Where Free Land Can Be Found in the USA

Taylor Roatch
By Taylor Roatch April 19, 2018 06:47

Where Free Land Can Be Found in the USA

Once upon a time, early American settlers who were willing to move west were given the opportunity to scoop up a parcel of land and use it to make their own destiny. Known as the Homestead Act of 1862, any adult citizen who had not fought against the United States in armed conflict could travel west and claim a 160 acre plot of land, so long as they were willing to stay and farm that land for at least five years. Soldiers who fought in the civil war could count the time they served as time spent on the land, so they had even easier access to free land.

Of course settling out west in the mid-19th century, even on free land, didn’t come without hardships, but the Homestead Act fast tracked settlement of the western frontier and brought to life the homesteader spirit that is such a prevalent part of U.S. history. It removed a large barrier that many people came up against when it came to carving out a place of their own, a way to make a living and feed and care for their loved ones – not to mention a legacy they could pass on to their children and grandchildren.

This seems like a complete and total pipe dream these days, doesn’t it? Don’t give up just yet, though. There are still places out there where you can get a plot of land for free or pretty close to it. Take a look at the opportunities below and decide if any of them might be right for you and your family.

Curtis, Nebraska

The small town of Curtis, NE offers free lots for the building of single family homes on paved streets with all utilities provided. With a population of under 900, Curtis claims to be a great place to raise a family or retire. Curtis also offers the unique opportunity to get a free lot on which to build a business, as well.

Beatrice, Nebraska

Unlike a lot of places you’ll find on this list, Beatrice is not super rural – nor is it a very small community that needs an influx of new faces and businesses. The city uses their Homesteading Act of 2010 to keep lots in the city from becoming run down. Like the Homesteading Act of old, people must build a home on the property within a year and stay for at least five years. While there aren’t any lots currently available, it’s worth checking regularly to see if any new ones come up.

Other Towns in Nebraska Where Free Land Opportunities May be Available

Loup City, Central City, Elwood,  and Juniata may all have free lots available as well, according to a Nebraska state government website.

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Marne, Iowa

The small farming community of Marne, Iowa has free lots that it will give away to people willing to either build a home or place a modular home there, assuming that home meets some basic requirements laid out by the city. The lots are fairly small at approximately 80 ft by 120 ft, but they are free and you can’t really beat that. Marne is located east of Omaha, NE and west of Des Moines, IA. It may be just the place if you’re looking for a new place to put down roots.

Marquette, Kansas

The town of Marquette offers free lots on the western side of town for people to build homes on. The town prides itself on its great sense of community and the safe environment it provides for everyone, young and old.

Plainville, KS

The town of Plainville, located in Rooks county, has free lots available for new construction homes on full foundations. The lots are 155 ft by 93 feet. Along with the free land, they also offer their free land homeowners a property tax reduction to help making living there even more affordable.

Lincoln, Kansas

Among the picturesque hillsides of Lincoln, KS, you’ll find several free lots to be had in their new subdivision. Along with the opportunity to snatch up a building lot for free, Lincoln boasts recent improvements to their school facilities, updated parks, and access to medical care right there in town.

Mankato, Kansas

Located in Jewell County, Mankato is giving away free lots for building. You’ll have to have finances in place to build your new home, and an agreement with a contractor to get it started within 6 months, plus they require an interview with the city council. Homes have to adhere to some basic standards set out by the town.

Osborne, Kansas

While they boast about their fiber optic communications network that provides high speed internet access to the community, the town of Osborne also offers free land for both residential and commercial purposes. You could build a home and a business without paying for land in this cozy little town, and the town itself may even be able to help you with financing your business through their revolving loan fund. They’ll give you a couple years to build your home – which must be at least 1,400 square feet – and get settled into it.

New Richland, Minnesota

With a population of about 1,200, the city of New Richland has a free land program that requires you to build a brand new home on your free 86 ft by 133 ft lot. While the lot itself is free, you will be charged a fee to cover the development of the streets and utilities to the subdivision, the estimated cost of which is $14,000 which can be paid over several years.

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Cuyahoga National Park, Ohio

This is a really unique opportunity that will allow you to potentially farm a portion of the land in the Cuyahoga National Park. This program, called the Countryside Initiative, started in an effort to rehabilitate the dilapidated farms that were already located on the land and turn them into working, productive farms again.

Other Free Land Opportunities

There are several more opportunities for you to build a home or plant your homestead on a free plot of land in the United States, assuming you’re willing to abide by the regulations set out at various sites. While you’d still have to come up with the cash of financing to build a home or farmstead, it’s maybe not as far away as you’d once imagined.

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Taylor Roatch
By Taylor Roatch April 19, 2018 06:47
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  1. andy April 19, 08:32

    Yeah, we’ll ‘give’ you a tiny 1/4 acre lot complete with a bunch of hoops to jump thru in an area where you better bring your own job with you so the town can collect property taxes off you forever.


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  2. dp April 19, 15:24


    Nailed it! lol

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  3. Wannabe April 19, 15:26

    Let me see, sign a contract with a government entity that will regulate how you live, what to build, when to build, and how long you have to live there and locked into property taxes at their whim all for a free piece of property. A very small piece of property. As the great handy man Al Boreland use to say,” I don’t think so Tim.”

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    • NDY April 19, 17:55

      Yeah….buddy of mine married a gal and her daddy split off a piece of the farm and gave them several acres. He used to complaint all the time about in-laws in their business. I’d remind him “Free land is one of the most expensive things you’ll never buy, dude”

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      • pbpossum April 20, 19:01

        Ha,, i like that last line…. gotta remember that one…..

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      • Rosz January 9, 06:35

        Give me land or house I would be grateful even if had to clean it up and work on it every day. Let them Go homeless a while and see how they like that! Rose

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        • Bruce January 9, 11:22

          Rose, if you wouldn’t mind living in SD where there are no state income taxes, the local sales tax is only 4.5% and my annual property tax is just over $300, contact me so we can talk. Bruce in Long Lake, SD.

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          • Interested January 9, 15:22

            Hey Bruce, what exactly are you offering?

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            • Twogunbruce January 10, 12:23

              I’m willing to offer information about this area, or other parts of SD that may interest you (if I know about them), and provide photos if you give an email address where I may send them.

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              • cindy May 28, 18:46

                Isn’t it extremely cold in winter?

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                • Twogunbruce May 28, 19:13

                  Cindy, if you are asking me that question, I will say it depends on how you define “extremely cold”, and where in SD you would select as a residence. The Winter of 2018 was not only quite cold, but we also got a boatload of snow. You would not believe the amount of snow I had in my yard.
                  When I lived in the Black Hills, North of Rapid City, it was not nearly as cold, and the snow levels were much more manageable. I could generally use a blade on my John Deere to clear snow from my driveway; but here in Long Lake I must use a two stage snow blower in place of the blade so I can get out of my yard.
                  When the temp here drops down to -19 degrees, people tend to stay indoors rather than do outdoor activities. Those temps are usually between January and March so it’s fairly easy to adjust to for that short period.
                  Thanks for your question.


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          • dp January 9, 16:19


            SD is sounding pretty good. Good hunting, and fishing there too, or so I have heard… Also, it seems to be a pretty solid red state politically.

            Reply to this comment
            • Twogunbruce January 9, 17:06


              Visit in the Summer, especially the Black Hills area, and Sturgis if you happen to own a motorcycle. The area near Long Lake is rather boring to drive through, but the duck and goose, and pheasant hunting is phenomenal. Look at all the ponds and lakes in this region on Google Earth and you will see why.
              We are a mostly conservative red state, but if California finds out about the low taxes and relatively cheap living here, we’ll be Californicated like WA, OR, and now CO is.

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              • dp January 10, 04:43

                lol, I do have a gold wing, so traveling is in the forecast.

                So many friends that I have found on this site….

                lol, but with love, LOL

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                • AmericanGirl March 7, 16:18

                  Would t hurtto havea few people who weren’t polarized and simply cared about land and people. “Solid red state” stuff even as s republican is exactly what dictators like, divide and conquer us.

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                • AmericanGirl March 7, 16:20

                  Wouldn’t hurt to have a few people who weren’t polarized and simply cared about land and people. “Solid red state” stuff even as s republican is exactly what dictators like, divide and conquer us.

                  Reply to this comment
                  • dp March 7, 18:49

                    AmericanGirl – Yes, it would be nice if we could all agree on a few simple things such as supporting the constitution, and the rule of law. Unfortunately, as long as there are people supporting globalism, open borders, socialism, and lawlessness – then conservatives are required to pick a side. As long as Demoncrap politicians in places like Oregon and California allow domestic terrorists such as BLM, antifa, and others to terrorize law abiding citizens, then we as conservatives need to recognize reality, and that there is a major difference between red and blue states.

                    This difference results in a major difference in your ability to prep, and in the quality of your life.

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                    • Awaken December 12, 13:00

                      U should be questioning whether or not the government has been honest with you look up what happened in 1933 and about the birth bond

                  • catman April 30, 21:52

                    American Girl…
                    I used to vote Red…will die Blue

                    Since 1965
                    The Dems have been in power 25 years…
                    3 indictments
                    1 convictions
                    1 prison sentence

                    The GOPTO have been in power 28 years
                    120 indictments
                    89 convictions
                    34 prison sentences.

                    Criminals and thugs are JUST the kind of neighbors ANYone would want!

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                • Dee July 21, 23:31

                  Looks like a lot of those places are where Laura Ingalls lives on Little House on the Prairie. They’d either nearly freeze to death during a blizzard or starve to death after losing their crops to bugs, drought or hail. Fun reading.

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                  • Awaken December 12, 13:01

                    U should be questioning whether or not the government has been honest with you look up what happened in 1933 and about the birth bond

                    Reply to this comment
                    • dp December 13, 20:18


                      I always assume that the government has lied to me, and that saves me a lot of time on that questioning crap. =D lol

                      If my government ever told me the truth the cognitive dissonance would probably have me questioning everything in my entire world view. Hahahaha 🙂

                      Me: “Dear sweet Jesus. the Second Coming has happened, and nobody bothered to tell me!!!” or “Holy Crap, the Pleiadians are real!”

              • Ferne January 28, 14:34

                Can you tell me more about the climate there?

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                • Twogunbruce January 28, 15:04

                  You certainly wouldn’t want to be here right now with this blast of cold and blowing snow that has come down from Canada unless you had a safe and warm house to live in.
                  That is why I say the best time to look for a place to live in SD is in the Spring/Summer when the weather is better.
                  We’re presently experiencing negative temperatures in the teens below zero, and drifting snow that closes the roads of this little town until the snow is cleared to allow travel. Fortunately this generally occurs in late Dec to Feb, and will begin changing in Mar to early Apr.

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              • Lisa April 22, 20:28

                Your correct there, my family is in Oregon and Washington State, we cannot afford to move there thanks to CA, who drove up everything!!!

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              • lola themola June 6, 19:14

                Very few Californians would even think of going to South Dakota.

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          • Paul January 10, 09:48

            I would love to move to S.D. I would move there in a N.Y. second and would bust my butt doing whatever in exchange for shelter. I have a girlfriend and a small dog and a puppy so that would be part of the equation. Would you hep me please?

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            • Twogunbruce January 10, 12:18

              Where are you located presently? Now is not a good time to think about moving to SD because of the cold and snow potential. It’s far better to visit in the Spring/Summer when road conditions are more favorable. Where are you trying to relocate to, and what kind of help do you need? Bruce

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            • catman April 30, 21:48

              70 degrees below ZERO !

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              • Kimmeg December 22, 06:28

                There’s no where inSD or any other contiguous state with -70, you die with the first breath when you opened your front door.

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                • Graywolf12 December 27, 03:27

                  Check the official temp for Rogers Pass Mont. on Jan 20. 1954. Peters Sink, UT. came close with 69. Find neate info on “weatherunderground.com”. Check coldest day in Alaska in 1969 or 70. North of Anchorage the temp was below -80 degrees

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          • Pooh Bear February 24, 17:14

            Bruce if I wasn’t so old and falling apart I would go to SD. Sounds like a dream

            Reply to this comment
            • Twogunbruce February 24, 19:23

              Pooh Bear, you see my handle is Twogunbruce? If you add that to: @gmail dot com, you will have my email address. Send me a message, if you want, and I will reply with some pictures of why you would not want to be here during the Winter. I took them yesterday after I used my John Deere and its snow blower to clear my driveway. After the blowing snow of last night and so far today, you would never know I’d done anything yesterday.

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          • remedy May 10, 14:49

            Bruce, a guy at Pepboys said people in SD don’t like Texans. Is there a click group there who are rough riders??? remedy

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          • remedy May 10, 14:50

            Bruce, a guy at Pepboys said people in SD don’t like Texans. Is there a click group there who are rough riders?? He moved back to Texas.

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            • Twogunbruce May 16, 21:56

              I am not aware of any people in SD who don’t like Texans; I’m guessing there may be some isolated individuals might not like Texans for some reason, but anybody who applies their dislike to the entire population of a State is over the top. I live here, and I like Texans. I just don’t like Liberals.

              Reply to this comment
              • dp May 16, 22:07


                or maybe it was just some clown jerking their chain because they thought that it was funny…

                I hope that he had a better reason to move back to Texas than because of some clown at pep boys. 🙂

                We like to jerk with Texans around here, but that is just because we have a little college football rivalry that’s been going on for about 50 years… nobody takes it seriously. lol

                Reply to this comment
                • Twogunbruce May 16, 22:40

                  I would hope you are correct. I’m not aware of where Remedy is located, or you either for that matter, but calling out the entire State of SD just ain’t right. Being a conservative, registered independent, I hate what the Libs have done to my home State of WA and my adopted State of CO. I would never go back to either to live. The Left will never admit they are the cause of so many cultural problems facing us today, but I can only hope that one day Karma will catch up to those evil-doers and bite them in the ass.

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          • SheilaMarlene May 19, 23:35

            I would like to know more. Smarlene78@yahoo.com

            Reply to this comment
            • Twogunbruce May 20, 02:12

              What more would you like to know? And who are you asking to more from?

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            • Twogunbruce July 27, 12:19

              Christine, where is it that you live now, and where do you want to move that would be new to you and your daughter? Since you didn’t address your message to anyone particular, we don’t know who you are asking the question of.

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          • Terminator51 July 17, 08:14

            You can contact me please my name is Herbert Pender

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          • Gungaa December 28, 18:28

            Is there and acreage up that way that a person can homestead, free to little of nothing?

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          • Jason7979 March 27, 23:16

            Hey Bruce, my family would like to know more about what you have in SD. Contact me back at JGeo79@gmail.com

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          • Jrmahan July 21, 18:27

            Besides, the Governor is Drop Dead Gorgeous!

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          • russ November 5, 04:13

            http://www.tax-rates.org/South Dakota/income-tax
            South Dakota is one of seven states that do not collect a personal income tax. However, revenue lost to South Dakota by not having a personal income tax may be made up through other state-level taxes, such as the South Dakota sales tax and the South Dakota property tax. South Dakota does not collect an individual income tax, and only levies a corporate income tax on certain financial institutions.

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        • dp January 9, 16:29


          Most folks can’t afford to give away a house that they paid good money for, but if you have the skills to do the repairs then you can often find a house where you can work off the rent while you get on your feet, and look for something better… I have one of those here in Arkansas. lol I was just talking to a friend yesterday that’s got one of those type houses too.

          Everyone wins as long as the work gets done. You get a free place to live (except for utilities), I get my house fixed for the cost of materials, and my insurance is cheaper with the house being occupied. 🙂

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          • Yessie February 6, 13:54

            Hey dp I was wanting to move to Arkansas. I’ve been stuck in a bad situation but I have the knowledge for a lot of remodeling and home repairs. I have 4 kids 2 of them are over 18 and my youngest is 14. Plus my mom, but 3 of my kids are good strong boys who love to learn how to work with their hands. If you know anywhere that might work for my family and I please let me know.

            Reply to this comment
            • dp February 8, 03:00


              I will look around and see what I can find. My place is going to be too small for that many people. Single bedroom duplex. Any idea which area of the state that you want to move to?

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        • Doc March 2, 23:57

          I agree with you. We are homeless and our corrupt justice system allowed some illegal backroom deals go through to steal our home and put us on the street. When I get the opportunity, I’m going to take it!!!

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        • MOMOFTEN1 May 21, 23:03


          Reply to this comment
          • dp May 22, 01:52


            While I would never wish losing a child on a parent… that is not what happened.

            The news reports, and the You-tube video of the police body cams are still available.



            Out of respect for your loss I am going to leave it at that.

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            • Italianfrost September 2, 10:09

              Iam soooo sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and your family. I watched this video and I just balled n cried..wondering why in the world they thought they had to even fire multiple times.PERIOD! Once or twice in a leg,I cud understand,but taking a life especially three having flashlights..or a shot in the hand maybe..but to fire 14 times or more on him was just ludacris and another thing that really upset me..was all that officer needed was guaze..he was screaming for friggin guaze!…why not call 911 for the paramedics to try and SAVE THAT BOYS LIFE!? seems like to me they just unloaded out of fear instead of how an officer is trained to handle situations of this nature. All they had to do was take him down..hell there were 3 of them!
              I know this has nuthin to do with your post here for info..but my prayers go out to you as a mother..and as for the other douchebag that left that awful comment..I guess instead of douchebag,his initials Dp must stand for
              May he rest in peace..😢

              Reply to this comment
          • Italianfrost September 2, 10:06

            Iam soooo sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you and your family. I watched this video and I just balled n cried..wondering why in the world they thought they had to even fire multiple times.PERIOD! Once or twice in a leg,I cud understand,but taking a life especially three having flashlights..or a shot in the hand maybe..but to fire 14 times or more on him was just ludacris and another thing that really upset me..was all that officer needed was guaze..he was screaming for friggin guaze!…why not call 911 for the paramedics to try and SAVE THAT BOYS LIFE!? seems like to me they just unloaded out of fear instead of how an officer is trained to handle situations of this nature. All they had to do was take him down..hell there were 3 of them!
            I know this has nuthin to do with your post here for info..but my prayers go out to you as a mother..and as for the other douchebag that left that awful comment..I guess instead of douchebag,his initials Dp must stand for
            May he rest in peace..😢

            Reply to this comment
            • left coast chuck July 21, 22:29

              ItalianFrost: It would appear from your posts that you have little understanding of firearms and self-defense. Shooting someone in the leg is no guarantee that the recipient of such wounds won’t expire. People who suggest that as opposed to aiming center mass just don’t have even the slightest understanding of human anatomy and the large blood vessels that are located in the legs.

              They also have zero understanding of the mechanics involved in shooting in a stressful situation. Every bullet that is fired ends up somewhere. When you release a missile such as a bullet you are legally responsible for where that bullet ends up. Shooting at a moving part such as a leg, arm or head is significantly more difficult in a dynamic shooting situation than shooting center mass.

              Unlike the movies where a man with a snub nose revolver can outshoot a bad guy with a fully automatic shoulder weapon, real life shooting with a handgun is a difficult task requiring hours of practice. That is something most municipalities cannot afford, to have their police personnel spend an hour on the range every day of the week.

              The professional shooters you might see at an exhibition or shooting match will tell the inquirer that they average about 500 to 1,000 rounds per day in practice. The average cop gets to the range once a year and fires maybe, 100 rounds in that once a year trip. That’s why the LAPD hit to shots ratio is about 15% to 20%. That means for every 100 shots they fire, 15 to 20 hit the intended target. The rest hit automobiles, buildings, telephone poles, sometimes, unfortunately, unlucky people who manage to get in the line of fire.

              The mantra for police is “Don’t shoot until you think he is out of the fight. Shoot until he thinks he is out of the fight.”

              A wounded assailant can be just as deadly as an unmarked assailant. Within the last two years there was a case where a policeman fired 19 rounds at a gunman who was shooting back at him. He hit the gunman 17 times with hollow pointed .45 caliber bullets. The gunman continued to fight and shoot back. It wasn’t until the cop was able to put a round in the gunman’s brain that the gunman finally gave up the fight.

              Reference the infamous FBI shootout in Miami where one of the gunmen took a fatal shot in the first minute of the gun battle but continued to fight and managed to wound an FBI agent and kill another before he finally quit the fight.

              Tha’s why 14 rounds. To suggest that only one or two rounds is sufficient reveals an appalling lack of knowledge and disqualifies one from rendering a meaningful opinion on the topic of police/arrestee confrontations.

              To quote someone else, “It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open one’s mouth and prove it to the world.”

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        • Jrmahan July 21, 18:24

          Nothings Free in Today’s World.

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    • The real dude May 24, 01:59

      You must not live in california, they already tell you what you can and can’t build or where you can eat shit piss oh and did I mention its illegal to collect rain water in California your argument is pretty much America dude

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      • dp May 24, 02:11

        the real dude,

        No clue who you are addressing, so maybe you should make that clear in your post.

        No one forces you to live in California… It is not *quite* Cuba. (Yet)

        If you don’t like the politicians, and who would, then run for office yourself. Be the change that you want to see, and it would also give you a legitimate outlet for some of that anger. 🙂

        Reply to this comment
      • Ch December 31, 11:48

        Not sure what you’re talking about. California differs vastly so those generalizations are hogwash. Yes some counties have stricter regulations than others but often it’s because of safety – building codes to protect from fire or from flooding.

        And the politics varies too. So I wouldn’t blame CA for all your personal grudges.

        Reply to this comment
        • Terminator51 January 8, 12:44

          It was obvious that you’re a Democrat.

          As far as my grudges are concerned.

          I live here in the state of California

          I’ve seen what has gone down month after month year after year with the current governor attempting to take everything and anything that he can get away with from the people of California.

          Stealing money for supposed road repair but not one dime of it was used for that instead it was used for illegal immigrants.

          Using the tax money from both federal government and state allocated funds that were supposed to be used to build new dams, new reservoirs so that we would not have water shortages that we have been having over the last eight years, not one dam has been built not one reservoir has been built instead the money was used elsewhere.

          Making sure the illegal immigrants get all the benefits that people who live in the state of California and work hard for and a lot of them don’t get.

          You should be Ashamed for making the post that you made to me

          Reply to this comment
          • TwogunBruce January 8, 14:30

            Your frustration with CA’s worthless government officials is obvious, no matter how you present your argument to a Liberal, you will never have them see the error of their ways. All you can do is care for yourself and your family and make plans to leave CA so you can make your success elsewhere, and leave CA to its own implosion. Good luck.

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          • catman July 30, 14:44

            When Donald J Trump took office ‘illigal immigration’ was at the lowest level it has ever been in since the concept of ‘illegal immigration’ was first used in the late 1800’s IN CALIFONIE to demonize Chineese immigrants. It legitimised a rein of terror against those honest hard working people killing thousands and subjecting countless more to discrimination which, in many places, continues to this day.
            Now this same kind of demonization is being used to torture tens of thousands of women and children REFUGES who have turned to us as a last resort for their very survival!
            These are not opinions…they are FACTS.
            Your words matter.

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      • Dash September 28, 22:33

        YGTBSM- you can’t collect rainwater? Well, watch this! NOBODY is going to prevent me from capturing rain water that fall freely from the heavens. I catch it, on my property, it’s mine. And too bad for the poor SOB who comes around to try and enforce that particular piece of bullship law.

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    • MattyC July 30, 13:35

      As usual, if it sounds too good to be true it usually is. Regulations, perpetual taxes. Someone else telling you how you can use your property, utility companies. There’s nothing free about any of that.

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  4. Mountain Man April 19, 19:42

    I have been through Kansas several times. Even if you gave me 100 acres free with no taxes I could not bring myself to live in a flat treeless area where the wind blows.

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    • dp April 21, 03:22

      I broke down in Kansas once. Scary situation. I have never seen that much corn in my life. Driving through corn fields for hours with just the scattered town, or farmhouse to break the monotony.

      I’m sure that Kansas is a wonderful place for people that like that kind of landscape.

      Reply to this comment
      • Tiffanydw2 January 6, 16:39

        LOL I’ve been stuck in KS nearly all my life. The Flint Hills and a few places in the northeast are beautiful. Of course, farming and ranching has destroyed anything not protected by a park or reserve. In the northeast, the KC metro has engulfed anything nice, natural, and rural.
        Help me. I’m in hell.

        Reply to this comment
        • Bruce January 9, 11:27

          I’ll help you if you want to move to SD.

          Reply to this comment
          • Paul January 10, 09:52

            I would love to move to S.D. I would move there in a N.Y. second and would bust my butt doing whatever in exchange for shelter. I have a girlfriend and a small dog and a puppy so that would be part of the equation. Would you hep me please?

            Reply to this comment
          • Paul January 10, 09:54

            I want to move please

            Reply to this comment
            • Twogunbruce January 28, 15:13

              Paul, my suggestion is than you do some research of the places in SD that have the things that interest you such as areas with low property taxes, potential job opportunities, land prices in the event you wish to build, etc. Make sure you have plenty of excellent cold weather clothing for the Winters here.

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        • DJ9 February 12, 06:10

          Tiffanydw2 .. WoW!! Apparently you didn’t read your post b4 posting! Contradictive at best! So you see farming and ranching as destructive to the environment but then turn your nose up at urban sprawl! They should run you outta that hellhole you cannot find happiness in!

          Reply to this comment
          • dp February 12, 07:20

            Actually, most small family farmers and ranchers are very beneficial to the land. They tend to take care of it and make improvements, because they intend to hand it off to their children one day.

            It is the giant farming corporations that destroy the environment, but this tends to happen with any corporation whether it be farming, ranching, lumber, or whatever.

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            • remedy May 10, 15:02

              Monsanto is a disastrous company. They take garden seed and make them GMO and ruin them so they don’t bear veggies next year. They are a socialist indoctrinated corporation in some ways. Not looking out for America. They will not be cared for in the future because of their deliberate messing with garden seed into GMO seed of no use next year.

              Reply to this comment
              • catman July 30, 14:29

                Please please please…RIGHT NOW…go look up the definitions of socialist and corporation. Socialism is the new trigger word for the alt-rght. Demonizing words they use to get people stirred up and focused on whatever alt-right cause is being advanced. Right now in AMERICA over 70,000 CHILDREN came here starving and frightened for their lives and the best our great Christian nation could do is to strip them from their mothers arms and lock them in concentration camp because the people in power used words to demonize them. The most shocking thing to me is in the huge number of people how bought it all and TO THIS DAY are applauding this horrific monstrosity.
                CAPITALISM is the word they rally behind as if it’s the answer to all the answers to solve every problem? Ok GREAT…look up that definition TOO!
                The very MOST IMPORTANT requirement for capitalism to survive is a STEADY SUPPLY OF CHEAP LABOR. Yet, the same people beating that drum want to eliminate that labor source calling these REFUGEES the demozing terms like ‘illegas’ ‘aliens’ and worse yet ‘rapist’ and ‘murderers’.
                Stay MAD! Stay ANGRY! Keep whipping up the hatred that pits you against your fellow Americans and sow the seeds for the wave of Authoritarianism that is sweeping our nation now.
                McCarthy’s word was ‘Communism’. Hitler’s word was ‘Jew’.
                Words matter.

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              • Terminator51 September 29, 11:35

                You have no idea how much more that they do, not just with seeds but other things to, there GMO division is huge, they dabble in Genetically Modifying all sorts of Organisms ,not only seeds but animals as well including insects, the purpose is for total control of all organisms.
                Plants as you already know,but with animals there ability to reproduce,size and weight and with insects there ability to consume entire fields of crops. They are attempting to play GOD and so far they are succeeding, but not for long I do believe. Monsanto developed the weed killer Round Up, but even though they have been sued successfully and millions of dollars have been paid out to people, their product Round Up is still on the market today. GO FIGURE

                Reply to this comment
                • dp September 29, 16:42

                  The times, they are a changing. I can see Monsanto being sued for crimes against humanity for what they have done to the biosphere, what with just turning their Franken-Critters loose on the world at large.

                  Patriots need to take one of those old WWII transport ships and bring a load of Yellow Vests to protest Monsanto for about 2 months straight… Those Frogs don’t play about their protesting… Been going strong in Paris for about 2-3 years. 🙂

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      • left coast chuck July 21, 22:11

        I have ridden my bicycle across Kansas three times.Once in the northern third, once in the central third and once in the southern third.

        That Kanas is flat as a pancake is ranks with the check is in the mail as one of the biggest lies in the world. Yes, there are wheat field and corn field there also are scenic hills and lots of historic spots in Kansas. On my bike ride I found the people be very friendly and helpful. On one ride I took a wrong turn and was about twenty miles out of my way. A farmer stopped, asked me if I needed help. He pointed out the road I needed to take and offered to put my bike in the back of his pickup and take me to the road I needed to be on. H said it didn’t matter that he wasn’t going in that direction. He didn’t have any big plans for the day and besides he had never talked to someone from California.

        We had a nice chat and about a half hour later (which would have been much longer as it was a graveled road which would have been hell on me and my street bike) he dropped me off where I needed to be and wished me a good day.

        I haven’t investigated the political situation in Kansas, but from the small towns I saw and the people I met, I believe a prepper who could work from home or who was retired would find small town Kansas a good place for that purpose.

        The weather, of course, isn’t coastal SoCal, but few places in the country have the weather of coastal SoCal, that’s why we have so much riffraff here. Where would you rather live on the street, Fargo, ND or Santa Barbara, CA?

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    • BBailey April 21, 22:19

      LOL. I grew up in Nebraska … almost as bad! But I disagree with you on Kansas having “No” trees. Their State Tree is the Oil Pumping Stations!

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    • gale July 17, 02:39

      So you been in western Kansas, give me a break,Middle to Eastern Kansas is a great place to live

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      • dp September 30, 22:32

        gale – Actually, I was going from Arkansas to Colorado to pick up a wrecked car for my sister in law, so yeah, east to west all the way across the middle of the state, and then back again…

        Of course it was the early 1980’s, so maybe things have changed. 🙂

        BTW, I never said that it wasn’t a great place to live. I said that the landscape wasn’t for me. Flat land for as far as the eye can see does not interest me.

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  5. mbl April 19, 19:57

    I didn’t realize any places in the US were doing this. As others have mentioned many of the lot sizes are small, and there are ordinances one needs to follow as well as a certain time period one needs to stay. Even so, I could see where this may appeal to someone; I can think of several people I knew who were laid off from jobs and wondering what to do next.

    If you could get a place to live or in some cases a lot for living on and another for a business, or stay where you are where nothing seems to be going your way, a move might indeed be in order.

    The one that intrigued me most was rehabilitating the old farms. For those who’d like to try it out but don’t have the money to spend on acreage, that could provide them with an opportunity to try and several years to practice, learn and then assess if they wish to stay put or go someplace else.

    Most municipalities in the US have governmental regulations regarding zoning and building, so almost no matter where you go, you’re likely to run into a municipal government providing you a list with do’s and don’ts. You just have to ask yourself which are deal breakers and which you can live with.

    And I think pretty much all land is taxed; again, you need to find what your threshold is.

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    • dp April 21, 02:15

      mbl – the farms did look interesting until I saw that it was a lease deal. Who wants to invest that much into land that you will never own, and that could be taken away at any time? It makes no sense.

      I would take some free or low cost land in Alaska if it was away from the cities. An old mine would be ideal for me as I have always been fascinated by underground houses anyway. 🙂

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      • mbl April 21, 16:42

        dp, that’s not all that different from farmers who have mortgaged their land to the hilt, and then find they can’t repay the loan, so the bank comes in and kicks them out.

        If you want to try homesteading and don’t have a lot of capital or experience, I can see where the leased farm deal could work. You cut your homesteading teeth, and when the lease is up, you can decide if you want to renegotiate to stay or go and farm someplace with the skill set you’ve mastered.

        Most of Alaska is away from cities; even dividing it in half, Texas would be third biggest, but the extreme light and dark seasons would likely be challenging. Cost of living is higher since many readymade products are shipped from far away. And until about 10 years ago, there were more planes in AK than cars.

        I went there once on a hiking and paddling trip. I loved it, and understand the appeal, although I don’t think anyone in my family was keen on the idea of moving there. And I was there in summer. Family members kvetch about winter’s short days where we are now, which is an appreciably lower (higher number) latitude.

        I’m happy where I am and don’t feel called to move someplace else. But, if I’d been one of those who really suffered during the 2008 recession, upside down on a mortgage, job loss, trying my best to get my head above water and sinking fast, I could see where this would be appealing.

        It looks as though many of the towns are places that don’t want to become ghost towns, so they want to encourage people to move there. If there are good natural resources nearby, I could see someone making a decision to move there, live the requisite 2 or 3 years and then build something more to their liking on a bigger piece of ground.

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        • dp April 21, 18:04

          I don’t deal with banks – they are evil incarnate with their compound interest on money made with the stroke of a pen.

          Every property that I have ever bought has been a private contract between the owner and myself. The place that I am now was contracted out on a 10 year payment plan with 20% simple interest, and 20% down.

          Of course, I have seldom worked for someone else’s business since I left high school either…

          Most folks buy into the whole modern day slavery BS. It probably comes from watching TV, and falling for other Jedi mind tricks. lol

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        • Homesteader April 22, 15:05

          I lived in Alaska for a few years. Would love to go back but, at this time, I am unable to do so. The winters there are not all that bad. Sure you have to prepare more for them than in the lower 48 but unless you’re really out in the bush, they’re no worse than say most winters in New England, this year is the exception though.

          One other advantage to living in Alaska is no income tax. The state pays its residents a dividend each year from the oil revenue. Residents aged 6 moths and older are eligible for the dividend. That’s a great way to start a college fund for your kids. While things do cost more there, incomes are also higher.

          Also, up there, you learn to live by the clock and not the sun. Sometimes there’s almost no sun. Other times, almost no darkness. When the sun is out, you have to make it a point to get outside, no matter the weather, if you want some sunlight. Rain, snow, doesn’t matter. You just dress for the weather and go on.

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        • Graywolf12 November 26, 01:36

          We lived in Alaska for 3 years. If one of our daughters had not been Dx. with epilepsy we were considering getting out of Air Force and staying there. Check TV Guide for programs like “Life Below Zero”. Pretty honest stories.

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          • Homesteader November 26, 11:36

            Graywolf, when were you in Alaska? I was there from ’78 to ’81, stationed at Elmendorf although my family and I lived off base. I was going to stay as well, even had a job lined up as the National Guard Commander’s secretary, but for some dumb reason, changed my mind, and ended up in Wash DC instead.

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            • Graywolf12 November 26, 14:26

              I was there at Elmendorf from 68 -71. I was Clinical laboratory director at the hospital. I, like you had a good job lined up. I was to be one of two sales reps for a large medical equipment sales co., and cover the entire state. Salary was not fantastic for Alaska, low 6 figures, but commission on all sales. We had been in Texas before, and decided if not Alaska it had to be Texas. Never regretted it. This is the big Piney woods country, so still outdoors folks type country. We lived off base about 1 year and on base the rest of the time. We lived in the duplex’s built in the 1940s. Our dishwasher was a 1941 model, and it broke. The base gave us the option to hire a civilian to fix it or they would take it out and replace it with cabinets. Cost us about $100.00, but worth it as it was working when we left. Since we had had it repaired it was ours so we had to donate it to the A, so the next person could have a dishwasher.

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              • Homesteader November 26, 15:25

                Alaska made such as impression on me that it was more than 20 years after leaving before I could even watch a program on it. I was so homesick. Never has a place ever had that kind of effect on me. Not even when I left home at 19.

                We lived off base from the beginning. We would have had to have sold all of our furniture before moving up there since it was bought to fill the large rooms of the Capehart duplexes of base housing here in the lower 48. The apartments we were told we would be in were so small my kitchen table would have barely fit in the dining area but no room for chairs or to even walk around. The last I heard about those apartments was that they had been converted to single officer’s quarters instead of enlisted family housing. They were really just too small for more than 1 person. After Alaska, we never considered base housing again. It was just too much hassle. So much easier to move once into a house at a new assignment than have to get a rental and then move again once a base house became available.

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                • mbl November 26, 20:04

                  I understand that kind of homesickness, and after living away for over 25 years, i decided it was time to move back. I didn’t return to my hometown, but to the same part of the country.

                  I didn’t fathom the depth of the homesickness fully until i moved back, but did have glimpses over those 25+ years. One of the most poignant occurred when i was watching a movie. It was a romantic comedy and fairly predictable, but what gripped my heart was the backdrops. I knew those places, those colors, those streets. It was a place close enough to my hometown that i had been there numerous times. At the time i watched that movie, i was living in a nice place in a different part of the country, but it just did not feed my soul.

                  I am a location person; if i feel completely supported and grounded where i am, i’m much happier. I know others are more people people, where they need to have their families and friends close by in order to feel they are where they belong. It’s a blessing if you can have both.

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                • Graywolf12 November 26, 21:15

                  I had to make field grade officer before we could live off base, and then after a fight. I was always labeled “emergency essential personnel” because I was the person responsible for the collection, processing, and distribution of human blood for transfusions. Our kitchen in Alaska had a counter with the dishwasher next to wall, sink, and a double cabinet . Total work on counter was probably 4-5 feet. I built a work bench in the basement to process moose and Caribou. After we came to Texas I kept getting the Anchorage Daily News for a couple years. I used the weather report to see what our weekend in North Texas would be like.We made a lot of civilian friends so that helped keep us in formed on the Dog shows, and dog races. I watch every Alaska program on TV except “Alaska Bush People”. I enjoy the “Last Alaskans” and “Life below Zero”. It was a good life, and wish we could have gone back, but medical problems of a child, and Mother in law vetoed that idea.

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                  • Homesteader November 26, 23:47

                    Alaska will always be special. There is just something about that land that grabs you and won’t let go. While it’s not Alaska, my little patch of ground in Appalachia is the closest I can get to it for now. And we do have low-bush moose* (remember those?) but not as big as the ones in Alaska.

                    I tried to stay away from positions that were mission essential. During my last four years in, I did mortuary duty (lovely job and the clients didn’t complain). For six months after I retired, I was still getting calls from the Command Post for active duty deaths. They just couldn’t grasp the fact that I had retired.

                    *low-bush moose = rabbits (for those who’ve never been north)

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                  • Tiffanydw2 January 10, 06:46

                    Alaskan Bush People… LOL Even the Discovery Channel is crooked. But Bam got that body tho… just saying.

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                • Abby December 25, 22:14

                  I lived in Capehart duplex in early 1970s..what great memories.. even now as woman over 50 seems like yesterday

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  6. TwogunBruce April 19, 21:27

    If a couple are retired with a modest income there is another place to look into as I did. Long Lake, SD isn’t the warmest place in the Winter, but with a sound and well insulated structure as home, it can be comfortable. Look at the town on Google Earth, and zoom in on the far West end of town. There you will see two city lots just North of the last house on Main St (North side) that can be had for chump change…annual property tax being less than $10 for both.
    This place is a well kept secret regarding “cheap living” for anyone not requiring a job for an income. Job opportunity hopes are slim, but retired folks can actually get by nicely. My little 4-bedroom house sets on 1 ½ city lots, and taxes are less than $304 annually.
    For the sports-minded folks, this little town of only about 25 residents is in the middle of some of the Nation’s best pheasant hunting, and very good duck and goose hunting also…pothole ponds and lakes abound. Fishing (Winter, on the ice, and Summer) is noteworthy also. The area is known very well for its Whitetail deer hunting too.
    I would encourage anyone who is looking for a quiet life away from the hustle and bustle of the big city with its greedy property taxation to inquire about Long Lake, SD later this Spring or Summer. It’s the real deal!

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    • twogunbruce April 21, 23:41

      I forgot to mention, SD is another of the very few “no State income tax” States. After retiring in CO, I accepted the fact their Dept of Revenue wanted to collect State income tax from my retirement income. But, when I moved to AZ, I hated that their Dept of Revenue wanted to take even more from my retirement income in spite of my not retiring from a job in that State. I was happy to find that SD didn’t want any State income tax from my retirement income, or any other income I might have gained by starting another job. Yea!!

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      • TwogunBruce April 23, 01:54

        You may email me @gmail.com, and if you looked at the far West end of Main St on Google Earth you would have seen my two story white house.

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    • Eagle April 23, 01:02

      Can you tell us where to find out info on Long Lake, SD – who or where to call, write, text, e-mail – ANYTHING? I looked it up on Google Earth, used the street view, and contacted one business there, they don’t seem to know anything about any land deals (which doesn’t mean they aren’t there), and aren’t much help – so far.

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      • TwogunBruce April 23, 02:01

        I would be very cautious about who you contact in Long Lake until you have talked with me directly. One couple there are determined to own the entire town…a few of us are equally determined to stop that from occurring.

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        • Nicksname September 15, 17:46

          I would be very cautious of anyone who says “Don’t talk to anyone until you talk to me”. hmmm I guess others don’t have the ability to make an educated decision on their own. That tells me all I need to know.

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      • Twogunbruce January 9, 16:07

        Eagle, despite the comment by Nicksname, who knows nothing of what goes on in this town, I can assure everyone that Long Lake, SD is a great place to be for those who don’t need a job to survive. The politics here can be avoided if you and your family mind your own business, and don’t side with the corrupt town council.
        If you have questions, email me directly and I will reply with further info about this place. Bruce

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  7. Ben April 20, 15:26

    I will pass on this offer. I have no desire to pull stakes and move to any one of these towns just so they can collect taxes from me and regulate how I use the property. You have to be cautious of these types of “too good to be true” schemes.

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  8. Frank April 20, 17:03

    While getting free land is a major step towards the acquisition of a home or homestead for many, nothing is entirely free or without some limitation, fees or restrictions.
    I think these are nice opportunities, but people need to understand they are not necessarily prepper or survivalist type situations.
    I wouldn’t discount them until I see for myself. How often do people make plans to move to some place and then they complain it’s not exactly what they envisioned or they did not know about some law or restriction.
    Research and an actual visit is the way to decide.

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    • mbl April 21, 16:58

      Agreed, Frank.

      As far as not being best for prepper or survivalist situations, they might not be as bad as many other places. Take the case of Long Lake, SD, for instance, the town’s population is very, very small so in a shtf sort of situation, they might be more likely to work together precisely because there are so few and not much around them.

      I actually prefer small town living, which is where I am, but I don’t have to go far to get a more rural setting. For people used to a lot of infrastructure, more rural settings could be challenging even in regular, everyday circumstances. In the places not far from me, this translates to no high speed internet unless you have a satellite connection, and the best you can hope for cell phone coverage is spotty.

      Dear friends of mine who are city dwellers think it a hardship that I cannot get takeout foods delivered. LOL

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  9. BBailey April 21, 22:37

    I have lived in Michigan for 31 years now. It is beautiful but ridiculas on taxes and road maintenance and just about everything else. So I started to look for a REAL place where I can start a Homestead. Wanted 20 Acres to start. NOT realistic, everybody is way too high. So I started looking for 10 Acres. I found 3 properties in a Western State that has 8 and 9 Acres with $595.00 Downpayment for $24k to $39k wooded, meadows, virgin ground. That’s what my Dodge RAM 4 Dr, 4×4, HEMI costs used. Check into “Deals” like these out west. No other requirements. I can use as hunting only, I can put an RV on it. I can build a cabin, I can raise chickens, rabbits, goats … electrical, phone, and cable already there. I don’t know is cell coverage is there yet, but I an FREE to live and breath. I can go back to an old landline for that.

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  10. Bill June 2, 16:46

    Someone once said, ” nuthins free “. Everything costs you something. The deal is to figure out what your cost will be and if you want to pay that price.

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  11. JohnB September 30, 21:44

    I want to know how the “Alaskan Bush People” got their building sites. They seem to go where they want and set up shop. Yeah, nice if you can find that. I’d like around 3,000 acres if you don’t mind.
    This year those “people” even have bull dozers, chain saws, and other comforts which I can’t afford.
    It must be “who you known”.

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    • Ben September 30, 22:20

      I’ve been wondering about that too.

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    • Homesteader October 1, 00:22

      The Browns were probably using some of the Permanent Fund Dividend that the state pays each resident to buy some things. However, they have been in trouble with the state over that dividend, and one or two spent time in jail, for acquiring it fraudulently. There’s also the money from doing the show.

      The only “Alaskan bush show” people who are the real deal are the Kilchers on “Alaska: The Last Frontier”. They’ve been homesteaders on the Kenai Peninsula near Homer since Yules Kilcher first acquired 600 acres there in the 1940’s. Sure some of the things on the show were probably done for the camera but over all, they’re real. The singer Jewel is from the Kilcher clan.

      Unfortunately, homesteading on free land is no longer available in Alaska. That ended in 1976.

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    • Tiffanydw2 January 10, 07:08

      Re Alaskan Bush People, they’re swindlers. They got Discovery Channel to lease that land for them After their first house in the show. Then Discovery left that info, along with other stuff out. For example, they lived in the lower 48 until they got the TV deal. There’s YouTube footage of them in motels, making pitches for shows and stuff. All the “new” experiences when they came down to WA? Acting.
      Look them up.

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  12. Shawna November 16, 00:07

    I am a little curiohs if they. Will give land to a a small two family of color. (Mother and five year old)

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  13. Shawna November 16, 00:10

    Would the give land to a single mother and child family? I am a bit hard on my luck abd trying to rent is getting crazy.

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    • Homesteader November 26, 01:58

      You will just have to ask the particular state that you’re interested in moving to if they will do that for you. But you would have to be able to build a house on it.

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    • dp November 26, 03:25

      Shawna – you are better off buying some land that will be yours. 1/4 acre can’t cost over $10,000 with a trailer on it.

      Payment under $200 per month for 10 years.

      Call me. lol We can work something out.

      I have bought several properties by making a personal contract with the owner… cut the bank out of the picture all together.

      I would help you to do the same.

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    • Linda H May 2, 22:20

      Shawna, Try Habitat for Humanity. They will give you the land and build you a house. Don’t worry about your color it is perfect. Hope you get one.

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    • Linda H May 2, 22:26

      Shawna, Try Habitat for Humanity. They give you the land and build you a house. Don’t worry about your color. You are prefect. I hope you get one.

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  14. dp November 27, 04:52

    When I was a young man, around 30, I literally flipped a coin between Alaska and Florida.

    Florida won the coin toss. I had a great time in Florida. I met some good friends, and some of them moved to Alaska… Go figure.

    Home is where you make it. I am currently living in Arkansas. I used to say that it was the belt buckle of the Bible belt… It is still very conservative, and it is a great place to live.

    Maybe if Alaska had won the coin toss I would still be living in Alaska…

    Alaska seems to have some libtard politicians trying to take over the state. Trying to make it like Washington (state), another great place until the libtards took over. Or Oregon… Another great state until the folks in the country were out voted by the libtards in Portland.

    What a libtarded clusterfuck that city (Portland) is today…

    God is the pilot, and I am just the co-pilot.

    Here is something to think about…

    There was a Jew, a Catholic, and a Baptist (preachers) discussing how the donation plate was split in each of their churches.
    The Catholic said that we draw a circle, and we throw the money into the air. What lands outside the circle is God’s, and inside goes to the church.
    The Baptist said that we do it almost the same way, but what lands inside of the circle is God’s, and outside it goes to fund the church.
    The Jew said that we do it almost the same way. We throw the money into the air, and God keeps what he wants… what hits the ground goes to support the Synagogue.

    A Buddhist went into the park, and he saw a hot dog cart. The proprietor pulled out a dog, and asked him what he wanted on it? The Buddist said, “Make me one with everything”

    Life is funny that way…

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  15. dp November 27, 05:03

    Here is another one…

    An atheist met God one day. He told God that we have come so far that we can create life on our own.

    God said, well that is a very interesting claim… would you like to put it to the test?

    The Atheist jumped at the opportunity… You go first God, he said.

    God reach down and picked up a handful of dirt, blew life into it, and released the most beautiful bird that you have ever seen.

    The atheist said, well that is impressive, but watch this. He reach down and got a handful of dirt…

    …and God said, wait a minute… create your own dirt first.

    The moral of the story is that man creates only by the grace of God, and by using the building blocks already created by God.

    Life is funny that way. God gave you a mind… use it. 🙂

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  16. God December 7, 00:24


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    • Graywolf12 December 7, 14:57

      Correct. check out http://www.ICLEI.org. This is the official Agenda site on how to eliminate private property and control ALL people.

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    • Possum April 24, 20:43

      Just wait until 5G comes raining down on everybody, everywhere…. there will be no place to hide anymore.

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      • dp April 24, 23:02


        5G is actually pretty easy to block, although that doesn’t help you much once you leave the house… maybe, tin-foil hats will finally come into style.

        If you have done the research, then you will see that 5G does much more than just kill-grid functions.

        People will just go along with 5G same as cell towers, wifi, smart meters, and all of the other dangerous wireless technology. It will be here either sooner or later, so the best thing is to learn to protect yourself, your family, your crops, and your animals.

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  17. JaydineLee January 10, 04:35


    Flat land is creepy. That’s definitely where people get abducted by aliens!

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  18. Tiffanydw2 January 10, 06:59

    So, I’m not exactly a prepper; I’m a tree hugger. Yes, I’m one of those damn liberals! Before you make any judgements, I’m from a military, gun owning, Democratic family. I’m not one of the crazies. I want to live away from people, in the beauty of nature, and live without destoying what’s left. So, I end up on a lot of prepper sites, bc survival is survival, no matter the situation. I simply want to survive off grid and be free. Truly free. But if the nukes comes, I’d rather go out in the blast. Some kind of civil war or something? Leave me out of it. I’m a peaceful soul, and that’s all I want. I’ll defend mine, tho. I find it interesting that a commenter here would say a place is nice, bc it’s a red state. Politics don’t always matter. We (Dems) don’t want to take away your rights or your guns. I’m very active in the Dems, bc I’m a scientist and care about people. No planet = no people. There’s common ground.

    We all came to this page to survive off grid, enjoy freedom, live our dreams – Red Team and Blue Team alike.

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    • jz March 25, 20:45

      Isn’t it something how Dems always say they don’t want to take away our rights or guns, while they are trying to pass laws to take away our rights and guns!

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    • Dash September 28, 22:41

      It used to be that the Dems and Reps had one thing in common- the most important thing- they loved America and the things that they did or proposed was intended to benefit the country and the people. Nowadays, it’s all about party and power and to hell with the people and the country. The bastards would sell their soul (and have) to gain money and power and prestige and no longer give a good shit about the impact on the country. So now I tend to agree with the adage that the parties are just two heads of the same snake.

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  19. Raym February 13, 03:25

    Back at you, twogunbruce. We here in Montana are being CALIFORNICATED, BY THE HUNDREDS. DAILY.
    Looks like RATS fleeing the BURNING SHIP.
    LITERALLY 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

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  20. Lee February 13, 04:18

    You all are too close to Yellowstone! It’s gonna blow! Tennessee is gorgeous, cold here though, mountains, waterfalls, creeks, rivers, and Renegade Mountain is steep, elevation 2700 ft, and only a 45 minute drive to Knoxville. EMP? Not a problem…no one is going to walk that mountain. Oh! Live turkeys all over the mountain too!

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  21. TwogunBruce February 13, 04:37

    Raym, I’m not at all surprised at your report of Montana being Californicated as the formerly fine State of Colorado has been. Seems like a cancer that cannot be cured without violent resistance. California used to be one of the most beautiful States until the Liberals started moving there by the droves. Now the place is burning every year, followed by mud slides because there is no vegetation to hold the soil.
    Get rid of your Democrat politicians, and refuse entry of anyone from California, Washington, or Oregon, and the great State of Montana may recuperate.

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    • sux2beyou March 8, 03:02

      @TwogunBruce: You are selfish and sick. A lot of good people of all walks of life were burned to death in those fires, you sick f***. You give republicans a bad name.

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      • Saffire May 2, 21:37

        Tell him! He sounds like one of those right wing nuts for sure. Probably wants the Natives out of SD. Couldn’t pay me to live in such a state with fanatical Trump lovers like him. I’m trying to get out of the South as it is. Thank the goddess for places like Oregon & Colorado, Washington & California! 😂

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        • dp May 2, 23:39


          YOU GO GIRL!!!

          No seriously, you go to Commufornia… you will fit in just fine there. Be sure to vote to succeed from our Republic, then you folks can build your own little socialist utopia — maybe name it “Little Venezuela.”

          We just want you to be happy, and we can always come get our state back after all of you shiftless hippies, and communists starve to death.

          I suggest that you look at the history of Cuba before you beg for Russia, China, or some other communist country to come bail you out – because the USA won’t stand for an enemy foreign country to have any kind of a foot hold on the American border.

          We can just BUILD THAT WALL along “Little Venzuala’s” eastern border while we are building the rest of it.

          I would say God bless you, but you probably hate God as much as you hate America, so I will just say best of luck in your new home… good riddance. 🙂

          Let us know if we need to take up a collection for bus fare for you, your 15 cats, and your shopping cart. Whatever it takes – just glad to see your kind go.


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        • Graywolf12 May 3, 00:06

          DO NOT STOP at the West coast. Go on to North Korea or any other socialist,communist, dictator controlled bung hole country. It is the brainwashed snowflakes like you that will destroy the greatest land that God has allowed to exist. I do not know where you mare in the South, but if Texas is in your way to the la la land go around it. We do not want your ilk in our great state.

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    • Jennifer July 30, 05:53

      How dare you blame Democrats for destroying the watershed! I’m a lifelong Dem who treats the land animals and people with respect and gardens organically. I may live in a mobile home on a small lot in a trailer park, but I have a small garden which I fertilize with homemade compost and keep the bugs away with companion planting. And yes, I’m a vegan.

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  22. Ben March 21, 14:01

    Free Land just doesn’t exist….unless, of course, you inherit some land. Don’t trust the politicians who promise to give you Free stuff. Somebody (usually the taxpayers) have to pay for this so-called free stuff. The Homesteading Act of 1862 is history.

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  23. Erika March 24, 01:25

    This a great article and very comprehensive. I’m surprised there are so many options out there in this day and age. I know Gokce Capital is also giving away free land as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MI3JOXcPXUc

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  24. jz March 25, 20:48

    Isn’t it something how Dems always say they don’t want to take away our rights or guns, while they are trying to pass laws to take away our rights and guns!

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  25. Looking May 16, 21:12

    Hello Bruce, are there many jobs in SD? Which cities have more populations? Which city is peaceful and nice with the surrounding?

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    • Twogunbruce May 16, 22:17

      In this economy that Trump’s policies has brought us, I’d guess there are more jobs here than there are people looking for work. The last time I checked, there were fewer than 800K residents in SD. Sioux Falls in the SE is probably the most populated, Rapid City is a fair size and is located on the East edge of the Black Hills. I love that area, but the property taxes were horrible…10 times what I pay here in this little town. I am retired, so the job market is not on my radar screen; deer, ducks, geese, and fish are.

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