Classified FEMA Report Confirms Preppers’ Worst Fears

James Walton
By James Walton May 20, 2019 10:29

Classified FEMA Report Confirms Preppers’ Worst Fears

Forward thinkers are always ostracized. It has been that way throughout history. Preppers are no different. We just ought to be thankful we are not living in the time of Socrates, or else we would be lining up for the hemlock.

From large scale civil unrest to the one of an EMP generated by the sun, it’s clear that preppers have been way ahead of their time. These topics were once deemed “paranoid”, or “delusional” but all of the sudden names in pop culture and even world governments are paying attention to these types of threats.

One such threat seems to be leading the pack and has shown up in many recent government reports. FEMA in particular seems to be concerned about the threat of a geomagnetic storm that would emanate from the sun and cause massive power outages across the planet.

A once classified FEMA report has surfaced and goes in depth on the level of preparations and concern that they have for a storm of this magnitude.

Understanding Reports and Unpublished Documents

The government buys ammo, writes and drafts lots of reports and documents that never really see the light of day. Now, we must be smart about that bit of information.

It’s important to take a look at these for what they are. There is a lot of research and science that goes into creating these drafts and reports. They are not a bunch of made up steps and stats.

However, some of these reports are also never going to be acted upon. That means, though the report may contain some very effective information, it’s not going to affect law or protocol in any way.

To be completely clear, what we have here is an unpublished document that was written by FEMA. It contains some very important information that confirms the government’s understanding of the EMP threat posed by our own sun.

The title of this unpublished report is very telling.

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Mitigation Strategies for FEMA Command, Control and Communications During and After a Solar Superstorm

FEMA and NOAA’s Geomagnetic Storm Timeline

There are many takeaways from this classified FEMA report, but the geomagnetic storm timeline is the core of this document. This timeline shows that this report was put together with a tremendous amount of research and a focus on following the solar superstorm, from its start as a sunspot all the way crashing into the earth’s atmosphere.

G Minus 5 Days

This is the first spotting of the large sunspot on the surface of the sun. The focus is on large, complex magnetic fields on the surface of the sun. From this point we would have a 5 day window to prepare, but it would be very hard to determine the threat at this point.

G Minus 17 Hours

At the launching of a massive CME we are left with just 17 hours to prepare. Radio, radiation storms and geomagnetic storm warnings and watches are also issued at this point.

G Minus 16 hours 40 minutes

The solar radiation storm arrives at this time and we lose 15% of our satellite fleet due to solar panel damage. There could be greater loss and efficacy issues with GPS.

We would have about 20 minutes notice before this happened. “We” doesn’t necessarily mean you and I would hear anything.

G Minus 15 minutes

CME arrives at the NASA ACE Satellite.

There is no going back from this point. This is basically the point when we have an EMP on our planetary doorstep.

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0 HourClassified FEMA Report Confirms Preppers’ Worst FearsServices Interrupted

At the heart of the EMP fear is the loss of services. We all know that once shipping stops things get ugly fast. When the food and medicine are no longer being shuttled around the nation, people get hungry and desperate.

Water systems will also be affected by an EMP. Much of the process that cleans your water is governed by computers and machine systems. Those go away, too!

In this report they discussed something that was very interesting in terms of communications and infrastructure. It is called the “Cascading Loss of Last Mile Telecommunications over Time”. It’s a terrifying look at how over the span of 8 days all communications will fall, starting with communications from home telecom lines.

The diagram below offers up a telling scenario where this cascading loss takes its grip starting at the residential level and working its way through to the Central Office.Classified FEMA Report Confirms Preppers’ Worst FearsEMP Recovery

The infrastructure needed to tackle EMP recovery is expensive and hard to make. That’s the deal. We are talking about things like oil cooled transformers that are 60,000 a piece and require special equipment to move around.

Special equipment that will likely not be EMP proof!

Recovery from an EMP is something of a pipe dream if we are honest and if the whole nation is affected. Maybe the military could bring up sections of the grid at a time, or maybe not. However, it really is more of a countdown on human life.

The survival of our society will depend on how many people die in the time it takes to recover from that EMP.

What to Make of all This Reporting?

There are two big takeaways from all these documents coming to light, research being done and even Donald Trump bringing the threat of an EMP to the forefront.

#1. People are Paying Attention

While we can all agree that our bloated government is full of people looking for a way to bide their time and get another day closer to pension, this keeps coming up. Grid down situations are a concern in the halls of government. I don’t think we can deny that.

Even the most cynical of us must agree that without electricity it gets much harder to collect taxes.

How far they will go to take action against an EMP threat is another thing entirely. However, we also have to be honest about our responsibility in this.

We the people cannot bray about small government all day and then complain that they aren’t 100% prepared to assist the public following a total grid down situation.

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#2. A Prepper’s Responsibility

The second and more important takeaway from this report is that we have a responsibility to prepare and get as many others prepared as possible.

A widespread grid down situation is going to kill anyone who is not prepared for it. It’s even going to kill tons of people who are prepared for it. Now is the time to take action and make your action known. I really believe that us, preppers, can influence the world positively.

People might seem put off by the message but, trust me, they go home, and they think about putting up their own food and being ready for when disaster strikes.

Editor’s note: If you would like to check out the full report, you can do so by using this link .

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James Walton
By James Walton May 20, 2019 10:29
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  1. young prepper May 20, 17:21

    wow,such a concept has even got me scared, and not for my own health either,i dont care if i die,i care if those i try so hard to protect do,at least there’s still some time that i can perhaps try to get them to start preparing for such an event,,,

    kinda funny,puts things into perspective of how shaky society really is and how powerful mother nature really is

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    • Patrick May 21, 14:32

      I’ve Been Preparing For This Since October 13, 2016. That was when at The Time President Obama Had The Executive Order- Coordinating to Prepare the Nation for Space Weather Events. It was a Whole Report About Economic Loss and Human Hardship. The Report Scared Me So much I Began Preparing. I Still Have The Original Report Archived in My Email. This Threat is VERY REAL. They Know Something That We Don’t Know From What I See in This Executive Order.

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  2. Pazuzu May 20, 17:38

    Ok so can you send us the actual report or are we supposed to accept hearsay on a website with a bias, as truth?

    Reply to this comment
    • Wannabe May 20, 19:43

      Pazuzu, I guess you can get on FEMA website and find all the info you need. Maybe do an engine search about the subject and study it. Just a suggestion.

      Reply to this comment
      • Pazuzu May 20, 21:08

        How do you figure I do a search for supposedly classified documents?
        The ones who make claims hold the duty of the burden of proof.

        Reply to this comment
        • Wannabe May 21, 00:26

          Pazuzu you sure aren’t going to find anything out bitching about it. Put your big boy pants on and get to researching. Look at executive orders, read through them read between the lines. Get after it!! Loose lips sink ships. Sometimes our politicians give things away by opening their big fat mouths. Search executive orders concerning FEMA read reports FEMA puts out.

          Reply to this comment
          • Pazuzu May 21, 09:53

            The one who makes a claim has the obligation to provide evidence. If I posted on here that Putin was going to invade the USA and hunt down preppers to stop local uprisings, it would be on me to prove it, not the reader.

            Clearly you don’t understand research as you don’t even understand the burden of proof.

            Reply to this comment
            • DD May 21, 14:35

              Pazuzu…. this is the internet not a court of law. Anybody can post anything they want, it’s up to YOU to believe or not. And it’s up to YOU to do your own research to check the validity of any article online. So grow up Pazuzu and take responsibility for your own life. Don’t expect everything to be handed to you on a silver platter.

              Reply to this comment
              • HughS October 29, 17:39

                Pazuzu – Don’t do anything… Don’t research anything on your own… just sit there, Don’t prepare for anything… Just remain calm, just sit there – it will benefit all around you.

                Reply to this comment
            • BR549 June 1, 16:56

              Well, OK then, while everyone else is playing it safe, you can stick your head in the sand like the majority of Liberals who will no doubt be confident that Big Brother will take care of them. Then, after the SHTF, you can include yourself in the throngs of disease infected zombies who drag themselves from one house to another encountering a whole shit load of bullets from those people who had connected the dots a long time ago and were waiting for you to show up ……… with nothing to offer, I might add..

              So, the ball is in your court, Bunky, but my suggestion would be to first change your attitude. If you want to roam around the neighborhood looking to steal food from others, knock yourself out, but come to my town and a lot of people here have been planning for years and don’t cotton to freeloaders.

              Jeez, you whine like a damn Democrat.

              Reply to this comment
          • Raven tactical May 21, 13:04

            Wanna you sound like a tin foil hat nut job.

            The point is they should prove the truth not we need to prove their truth.

            It’s a stupid idea that we have to play games when asking for them to provide the evidence.

            Reply to this comment
            • Gary Huffman May 21, 16:13

              You Sir, are a dumb ass!

              Reply to this comment
            • Wannabe May 21, 19:48

              Raven, I’m far from what you think I am. Just a quick observation, I fear this website is becoming ying yang back and forth argue fest instead of informative and a learning tool. Sure is a lot of assuming going on. And you do know what assume does don’t you? It makes an ass out of u and me. Ass/u/me.

              Reply to this comment
              • Raven tactical May 21, 21:50

                Cute did you come up with that statement on your own. No I think if your going to make articles and statement about a document. You might want to provide said document. What kinda of teaching moment says here this core document is everything I believe in but wont provide it.

                Reply to this comment
        • Raven tactical May 21, 10:51

          Because it’s not s classified document.

          Its just the same theories made up about emps.

          The grid will go down and cars will still run for the most part. You won’t have grid power so people will die.

          Reply to this comment
        • Armin May 22, 20:24

          Dear Pazuzu. If you read the article carefully you will find that it says the documents were classified once upon a time but just unpublished. Obviously if these documents were still classified we would not be able to access them. You make a good point but it’s a moot point as these documents have been de-classified.

          Reply to this comment
        • BR549 June 2, 22:45

          @ Pazuzu, May 20, 21:08
          “How do you figure I do a search for supposedly classified documents? The ones who make claims hold the duty of the burden of proof.”

          My brother just pulled that crap with me today. He figured that since he hadn’t heard of some topic before, it must not have been relevant. Even after I gave him two words that would have given him over 100 websites, then he tells me that he doesn’t have time to any of it.

          The “problem” was that he was too flippin’ lazy and wanted everyone else to spoon feed him with relevant tidbits that he could then selectively criticize and then appear to be an expert on the subject.

          It’s one thing to thank some one who actually HAS posted links, but to suggest that they somehow OWE you sometimes hours of their research, good luck. Maybe after your EBT card runs out, you might get a fire lit under your butt and learn something that you can contribute to everyone else.Bottom line, Sport, is that no one owes you ANYTHING.

          The ball’s in your court.

          Reply to this comment
        • desertsun July 11, 18:14

          Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack.

          That’s the phase to search. Copy and paste

          Reply to this comment
    • Magi May 21, 14:24

      Agreed, claims should always include references. You make a claim or put forward an idea but always include references to backup what you put forward, your peers will evaluate your data and come to their own conclusions, proving you to be correct or otherwise.

      Reply to this comment
    • Truthspeaks May 21, 15:12

      A simple google search with the name of the unpublished FEMA report, which is provided within this article, is all you need to get the report in your hands, and also see what everyone else is saying about it. I did the search and got my hands on a PDF almost instantly.

      The document is almost 70 pages long, so God bless you if you have the time to read all that. I am personally thankful for others who have the time to read it and summarize the findings, which gives me the OPTION to either research further, or get some tidbits of important information.

      Pazuzu, you should show more respect for those who work hard to provide important information to the public, which proves – at the very least – that there is some buzz surrounding this issue. Next time, just do some simple research on your own and stop being lazy and disrespectful to those who put in work to help you stay informed.

      Reply to this comment
      • young prepper May 21, 17:12

        now this is by no means any of my business and forgive my intrusion. but i completely agree with you,truth, i dont understand as to why people complain all the time and not just take five seconds to look something up,and the obliviousness of people now is absurd, people dont read headings or fine print anymore,i’m 15 and i noticed that it said “de-classified FEMA report” somewhere in the article.

        Reply to this comment
        • Armin May 21, 22:17

          It seems you have a very good head on your young shoulders, young prepper. After you mentioned, “de-classified”, YP, I took another look at the article and what I did find is that it said “A once classified FEMA report” and that it was unpublished. Of course I could have missed the bit about being de-classified but I would think that would be a given or we would not be able to even access the documents. But the point being that the government obviously has undertaken a study about CME’s and knows the consequences of one. But still haven’t undertaken anything to protect the rather fragile electrical grid. Without the grid we’re dead in the water. So the only conclusion I can come to is that those in power don’t give a good gosh darn about our cute little tushies (LOL!) only their own. And even if the rich and others like them have their bunkers and who knows what else what kind of a world will they be able to come back to if someone was actually stupid enough to deliberately start a 3rd world war. That will be the last one because most of us will be dead.

          Reply to this comment
          • young prepper May 22, 17:39

            my father raised me well. and i most certainly agree,the government does not give a flying (explitive deleted) about us civilians, which is exactly why it’s our job as preppers to keep ourselves as well as our families safe,and its not easy! not easy for adults and almost impossible for minors! i have a small forge in my 1 1/3 acre plot of land (of course its my dad’s not mine but minor detail) and i’ve made most of my metal equipment, its also even harder when everyone around you calls you “autistic” “paranoid” “stupid” i could go on and on but i wont waste your time,and thats not me just complaining,its the simple truth that its so hard to prep in general and especially so if you’re a minor and dont come from a prepping family,and part of that is due to the gov, all the walnut office over-educated-idiots who dont really know their arse from a hole in the ground treat these issues like a floating piece of paper,like nothing,as opposed to promoting prepping and as some comments on this article say,doing nothing to strengthen the grid (in this case). (sorry i went on a tangent, thats just a bad habit of mine)

            Reply to this comment
            • Armin May 22, 20:47

              You seem to be a really good person, young prepper and I agree with most of what you say. There’s no harm or shame in going on a bit of tangent on this website. That’s what it’s here for. This is supposed to be a safe place where like-minded people can get together to discuss topics of mutual interest to us all. You learn the most interesting things from tangents. I agree, YP, it is difficult to prep in this day and age without tipping our hands as to what we’re up to. Society has always been leery (especially Timothy…LOL! silly joke) of those that appear different because they threaten the status quo but many times it’s those same people that are deemed different that in the end do the most to advance civilization. So to hell with those people that call you names. They don’t matter. Prepping just seems to be in some people’s blood. I’ve always had a little extra on hand. Not so much for the next world war or the next global catastrophe. I wasn’t even thinking about THAT back then. Just if the power was going to go out for a few days and things of that nature. If they had to work on the water system and you’d be out of water for 3 or 4 days. Things like that. Learned that from my parents. They’re both gone now. But they were tough. They made it through the Great Depression. Through the 2nd WW fairly unscathed. My dad ended up fighting the Russians on the eastern front and he barely got out of there with his life. It’s never a bad idea to be at least a little prepared for the future, YP. NONE of us knows what’s around the corner. Food is life and water more precious than gold.

              Reply to this comment
            • red May 27, 02:00

              Now you know why the dems have always tried t destroy Native Americans. Welcome to the Free nation/tribe 🙂 You’re in the same fix as many adult preppers, not able t do a lot. But, you’ll get it done. Are you country or city? Does you family preserve any food, at all? Do they stock-up on anything? Garden? A lot of prepper mags are disguised as ‘homesteading’ and organic gardening magazines. Most have free links to read articles. You can always add a few things here and there. If storing grain items, try to buy dry ice (greenhouse growers can tell you who to go for because they use a lot of it, no CO2, no plants). The last thing anyone can do is argue. Reason, yes, by stating you want to go more green/organic or anything neolibs can relate to. That always gives mockers pause. You have to use people’s own beliefs to reason with them, but on your terms That’s how I talked many in the family to become peppers, tho most were already into it, and didn’t realize it. I saw nothing wrong with your post, all was interesting. Best advice, meditate on staying calm, at peace with YOU, then peace with those who aren’t using their heads. niio

              Reply to this comment
      • Elaine May 21, 17:14

        Ya’ll just keep playing stupid and wait for the govt to give you the info, okay??? Now THAT will give you a great sense of satisfaction if anything happens; you’ll KNOW how smart you were to wait for (noncoming) proof! Those of us who have kept up with things know what can and will go on. Those of you who are either ignorant or on the fence can research everything about X-class solar flares and EMPs and then make up your mind what you want to do! But you proof demanders, I congratulate you–keep on fighting the good fight, and we’ll get to see where you land in the end! (Some of us do not give a RIP what FEMA says anyway! Since when did they become the bastion of truth?)

        Reply to this comment
    • DeoVinDixie May 21, 18:27

      Found the referenced report in one simple Google search. Simply enter the report title and VOILA! There it is. Hope this helps.

      Reply to this comment
      • Mak63 May 22, 01:33

        Thanks for finding the report folks, but the sniping doesn’t do anyone any good. If we’re prepping, an EMP is one of the scenario’s to prep for. If you have a hurricane, power will be down for days to weeks. We prep for that. “Show me the report” doesn’t move your or your families ability to survive forward like accepting it as a possible scenario and planning for it.

        This is a great site and Claude does a GREAT job bringing pertinent information to us consistently……FOR FREE!!!!! Thank you sir!!! I’m glad I’m here!!!

        Reply to this comment
        • Armin May 22, 20:52

          You make some very good points, Mak63. I can only hope that others on this site will take your comments to heart. I agree fully. Arguing amongst ourselves is counter productive. If we can’t even get along here what chance do we have if our worst nightmares ever come true?

          Reply to this comment
    • Miss Kitty May 25, 14:00

      If you feel Ask a Prepper is biased, why are you here?

      Reply to this comment
  3. Liz May 21, 12:59

    This is why electronic security systems electric cars and smart houses will no be beneficial. Also, all newer vehicles can be traced. tracked due to the computer box under the hood. Phones can be turned on remotely. speakers can also be receivers. You can be watched while you are reading this. not a theory. FACT

    Reply to this comment
    • Raven tactical May 21, 16:00

      Technically it’s on on star and its Variations that would link your car to the world a modern obd2 car without wouldnt have the same issues.

      Reply to this comment
      • left coast chuck May 25, 03:57

        It is my understanding that since 2010, all new cars come equipped with “black boxes” that record data about the car’s operation such as speed, tilt, braking effect, direction of travel and some other parameters. It is also my understanding that remote accessing of those data is also possible within certain distances. It doesn’t take an incredible stretch of the imagination to think that the remote accessing accessibility range could easily be extended via satellite. A recently launched rocket is going to deploy 48 satellites for “communications purposes.”

        Just because I am paranoid doesn’t mean that someone isn’t listening in.

        Reply to this comment
        • Armin May 25, 17:44

          I’ve heard the same thing, LCC. Just don’t know how long that “data” is stored and if everything gets reset every time you turn your car off. Again I say that a LITTLE paranoia isn’t such a bad idea, LCC, and apparently “THEY” ARE listening to all our electronic traffic. A little paranoia helps to keep us on our toes. We are the ones that try and look ahead a little. Think about the future and try and be at least somewhat prepared for the unexpected that MAY at some point happen. I personally think that even in the short time left to me some kind of “crisis” WILL occur before the end of the century (other than climate change) just don’t know what form it will take. Venezuela is a really good example of what can happen when you have a government that is short-sighted, uncaring and corrupt. Now even Saudi Arabia is willing to jump in the fray and Iran is once again spouting anti-Semitic rhetoric. China at some point is going to become a real problem. Just way too many people and not enough arable land to feed all of them. One of the biggest problems with Chinese food production is the Gobi desert. A half a million square miles of land that can’t be used for agriculture unless the Chinese really buckle down and make the Gobi bloom. It could be done if they started small and perhaps grew things like date palms. A desert can be reclaimed but it takes effort, time and money to make it happen. At some point or another push is going to come to shove with China. The time will come when population pressures will force China to expand whether they want to or not. It won’t be pretty. China produces and eats the most amount of pork in the world and right now they’re having African swine fever affecting a large number of animals. Hogs with African swine flu obviously have to be culled which forces China to supplement its pork reserves by buying from the US. India and Pakistan continue to engage in sabre rattling. But again I also say that no sane country can afford to start a world war unless they want to be wiped out themselves. Still too many potential flash points. I’m not too worried about the next world war and if somehow one starts it’s going to be bloody ugly as hell. Right now we “only” have about 7 1/2 billion people and even now too much enmity between people. What is it going to be like when we have 10, 12 or even 15 billion people on the planet? Probably unpleasant.

          Reply to this comment
        • Elaine May 26, 04:57

          You forgot spying and being able to seize control of the car and make it do whatever!

          Reply to this comment
  4. Anzenmaster May 21, 15:26

    The EMP report from the Commission is out there. It dates from 2004 or so. Note that POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) with its twisted pair copper wires direct from the main office will be the last communications that drop in an emergency. There is also about 50 volts for the system on those lines. That basic service costs me $70/month (including the gov cut). Remember, also, those tank water heaters are a great emergency water source.

    Reply to this comment
  5. Anzenmaster May 21, 15:32

    You want proof? We knew about EMP damage from nuclear bombs since the 1960’s. One test knocked out Telstar and a lot of electrictronic infrastructure around the Pacific Basin. Google “Starfish Prime” and see for yourself.

    Reply to this comment
    • EMPD May 21, 16:20

      Yep. My dad was there and he said it put out the lights in Hawaii. Our Dear Leaders hove known about this problem since them but have done NOTHING to harden the grid. That’s willful and malicious.

      If you want to see what will happen in a microcosm, just pull the main breaker on your family for a weekend. The first weekend, don’t tell them. Then make them prepare (including creating lists) and do it again and again until they get it right.
      I would do that for my family but they already see me as completely paranoid. (“The government would never let that happen.”) It would be a waste of time. I will prepare myself as best I can but leave them to their own devices.

      Reply to this comment
      • SKIBS May 21, 18:13

        EMPD – I feel your pain! My kids think I’m nuts. I consider myself a “casual prepper” and I know I am more prepared than 90%. Just so much you can do for others that will not consider the possibility that cushy life won’t always be so cushy.

        Reply to this comment
        • Pbpossum June 2, 20:17

          EMPD & SKIBS—I hear ya, loud & clear!! I am the ‘nut job’ here in my family/friends group. After several years of trying to make them get it, I’m mostly done. Live and learn….

          Reply to this comment
          • red June 4, 01:08

            If we’re nut jobs, they’re all squirrelly. But, from friends and family across North America: . No one is planting corn this year. Most of it goes to feed lots. Price of anything corn is used for to skyrocket. Meat, milks, and human food. Lady down in Tucson who has family invested in crops for export from Mexico: Expect the price of tomatoes and probably other things to at least triple because bad weather has damaged the crops. Arkansas: Rice will shoot up because they couldn’t plant this year. Air seeding was done, but flooding damaged a lot. Calif rice, local save the earth for liberals first has managed to keep most irrigation low or stopped it. It’s the same problem across the nation and so on, beyond us. Possible food shortages, hints of famine in other nations. One good thing for my area, the monsoons are to begin almost a month early. That means better foraging and better feed stocks for livestock and wildlife. niio, Possum

            Reply to this comment
      • Elaine May 21, 19:20

        I know, right? The govt will take care of everybody like they always do! I feel for ya! I have the same problem with my son in law, who won’t do anything for their family because everything is A-OK! He has CNN and the History Channel, so he’s ready for anything!

        Reply to this comment
      • Armin May 21, 22:36

        There’s nothing wrong with being a LITTLE paranoid, EMPD. LOL! Too bad your family isn’t on board. Bet you dollars to donuts that if it ever comes to pass they’ll be extremely grateful that you at least had the wherewithal and presence of mind to try and prepare as much as you have. It’s not easy and as much as we would like to tell all of our friends and neighbours it’s not really a good idea. People that are truly starving are not rational anymore and those that you THINK are your dearest and most best friends will turn on you in an instant if they feel that they or their families or children are threatened. So we have no choice but to keep our prepping activities as low-key as possible and try to make sure that the least amount of people are aware of our activities. BE ARMED AND KNOW HOW TO USE YOUR WEAPON. Don’t be wishy-washy about your firearms. When you point your firearm at another person make damn sure they understand you’re prepared to use deadly force. And back that up by your actions. You’re either all in or you’re not. In a life or death situation a moment’s hesitation could get you killed.

        Reply to this comment
    • red May 22, 03:07

      Anzenmaster: We knew about the problem since the end of WWII. Nazis were experimenting with nukes on Ruger Island, and 200 miles south, Berlin lost phone service for a couple of days. That was classified for decades, but has been out long since. niio

      Reply to this comment
      • Armin May 22, 21:19

        Nice to hear from you again, Red. There seems to be some conflicting opinions as to whether Germany ever successfully developed a nuclear weapon or not. I was under the impression that they had not. Berlin historian, Rainer Karlsch, claims that the German scientists set off 3 nuclear weapons. One on the island of Rügen and the other two in Thuringia. There would have been residual radioactivity. I’ve heard nothing about it. Rugen is one of the premiere German tourist destinations. These tests were supposed to have taken 700 lives. There is no proof so until someone comes up with verifiable proof it’s all conjecture and rumour. As everyone by now knows, Red, the first detonation of a nuclear weapon was the Trinity test. I’m sure they got a great deal of good data from that test.

        Reply to this comment
        • red May 27, 02:34

          Sorry, I’m remiss on emails, friend. Too much time at the VA, but at least it’s only 40 miles from home, not a hundred. OK, now for a lot of information you might consider useless, but like:

          Patton was diverted from invading France when given orders to get to Thuringia ASAP. He cut thru Greece, which did nothing to enamor the socialists there, and up, into Thuringia. He fought back USSR troops from taking the state and went directly to Ohrdruf, where there was a death camp (Ohrdruf-Nord) and underground facility.

          Max Planck had, after losing Jewish friends to the Nazis (which was stupid, he said, as they were better physicists than he, who developed quantum physics), and helped von Bruan and others escape. Patton ‘rescued’ the scientists, and brought them to the States–enraging France and the UK, as both demanded their ‘share’ of what there was. Speer, as well disappeared, and was given a new name and ID, along with US citizenship.

          The USSR has reports on the Crimea where, twice, a mysterious black fire wiped out small towns were troops were stationed for the invasion of Germany–to invade Ohrdruf. These were only test bombs. niioEach time, everything was burned to death and even tanks melted. The USSR was determined to get the science for itself and lost to Patton’s loyal soldiers. The USSR also protested that Americans ‘stole’ all graded plutonium and -ore from the mines in Saxony. And, Patton died in the same sort of accident that killed Heydrich, and the USSR grew very, very quiet for a while. for a taste of info on Johnstal Mtn, and the facility, the death camp and so on (and a lot of Americans died there)

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          • Claude Davis June 15, 07:31

            “Speer, as well disappeared, and was given a new name and ID, along with US citizenship.”

            Speer was tried at Nuremberg, jailed for 20 years in Spandau, then spent the rest of his life in Heidelberg and London writing books, talking to historians and appearing on BBC TV. He did not disappear. He did not get a new name. He did not become a US citizen.

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  6. fullboar May 21, 17:23

    statist be like: “we will protect everyone by making a law that EMP’s are illegal”

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  7. lefty May 21, 17:32

    Some of us,[a few of us !]still remember the solar storm of fall 1968.It was bad then,another one will be worse with more stuff on the grid.Do not kid yourself thinking that FEMA or American Red Cross will bail you out,nor the leftist churches.

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    • Elaine May 21, 19:26

      Lefty, I was 11 then, and I don’t remember anything. Checked Google and didn’t see anything. Could you tell us something about what happened? This was back in Walter Cronkite days, right? I remember some things from the news back then, but nothing I can think of about a solar flare and damage.

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      • John MW May 21, 23:04

        Couldn’t find a reference to a solar storm in 1968 after a Google search, I did find an article referring a 1967 solar storm which nearly caused nuclear war with Russia because it knocked out radar facilities in Alaska and Canada, causing the US to think the Russians were jamming our radar in preparation for an attack. This would have resulted in something we don’t normally consider as a result of an EMP

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      • Armin May 21, 23:09

        I like how you think, Elaine. In ’68 I was 18 and just finishing high school. You’re slowly catching up to me. So funny when you mention Walter Cronkite. I grew up with him. Remember him quite well. Still remember his catchphrase. And that’s the way it is. Not many of his caliber left. What a voice. His last broadcast was 03/06/81. The following Monday Dan Rather took over. I saw your reply to my long post, Elaine, but I can’t find it at the moment. The one thing I remember you saying is that it’s possible that’s what “they” want to happen. I’ve heard figures of 500 million bandied about as to the maximum number of people that they want living on the earth. I had not forgotten about it as I am aware of it, Elaine, but just didn’t mention it as that would take us in a completely different direction. And anything I say about it now would just be taken as 20/20 hindsight. I’m sure that the elite have by now figured out how many people the earth can comfortably support and when that point is reached then the war will be upon us. Or a pandemic will mysteriously flare up that can’t be cured and wipe out 90% of us. I’m sure that those plans are already in the works. What better way to cull the population than a world wide catastrophic event or multiples. I’m sure that we’re just pawns in some huge game, Elaine, and it matters not one whit to those in power what happens to us as long as there are enough of us to keep buying their products. God help us all if we ever decided to de-centralize en masse. Then you’ll see how fast they send in the troops.

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        • Elaine May 22, 01:17

          Cool Armin, I wondered why you wouldn’t have thought of that one! I first heard of the 500,000 from the Georgia Guidestones. That was some chutzpah, putting those things up! Hopefully they have been torn down by now; they should be! There are so many different Kool-Aids floating around now that it is pathetic! And we never even got started on the Mandela Effect! But nothing I don’t think ever hit me as hard as the fact that the US did not harden the infrastructure. It’s the stupidest thing I ever heard, and those people are NOT stupid! And it’s not like it’s even about JUST CME or JUST EMP! Really horrible stuff could happen from both! And it STILL doesn’t faze them. I just really could not think of another logical explanation, than that they flat out do not WANT us to be prepared in any way, shape or form. And it is NOT like they won’t spend money on things 100 times less likely, and spend 10 times more money than that on them.

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          • Armin May 22, 21:39

            I don’t understand that either, Elaine. The US spends somewhere around 650 billion per year on military expenditures but won’t spend the few billion it would take to protect the electrical grid from EMP or CME’s. I think they’ve done the same thing in Canada. I don’t think our grid is protected either. Politicians are self-serving scum and in a true grid down situation politicians are added baggage not much good for more than providing dog food. Without that grid we are screwed and then the politicians might get a little antsy and start throwing around real nuclear weapons. Once the grid is taken out I can see this whole thing very quickly getting out of control. It really does look like they just don’t care one bit about us. So we have to care about ourselves and take care of ourselves and to hell with all the pigs at the public trough. First sign up on my little community if the worst does come to pass. POLITICIAN FREE ZONE. If any of them want to join our little group then I have no problems putting a bullet through their heads just for the hell of it.

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    • Raven tactical May 21, 20:23

      Did it wipe the grid out ?

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      • left coast chuck May 22, 00:01

        For those who are not old enough to remember 1968, those were the days of vacuum tubes and AM radio. Eight track players were state of the art for in-car music. It was landlines and AT&T ruled the world for telephone service.

        In our print shop our paper cutter was manual and our cash register had a hand crank so that we could operate it by hand if there was no electricity. Our bookkeeping was done on columnar pads with a pencil so that if there was an error halfway down the column we could erase the column and make the corrections.

        When you opened the hood of a motor vehicle a lot of us could identify all the parts under the hood. Most people didn’t have electric windows in their cars because they were prone to going out and were expensive to repair. Most cars were still sold with manual transmissions because they got better gas mileage and accelerated better than automatics. An EMP would have been a great inconvenience, but life still would have gone on.

        Every store maintained a back room and if the shelf was out, you asked a clerk and he, 9 times out of 10, would bring it out from the back room.

        When you made a deposit at the bank, the teller made a ink notation in a passbook. Even a commercial checking account had a passbook. Checks were processed by hand and inspected by a bank clerk to make sure everything on the check was filled in and correct. If you bought stock you received stock certificates in the mail. The brokerage house had three days to complete the transaction.

        All medical records were maintained on paper. All transactions at the recorder’s office at the courthouse were on paper and you got a paper receipt for the money you paid. There were few credit cards. Diner’s Club was the first and it was mainly for restaurants. Credit cards charged you a yearly fee and there were no bonus points. There were no ATMS. If you wanted cash from your bank account you went in the bank and stood in line to interface with a teller.

        Air travel was civil and actually fun. I really enjoyed traveling by air. You could go to the terminal and go directly to the check in counter. Your baggage wasn’t rummaged through by some cretin and you didn’t have to get undressed to get on a plane. The pilots were armed because a great many flights carried U.S. mail and it was mandatory for pilots to carry sidearms if they were carrying mail, even though it was in the baggage compartment. Food was served and it was complementary. It was included in the price of the ticket.

        Microcircuitry was unknown. Current was 120/240 and wires were substantial. Fuses and circuit breakers guarded against overloads.

        I have read reports about several CME events since the turn of the 19th century. During WWII there was an CME event wherein radio transmissions were interrupted and the Aurora Borealis was so bright that U-boat skippers enjoyed a field day in sinking Allied shipping in the North Atlantic. I don’t have the dates of all the CME events that have been identified since 1900 committed to memory but I found them as a result of an on-line search, so if one is motivated to learn just how many CME events have cause some kind of electrical interference. An on line search will reveal that information and the extent of the disruption. Operation Starfish results are available on line as are the results that the Russians released as a result of their atomic testing and the EMP results from those tests. The articles have read about those tests have indicated that the scientists involved in those tests were surprised at the results. While many downplay the impact on Hawaii, those islands were at the outer limit of the EMP effect and there were still major outages even though no microcircuitry was involved.

        Recent reading I have done indicates that the protection that the U.S. is busily installing on our military installations is to protect against 50 million volts/meter whereas what the Russians presently are able to deploy give a yield of 200 million volts/meter. Don’t ask me to tell you what those numbers mean to a physicist. All I know is the simple math. 200 is bigger than 50. Even in the new math that is true.

        Yes, the Carrington event in 1853 wiped out the telegraph grid all over the world. Fortunately, telegraph was only available in the U.S. and some part of Europe, including England. It was not available in Russia. They were still in the 17th century. It wasn’t available in China. They were still in the 15th century. It wasn’t available in Japan or Africa. As late as the mid 1980s I had a customer who regularly corresponded with South Africa. He used our public fax service which was a novelty in the mid 1980s. We faxed to Johannesburg and he told us that someone got in a Land Rover and drove 120 miles to the ultimate destination which took 10 hours. So 12,000 miles at almost the speed of light and 120 miles at basically horseback speed. And that was South Africa, the most advanced country in Africa at that time so you can perhaps imagine what the African continent was in 1853. However, folks who claim expertise in CME effects are all on board with the stating that a Carrington level event today would cause damage that would cost in the trillions of dollars to repair, substantially impact our way of life and cause untold loss of life. Some estimates are that there would be a 90% die-off in the U.S.

        Well, lets say they are way off and the die-off is only 50%. That’s 165 million bodies the survivors will have to get rid of in a hurry. That’s the loss of a lot of expertise. Anyone reading this know how to black start an electrical generating plant? I sure don’t and inasmuch as we don’t do much black starting these days, I suspect the folks who know how to do it are kind of like hen’s teeth, pretty scarce.

        I think downplaying the impact both a CME or an EMP would have on our lives is whistling past the graveyard.

        My 2¢ worth.

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        • Elaine May 22, 01:08

          That reminds me of the first time I ever heard that a bank could not take a deposit, because the electricity was off. REALLY???? A bank can’t take MONEY???? That was a real eye opener. Remember when if the electrics were off, you just paid and they made change and gave it to you? (Back when people actually could use their brains enough to actually do addition and subtraction? Unheard of nowadays!) I remember that when calculators came out, my father bought one for my mother, who had gone back to college to get her master’s degree. The calculator was Texas Instruments, and cost $850! And remember back on Hawaii Five O, when they used the computer, and it was the size of a whole room? My father was a fortran programmer at Martin’s back then! he used to bring home the IBM cards, and use them for scratch paper! We played with other children instead of computers! We had a black and white TV (that would shock you if you touched the metal anywhere on it)! There is so much to miss about those times! But Pa (in central Florida) did not believe in air conditioning, so we sweltered! I shore miss my Pappy! He would have been a major prepper for real!

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          • Armin May 22, 23:19

            Ok, Elaine, I’ll talk with you a little about the good old days. LOL! Chuck mentioned vacuum tubes. I still remember the time when they were called valves. Banks refusing a deposit when there’s no electricity isn’t even the worst. Imagine if you drove up to your bank and the doors were barred and the ATM’s didn’t work. Then what would you do? Even though cash is useless in a SHTF situation. And once the crisis passes I’m sure those geniuses in the government would print new currency to discourage hoarding. It’s difficult to imagine, Elaine, that the smart phones so many people own these days are millions of times more powerful than all of NASA’s combined computing power in 1969. Give me half an hour with a slide rule and I’ll figure out how to work it again as it’s an analogue computer. I remember reading about the first “real” computer. It was called ENIAC. Weighed more than 30 short tons. Took up 1800 square feet. Used 150kw electricity. There’s an urban myth that says whenever they switched this thing on the lights dimmed in Philadelphia. LOL! And now we probably hold more computing power in our hands with the new smartphones than that first computer ever had. And god help us if we even dared bring a calculator into class in those days. And then the principal’s office or detention. I still remember being able to work on my own car. Was able to fix anything and everything. Never had any problems because I was taught the basic principles of a reciprocating petrol engine. Analogue clocks. Rotary dial phones. Cursive writing. VHS. 8-tracks. Cassettes. Being able to fill out a cheque properly. And so many other things that the children of today have lost. As far as I’m concerned they’re poorer because of it.

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            • Elaine May 23, 04:34

              Armin, you rock! I remember when I was about 10, my Pa was putting out concrete blocks for us to walk on in front of the entrances to our patio (it had 2). He was making me do some of it and I HATED it! I got mad and stomped at him and told him he just had always wanted me to be a BOY! HAH! He threw that in my face up until he died! I HATED doing stuff like that. But not Sissy! She learned how to do most of the stuff, and could fix her own Dodge Dart! When I grew up (with 2 kids) lived 60 miles away from the parents (we visited them every week or two on weekends). But I had to call him once in the middle of the night; my toilet was flooding! (Sissy could do toilet stuff, but not me!) I had to call him once because my car died in the middle of the road (of course it was one of the two main roads in a city of 200,000 people)! I called him collect (I was dirt poor). He refused to accept the charges. I thought the operator was going to have a stroke; she was appalled! So then I got this brilliant idea, and asked her if I could charge the call to my home phone number and she said yes. So I got to talk to him after all! And he drove over and fixed my car for me! (Just don’t ask him to pay for a phone call, right? Pa was a TRIP!) Oh and speaking of 8-tracks! Looks like Neil Young went right to the end complaining about not having those and the vinyl anymore! Too funny! Your community should be way cool! They don’t have any like that where I live! OH! My granddaughter found out that her younger brother and sister were not going to be taught cursive (she is 14, and they are 8 and 9). So she took it on herself to teach them! She was really hot about it! I’m so proud of her! (and she actually has never had anything but As on her report cards all thru school. I can’t even claim that for one 6 weeks! She’s a little pistol like her mama! Funny what you said about the checks! Since I have been grown, I have always said that they needed a required course in school, to teach kids how to do things they would need to do in life. Such as writing out a check! And make change, if they work at a register. And prepare for emergencies! Just call the course Life or something. But there again! Instead of that, what do we have? Common Core! (It’s correct if you say 4 plus 4 is 12, just show how you arrived at your answer!)

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              • Yosemite May 24, 21:24

                I remember those days…..I had some As and some of everything else…… highly agree Schools should be teaching things about Life …about basic things about Life and work….. such as what one needs to do to find a real job…to find out what one must do to get a impress and and make an employer want to hire you.
                To teach students there iis a whole lot of life’ s lessons beyond school… to learn how to prepare for your future to be self sufficient and about saving and investing in your future and not have to depend on the Government Social Security to pay you and be your only income when you retire….about the different retirement plans out there….About insurance and investing and planning for your future.
                Again to teach one to be self sufficient.
                Social Security is only a supplement to whatever one earned saved for retirement
                Schools need to get back to Vo-Tech classes.
                What about Clockwise? How many kids know what that means

                Once one graduates the have basic choices go to college…join the Military……or find a job….any job that they can What do the really know about finding a job?
                What do they know about planning and saving for their future?
                Most do not care besides or don’t think about their future. They are young and there is time for such later
                Later will show up far sooner than they expect and then it is too late.

                They need to teach each student to be Responsible for themselves and not everyone gets a trophy! The World is NOT FAIR. LIFE S NOT FAIR..
                That there s no shame n hard work That one must work hard and EARN their success.
                No one is going to give them FREEBIES. The Government is not responsible for them.
                The Money the Government gives them come from people that actually work. There are no FREEBIES.OR FREE Lunches! There are working people paying for them….If you want something you save up and buy it. Stealing from people that have earned their money is not a viable or lasting alternative to Life.

                There has and always will be those that have and those that do not…… other words there will ways be poor people, middle class and the Rich.
                The schools need to teach and reinforce this and instill this and to get the students realize and to get the students to decide or drive themselves to success. f the fl then the need to get up and do their best to learn from failure and not to make the same mistakes twice..

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                • Armin May 25, 18:15

                  You make some EXCELLENT points, Yosemite! I had to laugh when you mentioned clockwise. The kids probably don’t realize that clockwise is related to the direction that the sun travels through the sky. CCW is opposite and is the “bad” direction. LOL! Throw “widdershins” at them and watch their faces melt. LOL! And they’d have absolutely no idea about right hand and left hand threads. But can you really blame the kids themselves? Don’t think so. They just aren’t being taught this stuff anymore. Now it’s all about computers and more about information management than anything else. They’re not being taught any real life skills. Every person. EVERY PERSON! Regardless of gender should know how to do the most basic of repairs and maintenance on their own car. Even though today’s cars are rolling computers a car still has to have an engine (basic reciprocating petrol engine) tires, brakes, transmission, etc. Everyone should know how to change their own engine oil. Replace the oil filter. Replace the air filter. Check their battery. Keep the battery posts clean. Check their rad. Check their transmission fluid. Change a flat tire. Replace a fuse. Replace a burnt out bulb. Everyone should know how to do this. If you don’t know. FIND OUT!!

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                  • Yosemite May 25, 19:25

                    Than You Armin!
                    I highl agree with being able to o all those basic things to your/mine/anyone who owns and drives a vehicle.

                    I had a family friend from Europe visiting and had a rent a car. We were on a road trip and in the middle of NO WHERE.and got a flat tire. He starts freaking out and cussing the rent a car company and how he is going to bitch them out and carrying on. I look in the glove box and found out where the jack and where to place it on the car. Meanwhile he keeps his tirade going.I open the trunk get the jack,tire tool and Donut out placed the jack loosened the lug nuts and jacked up the car got the flat tire off and was putting the Donut on and he finally paused his tirade/rant asked me WHAT did I think I was doing? I said “What does it look like I am doing? I finished the job let the jack down tightened the lug nuts.
                    Total time about 5 mins or so…..
                    He could not believe I knew how to do that…..and did it so quickly. I told him it was one the first things I learned about vehicles and driving.

                    If he were alone and it was left up to him and his inability to change a tire… He would have been sitting there for hours or maybe still be sitting there.

                    Oh did I mention I DETEST those Donut tires! Give me an older model vehicle any day. Simple to work on and most things were easy to get to…..THAT being said there as usually ONE SPOT that was a REAL PITA to get to. One spark plug or something else…..that always made a simple job not so simple and a knuckle buster!

                    Old VW Beetles were simple and one only needed less tools than you can count on one hand to work on.. ou could spend a little and I mean LITTLE amount of money and you could beef up the performance in them.

                    I do not know what the costs for such now but add a Bosch Blue Coil Distributor and a Weber Two Barrel Progressive Carburetor and you got better gas mileage as long as you kept foot off of the petal.You could add Headers to max out everything you could possibly do to the outside of the engine.

                    The change in performance by doing such is amazing. No it is not heavy metal Detroit V8 but then again it is only a 4 cylinder air cooled engine…..Before one laughs at VW engines….VW built some engines for Porshe If you are going to go the VW engine look for German Cases and not the ones built elsewhere..that is IF you can find them.

                    Speaking of old VW engines one could easily use them in a survival vehicle such as a Sand Rail…..Air Boats….Airplanes……whatever you need an engine for.
                    The engine being so simple has many applications.

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                    • Armin May 25, 22:14

                      Right on, Yosemite. Basic skills everyone SHOULD know. Once the old guard dies no one will be left to teach the new generation. Tragic, really.

                    • Elaine May 26, 05:11

                      Love the story about your friend from Europe! The people who whine and complain so much! And you can actually get the whole thing taken care of, and they are STILL ranting and raving! I ALWAYS tell people that! Just SHUT UP and fix it, you know? Sheeesh

                • Elaine May 26, 04:31

                  Unfortunately, with the economy the way it is and the bankster crooks and all the others who steal our money, the middle class is being squeezed out. I mean, they have always been the backbone of this country, and they are disappearing as we are swindled blind! I heard from one of the financial people I listen to, that inflation is theft of our money. I always thought it was like natural or something. But apparently it is not. It is a form of banker theft! I know a lot of people that are on SSI. And boy do they complain all the time. One of them I know has had two heart attacks and a stroke recently (the last 3 months). He has been on SSI for his asthma for like 15 years or so. So he has called ambulances right and left, and had hospital stays for all 3, and doctor visits galore. I told him he needed a second opinion for this last stroke (which consisted of him getting really dizzy in the grocery store–he had his phone in hand, so called the ambulance. The attending doctors thought he was having side effects from all the medications he was on (which was exactly what I told him I thought it was BEFORE those doctors said so), but they agreed with me. But when he finally a couple days later saw HIS doctor, he was NO, it was a stroke (was afraid he would get sued for putting somebody on multiple cholesterol lowering pills and multiple blood thinners I reckon). But anyway, he says to me he can’t GET a second opinion. I said, ”Why not?” So he told me that his ”insurance” won’t pay for a second opinion. I don’t have GOOD insurance like YOU do! I was like exCUSE me???? When did I get insurance? I haven’t had any since I retired 2 years ago! It was going to go from $50/month while working, to $550 when I retired (half of my retirement check). He didn’t believe me! I told him my doctor is nice enough to charge me $40 per visit after I retired. But you get it, the ATTITUDE! All that for free, but it’s not enough right? (Tho I DO think he should be able to get a second opinion–I think his doctor is a quack. But he’s free, right? So no problemo!) But the attitude for the ones on that that I know, is that the world owes them a living. They have NO clue that I am paying for them! Sheeeeesh!

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              • Armin May 25, 21:33

                That’s very kind of you, Elaine and I do appreciate it. You really are a pistol-packin’ momma, aren’t you? LOL! Enjoy talking with you. Funny how you should say that one sibling is very handy at fixing things and the other isn’t. Just the luck of the draw. I’m sure you can do things your sis can’t. Across the street from me lives a lady that’s a bit older than me. She’s over 70. I’ll be 69 this year and her son is around 40. A kid to me but still a young man in his own right. Very smart in his own way but he couldn’t even replace a light switch to save his life. The point being that everyone has their own strengths and even if we’re not good at manual labour or fixing things, we each and every one of us are good at SOMETHING which another may not be good at. So we trade on OUR strengths and not worry about what we see as our own faults or compare ourselves to others. We are what we are and we ain’t what we ain’t. We’re ALL special and unique and magnificent! But I do agree with you that the schools need to step up and teach some of the practical aspects of modern life. When kids can’t read an analogue clock anymore, or don’t know what to do with a rotary dial phone that has FINGER-HOLES in it, or can’t make change properly in their head or can’t find their way around unless they have a GPS phone in their hand or can’t parallel park unless they get the car to do it for them then that is the tipping point and the proverbial straw that breaks the elephant’s back. Schools have stopped teaching the basics and it’s just making kids more stupid. And I KNOW they’re not stupid. They just haven’t been taught the basics. I am so blessed, Elaine, that I was able to go to a school where they basically taught us everything. But not plumbing and I still to this day have problems with fixing plumbing problems. In that regard water and I don’t like each other. They taught us woodworking, drafting, machine shop, electrical, ductwork and much more. With a little preparation I could still sit down today and draw out the correct connection between two dissimilar pieces of ductwork. I’m not afraid to tackle almost any job around the house or property. My parents taught me to be hands on and growing up we were quite poor so couldn’t afford new stuff all the time. So we had no choice but to fix what we had. A blessing in de skies. LOL! If I’m unsure how to exactly do something correctly, well, the internet can be a very good resource if used properly. Oh, BTW, you must be aware that vinyl is making a comeback but those records are prohibitively expensive. Nice of you to mention Neil Young. Good ol’ Canadian boy. Am learning to appreciate him more. He’s VERY underrated and VERY talented. When I saw him do a live version of “Like a Hurricane”, gained a whole new level of respect for him. He is one crazy SOB. Always a pleasure. 🙂

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                • Elaine May 26, 04:55

                  OH, where to start! We grew up middle class. But I was not as middle class as others, because Pa did NOT believe in credit cards. He had gas cards he paid off every month and that was it. We had stuff, sure, but we were always jealous of the (what we thought) were palatial houses our friends had. Pa didn’t play that! He was an aeronautical engineer. His parents had been around in the Depression and passed their frugalness down to him. He was a very hard worker, and expected a lot out of everyone (except my Ma, he let her get away with thinking she was a princess)! He was ALWAYS on me, because I was the sneaky one! Sissy was an angel, but not me! Speaking of Sissy! I moved up to DC for 6 months (hated my boss and came home). She was very upset, as she said I took away her entertainment. She was totally bored while I was gone! So THAT is what I’m good for!!! And I’m good with medical stuff and researching stuff. Was not enough to save her though. She had stage 4 and I was working at the time. They would not give me time off work to be with her (we were doing what we could to fight it off), and I worked at it constantly after work till 1 in the morning, and all weekend long. I finally retired (early) so I could spend time with her. She had to go in the hospital for what we thought was something minor, but it turned out she never left (there for a month, had her last birthday there), and I was not able to do any research while she was there. I spent the whole time there in the hospital with her. We were going to retire together, but that didn’t work. She was the best Sissy ever! On to Neil, my dude! I saw CSNY when I was in high school. If you can, go on youtube and put in search, Neil Young I’m the Ocean, Salzburg. That’s a live concert he did and it is KILLER! I would have LOVED to have been at that one! I’m the Ocean, Song X, Cortez the Killer, Like a Hurricane and Winterlong were ones I just heard a few years ago (I hadn’t been keeping up) that I fell in love with! I had all his stuff up till I was 20 (about 77). Dude has done SO much and still at it; is just unbelievable! (Only other one I saw in person was Frank Zappa. Saw him twice! The second time we went with a girl we knew at a record store (me and my best friend–her parents drove us to ST Pete I think it was, to see them)! Well the chick from the record store knew one of the technicians for the band, and got us backstage after the concert. We met all of them, even Zappa. We talked to George Duke for a while! George invited us to come to the Hilton with them for a party they were having! Well, my best friend’s ma said NO we couldn’t stay over a couple more hours. So George told Cindy (from the record store) if she wanted to stay, he would send her home to Orlando in a limo (which he did). George was a really nice dude! Unfortunately we never got to see Cat Stevens or 3 dog nite, which we would have killed for!) I like how Neil did the farmer stuff; that was nice! I have always wondered if he is a duel citizen, or just Canadian. OH!!! Back to Pa! The toilet I had so much problems with, when I flushed the water came up to the top. He told me to put more water in it. I almost EXPLODED!!! I SAID it is to the top! (Like don’t you understand that you idiot?) He kept telling me to do it, that the water would eventually push everything down. I was like NO it won’t. (Could not understand how someone with a BS in math and a masters in AE could SAY such a stupid thing!) But eventually it did work. He tried to explain to me how turlets work, but I did NOT comprehend! I told him I don’t subscribe to that weird brand of physics! (Actually I am a zero in physics, it is even worse than math! I can do biology and geology, but NOT physics and not hot in chemistry either!) The schools are there now solely to dumb the next generation down even more than the fluoride and the chemtrails and vaccinations do. They all work in tandem. OH! Did I forget to mention the cell phones and video games?

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                • red May 27, 11:35

                  The idea is to get rid of the old guard. some states force elderly into homes, then with help from BO admin, cut off a lot of medical care. Now, it’s worse. When the last of the people who remember life before the neolibs took over are gone, we will be, too, if the neolibs don’t destroy all of us, and them, with their butterfinger attempts at government. niio

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            • Elaine May 26, 05:06

              OH! When I was in high school, a few years after you, the students would drive their trucks to school, with their rifles or shotguns or whatever they were, in the back window of the truck. Nobody EVER shot anyone, and they didn’t get in trouble! (Had they brought one into class that probably would have been a very different story. But nobody ever DID! Cuz that’s how we WERE back then, right?)

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        • Elaine May 26, 05:08

          LCC just in case you didn’t know. ALWAYS let those goons feel you up, instead of using their machines to Xray you. Those things put out TONS of radiation! They don’t tell you that! But who cares, right? It’s just sick!

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      • EMPD May 22, 01:40

        No. Most communities had their own power generation and were not inter connected the way they are now which causes cascading blackouts. Also, electronics were not in the state they are today. Tubes survive an EMP, along with a lot of that pre-computer technology.

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    • Armin May 25, 18:48

      I also can’t find anything about a solar storm in 1968, Lefty. This is what Wikipedia says about historical occurrences of “solar storms”, more correctly called a geomagnetic storm. Dec 21st, 1806. Sept 1-2 1859. Nov. 17, 1882. May 1921. Aug. 1972. The March 1989 geomagnetic storm was a bugger. Took out the Hydro-Quebec power grid. No power for 6 million people for 9 hours. July 15-17 2000. Known as the Bastille Day Event. Luckily not much damage from this one. 17 major solar flares between 19 October and 5 November, 2003. Resulted in an extreme radio blackout on Nov. 4th of the same year. 3 geomagnetic storms between 29 Oct. and 2 Nov. 2003. Another geomagnetic storm on Nov. 4-5, 2003. The whole SEQUENCE is known as the Halloween solar storm. Would you be kind enough, Lefty, to provide a link to the 1968 solar storm? Thanks.

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    • Yosemite May 25, 19:44

      I did find a Blackout in the Northeast in 1965 but nothing for 1968. No mention of Space Weather causing it.

      Nov. 9, 1965 | Northeast Is Hit by Blackout

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  8. SKIBS May 21, 18:02

    Took me an hour or so to find and read the report. This article is a cherry pick of information to prove a good point about preparation. I don’t understand why folks are making such “shoot from the hip” comments without reading the report. Instead of engaging in hyperbole do a little research. For those who want it, here is the report which is from 2010:

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  9. Armin May 21, 18:37

    You guys really need to stop arguing amongst yourselves. That’s what the assholes in power want us to do. They want us to be at each other’s throats. Nothing would make them happier if we saved them the trouble and killed each other off. I don’t play their stupid games. And we have got to stop playing our pissing games with each other. That’s just our egos playing games with our heads. Instead of arguing with each other, which is an exercise in futility, and gets us nowhere; we should be here to help and support each other. If we can’t even do that one small thing ON THIS WEBSITE when things are still fairly normal how will we manage when the S does HTF? Shelve your egos and try and become more cooperative instead of competitive. I know it’s difficult but try. Instead of arguing about things, if you don’t know then say so and look it up yourself. The internet is actually a pretty good resource but as with all things open-sourced take the info with a bit of skepticism and a healthy dose of salt. Use your common sense. As for CME’s, yes they have happened and will happen again. This is another case of websites like this taking the emp theme and applying the sky is falling theory to it. Gets everyone worked up. Would seem to me if we know that at some point a CME is inevitable why have steps not been taken up to this point to harden our electrical infrastructure to ride out such an event. I’m sure it’s possible if enough political will is harnessed and maybe a little money thrown at the problem. They apparently know it’s going to happen and what the consequences will be. If they do not make any effort to try and protect our electrical grid, without which we’re worse off then dead in the water, then they just don’t give a darn about us. “THEY” forget that they need the electrical grid just as much as we do and even if they have a hardened generator with a good supply of fuel, that fuel will run out sooner or later. So either someone has got their head buried in the sand or they really don’t give a darn. Let’s put CME’s into perspective. The problem is that everything is moving and for a cme to hit us all the ducks have to be in a row and it has to be a VERY precise cme event. The sun moves. The earth moves. Everything moves. For a cme to hit us it would be like the sun winning the cme lottery. And a CME is just a release of plasma from the sun’s corona. Wikipedia says that when the sun is at its solar maximum it produces about 3 CME’s per day. 3 CME’S PER DAY AT SOLAR MAXIMUM! At solar minimum the sun produces A CME about every 5 days. So a CME is a fairly common occurrence. But for one to hit the earth is a VERY RARE occurrence indeed. We try and prepare for as much as we can but we can’t be prepared for everything. As far as I’m concerned a man made emp is a non event. The same with either nuclear, chemical or biological warfare. The only way a world war like that would start would be by accident. Any country stupid enough to start a real war like that would be committing suicide considering the state of modern weapons and things like having nuclear subs off each other’s coasts. I’m still putting my money on an economic collapse as the next SHTF “event”. And as for those of you putting people like “Wannabe” down you should be ashamed of yourselves. He’s a wonderful person. Knows quite a bit and is a regular contributor on here. We’re a community of like-minded people on here. Let’s try a little harder to act like it. Nuff said.

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    • Elaine May 21, 21:44

      I WISH it was that benign! Speaking of your comment ” So either someone has got their head buried in the sand or they really don’t give a darn.” There is one possibility that you overlooked. And that is that they WANT this to happen to us (CME and/or EMP). What got me to thinking about this was the fact that most of the European nations have hardened their infrastructure, but have WE? Oh HELL no! In the scheme of things, it is really cheap to do that (a couple or few billion was what I heard a few years ago). With a possibility of something THAT devastating, and the cheapness of the remedy, to me that is the only possibility that makes actual sense. And as for it happening to them too? My guess is that they have plenty of contingencies for themselves and their families. THEY ARE FRICKIN NOT WORRIED BECAUSE THEY ARE BEING TAKEN CARE OF! Just no contingencies for us commoners. It fits right in with Agenda 21/30 also. Vaccines, fluoride, Big Pharma, chemtrails, iphones, google and facebook are in place to keep the majority of our populations dumbed down enough to not react. I was thinking the other day! Listened to a video of the song Ohio, and remembering the protests from the 60s. Do you see ANYTHING like that in our country anymore? Nope! Maybe in France, but not here! WHY do people not get totally inflamed at all the murders that have gone on in the name of freedom? Where is the outrage over what is happening to Julian Assange? He helped show everyone what is actually going on. Can you even BEGIN to imagine how this country would have mobilized had this happened back in the 60s? WHERE is the outrage?????? (Uh, don’t BOTHER me, I’m TEXTING!)

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      • Armin May 22, 04:27

        I do like how you think, Elaine. YOU’RE FEISTY! I like that. We need more feisty people on the planet instead of those walking across a busy street with their noses buried in their bloody phones. I hope I never see the day when those “smart phones” (the smarter the technology the dumber the people become….sheeple) are as ubiquitous as a land line used to be and you need to have one or you can’t function in society. Banking, e-mail, shopping and the 1001 things they use their damn smart phones for. As strange as it might sound I’m glad I only have 20 or 30 years left but somehow I don’t think I’ll make it that far. And yes, Elaine, I did think of that possibility just didn’t want to go there. I’ve heard the same rumours. In the future the wars won’t be about oil or power, they’ll be about water. Once the earth reaches it’s maxuimum sustainable population strange things will start to occur. Diseases. Ailments. Wars and rumours of wars. Not just the small regional “conflicts” we’ve had since the end of the last “Great War”. This will be some serious stuff. Once people start dying for lack of clean drinking water things will get ugly. Even now there are close to a billion people on the planet that don’t have access to clean drinking water. Nature or nature with the helping hand of man will restore the balance. What a noble race we are. The trailer trash boys of the universe. Ok. Ok. We’ll keep it to our own galaxy. LOL! The dog shakes vigorously to help dislodge its fleas. I am sure there are contingencies in place to safeguard the continuation of the rule of law but if things go sideways very badly all the lawmakers in their bunkers dining on their chicken Kiev with an expensive bottle of wine are not going to help that woman being gangraped by over a hundred men deep in the dank woods somewhere. But you also have to think about these schmucks hiding in their bunkers, Elaine, if things do go wrong badly and it escalates to the point where the surface of the earth is uninhabitable for let’s say a 1000 years. What are these people going to come back to? A devastated planet. IF THEY CAN SURVIVE THAT LONG. I really do believe that we’re totally expendable to them and they look at us as we might look at cattle or pigs. I’ve been down the same rabbit holes you have, Elaine, and much, much more. We’ve become too passive. Watching those damn TV’s too much. Maybe some even live vicariously through those they watch. Technology that does everything for us makes us dumber. We need to fight. To struggle to remain strong. We need to use our brains to figure things out. Things like Sudoku. Helps to keep our noggin young. Use it or lose it. We’ve become insensitized to violence. We see it all around us. Sex and violence. Especially in our TV’s which hypnotize us. But in the end it is us that chooses to watch that TV or not. As far as I know they still come with an on/off switch. LOL! And we can also choose WHAT to watch. If there’s nothing on we like we turn it off and go do something else. And that last line is very telling, Elaine. Narcissistic. Braindead.

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        • Yosemite May 22, 22:06

          You are ignoring something very obvious……IF EMP hits Not only Potable water but FOOD are gong to be in dire straits!
          Food Riots and people fighting here in the US will be minor compared to the fighting all over the World!

          Think of the food the US Produces and sends all over the World suddenly stops…….let alone what would be happening in the US!

          The indigenous peoples in Africa are going to suffer most.
          The Generals and Warlords might be overthrown by the masses who have nothing to lose! .A slow agonizing painful death by starvation or a possible quick death by a bullet.. . Those tribes/people that depend on food donations and Medical and other needs provided by the UN and others are suddenly stopped…..

          As for the US if the lights are turned off and only in North America and the rest of the World is unaffected by the outage?

          The US would be getting help from various countries all over the World…. because they depend on/have need of the US for various reasons….Food being one…then there are.NATO Countries and Japan for example….China needs the US to buy their goods and to continue to spread their power or signs of power around the World.

          China would no doubt be here as fast as they could….Perhaps Russia as well and then again Maybe not so much Russia…..
          China has the manpower to spare.

          This would be a perfect time for Russia to act and regain the countries lost control of when the USSR Fell Apart ……and perhaps NATO and ALL of Europe.

          China and others would be sending troops to help maintain control the Peace…….

          Think about it … Who does the US send in when a disaster happens?….the Military….. They control food and water and ice and what not distributions. Prevent rioting and looting,ect!

          Also the medical things and fresh water AND FEED PEOPLE they can provide.

          So IF China does respond with troops on US Soil:

          HOW will they treat Preppers?

          HOW will Preppers treat them?

          Would there be UN Troops on US Soil with China?

          Would such troops try to disarm US Citizens and Preppers?

          Would there be a Live Let Live between Preppers and China/UN Troops?

          It takes a lot to start a nuclear war…..It is not just something that happens in seconds or minutes.

          First Strike surprise decapitation attacks out of the Blue
          are useless.
          Nukes are a Curse…A necessary Curse They do their Job in cost effective manner as deterrents and MAD policy WORKS!
          Those who have such devices in general do not attack each other…many years China had nukes but could not make them small enough…….until the Clinton Regime came along in the US and gave or allowed them to have such technology!!!
          A long with allowing China to launch a classified military satellite that failed and a certain chip wad not among the wreckage and debris recovered …..

          In General….there will be Conventional War going on and the losing side will be the one to toss the first Nuke.

          As for a country turning off the Electricity in the US/North America….How should the US retaliate?
          “Nuke’em Till They Glow Then Shoot Them In The Dark!” ?

          Retaliate in kind and simply turn off their Electricity?
          Use Conventional weaponry and bomb them until the country looks like the Lunar Surface?

          WHAT IF:

          Iran or NK were to launch it and then turn around and claim it was their Government leader who has now been overthrown and executed or in Prison and will be turned over to the US…….and profusely apologize

          WHAT IF:

          God Forbid t as a terrorist group then who and where do we go after ??
          We would know the location of the launch point…..but they had to get the missile and warhead from somewhere and launch it…..but WHO and WHERE are they?

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      • Yosemite May 22, 20:23

        Start with this article I have posted it in several places. IT seems to be ignored. But I will share it again.

        There is A LOT of VALUABLE and USEFUL INFO and Questions answered!

        Make and Think of it as you choose.


        Trump signs executive order to make America greater than EMPs

        Order combines hardening against mythical high-altitude attack with space weather readiness.

        SEAN GALLAGHER – 3/27/2019, 3:37 PM

        The Georgia Guide Stones are not going anywhere… The person that paid for them to be built left $$$ for them to be taken care of. The person anted to remain anonymous and the person that knew him and handled the $$$$ Never would reveal the person’s name.

        All of those protests n the 80s……..I take it you are referring to the Anti Nuke/Anti US Protests….and the usual “Professional Protesters”.

        Notice WHEN the MAJORITY of them stopped.
        The Former Soviet Union was tossing $$$$$ to anyone that was Anti-US and ESPECIALLY ANTI-NUKE for MANY YEARS. Including the Anti-War/ Vietnam Protests in the 60s and 70s, 80s and early 90s.

        Most of the Protest and Protesters stopped when the USSR Collapsed and Fell Apart…No more $$$$$ fo them to be paid or financed.

        Recently I heard about a few Anti-Nuke protesters going to trial that had been arrested at a US Navy Submarine Base…….

        Now George Soros has given the Professional Protesters employment…… at $18.00 USD PER HOUR when Candidate Trump as running for the Office of President of the US……

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        • Armin May 25, 23:42

          Again, Yosemite, you make some very good points and ask some excellent questions. I’m not trying to be a smart ass, Yosemite, but maybe I didn’t mention food because I thought it was too obvious. It’s going to be a given that in the case of a world wide conflict scarcity will reign supreme. Food and water will be extremely important AND scarce but water will be the deal breaker. Probably preaching to the choir but most of us by now know that we can go at least a few weeks without food but only about 3 days without water. That was a very telling comment when you said, “In General….there will be Conventional War going on and the losing side will be the one to toss the first Nuke.” I agree with that a 100%. Even a cornered rat can be very dangerous. It has nothing left to lose. Conventional war will continue for some time. The arms dealers need to justify their own existence and placate their shareholders. Some of the most “innocuous” companies in the world are also the biggest arms dealers. I can believe companies like GE who have successfully “diversified” but I was quite surprised at Honeywell. One of the biggest makers of land mines in the world. A world war or pandemic will only happen when the herd needs to be culled because the population has grown too big for the earth to support. Even now we are stripping the earth of resources at an ever-increasing pace. And again, Yosemite, no sane country in the world can afford to start a global conflict unless they’re suicidal. Whether it’s emp, nuclear, biological or chemical warfare. Not the way things are set up these days. Most of the major powers have armed nuclear subs sitting off the coasts of their adversaries. Even if a country were stupid enough to launch a first strike against their enemies it would be nothing more than a pyrrhic victory for them as the second strike would also wipe them out. MAD works as long as no one pushes the button by mistake. I really am not worried about EMP or NBC warfare happening any time soon. I’m more worried about an economic “event” wreaking havoc within my lifetime. The mother of all depressions. Way worse than in the thirties. The elite have painted themselves into a corner. They thought the shadowy creation of the FED in 1913 would destroy the United States in a short time and by extension drag the rest of the world down with it. They underestimated the resourcefulness of the American people. We’re now dealing with fiat currency. Money that is totally worthless, backed by nothing and only kept afloat by the confidence the people have in their own currency. You can see the true value of our modern day currency by how much a house or car costs. A car costs as much today as a house USED to cost. My parents bought their first house for $14,000. Nice house. Huge lot. A broken down shack in Toronto, one of Canada’s biggest cities (its financial hub), costs over a million dollars. Where I live, about an hour away, still a fairly small town; the new houses (detached) are STARTING at $800,000. Huge monster house on a nonexistent lot. I would rather have it the other way around as long as the house is solid, warm and dry. Doesn’t have to be as big as a hotel unless you’re planning on tenants. To me the value is in the land as that IS a finite resource. In 2018 Earth Overshoot day was about Aug.1st and every year it’s coming earlier. We keep raiding our piggybanks and sooner or later the cupboard will be bare and too many people. For those not familiar with the concept earth overshoot day is that day in the year when we have taken more from nature than the earth can renew in a whole year. It’s like constantly overextending your credit card. Sooner or later the piper will come by to collect his due. In 1970 Earth Overshoot was approx. Jan. 1st and every year it’s coming earlier and earlier. This year, instead of Aug. it’ll probably be closer to July. If it keeps on like this we won’t need a war to kill us off. A point will come when we will see a sharp increase in the price of all commodities and I also see the day when only the rich will be able to eat properly. The rest of us will have to make do as best we can.

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          • Yosemite May 26, 05:01

            There was no insult or attack meant in my post. A lot of places in Africa and perhaps elsewhere around the Globe people are dying simply from bad water. The numbers of people dying everyday and the rest of the World ignore those deaths. cannot even begin to estimate those numbers But they are readily available from the CDC and WHO and the UN do have those numbers.
            The next most deadliest and killer is a very common critter in those same place….The Mosquito.
            Again the media and the World ignore the situation. There are various organizations that are struggling to help those people.. Some provide them with mosquito netting among the things. I am not arguing or trying to start an argument or a fight or any make any insults.

            I AM NOT Politically Correct and people take that the wrong way and take offense or as an attack and none was meant.

            I was in the USAF and was in SAC STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND dung the Cold War. am not claiming any special knowledge or any such thing.
            I can say II was on a missile silo when we got an ACTUAL EWO…EMERGENCY WAR ORDERS and had to do an Emergency back out and close the site and then leave the silo…….There was nowhere we could goo to be safe….The launch crew knew in a short time what had happened…Someone set up a Test tape that showed a massive launch of inbound missiles.
            Again we had nowhere to go so we were maybe a half mile away from the site….and waiting. All of of us were trying to figure out WTF happened and none of us could come up with anything to cause such a launch or attack…….After what seemed like forever we were told to go back on site and to make COM with the MCN … a secure landline and then we found out what had happened.

            When SAC was SAC not what it is today there was an exercise where SAC goes to War…..the scenarios varied but it did show what it takes to an escalation of war all the way up to Armageddon.
            There has to be one Hell of a lot of various things happening and going on to cause the use of Nukes.
            No one but a Mad Man or a terrorist would ever actually use a Nuke.

            Now those powers in charge (Nothing to with President Trump)
            are wanting smaller nuclear devices to potentially use in a so called “Limited Exchange” without going full scale.
            This is still Madness to think that a “Limited Exchange” of nuclear weapons is a viable and acceptable alternative option.

            Granted a so called “Limited Exchange” s better than a full out exchange.and everyone n the World loses.

            Conventional Wars a money maker. People are working. People have to make the “Beans, Bombs and Bullets” along with everything else the Military needs.
            What was the unemployment rate during the Vietnam War?

            War should always be the LAST RESORT. The LAST OPTION.
            Currently we are dealing with Terrorist and always will be as long as they continue to exist….Dash was NEVER a Caliphate as they claimed to be… am referring to ISIS. They HATE the name DAESH and claimed they will cut the tongue out of anyone that uses the term.

            This is unlike any other war in US History…..It is not fighting to take land……It is against an enemy that can hide in plain sight and decide when and where to attack an is not afraid of dying. Pulling out of Afghanistan s not gong to stop them. They will see such as a Victory over the US and bolster their Morale. Like Viietnam General Gap was ready to QUIT and admit defeat until he was shown magazine or newspaper how HE HAD WON…….he had the Worst defeat in Military History handed to him. The Media did not see it that way.

            Everyone has their own idea about what is going to happen in the US….put all of those ideas and rank them either from the Bottom or the Top as to which you believe is most likely to happen……and then add room plan for something unknown or unexpected that could lead to the collapse of America as we know it. ADD to the various scenarios what Countries would either come to Americas aid or would ignore it. Pick whatever countries you like but do not ignore any particular Country.
            Pretty much the Top Two largest are China and Russia. Either One or Both….are contenders.
            .Remember German and Japan being up to sending aid.
            Depending on what scenario you play out on what specifically happened to the US from an EMP/CME to Natural Disaster to Monetary crash to those that HATE President Trump breaking bad because he gets re-elected to whatever our mind and other sources can come up with.
            Game them all out as best you can and see how they turn out.
            All of them will lead back to a few certain things ….EVENTUALLY.
            HOW does it immediately effect you?
            WHO are the Good Guys?
            WHO are the Bad Guys?
            What are your options? Both Good and Bad?
            ARE you ready to do whatever s necessary to keep yourself and our family alive and to protect what little you have from being stolen or violated?

            Easy to say YES here and NOW….. BUT a lot different in real life when it is someone else that only wants to feed their children. Even if it is only one meal they ma be read to kill for such…..How willing are you to use violence against such people in front of this or her children or Wife?
            WHAT can I do to keep me and my family Safe and Alive?

            Perhaps other questions as well…….All of them lead to one Common Answer…….
            That s what this site is all about.
            Everyone in here shares information to help or try to help others as best they possibly can. To keep those like minded individuals informed and aid them in being a better or giving them a better chance of surviving whatever MISTER MURPHY tosses our way.

            Some people think or believe a so called Civil War is gong to happen,,,THERE IS NOTHING CIVIL ABOUT WAR!

            There s a reason War/Violence is always the last option. Taking a Human Life is something that can never be undone!
            Those that start Wars seldom IF EVER are the ones Fighting it.

            I do not see President Trump as a Warmonger…..I do see Him trying to repair the Damage that was done to OUR Military over the last Eight Long Years and Reign of Shame!



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  10. Prepper In Training May 21, 18:59


    I noticed a few days ago that messages were not showing for several hours for me. Then yesterday, I noticed the messages were showing on my iphone, but NOT on my computer.

    I don’t know if messages are being delayed due to my ISP, windows, or some other web blocker at this moment. I work for an MSP, so I have access to computer systems from various ISP’s, windows version, and AV programs, so I am at a loss as to what the actual cause is.

    All I can suggest at this time is to be patient, and if you have access to Apple and Microsoft OS devices, compare what you see.

    Reply to this comment
    • Armin May 21, 21:55

      Thank you for that, Prepper in Training. There’s something strange going on with this website. I AM trying my best to be as patient as possible. And of course now, the duplicate post showed up. Will have to get hold of Claude. Get him to delete the duplicate post. Thank you Prep in Train. 🙂

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      • left coast chuck May 22, 00:27

        If you post more than once or if you post a long post, the spam eliminating screening program that Claude uses moves it lips when it reads, so it is very slow. It will be an hour or two if you post a long post as I am wont to do before it show up. Patience, Cricket. Everything is not perfect. We have become accustomed to instant. Remember when mail used to take three days for a letter just to get across town? Guess not. Letter??? What’s a letter? For those of you who have never sent one it is now referred to as snail mail. You know that guy in the ratty grey-blue uniform that looks like a soldier from the Northern Army coming out of a time warp? That’s what we used to call a mailman. With Newspeak they are now called letter carriers. Anyway, the reason you posts don’t show up right away is because of Claude’s screening program. It won’t post a second post right away. It takes it a long time to read a long post and they don’t show up right away.

        This is my second post to this list and it is also long so it will show up in about two hours.

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  11. Wannabe May 21, 19:56

    Thankyou to all who shared the link to the report that never seemed to be accessible or was classified.

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  12. Meathead May 21, 22:50

    I took the floor at our monthly Property Owner’s meeting and asked, “How many are prepared to survive for two-weeks or more if the power and water went off tomorrow and the stores were empty?” 8 people raised their hand; the other 109 looked at me like I was nuts.
    At least I now know 109 to be cautious of. I feel for them and their children, but mine come first.

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    • Raven tactical May 22, 00:09

      Now they know who to come to

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    • left coast chuck May 22, 00:19

      I started to read a report from an apparently well-known physicist. I say “apparently” because I didn’t recognize his name, but then as far as I know there are no well-know physicists in my circle of acquaintances.

      At page 70 my eyes sort of glazed over and I got his point. In fact, I got his point about page 50. So to criticize some post summarizing a report or to fail to give a complete bibliography with footnotes and references for the type of information this website presents, in my view is asking a lot.

      If I have a criticism of information posted, I do my own research and post what I find if it supports what has been posited in the article and certainly if it contradicts what has been posited. If you review my comments you will see that I am not hesitant about pointing out errors. In fact, some followers of this site had their feelings hurt when I did so.

      I find negative statements without substantiated counter arguments of little value. If you have doubts about what the author has stated, find the countervailing evidence and write an informed reply that shows that the author is wrong in what he has stated. To me, asking, “Where’s your proof?” is similar to the kind of statement we sometimes see “That’s stupid.” Well that doesn’t enlighten us much at all.

      Everyone is free to accept or reject anything that is stated in these articles. But if you want your comments to have gravitas and be considered significant, you too need to buttress them with counterbalancing evidence.

      Even in a court of law, in civil matters, the burden of proof is a preponderance of the evidence, not evidence beyond a reasonable doubt. A mere scintilla of more evidence on one side is sufficient to sustain the preponderance of the evidence rule. That is a standard jury instruction given in every jury case in the State of California, so if I present just one witness who states that thus is so and all you do is say, “That’s ridiculous” — sorry, that isn’t evidence and you lose. because the judge will instruct the jury as I have outlined.

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    • left coast chuck May 22, 00:31

      Well, Meathead, if I were at your meeting and you asked that question, I would not hold my hand up. If queried I would pretend I didn’t understand the question. I most assuredly would not admit to having stores in a general meeting of my neighbors. Just because I am paranoid doesn’t mean I should share that information with folks I barely know.

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      • Armin May 22, 22:07

        I’m kinda with you on that, LCC. I don’t care what kind of a meeting I’m at. If someone asks how many of us are prepared to weather a 2 or 3 week outage you can be DARN! sure I wouldn’t raise my hand. Why would I want to paint a bullseye on my back? I’m very good at acting stupid if I have to. I’ve had plenty of practice. LOL! And it would be believable. I’m not a stupid person by any means but my outside doesn’t match my inside and people are quick to find fault and dismiss the person that doesn’t seem to meet their expectations of normal. But no one on this site is “normal”. We are basically the contrarians of society and because of that some of us WILL survive the next great catastrophe. In a true EOTW situation the people in that room will remember those that raised their hands. And your “friends” will come knocking on your door. IF THEY’RE THAT POLITE! You don’t give them what they want. They will take it by force. I have no allusions as to what could happen in an extended grid down scenario. I can’t even imagine a few million individuals scouring the countryside for any last scraps left. I know how cranky I get if I don’t eat regularly. I don’t even want to think about true starvation. It will be more horrible than anything we can ever imagine.

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        • Elaine May 23, 04:49

          OH MY GOSH Armin, you hit the nail on the head! When I was a kid, Pa used to call me contrary ALL the time! I have gone pretty much to intermittent fasting, and usually eat one meal a day now. My health has gotten tons better, I have lost over 100 pounds, and I am not hungry anymore. I wouldn’t take any of the drugs my doc prescribed for me, and now I don’t need any of them! (Don’t get in the way of me and my supplements though!) (actually, I am on day 4 of an extended water fast now, and have not been hungry at all! Aiming to get those numbers even better!) I have really had my eyes opened by reading the EMP novels. They teach you to look at things a lot differently. Sounds like you already know all that stuff! God forbid we need to learn those things the hard way. It’s hard to believe this is the same world that we grew up in.

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          • Armin May 26, 00:02

            I know nothing, Elaine. I’m just an ordinary fool not a special fool. LOL! But isn’t that what we really are here collectively, Elaine? Contrarians. We are the ones that don’t bow, scrape or curtsy. Most of us here probably don’t do well in a corporate environment. I know I didn’t. We look around us and mostly what we see are idiots. Doesn’t mean we’re any smarter than anyone else just that we realize how truly stupid most people are. Asleep and programmed and not realizing that they’re living a waking dream. It’s sort of like the matrix where we realize it is a dream and we’re doing our best to rid ourselves of our programming. I congratulate you on taking steps to improve your health. I don’t know if I could do what you did. If I lost a hundred pounds I’d look like a refugee from a starving country. LOL! Keep on keeping on.

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    • Elaine May 22, 00:51

      Meathead, you really need to read some of the prepper novels! You would never do that again after reading them!

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  13. IvyMike May 22, 01:31

    I read a variety of international news and opinion sites, and everybody the world over is having serious problems with comment sections. A big part of it is little ragtag operations like the one in Russia the Democrats are convinced stole the election from Princess Hillary, there are people all over the world constantly bombarding comment sections from the point of view of whatever secular, political, or religious group that pays them to do it. And then there are a lot of people who just like to throw bombs, and there are socially backward people who never learned how to have a discussion and learn something new. Security software delays and skews the posting of comments everywhere. A lot of sites are limiting comment or dropping it all together. Hope that never happens at AskaPrepper because while the articles are often good the discussion following is often great! People usually only get lit up on askaprepper when there is an article with an opinion on firearms, strange to see an EMP article flamed.
    Effects of an EMP are going to remain a mystery until the day comes. I read about different tests that have been done but don’t believe there is any way to simulate an event as complex as a high altitude EMP caused by a 250k nuke 200 miles up in space.
    Who would do such a thing? Don’t be ignorant of the fact we are actively trying to destroy N Korea and Iran through economic warfare. A time may come when one or the other is so badly damaged they hit us back with an EMP because they are otherwise militarily helpless. N Korea in particular is not worried about us totally destroying them because we already totally destroyed every town and city dam and road and factory and millions of people there during the Korean War. They rebuilt their country in a generation. Could we?

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    • Elaine May 23, 04:55

      I’m not worried about the things those countries will do. I am wondering what OUR country will do. They are flat out TOTALLY itching to start a war! There is no need. They just want one to justify their salaries! Those people you are talking about are normally referred to as paid trolls! They are paid to instigate and cause trouble. OH! Did you happen to see the video that used to be on youtube (I think it was removed, I couldn’t find it a few weeks ago) on the highway that the Japanese repaired that was taken out by the tsunami? They had that thing totally repaired in 3 days. My mouth just dropped open! HERE, it would be at least 6 months before they even started on it, and then it would probably take 2-3 years for them to fix it! I hear ya!

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      • Armin May 25, 22:06

        War should be viewed as an anachronism, Elaine. It has no more place in this modern world than a t-rex does. The only people that gain from a war are the arms merchants and the banks. Otherwise the best and brightest are killed in a war. In the case of the United States it’s a case of the tail wagging the dog. It’s like a huge massive bad-tempered pit bull being held in check by a little girl. Except the little girl has undue influence. You know as much about this as I do, Elaine, and there’s no need for me to go into details. No one would believe me anyways and I would be called a racist and worse. The fanatics of the world are the problem and once the extremists are gone 90% of the problems would also be.

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  14. left coast chuck May 22, 03:02

    I was surprised last week to see an announcement that a K-3 CME was expected to impact earth. It came out of the blue to me. The expected arrival was within 12 hours. I quickly scrambled to find out as much as I could about it. Fortunately for all reading this post, it only affected earth above the 60th parallel. It interfered with some satellite communications, so if your cellphone had trouble dropping calls, it might have been the K-3 CME. A K-3 ejection is considered a mild event. It is the X class that is the killer class.

    I was surprised that earth is bombarded with CMEs almost daily. Fortunately for us, most of them are too weak to wreak havoc. Two days after the K-3, we had another CME strike earth but it only affected earth above the 65th parallel. The first CME I mentioned was supposed to generate Aurora Borealis as far south as New York state, Montana and North Dakota. A friend of mine was visiting in Northern Idaho near the Canadian border but was socked in with bad weather so it was not visible to him. If you want to keep abreast of what is happening with the sun, has a very informative site with lots of information.

    As I have stated in previous posts about CME events, in the 7th century crusaders sieging Aleppo in Syria noticed Aurora Borealis just before they attacked the city. The text I read that in was written in 1913, so it didn’t mean a whole lot to the author. He just mentioned it because the crusaders took it as a sign from God that they would be victorious the next day. Too bad. They misinterpreted it. It was a sign from God that they were going to get their butts kick badly by the saracens the next day which is what happened. But consider that the A.B. was sighted south of Aleppo. You can get the latitude of Aleppo from any world map. That’s pretty far south. That means that in addition to the Carrington event which was especially noteworthy because it blew out telegraph lines world wide, earth was visited by a powerful CME in the 7th century. Perhaps there were more, powerful, CMEs that bathed earth in the intervening 1200 years but folks were more concerned with the Black Plague, the Little Ice Age, the Mongol horde, constant warfare among various petty lords to be concerned about things like pretty lights in the sky. In addition, as someone pointed out, CME may strike the earth in only a portion of the earth, The CME in Newfoundland only affected northeastern Canada. It created a lot of havoc there and remember in the early 1990s, personal computers and their proliferation really was just getting started. You could still go in the grocery store and ask a clerk to check in the back room for merchandise that was out of stock on the floor and stores had stock in the back room. Today what you see is what they got. There is much deeper penetration of computers into everything now than there was 20 or 30 years ago. All of which makes us more vulnerable.

    I can’t decide if it is pure laziness, a sense of “If we ignore the 800 pound gorilla in the room he will leave us alone” syndrome or a pure evil “we are taken care of in the event of a colossal failure, so why worry about anybody else” attitude, but there is no question that the U.S. is lagging far behind other countries in EMP/CME protection. I have read that the companies that control the long transmission lines consider it a high risk, low probability situation and don’t see any need to prepare. The government is more wrapped up in the Smart Grid which is “greener” than our current grid system and politically correct so they haven’t created an incentive neither punitive nor remunerative for electric providers to improve the grid with regard to EMP or CME. All we as individuals can do is nag our representatives which should get us put on the crackpot list and prepare as best we can for what is, in my opinion, a certainty. Not if, but when.

    I think one should not be misled by the sun being in a “quiet period.” That doesn’t mean that there are not coronal mass ejections occurring, it just means there are not as many. I gather from my reading that the sun emits matter in a solar eruption on a daily basis and a quiet period merely means not so many as compared to an active period in which there is a superabundance.

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    • Elaine May 23, 05:00

      All it takes is one big one! Who cares if it is solar minimum or maximum! They wouldn’t even have known about them back then! It’s not like they created havoc then, like a meteor would have, right?

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      • red May 27, 03:01

        They knew about solar flares. They’ve been studied for thousands of years. But, remember, it’s never a disaster unless the government needs a disaster. Solar flares carry a lot of radiation, which would disrupt telegraph service and telephone. More important to our ancestors, they can damage crops and so on. niio

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  15. lefty May 22, 14:38

    I’m STILL computer illiterate,so I hope this goes through!
    Solar flare ~October ,1968 knocked out power eastern North American ~3 days.We were having a drought,so NYC water looked and smelled like sewage[NYC officials said it was OK to drink-don’t think they were drinking it !]If we get similar flare now things will be worse-much stuff on the grid.A global pandemic -might-solved a lot of existing problems.the 1300s plague in Europe,gave Europe”300 years of breathing time.”50th anniversary class of 1969 Bronx High School of Science alumni.

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    • Elaine May 23, 05:04

      Thanks Lefty! I lived in Florida then (I was 11). Our electricity never went out like that, and we are east! And I don’t remember hearing about it on the news, or any of the grownups in my family mentioning it. Really seems like they would have! I went to a private Lutheran school then, and it really seems like they would have told us about it and discussed it in class. I mean, I remember we made the little milk carton things to go out and look in to see eclipses! So seems like something this big would have made our classroom! If it happened today, I’m sure it would all be Assad’s fault, right? Or Putin!

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  16. Dave from San Antonio May 23, 00:49

    I wish everyone would just stop with the back and forth banter about who ‘knows the most’. We, supposedly, are all in this together. If someone presents something and I find ‘interesting’ or hard to believe…I do my own search on the subject. I don’t ask that anyone try to provide the unvarnished truth. I’ll look it up and find out for myself. Not one of us here is really an ‘expert’ in the type of field that deals with EMPs or CMEs. If you say you ‘are’ an expert…that is one time I would ask you to state your credentials and list any relevant research papers you have written and if you work for NASA or other agency that studies EMPs/CMEs. A strong EMP or massive CME is a possible reality we all face. Neither of which will have a positive outcome. Some of the back and forth points made in the comments I agree with and some I do not. In either case, I’m not going to waste my time in an argument over any of it.

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    • Elaine May 23, 05:09

      How do you know nobody here is an expert? It’s not like most people would broadcast it if they were! And I certainly wouldn’t provide my ”credentials” because someone demanded it! And if people want to argue, what’s the problem? If you don’t want to fine, but that doesn’t mean other people can’t if they choose. And I really have not seen that much arguing on here, except a smattering at the beginning! I have found that you can actually LEARN things sometimes when you listen to arguments! But you don’t have to argue, or listen, or read them. I have totally enjoyed the comments on this page. (OK, so yes. I do like to argue!!!!)

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      • red May 27, 03:08

        We know, but YOU are not mean-spirited about it. Dave wants us to get along, one big unhappy family, but family. He and I are more concerned with bickering than loud discussions. You walk in beauty.

        What Lutheran school did you attend? My family, tho more or less atheist, belonged to the Eastern synod, about as liberal as you can get. We had to attend because of Huxley, who said children should attend church to learn a sense of morality–didn’t work. niio

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        • Elaine May 27, 03:31

          Hi Red! My school was Missouri Synod, which is the most conservative branch. It was really a wonderful school! When I got out into public school in 7th grade, it was a picnic, compared to how hard we worked and all we learned in grade school! And what was really wild was the homework! In public school, the teacher’s didn’t give a rat’s behind if you did it or not. But I was raised to be scared doodooless if you didn’t do your homework! When I moved to Gainesville, I actually went to a Wisconsin Synod for a little while. That was in 94, and they were actually still using the old hymnbook we had in gradeschool which I LOVED! Golly those hymns were gorgeous! But later they switched over to the newfangled hymnbook, and I quit going on principle! I just don’t believe in churches just changing! They have gotten so liberal I don’t recognize them anymore! They definitely taught morality at our school (shouldn’t go to those liberal synods, right?)

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          • red May 28, 02:16

            Hey-lo angel! Mine was Eastern, the most liberal synod. They were so liberal the bishop was agnostic. When in Ohio, the picture was better (I had become a Christian by then), and talked with the pastor about the Eastern. The local Lutherans were discussing joining the Eastern, but after he put some hard questions to me, got on the phone and told them what I said. The pastors held a meeting and told Eastern, no, thank you. Dad was stationed in Ft. Leonard Wood, MO, in the 30s, and not attending church. Grampa found out, pow wow grapevine, and raised hell with Dad about it and wrote to his sergeant. The sergeant took Dad to church for a few weeks! Dad was raised Eastern, which abandoned God during the Convocation of 1910 (I think that’s when it was). They walked away from the literal belief in God to join other liberal churches. A far cry from Luther’s teachings. Did you know he was arrested twice for witchcraft? He prayed over the dead and two people came back to life (donno they were dead, but I bet there was a lot of true believers after that 🙂 Gampa and Nana would have loved the Missouri. That was how they were raised, like the Southern Baptist version of Lutheranism, worshiping as the Bible says to. And, I’ve been trying for years to find out about Luther’s 3 anti-semitic papers. I had copies, and asked an archaeologist in the family about them. No fingerprints on the last one discovered (and now suspected of being forged on antique velum), and the fingerprints on the other two believed to be his don’t have his fingerprints on them. No prints is impossible in an age before printers; everything was hand-copied and the writer always left fingerprints in the ink and the clay used to cover mistakes. walk in beauty.

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            • Elaine May 28, 15:01

              Hah! No, I never heard about the witchcraft thing! The Missouri Synod would NEVER have mentioned that! He wrote some killer hymns! He must have been phenomenal to accomplish what he did!

              That is TOO funny! His sergeant dragged him to church! HAH HAH!

              The pastors are so important! Some are really compelling and intesting, while others make you just snooze! They should have to pass some kind of test to be ordained, right? When our regular (good) pastor was out, this dude used to fill in for him. Seriously, one sermon this dude said, ”I love movies! Love to go to the movies!” Sissy and I’s mouths dropped open, and we looked at each other, like DUDE! (Our Missouri Synod kicking in, right?) Do you understand most of those people are frickin evil? My Ma was a deacon and then later an elder in her Presbyterian (liberal branch) church! I used to jump on her all the time, because she watched (all the time) these action movies full of smut and cussing. She would watch them even on Sundays. But she would NOT play cards on Sunday; that was terrible! (Her father was a Presbyterian minister and he would NOT let them play cards on Sunday!) So I asked her if she thought her father (he died when she was 14) would approve of those movies she was watching. BOY did she get mad! I told her he would probably have MUCH rather seen her playing cards on Sunday than watching those movies ANY day of the week!

              It’s weird! I have never heard of the Eastern Synod before. Ok, was just looking. They say Wisconsin synod is more conservative than Missouri. I think I had forgotten that. There is that one really liberal synod! Sissy and I were watching Christmas on TV one year from that synod, and I KID YOU NOT! They had girls DANCING on the altar! We about lost our teeth! DANCING ALTAR GIRLS???? Seriously? That was about 25 years ago!

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              • red May 29, 07:54

                Luther was a wild man, when he got in the Spirit. My pastor said every church service made Southern Baptists look tame.

                Grampa ruled the roost. While not a believer, he still made all the kids go to church. When Dad left home, he was, if I recall, 16. One thing they do to us is, first pay during basic, you’ve been rode hard thru Hell Week, then screamed at, mocked, treated like dirt. When that first pay comes in, the sergeants go home for the weekend and the MPs are all over stopping fights, arresting teenage drunks. Anything they see wrong, the recruit is busted for. I got drunk and hit the sack early. But, with no adult supervision, even good boys go hormonal. Church keeps us on the up and up, even if we go on the dark side. It never leaves you.

                As much as I loved John Wayne growing up, the little kids were not allowed to watch him. Teenagers, yes. John Wayne loved tequila and loose women, tho as a conservative, he was tops.

                Never heard of the altar dancing girls, but the bishop was an agnostic. Very much a Democrat. Eastern synod is considered more liberal than European synods. niio!

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  17. left coast chuck May 23, 05:10

    Here is one of the books I have read. I consider Dr. Bradley to have some expertise in talking about EMP and CME events based on his education. He has a Phd from Auburn University in electrical engineering and electronic devices. He has actually conducted experiments in testing to see how much protection is needed versus how much electron flow is produced (not sure if that is the correct description. My electrical expertise is: Don’t put a screwdriver blade into a electrical socket to see if it is hot.)

    “Disaster Preparedness for EMP Attacks and Solar Storms” (Expanded Edition) Kindle Edition
    by Arthur T. Bradley (Author)
    4.3 out of 5 stars
    237 customer reviews.

    The book is $6.99 on Kindle (or other electronic device which probably will not work after a CME/EMP unless protected by a Faraday cage.)

    Dr. Bradley also sporadically maintains a website devoted to CME/EMP events and preparation for them. I am not advertising for him. But that is a resource if you care to explore it. Just Google his name and you will get all kinds of sites you can visit. He also works for NASA. I am not sure if that is a plus or a minus.

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    • Elaine May 23, 23:17

      The protests I am talking about are not the ones you are. I’m talking about all the protests in the 60s and 70s. That’s why I mentioned the song Ohio! That wasn’t about nukes in the 80s. That was about war in Viet Nam! The whole country had mass protests all over the place. And those people were NOT paid off! They were the flower children and hippies that were pro flowers and peace and anti war. I was against them at the time (even though I was a kid) as I had bought into our government claiming we were trying to keep the commies from taking over the world! One small country at a time! I had no idea about how the Bay of Tonkin event was arranged until recently. I don’t remember any protests in the 80s–I had small children I took care of then, and I didn’t watch any TV (Ok, except for Guiding Light and As the World Turns)! But I didn’t watch at night and I didn’t watch the news, so I missed that. I totally know about Soros though, and all his paid protesting crap! And paying people to come to Hillary rallies! Bunch of neocon bullcrap! My understanding is that the other countries are just trying to exist without our sanctions on them all the time, and the Big Boys are trying to scare everyone so that they will keep getting their huge paychecks, as they need an enemy (a big one, like Putin) to do so. And what food does the US produce and send overseas? The rest of the world won’t hardly accept our glyphosate ridden products. Everything I buy at the store is NOT from the US. I checked my bags of frozen organic broccoli the other day. The one from Walmart was from China (I chucked it (no offense left coast chuck), and the one from Publix was from Mexico. The only place I find any American produce is from my local health food store (no, not Trader Joe’s or Wholefoods), where the organic produce comes from local farmers. And actually, that one store is the only place I know of where I can get local organic produce!

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      • Yosemite May 24, 05:00

        Your post said the 80s….. THEN you mentioned the Neil Young song “OHIO” there was a roughly 20 years separation between the Two.

        I do not know your age or background…….All I do know about you, is what you post.

        As others have posted how easy it is to look up on the Internet…..I suggest you try dong that..

        “The USSR was supporting the so called “PEACE MOVEMENT” and the “ANTI- WAR MOVEMENT” in the US and around the World since the 50s.


        The so called PEACE MOVEMENT and the ANTI-WAR sentiment in the Vietnam War COST the US Military “The Win” and Success in the War in SEA!
        CLEARLY AN INSULT to every Troop that fought and was Killed or maimed and severed there!

        Since you do not believe the USSR did not fund such movements…I would tell you to look such conduct by the former Soviet Union….

        I did a simple search and found numerous links that the Soviet Union DID provide such funding and aid.. So I will share one link that the former USSR did finance such groups. There are numerous other sites for you to find.

        As far the 80s ANTI-NUKE protests I have no idea where you were, but unless you were living under a rock and totally well OFF THE GRID…….Such protests were all over Europe and hear in America…… and all over the National news!

        GREENPEACE committed numerous attacks on at least one US Submarine base and probably more attacks elsewhere……… There was another group called “PLOWSHARES”. There was a PEACE/ ANTI-NUKE that camped outside the entrance to a US Base MAINGATE for 93 DAYS in the summer of 1983.

        Such protesters were also doing their “THING” elsewhere across the US including other US Military Bases and in Washington DC throughout the 80s and early 90s until the Soviet Union fell apart.

        As for the US feeding the World…again simple Internet search will provide the answers for you.

        The US sent/sold wheat to the former USSR during the Cold War. Feeding our so called “Enemy” that could not feed themselves. They could grow plenty of crops…. but they had problems with harvesting and getting produce to places to be processed.

        Here s one site among many numerous others about The US feeding the WHOLE WORLD.

        U.S. farmers feed the world
        By Mary Jane Maxwell – Mar 6, 2019

        American farmers are selling more of their high-quality products to the rest of the world than ever before in the history of U.S. agriculture.

        Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, speaking to farmers in Iowa on March 4 , said that U.S. farmers produce harvests “at levels the world would have been astounded by just a few years ago.”

        The United States, the world’s top food exporter, shipped over $139.5 billion in agricultural products abroad in 2018, a $1.5 billion increase over 2017.

        That’s good news for both American farmers and the nations who import high-quality, safe and reliable U.S. agricultural products and so can provide enough food for their entire populations.


        The article continues from there……….. take the link to read the rest of the article.

        II hope this educates you and you learn from it.

        As for produce from other Countries and Nations.. I suggest look into the various trade agreements that were made in the past by previous Presidents….

        Reply to this comment
        • Elaine May 26, 05:42

          Yosemite, I reread my post. I DID state the 60s. Actually, it was early 70s too. Which is why I mentioned Ohio. I knew nothing of any protests in the 80s. But back then I watched Walter Cronkite and saw almost daily flower children protesting all over the country. Make LOVE not war! Did you know about Woodstock? I don’t think people were paid to attend that either! I do not believe that the protests were what cost us that war. People could have been led to believe that. But I don’t! I actually had a boss once (an attorney). He always said and believed that the VN was was fought (he was in it) in order to prove to other countries (Russia mainly I think) that the US was willing to wage war and stick it out, in other countries far away. In other words, it was to prove a point. I never thought of anything like that, but he totally believed it.

          People could well have been paid to protest in the 80s. I have no clue. I’m not going to research it. Most of the stuff we see and read is trumped up anyway (no pun meant there). Just look at all the false flags! It’s hard to know what to believe and what is true anymore, in the age of photoshopping! And back then, they showed exactly what they wanted to. But I do believe the journalism was more honest back then, though I could be wrong about that. I also don’t listen to Pompeo. He’s a neocon, and I don’t believe what they say. I don’t believe that about the US farmers feeding the world. I mean, who in the world would buy their GMO crap??? The rest of the world does not want GMO, nor do they want Roundup! I could be wrong on that. But I DO know there are many people on the networks and in government that will lie their behinds off! I don’t believe all the talk that the economy is great, either! I didn’t believe it when Obama was in office, and I don’t believe it when Trump is in office. What I DO believe is that Trump’s intentions are good, and Obama’s were not! I don’t think Trump is a neocon, even though he has hired some! Yosemite, do NOT believe every article you read! There are many more liars out there than truthtellers. And they want the truthtellers shut up! They even frickin passed a LAW saying it was okay to tell propaganda to the American people! That was just unbelievable to me! So now I guess they can’t be prosecuted if they are found out! OH! And regarding what I wrote about the protests in the 60s (and early 70s). I didn’t say they were right or wrong, just that the people got off their butts and protested all over the place. But nobody will DO that now! There is no outrage anymore for the atrocities committed. It’s business as usual for most Americans. There are a few of us that scream about it (I listen to many of them), but the majority of people do not care about anything unless it slaps them in the face! Total apathy. It is totally sad and not a little bit scary!

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          • Yosemite May 26, 07:19

            Personally I do not give a damn about what you choose to believe or not believe.
            History speaks for itself..
            Public Sentiment is why America lost Vietnam. Do you dispute that? GUESS WHO started that sentiment….

            Tell Lies often and long enough they become Truth.

            Believe the lies to be Truth as you choose….Doesn’t matter to me what you believe…..Nor does it change the facts.

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        • red May 27, 04:03

          Only thing I disagree about is losing the war in Vietnam. You need to remember what Sun Tzu said, war is only an extension of diplomacy. The war is still on-going, but since we left, From a bare whisper in the ears of the people, it’s gone grassroots with people openly protesting against Hanoi. The Cao Dai are back, and you know how the communists hated them for taking up arms against the Cong and NVA. I wanted to do some protesting myself, against Coke Nose billy opening up Vietnam, but realized–after talking to people involved during and after, AI and others–that like with the USSR, Americans are going to help bring about sweeping changes. In the end, we win. Now to win against the nazis running the US, Soros and the Kennedy Klan. niio

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      • Raven tactical May 24, 11:51

        The spread of communism was terrible and growing rapidly. Had people let the soldiers fight the war the way it should of been we would of won. Besides Vietnam was a test bed of modern technology.

        The term organic is owned by the governments food propagation team. You can get farm fresh but they can’t use the term organic.

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        • Elaine May 26, 05:46

          Exactly Raven! It was controlled! All the lives lost on both sides, it was horrendous! Ya know, I stupidly thought in the 90s and early 2000s (before I knew better) that the world had changed and grown up, and that people had pretty much put war behind them. I didn’t know about a lot of the things going on behind the scenes that weren’t put out there all the time. But I felt really good about things and that the world was getting better. You can only be that stupid when you’re young I suppose . . .

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        • red May 27, 04:41

          Good post, thanks! I can only add to it, saying Vietnam was an extension in the war against the USSR and China. Idiots like McNamara screwed it up, and screwed everybody. But, that’s neolibs. The government owns the word organic, yes, to stop big food companies and universities from claiming it (a lot of chemicals used are organophosphates). I don’t buy a lot of organic because of the price, thanks to government controls. It can cost a farmer 2K per acre, depending on the state, to have soil tested and approved. that includes the 3-5 years it can take to get approved, and has to be done as often as every 2 years. Most, like family gf mine who are farming, go natural. few if any chems, but use cover crops and organic pest controls. When Penna lost the bats, they were shocked. Even the organic people had to do write-offs or use pesticides. 1-out-of-50 bats died in the white nose plague (no relation to Coke Nose billy’s powder 🙂 but, out of that came stronger faith in all natural and better means to combat the pests. niio

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      • red May 27, 03:48

        Elaine, did the commies take over the world? Nope. We stopped them, and we’re working on getting rid of that loser philosophy that slaughtered something like 220 million in only 89 years. Now, we have to stop them here, as well, or let them destroy themselves. glyphosate like DDT is on the way out. It no longer works. There was a piece on neolib news service about cotton farmers in the south having a lot of weed problems, tho they sprayed constantly. Now, the FDA is ‘seriously’ looking at it and determined it’s bag for us. Wholefoods, a (mildly, having fun) lunatic on YouTube calls it whole-paycheck foods. I do some shopping there, but mostly to pick up distilled water (a lot cheaper there than even Wally world (WalMart) or Dollar General). Modern people in aggie are walking away from the chemical diet, much due to water shortages and what they see chems doing to their families. “What was old is new” an aggie from Oregon U said. Dr. Carver’s work is being brought our and studied, and as well what our grandparents did, before the chemical diet was forced on us the DNC during WWII. One grandfather risked jail time for telling the state aggie rep FDR could shove his head up his a**, he was not going to ruin his farm using chemical fertilizers. They left quietly, Grampa was our bloka, the headman of the family, and that covered hundreds of voters. He was a mean old cuss, but a hardy man. One great-grandfather did the same, then most of the folks around the county did the same. If interested in modern aggie, look up Gabe Brown on Youtube. Very cool, very conservative, how he went from a city boy to one of the world leaders in anti-chemicals. niio

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    • Elaine May 23, 23:19

      Chuck, I bought that book in 2015, but haven’t read it yet! I read his survival series, which was pretty good (the EMP novels). It’s amazing how much good info they get to you in their novels! (His aren’t my favorites, but they were good. Good enough that I got his book you were talking about!)

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  18. Yosemite May 23, 22:10

    Here is an article I found not sure how many remember or even knew about this event.

    Also I tossed in some interesting and related sites

    You can check CMEs/Solar Flares whatever is happening with the Sun and Solar Weather.

    I remember an event in the late 90s when some Communication Satellites were effected for several days and the company I was using comped me for those days…..I was using a pager at the time.

    06 September 2017

    “Two Powerful Solar Flares Set To Hit Earth Tonight, May Damage Satellites And Power Grid”


    These links are of interest and use for those that are interested in Solar Flares/ CMEs/ Space Weather.



    Solar and Heliospheric Observatory

    Space Weather Monitors
    Stanford SOLAR Center
    This is most interesting site that hassome interesting things going on Here is one question that may be of interest to the HAM operators.

    “The Society of Amateur Radio Astronomers (SARA) is partnering with the Stanford Solar Center to distribute SuperSID monitors. To request an application for a monitor, complete the format at: SARA SuperSID

    SARA homepage

    Are you a ham radio operator, an amateur astronomer, or university teacher, researcher, or student who would like to get involved?
    We would very much like to pair up interested amateurs, as well university teachers and/or students, with local classrooms wishing to establish a SID project. If you are such a person and know of a local classroom to work with, please let us know! If you do not have any local classroom contacts, we may be able to arrange some for you. Read more about becoming a mentor.

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  19. Raven tactical May 24, 11:56

    We will have our own generations of the dust bowl soon. This GMOs and chemical based farming has stripped the topsoil and destroyed our farm lands. The farmers themselves don’t often care because they been doing it for almost a 100 years. The ground is crap the soil Is wrecked and all they do is dump chemicals on it. The gmo food. You ever wonder why kids now have werid food allergies and people over eat so much.

    The dust bowl is coming and you wont have food soon

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    • Elaine May 26, 05:55

      Raven, there are actually some people working to stop this, and educate the farmers. I don’t think most of them are so bad. Dr Zach Bush (oh my gosh, he is PHENOMENAL) has started a group working with farmers to work on farming and the soil (organic of course), and to get it back in good shape and not abuse it or use Roundup kind of crap anymore. I THINK the organization is called Farmer’s Footprint. Something like that. Regenerative farming, I think they are calling it. But you can find some of his stuff on youtube. He is an MD, who is specialty certified in 3 different specialties, but he wound up recently turning to farming, as he thinks the planet will be doomed if what is going on now keeps up, and he thinks helping the farmers with the soil etc is the way to bring the planet back from the brink and help health (he also is very knowledgeable on gut health and the microbiome, which I think led him to the farming problem). But you are totally right in what you said!

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    • red May 28, 01:06

      The DNC always had it’s nose stuck in the German crack. Military, uniforms, equipment, socialism. Germany discover a way to make nitrogen fertilizer cheaply and the FDR admin demanded farmers use that. My grandfathers refused to comply and one almost went to jail. Grampa was not a patient man around stupid 🙂 He told them he saw how it farmers using it were not healthy any more, nor their livestock and crops. the soil was sick. He had the best farm in the county. Even after he stopped farming, he couldn’t handle the plow and horses any more, people would come for advice. He took care of the soil and it took care of him.

      GMO, genetically monstrous organisms is how the government will control the people. If someone owns the rights to your crops, you pay thru the nose for seed or starve. this is what the PRI, Mexico, killed a lot of Tarahumara indians, GMO maize, didn’t tell them it had a trigger where it would kill off their crops. 9,000 starved to death and the Clinton WH shrugged it off, just as dems always do about thing like that and slavery.

      I guarantee that the government in an emergency, real of manufactured, will let the elderly die, and force the younger generation to work at their projects as slave labor. That’s already law and is under the right of forced labor of convicts. Anything Hitler did,they grab ankle, and the PRI in Mexico, the same.

      We already have the dust bowl, but the government is giving welfare to ranchers on the plains to defer it. The Ogalala Aquifer is the best irrigation source for most of the stats there and it’s sinking fast. Farmer are listening now to what aggie researchers like Dr. Carver said (about 1910), put the black back in the soil and farmers will again be wealthy, as they were a century ago. the hottest crop today is oilseed radishes (daikon, but i like black Schifferstadt for a winter cover), not for the oil, but because it can root down 8 feet and put the black back in the soil. Farmers doing that, and cereal rye as covers are booking while neighbors, like Gabe Brown’s in N. Dakota, complain because he has a banner year every year while they’re waiting for the welfare check. Brown’s fields went from 0.5% organic carbon, the black, up to 11% in some fields since he went notill, then natural, non-organic (they have a problem with invasive, foreign grass taking over). He has a large herd of beef cattle and grazes them like they were buffalo, tight herd, small portions of pasture at a time, grazes the fields the same. His soil moisture content, and they get all of 16 inches a year, is always high, even during the drought. No irrigation, and his crops come in almost all profit. Look at chemical farmers, and most get a welfare check. Most were happy to have Democrat Health Care because they wind up with cancer or other things. niio

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  20. Golden Eagle May 24, 18:45

    The threat will be froma CME not EMP

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    • Elaine May 24, 19:28

      And you know this how? Do you have proof?

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    • red May 27, 04:49

      Possibly. Or a comet, or a massive volcanic eruption. Tio Popo (Popocatepetl) is long overdue for a blow, and he’s been recorded for thousands of years. He’s called the key to the ring of fire, and when he last rattled windows, volcanoes from Central America to Fuji did, as well. NASA looks hard, but even giant comets are difficult to see. Space is too wide and filled with junk. Even massive ones are hard to detect until they get close, and then it’s too late. Predictions are, a comet strike, then solar or a nuke war for the last resources. China and russia want the potassium salts from the Dead Sea, but Jordan told them where to head in at, and Palestinian ‘refugees’ in Jordan attempted to assassinate him. Like his father, he armed the cavalry with swords and sent them thru the camps killing anyone they saw. That calmed the Palestinians down, fast. niio

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  21. Chair Force One May 25, 15:32

    Download and read some of that report. Thanks SKIBS for the link! Pages 13 and 14 show areas of probable power collapse. Like all things in Science and Engineering, “It Depends.” They show a couple of different maps with different outcomes depending on power of CME and where the CME is centered as it crashes into the earth.

    What’s very interesting is the degree of impact predicted for FEMA itself. If FEMA can’t respond it’s up to us.

    And this gem:
    “Loss of key infrastructure for extended periods due to the cascading effects from a space weather event (or other disturbance) could lead to a lack of food, given low inventories and reliance on just-in-time delivery, loss of basic transportation, inability to pump fuel, and loss of refrigeration” (National Academy of Sciences, 2008). Cascading losses throughout the complex and highly interdependent technological systems that our society relies on for food, water, fuel, billing, contracting, and transportation may become unreliable or breakdown completely. Without resupply, the infrastructure that supports the PSN will eventually fail. Further, operations centers that support satellite operations will also fail without resupply.

    *** Finally, while not within the scope of this white paper, family and societal pressure could impact the availability of personnel to maintain critical systems. ***

    What happens if FEMA doesn’t show up to work?

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  22. Allen May 27, 00:06

    I think you should look at space on a regular basis. We are going into a solar minimum so the prospect of a massive solar flare isn’t so great for the next few years. Sometimes the government just likes to stir up shit just to make it seem more important,

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    • Chair Force One May 27, 01:09

      So then this is the perfect time to both prepare personally and initiate efforts at the national level to protect the infrastructure. The power grid will take years to update into a fault-tolerant structure.

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      • red May 28, 01:33

        Trump is trying and getting laughed at. You mean of the government ever gets around to fixing it. they won’t, but if they let the power companies alone–and the rest of us–it’ll back in a short time. But, till then, do-it-yourself or back to nature using the rooster as an alarm clock.

        Trump did pull a stealth bomb on the dems, again. El Paso area, the feds this weekend are buying land to work on our beautiful Wall! IBTW, that’s what headhunters fighting the NVA called walls they built of the heads. Hilldabeast, prime spot on top! 🙂 niio

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  23. Miss Kitty May 27, 22:57

    I found a good website about solar flares, solar minimum, Technical, but accessible to all levels of understanding, and not buying into the false narrative of man-caused global warming. Ice Age Farmer is another good one, and they cover all kinds of weather events.

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  24. red May 28, 01:23

    Easy Rocket Stove Design
    As this is a foreign site, I didn’t want to post the whole thing. Good people, but on the liberal side. In fact, their version of conservative is our liberals!

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