The 7 Lost US Nuclear Bombs

C. Davis
By C. Davis March 3, 2015 13:49

The 7 Lost US Nuclear Bombs

“For over four decades of the Cold War the world lived under the threat of nuclear annihilation. Nuclear powers spent two trillion dollars on nuclear arms; enough to make sure that there was overkill for the overkill. All this was kept “stable” by the concept of “Mutual Assured Destruction” which isn’t even good grammar, but certainly was MAD enough for anyone.” (Source)

But surely not as mad as our “terrorist enemies” who pray for Mutually Assured Destruction.

The media doesn’t talk much about this, but during the Cold War the US lost 7 nuclear bombs and now, more than ever, they are becoming a big threat to our national security.

The One we lost in the swamps – when the US Air Force accidentally dropped two atomic bombs on North Carolina (March 10, 1956)

One of the nuclear Bombs at Goldsboro, largely intact, with its parachute still attached

One of the nuclear Bombs at Goldsboro, largely intact, with its parachute still attached

An American B-52 went into a tailspin during a routine flight along the east coast, causing a pair of 4-megaton hydrogen bombs to dislodge and fall near the town of Goldsboro. A low-voltage safety switch was all that prevented a disaster. Had the bomb exploded, the blast would have been 265 times more powerful than the bomb detonated over Hiroshima and the fallout would have reached as far as Washington DC, Baltimore and New York City, given the strong northerly winds, after eviscerating Goldsboro and much of North Carolina.

Controversy continues to surround the event as newly declassified information reinforced public suspicions that one of the bombs came very close to detonating and one has never been found.

The bomb that was not found plunged into a muddy field. The tail of the bomb was discovered about 20 feet below ground, but the core has never been recovered since excavation was abandoned because of uncontrollable ground-water flooding.

To quote a sarcastic comedian: “OK… We nearly blown up one of the Carolinas, but that’s basically why we have two”.

The one we lost in British Columbia (14 February 1950)

A Convair B-36, carrying a Mark 4 nuclear bomb crashed in northern British Columbia. The B-36 had been en route from Alaska to Texas, on a mission that included a simulated nuclear attack on San Francisco. Seven hours into the flight, three of the six engines began shooting flames and were shut down, and the other three engines proved incapable of delivering full power.

The atomic bomb was jettisoned, the crew bailed out (parachuted) and 12 of the 17 men were eventually found alive.

It is said that the nuclear bomb blew up on impact with the water and only pieces remain on the bottom of the ocean. The bomb’s uranium components were lost and never recovered. According to the United States Air Force the plutonium core was not present for this simulation.

The two Nuclear Cores that not even The US Army knows where they are (March 10, 1956)

US deception BannerA Boeing B-47 Stratojet took off from MacDill Air Force Base, Florida for a non-stop flight to Ben Guerir Air Base, Morocco, but mysteriously disappeared.

The unarmed aircraft was carrying two capsules of nuclear weapons material in carrying cases. Since a nuclear detonation was not possible, the nuclear cores of the bombs are probably intact even today.

Despite an extensive search, no debris were found, and the crash site has never been completely located. Aircrafts last known position was over the Mediterranean Sea.

The One that “rolled” over the deck of U.S.S. Ticonderoga (5 December 1965)

31 days after Ticonderoga ‘s departure from U.S. Naval Base Subic Bay in the Philippines, an A-4E Skyhawk attack aircraft carrying a hydrogen bomb rolled off the deck of the U.S.S. Ticonderoga and fell into the Pacific Ocean. The plane and weapon sank in 16,000 feet of water and were never found. As to this day, the fate of the weapon has been a mystery.

The Two Lost Nuclear Bombs when the U.S.S. Scorpion Submarine mysteriously sank (22 May 1968)

The Nuclear Sub sank about 400 miles to the southwest of the Azores islands with 99 crewmen dying in the incident. In addition to the tragic loss of all 99 crew members, the Scorpion was carrying two nuclear weapons.

Black out usa bannerToday, the wreck of Scorpion is resting on a sandy seabed at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean in 9,800 ft of water. The U.S. Navy periodically visits the site to conduct testing for the release of nuclear materials from the nuclear reactor and the two nuclear weapons aboard, and to determine whether the wreckage has been disturbed.

But since the site is located in international water, basically anybody can visit it.

It is true that you need some equipment to dive a probe under 9,800 ft of water, but it can be done. For example, Titanic rests under 12,500 ft of water and we managed to dive there and recover some artifacts. In fact current technology allows us to dive under 21,414 ft of water (source).

So you may ask yourself: wouldn’t that be too expensive? Not even 1% of the costs of building a nuclear bomb – plus: it’s not that easy. On Manhattan Project we spent $26 billion (plus 130.000 people working for more than 5 years). India, Pakistan and even North Korea spent huge fortunes before making their first nuclear bombs. Iran has been working on this for more than 7 years now, and still doesn’t have one. (Source)

Why don’t we get those two bombs out of there, before someone else will? Nobody seems to care about this nuclear threat that will eventually come as a BIG “surprise”.

It sounds outrageous to me that we’ve managed to simply lose some nuclear weapons and we’re doing nothing to recover them. We’ve made so many enemies… that “ignorance” becomes a problem of national security.

Most of our recent failures in the Middle East resulted from taking no stand and just letting events drift.

Ignorance is NOT bliss! This is one of the things that I’ve learned from a well-known army officer vet Steve Walker, for whom I have all the respect in the world. Watch his video and learn quite a few efficient and unconventional fast tips about protecting your family in a time of war or social chaos.

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C. Davis
By C. Davis March 3, 2015 13:49
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  1. JaDoKyMo April 3, 21:55

    Interesting article until I reached “Most of our recent failures in the Middle East resulted from taking no stand and just letting events drift.”

    What kind of fuckwit could make a remark like this? Jeez Louise . . .

    Reply to this comment
    • Ted April 25, 15:27

      If the Author means we never did something about Israel before “The Sampson Option” or whatever Blackmail is neutering the U.S. Congress from responding to the Marxists taking over the U.S… (?) Bush starting 7 Wars destabilizing Iraq and Libya after the 9/11 False Flag was a huge mistake right??

      Reply to this comment
  2. That Prepper April 19, 07:53

    Interesting! So, we lost four nukes on the 10th of March of 1956! Hmmm…. I’m gonna check what the significance of that date is!

    Reply to this comment
    • don August 21, 14:41

      It is interesting. What a unlikely coincidence.

      Reply to this comment
    • DC December 16, 21:10

      I smell a radioactive rat! Two incidents on the very same day can’t be just a coincidence. I wonder if some small Middle Eastern country secretly obtained the “lost” bombs at that time, heehee…

      Reply to this comment
  3. MohammedMunchers13 August 28, 12:32

    I am hearing about Islamic centers around the US being trashed! What took so long? We need to send these bearded camel fu—–s home ASAP!

    Reply to this comment
  4. Farmer September 12, 18:14

    It’s “Mutual Assured Destruction”

    Reply to this comment
  5. wa2qcj January 12, 17:21

    Considering the “mess” a nuclear detonation would make of the ecology of the whole planet, in my opinion, forget the bunker, let me be at ground zero and get it over with. That is not a fatalist point of view, it is a very honest, and knowledgeable point of view. The really wealthy will find themselves in a world with no order, and forced to live and to work in conditions they never thought they would endure. Civilization would most likely go “poof”. Only the strongest would truly survive. Sickness and death would be an issue that there would be few resources to anything about. It’s a nice adventure idea to think about surviving such a war. The issue is, would that life be worth living? It would take 50 or more years for anything to even begin to approach “normal”, just in terms of radioactivity not being a major issue. Either we stay away from such a disaster, or be at ground zero and not have to worry about it. Within 5 miles of the blast, a person would flash off, incinerated, and not have time to realize what had just happened. The affect of the shock wave would pick up everything in it’s path, and blow it away. People and animals would be ripped apart either by the shock wave, flying debris, or smeared across hard surfaces. That, would be a kind and very quick end, compared to life after a blast.

    Reply to this comment
    • AlAhu August 22, 00:03

      I agree. We’d be better off without you.

      Reply to this comment
    • Larry July 10, 14:17

      What a stupid comment! Obviously you are a “DUMB AS A BOX OF ROCKS” Don’t you realize that there have been hundreds of such bombs set off, all over the world , and despite the fact that we have poisoned our air, water, and food we are still here. If one of these bombs were to detonate, it would be a horrific and tragic accident for those in the area, the fact is that it would not wipe out even a small town. much less a small city. Do a little reading on the subject before repeating 60 year old drivel,preached as “fact” by the anti-war left to cripple our ability to defend this country.

      Reply to this comment
  6. Yosemite November 30, 18:36

    I can easily say your list is incomplete….and perhaps some of your information may not be quite accurate and/or might be misleading to say the least.

    I also notice you do not list any former Soviet submarines that were sunk carrying nuclear weapons

    Anyway at that period of time STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND AKA The ORIGINAL STRATEGIC AIR COMMAND The REAL SAC…NOT the “STRAT COM” of today..kept bombers in the air 24/7…The policy changed…and the bombers were to stay on the ground on 24/7/365 Alert Ready to go at any moment in time.

    I will also state that if anyone does not think the US Military’s involved Army Navy USAF and DOE did not do everything they could and and thought of and tried to find and recover these weapons and devices…..they best go back and rethink things for a while.

    All Nuclear Weapons and Devices belong to the DOE and NOT to the respective military’s.

    One such missing device your article did not mention has had at least a video or Two made about it…Probably mentioned in or talked about in quite a few more.

    Here is one you an add to your list that you did not mention.
    It happened in the 1950s and was lost somewhere off the coast of Savannah Georgia and Southeast South Carolina. It was jettisoned after a mid-air collision some controversy if the core was installed or not…..

    Go ahead and do the research and spend the money to develop and build the ROVs to visit the Scorpion….and go visit it… would not know what you are looking for or where……and your visit will not be unnoticed and you will not be alone………..

    Overall the explosives being so old on these devices might be something to consider if one ever did manage to find and counter….. There would not be a nuclear yield but one could probably/potentially encounter a conventional explosion due the lack of stability in the explosives used ……and contaminate the surrounding area….

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