How To Charge Your Phone When There Is No Electricity

Claude Nelson
By Claude Nelson December 17, 2018 08:09

How To Charge Your Phone When There Is No Electricity

What would you do if the power is out and your phone battery is dead, but someone’s life depends on you being able to make a call?

You can charge your phone from another battery.

Gone are the days of our grandparents. The modern society we all live in now seems to be unable to function without certain commodities. Among these, electricity seems to be at the top of the list. Electricity is something almost all of us take for granted now. It seems that, no matter what you plan on doing, you will need electricity. Whether you want to clean your house, watch a movie, read a book at night or just charge your phone, you will need electricity.

This article will show you how to charge your phone when no power is available—whether you want to prepare yourself in case of a power outage, a storm, or possible EMP, or you just want to test it for yourself out of curiosity to see if it works.

Apart from your phone and its charging cable, you will only need these four items:How To Charge Your Phone When There Is No Electricity

  • a 9V Alkaline battery
  • a spring (you can take one out of a pen)
  • a car charger
  • some tape

#1. The first step is to take out the spring from a pen. Once it is out, you need to connect it to the negative terminal of the battery. (The negative terminal is the bigger one.)How To Charge Your Phone When There Is No Electricity#2. The spring will also need to touch the metal part of the car charger’s side nub.How To Charge Your Phone When There Is No ElectricityUse some tape to hold the spring in place, making sure the spring is touching both the negative terminal of the battery as well as the metal nub of the car charger.

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#3. The next step is to connect the car charger to the positive terminal.How To Charge Your Phone When There Is No Electricity#4. Then you need to connect your phone to the car charger using the phone’s cable.How To Charge Your Phone When There Is No ElectricityAt this moment, the green light of the car charger should be on. This means your phone is being charged.

On average, a 9V battery has about 550 milli-Ampere hours (mAh), while a mobile phone’s battery has 2000 mAh. This means your phone’s battery will not be fully charged by using only one 9V battery. You would need about four 9V batteries to fully charge your phone, depending on what type of battery you use and what mobile phone you have. But you’ll surely make a LOT of phone calls with one battery. Please see the table below for more details:How To Charge Your Phone When There Is No Electricity

  • Samsung Galaxy S6: 2,550 mAh
  • Samsung Galaxy S7: 3000 mAh
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge: 3600 mAh
  • Samsung Galaxy S8: 3000 mAh
  • Apple iPhone 6s: 1715 mAh
  • Apple iPhone 7: 1960 mAh
  • Apple iPhone 8: 1821 mAh

Who knows, maybe this simple trick can save someone’s life by allowing you to make a 911 call.

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Claude Nelson
By Claude Nelson December 17, 2018 08:09
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  1. pelagiaeast December 17, 16:17

    Why not just plug it into the connection in the car, drawing from the car battery?

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  2. left coast chuck December 17, 17:04

    Or you could just buy a solar charger that will charge your phone. You can even buy a camp stove that generates electricity which runs the fan that intensifies the heat, generates light for the led light attached to the stove and also will charge your phone so that you can charge your phone at night while you heat water to wash up or whatever. Lowe’s was selling them at one time for $129.00. Can’t think of the brand name right now. REI might carry them.

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    • CarmenO December 18, 12:47

      ANOTHER option that cost nothing vs a $129 option. Lets see which is the one everyone can afford, even if you are homeless? I have my own, highly recommended, solar portable charger that works with Kindle also, among many other things, but get this I could afford to buy one. Sometime people miss that not every one is in the same position in life.

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      • left coast chuck December 19, 03:28

        If you actually read my comment, you would have seen that my very first suggestion was to buy a solar charger. Haven’t done a market study of solar chargers but a catalog I received from lists a 5,000 mAh solar charger for $20.00. Surely if one can afford the monthly charges for a cell phone, one can pop for $20 to insure when they are hiking in the boonies they have a charged cell phone. Of course, if one is that far off the beaten path there is a good possibility that there is no cell phone tower within intercept distance.

        Unless, of course, the cell phone holder is the recipient of one of the freebie cell phones that are being actually hawked on street corners and in front of 99¢ stores here in SoCal $20 shouldn’t break the bank. Perusing the offering from Amazon might reveal a 5000 mAh solar charger for less money. A 5000 mAh solar charger should handle any of the cell phones listed in the article.

        I wonder how many homeless are following this list?

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        • MikeyW December 24, 21:14

          Posited: No available electricity, cell phone battery has died, you need to make an emergency call, and you are in an area with cell service. Additional criterion: car battery is dead, there has been no EMP or other disaster. If you have a 9v battery, this is a practical way to get enough charge to your phone to make that call. I’m all for solar, but what if it’s night time. How about a little less nit-picking and a little more appreciation for an option you may not have thought of yourself.

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    • watrpro December 19, 04:28

      I have one of the stoves and it works ok. I caught a solar battery charger on clearance for $15 that I set up to change electronics. Works great. I have tested it many times on job sites. I will see if I can find it online and post it

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    • HJ February 24, 07:00

      Why not do both? Better to have two totally different methods of doing the same thing and not needing the second than only having one and it failing.

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  3. A.E. December 17, 18:38

    It might not do much good to have a fully charged phone, if everyone else has a dead phone. Who are you going to call?

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    • WG December 18, 06:25

      If there is an EMP I think all the cell towers will not be functioning either.

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    • CarmenO December 18, 12:50

      Since EMP is not all that likely, you can always call your dear old mother who actually still has a landline, to see if she’s okay. Hey, but this is just some old grandma, posting.

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      • left coast chuck December 19, 04:19

        Perhaps an EMP is not “all that likely” but a CME is a dead certainty. The only questions are “when” and “how big”.

        According to and other sources we have had CME events that have had an effect on earth in 1841, 1859, 1921, 1941, 1967, and within the last five years we have a very large CME that barely missed the earth. It was estimated by folks who allegedly know that it would have had a devastating effect on earth’s electronics.

        In the event of a major CME event, it is postulated that any long electrical lines, including telephone lines would suffer significant damage, so Granny’s land line might be out too.

        In addition, a while back I commented on another page where CMEs were discussed that I had read a book written sometime around the early part of the 20th century about the crusades. In the book the author talks about the crusaders observing Aurora Borealis while south of a large city in Syria. That would indicate to me that it probably was as a result of a CME. The author didn’t further comment because in the early 20th century there were few electrical devices that might be affected by such and CMEs, I suspect, had not yet been clearly identified in the minds of the general population.

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  4. Charlie December 17, 18:50

    What about charging it with a potato?

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  5. headude December 17, 18:50

    Say you are hiking, get lost, and your battery on your phone dies. You are out in the middle of nowhere, BUT, you have a 9v battery (emergency BU) with tape and a spring, etc. Voilá, you have your emergency call now possible.

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  6. Doc December 17, 20:03

    This is a great addition to emergency charging options. Thanks.

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  7. Abigail Adams December 17, 22:05

    I’ll be so darn glad when these $#@! cell/”smart” phones quit working that I’ll be celebrating! Make people more courteous, and use their own darn brains again! Sick of people who no longer consider it a PRIVILEGE to answer their phone, and going into public places where no one looks up, around, or talks to people around or next to them; no, all stuck with their faces in these %$#@! electronic mini screens! GOOD RIDDANCE!

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  8. left coast chuck December 17, 22:35

    I would say it is an interesting MacGyver solution. However, the chances of you having a 9 volt battery, a pen with a spring, because not all pens have springs in them, Cross ballpoint pens do not, and duct tape on a hike into the boonies is slim. Personally, if I were hiking that deeply into the boonies, I would have a solar panel with me that would charge the phone. Nine volt batteries are not used very much. I have them in my smoke detector. my CO detector and my dog bark inhibitor. And I don’t keep spares around because the ones used the most last a year and so if I buy a spare at the time I change the battery by the time a year has rolled around, it is no longer fresh. Just went through that drill with the CO detector. Bought two batteries last year because the unit price of two was way cheaper than the price for one. Went to use the spare battery from last year and it was dead. The expiry date is 2022, it just died an early death. Yeah, I could send it back to Duracell yada yada yada but that is more trouble and expense than it is worth. I just went out and bought two more. $8.50 for one 9-volt; $8.99 for two 9-volts. I put the spare in the battery box but I am not holding my breath that next year it will be good.

    I don’t stock 9-volt batteries in my spare battery EOTW stock. I stock AA, AAA, D and C. Perhaps I should be concerned about CO and smoke in an EOTW situation, but I lived a long time without either of those devices and I figure I can go a couple more without.

    I wouldn’t even stock D batteries except I have two 6-cell Maglights that I just can’t bear to part with although the light they throw is nothing compared to what you can get from a $3.00 led light. They are probably EMP proof though if what I read about old fashioned flashlights is correct. So I may be the only one with portable light after the end of the world with my dim 6-cell Maglights.

    They still do work as a handy blunt instrument though.

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    • pelagiaeast December 18, 03:57

      I hope you know that keeping batteries in the fridge makes them live much longer.

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    • CarmenO December 18, 13:02

      Too funny! Hint, you can put all that in a tiny bag that you carry in a pocket, in case of emergency or in your bag is you are a woman. A CROSS pen? I have a couple but then again I was an attorney and my dad gave me a set when I graduated. Please stop showing off, we know you have money. There are instructions on YouTube on how you can make yourself that little bag using duct tape, if you are not loaded like left coast. If you can’t come up with a better alternative that does NOT require a lot of money, maybe you should keep your “genius” comments to yourself. The person is trying to help, not prove that he is clueless and has tons of money to waste, unlike most people all over the planet. Yes, I am rude, not a secret.

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      • left coast chuck December 18, 16:19

        I feel sorry for you, Carmen. Life must have been tough for you to be so bitter. Perhaps professional counseling would help you deal with the traumas life seems to have inflicted on you. I have noticed that you tend to personal attacks in your posts. I hope after you have hit the send button you somehow feel better. Does it relieve your hostility to post a caustic comment? I am not a shrink, but it doesn’t take one to see someone who for some reason is hurting and must lash out to relieve those feelings. Get help.

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  9. Whizbang December 17, 23:01

    Real MacGuyver stuff there, Claude.

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  10. Wannabe December 18, 01:28

    This will be fun to try

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  11. Damonzach December 18, 21:25

    Amazed so many people complaining about free help, more options are always better in emergencies

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  12. left coast chuck December 19, 19:37

    A little off topic, but since the topic was simple MacGyver solutions, I offer the following:

    NHK, the Japanese equivalent of BBC runs spots on simple solutions to problems one might encounter in a disaster such as an earthquake and tsunami.

    One of their easy solutions is how to carry water. Place a plastic garbage bag in a knapsack or backpack. Open it up. Fill the plastic bag with water, use a twist tie to close the top. You can hoist the back pack onto your back and carry a significant load of water easier than carrying it by hand.

    Another simple solution: if you have a bowl, put a plastic bag in the bowl. After you get your soup from the emergency folks, you can throw away the plastic bag. You don’t have to wash the bowl. If you don’t have a bowl, a plastic bag placed in a small box will suffice.

    After Fukushima, the Japanese emergency response left a lot to be desired. I must say since then they have really gotten their act together as far as emergency response and educating the public with PSAs with tips on how to handle problems during an emergency. FEMA could really take some time and study how they have organized and perhaps developing PSAs on making life a little easier after a disaster.

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  13. Angel December 20, 03:12

    has anyone thought about getting their batteries from dollar stores…..they are good and some i have put up have still been good 3 years from when i bought them….and those car chargers are on a peg their as well….think outside the big box and look around you could save a lot of money while in these cracker box stores…..

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    • left coast chuck December 20, 06:26

      I get my AA and AAA batteries free at Harbor Freight. They have coupons everywhere and every couple of months they have a coupon for free batteries with any purchase. I buy some item that I can use, zip ties generally because they are so handy for so many things. At the same time I pick up a 12 pack of AAs or a 24pack of AAAs. Free is even better .99.

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  14. Wannabe December 20, 19:40

    I tried it and did not work. Brand new battery too

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  15. Ted May 8, 16:51

    This article is kind of useless.

    If the electricity is gone to charge your phone, then so is the electricity that powers those cellphone towers & cellphone companies!

    Never depend on electronics Folks, NEVER!

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