A grinder
  • A piece of cloth
  • Acetone
  • A welder
  • A welder’s mask
  • Protective gloves
  • Heat-resistant spray paint (optional)

How to Make Your Own Wood Stove from Two Tire Rims 9

Step One: Cutting It to Shape

I first grabbed the two rims and put them on top of each other. With the help of a crayon, I drew out the size that I wanted the door to be. After I got that, I took the two rims apart and started cutting the door out with my grinder.How to Make Your Own Wood Stove from Two Tire Rims 8

To make sure it didn’t cut my hands, I went over the edges with the drill. I put on my stone grinder bit and made it smoother.

Step Two: Taking Off the Top Layer of the Tire Rims

When I was done, I grabbed my drill and placed the wire grinder bit onto it. This will remove the paint on top and let me paint it with black heat-resistant spray paint.

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Step Three: Welding the Two Tire Rims Together

After I had removed the top layer, I got my welder and my welder’s mask ready.How to Make Your Own Wood Stove from Two Tire Rims 6

Make sure to always use the mask when welding, and never look at it without protection while it’s happening. Be careful how you use it, and always wear gloves.

Step Four: Painting

I had three cooking trays that I didn’t really use, so I thought they would be perfect as a stand for the stove.  The two longer ones will hold it up, while the square one will be used to take out the ashes after use. I covered them all with black heat-resistant spray paint. I did the same with the stove itself.How to Make Your Own Wood Stove from Two Tire Rims 5


Step Five: Trying It Out

I prepared some wood and fired it up. I used pine wood to light it. Pine wood is full of resin, so it burns quicker and better than other wood. This was perfect to make a fire in seconds.How to Make Your Own Wood Stove from Two Tire Rims 4

I stuffed it as full as I could with wood. I only needed to use one piece of paper, most likely because of the resin in the wood. How to Make Your Own Wood Stove from Two Tire Rims 2

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It was able to push the flames out at the top, which I hadn’t thought of.

I tried out different things that I could use on top of it. For example, I could cook some steak on this cooking disk.

How to Make Your Own Wood Stove from Two Tire Rims 3

Or make some soup in this pot.

Or cook a chicken in this cast iron cooker.

This tire rim stove was an easy and practical build that most likely will be used a lot around my house. One of the best features of it is that you can simply put it inside the car and take it anywhere you go.

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By Arminius October 4, 2017 12:58
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  1. rita October 5, 13:47

    great idea

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  2. Fizzlecat October 5, 14:50

    I like it!! Wish I could weld!! 🙂

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    • Chaplain Randy October 7, 21:29

      I have found that the drum from a no-longer functioning washer or dryer works exceedingly well–and no welding required. The only difference, really, is that you have to load the wood from the top. I found a round grate from one of the old charcoal grills at a yard sale to lay across the top of the drum once the fire is going.

      Reply to this comment
  3. 440dodger October 5, 15:02

    Awesome idea. Can be stored outside, when not in use. Taken to the campgrounds, where no open/ camp fires are allowed. Use larger rims, for, larger fire box. Will be making a couple of these soon. Thanks, for the great DIY project.

    Reply to this comment
  4. Ratlebone October 5, 15:05

    Really good idea, Thank You! Good Job!

    Reply to this comment
  5. Bill October 5, 17:31


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  6. Jason October 5, 17:54

    Great Idea! Very versatile. I will be making one soon…well, soon after I teach myself how to weld. 🙂

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  7. Jason October 5, 17:58

    OK, one more idea; I have found that a WOK is the perfect cooking pot for cooking over a fire. You can throw all of your food inside, put the list on and just throw it in the fire at just about any angle. The lid will keep the food clean from ashes. The WOK, looks like it would fit perfectly inside the center of the wheels you used for this stove as well and you won’t need a stand to hold the WOK.

    Reply to this comment
    • Jonsey January 1, 19:26

      You beat me to this comment I was thinking the same idea as I was reading this. Was going to post use a WOK it looks to be the perfect size!

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  8. 440dodger October 5, 19:31

    A piece of expanded metal, welded to the top rim, will give a flat cooking surface. A BBQ grill rack would also work. If you don’t have access to a welder, or welding skills, you can prepare your parts, and take to a welding shop, for the welding portion of the project.

    Reply to this comment
    • Johnny October 5, 21:09

      There is a welding school nearby, and the staff welcomes ‘ready to weld’ projects for the students; the more, and varied, projects enhance the student’s training, and it’s free!

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  9. Linda October 6, 00:41

    Does it need to be steel tire rims? Won’t aluminum melt?

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  10. TSgt B October 8, 02:10

    Why not use rebar as a cooking grate? Readily available, easy to bend (with easily made jigs) and virtually resistant to normal grill/fireplace temps. Give me 30 minutes with an attentive student, and I can teach them to use a Lincoln 225
    arc welder.

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    • Honey October 10, 15:34

      Would this be to heavy for a buyout item. Should it just be used at safety camp or should it just be a source of cooking if you can’t buyout.

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    • Wannabe October 15, 16:27

      Would work for solid meats but foods such as hamburger or fish they would probably tear up sticking to metal.

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  11. Honey October 10, 15:38

    I just want to thank all of you guys for all the great ideas. And how to source them.

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  12. Spike January 2, 00:08

    Excellant choice for wheels…with the small holes in them. I wish I had some like that.

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  13. Liz April 12, 14:43

    use an iron vs an aluminum rim.

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  14. Big Dave October 24, 23:28

    built one of these several years ago but used four rims two of which I torched the centers out of. makes a taller stove which is more comfortable to cook on and the extra radient surface makes it a great heater for patio or for the front of an adirondac leanto.

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