Why is Pentagon in a Hurry to Move back to the Nuclear Base under the Cheyenne Mountain?

C. Davis
By C. Davis April 9, 2015 14:28

Why is Pentagon in a Hurry to Move back to the Nuclear Base under the Cheyenne Mountain?

The United States’ airspace defense military is moving its communications equipment back to its nuclear Cold War-era bunker which was abandoned in 2006, the head of the agency announced.

The gear is being moved into Cheyenne Mountain to protect it from electromagnetic pulses, said Adm. William Gortney, commander of U.S.Northern Command and NORAD:

“Because of the very nature of the way that Cheyenne Mountain’s built, it’s EMP hardened. [It] wasn’t really designed to be that way, but the way it was constructed makes it that way,”

There’s a lot of movement to put capability into Cheyenne Mountain and to be able to communicate in there.”

We have the space for it, we have the cube. My primary concern was are we going to have the space inside the mountain for everybody who wants to move in there, and I’m not at liberty to discuss who’s moving in there, but we do have that capability to be there.” (Source)

Answering the question how soon the airspace military is planning to relocate to the nuclear bunker, Adm. William Gortney said that the process has already begun.

“It happened long before I got there; the people are moving in there. And so it was, you know decisions from my predecessor and I support those decisions. And we’ll make sure that it all gets in there and it’s all secure.” (Source)

Now the Pentagon is looking at shifting all communications gear to the Cheyenne bunker, officials said.

“A lot of the back office communications is being moved there,” said one defense official.” (Source)

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The Cheyenne Mountain Complex Bunker

Blast DoorThe Colorado complex is the embodiment of the Cold War, an era when bunkers were built far and wide. Cheyenne Mountain was the mother of these fallout shelters, a command center buried deep and able to take at least two direct hits of huge nuclear bombs. Wouldn’t be anything left but a dome of granite for a couple of miles but Russia wouldn’t exist except in fables.

The Cheyenne Mountain Complex has the capability to send warnings that could trigger the launch of nuclear missiles.

The complex was built under 2,000 feet of granite on five acres and it’s the only high altitude Department of Defense facility certified to be able to sustain an electromagnetic pulse (EMP). Within a mountain tunnel are sets of 25-ton blast doors (in the pic). It has its own power plant, heating and cooling system, and water supply.

The site was abandoned in 2006 due to heavy costs, and since then the complex has been merely on “warm standby,” meaning it is only staffed when required.

But why is the Pentagon in such a hurry to protect against an EMP and nuclear attacks?

nuclear room centerDon’t get me wrong! I think it’s the best thing to do! In fact I don’t understand why the equipment was moved out of Cheyenne Mountain in the first place.

They said that the problem was the maintenance costs. And now (last week), the Pentagon awarded defense firm Raytheon a $700-million contract to install new equipment inside the mountain.

Most of us already know that if a nuclear warhead is detonated hundreds of kilometers above the Earth’s surface it produces a powerful EMP that will fry any electronic part you can think of.

blus 2502If Russia blasts a nuclear weapon 275 miles above the US it will basically send us, the Canadian and the Mexicans back to the Dark Ages.

An EMP would destroy the ballistic missile defense (BMD) system and this is how a nuclear war would start. The communication lines and mobiles will probably become useless and most of our ICBM’s will turn into a pile of junk. With no mean to defend or retaliate we would be sitting ducks.

I don’t know if I should applaud the decision of NORAD to move back its communication equipment to the Cheyenne Mountain Bunker or to be annoyed by the fact that they moved it in the first place.

Don’t expect Uncle Sam to protect you. We all have to be prepared. Especially now, against this new threat. Follow the link and find out who is our worst “unexpected” nuclear enemy!

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C. Davis
By C. Davis April 9, 2015 14:28
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  1. Scott April 10, 17:13

    I hope they still have room for the stargate.

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  2. NYCapital July 1, 05:31

    Wouldn’t it be cheaper and more effective to harden the existing communications center and construct a giant Faraday cage around the entire center?
    Just asking.

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  3. Farmer September 12, 18:07

    “…and most of our ICBM’s will turn into a pile of junk” Are you sure C. Davis or are you guessing?

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  4. JKS February 27, 18:37

    Claude, I have bought your book and really like and learn from your website. However, please update this article. An EMP will NOT send us back to the “dark ages”. Might send us back to civil war era or maybe even back to the colonial era but people still lived then jsut fine wihtout electricity. Granted msot folks today “cant live” without computers, smartphones,and internet but folks CAN adjust and survive. It will be messy, and yes some folks will die do to ignorance and I want to have my family/friends and myself protected but….life will go on. Please correct this fear ongering,inaccuracy. It is beneath you and the folks who come to this website for learning. Thanks again for this site.

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